Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier, December 11, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier dated December 11, 1861 Page 2
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I I i r\ 4 1. i i. 3 i III |i f'-- i i* j£' S iEjrc '"©ttumtoa Courier. THE OFFICIAL fclTY PAPER W. \ORllI*s E«lit«r. Kg.7-.--_- -.zsx OTTUMWA, low A, J'I—SL UL» Yli* Difficulty HIM! Ihr Remedy. jit ln« become t.o npjaront that a dilTer ^CHioe of pinion exists among the loyal men of the country, in reference to what policy Wccssia, th. y enc.nnUr slaves, and the I Aould be excluded, nd s«nt back. This is en.-y, as likely to produce a, soothing and conciliatory e^ctiy)on,tho Union m-n of ortn-rh.nA .t contend^ thatbeing, property in one sense, and thnr services bullion, it is light and justifiable by the laws of war, to retain, cotfKcate, employ, and free such of them as belong to re"bel i his report, twok the ground of extreme north- N|fn sentiment on that subject, as indeed he **tid previously taktn in instructions for the 'guidance of commar.dersin the field. This re- port Tas modified by the Presider t, and this frr-tshowingan apparent disagreement among the prominet members of the administration,1 tos produced a good deal of cxcitemen I, not much ljecause d.vemtv of v.cvra upou, (|t«l Aose who direct the war, will be likely to '"4jkc right and expediency of cripling the labels in every way sanctioned by the laws! 5rfwar. the rebellion. They are its bone n w) sinew.' They work while th.ii masters fight. They dig cnlrenchment.s and do the druggory of (5»e camp. Besides, ihcy nrc property so far1 DPgro rights must give way to thc interests f,£f the nation. The I'n'ort is of more iinpor ^l|nce than Ihi-preservation of slavery, and Be tte^ro must succumb. I# malc t\cmtril».ite to that success, tlwre ,. iH to^nlv has no sympathy with slavery, and would rejoice if there was not a slave in the 4 twn of Congresa to such le»tslat:on as is needed. l-'S'datr):i u had, ,h( oonHscntion of every slave of Are DAILY MAIL TO iijiiiiiiiijpwiliiiaiiiiftiliW^^ Dec. II, 18fil A Niglit of AreidcntR. The up tra:n of the B. A M. Roar), came In contact wilh a freight car, which the high wind of Friday night had started, solitary and alone, down the road from tyitavia #ta tion, about 1 i miles east of Ritavin, nigl above mentioned, and was brought up hors du jombnt. The engineer, Aaron Gun .H»son, jumped off, lit square on his feet llirned a h-df snmrnersiult, lighting on his hr?»d, and finally fished his flremanf*wVt hnd landed in the ereek, out of the water, Jlte latter injured, but not serlonsly. There was considerable excitement during the n:ght, growing out of the momentry ex prciation of a train arriving from the east, in relation 1O slavery, should control the war PC-O1ation of a train arriving from the east, now in arms tot the Union. As fmr armies advance into which lifJ not ffpt alonfj nntj, neRr 4 Sbortlv aftcr ,ho accilcnt question, what disposition to make of them. .niched to Ottumwa, in respo^ which at once arises. It is an embarrassing ques- On the one hand, it is said that the I mornin?? «ir being for the Union and not to abolish Locomotive, r* 1 thc gentlemen on the plat. slavery, thc ftjgilives found in our ranks, alho contended for on the ground of expedi-. it"afford w being immense benefit in aid of the i do vn a descending grade, on to tho main I j»roduce divided nnd less efficient cour.cil pjf igntl action in the ca'dnct and in thc field. In our opinion, thc question is one rathor! itf ways and means than of principle. Few u^tval (ra •wners. On the saw stormy n?ght, th« Keokuk The Secretary of War, Mr. Cameron, in men. we imagine, really doubt or deny i road ,rct witb an acc 0 mot of freight c#rs an| hf)mc gix were precipita tpd into tbe crepk &n( The p! ,SRengcr no some a frei„bt ven The slaves are the main prop of' tho rebels are oonccrnid, and subject as ^on t',nt the rebels have evacuated their po «St prop-rty is, to the fate of war. Shall the *t Acquia. ffbels be permitted to enjoy this advantage About 230 of the jurisoners taken at Hat ^*|fidisturbed and unquestioned The rebels teras are to be released on parole this ireek, IMIVC risked their sUvcs as all their property, an equal number of Union prisoners to be -Kgnn the chances of war. S'»a!l the war. returned by the rebels. Jgon, bo waged merely to protect their slaves? Gen. Pop» his been placed in command jhall the Federal Army be used merely as a of all the United States forces between the frand negro hunting machine To this) Missouri and Osage Rivers. .$ere is but one answer. Thc slaveholders! Price is still near Osceola, and It loosing goodly company of Ladies and Gentleman, masters or mistre^se^„^ent thein because rrot of whom thought supper was late, and they WWf pefactoiyr,, JResolutioos, agreed n few were decidedly of the opinion that a to. the gentleman wh" had a can of oysters on such an occasion, ought to be immortalized. a #n onjrine #rd p]atform Cflr ftrrived towards Thc Iiadics t(Kik on thc form car #nd in Bho „t dnc(or MallorVi the o(hcr offlccrf| of t)e train lid everythincr in thc5r (o lcft lho The Ncw». Ten thousand rebel troops have arrived at 1'unbtH since the battfe t»f Belmont, and more are to be sent there. There is a discredited rumor at Washing- more men than he is receiving. But it does not follow that there 6 but iffie way to dual with this matter that the ^jcet can bo attained onlv by the immediate ^-aPt- ilkes, thanking bitu for the cour direct emancipation of the slaves, even 'f W» th« supposition that the ultimate result! ^an" of thc war will be cimnripation. The thing! The Treasury report was put in type yes J|ill woik its-lr out in thc natural course of, tcrday, and will be sent to Congress to ff ent -without much assistance. Keeping morrow. view t' e fact that the preservation of lhe Obituaries of Senators Biker and Bing JJaion by the stijinression of the rebellion,, ham will occupy the attention of. Gongress fa tlic end to be attained, and that where the on Tuesday and Wednesday. ilsves stand in lhe w«y of success, they must I An order has been issued by S^eretary Seward preventing rebels from taking slaves but of governmental custody. Mason nnd Slidell hive addressed a note 1 t^tment they reo*i»ed while on the Cre 'por( INUE nosviiousorat least i.Kumonntuble WAMOKWW. Uef 9.1ln the Report of I he course of thc President upon this -»u*u u to his arrangements with the b^nks for loans, plicate 6ubj"et, has been «wh as ought, and Jpc believe does, meet wt'.h thc approval of ,fltl eeipts have not fulfilled his expectations.— loyal citizens every where. While keeping JI- .I -.U- »I I- •. I The act modifying the rates ot duties, dif MPictly within the limits prescribed by law, I ., i i "-'fed from the measure he submitted to Con has inflexibly and fearless!v enforced all T.. .* I gress—most of these, in some particulars, .M its requirements, as wo have abundant „, ... ,. I uimmishing the duties on ten, coffee, sugar, «,nlidcnce be rill continue to do. He cer- &c rCn8n,^ thc St-cre »ry of the Treasury, after referinc A thc secretary states that the revenue re- ^onipcl him l0 rcduM |i|a 1! 1QPO world but he docs not tlnnk that ai b.traryi, ,, i .. .... '*nds is redded from$5,00Q(QQQto$2,004, qpnncip«tion by military power, would be i ted at $o,4Co,4fiO. Ho concluded by recom- Ms tnotiined proclamations and secretaries! ..... ... .. .. i sending retrenchment. He feels himself, wports, calling, at the same time, the atten different directions. Ve direct attention to lector Borney, were before tha Cabinet to thin importiint matter, hoping it may elicit prompt and thc right kind of uctiou. BLOOMFIKLD.—W» are glad to learn thnt citizens of Bloomfield are moving in favor of a daily in iil between that pl» eand Ottuinwa, and we suggest to our cidstnti co c|€iation with tluin in a matter •inpoitani to us as to them. At the next lotting-i ihit* important change ought to be made, and it car. be if the requisite btepg are taken. consfrained to renev the susgestlons hercto fore KObmilted by h5m that the propert of Rehe ]s ghoulfl toe President will soc th it it is carried into Lf r.ur.L.i in ..U4i -in ., least, the cost of the Rebellion. effect. hat that legislation will be we wilt1 *—.—» e n e s u i s e I o u o o v i e o e i Property of great value in the loyal States U a"d c*®'y rebel Bfloncr e )«lter. fiseation of elttuos .rising fiotu tltb w.r, and Crossing tho River. our citizens sensible of the t«f ort- •Hce of more perfect and cheaper facilities bright to seiv^ce under State laws must of ne for crossing the D.'S Moinos at this place at cessity form an exception to any rule cf con" aH seasons and under all ciiruin-ttnce*?— flscation. Persons held by rebels under We have two ferries, well managed as fcr-: such law to service as slaves may, however, TUis can be, but there is at titne.v complaint, vexation and consequent injury to our busU ness. The tendency of trade from a verj large extent of country Scuih and South west of the livir, is now manifest to Ottum wa. The junction of two important Rail reads, the central position of thc placo, th? enterprise of our Merchants, the heavy atocks and low price* of good*, our excel lent mills and skillful mechanics, all are con tributing to build up here a very largo trade. T-»e question is, shall^ that trad? be made permanent by suitable facilities for crossing the river, and good roads leading to us froiu held by proprietors virtually engaged in t!lc guUly .tlelnpl ,01re.k *»*. frd°T'.*nd which i, justly forfeited to the people, which tanght .ml ,t most C00.0 to «*t, »d th. „houM subjecled or cm the pjopc t) of rebels in Mi'd said State should be treated in the same manner. The be justly deb tried from their constraint, and made more valuable in various employments through voluntary and compensated service than if confiscated as iubjocts of property. Pram Wacihlufftoai- Wa*uin( tox, Dec. 10.—The Secretary'of the Navy ha receive 1 a letter from the i commander of the Potomac liotilla, dated December l»th, staling that he had caused several houses to be burned noar Freestone Point They contained sutlers stores, Ac. The enemy fir#d but few musket shots. Richard 0. Gorman, Ju lge Daley and Ool- day in referrenca to a general excliange of prisoners and particularly Col. Corcoran. Ii is believed the eqemy's force in frontof our linos number at least 100,00J. New Music—Messrs. Root &, Oady, Mu sic Publishers and Dealers, hay^ favored us with two new and popular pieces: "Gen. Fremont's March," by A. J. Vaas, and Songs and Ballads, by lienrjr C. Work. We refer vJrV Flr*t 37(li Coiigrcw. WASHINGTON, DCC. 9.— SENATE.:—A num ber of petitions were presented and referred to Appropriate committees. Several on the emancipation of slaves of rebels were presen on the i ted «nd. referred to committMk ary. BeTng aboard of the train, we can speak Jthe district in jail, because they are rofneto- fore a judicial tribuna'. And yet this Mr. more definitely of the passengers, who spent ry- ^fie night in the Codar bottom, as comforta- found a number of the slaves of the district Judiciary could find no more fitting reply to Wy as circumstances permitted. There was i confined, for no reft K0n Court would hand-car was i Virginia were nn ho|H wew #t the Depot ffouB0 piensure to sav that the Con- Mr. Collamar all portion&of the rresuient's mea^a^u ting to the Judiciary Committee. it* Sourt..who, eho.t. Lty w,lt •«hk'lyt°,c,„tribatct„thec„mf0ri„flh ,sse uken up. s„min h=s click's posit.on to be right, W oxcited by an oppo.,t« c.,,me. On th, Tt.^ o^xsion of the .vas a «r The hich was set in motion by the high wind, vestigate the cause of all the disasters that ,.k All damages were wparretl by the dny fon0wing refru ijert jve bad C'ollamar's amendment was agreed ^9 and the resolution amended Wts adop ted. havc so that trains pa«v»d the spot iarlv ns congidorably smashed, i car be ng in the rea Th(! flrema trHjn bv lhe ani i as a sustained „red tliem bv Tho bridsc is rc a matter ».strange or unnatural, but p»irH,and trw« connecting. Co»iW» »ould onljr Wither because a conflict of*c»timent among There was also a collision the same night make a bad matter worse, by interfering.— nouse catne in contact with xt wilh what rcgult we bave not learned, except that happened lo the Union forces. u n, were not liable to impeachment, but one of District of Columbia. ,tim t( 1 8 0 2 o e e v e n u e o $ 5 7 0 0 0 0 0 0 o illD ,n. .. A ... $32,li8,C04. His estimates of receipts from ftAfi „a fT, i- 000 »i2. 1 ne whole revenue mav be estima* either light or expedient, and consequently ,, ,, st.iridintrnnd kept so through the night. The! Mr- Sumner profited a re^olutifinthntall spoke at some length on this Fubjrrt, faying Captain Merrill. Sweeny's pickets were engine was somewhat damnged. and the ten-' niemoiials nnd papers on the files of the i tli«tt those gents wero members of the Board surprised and captured and his whole band} 4er turned ovrr sideways, and four cars put' Senete mdating to the recognftion of Liberia of Police of Baltimore, nnd on the Ut day thirtjf Jive, in number, Wkeg, without fiiij&g on Mr. Hale's resolutions directing the Judi* Court had failed. He believed if the rebels I Qn motion of Mr. Chandler, the rtsnlution of enquiry into the cause of the disasters to our army at Bull Run and Ball's Bluff, was q„«.tton«.on th. ,m1 cd by Mr. (Irimw, that committee to in. our own number has fallen (Baker) and no-1 body about a is to j]ewe«t ou?ht tliis city, at Caldwell's creek. The Loco- known regarding disasters in Missouri, re- barely crossed when the bridge Rftvc Wfty undeT (he weigllt of a heavy |r n fe,Ted Mr. 0::rley introduced a bill to conflocate slaves of rebels and colonrze them. On motion of Mr. Cox it was resolved that the Committee of Way* and Means be I with a view to equalize the burdens of the present war. A delegation from nn Ind an tribe arrived here to examine and report to their people the ti tie condition of affiirs. They express surprise at finding things go entirely differ ent from what they were represented by means of the r^bel leader*. HOCSE.—Mr. fVvwe*, from the Committee on Elections, introduced a resolution, which was passed, authorising: the parties In the contested election case of Beach against Up ton, in the Fairfax district, of Virginia, to take evidence. Mr. Morrill, of Vermont, gave notice of his intention to introduce a bill donating lands to thc several States for the benefit of AjrH oulture and the Mnchanic Arte, In the estab lishment of colleges. Mr. Richardson, from the committe on Military Affairs, reported the following, which was parsed. Wherea*. the exchange of prisoners in the present Rebellion, has already been practiced indirectly, and as such exchange .,''for would not only increase enlhtments, a.M to the vi 'or of our army, but subversive the highest interests of humanity, and a* such exchange docs not involve the recognition of thc Rebels as a government, therefore, Resolved, By thc Senate and House of Representatives, Ac., that the President of jthe United he made to pay in part prisoners in the present Rebellion. and llayti be taken from the files and refer of July last, in the dead hotter of night, were a gHfe. arrested by order of the military authority and without charges being preferred ngainst them, conteyed as prisoners to Ft. McHenry. red KMthe committee on Foreign nflt»irs.— Agreed to. Mr. Clark ofcred^Tqn^lutifcn re^jfst|ng the Marshal of the district to inform the They ask that Congress may examine into Senate by what authority he keeps slaves of the question or that they may be heard be- He said he had visited the jail and i Pcndletor's colleagues on the committee on ]y because th.'ir ciary ommittee to inquire into the expedi- Copgressi, alone can suspend the ency of abolishing the present Supreme Wame. He thought the facts to be known. He wanted the truth to by the Senator from Kansas, If Gen. Fremont is to blame let it be known, but if not. in God's name let him I* Justift- ed an1 the country know it. Mr- Foster damage, and the passengers escaped harm. gate the subject now under the present cir- point on thc C. B. fc Q. A portion «ou'd let the military alona In time of' Vcame detached unnoticed I war an States be requested tojinaugurate systematized measures for the exchange of On motion, it wa* Resolved That the committee on Foreign Affairs he instructed to enquire into the ex pediency of furnihing relief to the starving population of Ireland, and to report by bill or otherwise. Mr. Wiekliflfe, from the committee on Mil iary Affairs, reported a biH authorising the raising of a volunteer force for the better de fence of Kentucky. 4 WASHINGTON, Dec.lKK—Hoose^Mr. Ros coe Conkling offered a resolution which was adopted, requesting the Attorney-General to report his views as to the means of obtain ing a retrocession of that part of Vifgijiia formerly belonging to the District af Column bia. Mr. Potter, from the Committee of Public Lands, reported a bill providing homesteads to actual settlers *nd providing a bounty for soldiers In Heu of grunt* of public lands. He explnined that the homestead feature of this bill w ts heretofre passed, but there is an addition that all soldiers, marines and sea men shall bo entitled to the provisions of this act. It a'so contains a section giving a bounty of |3'J to thc three inonjlj^ volun teer.*. The Rouse conoufre4 in the Senate reso lution for a Joint Committee to inquire into the conduct of the present war with power to send for persons and papers. Mr Pendleton moved that the weuQiiais of Messrs. Howard, GatchelJ and Dunn be referred back to the committee on Judiciary with instructions declaring that Coogrufc* alone has the power under the Constitution !#e thought it best not to lnvej.ti- cirostances. He thought Congress had bet- t,r |not do it. If miliary officer, man- inqyirj' of live th'8 kind would on1yji:, Conductor, who passed oa. without it, call] men away from higher' duties. At Sumner^ peosent-d prtitions consequence the train following I the proper time Congress might make thc inquiry. Mr. Sherman believed en investigation would he beneficial, especially a general in quiry into the whole conduct of the war, and said hc would record his solemn convic tion that before the war closed, slavery would almost if not entirely cease to exist, but the war should be carried on without any refer ence to to the subject of slavery, to preserve a free country. n ., Marshall in the end, that they may bo indict- this #eot, i©p of the ceu^try in terror, vtoyh Judki- ed**ith the rights of speedy trial, if there captured yesterday at Roger's Mill, i»*W the memorial than that it should lay unread ishmemt, which he denied. Mr. Bingham said his colleague's position whi ,e be probable cnufee for Mch proceeding!. He hem, by a detq,t$hinent of Cavalry und^r hairs as to whether Congress or the Presi dent should first exercise the power. Did his colleague contei9{)Jr.^.a general jail de livery, or wish to confine his sympathies to the reln-ls and conspirators of the city or of Baltimore he no sympathy for those confined in hll0„ld 1 hi, upon the table. The question here presented relief as they can hear of from eich other, or was as to the character of their present pon- indeed any they can get from any quarter. concccding thc tifne come the Old Capital? Why t^y not also be discharged? As .J*,™,!* movillg 811sp dut), ensi„n of lhc writ- in accord n .. cuted by bm by the sword u ,e of rebellion of Xew Y tiom „f a djournei TL ,. ... .Protect, and do lend ine Constitution. The portance, in believing that this prospect of Mr. chandler said the officers of the attny ]lawsaretobe executed, and not only exe- supplanting thc bv-word medicines, with !rf" ?5c the tnoutt\s of th« memorialists to claim the benefit of the Constitution, every provision of which they have trampled i\oder foot. On motion of Mr. gingham, the whole subject was tabled- 10S against 30. A message was received from the Senate announcing the death of Senator Bingham, of Michigan. Eulogies ware delivered bv 600LEV, FAR WELL A CO Messrs. Beaman, Trowbridge and Granger,1 WASHINGTON, Tec. 10.—SENATE.—Messrs for the emancipation of slaves under the war power. Mr. Foote offered a resolution that Waldo P. Johnson by sympathizing in the rebellion against the United Statos has been guilty of conduct incompatible with his duties as Sen ator of the F. S. Senate, and that he be therefore expelbd from the Senate of the HeVe"^ VgooVlZv^ A Mr. Stevens has modified "his resolution in several important particulars. Mr. Hutchins, of Ohio, introdqeed a bill unconditionally abolishing Stavery in ,hl. Wedicaj dapartracnt of tho United States, Laid over. Cloth** Cauimeret and Venting** Mr. Harlan introduced a bill to authorir* *=1d Mr. Wilson introduced i bill for the reor- army. Referred to theCommmittce on Mil tary A flairs. Mr. Hale called up th? rfMOtptiwi offered yesterday, that the Committee on the Judi ciary iastn,c,ed to instnieted to consider the lariff nnd taxation I 1,enc-vof the present Judici:" ito the expe- present system of the United States, and establish ing another in pursuance with the Constitu tion. Agreed to. Mr. Nesmith introdced a biU to provide for the protection of overland emigrants to California antl Oregon. Referred to the Committee on Territories. Mr. Chandler announced the death of Sen ator Bingham, from Michigan. After a tribute to the memory of tho deceased col league, Mr. Chandler offered the customary resolution, that the Senate go into mourning 30 days and toadjourn. Messrs. Ring, Clark and Sumner apoke in feeling terms of thc deceased. The resolution was agreed to and the Sen ate adjourned. Prom Ifew Mexico. KXJJSAS CITY, MO., Dec. 10.—The Santa Pee and Cannon City ma'l arrived last night with dates to the 2tth ult All the merchants in the Territory arc re quired, by order of Col. Cabny, to turn over their money to the Messrs. Donaldsons of Santa Fe, as a loan to the Government. On the 18th ult., a band of Navajoe Indi ans went to Carrol's, near Albuquerqe. The same Indians have been committing depre dations oti a large scale. It is understood that Col. Cabny is about to change the system heretofore pursued (or 'i/f®'*h0cf and station them at conveniet points on the frontier from which they can make r*pid pursuit aftw Indins when tiny attempt rob bery. oommunioation with the States. holding (he savages in chock. and generous'action, and the conducfors of*thlOoV lncto„,| „f|.„.„ „, 11 j. nal will remit tio efforts in enlisting the best talent Instead OI keeping the troops collected 111 I of the country to support with vigor and eloquence one post he will divide them into companies^ „!J'npl,on8,."'''f!1 MMHUTM are being taken ta NtiiUiWi a mail route between Santa Fe ant! Denver City by connecting a link of forty mileg from her™ Colorado to Fo intain City. Successor to Breckinridge. FIUXKFORT, Ky., Dec. 10 —Garrett Da­ v's elected United States Senator for the remainder of Breckinridge's term by 84 to 12. LOUISVILLE, Dec. 10.—Zollicofljer has not advance north of tl)e Cumberland river, aa was reported. uen, ocnoepij, na« withdrawn to Somer- set, and there awaits reinforcements. Wnnrmn, DEC. 10.—In the LegfsTafii're Mr. Stewart offertd a resolution referring all persons in the State who take out license to trasact any business, to first take oath to suport the Constitution of the that the exercise of the power by another! Sweeny Criptaw^d. -. STEAM Department) of Goveriwnept, is a usur-1 GLASGOW, Mo. 8^—Tht} iiwMorious i IklATAM IIA1111/ CYC pation and dat)g«rou*to public libera- that i marauder Cajjttiji SwechJ"^Tid tii)ivi}»nd of! THE BUBLIiUlvPI ilAWI\""tlfc the persons nbove named be delivered to the robbers, who htve for some lime past kept Foi One OFTTTE nn»*?rttA*rA!» irrrrrMttTif tw i hhrdly be over-estimated in it-* importance upon the well-being of our widqly scattered i communities. The population of the Ameri can States is in many sections £0 sparse, that skilful Physicians are hardly available to them. Vast numbers of our people, are Ilcncc arises the groat consumption of Pat- "^iki.ns pursuing a J0urs6.which defeats this iniquity. I* 1 ---o- i i Konfls|lv nreomnlish the fr)(l in vniv all quarters. We have never assumed theprerojrati»e nee with the oath hc had taken to maintain I r* I of controlling and directing National anil State af .. i Mr. DAV1P DIBULK, aged 84 years and 8 months. New Advertisements. IMPORT ICRS OP „rk. The usual OFT ClOOdS. wwe whjeh 1|)e, DriiUn AMERICAN WOOLENS AND COTTONS, 42, 44,4: 40 Hflbyh .Ucuur, T. COOT.F.Y, CHICAGO. I. V F.TRWELL, !•.#. ML E. A. WADSWORTH, MARSHALL FIELD. DpC. 11,1861. Win. D. HODMAN, MERCHANT TAILOR, Formerly at No. 7? Lake Mreet, has removed to the Sliermnn House, corner of Randolph and C'Urk, wnere he would be £lad to see his old customer* itnd as many I OKB TIME8 although little known as such, can than 2,KH) :o nearly copies per week. The patronage which Ims been exten.ljjd to It by its gen erous nnd indulgent friends increiifing from your to i year has be n nr regularly requited by redoubled I effort nnd enterprise. The sum now expended for news are larger than the whole current expenses of the office whi-n It came Into the hands of the |r»«iort proprietor, in Nov., 1S04. The partiality of O'lT friends h»4 thus in every su.-reeding year enabled OS to give them a better and always Improving neni» p*p»r. This policv will be continued. The very large Increase in subscriptions and proffits const obliged to employ in sickness, snch medical quent thereon, during the year ju-t closed, have en ... Hbled u^ to secure Improved machinery and steam ent Medicines among US, greater by far than thousands of friend until to-day lh» proprietor fe«it» justified in saying that,for Hit price, to the people in any of the old (JOl^rUlijUS, where skilful of Iowa, he call furnish a better and more valuable journal than any other prlntid In or out of the State, are accessible to nil classes. hi« hem up ,n N/" tne Fifcs^^t to acquire territory for thc Gents Kui-Hishinj u°od». [Dec. n, isci. settlement of free pexsons of African descent. Referred to the Committee of Public Lands. 1 When the route is completed, it is Stated i Kuislied a man of science In connection with this ixD..I (L /-I i announcement is a sufficient guaranty or the great tnat Messfb. Kooerts & Co., contractors for benefit to be derived froui his monthly contrlbu carrying the mail from Independence to Santa Fe, intend putting coaches on that part of thc road. When thc facts are laid before the Post Office Department, and ev ery effort for iu SU of the Pacific Telegraph from Denver Citv Santa Fe will be placcd within eight dav'a Heai h. ..... c. The author of "Life In the Iron Mills," and "A Sto.4 United Stales and the restored government of Virginia. Mr. Brown of Kanawha offeied a resolution to release tho people of lt\at valley from tax es for this jreifc-, on account of the devasU tionM-Amr apitHfv P^nage. *,tvle not •«rp»*sed in the ei'.v of Ctilcaco. He alto keeps a choice stock of THE BOOR TRADE! E. H. MYERS, (Successor to D. B. Cooke Co.,) W-'*- At Ifce old established stand, If©. Ill, Lake St., Chicago. Offers to CA8H BUYKR3, a general assortment BOOKS AND STATIONERY, st prices which Stock embraces :"4S"V CANXOT FAIL to M/.V. liis t»'i LAW BOOKS, the only itoclc In the »re*t. 2d. St HOOI. BOen^jf, of every de«erIpt!on. Bli V\ K BOOKSf over million qulren. 4lh. ATI 0 I K V, every article that can be called for. iarLAWYKRS! pr. COt:XTRT DEAI.EKS r^t'OUNTRY SANKERS 31"ALI.are INVITED to examine my goottatj and Lmr Prictt" will be my motto'. E. D. MYKIti*, D«c. 11,1361. No. Ill, Lake St., CHICAGO. c7 M.IIen i:RsoNlcl:'oTr AfanuftH turer$ ami Wholetate Dtalvrt in BOOTS & SHOES, No. 82, Lake Street, cor. Wabaab Avenue, CHICAGO. Will n«t be uudcrnold tmr Cath. Pee. 11,1sl6l-y ADAMS HOUSE,' Corner Michigan Avenue and Lake Street, CfelfiHp. PBARCE BENJAMIN, Proprietors. ~w i "nn v,» PKOSl'KCTUSOF THE ATLANTIC MONTHLY. For 1862. THE January number will commence the Ninth •olume of this Ma^ailne. Its very large and »till IncreaslnR circulation, a gratifying evidence of public approval, aud no induetry will be spared to render the forthcoming volume adequate to the re quirements nf limes »o pregnant with great eyrnls as hT brAce th,e prenVo!''ic —1 heart I to stand flrm the title p( Kr«« nnd An 1 elevated national American spirit will always be fouud illustrated in these pages. The ATLANTIC MOKTHLT will never give other tlaT the best lit eratyre, and It will be |foe constant aim of Its con duetfti4 to render its variety greater and its attrac tions better each month than the last. Among the contributions already in band for 1Sfi2, the following will command themselves as sufficient Inducements tor every family to provide the forth coming numbers for household reading. 0"of 1"History, lheJi'nu"rn»n" series articles on Natural and oth er kindred topics, to be oontlnoed from' month to month throughout the year. The name uf so distin- tions. A new Romance by NATHANIEL IIAWTHORSK, will appear In the pages of the ATLANTIC early in the year. A new story by the late Theodore Wlnthrop, author of "ClciI Dreeme," will be commenced In the Jan uary number. Dr. George B. Wlndshid, well known for his re- cc«», with tho .id V.'Zl i ?eek#er-" *,vJn8 •••count of his method of training v' J* for feats of strength, with advice on matters of rin contribute series ot— Talea during ry of To-day," the year. Ti Articles by Professor James Russell Lowell, on topics of national interest, will appear frequently. Rayard Taylor has written a story Which will b« printed in the February number. The Staff of Writers ip Prose and Toetry con tributing rejtularly to the ATUST|C MHJTHI.J, com prises, among its popular names, the following JAMKS KUSSKLL LOWELL IIENKY W LOVO KKLI.OW ItALIMUWALDO KMEItSO* NAT1I \N IKL IIA WTIIOItN E C. C. HASIHWELL W MIU QINSON AUTHOR of "Life in the Iron Mills," and "A Story of To Day OLIVER WKNDELL HOLM ICS JOHN (J. WHITTISR E. B. WHII'PLK DAVAKI) TAYLOR: CIIAKLWK. NORTON OKORCK K fien Sphoenff tsrith^ir—n HIH.AKP HEN I! GILES ItEV. WALTER MITCIIELL MKS. II.Vn. PTOWJC IIARRIET \K TINEAU CHARLES RKADE "THE COUNTRY PARSON ROSE TERRY HARRIET E. PKESOOTT REV. ROBERTT. 8. LOWELL J. T. TOWBKIDUK! TERMS. Thrt» dolt art p«r Annum, or Tvt*ty-fa!* cento a nmmUtr. Upon the receipt of the subset Iptlon price, the Publishers will mail the worV fo any pa ot the United States, prepaid. Subscriptions may beuiti with elthar the first or any Subsequent number.— Tl)e uages of t|(« ATt,AKVcar« stereotyped, and back putaners nan bp supplied CLUUItINO AR11 ANQMKNT8.-^Subscribers to pay their own nostag**. Two copies (or Ave dollars lr« copies for Ifii tlpllars •, eleven ponies for tirmly del lars- mxtage 84 c#nts year. ladaoMaenU for sahscribing, lists ofpreaiiuau WBiM. WMWiih. 113 Vukiiftti St., tmf.WjMra, 1 anpilLt 4KTROV|» 1* EVKST IHTAKTJlfcM I,,wa. vcnicnt form, at low prices, and the people of taking the Ilawlc-Eye will find that there Is neither :i. «. (rood sense or pood management in sendinir nmnev will no more buy popr medicines jjtl^ead of out of the State for a newspaper whose contents good, at thf» same cost, than they will bran instead of flour. The inflexible consequen-! ce of this is thit the vile cimmmids tint CC oi ints Is mat ine Vllt c^mpoutias mat which cure. Do WC over-estimate its llll- fairs or manapinsr the War. Yet we have always felt our against those of actual worth rind virtue, is frailfrt les1! welcon-.e visitor because it sometimes honestlv with immensu consequence for jood to the imicE- Tar NRTUXOTOX HAWK-ILTK, now tlie oMfnt paper printed in lown, having ^pen first Issued In 1SR8.Ker en years before th* foriniil'mn of our State Qowra* nimt rlaim* pogitiou n* the Br.«t tl'stlnrtlve Iuwn Jtp.urnaU In the bauds of its pr«-g«it proprietor* its ,,ai,-v olreiil^tlon u ripen, in a period of seven year* from 2*HI to 400(1, and iti nppregale editions from lew power and to make many Improvements in other d«« pirtmentsof the p:ip?r of e|"*l Import,!rice, and this not only without increasing the cost, but with an nctual reduction In prices of sucriptlons. Tlie llnwk Eye has grown upon tho generous patronage of itf Samples of the several editioni of the «»aper with Uoo s, who can hardly get a mention except ,n ,owa l'npera. He brings not Ins own, bOt the best Such arrangemeck,*^ have been made with the Tel Skill of our time, to boar, for the production of .1.0 best rem dies which can be .nade. These are supplied to the world, in a con- i be from ,wo 10 f0UI" °r aH papers printed out of the ftate, and those who trv the experiment I,nus,reach hc ,n k nood our country are discirdod for those nishlnt the fat ts and arguments, pro and con, fri» in.our c°,umM' ,onR can them either by mall or express. duty as a journalist to express boldly cur opin- u Xn,nl7-'an7'M^r%:VwV,Vrhak, nev'^r hren°. d,Jrered wi,h 8nm* i r,. other ones ions. Truting that the saroe forbea. anc« masses OI our people. [tiazetle and Chron- will hereafter be extended to It, the editor will pur icle, IVru, la. For Side by DR. TAYLOR an entirely independent course, believing It the only n J.K .. Will herenflei contain at least twenty-Cve per cent Wedne»da. Dec. 4th, of Jaund.ce, i more renders upon political or true way of conducting a paper. THE DAILY MAWK-KTR reiuilnp ntntter than heretofore. Our fast I'resi, run hy steam, will en,ihle lis to keep open for lele* (fraphle news till three o'clock in ihe morninp, nnd print in time for a'l the eariy malls. It will he af forded to mail subscriber* at the very lof price of $5 per year, $3 for six months,and 11,60 for three months, THE SKMI-7VF.EKLY HAWK EYE I* printed tlnesda^ s and Saturdays, In time for all the mails of tlinae days, at per annum to eta))* of Ave at and to clubs of Ave to one ad i dress at $2. No cheaper paper ii printed My I where. THE WEEKLY HAWK-EYE Is printed Saturdays in time for tl^e mail# am) fur nished at |1,N» per year, to cluhs of five at fl.40 to clubs often at $1,2" lo clubs of ten to one address at fl- Our terms are invnriably :sh in advance. All cluhs must go to one post oflice and expire at one time. Adtlitiom can be made in a cluh hut all muat expire at one time. In older to*ccuretne daily on* year at the whole amount must be paid in ad i vance. Persons pettinp up a club of ten subscribers for our Weekly or ("emi-Weekly will he entitled to an extra I copy. Those sendioR us twenty Weekly subscribers will he entitled to a copy of the Pcmi-Wtekly. and forty will entitle them to the Daily All money sent through lit mail* at enr Address C. DUNIMM. Dec. 11 th 19(1. Burlington, Iowa. -tii. The Chicago Evening Journal FOR 1802. DAltfi WE EEL Y and TRI- WEEKLY Another year, with It* irreat event#, I* abont clos ing, and a new year, which will probably be the mo't eventful in our Nation's history, is at hand, and aj.iln aa is nur annual custom, we issue our Prospectus to the people of the North-West, who have so liberally sustained us for nearly' a quarter r.fa century, be speak ine for a continuance ol their support in tht year to come. The Cn c.u o JomvAL, first established to advocate the election of Henry Clay, has followed the princrfc pies of the old Whig party Into the Republican ranks and in the party of the Union, It will, as it ever lias. oppose pubiir fraud, corruption, and the enemies of the I'nion. It will advo.-ate the prolection of the property of lov 1 I'nion tnen. in every part of the Union, and will tlo all in its power lo assist in crash Infcont the causeless rebellion, which has called half a million of armetl men Into the field, to tltfcnd the Stars and stripes. Hot the newspaper-rending public of the We«t, know too well what 'l'l.e Chicago Kvening Journal is, to be told t.f it. It it* only neee»«nry to «av that It now has fHiililies fur jtivinj TIIK LATEST NKWS, that it has liever enjoyed before, and that Its Etlitfirial and Itopoitorial force will be increased to an extent that warrants us in promising as able and pood a general newspaper, as is, or can be, published out of New York. While its political character shail be. as it al ways has been, fully bp with the demands of the times conservative in spirit, bald in expression, antl firm in the support of KICHT PRIXOIPI.KS A.NI MKASCKKS, op pooinfr Wrong in all itc forms, and cominp out fear lessly in maintain: nee of TIIECAI SK or JITICE Jl LL! '-J JJ tl taoe. ritfltrrc TV*. CHICAGO A Srmi*Vccklr and Weektjr» befo,-e 11 conducting this raper it never haa ixcn anrt r"'T,fr tt"' purpose of the editor to control and li-ect pnl.lio opinion but ralher to inform it bv fur- Latest News from all A S TD« TKOPI *, as opposed to the machinations and in trigues of arrogance, rliques, and corrupt combina tions for the agfrrandirement rf amliitions men or special intere ts, at the expense of the public welfur*, it will at the same time discuss all subjects of a public character, freely, carefully and candidly, and give as full and comprehensive an abstract of general intelli gence of the day as can he crowded into its columns. Jt-i in! •nut Financial /jtirtmenn sNall be isni'i full than in years pat. in proportion as these interests 'ncrea e in extent and public importance. enced by no consideration, but that of the public lependent and honest newspaper, that dares to speak the truth boldly on nil su to adv tion und success of all right measures of public poll cy, enterprise or usefulness. With this general an nouncement of the character and purposes of the Journal—and the assurance, which is scarcely r.ecoa sary, that the Government and array of the I'nion, __ Consti. lotion, will find it as true and watchful and firm a friend as lives the world, we submit our clalnu to an Intelligent people, for their continued support end patrou^ge.. caulTe of liberty™,™^ .100."^,^,^' wi" fi'"Inin 1 The Daily Evening Journal, containing full Trie graphic reports of the news and the markets up to the hour of RoirtK to press, 8 P. M., and where tralqf leave In time for the second edition, up to 5 P. M„. each afternoon, will be mai ed to subscribers at IT per annum |4 for six months |2 for three niontlit. News dealers in city and country supplied at per 1(H) copies. (Express charpes five cents per package,) The Uail.y Evenirp Journal may be hail of a!l nenf meuin the principal places of Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Northern Indiana and Southern Michigan, ami of a^l the train boys on t^e I rains that leave the city on the evening of publication. The Tri-Weekly journal, canlainlnfr all ?he news of two dailies, is issued on Tuesday, Thursdav antl Sat urday evenings, and contains the news of tlx- dailies of those days—at per annum |2 for six months *1 for three months Clubs of at Srt each, ciub» of 10 at $3 BO clubs o( 41 at &"> cluhs of 5n nt The Weekly Journal, containing most of the matter i of six tlaiHes, is mailed evary Thursday Evening $2 '-0 per annum clubs of ami upward.* $1 peT annum.— In clubi of-Jd or more, the getter up of a club is enti tlsd to n copy. We hope the patrons of the Journal will aid us In extending its weekly circulation at the above low palce. Terms payable in advance. i All kinds of book, circular antl card printing done at '.lie cheapest rates, by steam presses, at the Jour nal establishment. Address JOHN L. WILSON, Proprietor. ROOT & OADY, •A. a^CLAUK STREET i"' (Ppposlte the Court House,) HI 4GO, tils. ruMitiUei-s and DEALERS IN MUSIC A MERCHANDISE. OLE agents for the following eelebrsted Piano Forte made by Steinway 4 Rons. N. y., and also wholesale agents for MII of Mason llros.' Church Music Books, Glee Books Ju venile Rooks, ami other Musical publications. Wholesale agents for all of Novello's cheap edition* of standard Oratorios, Organ Voluntaries and Catho lic Music. Music"1***'8 gel,U for K i l' Uoo i ,a books of Church Wholesale Agenfs for all Sl*eet Music and Instruc tion Books, published by ihe Hoard of Music Trade Wholesale Ageuts for Wu. Hall &»n'a Uultar* Flutes, Banjos, Ac Dealers in Violins, Violineellot, Bows, Ptrines Brass lnstiuuifnls, Tambourluea, aud all other arti cles of Miulcai Merchandise. Pti.fc CMIM leiiifjj. Cum!«ei \ddrosa, ia plala Stale, Geo. Root. It TICKMOE 9l f* giving town, county and V i«OT*OAUy. IMfll Dallr* TP'»\V«•«'!»»«* A NEW SPA PI21t« 4# 1 ROf. TRIBUNE. \V«*kiy —nnvoTKn TO— Jors, Ccirwrr.Mifcr. Agrculfiirf, ?ier* k UertUrf. No C0\rpR0MrsE~wiTn TRAITORS. "Tt'C Union, it Trl^l^t md shall be Preserved. This well krrwr rml i oi nlar jouiral Is i oted tof avowing Its lenllmertp with rardor. fpa'rle»srees nwl Independence. It bar aimed to be right rather th*H Popular, nnd takes the responsibility at telllnp tW Truth. regardleFs of the offence thatinay be glvrnl» Prejudice and Ignorance. The PniNctri ra whlct tliCClMC4eoTIXrfet»»f«r» e» and advocates ar« Tnn C.iesF OF FarrDOM, JCSTtCR AND HrMAWITT, T" l*r*orFME!iT or rn« Moa.' I. A !*D PHYSICAL CMSMTOTV OR THE P«i»rBtr tT or rn* UNIOS, Oft •'XrtKKCG TO Til* COSSTTTCTIO* ?crnEXitr or rnsLiWi. fax* IIPMMTFADt roa TIIR I. (5DLK«f, EwcoraiorMK.ST OF HOVF IM CST*V. JtefoLtTICA JOBKSRT, lloSP.ST MEN roR OFFICFS, ECOSOMT IX CorajiMMinr, A Socao PIAAIKCI ASD DEATH TO ALL M1TII.P CAT. UDI 11 the Union I as made a footstool of its foes. A KI-ltST CLASS NEWSPAPER. The CatCiGo TBIOCX K while fearless In the eifiree slon of Its opinions nnd patriotic in its emititim, alms at bclnsr chm netrnpaper. It conr-ilnt full accounts of nil interectlnp orcurrfrrei. rt the t?ay, nnd pays more money ft.r Special Telejrri.^li. Ic Dispatches and than any Ju*r nal out of New York, anti publishes more and fr »her news than any paper clrculatinc in the Weit. It brinps the news lo the people of the Norfhwett t«* or three days sooner than the papers of the seaboard. The weekly contents of the Tribune embraces 1st.—A Complete Current History of the projren of thc War. 2d.—OcxBR.u. N'tsraorRITE DAT—Casualties X,j gap and Land. Extraordinary events of all kin0ft. 8d.—Conors rELKORiPHicDtgPATcniw Containing the Jvt9j tle,rn to going to press. '«*ttr of 4th.—REPORT* or MBE-I*GS, WBETITM roi.tTic*L Religions, Agricultural, Educational, or J/ts cellaneous. 8th.—PnocEKMXosor CONGAKRA ASP ST A U LAORILA- tures, Important Speeches and Documents 6th.—MARKET REPORTS, Embracing every article the. Farmer or Dealer can expect to And quoted In, a newspaper. The Tribune has Achieved high reputation as a Commercial paper. 7th—CA«firri.LT PBEPARRD AGI«YTLTCBAL AMD IIM|. ticnitural articles by "Rural" and other a|j|j| writers on the Farm and Garden. 8th.— PORTRT,TALES, A.NKCDOTES AMI Qoaaip, Reviews and pleasant miscellany. In short, the purpose and ambition of the Cdtf'Wt are, to make the CHICAGO THUICSE so interesting a fed valuable a visistor that no intelligent Western fm*i lly can afford to bt uithout it. Terms—P AYABLE IX ADYAYCB. Weekly Tribune (.V2 Issues per annum). $ To Club*—Three copies Bft? 14 "--Five copies ......'» oo .—Ten copies 11 DO. —Each additional nam* |«t —Twenty copies (one address So w Any person Bentllng twenty or more suhscrihtm will be entitled to an extra copv for his services^ Kora club of fifty the Tri-Weekiy will besentf:Mt and for a club of One Hundred, theDall/ Tribute. Tri-Weekly (l.Vi issues per annum) §4 For six m's three m's |1 Cltjhf of Five (rate of ti(i) .... 4 Wo The Telegraph D'pnrtmciit shall be secon.J to that of no p-ipcr In the West. We shall continue to receive the regular Associated Press dispatches, antl all the special intelligence that our careful reporters, sta tioned at the more important news centres of the cuuu try, ran send us. 'Ihr l.vcttl thUit '.gtncc shall continue to be given with lhat degree of promptness and fullness that has hitherto rendered the Journal the best Chicago local (taper. It neither scorches nor dries it. The HYPERION CBB Pledged to no party, but that of the people, infill- Ten (rate of JiS rtO) ...35 00^ I ....I, .)• !M ou Uv Twenty (ri.te of to) ... wo,/ Fifty (mte of $3(1(1). .. lflOiK)' e TTl-Weekly cr,tains all the news in antl brings just as late intelligence on the publication, vix Monday, Wttloesilay, a Daily Tribune ("10 issues per nnrum) s in the Dnij*, dH}-» nf tti nil Krl.lajj,. w Korsix m's $1 Three m'« |i2 tar Postage on thc °hlcapo Tribune If anlr bair In Illinois as on Eastern paper*. tfr hen drafts can be procured It I- mtich fa fcr thai, to remit Kiiuk Hills. The name of the I'ont Of. flee an'l Stale shottld in nil casus he plainly writtc|». fSTMoney in Ue^ivtcred Lctteis uiav sent at our ritlt. Adtlres* Dec. 4,1961. TBIBrXE Co.i Chicago, 111. CTRL Y017R li I hi. Beautify Your»elj BY USING CHAPPELL'S HYPERION. FOR CURUSCTHE HAIR. The Ladies and Gcntl mien ihrougl.cut the worl I will be pleased to learn that I huve recently discov ered an article that will the llair. By using CIIAPPKLL'S HYPERION, Ladles a|jt Gentlemeu can beautify themselves a thouiar.a foM. CyAPIiELI/S HYPCRIOM Is the only Article in the World! that will Curl =tn»iM (lair. The only artUU that will Curl the Hair IN ItEACTIKCL CURV^! IN GLOSSY Cl'ULS IN SILKt.N Cl.'HLS IN FLAXEN crill s 1NPI.OWINU CURLS or f"r IN WAVING CURLS! IN LUXURIANT Cl'P.L? '. It makes the Hair s#ft and glossy. It invigorafc^ the llair It bcartifies the Hair, lt'cleansea the UME It has a most delightful perfume. --T* IT l'li I IMS THi IIA1R frcai tAI.LIXG OFF il fakii'iu it to Ikf wcalp. It is the only article ever «t discoveiwd that will curl straight Hair in beautiful curls, wrnif^ otT injury to the Hair or scalp. The 1IYPEKIOX does not In any manner InterfcM wi.h the rasr* Natural Softness of the Haij| ,e applied as to cause the Hair tecurl for one day lHJU i-oeate a right cause and to assist in the promo- I inclose tl./'iU* week, good, seeking no reward but that which an apprecis- period desired. tlve public can bestow in leturn for honorable ard i The HYl'EUION is thc only article In the world untiring eflorts to edify, instruct and please them, i hut vi hat can be counterfeited or imitated bv tin the publisher of the Journal asks tbeoupport of the p.inelpled persons. To prevent this, we do not oAt people of the North-west in his ef.orts to give them it for sale at any Druggist's in the United States an independent and honest newspaper, that dares to i„t -J the truth boldly on all subjects, and that loves ,-V °r,Gentleman nd success of all right measures of public poll- A O.^ K la or for one mouth, or for uny tonnr 0en,'cm Aiitlress, *,in rtesires 6 Therefor*, any Lady or who desires Is vwauo.v, man ri(ii o^s-. n« letter, and m*' W.CHAPPKLL4 C*. Box 54, Parkman, Geatiga Ca., 010*, A nd U will be carefully sent by malL Dec. 11, U6t. O U W A CARRIAGE FACTOllY! T1HE undersign would respectuliy solicit theai tention ofthe public to tbe facilities which h* now possess for inanufactariug CARRIAGES A WAO* ONi, of e-ery description, after the most improve* styles, as *o»d as can be obtained East, and upoa sat isfactory terms. Those wishinp to purchase willplesse call and tl* amine my stock. Ail kinds of repairing done with neatness aa4 disja'ch. Particular attention paid to Horse-8h«*». Inr, and aU work warranted as recommended. Also, a-.'ent for the sale of Klrbv's celebrated IIM •eaters, the best combined Reaper and Mower in u|e Ottumwa,Dec. 11,1860-40 MEAT FOR IHO\I:Y. tu '.lituis and i w HAVE concluded In view of the difficulty of crtj,» MUSICAL I r»" «r the prompt paymaster to nuke up'for the" failure's*#! this date, the Cash system. Hereafter then, I SHALL require pay down in all cases. No booku will be k«fi and coii'rquently no' will ,e troubled with bilta. Those having unsettled accounts with me will pie ...n .... .i j|if constaotly arket. all and settle. All klc Isof Meat kept constantly 'ija Hand at reduced rates, at Ihe City Market. frci-' Ilk 1 hkiTI W SM SkSKM «^a J. W. BltOWN Uissolulion. Ttteco |»artncrkhip known as THempaen & P#»dk' 1 li thUday dissolved by mutual consent. All persotj who are indebted to the late concern are rei)iisiit|n to makejlinoiediate payment lo Wui. C. Penlch whtvi*' authorised to settle business of said (Inn. BiMy vllle, November HO, 1S61. CALL AND SETTI.r. *ntmons Indebted to the subscriber for bl,£.* sinlthiug are urgently repuesteil to rail and aettlc W tween Ibis dute and January 1st, as I am rolnc awaw and no further indulgence can be given- XW# going e fl* I -KT j* m*

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