Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier, May 12, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier dated May 12, 1864 Page 3
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*«*(!. THE OTTUMWA COURIER qitumwa, rt: Utocal tpeakera "futSinesH of amid Miscellaneous i Patriots I Turn Out I J^There will bepublia tTfe wiH be present- Tlte ftre* of pttrl tism are btttnffii* tight­ ly in tha hearts of tho youn$ men of otif City and county at thin time, and if the tw companies called for fropi W scarcity of men. l»rg.e nu uUer of ou* most wealthy and prominent bjusinesa young men aro going themselves and devoting all their energy and influence to the good c&ii$e. Geo. W. Devin, of Devin $ Sons, one of nuf most ardent patriots, and who served with credit through the firs* campaign in Western Virginia /ame* Iktwlav, Jr., of Hawley fc Sons Jatreg R. Shreeva, with l^ iwrenoe & Qbainbera Cleon Uendersfyott. son of Ju^ge Ilendershott George Murray and Henry Mpdge, from, th& Cocblbb Office, We cannot l»*n\ the exact number sworn ttii'in may th is couuty,at tlie time ctf this writing, but we arj assured that over two hundrpd ar®.engaped. Some of them are minors, and not get the onrmnt qf jndisperisnhlo. On riotic.fcMKj»m 'i :i parent*, the whole, we "Id Wapello vfill S«fe Quy. this (Ray-. fill fh this City on Sunday evening last, t»a large and apDreciatiro aq lience. The no ble character of nur iritan ancestors, their superiority in all ln*t constitutes true great­ ness over the ance»try uf everj e^i^ting na­ tionality, the prnpitiom (me the poupty laboriously bjr engaged in JaneouR ci«vdition whcn he took the offlc«L •tMi is krepirg Jiis j-ecordjj in a mijcb neatt Mt maaner than But the Judge's specialty is in the lipe of piarrnges. lie haf^ issued already 85 £*nce«, (third more than .ftVe regret to lenrn that we *I« left JBead. a bsre foot vas foynd in the street lead ing from the house to the river. aHkm laft on Monday for Chicago, •vre surgeon who treated ion. Lieut. expected .absence, Ths Old and New May 12, 1864. speaking on war question, on the street in 'Otttitnwa, on Saturday, next, ^b\e. pello county •re not raintnl within the tiro*, it will not he for want of effort on the pj* rt of thtsc who ate laboring to raise them, but lronj. th* and ru^ny Others equally deserving and prominent of our young men here, are enlisted and working with efficiency and aucces* in the great and good oau^e. Lieut. Norris, with that efficiency and prompt'tude which has distinguished him i,i. the recruiting service, In connection with Lieut. Chnmb^rlin, of Agency City, and S'.'ret. Wellman, of tb's place, havi' a company already rAised ^o the minimum nnmbpr, and expect to carnple,tc their organizxtiin this week. neither tba^ Joseph Waeg be designatedb Aidetm^p holding pjace of Dr. Th.e next term of the Distrint which are and concerted confident a proper, effort on the part of the naencps on Monday. May 80th insl. p^t our w'tYim tlie tune. Let it Ua done. Stone pays about it in tsrto"Maj. \Voo3waid, a let elsewhere published, jtautj Norris a^nt fiftv of his men **nport to Da- mcmfofr H*wants Vfaj to ..-ftl!- his ootnpany. *«ty interesting disoour«a on "The State & 0ur Country" at the Corgre^fonil church to fsarly ror too lata, selected to mnke their jeUlctnent, their heroic endurance of all the .hardships and trials the? encountered, and 0npecially their recognition in their civil polity of the great Democratio principle that the mijority should rule in church and ffate, which U ackn »wl» 1 t» have been he gerin of o^i* Q»nstiiitiqn, tfero %ll brought oqt in a manner we h»*e seldom Reared excelled. l\it» interest of the oc­ casion wa« enhanced by thi pf Gen. Grant's success j'ilvnoa Qiuiuhi Histapt in admirable ftyle. arranging the papers and dominants in his office, which/ Tfa were ever issijed fame period before, and has solemnized 4hirty mnrrh?**. In this d»«psrtment the /udge is The tenna of the Probate Court occur on first of every nionth. Several airt cases are set for oejt ars /rpm our society Thomas J. to loose with his family for North Bend, ih° h/wuentead of Gen. Harrison, wh^re he irill horeafyer resi we hope. At lewpt i)hi«., The best wishes ofth»s community accompany Mr Market at, Tho spppn. Is that he drown^ himself to be here. tuwit- P. Morris, jn the OoNB TO CHI.CAOO.—Lieut. P. Skelton tyhere the oper­ ation upon his eye, and the insertion artificial one is of an to be attended to by the expects about,four 7«»ahry, who has been recruiting with good #uec«ss for his regiment in this county, front,•» Davenport and Dos Moines. the latter the barracks occupied pany considerable very by his com­ at Genoa, Nebraska,were burned with valuable property of Lieut. N. were destroy ed* IUlw.?-An immense quantity of rain has »n the past ween, and the temperature ha* been cDangoable, one fluke warm, «nd K did. "iHWiiiiij day heing tbe ne*t cold lW Mf|M tli City Co^nciia.—^h,e new city Councils were initiated into nffipe on Monday evening, ^ha old one passing out of office at the same time, having first acted upon the.rcport of ci*y affairs^ which was ordered printed. Mayor McFarlin Afi« BtyCfi (nail aft he eily tribunal w^ith dignity aindimpressinimt We predict that he will make a good magis­ trate, so far as an a^yerxe political majority will gpsroi^ IT. B. Jones vvas sworn in as Marshal, his bond in flSOObeing prss^pte^ nqiI ap proved, I. E. G«ay, H. B. Murphy, and B. Jr. Bmilton. from the ^1 ward, and Geo. X©?nplo, ^imen Bikins, and Ilu. Brown, fnm the 3d vcarjT The trinl ot Lant McOomb, for th* murder of Laura »rvey, may come off at this term P. O. Harvey, brother of the murdered g\rl i$ here. Thb 1st Cavalrt Co*iNq Hoi|fe.-*We h"Y« the grntifyin intelli^er\cei ir\ a special dispaloh to the Gate iimt, It I) Lnne, of Eddyville, delivered City, that the Meek has I T^ Lamme's Mii.t at Dahm*baare pairs of the mill having been completed, U Sg^in in operation. M* purchased the interest of Mr White, and is nowr sole proprietor.* Having sectnred t'ie services of an experiencd miller, the public may rely upon having their work, both saw 'Rg *nd grin}in2, promptly dqne PrBi.ic School House.—Among the im provements in this city the 000. It will be among the finest in the State, and will occupy a site cap be.Lqr4 .anywhere. A anunj ic nofjt i» doin^ up the Pr hare aompanyof on tl]e It-tpiijan, Received by e^tra train from Liurlin-tun. Surgeon 17 th Iowa, has resigned, and is coming home. condition were in a ddishtfql'y confused and mi-cid/i',i!*Sr«» tp this city. While private citi- en ,hia has heretoAire been done) ie be held at in t|»e •II other Devin Jpf^our oldest, and .{post E*q. one fgtim-ihle citizens. if case with comfort can and nmid Devin snd his estimihle •lady. Hope they wM cotpe bMJk aa4 Jive jrith us again some time. IfrSTBRIOUS DlMPtRiRANOB —John Oof oolored barber, while lahorin^ onder mental derangement p^tqf before caused by fever,j»imp th? ^rindoir Qf his residence on morning, and disappeared. Search was tumwa. about two O'clock, on Monday V i of oar Public it ai» *re*JoinB so muoh to improve the city, "«anift gtation of .\ a is a shame. Wool-Qrowbrs li in sbout four monthf,or st lenst ono «r»nt of public s^iriL Convjsn'ti.w.—A oonren Hon of wool growers of southern Iowa FairfipltJ on th« ent month. Will impprt- ieri^. '.*]*"/ 25th of tbe pre intare-jteJ attena. naid to pive enjinept «a(isfnction Tbutii s\ru re(jiiested to Sdccbbd —This It hns feot itveds no new proof, but it has one in the *»ucoess of D. Ik-Land's Jk Cn.\i Chemical Saler Qtm. been introduced only a few years and yet we see it taking kinds u s We agvn ^l" le. "otium am be found any where it may be, we imagine, q_ the verdant slopes snd vine-clad hills of tl.e historic the place of [q the market. Would 4.^0 a e o call attention to the which tho company mirchgd 6ut the c|.(x»f and gave three I have two erana im­ mediately tntde for him snd h$s since been diligently prosecyte^, but up to this time, Tuesday, without success. A track »«ade ctjepra Th« Dea VJo^nej} baa bean oa fi». but is ij&w ful'ing. LOCAl NOTICES. k O O e i i a meetings of Ottumwa Lodge,N«.e clock r. hiin S. to return here weeks, about which lira*the vet •Tins of his company are in the 17th Infantry m. Visaing K"»lU.oi, ip Washing n a»I for pi of Co. Irrlral and Departure as th«* Alderma? S'ile.s moved ths,t U. Jone,®, MarshrtW- elect, he declarftd Road O^nvnis- sipner in afcoordar.oc with theousto-n whioh has prevailed in suoh cases. The motion not being seconded in onseq lenoe of the absence ol the o,ther Union alc\ermac^ was not acted on. Council adjaurn«dt» flqnft Mul\day evening next. Hamhond A Co.—W? d^ire OTTI/M \VA, KSa.\i. and Lekrt'i' via and Jphn Guyselman, fiom the 1st ward, E H. Stiles, Alderman, cl«i*t, irere qualified and took theii seats. Alderman Stiles, of the $d snored ri!HB over in the 2d ward, In ftinsey ineligible. Motion seconded by Alderman v* to provisions made by F^irntqitid & 0 at the Lower Mill in this city to manqfioturo flour and do other milling and to vird i^.tol. They have experienoed mi Hers %od carders and can do all work entrusted to them promptly and weU. per Court 100. o^m- BACON, giQriou^ old 1st cavalry in charge of our fellow zen, Joseph W, Thft ma^Apilll IO fA ka kal/al* .! citi Culdwell, en route hume, and may be e^pe?tej at I^eokuk on the 11th I.O.Q t.a arc hel'l uu Tue^Juy «veuiu£« all o brothers are I n v i e i to attend porner toW r. 4(lU W. 8MJTH, liar*-I »Uret4. See y.Q in t. J.. ^OUULAHH, N. O. QLAIM AGENCY. holjr* "curingam E ?th Iowa i-ia-tr Pace *everal weeks past, left some day# ago for the At place he learned thit during his ef notified that actinf as Mldierf ir« a llosoted claim IcwsW Pensions,Bounties, Back IHyaad all other just ela ms against the (iorernment. Charges moderate,and nothing are allowed. aRU STILES, opposlta Ottnmwa House. 'V L—' ^Qldlers af}4 th* Widewt and lUirt qf Soldier*, are notified that I aqa acting as clxims alli personal effect*, including some .wed leb. t, iaH t( gIGEL HALL enough aaanot for frost. In fact we had a hard frost on Tues dsjr aight. Whatber it did any harto to the feralt or not,w ?«t say- Ifost likely OalUwMo. IPiipM agent for procuring pouutjea and rlaiipi against P«ni|in », pouutiea J. C. HINSEY, M. D. 0®«a with M, J, Willum. in, a^u.... 1 ins institution hax been cloved In consequence of John Zwisier's ral to "ur)|JKtori. Wt.oever now remov John E A E W IOWA *AST*RIf MAIL, IA B. k M. Arrives *. «. K. tyiUfr—^pnd^ir* excepted—at11:41^ a. *t 9,in a. Tim* half an hour m. and 4:16p. 9. faster lh»n coiainuu. Mali»MN« one hour before the train leavw. SOUTllKRN MAIL, (Keokal), •IA K. FT. D. N. a M. S. M.' ArrVfM Dally—Sunilaya e»cBt^ii andl*ar««fct 4:15 |». WKSTeRN MAIL, A VTA K. rT D. M. a M. v a. ArrjTti D^Vljt—84»1ix» andliitYta al p.- pahlohkoa to sioooshST. every Friday at.% o'clock p. »«rjr Tkurrtay at S o'clock a.m. ... SOUrilKRN MAIL, TIA fT ISABKI TO RLOOMrlS^i^ ,i. Leave* dally Sunday excepted,at1:00 arrive at 8:00 a. TABI.E.n n.R RAILBOAD eg4,iIG*GJ? TIMS. Leave Ottamva Arrive at Temple and then on motion laid on the Uhle. Mixed going Arrlre. 10.3A a. «T. 8 00 Qltwinwa Jk' H- call the attention of fanners to the] very excellent 9 lft 4 «.4 S0r* ....11.80 a.m. T.SO •r sugar CATTLE, gross, CANDLES, ,,, a, 50@5,an ciyed...M... g@in Huns, countrj-. Shoulders .,.^t.,* )@15 Clear Sides Mould 20c, CltACKEUS, brl CHEESE COFFEE, Rio, fair to prinM.. .... 5.0 •lav*, ]b, CQAI),delivered 1 COH^, in ftiir «**i *#,itt\ t• corn MEL ...,.I.. su EGGS, doz ®10 F11UIT—Apples, gr«en, Peaches, s broken ground for hi* rtsidanoe at the corner of Court and Thinl-streets, The material is to be brick, and similar in ze and plan to ^oomin's. dried....... ,SII» FOWLS, Chickens, ^doz^i...... 2,00 Turkeys, each, HAY, turne, v\ RlCliJ, present season is a Public School House to cost some filo,* as beautiful as 100 day men from.Q^ca- ]°0sa passed here yesterday ei} rauis fiju* venport. Tt is rumored da­ that Dr. S. B. Thrall, as- st««k lid.., o .I1 ,, it IJIOKS, lry, Lamme has 17. (iree^ 7 I LEAD and SHOT,bar yc. SlQt 2Q LAKD in_can.« !(,c. Ne^brU...... uei kej.,,. }5.°M per I 1 8 1 5 SALT, per brl, $3,00. Dairy, sacV-• 3-» SUGAH, CQiqmon, 16, Pqwderf|4' SODA, per fcejj ..., ,, WI1I3KEY Mar«h k .. air bbl.,Ketcham.'s ALE, per hall Of all kinds kept constantly o.ihand In Ottqiqwa. Having the very best faculties for procuring large nd well selected stocks, are oonfliieiit this house ipauuot be surpaaaed in quality or cheapneaa itfiivjea is our Uae. Have a iarge atoclt Saddler will HA RD WARE, AtDTADDLBS IN AT V AnHTfT at Wh)l«ale and Retail. A l%rg« Whip* and Oollir»t 7V«m ind Halter Chain*, OuYry O+mbt and Brush**, te 4c Would also call attention to deaiiug exUnairely Thoee having such articles to sell lota can always depend en caah. pitumwa, March,Si18M. car.J of Elliot, A*ent for a number of abje f^ricultqral impleiflcnts, Ottumwa, the Mk. shades of North vtlu* Mav llth,' Editor.—Lieut. l§#4 Norris\s company will |e$vQ for ivenp'iri tomorrow Thurs day morning. This company are all you»j men. They all are anxioun to get away. Thry are in fine sj«ritg. Mr. Uriah Gr* n treated our company to apples and sUch !ilfp, after for Hreen ami tjie s^Mierg. We «ra (rented with respect by all tho loyal ci'ti^ns of Oi brothers that are to-day and when this vet- lam eall was made my youngpst brothar and both en listed in pompnny hoping that fre tqight do our Country gome good. Yours truly, E c. WILSONt in (afgeflr BAKERY fcCONFBCnONMY r.v. TP'ETARI.FK.Ft.D. IS. n.R E*nre»* (rcing Ka»t...... I.W j.« West p. M. F,j»st.... Weit 4:H'P. 1. 6.'6 P.M. cnicAGQ.ariiLnfiTON hvdqcin «l ftAILflOAB. f^rei.Tjal^. r. PcJ^e C«rjr»^. eoaasoTso TUUI ST SHKl Fl:it, GUOCKK, {UtALS&iV PROVISIONS. «e. Ottuhwa, May WHEAT, ^-bus^Spring 1,00 OATS, u 12 Fall $1.80 45 @50 RY K, V ..-...•••••••••• 00 F^UUR—fall,V'hund $4 25 Ex. Spring ..., 4,0 small rM.CHAPIM, WM. C, MOSS JR. A CO, W9QLE9AL9 AVQ RETAIL DEALERS XM ocnsiqtlng QUEENSWARE AND GROCERIES, CfWNPH FRONT and A JOBBING STOCK Of BOOTS, SHOES, HATS, CAPS ftUEESSWARE 4 GROCERIES,. Oonstantljr op ha04 at Wm. C. OttuiuwH (he ent. Lftftr|(i Bkoderate—nothing Oovprnment .' u/iless ser»n«l story of J. WILLIAMS. Quuuiwa, l«wa. wishes to Zwlsler will find hltn at the opposite Hendrle's Foundry, near the pot, Burlington. se^ "PEQI'LE'8 OAKDCN," Railroad Bo- When you visit Burllnirtnn catl and see John. He Is pleasantIjr aituated, hunTeuMs Alley, iBsir Oartlen,apd R^fr^ment Saloen, ki. Mar to.MW P. C. DAU^j We«M aaoo«Dee tolil^ old gencri Meads,^ BAKERY ON A p. m, OAKKltn qu. aaS WE8TERN MAIL, (Bytkesbuts). 81* TIMER A WKIK. Arrival and,leave* every day,at 1 o 'clock,p. 19. 1JI. MO.RRIS P. have a local and neiicraUy~tl^»tae hasYeiarii^ again, 'Sjl 1IW p* m. ^lflalsp 4eda \nrgf ^DA^eUct (took foya hab^Htlon and rpy«elf re*P' 15 sales th»t go [rum iuj' or lyr mj ply the Most ^f@+ $t*r..,,..20@2a Standard v a^d 1®1,15 dried, tt|....., 12@15 .. ^CiC($ IH Raisins, layers,^ boif..,, $5,50 i Mackerel, 1$ nlf brlt A Jlas opened a Dry Qoodf and Grocery Store on Front Btreet, in the bulldlrg lateljr occupied tj Meek k Co., where they of of at) ot Dry Goods, Groceries, ftfOOTS AN SHOES, nd all kinds A- tbe fact that in wf are HIDES, PELT8, AND WOOt. A S W O S Mext dopf West of Where ting their value in Aft. of Dry Goods, BOOTS 4 SHOES, CLOTHING, Hats and Caps. will be found one of the iacgeft sisting of the foiiowlug articles BOOTS AND SHOHS, HATS AND CAPS, CRQGERIES AND QUEENSWARE OONfECTIONERpS, Chewing and Smoking Tobacco, The best in Ottuava. OliASS 11 lulck J^EW COURT StT*eU6 Qttiwwa, Iowa, ^eu«e. Chicago Prices. Moss Jr., & Qo, Ottumwa, Iowa, Jan. 10, 1868. -U+J MARBLE HALL Plnifil Blid pystcr tt^lQoa. The undersigned zens of would inform the citi­ and tSe public generally, that h$ has removed his Saloon into the the Carroll llouso, commodate those who may favor him with a rail. 110 has also fitted up rooms for dining, an4 is prepaircd'io furiiiMh Warm meal* at any hour in tk* morning or evening. f5jr*Fresh Qyatura received daily by Ex pre-s. Remember tbe pJuce, Marble Ilall. Carroll l||ouxe building, second story. Dec. 3. 18rtS Wm. A. MOLL. Ayer's Ague Cure., i" 1 'tjie*" to 'hU old A I I HAWLErS IT^f ON FRONT STR^KT, Tn M* excepted—at aiftaSM m. 9 Noaril*K.N MAIL, V new and enmmsdioo*home ereoted, eepeolaltjr for the puspoee of carrying on a S0ALBV Where he would be pleased to eerye everybody wttlk W1IFAT OR ItYE BR FAD, CRACKERS, ME3, CAKES CAM'lUS, *0., Tkey fcaTlas r^fne,"and bold nslhle for the character quality af nursery, or one sild people l»v aO hori*«d axeat*. 1 aiq prcp*re af this XDesirable Of Stimmer, Fall .,,,$3,50 dwarf Feara, l'eachts, N v cretlonaijr power is left with me, the 80@o5 VERY BfcST St l.tCTIOIVS $U,U0 w i be made. Apple trees.twoand best seeotiQn,|10 per hundred. 13 MOLASSES, Sorghum... OIL, Linseed $1.40 Coal, per gal 90 FAILS, pel doz $2,90 320 PO TATOES, per bash 1,25 POW DFilt, 60@ 15 n c*rdx Birtfor$ ... .65 .$5 V0 Ketcham a of and Fancy. Articles To ^leaaa Tonax Aw«^oa, aa4 i SPATES FOJl RABIES $ GEWfS Sin also Agent for 4.11,1 3 &KL.EBKAT^Dt Premium Cream & Stock Ale Which I LeaTe •1" A. v f8( ir-M can furnish In any quantity dealred. TAT WESTERN NURSERY! LOCATED ON* MILE NORTH OF ^nrwitiwiiLt K©ar the Cemetery, rwiui? 1 manent Minimal Superfine Spring, 8,20 BRANS...'.' ....... .......... 1,00@1,75 BUTTER, Fresh Roll, SO Firkin, 3«» HOGS a i a e Nursery has heen PStabllnhed here witbla tli-l»5t three jphu, and is »ml |tpyeelf o sup­ pa^t pf goutfcar.. jowa with Varieties and i,75, .10@25 *d Winter Apples,expressly seleclj- mnd be,t kda tedl ihisseci^aaaf 'ctar[n«ii, .... ^MMbs, Cherries, Ourrunts, Gooseberrlu, Kas|.b«rrifs, and Str^wbefrtw, 6B.4PB VWES, KHCBAUII. Ac., together with the best varieties of DKCIMOVS, EVRRO^BIVS ORNAMENTAL TRUSS SllltUfci, KOSFS and and) VINe,S, at pr' Jiurlingtnn or other reU ble nurserie^. kUi UcuUr att^iiiioa w i be paid t_ g®',[] STRICTLY FILLING THR ORDERS i J^p. ^.... 8^9 Of thnsewhn do not come In person, and whan dir three years old, 13| ESPECIAL ATTENTION! caiied my yarUtief Qrape Tipea, apd respective prices Jttelaware, (one year) (two year*]| Prolyfa Hehfcra, Clinton tiahttch'j, huh?lliix 25 8i 1 E ATHEll AND IIAUD-WARE 11WKW DUY GOODS AND QUO- •4-JSTOItE. CBRy HTORC. Manufactures and I fail/ u«UU4 of «r Leather, are respect th?Dealerthatn (act there la a £rsl faff SHEFFER & CORMICK. N» mn, art 'ttf 'f Ac.. Ao. French .F.c.0ArM. ott^sHTs.itov^rt^ »w-iMr VerVno. Wool Delaines,BTAclt kinds. SwiB Hucks Diaper|. raet ilesiKiierl af ernunil, anil «itu»t o n to be a per­ growing Inllitutlon. It io Iowa, p»lrnnH(iet the lar^e u.icuiiiu nnt?eaihracen of the most d*- n i e e n o u a e w i and conft«l-onceIlhe*tl I hive nlready received fr«nu the people of this vioinilv,to perievere In my determined purpose to make this Nursery one of the largest and belt In the West, it 9attnelU, Kentucky Jeans, March ao4 of Produee. They will be pleased to a-e all their old customers and as many In jar^Don't assortment of J. YEAR! NEW STORK! VEW PRICES AND NEW QOODS! W E E K & O !fow occupy their new brieb, next taOttaoiWa We offer our preai at ateek if PSV poops, GRO!f:i(|ES, «4*s» CAPS, VHOES, AMft CfiOTHIKO# for tlte neat tea lays at VERY LOW FIGURES, Meek expects te go N.-w m«aa York In bran new stock,audte be offer# th,Planterone en will keep a rood assortment ^et netf ones as choose to c»il. The highest marker price will be paid Cash for everything! he fannef-sh^vetosell. forget the place. SUKKKER k McCORMICK. In J. L. Taylor's pi rniWA, Iowa., U *i*«ll« AND NAfLF,' WOODEN & WILLOW WARS. of which wlllbesoldfor February foi tdiea ollass (irnine- dialely above his former room.) where he is better prepared now than heretofore to ac apdatT othtr Oar motto la', a cone Muslin for CaUco isjj bargains now. *0 cents, l0 j,, S ceata, %*.t ^»»t Col|ar«Scrota^ lea ll.Oii por B, Coffee 87^, fooAnTnarev than wuere. van Mft iacp cjuit EGGS, be bought elae- miiy f^r sale BUTTER, POTATOES, oiKioxn, nOLA^KS, CHICKEN| CQAL OIL, BEANS, Ac., at law ,rloes. jW«i and A RENT. friii Jan. T, UW-ti"Qvfoib I.n A n exeellent farm of ftA aeres, jli.uega, Ih a If PrvMtr** 90 acre* of fur sale, or will Idaho thrown in the Shade! ORE AT It USB omissus TO TUB SBW DIOGWOt. o k i s i n '-'J NO rSE Iowa,posaeasei a*(real pROfti-AMATION! TO TI1E LOYAL MEN ri t^ic(r WOICRBA9, $1,011 J.5') 35 Vhe •tltute office,and Itaprevement.h«ve A (5 80 CABBAQK AMD VOMATO PLANTS •ob. J. In their sea- New all I O.CHAPPEL of those buggy plows, and A BOY Off half your crop, and if w«t 1 Ottnmwa, »•!. 4, 18M-M-15 If V HL'"ftH'rn' OHEAT BAltQAlKfe 1 4T Kliil, K.M \V ll V.iKKMvy, Nov. 1», CASH CHEAPER THAN YHK DUKAPKST IN OTTUMWA! or VOR COUVTUY FKQPUCE. 8»lfl and 8n»«ll WAI*TEIr-HIDE8,price istence,Thislike but an it gets stronger as it goes ahead.crushgood fei^acrae^erday, ewtngtethe ground. groead, aad works a* well la ef ground «rtth sim'lar 10 miu «od horae or ^a4 D.VUOK1T A KuiiKitLV, ottumwa, Mcuu,\ddO.\, Kirkvllle, Mk i i e ('. KO Ka Bit It'lly,v Iconium, Appanoose county. Kl&li 5ANLV. l'r M^.iiies, 8 1 U Hlobiufield, Agent for Davti Oo. l' l3id—till iune '*4. STOiiT EXCHANGED Uy motto la, )Pro|)t»! fci whlehw|||bepajdtbt very highest market in Cas)i. Call and evamine goods and prices,so that can satisfy yourselves that y«tu ran buy go'you Cheaper of than anywhere elae in Ottumwa,him October Stb,1968. ch2T-Ottumwa. l&—o oda 1W| A COWAN, yVteal*aaleaadtttaUl*ala*l4 Drugs, Medicines, Paints, Oils Y E y S WINDOW GLASS Books, Stationery, WALL PAPER, FANCY GOODS, GOBUBR OF FRONT Si MABKKT 8TBJCKT* OTTUMWA, IOWA. gXTENSIViS IMPROVEMENT 8. H. SHEFFER, & CO, -ron- Y O 4 -rAKD— o e i e Tteey have "ado larir* addUUa irerlvlng their spring stock they wMch jis under fence, situated lelwien OltmnwA ard Dah be renlrd attkia 1o a »!)od ten- iiant ou fair term9. Kcr partleulars nqairr of te from the Head of Mafket. It IswCI »ell FOR SALE OR TO Just arriving fcaewa here CREAM CHEAPER! CHEAPEST I pore Call E C.iSII. brthf ytr^h of yntir uner. G. II SMKWC1I, ACo«# DISOOVEBIESI U N A A LELLED I N E S S O E N E W I N S OF GOING TO IDAHO TO GET SIC271 sdurasta^iba for ^ritlns as the territory ef Idaho. BEBMAN LICHTENSTABTER, rtctlrlff ayd eoBtlaalng to FANCY AND STAPLE DRY aOOD^ S**r bronfht te MISSOURI COM PLANTER Patented Sept. a* furnish i^ltl'LUlCft io tkf Ur|Kf aloek *t th1» market,eenitstlni In paiSe^ LADIES FINE PRESS GObttS Sllko, and Jaconet Muslius, Damasks. Linens, Reps, tfoTiafrs, Alpaccas, Moramblques,Chnllleic Oln^hamx,('urobrlcs. Calicoes, Irown and Rleaibed Muslins, Lenlnig,Popl!ns, Stripes Tickinfrs, Klannels Edgings, Most Attractive Variety of Oleate, Ikawta, MwnlL ffoop tklrta,G|«trw. RaidkeKkM. tad'es, Misses and Childrens Shoes. W«kanilwa|a« W U E S ande**lgned has located in tlie tuy there is to lie ahoi^t All th'pIC who dVsirr nn* au'^a'ti'^uiey to all thb^e aa the few years ago thie machine was ealled WU4. Bf IfOBf THAN PLANTINO BT HAND losertiuys,Table Covers, Towlings,allof (ntltty, mlnga, Riebona, Collar*, SieeTea, Neta. A full line of YANKbb NOTlONfl, and in fact every description of Qoods to suit the most faftidluut taste. We woqld call special attention to a *«Uct assortiqcnt af UNrtatit sf CrEWTLEMiUVS1 FIR^ISIII^O GOODS FaririPis our 'Clot%9.ere ooil» purchased at thelnwe^t Telretand UmSim Trial- Satins, Linen and Tlannel SliTrti, Cash I'rides, ^"Remember the Place^^) (tr^wers,Qata,#*• and will be sold o s u i the times. NEW YOhK Cu T-BioT 17,18M-M-19 HltMAN A LICUTENSTaOTEU. j, iv»iWA, mWAa" «r 9., 1867* BT s w or uttumwa andopened lfl.UtMl mep nUnlin« Ksat tsar a humbug,other THB BB4T AMD OMLT BEUABLE r^KTEB 1M 18G. want Is for yon te give my Planter a Tani., at!Iwill lantef Jt) Viktenoe. it will aaveat least $100 A YEAR TO EVERY FARMER THAT USES QN£ Besides the amount of Corn he will raise Oft and as wages are very high and hands scarce all yon have to Corn and by so doing you can have your WITH A H0BSC MACHINE, ifl epra Rewi TEN TBARS OLB CATV GVlVITAtC EICTT ACHES HIB!IEIF where If you plant your corn with one of th"*e hor«e planters you can't plow but one way, and thereby loose your ground is not in Chine. machine has heen use since 1i7 lonjr a* old ground. hirtd place and a,.poieither their time,and I who have no mure rigl en list for fear o Imrti ng s^uie Any of their person I Drug Stare fyUouDly I w i meet Ihein. has S. 11." that have not iny initiaU on each hinge. 1 Now fanner* before you plant your corn he sure lo get the 3£imouri Com Planter to plant with, and be sure that it give ihit caution beoauie there are rresponslble parties attempting to »oni h«Vn brethren. ll(U STUART, 4 U BAKEK, ch49 16 N E W U S O E •or (l aadaa^ ^tate,!areeHltlBprepared taken from this am new I Am hlit frt Pl&ntillV I^APfl. who'desire tbe in, not for planting batteries, but for Planting Corn,knowa I S S O U I O I i N A N E which has now been thoroughly tested,an$ found to be no hnmbag, as haa been the ease with most pateat planters that been palmed off on tlie farmers of this as well as sftaTes, But thie lathe age kltAMtt ef but now hasthe reputation ef tatag warrant it to save Mar* Mtr tkaa aa/ is to plant your corn with the Missouri lit Perfect beth and the he«* of order,yon can't plant at all with a home ma- t-nough to anvthine that is IT NEVES CL09S OS CHOKES. a A humbug oot of ex­ hand can plant from eight to challenge1tbe wbrid to beat It In allktmis machine. Any one wishing atrial of maehtces can choose their on each hinge and manufactured at Ottumwa, Iowa. None genuine .tsomeIthe .liau •.'iopti'tir |l a sometbin 6f Chrba,ahd'«re t(roselacymachine seeing auy spurious machines sold, by informing me ofthe fact will be liberally rewarded. want agents inevery county town in the Slate, both travelling and local, RighU'for tale ou reasonable terms. Manufactured b- The Missouri Corn Planter oan be tt #&rk, aad won1 IF. S, HUGHES, Oitumica, Iowa. miles south ofOskalooea. loWaville. A MK.VKS, (Jospurt, iiea««Marioncounty, KllAu, Mt HKinv.\?,, v Vandulia, Jasper county. TU03. J. 11 L'viUES, Travelling Agent. E. VV. BKTTS. WHOLES A LB AMD Bmit. OTTUMWA, IOWA. ni olbkt cL«raj\G HOISI im ICE mm nASnow *he on haad the largest stock of Hen and Boy V Wear ever offered to his Custflme.s cltlseps of apelle County. Ourtitock coaj'ulaand la part of OtfiKCOAT?, UNDER COATS, PANTS. VKSTS, ev« *ri-tr of !h«- mo/ desirable slvlen. OV FINK STOl'K L'SOKKI'LOTHIXO, FANCY S1III:TS, QLUVE8 andoient s Furnishing Goods generally, NEW STYLES IIATS & CAPS IN 'OREA VARIETY. Ale©good assorted MEN'S and A &6. our srives tliat we have BUT*) Boots & Shoes 8p|endld Assortment of ENGLISH FREXC/i U LOT ITS, TiOE 8KIKS, PLAIN A FJ.YCT I'yjo.y lASS. 4b F1SK SAT.SKIS Wh i we aieprepared to ranke |-l»a.rKtm.e n Is a n up Into the latest ||IV» on iibtice, warranting sat|sfnctlon in every case.shuft a -N V w o a a a e e i s KXPKIUKNOKI) fi oin one I ofthe best houses East, and we now placed I form, alwavs gu liand, before tlie one of the moat thqraugh altd le Men a n Uby'.swear people g» oi'ks of i the8iate. All tell v All tell you that the sell the cheapest'n We will o n y dav, call see the goods, hear the prices and judpee for your­and selves. Iliue Cl-irtj and Casslmere for ottcera jnl- E. %V. BEiTTS. QRCHARD CITY FLOUR STORK. f, Main 8treet,BarHagtpa,Iff Oitaaiwa Brancli Orrhard TofacliliateourWesternTiade, we have opened a branch store near the freight depot R. H. H. ill Ottumwa which will J. at the hn tt. Klf*,»ho will Family use Our prices »t (Ml. mwa. -rill be the same a*la Bur ilngton, AimiMjrHKitiiiroNi.r ™ur se'l'ofl\rSUU 4 Order, by f,*a .onil Rice, should be addrtsaed to Jaaea Agent,Ottumwa i i^lllTiIIBM^ftl^ri1H^ O W N e o I E S O W A E lUSAai!SI»££2i£ASTAM)rUBClU2fI 1 O A S I S ATiiMttkonmini nKHb fell •(oclyvt SPRING AND SUMMER GOOI)lt CMoprlsengallartlclea osoJiliy •tack cf called for In agenMat iuercli«t»Ji»e. In 1 E S S O O S HTtensiv rlkafarlv.h"* in ard whie'i hf par *aried aFrnrlmWB* ticularl' would call April 8, Ike IMi. attcnlio »Ladles. CALL ANQ EXAMINE and weare sure wc will tell you Warden If raacljJat e I-1 rp. rt and o s cimplft (ItMlt*^1, Boats and SHaes,, Ever brou glit to CHEAP AS DIKT. ailt •w i 1 !.-• r^fl' 1 1 Hf»l 'W Wool Carding, SP NNING, FULLING, WEAVING, AN% O E S S I N fshallheoreparerton to doalllcinds of •4i".r. orabout Monday,MsrlStJ». work In my liiie i'n the very manner, and iipon thf shortest notice. Ilarlnr alar^*'t-»be aitionnt of new and improrcil machinery. I ran complete and prompt satisfaction to all who Uia/fa*gly« ni" with- a call. Those who live at a distance wljlno* h»savedthe trouiilf andloss of time in lAaklnfi twolrlps frtrthelf Roll.o.indtf they wish them spun, tljey tfan hay* It done iiy^tojiplnp onenlphf. Thanltfulfor tht-liherxl patronajre bestowed forthe p**'ten years. :i» Arency City, follclt a f-l'l I I notice and better than heretofore. «... re«pectftallymeon continu» nceofthe samf at Ottumwa, fop that I am better pretn r-.I .ilivrtaksow to do work on 's V- Drug Store. Curlew building and has a large and akMnltf*..'4. nfha andertlffMd has open«4 fu a Drasr aUre Itqck of j, PUHS BHUOS Cifmicils. Patent Uotlicioes, Fanej Articles, te«i* Pure \V i n e »nd Liquors for Medical purpMI with which prescriptions will be filled. Oulfiim Epileptic Pills for Rak f. -t. .** 4 ZW Physician* prescriptions filled wtifc care, n|ght or d«j. A 1 AltOESTOCK of Onnl Oil I.arkjn" mm Th* Ptittnt Momicr Burntr, leithnr.t 'innke or off or, itti/f not entity Ju*t the thing/or a night Lamp. PURE Mil OIL AWA** O N A N 8 HfWfnThs his sincere thanks for tTieTerj jTTeraI natronape he has received the |ast year, and hopea by his attention tohis business to merit the eobb* dence of the public. Oivemeacall when you want an.vthingln my line,either nignt or do*. Qttumwa, Mar. 1». PKTCR DTKCHT. nlO-tf A N O W O U S And a TO ammo til stock of A S A N A a E W O O S A W E Y & S O N BEG ieaveto annoupce totheirou*tomen anutbe public generally, that they are now opening ar.d will hereceiving tue largest and best selected ilook of Y O O E I S Cxroeeries, BOOTS AAlff SHOES. a w a e N A I $ A N y i (Hass an5 Crockery Ever hrovghf to thi* market. Bought. ash at the present low rates, and wllj^J Sold Cheaper than Ever, I FOR DASH, PRODUCE) 0 Approved. Credit. O |T W I*- sjpMT CARRIAGE PACTORfl U K a n e s i n w o u e s e u y s o i i e a i teniion ofthe public to tbe facilities which he now possess for inanufacturinK CAKKlAli Kb A VV AO* ONS,of«*er description, after the mostlmproved styies. as (food can be obtaiuedKast, and uponsat isfactory tenus. ^hosewishlnp itopurohastwiilpleasc call and aiuihe 111 v stock CUTTElt, direct flatter ar-Ailkln ds of repairlnrdone with neatness and dispatch. Particular attention paid to llorse-Sltar og, and all work warranted ai recommended. Pf Ftb. 25, '.sW-tiiii 4« 16 ofthe B. A M. In charirt of Mr k, h,,,., Mm "Orchard NUIs. ,j supply of all e choice brands of Flour manufactur ... by eiiouvh to'cotimete to t^oli MsNfcr IMlman,^ ALo ofltorlin^ unde.taken to sell all the Mob ility make, our prices will be ,,«t |„v A IS A DW1 Ottuai wa. Deo. 11,1861-40 IS-lOw 11 well iw t'jrrahna. with terns, addre*s W wa. MMM their addrtsa tV°' a* AVE OUR LIFE.—-D^pepsi*, 8rys Ipeias, Kidney Complsli.t. pi.k andNtrvona lea dmh-. Neuralgia, Gravel. Trtter, llarher's ltel( A Treati.-e on ih« alcove Diseaara (Od Kaldness. With their speedy and prreiarent cure, sen lreelo ary address. Addi^sa 8. C. lIPHAaa Ka. aa £3JjZ Eighth S^lreet, Philadelphia, Pa. Ht A CENTS WANTED—To «ll hy -ta !-utif rri|.t irn an xcellenl, illaetrated snd le#^ priced I Istoiy of the Rtbelli-•. It Is In h« th lifh anil li« I a sn. Alto meral other beautfruHr* Inustrst»d, interestir^ a».»! vaiaahie frmlly wrrtfe. Also lor Pedltrs and Ag« nts a freal vsrlei v of I'le tui.s. Hani, bet lies, furfails «-f tuinent tienerWa and I lviii«ns, ems f„ th« Albom, *c., tocetltr with a larre aori«.e«»t of stationary Package*.-. 1he»e «.« tlr HRNKTHOWB, 111 Main Street, Cincinnati. TO rosr.npTiii:s, Conaumptlvt-a sufferers will reselve a valeahte (fr"e Uf Rev. ft. A" WILMVN, r"i"f i d«wi«rk *,, Xtw T'atl^

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