Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier, May 19, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier dated May 19, 1864 Page 1
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a»fu..A^a^JLu. .«^.-. „f afrfrfgi LOT MID-NO tia«li i iil'»* 3 tm: t»'ym evr Mi" ^i*prUi«r lm 4U«%-»M if ,Wi1T •fl'1*'" 9? IN HI-A py,p«r .? KRANER & WlIyLER^. r 'laalefa4* fcw STOVES, TIN, WM&M Coraer ot rro»t^B4 «rTCJaww,- •--_*• fcwli M, M4-IT J." S. XTMJLm* Whofctale and Kcialt VfiHervk DRYCAODS, 6ROO£RFT», CUlM*v» HarAwar^ t«lWlllf«arf HATS, CAP«, BdOT8, ^H0E», TSuulg°od» P'lrl Ottmm, law Oct. Wth, IStt. 6. J.BPULTONj •ttAKKlt AND CONFKtTlpNHSt gjiirTmnt, rt»tm aooaeititwntr*rHtaOCia OTTHMWA, IOW \, Machine Crackerkand Oonfectloaeryof cVkr fi#t« •J 4t Wholeeale and Retail, .« f^rtie**ndBaUMappU*da»tbetb»rt#e tatlcb. *»-ll—cb.8-12. 4* EDVVAUD XX. SViLVHy Attorney & Couirselcr at' Law And Solicitor in Chawxry* IKm bver Wafcer'e store, oppbtite tbt pttamwa Uonse. Ottcmwa. Iowj. Wr It now weM pr*p*r8il to procure tbe |100 Bwnty and bare* pay of auldfttt, tuid flljutt clalrnt •(••n*t tbe Uvrernment. Ot^ryi maAciatc, u4 MHhlof aaieee claim* a^c allflwtd. «. f. STILta .e**Aa*.«,i3. •. B.. J5ISSOIT4 DBNVlHT^' ffAVINO PBRUANEMUV LtCA«C» 4tf TMt J1 citj^olfert til* aervice* to the cilitent of toan and vicinity. AH work w%jMlg£? *W%XIAJJIfcb. K. VV, «rwsf*?*a Si m* yd h* »*»%-ineT qri y~-.::yt Ut'""' S glial aen*ifl *?&« t£fr©tfiiwftfft€«ttnn, l'A"CH"r^ n ,' Ladle* waited on at their reiideacet, If Te«tlu naerted fraMMeto alTlmtlreiett. either by aican* of ipriojc* orWMtepheric creature. 4MlriCK,at hl,rejidetfW,on»larkeUlrtet. fr'eb. i, 1661. r*saTs7 **«o?r NO Bi!VirV1' A W OfUUWi^t d1*Orricv a .1 5 K O A N A O (Mm d««r tait^lhe ^t(«M«a r^O.^T ST&SJCT, A (, Ij IcIikI* of #(*Tk ttyle, nd at thethoi ettnotlce. m* Oattlng doneto ordcf. orrwn .a u 1 at i o iu^u WovSa,'6fl-y TH H-f ,AOK' 1X TlU Y l.C'nUKK, SH 1 !•!.i'.bt A:c., 9b Af lffBJEK IfAKDS U|Tf|nr'"T.4N. M«omhU,Fatrfttld,AfP*cf /tnd OTTUMWA. AWT'HCRB wiin»ef6nna the 1 arg«-»tstock e*ei 0 ww ferediuthewelt.audwlitchwi] ll^efoldl^wer br*«t any point onthe MIrsI*»1|pI. Al»»tho»iA ibl M|a«ofoqr u^onfacfure,f#HCQttut,erer SUImU Betfect. X.V.bKXt) k CO »9)t.3* 95 bSS-Tltf rOi MARSH 4k K£TCH*M Mdets, Bectifteis & wfeele-f a* .L &4tn WAimti TtfFORErQir jLND "%0M#8Tia LIQ UdR*. Poor tarn often weektttach In th«T«»rt. TaltlM^V«ai W*W»%8,acror(f1nitie branelfliHtaated' or QttlUr. •& iW Tew*, to 1 i%f«d to paf to^wUbiagto ^aal« tacblna. Utft)n| raplla admitted. a£ an t[«e, wt^HiiOTW 4at^||.«i tr»nr« bo reduction, howeaaw^^ill HbM paa4frbt5c'ek»lonal abaencc, uoUaaby apeclalafrae j»«nl or in ca«e oftlckMM. Bearding o»a h« ahtalnbVl%4tiHpr'toia1f Aeti|p* Ko one admitted for leer than half a term Fe arther partlyolart ca)l on or add^eei f)|bfr Aw.a.— CM MEAT MARKET.. HAVlNd pqrebated tk» Mm. Utf M«9 «'«Bbh »ll* SONG op o W ctib. marchinc orj We hab dnne wltf hada1 hoeln' eo'B, bcUd" *lw*M m7W*Uto! A* w» march lac «jp. i Wt heqrd thy ptjrvataOMiMoa.matin Mah U arbe w1!!1 t)e blrd.he ilrift It to o*. Ofl. de caltqn Ulll. itBd 1e pounto (tp de tree be miU1q'I »4U' y,r ,|W.T AiIi'vmk climbing oA. «ytatH "jfyw oobarad breJren, fmm •ftaiy.^aj* ever fr«», fr^m dc InHtJiitMrr, el|hMH b«a4rt'4xtf three Ye beard It I* rlentboa-rot*1 rarlv tfafce ua^u- ti ©TTIliCf low a" & CLOCK, WATCH A XEH"ElRT E E Mntlcal lattrmnefcta. AI*o—43old Klageatadctaorder.ieUertog aadea (ravliVd»o«. He iia* ftne aitortmentot Clockt,Oatcbet .Jew« ry,Ma»lcal I nllrmntDl*, Uald Breast Pina,B«rrHigt rlaf er-rlngt, Locliett. Chalet, Key«, :*ll d«9, a**rieif«?notloii( for tale. Pleaxe c^ll^ndiee. Place ofbMlaaaaone 4a«r weit of OMu***ffeaM1 U. NUWA I AX Kit ii«f tth,'3».«lll.|« OTTUMWA MALE AND PE- VMAW SEMHARr. ii i ^av. J* M. MeBbBOY, I .4. *o^*»«* 4|r. R. L. MeOlNlTIt, ft—Ipafci i..t«' ,bM 4i Mtaa HAtLOWAY, li Mlae U. B. WILSON, fA»»l«l«ntl. *8r. JIBR T»h, lSC3,at the PreibjterJap Churd^nd room* attached. ?. 1. 1 A, V* W H5 —m w* by J. 11e*lr» I ^SKtm #fitf' 5' •""I"V"4 *1°lolv, tfaa*i '.al ••atn«ttu%cep ID aaaortment of I rSBB^MBATS, POULTHY, bAI'bAOBB, .Af Ja*bMa, e*«*p artteto nasally ,MMaitkbMi|aaHl|rl«M t* taKtktU _____ TBf jr^Bipr mm paid for vmcK, H&rr kc. M. HUIAMIN, 1 tr 1 1 in fidtUff .Pbotavn^aa^^M wilt t^*Wb E W S #ne apll/htd affterp N«*n»^irih/Nt nnBTte that t'bay! wmim fit m' iWpfcpiWii wnib a^lwa*i' vi'aa!!••»— alt tte«w v«bat B«|Bht11apM0 *14 enato Albuma o»na pt»drtltlili7Niilirte|»gliaaiaf»t tally to all ba# Aicifkb •yaelf, *A* Mil a JHfea1 t«V. ww»a»»4B tipwiur .1 ,Mfi\U% to »H' 'l ,i«»rioJ 4RKA^«f«.M "*d **»*»bM-"wMia u it nt«ry MnJerv'ative pluck of (fie BritUh. The* feel. ift in. theft IOWA It will do to fljfht wtth C»pt. Miliar leaaep of tbe .i. ..r* "ct,*,n,"™c'T i l4iee*-8*tal#rMirt«. of Mew Jertey. bones that tatheikinff these, but. •Wt We're He batty vntfofiar de 'First of ArtiMM,^ UtJdltlW •(thef Of hoth. V 4^ *"^,a*b'in' forth«4Jni«ft, Va «r* OnMia* IM d* v^jlli^l^NCEk We ^se'hUe rebel furd*r«»n •whH«m»a «br m# 1,7ft. 'T we -i mt! above d« centra. wh«ra de Hip ft watltr than, briirh*: wUli We »re roin'out of aiaTerj: wt are** roewl l«nH(m, Wft^ritn io ibo* Jif Dffrie bcvt^HAMMfWCM A»-wt gpiBMcMacoa. ee4te&, we lab don« «W ire colored Yftnhee loldier* now, nmm yo« -. .aire born i r» he4r A» we fo majcr^fip oo. ,.f •.•'), 9*f will W «ta h»b t« w a* ^aga», Oywirtt thelf ^ttfr their fcrebcawto »elo«et rttMak t»4U «•«, il It went wuadlD| M. /athaa hrab*m bM tpdk«a, uM MftarfMirrtae wb tent, he apetied, and ant de prlt'ner* te prltaa went, T^Joia de t*»le army of f^"AMcat detcebt," At *f B^«Mcb|Ag oa. »eh fan kn.coforetftrtfffreir.ynti'A tfo It tton Don't yon hear de drum,a baatln' de Yank## Dawdle *n»e We at« *W,*»*aow Ult ^fir^lac'.etalj^ *W«*ay ataorra, A* we mm March fa*. XlaobaicH's LtRDrso, ISM. The Unfile of .Thursday, ^rdilf-thell. Y.tribune. WftntKKipK T*YWt5,J BnARf op Mi Wr.mAKI^I. 8 a. m.. Thursday, May 5. 1864. Late en Tu«'sdaj' the w ole anuy became fcwaie that it would |*e uoov»d w^uhio. few IWr*. During and the finx daylicht of the next norntlf etervlliifii was pijt in motion. Orecg,. Division *S CaYsliy crossed Ely's Ford, without appo rtion, at dav^re«k WiUon's Divj*i4n ('ale KilpMrick's) crossed Germani» Ford. Hancock's Cirp^ fcillowed Gresgr. and rren's 5th Corps followed WiUon.^+ tonc before Hiocock bad pwxted hif Corps and established head)ar»er^ ai Ohan efHorsviUe, while U'arrpti had pushed on to Wildernesa Tavern and ftocupied lh« ridges Tacinz Mine Run am) tb? enemy. By sunset Sedgwick, the Aih Corp jhiid crossod Oerinarifa Fxvd, and )a«it nitrhl rnenmpeti along the road in r»ar of Warren ^eiidan, with the Oafalry •rpa, 4hor oupnly acnurcd tbe cour try in aH directi«n* intercepted diopstohf^, frfiai the R»»b^l en. Rhodes to Ewell, stating that Meade had effected %,erj»sslng. and asking inntrtic tlops... Another- intercept Hipa*cH a» priced gs that Stuart win hiving a oavalrv review at Hamil'on'*Cross Roads. $h«ri dtn ww ^xi 'i to a^ist at th« s^jeetad#", but it wns not tb^nffht pxpediprit. £!rn Grant lefl (hil{*»po»r and (ieo Meade Rrandy yesterd/tv nnomtnsr. and «f*Hr in the afternoon ii'ched headqMarteni jn*t this side of Germania Ford, At davbrcsk tl«a ni0rnnc Sharidan moved with all his fnroe with t*m pnrpo« es-r-to find and fleht $ii(ir». and tnpn^ a r^connoissancc far fo our left «n the. erw^ mr's riftht flank. The order march kr day, as fixed sinoe midorht, U for War ren to advance to ParkeT^ Tav.-ru, fire :tlniVs toward Mine Run. for H'ocock to a road leadinff H'n» fnwp Chur^ellor* vtTfe, (hat irifl eiydjp Kiqi e^Ubliwh a Jio« on'fl'e lefV of Warren, «QnnecHnf with I he a' tfr, wh-le SHg^ick J.iifl.mAiB Mf a mi assume T\ arren'* powij«o. ff poat'ble, however, that Lee mar icatiae a chanpe in the proj^rarnm^. G«in. ifiriffin repot tn'A4'ehemy menacing ^ii| po«ition on ,r»d({t Amlh 4hi« poin\ and not a rnil away. Warret orders hiw not lo mar* a# ^mraH Fatktfr'g T*vern until Sedjrwick can como tin and relieve hjOT| w4* Urf t4rf Wnu»^ aWx^lid to AVarren. "itThe eri 'rnv oome'i ne^r yoq^pJt«)irli|ht in-with ali you've Tbe dispositions neccessary to stictain an attack L*^'" PH,rPVe,i^»ve canned a h»|f of ffifc' coluntos^oina now we ape llsteninz for the first gf'ii. If theewemv Hoa» «wt Bhvin preripitn»e the battle heco! our ar«* beftra nl^ht witt »h" position contetTiplatod hv the in rrvn2 or tbe Rnpirl^n^if tge attacked l^.will be with the hope of hreakinoi tnr.»u the mov 'rtg ^plumn^ by -a vigproa* asnault anon the flankt Generate tyartf^ C»*dis, Warren, and Sedgwick will see to it that what the find to his cost is nii|^|ng^|^ i^qr ^han a formidable fropl. thave never seen the arn\jr rrpre with mnre exad order, with a less no rther of •"i, with so little apoirunj fa titue to the men. AH had a fall ration of sleep I ast nielit—which is a Ite^ar ai^nry 6T victory thah feinfrtcwneht' oV tHoil4 ands, TUot'oad"^'* in om^itioo, rthe Scl'r^htful an I understand that Qqrn^i^b Mr^hOr) l«ft right t« join this arnfr, at)ti -will reach G«rmafii# lo44yi U* 9n'lersto«Kl that Set. Butler ismnWnjf a sima^nentis **On ward to R'chra .nd," and will pgr occupy City PxwU Ames Rnrar. That these two fT)yetpenti arc being rtialjo Is generally kfow.i in tj^e i/rfyy^nd ^gioet .|iMpir. ing "Wil llw utr*'i A XT i' e »*w4iiu :ti i* -L.'II ..i.l #1« Dw^.'.t 'K.. f..t 1 i _» *i_ .i_ i_ «.i_ ha. ^.i w PELL J. W. rwe f1® ^**^r,ir-f0'Trinfaroem«nta. Hanonek sendh back foHTio fJ^pt Him n»w ti isvsix in'l^s to word: "I will t^nd a itfside' within 20 «nemy suppose^l Qtokifte ^'taiK ^fo room in ibat jungle ^H manegveriMi Be* yo*r ywMux n«t o^r*9jK*p the T»n: I am Wit.db«xb8 Bsrrrti .1 "Ijhursftay, S|.-.y 5—ji p. io,' a IJ6^r.p«rfer4 fta^re bee» the \tm completely on tim* thcf Inre Mtfcu Lwl. \*m #ell 11 h*M th« ttf^hy hn been ereryfcm* -aiW is no*r, hoW nyistprly and gtlCc«ftSfuJ tKtw fex |ias been lha movement all tbi» «n otearly i^xwrnt I cup bat notteeit hew, er«n wfcil« »Mfef'bat tW fs hemg fo*ght only half a mite !ron| I WsiMb Let ine We fay a tribute to the fihit tol 4iar killed in thi* cimpof^n.' Lot C!v#le$ Wils«a1 ef ^artklln, ^(asa yriv*te In (fa, f, TStb as*., CoT.' 3f Sr. (]\veg conaroaodhif*. be remembered ae tbe &-<* maib fer tfve hie lile in tfl is {God wRlirr^) hret ieampaifn, of thta war.. I Immediately after "#rTtiog up^ thia, morni^c^J^ /Hil tQ0ri®fuiVfHnes, theti reporter to be menaced br the enetnv.-*- His division we* in line of bittle at rieht ancles with ami on efttwr aide of tfce ©Id ,7wnfak%, The e«fcn*r hrad evidently di« pntcbed Coiee firaat hi*fair rm Mine Rnn to worry and detay our marsh hr tkraaMn .ing in flnK. Gen. Griffin barf wnt the t^8th M»«acht*ettfl and 83d Penn^ylreaia, -under Col. (Ifcyeeef bho forme#, to feu! welt out on the turnpike. Tt wan heve that Charles Wilson fell, the Rahul skfrfoish line op|*ina: a vigilant front, finally, af Ifcr *on»e f.'tfW ftnng, Oen. tf^rren. vrbo t?ad come per*en, ordered an advance down the road 'in foree. Ayr's brigade anoved on ipWi the rijjht of the road, and Rartteti's upon the te(^, witk Wb tiauk Well si»pprtrte4. Field oflRcera were obliged to d«m-Hitit, ho den«e was the growth of d**«rrf plhes. A,n advance of teas than half a »B»fe anJ a smart Aisilade opened the acsioa. The two brigades cart ied the first ^tnMenoe, And •were up a seoryi t, when, owin» to' a failure of the command* W^ht and left to conoeot, form a continuous lioe^ the Rebels flanked them on both khIoa. C\1. Mayes, 18th Massachusetts, finding hi p solfin command ofaev»»rtl repj'-n^nts aid the enemy alj arotin 1 him, formed a line facing to the rear *rvl. ftvg|\t in- h-»:h..dir reef ions At length he u? the order to ftill hacft, and Ih6 mivenvot wns hetnjy ex ecuted when he was h»t on the scalp and ftll. The brisptde bugler brought him safe off. Meanwhile fresh troops were put in, and the Rebels sl wly t^rivon alon» tfyp whole front lh«n flxhiingf. fn this action our loss U pfcobahly 300 or 400. A,l this hour the enemy ha? cease«l to make dem onstrations, and are waiting rfan* cock to join on our left. Qen. 6rant is smoking a woo1en pipe, his faoe peaoe ^nl as a summer evening his .funeral de* meanor indescribably imperturbable. I rtbe rmtfisi^g Upon us. .C.'^t-pw ,, [-M WdDiisrj* B«me Final nssitJ* •••p. ta Thu sd y, fl Heavy flghthtg since 8 o'clock, ttt'gt'yal the extieme lelV, under tlancoQk, flottj's fltvi«inn, 6ih Corps, was at the right of the Orange Plank-road,' fronting to*arrt Mine Rifn, whereCarr's division.'2d Corps, jo'ned him hn his left. The other (division^ ofHaiicnck'a corps were poshing up in the twinkling of an eyo the R*Heh» upon htm In jT^af'forfae, Vr^t)) tbe evident pti'poVse of tuVhlng onr left. The ground was/earfu|ly fjrergroiro .with shrub trees, thick h««nd Mes shoots- from the sMfr* root* In A'lfew jtfhute* (irgent requests came hkek for rel nforccn^^nts. The enemy was repeal ine hi* tactic*. Aft, Chancellor*" ijla of falling with tremendous force and superhuman etm upon one #mc- TUk time he waa noO reprised, hat- loilcd'.. The battle raped (br tht«B hoora ipi^cisflv where it he^an along a line 6C not more than half a mile. Fast s* avr* meA came up 'tfiey weite sent ia-*4iMI no ^tvounrl eatne^itone lost. U wart all tnuk«rr, roll surcing ur»on roll—not the least cessa tion. We were lh{htinr men. and mioh wan ih« nature of the country bnt two guns could he planted bearing upm ih# enemy, flayea's hrtgnde of Bi^n«^'s divl •lot* became warra'y enmced soMt after th* hall opened. A littla wMI«y «nd K# *«Ved t^nd minutQK TeHGen Al«x. ty« to hold his.ground He oan'dtrlt. I knAw him to ne h- powerfbl «n n v A bo warm that whole divisions abcntfoned'thMr Overcoats |nd extra blankets 'H tti6 inir^i. on6 int I ooticed,.^omehqndnedf of ov^^cooto H|td been tluQwn ipto 4 streao) tq impmve the crossing. ^Jprqgufct, ^, JiMf* are ideeidedl}* better for the ptjrpo*e than rails. Within that Kne Gen. -Have wa*killed,end his b«vtv IrftTtgM to the ra%r. The work at,ao^«« vaOktOi no po#ubil'ty of s bayonet oharge mo help from artillery oo help from aa«liry, n thing h«|t lose,.cquare( severe, (aee*te-faoo Volleys of Altai musketry. The wounded at ream out, and fresh. tronpa poor in, Streichcfs pass out with ghaatly hardens, H-l go tu|ck re$king with hlo mJ lor «a«ro. Bteadmp ftght, «nd that ft^ht not CmtV out. Box«p of qtrttfdfe* ere plaoed on ihe reluming slretohers. And Ui« struggle shs^ not ceak« for want hall and powdei. Po the volleys grow neafgr, #r da attr fisara U.ake them s*eqi so It in est be so, for A 5£Qoqg line is rap^iy (om»W jyet trh«re we $tand, and the bullets slip tinging ky as lh«y kave n^t 4one he/ore, whije now B*l ih«j#i^«b^toj)s th*.treeing* i Thei VyJJets art Ayin» Mgh. Qea Maneod^ nd^s alooff the new lima is reoocntsedn by I h» and cheered With a wdl and a! tiger, fiwt we stay t^tem. Tbe ftd Oo^s •lasll up, apd it muni ho that troops wiU jpmt V Kpdfwids, or aUe they wUl divert i|n enMfiy'a Bttwitkm hy QTTUMWA IOWA, THURSDAY, MAY 19, 18€4. mM*«4 "records of i-s Generals as to ho«^ thi* Army an Attack upon anotlMr- quartar. iY*J we-f 8te miMi-aw atfc Aot dty^le ^ill Ije handle^, hat hi tfvs th* ri*k and i hold them, apd thp fieeh men geing-m wMl'f roir. oft* PKnc*,,uilk thai l^^i.rterj, .ad l«»r« ih»« Wjloprirw* «**•"•"*rt.»ii.!dri,elw irid.i»ifc!«.i«Kr.r nM4.Wri«nM.MM«,twv^tiHlj'fcr'ntraiY been ordered aif hour a^o»loo^ t^io^ who^e lipe, Gen. lea«le i# 10 front with WWrren, jind Grant ia even now luttenioc for W*rd» jwortb's diviaien or Warww'a corps Anfipea on HHP* flvnk. fpr iti*JU V*corps tbet i» h«t^ifi« with tocock. The latter reports tfcn* h» shall ba a^l#, V? nMuwtaiirhugfOun l, The seveee fljghiiog ftp and it if sunseVn. +••.. •.* 7- I t*Y JleU rnrnd rm frt4ktr*-1b4*hJr lif thf union —danger an44 'if Amtr. T.l look?upon lliiii jh way or othec to Kurvive the eoo after on- other, sp that, jjt seon^sj v 03 to hare ahomt as many live as a cat. It reeoived its death blow whew* our (others—1 say-our fathers—» rctnphaticiiry i^oble ^nng waj ac^nojv^oi know, however, that there is great anxiety addressed them as I'tfUow ciUlcus.— that Hancock should fall into position, for Ofleans outlived thav e il«msia.ta and it is believed that entire RebeJ for» is Word is bought that tl|e «HMq«ot4Mir i*.^ell enoti^h be^iu to get Med lojiwt «ucb app'auJed by Geo. Jackson tuen commend* ed lUetu fur ihetr valor aod their patriotism Ibo uoverutj^iMit. ^TrTu^iio"" ^1. i ine c-jijro.i of .N*j.v Orleau* fell back tt^e sl^adai«[ i»f ine^ver-spreadutg wing ot slavery, and ihe tueuar* ^oihj wup .(to^ sured up ihe iueiiory J[ tpe no^e deeds of liuwe colored .ineo, aiu su^pietoai. V^c are a nulieaole tltaie yfu are uwlUi. lteti iui^im^ lai^ piatrAdfti, wide svrt»*pmg, leriibie and overwoeituia^, has welted u, anvi uie ne^ro we^lKi^in is see duuly as a uiau 'jut let the arm of ttus reUiiiitoa r, hi paa of the ^hdariy 01 tue A^uca.1 ... Ff, pie.. I look upon the*, gentlemen resoottn^ in more rcsy^ci!» than jia^acaust!t«M and »t ^i.n tuQue^ not ao«umoIi ete» t«U 0 »«f'l '^Mli Al Prciierlok t&'iiifiiit,. .-t 'ij. 1 "Priyyt** ofuh'rf.i/ —*Jfwt.ry not deid—te I do it on1the Heat oopperbevUnth irltv o«« N friadft a speech there #hachiion»e of th« TL- |te#Uean paper* tkrri ht verr sfwl trv pro-e that the! nezt^ had fcawrr itloet a* athrmen, whereui»ofi the'wpperherf^Jr? nal aame otrt--"D.ia hi3 4 f' Wh? thit proves rlothi* for the ne»»o 8pceeh promftneth^nt Dp ^glasi is a white'' moo.'* i&.- 1' t^V o^ si nifictnt as well as the* mnt tiwHy ooca*fc^ e^er w^scaWel ^ipen to witno^'-si^nifl eont ai inihcitia^ V'»" caose 9f liberty, in. t^e Uoited Stetw, a«*4 timelv as seconding the which is beinf iwele in M{isijifij aa I eJs ^iijre to tnlram u se Sip^p thvy/ the cojored poiple.of the i Kith a-a f|~»t ^ehotwe., (Gt^ot fen^rfer.) quite as san^tvn&viaaiv) are imto'the, There is one feature of this n%ajter, nUoof de?yh ofdfc»vecr U^this out try bf tWawtr. tV e'ective fraich»»e, th.vt I think cannot Slavery has recaii^i a ^r«At miov 4wilt) be pre-tentel t-^) oftsjn to blows in its tima, and haf «Mwta^o1 in «ome kof jdeclared that all ruir wor& crea­ ted ^equal. "that wis tha death blow of slavery. It received its ath-bl again when the foreigi slay a trale was aholubed. It Wiis suppose 1 b,- mtf»/ •»I mia at that ,tuye that the ah«ition of tha slave trade *ould pulanetvi tothee\istonoe of ^}ayer^', but slavery mini if I to survive thevslaY0 trad-'. It is now sail to hare received i,t* death blow by thia rebailion, I 9ay am not s»o sanguine 0:1 thit point aa some men art, and a I -j«»so» to sej an I hear nvin ea pj-etjs thetaittl^, V. Criafrcuits us as in u^ly reality an 1 its dark shidow is se^n at the tpiiftl uf th^ U tile 1 S(ates» at lea^t in the K-giiliitiye proceed m^s there,— Until lUi^ nation is edu^at^d up hy itd atflic tion^ its aorruwd A'M de^oiaton to g}Y& «,s biack soldiers the same pay, the saute ra Jions, [voicjs—"hear"] and Uy down jhe same rules far promotion in iluir. case ai to white soldierq, 1 au\ disposed 10 bodaubtfil, l/titil this n er.uuent shall have otye s4t of: scales, so ta .sj^j.ik, justice to all tuenlu'iHi^ land, I atp doubtful. (Applause.J fue honorable geiitle.uin woo nas iett H114 room, [Mr. Palfroyj 10 wli ito a-n tudebleJ for tne arst mention of my namj 01 the fl »or o.rCon^rcss^ stated a jary si^ni^oant f^ct it\ ouiui ciio«i wlh thJ early history of Mew Orleans. He annoujiocd toyqu that in 1#13 and 1816, the praise of the gallantry and he roism and pat .lot is: 11 of the colored people of fte# Orleans, w.t.s iu.ali aiouihs. ,Tb«ir .. vill it he genw«u* in «s. after wj have up-i fcboy v^erv beld onr ^hy ^eans of thxte oknel men Ut.uKcii, & ttltfjr Ue aijuy ani nnrtorrSymk* V*re of their ovn Iiherfies. I.tear tiial we a.ftua *4-tM miiUHe prosper bat th'-y will fm I th«?m^elves and defend iy lor ri^uutojsa^^^ui Ijr^u. iuj*^ tMave i thra nnvernm *nt a^iust all'the fitnk uadar^' tw-io^ vy v W ^1% V growth o treason that rtiay gro#' up.'thWt when thwrebflMon is over. ,,-.•*» Yuu will ^rJou inp, jjstulet^ija j.[ do not knuttf wuat is ap^»ro^)c.a.e u^jii SiiOa otx^i- b*JUs as tuts U«V U ihj irijiii u appropriate I am suie you will aUojr, iy prootscd,— I Voices—"Uo oor.1,1 "sy 1 pave Uadmy leii,., and I S.I.IU co.kiu^ |o ^ve u»y fc^ not alto-eih homeless, however, not At wtiiie 1 seo u^i ia uu i«»^iiiA-'vii} at tVasuiogioo ai o/si a#.ry out if jj ngUfc* am Woo jju4i'^uecd a.» 1 ynvueji* s^JU' ^4, ih tl ihe word wjiile u carefully lusV'W.— 1 diead ihal word. _li is unlike uaiure, it Ms iiod. Uis »uu|t^t)t dio^ji i|vj,vti heitiacouuy un lite biaca iuau'. Urow as ua Uie wliite niau'-s. Thj^ratui yields a« nobiy a«id aa Oouate^usl^ V.tUi Uuo.t at (MAOk in dustry ^s to ie wane, ti^aveu's .blaisia^ Uj^oo us all. [A voice—donate struct, •jt oUl uio «»»ujr dyf.'J (no ^vitiaie11 l/Ui? I fjj!cj at tb4t. /ae oilier h^aor^ole deed*. I, I^uj would reier lo ladfU. ^»a*jaa^V4, 4heiu. 1 have one idea which I upwtqt tct impi*** here lo-ii.g u, aad tr.41 id«Mi^ ^j^ geu.ilcfOea, re*^JCi4 (rwt^^s truiu r^»"uisaiia, have come hero %ad wont 49 ^^f^oi'i^iout^jjulurce, Aod tUat wa ^eiiecl eiifraoc.^seutcnt, t^ieir inpac|Ml*t%#i|. MUM tUd A't^egoao body as as itojisulii titty*, they may t»o considered ah 11VI1 1 i9itt ero •df no •r.« ¥br» nw- Miihtaimn* ow lrbqrtiM *dd 'Utr' latr f* v» e»»f»fSn» 1 their lihertiesi. We ire liable no«r S snp^i MCih c^fri^t o^ i» 'f#(r wiih no favors, niajfttain Ortfsel^ii, wi h»v» se ne kii*t of low resteictiag-th^.sw rights necdltho that we whitee shnuW enjoy nor Kfcortioik of the S nth and th ?whv Ihd inten sifi'd thehatrel of h"ir f^i*n"*r'o(»tifes-iors, to strip off tfclhu en 1 of this war all eleotiv© franchise, give that fVanehise into th^ hands of the ertortw of the government? ("No, No fl we this wa shall n art the part of tfftn^rons wTftn. nor of j-ist m-n. Bnt tWs is what we are n»^r di^nft praotliT a'lv at the South. We ire faking the eleet-' ive firancHi-ie fro*nVur frtends and placing it in th« hn vi-rnf orv ene n ies. Lit as give' ihe elective franchise to th«» elnred iti -n of tl»e South wherevftr we reorganise and cm^troet thj St«fe. tell you those mqiif These thoorhts I throw* o«t tnHr'lv.— Tiiety bear uj^n the sobjr^t. and am hap pv and mast thankful th^tnqr worthy Pi'fcs. idanMm Ocoo kiOd flOoogh to caH me oht, in order that mi »ht say so rtdch. am ill. altlvw^h I hiVj my doubts wed Upon a phthwiphio prinoipJa. know that when a milk has bien pot trt i *r^ the intense bls^e of any truth, ahdihas been almost cMiverted. ,a1«»*t bn»^'it to tho V:no lei 59 nf that troth, if* ien he resists ihnt troth. I kn^#f that it'will rsquire an intenaer light, an m-' tenser bits* to bring him to th-* truth again.'' And now if, after wa haVe grappled with this reb -lli^nand have been passing thmngh thj elijtettin? ^m-ew bv the loss of sons, by thi I »sa br oih»rsr by t^eioss of th»e' dear ttntw ds. we skill faH hack from 1 (ApfJatme and laogHw.) *T« w *We wj ^,^ Qarnij^tly v on the other side bf' our lellaw citizvts h-^e. ,0«if iverr» growth in the South, of treason a»(I hatred i i w ^vt A*t!r,! ^Loud applause.) as oih: Uire^outo—Uie luiure LoqUiei*. iMy 1 Conway Railway, 1 BNiti^M^n aeke4 jroa-901 bec«|« .V^ekT "ihe' stoek'oriM« ro'i'd. "be'^u' rt I an) comparatively t^tifdtMOMAl.^-Aiid "M'mbere labile nmnv opher* -.w^s rtot ^oir. with itieiu in asking you geotleaieii ol'4 ,"fl »'»tlr^eota1^,, anl haA always^ ., I kept"tjp its value with remarkable iimforim auvery (ihegreeie. UKlqdes the k*ser) but. "Woe for settlamen.. The ,n«n..y. the I llW ^^•f P-^^I^Wwhatis this no^K .:iad^i JheHe^e," in a Wowl, that wre An*tjii» thr Oonrt R.nUfte^ on the last Satorday in by fearful forebodings of e fate of thof^ da^rai »tiot* of th»hlicks m.onter earfi month. taken S|» brtltle. other.wnmYiy,*or Jp i t»ka cave of ouraeftre*. aeo that there io| wiKttiitz t»i bfe exar^iflerl wHlsav* vilhnae itnitfntfmt my'piecing mv^etf e* ton-f0"|*fi-4e Ity prewjoiiinr tbetn*eK-A *on iha spi«m»y MRTf the .-.ATtR^Saxw Taco, I tficunnLh. 'I hry aro »ls }rtjque-tejj niti LAY If 1^1 f«tT. 4..,,. Owatiii eyee^hii wut k bdoMl v[»t«« T®CC-—htSl1 Wu,« lo him it fri-u.I or loeman &>t» vt iu««ii ur let ol tut !'»f U«ud« uf miu.or kiii u( iromiD? I I nr ment »re thin any other government or»4»t« •«^'llou l™«'dru'* ,C^jl"eVu^?«iiey inmv) [U)W GArth, require-* fr its succe.sful op«r%tioo^ rr« frien l*T—that tho m^ who are givernecHwd ^oiea*r: -hall Ui fn frte^ lt, We are nn% n^erely citizen-t, we are not merely •njhjt'cts, but wcjr I*' l^cra. wo fr'vervls^eaoh to all a,!id, all to each. Toe day that sbdl wit.»s^ the downfall otrthis rebellion and tho, r^*rkHli*havmt of our. ,u^ .u a .• ', »v»l 1 1 c«Miu,rv tAciUituli. Intu use exertion on vo«lr eovernme/it at the South, whoa irf the leiwi i n u u i w W i U o a u i V e a o a u u e i v u tng traitors shall hiv? b-30 djtro/ed or driven awtv, will a's wito»s»a rank under-'j "''o1" ,3'i4 Lay linu feiuclow, la Uie ^uver ue tlie O^WIL 1 c«iy» be'f—ne cauaot ^now-®"' 0-1 iL 4 friends have openaJ.. It, is this: that wo •. ®°. a iiooicr caube. ^idlers arc dvlcuatiiA shajl want |hat region of uuUentty an*! v' "M®* ri'iK4 iiiaeri.ud fruui our, enmity to il\is, 2Wt*rrvr\ent, a counlerpote to ihM h«o. (Ap„hUs. .a4«'g~i A n.mrl cou„.ep^i»,f iW- Ultred i be 11 ^fr 9-wird, (let u ^iv? evory. man his doo) —"everywhere the Aniricu general has received his n,)«t rjlitbl» inf'»initio^ from tbftcolored nvm of th S »'lt'i, ''t!Vjry..yfci^rft.'' We «far»t their friendly amotion.. Again. here is anothar thonofbt aid I shj^l give w*r. We, the Amctrioan. gov ermq^nW have called Hpa ih He men of tha South to dynp their hofts to kave their mas ter's, anl tortlly «n lor th« Stir Spann ed Rannar. If^e ^new thaw n\tsters hated them b^fbro, we alt krtow that th?s act of tbe(r« wift th£ h'a re 1 on the part of aU that fs '•ebellious in th® South, aytiist «hos» cflor^j ,'fei. ^VriM it he.^mtitBfle, L*j iiiiu low. 1 Aa nan may 4i« fought Ui H|M,— FrwToi lM» tiuniV) Uu ifuMaiW,.^*! us 1 iuiu »fcci» iu *o!eiau uigut^-. ,jfUm9Vi*r*KMT lif* +*t. iO! hint i, trvw Ml 11 W at^,hi ^4 u «r« ait oue w«xa, Waal o tii U 'Awn ue ai ifti ng foil/. Uiy Diai ur, XMittt0»r. WU ,rt* ywur- *r®*.most ooble call-( Korth Ca.-olina Sounds, a^e bX no Toe p.Ment coad tioo of our a'J .. re ot uUr 4lo'umo tu*oiuil a to thijj goverf p» nk.I haye a statesiean s *60 In a uuuic ukiiui"i'lieir uicuiuiy will «eason therefore «»n urging the r^qjst our •, ,1 ",M° ^yUltKri1 tor our iitKrue* z u i i a e s e i n e e a e e i i i i a e A 3 b»« alter lucui. But VfU. aie ui^aired t*"" foi^nd r\ cokwed men lijfo fvx-ie we h'tYOf^p (f'.f- ^V-" *r? ^JU,° ^our ''^y are trinity up itvwe eatmav«.a ju relented here to-night from the -S mth.-?? •nt. ,, '^uai Caie, iu suo.i a way, Uiat mey wiU be "hev V® yo IT frioa I•», every »l\jrov ,says I, ,, '"*a fU?' bjr 11i..j...^ and iiueny- \a*-ayi«lia^, (Jaiyii lo/wi^ uud Ciiui»Uia^ c.HAtias m° tUJ Jnilcd^ bUtiea.— It i» gea^ oacovlea lyni ine ^cai way to uiauiutiu ta 1 i^u,a, ot the ^eup^e W ,m if4^jn.e lue 'i'ae ytfiy loed Moaie it\o jitf yju lo eoucale tUe^ Cliic^i«Ht fi.ts is jpuur pr»vae^e. Xuis is wual uiaUcs your caoso lae iijoiest. X.ou aie, il uuiy isUotic, i^)'ui£ tji^.i^aiions ,u^ai.a«.e uu ,ui* vulnerable as Uie aUauiatiliiie rock. You ^ro oewio^ out. ani lUiiug, t»e cU.ei Coruvr stone oi a eat auU puWcilul icpubliC. ^»oi uji.y aie y wU i£.qyuu«i-Me lu-lhis re bui to a s^nalA«rsi^ le Ot-gi ee, yny. ari 'Ostb'e uioianty ol your pupils. oitiZeaa to 0v law a^lUUig (UttZMvi 1VUM o: Luoiai. 1",to irutiH 01 uiofaaiy are ea.i. e«i Uxeu 111 tu^ luiovt by Iup leacucr Ums ta(ora, ur oa-j acw, y^i, 01 pke^e, or even am improper »ojk,. utay po ul lueaiculaUe u-ju ry. ,4'4e «4 tlw teacher ace not boou lorgoiien by uis pupils, auii lUey are very, apt, lo imitate Uioi L-'t lUJ tiwu expjit you to1 oe vi^iUnV. Waich and pray, tue uex. geueia.ioii be, ibroug» your bum ble euoeavurs, a utore p^c^uio gud ViodH serving people. Youis trul/t SOLDiSJBL May 6th, tytHt Hth. P. V. U Practical {iiea(iou». IUj ri ,e.M. by lh. th. W. ,eller -. tl,ue« 9t^km r*- pltD »mhfle w,s a "broth of s bov," rij ht ihJ fo- from the "fajewn q( tha Sey Und he had V -UjtWIli^h'W, i^ the year U 1 ,ii# J|Jli«Ol Ttarr emKATfOmi COLUMN. fto ihern juphold rtie Flag, tQ.rmancipalo oppressed and restore our shattered AH corii intea^el f»r 'his c»l- bleeding cettflf'ry. tu«» oboold headdreaMed to a U Stoiit ki^j ^n» IT ',. j** lho ,, _„..., eiMtl •'•..h*. ,M, but W tbe foMTVM i^r"j£rra *w 0^:^ mitiiei M'»n ah»*e ih»» Judge's office by«mea^e«»% tbe waysultfj oris Airkene^ bt f«t.nd aibw resilience on ^ufluc^oo Aireet, the present promptly aLt t'lis '6p2i\\wr o,C tKe euminalion tkid-o'clok 6p2 t-" in the. ab4cpoeof thi* whd1fl'«^gned, Mr. iL L. Mr6Gfa^ti»-:wtUa^ as depoiv fixsininer. J. M. McKLItUZk •. CQun.y s,,p,,l^4«nt 34 r—s———..•• t^ractical questions aud s^lutioas are st lichea ,' MATBB MATICAU,. ... i iv^ S1 '®inw ,tr 1—A gentleman has a uora£ ana two car ria^s worth #500. How if tbe hori^e be barnessed to toe best cat tiage, the horse ana carnage to^otiK-r will oe woriU-l tmi$ s as umca as the oilier carriage bui if ihe bore be h^nuvisjd p^jr^r cairia^e, the horse and carriage wiU bj to^eihei' worth only if times as much a^ tbe best tj^g.e. W nat is ihj value of the hyrsft.? —A geniicmtu (ia.s a garden in the form ola recua^lo, stlrrou.i IjJ oy a M(^iU.7 «ih?"?»••co.n,l in ioh»tw»re diflMtt t« bri« its to the tiGtb hereiftarth tn it has he»n now. Strike w tile the iron's hot. Lei n* InVe no coafttry but a free »na4 nvlihert* fat al1! ... .late philosipner atys, that if y ou .should snlcimsfirn-in let n* V*v* one'law', y' «. SHfl. HmI HKbN IW .M I „,»•« m*. «A«r •mUHfeStaLMt «M «, !!?«",•.* V' !l b« a jtmsp ro'A« and gioekM)tnatiun.-~ feel wiije. Tiiere are 15,000 sq. ft. in the gar den, aud iW8o *q-. ft. 4h th* walk. What'ttf ihe ieo^tu aaJ Oread tt) oi the g%nleu,J flBAJlX^ncAA. l' Are Ihe following rrecl 1 —i£asShQaBaev«M*WaMf W hr'fhteif'i^am ple. 2 I ave came home and wrote several letter?. Whfst thaf very ftllovf about whom we afo sp-ak n^ Ts coming. .n..iC«ti«ani,. *T, kA.'W 'S It*1' V8 t'TVJ •tSwear not it All." h'n S-» necessary is /uh tpTib'e mip^, that .^ irrtl 11 vjiiil a v/ ,n e*ur ty. In dtje time Pat. having completed! ^i|pk H'turs Will Ooihe and •Ithough (hp'in* lor tlip abolition irf his pt-esiwife-r inmstlf tt the treasurer'sf mates are alive with the warmest frieni- s|,ip. «°0" in h«! rJA'pi,.la iboui^ (appUvsej im tliAtthfty ahalcnpt «u-1 fl.»ursbtnj Mil. t^rtlflfcate nf *Mfc* bearing this life's "(Jood" bid adieu o home and ly ba {fcifoiitMd to ettlt t)t|L to be voted lio\ jthe I'teroad aeaiv el thex'Mfporifcon. frie„ds to go and 1.W in the gold mini .-rh-t is yo^ ^tck^r..- hkM,dlf l.-LfC1if.wX«ntorbdA Ar M»K rlTTj 04^1^ Wi eujr oj^o (Appkuse «oi»i.a. of Calif n-nl^'Col orbdo, or Idaho or perhaos UI0.I, I Mliiil 14 a^tit^.tiiiM tiMt w#iB T- -JH J' ir,?" v,p® "Anil is this what in lo get for roe seek Mr nth Wealth by 'takinsA sea A«5^4a*»* (kWiHurl-^nt me twy|^? W^n'f «'rttr^t fhr stho0k™ voyage, 3 ,*mUl A ^01 Bwerttwrdigni- _\ybv/ oavtai.dv, that yoor tuck4 Then who cm' plct.ra tho fit,k dreary ly bolow t.»o ^»rid, *tt »uid Bj tooxiralleVI What dit^yo'i expeot I •, I w-Mwi je-la kwtagtl. vTijI U^^WKT^ ... eftectT Wb^ iljB» ifT" Bhap3, n, he man of f«*v Lot k*, tf tbey be well Qho^en and well tead, is jwuasier of itiaoy lt»OU£hl3 A iv^ard faf out copnlry and paxeat*. ia o* civil obligat ons. ',a«3 fit (beCharter. INirR H"^krs Ihu'k Hours ate Vnown in evtt-y home tt)*wld» world over. Altltoagh the nome and corn'orUble yei ,.,JOniJ ,louTg Wl„ g0.lleUiaM TU|t 9Jh ohe uf jtj numbef father, or a brother will, to gain more of (brave 7 ho»ne that fe Hot s!»(UeRet hot only vT Oh trstifots! Slave vrhxrt^htper-!. Ipi yoor'jtWli*' u On the ohcr hand a mother or staler iwiy bp fytf)e messenger of death toi Tekvfl World and all Ms pleasures for ehother tnore VxsirtiAiJ »nd brighti. Tfoen acrain the home cirde is almost or, quito brfeVeri up a^i for many iop weary daj& t^.'nei ani sornow oaly hear® known. us poi.hf vpver gmpt|iin at* Uftik Utrrfrs ^ift reir^aiber Hint'"there.iB A silver lir.v'mg to every cloud." Then let' «s he op and doing, ewake. to the ceil of differing humanity every where and, whiff P. have home and fi iendj^. pjty tljose wl|o have tOfldjhe alw»yw tti4dy to give'W helping hand to those in froObfe 'snrf 'dbi' hearts will be. mueh hght«r an'T our ^lomek more ha^.y. '4 t. »WB thfe Chlcmfo TrlJ uoc, WASHixr.T6N, May_ Nivy Depaffment are sthi'without ofiBusfatl MKellt »ence concerning the recent fight I tween ur ironclad arvl the rebel VlVlk ^a «mI« 1 .» It is likely that the'Committee on tfto con^trtat- and diplomatic bill, will restore the Seftate amendment raising^ l^el^jtjan n.issi^^rh minister te a loll disagreed to by the Fl use. Ihe House passed the bil} striking ^a employerl Gener.ils from the ro^la by ,sin unexpectedly lar^u mtjanty The Senate passed th^ bill graa|» ing lands to tlie McGregor aud Siom Oity Rai^rtrad in Iowa.' 4 The speech of Mr. favor of providing homes lor" soldiers Qp owfiscated lands of rebels, was very sb^f, and a lar^e nu mber of opie^ htya. b^eo ordered f(fr circulation during the coioiflg campaign:.'' 0' The Senate Naval Committee reported favorably by Mr. Tr-Jmbui) for tbe Xaejr Yards and depot at Cairo. Amon$ tjte qffi ^rs dismiss^ thisj] is CoJ 0. it Xioore, 25th Michig,ni» ftii conduct unbecoming an officer and gvotlAf tn :n and habitual drunkenness. H. C. Caldwell has been noipinate^ (Jd|tet| States Disti jct Jutige of ^•iartfre ef IcoUan^. •u 1 ... .«i Vi, *^-ave hoys pre they' COllhry%-cVT." ^nd wharo y as *£2, nays 45. af er rejecting the propositions of Messrs. Cox and K^rnan t'i create^'a Board or Court of Inquiry, bearing upon competency or incompetency- of oijijers net ih active se'rvice. ^he House bayif^ saree^ to the Senate amendments tp 'the" act establishing the postal money order system, it only wants the Presidertt's s%- A law. The Senate paA- sed.tlie brtl intioduced by Mr. Wilsifei some week-, since, to reorganize the Quiff terruasters Department. *'1 The only amendment adepAed ielatet 4h the method of inspecting clothkog^ aAM camp, and garrlsori fetjoipage. ll"- i wi etailw. epoBTBT Ab-cufnv ^aaqiw* TPa/1684, when Rcif-pV^acSipjj ^aft punished in Scotland with fines, tO^» tines, imprisonment, banishment, and death, ihe yeAi# which IbcklBokls eoled Hi» *»Kil ling time,1 ^«re w ere executed *t tie l'ro*ts at GIarsow rvioa excellent seritititf Christ ians, aioong wham -was James aton, who when 00 the scaffold, sang -(tier 37ii ^-taUu with heroic courage, infiuenceii by the presence and power of Christ."' This is tbe opening of an scooant giWW' of James Johnston, an ancester of the late Rev. (ieorge Bourne, so well known as An early aimI indomitable champion of the tHQ slatery aausem tlie United States and a&'' tnor of. "The Picture of Slavery," eW.'!! Tho memory of those martyrs wis pie# petuated In a monumental inscription'od the walls of the cathedral of Glasgo#. While in Glasgow in the j*ear )srt2,Ut visited the, an^ After passing' through the crypts cf that famous and unique edifice, JT' requested the verger to show me th^ Fnscription In memory o( (he "Martyrs of :he Covenant" This we found on the ontslde wall »f the cathedrall It is worthy of befng published, not only fjr its qmintness, b'lt ih m-miry of those glorious men whose influence lias reachtd tooorday, and whose spirit is now animt* ting thousands in our own" land to nbrfve oppression and tyranny for ms^ence "jfARTYBS ro? Til^ COVENANT. Inscription on the W^ll of the OAtbe4e(4e„ Church, Glasgow. ,, ttITere "\V hoiM bodies her* interred I'e Tb^n sacrificed to tyranny— Their testimony, Caused beat th *mi on husoands, fath rs, an I others i tm 1 let (h« corps of Robert Bunto*, John Ilnit. Rol»cit.ScQtt,Iatthew patoun, John Richmond, Jaipes J( hnston, Archi bald St^^rt, James Yinning, aud John Main, who suffered, at ^he Cross of G)aa* gow, f*r their tcsMti 'ny to the CovenAntS and' VVei% Refoimation, because they durst not own the authority of the then tvxats ilesifviyuj^ Ue KAme,' betwiM IMS and !6S?. "Ye.r, sixfy-si, andI ei*h*r four,., 1 m*1 *ena tlu ir spu.s h«nrie Into 11^*11 1 To.Covenants and reforoui ion I cq 9i\i \d tv» Cau^e they adhered ij» tluSr Kia^Bia Thce m'n? wjih others in this yard W ho«e heads and bo^U s were not snreid,,'' •prt&fnn y,u7 ^fo'ns their jn great Thevll kno« a't resurrection day J( k To murder saints was no sweet pjjy,,'' A man by the name of ,(^'s receiritly hauled up fr Vat ing his wKe and ch'^rcn- semrnceii to imprison^ men', the brute remarked that itv'Wis vAl* h«r l.e oa and ev^ry thing dear his own e»ts. i that amuwubl allowad to |biwJ»

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