Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier, February 6, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier dated February 6, 1861 Page 2
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flff Cbt (Dttiuntoa (Courier. THE OFFICIAL CITY PAPER. JTw. NOItKl*. Editor. OTTUMWA, IOWA, Feb. 6, 1861. ITIootlne off the Dcinorrarjr ie Peinoc'.-ixts of thi county lnve called ft Mass Meeting at this phco, next Saturday. 1(1 o'clock. They invite, in addition to such I work irith ft*.'" Whoever these conservative men may be, Republicans we presume are r.ot the men intended, more especially as a wttrrance to our condemnation of the traitor Wis designs of some of the Republican Gov ernors of the Northern States but, more particularly tha! of our own Governor, (meaning Gov. Kirkwood,) in making the attempt at this time, to organize the militia. Now we should be glad to regard this meeting as designed to bring about a better state of feeling in the country, and to prc eerve the Constitution aud the Union the spirit and motive indicated by the call, leads us to the conclusion that conciliation Mid compromie are the very last objects sought to bs attuned. This is no time any how, for party meetings. Party spirit must What Gov. Kirkwood has done calling for •fecial action if the Wapello Democracy, #e cannot imagine, and must wait Obtil the forthcoming meeting enlightenes W. If accepting the services of certain Inde ffendent Military companies, voluntarily Undered, the Ottumwa City Guards, Capt. C. C. Cloutman being one, is what is meant, (and we know of nothing else,) then we understand it, and the Hon. Chairman of the Democratic Central Committee should include the said voluotccr companies in his censures. For our part we honor the Guards, and all other Military Companies of the State,for tendering their services, in case the State The First thins to be Done. It frtll be well for those who are clamor ous for some compromise to placate the South, to ask themselves whether there is any as surance that the seceded States will accept there is no assurance thnt they would not things were fixed up again, however nicely. «i.» SKN. SEN. tp would be included in the call, "all other Kirkwood, in relation to the condition of the conservative men, who are willing to act, and country. It is characterized by all that l»e allayed, and fraternal feelings between ^rri Caldwell, W. J. ss, all the parties in the country re-established, S- Bonnifield, J. W. Hadrick and John before am'thing effectual can be done in the Devin. way of settling ..ur present difficulties. No! At a meeting of the committee subsequent man in the present state of things, who re read and truly toves his country, and de •jres the perpetuity of its in-ti Jul ions, will Indulge in any crimination or re-crimination (Oftlculated to keep up partizan feeling and tip imosity, and prevent a cordial union for tfee sake of preserving the Union. i should be called upon in a legal manner to i e assist in suppressing insurrection and in any concession. Tt would be somewhat PeoP^e Kansas, w e take the liberty of ap mortyfying, even to the most acrommoda-1 Pea^'nS would be the result. Who is authorized to| ting and shaking northern men, after hum- i Late letters and circulars from former resi blincr themselves to the South, to be spurned with contempt. It is quite certain that such I *ible speak for them, and what guarantees can be -Atchison or even at all The first thing to be done is to ascertain whether we have a government or whether we are only a Mexican anarchy,, becnuse if the fire-caters are right about (his a -o appears iat most o lem are very r.t every Ward I. the of Pl.ilaJelphia, and cal panic and al o lo *end nurses, medi- until a settlement of the present difficulties and in case of actual collision between the contending parties still to furnish relief to the most unfortunate sufLrers, as it has for- merly done during the prevalence of Cholera and Yello.v Fever in the South. Charity is twice blessed: it blesseth him that gives, and him that takes." The North cannot fail to be benefited by this movement, if energetic-: any pursued, and tne South cannot resist sources and extended influence, has entered Railroads, stand ready to carry Grain and! upon a plan of saving the Union, which, it JJreadstufTs at very low rates. Our Express strikes u«, is a most admirable and one. It proposes to organize Committees in auch appeals to its magnanimity. In caae ^J.g jn of civil war-which we do not for one mo- ment consider poss.ble-we may cxpect to see another Florence NightingaK-come forth I from the ranks of the noble-hearted women of the North, to hrave the terrors of the camp on her errand of mercy. While such weapons as these are employed by the! opposing political factions, the American' Union can never be dissolved. DAILY LINE OF PACKETS.—It wW be by notice of Capt. A. Hine, elsewhere, that the Steamers Clara Hine, Ad. Hine and Desj Moines City, will run during the season of] navigation, as a regular line of Packets be tween Ottumwa and Des Moines, in connec tion with the Railroads. There can be little doubt but that we shall have aeveral months of navigation this season. ALBANT, Feb. 4.—Ex-Gov. Hora'iu Seymour was to-day nominated by the d- mocraU, for U. S, jfyptyor to Mr. Seward, U I AN'S SpKi'rii.-— Wo coninionce read by the people of Iowa with more inter est than pei haps anything else at this time, from the fact that we k now him to be hon est and faiihful to the Constitution, We bespeak a careful perusal of this able speech. (TRIMES' wet.|t a clearness of view, common sense so parity for which our distinguished Senator is remarka ble. The peoplo of Iowa will stand by their prominent object of the meeting IN to gi\e patriotic and faithful representatives, in their ... i and Union of the country. aid ly held, C. C. Warden was appointed chair- man and M. S. Bonnifield, Secretary. To tbc People of Wapello Co. 1 Sen. Harlan's Speech in this issue, and shall WASHINGTON, Jan. 28,1861. complete it next week. The views of Mr. I Mr DLAB SIB :—Your esteemed favor of Ilarlan, ns expressed in the speech, will be the 17th Inst. ha« reached me. LETTER.—We publish this k.(Ut from Sen. Grimes to Gov. to the destitute in'Kansas. meeting was organized by calling J. W. Caldwell to the chair, and appointing E. L. The'the Joy, Secretary. The following gentlemen were appointed a committee to carry out the objects of tho meeting, to wit C. Lawrence, C. W. Kittredge, Geo. Bowcn, J. G. Baker, L. E. Gray, C. C. Warden, James Hawley, Com-J of J. W. Hedri :k, W. J. Ross aEd John D. Devin MAJOB ANDERSON'S EXPLANATION.—Tljo following letter from Major Anderson, wliich appears in the Cincinnati Commercial, ex plains the circumstances that prevented the succor of the Star of the West when she at tempted to enter the harbor of Charleston. FOHTSVMTEB, January 11, 1861. "Whether a bloodless separation can now be effected after her (South Carolina,) fool ishly firing upon a vessel bearing our flag, the other day, I think very doubtful, heat sorely tempted to open my battery, but perhaps fortunately for the chance of having matters settled without bloodshed, I could not have touched the battery that openod upon her, and my de fences were just then in s u a o n i i o n a I o u a e o e n e enforcing the laws, and Gov. Kirkwood has i to be defended when I came in. It was far simplv done his duty, in accepting services 1 He could do nothing else. so tendered. But we will await the action of the meet ing. We are glad it is to be held. It is proper that all should define themselves.— Various reports have been circulated in ref erence to this question of secession, and what they propose to do. The meeting on Saturday will relieve anxiety on that subject. We shall hope for a good result. e e a I am nearly ready. The people have supposed that this work was ready to ., ,, 1 i from it, and it wonld take me, even now, one week's hard work to have it in a com plete state. My command is only about one eighth of what it should be in time of war— but though small in numbers I feel strong the disunionists Fdhic Citizens Having been chosen at a Public Meeting lately held in Ottumwa, a to J*ou 'n their behalf. dents of this County.and ASents and given, that the North will be met half way, "ess man ony xnousana persons are now w'u scaIW fly off in a new tanget in thirty days after: much sickness prevails, caused by scanty To attempt to do so would be an admission curr.stances, and any cessation of the sparing that they are right it would exhibit such a distributions now being made, will bring want of self respect, such weakness and pu- suffering and death to themselves While Billanimity. that we should merit, not only monoy and clothing arc liberally forwarded the contempt of the South,. Ut of the whole, the Middle and Eastern States, most of civilized world. their Breadstuff's and Grain for Stock and ,Qf Central Committee for the County, to assist years, they have become so pro-slavery in in raising and forwarding supplies for the reports of respon- se,ect?d se,ves to rcccive and ty the people them- distribute supplies at Leavenworth, show that not less than Forty Thousand persons are now dependent upon contributions from abr0:ld' and that the number 18 creaH"5- ^upphed with clothing, and a|nd There can be no question but that an at unusually cold and stormy weather of tempt to compromise in the face of the men- ^ast unwholesome diet and exposure during month. aces of the South, would utterly demoralize Snow has lately fallen to the depth of two the Government, and absolutely insure the throughout all the Southern Counties, triumph of the traitors who have commenced rendering it still more difficult to deliver the a war to subvert it. Where, in the history supplies, and increasing greatly the risks of of mankind, can an instance be found where sufioring and death among the remote sct any government has been silly enough to elements and scattered families. Many have treat with rebels with arms in their bands already died of starvation under such cir- Seed, must be sent from Iowa and Illinois. Sat lug tlie I mon. Within tweuty days the Mississippi will I ,. i en n e rrL. u .. The How ALTO A.-SOCIATIHN, of Philaael-, be navigable as high as Keokuk, and the i, phia, a benevolent institution of large re-! Hannibal and St, Joseph as w.ll as our own emcient Companies offer to carry money and clothing without charge. wherever else co-cperalion can be found, to. tj0„s ,.ent jn fTOm ^ny pftrt collect.and dUtiibute aid to the suffering j0i„ing Counties, and we will take pleasure poor, in a systematic and careful manner, in fonrardi|,gdaily by Express, and freight daring the prevalence of ihe present politi- care cines and money to the destitute and afflict- w0 are corresponding with Messre. NT. W. ed poor in the seceding States ofthe Union, McCracken II Widr luce fohn Myers and ,ithcr ni.n.itoi ... i abhorrant to us, a part of the Constitution of Ample Storage room has th7s ^."for III "eontrib^ S 0f in„ by Railroat|( eWrytlA-ntrusted men who forraerly resideil jn this an(j wJJJ soe t0 ajj by us go Blest with abundant crops, general health Rnd pr0speritv. (tumijUs nn(, or!ranizalions and and happily free from the *c0IIini0ti0n, of other Bordcr Stat(.s pratitudc as e„ as humanity rcqilires us to fmly for t}ie re]kf of Qur noigh. t],ejr sore extremity. Let auxilary be made at once in every town- Bhip^ and toke advanlagc of the fine weath- eran(l good sleighing to send in Money| Orders for drv Goods, Boots and Shoes, °ur, Clothing, (new or partly worn,) Grain, Ifla- Breadstuff,, Garden Seeds, 4c. I In determining the amount of vour dona- tions, contrast their situation and prospects with your own, and remember that almost the whole population must have assistance from abroad until next harvest. For storage information apply to our shipping Com- Ini*tee, Iledrick, Devin, and Ross, and see that they are enabled to make a good report! for Wapello. OUumwa, Feb. 5, 1861 C. W. KITTREDGB, CHAS. LNWREKCB, F. J. HI J. G. BAKE*, L. K. GRAT. J. HAWI.EY, C. C. WARDBW, W. L. ORB, J. W. CALDWSLL, W. J. Ross, M. S, INNIFIELD, J. M. HEDKICK, NTER, WM. DAC.OETT, GEO. BONIS, JOHN D. DEVIN. Central Committee for Waptllo Ctumty. E.ctt«*r from fc«»iiatoT C*rimes. There appears to be very great misunder standing in the public tnind as to the present condition of affairs at the Capital of the na tion and especially in relation to the demands of the disunionists upon the Union men the North. 1 find that the impression pre- should be the character of their own domes tic institutions. There was much plausibili- ty in thcir arguraent. surcr or that I f. e coun SUCC0KS Rn ad- to our aml busi| i vails quite extensively that the "Crittenden them back into the Union. Who docs not proposition," as it is called, is simply a re- i see that by adopting these compromise pro-! cific oci-an, and to agree by Constitutional State to destroy. o v i s i o n o o e a n e e n s a v e y i n a o i n a a n s e e e e a u s e o e noble efforts to maintain the Constitution twritoir of the United States South question what shall prevent Pennsylvania sake of peace, to surrender all of KANSAS MEKTING —A meeting WU held poses that this protection to Slavery shall be clines to adequately protect her iron and jurisdiction, if the President will cause Fort pursuant to call, at the Court House, on extended to allterritory that maybe acquired coal interests, or New England because her Sumter to be evacuated and the troops with Thursday evening, for the purpose of affect- South of that line. The sum and substance ng an organization to solicit, recleve and of the whole matter is that we are asked, for could a^e to no-compromise until the right tion will be accepted, and wiil wait but a forward our for the Territories south of 36 deg. 80 min., and for the Mexican provinces as soon as they shall be brought within our jurisdiction. It is demanded of us that we shall consent mittees were appointed for each ward of the adoption of this provision as a part of the insist that the Constitution of the country ment's warning. city, also a shipping committee, consisting Constitution. It would disclose itself to be shall be upheld, that the la ,vs of the land WASHINGTON, Feb. 1.—The boundary dis the very reverse of a measure of peace, shall be enforced, and that this pretended pute which has existed for so many years and admission of new in the confidence that Providence will guide listed to break down a compromise of thirty- Second, That the several States should be and guard me safely through any danger four years standing, and defended their ac- advised to review their Legislation in regard that may threaten. tjon Youra sincerely, "ROBERT ANDERSON." the people to determine for themselves what such laws as migh conflict with the Consti- Compromise line has been offered to the teen, to three propositions whMl Were to disunionists and contemptously rejected.— the following effect, viz Their maxim is "rule or ruin." First, That Congress should never be per- I confess that I look with amazement upon mitted to interfere with the domestic institu the course of the Northern sympathizers with tions of any State, or to abolish slavery Six years ago they as- therein. They made a party cree(1 of it NoW( afterthe lapse of six short inadmissible, but let them pass. My ob- conscnl to or the imp0SUi0n tenns upon me or tj,e 6teadllJr in" viscd f()r ronvertinK this intoa" governmont than thc m-ge eXpCdjent adoption of a compro- this time. announced certain abstract propositions in their platforms which each believed to be true, and vhich, if acted upon, would in their opinion, most conduce to the prosperity of the whole country. The issue upon these propositions was submitted to the people through the ballot box. One party was sue- cefssfu) ag either mi?ht have Wn l)ut for the lack ofyo^ and now one ofthe vanquished partjeR to ovcrthrow thft government Wauso thpv were not themselves the v5c. am, not to stav their work (lemolilion the that we i will a^ree to make their platform, which is After aking their chances for cm& t0 W,"M,£ an^danxious County, supplies forwarded directly to the needy and defter?- jng and are impartially distributed. e ea e ,na a,r an manly contest, they now seek to overthrow the government under which they live and owe their allegiance. IIow ica. I do not believe that the public mind is now in a condition to calmly consider the great questions involved in the amendments proposed. But suppose the people were that such amendments I to the Constitution should be submitted to them suppose they were in a proper frame of mind to wegh them and decide upon their adoption, suppose their adoption was not attempted to be enforced by threats, can we have any assurance that this is the last demand to be made upon us Can we be certain that success in this instance will not whet the appetite for new concessions and new demands, and that similar threats of se cession and revolution will succeed every future Presidential election Will the de mand for new guarantees stop here Shall we not be as liable to haye our trade paral- finanPe* kranS^ u,sulted' nationiil the Imb,ic from "S ., itself overthrown four years hence, if we 1 Weriy and ,Ustro-™d wreste1 an1 the government amend the 'Constitution, as we should be if we now stand firmly by our principles and uphold the authority ofthe government? The question before the country, it seems to me, has assumed gigantic proportions. It has become something more than an issue on the Slavery question growing ouf. of the construction of the Constitution. The issue now before us is whether we have a country, whether or not this is a nation. Is this a I Government which Florida with 80,000 peo ple can destroy by resolving herself out of the Union and seizing the Forts and Arse nals within her borders That is the ques tion presented us for our decision. Can a and pro* per on* nation of 83,00^.000 of establishment of the Missouri compromise positions we tacitly regognize the ri^ht of movements of the Secession conspirators, do line. This is very far from the truth. these States to secede Their adoption at1 clares with evident sincerity that there is no Mr. Crittenden proposes to extend the this time would completely demoralize the longer any purpose to seize upou the Federal line of ofi deg. 30 min. through to the Pa- Government and leave it in the power of any Capital by force. of th it line. Nor is this all. He now pro-1 from seceding Wause the Government de- fu]] value for all Federal property within her cherished ideas on the subject of slavery, would ho a recognition of the right of one or for home on Saturday. and to hgree in effect, to provide a slave code more States to break op the Government at A Cabinet officer stated to day, that if Vir- to change the Constitution into a genuine as to place her completely in the power of defended except by an immediate call upon pro-slaverv instrument, and to convert^he i revolutionary States. Will she agree that the lccal States for volunteers. The gentle government into a great slave breeding, one slaveiy-extending empire. mouth of the Missouri, and that others shall tions, although conservative men, wrote im Every man blessed with ordinary fore- be premitted to deprive her of the right of mediately to the Governors of their States, sight must see what would be the inevitable passage to the Atlantic ocean If she will recommending them to place their farces in and almost immediate consequence of the not ajrree to this it becomes her people to readiness to answer requisition at ttO- Raids would at once begin upon the prov- right of a State to destroy our national exis- between Massachusetts and Rhode Island, nexation of Sonora, Chihuahua, Cohahuila,: buked. I know the people of Iowa well en- Supreme Court, has to-day been prospective Nuevoleon, Tamaulipas, and other provinces °ugh to believe that appeals to their mag- ]y settled by an interlocutory order to that wonld follow they would be converted, at nanimity, if not successful, will be kindly effect. the instant of their acquisition, from firee received and considered, whilst appeals to Two corps of artillery arrived hereto-day into slave territories, and ultimately be ad- their fears will pass by them as the idle from Fort Hamilton. There are five campa mitted into tlu Union as Slave States. Much wind, and that they will risk all things and as I love peace and seek to pursue it, I am endure all things in qiaintaining the honor together with the infantry and marines not prepared to pay this price for it. Let of the national flag and in preserving the makes about 600 Federal troops in Washing no man in Iowa imagine for a moment that! national Union. Slave States for the ostensible purpose of flag of the country fired upon, and the Cap-: WASHINGTON, Feb. 2. Lieut. Hall's de restoring what is called the equilibrium of itol ofthe nation threatened, I assented as a parture for South Carolina, with official dis the sections. The restoration of the Missouri member of the Senatorial Committee of Thir- patches, has been postponed for the present, by what they claimed to be the right of, to persons of color and repeal or modify all tution of the United State3 or with any of the laws of Congress made in,, pursuance thereof. Third, To admit Kansas into the Union under the Wyandotte Constitution, and sufficicnt of not doubt as to the side you and the of Iowa will occupy in this contest. I am very truly people be destroyed by an act of secession of some of its members Florida and her sis ter revolutionary States answer in the affir mative. We deny it. They undertake to act upon their professed belief, and secede, Commissioners from the States, to meet or, as I term it, rebel against the Govern* conceded, her geographical position is such forces, and he s#w no way how it could be their opinions that they are willing to ignore then to admit the remaining territory belon- Jt is understood that Senators Benjamin the past and recognize and protect slavery ging to the United States as two States, one and Slidell were sent for to know if they r|^he Staunch liRlit 'JrnuRht Steamers, in the very country which they boasted that North and one South of the parallel of 80 were aware of this transaction. i MoinesCUy. will run*»s aOaiiyii'ie'wi their own act had made free. deg. 30 min. with the provision that these The Government has telegraphed to the n^M^nesrcommeVd^rwTth' th'roperUnK1-.f There are other provisions in the Critten-1®tates m'fiht be subdivided and new ones Collector and Treasurer, to know the facts 8*1'0,1 den resolutions which to my mind are wholly erec^ed therefrom whenever there should be connected with the seizure. jection is to any compromise. I will never 'n Congrew upon sixty thousand square Jersey^ Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Virginia, and Indiana, have arrived here to night, to interchange views. pe0pie represent un- These propositions if adopted, would have dcr threats of breaking up the government- quieted tho apprehension of the Southern will "not give reasons under compuLsion." PeoPle as to the inte,!tion of the niore eflentual way could be de- iree States to interfere with slavery in Jery, arms, and munitions of war. render people Your obedient servant JAMES W. GRISfSSv Hon. SAMUEL J. KIRKWOOD, GOV. of Iowa. WASHINHTO.V, Feb. 3.—A dispatch from Congress will mset to-marrow and adjourn over till the Border State Conference has adjourned. This is considered a hopeful sign. The facts show that Government is unable 0 mand of the cutter, Lieut. Caldwell will con sider hiin a mutineer, and treat him accord ingly. If he attempts to haul down the American flag, shoot him on the spot (Signed) JOHN A. TELEGRAPHIC. next ment. While they arc in this attitude of Virginia for the withdrawal of th® Federal rebellion a compromise is presented to us for troops from the Capital of the United States, of adoption by which it is proposed, not to guaranteeing that there shall be no hostile punish the rebellious States but to entice demonstrations affecting the peace of the i one w ,,rn.« man commerce is not sufficiently protected? I drawn. He has no hope that the proposi­ secede was fully renounced, because it short time for a reply. He expects to leave their will. ginia should decide to go out of the Union Iowa has a peculiar interest in this ques- on the 4th of February, a raid would be im tion. If this right of State revolution be medeately made in this city by Virginia State can secedc and take from her the men who listened to these startling declara- inccs of Mexico *war would ensue the an-1 tence shall be sternly and emphatically re- and which was amicably submitted to the priety of immediately addressing a nies 1 acquired or hereafter to be acquired south of State had pretended to secede except South bring the proceedings of the authorities for! does not contribute seed for the people 3f deg. 30 min., and would result, if ad op- Carolina, before the Forts and Arsenals of the evacuation of the public property in to plant, even this relief will not be suflk ted, in the acquisition population for one Representative pe^ g—Commissioners from New 0ne PeoPle of'on revolutionary the States, and would have finally disposed An effort will be made by a member of Eight months ago the four political parties convenient States, but they would have set- Convention, for the adjustment of existing of this country, in their several conventions, I a COU^D of all the territory belonging to the Govern- j|ie Committee of Five, to report a joint res ment. They would have made two very in-! Olution, very inconvenient question. They difficulties. WASHINGTON, 29th Jan.—To Hemphill committee on citizenship comes up. Jones -.—Tell Lieut. Caldwell to arrest Capt. DKTUOIT, Feb. 2.—In the Michigan Senate Brushwood. Assume command of the cut- yesterday, resolutions authorizing the ter McClelland, and obey orders I gave Governor to appoint five Commissioners to through you to Brushwood. After arrest, Washington were rejected, yeas 15, nays 16. if he undertakes to interfere with the com- Dix, Sec'y of the Treasury. in my body, if it isn't more than eighty years. I would not wish to be a centurion and the idea of surviving one's factories al ways gives me a disagreeable censoriousness. but whatever is to be, will be, and there is no kooA'ing a thing will take place till it expiei*." lira. Partington says, "I haven't any de-1 unanimous in the opinion that the Chief sire to lire longer than the breath remains Justice of England acts unwarrantably in JKmsi Oorrt«pon dence. WASHINGTON, Jan. 81.—It is understood here that the first movement in the Hoard Monday, will be propositions by Capital. A Virginian in high standing and j,0 j8 we]| posted in regard to the If Florida and South Col. Hayne will send a written communi Slavery cation to the President to-morrow, proposing in thee of South Carolina, to pay the of that arm of the service here, which ton and vicinity. the Crittenden proposition is for a mere res- One word more and I close this letter, al- Horatio King, First Assistant Postmaster, toration of the Compromise line of 1820. It: ready too long. At the commencement of has been appointed Postmaster General. is simply and truly the application of the the session, before revolution had assumed Col. Hayne has received bis dispatching. Bi.t this is only about one fifth of the Breckinridge platform to all territory now its present gigantic proportions before any from Gov. Pickens, and has proceeded to relief that will be needed, and the United States had been captured, the South Carolina before the President. cient. he expected to have departed to-night. The President, to-day, sent to the Senate the name of Geo. McIIenry, of Perm., as Consul to Liverpool. The Assistant Treasurer at New Orleans, i ness concerning the alleged conspiracy to delegates to the State Convention resulted in the election ofS. Clemens anl C. bard, anti-secessionists, by about 500 major ity. Excitement was very great. Union candidates elected in Marion, a y o W o o o o k e a n a n o k o u n Very few votes polled the action to get any of its orders South, unless sent .. custom house were quietly taken by special messengers. The despatch sent by Secretary Dix, to Hemphill Jones, special agent of the Treasury Department, now at Xew Orleans, was stopped on the 29th at Montgomery, Alabama, by order of the Governar of that State, who took the mes sage and forwarded it to the Governor of Louisiana, thus preventing the arrest ofthe notorious traitor, Capt. Brushwood. The following is a copy of Gen. Dix's despatch. There are flying rcporta that fighting has commenced at Pensacola in consequence of the Brooklyn trying to land troops. There is no head for the report, but it is authori tatively stated by Alabama. RAIIIMOKK, Feb. 1.—A twn refuses to give up the gold and bullion in thousand bushels of which, at least will be the branch mint, to the amount of some needed. $350,000, to the order of Secretary Dix, on ST. LOUIS, Feb. t,—1The Salt Lake oorres the ground that the branch mint has been pondent ofthe RepnhTtcan says the memo taken possession of by the State of Louisi-: rial about to Te presented to Congress for ana. I the admission of Utah into the Union witha On the receipt of this news, this morning, Constitution for the State of Deserot, will W the President called an extra session of the the last appeal on the part of the Mormons Cabinet, and the whole subject was consid ,cred. additional body of troops arrived here this morning's train, and brought artil- providing for a call of a National IJCOII adopted without any sur-j An official copy of the Lousiana ordinanc principle bv any body or any sec- ofSecession has been received, and the del tion, and therefore without an}' party and gations from that State in Congress, wit personal humiliation. But they were spurn- the exception of Mr. Bouligny, will probablf ed by the Disunionists. They preferred to (withdraw plunge the country into revolution, and they gress, to-morrow. He is only one from the have done it. It only remains for us now seceeding to obey and enfore the laws and show to the proceedings since the several ordinances of world that this Government is strong enough secession have been passed. to protect itself from rebellion within as well The names of all the members ofthe as from assult without. House from the seceding States, continued The issue now made up for the decision of to be called when voting. I i the people of this country is between law, Joshua R. Giddings is among the latest order, the Union and the Constitution, on arrivals here. i the one hand, and revolution, anarchy, dis solution and bloodshed on the other. I do from further deliberations in CoiK States who has taken part in the Gov. Hicks, of Marylind, will be Mto SAS.^cftrSlS: the Select Committee tomorrow, as a wit-1 SOIZE Washington. ter of to-day WHEELING. Feb. 4.—Election againet referring of the Convention hack to people. In the Convention to-day th? report ofthe TOROXTO, Feb. 2.—The English writ of habeas corpus in the case of the fugitive slave Anderson arrived in town yesterday. The Chief Justice of the Common Pleas has also issued a writ of habeas corpus as the prisoner is in Brantford jail. The result re mains to be seen. Both bench and bar are sending a writ to be executed within the jurisdiction of the Chief Justice of Canada- INDIANAPOLIS, HH(ting cal­ led of those in favor of restoring union of the States, was held tonight, and was gener ally attended. Messrs. Tekel, Wilkie, and post-muter McLean addressed the meeting. Resolutions were passed denouncing the action of Gov. Ilicks, in refusing to call a Convention—denying his authority to send delegates to the City Convention, to elect delegates to the State Convention, to give expression to the views of Maryland in the present crisis. NEW YORK, Feb. 2.—It is stated here that orders have gone to the African squadron, Parties at the South are now negotiating for the tow boats Resolute and Reliance, owned by Captain De Groat. They are the fastest screwboats afloat, having run 18 miles an hour, and are very light draught of water besides, they are built in such a substantial manner ns to be capable of car rying a very heavy gun on the forward deck. ATCHISO*, Feb. 1.—Momm. Hyatt and Arney reached Atchison, day before yester day, and have held a conference with Gen'l Pomeroy. These gentlemen have decided to establish relief depots at three points in the territory as the only .vay to rcach the sufferers in the distant settlements Statements taken to-day, by Mr. Hyatt, from the lips of some of them, show that the worst has not yet been felt. The calam ity becomes hourly greater, 40,000 people need aid now, and the number increase con stantly. Mr. Hayatt has written letter t» the Kansas Legislature, urging on them the pfo- Rt sl t0 said real D. e s nub- February the I NEW ORLEANS, Feb. 1.—The mint and i sion of yesterday by the authorities of Lou-11(^a,011 lsiana. To-day the officials take the oath of office under the ordinance. spot on the memo seven! rial to the Legislatures of the States. Judge Arney proceeds at once into th* heart of the Territory, with reference to the establishment of the relief depots. By per sonal inspection on the Railroad from Men* dota to Atchison, he finds over eighty car loads of provisions between these places, which added to previous relief received, amounts to nearly four million pounds, all told, wili have thus been sent to the famish- if the country Gen'l Pomeroy's funds will be exhiu-fi»d in paying the present freights and establish ing relief depots in the Territory. Money is pressingly needed. From his Territorial trip, Mr. Arney wil] return to Mendota, and then continue his efforts with State Legislatures for means to purchase seed wheat. Over one hundred TsT A i.lvevtisemerLt s. DAII.\ PACKET LL\£. Tt Clara Hin», Ad 11 ine AND r«j.e,'6i. OSKICK, Des iiwa and I uvl- A. II IN I', per J. MAKT1N. M. B. SISSOIST, DEMIST, HAVING LOCATED IN PKRMANI:STI.V city, offqrfc hist s e v i i o at ltis residence, on Market Feb. C, 1801. inis n a the citizens of town aad Luiiiea waited on vicinity. A work narrated. their residences, if desired. Teeth inserted from one to an entire ,ett. •ITBTF by MEANS of KPRINAS or atmospheric pressure. street. COURIER JOB OFFICE. EVERY VARIETY OF a sc jy O Printing Promptly Executed, ORDERS SOLICITED. |3P" CHARGES MODERATE. SATISFACTION GIVE!*. VW AT THE COURIER OTFICI, Pumroy's Block, 2d and "d floor. ¥MNK S! LANKS!! HLA.MtS. JUST FROM TIIE PRKSS— I'LLINTED IN ELEGANT etyle, on Euperior paper. Call at the CoCJtlKB counting room, Pumroy's building, AUTOIMSTKA rOll'S SALE. JJY order of the county Judge of Wapello County, the undersigned, as administrator of the K*t«te wil.: northeast Th.- hair^fth. fractional quarter of section w o (2,) IN TLK. (V „E Township seventy-two (72,) north of range thirteen bravely fought Weet, containing !):(.'I acre* also t!IE mirth east quar- DENT elect. OI the south W i-SL «. Township quarter of section twenty-sixf26,) feventy-three TI-'!,) lOr WEST, north of range thirteen r.t E being the property of the minor heirs of said ESTATE. The fale 6th to take place March 9th, 1SC1. Terms,$£U0 down, ballance on 5 ,ve rs' time, at 10 per cent, int OALKU MILLEK, ADM'r. '61. IIMBAY NOTICE. The State of Iowa, Wapello County j" TAKKN up by Joshua Hobba at Ma In UahlonegH township, i n said county, on the 25th Jay of October, IS60, one bay Filly, one year old last s i n poney u i e i n o o w i e star i n I e forehead ami a white spot on the nose. Valued $85, before Lean iter J. at Stuart, Esq., a Justice of th» Peace of said county. JOHEP1I HAYNK, J-12-Sm NOT. 15, '00 3B- County Clerk. ES'l'It A V XOTICI posses- MFVIKEN "P H.V (lardner ln Wllshi")rton rownshir,' right shoulder, w i the bush white and be worth ice THIS 1S»»0, Fob. 2—The Governor has i appointed Hon. C. B. Smith, Hon. P. A. I Havtl in the t'nited States for thirty years, nor in IT England for more than twelve^ years. A volume on liockleman, (^. O. Urtn, rj. W. 11. Kills and Hayti, therefore, is much needed at this time Two T. C. SWuaa, Comiato, to Washing- h. fan, for ihe "O^ffrard Edition/* including of the twenty dollars, before tail some white on the belly, and appraised to L. A. Myers, a Just­ of the Peace of s*id county. Dec. 17—'ILL) 4I-R.,-3in JOSKPH IIAVNE, CL'V. IVIJIIOOIATKI.V. 1for 00,000 STAVKS 20,OOO HOOP POLES which the highest prices will be paid lu CASH. For further rarticuUra, enquire at the Pork Hoiim, Ottumwa, Iowa. GEO. OILLA6PY k Co. Jan. 16, '61—45-18-4W SCARLETT'S EAGLE CORN AND COB MILL, Patunted JCNK 29, 1S5S. :UN,R TOOK THE A. FIRST PREMIUM at the Illinois State Fair in !$."* at the Wiscon sin State Kairin l.'liS at the United States Fair, Sep tember lS.'itf it the Iowa State Fair in October, over the lOuieka Mill, and the first premium at every County fair where exhibited. I». tllLVEH, A (rent* Jan. 0, *61—44-12-Sm For Ottunwa, low*- HAYTI, THAVER A of Boston have in press RGI'IDKTOLLAY'L L. bv .lames Redpath,pub­ lished under the auspices of President (2 elTi'urri, which will embrace a History of that Country, its Constitu tion unabridged, K«says on its Natural History, Min eral Wealth, People, Resources, Religion, Commerce, Revenue,, Ac. Also, all the OIHciai Document* in relation to the great Kmigration Scheme, which is ,,,ow a attention from our coiorcd i classes everywhere. No »olc hits heeu published on A Voire From Ra»«a». ATCHISON, K. T., Feb. 4. Messrs Hyatt and Pomeroy prepared the following appeal to the States, which represents truly the con dition of the people of Kansas. Without question, starvation in Kansas—frightful prospect—but one step between 10,000 peo ple and death—an appeal to the press of the country—to the charities—to the Congress —to State Legislatures—to the humane ev ery where—prompt action by the country, or a miracle from God can alone save UM people. The famine, like a vortex draws to its frightful centre all conditions. They who had food yesterday none to-d:iy tfiey who have food to-day hive none to-morrow. 70 Teams arrived yesterday—fifty more ... loaded and sent awav the day before. One detaching for immediate home duty the steam thousand dollars worth of clothing have hem gun-boats Mohican, Sumter, and Mystic, distributed within the past week. Si* with their officers aud crews. thousand dollars cash within four d.iys hnv» been pa for freight, si Loads provisions have arrived within that time and yet f,tar» vat ion is imminent. The peoplo are living from hand to mo ith but barely saved alive. Our friend* are rttnr exhausted, the numbers of the destitute in' crease fearfully—the melting snow of Febru ary and the over-flowing streams must short ly prevent the distant sufferers from coming here to get supplies. Their starvation de pends upon cur promptness in establishing depots of provisions at accessible points. Without funds tho whole work mast cease. The intermission of a week is death and desolation. Unless the country gives us seed there can be no harvest,and the seed wheat should be in the ground within forty days at least. A hundred thousand dollars is needed lor food and as much more for seed. To the heart of the country, and in the name of Christ we make this appeal [Sinned,1 TilADDEUS HYATT* In behalf of a perishing multitude, I in dorse every word of the above.. [Signed,! S. C. POMERO\Y Chairman of the Kansas relief commit!** and Gen. Agent of Distribution. DAGGETT & EDGERLY, (kcMMtiVa. Dagfttt.) DEALERS IN E' Hi CUTLERY, IRON, NAILS, GLASS* SASH, DOORS, BUNDS) Hubs, Spokes, Felloes, TIN PLATE,TINNERE'GTOOK. Sl C«, &>Ci| FRONTISt., OTTimWA, IOWA. AGENTS FOE Manny's Reaper and Mower, Little Giant Corn and Cob CRUDMT* Fairbanks 8cal«a. Wit. DAGGETT. J, W. BDOCBLT. January 1st. lgCt—48-H •!!4-11. NEW GOODS AKD Low Prices. WHOLESALE & RETAIL, At BETTS & WOODWARD'S. MT 'YOUR O O I N Of BETTS k PROSPKCTIJ8 OF THE BURLINGTON HAWK-EYE. The battle between Slavery and Freedom has been and won. Abraham Lincoln i* Pre»I On the 4th of March he will be sworn in to ollice, and then the Government will cease to be administered for the benefit of a section. No such miserable policy will prevail as that of permittingthe Government to fail millions of dollars in daht annu ally in time of peace, because the laying of dutie* to produce needed revenue will afford incidental pro tection to white laboring men in the free States, 80 •oon as th popular revolution reaches gives them I V WOODWARD. ItT XOVB HATS & CAPS Of BETTS A WOODWARD. BVV TOUR BOOTS & SHOES Of BETTS k WOODWARD. BVlr YOIT1C OCM liOODA Of LETTS 4 WOODWARD. PITT YOITB SHIRTS & GLOVES OR BETT8 k WOODWARD. SEUL TOl'R FIK8 To BETTS A WOODWARD. Leave your Measure for a New Su.t, manu factured by BETTS & WOODWARD. IMrectly opposite the Ottumwa Uoiue, Ottunjwjk Iowa. Jan. 10,'6I-45-I2 y 1861. the Senate the power to do AND so we are to have a Home- Stead law for free white men which will forever settle the negro question and prevent the further extension Of Slavery. I n e mean time we are to have an excitingsetalon of Congress. Southern tire-eaters and disunionltta are yet to give us the finality of all their threats. It yet remains to be SEEN whether Wise of interest. Journal Retterton. at will it hii residence War),'1o, some considerable white County •_ In Washington Township Wapel County, the I4th DAY of November, ISIirt one KeL Steer, of the following description, to wit: A dark red, with IN the forehead, a white will mufter th® Virginia troop*, and march upon the Capitol, or tub aide N itliout further ado aud save his neck. The year will,at any rate, be an eventful one, full As heretofore, the proprietor of this spare neither labor nor expense to make a full and faithful mirror of current events. In ths matter of news, foreign and domestic, it will as here­ tofore, distance all competition. The various edi tions of the Hawk-eye will contain the very latest news by mails and telegraph,reliable market reports from all important points by telegraph, and a very full summary of Iowa anil Northwestern intelligence not found in any other Journal. The various editions of the paper are afforded at the following very low rattt: THK DAILY HAWKEYS is afforded at per annum,(3for six months. Thrc* copies will be sent, commencing at one time, to Ojff- post-office, for |!5. THK SKMI-WBftKLY HAWKEYS This edition Is believed to be the cheapest pip«ROFF* eulateil in Iowa. I: I* printed upon tlx) same slse«l paper as the daily. Kach number contaius an averags of twenty-three columns of closely printed matter. pgift p^i ft 92 50 2 11 00 to 80 00 TBTK WEEKLY Hivtin la one ofthe largest papers published In tha State, and LA Sent to subscribers at the followiag rates: SINGLE copies, 00 Where copies ar« already sent, I 60 6 copies, "O 10 I« 00 10 to one addreas, 1U 00 The experience of four years past has lauglit the proprietor of this paper that Ihe only safe way of pub­ lishing a newspaper Is for cash in advance. The Huwkeve has grown and prospered and extended Its circulation and influence tlooughout the Mate by ADOPTING it. while all w ho adhered to the old credit SYSTEM have been "snuffed out." This is my license for still requiring advance payment. Hemit, In cur­ rent paper, or stamps through the Post office, at Mjr risk. Address C. DUNHAM, Burlington, I ova. TILL: BUY 1,1:.mi 1:1cPLACI:TOAc., s»u(ii,i:s, WHERE i.s AT RAND'S LIBBER YARDS At Burlington, Mt. Pleatant, Fairfield,,*n4 O U W A will be found the largest stoeV EV#R OF* filed in the west, and which than at w il I be any point on sold the Shingles of •sa. lower Mississippi. Also those A our manufacture, full count, every hhiafl* M—m.

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