Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier, May 26, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier dated May 26, 1864 Page 2
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S TJt*of i OTTTMWA COURIER. J*.W. JORR1S, Editor. UilURSDAY May The Xalinnal 4.'on venfejoits The Union National Convention meet&.in Baltimore on Tuesday, Jiine 7th, one week fntn next Tuesday, at which time Abraham P^t-incoln, in all human probability, will be nominated for reelection to the Presidency Of the United States. This at Ifeast. we hope '.Will be the unanimous result. Iowa is for j( Lincoln, and if her the Conten tion do not yote and work tor ftlM to a .« »nn, they willmicrepsesanfe the will and e*- Jactations-of their Stnte, and witf be held a strict) necount hereafter. Abraham Lincoln is- mdifwolublv associa ted with the present struggle for the exis ^*nco of the Nation. It was on account of ^.$»s election, that the South rebelled,. Xhey ',,,W"uld not submit to a President although •rmstitutionallji elected. The present war for the purpose and with' the aim of ma them submit to the rule ot Abraham ^incoln, and vindicating, in. his person, the Jj|ght of the majority to rale. i Abraham Lincoln may at times have-been (low and behind the cfcmands of an tmpa ^jent public opinion, but be is conceded by ,%«fl 1 to be honest, and his measures have ul ^'tln.ately proved timely and practipahle. It is •wili nominate him with such unanimity, as *feDI teach all factionists and demagogues, 'who, at this critical time, would divide and distract the Union party, to auth^erve the ambition of disapointed aspirants, that their ttftiemes arc futile and will not pay.'7' v #j The Bosm Proefnmatlon. OT»JThe following is the Bogus Proclamation, 49 •'•i 'i it appeared in the New York FOR 400,000 TK00P4. EXECUTIVE MANSIOIT. rr' May 17, 1864. |ft11oir Ottizens ef the United States: In all seasons of exigency, it becomes a tfetion carefully to acrutinize its line of con OTict, humbly to approach the Throne of Grace, snd meekly to implore forgiveness, Jtisdom and guidance. -J:For reasons known only to Him, it has fclen decreed that thia country should be tlfc scene of unparlelled outrage, and this Wtion the mo«tiuentaI sufferer of the Nine teenth Century. With a heavy heart, but an undiminished confidence in our cause. approach the performance of a rtlide'rt-d imperative by my aense of weak MRS before almighty, and 1 justice to (he pflople. It is ne*esaary that Sbonld tell you that the first Virginia campaign under Lieut. Gen. Grrfnt, In whom I haev' eveiry confi dence, and in whose courage and fidelity the people do well to honor, is virtually clos ed. He has conducted his great enterprise with discreet ability. He has crippled their strength and defeated their plana. Mn view, however, of the situation in ^r^inia, the disaster at Red River, the d*lay at Chaileston, and the general state the (country, I, ABRAHAM LINCOLN, WASHIWUTON, M, I8B4. '^singular fact, that in sll the lealinr meas any severe entraGrenj^nt or seri ".iSj-M of his administration for the suppress- the rebellion, su«h has been th» u|. ^nanf i=4fcnate judgemant of the loya) masMM bf'the »untry. 'But most important of all, the nomination ary other roan, however able and patriot- ^rom Gen. Canby dated Jfciy 14th, at •tft| would be regarded abroad as a practical! the mouth of the Red l^ver, says "^e repudiation of the great measures wbioh have rumors to-day from rebeJ sourcea Charaeterize the pr. sent aAninis rationed that alt the gunboats except two 8ttC bave commanded for it th» approval and getting over the falls at jtympathy of mankind. -•'liBelieving, therefore, that the re nomjfla "Hin of Mr. Lineolffr, is due alike to the pub l¥J opinion of the loyal States of the Union, tAltd to the scarcely less important opinions and convictions of other nations, and that he is the first choice of nineteen twentieths state of the patriotic people of the country in and reatittg acwl,. repli'Dishing ttl0tV BUp •fttt of the awky, we hope the Convention 1 do hereby rcommend that Thursday, th3 2flth A»y of May. A. D. 1864, be soltmny set A4art throughout the UnitedJStatea as a day •f fasting, humilitation and prayer. »iDeeming furthermore that the present condition of public affairs presents an ex t»ordinary occasion, and in view of the pending expiration of the service of (100, 080) one hundred thousand of our troops, I ABRAHAM LINCOLN, BY President of the United Slates, by virtue of the power veiled in me by the Constitu'ion and the laws, have thaught fit to call forth, and hereby do call forth the citizens of the United States, be­ tween the age* of (18) eighteen and (45) forty five years, to the aggregate number of (400,000) four hundred thousand, in order to suppress the existing rebellious coso binations, and tft eauae the execution of tile laws. And furthermore, in case any State, or number of State*, shall fail to furni.-h by the fifteenth day of June next, their assign ed quota, it is hereby ordered that thc*8aiue be raided by an immediate fcnd peremptory diaft. 'Lite details for this o^jeet will be coin putmcated to the State ^authorities' through the war Department. 4•' 1 1 ppeal to all loval citizens to fanor, facili and aid this effort to maintain the hon or. the integrity and lite existence of the National Union, and the perpetuity of popular govet ninent. in witness uheieof I have hereunto set my iiand, and cuused the seal of the United £tai«s to be aihxed. Done at the City of Washington thia i7th day of May, one thousand eight hundred and sixty tour, and Of the independtnet: ol the United States the eighty ei^ht. the President ABRAHAM uq A' LINCOLN. 11 A U iktviaiL^MifiMMli .iilaiA. f'limht the combined forces of Ei'haU and Itnhodon and returned to 4ioui*. The fight waft, rointm-nc*d oy the &*fth Ohio attneking fmbodrn near lilt. Jh:*k son, driving hln to N*'W Marked where Echuls and Breckinridge reinforced the lat ter. At the same-time SigeV partially rein? (firced our force. The rebels chared twice On our troop«, the second charge h'in sue Ce-sful but on renahiat* OUT scrond line hcyr WM roetby 17 pieces of artillery and la destructive infantry Are, almost annihila ting the rehi|'first line. Wft chartjed^in land drove them but ourbatteiiea had'to cease working to allow our ehargt*. Tlie rebels numbering 2J to*one then drove, us back, we losing fire guns. The retreat then commenced in cowl order and suocss across the Shenandoah, the bridge beinj, burned after crossing Qwr law 4ZQ itiltai) wounded and missing. Latent Offirinl.' WAR DEPARTMENT, WASHIN^O*., May 22, 1 p. M.—TO Maj. Gen. Dix On. Friday evehing1 General Grant commenced a movement for the pur pose of compelling Lee to abandon his position at Spotsylvania, the de tails of which, for obvious reasons, ahotild not be nmde- pnbK6. It ha« Uius far projn*essed" favorably Lonjrstreet's corps Htartfit south at one o'clock on Fridhv ni«jhtt an.hour and a ill after Hancock moved.— Ew.t'lPs corps followed Lnngstreet last night. The indications are that the rebel army hae fallen back beyond the North Anna river .. --Hood's brig, ade has joined' L?e. TU# movement of General' Grant has thns far been 'accomplished with« w plie-. WORLD. ft was received here by telegraph, in time ionr our last week's paper, but we concluded •Ot to publish it It was contradicted by Another dispatch received about (wo hours liter. [—ED. COURIKR. ^PROCLAMATION BT THE PRKSIPFXT. ,'j^JAr OF FASTING BECOHMRNBM. yfe Gen. Canbj was at the mouth of Red River on his way up, collecting forces to assist Banks, if necessary. Dispatches from G.'n. Banks,. dieted 10 o'clock last night, report that he had been fighting all day, the enemy endeavoring to close in our lines. We have captured the reltel Gen. Walker of the Texas troops. (Signed) E. M. STANTON. Thirtjr.Eigth Sig«»r* Buttles ~~1 ported a resolution that members Chandler. I10W efi Stnt nrt oiigr«*a. WASHINGTON, M»y 20.—SENAT*. —Mr. lyane, of Kansas presented the duty oredenti*»ls of Mr. Fidblock, Senetor elect from Arkansas, in place of Se baatiau.?, Mr. Cofinetfc moved that the or«den tials be rererred to the Coinptittee on Judiciary. •, On motion ot Mr. Lane, of Kansas, the consideration of the motion of Mr. Conness wm postponed until the Pacific Railroad bill was up and de •bated. i Executive session—sdjourncS,*' WASHISOTON, May ^0 —SBNATB.— Mr Wilson introduced from the Military Com mittee a bill to promote thq efBoietnoj'.of 6tatf officers of the army. The House bill to authorize the establish ment of ocean mail steamship service be tween the United plates and Bristol was called up by Mr. Oollamer and debated at length. Without taking action on the bill, the' Senate proceeded to the consideration of the Pacific railroad bill. ...i! HOUSE.—Mr. Inserted, woeesaor «f- tbe late Oweu Lovejoy, appeared, was'qualWAd and took his seat. The House passed a number of private bills, including one providing for the pay ment of the 2d regiment ol the 3d brigade Ohio militia volunteers during the time they were in the service, irrespective of regula tions. Mr. Holman, .of lpd., offered a resolution that when the House adjourned to-day it be until Monday, so that members may have leisure to visit wounded officers and soldiers from their respective Congressional Districts, alleviate their sufferings and see that they are properly* oared f«. Agreed t©-*4« to 48. 7/'''.'. Webster, of Md., from the Committee on Conference on the disagreeing amendment# to the biil establishing a territorial govern ment for Montana, made a report thereon which he sai.l stiuck out ihe Senate's amendment giving the r'ght of suffrage to colored persons, and consigned it to every free white male citizen of tlie United Slates, and those who have declared their intention of becoming such, The report was concurred ill by ft rote of J02 against 26 X. WASHINGTON, May ... .AHU. ICUITT Mnv 2o.—Tlici New York Separ, ami Kitchen, whose claim to srats Tribune's correspondent with Si^el says from Yiiginia, which J»aye Wen reji-cted, bt that the army left Woodstock On occupy Guentiss Station. Milfordt Station, and sott^hofthe Mattapony on that line. Dispatch received this morning Alexandria, oi\ the day m^iUtoaed Lu G^?n. Bank's dispatch. Na dispatches have beearecciv ed to-day from Gen. Butler, Dispatches from Kingston, Gta, that Geat Sherman's forces f" ,u- #gnel) E. M!. STANTON. Secretary of War- War Bnlloiiu. s? -V. WASHINGTON, March 21, 9:50,:"|. Gen. Dix.—Despatches from Gen. Sherman state that our forces found in Rome a good deal of provisions, and seven fine iron work# and machinery. We have secured two good bridges and an exocNont ford acros-i the river. The cars are now arriving at Kingston with stores, and in two days would be moving to repleuish and fit. A dispatch just received from General Banks, dated at Alexaudria the 8th of May states that the dam will be completed to morrow, May 9th, and the gunboats relieved He would then move immediately for the Mississippi. th'* 15th allowedmileage for onoaession, and month- and marched 18 miles to NTew Market, jly pujr till passage of the resolution in thair repi'ciive csnes. Mr Davis said (^handler is District At torney in the Eastern District of Virginia hut. receives no salary his cotnpwnsatiqn fu'ing paid in fees, aUNMntin? probaMy to $2,50 S per annum.. Mr. Chaodler's. nama was stricken out. and the foaolution, as tUu# amended was adopted Kv flSnr majoritv! On motion of Mr. iffritb, was Rtsfilwd. That, the Senate concurring, both Hmise! adjourn on, tl^- si\th, of J#ipe next, at naon. Mr. Rlnnev, d»leorate from Utah, offered a resolntion which was unanimously adopt ed, declaring, KS the sense of thi« Hmse. that the present crisis in this causeiess and' unjnstifiahle rebellion, calls 'oudly on Con gress for united- and.' patriotic legislation that the selt-sftcrificing. services of our sol diecs, unsurpi^aed in ancient or modern warfare, should he rustained in the field, and are entitled to mi- thanks And for gettinstall past differences, it is th« dutv of Consrress *0 f^ust^in the Constitutional authorities of the onuntry in their endeav ors" to sunprefs the n'bHHorv 'f' 's Mf. Griinellri of Iowa, offer£$ i 'res«Ioi tion requesting the President to inform the Hute whather, by- wdtr ©#r ^he govern ment. the p-ihlicitloh of th«» Wdrlfi and the Journal of Commerce, of NVw York, was suspended, and if so, such order and pro ceeding be communicated, An objection bein* n»ade, the resolution lies over. On motion of Mr. 'Arnold, of Tttinbis, a resolution was introduced, which was adopt ed. instructing the Committee of the Judici ary to enq ire whether and what legislation is neccessary to punish the forgery and publication of official documents and also, what legislation ia necoe^sarv- to. pimfsh tho«e who, through the nve^ or otherwise, give information and comfort to the rebels. Mr Hnhblrd. of Towa, offered a resolu tion, providing that the House n^eet 11. instead of IS o'olooW. Mr. Washburne, of inindW. VbJ"ctft*f ndjr ing that We have, too much tfme already On motion of Mr. Pendleton the resolu tion was tahled—ftl to World and Mr. Davis, of Maryland,, offered the fol lowing: i. WHRRRAS, The Allowing anno«incement ap pealed in the Moniteur, SSNATB.—A 93.—Hocst.—Mr. ILA WW*!? f* t'ouuuitlie OA FFILPI mna RTW -If Mr Pruyn, of N Y., nsk«d on hehatf ofI °"r P^bW number IrKX Tn his friend of the New York 'dele^ti n to offer a resolution, fte wonld, with the !**ck kind permission of the Hou^e. like to «av a few vords n explanaMon of the rtftvsons 'which induced therm 10 re(jji«»st action by this bod^y. The-resolution wa* then if«p the information of the Hobse and'is as follows:- .!!••• Rz*nfoe That thej eohdniet of" thExec utive authority of the Government in plac ing the offloe« and sunpondins the pnlHoa tion of the Journal of Cbmmtrce, of New York, urder the circumstances which have been placed before the pjihlio, was an act unwarranted in Itaolf^ daneeroua to the cause of the Union, In violation of the Constitution and subversive of the prin ciples of civil Hhertv, and as such *8 hereby censured by this House. Objeotion bwmg? made, Mr. Provn rftoved a suspension of the rules in order that hP naiffht introduce the resolution, hut the que.a tion was decided in the negative by the following voter Ytas 54, navs 57: Mr. Steverw reported the joint explanato ry resolution, which wan passed, providine thit the late law for the temoorarv increase on d'ltie* on imnorts. shall tak^» eflff^t on the 80th inst instead of the Sflth of April -^-duties iuaproporly paid to h§ refunded the Frenoh official paper, namely: "The Emperor's Governmmtha* reeeiwd from that of the United States, satisfactory evidence of the sense of bearing, of the res olution of the House of Represenatives at Washington, relative to Mexico, and it is known besides that the Senate has indefin itely postponed an examination of the ques tion, which in any case, the Executive would not,sanction, "therefore-— Resolved, That the President communicate to this Hnuse. if not inconsistent with the public interests, anv exnlanation givn by the Government of thp United States to France, relative to the beirincr and sense of the resolution relative to Mexico, which unanimously passed the IJoqse on the 4th of April, 1804. The resolution, was passed almost unanimously, .wffarrfc suapensfo* of the ruleo. fi f- Mr. Pruyn asked leave to pi^nt a state ent of opposition members from New ork, relative to the suppress^# !0£ih» World and Journal of Commer9$ Mr Wiliion of fowa, objected Mr. Stevens 1 ounamunication was received from the Secretary of War in answer to a resolution of the Senate, transmitting, a list of the officers in the army, their record.Ac. On motion of Mr. Foot, the reading of the document was suspended, and it was ordered to be printed. Mr. Grimes. His hill in relation to Na val Supplies, was reported upon adversely by the Naval Committee, was taken up, He proceeded to defend the bill/ He Mso defended the Chief of the Bureau of Yards and Dorks,, and explained the manner in which frauds and collisions ngainstothe De p.irttnent had been accomplished. The Senate had already agreed to the report. The House then considered the bil^ ap propriatiog .•00 tor damage# sustained by Prof. A mcft in conseqneriae ot' the b«rrinl vir Mr. Ha^l, of Pa., explained that the property was destroyed by our own men to prevent it from continuing to be used by the rebels as a lookout. He hore testimony to iha loyalty of Prcf. Aioet), and spoke of that gentleman gilff -nng in the Union cause. Mr. Washburne, ol Ills., opposed the bill. —not because of the aujouut involved— 4»m baoatMt it avtabUiihei friooiple prpvidmg for all the casualties of war, ami which would a draiu of 000,000 on the trcasury7 v Mr Stevens, of Pa.,Wid it had ,beeA» tled'lon«r afco that wh«nevi.»r nations K^e at war. and th* fnemy deatroyes the property of the other belligerent, it is a mi-fortune^ and no uati n pays for it, excepting as a itrafuity but op.the'Uber hand, Jt is ju«t as well settled that when government csro'es the distruction of property from military necessity it innkes compensation to its own cltTafnaSr tfc* lois, djr:$ 13 miles nortft in th"« casA» Mr Hale, of Pl„JfiJidvocatUU{ _Jhf bill. said the que«tioq was not whi'tliei we are able to pav the claim, hut whether it is just aid tr»e. The honor of the govern ment would be better maintained by pay ing than withholding the money, Mr. Hale, replied to the remarks of Mr. Grimes, and said that, although the cor ruption" and enormous abuses charged*. wfcre tfjie, the remedy sought to be anplied by 'he bill aJT Mr Grimas. would not reach their oa«e He (Hale) characterited the frauds upon, and the corruptions In the N« tfv Department, at larare, as. outrageous He charged that much of the odium attach ed to Naval agents was du* to th^ir efforts to prevent frauds upon the Government. Tn many tn«tano«»s th»y had incurred' the displeasure of the-heads of Bureaus, who washed/tn reward pofitioal favorites for par tiw»n services. Mr. Moraran introducd a bill tn "prohibit the release of drafted men from trhe draft, bv the paying of the hountv 'n"M»1y-. without the procuration of an aerep^ahliB ^ib^titute. Hf- Hale continued his speech. ISporhli to Mew York NEW "foRK. Mav 23 —The Tribune'* en'r. respondent st«tes t* at less than 10(K.00t new troops repuked three divisions op- Ewell's corps. Thrae o'clock FHdav morning Bir nev's Craw'ord's and Rtissell'^ divisions advan««d.. Their movement was so rapid and' uneipe-ted that the rebel picket linp wa« cantueed almost to a man. The 10th oorps correspondent" dating Thursday naornin« SJ^VS the rebels advanced on oirr entrenchment line across the penin sula and"en?asf*d onr pickets hnt were driv en back Thev continued firing orv our ski'mish lrne durinrr the dav incessantlv l]vflrds ^,Hk T*h*K vr*r™ th® Bk5r^W1 but but ceased «oort after, ^rnbahlv tempornrltv. Fightine was expected that day,'M'tjkt ieis hope to:tak-e our pnaitioa. NOTE—From Secretary StanWi. Bv the disp-tch on Saturday last it will be seen that the vebel attack did not take place till Friday. World NEW YOBK, Mnv 23(|r-A' Washington d'spatch of vesterdav afternoon states that the rebel armv has been retreatin* sine the attack on our ri«ht on the l$th. At 4 o'clock Saturday p. our forces occupied Guineas Station and as far as Bowline Green. Not enough rebels had been found to ft»ht with. Two men wre capture^ near Annapolis and a mail destined to Baltimore with let ters for New York. Boston and Philadelphia parties. Thev a'so had ft4.000 in gold and %2.000 in greenbacks The tetters S'teak of a scarcity of fbod Ac, and contain highly imnortant information-. The ejjorted a biil to aid In the construction of a railroad from Lake &]oe nor to Puget's ,Sos^,. *, Eteeop^enied. to a ftppoia) committee^-,.. -. The House con idered the Senate's amendments to the general appropriation bill. The amendment raising the salary ol U. S. Treasurer to 0.000 was rejected— 37 against 7f Abjourned. TWmnt?* lecg than The conrespondent states that 10,000 ne*r troops repulsed three div'sions of Ewell's corps. At three o'clock on Friday momine Bir n«r*« Crawford's and Russell's divisions advanced. The movement was so rapid and ,in? their linfe«!,'a^rtr«aatngf the briiadfts, telling tht»m th«v wera to a vnrtV^m^nt whinh, if »tic(Jp««!ru| H» fntal to the Yankees, an^ adjurir«: «h^vn to tnt^ it auc cesstnl. He toji them to clone upon our rtch stores and hti'»(»n5n an'! 1 ^«t«»miinnf1 assault woqM ^ive them everything we pos aeaved. WorJ/Fn cort'»iparvient Orant.flankine aabe will «v«»ntntllv -ii. «nd himself admits, under ments, the rebel armv will b**k, contest, inaas itfcoemtt everv stron? n^aitiin, to the immediate vioinity of Lvnohburgjh, whioh I now l^arn Pr«m a prisoner ia b"in» beavilv forti Bed, and will fl»ht the every rt-aaou to «f that beyond pora^lventnre a fact wlj!Qh I^ee Downer's, Napimille, and other hi* iintierid.*d move­ siain tle of th'1 war there. RAT.TIMORB, decisive bat­ Mav, 2^.— A fetter from For­ tress Monroe, dated th6 21 «t. sta'es th rebjul cavalry had attuoked Fort Powhattan, on James River, making three oharges, Which wfre all repulsed with heavy loss and demor il zation. Our loss wa slight. NEW Yoittt, May 23-—The Times special ^says there has been no fighting sjnee th® rebe) attack en oat Prederickst»urg oommunication with on Thursday. have believe that on Friday and Saturday moveujonts will be made Inquirer wbich will le productive of important result®. rebel lieutenant states that Lee's arirrv nqipbTeil, before the battles, 80,000 to 90,- {)00, that he lias lost to ^ti.UUU. also says the rebel aro»y t»M plauty of pro viaiona. A dispatch from Grant's army to the Philadelphia LATEST BY TELEGRAPH ant Gte» On. A IV ritutm of (Jttumwa: G-ld 84. Action OF TLK' JT. V1SLAVBHOLDIMO: Thera wem •he roath flthn,»t i-fff-t. vO,ird»frnsea have been Sjreatlv strengrthonefl Rebel deserters re^r#Mnt th« -prietttr^ frrce 30,000 to 30,000 stfHh'» tind?'1 Beaure sa'rd. .. -(0 L?H Thursday ftvrninq a ran?l- artiljorv firine commencwl In front of Ames* d:vision RBPORTKR. AtBAVT. War. 2^.—Gov. Sevmour has directed the l'strict Attorney to procure indictments agiin%t all* who were engaged hi the s»»iwire of the officeof the New Y^rk and Journal of Commerce. Th" Frederick shnrgh correspondent of the Tribune states that three gunboats anoJjor ed1 there-on th^ir wav tin the river. They sent out an extvdition throe mil»s into the conntrv. which captured an acMngr master in the-rebel navv and six men. and Willed three. The prisoners stated that if our eon boats had been two days later-, thev would have been boarded and captured by rebels oream'zed for that purposa. bat 1 Stanton telegraphs tbat Gtartt'haa-reMi. ed po.»ition on South Anna. Hancock is south of Mliford, where Ri'bels attacked him and wan haiid^omely repulsed. Everything looki exceedingly favorable. WOTK OOUth Anna river runs about 16 of will haVe gooti turnpike to Richmond* Coiiffercitcv on SL^'VRJR. The \J®.thodi8t Qe. eial Conference at Philadelphia on Tuesday adopted, with only eight dissenting votes, the report of the com-, mittee, changing the discipline at th? Church so as to make t»laveholding incompatible with me nbership. Ou the same day the Layman's Convention organized by electing Thomas Kneill,of Massachusetts, Presidvnt. A number of YTice Presidents were elected and six Secretaries. Among the Vice Pres idents are Ex Governor Wright, of Indiana, Governor Cannon, of Delaware, and Senator Wijl^y of West Virginia^ The object of ih® Conference is to. pja^e the lay teprssen tation oi»- the same footing as the clergy.— Speeches favorab'e to the c.iuse of lav repre sentation were delivered by the Chairman, Senator Willey, and other gentlemen. The following resolutions were presented: "Resolved, By the delegates of the several Annual Conferences in General Conference assembled, that we recommend the ametid ment to the General Rule on Slavery so that it shall read BCTHW SLAVES." Two other res^tlMmns followyctthmmPnd ing the suspension of the "restrictive rule" and directing the Bishops to present thp matter to the several Annual Conferences at their next se«wions so that it may pass through the proper forms and be ineorporA ted in aft subsequent editions of tho d^sci pline- v, frw s|w«h|g m^le.— There but one'^enrfment concerning the correctness of the rule—a fev doubted its expediency. Some of the noblest utterances were from border men. The resolutions were adopted by a vote, of 308 ayes to 8 nayp—5 al^ent only. I trust that now. the question is settled that slaveholders cannot he members of the E Church. In West Y'remha and one or two other of th* border States, where Gradual emancipation is in progress by law, it nv»y- he necessary for sonat* atill to retain the Im**!1 relation for a vear or two longer. In W"«t Virginia all that have been born since July 4th, 1863 are free, and all others ara free at some spec ified time bv law, and even now the master cannot sell them and is re«pon*iht)e for thair training and maintenance. New** Nrtir YoftK, \Tav 22.—The steamer Atnfrt! ica, from, Southampton the 11th, arrived this morning. The foil wing advices were not covered by the Persian In the House of Lords, Ejirl Russel stated that the ('on f-rence had agreed to a suspenaioai of hos tilities for cne month, from th 12th, on con dition thatr the blockade of Geimanport should be rai^ed^' 'f Parliament adj turned On the 9S«1. The Bank of France raised the rate ofdia count to 8 per cent. Tn the recent naval engagement the Au»». triaow were h*dly beaten. (ie fYigate was in flames. 'I he Daues were anchore-i he hind Sand Island. Fifteen Sweedwh and Norwegian wa* vessels were ps^smbled off Gi^ttenbufg un der Gear. Garihakli arrived at Caprar-ia on the 9th. The Danish naval success and suspension of hostilities was -eoeived in L'Jndtvx with animtion. Consols advanceIti Alf@W^. The Austrian* pillaged Horser, Random, and other places in Jutland. A remarkable case of the preservation ot a body is noted in th6 Boston pa peris. A Chelsea undertaker made a disinterment a fbw weeks since of a lady who had been buried in the Gar den C^metary in Chelsea for nearly sixteen years, fan the purpose of remov. fehe unexpected that the rpbel oicket dine was found the body in a singular state captured almost to a man. and swept on un- ot preservation. The coffin was de til two miles had been ea?n«*d. Hundreds oayid away and the hoad of the body of prisoners were captured. was almost entirely gone but troip, Prisoners sta'e that Lee came with them „houldew to the feet h%d not in across the New York river and rode #lonnr m»vn th»»t Onn. re.nains to Plymouth, when the lea«t mouldered in the grave.— The body was white and solid as mar ble. 0piCAQ9, BVRLINOfON k QuiNCY RAILB9AD The new line of the Chicago, Burlington points—a matter of very considerable inief est to the residents along this new line, af also to our city. Thi$ arrangement is very important to the Company, a« every railway must control its termini in order to do ah independent ar.d reaHy successful buiinesa. Chicago Tribune Twenty Ave regitqents o tl^e National Guard of Ohio (oue hundred d^ys' jnen) have already been sent out of the Slate to hold lniportant positions. General Gr*llt's army js some dtyistona stronger th^n it woqld have been but fof Ohiq's protppt re sponse to the call ot Goyernor Qrougb. At the operptijj of Gen. Qrant'a military oareep at Fort Donelsoq, hs sent a prqpasi ticMi to Gen. Buckner, who had requested a cessation of hostilities after two day's fight ing, it) these wQids "1 propose to move, immediately upon your wort^sj." We have had but few 0ther propositions from hiiu till now, when l»e ttjakes another, after six days'' tighting, "J propose," says he, "to ii^h' it Qut ou this line, if it ta ket» all Sn ujer" Jih of tiieM proposals ara v^y cool, but terribly determined. TAXES states that early on Saturday •noriiit.g the army silently advanc ed, capturel tbe rebel pickets pushed on and cut off a portion of the left of the rear col umii of ttie main rebel army at New York river, capturing some 4iJO prisoneis. Three stand ot rebel colors were taken on Friday UMHUiqg ARE HIGH.—Taxes W rw» run ar wy w n'it irt to flllWJ'5'f'ii »M i in*} ividi v-.'f rt: y PHJHJ.U* Lfijjiw., w A a^iJ44.. ill rise yoqr biscuit, etc. )f you don't be lieve us try it. It is (ut up in bright red papers, called "Ouemical Saleratus or wife'* tMrorHa^/at «u u.juiurj- uyji#jffPt.^JjMIJUJ WWH1!!1 "^1' Jf n4llRlt:D-At the retldtnre ofAhe brtde'i fattier In Conipr-tlne To n*hlp, Rev. J. M. 7-10 A Miiy McMfiiy, of the lit Iowa Vetera.Q. Cavalry, vid 9. OTIITI O, 13«iToN, Ma 25-^-4 p. 11 i... S4, 1$64, by SRMBAHT JOHRPH H. 8RKI!FNKR. MI«S AMANDA NEW ADVERTFSEMENTS. *r r, Grayed or stolen on the 15th of M*y, from the re«- Grant Tyaas from fromth^river FOR SALE. A house.iirtd Lot. In fine location nt the corner of Collere,u)d firoinl street. dikI iMrectly opposite College Square. Inquire^t this oJIfie. REWARt) m* Idenee ofMuht-wG. Lawrenee, six miles norlh of V!-'feet lUtPi'ked let1 built large aide ilease jfurwD I«wa CJhicago Branch. Gmai| ant) Provjsjaa Stec&a 1 -i Y STRICKLAND'S ^VcWW I 1311, STRICKLAND'S M.*LLUri,UOU8 COUGH BALSAM. Qnrw rojwhs, Cold*, 8ore Throat, Asthma, and Cobguiupllon. It is only necessary for any ne troubled with these complaints tfL try on« bottle of Stricklaudts 11 ifl uous Knl^nm RAILROAD. u to convince them that It to the best preparation ever used. It not only cures the libove affections of the Throat and Uiings, but it cures Nl(tht Sweats snd Spitting o,* blood, and Is an excellent garble for any kind of Sore Throat. It Is pleasant to take, and a safe rcjjiliciue for ln£tu»ta. ftrl}e fta jjnta p. bot tle. For sale by Dr. J. t. MaV 2C?ih8fi4- in6 1864. 1064. Bonntof PHILADELPHIA PITTSBURG H)IMS«iMe TraMtl^ Trom ill portions of the West, North-West and Sout'i west, this line and its connections form either the sortet tor the be«t route to Philadelphia., New York, Boston, Baltimore, and Washington. Xlte tnavHIer. may with confidence rtil.v upon sure ntctiun«, l»i^b speed with ptrfeot safety, and everv appliance f^r comfort that can be procured. New and elegaut pas.enge* cars, for day and i.ight ser 7u ecen,ly heen a,'ded PhW'tfyiu, Tk,'Uah to the equipment of the Peuunylvaiiia Central Railroad. rr"ia" 1Vnr ™!k''*ll Baltimore '/'V PiUtburQh to TKro*i°^ Train* frvtn JHtt*burgk to nrouyK Tra*nt from Pittsburgh to TAAIA* LIMVB AG rnu.owt: FA8T MAIL—l.eave* Pittiburci-aVIL.atrlTes at Altnona for breakf^t r,l»i,.ir^ ,ii il. H„,| I'hlladeluhla at .S v» u BALTIMORE I'ASaFNOKRS by train leave llarl ruuurg nt IMps and arrive riving i!i Pbilitd Iphia at NEW Y')Rg PA9SENGKR8 and (juincy Kstllway between this City and I b.v the I'ennsvlvani I Central Railroad «r# Amrota is completed, and the cara have been running over it for several ditys past. This rew ro»(J will brinsus into direct rail way connection with Lyone, Brush Hill, bj ClaktaK 4 Cp., Transfer Agents, Pittsburgh. It. W. HKOWN A Biarrhcm »V« .1 7. III 11 r--. 11 Ul ill 01 uit-r» auii cmienp, rnn we will giiHr#ntee it to b« r«irneM, .lenr«T«on Co., lown two sorrrel Alley*, tw» the b«st cenaedy In the world for Otni rha'a and Dya yetirg oil this summer. One HHK A hald F^ce 1 alnut Fost Office, 1 M. HEINRICH & CO- '-d..', NfuniuiaoO.giWa^'- ,• 1 _W-e wf/uJd-re»peotf«illT annoance U th« cttteena.of. Wapello and surrounding counties that having pur Chased tee old stand, we have opened a hranch of our Chicago store wkera we ara constantly receiving largt supplies of GROCEItir.S, PROVISIONS, WOOD- which, from our facilities, we are enabled to aell on the uiost reuooaMa Urms. We would therefore ao llelta salt. HKINEtCH A CO. A E Will please notice that we buy every description of Produce. Remember the, 0. Fritz s old stand Otturawa, Iowa, May 2(5. 1S(H-10 1C if O U I V I O E A N RLUX. I STRICKLAND'S ANTI-CHOLERA MIXTURE, It a composition of astrloaenta, ahsorbenVs. sttma lant* .*»nd earmlnatl»e«, which every phvsieian ac knowledges is th* only preparation that will effect a pep manent cure of Diarrhcea and D.vsentary. Thia Anti Cholera Mixture Is now In uxe In several of our army hospitals where it gives the greatest satisfac tion. It has saved the lives of thousands of our sol diers and cltitens. rndwe will guarantee it to b« both enterjr. white almost to Ihe lioek joints the left. r. Wood«, of Covlogton, Ky., wilt be mosthappv not white almoit to the knee! herrlirht hip to satisfy any oneas to the virtue of Strickland'i ed down trim built. The other one ia Uaav- I Antl-Choler* Mixture ia fact we hay* a Brettt a«m illt a white stripe In the forehead tolerat'le I her of testimonials from i:itienta, who haye been bnned heavy ^Ith eolt colar marks on her cured after being Droaounred ta'curalile by their and shoulders. Any person finding them will ph^iic an* some after taking ortly o\ife bottle of" addre8» the subscriber at N F'triokland's MATTHEW O. LAWRENCE. OLD STAND RENEWED a 1 MrCall HI haltimore at 5 40 NKW YORK PA8SENOER8 by thia train lea-e Phil Hdelphla at 6 45 and arrive at New York at III I"! M. THKULUH ACCOM MOD A TION ^Stopping at all 8ta- tlons—Leaves PittsHm «h at 6 00 A toona for dinner at 11 2A a *. arrives .it *1- M, at ft 10 v. reaches Harrlsburg m, and Ptiitodelphia at 11 15 p. *. THROUGH EXPRKS -Leaves Pitr«burg^ at 4 85 m, arrives at Altoona for supper at 9 20 reaches llarritburg at 1! So i M. aud Philadelphia at i '2i» am BALTIMORE PAPS»NttBR8 by tbla train teaveRar ws'iurg at !5t) i *, and arrivee In Baltimore at 1*KW VOKK P^SflCVfiRIW by thf* train leavftPhU adelpuiuat S 00 4 M, 18 IM» M. and arrive in New Yorlc at TA8'I' '-INK—Leaves Pittsburgh at 845 arrives at AKiona at 15 am, reaches HarriKhurg at 6 5$ hurg a *, and Lanenster for breakfast a 7-25 ar- ID H5 BALTIMOItK PAS^CNOKR3 by this train leave Har 1 kbnrg at 7 00 A M, I I S I 4 and arrive In Baltimore at IKI. hare a choice of routes A sle* plnircar run- thr ough from P.tisburgh to Nexv Vork, withfiui cliange, via Hnr rlpburg and AUentcwa arriviog In New York at 1 4.) m. By way of Philadelphia, p&suiengers can rettib New York at 'L 4" P. M. Tickets for sale to Boston by Bout or BalV Boat ticket* good on any of the sound lines BF" Ft re to til pointM a# Low any Tinntoi Sleeplnc Cars on aight trains to Philadelphia, Mew Xork, and Balilmcre. Baggage checked through and transferred free. FIIEIUHT.S— By this route Freights of all descrlp tioas can be forwarded tn and from Philadelphia rjew Yc^rk, Boston nr Baltimore, to and from any points on the Railroads ot Ohio, Kentuckv, Indians IHinoU, NVUconai^, 4owa, nr Miscount, hv'fi*l Iraad direct. The Pennsylvania Central Railroad also connects at BlttHhurgh with steameis, bv which Goods can be forwarded to any port on the Ohio, Muskingum Kentucky, Tennessee, Cumberland, Illinois, Missis sippi, Wisconsin, Mtssonri, Kansas, Arkansas and Red Rivera and at Cleveland, ttandueky and Chica |owlth stcauieis to aU porta 011 thn North-western If erchants and shippers entrusting the transpor tation of their frieght to this company, can 1 ely with confidence on its speedy transit. e a e s o e o a n o o i n s I n e W e s tim-tx if* f(i torn hie an u re road Cot 'puniex. Ckntka R. R." at all harytd ly oUitr Rail- 0f~Be particular to mark packages "via P.HBMU For Freight Contracts or 8hlpplng directions, ply to or addrfss either of the following Agentaof the Cuinpany 1». A. SIKWABT, Freight Agent, Pittsburgh. Co.,Cincinnati,Ohio Z. H. C. MKLHRI A Co., Madison, Indian^ J. K. MIMIKK, LouUvIile, Ki ntucky. 'W. AIKMAM, Evansville, Indiana. 4t. K. Sa».s. St. Louis, Missouri.! 1},j tifti CnK( AC.. Chicago, Illinois .t J. H. M'COI.M, Portsmouth, OhijL J. M. Lovs, Marjivllle. Ky. IA tf I I Co., Mariietta, Ohio. X. AVKHS, Muskingum River. W H. K. I-. LA»ULI!V, OalUpolls, Ifay M, 1W* are high on Sal- eratus as well as on every other article that a taunly consumes, but they arp not »o high op tlie Chemical Saleratu*, as tbe Saleratus OMa, ,, H. s. I'IKKCK A Co., Zaiiesvllie, Ohio. N. II. HUDSON, Ohio. R. MKI.UKUM,Kipley, C. OetjerrtV travelling Agent. LIVE STOCK—Drovers and Mariners willBnd thll a most advantageous route for Live Stock. Capa cious yards, well wat.-red and supplied with everj convenience, have heen opaued on this line and lt| connectiops, and evet.v attention Is gaid tq H.elr ifants. Vrqir llarrlshur^, where will be found every convenience for fteding and resting, a choice is of fered the Philadelphia, New Vork ai)d Baltimore inarketp. Tbi» will alieo be found the shortest, f(ulok est, aud wost direct route for Stock to New York— (via Alleotown) and with fewer hanices than QUNSMITJI SHOP, QfL S. ft. MITCHEI^ OAce—orer Temple's Clothing Store. A'esidence— At Mrs. M'ldge'n, front Street' House- biiEl)—A fine ftrticliB. •I any other. ENOCH LKWIS. 0en'ISi|p«r|Dteodent, Altoona. Pa. 1. L. HOUpr, (Jen. Ticket Av'l, PhiUUalphla. ft H. HOCSl'ON, Qen'l FrKtrht Agent, tnilil Kntl-Choler* Mixture If vou suffer with Diarrhoea and Dysentery try one bottle. S O I E S I Tou ought not to le without such a valuable med icine. The Cincinnati National Union, ofAEril24 says: thut thousands of our soldiers have been »av'i by the use of .Strickland's Anti-Cholera Mixture.— For sale by Druggists at AO ceuU per bottle. For sale by J. L.Taylar, W. B. Cowan and Petar Cteciitj Oitumwa' Iowa. 10-16-y I E S" A »nO rtfT •»T suns crtRR. -i it «yerybo4y la beta* irtuwliiii tjiue by the use of Dr Stricklf nd1* pilis Rr^aetly. Read-what those Bay who have used it Mr. Cliailes W .Landram, of I.outsviJIe, and Mr J. P. Hazardee, Cincinnati, O. both ivere cured af ter usln* one pot of llr. Strickland's Pile Remedy They say tt^e.v have tried everything but aid ob ti'c. no relief, but one Pot of Strickland's File Rem eil,v ae#( tfiit a j^erfcct cure after suffering for many ysars with the wDrsi kind of Piles. They recommend every one who sufferias to try it 8old by all Drug^i^is. SO cents per pot. Manufac tared at,No. 6 Kast Fnurlh street, Cin innati, Ohio. Ask for aTRlCKLAN'D'S PILK REMKDY. ISolil by Dr Taylor, W. D. Cowan, an Peter Utc.h'., Otlup»a, Iowa. myi6 '64 18-16 NEW MILLINERY STOBE On Cojtrp, between front and Second Sts. Misses Atf WEKDA gT. Taylor, W. Cowan and by Dr 8«"«raJl.v. PENNSYLVANIA CENTRAL i ,• Rev l««^tCM**WM»tMti¥s ofOttamwa and vicinity tl»at they are about opening a choice a 4' genial aaaorfmept of Milllnery Goods conslallr^ ofr BONNETS, RIBBONS, CAPS,. HEAD-DRESSE3, whieh they will be happy to exhibit to all who will, favor it^em with a call. Will be open ip a few daya. Ottumwa,May ft, 1864-T 16-tf n /. CHARLES HOTEL. iHt f! 3Y JOHN N. SIMONS. Co^er of Coart and Second 8tsM OTTUMWA, Good eating, ciean b$da, good company and Ma-, aonxhjv charges. i House refttted and famished newly through out. May 12, ls64-S 16. J^EW ^OQERX STOR^c The uvdeistxnecl respectfully announces to the citizens of Ottilmwa that he has opened a Grocery, store in the first building north of Lawrence k Cham­ bers new brick block, where h» will keep on hand very beat OrooeriMto b« found In the city, '1 11 ill •i»«»jt SUGAR, RICE, TEAS, COFFEE, r|,OCIB, 4f Ala* TOBACCO* pnKs, CAN- AND IfJQUOHg. waMfc He wHl aeU at thp lowest pete* Cash. The highest market price paid in cash for Ottumwa, May ft, 18C4-C 16 fcr all. kinds of Country Produce. Give me a call and I will saalsfv you that what & aay is true. CHRISTIAN AUWKUDA. I 1ST OF LETTERS remaininini t-A the Pv^^Oflsce alOttuiowa, Iowa, May 1864. which if not taken out on or before four weeks fi»oia date, wllllte sent to the Dead Letter office at Wash ington City. Jataea 0^' '"-"XDIark John McKay \V .DuckwortO 4k T, Mur.* Jac^il I ?f)a,-ti-i Jane Hit McEnhamroer 'Dobbin W Eksaboth Aan lltint IIN ll"88 11 King Enos RteveriH A^atifl, Ltssti James Smith Hr Vansickle lltsa Persona calHng lor the above I^ellei will please nay 'ad vet Used," and what week adv itised. S, gaoT W. NORKI8, P. M. AND SHOE MAKER. N- WACHTLER, Malo street, one door east of the Express Ottictf, Keeps congtaatb' qp lj|nd a good assortmeni& Leather, and, W always ready to accommodate cuar tomem with good work in his line. tiw Repairing done on short notice. May 1L, lsCI. apr« 18t»v MRestored. ANHOOB HOW LOSTT 'mfmBim -'''"t puhliKhed, a new edit ion of Da. I l-\KRV\ KLL'S V/ebrtiteU on the rcdical cure (without medlcipeX ol ^permatorrhcea, "r Seminal Weak­ ness, Involuntary Seii !nal "Losses, Inpoten y, Men tal and Phya'cal Incapacity, 1 ^pediments to .Mar riage, etc. also. Consumption, Epilepsy and Pita, laji\ce,d by self-indulgence or sexual extravagaqcv, T^^rir ce, In a sealed enve op only 6 cents. Tlie celebrated, author in this admirable essay clearly demonstrates, from a thirty years successta! practice, that the alarming consequences of self abuse may be radically cured without the dangcrooa use of internal medicine or the application of tho knife—pointing out a mode of cure, at once simple, certain and effectual, by means of which every saf ferer, no matter what his condition may be, may eyre liitpself cheaply, privately, and radically. Lecture should be in the hands of every yout^ a4d every man in the l.ind. Sent, under seal, in a plain envelope, to any aH dresi, post paid, on receipt of six centa, or two past' stamps. Address the publishers, CHAS. J. 0. KLINE k CO. 4a 13? fctwery, N w York, Poat oilee box 458lU lat 4-l ch »-l# y JMPOliTANT TO FARMERS Bare your labor hy oslng M'CORMICKS, REAPER AND MOWER, |pK^roT«4 fcy tkaadditloa »f tbe -RAKEto* th The lest Machine Ttie subscriber bega leave tq lofoim the farmsva of Wapello and adjoining counties that the abitf celebrated Machine la FOR H4LE AT O'fTUnWA, IOWA* Of ths tried aud valuable machine, little needka said. Over Forty Thousand sold in the United Stat«i alone, apeak for themselves. 1 will aay one waM however of the Neqr 8e)f- Raker •VERY McCORMICK 8ELF-RARCR uaediaataad of the Hand-Raker aavea the ^orfc of TWO MEX AT LEAST (tf at a time when labor is not only high priced but hard to Ije got at aby price. Tti e economy of asing this Machine must be appar« ent to every Farmer, when he takea into considera tion, THIS •i h- Attention of Hunters and Target gfj'e^tfTed to the tirin of the ijnderhigned who is prepared Vp pianu^acture and repair ail kinds of rities, revolvers, fhotgu-is and pistols, etc. etc., ip the best style and manuer and on sLort ooti^a. All work done ty me wllj pe transited. My «hop la on Front Street, one door east of Ottumwa HOUMQ. LEWIS HL'UO MAfciUtfK. lii L. o n w A o i A 'tff r«CT that the undivided time, attention aad capital of th Is Arm has been given to the manu facture and Improvement of this machine alone for the last twenty years. This experience has render ed the manufacturers able to bring their machine Into n arket, knowing that in all its parts and oper ations, aud tinder all circumstance it is pre-eminently PRACTICAL, SIMPLE AND RELIABLE. •very part shall prove just aa represented, and aa ao evidence of the faith 1 have in the machin#, founded oa iU unbounded aucceaa, I w 1Uoffer itM trial with Any other—Purchaser keeping and Paying for the one preferred. Farmer* will And It to their interests to call aa4 aee earn pie machine now on exhibition free of charf# j. f. isTtRKlTT, Agent, At Devln k Peter eoraer of Front and Court Sto.V Ottumwa, fowa. April 81 to July 1,1944* W. 8. KENWORTHY. BddyviU*,

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