Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier, April 7, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier dated April 7, 1864 Page 3
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1 & TFLE OTTUMWA COURIER. OTIUMWA, Local and Miscellaneous Soldier* 0*4 tk$ Wldom and Beit* of Soldier*, are notified thst I im acting at agent for procuring Fenslnns, tfnuhftes and other fla'm* agalnM the ©••eminent, and will do the work cheaper than any other man. If. J. WI LLl AMf*. Feb. 4,1S64-tf Ottumwa, Iowa VACCINE A MATTERXWarranted fraah and pure, kept constantly on hand and for sale by PITER DTICHV, Druggist, March M, 18M Front Street. BLANK DEEDS and Mortgages. Just print *d a«d for sale at tha Courier Oflflc®. fySc« Fourth Pago. ,i Official Hotice. &*nmrm wishing to see the County 8u p«rintcn(lent on busine*» will find him at his office in the room above the Judge's of flc« in the Court House, on the last Satur day in each month. At other times he will usunlly b« found kt his residonce on Jefferson Street in the Eastern part of town. Persons wishing to be examined will save expense by presenting themselves on the lost Saturday in the month. They are alao earnestly requested to be present promptly •t the opening of the examation at 9 o'clock A. M. In the absance of the undersigned, Mr. H. L. HcGHivitia will act as Deputy Exami ner. J. M. McELROY, County Superintendent. "V?1** Public Festival. ^There wi.l be a public festival at ihe *45FEIRT House on THURSDAY E.'B. APRTE MMTINO or THE OFFICERS FBEEDMANS AID SOCIETW, Cheffer A Co.'a good* are going off by the wagon load. He will be cleaned out in a few weeks at this rate but has more of the Mine coming. ShefFer k Co., are wise in (narking their goods as they do. Dealers who, these times, content themselves with •mall profits, will be sore of a big trade in Ottumwa That's so. jc Mr. John Myers, sold one day last week I acres of land near the north end of the I city, for $1175. The purchaser was E* P. Ooday. The best bargain of the season. J. Q. Meek, of Meek & Co., has purcha sed the lot corner of Second and Third «tre«ts, adjoining the congregational Church, for a residence. He paid $500 for it. Messrs Washburn ana Oohvorm, in few days, will break ground for their new three atory brick block en Front Street. They are to be finished in July. Mr. Wash bum has already rented his at $600 per 7***- Maj. John S. Wood, of the 7th Cavalry raped last week from Nebraska. Dr. 8. B. Thrall, Assistant Surgeon of the 17th ia at home. His family, who have been spending some time with fiieucU in vOhta, have returned. T«e Legislature adjourned on Ttmrsday oaorning, last week. Sen. Dixon and R«p resentativa Stilei and Knox are at home.— They have proved themselves good and faith /ul*ervants. Andy Dumler has moved into his oew meat market, on Market between Front and Second. Aady ia a clever, accommodating tu*cher„ and sells his meat at reasonable rates. Peter Utecht is opening a large stock of goods. Among them we notice many cu rious and useful articles, including for stnv Iters a variety of pipes from Meershaums. down to Shammees, the latter moat tempting articles, particularly when filled with some of Peter's aromatic tobaooo. The attention et Farmers is called to the advertisement of Win. Elliot, who is agent for several of the best labor saving machines in the market. They will be found descri bed in the advertisement Call and see Mr. E. at Ottumwa, from Tuesday to Wedoea day ooon of each week. Hon. E. H. Stiles will please accept our thanka for the first and second volumes of Adjutant General Baker's Report, a work af great interest and value. U*t Saturday Stephen Booth and Joseph Pearce who have been in the jail oi 4his county some two months, the former charged with murder, the latter with forgery, were removed by the Deputy Sher Iff of Appanoose county, to Centerville, to ,«wait their trial in tfte District Court of that county, which convened on Monday. JTBEEDXAN'S AID SOCIITT —Rev. EVERGREEN'S Apiil 7, 1964. 14th the proceed* of which will be applied to the Improvement of the Cemetery grounds. Persons living in the country interested in this object are requested to contribute pro visions for the public table, butter, eggs, chickens, hams, kc. Ac. Admittance 50ct.«. Sapper lOcts. Music by String Band. R. W. Cdbb, one of the general agents of this most Important society, favored our citizens with a lecture at the Methodist church en Mon day evening, in which he gave an interest Jng accoart of the object, history and plans Mot the society. The attendance was not as large as it ought to have been, but the sum of about $«Qpras subscribed on the spot. A committee of ladies canvassed the city on Tuesday, and raised the additional sum of $91. Tuesday evening a meeting was held •ft the Congregational church, at which pro seeding* were held, an acoount of which will found in another coin ran. We are happy U all times to notioe ap provingly all enterprisgs in our midst, in the amy of manufactories, for upon them, more than upon any other branch of our industry our prosperity depends. We are glad in Jkh» connection to notice the new fim of ,-j Bower, Bramhall & Co., who have very re. oeotly entered into a partnership to carry on Jthe manufacture of plows, cultivators and washi tg machines, upon a very considerable soale. We wish their enerpriae sucoess, of frhich we feel well assured. There must be a demand equal to almost any ability to aup The »Utp U fti iha upper mill. IN TFIE CRMETERT.—We DATTLONEOA BOILER OF TBB will be held to day, Thursday, at 3 o' ciock, P. at the Coogregational Church. A punctual attend ance is requested. Mr. Jehu Moore, for many years a mar* ehant of this city, and an early settler of this county, died at his residence in Ottumwa, 8unday night. He ban been in failing health long time. WAS are informed by Mr, J. W. Lewis, 8exton, that it is quite a common thing for laclies at times of funerals, to pluck sprigs from the Evergreens in the Cemetery, end that to such an extent has this practice been car ried, that the Shrubbery has been greatly injured, anrf will most certainly be entirely ruined, if it is not put a stop to. In most cases, we presume, this practice is the re sult of thoughtlessness, but that is really no excuse. We would call attention to this matter, and earnestly request every person to reflect upon the sacred duty which every member of the community owe 8, to protect and hold sacred those flowers, shrubs and trees which have been planted to adorn and render pleasant the l*u home of our dead friends and relatives. Let this, gtacjlice pease. PtAifTTW Tnrr—On Saturday lift we made a short visit, on bimnass, to Mr. Chap pell's nursery just North of town. We were surprised to find that very active busi ness had already commenced. The road near the gateway was crowded with teams, and men inside were busy payift^ for and carrying off their bundles of nice fruit-trees of all sorts, grapes, evergreens, strawberry plants, and other desirables too tedious to mention. His assortment of appletrees is very large and fine, and selected, we under stand, with special reference to hardiness and bearing qualities in this North western prairie country. His prices are reasonable, indeed low—10 cents apiece for 3 year old root-grafted trees. This is as low a rate as we ever knew of similar No. 1 trees being sold, even in the days of Silver dimes. Who ever owns a piece of ground, in town or country, should plant, and plant now, and go to the Ottumwa nursery ts Make your purchases. Expiosre*.—The bofl* er in the steam mill of Mew*. Ltrnme & White, we regret to learn exploded on Mon day la«t, in consequence of which the mill and machinery was injured to the amount of about $500. The explosion was so se vere that the boiler was comptetelv capsized. No one was seriously injure although two sons of Mr. White were in the boiler room at the time. One of the boys was thrown into the well, bnt managed to pull himself out by the pipe some scalded but other wise uninjured. The ether boy fell under the boiler and rubbish, and was badly but not fatelly hurt. The wortc of reparing "is going on *nd the mill will be running again in a few days. Tn regard to the weather, wewil remark, that there has been some during the week. Sunday it rained, ditto on Monday. Tues day was^ generally conceded to be pleas ant. The mud is drying up fast, and the grass getting a start. The large Government boantfes'tfT re enlisted veterans and recruits, ce*««d on the 1st inst. The bounty of $,00 w^ll cpptjntie to the 10th. HAS ITS Twtr*ffis so HAS Plf.WK.— While the armies of the Union were winning brilliant victories, the ChemicAl Siliratus was enjoying a series of uninterrupted tri amphs over the popular aversion to all sal eratus, because the common kinds in use were fonnd to be destructive. ScMnoe hart demonstrated that the Cumical Siloratu* was not only pure in its nature, but wondt*r ful in its effects, prwlucing better bread and biscuit th*n any othor kind of sataratm or soda known. MARBLE HALL Dining and Oyster Salooa. The undersignt-d would inform the dtl* zens of Ottumwa and the public generally, that he has removed his Snloon into the seoond story of the Carroll tloimo, (imnfc diately above his former room,) where he is better prepared now than heretofore to ac commodate those who may favor him with a call. He has also fitted up rooms for dining, and is prepared to furnish Warm mealt at any hour in the morning or evening. 13^-Fresh Oysters received daily by Ex press. Remember the place, Marble Hall. Carroll Hou*e building, second story. Dec. 3,1868 Wm. OATS, A. 44 RYE, 44 OATTLE, gross,...... MOLL. Ottumwa Price Caarreat. coaeaoTBD WBIKLT av *•&> SHEFFKH, GKOC'Fi DEALER IV PROVISIONS. Ac. OTTHUwa in- if WHEAT, bash8pring 1,00 Pall $1,25 45 @50 60 FLOUR—Fall, $ hund. $3 80 Ex. Spring 8,GO Supertine Spring 3,90 BEANS 1,00@1,75 BUTTER, Fresh Roll, 85 Firkint 8o HOQS per 100 8,50® 5,00 BACON, sugar cared 8glo Hims, country 12^ Shoulders.. 10@12 Clear Sides *-«,«•,* 8@ 10 CANDLES, Mould 20e. SUr 20@25 CRACKERS, brl $8,50* .,75 CHEESE 16^20 COFFEE, Rio, fair to prim*.. 40 Java, y Tb, 45 COAL, deliverod ........».. 10 CORN, in ear ...v.. 80@80 Coivm untr Peaches, dried 15@16 Raisins, layers, box.... PUONTIEH SERVICE I $5,50 FISH, Cod, 1? lb 8@10 White, hlf brl $8,00 Mackerel, hlf brl, No. 2.... 8$9 FOWLS, Chickcns, doz......... 2,no Turkeys, each, .50@55 HAY, tame, $20,00. Wild,,.$15,00 HIDES, Dry, 17. Green 7 LEA and SHOT, bar 9c. Shot ft lb 20 LARD in cans 10c. New brla 10 MOLASSES, Sorghum...... 45@50 OIL, Linseed 91.. $1.40 Coal, per gal 80 PAILS, pei doz $$,90 820 POTATOES, per bush 1,00 POWDER, per keg 15,00 Rl CE, per lb 10@12 SALT, per bvl, $3,00. Dairy, sack.. 85 SUGAR, Common, 16. Powdered.. 25 SODA, per keg. a WUUKBT JJ Marsh A Ketchaaa .«•••» ALE, per bbl.f Ketcham^t ...tOOO TWO HUNDREO MEN WANTED roa TBB saTiara IOWA CAVALRY. I am anthorlaed to recruit for thla regiment, aad alea to offer the extra Bounty UNTIL THE F1KBT OPAPHIL. |H0Owlllb» paid to raw rerrults, and |4U() for vetrran volunteers. Those wishing to enter the service where the ilutiee are llgbt and climate healthy, will apply to ine at this place. Headquar ters at the Amos Uouie, 1CDDYVILLK, IUWA. 1 am also authorised to state that Columbia Tp. will p4y a local bounty of $10 to each recralt credit e o a o w i i flO, P. MORRIS, lat Lieu*., Karakul**. VKIUB, in ld»«Ula AMraltlAg SPECIAL NOTICES, gAVE YOUR LIFE.—Dyspepsia, Bryilpelaa, Kidney Complaint, Sick and Nervosa ftendftche, Neuralgia, Gravel, Tetter, Barber'* Itch and Raldneti. A Treatise on 1he above Dleeaie* with their ipeerir and permanent core, aen' free to any a.Hreaa. Addre» S. O. UPHAM, N*. 16 go nth Eighth Street. Philadelphia, Pa. Feb. '£•, 19 rpHE FRENCH PREVENTIVE. Nlfhtljr Eml««ion* effectually prerented with out. the use of medicine hy the uif of "The French PreTentire," the Rreite.U invention of the age.— Price $1. Kent port-paid to a II parta of tba country. AddreM Pr. 8. CURTIS, Box 2IW7, Port 0«ce, Phila delphia, Pa. Circulars lent, free. Feb 2ft, 1864-49-15 6m T)YSPEPsIA CAN BE CURED. Dyapepila, no matter how long (landing, yield* at once to "Drum's DT»mu Ccaa." The effects of thla Ranedy are truly magical. Try It and be convinced. Price 91 a box. Sent post-paid to any addreM, by S. C. UPHAM,f 2.% South Bighth St., Phila delphia, Pa Circular* sent trea. Irak la TO cowftrmrTivRft, ComamptlTea nafTerer* will receive a valuable prescription for the prescription for the core of Consumption, Asthma, Bronchitis, ai all Throat and Lang affection*, (free of charr*, Sjr Mating their addreaa W *ev. A'WILSON, A INV ALID, Pabllahed for the benefit and as a warning aai CAUTION TO YOUNG A Ever brought to this market. ash at the present low ratea, and will Bought Sold Cheaper MM ttkmm Williamsburg, Klnga Ce^ R«v Tark GINTLKMAN, eared of Nervoa* Debllllty In competency, Premature Decay and Youthful Error actuated by a desire to benefit others, will be happy to furnish to allwho need it (free of charge) the re ctpe and directions for making the simple Remedy used in his case. Those wUhiag to profit by his ex perience—and poise** a Vaia^bU Remedy—will recelre the *ame, by return nail, (cafer«Jiy sealed by addrecslng JOHN OOLiKN. No to NisaiuSTBBBT, Naw T-.a*. O N1RV0UBSCFFKRSRB OF BOTH SEXES.— A Revrend" Gentleman having been restored to health In a few days, after undergoing all the usu al routine and Irregular expensive modes of treat ment, without success, considers it his sacred duty to communicate to his afflicted fellow creature* the nam "or ccat. Hence, on the loeelpt of an ad dressed envelope, he will *end (free) a copy of the prescription used. Direct to Dr. JOHN M. DAONALL, 186 Pulton at. Brooklyn N Th« CeMfetfieai and EI^erkeace or ai MEN who «ulfer from nerroa* debility, Prematara daeay ef manhood etc. inpplylngat the *ame time THE MEANS OF SELF CURE Ry one who has cured himself after being pat to great expense and injury through medical humhag and quackery Ry Inclosing a pest paid addreaaed envelope,single copies may be had of the author. NATHANIEL MATPA1R, Eaq. iM5 Bedford, Klnga Co., N-T, ttAPONIFlER •R CONCENTRATRDLTI FAMILY SOAP MAKER. WAWltlakes high prices taponifler hetp* to retttirv ttiem. It makes SOAP for Poua ccntaa pound by u* In* vour kitchen grease. C^CAUTION A* npurlons Lyes are offered al­ ao. be carefnl and only buy the Patented article put up In Iron can*, all others belig Counterfeits Penntylrnnia Salt Manufacturing Co.t PHI LA DELPHI A-No. 1ST Walnut Street PITT8BURO—Pitt Street aad Da^neaae. »75te. A N O O U S E 1*4. a IHaaamath St«ck at N E W O O S HAWLEY & SON BKC leaveto aaua«ace tothelrcuatomera andthe iiuollc generally, that they are now opening and will be receiving the largest and beat selected stock of Y O O S {groceries, A S A N A S BOOTS AND SHOES. a w a e S A I S A N A S S Glass and Crockery Ware, than Ever, rOR CASH, PRODUCE, OR Approved Credit. WM. E. M0S8 JL A CO* WDOLESALB AMD KCTAIL DBA LI KB IN oonalstingtct Dry Goods, BOOTS & SHOES, CLOTHING, Hats r,.. 8@4 QA EGGS, IP do* FRUIT—Apples, green, lgl,15 dried, A 10® 12 aad Caps. QUEENSWARE AND GROCERIES, wnnUT —i nniTRT awf Ottumwa, Iowa. A JOBBING STOCK OF BOOTS, SHOES, HATS, CAPS QUEENSWARE K GROCERIES,, Constantly on hand at Chicago Prleee. Vm. C. Mots Jr., ft Co. Ottawa, Iowa, Jan. 19,18M. O U W A CA.RHIAGE FACTORY! mtil undersign would respectully solicit theat tention ofthe public to the facilities which he now posseasfor manufacturing CARRIAGKP A WAG­ ONS, ofe*ery description, after the moatlmproved style*.as good aaean beobtalnedEast,and aponsat Isfartory terms. Those wishing toparchasewtllplease sail aad ex amine my stock. pfT" All kinds of repalrlngdone with neatness and iliipatch. Particular attention paid to Horse-Sho* ng, and all work warranted a* recommended. A.HALDW1N Ottumwa. Dee.11,1861-40 18-lOw NOTICE W'l lMr BAKERY K CONFECTIONARY P. O. DADM fntfUwHwi to hi* eM IMe**. and Ikt ftMi generally,tfcath* kaa refctraed I* ala *M baaiaeea again, BTEAR J. HAWLET8 ntoNT STurr, ON 'C Tn Mi new and ertamndjo«s howae ireled eepeetatlj for the puspose of carrying on a BAKERY ON A LARGE SCALE! Where he would be pleased to aerre triryVsd with WHEAT OR BT1 MIAB) CRACKffiS, PtES, CAKES, CANDIES, ftc., Ac., Ac. They win alao tad a largo and aslect eteek mt Toys and Fancy Articles TeplaaaaTeeag Amerlea.aad SPATES FOR LADIES a GENTS I am alao Agent for HIL1/S CELEBRATED Premium Creain & Stock Ale Which I can furnish In any qaantlly deetred, ... v ..J- *. O. DAITM. Ottawa, Moy. aSB-lfttf BTEAT WESTERN NURSERY! LOCATED Offl MILK NORTH OV Near the Cemetery. Tthe HISJfarserr tiaa been established here wltMn last three years, and it designed to be a per manent aort growing in4titution. It embraces a large amouat of ground, and occupies one of the most de sirable situations In Iowa, and 1 feel encouraged with the patronage anl confidence that I hare already received from the people of this riclnltv, to persevere In my determined purpose to make this Nursery one of the largest and best in the West. I have a local habiatlon aod name,"and hold Jnyself responsible for the character aad quality of aales that go from my nursery, or one sold by myaelf •r by my authorised agents. I am prepared to anp ply the people of thla part of Souther.. Iowa with Most Desirable Varieties Of 8umroer, Fall and Winter Applea, expreaely select ed and beat adapted to thin section of lowa^ Staadard and dwarf Pears, ~j 1 Paachea, Nectarines,-^ Plomba, Cbert4e*^« I n88-'.Stf Currants, Oooseherriee, 4 Baayberries. Btrawbarilaa. imii virfEs, KntBAKB, &c.« together with the beet varieties of EVERORIBN8 0ECIDIOIIS, and ORNAMENTAL TKKKS and SHRCBd, ROSES and V1NCS, at pr'ces-aa Heal the Burlington or other reliable noraer lee. Particular attention will be paid to STRICTLY PILLING THE ORDER8 Of those «tio do not come In person, and when dis cretionary power Is left with me, the TERY REST SELECTIONS V1I1 be made. Apple trees, two and three yean old, best te'ectioQ, $10 per hundred. ESPECIAL Is called to my varietlea respective prlcea: i.^1 CERT 8TOR1. ATTENTION! of Orape Tinea, an4 tlaclr J)(layear«t (one year) (tMfwril OoneonL, Diana, Hartford Prot^U^ Rebecca, 4ftintont Catawhd^ Itabdla, 1.00 ts If 10 CABBAGE, pwicrr-POTATO, kWD TOMATTO PLANTS in their eeaaoa. i. O. GHAPPEL. TVTEW DRY GOODS AND GRO. SHEFFER A M'NRMICK. Baa opened a Dry Qooda and Grocery Store on F^ont Street, In the halldlrg lately occupied by ek k Co., where they will keep* good aaaortmenit of Dry Goods, Groceries, MOTS AMD MfORft, and allklndaof Prodnee. They will be pleased tn aee all their old customers and as many new one* as choose to call. The highest market price will be paid In Cash for eeerythingt he Farmers have to sell. B^Don't forget the place. 8UEFFEK I. A. k MeCORMICK. sBBrraa. a. i. •'co»a,tc. Ottamwa. Feb. «, lM4-M-iaif GHEAT BARGAINS I AT J. A. SCHWORM'S, •ait door West of J. L. Taylor's Drag Staaa orrrniwA, I«WA. Where will ha fband one of Itie largeat slaeka aaa elating of the following art idea: BOOTS A NO SHOES, HATS AND CAPS, 6RQ8ERIES AND QUEENSWARE CONFECTIONERIES, Chewing and Srkoking Tobacco, The heat In Ottamwa. GLASS AND NAIJJ9, WOODEN A WILLOW WABE. All of which will be eoldfor CASH CHEAPER THAN THE CHEAPEST IN OTT17VWA I or EXCHANGED FOR COUNTRY PRODUCE. My motto I*, t«ick tale* and Satall rrsitil WA«eryhijheitmarketptl('einCa*)l.b N K I E S w i w i o a e Call andeitfmioe goods «id prices,ao that you can satisfy yourselves iha^ you can buy gaoda cheaper of him than anvwherte else In Ottumwa. October IUh. Ib63. aht714-e 1M1 JJEW YEAR! lEW STORET! NEW PRICES ANDREW Jan. Is hereby given to all peraoa* that the Power of Attoraey executed by me to John B. Wood, en tiia 4Vth day of April, lS61,is revoked and cancelled, and said John 8. Wood has ue loafer any power or authority ever my propsrty tharwna 4ar. QD1NCY A. WCCA by HIKHM E MCK *an»h *,1 GOODS' MEEK $ CO. Waw eecnpy their aaw brlei next te Ottamwa House. Wa offer oar preaeat *fck of!»-.-»• ««?. i DBY OOOBII, OKOCEklE^, HATS, CAS, SMTI, (BOH, 4ND CLSTH^G, "for thaaaxt tea .^at VERY LOW FliURE8. Maek expects to go to Now Tor bran new stock, and he offera so Brown Mnslln for W centa, Calico 19S| to HI eeuta, likdiea Dollar* 8 cen Santa Collar* tenia, lea 91,u4er Com andall other good* lower than be bet where. Wa keep oonstaatly for T, ISTMJ 1FT An e»"llent farm of ^TA TOps, chicIENS, BUTTER, EGGS, ONIOMS* MOLASSES, COAL OIL, BRANS. A a., Oar motte Is, "Q*Mc 8tU4tat low i*ricek na*oufmaUI "Ar A O S K RENT 1H Idaho thrown kaflag A The Missouri Com Planter eaa be at PAtitiKl'l' A ELM.KKLY, ottumwa, U Mcll LASSON, Rirkville, KIVSH. HM GEO KABUICH.lTvilie, F18H A fANLY, Pes Mnines, W FKKK.VI AN, MIooinfieM, Agent for Davis Oa. Nov. IV, iMvi—till iune 'tH. ch49-15 DRUG SWTORE. STOIT A COWAN, |Whalasalsaa4 Retail Dealatata Drugs, Medicines, Paints, His Y E -S U S WINDOW GLASS Books, Stationery, WALL PAPER, FANCY GOODS, AO. COKNKR OF FBONT A oriffin*! color, ruary in the GREAT RU8H OF MIXTBR3 TO TBB NEW DI00IITG9. v-, A S O N I S I N O I S O V E I E S A A E I I N E S S E N E W I N E S NO USE OF GOING TO IDAHO TO GET RICH ONmm, Iowa, poeerasee aa great arlvantagea for bargain* as the territory of Idaho. HERMAN k are» hroaght to tUa market, eMaiatlBf la part af LADIES FINE DRESS GOODS Preach Merino, Wool Delalnew, Black Rllka, Repe, Wahafn, ATpaecaa, Fopllns, WosamMqaea, Challies. Ginghams, Cambrics, Calicoes, Brown and Bleached Mafttina, benlma. Stripes, Tickings, Flaonela all kinds. Pwlss and Jaeoaet Moallna, Oamaaka. Li nana. Edgings, luaertlnga, Tahle Covers, Towllnga, llucks, Diapera. Ladies, Misses Most Attractive Variety of Cloaka, Bhawla, Balmorala. Hoop Skirta, Olevee, BatAercMea, Hosiery, Telret aad Laoa Draaa Trlaa mlnga, Klhbona, Collar*, Meevee, Mela. A Ml line of TANKIB KOTIONB, aod In fact eveey daaai' af WW la a alt the moat fatldloaa I—a. We wa^d call ipttlai stlmt|se to a aokai aaaartmcnt and "PROCLAMATION TO THE LOYAL MEN OF IOWA. 9 WRKREA9, $1.00 1.64 li T# Now all want la fbr yo*4o glee my Planter a MISSOURI COM PLANTER Patented Sept. »T D. W. HUGHES. other Plantar now in existence. It will tare at laaal •loo A YEAR A BOY OF The nnderelgned hae located In the pity or Ottumwa and opened araeraltlog and sah* atltnte oBee, and aa there Is to he abont lu.iHM) men taken from thla 8tate, I am new prepared to tarnish aafeatitatea to all thbaa who desire them, not for planting batter iea, bnt for Flantlag 0ara,kaaBB as the I S S O U I O N A N E which haa now been thorooghly tee ted, and foand to he no hambag, as haa been the case with moat patent planters that have been palmed elf on the farmere of this aa well as other States, But this I* the age of ifl)£rsiy*ai*nt. A few years ago thla machine was aalled a hambag, hot now baa the repatatiou of being. MAKKKT 8TUITP OTTUMWA, IOWA. vi PHOF, O. J. WOOD'S I I A I E S O A I V E Thaaatonlshlng preparatloae larns the Bafr htae* to its after havlog become grav and relnetates It in all its original health, luster, softness aod beauty—remove* alI D»iuli uFfrom the scalp and all an pleasant itcb n it will also core Cutaneous kruptioni, such asPcl.i-He«d.Tetter. *c., and hence creates a perferi v hcalihv coltii: ion ofthe Scalp by acting as aBlioiulaul and Touie to the enf«ri»sup plying the coloriag mailer to tne HxIr, completely restoring tliera to their original "Vigor and health thus prrvrntlng all tendency to becoaie gray. It also preventsthe Hair from becoming unhealthy and falling off, and .an«esitto grow and thickens where It is gone, by reewscitati ng the organs naceesa ry t- supply nu' riment and coloring matter I E ,K ORVO asr«4e acres af wkfeh lonega, la for sale, er will be ant oa fair terms, far parttaa St!lee ar at this oAea. U undtr fmr#, attuaUd b«i««f trnmwi pot, Burlington. W ed te a good i,. ,ee Jehn ••M1'* af1®. Ali.y.a Call oa O beea closed In consequence ef John Zwisler's removal to Burlington. Whoever now wishes te *se Jobn Zwlsler will And til in at the "PEOPLE'S GARDE*," oppaa!te Hendrle's He ia pie Shade LICHTENSTADTER, w»awa,ara raealrfag aaetatti^i*o twain tta laiwlaUakaf WKNCY AND STAPLK DRY QOOD8 Childrens Shoes. Ufa fcara aka a faa aaortaaal af F1JRKI9RIIO CO«D8t aach aa PI at ha. Batlnatu, Kentucky Jeans, Farmer a Satin*. Linen and Flannel ghlrta, diaaata, Ua« Aa. Oar Hoods were parchaaed at the lowest Cash Pridea, aad will be sold to soit tbe times. NBW TO UK DRY GOODS EMPORIUM. Curlew Block. ornnwA, voir Remember the Place^^^ IT, I A. inXAH A UCHTKSRABTBK. 0 9 4 0., 1867« 0 E* w IBST Alf» #lfI#Y BBI.IABLI PLAITEB II MI. TBIIL, TO EVERY FARMER Besides tho WILL MOftl THAW PLAHTIMI IV RAID OK WITH A lOUC KAOIlVa, and then get ana of those baggy plow*, and aod aa wage* are very high and hands scarce all yoa have to do Ts to plant yonr corn with the Mtesearl Corn Planter, aod by so doing yoa can have yoar aara a«4 KwBI warraat Ittaaava MM Ma* Uaa aay THAT amount of Corn USES ONE, he will raise IM Perfect laws TEH TEARS OLD CAU CTLTITATE FIFTY ACBE9 where if yoa plant your eorn with one of thoae hone planter* yon ean't plow bat one way. and thereby loose half jour crop, and if your ground is not in the best of order, you ean't plant at all with a horse ma chine. This machine haa been in use since 1W7. loog enough to crash anything that Is a humbug outofex I istenee. but like an avslanclie, it gets stronger aa It goea ahead. A good hand can plant from eight to ten acres jer iia/, owing to the ground. balk wmya* and if* IT NEVER CLOGS OR CHOKE9 ia wet gronnd, and worka as well In sod as old grooad. I challenge the world to beat U in all kinds of ground with either horse or hand machine. Any one wishing a trial of mac hi place and a^poli their time, and I will meet them. Now farmer* before yoa plant your corn besureto get the Any person seeing any spurious machiues sold, by informing me of the fact will be liberally rewarded. I want ageuta in every county town iu the Mate, both travelling andlaoal, |f County Blgfale far aale oa rtaeoaable teruis. Manufactured by Iconlum, Appaaooftteaaoty, BOS W. S. HUGHES, OttmnttM, It I I I S A K i i e s o u o O e k a a a a a HAKER. lowaville, A MKAK3, Go»port, Marion county, 4 SHAW, Mt Pleasant, i 4 tt W BROWNSOM, Vandalia. Jasper county, THOS J. HUGHES, Travelling Agent. E. W. BETTS. aatAll.<p></p>CLOTHIER! WBOI.BSALS ABO OTTUMWA, IOWA. fl« HA? MJIST CLWBINt BOUSE IU M6KTT. now oa head the largest stock of Men and Boy's Weir, ever offered to bia Custome.s and the citiseus of Wapello Conoty. Oar Stock coajlsla in part of OVERCOAT!, CNDER COATS, PANTS. VESTS, »v grsrtr of thr mos: Hrilrable stylea. FINE HTOCR OP UNDER CLOTHING. rANCT SHIRTS, GLOVES aad!«at*e For niihiag Ooods generally. NEW STYLES HATS CAPS IN GREAT VARIETY. Alao good aeeorted URN'S and BOTt Boots & Shoes A Splendid ENGLISH FRENCH CLOTTJS Df)E CA'JVA' CASS. riAX SA TjXB$O' whleh wo are prepared to make an Into the lateei warranting aatitfaetloa in sty lee en abort notice every case IK. F. CRAKTRV v n n i n i w n o a a a e o Department is an EXPERIENCED CUTTER, direct from one ofthe best houses East, and we now flatter our selves that we have placed before tbe people one ofthe most thorough and complete Stock* of fhtv IVX" lWW 'n they sell the cheapest- e will say, call an4 see the goods, hear the prtee* aud judge for you*, selvee. Blue Cloth aad Caaslmere for officer* uni form, always on band. eh IT-IS o u TMAX A S v.. Clark'a Rsstorative, Clark's Rsstoratlvs, aaa ehooae their Xln*ouri Com Planter be sure that it has H." on each hinge and manufactured at Ottnmwa, Iowa. Nona genaina that have not my initials on each hinge. I give this caution because there are some irresponsible parties attempting to sell a machine something similar lo mini, who have no more ri*hi .han the hmperor of China,and are too lasy to work, and won't enlistfor fear of hurtinx some nf their »ouih«rn brethren. Clark'a Restorative, to plant with, acd Clark's Restorative, Clark's Restor atire, iVics «ce 1 Ktinm*' inatraments. rinre or cordials, po'nting out a mode of cure at enrol certain and »Te-tual, by whleh rvrry .ulf.r er, no matter wb*l hi- condition .i»v \, a v himself cheaply, j.rlratrly and ra.lleallv. TH.S S W a k w w a I LER aWiiHtMi DQWTT 60 THE PRICES! c. C. WARDEN, SA0AM1N nitx tttt AM»rU*CH40^ o O A S 4T a oaaiT BBDoerros R- rv r**, a very fallst*** FALL AND WINTER GMD* Comprlsent all art!elee aaaally aalMfarlaafaaatal atock af merehandlaa. Ia 1KESS GOODS, part1ruUrlj,h\e «n extensive ard varied asei'nImsal to which he partlcnlarlr weald caU the attanttea af the Ladlee. CALL AND EXAMINE, and weare mew win eel! yoagoo ttr Ayrll S, 18SS. Warden IB raaetvtng the largest and most complete atoak Ev©rlro«ght CHEAP mb A^£ to Ottumwa »rarr. vr Drug Store. npfta aaAfargaa^liaa opaewTe i a Wire ^JB- ^Corlew hwiMfeagaiad haa a laag« mm4 exteaaliw PURE DRUGS Cheaicib. Patent Ic4icin», Faiey JLrtieles, it. Pore Wlnet and Llqaori fsr Medlcftlpnrpi wUU which prtacriptioDtt wlllb« flJU*. CPFTLEPTIC PHI* FOR Codiaa Halt. HT* Pbjgiciana prescription* filial wiil ,«•»» night or day. 'STOCK of ConT Of?»p$, 2Mfca nn/*, Mr., Thu Prcfenl Monitor Burner, without tmoft or odor, ar&i ruvt inutilf *BtinyuUhft. Just th» thing f»r a night Lamp. PURE CO ML OU 404)0 ON HAND" He return? his sincere thank* for therery liberal patrnnape he has received tKe paatyear, and hopea by his attention tohis to merit the eoa&> dence of the puWlc. Olvemeacall whenyoawaat aoythingln my llna.afNiaralcat or day. OMaarwa, Mas. 1». PBTSS DTMVT. aTd-tf CLARK'S Mrf- i)tli*tt1iai DISTILLED RES- FM lfc« Unlr! Rs*tarm Gmy and Fttdeti Hair and Jtt*r4 Nat'traL C*Urt And la a maat lanrfata dressing Ibr Aa Salt as Clark's Restorative, Reetores the Color Clark's Restorative, Rradleatee Sao*«l Clark's Restorative, Clark's Restorative, Prmnotea its growth} Clark'a Restorative, P.evenialts failing atft Mark's Rsstorative, 1 Clark's Raetoralive, Is an no signalled Drisslag Is yaod for childrs» Is good for ladies Clark'a Restorative. HIMSELF la good for old peopla CUrk's Restorative, Clark's Restorative, Is perfectly harmless Clark's Restorative, Gaataiae nothing l^aflaa I Is net a Dye ft Beantlfle* the Rafr Clark's Restorative^ Ts splendid for Whlaftcra Clark's Restorative, Keepa tbe hair In It* placaf Cares nervoas hssdache Clark'a Reetoratlve, Prevents Eruptions Clark's Restorative, •tops itching and bar alag Keeps ths hesd coot Clark's Restorative, Is delightfally perfsasd Clark's Rsstorative, Contains no sediment Clark's Restorative, Contains no g»m Polishes your hair Clark's Restorative, Clark's Restorative, Preparee you for pavltai Prepares yoa for Clark'* Restorative, Clark's Restorative, Clark's Reetoratlve, fr* All ladlos need it No lady will da wKks*|lt Costs bat 91. la sold by Druggists and Dsalsrs svirywlaltt Pric* |1 par hauls—« bottles for fn. C.O.CLARK* CO., Proprietors. LORD A SMITH. Chicago, Ueoeral Agents. Wool Carding, SPINNING, FULLING, WEAVING, AND CLOTH DRESSING. I shall be prepared on or about Monday, May 1 Mh, to do a"klnds of work In my line In the verv beet maroer, andupon the shortest notice. Havlngalarg* amount of new and Improved machinery, I can glvw complete and promptsatisfactlon to all who may fa. vor me with a call. Those wholive at a distance wlllnow hssavediha trouble sndloss of time in making two trips forthalr Rolls. aDd if they wish them spun, they can have la duoe bvstoppingonenlght. Thankf ul for the liberal patronage bestowed on Ottamwa, May U,lSS«-tr, ST ?tale-onlv A" 1,11 TOU th*» IETTS. HE GREAT CAUSE OF IIU- MISKRT. Jutt in a S*aUd BI fortbe past ten years,at Agency City, I respectfully solicit a continuscceoftbe same at Ottamwa, knav lng that I am better prepared to do work oa ahoBRk aotlce and better than heretofore. JOHN KIILACr, THROAT AN1 O i S 1 LCNO INSTiTUTR, HoSS North Sixth, bet, Oheetnut I PI as. Catarrh, Asthma, Bronchitis, Diatherla, Wlntar Coagh, Ulcerated Sore Throat Go It raw enlarge,I neck, lieat Dlsra.e, Larafi." gltis, t'uncer, llisrases of Wo-i men Early ta^es of Consumpttoa, And all other compUtnU that directly or Indlreette lead to CnanrMPrioit, arv treated npon a tew and Z proved system of core. There Is no disease of the throat however llsha hat ult mau-ly does oot Involve the Lung*, henna of atteudiug to thl*class of 4iseaae* la I the nerra.ilv A rerinre tha Nat•«re, their or*t sta«e* ^^^^rhle'/Tni*a"] prTnc^NT 1 M«MC^ rnmn, m- prlDClpIr bfini lo inniv rama.lla. c• bsicpf, or iMerinAtorrfin*M *«»Ui.. ni w rtuceJ h» 8e!f.Ahue. invrinnias. wher^r thf '-^.T.ob »»»»iai,* i n-p. ih STEPHEN T. ACRES. Ilook-Blndrr fc Paper-Ruler* Manufacturer InCoolbaugh Hlork M&in 9iiaat w Hni «*'0 n"' °"l",»'"«he W|sUHT«I]m* HOl?E,tBur|lngU.n lows Music,,i'rr.a4 Sala^At., Ac., buiijtU a iHi ueat tess »1.1! .trs|,alrh. Partii-ulsr AttentUr. paid te Bullr* aid Rlsnk w"*. af evwjr descrlftHn. fi*..• k«-v r«i

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