Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier, February 13, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier dated February 13, 1861 Page 3
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(Tin (DltumUia (Uiancr, ,'2iL_ __ Local and Miscellaneous. QTTUMW A, IOWA,: [VI. 1:1, 1861. q» ii 1 :**R*B TARI.K, B.AIQ.n.UAILnOAD. HA XGE OF TIME. L«ave Ottumwa 4:40 a.*.1T KUm. Arrive at 8:30 p. m. 8:Sti flWK TAIII.E K. ft. I». II. L»»ve Ottumwa, 7:00 It cxpa^ted thit everybody-uid friends will be there. ^J^iuitaky FB33IVAL.—The p.m. ROAD. Arrive, 12.45a.m. 8:15 p.M. CHICA6U, BVItr.VffflTA'VANl) )MN «f RAILROAD. Leave. Express Train. 6.K) COACn/CSI.KA VK DAILY. J&fft—•*or Moinea, via Eddyvllle, Oskaloosa aad Pella, at 1 a. m. Accommodation for Oskaloosa, at 11:00p. ra. For Chariton, via Dl ikeaburg ami Albla, tl 1 p. m. For Biootnfleld,and Centreviilc, atl p.m. 'V A. 0. PARK*, Acnni Office corner nf Front and Market St*., ()t unin. When you want Boots, 8hoes aud CloLlti*g, gi to Temple'*, New Clothing Store. W* 0 Id Felfows of tliH city give a^attiral at ihe Court House this eve. Remember J. Stick nay Ilaskol's Lecture, to-nvji'Dw ni^ht, on Individual Responsi bly, at the Court House. ^Jfo-nwnw Vmig St. Valentine's Day, the "kids and lassps" may expect a tnpssrtge3^ 4W0. Don't forget to se id a fcio yur.-ielf, understand thaf groat preparations buin® made for t'ie Ladi/s Fair and Festival, which U to be held on the evening of Thursday, of next week, fur theb3nefit of ths Baptist Ciiurch. their entertainment giYen by the Guards of this city, en the evening of the 6th in t., was an exceeding pleasant and satisfactory oc ,a ii:i. A sump­ tuous supper, excellent vocal and instrumen tal mu-ic, "fair wo:nen and bravo men," were the leading features of the evening.— The Ilall, appropriately decorated, partook of i deci led military air. The net proceeds -g^om $10,—are to be appropriated to a litre uniform equip n -nt of the Company,. •tS LntcU by Ti'lexraplh Springfield, Feb. 11.— Mr. Lincoln left his hotel at 3. a. accompanied by a large concourse of oiti/^ns to the depot, where nearly one thousand citizens had already col lected. After ho had shaken hands with a number of friends, he took his stand on the platform of the air, and spoke as fat* lows My friends, no one in my position can ap preciate the sadness I feel at the parting with y this peiple, to who.n I owe ail that 1 am.— Here I have lived more than a quarter of a century -r,t my children were born, and here one of them liei buried. I know not how soon I shall see you again. A duty has devolved upon me which is pjrliap# gra ter tl»*n that which has devolved up any other man siirv th? dij'.sof Washington, lis never wou'd hav 5 succeeded except f.r the aid Divine Providence, upon which he at all times reli. d. 1 feel that I can not micced without the same Divine aid which sustain" 1 him, nn in t!ie same Almighty Being place my reliance for support. I hope you, iny frienls, will all pray that I may rcceive tint Divine assistance without which I cannot succeed, but with which suc cess is certain. A* ain bid you ail an af fectionate farewell. Loud applause*, and cries of "we will pray for you." During th speech Mr. Lincoln betrayed much em itiou, and the crowd was alfected to tears. Train left preei ely at 8. Somo 14 persons, in addition to those pre viou-ly ann)un?ed, a -rompanied Mr. Lin coln. Mi's. Lincoln rein tios in SpringUeld datil next week, and wil! meet Mr. Lincoln In New York. Da\ F.NiMitr, Tov»'a, Feb. 11.— Earn- \vs terd ay morning a large party of secessionists from Rock Tsland counfv, malo at, attack upon tt. Armstrong, which has not for some years been occupied by U. S. Troops, and raided the Palmetto flag, and fired cannon in honor of the event/ A few hours after wards a company frou this city marched to the fort, when the secessionists retreated leaving the cannon and stores. The fort is in possession of the Davenport military com panies, and the American flag was raised amidst the salvos ofartilleiy. Indianapoms, Feb. 11.—The firing of 34 Kuns announced the approaching train bear ing the President elect and party. The President was received and welcomed by Gov. O. P. Willard and escorted to a carriage drawn by four white horses. The procession formed a pageant seldom if over wit nessed here before. 1 he profession was composed of the mem bets of both Houses of the Legislature, pub lic officers, municipal authorities, military aad lire companies, citizens and strangers The President elect stood in his carriage, acknowledging the welcome. The proeas stoti upon reaching the Bates House, halted, and Mr. Lincoln was escorted to the baloonv, where he addressed his fellow citizens, he •aid He came h^re to thank them for' the support given by Indiana to a just and true cause. Coercion and invasion are terms much use now with temp and are but words. Lot us not misunderstand their meaning nor the meaning of those who use them. A Let us get their meaning from the men who deprecate the things they would repre sent by their use. What is the meaning of these words Would marching an army ?*nto South Carolina with hostile intent, be nvasion I think it would, and it would be coercion also if ihe South Carolinian* were forced to submit. But if the United States should in re!y hold and retake its own forts and collect the duties or withhold the mails when, they were habitually viola ted, would any or all these things be inva sion or coercion Do professional Union lovers, resolved to resist coercion, understand that such things on the part of the United States,would be coercion or invasion? If they do, their idea of preservation is exceed ingly thin and airy. In their view the Un ion, as a family relation, would seem to be no regular marriage, but a sort of free love arrangement to be maintained by personal attraction. In what consists the special sacredness of a State. I speak not of the position assigned to a State in the Union hv the Constitution, for that is the bond we all recognize. If a State or County possess equals in territory and inhabitants, in what as a matter of prin ciple is the State better than tho County Would an exchange of names be an exchange of right upon principle By what rightful principle may a State, being not n.ore than one fiftieth part of the nation in soil and population, break un the nation and then coerce the larger division of itsolf? What mysterious right to play tyrant is conferred on a district of country with its people by merely calling it a State V Mr. Lincoln in conclusion said he was not averting any thing, but asking questions for them to consider and decide hi their own minds what wns right and what was wronnr. Gov. Morgan being loudly called appeared and snoke in congratulatory tones to the gathering which was now immense. At 7 o clock this evening the members of the Legislature paid their respects to the President elect, who is now holding a recep tion at the Hates House. r. Lincoln and suite leave for Cincinnati *rrow mnrnihg at 10. o'clock. 1 dHifltfiMikttilfiai Washington, l'\b. !». -The President has approved and signed the $2 loan bill, which passed both house as originally reported, with amendments providing that the revenue from the loan authorized by the act of June, 18P0, or so much as was deem ed necessary, shall be applied to the re demption of Treasury Notes, is ued under the act of last December, aud for no othfiK purpose. OTTI a.m. 2:M p.m. MWA PRICE CURRENT. rLOl"It (wholesale) ... #2,lo@2,20 WIIKAT COliN fllKLl.KD CORN COItN MEAL ..... OATS It YE .... POTATOES pivn't (lit gr Air.v i.-.~,... C'OKFEEI.V,» ... ,, HIDES, dry... A. M. 2.JW P. M. SHINGLES LATH, It UTTER, *... AI'I'LkS, PEACHES I LEATUElt (Solo). Calf.... PURS—Mink. No.1 I'll IlEAYEtt S DEEK U »....'. lU'FFALO ROBES TIMOTHY V MISk-EY VINEGAR bM I'rospeclns for 1ft .... .... 20 80 ...... 80 20 00 .„... 8 ..... 18 & 20 L-. v 2,40 10 4* ... Ki-een ...» COTTOS YAKN1 22^ KAILS ihi '^TNE Ll'MBER, common, M..V,12 00 Manufacturing and Farming ludustry of the country Retrenchment and Reform in the administration of i Government a restoration, in short, ?h? trlier and purer d".v« ,f the ::-p iI• ii-. On .V' th•* -jaos tions, the Tribukk will ever bv fo.iiid -n canes' e'liam pion on the side of Freedom, Right, and Patriotism. Gkskrai. NEWS,- -Chicago is the Empo rlum of a large portion of jhe Nurih-west, aud by rea son of hei immense system of Railroads ami telegraph I lines, she has become a great news centre and we are confident that western readers can obtain their ear liest information of passing events from the columns of the (. hicago Thihi'Ni-:, which Is a lire newspaper that keeps fully up with the progress of the times, A good western paper is certainly better calculated to promote the intereetg of the West, than papers pub I lished 1000 miles away, which know little and care I less for wusteru interests, seiiliruouts and requlre I ments. i CoRf.KsroxnKNTi: —Durinnthe coming winter .'me of *he editors will correspond for the TKIIU'XK from \Va»h jngton, giving full and graphic report* of the proceed ings of an exciting session ,f Congress. i Another of the editors will attend at Springfi Id and keep the people fully posted en what will le .lone by the Illinois Legislature. Correspondents will be employed at the capitoU of Iowa, Minnesota, Wiscon sin and Indiana. 1 From other portions of the country, and from for e!gn lands, we derive our Intelligence* from the multl i fartoits ciu respoueenU of the Associated Pres», from an immense exchange list and the letters of numerous friends. AiiKKis.—The TRIBI xic lias achieved a high repu tation as a Commercial paper, and in this department it possesses the confidence and eujoys the p'Uroiiage of business inen to a high iletrree. Its market reports embrace every article »hat the farmer or dealer can expect tr. fmd quoted in a newspapi r, whether west ern, eastern or foreign markets. The Tk'biwr also discusses very fully, in its editorial and news columns, currency questions, Railroad, llank and State Stocks, agricultural products of America and Europe, and all other topics connected with the material Interests of I our country. i ACRICI'ltcrk.—During the coming vear we shall i pay particular attention to Farming matters. In each issue will appear a carefully prepared Agricultural article, containinga large amount of fresh and valua ble information pertaining to the rami and garden,— Interesting letters from Rural." and other Agricul tural and Horticultural writers will be published. No i western newspaper devotes so much space to reports of fairs, crops, live stock, improved implements aud i modes of culture, aud all other matters of Interest to the tillers of the soil. EnrcATioN.—The cause of Education will receive due attention in our columns. And the Literary and Miscellaneous matter will he prepared with a view to making the paper a welcome family visitor, combin ing the agreeable and useful. O Ih Four copies Tmk«8 or T*i-WKfc*LY— 10 Hear, 8 grade* 2ri 0i^40 00 «J 7i(34 76 400 v 1 5 10 TAI.LOW 9 It EESW AX ...7K 20 »•,..••••.. 10 Bo 1 j(i 11UM .v.. 7 40 J}!"!4, Hams .v.. CUirKENS QUAILS, ,|»( I) It I El) i*am .. 1,00 .... 85 12,V 'fit «'Oi»\ WILD OAT J:AT OTT 9^1.20 25(fr 1 no 20(?t40 20(f.2S *c. fXfrlS ...... 1 fi0^2 .Vi .... t»(fh7n 1.^,20 „... 6 009.1000 ....... $2@2,20 Vi K "25 5,00 nisi: %sr .s the i.iyl it, You may alnajg kno «lien your liver is out of •«tc!er, or when jou are what I* called bllllous, by any of the following symptoms pain In the Fide and back, difzines*, dull headache, a bad taste in the mouth In thcmornlog, sallow colored complexion,yellowish tint in the eye, costivoncs?, or diarrhoea of slimy dark color, low spirit and dismal forebodings. It Is ac knowledged by all physicians and others who have seen thei- effect, that JCDSOX'S MOUNTAIN HERB ITLL8 arc a perfect ?ure for all billlous affections.— So pleasantly ilo they search out and drive awny the seeds of disease, that ail persons living in a country where Fever and Ague.aud all other billious dfxeases are prevalent, will fmd they should never be without them. From two to four Pills each night on going to bed, will in a short time drive away the sickly yellow look of billious person*, and bring to their «liet'ka a beautiful glow of perfect health. i)ud nn'« Mountain Herb nils art (old by all Ue4l ClliIJ filers. [4Mm] CHICAGO TRIBUNE. Decoted to News, Comtneree, Politics, Agri culture, Education, Literature, Art and Science. 1861. PoliticaEm—The great political campaign of 1800 la i closed. The battle has been fought and won, and the eagles tf victory perch on the Republican banner*. Abhaham Ltscoi.s has been triumphantly elected Pres ident of the United States for four years fro in the 4th i of March, isiil. We are entering upon a year that will be memorable In the annals of American polit ics. The Kire-Eaters of the Cotton States have undertaken to bre-ik up the American Union. The people have decided ag-«inst I them at the ballot box. and thev refuse to submit to the verdict unless their demands shall be complied with, which are as follows: |)KM»XIIS or Ttrn Firk Evtkrb—1st. That the Free States shall pav tor ail fugitives fieri) labor alio may escape. 2d. That all State laws against, kidnapping shall be repelled. S!d. That Slavery shall he extended into all the Territories and protected by a Federal i Slave Code. 4th. That the Slave traflic shall be re opened in the District of Columbia. Mb. That s« law shall be passed granting the right to slaveholder* to I travel and sojourn in the Free States, accompanied I by their slaves. In case of non-compliance with these pro-slavery demands, the Fire-Eaters threaten to secede from the Union, and set. up a Southern Confederacy, re-open the African Slave Trade, and attempt to found a great slavehohling empire, by absorbing Mexico, Central America and the Islands of the Gulf. Such is the pro gramme of the Disunionists. i Jii this ciisis it behooves every sound patriot and friend of the 1'iiion and Cnnwtituticn to stand bv I Lincoln's Administration as the old Democrats stood i by Gen. Jackson when assailed by South Caroiina nul lifters. The free North must not he bullied nor fright ened by the arrogant oligarchy into a base surrender of its dearest rights and most cherished principles. Oiueii yi'KSTioxs.—And there are other importaut matters to come before the new Administration.— Among these are Free Homesteads for the Landleu I Improvements of Rivers and Harbors Consiru tion of a Railroad to the Pacific Encouragement of the short, the purpose I of the piiolisher* is, to make the Chicago Tkibcnk so Interesting and valuable that no well regulated west em family run ak»oki TO dk wiriiot IT. Now is the time to renew subscriptions and make up clubs for the new year. A little effort in any neigh borhood will procure a list of names. People can af ford to subscribe, as this is a year of abundance. Postage on the Chicago TKIHI hard as soft water. See what your neighbors say of H: G. E. Asptsw.w.t., ^Dear ,Sir: g(J 3xr. ,$ 1.50 5 00 Ten copies Twenty copies (and one to getter up of club) 20.00 TKRUS or D'.II.y—One year $7.00 —Six months 4.00 One year.* 4.M) —Six months 2.00 tW" Money In Registered Letters may be sent at our risk. Address TUI111NE, Chicago, 111. pyRoraback's Compound Chemical Waslilng and Toilet Soap Is no humbug, but the best, most easily made, and the cheapest of any now in use. Tlds Soap, though recently patented, has already attained I unprecedented popularity. It is used a* readily in i e o y i o a n ufacture Rorahack Compound Cheinloal Washing and Toilet Soap, which 1 obtained froui you, 1 regard as invalu.i.Me, Whatever other other patent inven tions may be, this one is no humbug. The ingredients or which this soap is Compounded are perfectly harm less and far from olothes being injured bv'its use, I believe five dollars a year will be saved in the usual I wear and tear which results f.0111 the use of other soap. The soap will eadilv remove French polish. Print er s Ink, lead paint, wheel grease, tar, Ac., from the ••ne»t fabrics, without itijui ing Ihem in the least— things which uo other snap, with which I am acquaint-' ed, will do. The Toilet Snap U tseful for shaving, washing hands, and everything e|-. f,, which toilet soap is I used. It is cheap, costia,' only four cents per pound, 1 lie heitptiess with which the Washing Soap Is' manufactured is, witlj me, an important Item. Fiftv pounds can be o,ade at a cost of only «7cents, anil as easily as you can makt a cup of coffee. The fact. too, that clothes can 'e *asil.v washed and washed, clean, iti hurii wljihur n .iter, is of great consider atiou to me. I would not he without a family right i for four times Its cost. W. W. JOHNSON. Family Rights, formerly sold fer fto, each, hut now for $5, or |8 o a Wi KB 68 o o O S3 d, P. 2 •SO ft 9 ELEPHANTS RAMPANT! T. J. DEVIN, Again East! NOVE.MIiEU STOCK arriving AT DEVIN'S Opposite IIaw!ey's, Front Street, Ottutawa. Casli and Lijjlit l?ro£Iits.' BARGAINS! BARGAINSII of every llescription Heavy Stoi k of NO, 1 rUlSTS. DELAINES, CUALL1S, HER AGES, DEBKGia Alpa«eaa MERINOS, VALENTIA Plaids, TKIM.MIN'iiS and XOTION8 of those CHEAP GINGHAMS— East Colore. LIXCOLXIIATS, DOUGLAS 0APS, BRKCKJSTRTD6E BOOTS, BELL RIBBONS, //ffrsn'.v: iatikvts, Wonderx in the way of OLOTHSCASSIMERE8, SATINETS, JEANS, CORDUROYS Fhn«. v nels COT I ONS Ac., for the MILLTOX. GROCERIES, nnnnctm„ Brands aiui lowest Prices. TEAS-LARGE STOCK— in the Country. C0FFEES, SODA. able nk is only half as much as on the New York or Eastern papers, TERMS OF THE WEEKLY TRIBUNE. Single Subscribers, In advance away. jl WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GOODS, Constantly airiving. Aug. y. x. DEVIN. Oskaloosa Nurseries. BBA ONE, A HALF MILE EAST OF TOWN aga —And the other— —ONE AND A HALF MILES NORTH. The undersigned having purchased Seever's Nur series east of town, anil a portion of Zimmeriuau'g, North of this place, hohl themselves in readiness to fill orders and supply the trade on liberal terms. EVERGREEN'S, SHRUBBERY Etr. EtCc. Of all kinds suited to this climate. Trees from TliaKK Ti KIVK v K a its "III each, and purchasers can have tlie j-ri vik-ire of ma king their selection. PYLE A DDQDALS. Oskaloosa, June 'il, 1^60 12-15-y ESTRAV NOTICE. i ri^AKEN up by Samuel Austin at his residence In Agency City, Wapello county, low. 1, on the I4th day of November, A. D. IStSo, one Bay Mare, supposed to he three years old past about li hands high, with a star in the forehead, the right hip knocked down, the left hind foot white nearly to the pastern joint, ««me uray hairs around the mot of the tail, b-ack mane and tail—appraised at fifty-live dollars, before Joseph Myers, Kfq., Justice, Ac. as-is-sia Joseph hayne, I'wtrtiy ^iotlro. fBlAKEN L'P hv John M. Pur.lor, at his residence In Pleasant township, Wapello county, Iowa, on the ImI. Ottcmwi, Aag»tl. 18M. day of August, ImIii, A- D. CULVER, AdJoluinK Richard'! three story Brick, Pront Street, OttumMra. JUST RECEIVED TUB LARGEST ASSORTMENT OF S O V E S Ertr brought to Ottumwa. THTC CITY TRADE: TIO MY FRIENDS AND CUSTOMERS I WOULD J| say, that nith special reference to tbnir want*, I have nupplU'd myself with a stock of Parlor, Box and other Stoves and wares in my line, which for cheap nes» and adaptation to the demand# of the season, have never been equalled in this market. N. 11. Do not fail to examine my store room and office Stoves before buyipjr. fifty TonsoM Iron wanted. Also old copper, brass, pewter, and raps, for which I will pa-, in stores and Unware, the highest market prices. Oct 18, 1800— ch82-12 A. 9. CUIVE*. THE ATLANTIC MONTHLY. COMMEXCEMXXTOF THE SE i'ES'TI VOL CJfE The Publishers of Ths Atlixttc Monthi.v have pleasure in announcing that the new volume, to com mence with the number for January, Mil, will con tain features ol remarkable interest and attractive ness. Among these, may be named A X«'\v !*«vol«»Iiy Mrs. If\rrirt Ociobei A .rVY.r.V7.V7V?.l TIO\ SIIOC0, IHREPHESSIBLE Beat aad cheapest SUGARS. PRUNES, CURRENTS, SOAPS, SPICES A c. two estraysof the following descriptioa, to-wit A bay mare, sup|msed to be thir teen years old, cap of rtL'ht bin knocked down aud •car 011 satiitt. Also, a brown tllly three years oid last Spring, ti.'th hind feet white to the pasture Joint, blase in Ihe lace aud scar on the right shoulder. The bay mare appraised at $45 brown lilley at •.*, before Joseph Myers, Esq., a Justice of the Peace of said county JOSEPH HAYNE, '.'7, l'fii»,-'.".)l-.':,.iii Comity Clerk. NEW BOOT & SHOE STOBE. OI-J-OSITK CA«XOLL House, OTTIJIWA, IOWA. THEGeneral undersigned has just received and openel out a Assortment of BOOT8 A SHOES, which h.- offers to the tiading publie at lirinu prices, at Wholesale or Retail, C!. UDELL, October IS, '(lu— H-3«,tf S HWING MACHIN158, 1.. OIIMiLI, A CO.'S 1 fer tit* washing soap, and #2 for the telle* an be had at the CotaiRB offic» GEO. I. ASPINWALL. ATK IMPIIOV DOI'BLE LOCK TtGHT Stitch, warranted to give as good satisfaction as the highest priced machine in market, I'nder feed—straight needle—sews from common spools, from 4to stitches to the Inch—Is nicely fin- ished, and will atitch, hem, fell, tuck, gather. coi aadi embroider. J. IMCI GIf, .*••" Jclober Oth, ch-30-oldl5-11 it i iT\nf vTC 11* s Asjiixc row 11 D« r# HARDWARE- Sellmg aad gmng suM:.rEr. .uirang EVENTS i •}+.y~ V :. K rtr.£lN A i A S E E o i U A i i I K S Uskcher Stowe, author of Uncle Toms Cabin," and "The Minister's Wooing." A \e»v \ovc»I—Ry Charlrs Rsade, autkov of Christie Johnstone," "Peg AVofSngton," etc. Kcw o ihor of Ntorlrv«rv Mi«s Harriet 1' The Amber Gods," and Sir Rohan's Ghost.' A ifsw Hnmaiiip By the author of "Ch-rles Aucliester," and "G ui!ter arts." Also. ContribntlonS hi nnd Poetry, by IT. nr y LonifM-nc. Xnthiiniij /fmrthnrnf. (Hirer Uulmett. .f.iTiies HuHxell tote,U. Ralph \Vitll Etymon. John O'. W/titlier. fiti/itri/ Tiijilor. K'1 triii /'. Whipple. Henry (iile*. & kivk cents a o Uit harti B. Kimball. Grorye S. Millard. Itoff Ttrrt/. Her. Or. B, Mm. Eanny Kttnble. '.'tarleu E. S'ofUm. Wirithrup Sargent. *T. W. MifUfintum. f. T. Trowbridge. aud other distin gulshed Htm. TERMS: Tiikkk Dii.hks per Asm m, or TwEnrv- NfMiiER. Upoii tlie recei It -.f thP sub­ scription price, the publishers will mail the work to my part of the Unite,! states, pre-paid. Subscriptions may begin with either the first, or any subsequ-nt number. The postage of the Atlantic is cents a year, if prepaid. Tiie pages of the Atlaxtic are stereotyped, atnl back numbers 11 be supplied. CLUIIIUNG A Booksellers and Newsmen will obtain the terms by the hundred, etc., upon application to the Publishers T1CKNOR A FIELD*, *185 Washington St., Boston. X£»¥ titMMtel SEW GOODST Just received from th. East at J. A. SCWORM'S GltOCEBY AIVit I'HO". IMO s i .'fltr Froat Street, Opposite the OtMita Hoiie. A I.AR'.E AND SCPERI'.R STOCK OF Groceries and Confectioneries, Frtiils &, !Viifs, Chcwinp !»nd Smoking ToUaecos, Ci^rs, AWD BLAL HAVANA TOBACCO, AT WHOLESALE & RETAIL,. Quecntware, l*ot$ and Shoes, All of which will be sold for Cash at the very Lowest Market Prices, Or erekangtd for Oowttry Produe*. W \NTrn"TfrPE?, for which wltUe paid the very highest market price in Cash.! i'.d examine goods and prices, iu Daum's brick Cpposite the Ol tutowa Ilous.-, Frotit-st. ST.xa7: co :r »:iK A K n o w u n n i n a a y o u o i s e n e o o s cm. Coaches, from Ottumwa to Bentr nspor', passing Ihrouu'h Drakesville, Blooruflcld, Troy, Stiingtown and Keosainpia, making sure connections with the Cars for Keokuk. Also a dai'.v line of Hacks from Ottumwa to Centre ville, connecting with a tri-weekly line from there to Corvdon, Leon, Decatur City, Mt. Ayr, Plattsvllle, .Clarinli, and through to Nebra ka City making Hinicktime and sure conuecfloiis at all poiuts along taiil lines. Passengers for Western Iowa, and Northern Missouri, will find it to their interest to take this route. Stage Office, corner Market A Front Streets. I Ottumwa, July 9th, ISM. A. C. PARKS, Ag't. CLAIM AGENCY AND General Intelligence Office. rr ,IIK un(le „,.ni vices to the pub ksti rn cureuieiit of Itorxrr Rkfkk Hill In- -eld at FIFTEEN CENTS would rcspectrully offer his ser hcli the purchase and sale of L\xns, Stocks, Uxi*s, »u,I io-^Rev, MokTAGts pro- I.asds ami Lash Patints, Pass­ ports to foreign countries. Pensions, Land Patents which have upon the discontinuance of the various local land offices in the Western States been returned to the General Land Office iu Washiu.-toii Citv. Pat ents secured for inventions. Caveats (lied, anil all bu siness before the Patent Office atttn.led to. in fact, will prosecute all kinds of Claims before the Executive Departments 01° the Government, the Court ofCUlne, and Congress. Persous wishing business transacted, Information or advice by letter, will please enclose a fee in order to insure a reply. C. P. CL'LVER. P. D. Ourlev, D. D., Washington city, I). C. Hon. A. It. Greenwood, Cum. Indian Af fairs, do Hon. a. A. Doug la U. S S.. Chicaifo. 111.: 0«t. 4,18«0-aul2-aui. OTTUMWA Male and Female Seminary. Rkv. J. M. McELROY, a M., Principal. Miss M.C. HALI.OWAY, .... Miss M. E. WILSON, Mrs.*. AMl,Un"' LIZZIE D. WOODWARD, Drawing and Prench. Hi -S. H. WOUCESTER, Oil Painting. O effort will be spared to render this Institution v worthy the continued confidence of the friends of education. Tuition, per term of ten weeks from fHto |S, accord ing to the branches studied. The next Term com weaces Tuesday, Oct. Sad, latkl. For further informa tion write for a circular, or apply to the Prlucipal in l'«r»on, pept. 27.'.'!)-12-ly. mi.l lM RY, HII.MM-UY I MRS. PARCELLhas just returned from the East with a large and well selected stock of Millinery Good-- ouni»:ing of Ribbons, Flowers, Feathers Head Dresses, and Velvet liibbons also Dark Straw' Bonnets in variety Silk and Velvet Bonnets, and a variety of other things too tedious to mention, for all of which she expects to tin.I a demand, as her selec tion was made in refei euce to the increasing popula tion a :d Improvements in the taste of the ladies o( Ottiiimva a id neighboring towns. Having the latest styles for dresses and cloaks, Mrs. P. intends to suit all who may favor her with a call. She iut.-nds keeping ou h^nd a supply of Furs and Corsets, l,ir ladies. 0»»l!-«!-13-U «-l2 ESTn AT NOTICE. FBI A KEN up by Juhn Iteed at his residence la Com p. tine Township, Wapello county Iowa, on Ihe loth .lav of December, lktln. two estrays, oue a Black Id.m r.dt, supposed to be two years old lust spring, and entirely tdaek, no other marks or hi amis per ceivable. The other a Sorrel horse Colt, supposed to he two years old last spring, bl ze in the forehead, some white on left forefoot, and right hind foot, wilh running sore on the left shoulder. The mare valued at $.'0, and the horse at #12, hefore Joseph Mvers a us, oe of the Peace. jHn hemb0T Maehhl 1 Ot'umwa, Jan. 16, «1~4M? Sm at the Col'ltlKR OFFICE* A FORCASH. IflWREKCE i CHAMBERS Opposite tfec Ottumwa House. QOO Fancy PrlnU at 10 £Knj\ngall Mots yw yard, over town at 12*• 300 jsr ««U- American PRIXTS, all stylsa m4 OR Piecn Heavy Cantoa FlMMMkb IMJf eeaU, regular price McenU. floods. enoluo imixon ar auacoai. Fancy Wool Plaids for LaAles Ml Children. Lmdie* Tr*9eU*g Drm Ootls. IlaaMoa aad Fsdle Lalaa, Debagw, Ac. Ladies Wool Hoods, Shawls, AND COMFORTS, «om STOCK or FLANNELS, SATINETTS, GASStMERES AND TWEEDS Are much lacgnr U»aa «e eTer offered before. 800 RltANGEM ENTS.—Subscribers to pay their own postage. Two copies for Five Dollars Five copies for Ten Dollars Eleven copies for Twentv liars. lbs. COTTON BATTING. 16 cases Men and Boys Boots L-irer then they fan b* bought eUealn-re. SO Bass RIO COFFEE* *24 Bbls SM.AKS. &O ln'gi X.llL^ CAXDY, TOBACCO, RAlSrXS, SOAP, CAMPLES, mnt ll, COTTON YABN At Wholesale. LIITREKE & CIIAMBimi, Ottuiawa, Oct.», l$6o. BANKING, EXCHANGE, -ANn- COLLECTION OFFICE, OP EDWARD .4. TE.TIPLE Sc. CO OTTUYWA, IOWA. Tnr rxDEitsifiM.n I I i Mil. JOSEPH HAYNE,d'k. •,th''*1—*-4 1 •*--Sm UIW^TI'VCi IX OI,OBS,BeaUyexe«Bte4 Tob Gla«« v v i .- inoved their Exchange office from Chariton, Iowa, to 'his point, and are prepared to transact any buoiuca* pertaining to hanWinir, Exchange or Collec tions, which may be entrusted to us, feeling contldent that our past practical experience often years in Southern Iowa, »ill enable us to lendersatisfactiou to our patrons. We sell SIGHT DRAFTS OX XKW YORK, and other eastern points. In sums to suit purchasers and cau also furnish Exchange on EfWLAND, IRELAND AND SCOTLAND, AND ON GERM ANY, FRANCE, SWEDEN. DENMARK, AND ALL OTHER COUNTRIES OF EUHOPK, a* well as collect money,inIierltaucesfav4reVT'aCh* er claim in foieign counties. We receive Deposits ami issue Certificates which bear interest only by special agreement. *'OIjI.Kt"l"II -,iN. made pavahle at ouroftice, will be remitted f„r, curreM rates of Exchange and those maturing at other points, will bo collected and remitted, less exchange and expense of collection.— We will also pay attention to securing andcollecting dou'utful debts. Parties holding ucun nl Money, ^Drafts, er- iflcati'H of Depositc, or Bils of Exchange, Payabe AT SIGHT OR ON TIME, In any placeman have them Cashed by caliiugat rur office. TAXES,—We have correspondents in nearljr every county Iu Southern Iowa, andean pay taxes for non-residents aud others, for a reasonable com mission. Money for taxes always required iu advance and all orders should be sent us by 1st of January. LAN*]) WAUIiAXTS. We wlli at all times pay cash for Laud Warrants, and wjll also attend to the locatiou of theiu, or the entry with cash, of Government lands, in IOWA, KANSAS, OK M.BUASKA. ,We have ample asrangemeiitsforth- selection ofde sirable lands in tho Territories, for individuals or for Colonies. I. .V\DV—We can furnish emigrants and others with first rate Farms, Iu the central counties of thly State, or with unimproved land in this and the south ern tier of counties, for Cash. They can be had as "cheap as dirt." TOWX LOTS. We have over two hundred town lots in Chariton. Osceola, Afton and Mount »yr,all good count v Towns, three of which are on the line of the Burii'ngtou A Missouri R. R. I!. To parties desiriug resideuce or bu.-iiifsslots, iu any of these poiuts, wewill ifivegood bargains. Parties at a distance, desiring Information as to the property offered, are requested to correspond with us. AMothers* ill please call at our oitice, on Market St. two doors from Front St., Ottumu a, lo»a. CBW'O A. TL.nPLL A CO. 0«t»bert, lt6i)-u20—iw. AKS| EE*S UrOTICK. Notice Is hereby siven, that Smith A Neely ofEddy vllle. In the county of Wapello, State of Iowa, have as signed to mcall there property, real and personal,for the payment of their debts and their credit ors must pre s-nt their claims, under oa'h or affirmation to me, at my office, in the city of E ld.vville, county of Wapello, State of Iowa, within three months from the date heie of Dated this daref Oetober, I8«u. No. 84-12-6-w. R. W. BOTB, A»t«*«*. ©per*, EATING HOUSE. 61JIP Jk KBO., Proprietor*. front Street, first door East of Puuiroy's Drug Store, OT'rrnw.i, ion t, MEtl.S served at all hours. %$jy FRESHOYSTERS iu »|,e Shell or Can, served iu aU styles. Private parlies suiplicd with refreshm-nts or Sup [Nov. '$0 tf n short notice. CITV PROPRRTl FOlt SALE, Private resident** en Second Street, near comer of Marion, for sale at a bargain, and partly on time. Possession given lmsaeUiatelv. inquire at till-Office „r J.muttry *25, 00. kstbay \otick. "P by G. A. McDowell, on the MU Iuaf November, 'f l(i mm K W S O K O FALL AND WINTER BQ0DS, DIRECT FROM TUB CAST. tS receiving and NOW OPENING Aim! i eomplrte limrtiwot of ^vervthinp rfipptftip wai ls of Iri'tlfi lnate or faimMwtn tils iin^ of ,ra'!p,,om(ri«iii£r in I a largf and fashionable stock of Y O O S AND lotloMf, Clotli* & Cawtiinem, Hals, Caps, Boots and Shoes. part Of etery I'tri*y. nnl Quality FOREIGN AND DOMKSTIC rIN(iIIAMS liesides a great variety of k'-jn -MC.N, WUMKV, A.M. "li cutlm r. I ami Nail*. BwiLVr* in Goods. s .liri's att examination of sr-od^ and prices and v ill take pleasure in showing yoti ilirooMU whether jou tny or not. c. c. April 12 lf-flfl. A K U I A E A O i Y TTfE undersign would respectnlly »«iitlt the at tention ofthc public to the facilities which lie now possess for manufacturing CARRIAGES A WAG ONS.'if every description, af'cr the improved styles, as good as can be obtained East, and apousat isfact.»ry tei tus. Those »-shing to purchase wilt please rail and ex amine my stock. K3f~RepairiAg promptly attendedto. --•v.s blast, with increased facilities furnish seasonab': meats a 1. klnb at all re isona!fa Hours, at the lo« est livio.'rates. Tallow, Lard. Sausages, and every thlngn-lalh kept in a Cit v irket for sale. The hi ah est market price i n ca-b |aid for Pat Stock C*A" r.r V. :,oU?-,!c and Retail. Tcruix Invariably Ca^h. \&r Those'iaving unsettled accounts.or notes due,: will please call and pay up. J. W. BROWN, Ottumwa, Feb. I Ot h, 1 nV.i.—4S PLOW r.AKIMi FW^IIEsubscr.ner respectfully informs hisfriendsand tb» put lie generrJly, that he manufactures all, «inds of p'ows, and is prepared to supply the Farmers of Wapello ro. with an article unsurpassedin material and workmanship. Blacksmithing in all its variou* branches, horse shoeing, ox-shoe!np, and jobbing of all kinds. (Sfiteraeinber the place, the Lower Steam Mill. rna 4x'-isggsii C, ..a Warden,4o^i^iven, STATIOXP. Ilurliogtvn, Middietown, Dauvllle, New Loudon, Mi. Pleasan',, Checauqua, (il-idale, Fairfield, Whitfield, hat a via. Agency Citr, Ottam* a, 1 rrtrioKi. Ottumwa, Agency CU/, 1 a« foi'ow= Plain, Blwk and Favt •"1150its, Broad CLtb, Satinells TICK!*, SHIRTINGS, STRIPES, CORDUROTf, JEAXS, DEXXIXS, DRILLS, BLRACni'D A (OtUIO nULIR^ I N S If'B A CTfj 1 *«l Aff«iiiniufl»lioii do do do 2.46 U 3d ciul."!H:N, Which could not be enutneiated in an advertisement i __ like this. The only way to appreciate the extent, Woril jr I arrives at Bur. i.1fl%Jp variety, and cheapness of his stock will be to call: 2d Acromd'ii lo lo do 2.00p|li and look through for yourselves. 1 am also receiving 3 j- y a well selected stock of FAMILY GROCERIES, such as Tea. Coffee. Sugar, Rice, Dried Fruit, 8«da,! tbwoaghfaret at Chicago "REMICK.ICE&, i'erial nnd Iioii^f fiirni-hinp gootis. And has art ettiire ?tnck i completi* in «''pr\tliinsj that would ootnpri«p a stock for'.lie times ah.! for this vicinity, all of whirh be is anxious to dispose of for tn« nadv piy. or to approveil cuatomern. All 'kinds of Country produce taken in pay for waroek. O W A A. KALDU lil. Ottumwa, Mar. lst,1^59-ri*-*ur OGDLN & COl P.s to .Monil'-o'ii'l' k 11it-1 m: rorwarcinit and bomissioa MERCHANTS AND Otj'nordl "Frcicrht NEAR THE RAILROAD DKPOY, OTTl'WW.4 IOWA. jy Liberal Cash advances made on Produce fur Shipment. 11-^S tf. City Meat 32ai Uot. Front St. I door» east Carroll House. OTTUMWA, IOWA.] TIIEsuhscriber, grateful for I past favors, would say to the _•v pulilic that his market, open- t. el nearly five years ago, is stiii in m" AARON MYERS. Ottumwa,Feb. 11th.l-W-nSft-v INSI' IIA N 'K. NEW EN8LAN0 as i m.uli.n:-: INSDRANCE COMPANY V HARTFORD CMARTF?FD CAPITALS 5®001 -CASH CAPITAL.$200,000.^ —C 'UilL :i have Suriiiiis. .7^, (7/.V JL i /.'*Y:-|. 1 Fuft. \t. \.f\j OP" Policies Issued on as favorable terms as bv ... 1 son River Kallroad any otlu rolveut Coiujiauy, A. A. STi'\RT, Agt., SPECIAL S0TICE! HOU L3.\Sl'RAXCU CO.TI IM V! 09 New York. Cash Capital, 1,000,009! Asset ts, 1st Jaauary, 1S60,.. Liabilities, .- 1)j:-i. "BARTFOUO F1UE w N0RKIS i»h residence In Keokuk Tp. ««p^l,o couflty. Ion a. One White Cow with a roan neck and red ears. Marked with two s*all forks in the right ear. and two split* and a hole in the left ear Supposed to be four years old last Spring, waraiaed at fI5 50, before L. Rupe, Fs,, 1 rtwttl, ... CIPIT1L, PklP IM SCKri.t S, OVItU v The reputatloB a«t«UM hvtM, fiany JOSEPH HAYNE, Cl'k. Ot'u-awa, Dee. I9th, '.tu |.» |o 4,,, iyts.we id. l-'.RSO 41' *AWrt*, CH UtLKS A. F. WILLVARTH, Vice President, J. JltLTox SMITH,Secretary. H|1HIS well known and reliable Company having' I establisbrd an Agency at Ottumwa, Wapello cou' ty and vicinity, are prepared ti losi^re Ston-s, 'nl uthor Buildings, MERCHANDIZE and FrillTCUE. igalnst ur.ftiw titfr by FIRE, on terms as favorable as the nature of the risks, and the real security of the insured, aud of' the company *, tU warran*. i This company Is managed hv most of wh.ou are known to the" Merchant wJa,dy.tS ders of this community, andwhoiie names are a guar- Xfn *7 ,,U'lU,,SS WU be DWELLINGS and FARM PROPERTY Iic 81 )1 Jn ftt.^AtklMOU Den^t Jl Mired for pertuds ul 1 tiitEk w FIVE yeara I K«v. f»,'il).Jm at fair rates. /. ei a.ul {irimiptly juxiti.' Applications ra««Ife4 aa4 policies issued without KD.VIl'ND L. JOY, ,k|^rch29 ft-1 My. Ag#»t. INSI ILIME COIPANX »»F 11 VRTFORD, CONN, IHCOIPtlK ATED) A. », O. CIURTER PERPETUAlC hjf RAILROADS. Burjin^tou Ac .TJiwoiirl H. iiA«i: or time. AFTER NOT. and until furthc«.»«^ I'MSenger \ralno will IMTt arrive as follows OOIIT» WEST! A CCOM N oa A Ttot. •»itu. f.|tj m,leave. 11.00 a m,leax» tfi* 11. S.I4 11.4T 3 44 I'i.os 4H1 1Z.41 5.nT 1 (19 t8» A IS l.f# T.nw T.80 S.X9 8 2 8 2 II.-'U rnlve. II.-'U rnlve. S.H) arrive. OOIira EAST s *CCOMMOBATIOX 4.4U a. iu. leave. 6.11 Batavla, ,* W hit field, Fairfield, (iletiilsle. Cliecnuqua, Mt. I'leasant, ., New London, Danville. ..... 1 Middietown, I BnrHnjfton. tp •xraar*. 11 00 a. u. le»v« livtw H».4« H.o7 11.24 I' 1J .15 aa, MS 1*9 K.4I l.t'S I -27 1.0# 'J.lo arrlv f.S« IlM 10.14 11,«0 arrive. Nov. '.'9 '60.mM J. G. READ, Tlee Prus't and Sup't. Chicago, Burlington & Quincf, DEPARTURES: lal .Horuius Piisvitgcr ka Hur. 7 li a.f 5 vt ui|lir do do ARRIVALS: ,j„ ,Jo do 7.15 p.O The above trains make close, connections with tItA. i B. A M. It. R. at Iturlington, and with all the O. A Q.R.H piTTMU Rt I'OIIT W A Y N E A CHICAGO RAILROAD Now completed, and cars run from Chicago to burg without change, connecting with Ihe GREAT PENNSYLVANIA CENTRAL RAILROAD To New York, Philadelphia. Baltimore Slid Washing t«'n City, and alit'ie interior towns of I'eiinsjl vat la, New Jtrsy, New York, Maryland, Ao. Merchants by taking this route will a v e the beueQk of all the eastern markets at no additional cost. Haggagt checked ihicugh. Trains leave the, corner MadNon and Canal streets, west side, t.. Ue Uail on arrival «f trains fit,1.. ihe wc-t. eocnecting at Crestline with Cleveland sM Lake Shore Railroad to Dunkirk, Buffalo, ilalltl New York ids. AIM »l»t agara Kails, New York and boston Interior towns o! Nc» Kugh.nd ia Central ami New York A Erie Railr South to Columbus. Zanesville, ,\»»ark, Mt Vi-rniiii, Sttuhenville. W heeling, aud intciio^ tows of Ohio aud irginia. The nbove trains connect at E»re*t with tr»lnt on Mad River Road to ^priugOeld, Urbana, Dayton atid Clnci imti. Also, wiib trains at Liiua for Dayton aud Cincinnati, direct. FARE AS LOW AS BY ANY OTIIER ROUTE'. Passengers bound esit will nd this route boti^ and agreeable, passing tbreutr 111 anv of tb4 largest and fineil cities in the United States. Passengers arriving in Chicago on any of the roaida will tiud attcnlivt'check ageuts at the depots to I ceive checks and convev t,aggage free Qfc^arge t«IM' ritisliurg apd Chicago cars. Ph e|.tng cars ac -omi any eacl, train. Tickets for sale at all the principal Ticket OfficesT^" the U"e»t, and ::t the Cotvpanv'i Office, dortior of iOs dolph and D.-uilorn streets, onposlte the Revere 1 llouec. or at the Depot, u est »io"c, coriiir of Canal d|ka YatrBuren street#, Chicago. Be particular to ask for tickets V»v r?rt Wayne. 1:. K. PATRICK, Ticket Agetot, j-w i Freiglit of all kinds wl'! he carried from Chicago t». TO MERClIANlii AND f* 91 A 1 1 Tn«? Pittsin.rtr, Kurt iivne ami Cliiri«fr« Kailrttii O .Through Freight, property cau now h.: si, ipped by tHp SIIIITES. Hue between Chicago", l'hiial l| York and Bosion, with promjitne i a. Baltimore, •s and despatch Contracts can be iui!e at the following places: No. '1 Aster House, New York. JU. 1 S. W illialll St., do so. Battery |dace, do Jfo. 77 Washington st., Boston, No. Dock st., Philadelphia. Depot, North street, Baltimore, Depot. Ch tries street, West Side, near Van lta*C( street bridge, Chicago. Mark packages via P., Ft. Wavne C. R. R. for further information apply to AS. \Y. t'SSON, Freiglit Ag't Cblcaga. J. J, HoisTo.s, Gru'l Fieiiilil Aircut Cliicaaak Clticage, Mar. 18, im BXPSBS8. FAssrxcrn RfilTE. -VIA- New York Central, Great Western, And connectiug Coads to and from IOWA, AND ALL T11E WIST, the Roatlft forming tbU old ami reliable route frvm the Seaboard and ihe West, bare organised* FAST FREIGHT MSB! Giving perfect reliability and greatly increased dh-patch to Freight—the trains forming the Line. East and West, run with the same regularity, making as sure counectiou at the terminus ot each Road as Through Passenger Trains. —CLOSE COXXECTIOXS MADE-* With Express Freight Trains on all roads *liverg]|||j^ from Chicago, and Western Shippers can te|^ apon having their goods receive utmost despatch. Duriinj the Sfi»"/ of Xitcigafioi*, the Kir* 4 Marlue risk on must kinds of merchandise shipped j- via Steam or Sail Vessels, amounts in many caaea la More than the difference between rail or watar fates of freight, besides the difference of time, at Vtll eseen by the following comparative statement insurauceMTtd bj trading goods all the way bf rait road 8en er Pt-r Ottumwa and vicinity. I RD'sH^O V Yalue pef 100 lbs. Dry good (gn'l ast'm't) Books and Stationery (com'n) Gen*1 stock groceries (except Rcef'tii),ii('ri# Am't Ics. sav. per 100 lbs, at Jgferct. p*t. 60 CeM« 64 U.Q4 Fucars and coffee*,) i'O.Oil Buots Jt Shoes i^av'gf val.) Drugirists'AGrnoers' cHv Ms'tin't44.iX) Hats, caps A furs vgenl as'tm't) Mi.inl Hardware tshclfg»ode gen ly) S6.00 15 as 83 *.W- tr Pj/outplh/ and Fairly A fjnst6 Mark Packages, •'Fast Exgress Line, via G. W. R.w IN NEW YOliK Deliver goods at ll«4k Dcjiot, o. Mai rt n st., or at Canal st. Depot. 1 1A 1 •'eliver goods at Boston xtti Worcester Kailroad DepS and mark as abov e. E:»t« ai .l boonil freight of every description willVa' forward. .! at I .west .-iirretit rate.., and iffr. r.i W, s-«tn RoaiW, should be consigned to "A. W A 1.1.1Nl! FORD Chicago,"ur"«REAT E^TKKN KAILHA Y. DttnlC". For the transportati. u of Live Stock to Buffalo, Al bany, New oi-k an I Bo-loii. this route is unenuallied for spt-etl, stock cars. Sleeping cars tor Drov ers, ujft4 spacious and coaveni-tu ards for stock, walipx II# uiott lt*slrabte roide for Shippi-rs. Through bills of Lading given, and kMlvnationr paid, at any of the ctmpatiy's offices. V O.J. URVIn'.ES, Managing Director G. W. :.m llton. Jl Llt S MOVII S, tienl Agt. Buffalo. THOft. liEl.L, Gcni Fi "t A_'t. Hamilton. W. .1. SPICEU Art Detroit. E. P. HE U'll, Agt o :t Broa Iwar. N Y O. KIMBALL, Agt Jl Slate sU, Boston A. V* Al l,l\UI41llJ, \Ve*t ere Cor. Lake aii'l lKiiit» i*n oi a. Tremont Hovte Merch '.'9, 1 CIIICAtSa hit* nn an the List fifty years, by an honorable course in the transaction of iu business, aud the pro.upt and liberal settlement of Lo«»e*. together with the character of years old next siiring, star in th the securl'ies composing it* Assets, entitle the Coin- to the utmost confidence of the public, a* afford ng reliable Insurance against loss or tmal-e ty fire E. li. STILES. Airert, N»»v. «t, !a3d-1,?*,• 1 t-y ^KtaMtatg^§^HVg^. ————^—ea^ EMPI.01HEXT, ^•^HE UNDtRSItiNED are desirous of securing the 9 services of a few \ou t|en tu engage in a Travelling Agency, upon a salary of FORTY DOLLARS FER Mo.VTM, iv live Imslne. This is an opportunity seldom s Mercharid* and ^r** I *D'L ,0 "r'"J rit tt!'' a J«|.i ohation of S")0t a,I'",.,on ''ilrly and r^rurU," r^ ^rttculi^^ c»n U'r'U MTRA* '^CTIfE, Taken up y Jefferson C. T'avis, at his rcsideuce te Highland Town-hip, Wapello t'omitv low. «n tha' 1st, day of December, ls«t. one Bav Mare of Ihe lowing description to wit One Bay Mare supposa* tie five years •.!•!. Mack mane ami lall, black fegl, pot in ihe forehead,no other mark* or brauda perceivable, and appraised to be worth fhrty-f|««' dollars before i. C. Whipple, a Justice of the P.-ju-e of said County. JOSEPH ATNF, Cterk By Goldsmith, Deputy. #l,»nn,i).«i.' IfcMMKU. v nc ..|j ESTHAY .\OTICE. y K i u a o o e v a e i a k a k ydu.lrg 1,'p. Wapello County. Ioa"f on ih?% lay of Decei'itur,1^1, one Sor. el Mare of the foIlvw., Ing description, to wit: One sorrel mare about th*ee years old next s( in the f*ce. «n1 a whhi" .tripe from her no-tri up to near her eve. sorrel ma&a and tail, left hind foot white, and the other hind r«M Striped. Said mare »|»|.raised to be worth forty fl»* dollars 1. fore A. A. Dou-jlas. F-u. it

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