Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier, January 30, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier dated January 30, 1861 Page 3
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ffjie (Ditumtoa (Cornier. Local and MiaGollaneouB. OTTUMWA. IOWA PL—L- 5 .Arrive. 10 80 A. M. 9.15 P. M. Jut. 3'), I8i»1. CHANGE OF TIME. Arrive at Tim: TABI.E le-ive Ottumwa, Arrive, Kuntai Relief 91e«tiii?. ., TI-H-fc •il.K.BAILKOAP. The weather Is fine for business, and the LeaveOttumwa, 4:45A.M. 11:00m. coming forward, and sell for $4,25 gross, to 8:8CR. M. 8:80 P.M. 1 K. Ft. D. It. KOAO. 7:00 A.M. 2:M r,w. 1'.'.45 A.M. s:I5 P.M. Rxprest Tr iJo. (.aft a.**) Mil Offioe corner-f Font.... 1 Market St When you want He itj, Shoe Templet, New Clothing Store. f. M. COACHES LEAVE DAIL K. *«•*—'*»r D«*Moines, via Eddyvftle, Oskaloosa an« Mia, at 1 i. m. Accommodation for Oskaloosa, at II.DO p.*. flor Chariton, via Bi ikesburg and Albia. at lp.«. loath—For Blooaflcid, and Cetrtrevlllu, atl p. *. Jus'ices' notices, and othor blanks, just Jftinted and for sale at the Corsica counting win, Pumroy's block. We a'-kmw!e!g- the receipt of Htc Feb­ ruary number of the Atlantic Monthly,. ,«nl have perused it with very great pleasure LVXCH.—A The meeting on Saturday last, callotl by the Central Committee, to designate a par son to recomm 'n 1 to the inc tn!n» Adminis- i tration as Master, at this TUcc was .. TK/.M E. F. Lewis, F. Krojck and J. nio'.iotis were voti'd down. A resolution to i abide tae result of the m.icting, was adopted. stantially correct. In regard to the propriety of this mode of settling conflicting claims to ofBcc, and in regard to tha prospect of this nneting accomplishing thii or any other in-. ten le I object, tve have nothing to my at present. We intend and dei^n oi,lv to give the facts as an item of current news, leaving those who were piescnt and those \Vho were absent, to form their own opinions an 1 regu'ate their own actions for thein selv2S. We, the undersig led, b'.'lijvin^ that the fj-irful destitutions prevailing in Kunsao, «wing to failure of crop.*, call for sympathy jfcnd ai'l fr»in tho*»c w!io rr^ bl3s»t with abun- 14 A. C, PARK* Atmt.- free lunch i« served every day between 11 ami 12 o'clock, at the Opsra Eating Ilou^e. CAHL SWABKMY. Ptif. ARL SWABKUY proposes giving his 8econd Dancing Entertaiinnq^it, at I xjn'8 Hall, on Frid.iy evening, Feb. 1st. 1801. Music, prof. Swabkev reader: 1st an 1 2d Violin, Violmcello, Tuba Sax-horn. Admission $1 00. OUtiiiHva P.Mtmaitcr. UilllCe, invite our fellow-Citizens of Ottuinwa Chicago a-id eflicietif aid a- niay bj in our power that suffl*riii£ pejpie: I.aldwell, lho. (7. Woodward, (), C.Graves, S. B. Thrall, W. L. Orr, H. B. Jones, g. Mills, J. W. Norris, A. A. Stuart. EYE AND EAR.—Dr. Ollly. Dr. U. physician and surgeon of th» old school, and ^4nvinS devoted his whole life to opthalmia |tnd aural surgery will be found illy compe tent to psrfirtn any operation necessary to rastore lost sight and hearing, or by other ticicntific maans to remove any disease from those delicate organs with'n the raach of Kcienco or humm skill. No charge for ex amination or consultation. Old But Good. A-pious larly, who was too unwell to attend the iteettng, used to send her thick headed husband to Church to find out the text the prcacharselected as foundation of his discourse. CtlEESR SORGHUM PORK SI DM IIAMS CHICKENS $ da*.... QCATLS, j? doz DRIED APPLr.S. fe. PEVCHESlb*. LEATHER (Sole) Calf FUR8—Mink, No. 1 COON WILD CAT ... RAT OTTER BEAVER V ft DEER $ »,... BUPPALO ROBES.. ... TIMOTHY .... WIIISkEY VINEGAR bill lo,r her9clf t0 ,,e 4 as crc.ap. There were Mrce ballots, VT a majority on the final billot. Xorris, the two former leading on most of thj illoti", and the named, Mr. Milligan, Tadtrin .During the progress of the meeting Vali­ um motions were made. It was moved to I •djoimi, on the ground tint the pcop'e out of Town, as a general thing, had no notice of the meeting, and th:it if they had it was I .. K NK K A I. KWSof N «r«,1 .. I I .l ft i that kee|*i fully up with the progress of the times. A vKinily 10 meet at the Court House on I good western paper is certainly better calculated to Thtirsdav evening Ihfi ^l» 5M i L»""''0*« xiursuay eiling, ttlC dlst l.l^t at o cl k, u,!,. I MOO miles away, which know little and care to devise raenns for rendering such pro:npt Spaul ding, J. Hartley, James D. Devm, G, From other portions of the country, and from for-| I. .T CI Itjl.-,.^ i„v,_ (1 JO}, J. U. lldker, John Grave*, A. L. f.4r'ous eorresponeents of the Associated Press, from Graves, Lawrence fc Chambers I W il" ,mlnenie friends. Underwood, the emi­ nent and skillful operator on the Eye and Ear, whose reputation is so well known throughout the United St»te=, has consented to visit Ottutnwa, Iowa, on Thursday morn ing, February 7th, 1801, and may be eon suited at tli3 Carroll Houie, during that day 1 being a regularly educated tw The pjor dunce was rarely fortunate enough to remember the words of the text or even the chapter and verse whore they could b3 found but onj Sunday ha ran home iu hot haste and with asnrrk of satisfaction on his face informed his wife tint he could hard at soft water-, repeat every word wit'iout sing a sylla ble. The words were as follows: "An an gel cam:) down from heaven, and took a live coal from the altar." "Know every wind," replied tta bus* band. had g'.ad to it," «*tint»ed the wife. "They are nice wcrJs,' said her husband. I am glad your memory is improving but &tA lo auspeww, Wf dear, don't keep sii-i she. "Just get your big Bible, at.d will say the words, for I know tuem by hvart:— I said theui a hundred tunes on the way home." "Well, now, lets hear them," continued nha. "Ahem!" said the luubaiid, clearing put mm his threat. 'An Injun came down from -Vow Haven, and tonk a livu .It by th: tail and ked him out of the halter I" Market* and .Tloiicy. COURIER OFFICE, Jan. 29. I sleighing excellent. Small lots of hogs are ^5,23 net. Corn is beginning to come in pretty freely, sales at 13 to 15 eta. CTTIflWA PR It- E'Cl'lt ItEKT. FLOUl (irhoieaaie) „.. #2,lu Willi AT 6ma,t5 CO UN is SllHI,I.ED C0t* 80 CORN MEAL 80 OATS 12* RYE..!. ... 80 POTATOES 20 Sweet d» ,.wi....... .................. 50 81 A R...... t..^ a 8 COI1 FEB ...• »..«•••»»*.. Id 20 8AI.T. ..... .... «.•.«••.»•....•.•..•• #2,40 HIDES, dry........ 10 green .v..,.*,..,,,,, 4¥ COTTON YARN 22V NAILS 4.00 PINK LUMBER, common, 1260@.'2noo 44 ani Clu tiling, go to to K clear, 8 grades... 2&00(/ no SHINGLES »15®4 75 LATH, 4'to BUTTER l-'J-.Q,! 5 i Ann.,., »»••»••. lit TALLOW... ...... 9 BEESWAX............... SO EGGS 10 i»V@l 5 «.... 40 M* w 7tffcq C-K ..... 10© 12 ......... 1,00 85 ........ 8 12.'? CO CD c+ .1,20 S.'if^.lOO 2nfii40 2t(?fc25 ... .. r.ffiS! ... 1 10(7? 2 r.f. I O rh .... U^r.'o 1M-'0 .. 6 0d^loon |2(fi2,20 "...25 f',00 THE tilt FAT FEnil.i: RE HEDV. The functional irregularities p-culiar to the weaker sex, are invariably corrected without piitn or incon venience by the use cf Judson's Mountain Herb Pills. They are the safest and surest medicine for all the diseases incidental to females of ullages, and nio.fe especially to in this climate. Ladies who wish to enjoy health should always hare t'xese Pill*. "No one who ever una them once will at- wi'i'»ut tiiem. They remove ail ji- ry th5b:,J0'1 #eld at tliy tune and place named ill the call, in a beuuiiful and healthy woman. At certain peri- ^jf. W. Cald.veil presided, and J. M. Iledrilk p''* t,,e8e Pi 8 8r of the nn havu to sundry matters, which it W&S cmtPnrV'] i American Union. The people have decided apainst ... aiwiii-ea, il,em at the ballot l.os, and they refill lo submit to I In pilolIC had a right to know about. Tlns^ verdict unless their demands shall be complied KMANP* vra believe, Thi official proceeding of thi^ meeting have not been haided in for publication, in pl&cc of which wa are compelled to give the above statement. We believe it to be sub­ and !ve t0 ,heikln thal beautiful, clear and healthful look so greatly admired e* n one informal, and two formal. The highest! eystem'so healthy, and the blood so pure, that diseases number of vot 's cast, we believo, was 126 cannot enter the body. and the lowest 111. The partes voted fjr 'd°"i*r"°"''*^ were J. A. Mi'.ligan, A. Lotspiech. A. Roc ner, CHICAGOJTRIBUNE. Dctoted to News, Commerce. Politic*, Agri culture, Education, Literature, Art and Sci( nee. Prospcctus for 1M1. POLITICAL.—The eaK'e* linjJOSSIble I tneni to attend in thecvjninj', i'lent of th* I'nited States for four years from the 4th i in 1 it was a SI moved that the candidates, \i'e are enterinR upon a year that will be memor»ble be rftnnirp.l t,i (lofinn tliin.i,,!.™ i in the annals (if American politics. The iie-Haters ne requireu 10 ueilne thomsalveis in relation O imlespeiwable companion. i in. From on- to fnur should be taken each day, until relief oUaIn A fcw doMB( 0CCM 0nalIyi wII keep the U S n preat political campaign of 1S60 is closed. The battle has been fought and won, and the victory perch on the Republican banners. Aur\IIAM LINCOLN has been triumphantly elected Pres- .^dprtuken to break up the or TiiE KIKK E ATKHS—1st. That the Free L'nion, and set up a Southern Confederacy, re-open the African Slave Trade, and attempt to found a (Treat slaveholilinjf empire, by absorbing Mexico, Central America ami the Isl -iruls of the Gulf. Such is the pro gramme of the Disunionists. In this ciisis It behooves every sound patriot and friend of t),e Union and Constitution to stand by Lincoln's Administration as the old Democrats stood by Gen. Jackson w hen assailed by South Carolina nul lifiers. The free North must not e bullied nor flight ened by the arrogant oligarchy into a hase iurreiider of its dearest rights and most cherished principles. O TIIKH UESTIONS.—And there tire other important matters to come before the new Administration.— Amoi.L' these are Free Homesteads for ttie Landless Improvements ol Rivers and Harbors Constru tion I oftkoae CHEAP GINGHAMS— Fast Colors, of a Railroad to the Pacilic: Encouragement of the' Manufacturing and Farming industry of the country Retrenchment and Reform in the administration of Government a restoration, in short, of Ilie earlier and purer .lays of the Hopuhlle. •." -j-v« tioos, he Tiiiiirxr wi:i I.- f. u.,.1 ..n e:i: io -l c!,i :.i plon ol, the old.' i:c:. Ui-'li and I' r'.-.l i*m. ,- -Chicago istiie Empo­ rium of a large portion of }he North-west, and bjr rea son of hei iinmense system of Railroads and telegraph lines, she hns become a great new s centre and we are ifnlent that western readers can obtain their ear Most information of passing events from the columns BIWCXF, H"-* interests of the West, than papers pub- leM ,r ust,:r interests, sentiments and require- to CORHKSWNH**CE —Durinr the com!n)» winter on* of the editor* will correspond the Timti sii from Wash ington. giving full and graphic report* of the proceed ings of an exciting session of Congress. Another of the editors will attend at fpringfield J. M. McKIrO} D. Worthingion, J. M. Another or the editors will attend at fpringttetd pp i Irvin, J. Hayne, John Potter. Warden i keep the people fany p0»tedn what win be ion« l0U3(CC0S' i by the Illinois Legislature. Correspondents will be •h. P. Lewis, J. LOOUIH, A. Hawkins, B. A. ••mploye.l at the Capitols ot Iowa, Minnesota, Wiscon- eign lands, we derive our Intelligence from the mulii-1 exchange list and the letters of numerous H*KT».—The issue will appear a carefully prepared Agricultural article, ccntaininga large amount of fresh and valua i hie information pertaining to the farm and garden,— I interesting letters from Rural,and other Agricul- tural and Horticultural writers will be published. No western newspaper devotes so much space to reports o i i s o s i v e s o k OA Postage on the Chicago TKIIII LISCOLX NK is only half as much as on the New York or Exstcrn papers. TERMS OF THE WEEKLY TRIBUNE. Single Sutxcribera, In advance I 1.30 Four copies VU0 Ten copies 10.(10 Twenty copies (fnri one to getter up of club) 2U.UU TKax^or ii.y One year $7.00 —Six months 4.U0 Titans or THI-WKKKI v—One year 4.'K —Six months 2.U0 Money in Registered Letters may be tent at our riik. Address TRIBl'NE, Chicago, III. fg"Rnraback'a Compound Chemical Washing and Toilet Soap i* no humbug, but the best, most easily made, and tlie ciieapest of any now in use. This Soap, though recently patented, has already attained us invaluaMe. Whatever other othor patent in tions may be, this one is no humbug. The Ingredients of which this soap is compounded are perfectly harm less and so far from clothes being Injured by it.-, use, 1 believe live dollars a year will be saved in the usual wear arid tear which results f: om the use of other soap. The soap will eadily remove French polbli. Print er's Ink, lead paint, w heel grease, tar, Ac., from the IInest fabrics, without iiijuritig them in the least— ... things which no other soup, with which I aiu acipiaint- ,t, win do. The Toil.-i Soap is useful for shaving, w ashing hands, and ever,* thing else for which toilet soap is ... used. It is cheap, costiag only four cents per pound. I i The Cheapness with which the Wasliing Soap is manufactured i, with me, an important item. Fifty pouridt ran be made at a cost of only S'l4 cents, and as easily as you cau make a cup of coffee. The fact, too, that el 'thes can tie easily washed and washed clean,/', httrri .»///'( 'tr miter, WptC4"*1 is of great i n«ider- •tion tu mr. I would not be without a fauiilv right for four times its cost. W. W.J0HNS0N. FamUy Rlgh^f, formerly told fir |10, each, but now for $S, or |8 for Uie washing soap, and $2 for the toilet an be had at the Cftl'MiB Oflic*. GEt». E. ASPiNWALU Tr-""!r-y*W, 9 1IATS, -r COFFEES, Tatm-SR has achieved a high repu- tatiou as a Coiimercial paper,and In this department li possesses the confidence and enjoys the patronage of business men to a high degree. Its market reports embrace every article 'bat the farmer or dealer can expect to find quoted ill a newspaper, whether west err, eastern or foreign markets. The TKim xie also discusses very fully, in it* editorial and news columns, currency ipiestions. Railroad, Bank and State Stocks, agricultural products of America and Europe, and all othei topics connected with the material interests of our country. improved implements and mod-s of culture, and all other matters uf interest to the tillers of the soil. Ent rioN.—The cause of Education ill receive due attention iu our columns. And the Literary and Mi«cellaneous matter will be prepared with a view to making the paper a welcome family visitor, combia ing the agreeable and useful. IN short, the purpose of the publishers is, to ma' e the Chicago TKIUI DOUGLAS BBKCKIS'RIDOE ... tf. metro u: SUGARS. a\rnv. AMtn-rMTHR.—During the coming year we shall n'trfVT rt ITT? A 1*11"* DnH A TT pay particular attention to Farming matters, in each »V lAWLiCjij AJ-illi AIM I-* KL 1 AIL NK SO interesting and valuable that no well regulated west ern family can AMINO TO BK WITIIOI'T IT. Now is the time to renew subscriptions and make up clubs for the new year. A little effort in any neigh borhood will procure a list of names. People cau af ford to subscribe, as this is a vt-ar of abundance. CALL AX r.o 89 2 9 to SL o o ft 6 O k. CO ^3 55 O ELEPHANTS RAMPANT! X. J. DEVIN, Again East! NOVEMBEIi STOCK AI: State* shall pay for ail fugitives from labor who may esnjie. 2d. That all Srate laws a iinst kidnapping *l,*ll be repealed. Sd. Tliat Slavery shall be extended into all the Territories and protected by a Federal Slave Code. 4th. That the Slave trallic shall be re opened in the District of Columbia. 'th. That a law •hall be passed granting the rlfrht to slaveholders to tr.tvel and sojourn in the Free States, accompanied I by their slaves. i in case of non-compliance with these pro-siavery Opposite Haw!ey*s, Front Street, Ottuinwa. ii-riian s, the Eire-Eaters threateH to secede from the i in vi so AT DEVIN'S, Casli and. "Proflitta. BARGAINS! BARGAINS!! Heavy fciu-i. A NO. 1 I'iUNTS. DELAINES, CUALLI?, BER AG E8, DEBEOVS Alpaceas MERINOS, VALENTU Plaids, TRIMMINGS and NOTIONS of ererjr description CAPS, BOOTS, BELL RIBBONS, A!)MIx:STi: tmxembs. IRBIPRISSIBLS Wonders in the way of which isa/ie newspaper CLOTHS CASSIME RES, SATINETS, JEANS, CORIHT.OYS 5'L.» nels COTTONS See., rnv for the MILLI0X. GROCERIES, ,1'est Brand* and lowest Prices. A Cl LARGE STOCK—Beat and IliiO ia the Country. PRUNES, CURRENTS, SOIM, SOAPS, SPICES *c. HARDWARE- Selling and giving GOODS, Constantly arriving. Aug. ».-'60-22-l* y. r. DET1H. Oskaloosa Nurseries. ONE, A HALF MILE EAST OF TOWN —And the other— —ONE AND A HALF MILES NORTH. The undersigned having purchased Peever's Nur series east of town, and a portion of Zin.mermauY, North of this place, hold themselves iu readiness to fill orders and supply the trade oil liberal terms. We have some 0o varieties, and at least io.iHld trees suitable for transplanting the ensuing Fall. Ail these vai ieties are hardy and of the fruit-bearing kind Miit alile to this climate. We will also keep on hand.- a general supply of EVERG3EEX8, SHRUBBERY Et'. Etc., of all kind- suited to this climate. Trees from Tim TO FIVK YKAHS »i.i 21, 1^60 nnprccedented popularity. It is used a* readily In fllAKIX up by Samuel Austin at hit residence In a Ag ency City, Wapello county, Iowa, on (Tie Till. day of November, A. D. l*&),one Bay Mare, supposed Eitray Ovtober6th, ch-.'ill-oldl5-l I KB will be sold at FIFTEEN CENTS each, and purchasers can have the privilege of ma king their selection. PYLE A DUG DALE. Oskaloosa, June 12-15-y NEW orrmw \, WEYard time* a full assort ill en of Lumber, Lntli, aud Shingles, which we will sell ul the very lowest prices, for ("ash. Persons about bu ing or ordering bills of Lumber, would do well to call and aee for themselves before purchasing elsewhere. CAMPBELL See what your nelghber* aay of it: to be three years old past about l.* hand* high, with OTTCBWA, A00. 91, Md. i KM'I'KAY NOTICE* il B,l,r ,he G.E. ASIMSWAI.I ,— ttie left hind foot white nearly to the pattern joint. The family right to man- some cray h-.irs around the root of the tali, b'ack ufacture Roraback'e Compound Chemioal Washing' and Toilet Soap, which I obtained from you, 1 regard forehead, the right hip knocked down, mane and t^il—appraised at flfty-flve dollars, before Joseph Myers, Es(., Justice, Ac. SS-12-Sm JOSEPH HAYNE, Co. Cl*k. \oiicf, AK*V tTPHy fohn M. Purder. at hit residence In Pleasant townxhlp, Wapello county, Iowa, on the isth day of August, 1m50, two estrays of tl.e following description, to-wit: A hay mare, supposed to be thir teen years old, cap of right bin knocked down and scar on same. Also, a brown (illy three years old '.art spring, both hind feet white to the pasture joint, bin*# In the lace and scar on the right shoulder. The bay mare appraised ut$4a browu lillev at 4&">, before Joseph Myers, Esq., a Justice of the Pete* of sal 1 county JOSEPH IIAYNE. Sept. 2T, ISOO,-29-12 8m CountyClerk. NEW B00T& SHOE STORE. OlTosITi: CJklUiOU. Uul'sK, OTTINWA, IOWA. UE undersigned h*«j«tt received and open*) ont pq Tl...tleueral U Assortment of BOOTS A SHOES, which S B'l K A. D. CULVER, Adjoining Richard's three story IIrick, Front Street, Ottumwa. JCJST RECEIVED THE LARGEST ASSORTMENT OF OSTOYEB jtver brotiglit to Ottumwa. ji CITY TRADE: MY FRIENDS AND CUSTOMERS I WOI'LD s y, that with special reference t« their wants, I ha v» sujiplied myself with a stock of Parlor, liox and other Stoves and wares in my line, which for cheap ness mid H'l.ipt'itioii to the Ui'muiitls of the season, have never been equalled in tills ,n:rket. N. B. Do not fail to examine tuy store room and office Stoves before biiyirp. Fifty Tons old Iron wantjd. Also oil copper, brass, pewter, arid i«s, f,,r which 1 will pa in stores and tinware, the highest irket prices. Oct IS, 1S00—cli:J2-12 A. D. CULVER. THE ATLANTIC MONTHLY. COM.VEXCEXEXTOF lUKSEVESTl 101. UME Til*' P.ilili«!iers of Tit". ATLASTIC A STUWKSow Tti V* A 99 MONTHI.T have pleasure in nnnouticiuR thai the new volume, to com mence with the number for January, 1*01, will con tain lentures ot remarkable interest and attractive ness. Among these, may be named !*ev«»l""By Mrs. IIABUKT BKKCBMI author of I'nclt Tom's Cabin,11 and Tli# Mini*t»-r's Wooing. INi'tv ^"ov»»l»»Ry CniRi.r- Rtin, author rf Chri.-tie Johnstorie," Pejf Woflington," etc. New S(orie»»ii,r Miss HARRIKT I'KSSCOTT, thor of The Amber Gods," and fir Rohan's Ghost.' A Srw HOIMHIICI—«lly the author of'Ch-rlcs i Auchester," aud "Counterparts." Also, Contribntitna in Prose and Poetry, by Henry M". I.vjf tlnt, Kmtuinifl 1 I trf' rif. Oliver Wtii'1,11 Holm**. I Jiimi"i ItnnxfU /.oirtI./. litilph Withlr, Emer*vn. i John 1w. PiT 1 Hlchtinl If. Kimhnll. Vforije S. /fiUard. Tlo** Tf ItfT. //•. Krlltiir*. Mr*. Fanny Krm I 'Auric A", H'hittier. \ortoti. Vihfhroit Sitrgent. T. W. Higgimton. J. T. Trowbridge, tyo nJ Jiii/lor. E'hcitt /'. Whijtple. Jfrnr (Hit*. and other disiinguishedirriten. I TERMS: TftRrit Ii»r.ttitn M?u A*srv, nr T*!nrT riVKCKNTSA NI MRFR. Upon the receipt of the sufe scription price, the publisliers n ill mail the work to any part of the United Slates, pre-paid. Subscription* may be^in with either the ttrst, or any subsequent number. The postage of the ATL.'.BTIC is 86 cents year, if prepaid. The pa/es of the ATLANTIC are stereotyped, and back numbers n lie supp'ied. CLl'HItlNU A Rlt .• NU EM ENTS.—Subscribers to pay their own postage. Two copies for Five Dollars Eire copies for Ten Dollars Eleven copies fur Twenty Dollars. Booksellers and Newsmen will obtain the terms bjr the hund.ed, etc., upon application to the Publisher*. TICKNOR A FIELDS, 1S5 Washington St., Boaton. RE MT GOODS! SKW GOODS I Jofct received from th. East at J. A. SGHW0HTTS GROCERY AXJ P1SOVISI«\ v:\5IIIi Front (tract, Opposite the Ottamwa Hnuse. A i N s i i o Gwies and Confectioneries, Frai:«*& Obeying ?»nl Smoking Tobaccos. Cigars, AND REAL. IIAVAXA TOBACCO, AT WHOI.KSAl.E ci- HKTAIL. Qtieenfuciire, Boot# Mad Shoe*, Alt of which will be sold for Cash at the very Lowest Maikct P»*ice, Or t3Khaugtl for Country Product. WAWTF.D—HIDXfl, SUMMER ARRANGEMENTS /fy.V-t r^y^ty r^n.-v sri: Also a di 1 thovwt Stage Office, corner Market k Front Streets. Ottumwa, July 9th, 135V. A. C. PARKS, Ag't. CLAIM AGENCY A^D General Intelligence Offica. \VASIII\ OTTUMWA. Male and Female Seminary. Rtv. LUMBER yard" IOWA. have locaied a branch of our Burlington at, where w ill be found at all J. M. McEI.RoY, A M., Principal. Mix* M.C. IIALLOWAY, I Mi.-3 M. E WILSON, I 9. A Mar. la, 1SC0—1 12-y 1 u Jj A11 1{ 1 K M? FOR CASH. LAWRENCE S CHAMBERS Opposite the Ottumwa House. Onn PtitCES Fancy PrinU at 10 ce*U pff fWd, Mil ing all orer town at l*ji. 800 pSST THE TTVAV non rmi.jg a Daiiy i'our Line of Post aches, from Otiumwato Bentcnsport, passing through Drakesville. Bloomfleld, Troy, Strlo^town and keo«au|ua, making sure connections with the Car» for KeoUuk. y line of Hacks from Ottumwa to Centre- viiie, connecting with a tri-weeUly line frum there to Corydon, Leon, Decatur City, Mt. Ayr. Plattsville, Clarinda, and through to Nehra ka City making qnicktime aud sure connec/ious at all points along said lines. fW Passenprers for Western Iowa, and Northern Missouri, will find it to tlielr interest to take this route. TO* CITV, D. C. fflHE u ndersign-'d would 1 vices to the public the .spectfully offer hisser and aa'e of WICSTKHN LAMPS,STOCKS,1 BUNHSpurcht and MOKTAOKS p-o ourement ofBot sir LAXPS ANI L\XII I'VTKNTS, Pass ports to foreign countries, Pensions, Land Patents which have upon the discontinuance of th various local land offices in the Western States been returned to the General Land Office in Washington City. Pat ents Secured tor invention". Caveats tiled, anil all bu siness before the Patent office atnndedto. Infict, will prosecute nil kinds of Claims before the Executive Departments ofthe Government, the Court of Clal us, and Congress. Per-oms wishing hualnes* transacted, Information or advice by letter, will please enclose a fee in order to Insure a reply. C. P. Cl'LVER. Ren:it TO—Rev. P. D. Hurler, AMlst»Bts- Mas. LI/Z1F WOODWARD, Drawing RKV. 11. WORCESTER, Oil Painting. "T^J"0 effort will lie spared to render this Institution .i.^1 worthy the continued confidence of the friends of educallou. Tuition, per term McCLUHE. of ten weelsfrom $Jlto tion write for a circular, or apply to penon. MRS. Site intends krepingou h.ud a Corsets, for ladies. Oct M—M-12-la-ii-l* Jan. 4th,'61 —41 l?-3tn ODKLI. offers to the tiading public at liriny prices, at Wholesale or Retail October IS, '($0 —12-S2-tf PQINTI\'« vmeAn 'to supply of Furs American PRINTS, all styles and OK Piecits Heavy Canton Flan Ml* at tSjf MB) regular price 14 cents. lOOSEWfMS: nti. tXOLUU MRBINOCa AND ALP A CCA S. Faacf Waet I'IUI IB for liil(lr«*n. hi lies, lu,.j Dra* io»h. Uamiltoa awl htUk 0 Lata*, IMiegts, A-. Ladies Wool Hoods, Shawls, AND COMFORTS, STOttf 0# FLANNELS, SATINET TS. GASStMERES AND TWEEDS Art BMcb lar|er Una *t ifiMibnHl be'orc. 800 Um. COTTON BATTING. 16 eases Men and Boys Boots Lmtet than thy tan bs bought el*etchere. S3 Dap RXO COFFEE* 41 lib:ft SVUKLIS. 5:) keps WAILS. \XDYt TOBAVCO, RA/SIXS. SANKmg, for which will be paid the very highest market price in Caah. Call *-.d examine goods aud prices, in Daca'a brick opposite the Ottumwa House, Front-st. V'.IP, CA5IDLKS, STARCH, f'OTTCl* VAU At Wlioli'snlc. LAWRENCE & CHAMBERS, OHMN,Oct.fa, -AND- COJ.l.ECTION OFFICE, OF COWARD A. TEfll'LE & CO, OTTCVWA, IOWA. I Di:ilM«iXKI» AVR rtice from Chariton, i-.ioved tiieir Exchange Iowa, to this point, and are prepared to transact any business pert .ining to Banking, Exchange or Collec tions, which may he entrusted to us, feeling contident that our past practical experience often years in Southern Iowa, w ill enable us to lendertatisfactiou to our patrons. We sell Sllili DltAlTS OX \EW YORK, and other eastern points, in sums to suit purchaser! and c:. n also furnish Exchange on ENGLAND, IRELAND AND SCOTLAND, AND ON C'-MIMANY, FRANCE. SWEDEN, DENMARK, AND ALL OTHER COUNTRIES OF KUlioPK, atwell as collect money,inheritance*, and every oth er claim in foieign counties. We receive Deposits and issue Certificates which bearii.tcrest only l.v special agreement. COI.I.liC'l'tt»!NSi. madepavable at ouroSSce, will lie remitted for. at current rates of Exchange and those maturing at other points, w ill b* collected and remitted, less exchange and expense of collection.— We willilso pay attention to securing and collecting doubtful debts. Parties h.dding Uucurrent Money, Din ft s. Cer­ tificates of Ieposifc,or Bi!» of Excliauge, Payalie AT SIGHT Oil ON TIME, In any plac«,«an have them Cashed by calling at car office. IA\ES. —We h*ve corretpondents in nearly every county in Southern Iowa, andean pay taxes for non-residents and others, for a reasonable con mission. Money for taxes always required in advance and all orders shnuld be sent us hy 1st of January. LAND W A lilt ANTS. We wiii at all tini 's pay cash for Land Warrants, and will also attend to the location of them, or the entry with rarh, of Government lands, in IOWA, KA\SAS OK MIBKASK.i. We have ample asrangemcnt. for he selection uf de sirable lands in the Territories, for ii.'iii iduals orfor Colonies. I.A\D D. s D., Wahiug'nn city, I). C. Hon. A. B. Greenwood, Com. Indian Af fairs, do Hon. S. A. Dougla I". S S., Chicago, 111. Hon. (i. E. Pugli, IT. S. S., Cincinnati, Ohio C"i. G. W. Anderson, Louisville, Ky. Col. Porter Cuion, Jaiiesville, Wis Hon. A. Wright, Ex-M. C.. Rome, Ga. Hon. A. II. Stephens, Et-M. C.. Crawfordvlllt, G*. Gov. Ford, (Ex-Lieut. Gov.) Mansfield, Ohio Mr. J. W. Norris, Ed. Courier, Ottumwa, Iowa. '.-lVf can furnish emigrants and others with first rate Farias, it the central counties of this State, or wi*h unimproved land In this and the south ern tier of counties, fir Cash. They can be had a* "cheap as dirt." TOW I.O I g. We hive over two hundred lots in Charlton, Osceola, Aftonand Mount A.vr,towngoodcounty October I, 1659-irio—4w. fiS.accurd- Iqx to the branches studied. The n'Kt Term com­ mences Tuesday, Oct. 2nd, 1»W. For further Informa­ the Principal iu [Sept. 27-29-12-iy. niLLHERY, HILLlMiilY! ft Din the Ejst took of Millinery Goad. consisting of Ribbons, Flowers, Fca'hcra, Head Dresses, aini Velvet Ribbons also Dark Straw Bonnets in variety Silk and Velvet Bonnets, and a variety of other things too tedious to mention, for all of which she expects to find a demand, us her selec tion was made in refe'ence to the increasing popuia tion and Improvement* in the taste of tli« ladies of Ottumwa a id neighboring towns. 11 a vim the I alt-si styles for dresses a ltd cloaks, Mra. P. intends to suit all who may favor her with a call. PARCEL!, has just returiu with a large and well selected and KflTKAY lOTICB. TAKEX up iiy John Reed at bis restitence iu Com petiiie Township, Wapello county Iowa, on thu loth dav ul December, lMi.1, two estra^s, one a Black i mare Colt, suppised to be two years old last spring, and entirely black, no other marks or brands p" ccivabie. The ol her a Sorrel horse foil, suppos e«l to be two years old last spring, blue In the forehead, some white on left fore loot, and right bin I foot, with a running sure on the left shoulder. The mare valued at $'ift, and the horse at #12. before Jo«eph Myers, a Justice of the Peace. JOSEPH IIAVXE, Cl'k. all Town*, three of»liicb are on the line of the Burlington Missouri R. R. It. To parties -siring resilience or business lots, in any uf these points, we will givegood bargains. Parties at a distance, desiring information as'oth* property offered, are requested to correspond with US. Aliothers willplease call at our office, on Market St. two doors irom Front St., Ottuinwa, Iowa. r.DW'U A. TLMPI.E A CO. NOTICE. Notice 1* hereby given, that Smith A Neelv of Eddy yille, in the county of Wapelio, Sl.ite of Iowa, have as signed to ,lie all there property, real and personal, for thepa.vtnent «rtheir debts mil their creditors isu-t pre sent their claims, under oath or affirmation. to me. at my oflice. it, the e'ty of E Idj vilie, county of Wapello, Stale of Iow a, witliin three mo'itTis froiu the date he.e- of Dated this d«iv uf October, 1«8'» N0.31-12-6-W. R. W. BOYD, Assignee. Opera EATING HOUSE. SI IIP A IE BO.. Proprietors. Front Street, tirst door E.stof Puntroy's Dnig Store, OTl'l .nw.%, IOWA. MBVLS served at all hours. FRESHO Y8TEHS In the Shell or Can, served in all styles. Pni tie parlies supplied with refreshments »r Sap­ person short notice. Janunry i#,"60. [Noy. 1\ '00 tf CITV PRftPEKTV CO It KALI'. Aof Private resilience on Second St root, near corner Msrlon, for *al«at a baigaiu, aud partly on time. Pos«ession (lr«n lataaediatyly. Enquire at this office of J. W. NORttia. I'.STII A V MITlCli. TAKEN up by O. A. McDowell, on theMtb day of, I•*•» •, at his residence in K«»kuk Tp. Wapello county, low a. One U bite Cow with a roan neck and red ears. Marked with two swallow forks in the right ear, and two splits and a bole In the left ear. tUpi rOI.OR$|M»tlyn(«M at the COfRtEk OrriCE* ovs. to be four years old last Spriug, tppfaiaod at 5'i, before L. Z. Rape. Esq. JOSEPH HAYNE, Cl'k. I Ottuwvt, Dee. lth, "4i—ti 12 4iu mrnmmm NEW STOC K OF FALL AND WINTER B00DS, DIRECT FROM THE EAST. C. C. "Warden, Is receiving and NOW OPENING a large and fashionable stefk of Y O O S AK» Net ion*, Cloths & Caasi merits, Hats, Caps, Boots and Shoes, And a complete a'*ortmeiit of everything o DMiet lh» MAIIIM tICKS, fHIRTlNOS, STRIPES, CORDUROYS, ,TK A A'.S*, DEXX/X* J) KILLS, •LEACHED A 01IJI(« 3U KLI.1!t. i & e a a i I N S Of every YarLtj. Shjh •i,uf Quality PORF.IGX AND DOMKSTIC G1X-HAMS Besides a great variety of ^'•©ss C!'03Uts I I I E N W O E N V N I I 1 1 I I 1 I v Which could not be enumei aleil in an advertisement like this. The only way to ajipreciate the extent, variety, and che.ipnei-s of his stock w ill be to call aud I ok throu jh for yoiirselvea. I am also receiving a well selected stock of FAMILY GROCERIES such as Tea. Coffee, Surar, Rice, Dried l'iui:,Suda, Tobacco, Viue .ir. Soap, Ac. I If AII fJ n\ I rt' CUTL Eli Y. i Gla* and iNails, til Vra tn-ilerial anl lift»i!«e fnr»ii«liins gooil.*. A nd has an entire ?l«rk complete in r'ervthin^ that «voull rompn» a slock for'.lie times and for tlii.* vicinity, al'| of wliirh he is niivioun to ili^tios** of fur tne i ,r»a'U piv. nr In approved customer*. All! jklii'lf of Country pro.i'iee tnkn in pay fur' Goo.l. He solicils ati enRiniiaiior» of e«od? anil prir»*« a»iil ill tiike p1e:iMire in showing i you through whether yon l»iv «r not. I CARRIAGE HIE Ttention Thn C. (J. WARDEN. O U W A amine my stock. |35~ op airing prompt I attended to. A. nAi.swn Ottumwa. Mar. lal.lSM-flT-ljr 1 OGDEN & COPP, S'!' • to Meiidenhall V- lif r. ni, Forwarding and Commission SSS MERCHANTS A NO reneral Freight Agents, SEARTI1E RAILROAD DEPOT, OTTL'MWA IOWA. ,..'^: cXCHA^GE, Liberal Cash adraatea aud« «a Produce Iter rtreet bridge, Uicago. ii-at tr City neat Market. Frunt St. '2 doors east Carroll Il^use. OTTUMWA, IOWA. nir subscriber, gratefbl 'icthat his market. o|c:i- tt--. early five years ago, is- i', io full blast, witl. increased facilities to furnish seasonable meats of all kinks at all reasonable the low est living rates. Tallow, L'tr I, Tcnn* Sausages, and every­ thing usually kep' in a City Market for sale. The highest uiarUt priceln cash paid for Fat Stock \ll, l-jfti at Wholesale and Retail. liivahKkiy Cath. tWl liosehaviug unsettled accounts.or notes due, will please call and pay up. J. W. BROWN. Ottumwa, Feb. hllli.ISM.—t PLOU r. \KI.\C. 11 Esulncr.oer respect fully informs hisfr lends and the pwl lie gener-lt.v. th,«t lie manufactures all: I kinds of plows, and is prepared to supply the Farmers i ofWapello Co. withan articleunsurpassedlumaterial! and workmanship. I Blacksmithing in all its various hranches, horse-: •hoeing,ox-shoeing, and jobbing of all kinds, i C0^"Kemeuiber the place, the Lower Steam Mill.! I AARON MYERB. I Ottumwa.Feb. 1 ltL.lS."S-nIW-v I INSriJAWK. NEW ENGLAND Olf New York. VMb Capital, §1,000,000! Asseits, 1st Jannary, isao, ..... Liabilities, 44 A F. VILLVARTH, Vice President^ J. MUM* Sam., Secretary. THIS 1 MAIIIW yiiu Aiii INSURANCE COMPANY j**\ HARTFORD C8ARTERE0 CAPITALS 50.0.000. i .CASn CAPITAL, $200,000. tl l:u'i e Surphis. gm/jwi.ttts. xmv.vrm. \\:r«a. or Policies issued on as favorable terms as by any other solvent Company. A. A. STUART. Agt., For Ottumwa and vi SPECIAL NOTICE! UnnriVSI'D a v^w^jr.^nn a wtmrt ««*«»•. »houbl be consigned to HO.TIEI^ISI KAL€E( 0!V£*AiV¥! DWELLINGS and FARM PROPERTY In sured for periods of THREE or FIVE Jtenw at fair rates. Ltntseti *juitablg 4niJtt4M and prontptiy pai4! Applications reeelred and policies issued without delay. EDMUND L. JOY. March 29-S-12-ly. Agent. BIETFIMUTHKF. INSIIUMITOIIUP.WY, 111' II \l I'KOKD. CONN. INCOUl'OUAlLl), A. 0. 18 10. CHARTER PERPETUAL. the last fifty years, l'"" UAILIiOADS. I 1 jj M" a Biiriiiii,'(«a & ?li.M.nri IS. It. K. ClIAXCiE OF TI9IEi Off ARn APTKR NOV. 2S, and unti I IWHItM ao tice is civen, l'as&enger Trains will ieav« arrive as follow s GOING WEST •TATIOSS. of individual* or families in hi- hne of tra !e comiiri^ins in p^rt follow*: scroMMOoaTtoa. IIPMH, V.I ra,leave, a m,liei v,r 5 11.04 8 14 11.47 8.44 12.US pm 4*1 11.41 fc.t'T 1 f89 l.»» 61« ".«0 7.80 Ml S."4 !.:»' arrlyi". t.10 arrive Burlinpicr, Midiiletown, Danville, New Loudon, Ml. Pka&aat, Ch'CHiiqua, Glentlaie, Fairfield, Whitfield, Batavin, Agency Citv, Ottumwa, GOING EAST STITIOSP. SfCOMMODAYIOk ixnsrl, Ottuinwa, 4.40 a. m. leave 11. On a. m. Agency C'hy, 6 II 1e» Batavia, 5.4-3 It'.48 Whil field. 6.1 ft 11.0T Fairfield, S.X5 11.24 Glonrtale, 7.fl'3 11 AO Cliect,uf,na. ii.CS 12.1&B ai. Mt. Pleasant, K.ftt) 12.41 New London, V.H» I-f'J Danville. I'.M 1 27 Mlddlrtown, l'l.l« 1.8# Barlingtoli, U.'K arrive. 2.1't a.-rir Nov. 'J'J 'CO.nSS J. O. HEAD. •ice Pres't and Sup't. Chicago, Buriinglon & Qumcy. DEPARTURES: tut llornitu l'iis»i'i:pi'i ICH\V.I r.ur. 7 ill.a N Accommodation do tin do 2.46p.a 3(1 Ev('ii ur !o do do Merchants by taking llil* route w ill have the benefit of all the eai-tern mai l, us at uo a'Mit'xnal cost. Baggage checked ihroujrh. Trai:i le^vethe depot, corner Madi.on and Canal stree'«, west side, twite dally on rrrivnl of tralM fiom the west. connecting at Crestline with Cleveland ami Lake Shore Knilrnad to Dunkirk, Buffalo, Ni agara Falls, New York and Boston, and all tb« interior towns o" Nov.' Ei iriand via New York Contral and New York A Erie liailroxd*. Also South to Columbus, Zar.i villc, Newark, Mt. Vernon, St. ubrnvill., Wlaeunjj, and interior tows of Ohio aud Virginia. The above trains connect at Forest with train? ol» Mad River Road to Springfield, Lrbana, Dayton and Cinci: Also, with tiuii.s at Liiru for Dayton aa& Cincinnati, direct. FARE AS LOW AS BY ANY OTHER ROCTK Passengers bound east will And this route feotft. pleasant ai. ngreeabie. passing throng man of tbr largest anil finest citit-3 in th^ I'niird states. Passenger* arriving in Chicago on any of the roada will find HI FACTO IIY! olioit the m- IIE undeisljn would respectuily ofthe public to the facilities which he now possess for manufacturing CARRIAGES A WAG ONP, of e"er,v description, after the most improved styles, as good as can be olit ai ned East, and upon sat isfact liMive cheek Bg'-nls at the depots to re® eeive checx- and convey baggage tree ofchaige totii* Pittsburg and hlee.pu care. Sleeping car# accompany each train. Tickets for sale at all the principal Ticket Office*In ry terms. i the West, and at the Company's Ofiice, cor*ier ol Ran ewshlng to purchase willpleaae eall aiM dolph and D^nrborn stieets. opposite the Revera House, or at the Depot, west side, corner of Canal and i Van Euren streets, Chicago. Be particular to ask for ticket* Iv Fort Wavne. B. F. PATRICK, Ticket Agent. Freight of all kinds wl!l be carried from Chicago tt, all points East at all timet, at as low rntts a*any oth er Railroad route. TO MERCHANTS AND SHIPPES. rat and Chie»ro nd angenierl witb the I'euntyl the ti-i.|.. ortation or Through Freight, property can r.nw li'.]ped by Utia liue between Chicago, Philadelphia, Baltimore. SfS York and Bos on, with promptn^sd and dcfj'fttch Contracts cau be made at the foiiuwing placets No. 2 Astor Mouse, New York. No. 1 S. Wiliiaiu St., do No. S Battery place, do No. TT Washington St., Boston. No. K Itock rt.. Philadelphia. Depot, North street, Baltimore. Depot, diaries street, West Eidc.aaar Van Mark packages vin P., Ft. Wayne 3L C. Chicago, Mar. 18, Im'O. New Yofk Central, Greai Western, Aou connecting Uoacis to ana from IOWA, AND ALL TIIE WEST. The Roads forming this old and reliable route I the Seaboard and the West, have organic. FAST FREIGHT Chicago, orNiREAT #!,i:.S,o!)fi 28. 42,.%»0 48. CHARLE8J MAfTIN, Piesideut, well known and reliable fwttpviy having established an Agency at Ottumwa, for Wapello county an 1 vicinity, are prepared to insure Dvvi'llin^s, Stores, nd other lbiildinpcc, MERCH ANDIZE in.l Fl'RITCRE, against rtqe by FIRE, on terms as fivorable as the nature of Tr the risks, and the real security of the insured, and of the eotr.puiiy will warrau*. This eompany is managed by live, busines men, most of who.o are known to the Merchants and Tra ders of this coiiiuiuuity, and whose names are a guar as'v tlo. its busiue^s will be conducted luirlv and 4»Ilor .t.l\ (WOAFT. rtmctriTa,... rtriTit, r»tn tx Hraei.i s, ovua Stivt,ii00. The reputation acquired by this Company ditilng by an honorable ompo-ting its Assets, entitle the Com­ if T.M|JB ARRIVALS: 1 i»t tlorii'sr l*ttMrus:ei arrives atBur. T.lfta.m. .4rcoiM«Cti do do to f.ltf'p.m 3d rvcn'c '1° do 7.13 p.m To- almve tri-in* makr close ecnncctior'« !th tl B. A M. It. R. at '^irllnffton, and with all the great ea^'-rn thoroughfare at Chicajjo. 1. REMICK. lien'I A|r't (!.. B. A Q.I.K J. R#. W1T1/R0W, PuMenfrcr Ag.-nt, Ottumwa. PITT«nifr. FORT CHICAGO RAILROAD V'AYRE AUrli. Now completed, and cars run from Chicago to Ma bury without change, connecting with th^ GREAT PENNSYLVANIA CENTRAL RAILROAD To New York, Ph'ladiIphia, Baltimore and Wa.-hing ton City, and all the interior towns of Penns.»t vat ia, New J-rsy, New York, Maryland, Ac. S. R. For further information apple to JAS. W. MI SSON, Freight Ag't Chljl J. J. IIorSTON, Gen'l Freight .".geLt Chicago. EXFIICM, PAS&KSOES BOITE. -VIA- LUIS! Giving perfect r. liability and greatly increased dispatch to Freight—the trains lorming the Line, East ar.d West, run with the same regularity, making at sure connection at the terminus ot each Boad at Through Passenger Traint. CLOSE coxxEcrroxs MADE— With Express Freight Trains on all roads diverging from Chicago, and Western Shippers can rely upon hiring their goods I ecelve utmost despatch. During the Season of Xacigatum, the #¥w A Marine risk on mott kinds of merchandise shipped via Steam or S til Vessels, amounts in many cases to More than the difference between rail or water rates of freight, beside* the difference of time, as will be seen by the following comparative statement of insurance saved by seuding goods all the way b* rail road: Yaluepor Am'tlns.aav. 100 Iba. |)'. luu lbs, at *4 per ct. pre. Dry good (gn'l ast'm't) $84.00 0*Bt». I Books and Stationery (com'n) 72.00 fie 11'1 stock groceries (except I Sugars and coffees,! 26.0# IS i Boots A Shoes (av'ge val.l 74.00 tA Bruggi»u'at i ocers'cit v as'tm't44.(Hl 88 flats, caps A furs (g. nl as'tm't) SS.00 65 flat dw are (shelfg odt gen'lj 88.00 tT Reclamation!, I'^ o.iiptty and EairijAdjusted. Mark Package*, "Fasl Exgress Line, riafl. W. B." TV \PW VOivl^ Deliver goods at Hod vynxv^ Sl(|| iver Kaiiroadpas- scnger Depot. .'ir. n st., crat Cimalst. Depot. cfnitv. TV Rf^)'S 0\* Deliver goods at Boston and l_i 1 Worcester Railroad Depot, i a»id murk as above. Eastward bound fpeight of every d*«cription w ill be i'fcrwarded at lowest current rate#, and iffrom Western U pany to the utmost confidence of the public, as afford- aud' tail, left hind loot while, aud the other hind foek ing reliable Insurance against loss or damace by Ere.' striped. Said mare appraised to K. II. STJLES. Agent, dollar* before A. A. Douglas, Esq. Nor. 24, lWi-»OT-ll-y Otton w a,I«wa. Uec S^th.lSfip IS 1C Sm JfSEPH HAT N'E, Cl'k. RAILWAY,NGFOBP.Detroit."l.i.lAW ESTI.RN For the transportation of Live Stock to Buffalo, AI tsnny, New York an 1 Bo-tnn this route is uiiquallc fcr speed, stock cars. Sleeping cars for Drovers, and jafaciotis and oonvenleti. yards for stock, making it a Most desirable route for Shippers. Through bills of Lading given, and Reclamations paid, at any of the c- mpaiiy's offices. C.J. RRYDGES. Mima^iug Director G. W. R., Ham ilton. Jl 1.11 S MOVIO, Oenl Agt. Buffalo. TUOO. HELL, Gent Fr't Agl, Hau.ilton. W. J. SP1CER, Ajft. Detroit. E. i'. HEAt'H. Agt 2TU Broadway, N. Y. 0. KIMBALL, Agt "I Slate St., Boston A. WAI.I.IMiKJHD, W'estere Ag't., Cor. Lake and DearlKru 9ts.,opp. Trctuont House March Uf, 1W. CHICAGO K*fli*i.oi':»u:.\T. ^•^IIE CNl.'kItMiiNEl .tie iiesi,ou» of securlmtllM I services of a few Yoang Men to eugage Is a llitig Agency, upon a salary of FOR TV VOL I. A /:.• PFi: V0XTH, and all expenses paid. This is an opportunity seldom offered, and to thoe» who merit the approbation of the Subscribers, by strict attention to business, ran ri U ujon constant emploi ment for a term ol years. For farther particulars address CONANT A DRAKE. 81 Main St., Atkinson Depot, N. II. Xov. S9, *ao-S§*?2 out rikTHAY'JiCTirr, Take* up by Jefferson Travis, »t hl«l Mighl md Township, Wapei'o County low«. Oil th« 1st, day of December, l^lkl, one i!vy Mare ol" (he fol K.x i••£ !.-si i iption to wit One i.v .re suppnse.1 |«i be live yeats old, bl-ick mane ntid tail. Mack feet, i white spot iu the forehead, no other marks or brands rneroeiv able, and appraised to be worth thirty-live dollars before J. C. Whipple, a Justice of ife Peace of sai.l County. JOtfkuPii UAYNK.Clerk, By W. Ooldsmlth, Deputy. no-41 In. mn \Y TirCTicr. V K K N i v E i s i a o o e i v i n i n K e o k n k ivusli'p, Vi course in the transaction of its us in ess, and the pro.opt and liberal settlement of Losses, together w ith the character of uri'ies ipello Coumt, Iowa, on the *tl» !ay of Liyceraber, lrto, one Sor.-»l Mare ef the follow ing description, to wit: One sorrel mare about three years old next spring,sta" in the fnce, and a while tripe from her nostril up to near her eye, sorrel mars be worth fotty-ftve

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