Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier, 6 Şubat 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier dated 6 Şubat 1861 Page 3
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V ®|e (Sttuiutoa Courier, Local_and Miscellaneous. 01 rI"M W A, 10 W A, :T~: 7Feb. (5, IhTTT. a ,•» ^TpiHE l'AUU:,B.&I«I.H.RAILROAD. CHA XGE OF TIME. Mhve Ollumwa 4:41 A.M.11:00AM. Arrive at 8:20P. M. 8:30 P.M. tlWK K. Ft. D. R. KOAD. 7:00 A.M. 2:30 P,M. 12.43 A.M. S:15 P.M. Lcnve Ottumwa, Arrive, CHICAGO. BrELIMOTOM AMD (if IN* CY RAILROAD. AMrive. Leave. t16 80 A. M. Express Train, 4.00 a. M. p. m. 2.80 p. M. COACHES LEA VE J*AIL V. Wert—for Des Moines, via Eddy ville, Oskaioosa and Pell a, at 1 a. m. Accommodation fur Oskaioosa, at ll.'OOp. V. for Chariton, Tia Blikesburg and Aibia, at 1 p.m. Buuthr-Vnr Bloomflsld, and Centrevlilc, at 1 p. m. .4, A C. PARKS, Affent. •WtV ot! corn or of Front ami arV*,f »St*., Ot tu mtva. V'hen yon want Boots, Shoes uail Clothing, go to Temple'*, New Clothing Store. DEVIN'S is the place to buy the beat Cof- ^fee, the choicest teas, the nicest sugar, and •U kinds of groceries. Go nnd get a t'lece of his Hamburg Cheese, weight 122 lb. Wo call I1k attention of our readers to til*, ^new card of II. B. Slsson, De.itist, In another column, Give hiin a call when you want anything done in his line. A Military Festival will be held tonight- •I tli.i Court House. Admittance, including •*PPsr, 25 cts. The object is a very lauda- We on®, to aid the Ottumwa City Guards in supplying themselves with additional uni* forms Three Bun Is of Music, Speeches, Sentiments, and a large attendance of inter- citing and agreeable people, are among the attractions of the occasion. CJIiaiice for a Farm. We call attention of those wishing to pur­ chase a first rate farm, to the advertisment of Caleb Miller, Administrator of tl-e estate Peter Mick, Pec'd, offering for sale 13H acres of land, o miles north of Agency City 8 from Diiblonega, and S from Ottumwa.— #1 acres are improved, more under fence •fgood log house, a good will, about 20 gtafted apple trees, &c. Only $500 will be Nquired down, the ballnnce in 5 years at 10 percent inter^ft. A fir-t rate Stock farm. It is on two county roads. Lectnrc. The undersigned, having been appoirted procure the s vices of suitable lecturers, hare succeeded in making arrangements frith the Rev. J. D. Sands, of Kcosauqua, to deliver a lecture on Monday night, Feb. 11. Subject:—THE SYMBOLIC SEVEN. at dMoek. E. H. B. A. Proof'fdiiig* Committee luu il. Wtis adopted, and Mr. Divin instructed to IHqtiest the city papers to publish the same. jOn motion, M^ssr.-i. Ilclrick, Devin, and Rbbfi were appointed a Committee to attend to receiving, storing an 1 shipping supplies. M. S. TJO.VNIFIEI.D, iilWi ftrifiif fi r'Hafi-fi ir lihirti Hit ijliriiitfil it Itiari "fliiyMiilv iiii PEACHES LEATHER (Sole) Calf fUR8-Mlnk.No. 1 The lect- ufe is said to be very interesting, and should I) 1 ciyl )1 S drug store, and the store of of the Cotton States have undertaken to break up th Ifessrs. Hawley 4 Son. Lecture ommcrc.'s STILES, Spaitldino, Com. C. C. Ci.outman, of of Kaiis i« Relief Wapello Co., COMMITTEE ROOMS, Feb. 1st, 1861. Committee met and effected a permanent u«- 4-u ii the Afric:in Slave Trade, and attempt to found a cre»t OTganiZltioTl 03 the election of the following siavelioIdinK empire, by absorbing Mexico, Central Officers: C. C. Warden, Ch'n, M.S. Bon- America and tile Islands of the Gulf. Suchisthepro- J, Sec y, and James Ilawley, Treasurer. Committee procurer! house from Dr. War* An for Provision Depot. Th'j Committee appointed to draft an ad­ dress to the public reported through their Oi airman, John D. Devin. The address Sec'y. Council Proceedings. ^The regular meeting of the City CounciT lias held on Monday evening, the 4th inst. Ttie miti'ites of of several previous meetings were read and approved. The resignation of A. Lotepeich, Alder- 2e from the 1st Wsrd, was ractoreg, and resignation acoepted. The Council proceeded to ballot for an 41 ,| uy blared duly elected. council to the importance of Railroad tr.ins! ifriginz their bells while running within the -f Various accounts were presented and dis |£)sed of by allowing them or referring them t* ihe committee on claims. A claim of A. D. Whipple brought on a discussion ofSide Walkfi, after which council adjourned. Secession in Rlnkesburg. Edito* Cocbieb At a public meeting held here on the 24th inst., the following patriotic Resolutions were promptly voted #awn by a strictly Democratic vote, Repub ttpfl'is being those only, who voted fur the Resolutions. 1. Retolued, That our Government Is In Srm Democratic, and it is the privilege of cry cilizon to advocate such political senti ments and sucli a course of Governmental JK'liey in accordance with the Constitution Of the United States, as to him u.ay seem best. Sent If the men who voted those resolutions 4ptvn are not at heart thorough going traitors |p their country, it must be difficult now-a |ays to define what Treason is. One thing k certain, if those m«n will reduce to prac Uce the principles which the foregoing vote proclaims, they will incur the penalty of 1cath Alacrinan to nu tllG vactticy thus created, employed Ht Uie capitoU of Iowa, Minnesota, WLscon* W. Ilawley had 2 votes,.and Wm. Daggett 4 votes, wheretipon Win. Daggett was de-' The Mayor called the attention of the JrtAin^iriifi !*lnrkch und Tloiioy. COCKIER OFFICE, Feb. 6. Th'j weather the past week has been pleas ant, and the travelling good. The City con tinues lively, remarkably so, for tho season, ordituitily dull. Considerable amounts of (Ytigiit arc passing to und from Uurlington and Keokuk, tia Ottumwa. There is more doing in Corn, juat now, than in any other commodity. We it at 13 cts. COON ....,, WILD CAT VT OTTER HEAVER DEER »... quote OTTl'IHWA PBICE CVMRENT. PT.orn (wholesale)........ wheat CORN £11 KM.ED CORN (MIIN MEAL OATS BYE POTATOES Juilron's Mountain Herb Pills are sold by all Medi cine Dealers. [45-1 m] CHIOAGO TRIBUNE, Devoted to Xetes, Commerce. Polities, Agri culture, Education, Literature, Art and Science. Prospectus for 181ft. POLITICAL.—The i(l, nt of American Union. The people have decideil against them at the ballot box, and the.v refuse to submit to the verdict unless their demands shall be complied frith, which are as follows DEMA\ns or tiik GENERAL NEWS,--Chicago is the Commercial Empo rium of a large portion of jhe North-west, and by rea Onn of hei immense system of Railroads and telegraph Bnes, she has become a groat news centre and we are Confident that western readers can obtain their ear Best information of passing events from the columns of the Chicago Tkibi'NE, which is a lire newspaper thRt keeps fully up with the progress of the times, A good western paper is certainly better calculated to promote the interests of the West, than paptrs pub lished 1000 miles away, which know little and care less fjr western intereiU, sentiments and require ments. Correspondekce —Durintrthe coming winter one of the editors will correspond for the Trimcnk from Wash ington, giving full and graphic reports of the proceed ings of an exciting session of Congress. Another of the editors will attend at Springfield and keep the people fully posted on what w ill be done by the Illinois Legislature. Correspondents will be iijc aiiiiiuib L*ejiM*iiurc. 1 ,iu and of I 1 ,US1IK'9S City limits, and in view of the early opening cf navigation, to the tnatter of a Steamboat landing. The qnostion of contract of the K. ft. D. M. & M. R. R. Co., in relation thereto,! other topics Connected i men 7 flaming up, Mr. Eaton, Chief Engineer, was Mvited to communicate facts in rchtion thereto, which was done. A committee of tfcree was appointed to confer with said Bail road company, and otherwise act in and sfcour the matter of a wharf. I our country. Em i'a iion.—The No 2. Reioloed, That the legally expressed nnpreeedented popularity. It is used readily la will of a constitutional majority of the pro- hard as soft water. ge of the United States, in electing ,i Chief See what your neighbors say of it: Hxeculive and determinins what course of' ilicy within the constitution,—th" Govern- j0' shall be administered, should bo ac-!ufacture Reraback's OUiesced in by all gCHld citizens anl nil at- Soap, which I obtained from yon, 1 regard of. tltinoiity, s f|her than lawful means, prevent such course Of policy from being pursued, should be put |wn, by the use if necessary, of a!l the pnwer of the General Govcrnn ent. by the laws of our country. They e for practical Soeession. Bhkcsbu g, n. 28 lRflt vorre«|»ouueni!J win u« From other portions of the country, and from for eign lands, we derive our intelligence from the multi farious corresponeents of the Associated Press, from an immense exchange list and the letters of numerous friend*. MARKETS.—The TRIBUNE has achieved a high repu- •'•T'-ee its market reports e a e e v e y a i e a e a e o e a e a n expect to find quoted in a newspaper, whether west ern, eastern or foreign markets. The TRIBI nk also discusses very fully, in its editorial and news columns, currency questions, Railroad, Itank and State Stocks, agricultural products of America ami Europe, and all rith the material interests of At.Kicri.'ri'ftF.—During t?ie coming year we shall E•su«particular ay attention to Farming matters. In each will appear a carefully prepared Agricultural article, containinga large amount of fresh and valua ble information pertaining to the farm and garden,— Interesting letters from Rural," and other Agricul tural and Horticultural writers will be published. No Western newspaper devotes 60 much space to reports of fairs, crops, live stock, improved implements and Hindis of culture, and all other matters of interest to the tillers of the soil. due attention In our columns. And the Literary and Miscellaneous matter will be prepared with a view to making the paper a welcome family visitor, combin ing the agreeable and useful. 1m short, the purpose of the publishers is. to make the Chicago iow ls"thV7ime to renew" subscriptions and make up borhood will procure a list of names. People can af ford to subscribe, as this Is a year of abundance. duls for the new year. A little effort In any neigh- Postage on the Chicago Tkibi Ten copies 10.00 Twenty copies (and one to getter np of club) 20.00 Ttaxs or D.'.ily—One year |7.00 —Six months 4.00 Tmkms or Tbi-Wbkkly—One year 4.00 —Six months 2.00 Money In Registered Letters mav be sent at our risk. Addrea* TRIBV'NK, Chicago, 111. t^r~Roraback's Compound Chemical Washing and Toilet Soap Is no humbug, but the best, most easily made, and the cheapest of any now in use. This Soap, though recently patented, has already attained Otttmwa, Aug. It, 1MB. E" Asp,I,WAL,'~_^)'ar Wryhefamilvt rjrh( Compound Cheinioal* Washing ,„l, Pre.i- (thU tSS ^•nt elect from bctllg inaugurated, or, by "f which this soap is compounded are perfectly harm less and so far from clothes being injured by its use, 1 believe five dollars a year will be saved in the usual W'ear and tear which results f: uni the use of other soap. The soap will. eailily remove French polith, Print er's Ink, lead paint, wheel grease, tar, Ac., from the finest fabrics, without Injuring them in the least— things which no othersoap, with which I am acquaint ed, will do. The Toilet Soap is useful for shaving, washing hands, and everything else for which toilet soap is used. It is cheap, costiaif only four cents per pound. e e i n e s w i w i e W a s i n S o a i s manufactured is, with mo, an important item. Fiftv pounds nin be made st a cost of only cents, and as easily ws voo can make a cUp of coffee. The' faet, too, tlMt clothes can tie easily washed and washed clean, in Aitrii tul/jhiir wttfar^ is of great corisider Htion to in.-. I would not be without a familv right for four times its cost. W. W. JOHNSON. Family Rights, formerly sold fcr 10, each, but now for |d, or $3 for Mm washing soap, and $2 for the toilet is be had at the Covaira Offlee. oro. r. AJPINWALL. o i RUING LES 8 75(0*4 75 LATH, 4t'0 UUTTER.. ...........v.............. I15K@ir LA HI) ........ 10 TVLLOW 9 U K E S W A 2 0 ..V........ a.. 10 CHEESE SORG1IDM ...... PORK SIDE* II VMS CHICKENS $ dot QUAIL?, rlnz DRIED APPLKS, Tft 3 o 0 80 ....... 12* 30 «'«««•*.. 20 S(Tfi.lo SCO All COFFER SALT. ..... .i.v ... HIDES, dry green COTTON YARH NAILS PINK LUMBER, common, .1250??,20 oo clear, 8 grades...*,..... 2500(9i4o 00 II Qli 20 ... #2,40 10 ..... *X .... 22* 4,00 «»«««i 10 K M- 40 i Dlf EASTS (II Till' I.IVIIS. You may alwaysknov when your liver is out of order, or when you are whi.t is called billious, hy any of the following symptoms pain in the side and back, dizzinexs, dull headache, a bad taste in the mouth in the morning, sallow colored complexion, yellowish tint In the eye, costlveness, or diarrhoea of slimy dark color, low spirit and dismal forebodings. It Is ac knowledged by all physicians and others who have seen thei- effects, that JUDSON'3 MOUNTAIN HERB PILLS are a perfect cure for all billious affections.— So pleasantly do they search out and drive away the seeds of disease, that all persons living in a country where Fever and Ague,and all other billious diseases are prevalent, will find tliey should never be without them. From two to four Pills each night on going to bed, will in a short time drive away the sickly yellow look of 1)1 ilious persons, and fcring to their oheeks a beautiful glow of perfect health. U1 T+ H0(ftl2 i o o 85 S hS :2# BIH7&2S CD .W(T?1,20 «f.(.7 ion t»0(TT.40 ct e+ Uo(rr.2T r,«?.s .. ...... 1 tiff 2 r«. ........ .... t«o(7?7r 15(Tr.2i LUFF A LO ROBES... 6 OOtfJ* 1 o 00 TIMOTHY $2@2,20 WH JSkEY V. 25 VINEGAR bbl f.,00 O IH O 3 great political campaign of 1S60 Is closed. The battle has been fought and won, and the eagles of victory perch on the Republican banners. Aduaiiam LiNroi.H ha« been triumphantly elected Pres- Ul*' »l ii m. of March, IS61. ^be Well patronized. Tickets lOcts., for sale! We arc entering upon a year that will be memorable T.,o1,«.'o /*»,.» -x--- „„j -i In the annals of American politics. The Hre-Eaters United states for four years from the 4th 1'iRK EATERS—1st. That the Free! States shall pay for ail fugitives from labor who may I #s:ape. 2d. That all State laws against kidnapping •hail be repealed. Sd. That Slavery shall be extended I tnto all the Territories and protected by a Federal' Slave Code. 4th. That the Slave trulfu:'shall be re-| opened in the District of Columbia. 5th. That a law shall be passed granting the right to slaveholders to travel and sojourn in the Free States, accompanied by their slaves. In case of non-compliance with these pro-slavery demanos, the Fire-Eaters threaten to secede from the Union, and set up a Southern Confederacy, re-open America and the Islands of the Qulf. gramme of the DNunionists. In this crisis it behooves every sound patriot and friend of the Union and Constitution to stand by Lincoln's Administration as the old Democrats stood by Gen. Jackson when assailed by South Carolina nul lifies. The free North must not be bullied nor fright ened by the arrogant oligarchy into a base surrender of Its dearest rights and most cherished principles. OTHER QI'kstions.—And there are other important matters to come before the new Administration.— I ... n Among these are Free Homesteads for the Landless ofthose CHEAP GINGHAMS Fast Colon. Improvement-sol Rivers and Harbors Construction' of a Railroad to the Pacific Encouragement of the Manufacturing and Farming industry of the country Retrenchment and Reform in the administration of Government a restoration, in short, of the enrll^r and purer days of t'n. !,. ji. ilic. O.. all •,a tions, the TiisiirxE vii! er be f' ur,,' an caiTt-:' cham i o n o n e s i e o e e o a n 1 n i o w xn 68 CO O o o jm Z mt P. "0 SB o o ft Ttl w Gfq V- J. a o ELEPHANTS RAMPANT! T. J. DEVIN, Again East I NOVEMBER STOCK AKKIVIXG AT DEVIN'S, Opposite Haw!ey's, Front Street, Ottumwa. Cash, and Li'sht IProfFits. BARGAINS! BARGAINS!! Heavy Slock of NO. 1 PRINTS. DELAINES, CIIALLIS, BERAGES, DKBEOISllfiiMOM MERINOS, VALENTIA Plaids, TllIMMINGS and NOTIONS 0f*?erx description LrXCOLXllATS, DOUGLAS CAPS, BRECK1XRIDGX BOOTS, BELL RIBBONS,,, i o s nMTXTSTZ 1 Tiny 9 HOEP, IfiKEJPRESSIBLE Wonders in the way of CLOTHS CASSIMERES, SATINETS, JEANS, CORDUROYS Flan, nels COTTON'S Ac., for the MILL!OX GROCERIES, Tobaccos-™.?"''' *"J TP A Q..LAROE STOCK—*«•» and ctwapert AJjixO In the Country. COFFEES, SUGARS. PRUNES, CURRENTS, SODA, Thibi kk so Interesting anil valuable that no well regulated west ern family eau ajkoiid to hk withoct it SOAPS, SPICES 6c. l-IAltDWARE— Selling and giving away. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GOODS, Constantly arriving. Aug. 9.-'GO-2'2-12 y. T. DEVIN. Oskaloosa Nurseries. OUL ONE, A 1IALF MILE EAST OF TOWN nPHt cause of Education will receive —And the other— *SPWr -A- ONE AND A HALF MILES NORTH. The undersigned having purchased Seever's Nur series east of town, and a portion of Zimmerman'?, North of this place, hold themselves in readiness to fill orders and supply the trade on liberal terms. We have some CO varieties, and at least £.1,000 trees suitable for transplanting the ensuing Fall. All these vaiietii s are hardy and of the fruit-bearing kind suit- We wU1 a,S0 s sk is on|jr half as much as on the New York or Eastern papers. TERMS OF THE WEEKLY TRIBUNE. Single Subscribers, In advance $ 1.50 Four copies riVK kee*» ykahs oi.d ..ft.oo WD band" EVERGREENS, SHRUBBERY Et«\ Ete., of all kinds suited to this cltmate. Trees from to tiikek will be sold at FIFTEEN CENTS, each, and purchasers can have the privileee of ma king their selection. PYLE A Oikaloosa, June -21, 1SC0 12-15-y F, ST I* AY NOTICE. TAKEN up bv Samuel Austin at tits residence in Agency City, Wapello county, Iowa, on the I-It h' day of November, A. D. I00, one Bay Mare, suppose to be thrue years old past about 15 hands high, with a star in the forehead, the right hip knocked down, the left hind foot white nearly to the pastern joint, some gray hairs around the root of the taii, track mane and tail--appraised at fifty-five dollars, before Joseph Myers, Esq., Justice, Ac. 88-12-Sm JOSEPH IIAYNE, Co. CTk. Ealray 1%'oflcc. rit AKKN I'P by John M. Purder, at his residence in i'l.'ttgant township, Wapello county, Iowa, on the 1st I. day of August, lstio, two estraysof the following description, to-wlt: A bay in are, supposed to be thir teen year* old, cap of right hip knocked down and scar on same. AIo, a brown filly three years old last spring, both hind feet white to the pasture joint, blaze in the lace and scar on the right shoulder. The bay mare appraised at brown filley at before Joseph Myers, Esq., a Justice of the Peace of said county JOSEPH VYNE, Sept. 27,160,-29-12 3m County Clerk. NEW BOOT k SHOE TORE. Opposite Cabbou Hocsb, inTTUMWA, i% IOWA. rtTflE undersigned has just received and open# 1 oufc Jl a tieueral Assortiueut of BOOTS A SHOES, which otfers to the ti iding public at Uriri'j prices, SEWING- MACHINES. L. ORNEI.I. A O.'S I_AATE IflPHOVFB DOI'BLE LOCK TIGHT Stitch, warranted to give as pood satisfaction ae the highest priced machine in market. Under feed—straight needle—sews from common spools, from 4 to SO stitches to the inch—is nicely fin ished, and will stitch, hem, fell, tuck, gather,cord aud embroider. J. PRFGH« Agent for the above Ottumwa, Ja».t#,*T1 4S I? S* BP CAI^L, AND SEE A. D. CULVER, AdJolutng Richard's three story Brick, Front Street, Ottumwa. JUST RECEIVED THE LARGEST ASSORTMENT OP STOVES Ever brought to Ottumwa. THK OTTY TRADE: TO Ml' FRIENDS AND CUSTOMERS I WOULD guy, that with special reference to their want.', I have supplied myself with a stock of Parlor, Box and other Stoves and wares In my line, which for cheap ness and adaptation to the demands of the season, have never ben equalled in this market. N. B. Do not fail to examine my store room and oflice Stoves before buying. Fifty Tuns old Iron wanted. Also old copper, brass, pewter, and rags, for which I will pa.-, In stoves and tinware, the highest mirket prices. Oct 18, 1860—ch82-12 A. D. CULVER. THE ATLANTIC MONTHLY. COMMEUt CEMKXTOF THESE VENTI FOL UMB The Tubllshers of Tub ATI.ANTIC A New Xovrl"Ry CHARLES RKADC, author of "Chriktie Johnstone,"Peg WulTmgton,''etc. Mew Slorl«'»»»»By %Iiss HA I E Pkebcott, an thor of The Amber Gods,-' and 4 Henry II'. /.nniifrt/nir. S'l1haniel //il irt'irtrnei. (Hirer Wendell //ohntt. Jit men ItuxMfll Loicell. 1'iiijih 11'i/A/n Emer*on. John (r. H' it tier, Ibiyaril Taylor. E'hrfu I'. W/iijiple, Henry It He'. and other distinguished writers. Sir Rohan's Ghost.' A Now Hoin»*iire—B.v the author of "Ch"rles Auchester," and "Counterparts." Also, Contributions In frose and Poetry, liy J'irhrtnt B. Kimball, lieorge S. HiUard. Roue Terry. Her. Dr. Brl!met. Mrx. 'until/ h'emhle. ChHrtei E. Xurtnn. Winthrnji Surgent. T. W. Higgin ton. J. T. Trovcbridgt. TERMS: THREE DOLI.A*« rrn A-w*, or Twrnrr EIVK CENTS A Ni-M K E Upon the receipt of the sub scription price, the publishers will mail the work to any part of the United States, pre-paid. Subscription* may begin with either the first, or any snbseiuent number. The postage of the ATLANTIC is 86 cents a year, if prepaid. The pages of the ATLAKTIC are stereotyped, and back numbers n he supplied. CLUBM1NO ARRANGEMENTS.—Subscribers to pay their own postage. Two copies for Five Dollars Five copies fur Ten Dollars Eleven copies for Twenty Dollars. Booksellers and Newsmen will obtain the terms by the hundied, etc., apon application to the Publishers, TICKNOR A FIELDS, 18S Washington £t., Boston. NEW GOODS! NEW OODS! ,^1*1 FfCtlved from th. East at J. A. SCHWOHM'S CHOCERT A!fO PKOVISIOX STOKE Front Street, Opposite the Ottumwa House. A LABOR AND SfPEIUOR STO''K OF Groceiias and Confectioneries, Fruils & Chewing l»nd Smoking Tobaccos, Cigars, AND ttlUL HAVANA TOBACCO, AT WHOLESALE & RETAIL. Qaecnsicare, Boots and Shoes, All of which will be sold for Cash at the very Lowest Market Pricos, Or exchanged for Country Prodve*. W HTK D—HIDES, for which will be paid the very highest market price in Cash. Callar.d examine goods and prices, in Daiim'sbrlek opposite the Ottumwa House, Front-st. ^Sj,ybt 6tli, cii-ot)-oidl5-n SUMMER ARRANGEMENTS ARE c».?f now running a Daily Four Hotse Line of Post Coaches, from Ottumwa to Benlcnsport, passing through Drakesville, Blooinfleld, Troy, Stringtown and Keosauqua, making sure connections with the Cars for Keokuk. Also a dai'v line of Hacks from Ottumwa to Centre ville, connecting with a tri-weekly line from there to Corydon, Leon, Decatur City, Mt. Ayr, Plattsville. Clarinda, and through to Nel»ra-ka City making Stage Office, corner Market k Front Streets. Ottumwa, July »th, 1S59. A. 0. PARKS, Ag't. CLAIM AGENCY AND General Intelligence Office. WASHINGTON (1TY, D. C. THE undersigned would respectfully offer his ser vices to the public i a the and of Wk.stkrs L*niis, Stocks, Bokps,purchase and Mirt*ufsale curement of Bocsty Lanos i OTTUMWA, Male and Female Seminary, quick time and sure conuecfious at all points along remitted, less exchange and expense of collection.— said lines. Passengers for Western Iowa, and Northern Missouri, will find it to their Interest to take this route. pro­ asp Lakd Patknts, Pass­ ports to foreign countries, Pensions, Land Patents which have upon the discontinuance of the various loeal land offices in the Western States been returned to the Oeneral Land Office In Washiniton City. Pat ents secured for inventions. Caveats tiled, and all bu siness before the Patent Office attended to. In fact, will prosecute all kinds of Claims before the Executive Departments of the Government, the Court of Claims, and Congress. Persons wishing bnsiness transacted, information or advice by letter, will please enclose a fee In order to Insure a reply. C. P. Cl'l.YER. Hkfkh to—Rev. P. D. Gurlev, D. D., Washington city, D. C. lion. A. B. Greenwood, Com. Iadian Af fairs, do Hon. S. A. Dougla L". S. S., Chicago, III. Hon. (}. E. Pu^'h, I*. S. 8 Cincinnati, Ohio Col. J. W. And rrson, Louisville, Ky. Col. Porter Culon, Janesville, Wis. Hon. A. Wright, Ex-M. C., Rome, Oa. Hon. A. 11. Stephens, Ex-M. C., Crawfordvllle, tia. Gov. Ford, (Ex-Lieut. Gov.) Mansfield, Ohio Mr. J. W. Noi lis, E.I. ourier, Ottuuiwa, Iowa. 4, lSC0-U0-li-oui. Rf.v. J. M. McELROY, A M., Principal. MIMM.C. HALLOWAY, I Auhitiili Miss M. E. WILSON, Assistant*. Mas. LIZZIE D. WOODWARD, Drawing and Vreneh. Rkv. S. II. WORCESTER. Oil Painting. NOworthy effort will be spared to render this Institution tlie continued confidence of the trleuds of education. Tuition, per term often weeks from $3 to $s, accord ing to the branches studied. The next Term com mences Tuesday, Oct. Uud, 1360. For fuither informa tion write for a circular, or apply to the Princlpalin peifcon. "[Sept. 27-2tMS-ly. MILI.INERl', niLI.INI.UYI MRS. PARCELI. has just returned from Ihe East with a large and well selected stock of Millinery Goods consisting of Ribbons, Flowers, Feathers, Head Dresses, and V -lvet Ribbons also Dark Straw Bonnets in variety Silk and Velvet Bonnets, and a variety of other things too tedious to mention, for all of which she expects to find a demand, ts her selec tion was made in refe'ence to the increasing popula tion a:.d improvements in Ihe taete of the ladies of Ottumwa a ol neighboring towns. Uavlnn the latrst styles for dresses and cloaks, Mrs. P. Intends to suit all who may favor her with a call. She intends keeping on hjnd supply of Pure and Cor*«ts, for ladles. OctU—iil-12-1s ti-1'2 a Wholesale or Retail. 1'. OOLCl.L October IS, '«0—12-S8-tf tt ESTHAT NOTICE. TAKRK «T l\v John Reed at Ms rerideneftn petine Township, Wapello county Iowa, on the 10th day of December, ISCO, two estrays, one a Rlark mal e Colt, supposed to be two years old last spring, and entirely black, no other mark* or brands per ceivable. The other a Sorrel horse Colt, supposed to be two years old last spring, bl .ie in th»* forehead, some white on li ft fore foot, and right hind foot, with a runaing sore on the left shoulder. The mare value.) at and the horse at 91?, before Joseph Mvers, a Justice of the Peace. JOSEPH 11AYNB, Ct'k- Jan. 4th, '01— 44 12-8m PRINTING IN COLORS M*ntlyo*ee«u« ,lt the COT-RTFR OFFICE* O U A I E S FOR CASH. LAWRENCE CHAMBERS Opposite tks Ottumwa House. OOn Pocks Fancy Prints at 19 canto per *»M, Mil VVJ ln all orer town at 18*. 300 to** Amrtett ttisn, ttl Myfw M4 OK PIECES Heavy Canton Flannel* at ttjf Mate, regular price 14 cents. 1 (VI taoa new style Prccs feeSi. All WoelDeLctns. BROL1SH MttlHOCS AX» ALPACCA.1. Fancr Wool Plaids for Children. Ladief MONTHLY have pleasure in announcing that the new volume, to com mence with the number for January, I1, will con tain features of remarkable interest and attractive ness. Among these, may be named A Siew Kovel—By Mrs. Harbibt BcscRra STIIWK, author of Uncle Tom's Cabin," and TUe Minister's Wooing."' AND OOMFORT9, out STOCK Of FLANNELS, SATINETTS, CASSIMERES AND TWEEDS Are asnoh larger than we ever eCsred before. 800 lbs. COTTON BATTING. 16 cases Men and Boys Boots Lotttr than they em be bought dtewhsre. 88 Bags RIO COFFEE* 21 Bbls SUGARS. 50 kegs NAILS. CAND Y, TOBACCO, EAISIX3, SOAP, CAMDLCS. STAR II, COTTON YARN At Wholesale. LAWRENCE & CHAMBERS, Ottaanra, OM.»,1:6». -AND— COLLECTION OFFICE, OF EDWARD .4. TE.HPLE & CO OTTU5TWA, IOWA. The it!vdi:rmk i\ed have: re moved their Exchange oilice from Chariton, Iowa, to this point, and are prepared to transact any business pertaining to Banking, Exchange or Collec tions, which may be entrusted to us, feeling confident that our past practical experience of ten years In Southern Iowa, willenabieusto Ieudersatisfactlon to our patrons. We sell SIGHT DRAFTS OX 1VEW YORK, and other eastern points, in sums to suit purchasers ami can also furnish Exchange on U&tt&AND, IRELAND AND SCOTLAND, AND ON aEKMANY, FRANCE, SWEDEN, DENMARK, AND ALL OTHER COUNTRIES OF KUHOPK, as well as collect money,inheritances, and every oth er claim in foieign counties. We receive Deposits and issue Certificates which bearintei i st only by special agreement. COIjI.l-lCTlO^fc. made payable at our office, will be remit:, for. at current rates of Exchange and those maturing at other points, ill be collected and We will also pay attention to securing and collecting doubtful debts. Parties holding Uncurrcnt Money, grafts. Cer­ tificates of Deposite, or Bi Is mt Exchange, Payabe AT SIGHT OR ON TIME, In any plate,van have them Cashed by calling at car office. TAXES.—We have correspondents in nearly every county in Southern Iowa, andean pay ta£*9 for non-residents and others, for a reasonable con mission. Money for taxes always required in advance and all orders should be sent us by 1st of January. LAND \V A HI {ANTS. We wili at all times paycash for Land Warrants, and will also attend to the location of them, or the entry with cash, of Government lands, in IOWA, KANSAS* OK NEBKASKA. We have ample asrangemeutsforthe selection of le slrable lands in the Territories, for individuals or An* Colonies. LAMBS.—We can furnish emigrantsand othttra with first rate Farms, in the central counties of title State, or with unimproved land in this and the south ern tier of counties, for Cash. They can be had aa "cheap as dirt." TOW* I.OTS. We have over two hundred own lots in Charlton, Osceola, Afton and Mount A^jr, all good county Towns, three of which are on the line of the Burlington Missouri R. R. R. To parties desiring residence or business lots, in any of these points, we will give good bargains. Parties at a distance, desiring information as to the property offered, are requested to correspond with us. All others will please call at our office, on Market 81.two doorr from Front St., Ottumwa, Iowa. t:pWD A. Ti:uPLE dt CO. October 6, iS39-n20--4w. ASSIGNEE'S NOTICE. Tfntlrlfotrcreby given, that Smith & Neely of E.ldy vllle, in the county of Wapello, State of Iowa, have as signed to me all there property, real and personal, for the payment of their debts and their creditors must pre sent their claims, under oath or affirmation. to me, at my oiti.-e, in the city of Edd.vvilli*, county of Wapello, State of lowa, within three months from the date here of Dated this -J:iil dav of October, I»iV. I No. am-d-w. K. W. BOYD, Assignee. Opera EATING HOUSE. ttlm* A nno.. Proprietors. Front Street, fir-' .1. E of Pumro's Jaauary 2J/60. Jfll Laiies aai iMlKot III PMtte Dt tfliati XHftttftt, Ac. Ladies Wool Hoods, Shawls, Itrug Store, Ol l'l l|\YA, IOWA. MKAI.S served at all hours. FRESH VSTERt In the SiieU ur Can, served In all styles. Prirate parties supplied with refreshments or Sup person short notice. [Nov. l.\ '®0 tf PKOPEKTl FOR SALE. ACITY Private residence on Second Street, near corner of Marion, for sale at a bargain, and partly on time. Possession given iwnedistely. Enquire mt tills office of J. W. Ottnmwa, Dee tth, 51—t.' 1*.' -tm, ItORRIS. ESTRA* NOTICE. FM^AKEN ap by (i. A. McDowell, on the 26th day of I. November, ', at his residence In Keokuk Tp. Wapello county, Iowa, One White Cow with a roan neck and red ears. Marked with two swallow forks in the right ear, and two splits and a hole jn the left ear. Supposed to be four years old last Sprint, appraised I at M, before L- a. tape, Esq. osKI*H •ATXK.Ct'k. '.fsw- NEW STOCK OF FALL AND WINTER GOODS, DIRECT FROM TUB BAST. C. C. "Warden, Is receiving and N O W O E N I N a large and fashionable stock of DRY GOODS! Rollout* Cloths Cassi meres, Hats, Caps, Boots and Shoes. And complete a*«ortm«it of everything to meet the wanls of indivHiials or familiesin his »-hecau»ttI line of tralf\comprising: in part follows: Plain, Black and Fancy Cassitneres, Broad Cloth, Satinetts TICKS, SHIRTI\«f», STRIPES, CORPUROV3, JEAS'S, DEXX/XS. DRILLS, BLEAtllED A O tinO.\ 111SLI.8, I N S Of ettry VarUty. Sti/L mui Quality F0REH N AND DOMESTIC GINGHAMS Besides a great variety of Dress Goods! K11 f: MI.N. WOMEN, AND IIII.I'UEN, Which could not be enuinei ated in an advertisement like this. Th» only way to appreciate the extent, variety, ami cheapness of bis stock will be to call and look through for yourselves. I am also receiving a well (elected stock of I FAMILY GROCERIES, such as Tea. CofTee, Sugar, Rice, Dried Fnilt,8eda, Tobacco, Vinegar, Soap, Ac, HA Iil) WA t: 6 CUTLER Y. Glass and Nails, ulgers material ami boose fiirnishinc floods. Antl has an entire stock completp in everything that would compricej a stock For 'lie tisne^ and for this vicinity, all of which he is anxious to dispose of for tne] r*adv p»y. or lo approved customers. Alii kinds of Country produce taken in pay for! Goods. He solicits an examination of e^ods and prices and ill take pleasure in showing! you through win*!her you buy or nut. April It IMS. CARRIAGE FACTO HY! FT^HE underslen would respectully solicit tlieat tentiou oftlie public to the facilities which he now possess for manufacturing CARRIAtiESA WAU OXS, of e"ery description, after the most improved styles, as good as can be obtained East, and upon sat isfactory terms. Those wshing to purchase will please rail and ex amine my stock. tyRepairiiii promptly attendedto. Tie high, st Ui.irl.rt price in cash paid for FatSt«fk. i'ANBI.ES at Wholesale and Retail. Invariably Ca«li. pC^Tbtiiie'iaii ii.g uiisettluil accounts,or notes dMt will please call and pay up. }. W. BROWN. Ottumwa, Feb. lwh.l"*&!>.—48 PLOW .n A KING HE subscr'.oer respect fully informs Ids friends and BL thepuflic generally, that he manufactures all kinds of plows, and is prepared to supply the Farmers of Wapello Co. with an article unsurpassedln material and workmanship. lllacksmithaiK in all its various hranches, horae ihoeing.ox-shoeing.and jobbing of allkinds. tSfRemember the place, the Lower Steam MI1L AARON MYERS. Ottumwa. Feb. 11th .1 VS-nS0-v 1NSUU AXCE. NEW ENGLAND FIUK AXI) MAIlINi: INSURANCE COMPANY HARTFORD CHARTERED CAPITALS 50Q.M .CASH CAPITAL, $200,000." a Ijinfc Surplus. C?* CE0.Dm JSTT.K -X-'.Y.V. X\T£.OJ. LV./Jr.-/., Policies Issued on as favorable terms as by any other solvent Company.^ A-^STl A^RT. Ag^.^ jN SPECIAL NOTICE! HO.HE IXSrn AXCE CO.HPAXY! OF New York. Caib Capital, §1,000,000! Assetts, 1st January, 1SOO $1,2S. Liabllitlte, 42..V.0 4S. CH VRT.E8 MARTIN, Pjesident, A. F. WIl.LVARTH, Vice Presided*, J. Milton Smith, Secretary. HIS well known and reliable Coaspnny having eatabllshed an Agency at Ottuinwa. for Wapello county and vicinity, are prepared to insure "9* by Dwellings, Stores, :ind other luildinjrs I »W*iie MEKt'HANDIZE and KURITCUK, against/ia«orfa«n-'„•.. lcf4 FIRE, on t-'rms a.- favoraole as the nature Of the risks, and the real security of the iusurcd, and of the company w ill warran*. This company is managed by live, busines men, most of whom are known to the Merchants and Tra ders of this community, and whose nauie# are a guar anty t'i it i'J business will be couducted lairly tad honor I'.ly. DWELLINGS nnd FARM PROPERTY In* i .. sured for periods of 1'HltEE or FIVE yeajs at fair rates. Liwg e, HlUilTy cut) n*Ud aud promptly pa lift 1 Applications received and policies leaned wlthont delay. KDMCND L. JOT, March 29-8-lt-ly. Agent. HlETT0r.T FIRE ITSRWft CftUFAH, OF 11 A I Et It l, CONN. 1SCOU I'OU ATEB, A. O. I 1 O. CU ART ICR PERPETUAL. CASH CAPITAL CAFtTSt, PAID IN sritrw*, ovan .SOC.NOO. The reputation acquired hy this Company dui ing the last fifty years,hy an honorable eourn* In the transaction ofitsbasioess. an.l the,upt and Itberal settlement of L. *ses, together »t hth the securities comp»Kin»' Its A.»et«, ent panv to the utmost confideuce of the public, as aiford- inf rellsble Insurance ngalnst damage by «re! *r?.p'dv RAILROADS. hecauqua, Mt. Pleasant, New London, Danville. MUldlctown, Burlington, Not. 2f ie.nss PITTKRI C. C. WARDEN. O I W A A. RALDH II. Ottumwa, Mar. Ut.lSJS-flMj OGDEN & COPP, Successors to Mendenhnll & ^Vbit'iuni, v i, I n Rfi. FORT 1 Thc Foiwaroinf and Commission MERCHANTS General Freight Agents, NEAR THE RAILROAD DEPOT, OTTmWA IOWA. vtr- Liberal Cast, advances made en Produce for Shipment. 11-SS tf. City meat Market. Front St.2d,)orieastCarrollIIou?e. OTTUMWA, IOWA. THFsubscriber, jrrateful for favors, would say to th cthat his market, opeii i iriy five years ago, is^ i in full blast, an iucr-apvd facilities to furnish »:.*»i.ablc meats of all kinks at all reasonable hours, at the low est living rates. Tallow, ird, Sausages, and every thing usually kept in a City Market forsale. A#* Burliiig'ou Sc JMissouri R. R. R* ciiAKtii or riJir. OH AND AFTER NOV. 2S, and until farther tire is given, Passenger Trains will leave aa4 arrive as follows GOINa WEST: statioss. Biirlingti'ii, Midrtletowii, Danville, New London, Mt. Pleasant, Checauqua, (rleiotale, Fairfield. Whitfield, Batavla, Agency Citr, Ottumwa, aA:'OMMODaT(OK. BXFHBSS. m, tenve, 11.00 a m, 141 «,M 8.14 11.4f 8.44 12.0ft tt 4.81 13.41 6.»7 1 01 ft8» l.iii 41« t.iii T.W 8.18 T.80 3.88 8.04 809 B.-W arrive. 8.29 arrive. G-OI3STQ- EAS1? STATtOK^. Ottumwa. Agency Ci»y, llatavin, Whitfield, accommodation 4.40 a. m. leave. MI KXP*KP*b 11.00 a. m. I H'.«0 /i.4S 6. IS «.S» 7.R* 8.08 8.60 ft.HO 9.58 10.16 11.00 arrive. I". 4# 11.07 11.24 11 50 18.15 12.41 I.»8 i tr 1.39 i. lu p' J. O. HKA j. u. nr.AU, i tlee Preset and Supl, Chicago, Burlington & Quincy,- DEPARTURES: IM .Horn! llIf Pamwenirer leaves Pur.715 a.tM 24 Accommodation do do do 14S|.fl 34 Hveiiinc do do do 7.&0p.M ARRXVALSt 1 sit .tiorii'p: Passenfor arrives at Bur. *.i&a.tti 2d Accomd'n do do do 2.00p.m 3d Lven'jr do do do The above trains make close connections with th# B. A M. R. R. at llurlington, and with nil the gfeal eastern tl:Orotighfares at Chicago. D. BEMICK, Gen'l Ag't C., B. A Q.S.M J. R. WITH ROW, Passenger Agent, Ottumwa. WAVNE AMU CHICAGO RAILROAD Now completed, and cars run from Chicago to tta burg without change, connecting with the GREAT PENNSYLVANIA CENTRAL RAILR04V To New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Waiting ton City, and all the inttrior towns of Penns 1 var la, New Jersy, New York, Maryland, Ac. Merchants by taking this route will have the beil^|| Of all the eastern markets at no additional cost. ijStreets, Baggage becked through. Trains leave the depot, corner Madison and Canat west side, twice daily on arrival of tralM from the west. connecting at Crestline with Cleveland and Lake ^hore llailroad to Dunkirk, liuUalo, Ni agara Falls, New York and Boston, and all the Interior towns o' New Kngland via New York Central and New York tt Erie Railroads. Also Soulh to Columbus, Znrusvllle, Newark, Mt. Vernon. Sttuhenville, W heeling, and interior tows of Ohio and Virginia. The above trains connect at Forest with trains on Mad River Road to Springfield, L'rbana, Dayton and I'iuri' nati. Also, with trains at Lima for Dayton and Cincinnati, direct. FARE AS LOW AS BY ANY OTHER ROtTTll, Passengers bound e«st will find this route Mftr pleasant and agreeable, passing threug manv of the largest an'l finest cities In the Luited States. Passengers arriving in Chicago on any of the road* will find attentive check agents at the depots to re* reive checks and conTey baggage free of charge totlM Pittsburg and Chicago cars. Sleeping cars accompany each train. Tickets for sale at all the principal Ticket OAceatS the West, and at the Company's Office, corner of (an dolph and D'v.rborn streets, opposite the Revere House, cr at the Depot, west side, corner of Canal and Van Euren streets, Chicago. Be particular lo ask for tickets by Fort Wayne. B. F. PATRICK, Ticket Ageql freight of all kinds will be carried from Chickgt tfe all points East at all tinr.s, at as low rates aaanyVilN er Railroad route. TO MERCHANTS AND S1IIPPES. The Pittsbur -, Fort Wayne and Chicnp* ftnilf*®# Pi"Jbur~, Fort Wavne and Chicnp* Fnilf*®« O Through Freight, property can now be shipped by thli line between Chicago, Philadelphia. Baltimore, Ke« Tork and Boston, with promptness and despatch Contracts can be made at the following places i Ko. 2 Astor House, New York. tio. 1 S. William St., do Uo. Battery place, do Ko. 77 Wa.-hington St., Boston. Ko. Dock st., Philadelphia. Depot, North street, Baltimore. Depot. Charles street, West Side, n«nr T»n Street bridge, Chicago. Mark packages via P., Ft. Wayne C. B. R. for further information apply to AS. W. MUSSON, Freight Ag't Chl4|0R« J.J. IIorsTOS, Gen'l Freight Agent Chicago. Chicage, Mar. 1s, 1S60. EXPRESS PASSENGER St CBEIUBT ROITL. -VIA- New Tort Central, Great Western, And connecf'ni P.oads to and from IOWA, AND ALL TUE WEST. Ttie fioad3 forming this old and reliable ronte froaa the Seaboard aud the West, have organised a FAST FREIGHT LINK! Giving perfect reliability and greatly increased dispatch to Freight—the trains forming the Liar, East and West, run with the same Vllgularlty, making as sure connection at the terminus ot each Road at Through Passenger Trains. —(?£6SE COXXECTIOXS MADE— With Express Freight Trains on all roads diverging from Chicago, nnd Western Shippers can rely apon iMtviug their goods receive utmost despatch. During the Season of Xatigation, (he Pfrt & Marine risk on most kinds at merchandise shipped via Steam or Sail Vessels, amounts in many cases to More than the difference between rail or water rates of fre'ght, besides the difference of time, as will be seen by the following comparative statement of insurance saved by sendiug goods all the way by rail road. Value per 100 lbs. Dry cm4» feat aaftalV tso.oo Books and Stationery (com'n) 72.M I Gen'l stock groceries (except Am't Ins. saT. per 10U lbs, at %per ct. pre. CO Cents Sugars and coffees,) 80.09 tt Boots A Shoes (av'ge val 74.00 I Druggists'AGrocers'city as'tm't44.80 88 Huts, caps A furs (genl as'tm't) S6.00 6S Hardware (shelf goods gen'ly) S6.00 BQSTOX mark as above. A. IT JfacltiHiditoiiS Pj.-tiin/,tl y and Fairly Adjusted. Mark Packages, "Fast Exgrtss Line, vlaG. W. R." TV \T\V VOfilv Dellv?r goods at Hud Wl\IV snll iVer Eailroad pas- sesi^'. Depot. 62 Warren st., crat Canal st. Dejiot. is at Boston at rcester Railroad Depot, i Deliver goods at and itstward bound freight of every description will he forwardeil at lowest current rates, and if from Western Roads, should be consigned to "A. WALLING FORD. Chicago "or"'GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY, Detroit-." For the transportation of Live Stock to ISolTaio, Al ba ny. New Yoik and lin-ton. this route is unequalled for ^peed, sto.-k cars. Sleeping cars for Drovers, and I and convenient yards for stock, making It a ispaciousuny «0*t desirable route for Shippers. Through bi'M of Lading given, and Reclamation#, paid, at the c. lu^any's ofiiccs. C.J. BRYDoES, Managing Director fl. W. B., HTM l#on. Jl l.U SMOMCS, Genl Agt. Buffalo. THOS. BELL, Gft-.l Fr't A.t. Hamilton. W. J. SP1CER, AgX. Detroit. E. P. BEACH, A)it 27S Broaitway, N. Y. 9k KIMBALL, A. '.'1 SUle st., Eo.-ton A. IVAI.LL\GitiUO,Wetier«A of a K t, Cor. Lake and Dearborn 8ts., opp. Tretuont House March 2», 1MH). CHICACt i:ii' \t. NDf RSH.NFD „f securing the You"? Men to engage in Travelling Agency, upon a salary of FORTY L'OLLAllS PER JfOXT/T, an all expenses paid. ToU is an opportunity seldom offered, a .d to thos-i who merit the appiobalion of Ihe Subscri!, by strict attention to business, can rely upon constant employment for a term of yeara. For further particulars address CONANT A DRAM, 81 Main St., Atkinson Depot, N. IL Nov. 99, 'to-Sti-12 3iu KfiTRAY N(1TICE. Taken np by JeVTerson C. Travis, at his residence tm tltghiand Township, Waiie'Jo County Iow^, on the lM. day of December, oa« Bay Mare of Ihe fol lowing descriptli n to wit One Bay Mare supposed to be live ears oM, black mane and tail, Wlack feet, white »,»ot lu the forehead, no other marks or brands per ei\able, si.d appraised to be worth thirty-five dollars before J. C. Whipple, a Justice of ihe Peace of said County. JOSEPH HA YNE, character of esrs oi next spring, star in the face, and a whit* itle the Com- 'tripe from her n»i«*ri! tip to nea- her eye, sorrel matte lie as afford" and tali, left hind font whe, and the other hind ro«t K. It. UTII.FS. Agent, dollars^r,^'A^,ufe' X«v.2tvIS'»3 iiSt-ll y yum, l,.|, joftra 4* TBQ&JVvi1^* Clerk, Ry W. (goldsmith, Deputy. no*41 ESTR AT NOTICE. fjglAKEN »P by F.iamar Moore. living in Keokuk nh:p, Wapello County, Iova, on the 6tb day of December, one Sor.*el Mare of the follov lng description, to »it: One sorrel mare about three tj he a*' K*S'- •ATxc.cvft.

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