Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier, February 13, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier dated February 13, 1861 Page 2
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pail THE OFFICIAL CITY PAPER. J. W. \ORKIf. Editor. UTTUMWA, IOVVA, The kan«M Famine. We received a «',all on Monday, from K C. A. Bate Mian, of Iowa Point. Ivi whom we are indebted for i t' tfculars regarding thf ft among the pi op! that with th» ex depend for daily "Wnnti that are sent in fn with folded hands, waiting the hour when death shall release them from the p*ngs of a e^ ^iree of a plentiful harvest, will not be backward our citizens come up nobly to the work. The Kansas Aid Committee are ready to reewve and forward all donations. TERRIBLE INUNDATION- beating th 10usaB a 1 en aid we row receive the pleasant information that $22,000,000 will be needed to carry on the Government until the close of the fiscal year ending June next. Here we have the stupendous sum of $100,010,000 spent by the Adminstration and its Southern friends, •fe A TUB RKIHT PLACE.—Under \?T W^iTU mtoa (L 0 U Vl Ct« A sharp colloquy took place in the Senate smarts the other day, crop, on 1 two of the e in every variety The little that was early, and n w, exhausted ef in giving to her starving fellow men. Let i the State authorities of Louisiana. i communication appears in the London Xew* there together by agreement, and so return. corUinue(11 ni«'ht ig.unst destroying waves, and had become utterly exhausted. In many places they ha.l »}an doned their abodes an 1 in others were hud-! t0gCtfier by hundred" had rendered assistance, but these were ut-| "DPMOCRATIC" ECONOMY.—When the directions of Mrs. Crosby, the accomplished lady manager of the Washington Nonument Association in the city of Washington, a splendid American flag was some days ago hoisted from the top of that lofty, yet still unfinished, shaft. In the midst of all the storms, rain, and snov,r' breeze, not a stripe crasud and uot a dimmed. FKO* PKO BONO PUBLICO. Us. DOUGLAS.—Mr. that ii u cool.—Vhieo^ and Tribune. A RAIN AND RIVEH.—Tt jftret* BOY SENTENCED TO DEATH.—The boy murderer Dow has been sentenced in Mid dlesex County, New Jersey, to l»e executed on the 4th of April. The Fredonian saj's it was a solemn scene, the audience being deeply moved as the Judge discharged his painful duty. The boy however preserved his stolid indifference throughout. The counsel for the prisoner, who is only lfi years of age, intended to apply to the Court of Pardons for a commutation of sentence to imprisonment in the State p.iaon for life. has been raining about all the time the past week, and the ice has broken up and gone opposite the city. The river has raised about four feet. Our Ferry is now in active operation. Tlie Right Kiinl of Coercion. The bill to suspend the mail service in the States which have rebelled against the Govei nment, passed the House of Repre sentatives yesterday, by a vote of 121 to ML An attempt is making in England, by nu merous societies for that purpose, to obtai i repeal of the duty on hops, it having leak­ ed out lately that the brewers use strych nine instead of Hops in making ale, owing to the scarcity and hi price of hops. Abraham Lincoln is a model husband.— For three wxeisive nights, each stormy with suojr, fee waited at the Springfield Railroad Depot for the return of his wife. between John Hampshire P. Slemmer, the Cotn- Tlie wj^TlVkeni, arrived in. N. York st. with about 70 prisoners of from abroad.— ladies hastily left th3 galleries. The Speak- Instances of whole families having perished er quieted their fears, by saying something Kravate 5 from starvation, are frequent—a day or two had fallen on the roof. It was subsequently Ithan before Mr. B. left, word was brought to him that a widow and five children, living only a few miles distant, had been found dead in their cabin,—the result of cold and hunger. A large family which he visited, we* b.rely Eoehesler ,i,d New aole to live, by dea'ing out day by day, to each person, thre small t.a-spoons full of meal, to be made into water gruel. Those exceptional cases, the suffering is nearly uni versal. The men would be glad to work. but there is no demand for labor. Women who in ordinary times could make a little ascertained that the wind had blown down a small derrick. A terriile gale, accompanied by intense cold and snow, visited Oswego, Ogdensbnrg, on the 7th— the snow had obstructed the railroads. "f\ The Governor of Massachusetts has issued orders for a rigid scrutiny of all companies, more frequent drills and ough preparation for active service. A money with the needle or the loom, now sit '10us( an* do le great damage to was about to begin, when several in the othcr ProPertJof the hunger. they are unable to alloviate. These I The Senate bill which passed the House flaled they had heard of the prodigy, and citizens of Kansas, who are in a position to do anything, are alive to the terrible neccs- extension of any patent where the Commis- The chair being a great parliamentarian, and si ties of the times. Ge.h Pumroy, the re-1 s'oncr ceiving agent, is active, dispensing food $100,000, and the Commissioner is author- knowing certain facts, brought the power of among the needy. The food must come!ize*to d^pense with models when drawings his great intuitive mind to bear upon the however, from abroad. Iowa is looked to for be sufficient. question, decided positively the following aid. Wapello County, rich wfth the fruits The U. i and Washington, are now in possession Rumor says Senators Johnson and Wig fall are making preparations for a duel. make no against the Chief Justicc Hall, of Nebraska, died at died tocether bv hun.W- in distinguished themselves by seizin- empty i B,air pays Uie temporary 1., shed*, where dUease was ravaging t^uT* The government, and private benevolence i r..„ forts ani ful1 fightin?" The boiler terly inadequate to meet the distress id ready i Alexandria, near Leavenworth, Kansas, ex existing and a strong appeal was made to' plode'l on Friday, killing eight persons, in the people of England to assist in relieving eluding the engineer and some well known citizens. their Dutch neighbors in their calamity. the present Administration came into power, there were $24,000,000 in the National Treasury —all of that has been spent the Goverment is $60,000,000 in debt besides, old North State, and had been ordered to ,eave b-y the whites of t!mt A S(?ction. in addition to the amount annually real-! was move to the sad act by grief for the fact Grant it. What does it show We ized by the Government frora revenues, dissolution of the Union. think it proves that there is not much amity. An armed band, disguised, seized guard of Apalachicola [Fla.] Jail, a nights ago, and released a gang of thirteen regulators. The Jappanese claims in New York have been reduced down still further to the sum of $57,o00. The bills originally amounted to some $120,000. that have lately I Twenty-four students "seceded" from St. ^hington, it fioats proudly to the joseph College, near Mobile, last week, and went to the city to enlist wity tits State- star Sore Jlontti fn Cattlo. First wash the mouth thoroughly with salt water, then follow up wilh u w«uh made in the following manner: Ground White Oak Bark, lb Yellow root, lb Strained Honey, 2 oz Allum 1 az. Dissolve in one gallon of soft water, and boil down to 3 quarts, apply with swab or sponge, three times a day. Douglas has written a letter to the editor of the Memphis Appeal, the substance of which is that those persons who are opposed to making the very concessions to the South which he, Douglas, and his whole party have been re fusing to make foi the past four years, aro disunionists perse, and that th°ir desire is to procure a seperation of the fn.e and slave States, for the purpose of accelerating ser-1 vile insurrection, ruin, devestation and so forth. Some people may call this smart, but all will agree troops. A Frenchman in Detroit, Micli'gan, brought suit, the other day, against a veter inary surgeon for $300 damages for spoiling his horse's tail in cutting it off. The Measles are now prevailing in Elli cottville, N. Y. to such an extent that an the schools there have been closed. The failure of the Farmers' and Drovers' Bank, of Waynesburgh, Pensylvania, is re ported. 'n RIEH on Joe ino, in which the Senator^Jfrf camei House,) we propoM to five you OUT opinion told Lane tint iCflfnc would be of the first thins thn* wjitffaitors. to suppress the aifair. ii the rebels had captured at Pensa- told that party prejudices were to be eschew Frotn a statement made by one of ed and a compromise policy adopted. them it seems to be impossible to acquit After partaking of the hospitalities of one Commander Armstrong of the charg* of. of your kind citizens, we joined the crowd, treason. and soon found ourselves seated in the Court The inmates of the House, at Washington, iIIouse- were terribly frightened on the 7th by a |the We ha(1 heard of the late sound like the reverberations of a canon.— expected upon this occasion to hear cnlm, bread, on the The members rushed to their feet, and the conservative, and well studied speeches, such street! yet still he would compromise for Es wol,M tend t0 to fts on the 7th, provides that there shall be no wished to see it while it was prodigious.— Qf thc at secessionists have distinguished themselves- by seizin" empty piy Wright's stsSm sawmill, at Sixty-three free negroes, from North Car- olma, arrived at Zanesville on Thursday.— They were from Edgecomb county, in the Mr. Farmer, whose philanthropic efforts upon his heart, "this anguish is produced by during the hurd times of 18 7 are well re- the distracted condition of our country in membered, has opened his free dining room stead of peace and prosperity that reigned a to the starving poor of New ork. few months ago, we are on the eve of a fratri- soldier of th« war of 1812 committed cidal war, brother arrayed against brother, suicide in Mississippi a few days ago. He and father against son" this he says is a 1 The Secretary of the Treasory acknowl edges the receipt, by mail, of seventy dollars Scotland's Bard which ran thus "belonging to the Government," from some person unknown. The "amount has been placed to the credit of the Treasurer of the United S'ates on the books of that office. The Des Moines River Commissioners are again in session at this place. They have been busy since Monday, examining claims, hearing testimony and the arguments of counsel. Up to this time no decisions have been entered. So says the Keosauqua Re publican of the 8th. ill The call, as we under-txd it, was for a Union Meetir.g of the Democracy, and the Conservative men of other parties from Wapello and adjoining counties. We were make enemies, friend*, rather frien,ls enemies. 'ntfh-ence Rnd anccs cf Hpnry Clay announced that n. they wished to see him while he was in- is satisfied that the net profits are ®lso versed in the laws of metaphysics, and S. Revenue Cutters, McClelland Points 1st, That Mr. Dean would address miSht take ,lis stan Col. Hayne and Lieut. Ha left W ashing- take the stand and address the meeting, on circles com posed of men whose business it ottAHD. A ton on the 8th for Charleston. They went the state of the Union. This decision proved is to scvera provinces o olland are threat- Lieut. Hall takes out instructions to Major not on the present condition of the country, not been communicated to the public hence eneu with inundation*, arising: from the giv- Anderson to maintain his position, but 5 beating of the wayes. Ihe hves and prop promised reinforcement^* *se they can as to partake of the same nature 5th tha! of the city still fancy that the storm has peril s are sai to be in iminent be got to him. while Mr. Dean speaks, the committee on passed over and that they may go to bed in In Guelderland ti d" The Yicksburg Sun says the South is ex- resolutions, with written instruction by Mr. peace. But there is no doubt that a widely e ie is resa and damage trembly reasonable in her demands and Dean, will retire and agree upon a report extended conspiracy for the armed occupa luuTbattied with .aS{)!Ct' Th° poople treasonable in her actions. 6th. that while Mr. Dean speaks, the doors t«on of Washington exists and to that end his residence in Itelleview, on the 1st inst. though extrajudicial, we assented to with a drilled, now, as the time approaches, daily. hearty amen the chair, we thought, knew The plan is supposed to be to bring into the somcthin? about Rame S«b-Treasurie*, whence he ar- i a fearful extent. gu« that they are betUr at stealing U»n performance. of the decisions nude hist of'lh® edsio"s ple he addressed during the late canvass.— wife an(i fin^ly found consolation in the supposition that he har] probab]y been fram regular -st. But sa\ s he, laying his hand But says the speaker this is all brought few ahout The mercury has been about 35 degrees count of the ridiculous with which it was below zero ir the northern part of the State tinctured. When he coine to that part of of Maine—but nobody cares, for ITOOd the Senator's letter in which he speaks of the doesn't cost anything up there. present excited condition of the public mint', Several farmers fn the vicinity-of Newton, Jasier county, on account of the impossibili ty of getting through the snow for fuel, re paired to their cribs fur a substitute, finding that corn was both cheap and g^od as coal. Two persons were frozen to death in Mar shall county on the morning of the 17tl» nit. Their nnmcs were unknown. Then the speaker, with a rankling malice that strongly urged for vent, like a traitor, turned his back upon his suffering country to slander men, Christian men: men who have been placed in trust by the votes of Union-loving and law-abiding people. We could but exclaim: Oh, pitiable man learn more of Christianity before you call upon God to witness your infidelity. We were struck with the applicableness of the lines cf "O wad some pow'r Hie (Hftle gtfe us To see oursel as others see us It wad frae monnle a blumler frae us The 17. S. Senate has passed a bill to pro- with reference to calmly considering a plan vide a Government for the Territory of Colo- of permanent adjustment, the speaker stops, rado. This is the same Teiritory which last and, addressing himself to the old men, asks week was called Idaho, that name having if they ever knew a parallel to that assertion been dropped, and Colorado adopted. Recently, a woman obtained a diroreo in in Defiance county, in Ohio, and married second husbsnd in the afternoon of tho same State Items. Our exchanges from all parts of the State speak of heavy snows. The lleportt man, ('Link,') is informed that we've had 'a right swurt chance' down here. ThcMarengo Democrat says Wednesday night was the coldest night of the season.— The warmest water froze in the wells, Jour teen feet below zero JJon't forget J. Stickney Haskell's Leeto» W1* in the history of our country tho old men sat mute, they could not see the treason, though they saw a traitor then turning to a young man by the name of Cloutman, to which is prefixed the title of Captain, a asked :—Presuming you will 'feat for th3 Governorship of this State, oth- for iieiicral 'VoF in the columns of your paper for erwise he would not have ejaculated such the so called Union meet- i a tirade of abuse against his successful com- llalc^,^v ing, of Saturday last, (held in the Court petitor, who has just taken his seat. Mr. speakers in home for some time, and might not have had 'arc ^rom sources which entitle them to the the action of the Republican party I in general, and the members in congress, from this state in particular, with theGover nor, some ministers of the gospel, and local i editors a« abettors, and now, I, Henry Clay I Dean, am going to make a union speech up on them. Ami silly notion." While the speaker was reviewing the let ter of Senator Grimes, taking a word here and there, and asking the people what they thought of such sentiments, an episode oc curred which we cannot but mention on ac- hhn 'Captain, did you ever see a par- a^L'* t0.' ^'ie CaI)t:,in at once assumed the military, then coursed his fingers through his hair, stroked his beard, essayed to spit and, with facing about, looked at the Dean a significant expression, as if to say, I'm at your service,— (a grunt Dodge is al»o a very enthusiastic person, in i fact his enthusiasm got the better of his reason, for, three several times had Mr. Dean to direct his attention to the subject this was probably owing to the fact that he did not have a manuscript with him, like his brother Dean. When speaking of the comptomise, he (Dodge) was willing to make for the Union of the States, no concessions, he said, that had been asked for were too great for him self he was willing to give up everything for campaign, and from their reputation,' of Union they might scofT at him an* SP"1 uPon conciliate, rather than ag- the sake of Union. This we thought rather thJ But what were the facts Honest men, Uuion loving men, conservative men, men who respect their manhood, whrj love truth, who know the right, and "knowing dare pursue it"—these men, sir, were disgusted raged their intelligence t1u',r int^r1^ I suited by the foul-mouthed and corruptrutter- 1 Dean, and the con- military temptuous puppy-like whining of Dodge.— Shortly after we took our seat, the President C. Dean would now ad- gale at Baltimore, on the 7th, unroofed dress the meeting. The speaker arose, and lutions passed, we forbear to speak of they over-Dodged Dodge. He then told us how this question of secession had agitated his mind, both day and night how he had roll ed and pitched and tossed in his bed. We whispered to our friend that he must hive had the nightmare. If we had time, we their^felings out- would tell you something about his acting— how he beat his breast an! stamped his feet, threw back his hand-? and struck his coat, shook his body an 1 tossed his head, and in fact how he went through the whole per formance in exemplifying rather than por traying the state of the Union. The reso- 1 are a The tide lower crowd ca1hv out for him take the stand, jtlie meeting exclaiming, "what sights disgrace to the name Democracy. We we've seen, what sounds we've heard. A F.OOKER Imperial WASIISNOPOV, meeting any how 2d. that Mr. Dean arid Maryland, have been again provoked by ^)e entrance shall be prop't open this, the minute men of two adjoining States are Feb. 3, 1861.—The excite­ ment and alarm in relation to the seizure of l^e Capital by the insurgents in Virginia wherc-cver he desired recent developments made to Gen. Scott and 3d. that Mr. Dean had better speak in front the Cabinet. Tspeal' that which I know, of the stand, so as to give the chair room to when I say that the fancied security of this spread himself 4th. that Mr. Dean will now week past has given way, and that in the to be an error, as Mr. Dean's speech was «ion exists. The alarm, wisely enough, has guard this place, the utmost apprehen- position, but to but merely adischarge of slanderous epithets, the property-holders' and others here who and Moodv of the Indiana LpfrUlitiiro l.ft ogS^sions unless assailed. He is that had been pent up in such a foul place, have permanent interests in the prosperity this city last night for Kentucky for the ventilation. These are city quietly before a given day, a sufficient befo« onm- Mr. Dean began by telling how many peo-! number of ser forth frora their donists with arms, and on a preconcerted night and a given hour, come hidinSPlaccs Ressi°n and forth these 1,ans Cabinet from all parts of the South. They 1 service,— (a grunt from the Dean was sufficient,) then seizing his hat in both hands, exclaimed: I never did," at tho same time making a very graceful bow then, casting his eyes over the crowd, as, much as said, aint I a CaptuiuJ We thought he would suit well for home squadron—in time of peace. Mr. Dean concluded his "Union speech" with an appeal to the people t»organize and arm themselves not for the defence of the country, or the protection of property, but for rebellion against a constitutional majority because forsooth, they whom he has slan dered during the late campaign would not appoint him to some place of trust and profit. And now he's ready to join the secessionist, we thought if he were to take up bis domi cile in secessiondom it would probably be a fn tiling for the country. General Augus tus Cicsar Dodge was next introduced. We straightened up with the expectation of hearing a polished speaker, but disappoint- sore, was to-morrow n:-ght. evidently not joi i«eorefjd from his late de- still our lot. Mr. Dodge has utmost respect, and they are addressed to men who cannot be fooled by bug-a-boos which alarmists invent. Sufficient for me to say that they are, after being compared with each other, sifted out and examined, as far as practicable, in regard to their alleged facts, convincing to the military men here and that Gen. Scott has made thern and the result of his independent observations the subject of a communication to the President as Commander-in-Chief, in which he does not hesitate to declare that the safety of the city is imperiled and that against the forces in organization for attack, he cannot answer for its safety with the means at his command. The President is still vacillating and doubt ful—promising to-day and retractiitg to morrow— ad vising with Scott and Holt in them. But Gen. Scott is as untiring as he is zealous, and whatever he can get permis- Vmportant Advertisement*. [Communicated to the Cincinnati Commercial.] FOR SAI.E CMEAI' FOK CASH OR FI.OVD'S ACCEPTANCES.—The LOST.^WMIC TELEGRAPHIC. W ASNINIITON, W Feb. 9.—HOUSE.—On mo- tion of Mr. Boteler, a resolution was adopted, requesting the President to communicate to the House the correspondence between our governmentand that of Peru, since 1353, on the subject of the free navigation the Amizon and its tributaries. Mr. Cox offered an amendment to the Senate bill for a temporary government for the Territory of Colorado. It proposes to assemble and form for themselves anorganic law and trr.itorial government, to consist of a Legislature, Judicial and Elective de partments, &c. It is substantially, the Douglas substitute offered in 0rde e him—they might roll him in I)M re tQ printe( rcported a bni) appropriatin(T l0Usicians and MONTOOMDRY, ox. Correspondence of the Chicago Tribune.] Raid lrpon Washington. LATB DKTKLOPXEXSS—APPBEIIKNSIOKL OT GEN ERAL SCOTT. take pos- the great public buildings—the This we thought showed the egotism of the Capital, the Post Office, the War and Navy man then he described his feelings upon the Departments, &c. and, as each one of these present occasion, which we quietly thought has^the strength and solidity of a first class if any way commensurate to his looks, must ^""t'fieafion, hold them, as they might, u» certainly have a bad effect upon his appetite Itl}re,nfor,^inents could come. Letters set- ,, unconditionallv and constitution we wondered if he lud a it,ng w'th £r"at particularity are constantly coming to the officers of the ASIIINOTON, 1 at Platform of the Con­ stitutional Union Party, "the Union, the Constitution and the laws," somewhat dam aged by too heavy loading with minerals, principally fossails oi the antediluvian ages, as the said party is busy reconstructing the Union, amending the Constitution and dis obeying the laws, it has no further use for the same. Apply to J. J. |ltl50 to pay sol(1jcrs°for Feb. 9.—The Congress last night unanimously agreed to a Constitution and a Provisional Government. A strong and vigorous government will go into immediate operation with full powers and ample funds. No proposition for com promise or reconstruction will bo entertained. The Congress will remain in session to make all necessary laws. SAVANNAH, Feb. 9.—Gov.' ftrown seized yesterday, five vessels owned in New York, viz: the brigs R. W. Kibbie and Golden Lead, barks, I). Colden, Murray and Ad juster, and the schooner Julia A. Hallack. BOSTON, Feb. 9.—The Traveler states that bankers here will not take the loans of the new administration unless the affairs at the South are satisfactorily settled. CINCINNATI, Feb. 8.—Messrs. Hepburn purpose of fighting a duel. Weapons, knives. The duel was cxpected to come off at an early hour. This morning the police are on their track. NEW YORK, Feb. 9.—The Herald Wash­ ington correspondent says I am satisfied, from positive information receivtd direct from Charleston, that the attack has only been postponed until they can erect a suffi cient number of batteries to accomplish their purpose. The time for withholding reinforcements to Major Anderson will cease the moment Lieut. Hall returns to Ft. Sumter. PORTLAND, Me., Feb. 9.—Capt.' Feb. 8.—The impression here among gentlemen who are well ac quainted with the subject is that no appre hensions need be entertained relative to an immediate attack on Fort Sumpter, as it will be referred to the Southern Congress.— Meanwhile the South Carolina authorities will keep stricter guard to the Fort to inter cept any reinforcement to Major Anderson. All domestic supplies and mail facilities are to be denied and all possible means taken to starve out the garrison. The Commissioners of the Peace Congress were engaged to-day in measures looking to an adjustment. Nearl,- all the Commission ers have arrived, including tho^e from Mass achusetts and New York. A large number of influential gentlemen from nearly all parts of the country are con- stant,y arriving, embracing many members of the Virginia- Legislature. the morning, and sending for Slidell in the afternoon. He will not see, or, seeing, wil fully disbelieves, the danger and hoping that nothing will be required, leaves every thing undone. There are about seven hun dred troops in the city, with some twenty four pieces of artillery but in the event of P°^^cal state of the country. trouble they would not be promptly backed appeared on inquiry at the proper by the military of the District and by |that %Capt. TiUon, of Maryland, attached to the •Navy and a member of the light-house hoard committed suicide this afternoon by blowing out his brains with a pistol lie had for some time been much depressed, owin to the the St- themselves they are far too few to stand ^ie Gulf squadron as early as Dec. 24th, and against the overpowering force that Mary- Sabine Jan. 9th, or three days before the land and Virginia would launch against! surrender inS ron' sion to do, he will do with an eye single to to obtain provisions. The storeship the peace and safety of the country and it Louis was ordered from the Pensac!a Navy Yard, leav- tlie other vessc!s placc. CRITTENDEN, Washington City. "hunt'ng" at the South, on 8. JL DOUGLAS. SECESSION IN TEXAS.—A dispatch from Galveston states that the Ordinance of Se cession passed the Convention in Texas on the 1st inst., but the Ordinance is to be sub mitted to a vote of the people, for approval or rejection, on the 23d inst., and if rati, fied, will go into effect on the 2d of March. w»s attack comes, that the treasonable effort will squadron, but instead of doing so, Captain be indefinitely postponed. We shall see.— Walker, her Commander, took on board the In the meantime do not suppose that I am Paro'et^ officers and men and women from writing a letter for a sensation merely my l' ort information oomes direct from the highest by which disobeying of orders he is to be oourtmartialed. The Cumberland has been ordered to Pickens and proceeded to New York,, Hampton Roads, and the Powhattan to New Ycrk. Whatever of disaffection has existed in the Gulf squadron was on board the latter vessel. When ordered to proceed elsewhere a portion of her officers who are So a thern men, supposing she was to go to Pensacola, manifested discontent. The 1st Lieutenant sent in his resignation, the acceptance of which will depend upon his being exhonor ated from blame, to be ascertained when the vessel arrives at New York, otherwise he will be court-martialed. Eleven naval vessels are on our the Gth of November, I860, "My PrincipleIt was certainly not stolen, as there could be no motive to induce the theft, the article not having been of any value, eyen to me since 1858. It may be readily recognized by its slippery character as it may, in some unforeseen emergency, be of value to ine, (it can never be to anybody else,) I will pay a liberal reward for its return to me, at Washington City until established the necessity for the con March 4th, 1865, and after that Lgypt Illi- Unuance of a strong force in that quarter has nois. Applications for patents are made as usu al from Seceding States, and m* upon of giving acceptances, he warned him against as if the Union was intact. and Floyd promised to desist. Aftpr- wards Floyd issued them to Senate.— Mr. Curtis, from the Military Committee, the loss of instruments and clothing in the removal from Ft. Moultrie, to Ft. Sumter. Mr. Thomas objected to its consideration. SENATE.—The Vice President announces that he had received the resolutions of the Democratic State Convention of Ohio. Objection was made to their reception, on the ground that the)- were not specially ad dressed to th^eriate. After some discus sion, the resolutions were received. Yeas 33, Nays 14. Mr. Crittenden presented memorials from the citizens of Kentucky, ia favor of the Crittenden resolution#. John A. Holmes, who was sentenced to tfce State Prison for life, for murder on the high sea, pardoned by the President at Washington. y UM amount of four million. Dispatches roceived by distinguished se cession leaders indicates that export duty will be laid on cotton. The confirmation of Horatio King's nomi nation as Postmaster, is delayed in the Sen ate by Republicans until it is ascertained Whether he will execute Colfax's bill relative to postal service in seceding States. It is understood that the nominee will execute the provision of that bill to the letter. Wm. G. Ridgely of the Navy Department, died suddenly of heart disease last evening. The Court of Inquiry on the case of Com. Armstrong, touching the surrender of Pen sacola Navy Yard, consists of Com. Stader Lavalette, Capt. II reel, and Mr. Cressy, Judge Advocate. They met to-day and ad journed till to-morrow. Gen. Wool, New York delegate to the Peace Convention, will demand guarantees that the Capital shall not be attacked, before he will assent to any plans of reconciliation. Ma:. Ritchie and Governor Andrews of Massachusetts, have tendered to Buchanan 22 regiments of Massachusetts troops, ready to v march at a moment's notice for the pro tection of the Capital. The special tender of these troops, it is understood, has been in consequence of information pointing to the imminent danger of an attack OR Wash­ ington prior to Feb. 17th. Col. Hayne, in reply to the President, to day says Although his emphatic refbsal of my demand closes the mission, he wishes to correct the impression that South Carolina wished to purchase Sumter. South Carolina would make compensation for injury done to the property, but the idea of purchase is en tirely inconsistent with the assertion of par amount right in the purchaser. Carolina claims to have dissolved pollitical connection and destroyed all pollitical relations of your Government with everything within herj borders. It is a seperate and independent1 Government, exercising sovereignty over every foot of soil except Sumter. Tho avowed intention to hold Sumter as a mili tary post by a foreign Government, leaves the authorities to determine tho proper course to be pursued. He asked the Presi dent if he was aware that the holding of a fortress by a foreign power against the will of the authorities was the highest insult it can offer? He says Carolina has not taken Sumter because of misplaced confidence in the Government that has deceived her and thinks the reply to his demand, that the oc cupation of Sumter is no cause of irritation, i but for the protection of Carolina, is ironical i for a grave subject. He concludes that if the responsibility rests on Carolina, that Government is conscious of the fact. The letter of Col. Ilayn", in rejoinder to the President's reply through the Secretary of War, was not received by the President till after the especial message and accompa nying documents were yesterday ready for transmission to Congress. If the President had deemed it proper to answer the rejoin der, it, together with the reply would have been included in the document. Col. Hayne having left the city early yes terday morning, his rejoinder was returned to him through the mail, addressed Charleston, S. C. By reason of the receipt of'information to day of the seizure of New York ships at' Sayannah together with the recent action of u^ the New Orleans Custom Houses, in obstruc- ting the interior commerce in e.Rsct, of ing tribute, and the declaration of the Mont I n tofore by himself, providing for tlr thorough execution of the federal revenue laws for the e?in'if.fnwv MONTGOMERY, composing that squad- Powhattan, Pocahontas and Cum- was sent ort^er is possible that his preparations may be so |to Pensacola, and by Capt. Armstrong, then complete before the day of the contemplated ^ag officer Pendergrast Ala., Feb. Gen. Henningson is hercV MONTNEAL, Feb. 0.—The roads are all blocaded with snow and will probably re main so for some three or four days. No mails have oome In or gone oat «inoe Wed* nesday. DURATION ordered to return to the or COM! one at Tortugas. The Macedonian and (treat Brooklyn have arrived in tho neighborhood of Fort Pickens. and While the Mexican Government was in a more unsettled condition than at present and there was a prospect of a demonstration by Spain against Vera Cruz, it was the policy of the Government to keep a strong fleet in the Gulf for the protection of American in terests. Since the Juarez Government has ceased, and hence the fleet has been distrib uted in the manner above stated. A dispatch from Washington annouces that the Cherokces have rebelled and seized Fort Gibson. The testimony of ex-Senator Beqjamin be fore the Indian Bond Committee is said to have been very direct and damaging to Sec retary Floyd. lie asserts that when he be came accidentally aware of Floyd's manner HUMAN LIFE.—By AXESICAN SECESSION IN GKRMANT,—-A German correspondent say6: "The Secession of South Carolina is treat ed by the most gernian papers in terms not vcrjr complimentary nor encouraging. In fact, South Carolina might as well hayu se ceded from the solar system, as far as nil active sympathy is concerned which she can find in Kuropc. People aro vexed at the idea of a complication in cosmopolites. They had hoped America would keep quiet till Europe was settled but tince we will have our little tangle too, we may unite it alone. This is the attitude, I think, of tlie continental press nnd you know yourself ere now how strongly the English papers veprubute the f»lly of Secession." it DAGGETT factured by .1 o Jan. 16,'61-45-12-y gomerv Congress of opening the Southern ports free to foreign commerce, John Coch rane, of N. Y., will call up monday and press to a parage the bill introduced here-: j,ut rm% V..V, protection of the commercial interest of the i ®ion8- nation against nagation attacks upon them by the seceding States. Alex W. Russell, of the District :Of Col- umbia, and Samuel Cooley, of Corm., have' been appointed paymasters in tho Navy, and Rev. Dabney Ball, of Md., Chaplain in the Navy. irivitftly i IHI 8.—Tho gress was in secret session for hours to-day, and met again to-night, and has probably achieved important results, which will be made known to-morrow. The only public session was lulf an hour this morning, consumed in prayer and some formal business resolutions. calcula­ tion it is shown that, 1,000 individuals, 23 die in their birth, 277 from tcethinjr, convul sions and worms, (3 in measels, 2 women in childbirth, lllo of consumption, asthma and i^'beid other chronic complaints, 250 of fever, 12 of K^rSAID^OUNTYJ' apoplexy, and -11 of dropsy. Or, in another point of view, of 1,000 persons, 200 die with in the first eight years of life, 445, or almost one half of the number, are cut off by pre mature death. Fever,on tlie 7th inst., MHS. SOCUIA CiMhitK NTH, in the Seventieth year of Iter age. On Monday February -tth, AI.EHSDIB, infant ton of Jo s and MABY MCCLOLU, aged two year* and four months. Poi.r not the voice of grief, Above the table bl The weary spirit iindg relief, ID some more hallowed sphere. What reck it that the lip, Hath lost its blushing hue, Untainted was your darling boy, A* the early morning dew. Weep not for eari.v dead, He soon ha« pass *d away, Kre hope and jov and youth have lied, Ere time has wrought dec:|J. Now Advortisomonts. DA 11, Y 1' U KI MM ThoClara staunch li^ht draught Steamer*, liine, A1. Mine and Dei Moines City, will run as a liaily line ii connection with the Railroads, between Ottumwa and Des Moines,commencing with the opening of navi gation. A. IIINK. i'cj.0,'61. per J. MAUT1K, COURIER JOB OFFICE. EVERY VARIETY OF PLAIN: FANCY OB Printing Promptly Executed. 0T ORDERS SOLICITED. 1ST CilAIiCES MODERATE. CP" SATISFACTION GIVEN. tw AT THE COURIER OFFICE, ramrojr'a Block,2(1 anl 3d floor. "BLAN K s! SLANKS!! HI.A.XKS. JUST FROM THE PRESS—PRINTED IK ELEGANT style, en superior paper. fWCajl at tbe (totalis counting room, Pmurny's building. EDGERLIY, (Succes«or» to Wm. Daggett.) DEALERS IN E JKB EUTLERT. IROF, TFAILS, OI.ASS, SASH, DOORS, BUNDS, Hiibi, Bpoke**, Fsftlloes, TIN PLATE, TINNERS'STOCK, &c., &c., mONTtM., OTTIITIWA, IOWA. AGENTS FOB Manny's K«IIper AND.Mowcr, Little Giant Corn and Cob Croaker, Vairbank'i Scales. W?r. nA.-*TT. J. w. January 1st, -M— 48-12 Siu-to 4-18. EDGERLr. GOODS Low Prides. WHOLESALE & RETAIL AT BETTS & WOODWARD'S. BUY TWB O I N Of BETTS & WOOOWARD. BUY X.OUB HATS & CAPS Of BETTS St WOODWARD. BUY VOI BOOTS A' SHOES Of UETTS & WOODWAKD. BUY YOUR til .1l (-OODS Of EETTS WOODWARD. to LOIN SHIRTS A GLOVES Of BETT8 A WOODWARD. SELL YOVIl FI'HS 5 To BETTS & WOODWARD. y0lir Measure for a New Suit, mwiu- BETTS & rVTvKlCN up by Josha* Nov. In Richland Township, of Thvphoid 18,'flu Jan. 10, '01—15-12-4* WOODWARD, layy- Directly opposite the otlurawa House, ottuinwa MANHOOD S,'ah Envelope, .ft .'.if Slo'.v How Restored. ON THE NATI'IIE, TREATMENT, AND HADICAL P'111!11°KAami "r Seminal Weakness IK'Mlity .Nervousness involuatury emla- ln.(lucins impotency, and Mental and Physical I n a a i y Bv ROB. J. CCLVERW ELL, M. D. Author of the "Grem Booktie. The worlil-renowneil author. In this admirable Lect ure, clearly proves from his own experience thai the ,w,ul consequences of Seir abuse may be efr«etun'ly removed without melirine and without dangerous surgical operations, bouxies, instrments, rings or cor dials, pointing out a mode of cure at once certain and effectual, Vy which e7ery sufferer, no matter hat his i'. v Duucrer, uu matter i .iiclition may be, iy cure himself V art/ ro'licalh/. on to thousands and thousands. Seat under*eal to any address, Con­ 4 lsfil. cheaply This lecture will prove a pout paid, on the receipt of two postage stamps, bv addressing Dr. C. ). C. KLINE, 127 Bowery, New York, Post Box4,586, 25-19 ly AD.TII.MSTUA rOH'S SALE. BY order of the I'ounty Judge of Wapello ('entity, the undersigned, as administrator of the E*tate of l'eter Mick, deceased, will sell at public auction, on the premises, miles north of Agency City, Iowa! the following Ileal Kstate, to wit: Tlie east half of tlie north east fractional quarter of section two (2,) in Township seventy-two (72,) north of range thirteen West, containing 9:j acres also tlie north east quar­ ter of the south west quarter of section tweiit v-six(26,) Township seventy-three (73,) north of range' thirteen West, said real estate being the property of the minor heirs of said estate. The sale to take place March 9th, Terms, $!H)U down, ballance on 5 yenrs' time, at 10 per cent. int. February 6th, '61. OALKIL M1LL.JSK, ADK». KSTBAY NOTICE. The Stale of Iowa, pelio County 8* W Hobba*t kU rttidaMMhi JL Dahlonega township, iu said county, on the 20th d.iv of October, ISOo, one bay Filly, one year old last spring, poney built, left hind foot white, star in the ami a white spot on the nose. Valued ut HAYNE 86-i2-8m County Clerk. EST It AX TAKEN \OTl(r„ up by Carduer Hetterton, athla residence in Washington Township, Wapello County, Iowa, on the Mth day of November, I"C.O, one lied. Steer, of the fojlowing description, to wit: a dark red, with som^ considerable white in the forehead, a white spot on the right shoulder, with the bush of the tall white and some white on the belly, and appraised to be worth twenty dollars, before L. A. Myers, a Just- ice of the Peace of said couuty. Dee. 17—'CO 4I-I2-3m JOSEPH IIAYNE, Crk, "mw^i I:»IJIEOIATKL,\. 100,000 H. B. BTRSON, DEMIST, HA yiNr, PKI:M AN KNTLY eity, offers his services to I 1 STAVES 20,000 NOOP POUU for which the highest prices will be paid la I ASH. For further particulars, enquire at the Pork Hooa*. Ottumwa, Iowa. GEO. G1LLASPY k Co. LOCATED I Jf THIS the citizens of town and vicinity. All work wurruted. Ladies waited on at their residences, if desired. Teeth inserted from one to an entire sett, eittttr fcjp means of springs or atmospheric pressure. OI*:KI('F, at liis residence, on Market street. *eb. 0, istil. SCARLETT'S EAGLE CORN AND COB MILL, PATKNTKI) .1 L'Ni-: 2!), I'NVS. THIS til Mi TOOK T11K FIRST l'REMHTM at the I lliimis State Fair in 1SS** at the Wiscon sin State Fair in 1 at the United States Fair, Sep tember 1VW at the Iowa Statu Fair in October, ItXkt, over the Kureka Mill, and the first premium at every County fair where exhibited. A. II. ILVIiil, A cent, Jan. #, '61—44-1'J-oiu For Ottumwa, Iowa1 HAYTI, THAYFR A ICI/DKI of Boston hare In press a 01TII»K TO 1IAYTI, b.v James Redpath, pub lished under the auspices of President (ieflrard, which will embrace a History of that Country, its Constitu tion unabridged, Essays on its Natural'History, Min eral Mealth, People, Resources, Religion, Commerce, Revenue, Lawa, &c. Also, all the Official Documents in relation to the great Emigration Scheme, which Is now attracting BO much attention from our colorcil classes everywhere. No ok has been published on llavtl in the United States for thirty years, nor in England for more than twelve years. A volume oi II:iv11, therefore, is much needed at this time.* Two editions of the (fuide will be published. Price Fifty Cents forthe "Emiifraut's Edit ion." ^nd One Dollai for the "4t«ffr«rd Edition," including

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