Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier, March 27, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier dated March 27, 1861 Page 2
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A if :4 ••v J* •VJ ,.| I -i jj 1$ I 4| A V ii, Mi |P"W—- VL^ittiuUJvi Vi »i l«u I THE OFFICIAL- CITY PAPER. JT. \V. Editor. (VrTuM W A. IOWA, Marci. *i7, ISO 1. Fault Fin«ll«i$ Democrat*. Up to the 4th of lat March, the Democratic paity was in pow?r, and :idm nitered the givernment upon democratic principle. The last adminij-tration came n with a surplus of $20,000,0^0 in the treasury, and the coun try" united and peaceable. Well, when And yet in full view of dition of tho country on the 4th day of March, the unblushing nlfiontery to blame Lincoln for not instantly restoring the corn try to peace, order, and prO«poiify, in tfie ppacc of threes short weeks. "Why don't he re capture the forts, s-mpress rebellion gen erally, and put down his ot firmly? Administration tS find out, in ihe firt glacis, the extent of tha damage, fraud, and lreason of the late administration. It is no "1friflin task, more than threo weeks' work, separate the loyal servant* of the Repuh- i 1 worked and combined to de-troy it. It is no trifling job to determine, in the first place, ,t Now the fact is, these faaft fihders are good deiil more anxious to have Lincoln fail 4l than to have hint sucked msavmcrthc coun- One of two Coarse*. iXn itvu niuiuMiiy __ ,. they went out the other dav, the treasury was nt otdf cmntr, bnt'thc com t-v w*k i i de't gome ¥75,000,000 seven State* were in re bellion against the government the ar^enaN an 1 fortifications in one half of th" Confed eracy were in possession of rebels the navy \Ttts scattered over the ocean, and "the army quartered i:i small detachment-' in dbtnnt •nd isolated posts. Thj la-t Congress as ex pired when Lincoln fam« in, and will.out pissing any law conf rrinj» power upon the ne-.v administration to Mi treason and rebellion. theie fkcts these democrats, who are responsible for the con­ say they. And yet, inthe same br?ath, they cry out against coersion, an express a holy hi«rror of civil war, into which all along they have professed to brieve tbat Lincoln would plunge the country. Now we have ju«t #th?s to «ty to these find rs. It is no trifling task fr Lin- su?Ses'i°n- mnn!,Sc1 b-v i e 5' wh W they do about the preservation of the Union. "Pon If thev did not they would not be so un- !K'rlt.v» vAi-nntti.iA nvr«D^ i,A rcaorabie to exfect tne racaiity of four would give the new administration time to develop and carry out such a policy ns thc exigency of the country demands. They we uld do more than this, if they were pat- %«appreciate thc motive which prompts evacuation would take plaC9 Wed^«fey to a distrust of ths sincereity of tho traitors 'as'* at tha South, and a desin to give them op- portunity and time to see the wickedness and to-day. *wy •w* Wor. muni -rnw n -wrcrTr^ xn irn are c^ntroled by leaders. There is no cvi- Dacotah, and H. Winter Davi-S dence that thes leaders,whr. have enginceretl Ruca *. this raoTOmcm th,. anion to public sentiment: on the contrary, ,. that Ins sutiplws are givmt out. the facts all prove that they ore sustained Z. —:•!. ,ti i they win join them. Hence, tbeir cry against, coersion ed«e the independence of the Southern Con federacy. Thc former course demands an extra aessian of Congress, and the latter a National Convention. Eilher is bad, but desporkte ?aso re-pfua desperate remedies. Leavixo»—Wc as be 1 .. are informed by an intel­ ligent gentleman who has livod in tho in terior of Missouri three years last past, and who left thei'e for this city where he now re aides, some six weeks apo, that owinp to the unsettled condition of tint State, thousands of families of northern origin are leaving for Iowa, Illinois, and other fnu S'ates, where, a* a general thin», the families ari left and the men return to look after th»ir prop erty, and settle up their affairs. He says that thirty fan» lies from one locality have moved into the single county of Van Burcn. in tb:s State. Our informant represents al most a reign of terror preva'lin^ through­ out -Missouri, outside of St. Louis. Northern men, especially Republican.*, are everywhere proscribed, and notified by notices on their doors to leave, and nutnerous cases are known to liirn where parties have disappjuivl, and aro supposed to have been murdered. If such is thc condition of .\Ii-s.»ui i, what must the slate of things further Soutl1? Lieut. Slommer, the commandant Pickens, Florida, the son of the veteran Adutii 6leuuner of Norri-town, Mot.tgomery county. Pa., for many years the editor of thc oIl Norristown Iieji*ter, and whose brother is cow holding an otiice in one of the depart ments, writes word* of h«p«ii I cheer *o his flriends that he will be abie to tuaiiiiaiu him self agam&t the embattled •ountry. eneoUes of lus The U. S. Army Register for 1S61 has Ijeen issued. It gives the total enlisted r^a of tha a *ray at .17,^0— a^reg e lti |_2. There ara 193 companies 'Jud ^ur.jt wj-imcatr who penU uj on the W iHvidents of .-eo-rap' i«.~l p-iti»n r«.»li ads OP anything else Urt their own energy and F', 3 tial benefit, from her pork House, her Mills, estate of speculatinic timex, cannot be main tained any longer, and if we want to rent and m!1 our lots, wc must conform to the times. Beasonable prices will bring, while exorbitant piiccs will repel population. As a general thing, prices are low with us, but Again, if w e expect people to coin here to trade, we must insure easy, safe and cheap means of access to tha city. We must have a bridzvand in the mean time, such faeili- ities of ferrying tiiat the expense will not e e a e o e s o u s i e o e i v e i spen1 U,tir i hnve the bcst stea'n y wc phan 4, ...... to us country.- on a war steamer dispatched for th" purpose Colonel Barbour, Superintendent of Ilar The date of the above is^the 21th The Senate-was 4 that a candi.l s®rvey of the whol.-» ground person in Virginia, for the va"ant Supremo |at will convinca any one that all expectations Judgeship. A me-sengsr bad been dis of the salvation of the Union, eUh^r through patched to confer with Mr. Summers on ^voluntary return of the seceded States,or the snbjecf. (Probably non. Geo. W. Stim a quarrel among tho conspirators, or a Un:on mers, of Charleston, Western Virginia. He demonstration down there, is destined ulti- is relative of S. W. Summers Esq of thi.s mately to be be disappointed. Slave soe'ety city, an able jurist and a strong Uniwn man. i-i peculiar. The masses are ignorant. There —Ed. C.) is no freedom of spc ch or the pres*. They Leib hag bepn to in oppo- ^^1* ift-ant =v La over. enterprise, will be-fJ'snppoioted in a majority p0will call -d up his resolution for of instances. We lwwc no hesitation in say- paying clcfUs of committees of this sen-ion ing thatOttumwaxlerivcs more real, substan- l',e anywliere, and let only the induce- authority of this anrl that section menly bv London. monts bi held forth and we can have these '•"'i'4 ir p^*ceful means «ill suffice. .. w i .This the settled purposeifhe Understood branches and many other#, that might be (.f of ,, The Commercial's Washington «lispatch It w.Il bj well early attention to this pr fi!8 am0n? ,w We mAU in ,he Sta,r' jni^ The Cedar a lev Times savs with romarAa1 le unanimity, and we believe i Green or that city, and formerlv tney will besnstamed. and tliFthavin?placed o ,, ,. s 1 n u 1 1 u e s o e S u e e o u o i s S a e tneir necK.s in the halter, havini emba-ked .. i js upon tr e sea of revolution, thev never an to come back to their aiTegianc? to t'10 Fed eral authority again if they can h'-In ft. If. this is so, delay in asserting the authority of "P01^' th3 Federal Government is dangerous, and I only serves to strengthen the rebellion, and hu.-h' lsof gra'n. The new charter of CHicago is defeated by iver 2000 trajori v. .00 conciliation will only have the effect of bring ing the nation in'o contempt and ridicule. Those who put th?ir trust in the border Slave States count without the:r hosts. They arc on?y performing the part of holding back tho north until their brethren, in scces riondom complete their preparation*, when "fx al out removing to hicaga, to pmctice Law. An extra session of Congress been Th«-re is now stored in Chicago, 4,'200,000 Waldo II. .Johnson is elected- 'enator for M's-onri, in place of James S Green, whose term lias expired. Peace, ran pake for are ,h(se W a w1l° The Washington correspondent of the Philadelphia Prest says th new Senator of Arkansas, Colonel Mitchell, the successor of the Hon. It. W. Johnson, took his seat on ihvj 4th of March. He i a warm friend tf the Union and called upon the President a few days ago t'» ur^e a pacific policy. He was warmly received and kindly treated. In one of thc \Vah ngtou churches last Sunday, a ptetty occurrence took place.— After service, a young man who entries the collecting platej as usual, jjut his hand into his vest pocket, to p!acc tipcn it a piece of money before starting to collect. IJo drop face, -Will you marry m*r filled to reco^niz the authorit at Wtf.h 1 i.i^ion,' q**Mp» ». v.\ i£ -JO:* A J.. isiunoton, e Mr. Douglas' resclution came up. Mr. layaid.concluded his speech. Howe, of Wis., opposed Douglas'' resolu tion bocai'se wholly unnecessary, and was not convinced of the wisdom i giving to that ciintrv the intellitrerce which it de manded. We ive now n Administration, with it h*s been procla'ttK"! an earnest de j-irf nrwl fixe purpose to maintain the an- raw material, for manufacturing fts cheaply ihority of th.» Uhi'.ed S'a4er, and not the Wilson, of Illinois, Secretary of Legation to here ,wasA(1„ h( uaim d. pose w hicli inandeil the besr energies of Another h'ng. Owners of rei I'3-tate mu^t 1 ren.enilwr that the rents and pr cos of real S^nitor from 1 still it will be well bear in mind, tbat if it would only be approved bv a portion of wo can get goo«l citizens to settle among us, and improve ovw lots by selling for a tiifle less than wc have been in the habit of asking, n*e shall be gliners in the long run. lL In the meantiinejWe^oan wty to readers' Mr. Seward Ins written a letter t.* the abroad, that they will find this market fully supplied with goods in every department of^..^ if trade, and that pr'ce, at wholesale or retail, the reconvuendation of a National Conven will bo found satisfactory. We havo tho tion. u i i i e s o k o u s e i n S a e o w n e a n e o v e n e n a s e e i v e n i o i o n Tc from the traitors, who, while nourished] «. ,, of a plot to revolutionize California and Ore by the bounty of the nation, traitorously WMlthv 3,1,1 cnterP^sm8 m?nv flml ... I our wagon and plow makers, and other n»e- «-f the Britis'i Government to refer the Sai* U,r WBS to be pro\ tded. ,v. .. was submitted bv the President t» ths en We have a good start. o only want ch.„ic,%re,l,.ing»thrivins business, t^e (ioven.m™, I more of tho same soit. Let our citivens go i,eC:1 ,» to work and see w it can bo done in this out coiv lusion. Senator Nesmitli opposes •rtr TKrt lit i .k -direction. Our railroads connect us with .'he propo-itioi», bein«, to a.ia to try. They care a good deal more about the: any pi in involvin the posibiHty of giving destruction of the Republican the east the south and. the weSt. If we rely the,n n,mic to brin* u years to be rectified in C.ur weeks. They |thc railroads will be a source of prosperity 1.. u trada ani otherwise they will do us no good. Tho Wow. of Congre-s. riots, instead of mere partisans, they would Major Anderson. He wis takingnn inven- ol patents, cannot he confirmed, the C.»m «nito and co-operate heartily with th, Re- tory. He would exercise his own judgment "1,0 HiV wme '^n^eiXre ^prob publican, tho only Union party new-in the as to method of leaving. lie would leave The latest news from Fort Sumter la thatj Acco ding to present indications, the the orHer to evacuate had been received by nom nation be withdrawn. The to adjourn Wednesday, .'in rmnrw iliamil^ t" iWm atr aiLU^JUJipn: There hn,1^^atby delay, conciliati and a reaction at tho South, the rebellion of concession is reganle 1 at the South as evi- 1 unknown dence of weakness on the part of the Federal Government, and that every day isstrcngth cninj the Southern Confederaey. At any rate, while the South is arminz and constantly, systematically, preparing cut our throats, would it not be sf matter of or dinary prudence to prepare to defend our selves If the rebel Southron should ma»-ch his 50,000 men to subjugate the notth, would it not be well to be prepared t« give them a hospitable welcome? ped, as lie supposed, a quarter on the p'at •. is a mistake. Antb rsi n was in daily ex nee and, without looking at it, pissed aiutind ition of receiving ordi-ra to evacuate Fort among t!io co.-,greoation. In.ste.dol .silver 1 ."••••nil* .1 l_'» March 22 :—Senate.—Mr. o1^'IV'' risoutin to ut-Arms, D#i r.keeper,a»vi. Ai*»istttiit. K usual com pens»lion sixty da\it ». it u »f ii Mr Tiuuabull-oi no-ed it, considering it htr mechanics, and her enti'iprisiny mer- Metier bo* in here. chants, than frctn her several railroads, and The resolution was rejected. what* we want' row tn ift?ure our future growth and prosperty, is more the ^nme instrumentalities, particularly n»anufacttirie». We must manuO'.cturc more. A glass facto rv, foundry?, furhituri?, agriculfurd Inif-li ments, woolen and cetton factories, w uld all dowsll here. We have the coal and tlie ail(, was. ne,ded) i, (tion. 0| th \Vas it n« ta pur everv one? It s'emed to him that th" ,n tftrenem'es of hi- country. IIN, (Hf»we's) paitv, hail done nothing to creatf the fever ish apiireh 'nsions nlludcl to by the Senitor from Miiviis. They had no purpose to trample on the ri :lrts of any individual in ianv po'tion of tKe country. i He objected to D^ujilas' proposition to .-.mend th Constitution on th 4 ground that thepeoph\ while a Constitution. t» be satis factorv imist reeeiv the asj«enbof tho whole I country. Weh*ve soch a Gonstii ulion now per's Ferry Aruieiy,. tendered, hp waigoa Later rivedat Qu en-town on the loth. Tlie-Canada has nearlv —why would not the people be satisfied with nvdi: Joseph O. Putnam o Havre Free U? He gave way to Ex -euiive Session. man IT Morse, Consul to London Joseph H. Anderson, of Ohio, Consul to Hamburg 'W:iK!fiiif(fou Fran-is 11. Moody, Receiver of public Mon _K«w YoitK, Mareh'22.—The P»st's ey at Little Rock Li-utnant HortehufT, ington correspondent says that the Secre'arv Assistant Adjutant General, with rank of Navy has dccided to advertise for an Can'ain eight million loan. The A rag i brought $110 000 in specie. Schajtzhtebe,nappointed Marshal, vie Rvnders. Southern Commissioner* reviewing the en tire trrounds of tnisund rstandinir «ith a,lHn« harmony, and closing with gon. impl cating Gen. Johnston and other i WAsmsr.w*,.March 23.^-1 be proposition ftt), Tliennttei:W l. un(kMstood (!e»a ... ... Pws" Republican Senators in caucus to day If«*c offer resolved to supet-'de th-present Servant- /vf sufHcient \m\accMapnts to-C(yrti here to Uft'le, at-Atoih and A^istant 01 Kt-epur by a new election. I hey will lctcn Chud[(ht* 4 to-monw moroin- hey"will"dtftcrmiM"on"''the i k-vow moroinir of Iloltow ably ^77,000 Liverpool, «th.-All iva^qniet at Warsaw."- Tt is strtti'd that the number of persons kill ed there was 53. The hlocknd" of tlie ci'a del of Mcs ina is ollieially proclaimed, and hostilities had co.mmeneed. On the Palis Bourse rent* are fi?f ^Oc. London, nth.—American S'curities—Illi nois Central shares 2Sjfc-27 discount Erie New York Central shares 71. The Serre'nrv of tho Treasury lias adver tised for Ir The Southern Conrni.«iRi n"rs received ad vices to-day that affair• lot ki more peace able and that a collision was almost impos sible. Mi*ssrs. Masoji arid Hunter have gone to Virginia to urg. j'tim-diate secession, The Pres'dent's levee was crowded ^|i Foreign Ministers were in attendancv.,'. The evidenre in the Armstron"1 Court-' martial case indicates th.f there was sUfli cieiit ,rce to defend tfie N.-ITV Yard at tlu* I time tbe surrender.—(Tribune. Mr Rtynond, of the Tim s, will be Con sn! to Paris. Mr. Farmer has been appointed Minister to Equador. Washington, March 2^.—Thi Charleston Courier of the 21st, receivi'd here, sav* that the asfcrtion that the term pf.service of 2ii of \l.ij »r Anderson's nun had ncaily expired, Sumter- t, i 1 ... i however, he had HI advertently placed a con r,iiuved, versat ion lozenge in the centre of the plate, gun carriages. He stated that the Fort and nil were ::stonished at seeing the Jo*, would be t^iven up to th South Carolina enge with the words staring thefti In the It is tlie Post Oilic-* Depart- jlickflls nient that the Postmaster* in the Seceding Slates have received secret instructions Washburn, of Minneapolis, ftir Surveyor from th'j revolution try govern i.e 1 ft (Jenei al, Judge Goodrich for Surveyor of the Montgomery, to continue their old oIDcial le- Port of St. Paul, and Charles Nichcla for latioa-f tlie present. Only a few South Postmaster of St. Paul. b'.i:olinaa id Alabama oillcials have thus fa- he supply of provisions and fuel vere nearly exhauated. If he is not speed lv he wilt b? co.nnell to burn so,,,',- examination f.y amh-Titiied a"'1 U,K'V. thu .. 1 ol. Day h's had a 1'ng interview with bov. aml un- Keauiegard. Minnesota Appi.*tmknts.—Willhw ft 1 Th itn re ion avoided. «te»«ively prevails, that Zl?'* an extra ion ol Congress -cannot be '.xi't^Kive Ajipoiiitiiieiiti. WA^UM.TON ic-t-lrct a Ser- Xlau.h 21. Mr. Calloway has been re appointed Surgeon at the Ma rine Hospital Paducah, K.y. The Senate has confirmed Wm. H. Carter, of Ohi'S Second Liyuienant in the Mariue. r:s. Cornelius P. Bueks, Marshal for Minneso ta. Joseph Lock wood, popt-master at Milwau kee, Wisconsin. W. Leavenworth, Commissioner under the Convention with New Grenada Charles W. Davis, of Maryland. Secretary tt the-Commissioners. Calvin Hudson, of New York Commis sioner under the Convention with Costa Rica. Charles Tlowe, Collector at Key West. Sir nil 1 Long, Consul to Li llaina. Tbe Pf s:d'nt has nominated Chwrlts L. Win. S. Pennington, of New York, Sec retary of Legation at Paris. John T. Ed^ar, of Tennessee, Consul jat St. Thomas. Th N' -w York city appointments are un der considerations Francis Morco his hc n removed from- an imp Mtant e'erkship in the State partment, and R. S. Chilton promoted to fill the vacan tf- Johrt.S. Smith, of New- York, htw been appehited-to supply the post vacated by the hi'ter. The Senate confirmed J. W. Nye as Gov ernor of Ntivadn Rnfus Klnsr, Minister to tlome Bradford R. Wood, Minister to Dninark Ansm B.«rlingi»ne, Minister to Austra Amos Cro-by, Minister, to Guatfr The fo'lowing Postmrg'ers were confirm ed: Warren Ifiintinjrton, Galena, Edward C. David. Dtibuquiv F..Abrahams Burlinsr'nn. To^rft. Sidney V n Dan taKt, PtHsbufg. David G. Rose Marsl al for Indian*. Wr^j. II F. Gur ev, At'orn\v f'»r Iowa. Geo. A. Nourse, Attorney Mitincsv Alex. C. Sand«, HawIhI for the Southern District of Ohio Herb Tt Hoxic. Marshal for Tewa. The following nominations were made for the Territory of Colorado Wm. Gilpin. Governor. to have e I in th Executive Session with- tiec. S. Newton Pettis of Penn.. and C.' E. J|r mans were made ns«o"iit«* .Tndges. Oop'land Townsend. Marsh 1. Wm. L. Houghton of chigan^ Attor ncv. Francis M. Case of O'vo, Surveyor* fJen. Marsh E. Dunnell of Maine, Consul fit- Vera Cruz. foshua K. (biddings of Ohio was notnin* te1 for iy, as Coinini-sion r"n^ul er^ 1 America. Thos. Gorwin. Iia.ving wi i^tration c.rcle, ruative to an extra st^ion this manner, with a Parson ISi-oivntow l^idonei LiiieoliiS Aildre«i. author, and marks out the cours to pursue. iV Jofe 1 inTtpede. I The Bank of Hor11,nd was n fu-in tu Militarv f« roes hid to-day teken po-se.-gion I" It was rep u ted that Prince Napoleon wa Special to tlie IVew Y rk li'ajx'iM. ... xt v %. .... civil war. tic shall have no war unless it I0™',, u- ^.f ^'V^^eibe forced upon them bv th reckless wadqet specials Nib the Ua-hingtoi, lb-,aid Th Adoi'iiisir all on will re-nlv to the !V of tho U'osn's 'or the eijrbt wiillion loan, to-dav. which will bear six pi cnt interest. navaMe semi-annually, to he reimbursed in "20 years from the 1st of Janua j- last. No offer will be receivrd for any fiaet:on "fa thousand, or considered unless ono p-r cent um be deposited, subject to the orders of ihe Secretary. Proposals will be veceived up to noon tbe 2d of April. Carl S hnrz's nomination for Minister to Port rjral was sent in to day. ,nau al ei U of Su tua make spe, i, pavm-Ms on Hon.fs "®, ,_lap |'l enie Cm,rf V f,' T® ay frnnh.—fTnoxcille Whuj. lo.vinr aull wuie definition of the term fnun 1st is any man wlio does not love Slavery fo. its own sake, as a divine institution who does not worsh it as thc coruer-toi.e ol civil liberty who does not adore it as the only pos-ible social cond tion en wliich a pei"'iianent republican government can be erected and who does not, in his utmost soul, desire to see it extended and perpetua ed over the whole earth, a* a means of hu man reformation second in dignity, imports aneeand saciedness al ne to thcYhrisiian religion. He who daes not lovo African S'avery with this lovo ig an Abolitionist."— Tribune. HEAVY KOBBI:KV O\ HO A HO TIIK HENRV CLAV.—Mr.

mor"^*' p,KMn- Wliut MiaII be (tone for a II HO. [From the N. Y. Errnlnf Po*t There are seme d'Hiculties attending thc collection of the itVvMtue in thu Seceding States which it willjbu Well to look at atten tively. That either thc revenue fmta duties must bo collected in the ports of the rebel States, or the ports must bo closed to impositions from abroad, is generally admitted. I neither of these things be done, our revenue laws are substantially repealed the sources wliich sup ily our trea-nry will be dried up we shall have no money to carry on the govern ment the nation will become banki npt bo fore the next crop of corn is ripe. There will be nt-thing to furni-h means of frnvis I,. Wells. S^erotarv. would meet with no obstacles, or interrup Bi'njamin F. Hall of New York, Chiefjus 11'0"- or disconragement. Tlicic i-i nti (U-ti'iininatiin i7tlw Admin- I --linatlon ww conflmcd SinisU-r to.! thert ninsl lie a naval officer and l,U«l»ir.,f spoclllcnt...n ami dra-.v.„g and it i» i trfttion erel^s relative to an extra session Mexico. entry clerks. If we collect til revenue in fartlni p.o\ided, that an\ magistiate belore We crowd out much matter in type, to shall get. make room for the Inaugural Address he intends House officers. "We have a carg-i, they e novo perused it with care,, will naturally say, "on which we do not1 i STEAMUB Frederick Long of New llyston, Illinois. wa robbe I of $:i.oOD Thurs day afternoon while tlie bout was lying at the ltvee in this city. Mr. Long had'taken pas saga on the! oat for St. Louis to lay in Ohio He depo-ited the carp-t sack in his ho l0 a Cl rfl1 {U s uk s w lho Mia,,ev tha Hon. Stephen E lawyer, and for many year* a ju lge of thc Supreme Court Maine, who resides at Paris Hill, a romantic villages, and thoslme town of Oxford county. Sl\e is the second wife of Mr. Ilamlin, and a younger sifter of his first wife. She has been married for some four or five years, and is the mother of a charming boy. She i of medium hi^ht, possessing a fine form and figure, with au buru hair, a clear, fair complexion, expres sive eyes, and a voice at one-' mild, musical and sweet. Her kind heart, amiable dispo sitiou, and frank, genial manner, won for her ut home the choicest liiind.ship, and w ill in. sure her in the federal metropolis that res? pect and admiration which the best qualities of the female character are ever sure to com 111.uid. How the C' tton States can tW c^ft^nnot be collected and the oollecto, "1!1 a,(i 1,0 lres s as (,ne ofi s,"l k.",d,we hftTe 8Scn I ll i of the sum required. tt MV411V A Itt lt9 W/i Aotn 1 iinx.i I 1 1 rm not P,,z/-k'(1 to know whether to let t\i Proceed to her port or to detain her. W,« h«PP«a ^ratnlate tliosn p„t^ where weliavenocustorni, There U g,» del of anxlo in Bop„h. lie. circles wnocmi,,- o—-1 0 0n o* to e subsist­ ence to the army nothing keep our navy afloat roth ng to pay the salaries of tlu\ public officers the present order cf things must come to a dead stop. Allow railroad iron to be entered at Savanah with the dirty of ten per cent, which is all the Southern Confederacy think of laying on imported goods, and not an ounce iroro would he im ported at New York the railways world be supplied from the Southern ports! Let cot ton goods, let woolen fabrics, let the vari ous manufactures of iron and steel, be entered freely at-Galveston, at thc great port at the mouth of the Mississippi, at Mobde, at Sa vannah and at Charleston, and thpy would be immediately sent up the rivers and car ried on the railways to the remotest parts of the Union. Nay, they wou'd be sent directly from th. se ports by sea to Baltimore, Phila delphia. New York and Boston. Shopkeepers would be supplied with their silks and laces from the saim quarter. Tho shoj shops would be furnished with the:r a-sortments from the French stalls, and the hatters' shops would be filled with the work of French art isans which havo ne\'d a penny to the sioverninent. When thesei and othyr kinds i merchandise wire ones in the country, there would no way to prevent their free circulation and siri*. it* every part of the lln'ted Slates. The mighty Mississippi apd its great tributaries, the ions railways reach ing fiom one extremity of the Union to anthoi-i/.ation from t.'onsre-s, will have the other, thc active fleet of merehant vessel e o y e i n o u o a s i n a e w o u a i ly cnvey the untaxed merchandise t- thc To protect thj interests of tho federal treasury something must he done. The gen eral expectation seems* to he that the dwi -s will he collected or board of arme 1 ve.-s ls at the ports of entry in the seceding States. Are our readers aware what a Heft this would fleet most distant neighborhoods of our great Original Patents for all improvements. The domain. The government, without special Fee upon the filing of an app'icition for a rc- i no power t» create a lijie of custom house along up n th* fil'tm of a caveat will be $10, winch will not hereafter be considered a the North Carolina anil Tennessee fr-mtien, or to cover the Arkansas bonier with stations of revenue officers to intercept tlu contra bandists. The whole country would be giyen up. to an immense system of smuggling i which, on near two thousand, miles of coast, at require There are seven collection dis- on the tiling of every application for an I SEWING tricts in the little State of Florida alone extension, $"t) and 111 case the Patent be i are lour in Alabama. At everv noit i extended, an additional Fee of §"0 but h?' there must be a collector, with his army of Potent hereafter granted nill be extended j'sntrb North appraisers, clerks, examiners, inspectors^ It is farther provided, th tt at least ten ttie every port a corps of custom house officers on board, i of the But can the revenue be thus collected in-K-hted to know that there arei.nprfrt- ^-"jpwance andj uy: hoa-es at this, moment pieparin to rke n-erv.itism. It i peace loving and con- advantage of this opening for an unenrura- sett in sap and shorten his life. goods. His money was in his irpet sack t^iuo in gold, the balance in Missouri and n defines (reason firc °n U,B ?-ncryt a di.Uingui-had T0"1 Vesels' hh strength During the excitin debate in thc United States Senate, recently, Senator Andr-w Johnson of Tennessee, declared, in answer I ',nd ^d the door. "After Mipperlto Jo. Lane of Oregon: "The Constitution °n® °f tr,»co ,.r i^ 1 fo When lie returned the state y.»oni door was government of the United States, I Mr. Buchanan is lying seriously ill at open, and the money gone. No due lias yet or ai(lino been discovered to tite robbery -Hawk-Eye. who make war upon the Government and induced by tho excessive political excite Mrs. llannTbal Hauibn is th daug'iter of! fln'1 that all who desire peace think that Mr. Lin coln's Inaugural mean peace, whilst all who thirst for war think it means war, and itlu- trates tho case by reference to the young lady and tho clergyman, who were looking to 'ther th-ing'i a telescope toward the moon. "Ob," exclaimed tho young lady, "don't you see tho-e tw» lovers in the moon V'1 "No. intlee I," ..aid the preacher, "they aro two church steeple#,** New Oht.eass, vessels oil i'ensacol i or Ticket [fortWftu* of cc^tlscatioiJ**""f Hifi' The Patent Liuv. In view of the vast ii-.teie.-t involved in Patints, wc fed it encund cnt upon us to give our raiders a synop-i-. of the New P.U WM I^xw'passerby the latJ Se-s'on of Con gress, and'which l.^s already gone in'o ope ration. 1 his Law provide- that all Patents hereafter granted, exaupt f«»'' Designs, sha 1 run lor seventeen eais, anil that the Fee payable to the Government on the filing the appl cation for such Putvnt, shall be $15 and $21 additional when the Patent passes for issu ', if the applieation_be allowed, but if not Allowed there will be no further Fe required. pending, an'i mi apo.i. .-.^..0^ i11H,iovt(l All which fe ,: ad all apnlicationn which shall made complete W ltllin two years tlie tim^ of tiliiv shall be considered abnn- cause, lie shown to tha Commissioners for udl This Law also provides tbat Patents may be granted fr any new and original design in manufactures—printing, has relief, in alto or hasxo relievo, orr.anient, or n w style of stove plates, picture fiames, all new iihdhawn weighers, gangers, inpasnjers, and s 1 th i copies of 1 very Patent shall be printed—both Coder feed—straight needle—??*3 from comm«» from 4to S9»titche8 to the iricli—ii nicely flu- and hotn depositions are taken, to he us-d in any it will cost uj a great deal more than all we missioner of Patents, shall have power ta new President, knowing thc interest U in The importers ariiving in the Southern har seeing it, ns it avows th sentiments of tbe bors, will know how to address the Custom i important Law, for which synopsis we are Hon nets in varici.v silk ami Velvet Bonnet«, and to Messrs !tent 1 forms of articles ol plass, chityt or earthcrnware also, pictures, prints, paintings nnd artistie designs of every possible description, and no persniv can use or, pattern after tho same without the consent of the inventor. It nl-o provides that any new form of manu fact lire ma: be patented, merchants and druggista oan obtain oatcnt« upon their trade marks and labels, which they attach to their goods. Prntersmay secure new de signs type. &c. bookbinders, new styles of binding or dt'sijus C^r covers mechanics, for any new articlo of tool, pattern or plan, used in any trade or profession, any new w»pe:to form or style of gates, tenccs, posts, cornices, i Jo Tlie Fees bein* for contested ca«e pendtnsr before the Coin- issue process to compel the attendance of Ti/rp.s. Broadnax A Lawyers and Solicitors, asrnngion, tion was (r orgia is related by the Charleston correg. pi ndent of the V. Y Tribune. It cccured in thc town or rather the vi lage, of which I havo already sp ken, only four wrecks ago .at heme my imformapt dared not speak of it, and he has no correspondent id ... Wl'nt" ,vi v President s |on"«t, truth'"u 1 man. the Departments. Until Wed- from his memory, Te Smtheni Literary Meissen ger. a respect-1 nesday mornin-r, he had not "even taken a I ,a ith,- n,tiiinw,r u- in.... able Hiclimo: i.l Marine: ^\n \Abobii,m-j ride for recreation. JVom flveTlck in"hJ _S1me .°.n0. morning until mits himself of the thousan his life and the sr own selfish c®erness for olfioc. This course of action can have but ono result. It has The Commercial editor of the N. Y. Jnde killed two good Presid?nfs,'and will inevita- pendent, whose opininsare worth something hly deprive the country of another, if it is says—1"Mr. Lincoin's Addres-s is the wi.-ost not changed. A false delicacy prevent* his State paper issued to thi American people friends making proper representations toj*'necthe Declaration of Independence."— Mr. Lincoln on this subject, and tho danger! thinks its effect on thebusines alfairs of is that his profound and unselfish anxiety to the country cannot bo otherwise lh«Q -b^na see everybody, and giva no body any ground filial. to complain of injustice, will p".CJnl,Jr aPP,,oA fixed star, not here. Tho Washington correspondent of the Philidelphia Press, says it is known that Hon. Alexander II. St-phens, th relnc'ant Vl0i' PresM,mt of pPu"°" lC?S thc a P-' be an act of levying war 1 w111 shovv w'cre APT.—The ho ever those who do. Show those Wheatland, from a nervous affection super- y°u t,ai'|^l»as President I would have all sach arrested, and if tried and convicted, by the Eternal God I would have them hung J" lately experienced." The Louisville Journal observes total amount of duties collected by the United States Government during thc year ending Jan. 30, 186\ was $54,000,000 against $ P.),OOK.OOO during the year pre ceding, and $:)U,ooo,oiX datn^ Iho year ending Jan 1858. Wiofall.—Ibis 4 March 22 —It under­ stood that the Confederate Commissioners will tii.t leave for Kurope until the :Mst By pr »\isi.»n «if tii n. Brag-, dl ves-cls nre prohibited troni t'urnUhtiig -ujipiics to war vessels oil Pensacol i or Pickens, under a I nevei yet CoLLLC'TiO Ol Villi liLVli.MB. It IS raid that the Attoiney-Guiera', Mr. Bates, has giv -II the opinion to President Lincoln, that i he rever.u cannot be colectod, except Jin*, dir the law of 180'J, which rendtr- it ncc essary for collectors to s:de within thiir resp* ctive districts nnd theiefore it will b« impossible to execute the laws with proprie ty, even wi rc it otl.ciwLc feasible, in vessel# outsi'le of th ports. —www MB—uiwiju—) Now Advertisements. k Farm of 160 acres Wanted. N fl 0111 in iiurlli.«t.ii THE issue, will hereafter be $-t\ and the Fee ''*c5ive portion of the Patent Fee. This Law also abolis' es the disci inrnating Foes against all foreigners whose respectiv. governments, give our citizens the same privilege ihey do their own, thus allowing English, Belgian, A.u-trian, French, liussian and Spanish, and indeed, all ot .er foreigners hut Canadians,' to take Patents upon the same terms as our own citizens. extt)t in cases ofdesiens, trade 'u oruniinpi-ovul Pi-o,,wt* ram, of ice acr,for Which ana anlm- some cash will l.e exchriujrnt. A given 10 any one having such ...^ •, difiinn or. Kmiuiru at tl»u C'liCUJtR Uinci. doned, and will bo so treated unless good. Man-h uT, its6t. NEB LEY & UEBSTA0TER, WOOLK3AI.S AM) BLTAIL O O I E 8 AND MERCHANT TAlLOItfe Xo. 21 .Mfor^on sirecl. N- xt door to State I! ink. BttTlinjiOBi UII, •^•BT)L,'I.U,re«i)fctfiilly john m. nnuounce lo tlu-ir March 20,1S9P. state of lo** County, tiiomas wit mouldings, tables, chairs, or any other article of furniture also, railings, bani rs, doors. &c &c., for the terms ot threo an I one-half, .. yoii ami the 8all plalniiir, and tliat unions you nnpeur seven and_liftTn years, aaithe applicant mar thereto an i «rore noon of the ^econa J,.y of desire three and a ha'f I year-s, ?10 for seven years, $15 for fifteen year«, $30. This Law also abolishes so much of the thirteenth Section.of the Act of July 4'h. 1SW. as uutlioriz/'s the Commiss^nor to issue a kinl of snpplem -ntal Tatcnt for ad dition i1 improvements or inventions already "ranted, making it necessary to take out pntron* ami puiilii- tliat I hoy hive Just ricclred lar^'c and wc-ll sek rf e.l jtock of l'Irl hing ami KLraltk also i l.i«ge tini-iit of CLOTHS, CAS5I"EHES AND VEETINGf. W^i(•h wilt bo gold al the LoweM Cash Price. Also, A)(eiit for Singkm's Skwixo by mall promptly to. ," sbilt. a. uustxana, BY Mr—Too art beret? notMMb that there U now on Die In the office of the Clerk' of the liltstrk Court of rniil county, the petition of Lucy Wlinley plaiiiliiT,))r:i\ ing saM Court for lecree di* eolvin^,' tile bonds or uiiili imr.ny IH..T existing betwetn re noon of the »econ'd the next term of the lit.trict Court of said county", to commence 27th .May, Istil, (icfault wiil be ct.tered against you and Julgmen» and decree according pra.\ er of petitioner. A. lt AltHIS, March 27, lfe01-4ir. Att'y for Piaiatiff. NOTICE TO BUILDKRS. undyr.-i^iied will receive il.»n» and propoaila mil il lull day cf April next, frotu builder*, to furnUh tlie an 1 put a stiin^le ro« on the Jail buiiiiing in he cit v Oi tur.nva. fc'aid oof to of thc best rnati rial, and put 011 in such manner as will best protect the builtlirfj au aiirwtr lit* pur posts of a roof. Thejo'» to be couipRted by tl« frit ext. The party performing the con his pay in County Ordcr«. Uepoatl* jour bids pealed) with L. K. (iray. i s oi a rooi day of June- ni By ordor of the Uo ard of btr.erviBOM, BED K County shall he paid to thi Government upon the jM '61—44^12-Cni^ filing of every appeal to th.j Commissioner, 11INSEV,1 SD'.VKI.I,, I iMGIIT, March 27.16614* C01 SCARLETT'S EAGLE CORN AND COB MILL,. PATHSTrD Jr.v 2!), 1SS3. THIS ,l TOOK T1IR F1UST PRKMW*' ir in Ht .« jl„ tember 1 bT.3^ it the Iowa Statu Fair In October, lull! KS, p-liurn^ mZC, laoU, u^tr. the tuifMilJ and the first pvftului* Tliis Law also provides that a Fee of $20 every ,llt' ^^ues )it the Illinois Statu Fair in IbiS at the Wi«cou- Knir, fair rhcre fe»- exhibited. embroider. j. Asren l, Oauukura, I«»a. MACHINE^ l. CORNELL & CO.'S I7IPKOVI DOCULK I.0 D0CliLE L0Cg T,QUt' Stitcli, warranted to give a? good tatiitactifl*• priccdmaciiinc in mrtrket. and Agent for the above UacfctM,. Ottnmwa, II, '*1 —46-12 flm. V, ?ULLnEltY! pakcell tins witnesses as in other Ju liei il proceedLigs. Jr** "a large »"d well selected yiocic of Millinery rn ji i i* a. e .i ooij.-istiug of Kibhons, Plower^, Feather#. P- I ri)CSC nre tie pimoi^'il foriturort of tni-i Presses, and V'-lvet llihhon^ also Dark just returned from the Catt Straw variety nf other tilings too tedious to nientlmi, fop all Gray, oflvhiwX ^ectsfo find a demand, made •f petitioner. March ft, ISftMw So ithern Confedei-acy, Presi',il,t Lincoln's Inaugural M*:it^ 'State unclean and uncavory personage showed his true character the other day. Senator Wilson courteously of fered t» introduce him to IV Lincoln "\Vhat do you charge?" sftyg Wigfall. •'Nothing," says Wilson. went paying at least Parson Bronlo.v to oj a beast without a quaitwp, tend to," said and 1 never in­ Wigfall. llu I'readent bus reason to congratulate bimseli tliat lie esc iped coming contact with such an individual. w ai Tennessee. itliaiTi'irl ts to bo Gavcrn Ua would make tha r~ ste^it,n w he s aur ol respondent savs: man. Iiis rem.-nnes were lnnni diately petin«ner char-en yon with wiiifni ubantfortbfnt cf V* selec in refeience to the increasing pnpuia- connection with the R-iilioailf,helween i:nr:5 l)es Moines,-comiusuciug ilU th« opeui. ,X nail gallon. A. II It It." ye,.«,'ft. p* J. M4RTi*.r tffal Jr«tlce. i- MarUia SI. font*, i rroxi u v.9. DiB,rIct Court #f. Wajtllo tHMr. John W. Kouts. Iowa. To John W. Knuts—Sir: You are herehy notified tbat the petition of Martha M. Font* Is now on file In ll.a office of the Clerk of tlie Itlftrii Court of Wapetla county, Iowa, paying miM court for a ile ree of pl vorce nir:iitisi you fully anl com !ete!y ilismlrlnf tta* boinU or iii.-itriiii111y no-.v existing between you and »ail |e itioner, ami also iiskin^' for tlie cuttolly of th« man, Infant chili! of petitioner, tl n(iiua SI. k'ont.«. And for '1 tr i of ilivorc" iid peiitlrintr ihai( es tiiat von havo I«COJIII udiUctetl to habitual drunkennr-BJ tinc» as V tnarry^e witJi siiil lieliti'»ner. Now unlets yol appear on or lu-fore noon of Ihe grcond day of th* II ne\t- term ot tlie District Court of iiaiil conntv, antl cround, i ""•'ft* de'ence to oaid petit ion, default *i!| be take-i beeiuuc addicted' to h:ihitua'l' «lrut Wet,net.'.' At»o !"».»• .f. the *pace of twr orln-foip noon of ... Court, to be beld W tlie-sed it, and l.stil, III paid Oiu.ty and imike 1* John \V. Smith i county, Iowa. T? John Smith—Sir: you are hereby notified thai ^'o^oV.'he °t Cleric tf ihe District Court WapeM* to M- cure th* payment if ttirre notes amountltip to tirrlv* humlreil iliill itji, .-Hill that said U"W* are fiil'y paid, and that .von hive .-t.lf to ent.-r s^tinf^otinn of said niort^atru on the r«rord sai petitioner a-k» for decree that JHtinfactSiiti l»e entered of record, and that thf title nf [n titioiiar on said real estate he qu'ettd in Itiin fr.-e fro.n all i-laiun under mid mortgage.— Noiv iinli'si vmi aitpear mi or In-fure noon of tlie »ce otid day o'tlie next term of the district t.urt ofial.l comity, »o he htvuii an.I held on ih«- ^7th itav of May. ISlil, in (aid rount.v, default ivill be taken njr'atn^t you and a decree rendcro'l thereon aocordin^ to prayer WILMAMS HAMILTOJt, Att'ys for Peti«a«h Leiptl IVnliro. To James W. Kickttt. ni A. ltk-kett. Richard p. jr. Itk-kett, XV A. Ititkett, Betsey A. kaiie, formerly lietne.v A. Itiekett, 1\ il,e.v ti. ane, 1 ushaml of ih« iaid lietsey. Samuel Ii. M. Uicketl, Johr. A. I kkcH n-id Marv A. Itlckett: You and each ol you are hereby notified that liter# l« tioir pending before the County Court of W apello eountv. Intra, it prtition ofjohn C'. Jtihiison and Sam uel Dorr, Adiuiiii-trators of the e.late of Jutm If. Klckelt, dec.'d a»kittp -aid Court for an order to tell for Ihe purpose of pax incite JeUta of taitl estate, the following reaientate, lo-wlt: The soulli-tvest quarter of pcction thirty-five, town »nip seventy-three, r-npe thirteen a1«o the eat half ofthe sout't-ea-t quarter of section thirty-four, an4 the southeast quarter of the nortli-ea-1 quarter cf •ertinn Ihirtv-four, and the soutli-ue»t quarter fthe *otith-tve.«I uirl.-r of netlir.n tirentvcever., nil In towii-Jt?p seventy-three, range ttiiitee'n, all In Wapello comity, Iowa. And you are further notified thnt by an order «f •aid court, the petition in «h! I cause viH be heard al thc April Term of paid court in the year KtvhjMn hundred »tnl alxtv-one. when you ran appear '|M show ci*u»« why (aid petition fhuil not le pr nitedL- JOHN I! .t0IIN0.v"l i SAML KI# Admr's of ihe estate of JOIT.N* It. UICKEtT. decV. March*, IsjOI-Ow E-eital Ktilicc. To JACOB MOOBF—Sir Yog «r« hereby not'fled that there will be on file In the office oftta* Clerk'nf the Dintricl I'oui of Wapello comity, Iowa, on or tie* fore the lot day of April next, th-.'] elitlon of Mar# E Moore, claiii.inu a dccriftf yf ilivoi crntent from you and tlie care -f lur tiiiiu.r daughter, Kinity, (citing forth a wilful al»eiire on your part. Now unlms you appear and detetxl .-aid petition ou or before liorn rf the feeond day of the next term of *h!,| Toi rt, wliich Coiiuuei.cei its stfsion J|„ v 27lh, ls51.jutl|:nit i ylj] be rendered iiKain.-t »ou, and a d»cree he et tireif ao Cording lo ti.e prayer miid petition. i llKNDKUmOTT i BUIlTOy. V March 20, 1SCI 2 13 4w Atty for Pl'tfl^ c. (lilliMpy dc. Ait kinds of irr.tJt» taken at thu |*#xjU»iOuw r»aU. Ca«Ji p«ut 1 Qttvaaw a, Ifarrti «, 14#4-" C«.j gi. H*r« Rand a large amount of aeonnd-haa^ whl is tuost excellent fo -falling alt kind* of flock* Hides, Ao which they aiv selling at the low i uta o't One Dollar per IWrrel. at the highest marks! nrisa h. WA %$$$•,