Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier, May 5, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier dated May 5, 1864 Page 3
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iiii'iiitfTifiiln v k 1 at* mm •*«jn 1?HE OTTUMWA COURIER. •TTUMWA, May 5, 1864, u I Jjocal and Miscellanoons Blank Deeds Wor J* and Mor»e*«pg Just print 4|ft and far gale at (hi Courier Office. Fourth Pag*. o a N o i o n i n n e o u n *4m ll \M1 Lutrr. J. P. Skei.ton, at Home.—WE 4ad the pleasure on Monday evonin-j to wel Some the return of Lieut. J. P. Skelton to -UiJMs home in tbii city. The history of this *"f,Joonj5 officer, who left us orer two years •go in the 17th Infantry, more a ro *S ioance than a reality. Particimtin in the ill battles of Tuka, tvro battles at Oo-inth, an'! ^||t the despomte fight at Jackson, he there -eAlras wounded, by a ball passing entiielv through hi* head.nnt»rin'»the ri?ht eye and #«fassing out behind the left ear, taken pris- v",^jner, and Anally incvcerated In Libhey prison, Richmond, whore he wna'nHj over tight months. On the 11th of December in '.-Uiompany with a fellow prisoner, Capt. An #etson, he escapsd ard made his way to th® •'»^(Jnion lines and to Washington, when- he 'kM been under treatment for hi3 eve, pre paratory to the insertion of an artificial one. The h*ir-breath escapes of Lieut Skelton from death in battle an,d from prison, invest v®^|im with a romintic interest and endear %ira to every patriotic heart. We are re- biced to see him alive, and t« know that lave the loss of his eye, his general hialth jj:j|s gocd. Many deaths he suffered, and in •dignities more painful ^han death, but he is v.^et the saot* Jack Skelton he used to be, mis confidence in the good cause increased, ^'4ii courage confirmed, and his determina­ tion to see the end of the rebellion an un Changeable purpose. He informs us tt^t it |s bis purpose to return to the army. Dm. Want is Coming.—An advertisement Iras published in this paper fr about a |rear, annonncing that Dr. D. K. Weir, late %f Pennsylvania, now of Toledo, Tama Co., Jrould visit Ottumwa from December 24th to ^he 87th of that month, 18ft3. The adver jiseraent It seems was inserted by a friend Dr. W- without his knowledge, and con irfqoently he did not keep his appointment. n^loca that time the Dr. has received nttme -^f-oaa letters from persant residin here and ^|jn this region, stating that they had read his i^advertisement in the Courier, and attended Stlbere at the time named to oonsult hiin, but |rijr«re rati oh dissapointed not ftndin? him Dr Weir called an us on Mon ay, •^xpre^se^regret at the dissapoirU'iient ooca lonod by his failure to ke^p the appoint tent mvie (v hin\. paid us for his adver tisement like a gentle nan as we believe him J»*e, made another appointment for jlnne Ut to the 7th next as will be seen by ^efarenc* to his advertisemen in another ^jjpoluiuTi. Thk Chif Emjctmw on Monday passed off Ijiiietly, with a light vote polled. The en» fire Unian ticket for city officers was elected, ^)and the Union Aldermen in the 2nd Ward. jThe copperheads elected their Aldertner\ in the 1st and 3rd ward*. The following is ^the vole: For Mayor—f»«tnel !*»«***, (Cop.) 150 Manlove McParlin, (Union) 162—It ataj. »or Marshal—A. T. Holly. (Cop.) :M B. Jones, Union, 15S|—7 maj. 'Por Ba«erder—J. M. Douglas. Co. 1M ,. Hubert Burke, Union. 158—5 Treasurer— f. Bliley, Cop. 1M Ohm. Lawrence, Union. 182—12maL Far iMHior-T. Roirdan, Cop, 147 tti O M. Wlltfong, Union, 1ST—10 maj. For Township Assessor. fur tit• pity— 8t eplien Oihorn, Cop. 14S R. a. Denny, yniqa, 110—lSaaf. For Alriemej—First W»r4 Union. 8. 3. Warden 0. A. Roemer 1.e. Meek Union. 1 J. C. Ilintey K. H.Stll I. J. Boultoo Uniea ,B. D. Plarce C. F. Blake f. C. Dauia Cop. M. B. Unrphy L. E. Oray John Guyielmap Jeeend Ward. Cop N Henry Orube Solon Qrjf Nunamakar Third Ward Cop. N'! -Oeo. T«wple B,,.,t is: Eaklua ,|ingh Biown Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Co., which i« ropre«ented by Messrs. iwlev of »ni)i)a! premiunq paid by aaoh member.— This i« the largest company in the United States or in the world with one exception namely: The Germany, /niurmncs bank qf Qothain and like that company the mem beta of the Ooqo. Mutqal K*t jpanrsQpp at the exact cost- Il«t of Jnro^s, Dlstrlot Oeiit of Vera oosmeoces May Mth 1M4. QRANO JUX0KS ^AMl TO Nsl Mahlon Wright Ulapp, Uahloneta Dariit JoIiqsoo, Polk Wapello Ooanty MTTJT SHIP KAMI jpMW TQWSfSI Vapelaava, Adaiqa Jacob Bakar, i J.»fo|lat, Martin Smith Hobbs, Center A Miiegaa KN Harlan itbs Coyan KJenoln(a, Ooaspetlne (SHIP. Adams Afncj Arch Poratby, SO Myers, Isaac Fowler, Stephen Boyoe Qahleneaa Mathew lilxoa, Af«noy PS Farmer Canter Jobs Rowe Oliver 0 Graves tT'BSharp ohn Ureely II Warder Artaar SaMa Wm Daj Roney' Oliver Bisar Davu Bed well, pleasant STVeack I| is sftid that the Western Stage Co, *111 return to Ottumwa when the cars commence running to OgkalooM. Bscruiti ng is going on hribkly at several localities in thiacowoty. Lieut Norris ofthi* plaoe has 28 Capt Cbatpberlin, of Agency Cit^r is also al worlf, and has several. There are squads iu several other place*, making as hear a# qre pi liars aa Haw writing about 7fl men. ag*| It is a great mysiery how SheTer ft Co can al^cl to sell their giodj at -o small a margin, of proflit It hn bo»i surmise! that Sheffor intends to run for Alderman* at the neit tlectlun. Shiuld'ent wonder if it wis so. At any r*H thir evaMish ment is having a great run about these times. Soi.Disa's 1 Grocery St^hs tVe commn^d- the ad­ vertisement of Mr. C. Anwerla. Grocer and DeaU-r in Provisions, on Coi*rt St West Side, to the favoiab'e notice of our readers Mr. Auwerd has the repn»a»'on of keeping on hand a supply of all art ides in lii- line of which families stand it), daily need, and of the best quality. Such efforts lo accom modate the public should fct reciprocated. Orpbax A«svlum —RUV. Mr. with their custom, that K^can "kiep,* tel." We w(isl\ hiin success. Swo.w Storm.—By wortb of the artiole annually, left Keokuk three years aj*0 •7 A Sully in Burlington is a ttaruraoth tncsrn comin. neetj bqsm^s ii 1843 with an tin- limited charter, ainoe which tima it haa i aued over 35000 policies, paid back to it* members in surplus profits orer two million four humlred thousand dollars, an4 paid out prer three millions four hundred an1 flftv thousand dollars on the loss of one thousand five hundred lires. One hundred and hixty one of its members Jied in ihe year just ex- pired. Amoqnt of }ou qn the 161 policies was $402,700 which was paid during the year, the interest on the company's invest ment alone paid all i(« losses and several thousand dollars orer. The total receipts of the company for the year were over one million eight hundred thousand 4»IUrs. The dividend* of tl)is company have ave r»^d over 50 per cent, and now they still bare 149 ceqts on the dollar for ev«ry dollar of liability. These funds all belong exclu fively to thpse holding policies, and all its surplus earnings are equitably divided with policy hqlders in proportion to the amount 9. A Hart oaa Henry wbealav ft Parks, BJahland Rama el Carpenter Charles Townaend Polk Nathaa Williams Poster Waahlnrioa gJohnIsrael w barle* Barber Competlne of Wapello Count/, Iowa. 'H. A. BIJtST, Bher TN galls will speak in this plice in behflf of the Orphan Assylun, May If^ the Ootl^re gational Church Ta« Natiova.l—Vfr. John N-. Simin? has rente I and is now Weeping this very pleasantly situ it el (I itel, owner of-dpM^d and Court streets. J.»hn i^ emin-ntlv fittelto ci'er for tfci9 public, and will «atisfvall who. fivor him way of variety, we were lavored »rith a snow storm on Stindav nijht. Hike many thi»w in. this world it was transitory, alMr%c«% having vanished dnrin» the ni 'ht. The Oun.rreg,iii'»ial S. S. Concert, «t the Court FI )u-eon Pn d«y nis wa? one of lh,a m'J^t inleretin^ exliib'tians of. t,be kind we have ever had in this citv. Mr. Com-tocl^ thp ahj[e leader of the choir, Mrs. Meek, the accvnpJi*h,ad orsranist, Charley Aspmwa 1, and ail the n\mberof the choir, are entitled to the gratitude of parents and the community, not only for t^is very cly*sAc and artistic performance, but for their praiseworthy and selt'sacriftciog efforts to tvronyrte ths cause of nrnicil e 1 ication in this city. Q\yin to the limited notice, the proceeds were h»»s th*n th*y should have beer. We l\o^e, t^e air^cert wil\ 5^ peated. Millexkrt. Ac —We take pleasur* hi calling attertionto the card of the Misses uwerda, who are opening on Court S'n-ef West S'de, bftwe^Eront and Second Sts., a very attractive stock of bonnets, caps, head-dresses, ribbons gnd other millinery goods. The ladijs of Ottnmwa and vicini ty will plt-ase favor these young ladie^ early call. Among the Manufcturies in this oily we ha ye one of Sadd'e-Tr^s, employing some ten workmen and turning oqt abot^t The Vyal oitiaens of Otiumwa are re quested to at the Congregational for the purp»«e of electing Holdiers Aid Society. Keokuk, pvening of May 8th, Kw^anatu^.." inih, K«ldyvilrt% f^-!,f ill at~ 3 ^ckP. M. otBoeM of the APPOINTMENTS OB e v •tO' 1 r? HtK. Ottumwa^ 12t^ 13,«h, n-i*., Fairtiel.], Qska.nos^, 1* In format irm tn Sriin+Gd of ns Sep­ tember fjr Memphis aid Orlotns The last ht*ard from him, he was in St. I^ou ip, Mo. this was lat Sfptember. He is tall, has red hair, and *g abf»m 24 yea^s pl-i. Any infortpaijoq of bim wi)l be gratefiilv received by hi« ftUlar Bridget /Ot tumwa, Iowa. St Louis papers, will eonfor a fiutof by copying this notice. No Bbtter Pho 'F Rf.qcikeo.—Tt has not yet been publicly denied that the Chemical Saleratus mide by I). Q. DeLand St Co i* all that its friends have clamvd that Is a pure ahd wholesome artie'e This cantint be denied in face of the testimony of chem sts and those hegt qualified to ,, State 4 ¥he 9«nftary Pair at Dutjuqnff, 1mm wit ohanged from May 21th, to Jnne 2lst. Recruiting for 100 Jay men is goin» nn with cxtraor-iinary vigor and with natked success in all parts of our State. Every*, where, our youAg men are inspired with an enthusiasm most gratifying to behold. WASHt-SOfOJi, April 30.—T*« President has approved of the joint resolution tempo, rarily increa-in? the duty on imports 50 per cent. It is therefore a law, LOCAL NOTICES. •i~ I. O. O. F. Tlie regain* meetlnifs of Ottamwi Lodge, N*. 9 1.0 0 F. are held oo Tueadsy evening, at 7 o'clock r. m. Vis'tinf brother* are invited toatteqf. Knonou corner of front and Market slrrrt*. f. W. Smith, Sec 'y. T. J. OOUOLAIM, N. O. (^LAm AGWC% faldlers, and the wldowr anAheTrt af sotdtara aSre notified that I am acti ig as a licensed claim afrepi for pincurlnK Pensions. Bounties, lt»ck Pay and all other ju»t cla ra* against the 'ioverniDent. Oharaps modera.e, and nothinv unless claims sre allowed. KDWa RU II. STILE#. 7-lt-tf Ofice opposlt* Ottumwa House. *ldiert an4 Widow aad Jfeift if fbidler*, are notified that I am acting as agent for procnrlnf Pensions, Bounties and otl'er cla-rrs spulnrt the Oovernment. Charges moderate—nothing unless claims allowed. ||. J. W1LLIA Feb. 4,18W -tf Ottumwa. Iowa. YACCINE MATTER- Warrnnted v fresh and pare, kept constan lr on hand and for aala by March M.18M Notice PtTiK LltCIIT, Drugaist, Frout Street. ia hereby given that the regular Annnal Meeting of the Stockhn dors and Trustees of tue Ottumwa Cemetery Association wi|l be held at the Court l|«uie on Monday, ind of M*.v, att o'clock P. M. Business of ipiportHnce will be before the meeting. A full 4tten«l.inee it fpquMfc* td. OKO. GlLLAaPVa trei. WiLUAMaoa.Sec'y. T.., J. C. HINSHjy, M. D. aw Office with M. J. Wiixnm«, Ss^. Keridanee on the bluff, north of tha Court Uouao. A^ill it, |«M-5 16 MAUBLE HALL Dining nu^ Qysfcr SrIosi, The utiiier.^i^ncd wuld inform the citi zensof Uttumwa and t'te ^"b|io generally, thai he has removed lug Saloon ip'o the second story of the Carroll lloq^e, (miiiie dlately above t^if former room,) where hp i»i belter prepared now than heretofore to ac commodate those who may faror hitn with a call, lie has a so titled up lopiua for dining, and is prepared to furuish Warm meals at any hour in tAe morning «r evening. fciip Fresh Oysters i«e«ircd daily by Ex prevs mmm mum Irrtval itnd Dop.ariure ef Malls. OIT»MWA,IOWi, lASTRRN HAIIi, •i* •. u. a. a. a j^r#WWatty=-lfo n a y« and T.Si p. m. Le*vn tl l,IA a. n. and 4:1ft p. m. Tim* h*lf kii hour faater than couiinon. Mailaio»e« on« liour before (he trnln leave*. ,v -SOJUTHKHN MAIL, (Kaokufc). w i n A v a a f»yv«a i^Aiiw- Su/xlayi excepted—at It# •o4.1«avea»t 4 t0 p. m. WKST^RH MAIItf: VTA K. FT D. M. n. IA| Arrive* Hatlr—Sundaya eiceptei al llIC a. a: •ad leave* at li 80 p. m. NOKTIIIRN MAIb, Tli A RLOK KO A TO 8IC09BVBV. Arrive* every FrlUy at o'clock p. •.,a^4l*avM very Thuraday at 8 o'clock a. m. SOUrilERN MAIL, vitPTistaai to aio^^ruLV. f' Leave* (tally Suruky excepted, al 1:00 pi (ad arrive at a.m. WESTERN MAIL, (Blakeabnrg). v t| CtRKICD SIX TIKKK A «K(K. Arrives and leave* every day, at 1 o'ctodkfB* Mb J. W. NOKKI8 P. If. rin^B n.ll.^ILBO^D cea. lie For TJMW. Leave Ottifipwa 8 15 a «. 4:10 vn Arrive at" .. ....8.18 r.«. r.M. E TARliK K.ft.D.Jf, 1*1. -B Express fOin^Eait S.SnA.a ii ii went S.w r. H. MixedgolDA Ka»t. 4:M'p. We«t! {..'5 CHUAGO.BmM!tl(iTA9 P.M. \lf»QI IK- ffRVILROAl. A^rtva. Ht.W a. M, r.M. Express Train, t^»ve 0.ftu A.M 1.tft f.M Otltnmwn Bfl«o C«rjrea|t. coaaacTto vbbklv it O. H. HHEKFEK, OKOCKH, DIALER IV PROVISIONS. Ac. Ottumwa, May 0 WFIEA1?, bush Spring #1,H0 OATS, '.4- ....... ..i^.L.U5@30 IIYK, «0 FLOUR—Fal, f? borwl. /.*..V/, $4 25 Ex. Spring 1,0m Su|erline Spring....,» 8,2o RFAVS :..f,b0@l,75 BUTTER, Fresh Roll, SO Firkin, 3u HOGS per 100 3.50@5,00 BAQUN, xugar cured 44*4 »•#,»., v 8^ 1 Huns, country..,.,..-- 15 Shoulders ... .i.» .**/. T, 19@15 Clear Sides .... ..'..'....Tf 12@H CATTLE, pros?, :t@4 CANDLES^ Mould 20c. Star..... .20@-25 CRACKERS, brl ..$3,50 ..75 CUBKSK 20^25 COFFEE, Rio, fair to prime.. ,. 4 ft) Java, $ !b, |5 COAL, delivered |0. CORN, ear CORN MEAL ....... 80 EGGS, $ do* @10 FRUIT—Apples, green, l@l,15 dried, $ lb 12 Peaches, dried 15@lti Raisins, layers, $ bog,.., $5,50 FISH, Cod, $ tt 8(^11) White, $ hlfhrl.... ...... $8,oQ Mackevcl, hlf'brl, No. 2.... FOWLS, Chickens, $ do$.. .* .,Mi 2,(»0 Turkeys, each. ..0Q($5|ft IIAY, tame, $^«MJ|0. $15,UQ HIDES, Dry, 17. Green 7 LEAD and SHOT, bar 9c. Shot tt 20 L/\RD in cans 10c. New brla 12 MOLASSES, Sovgfeum 60@76 L., Luiseed $ 1.40 Coal, per gal 9(1 PA^LS, pn $ $2,00 320 POTATOES, per husl% 1,2^ POVV l)ER, per keg. 14.00 RICK, per lb *. 12®. 16 SALT, per brl, $3,00. Dairy, sack.. 35 SUGAR, Common, 16. Powdered.. 25 SODA, per kes Wll 1BKKY Marih A Ketchai*. ........ ....... ..6 AlE, per half bbl., KetchaS*! fSOO L8TOKE. 3 kmet4 LEATHER, ffatl kinds kept constantly o.ihand in Ottaawa. Having the vi ry be»t facullUs for procuring large and well selected slocks, are coutideut this home c»uuot he turpateed In qulil,v or cheapness of all articled iu our hue. Have a large stuck uf SADDLER 7 BA RD WARE, AND SADDLES 1.1 OBCAT TAR|E|TV at Wholeaalf and Retail, A large assortment qf Whip* and Cellar*, Trace and Halttf Chain«, Curry (J»mb* and Br iuhe*, Ac 4p v Would also call attentlaa It Hlf fact that «e fr« dealing exUnalyely ta HIDES, PELTS, AND WOOL, These ha v'ng such articles to srjl in large or small lots van always depend on getlipft their value in rash. O. M. CUAPIN, Act. Ottumwa, March,.Si ISM WM. C. MOSS JS. & C0„ irnOttERAUl AMD RRTAIL dralsbs IV General UJtelkadisi \'J* pcQsisting of Pry Goods, BOOTS SHOES, CLOTHING, Hats and Caps. QUEENSWARE AND GROCERIES, CORNER FRONT and COURT Stmts, Ottumwa, Iowa* A JQBBIXG STOCK OF BOOTS, SHOES, HATS, CAPS QUEBtfSWARE 4 GROCERIES, Constantly on hand at Chicago Prlf||, Wm, 0. Moss Jr., & Co, Ottuutwa, Iowa, Jan. 19, 1803. Ik. _i u ,, .. ,, Prevenllre," the gre4test inveition of the ace.— Kotnember tn# place, Marble JIall. Cairoll Price 91. bent post-paid to a 11 parts of Ihe country. Houaa buUdimr, aaeood story, Dac. 8,18W 4. IfOLL. I *fcb & RQHItlFl'S S4LE. M. A. Green ts V Attachment In the District Ooffl af f. W. Dobbin Wapello county, low* The plaintiff lo this cause having made the a SI da vlt prescribed hy Section :iM2 of ihe Kevision pf lHk'. that the two horses attached in this case are liable to seriops waste, anil that it W"|i|d be fur the interest of al parties to have the same sohl wi.h the least poss hie delay, and a jury having be. n bjr me appointed ami having reported reconiuuiidl|iK such sale, therefore, by virtue of Ihe xuthurity in me vested by said Section Mit, I *111 expose lo public sale at Ihe front door of the Ouil l|"u»e in said county the said attached property described a« fol lows One bay Stallion and uiie surrel Horse. Said «ale will t.tke place on the Itttli day of May, 13M, commenciiiK at In o'clock, K. rpHE Me M., of said d«y. Sheriff's Office. Ottuuiwa. Api II l*th,1864. UEI) A. JlKKIiV, sheriff of Wapctio County, Hy if- U. JOVKs, Ueputjr. FRENCH PREVENTIVE. ghtly Kraisa ons effectually prevented with- out the uae of medicine hy the use ot "The French Dr oi^ktis, u»a MS7, r«a» OOae, VkUa- BAKERY k CONFECTIONARY I... 0. t, Woald annoaDce to hla old frleada, and the p^b'l* K«ncrally, tnat bk btf* returned te bla wld Baiineae again, «i£HtJU HAW LEX'S ON FRONT STREVT, Tn M* new and enmnwtiiiooii hnn*e erected eeyaclally flsrttie paapoee ef carrying on a nAKERY ON A LARGE SCALE! Where he would be pleated to aerve everybody w|^ WlirAT OA BYE BBKAB, CRACKER), PIES, CAKES, OANDIES 4c., 4c., 4c. ^keSfl^alao Soda large and select Near the Cemetery. Tthe HIS Nursery ha» been established liere within lust three years, and is Ie»i|tiirri to be a per rnanenl, hdiI jrowyip in ltltutlon. It embr*re* large injijjjt of and nncupiex one of the most de airahle situatlohi tn Iowii, ami I feelencnnrape1 wlt^i the patronage anil conCftrQr? that Ituve already received from the people of this vicinity, to perievera in my deter mi ned purpose to inake thin N Briery one of the largest and heft in the West. I have a local habiation an* rarpe,"anrl hold myself resp' nsihle for the character quality of (alel that go Irom my nursery, or one tolxj. Ijy myself or by my authorised agents. I am' prepared to sap ply tbe people vf tbU park of 8outli«r_ tw'wa with Most Desirable Varieties Of 8ammer, Pall and Winter Apple*, expreaely «et«et ed and beat adapted to thiaeection of Iowa. Standard and dwarf Peart, ITeacbts, Nectarine*, PlDmbs, Cherrlea. Ctyrante. OoVMWffet, Kasj.berries, StrawberriM^ OBAPK VINES, ItHCBARfb Ac.. together with the best varieties of EVRROPEE^S U KC'l lilOUfl, and ORNAMENTAL TRICES and PIIKUBd, BOSKS and TIXK8, at pr'eea as low aa thl Burlinfrton or other reli ible nurseries. Particular attention will be paid to STRICTLY FILLINQ THE ORDWW Or those who do not con\e In person, aad when dl|| cretlonary power Is left with me, the VERY REST SEI.FXTIO]\S «rt(l be tnade. Auple trees. two apd t^ree years ct!4, best selection, $10 nor hm»dre4. ESPECIAL ATTENTIOITt nlMlomrwMm respective prices Clinton, Cataiebd, CABBAGE AND as eather and iiardi \vare Manufactures and Dealers I n Leather, afe refpeat fully notified of the fact that there la a first raja stock of FAV of Grape Tinea, and their Delaware, {one year) SHEFFER ft M'CORMICK. Haa opened a Dry Goods and Grocery Store oa front Street, In the bulldlrg lately occupied by Meek A Co., where they will keep a good assortment of Dry Goods, Groceries, poors a*P shoes, »nd allklnilsof Produce. Tbey will he pleased to s-ealllhelr old customers anil HS many new onesaS choose to chII. The hiKhest mnrket price will be pa MinC *?h for ever» tlunjf' he t'*ruei1.4V'e t. k OllVAT OIImw,|t«a,yewewea ei'x Toy® and Fancy Article* X* picas* Yoatg America, and SKATES FOR LADIES & GIANTS am also Agent for UL1/8 OEL EBKATED Premium Oream & Stock Ale Which I can furnUh la any aaaalU/ dedred. ». C. DACW. OUamwa.Nor. 4th, 186S n8S-15tf 81FAT WESTERN NUHSEBT', LOCATED ONE MIL* NOR1U 0* CBTTTTU Itl-VWAf to sell. f9~loq't (orgft the place. SHKP/ER McCOBMICK. vnarraa. a. i. m'cohmick. Q^tOttiwa. Pa*- 1844-46-15 tf »AHQAJN8! At J. A. SCHWORM'S, dopr West of J. Taylor's pruf Stera OTTUMWA, IOWA. Where will he found one of the largest stocks con sisting of the fnllowiug articles BOOTS ANP SHOES. HATS AND CAPS, 6R0QFR1ES AND QUEENSWARE CONFECTIONERIES, 4 Chewing and Smoking Tobacco,i The boat la Ottumwa. ^.(BjLAIW AND NAIUB, WOOkfil & WILLOW WARE. All of which will be sold for CA8II CnEAPfcU THAN THE CHEAPEST IN OTTUMWA! or EXCHANGED FOR COUNTRY rKODUCE. My motto is, Quick. Sales and Small Profits! W A NTrn—HIDES, foi which will be paldthe ver hlfrhest market price in Cash. Call anil examine goods and prices,so that yon Can satisfy ourselves tiiat yuu ran buy. goods (helper of him than anywhere else In Ottumwa. Oltuawa, Ootoher Sth, IMS. chCT-lS— IS-tl J^fEW YEAR! NEW STORE! IfH W PRICES AND KEW GOODS} MEEK & CO. War OACupy thalr new brick, aazt WttMMa House. We offer our prestat stoak of fO«Dil, QIIOiEBlES, HATS, CAPai, BOOTS. SHOES* 4NO C|-OTHINe, for tha next ten lays at VERY LOW FIGURES, Meek expect* to go to N. w York la Fel-ruary Cat a bran new stock, aud be offers rppif hantataa no^. Brown Muslin for *0 cents, {j|0tfoo ItJn to KU you, LtdUa oll irs 8 centa, Gents CoUais tcents, lea fl.U0p.-rft, Coffee 87^, aaSa)|atlkag gaa4*|n«ar than ««o be bauht a|K* waere. Ife («|i couMatiy (mssis EOQS, BUTTER. POTATOES^ ONfV.MSi .HOLASSKS, CHIf'KEIfS, COAL OIL, BEAN'S, Ac., at low ,'rices. Our molle Is, Jan. 1,1MM-44 U A Salei and gmaU troAtf" FOR SALE OH TO JC RK?«T. An exeellent farm of JS4 acree, N aeree sfwhltk is under fence, situated between Ottumwa ar«t Dah louega, is for sale, or will he rented tea ,«od ten ant on faly term*. Per partleolare eti^atra of R. H. Sti lea or iH» Lad?, WV Idaho thrown the. Shadfi GREAT RVSH OF. TO THE AST ONISHINO- DI8COVERIE8!, N A A E E I N E S S O E N E W I N E S KO FSB OF OOINO TO IDAHO TO OET RieMly (MprRemember the Pbce^ WI1F11EA?, $1.00 V 1.50 Ofwoord, Diana, Hartford Prolific, 60 Jicfocca, 1,00 25 15 80 TOMATO PLANTS In their .ea J. O. CIUPPEL. DRY 0QODS AND GRO CERT STOKE. N aa great t^vaatafea A*r karfala* aa Ike lenrllery ef Idaho. JERMAN k LICHTENSTADTER, h%vla| epayj^a sew store, are receiving and continuing to receive the largwt (lock ef FANCY AND STAPLE DRY QOOOS -^hreagM tUa market, *ea*tatf«f lapaitel LADIES FINE DRESS GOODS French Merino, Wool Delaines, Black Silks, Reps. Mohairs, Alpaceas, Popl'ns. Motambiques, Challles, QiiiHhamf, Cambrics, Calicoes, I'rown and Itleached Muni Ins, Denims, htripes, Tickings, Klannels of ail kiBia. iwlsa aod Jaaaaet Miullni, Damailtf. JLiaaua. iiiM^UiukXable Coytri, TowIIa^s, Hacks,Diapers. Cloaks, flhawis, Balioarals. Hoop 8klrts. Olovee. Handkerchiefs, Hosiery, Yelrct and Lace Dress Trim mings, Kihhous, Collars, pfeeves, "Nets. A fullline of VANKEK NOTIONB, and in fact every description of Ooods to suit the most fastidious taste. We would call special »U«uliou to a sekct asaortuicu(«f March 17, 1864-5%-lft HKRMAN A LICi{T£.\£TADTKK. v PROCLAMATION! TO THE LOYAL MEN OF IOWA., MISSOURI CORN PLANTER Patented Sept. 0-, 1857, BT W^LL BE SIQ^I TTIA^ SJUANTiNU KV HAND Oft WITH A HORSE MACHINE, aad as wares are'very high aid tiaqdl scarce all ynf hare tq |o Is to plant your mi Corn Planter, and by so doing you can h*va |T aari ll^ fFeff«C( M« and than get one of those baggy plows, aaa The Missouri Corn Plantar can be ka4 al VOUKlT a KOtiKKLY Ottumwa, Mc«iL,V5.SoN, Knkvllle, tiSII, K lvville. OKO KAMKlt'H, Icunlum, AppanooaeOMsaky, PISII A SANLY, (tes Moines, W II KitKK.U V^. Hloomfleld, Agent fbr Davis Oo. Nov. lil, lad-i—till june '64. Ch4»-15 NEW DYE-8TUFF8 WINDOW (J^ASS Books, Stationeryi OORKIEB OK FROVT & MA4&JCT STBR^Tk' OTTUMWA, IOWA. PXTBNSiyH IMPROVEMENT tin acasant of tha T»rgt Tnf^aied demand A BOY OF TEN YEARS OLD CAX CULTIVATE FirTY ACRES HI9ISEJLf- wherelf you plant ymr rorn with one of th'Me horse planters you can't plow hut one wav, and thereby loose half your crop, and if your ground is not in the be»t nf order, you -an't plant at *11 with a horse nia cl.ire. This machine h»s heen in use sinee 1S5T long enough to crush anything that Is a humbug out of ex istence. hut like an «rat»nch?, ii gets ktroorer as It goeaahead. A food hand can plant from eight to t«a acres per 4sy, owipg to the ground. iT NEVER CLOOS OR CEO EES In wet mound, and works as well In sod as old ground. I challenge t^e world to beat it In allkirnfe of ground with either horse or h«iid machine. Any one wiahmg a trial of machiues can cbooae their place and a,.poll their time, audi will meet them. Xow farmer* before you pU»V yoqrcorn be sure to get the VUtouri Corn Flanitr (0 plant with, and sure that it has II." ou each hiugu and manufactured at Ottuuiwa, Iow^. None genuine that have not inv initials On each hinge. 1 give this caution because there are some irresponsible parties attempting to sell a machine something iniMur 10 iniu who h^ve 110 more rj^hi than the Kuiperfir pf China,aud are too lazy to work, and won't et) list for fear o tiurtl ng some of their KOUI h»rn brethreu. A uy eron seeing any spurious 111 :ichi lies sold, by informing me of the fact will ha liberally rewarded. 1 watf%*geiits in every county town in the State, both traveliing'apd local, yircvunty Kighta for aale ou ffusonabie tr U S O E STOUT A COWAN, IKfealaaalaaad RataUDa»l«rsl« Drugs, Medicines, Paints, Oils Manufactured hy TBI 1 FANCY GOODS, &G. vpom 8. B. SHEFFER, A CO. -rok— PRY GOODS T**»- o e i e a They hive made larg* addition to thelt Store for receiving tbelr spring »tock which Is just arriving from ihe it ead of Market. It is we .1 known here kliey sell CUE Aft CHEAPER! (J BE APE31 FOll |3AS||. flail (trite wartli of your eney. f. IISUttKKR, A Co., Ofepoetta the National Bank, «aHl.rBK on ftiw-A. lovtFi. ia^^iitwiiiiiitf V *f' ^ttracflve" Y^riefy^ dt" Misses ..«oit Ctuldren$ Sbo^' I LE^IEKS' We have also a fine assortment of 1 flBKISIIIKG GOODS, sqcb as Cloths. Patlnetts, Kentucky Jeans, Parmeis Satins, ^loea ^nd Flannel Shirts, drawen, Hata, At. Our *)oods were purchased at the lowest Cash Prides, and will be sold to suit the times. N,w K Cu w W U E S The ondersiyned has located in the city of Ottumwa and opened a recrnitln* and sub stitute office, and as there Is to he about ln,u00 men taken from this ftatg, 1 am now prepared to fnruiali aubstitutea to all thbse who desireUiem, not for jjlantSD* batteries, bat for Plating Com, known I S S O U I O N A N E Ifhlcli has now been thoroughly tested, an^ fpund to be no humbug, as has been tlie ease with most patent nlapters thai have keen palmed off on tlie farmery pf thiq ab i^rtii other states. Hut this is the age of naprqreuiem. 4 few years a^o this luacbiue was sailed afcilmbu'g, but now baa the reputatiou of beiug THE BEST ARB QlfLT BEMABLf PLAHTfK |M TO1. Now all I want is for you to give my Planter a Taut, ^cd I will warrant it to aaTa mora labor thaa aay ot^er planter now iu oxiatenco. It will save at least A YEAR TO EVERY FARMER TIIAT USJ$§kjQ3Ufe pesi(\ea the amount of Corn he will ra^a •r 1 ?, ^T k »»r s «-ytWA, IOWA. TIASnow on hand the largest stock ofM?oand |1 Boy's Wear, ever offered to his Customes and the citisens of Wapello County. Ourgtock conjists In part of OtKRCOATS.UNDER COATS, PANTS. V?ST8, ev grulf ot thr nni deniable styles. PINK^TOPK QK rNDKilC|.aTlliNt KANCY SIIIItT^, ULOVK6 and cieni s burnishing Uoods generally. NEW STYLES HATS A CAPS IN GREAT VARIETY. Also good assorted MKK'£ and BOY'S Boots & Shoes A Splendid Assortment of ENGLISH FRENCH (rLOTrTS. DOE SKIXS, PI.A IS' dt FAXCT CA^S/tlfTftS, I'SIOH CASS. 4 n\X SA TtJ £TS which we at e prepared to make up Into the latrst (I) It* pn short hotlce, warranting satisfaction tp ver case. HI! I .rimTRY.wlio has charge of this department ts an KXPKI1I UNCKI) CUTTEH, direct froni one of the best houses, and we now flatter our selyef that »e have pU ed before the people one i'l the tuo*t thorough »'lll coujplefe Slock, of |leti n i I l|uy's wear ti the St.itf All tell yuu that they sell the cheapest' V\ e will onl^r jay, call and »ee I he goods, hear the prices and jt,dgt for your selves. Blue Cloth add Caaaiuicre for officer* un^ form, always on hand. ah 1T-14 o JE. W. BEfM. QRCIIARD 01TY PLOUB iTQRR. Wo, W, Malp Slrrrt.Bnrlington, Iova. pttniasiara Hgnuch Orch^r rjif .Villi To facilitate our Western Ti ade, we have opened W branch store, neaf the freight il» pot of:he B. A M. ])t. If. K lp UitM'U" a. n hjch will in charge of Kice, »ho will k, e| on hand at all times, a full pupplt of II II the chojjr brands of K'our maniifai-tur yn al Ihe "Urchard C(ty" Mills, by Potman, 0lni*tad A Co .ijf Burlington. Ilaiii^g undeilakeu to »rll all the Klour they tjiake, our prices will be put low in compete with any thlntf In the market ,.tml the iju ilily of trie can he relied on. A TL*!T|'.' C»#lV' is made from the choicest solec tioiis of Wiiira W r»n Wjjeat, and for family use. hasnorlvsl. OKI-II «*IOITV is a good Winter Wheat Hour, and a favorite with Halters "lltwx-ICva am*," s a des.rat|e brand of Spring Wheat Flour, and givtt ood satlsfact:ou fi.r Kanillx use )urpricrs «t titt. mwa, ill ie the raaie as in Bur lington, tnDinurHuoiiTimi r. byiIi t*torei ill keep on hand a full supply of mill fee i of all kinds. Orders by mall should be ad^jiaueA Jfataa W. DOWN GO THE PRICESI C- C. WARDEN, HA8A04I.V BEEN EAST AND Pl'RCIO O A S I I a«^«taaTaaivcTtoaiiiBim, a tery fallalMk of SPRING AND SUMMER GOObs, jCnmprlseng all articles nsnalljraaltetf far lt|iatrsl 'stock of merchandise. Id DRESS GOODS, partlrnlarly,h-e in extensive ard varied assortment 'towiiioh he partlcalarl wooid call the attention ef the Ladlea. CALL AMQ. EX AM INS. and we are sure we will seDyo'j (oeda' April3,1662. Warden la recelrlng the largest and most complete stock of Ever brought to Ottumwa C^EAP AS milf. .pr 'it* Wool Carding, iSP-NNING, FULLING, WEAVING, A CLOTH DRESSING. I shall be prepared on or aboat Monday, May lo do allklnds of work In my line i'n'rne very best :i anuer, and upon the !horte#tnotice. Ilavin^a Nrpa amount of new ahd Iroproreil machinery. I an g1\ e oippietf aud prompt satisfaction to all who may fa* v«r uie rith a rail. Thone »hn live at a llstance wlllnow »«ared tlisi fcrouM? and loss of ti me in making two trip* fnr theilf Rolls, anil if they wish them spun, they can hare it idone v«toppinp one nifrht. Thankful for thel'herAl patronage be^toweil on m# forthe past ten years, at Atffricy City. I rc«p«rt full solicit a cont inuf nCt- of he Mine at Ottumwa, kiiow* in* thatl am better prepared to do work on short# notice and better than heretofore. joh\ zrL trr. Marir 1««* tf c, onderslfned hareTWtd a Draif Ktore tif lt»e Curlew bnlldlng aud has a large and extensive stock of PURE DF.UGS CkenicaU. Paieit lettkiaes, Fucr Articles, tc. Pure W ine§ an«l Klquorg for Medical purpose withwlilch prescriptiourt wfltbe Culliusi Epileptic Pill* for tale. Phvsiciang pr&criptimia ftlkd PURE CO 41 OIL 1 1 wttik tha Waaoarl way a, aad Ottvm**, w. S. 1IU0UE3, lies south of 0akalaaM| arlon county. ?HOtf Vandalia, Jasper connty, llUOl^fe), Travelling Agent. £, W, BETTS, wummt.i<p></p>CLOTHIER! IKD aaTaiL OTTUMWA, MWA. OLDEST CUTDINC DOISI IX IU CtlMT AN OLD HOUSE, And u .fiamntotli stork of NEW GOODS. HAWLEY & SON WL'lSleareto announce tothelrcustomers andtha public generally, that they are now opening *ii4 trill berec*iviM the largest and Uestaot««wi stock of 1 1 ritb 4»f. MiARGESTOCK 0/ Coal Oil mey.ttc,, Th* I'uttnt .Voniti.r Burner, (Cithout tmntf or otlor ,utd not tiinl# tut tk* thing for a uinht Lamp. AWAYS ON HAND He returns his sincere thanks for the verj jlhera| patronage he hasrecelved the pastyea r, and hopes by his attention tohis huitiness to merit the confi dance of the public. Give me a call when you want anythingln my line, either nlgnt or day. Ottumwa, Mar. It. PETKB UTKCBT. nlO-tf a, Y O o A S A A S BOOTS AND SHQES* II a w a NAILS AND CLASS, Glass $nd Crockery Ware. Bwr brought to tlie market. «aa«M ash at the present low rates. Sold Cheaper than Enei, roil CASH, PRODUCE, Oil Approved Credit. r.l'U O U W A OAKUIAQE F^CTOHll fB^lIK undersign would respectull\ solicit thea^ JL :ntlon oftli* public to the facilities which t(§ no w possess for luauufacfurint. CAKKIAUK^A WAV* 0!jS,H'«"er description, after the most improvjl styles, as Knod af eau be obtained Bast, and upousa£» isfactor.v terius. Those wishing o purchasew iilplease oall and e|a amine my took. Hf All kinds of repalrinedonr with nest nets and d'spat. Particular attention paid to llorse-Sfco** (ig, an4 all work warranted as recommended. A.niLDWlN. OUaiawft, Rw.U.tMl-4018-lOw LEUAL NOriCK. Satatoof Wat. If. Baker. Admloistratora ^afea al Real eatate. $ ot Ice is hereby given th In pursuance of an or» dfr of the 0out.t Court, of Wapello t'oii'.ty. Iowa, this d* made. Ipe undersigued A ioilni^trator of the es'i'eof W'lllam V. linker, lute of s*id cour.t», deceased, will on the ££tb dn of April, 1M14, hrtweaA the hours of III o'clock,' A. and oVl- '. P. mT. commencing at 11 o'clo.-lt, A. sell at public an|» tiou all the |nteeat of said deceased at ihe Ixle re«K dence o said dwi'eaed. In ihe loan.-hiiiof Coiupe* tine. County and Matt aforesaid In auJ to |owi iu described i estate thirty one acres lite fofc s off itf arter if the west side of Uie norih half norlli-aeat quarter sictioii No in Town»liip 7-1 rsMix-' liw.-st also tNf tfiree half norili west V -retionl 1, township Si, rarp IT. in the county of flory also flee :M7H In 1^ south west half of section No 1, tnwuship wttulH four, ranite hirteen west In Keokuk county al west half of Lots No. Ave and six iu block hv« la town of Martinsbuigh, Keokuk ^ouutv, Iowa. Onifi third of Uie purchase tuoney cash in band and thV baianaala SU and nine months fi um the day vfssia^ C. UAKBOUR, Administrator. Iilale ot W. M. 11AKKK Dee d. ^AVB YOL'H LIFE.—Dyapepsia, Knslpfctas, Kidney Complaint, Pick and Xervoi* le daohe. Neuralgia, tintvel, Tetter, Barber's lufc Hid Balduess. A Tif.\ti»e on the above Pi ir »si|| itl. their speedy and permanent care, sen l. ee t2 speedy and pel 4dari ,Ottumwa, Iowa. ,K T. SMITH **a.. SaiMajlaii. |»w« *7, Rica, A^ent .Ottumwa, Iowa. T. in*.!** ftaa arena Addr»»» K C. WilH^lla^ Stroft, Hhtladalpfsla, a. •M *in l5*!^ SS^

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