Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier, January 23, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier dated January 23, 1861 Page 3
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I Local and Miscellaneous.] OTTUMWA. TOW \, I CITAXCE OF TIMS. U»V«OUam»a, 4:48 A.M. lX*Ua AVlWfc il" 8:35 p. is. 8:«t.*, L,m ,rth To Denver and the riUt Peak Country g° generally—in Jeferson Territory. Keokuk-, etc. TIME TAIIM Leave Ottumwa, .... Arrive, V V" ltranch of businoss lias nearly closetl for ih reason and we are gratified to learn that so far as the jeal enterprise of Packing at this placc is concerned, tho rc«tilt is very satis factory and that, notwithstanding at the time that the Political and Financial storm scattereJ amon e way of advances on some 20,000 Hois that money with interest, and have also contin- rcduced the average cost and average weight—the late Hogs being re markably fine and compiratively cheap.— ,,, pects and their favorable facilities for dis posing of the products through their Cincin nati House, Messrs pay them a very hanl.-»ome profit. Mr. Ladd, of tha last named firm, who ha3 spent the greater part of the packing season here, left ^for home yesterday, having, while among us, fully sustained the high business reputation for which Cincinnatians tre noted. It is probable that as soon as the Hog product is out of the way, they will engage cither in will be of advantage to the Farmers as well as themselves, and we should ri'gret to see HO fine a House, and one so well calculated for business, be idle any part of the year. i^TTI/IVWA PRICE! C1BBEST. VliOUK (wholesale). WHEAT COKN 8I1KLLED COBN .. COKN MEAL OATS HYE ... POTATOES Sweet do 8UGAK COFFEE BALT HIDES, dr|r green COTTON TARN .. NAII.S HNK LUMBER, coB.«.v.I. 44 81IINOLKS LATH, HITTEII.. LARD TALLOW BIESWAX............... W08 CHEESE SORGHUM PORK SIDES HAMS CHICKENS V dec QUAILS, 9 doi.. 1RIED APPLKS, ti lb...... U PEACHES J* Ll A THE 11 (Sole) Calf fOKS—Mink, No. 1 COON WILD CAT RAT BEAYEH FT DEER 13 i BCFFALO ROUES TIMOTHY WIIISkE Y VINFXiAltrM^..,'. lijiip n ilitfTiiimi.iaifa rtii^ eitamiDj contitr.^ir^rr^'r ."" Coins West—.4T OTTUMWA teith] ,, .. Stages to Bloomfield, T./:or, Chariton, Ft. i tn South-western Iowa, \J To Omaha, riattsmouth, Xebrathi City, KaZt: the hirago, Burlington Oman/ f«\ R., .. r, ... for Chicago and nil points ea*t and *onth. ago and. nil points ea*t tud »nth. jiV M. P. M. R. B, at Ft. J/iwf*••*, to Ft. O. K- HOt IN 7:00 A.M. 2:10 P.M. 12.45 A.M. 8:15 P.M. CHICAGO. BI RM\( Tft AND QI IIV tVIUILUO.tO. Arrive. i.pivt, *. M. Express Train. li.Ott m. •.IB r. M. 8.45 P.M. COACHES LEA VE DAtLt. -For Des Moines, via Eddyvillo, Oskaloos* and Telia, at 1 a. m. Accommodation for Oskalooaa, at ll/OOp. m. For Charlton, via Bl ilcesburg and Albla, nt 1 l,,m*v flMffift—For Uloomfi'-M, «nl C^ntrpvHIo, p. m. A. C. T'AIiKS, Airent. Office comer of Front and Market Sts., umwa. When you want Boot*, Shoe* and Clothing, go to Teniple'ii, New Clotlilng Store. Cits mid Comity I¥cus* It will be seen that an election i* to be held at the Court House next Saturday even inj,ly the Republicans of tliis city and crun ty, to designate to ths incoming AdrninMra- Eddyville, we learn, advanced $3200 to lay the track to that place. A Festival, for the benefit of the Methodist Church, will be held at the Court House nsxt Tuesday evening. Des Moines, an 1 still deeper further up tlie Valley. may be Ixikc for in tlfft spring. contractor, residing in the upper part of the city, foil on Sunday nirht from a crib on to a hot stove, burning one side of its face in a shocking but we learn, not in a fatal manner. tion a suitable cr^on for Post Master at this ttruction*, purify the biood and give to the skin that place. The candidates are numerous. beautiful, cl.-ar and healthful loo! ?o greatly admired in a beautiful and healthy woman. At certain peri ods these Pills ore an iiidespnsalle companion. to four should be taken each day, until relief The track of the Keokuk Road is laid nbout 4 miles west of this placs. The citizens of. From on There is an abundance ftnoir here, and excellent sleighing. There is more snow Deroted to Netet, Commerce. Politieg, Agri up the country than here, some 32 inches at literature, Art apd bfience. The Republicans of Ottumwa and Centra Township are mvicsted to meet at the wi'h, which are a« foil"** S1 1 1861, (or the purpose of designating to the incoming administration a suitable person fcrpost Master i n this city. By order of Central Committee. "I'm havinjr a ehang3 of air." as Mr. Jen kitrt, the City Broker, said when he put on »w wijr. A rrie mart tnay K# pinched poverty, hut only a fool will L't himself be pinched l»y mirw :iml .'loney. «wept over the country with such fury, Of the Chicago Tutors*-, which is a //re newspaper ,, a .i i i that keep* fully up with the propres* of the times. A Messrs* Olllct&py & Co* hud near Jo0,000 flood western pHppr is liaVC no hesitation in Raying that a finer it possesses the confidence and enjovs the patromijie nor perhaps hrgor lot of met ,vaS never scon 1 ^7,^1^ in one TOlhr the averse lot of their llogs lieing about 215 lbs, and cost $5,*2* por 100 iscnsse* very fully, in it^ editorial and news columns, i i i 1 IDS net WCig it which, alter deducting the Agricultural products of America nnd Knrope, and all profits of slaughtering, leaves the net cost! 'JIrerotuntrv.c°nnected about $5, at which price, with present pros-1 i io' u ..20 10 ..H^®l&i w ... 10® 12 i TJ ,00 85 12V 25®2S #5® i,2» ............. 253,100 ............ .. 20©40 «0®5 .w.H ........ 1 ftO(62 r,i 15(7!20 0im@mmdb&k the fruit, add one pound of clcan sugar boil until the fruit is thoroughly coolc- ed skim it out and boil until the pyr- U is tl,ick cno "S t0 keo tben APPLE core a Des Maine*, Council 8i»vr City.1 l:tte your pic-platcs with short crust, lay ete itting through all the County State 11 Wlt 1 su ar :.„d bake, and I promi.o you will hate 0(J Tl ith the Peoria, Otj unwbft Rorlingfon cup of molasses, two cups of sugar, one /?. It., for for Peoria', Logtmnport, etc,. With Daily Stages conner.tirig with the K. P»«- i ,,U! PORK CAKI. i/, ruutv 1/AKi.pta^ ^i P0 un °f boiled fat po ,,c i'""- add one tea- lt one ,nt of boiling water, 'pound of raisins, one teaspoon full of 'cream tartar, half a one of soda,-season jwith lemon, hake in a long tin pan. To GET RID OF IlED A.NTS IS CLOSETS —Throw some iwigs of tomato vines on the shelves or, let the shelves be made of black walnut. Either will drive them away—sa at least iaj^ writers in the Country Gentleman. AMERICAN IMPLEMENTS.—The I TIL I: IT I:AT RI 11 I,I it I: TI I:I?V. Tlie functional irre^nlarilies pciilinr to the wentotr 8CX, an- iiivariii'ilv corrected witliout pain or i:i'on venlence by the nse cf Judson's Mounttin Herb Pills, i They are the safest and surest medicine for all tlie diseases incidental to females of ail ages, and nio.e especially so in this climate. Ladies who wUhto enjoy health should always hare tVese Pills. No one who ever usis them once will al low lierself to )e without them. They remove all jb- Us obtained. A few doses, occasionally, will keep the system so healthy, and the blood to pure, that diseases cannot enter the body. Jn-ifon's Mountain lfer!) Pill? are soi.l by all Mirtlt cine P-filers. fto-Im] CHICAGO TRIBUNE. K*ro«pcclns for 1861. A young child of Mr. Wightman, railroad closed. The battle ha* heen fought and won, and the eagles af victory perch 011 tlie Republican banners. Ann AHA I.INOOLN h«s been trliiiii|ihaiitly elected Pres ident of tlio V'nited Ptates for four years from the Itli of March, ISfil. PoLtTiCAi.—The preat pnlilicnl enmpniirn of ISfirt Is We are entering upon a year that will be memorable in the annal» of American polities The fire-Knters of tlie Cotton States have undertaken to break up the American I'nion. The people have decided against thetn Ht the ballot I.ox, ami they refuse to submit to i the verdict unless their demands shall be compiled I)KM\NI»SOP THK TIKK Conrt Ilousc on Saturday evening, Jan. 26t!l, PUtPS HhAlt pny for fill fii.sitiveii from labor who may escape. 2d. That all State laws against kidnapping sliali be repealed. :!d. That Slavery shall be extended into all the Territories and protected by a Federal 1 1 COCKIER OPFICB, Jan. 22. The receipts of Hogs the past week have Improvements ol Hirers and Harbors Constru tion of a Railroad to the Pacific Kncpurajrement of he i)CCn lljrnt, Knowing that t.US important Manufacturing and Farming industry of tlie country KATKRS—1st. That the Free Slave ('ode. 4:h. That the Slave traflii shall be re I opened in the District of Columbia, fttii. That u law shall be passed granting the rijfht to slaveholders to travel arid sojourn in the Free States, accompanied by their slaves. In case cf non-cnmpliance tith these pro-slavery i n»m»n''s. the Kire-Katers threates to secede from the I'nion, and set up a Southern Confederacy, re-open the African Slave Trade, and attempt to found a (rrer»t slareholdinp empire, by absorbing Mexico, Central America and the l|anils of the llulf. Such is the pro ftrainme of the DisuninnlMs. In this eiisis it liehonves every sound patriot and friend of the I'nion and Constiturien to stand by Lin coin's Administration as the old Democrat-* stood by Oen. Jackson when assailed by South Carolina nql lifiers. The free North must not be bullied nor fr U'ht ened by the arropant oligarchy into a base surremler of Its dearest riphts and most cherisijed principles. I OlilKB yt'KSTiiiNS.—And there e other important matters to come before the new Administration.— Amonjf these are Free Homesteads for the Landless Retrenchment and Reform in tlie administration of i Government a restoration, in thort, of the earlier and purer days of the JJeptiMle. ft iTI i 1 tion*, the Tr. ':rxi v. il! ever be f.mtul at. eartif!t •!•:.m jion on the side of Freedoiii, P. -i• is.u. GKNKHAL NEWS,- -Chicajfo istlie Commercial Kinpo rium of a large portion of (he North-west, and by rea son of hei immense system of Railroads and telegraph lines, she has become a preat news centre: and we are confident that wjstern readers can obtain their ear i liest informatioE of passing events from the columns cirt le,g f"r n 1 nient.. they have promptly met all their contracts, Coa*rsrcsTK*r* —nurintrthe coming winter .-»n» »f the editors will correspond for the TKIBCNF from Wash thus securing tlie IlOgS and the auvine^ Injrton, Bivinp full and frra).hie reports of the proceed ings of an exciting session of Conprcss. tied to purchase all tho Hoe* that offered at «?d keep the people fully posted ..D what «m be -infic n iinly hettpr ca1oulatt*«l to promote the interests of the West, than punt ft) pub* th- farmers niv.l uro\ers by Hghe-Mtvio miieAavay, which know Ht*ie ami care interests, sentiments and require- Another of the editors will attend at. ?prlnjrfte'd by the Illinois Legislature. Corres fair priccs, thus increasing the number employed »t the capitals ot Iowa, Minnesota, Wiscon sin and Indiana. packed to near 2o,000, an by this means From other portion* of the country, and from for incronsoil til™ ®''tn 'an('l!» by the Illinois i.effisl^ture. Correspondents will be we derive our inteiliRence from the tnuUl- incrcastu Viu fart0Ug eorresponeents o{ the Aiigociated Press, from sn immense exchange Hit and the letters of numeriraa friends. M.WIKKTS.—The TBIBCSK has achieved a high repu- a Commercial paper,nnd in this department u e n y i i e i o n s I a i n s a n k a n a e S o k s W'lh th*materiiii i.VrRK.-lurinS f. «,1 1 Interesting letters from liural, and other Av-rieut itllK .KII iv JaUll, n'USl tlirH| an,i tsj P* the tomatoes back into tho preserving kettle, boil five minutes, take care of them as of other preserves. ow to makk Pim.—Pfcw °d slice thinly, tart apples your apr es even n the at I c, cover 1 adJ a liu Fort Kearney, ete.,-in Nebranica Territory, ted nutmegs and a little water cov«jr o 'c butter, some gra to —Cluf) wy fin# One pork, pour on Mark Lane Express (England), contains an account of an agricultural Fsiir at the Cape of (lood floje, where all the plows exhibited, 42 in number, were of Ainer ican manufacture. intercsts of pay particular attention to Karming mstters. In each issue will appear a carefully prepared Agricultural article, contaiiiiiiK1*iarjre nmountof freuli anil valua Ide ir.forniation pertainini to the farm and jrarden,*- I llortieu'.mri,! writers will be published. No i western newspaper devotes so much space to reports of fairs, crops, live stock, improved implements and inoil.'s of culture, and ail other mutters of interest to the tillers of the soil. Km evnoN.—The cause of Education will receive due attention in our columns. And the Literary and Miscellaneous matter will be prepared with a view to making the paper a welcome family visitor, comtiin- i injf the agreeable and useful. IH short, I lie purpose ofthe punlishet'S IH. to make the Cliic:i TlMlit si: so Interesting and vuluable tliut no well regulated west ern family can AKKUKD TO BK WITHOI IT. I Now is the time to renew subscription* and make up clubs for the new y.-ar. A little effort in any nelph- nacking Beef, handling grain, or bcth, which iii procure a list of names. People can af ford to subscribe, as this Is a year of abundance. |3tf" Postage on the Chicago TKIUI'SK i* only half' of nil kinds suited to this as much as on the New York or F.nstern papers. TO KIVE YKAKS ot.o will I TKUMs t)F TUK VVKKKLY TUltiLiNK. Single Subscribers, In advance $ 1.50 Four copies ..5.00 Ten copies 10.00 Twenty copies (and one to getter up of club) 2'MM TKKMS OF UMI.V —One year $" 44 15 .... 20 i 80 .... MX 18tl 1 2(1 Nt £®1U IS 21) .. #2,40 10 ... 22* 1 •. 4,(K) i .It Aft®20 00 "JoiifTj ld (H) 3 7.^4 T5 400 clear, 8 trades IH) —Six months 4.IH) Tnvs or Tbi-Wkkkly—One year 4.K —Six month* !i.00 Money in BegUtered Letters may be sent at our risk. Addreea Till BUNK, ChW-ago, III. PF"Uorahack's Compound Chemical Washing and Toilet Soap Is no humbug, hut the best, most easily made, and the cheapest of any now !n use. This Soap, though recently patented, has already attained nnprecedented popularity. It is used readily in hard as soft water. See what your neighbors say of It: OTTCHWI,Atif. tf, 1MB. G. E. AsrmwiLt.,—Dear Mr: The family right to man­ ufacture RorabacV'8 Compound riiemioal Washing and Toilet Soap, wh'ih I obtained from you, I regard as invalnaftle. Whatever other other patent inven tions tiny tie, tills one Is no humbug. The Ingredients of which this soap is compounded are perfectly harm less and so far from clothes being injured by Its use, I believe live dollars a year will be saved in the usual wear and tear which"results f: otn the use of other soap. The soap will eadily remove French polUh, Print er's Ink. lead paint, wheel grease, tar, Ac., from the flnest fabrics, without injuring them In the least things which noothersoa{, with which 1 am acquaint ed, will do. T)ie ToiM Soap is useful for shaving, washing hands, and everything else for which toilet soap Is used. It is cheap, eostiug ouly four cents per pound. The Cheapness «lth which the Washing Soap is manufactured is, with me. an important item. Fifty pounds rati be made at a cost of only !!7'4 cents, and as easily as you can make a cup of coffee. The fact, too, that i-lothes can be easily waahed and washed clean, in honl mt/hitr trutrr, is of great consider ation to me. I would not be without a family right for four times Its cost. W. W. JOHNSON. Family Rights, formerly sold fcr flO each, but nosr for $5, »r to for the washing snap, and $2 fur the toilet ....n.'M-f1 for $5, or for the washing soap, auU for tlie toilet '^6 au he had at »he CocajM Offiec. Wholesale or Retail C. ODELL. i V e n E A i N W A U O o e I S 6 0 1 2 8 2 1 :.u-9d ELEPHANTS RAMPANT! E V I N A a i n E a s NOVEM15EI! STOCK Aunivixc. DEVINS. Opposite Ilawley's, Front Street, IHtutn**.-! Oasli and Xjij?lit T'rofTitsi, BARGAINS! BARGAINSIf Heavy St I. k of NO. I Pi:i\T8. DIXAIXKS, CUA1.1.IS, 11KIUGK8, DEBEQVS AlpacWs, MERINOS, VALEXTIA Plaids, TIIIMMIN'O? of every description 1 NOTICWS ofthose CHEAP GINGHAMS— Fast Colors LTXCOLXIIATS, DOUGLAS CAPS, BUECKI&RTDGE BOOTS, BELL RIBBON'S, AnmyrsTR A r/onrsMtiik irorsro: i: ,t.\. a-. IRREPRESSIBLE IVonder? In the way of CLOTHS CASSIMERES,, SATINETS, JEANS, CORDUROYS 1*^ ncls COTTONS Ar., for tlu: .1 111 JAG'S GROCERIES, I'riind.H and lowest lObaCCOS—Prices nvn A Q__LAROK STOCK—BM»' «i«*pest XJllxi.iO in tlie Country. COFFEES, SUGARS. PEUXES, CURRENTS, SODA. SOAPS. SPICES *c. HARD \VTAHE-Selling and giving awav. the co,-,:nS yenr we shall WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GOODS, Constantly arriving AUK. 9.-'0d-22--liy. T. DEVIS. Oskaloosa Nurseries. gMt ONE, A HALF MILK FAST OF TOWN flSflfa VW —And the other— *5r ONE AND A HALF MILES NOUT1I. The undersigned having purchased Peever's Nur series east or town, and a portion of 7,initnermanV, North of this place, hold themselves In readiness to Oil orders and supply tlie trade on liberal terms. We have some lio varieties, and at least a.\nt'il trees suitable for transplanting the ensuing Fall. All these vai ieties are hardy and of the fruit-bearing kind suit able to this climate. We will also keep on hand* a general supply of JSVEUGKEENS, SH3UBBE3.Y Et\ Etc„ liinate. Trees from Tiiaaa Id at FIFTEEN CENTS NEW LUMBER YARD* Yard at Ottumwa, where will he found at. all times a full assortment of Lumber, Lath, and Shingles, which we will sell at the very lowest prices, for Cash. Persons about buying or ordering bills of Lumber, would do well to call and see for themselves before purchasing elsewhere. CAMPBELL A McCLCRR. Mar. IS, 1S50—1 12-y ESTBAY NOTICE. TAKEN up by Samuel Austin at bis residence In! Agency City, Wapello county, Iowa, on the UUt, day of November, A. D. IM)0, one li.iy Mare, suppose,t to be three y enrs old pn«t about 15 hands higli, with a Itur iu Uie forehead, the right hip knocked down, the left hind foot white nearly to the pastern joint, some ray hairs around the root of the tali, biack inane and tail—appraised at tlfty-llve dollars, before Jo.-cph Myers, Esq., Justice, Ac. Ss-lM'.iu JOSEPH IIAYNK, Co. Cl'k. K AIJj ANDjSSKB A. D. CULVER, A'ljol.ilnz Rlcharl'- three story Urli-k, Front ^Street, Ottumwa. JUST RECEIVED THE LAUGIWT ASSOUTMENT OF O S O V E S I Ever hroii'iht to Ottumwa. THE CITY TRADE: rjt.») MY Kt'i HNPS AND CI.'HTOMi:! I WOULD say, that with special reference to their wants, I have supplied myself with a stock of Parlor, liox ami otl'i-r Stoves and wurcs in my lin-. which fyr cheap ness and adaptation to the demands of the season, have never heen equalled in this market. N. IJ. Do not f.iil to examine my store room and office Stoves before buying. Fifty Tons old Iron wautad. Also old copper, bra**, I enter, anil t^«, for which I will pa-, la stoves and tinware, the hi^h"st in irket prices. Oct is, lStiij— cM2-12 A. P. CULVER. THE ATLANTIC MONTHLY. COMMKXCEMVXTOF THESEVES'Tt VOLUME The Publishers of THR ATHSTIC Mosimr hare )deasure in nntiounciufr that tlie new volume, to com mence with the number for January, Ilil, will con tain features ot rrtn ivKable interest ttnd attractive ness. Among these, may be named A Now Xor««l—Uy Mrs. HAMHRT Bnaciria STDWE, author of Uncle Tom's Cabin," and "Tlie Minister's Wooing."' A »wXovp|~!lr I?E.tnr, author of Christie .lohnstone," I'eft Wciltinjfton,'' etc. Hew **1 "RI«'*~P.Y Miss HARRIET PIIFSCOTT, an tiior of The Amber Hods," and "Sir Rohan's Ghost.' A Xotv It nm mi the author of "Ch-tles Auchestcr," and "Counterparts." Also, Contributions in Prose and Poetry, hy /A1nrt/ II". *ifr//nr, —. i'fm ii! If. u-tho me. t'lirer M'tnihll Holme*. .hi 11 tx RnxMrtf l.mrrll. /!tif/h IIW./o A'.iMrso*. ,/ i/ui (i. \V hittirr. October 6th, oli-Ho-oldl5-ll Richard R. A'iiiibtfU. ii'firyr S. llillard. I.'oxe 'I't rri/. r. Dr. B. Mm. fun u i At mile. ('hirlex E. Norton. W'iuthrup Suri/t'nt. ir. J. T. Trowbrulgt. Hityitril Titi/Ziir. /.'fiirin P. U'/iijijde. Ih nrij and other distinguished writers. TERM?: TIIHKK DOLLARS rsa As*r*, or Twanrr FtvRcKNTSi \i mrfr. Upon the receipt of the sub scription price, the publishers will mail the work to any part of tlie United States, pre-paid. Subscriptions may bepin with either the first, or any subsequent number. The postage of the ArL'.xric'is i* cents a year, if prepaid. t~??~ The pi.L'es of the Art.\xrtc are stereotyped, ami back nii'iilers n be suppMed. CLI'llIII NO ARKANOEMKNT?.—Subscribers to pay their own postage. Two copies for Five Dollars Five copies for Ten Dollars Eleven copies for Twcnty Dollars. Booksellers and Newsmen will obtain tlie terms by the hand, ed, etc., upon application to tlie Publishers, TlClyNoll K1KMM, 185 Washington St., boston. mOMT GOODS! IfEW GOODS! Juht received from t!,_ K: -t at J. A. SCHWOHM'S CBOrKKV AXJ PROVISION «iT»SG Front Street, Opposite the Ottumwa House. A LAfcCE A.JTO BtPESIOS STOCK OF Groceries and Confectioneries, FrniiK & Nuts, Chewing i»nd Smoking Tobaccos,: A\D niUL HAVANA TOBACCO, AT WHOLESALE & ItKTAlI.. Qttscnsware, Boot* and Shoet, Ali which will be sold for Cash at lb* very Lowest Maiket Prices, v errfningeti for Country Product. WA \TRB—HIDES, for wlilcii will U paid the very highest marlcvt price In Cash. Cull ar.d examine goods and prices,in DMB'Sbrick apposite the Ottumwa House, Front-st. SUMMER ARRANGEMENTS Alii" 1 Otrs for Keokuk. Also a dai'v line of Hacks from Ottumwa to Centre i vllle, connertinir with a tri-weekl.r line fro-n t'i-'-e to Cfrvdon, Leon, Decatur Citv, .Mt. Avr, I'lattsville, jCtarinc la, and tlirou^i to \elir ka City making each, and purchasere can have the privilege of ma- 1 T"1 "t p| king their selection. PYLE A DUGDALE. i M3iG 3/31(1 il 61113.16 OSHllIlcirV. Oskaloosa, June '21, 1SC0 12-15-y o n w A IOWA. have located a branch of our Ilurlinali W' r.tlray !otlce. TVIAKFN UP BY John M. Purder, at hts residence in I Pte*«nnt township, Wapello county, Iowa, on the lsih day of August, lSftO, two estra.vs of the following description, to-wit A bav mare, supposed to be thir teen years old, cap of right hip knocked down and scar on same. Also, a brown fiUy three years old last spring, both hind feet white to the pasture joint, blase in the face ami scar on the light Khoulder. The hay mare appraised at #35 brown lillev nt fliS, before Joseph ilyers, Esq., a Justice of the Peace of said county JUSKPH IIAYNK, Sept. 27, LSM,-39-12-8m CountyClerl^ NEW BOOT & SHOE STORE. OrrosiTK Ctaaou. HOI SF, OTT1.HWA, IOWA. l|c HE undersigned has just ree.elved and open* I oat a General Assortment of BOOTS A 8IIOKS, which !0 the tiadlng p«Wi« at lititKi price*, at! quick time and sure connection* at all points along said lines. {45^* I'assenifers for Western Iowa, and Northern Missouri, will find it to their interest to take this route. %3B" Ptaffe Office, comer Market k Front streets. Ottumwa, July 9tli, 1S59. A. C. PARK.4, Ag't. CLAIM AGENOT AND General Intelligence Offics. WASItl i TO!V CITY, D. C. TIIK GOV. Ford, (E\-Lieut. Gov.) Mansfield, Ohio Mr. J. W. Norris, Ed. 'ourier, Ottumwa, Iowa. Oct, 4, IM'S) -:'.O-1'2-.".III. OTTUMWA Ri:v. M. MrELUOY, A M., Principal. Miss M. C. IIALLOWAY, Miss M. K WILSON, Assistants, MRS. LIZZIE I). WOODWARD,Drawlngaatf Freoch. lin S. II. WORCESTER, Oil Painting. (Tort will lie spared to render this Institution worthy the coutinaed confidence of the friends of education. Tuition, per term of ten weeks from $8 to f-s, accord ing to the branches studied. The next Term com mences Tuesdav, ttrt. 2nd, IStiO. Foi further inforina (0 tlon write far a circular, or apply to the Principal In I person. [Sept. 27-38-12-1^.-» niLLINCUli niLLnEltYl MRS. PAUCM.L lias just returned froin the East with a large and well selected stock of Millinery Goods oonsisting of Ribbons, Flowers, Feathers, Head Dresses, and Velvet Ribbons also Dark Straw Bonnets in variety Silk and Velvet Bonnets, and a variety of other things too tedious to mention, for all of which she expects to find a demand, as her selec tion was niadc in r, fe:ence to the iucre&adng popula tion ard improvements ia the taste of the ladiea of Ot tumwa a id neighboring towns. Having the latest stv|e« for dresses and cloaks, Mr*. P. Intends to suit ail who nay fatror her with a calL She intends keeping on tund a supply Of Far* and Corsets, for ladies. Oct ll-dl-lMs-6-12 ESTBAV NOTICE. AKFN up by John Reed at his resiilfnea In Cam petiue Township, Wapello county fowa, ou the 10th day of December, lsflt', twoestrays, one a lilack mare Colt, supposed to be two years old laM spring, and entirely black, no other marks or bruuds per ceivable. The other a Sorrel horse Colt, supposed to be two years old last firing, bl me in the forehead. Some white on left forefoot, and right bind fool, with a rimming sore on the teft shoulder. The mare valued at $50, and the horse at $18, before Joseph Myers, a Justice of the Peace. JOSEPH IIAYNK, Cl'k. Jan. 4th,'til—41 l?-3m Piei^iTi^« n COI.OI at the COl'RIEROFricr. ii'il niififiiiiiMiiiifi iT iiTi POl'OLAfi RICES O A S UVREIGE & Opposite Ik® T" 1 si co'irxn nut- viori!:i^ a Daiiv Four I.ineof Post Coaches,fromOttumirato Uentcnspnrt, passlnit tfcronsh Drakesville, Btoomfleld, Troy, 8ti'inj town |«Bd Keo«:iui|n-i, making sure connectloiu with the nndersijrned would respectfully offer his ser vices to the public I a the purchase and wa'e of WKSTKRN I.\NDS, STOCKS, DONDS, and MOUTAGES pro curement of llorNRV LANDS AMI LAND PATKNTS, Pa. ports to foreign countries, Pensions, Land Patents: .7"'V "iTL^ which have upon tlie discontinuance or the various Departments ot ilie (iovernment, the Court of Clai ns, anl Congress. Persons wishing business transacted, information or advice by letter, will please enclose a fee in order to Insure a reply. C. P. Cl'I.VER. RKFRKTO—Rev. P. I. flurlev, D. D., Washington ity, 1). C. Hon. A. U. Greenwood, Com. Indian Af fairs, do -. Hon. 8. A. Doug!* lT. S S., Chicago, III. Hon. (t. E. I'ugh, U. S. S., Cincinnati, Ohio Col. G. W. Anderson, Louisville, Ky. Col. C. Porter Culon, Janesville, Wis. Hon. A. It Wright, Ex-M. C., Koine, (is. Hon. A. II. Stephen*, Ex-M. C., CrawfordviUe, Ottuiuira HOUAC. Truer* Fancy Prints at ItCMWfvrtil ing ail orer town at 14)#'. 200 Piscits Anterkaai FRlttS, ill prices. 300 os PIRCRS Ileary Canton riaaneta at i: regular price 14 cents. 1 flfl PIRCKS new style Dress g«" All Wool Detains. KSGLI31I MEUINOE:'* AND AI.PACCA8. rsacf Wlol Plnit« tar Latn anl Child m. Ladiet Traveling Drm (Mi. Ila.alltoa and Paetfie V* Lalas, »ebefes, Ladies Wool Hoods, Shawls, AND COMFORTS, mm STOCK OF FLANXFLS, SATINET TS, CfiSSIMERES AND TWEEDS Are maehlarger than we ivtr«Ar*d befvrt1- 800 lbs. COTTON BATTING. 16 cases Men and Boys Boots Lammr thm tktj tan it honfht eUeufom 3J Hass Rio COFFEE, •ll n:»:s SI I. AKS. 99 Leg* IVA1LS. CAXDY, TOBACCO^RAISIXS, SOAP, CAXDLES STARCH, CCTTCIV YARN At Wholesale. SIGHT DHAFTS OJF SFEW YORK, and other eastern points, in suras to suit purchasers and can also furnish Kxchange on KN(LANI, IUKIiAND AND SCOTLAND, AND ON 4HHIMANV, KRANCK, SWKDKN, DKNMAmM -,: AND ALL OTHKIl COt-'NTItlia OF i u o i K as well as collect money,iiilieritances,andever7 oth er eiaim in fot eijtn counties. We receive Deposit? and issue Certificates whleh bear interest ouly liy special ajireeuient. '»*». i. IH' I'.N. made payable at our office, will be remitted for. at current rates of Exchange anil those inattiriii at other points, will be collected and remitted, less exclia Hire nnd expense of collection.— We will also pay attention to securing and collecting doubtful (Ubts. Parties holding I ncurrent Money, "Draffs. Cer- fiflcates of Deposife, or nils of Exchange, Pay a be AT SIGHT OK ON TIME, In anr place,«an have t'lem Cashed by caUtog»t olliee. TAXES.—TTe have correspondents in nearly every county in Southern Iowa, andean pay taxes for non-residents and others, for a reasonable com mission. Money for taxe* always required In advance and all orders should be sent us by 1st of January. I w. w 1 local land offices in the Western States been returned *'«h «««•.•' t-vernment lands,in to the Jetieral Land OiliL-e In Washington City. Pat- i IO\V.4» KA\SAS| OU .^IEBttASKJl« ents secured lor Inventions, Caveats Hied, and all bu- \\\. |, 1 LAWI1EXCE fc CHAMBERS, Ottaatw*, Oat. SS, tMO. A W i W E A N E ... -AND— COl I^EtlTION OFIJ'ICE, EDWABD A. TIPPLE OTTirVH'A, IOWA. LAND \VAltKANTS. will at all times pny cash for Land Warrants, and also attend to the loca .on of them, or the eutry lVe slliess before the Patent Office attuided to. In fact. !»jralle lands in the Territories, for individuals orTor ill prosecute nil Muds of Claims before the Executive Colonies. I. A Ji imple ssran?ementsforthe selection efde* 1V.— ye can furnish emigrantrand others with first rate r'urms, i'. Ill-central counties of thia State, or with unimproved laud in this and the south ern tier of counties, for Cash. They can be had as "cheap as dirj." TOWN LOTS. We hare over two t-undred town lotaln Chariton, Osceola. Afton and Mount Ayr, all goo| eonnty Towns, three of which are on the line of the Burlington A Toparties desiring residence or husine«slots, in any of these point sf we will givegood bargain*. Parties at adistanee, desiringinformation as'othe property ottered, are requested to correspond with us. All others will please call at our ofllee, on Market St.two door* from Front St., Ottumwa, Iowa. I.UW'D A. TII.TIPLH Octobers, lSf'.t u'.i)—lw. & CO. ASSI«K* E'S NOTICE. RaUes Is hereby given, that Smith A Neely of Kddy Si lie, in the county of Wapello, State Iowa, have as siirned to me all there property, real and personal, for the payment of their debts and their creditors must pre Sent their claims, under oath or affirmation to me. at my office, in the city of K ldvvilli*, county or Wapello, Statr of Iowa, within three months from the date heie of Dated this £hl dav of October, IS&I. No. 34-li-ti'W. U. W. ISO YD, Assignee. Opera EATING HOUSE. (il *11» A: Proprietors. Fr«ntlftreet, first door East of Pmnroy'a Drug Stare, orn IIWA, IOWA. *—v MKAI.S served at all hours. FRESH OYSTERS in the Shell or Can, served In all VtytM. Prirate parties supplted with refreshments or Sup pers on short notice. [Nov. 15,'W-tf I V PHOPEKTI' lOlt SALE. A Pi-: vat- resi .1..-nee en Secoi,d St reel, near corner of Marlon, for sale at a liar^.tlii, and partly on time. Possession given iuiuiediatt iv. Fmpilre at this oMeeof January SC.'M. itiv. Fmpilre a J. W. NOitRU. E*T«AT WOTtCR. V Ii KM up by G. A. -llowell, on the 2#tb day of November, Ivi.1, at hi* residence ill Ke .-1! o county, Iowa, Ooe White C«w with uk Tp. roan k and red ear». Marked witli two swallow forks In the right ear, and t«rr splits and a hole In the left ear. Supposed to be four years oi last Spring, ippraised Ht |I5 50. before L. 'I. Ktipe, Esq. 'jwlera HAfNB,ct'k. OtU»wa,IW. mh. TV-ti li Aa. mm WiWhtiiftlrO W» NEW STOCK OF FA Ll AND WINTER GOODS, OINRTT FKOII -run EAST. O. C. Warden, is receiving and NOW OPENING a large and fashion able sleek of Y O O S ASP Molina*, ClotliK & Cftssiniert's. Hats, Caps, Boots and Shoes., An a compl^'r a«*nr*mt!it of »,ver\ !hittff 'o m^et lltp watHs of in!iviM'i,il« or fami! iejl^n hi* line of trade,f'lmpri'inir in part follows: Plain, Black aci Faary Cassimeru, Bread Cloth, Satioetts TICK''". ftlllHTINnS. STRIPE?, COUIU'nOY?, JEA AX DEXS'IXX, DlilUA DI,CA 11F.D V OIIIIOX JII.Lir«f, I N S Of every Yaru ty. Ffyl, and ial'Uy FORETIN ANP nOMK^Trr ^iTVontAMS, B-!.!e-n r-itvi:! -ty :f i Dress Goods! I FOi: MEN, WOMEN, AND CillLDRKM, i Which could not be ennmei ated in an advrrtisjemfnt i 'like this. The only way to appreciate the extent, i variety, and cheapnes* of his stock will be to call and look through for yourselves. I am also receiving well selected stock of FAMILY GROCERIES, such as Tea. Co(r."", Susar, Rice, Dried Frnif,8»da, Tobacco, Vinegar, Soup, Ac. MiD WARE & CUTLERY. Gla^saml Xaih, iili!prs material and hntiw fnrrif«hitic ^ood.*. And li^s flr» entire af'»rk complete in everything lhat tvotild comprise a stuck for'he time* aBd for lhi« vicinity, nil vt which he is anxio'is to dispose of for tne rtadv p^v. or to approved customer^. kinds of Cotintrv produce taken in pay fori Good?. He solicits an examination of e»oiUl and price" and v ill take pleasure in showing you throtij'h whether you buy "t n«t. April IS t*«0. C. O. WARDEN. o u n w A i\ vc/'S'\'^ i CATIRTAGK FACTORY! fH^IIK undersign would respectullv solicit the at J|_ tc ntion ofthe juiblic to the facilities which he: iinw possess for manufacturing C.\ltKIA(iK3 & WA(i-" oNS1, of e"ery description, after the most improved' styles, as (food a» can be obtained East, and upon sat-! isfactory terms. Those w'shing to purchase will please rail and ex-' amine my stock. nepairitie promptly attended to. A. IIALDW1N. Ottumwa, ir. l^t ,TS59-flT-ij' OGDEN &TCOPP Suf*c?s.-rs to & AYhithtuu, Forwarding and Commission .MERCHANTS AND droneral Froiqrlit A^eutr?, NEAR TnB RAILROAD DEPOT, OTTVSTWA IOWA. 1ST Liberal Cast, adraaie**ade on Produce for Sl-.ipment. 11-82 tf. City Tlcnt j^Iarkef. Front St. 2 doors ea«t Carroll House. OTTUMWA, CO- r. RIROKRSJKTD HAVE RE thri1- t'.\c!ianpe office from Chariton^ Icowa, to this point, and are prepared to transact any husiness perl linintr to Hanking, Kxchanjre or Collec tions, which may lie entrusted to us, feelin? confident that our past practical experience of ten years in Southern Iowa, will enable us to i cndersatisfaction to our patrons. We sell hl.i. -eased f-iciliti-s to furnish se.i^ n'.i int-iii.- yinli Kinks at all reasonable hours, at ti.e i.-w. est livinjrrate*. Tallow, Lnrd.Sausapes. anil erery thinf usually kept in a City Market for sale. 1 The hijthe.-i market price in cash paid for Fat Stock t'AK l»l. I's at Wholesale and Itetaii. T«TII»* If II variably Ca*Is. J3^"Thos.''iavini unsettled accounts, or noterdue, will pU**ecall and pay up. Ottumwa.Feb. loth,ISM.—4S 1IKOWN. PLOW TiAKIXJi II Ksuhscr^errespectfullyinforms hisfriemls and tliepuMiC pener-.ll.v, that he manufactures alii Slipl- of plows, and i prepared to supply the Farmers] of \V iello Co. with a:i article unsurpassed in material, and w»rkinan«hlp. ItUcksiiiabinjr in all its various branches, horse shoi-inc.o-v-jhoeinir, and jobhinjr of allkinds. S'^f Remember the place, the Lower Steam Mill. AAltON MYEKS. Ottumwa. Feb. 11th.'. W-nM-v ~lNSUitANCF,. NEW ENGLAND' rnij", AXII UAIU-KT: INSURANCE COMPANY' i A O 1 CHARTERED CAPITALS 50&O.QO^ CASH CAPITAL, S200.000. —C ^Wlii a lui'ye Surplus. CMU.JERKTT.Sciy. XVU'ATEKVM,P«4. Policies issned on as favorable fern-s ss hy any other solvent Company. A. A. STl'A RT. Agt. vlcinl SPECIAL WTIC8! HOSi: msl'UA-SCJiCOltli'AJIYl OK New ¥ork. tush €ai»i(al, $1,000,000! Aaaetta, 1st January, J!,l*^,390 £8. Liabilities, 4tf. OilARLKGJ MARTIN, President, A. V. WULV'ARTU, Vice Pr«sident, J. MN TON SMITH, Secretary. i.. T'. HIS well known and reliaUU Compaiy having established an Agrucv wt (Htumwa, for Wapello county and vietnlty, are prepared to Insure Dwilliii »s. Stores, -uul other Buildings, MF.RCII ANnr/K and FURITI RK, against /iw«i-rf,mi tfe hy KIRK, on terms as favorable as the nature of the risks, and the real security ofthe Insured, and of the company will warran*. This company Is managed by live, husines men, most of whom are known to the Merchants and Tra ders of this community, n:idwh»«e names are a guar anty that its business wilt be conducted lairly and honorably. /ySSf* DWELLINGS and FARM PROPERTY ln-i s'ired for periods of TUUEl or FIVE years i at fair rates. Lo**f* a ft tutted am! promptly pmidl Applications received and pollciea Issued without delay. ED.MCSD I.. JOV, Mareii -"J i i-ly. Agent. yiRTFOED FIRE RSPlV\fE CflMPJLM.""" 0K HARTFORD, CONN. I N O O A E A 1 O ClIiRTUR PERPETUAL. CATLLT CAPITAL, $1,000,000. c*riT*L, P*ID is km,tK.o. ,] srartrs, orr* ... Jton.ortrt. The reputation acquired hy this Company dut ing the last fifty years, hy an honorable course In the transaction of its business, and theprnaipt and liberal settlement of Losses, together with the character of the securities ronipnsimr its Assets, eii'itk- the Com pany to the utmost confidence »f I he public,as afford ing reliable Insurance against loss or damage hv tire, *. H. STII.IS. AgenC Mt-H-y Ottumwa,a. RAILROADS. 2~i_ M. IT' v~ »T.- w linrlikitf .oii & IVfiiMotiri Bt. Ii. R« C:I IK»R or TIMF, 0\ AM» .U'TKIl Nov. •*•», and nntil further n« tire Is Ijlven. P.i«senj.-i-i Trains will Iea\e and arrl*«u« follows GOING WEST 3 rowwoiijTi' *.«W i.i,!-n v 2,4 a 8.»# Iltirfinptnr, V:dilctown, D.tnvilie, New l.oudon. Mi. PleasMj.', (.'hceanqua, »ikr,d..:e. fnirlield. WbitPeld, lln'avla, Agency CltTi Ot'.utuwH. rtrHHl 1l.l»a rt.leart ll 49 1? nl «.«» 4 n lit8 1 SW t.W n.o.i S.53 ?.«a tut !T ».!» ati i- ». i.n (•M i-.JW «!il V t3-OI±TO EAST SCrOBWOIi \T!0!» rsrci-fs. 4.4S*. W. leave tr.ot»*. «t.Ivtiv. 6 IT 6.69 n i 1.Ml-, to (ittitniwa, Ajjeif-y Ultjr, Bat vfe, Wbirtiel«1, Ki irfield, Olendnle, Cln oiiiqua, Mt. I'lesssnt, New London, linni tile Mid.ili turn, HariHi^t'n, T.o-i l«.S* liM K i 1 »t-i 1 45 S.H 10.1 in.'tQ.' 1 •ri K.Si» sir ai ri JL O. RKAD, Vice frKrs't andkp'l. Chicago, Burlington & Qufncyi XD J2 ZP ItE S i 1st leave? I.'nr. 16 ».•» 2«1 At-rommotlitJioit do do do 1.4ft p. n 3d Kvt'iiit ir do do rto Mt».t:i ARRIVALS: 1 Pai«cug«r arrives at Bur. T.IBa.m 2d Arromd'n d« do db J.iMip.m 3.! I.'i on'ar do An A it 7.15 p.n! Tl:e ahove tr i!nr make r!n»f rnrnrrtlorrrteith tliii H. Jt M. K. II. at Iturlinjrton, *nd with sli the jr" eat eastern thortiujrhfarcs at Chlcajro. It. IIK.V1CK. Ocn'l A?'t II. A Q.R.H J. IT. WITH ROW, Parsenper Ag^nt, Ottumtra. P!TT'RI »*«i- IftllT WAYWK CllIC.\(i() l:.\tl.!l(i.\!» Ko» completed, an cars run from Chicago tn It# hurjf without rhanjre, connecting with the GREAT PENN5TLVANIA CKXTG.M, RAILROAD To New York, Phil.idi-'tphia. Il.-iltiiuore and WaKldpg ton City, and all the Interior towns of Pennsjl vat la, New Jersy, New Vorfc. Marjlandj New York Central, Great Western^ And connecting Roads to and frofn IOWA, AND ALL THE WEST. The Roads forming this old and reliable root* frosn the Seaboard and t!.t Wot, have organized a FAST FREIGHT LI mi Giving perfect reliability and greatly increased dispatch to Freight—the trains forming the Line, East and West, run nitli the same regularity, making as sure connection at the terminus of each Road as Through Passenger Trains. CLOSE C0XXECTI0XS JfA&JS-d With Express Freight Trains on all roads dlveryinC from Chi en g', and Western Shippers ran rely upojjT, having their goods teceive utmost despatch. During the Sea ton of Xarigation, the Fire k Marine risk on most kinds of merchandlseshlpped via Steam or S*il Yessels amounts in many case* to More than the difference between rail or water rates of freight, be-id*-s the difference of time, ax will he seen by thefotlowing comparative statemertp". of Insurance saved ty sending goods all tlie way b|t" rail road: mVriV For Ottumwa and inlty. 1 Value per Ani't Ir*. SUT/ f^Olbs. Dry good-(znT ast'm*t ISfl.OO Pooks and (ewni'tt) 72.00 Uen'i stock groceries (except Sugars and coffees,) Roots A Shoes (av'ge val.) 74.0C Druggicts'itirr.cei' city as'tm'tsl.oO Hats, cups A furs (g nl as'tm't) i Ac. Merchant* 1y takitiK tlds route will hare the hcueit cf all the cistern markets at nu additicnal cost. Jtapf.-ipe checked thiough. Trains leave the depot, corner Madl*on and Cansf streets, west side, twice daily on arrival of train* from I he west. ecting nt Crestline with Cleveland nh^ I.HKI njr«ra Interior 1 (.'(•ntral and New Vi rk A Krie itiiilrojids. !m Ponth to Columliu*. Zanesvllle, Newark, Mt. Vernon. Steubenville. Wheeling, and luterios tows of Ohio and Virginia. The alove tr*l':« conne«rt at Forest witli trnlt^ on Mad Hiver I'oad to Springfield, I'rhana, IMiyton and I'inci: nati. Alto, ith trains at Limu for l):tj tou and Cincinnati, direct. iccting nt Crestline wltli levtianrt nti-. Sh"re Hniirond to OunkirU, LutT.1o. Nt« a Falls", New York and I'ofti.u, nnd a'l tfa^ riortown. o- New Kn^tand via New Vor* PARK AS LOW AS I5V ANY OrHKIt IIOl'T*. Passengers hound ea-t mill find this route i-ntf: leasant and Hjrreeable, passing iliroiifj IIKIII. of the arjfest and finest cities in the L'nited States. Passengers arriving in Chicago on jiny oftherojids will find attentive vheck ntreiits at the depots to re ceive chv'cks and convey bHgjratre free of ehtMrge to tin IMttshnrgr and Chioa#* cars. Meepintr cars aeimiipHny each train. Ticket for siiie at 11 the principal Ticket Office* Sn the Wot, and at tin- 'oi»p:in 'j ttftice, corner of Ran dolph and Demboin street*. oppoite the Revere House, or at U.^ Depot, ne.^t side, corner of Cuiml anl Van Buren streets, Chieapo. lie paiticular to link far t'ekef* hv Fort Wayne. it. F. PATU1CK, Ticket Agent. Freight of att kinds will be carried from Chicago ly. alt points East at alt times, at as low rates as any ol It er Railroad route. TO MERCHANTS AND SIIIPPES. The Pittsburg, Fort Wayne ar.d Chiepgo Raflr' a«!, Co. having effected an arrangement with the FtTWSyl vania Central It. K. Co. f.r the transportation n Through Freijilit, property can now -hipped hy thia liue between rhicagn, Philadelphia, l! .ltin»ore. New. York and llosion, with promptness and despatch Contract' be made at the following placet No. 2 Astor House, New York. No. I S. William St., do No. 3 Itattery place, do No. "7 Washington St. BoMMh No. Dock st.. IOWA. :4. TIlK^uliscrlher, frrateftil f.r pat ivors, would »ay to tli uhlicthat tils market, open i n e a y i v e y e a s a o i s u i i Philadelphia. 1 Depot, North ttrnet, l!-iUinW» Depot. Charles street, West Side, near Ya» Burer. street bridge, Chicago. Mark packages via P., Ft. Wayne C. R. K. k'ot further information applv t« AS. W. ML'SSUN, Freight Ag't CMugo. J. i. IIotrPTOS, Gen'l Freight Agent Chicago. Chicage, Mar. t-, l-t)0. EXPBESSiPASSi:x(iEB KCITEi -MA f-iii per PHI lb •ipatet. pri CO Ceti 4i IS A5 33 vd.itt» ., t"i Hardware (shelfgood* gen'ly) S6.t0 i 5 Rzchiniaiton« Pj-oiuutly FtMkfdtijmUd. Mark Pur.ages, "Fust Exsrress Line, via O. W. R." Vr)l\ Iv Deliver poods at Ilurf son River Eallroad paa^ senper I'epot, C- Warren St., or at Canal st. Depot. T^ TtOSTOV Deliver goods at Itoston an^ 11 1J s. Worcester Railroad Depot, and mark as above. Eastward bound IVeight of every description wit! he forwarded at e.-t current rates, and iffroni Wesiein lloads, should be consigned to 44A. WAI.I.INtiFORIIJ' Chicago,"or"0REAT W KSTERN RAILWAY, Detroit.*. For the traasporUtjon of Live Stock to DulTalo, bany, New York aJi I |to to:,, this route Is unt qualleaT^ for speed, stock cars, Slce| ing ears for Drovers, anlr spacious and convenient iirds for Stock, making it a most desirable route for Shipper*. Through bills of Lading given, and Reclamations paid, at any the c. mpau'» cilices. C.J. DKYIXJKS. Managing Director G. W. R., IImiWOc itton. Jl'Llt'S MOYIL's. (ienl A-:t. P.ulTalo. TIHtiV IIELL, lietil Kr't Airt, llaniiiton. W. J. SPICLK, Agi" Detroit. K. P. IIKM'II, Agt il-'! ProHdwav, N. T. O. KIMBALL, A ^t -.'I Siate st., Ito-ton A. WAI.I.IX.Ktlt II, Wcstere Ag't., Cor. Lake and Dearborn Sts.,opp. Tremont llouslt March i'.*, lM'tt. ClllCAtttf F.MPI.OYM i:\T» TIIR CNDI- USHiNF.D are des!rnu»of securtnathe, st-rrleea of a few Voun^ Men to crgafe In a Travelling Agency, upon a salary of tORfy DOLLARS PER .VO\TR{ and atl expenses paid. Ttits is an opportune Seldom «#ered, stud to tbfs- who merit the approbation uf the Subscribers, by strict attention to busine«s, can r, Iv upoit constant employ mejit for a term ol years. far fwthvr particulars address eONANT A DRAKE, St MaltiSt., Atkiusou Dei^t'Ri ft K»V.»,'80-2V1? Mn 1ATIIAV 'NOTHT. Taken up by Jefferson C. Tra*is at his rcsUlence In IllpWand TAwnship, Wapello t'ounry Inwa, nn thu 1st. dsv of December. Ione Day Mare of the foW lowing description to*it One Itay Mare su|ijio-, i to he live years old. Idack mane and tail, hlaek JeetS w hite spot in the foreli^ad, no other marks or hrsndjt perceivable, and appraised to he worth thirty-fivS dollars Ivefore J. C. Whljiple, a Jti-nlce of tl e Peace t|r said County. JOSEPH II AVNE, Clerk i, Uc'. tjnlclllltith, Deputy. M-W 4m. ESfHA¥ NOTIPE. FBi^iAKVS np by Kumar liorr, living tn Keoku Townsh'p, iVapello County, lona, on the n day »f Decemiier. 1 Stilt, ane Sor.el Mare of the folio licg description, to wit: One sorrel mare about thre: years old next spring,star in the face, and whit stripe from her nostril up to near her eve, sorrel mar and tall, left hind foot ahite, and the other hind fo striped. Said m:.r- appraised to be Worth fo. tj flv dollar* before A. A. Douglas, Faq. Dec. *Sth,t*0»-4*-l?-3*

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