Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier, April 14, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier dated April 14, 1864 Page 3
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TUB GUTMVA COURIER OTTUMWA, April 14, 1861. Looal and Miscellaneons Foldiert mnd the Widow and ffrirt of Soldier*, •re aoti ted that I em acting as agent for procuring Pensions, RoonMes and other claims against the fioTtrnment, aad Will do the rork cheaper than •ay other man. ,, J|, J. Wl LI.IAMS. Fab. 4,1864 -tf Ottaiowa, Iowa. In-AOCTNE MATTER- Warranted froth and pure, kept constantly on hand and for Isle by PETER L'TECHT. Druggist, arch 1844 Front Stfeet. Blame DEEDS and Mortgages. Just print «d tad for nl« at tha Courier Office. Fourth Pay*. 19,318 letters were mtuled at the Ottan Wa Post Office during the last quarter. The demand in this City for residences is A sign of the tiroes. Fifty houses could be rented in twenty-four hours, it tbey could ibe had. ft!* FESTIVAL ontobt.—We need scarc­ er to remind our readers of the Fcntival to to raise funds to im trove our Ceme The object is a most important one. Nnd appeals to every member of the com Sfounity. Let eve»y one contribute accord ing to ability, and a large sum can be raited- Don't forgot, it. Rev. B. A. Spaulding, Pastor of the Oon« fregational Church in this place for some Far Tiers will please notios the advertise ocent of Mr. Wui. Elliott, Agant for the •die of several valuable Implunents, and •all on him at Ottumwa between noon of Wednesdar and Thnrsdat of each week. The Ottumwa Seminary will olose the present term on Friday, April 2Snd, with an Exhibition at the Court House in the eve ning. The Exerciaeg will c^nsitt of DecktmMions, Sssays, Crations, Charades, Tableui, ar.d a Discussion intersporsed with vocal and in strumental music, by the school and music dass. following the Exhibition, April 25th, and continue ten weeks. ftrenty years, who left here about a year to effV.t mush. Yesterday evenin? thev Mnce to reside In Eau Claire, Wis., has re ffirned to again take up his residenoe among The next term will open on Monday i We hope the Exhibition will be well ate fgnded, a:id the school, which it is the de £jgn of the Proprietors to make permanent, find of a grade equal in advantages to any fllmilar Institution in tha West, be liberally Qipportod. i Tn* if* •toall "irrepressible conflict "iRRaPRKSSIBMI CONFUCT H—A on Market St. Mi Saturdav, occasioned a brief disturbance 4jf the usual qutPt of our exemplary Oitv.-« soldier, said to be a deserter from the re» hel army, but now receiving pay and rationg from Uncle Stmu I, »k orcasion to enact the "plantation" towards an unprotected ^nlored woman, on the street. The assault 4ras resented by the party attacked and an ther colored female who came to her assls Mnce armed with a iiroomstick, and the ^thivalry" retreated into a store nearby, mio-ved hy a smtl. crotrd, among whom we noticed Mr Michael Tullis. who improved the occasion to exprjss his views upon the Ti»cent occurrence in his usual forolble style iennina'ing :i a conversation with a oopjw bead from Point Isabel. fellow eitia^n. Dr. N. S. Hamlin. lias received the ajjoiiitm^nt of Surgeon of ihe Board of enrollment, of the 4*h District. Jpvra, and has left for Grinnell to enter Mpon the duties of his new office. The ap pointment is a most excellent one. Dr. J. O Hinsey, who has occupied most worthily •his position since the organization of the Board has resigned, an I $"*ti»rtj* to this to resume the practice ot his profession. WashinsMACHINES.—Having had an op. portunity to test the qmlities of the wash Ing machines manufactur"d in this citv hy Messrs Sower Jb Bra'nball, it affords us pleasure to say to our readers that the machine is decidedly superior to any we ev #r usod, and -woKhv thi universal confi dence of the public. Every family ought to have one. Get one of these washing ma chines, and of the of the universal Clothes wringers, and washing becomes a pastdme. Instead of the dreaded portion of domestic duty it now i*. Under the influence of the recent rains, the Des Moines is rising. About 4 feet rise ia reported this morn in*. *|We *re happy te aa*'enee beef steak inflationary at 12^ cent*. During the late fine, public interest in quotations of C|easurably subsided, but is now reviving. jA butter panic is apprehended. It is "*&w worth 95 cents and rising. None in yaarket except a small specimen in SbelTer's fhow case, kept as a cut iosity. Potatoes are scarce at $1.40 a bushel, and vgpay be classed among the rarities and lux tfries of life. i',j Beans are worth about a «en( apiece at fetail. Meek has an excellent article of the pmall white variety at a trifle less by the n. There is a report in circulation of the de struction of the.Oskaloosi Times Office by a AOiupany of the 3d Infantry, the company 4* whieh the young Lieutenant who was •hot by a copperhead in Mal^tska county last fall belonged. No particulars have been received at this writing, except that the of Ace was completely gutted. It took place 4n Monday. HIBTT MlLBS R4IlyROAH»^rThe Pes Moines road will ROOI) be comple* ted to Pella. Thirty miles of iron has been purchased by Mr. Lcighton, and *11 arrangementa completed to push the work forward as rapidly as possi­ ble the coming season.—[Gate City MiaroarcNR.—This it a world of tnisfott nne, and one of the saddest to a good house Jfeeper is to be affl.cted with heavy, yellow, fQt)r bread, biscuit, 4c. If you are ever troubled this way, ute D. R. De Land A Co.'s Ohemical Stlerutue, whon you will bt surprised at its charming iff F*^0V' mg the eaute of your tniaCortutie. ^UVIOI 1*1 ASS ITIEETIXGS. Dr. S. J. Eno, of Alledo, III., will speafc on Liberty and Union at the follow ing times and p'tce*, each minting la ,fca ft 7 o'clock w u i Iahlone»a Fridar 15th Ottumwa Momlay 18th Point TRabel Tuesday 19th Dmkesville Wednesday 20th Bloomficlil Thnrsday 21 vt Moravia Friday 22d T'ov onturday 23d Milton Monday 25th Lebanon Tuesday 2fltth Birmingham Wed nesdny 27th Business Corner Thursday 28th Miller's School House Saturday 3 Dr. Er.o has long been an adroemte for Umivrbsal EMANCIPATION aggressions of tho Slave Power." "Means by which it obtained control of the Gov ernment," ''The future of the Negro." and others. The speaker teceives no remuner ation except th« voluntary collections taken up at the clo^e of each lecture, Union papers in the ooiinties where the lectures are held, pteaee oopy. The receipts at the New York 9an itary Fair during the three first days thereof, from, all sources, amount^t? $400,00a ir II .(%*. A proposition it) Congress that the Government should purchase the Mis sissippi river bridges at Ifook IsUM, has been rejected. Memphis April 9.— Gricrson** cava'ry still hang aroud Forrest, but are too weak made a rally upon the bridg over W lf riv» er, which Porreet had just co-npleted, and suooeeded in ctpturing and distrovinn the bridge with a loss of 8 killed and wouded, taking two prisoners. This fyrenoon had nndther flght, in which Capt. Harrington, 2d Iowa, was se-erly wounded. It is reported Firrest has heen reinforoed hy Le«'s oavalry, and intends crossing the Tennesaee *lvep, his demon* Btrations towards Memphis being feints. Everything here is irepared to give him a warm ree'p'ion should he cotne this way MAIIB1.E MAlJj Dining and Oyster Salooa, The undersigned would infnrtn the citi z®n9 °f (^'tuniwii and t'ie public cent rally, that he has removed hiw Saloon info the second story of the Catrull House, (imme diately above his former room,) where he is better prepared now than heretofore to ac commodate those who may favor him with a call. He has also fitted up rooms for dining, and is prepared to furnish Wirm meal* at any hour in the morning or evening. |3f~Fre»»h Oysters received daily by Ex press. Remember the place, Marble Hall. Carroll House 'milding, second story. Dec. 3, 18(58 Wm. A. MOLL. |tt|ti|uiwa Price Ciirr^qlJfT ooaaacTao wiklt bv JH. HHEFFEli, GUOCKH, DIALER IV PROVISIONS, Ac, Ottuhwa, Apr. 14 WlfEATW bush Spring 1,U0 Fall $1,2" OATS, 45 ©5ti RYE, «50 FLOUII—Fall, bund $3 «o Ex. Spring X.. 3,011 Supertiue Spring,, 3,20 BEANS 1,00® 1,75 BUTTRR, Fresh Roil, £5 I^kin, 3 HOGS pur 100 .i, 3,50On BACON, sugar cured .8c$ln uns, country. ,4 u .___ 12 j. Shoulders ,...vr*I»'&> 1 Clear Sides .., .7. ,, 8c?5lt) ATTLE, firoHs,,.. w .,,.. ,,. ,, 8©t CANDLKS, Mould 20c. Star...,. ,90r CHACK KltS, W brl .. 13^.-. ,,75 (MlEKSE, q.f v. Jl5vg2o COFFEE, Rio, fair to priine^. 4o Java,^ft, 45 O A e i v e e o CORN, in ear JVu .Vi? tOK&*0 CORN MEAL .... ... 5 Hn ETKJS, doz ®:12 FRUIT—Apples, ffveen^ "iwXvCi. .* dried, lb t-i Peaches, dried 1 t'l Raisins, layers, $ box.t.# $5,'ki FISH, rod, lb k@i,, White, hlfbrl.... f$b,iM Mackerel, hlfbrl, No. I'.-iv 8 ^9 FOWLS, (thickens, dojf.-,.-.v 2,"0 Turkeys, each, i & .50($55 A Y a e W i $ 1 5 0 0 HIDES, Dry, 17. (»re«n 7 LKAI) and SHOT, bar Sfc. Shot lb 20 LAItl) in cans )0c, Mew brla-t»•.»« 1° MOLASSES, Sorghum ,'."4fe@50 OIL, Linseed $1.40 Coal, per gal i ... 90 PAILS, pet doz. i. .%'y$%t99 820 POTATOES, per bt|*l i.. 1,25 O W E e k e 3 RICE, per lb .. SALT, per brl, $4,00. Datty, saclcl. Sl''iAR, Common, Jlj6fc Powdere|.. 25 SODA, per keg 84 WH1SKKT Ifarth 4 Kflchfttu .65 ALE, per h^lf Ketclmm 1500 TP^TTS- fcEtUL KQTfCH, Kobert f. McQreif, PUT. 'U James McOrew, Fiqley M'Grew, Raehael MeGrew Deborah Mc'irew, Jane Brown, (formerly Jans Mo QreW)and Anna MrGrew, Defendanti To saiU defrndeuts. Yuu aud each of yon are ke. ely notified th*t on or oefare the tenth day of May, 1804, there wilt he on file In the dice of (lie ClerU of the Diatriet Coai of Wapello County, Iowa, a petition of Robert F. McOr«w, representing that ht- and James Urew, Itacliael M. (ir. w, UeborHh Mctirew, Marin* MoOrew, Kin 1ST McOrew, N ithan MeUrew.Jane Drown, (formerly Jaqe Mctirew,) Maxy CnQk, (format ly Mary McUrev,) 4r« nle only children and heirs of Stephen Mcfirew, deceased, and that Anna Mctirew, whom petitioner prays may be atade a party defendent, is the surviving widow ef said Stephen MeGrew deceased, and claiming that tho said Ste(,lien NJctfrrw, at the time of his decease wa* the owner of certain Keal Kstate in said County and State and in said petition partionUrly described, which by the laws of decent decended equally to the *»id cliil.lron of th» said Stephen Mc Orstv deceased, sulject tothe dower Interest of a life e»i ate of the said widow Anna MeGrew therein. That si nee the death of his father petitioner has le eosie the cwn* by purchase of the respective shares Of Martha Mctirew, Mary Cook and Nathan MeGrew In satd lands~tha petitioner is therefore enMlled to the uudiyidad fo»jr ninth part of said lauds, and that defendants are each entitled to the equal undi vided dbat-nioth pait th »rrol—ail sulijecl to the said doyer interest of the said widow—at.d claiming that said real estate be partloned among petitioner and 4II of said dt/endante accor iiog to th*(r Interests, »n4 that rrfereeaiiiay be app)inted therefor. Now anlessyou appear thereto and defend before noon of the seCQPd day oftbe uest term of the District Court of said County, to be begun and held 011 the 80th day of May, 1S&4. default will be entered agalnstyou ami judKiuant ^atiderad thereon as elaified tiy sal ft petition. EDWARD II. dril.LS, Atty for Pet ili jiier. I Edward H. fltilas, being duty sworq, do say that the above named defendant Jaates MeGrew is a non resident of the :tate of (ova, and that pei soual ser vice cannot be made on him within the titat-, as 1 Verily believe. KDWAKDII. 8VILE8. Ordered that the above notice be publlaed for four Cnoaeoulive weeks lu tha UUimVS UoarUr, publlsh •d at Uttumwa, Iowa. A GENTS WANTED—To sell by •i* suhscr Ipt Ion an excellent, illustrated and low- fish irlced history of the Rebellion. It ts In both Kng and tier man. Also several other beautifully Illustrate d, interesting and valuable family works. Also for Pediers and Agents a great variety of Pic tures, Butll Scenes, Portraits of eiiiimpt Generals and Civilians, ems for the Album, Ac., together with a large assortment of Stationary Packages.— These goods sell well. far tiixuilMi. with tanns, address a i- HkhIRT HOWi, 1)1 Main titreet,OincinnaU. Ayer's Ague Cure. SPECIAL NOTICES. CAVE YOUR LIFK.—Dyspepsia! Erysipelas, Kidney ComjiVslnt, Sick and Nervous Headache, Neuralgia, Gravel. Tetter, Barber'i I let' and Paldnen. A Treatise on the above Diseases with their speedv and permanent cure, sen free to any address. Address S. C. UPHAIg, Bo. loath flghth Street, Philadelphia, Pa. Feb. 39, :s«4-6m 481^ TIIE FRENCH PREVENTIVE. Nightly Emissions effectually prevented with out the uae of medicine hy the use of "The French Preventive," the greatest Invention of the are.— Price $1 hent post-pal to i II part? of 'he roi.ritry. Address nr. 8. CURTIS, Box 'MIT, Post 0&ce4Pki!a delphla, Pa. Circular* sent Iraa, Feb 25,1 §64-49-16 Sm Mil in past times, when it cost something to pjuad for oppres. sed humanity His subjects ni»w are: 4*The Fob *K 1&64-49-1& *ns •. CTTTTFT) rjYSPEPftTA CAN BE Dyspepsia, no miti ter how lorn standing, yield* at once to "UrmM'a Disss?*!* Oca*." The effects of this Remedy lire truly magical Try It aud bo convinced. Price ft a box. Sent post-paid to any address, by 9. C. tlmoi, South Eighth St., Phiia* delphla, Pa Circulars sent free. TO CO^KrS|»1*|VFJ. Consumptives sufferers will receive a valuable prescriptinn for the prescription for the cure of Consumption, Asthma. Bronchitis, a all Throat and Lung affections, (free of charpo,) by (ending thaie sdAtw-U^-sr# TO IT A- WILSON, Williamsburg, Kings Co., New Ttrl A GENTLEMAN, cured of Nervous Debllllty la competency, Premature Decay and Youthful Krror actuated by a desire to benefit others, will he happy to furnish to all who need (free of charge) there cipe an directions for making the simple Remedy used in his ease. Those wishing to profit hy his ex, perience—and possess a Valuable Remedy—wiU receive the same, by return mail, (rareTully sealed by addreaslng JOHN B. (KinrN. Ifo 60 NASSAUSTaBBT, Naw-Yoac, NBRVOUSSUFFERERS OF BOTII 8EXE3.— A Revrend Gentleman h^vlnf been restored to health In a rew da.Vi, after undergoing nil the usu al rnuti ne and Irregular expensive modes of treat ment, without success, considers it his nacrcd duty to communicate to his afflicted fellow creatures tha mbans or cpan. Hence, on the ooelpt of an ad dressed envelope, he will send (frea) a copy of the prescription used. Direct to Dr. JOHNM. DAUNALL, 1S6 Fallon at. Brooklyn N The Conffensionaaaid Experience Of A* V Uit v -4 Pabltshed for the benefit and as a warning aad A CAUTION TO YOUNG MEN who suffer from nervous debility. Premature deck/ of manhood etc. supplying at the sanje time THE MEANS OF SELF CURE By one who ha* aured hlm»elf after being put to great e*p*nse and injury through n^edlcal humbug and quar.keey By inclosing a post paid addressed envetope,single copies may be had of the author. NATHAN'IKI. MAYFA1R. Efl|. 11-15 Bedford, Kings Co., N-V. SsAPONlFlER OK CONrRNTRATKD LYE FAMILY SOAP MAKER. WAt makes high prices -apon)tjer helps to redact tti'm. Jt makes 8oif for Fooa eoQts a pound by us in« your kitchen grease. fW~("Al'Tin\ As spurious I.ves are offered a]r so, be carefnl ami onl.vbuy the Puttnted article put up In Iron cans, all others bei ig Counterfeits, Penn*ylritiia Sail Manufacturing Oo.% PH!MT»PLI»Ht A -No. 127 Walnut Streo*. PI I i'dUUUU—Pitt Street and Duquesne. 35 T5 8m, A N O O U S E Aai a JlaBBaotla Mt*ck mi N E W O O S HAWLEY & SON Hpublic EGIeareto announce tothelrcustomers anith# generally, that they are nowopenina and will be receiving the largest and b»ets«lecte| stock of DRt GOODS Groceries, A S A N A S SOOTS AND SHOES. II a cl w are', NAILS AMD CLASS, Glass aud Crockery Ware, Ever brotujhi to (Mk marlcet. Bought ash at the present low rates, anl will Sold Cheaper than Ever, roil CASH, PRODICE, OR Appr^recl Credit. C. MOSS J3. m. A ct, #ruOLE8AIJB AMD RETAIL DEALERS IS iiciiaUtlng of i Dry Goods, BOOTS & SHOES, CLOTHING, Hats and Caps. QUEENSWARE AND GROCERIES, CORNER FRONT and COURT Straete, Ottumwa, Iowa, A JOBBING STOCK OF BOOTS, SHOES, HATS, CAPS QUERNS WARE k GROCERIES, Constantly on hand at Chicago Prices. Wm. C. Moss Jr., & Co, Ottuwa, Iowa, Jan, 19, 18ttS. TTIINWA A K I A E Ntha 1 FACTORY: teutiop of the public tothe facilities whicL he uow |iosses for manutacturing CAKKIAUKf A WAG i»f every description, after the most i inproved sty good as can he obtainedKaat,and upon sat isfactory terms. Thosewtshlng topurchasewtllpltase call and ex amine ray stock. IVaTi kinds of repairing done with neatness and dispatch. Particular attention paid to llorse-dhpe og, and all work warranted as recoium-nded. A. dALUWlN Ottumwa, Deo. 11,1861-40 18-10w rtTICK ts hereby given to all persons that Power of Attorn--? executed lv me to John Wood, on the *'Jth day of April, lis62, is revoked and cancelled, and sild J»hn S. Wood has no longer any power «r authoiitv ever my propeitv dar, Ql INCY A. W.•«»!, by MhUlNUA U. WOO», -t tin MarafcM,m« BAKERY & CONFfCTipXARY P. C. TATTM Would announeo to his o^d Meads, and the pufc'lt generally, that ^,e baa returned to his old basinosa again, NEAR J. HAWLET'8 RTO« ON FRONT STSBR, Tn Wtwi (»d eowmodioos homo erected aepeolaMy for the puspose af carrylogon a BAKERY ON A LARGE SCALE* tkm he wouM be ptaaaed U aarve everybody wltk \ritr*T OR wrr rrfid, CRACKERS, PIES, CAKES, CANDIES, to.. *«., *«. "l^eyV^H also tnd a large and tefoot stock of Toys and Fancy Article® To please Young America, and SPATES FOI^ LAPIES & Q^NTS 1 ia alao Agent far LIL1/S CELEBRATED Premium Cream & Stock Ale Which 1 can Airntsh tn aqy quantity desired, P. C. DACM. Ottumwa, NOT.Mk,1M» nSB-lMf Most Desirable Varieties Of (tammer. Fall and Winter Apples, tiprtwly saled^ ed and best adapted to this section of Iowa. ptaaderd and dwarf Pears, VtachtS, NrplarinM, inmis, cberrlas, BOOTS AMD MIOFS, and ^.iJiindeof Produee. They will be pleased to see alf tf eir old customers and as many new oneeaa choose to call. The higheat market price will bo paid tn Cash for evervthingt he Farmershave to sell. Don't forget the place. JitlEFKER A McCORMICK. A. asarMn. «.t. QHunwa,Feb. 4, IW^-^W J, ... QifcEAT BAKGAIN8! AT A i S W O S Meat door West of J. L. Taylor's Drug Store orxinuA, IOWA. Where will he found one of the largeat tlatha ton slating of the fnllowlug artiflps i 300TS AlSTJD SHOES, H4T8 AND CAPS, GROSERIES AND QUEENSWARE CONFECTCONERIES, °CIiexcing and Smoking Tobacco, The best In Ottumwa, i OL.AHS AND NAI1.S. W003EN $, WILLOW WARE, All of which will be sold for CA8H CIIKAPEK THAN TIIE CHEAPEST IN OTTUMWA! or EXCHANGED rOR COUNTRY R0DUCE. My motto Is, Quick. Sale* and Small ProQI»l WANTED-I1IDK8, v .FAT WESTERN NURSERY 1 LOCATED ON$ MIl^E N0IITU OF Near the Cemetery. Tthe HIS Nursery has been established hero within last three years, and is designed to be a per manent and growing institution. It embraces large amoujt of ground, and ojpuptes one of the most de sirable situations in Iowa, and I feel encouraged with the patronage and confidence that have already received from the people of ^hls ylcipity, to persevere Ip my dttle.rr.iipgd purpose to make ti^s Nursery ono of the larst'til "I'd ue.»t in the tVeit. 1 have a local liabtation and i Dauio,1' and hold i myself resp nsihle for the character and quality of! sales that go from my nursery, or one sold by my*elf or by my authorlted agents. I am prepared to pup ply the people of this part of 8outher. Io^a with Currants, Gooseberries, berries, Slrawberrie^ iKAPE VIIf ES, KHI BAIIB) 4cc., 1- together with the best varieties of EVERGKEENA Dtt'l lilOl'S, and OUNAMENTA1. TKKEH an4 SIIKUIW, KUSFS and XlStiS, atpi'ceaaa IavmUm Burlington or other reli «ble nursertaa. Partifqlar attention wi|l be paid to a STRICTLY PILLING THE ORDERS Of those who do not come In person, and when dip cretlonary power is left with me, the YEltY BEST SELECTIONS will be made. Apple treaf ,twp and three years ol4t best se'eciiun, $ln per hundred. ESPECIAL ATTENTION of Grape Ylaw, apd their Is^alled to my varietlea Respective prices Delaware, {one year) $1,00 (l«w yeart) i.54 Concord, 35 Dianas 75 K IIirtt'ord Prolific, 50 Rebereay 1,00 Clinton, 25 Cataieha, 15 h'ihelhx, 40 CABBAGE, SWEET-POTAVO. AND TOMATTQ PLANTS in their leasop. J, G. CHAPPKL n83-.5tf Nt'HUY EW DRY GOODS AND GRO- STORE. SHEFFER M'COBMICK. Has opened a Dry Goods and Grocery Store on "Jont Street, In the buildlrg lately occupied hy ek A Co., where tpej will keep a good aasostment of Dry Goods, Groceries, foi which will be paidtbe very highest market price in Cash. i Call and exuminr goods and prices, so that you' cau satisfy yourselves that yuu can buy gooda cheaper of him than anywhere else In Ottumwa. Ottumwa, October 8th, 13C8. eh27-15—0 1M1 YEAR I NEW STORE! NEW PRICES AND NEW G00D8( MEEK & CO. i Now occupy their new brick, ns*t toOUaaswn House, Wo offer our pr«scat st«f k Of DBf GOODS, CROC'EKIEN* HATS CArs, BOOTS SBOH, AND CLBTHlNfi, for ttia next ten lays at VERY LOW FIGURES, I, idles t'ollsrs S coata, Qgnlt Collars Scents, .S \oa #l,tx per fc, i Coffee »TJ»', andMt eHW foe*l«we« than eaif be boagM olae wuere. VVe k«ip cjuii iutiy fur sale EGGS, BUTTER. POTATOES. ON lOSS, nOLASKKS, CHICKENS, COAL OIL, BKAN8, |t,, at low rlaos. Oar motto Is, "Quia* SuUt oh4 HmmU Predtr" Jan. 7, loM-44 U X? A The Missouri Corn Planter can bo ks4 at DAUiiKl'T A KOUHKLY, Ottumwa, L, MctiLASStlN, Kirkville, FIS1I, Kil.lyvilie, GKO K AMUCII, Iconium, Appanoose county, risil A SANLY, les Moines, W tMKKM VS. UI'ioinfieM, Agent for Davla Co. Meek eipecla to go to Now Torfc In Fel-ruary fai a .Hunplea.ani itching, li will »lso cure Cutaneous bran new stock, aud he offers sons bargains uow. Hroao Muslin for *0 cents, (laHeo ISfc to 2u eeuts, U FOR SALE OR TO i. RENT. An ejteellent farm of 324 acres. N acres ef which is under fence, situated between Otltunwa ard n»h lonega, is for sale, or will he itnted to iooii ten ant ou fa'r trims. Kcr parlicalart ooqair* «f K Alley, a liaer Garden, and Refroahment Salean, Ao ftllfi or at»W« elkt*. ISdaf. Oallejtfcha. HAt.l'-.UaA. WINDOW GLASS Books, Stationery, WALL JPAPJJR, FANCY GOODS, 6C. COM NEK OF FltONT & MARKET STBBBTf OTTUMWA. IOWA, Idaho thrown tn the Shade! GREAT RUSH Of MISERS TO TEJB NSW DIGGINGS. A S O N I S a I S O V E I E S VNPARALELLED RICHNESS OF THE NEW MINES! K9 USE OF GOIXG TO IDAHO TO GET RlCUb ft'tMHra, |o«a, pniwii as great adtantagea Ibr bargains aa tha tarrltoty of Ilakt. HERMAN k LICHTENSTADTEBj haTlag mwil a H« (ton, aw rooelrlag and oontinalng U roatira MM largaa* siook of FANCY AND STAPLE DRY GOOD# artf brought to thla market, eonslsting tn part of LADIES FINE DRESS GOODS French Merino, Wool Delatnea, Mack Silks, Raps, Mohairs, Atpaeeas, Poplins, Motambinaee, CbalUe^ Ginghams, Camhrlca, Calicoes, Rrownapd Bleached Muslins, Denims, {•tripes. Tickings, Flannels of all kinds. ?»l«i and Jaconet Masllns, Damasks. Linens, Edgings, Insert lag's, Table Covers, Towlinga, Hacks, Diapers. A Most Attractive Variety of (Iloaks, Shawls, Balmorals, tloop 8k Irts, Gloves. Handkerchief, Hosiery, Ytlvet and Lace Dress Trim mings, Ribbons, Collars, Sleeves, Nets. A full line of YANKEE NOTIONS, and in fact eVery description «l ta a«it the «ost faatldious laate. Wo would aall special attention to aaoKa|aaaortMWaC ladies, Misses and Clil to Shoet, l~'r We have also a fine assortment of QEffftlENERg' FURIVISHKIfG CfWDS, such aa Clatha.latinetts, Kentucky Jeans, Farmeis Satins, Linen and Flannel Shirts, drawara. Bait, Ae. Our Toods were purchased at the lowest Cash Prides, and will be sold to suit the times. (£jJ^"Remember the Place^J) WHEREAS, NSW Y01i^^Gu?(,T Manil tf, PIRUAK i^CHTX^A^Tlt^'4,1 iUOCLAMATION! TO THE LOYAL MEN OF IOWA. MISSOURI CORN PLANTER Patented Sept. 9., 1857, BT D. W. HUGHES. The undersigned has located in he f'ly of ottumwa and opened a recruiting and sub stitute office, and as there Is toieaboiit Io^iimi uien taken from this Slate, I am new prepared to furnish auDatltatoa to all thbie who desire them, not for planting batteries, but for Planting Oorn, known as the MISSOURI CORN PLANTER, which has now been thoroughly tested, and found to be no humbug, as has been the case with most patent planters that have teen palmed off on the farmers of this as well as other States, But this is the age of Improvement. A few years a^o this machine was sailed a humbug, but now has the reputation of being THE HEST 4AH OlfLV ^EM^BLE VLAMTEB IN VIE, Vow all I want Is fqr you tq give tqy Planter a Taut, ^n^fvlll tt to antra qtfter Planter now In existence. It will save at lea#t lioo A YEAR TO EVERY FARMER THAT USiJS ONE, Besides the amount of Corn he will raise WtLL Bl MORC VRAM PLANT1NO BT HAXO OB WIM A HOBSC MA0H1XI, and as napes are very high and hands scarce all you have to do is to plant your corn with the Mlsaonrl Corn PUnter, and hv so doing you can |ave yoqr corq lu Pcffecl ^|Offa b#tla and and then get one of those buggy plows, ana A BOT OF TE* fEAKS OLO CAM CITLTIVATETIFTT ACRES HinSRLF where if you plant your corn with one of those horse planters yon can't plow but one war. and thereby loose half vour crop, and If your ground is not in the best of order, you can't plant at all with a horse ma chine. This machine hns heen in use since IS57 longennugh to crush anything that is a humbug out of ex istence. but liWe an avalanche, it (rets stronger as it goes ahead. A good baud can plant from eight to ten acres per day, owipg to the jjroqud, IT NEVER CLOGS^R CHOKES In wet groand, and worka as well in sod aa old gronnd. I challenge the world to boat It In allklnda of ground with either horse or hmd iehine. Any one wishing a trial of machines can choose thoir place and a,.poi. their time, and I will meet them. farmer* before you piant jourc irn be »ure to get the Stijfonri Com Planter foplapt wlth.acd he sure that it has S. H." on each hiuge and mauufa£llitad at Qttuiuwa, Iowa. None genuine that have uot my initials on each hinge. 1 give this caution because there ar .- ioaao i rrepotiSible parties attempting to sell a machine something SluMar to uiiu. who have no more right J1.111 hiuperor of China, and are loo laiy to work, aud won't enlUt for fear o liui ting some of their sou h»r n lirvthreu. Any person seeing any spurious machines sold, hy informing me of the fact will be liberally rewarded, ery coqptJ town iu »he State, both trayeliiug and local, 1 want agents in every 0r*Cotti)tj Rights for sale on reasonable terms, Nov. 19, IsdJ—till june 'tf*. chtil3 tj NEW DRUG STORE. STOUT A COWA^ ftholeaaloaod Retail Daalarsla Drugs, Medicines, Paints, Oils Y E -S U 8 T'rW PROF. O. «|. WOOD'S A I E S O A I V E The astonishing preparations turns the Hair black to Its orif/intil volar, after having become gray, and reinstates it in all its original health, luster,softness i and beauty— removes all Dandruff from the jcalp, and Jiruptions, such «fiMlil llrml, Tetter, Ac., and hence creates a perfectly hea|lhy condition ofthe .Scalp, by acting as U Stimulant and Tonic to the org*nssui plying the coloring matter to tne Hair, completely restoring them lo Ihrir original vigor and health— thus preventing all tendency to become gray. It «l»o prett iiltlhe Hair from becoming unhealthy and 'ailing pff, and jHUsesltto jtrow md thickens whsst it ia gone, h.v reauscitatf ng the urgans uecessa ry t* supply nu iiment anil colorinn matter. Thou»atids of.Soldiers In the Army have testified to tho at ove, who had become gray and lost ll.eit Hair Pcir sale h.v I'eter Ctecht, Druggist, Ottumwa, and hy Druggist* geuerally. 1M-I5 SK5EL HALL—'I'hia iti^timtiou lias been closed tn C"nsequeuce of John filer's removal to Burl ngton. Wi.oever uow silahsstoaee John Zwisler will And hiin at the "PEOPLE'S GARDEN,'* opposite Hendrie'i Foundry, n-ar the ftallMad Bo pot, ii iiiigton. Wlnu VI.U V sit Burliuittun r*[i and see Joii n He is uleasan l.v situated, tut i Tm lio e a 81 Mn lfapufactured by W. a. HUGHES, Otiumwm, Iowa. I S A STUART, A miles south of Oskalooaa. il I KAKKIt, lowavllle. A MKAIti, Gosport. Marion county. 2 8IIAM, Ml Pleasant, SF A v\ BKOWXfO.V, Vandalla. Jasper county. TBB THOd. J. I1UUUK8, Tr«reUing Agent. E. tV. BETTS. CLQTHIERt WSOLKSA LB AMD BBTalL HAS OTTUMWA, IOWA. OLBIil CLOTQIM. HOLSK IX ilig C#LMI, now. on hand the largest stock of Men and llov's Wear, ever offered to his Custome.s and the citisens of Wapello County In pari of Onrfctock couists OVERCOATS, UNDER COATS, PANTS. VESTS, er graih- o! the irios des rahle stvles. PINE STOrK OK l'\l»EK CLOTHING, PAXC'v SHIItTS, GLUVES and Sent s Eurnishiug Goods generailf. NEW STYLEH HATH fc CAPS nt ci IS GREAT VARIETY. Ah* good aasarted MEN'S and BOTt Boots fe Shoes A Splendid Assortment of ENGLTSII FRENCH CLOTHS. DOE HJT/ys, PLATS FAX'-r rA.izClfZ/lS CSJUA" CASS. k FIXE TJA'JCTS which we ate prepared to make np into the latest style* on short notice, warranting satisfaction in •Ttr c*»e. 1WR. 1". CH A^fTR V, who has charge of this Department Is an EXPKKIKNCED CUTTEK, direct from one ol Ihe hest «oa*es East, and we uow flatter ourselves that we j^ve placed before the people one of the most thorough and complete Mocks of Men an Bo V wear in ihe State. All tell vou that see the good*, hea the prices and jud.'e' foV'your" seives. Blue Cloth and Oasslmere for oHcers uni form, always uu hs4k«l. ch 27 1ft o jfceers uni- E. W BETTB. rpilK GREAT CAUSE OF HU 1. MAN MUKKY. ,W L-MbUtkta a ^saied JWoslo^po. Priest ct« tf§fm i«ro the \ature, fmiJ^ Ti Htmrnt ar IlAiiiral cure of il W eiiknecs, or spermatorrhoea, in .. acd by sickness, change of climate, aud luaileatiep, I Epilepsy and Pits Mental i n,t Pl.vsi while pt-iT,Mining camp duty. A Itestorative and Dressing, It has ao equal. by Self-Aou«e:^ •.missions. Impoteney, Nervous Dehilitv and Im pediments to ina.r age geiicr illy Consumption. il incapacity. Ac -UyKOBEKT CL'LVEKWELL, M. l».. Author pf 11itf O'rem liool*, Sc. The worlii renowned author, in thl- admirable lec ture, clearly Proves fiom his own experience that the awful consequence* of self abuse, ma He effect ually removed without mrdicitie and without danger ous ^ureical operations, bougies. in.»truinenls. rlngi oi i ontials, to ntin^out a tiu*de of cure at once cori.»in a:i I eifucMnl, hy which every suffer I er, no matter what his ronditinn aiav be, may cure I himself cheaply privately and radically' Tuts i wo Tom-willp* vi b.. it to thousandsaud thousands ent under seal, to any addt e-s, in a plain, sealed I envelope, on the receipt of,!* ,- DOWN GO Tlit ,. .. C. 0- WARDJETn, f' BAB AGAIN BUN IAST AND PCRCUA8RO O O A S AT* (jBiiTiirrntownrMtTrt*, a rery fnHefot* o* FALL AND WINTER GOODS, Comprlseng all articles usually called for la agsaara^ •tock of merchandlso. In DRESS GOODS, •articuiarlv, h' in extensive a- varied assnrtaaonk fD which he particular It would call tha aMsntlMav the Ladles. OALL AND and we are aura wa wtB aoB yonga*4a\ Aprllg, 1843. Warden fl receiving the largest and most complete stoat Ever brought to Ottumwa CHEAP AB DIHf. Drug Store, The a nndorslgped haa apa«a4 a Brae Mm la Curlew building and has a large and axtaaatwa •lock of PUHE DRUGS tf Chemicals. Pair at Jfcdieines, fufj If. Pure Wines and Liquors for Medical pacassaa with which prescriptions wiUbe lutfius £pilep(i« Pliu for Sal^. BT" FhysickBB preacriptioM ftHad wHk care, night or -£St A LAROFsrnrrr Coal (HI T.ampt, 77't PfiUnt Monitor Burntr, %-,'hont Mmnlrt or odor, und not as»fy tAi%R{/ui*h?rt. Jmt th$ U\i&Q fa? a night Lamp. PURE OH At?Art ON HAND Re returns his sincere thanks for tJe very ifbsrsf patronace he has received the past ve ar, and hopes bp his attention tnhis hu:iness to merit the confi dence of the public. Give me a call when yon waul jpivthlngln my line, either nignt or day. Ottumwa. Mar. 19. PETSB UTSfJM. fiio-tr CTOEATIVB. a. in-'! i1 mem* LARK'3 DISTILLED RES- For tho HoAvl Reetoret Gray and Faded Hair and BmiI to their Nat iraX Oohr, And ta a bmo4huolHa drasainc far lk« Bali yaf Head. Clark's Restorative, Msr Ikaa any Clark's Restorative, Restores the Color Clark'j Restoratlya, Eradicates Dandkaff Clark's Restorative, Promotes its growth Its falling oB Clark's Restorative, Is ad unequalled Dreaflny Clark'a Restorative. Is good for chlldran Clark's Restorative, Is good for ladlea Clark'a Raatoratlve Clark's Restorative, Is good foi old paapfa Clark'a Restorative, Is perfectly harmless Contains """-'-g|njnr|ca Clark's Restorative. Is not a Dys Clark's Restorative, dark's Reatora Ive, Beautlfles tha Hair Clark'a Restorative, Is splendid for Wklttfit Clark's Restorative, Beeps the hair In lta plaoa) Clark'a Restorative, Curea nervous ^eadacho Prevents Eruptions Clark's Restorative, Clark'- Restorative, Stops Itching and burning Clark'a Restorative, Keeps the (tead cool Il delightfully perfumed Clark's Restorative, Clark's Restorative, Contains no aedli—11 Clark's Restorative, Clark's Restorative, Contains no gnaa Polishes yonr hair Clark's Restorative, Prepares yon for parties Clark'a Reatqr atlve, Prepares yon for halla Clark's Restorative, All ladlea need It Clark'a Restorative, No lady will do wltko at II Costs but |1. Clark's Restorative, sold by Druggist# and Dealera averywhore. Price |1 par bottle-* baUlaa for 99. O.O. CLARK k CO*. Proprlilij^ LORD A SMITH.' Chicago, General A genfa­ Wool Carding, SPINNING, FULLING, WEAVING, AND CLOTH BRlSSIlFff. shall be prepared on or about Hotjday.Hfay lS»h. to do all kinds of work in my line In the very best manner, and upon the shortest notice. Having a largo amount of new anil improved machinery, I can glvo complete and prompt satisfaction lo all who may fa vor me with a call. Those who live at a distance will new br saved tho trouble and loss of time in tnaktog tvotrlps forthelr llolIs, and if they wish th$m spaa,ibej can have It done by stopping onenigbt. Thankful for he I i bvral patronage bestowed tn no for the past ten years,at Agency'CUy, I respectfully solicit a continue nceofth* same at Ottumwa, know Ing thail ain better prepared to do work on short* notice aud better than neretofote. JOHJI SULACr. Ottumwa,May i ,18S-tf. s T. LOUI8 THROAT AND LUN8 IXSTITCTE. Ko»» North 3i»th. hot, Ohoatnat k Pino. Catftttu Akthma. Bronchltlo, Dlstherla. Wlste OMtgh, I'lcurate 1 Sore Throat, Goitre «nlatgtd neck, Heat Disease. Lara» g.tls, Csncer. Diseases of Wo- Ipen Early Stages Consumption, And all other complaints that directly ftr Indlrfotta lead to CnKscnrrtoy. ar« treated upon a tew and proved system af cure. There Is no dls.%se ofthe threat however tllghi .hat ult tualely dves not Involve he Luagl, henen the «f at'.endittg to t^i^ol^asof JUeases I u their first stages, the sy.tein intolvea Ma«tC«V lNiiiLiTica, tho principle bein^r to apply remedies where the dlseaso OXIMS, sad such Improve^ *fa»*di«s as seldom fall the object in ^lew, via: a PEItMANENT Pat.en ti at a distance, by giving a full description of Ibric cases. c*t be treated with success. T^n*B* Stitute is estat liahed *s a permanent one Address'. T. WKIGI11, D, ft. Lou.s l'Ui oat and Lung Institute, a No. North Sixth street. Mar. S-50-lJ-tf. gv, l.ouia, Mlssoaif. STEPHEN T.At KI'V Ronk-IIiuder BB rnl ,, or two potUge stamps, jy adJressiug the publUner's, I'll AS .1, KLINF, 4 Co. «M»Uf •••ary,B.T.,Ks»0»soBox14a4. fc P«per-Ruler, K K O O K a n u a u e I n o o a u itluck. Main Street. Opposltethe WfOllTMAN H"l'St.,.f!urlic|.lon to»a. Music.Magsiinrs Perio.i cats. Ac, Ac., found with neatness and despsteh |WParticular attention aald to Rulingand Blaak M.afMMViMcrlp«M«,.

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