Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier, 16 Haziran 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier dated 16 Haziran 1864 Page 3
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THE I OTTUMWA GOURIER. VTTUUWA,"- Jijoe 16, 1864 (Tiocalarid Miscellaneous BLANK DEEDS anil MORTGAGES. Justprfft. ed and for sale at the Courier Office. PENSIONS BOUNTY AND BACK PAY. prompt fly obtained by E. If. STILES. Office over C. Warden's Store. Tr4SK».—'Tlioee cicumbers, presented bf our friend, Frank Granger, was very ac ceptable, decidedly t4ndtlHul are truely gratelul. to tlkl.n W» Damtig the, t«?o woek* past our city has been thronged with visitors called here to attenJ the sittings of the District Court and the attendence of people from the country, including a large proportion of bulies, bfa been large. We have report that Hon. J. C. Knapp ^ias it in cptiua^latkni to take up his resi dence in this. citj. ,.. Lieut. T. S. Benson, who is in command of heavy artillery on the in t(at BiUic, and who participate^ in tl\e Rod Ui»e,r e.n pidition, :k at hoinj on a hriuf visit We are indebted to Lieut B. for information in regard to that unfortunate expidition, which ye have pot §eeo in pript, paaticqlarly in reference to the heroic and successful efforts to Have that fleet from the clutch of the en etuy. A Present— a e u n e o i a i o n s to the lady of our fellow citiaan, S. J. War den, Es(j., fqr a bouquet of rare and exquis ue flowers, culled from the collection which adorns their residence on the bluff We may be partial to the flowers which shed their fragrance along the familiar pathways of our own hoine as we certainly ^re to our fair towns wonjen, *fho can thus so tastefully arrange and oombine therq ins form so attractive. Anyhow we would liQt exchange the gift of Mrs. Warden even for those magnificent bouquets which the loyal and patriotic ladies of Baltimore pre sented to adorn the table of the Preheat pf the'National Convention. Tliat* sq. FIOIIT.—There was a fight in the lower part^of the city on Sunday between two Irishmen. Nobody killed, onlj Blabbed we believe, The District Court adjourned yes terday to the second Monday in Au gust, when a special tern* will be held. Peter Utccht's Soda Fountain is increasing in popularity as warm feather increases. The Board ot Supervisors meet on Mojjday qejpt. Mate liens. Gen. Crocker has returned to his home fn Des Moines. His resignation on account of ill-health* has rtut been accepted, but in stead, the Governorship of 4r'Kun'* has txjen tendered to him. which he has accept jed. We hope in thin more consg'nial cli piate, he may regaiq bis health and be spared Jto the couyitrf. Hon. J. B. Grinnell, is at home in Grin pell, called there bjr £be serious illness of his wife. I ww AN PIOIIT IN low A.—A desperate en counter between two members of the 6th Iowa cavalry, and six Indians, is reported jto have taken pUce near Peterson, Clay Co.. Iowa, a $b'trt tinje hin^e. Two of the Indians were kiUed and the mt fled. The JDetifoinea Register has this report. A son of Ex Senator Jones, and a son of Ex-Governor Hempstead, »f Dubuque, are among t'ue rebel prisoners recently oapt.ired. The formejr is at Fortrssf Muiifue the latter at Fort Delaware. Hon. J. W. Cattell. the present most Able and popular Auditor of State, now serving his third ternj, js qr^edby several papers for re-aon»ination, far the same of flco. IION. ELIJAH SSLLS.—We had the pleas ure of meeting this favorite son of our State, last week in Washington. He Jjas just been appointed Third Auditor the Treas ury. most important and responsible po Jition, but one wliii'h will be well filled by Mr. Sells. The office has been filled here tofore by ap incumbent of niorf than doubt ful loyally. WHOPPING Coroa.—The proofs of eyres Of the most distressing cases of whooping pough. by Dr. Strickland's Mellifluous jCough Balsam, speak louder than words to £he merits of this inoomparable remedy. 4 rrateul patient writes: "J am happy to bear ray testimony to the wonderful pow ers of your Balsam in curing inv children ofthe most distressing whooping cough, after eyery other means had failed." Can any result be more gratifying? What a load of suffering was removed by the use fif this noble Cough Balsam. Sold at ijo. 6 Bast Fourth street, Cincinnati, (i and by all druggists. 50 cents per bottle. j^ABOR-SAVING MACHINES FAB1SEB8 BEAD THIS} a •%#indersigned would anno»wce to tiie (iramsf Jowa that he still continues the Agency for Ihefcl* Rowing valuable labor-saving machines I'itt«' S or 10 horse Thrething MacMn4t, Th*"Improved Clover MulUr," Ball*' Combined Reaper and Mower, Wood*' Sea It alter Wood*', cAlrtor S*lf-Raking or Dropping Reaper and Mo\c fr Combined. I All these machines I warrant to be ma.le qf good materials and to do their work WILL. I have used ion my own farm, and am therefore personally ac jqualnted with all except the last mentioned, for Vhlch I havA Jost secured the *ge ncy, and 1 have! •every reas u for confidence In Its abil ty to perform Jwbat it promises. As the manufactories are frequent jly unable to supply the increasing demand. It wou'd jbe well for those wanting machines for the ensuing Jseason, to let me know at their earliest convenience, Ithat 1 may secure theal. Aftei April 1st lilt July 1st, I expect to travel the i jilne of the U. A M. R. Railroad, being Monday at Itiome, at Ottumwa from noon of each Tuesday till |.Wednesday noon at Mt. Pleasant ou Thursday at |Barllngton oc Prldays and at Pairfield on Saturdays ]at which tines I will be happy to see my customers. Inquires by mall will receive prompt at tentioa. Address, WM. El.LIOTT, Mar. 24, L\o4-4w Bir^ilaghaiii,Iowa. Also, agent for the sale of Horse Hay Rakea Md the Buckeye Cider Mills. KRANER & MILLER, Dealers In $T0VES, TIN, COPPER, JAPAN AND HHKET-IKON W Corner of FroplH^, AKE, g\fttU, •TTVnWA, IOWA March 10, 16Ct-tl •'•id.-: -«k—&-*-— piw J.W.DIXON, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Ottumwa, Iowa. Office next (Joor to Sax A Hill man's Clothing Store, Front Street. I Will practice in Wapello and adjoining countle*. Itounty, hick pay, and Pentium procured. Ni charge unleMi successful. June 2 1S61. LOCAL NOTICES. N i. C. HINSEY, M. D. "Offlc^ wltfe M. J. WILLIAMS, B*q. on the hluir, north of the Court U«Ht April iil, 1864 ft 16 £JLA1M AGENCY. Soldiers, and, the widows and keln of soldier* ar# notified that I am acting a« a llcenaed claim agent^ for pmcuflhg Pension*. Bounfifs, Rack Pay and air other jusi cla'nu against the Government. CharRes moderai e, and nothing unless claims are allowed. IDWARI) II. STILES. Office oppoiltj Ottumwa FOR SALE. A House and Lot In a line location at the corner of College and Second street, and directly opposite College Square. Inquire at this oAce. 10-lti I. O. O. F. The regul.iri :meetings of Ottnmra Lodge, N». 9 I.O.O K.. are held on Tuesday evening, at 7 o'clock r. M. Visiting brothers are Invited toattend. Koora oil corner of Front and Mark»t streets. P. W. SMITH, Sec'y. T. J. DOUGLASS, N. O. Soldiers and ths Widovoi and Beirt if S*ldier$, ate notified that I am acting as agent for procuring Pensions, Bounties and other claims against the Government. Charges moderate—nothing unless claims allowed. 11. J. WILLIAMS. Feb. 4,1364 -tf Ottumwa, Iowa. SPECIAL NOTICES. r\ w t/ A OKNTLEMAN, cuied of Nervous DebitTtTy Tn competency, Pjematu^e Decay and Youthful Krror actuated by a desire to benefit others, will be happy to furnish to all who need it (free of charge) the re Cipe Mill directions for making the simple Kenedy used in his case. Those wishing to profit by his ex perience— and possess a Valuable Remedy—will receive the same, by return mail, (carefully sealed by addressing JOHN B. No 60 ItASSAV Kay TIIE ST«KIT, 19,180t-Sm. Feb 2B, 1664-49-15 0m Naw-Yoac, FRENCH PREVENTIVE. Nightly Bmlss.onseffectually prevented with out the use uf medicine by the use of "The French Preventive," the greatest invention of the age.— Price #1. bent post-paid to a 11 parts of the country. Address Dr. 8. CURTIS, Box X6#7, Post Office, Phila delphia, Pa. Circulars sent free. riYSPEPsIA CAN BE CURED. Dyspepsia, no matter how long standing, yields at once to "UPHAM'S OVJBKPSIA CUKE." C. UPH*M, S' 85 South Klghth St., Phila­ delphia, Pa Circulars sent free. Feb 25, 18(4-49-15 #m MAItBLE HAI-iLI Dining au4 Oyster 8aloo^ The undersigned would inform the qiti zeris of fattuniwa and the pni»lic ptsnerally, thai he hns removed his Saloon into the second story of the Carroll House, (imme diately above his Cornier room.) where he is better prepared now than heretofore to ac .n call. He has also Htted up IOOIU* for rlinin^, and is prepared to furniith War in, it any hour in the morning or eeening. f-gp-Fresh Oysters received daily by Ex press. Hememher the place, Marble Hall. Carroll House ti)l*liri^, second story. Dec. i, 1803 Win. A. MOLL. Arrival itnd ita^irtnre ffllaHa. OR RT NWA, IOWA. T. i V I EASTERN MAIL, vii1a. A *. a. a. a. Arrives Daily—iciiudays excepted—at11:45 and7.8Ap.ra. Leaves at 9,15 a.m. and 4:^ p.m. Time halfan hourfaster than common. Maliolo»«*s my hour before thetralnleaves. 80DTUERN MAIL, (Keokok). TIA a. rr. d. m. A m. a. r. Ar^fves Dally—Sundays excepted—at li^C m* and Uavasat 4:15 p. m. WESTERN MAIL, VIA k. rr o. m. A K. a. a. NORTHERN MAIL, VIA DAHLOHaflA TO SlOOOaX#*. Arrives every Friday at5o'eloekp. •a. aidfeavsa vfry Thursday at 8 o'clock a.m. SOUTHERN MAIL, VIA PT ISASBi: TO RLOOHrtaLS. 1 Leaves dally Sunday excepted, at 1HM p. aad avivaat 8:00 a. m. a WESTERN MAIL, (Blakesbnrg). OARRtSD SIX TIM SB A W««*. luiuil leaves every day, at 1 o'clock,. J. W. NOBBIfl Tine TABLE,B A M.R.BAILBOAD CUA HOB OF T1MB. Leave Ottpmwa f-SU i.4:15 Arriveat" a.«. 8:00 P.M. XI ME TABLE K.Ft.D. 91. A RV. 9.f0 A. 4.10 P. M. Mlxfdgoing East 4:11*1'. M. r. West 8.:5 P.M. Express going East West. West CHICAGO.BI RLnRTON HVQQrilH Cl RAILROAD. Arrive. Leave 7,00 A.M.' Express Tralp. •.80 A. 9.05 P.M. a.f5P.M LERAL NOTICE. In the County Court, July Term, 1864. To John Griggs, David Griggs, Horatio Qrlgga, Ann Hctson, Wm. P. M. Griggs, Eaton Grlpgs, Eaton Griggs, Washington Griggs, Mauhew Griggs, Mark Griggs, Mark Griggs, William Griggs. Ann Orlgps Susan I.vnch and her hushnnd Lynch, Perry Griggs, Luther Griggs, Eli*abeth Aberya'hy, Geo. Af)er iathy, Margaret Townsend, Jacob Town«erid, Sarah Grosnichal, Gillian Grosnirhal, Marlah Var ner, Isaac Varner, Anuseta Uelflan, Ruben Heff lan, Indiana Griggs, and Aim rloa Griggs, and all the heirsof Seth (iriggs, late of Wapello county, dee'd, afe hereby ii,titieil that there Is now op file in the ofljee of the County Judge of said county, to be heard ou'the'first Monday of July, ISttl, at 11 o'clock A. M., in said Court, the petition of Horatio Griggs, as the administrator of said estate, asking for the sale of Lot No. 1, In Block No. 7. In the town of Agency City, to pay the Indebtedness of said estate. And unless you appear it my office at the time above named and make defense thereto, the prayer of said petition wi II be granted and said rdal estate sold to pay the debts of said estate. wttiven under my hand and official seal. 1 1 BIGIIaM. County Judge. Publish four weeks In Weekly Ottumwa Courier. May M, 1S64-4W T. lilQHAM, County Judge. SHERIFF'S HALE. By virtue of an Exception to me directed, by the Clerk of the District Court of Wnpell biate of Iowa, I have levied upon and will expose to public sale at the front door ofthe Court House, In said ("ou nty, the following 1 escribed property to wit, situated In said County and State Out Lots No. thlrly-four IJ4], lorty t'^] forty-one (41), and forty-seven (47), In Agency Cltv, Wapello county, Iowa. Said sa)e will take place po the 19th day of June, 1K"M, between the hours of 9 o'clock A. M. and 4 o'clock P. M„ commencing at 10 o'clock A- M. The said property having been taken at the suit of M. O. Creamer Vs. Wm. B. Street, to satisfy said Ex ecution for 1,610 63-100 dollars interest aud costs. She. itf's OUioe, OUuuiwa, Iowa, Mav 17th, 1»*U. 9-16-2w ft. A.DfcjUiir.&wif. gT. CHAHLES HOTEL. BY JOHN N. SIMONS. Corner of Court and Second Bt*., OTTUMWA, IOWA Good eatlug, ciean bads, good company andrea* sonsble charges. BT House refitted and tarnished newly through? out. May 12, IstU S 16. JJOOT AND SHOE MAKER. N. WACHTLER, Main street, one door east of the Express Oflica. Keeps constantly on band a good assortment of Leather, and is always ready to acMMMdsU cus tomers with good work In his llna. Repairing don* *n short not lea. May 1'.', H64. apr9 180ft Him mp Otfiimwn Price Correct. coaacoTBO WIKLT BT Cfc H.SHEFFEH, OHOCKHr OKALEH IV PROVISIONS. Ac. OTTUMWA, May 23 WIIBAT, bush Spring 1,00 Fall $1,10 OATS, 4t. RV IS, 11 *&***• Marsh k The effects of this Remedy are truly magical. Try it and be convinced. Price $1 a box. Sent post-paid to any address, by 8. gAVE YOUR LitE. Dyspepsia,! ftenials. htentMedicia«, Fnej Artklei.l Ervslpolas, Kidney Complaint, Sick and Nerrnus Headache, Neuralgia, Gravel, Tetter, Barber's Itch and Baldness. A Treatise on the above Diseases with their speedy and permanent cure, sen free to any address. Aildregs 8. C. UPHA5J, ){5 gouth Eighth Street, Philadelphia, P|» *eb. a5,:364-iin-491* -This institution IGEL IT ALL been closed In consequence of John Zwisler's removal to Burlington. Whoever now wishes to see Joint iiwisler will And him at the "PEOPLE'S GARDEN," opposite Hendrie's Foundry, near the Railroad D( pot, Burlington. When you visit Burlington call and see John. He Is pleasantly situated, h*saTenPln Alley, a Beer Garden, and Refreshment Saloon, Ac. Cai| on hlua. Mar. 10.18M. 43(^30 ....••*••• !••. 00 FLOUR—Fall, 1* hunt!. ifi |iM0 Ex. Spring.,. ,+•».»rW,. 49t) Surcrliue Spring. 8-,20 BEANS MUTTER, Fresh Roll, it Firkin, 25 HOGS per 100 .8,50@5,00 BACON, sugar cured 12J@13 CATTLE, uross, 8@,5 CANDLES, Mould 20c. Star 20@'J3 OlUCKURS. $ brl $8^06 ,,75 CtiEESti 20@25 COFFEE, Rio, fair to prime.. .... 50 9jt @10 FIILJIT—Apples, greeny "l@l,40 dried, $ H).... 1. 12^lft loaches, dried 13^18 Riaisins, layers, $ box.... $5,"ia FISH, Cod, lb ..........T 8@10 White, hlf brl .., $8,00 Mackerel, hlf fchrl, }$o. f."... 8/^9 FOWLS, Chickens, ^do»......... 2,50 IT AY, tame, $2J,00. Wild $15,00 HIDES, Dry, 17. Green 7f LEA I) and SHOT, bar 9c. Shot tt, 20 LARD in cans 15c. New brla.•...'. 15 AlOLASSES, Sorghum ..75@1,00 OIL, Linseed fl,40 Coal, per gal OGDMf, 1 90 PAILS, pei dos 4&$2,90 820 POTATOES. nnshmW y POTATOES, per bush!4 1,25 POWDER, per keg...'. ,7 15,00 RICE, perib iVl5@20 SALT, per brl, $3,00. Dairy, s««fe.. 33 SL'GAR, Common, 20u Powdered.. f" SODA, per keg y 8^ W11ISKKY Ketohami 66 AL9, per half bbl., Ketchaiu's $5 00 B^be undersigned has opened a Dm*Store In the Curlew buildlngand has a large and extensive stock of PURE DRUGS Pure Wines and Liquors for Medical purpost with which prescriptions will be Alio *. I'offius Epileptic Pills (or Sale, J2f" £hjr#iclaQS pretcriptions filled wit^i «ttre, night or day. -iff 4$ARGE870CK of Coal Oil Lampt, Qktm ft«y«, #•,, The Patent Monitor Burntr, without untitlet or odor, and not ratify **Unguinhed. Jimt th« thing for a night Lamp. PURS GOAL on ON HAND VV[JV VAW o o a e o s e w o a y a v o i w i I E N N N Y V A N I A E N A i ..., t..r nAILKOAII. 1864. Four Palh/ Through Train* from Pittsburgh to PMhi'fthiltlit Thrtr Sew ,, w, ry,* Tr^sr^ Three Daily Through Train* from Pitttburah to Baltimore i TSilKS LKiVa AS FOLLOWS! PAST MAIL—Leaves Pittsburgh at 3 00A. m., arrives at A Itoona for breakfast «t *, reaches Har risburK at 1 M. and Philadelphia at ft 55 M. BALTIMORE PAS&ENGKRS bv this train leave liar rlsburg at 1 20 if and arrive in baltimore at 5 40 Arrives Daily-Sundays excepted-** NEW YORK PASSENGERS by this train leave Phil- dls^tch fearUcular atte^tUn sad leaves at 12:80 p. in. 1 10 00 u. THROUGH ACCOMMODATION—Stopping at all Sta tions—Leaves Pittsburgh at 6 00 A x. arrives at Al toona for tjiniier at 11 25 hU at w A M, M, Pittsburgh to New York, without change, via Har rtsburg and Allentown arriving In New York at 1 45 M. By way of Philadelphia, patwencers can reach New York at 2 45 P. M. TJpkets for saje Jo plosion by Boat or Rail. Boat tickets good on any ofthe sound Unas. (ST" Fare to till point« a* Low a* any Rout*., Jgf Sleeping Cars on night trains to Philadelphia, New York, and Baltimore. Baggage checked through and transferred free. FREIGHTS—By this route Freights of all descrip tion can be forwarded to and from Philadelphia. New York, Boston or Baltimore, to and from anf points on the Railroads of Ohio, Kentuc kv, I ndUn*. Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, or Missouri, by Railroad direct. The Pennsylvania Central Railroad also connects at Pittsburgh with steaineis, by which Goods ran be forwarded to any port on the Ohio, Muskingum, Be particular to mark package* "via Paas'a CSNTHAL R. R." For Freight Contracts or Shipping directions, ap ply to or address either ofthe following Agents of Ui$ Company A. STKW»«T, Freight Agent, Pittsburgh. AKKK A Co., Transfer Agents, Pittsburgh* W. UHOWN A CO., incinnaii, Ohio R. C. MCLKBIM A M. Im*4 County AIRMAN, Evansville, Indiana, B. F. SAKS, St. Louis, Missouri. CLASKK A i a o I i n o i s J. H. M'Com, Portsmouth. Ohio. 3. M. Lovs, Marysville, Ky. BAIL A Co., Mart ietta, Ohio. |T. AVKHX, Muskingum River. li. 4 K L. LANULKY, Oallapolls, Ohla. S. PISKCK k Co., Zanesvllle, Ohio. II. Ill IMIN, Riplsy, Ohio. B. 0. Msi.nat'n, (Jener-i travelling Agent. LIVE STOCK—Drovers and Farmers will And thla a most advantageous route for Live Stock. Capa cious yards, well watered and supplied with every convenience, have been opened on this line and Its connections, and every attention Is paid to their wants. From liarilsburg, where will be found every convenience for fteding and resting, a choice Is of red i the Philadelphia, New York and Baltlmora markets. This will alsc be round the shortest, quick est, and mo«t direct route for Stock to New York (via Allentown) and wltti fewe changes than aoy Oat.U.lMiMr. BAKERY k CONFECTIONARY rr Would announce to his old Ititsdi, and the pub'lc generally, that he kas returned to Us old business again, NEAK J.jHAWLEf8 tTOR OW FRONT ST^IBT, In Huns, country..,..,4,.* 15 Shoulders 12@15 Cleai Sides 12 @15 Java, «........... 55 COAL, delivered 14 CORN, in ear #0a80 CORN MEAL ........ .J/. 1 0^20 E(I(JJ5, doz .......... hit new and commodious house arreted. wll1»|y for tha paspoae of carryiog on a' BAKERY ON A LARGE SCALE! Where he would be pleased to serve everybody WHEAT OR RYE BREAD, CRACKERS, PIES, CAKES, CANDIES, Ac., ic., 4o. i n«? Will also And a large and select stock tve,?ile A WAYS HeretnrnsMs sincere thauk s for the verj liberal palronttf.'** he has received the past.vear, and hopes by hU attention tohis business to merit, the confl. dence of the public. Give me a call when yeu want anythingUi my line, either uignt or day. Otffmwa, liar. It. ta rvumDiT Standard and dwarf Pears, Reaches. Nectartnes, yinmls, Cherries, 1804 Kaaatoc«4p| I A E I A I S U 800 Miles Double Track Prom all portions of the West, North-West anA South-we«t, this line and its connections form either the gorte: tor the be»t route to Philadelphia, Neii York. Hoston, Baltimore, ftn.l tVasnln^ton. Th|i traveller mav with confidence rely upon sure con-' nections. hi^h speed witli perl« ct safety, and every appliance for comfort that £«n be procured. !%ew and ele^iaut passenger cars, for day an night ser vice, have recently been added to the equipment of the Pennsylvania Central Railroad. CAKKIAG K JL reai.-hes II arris burg at 5 10 m, ami Philadelphia at 11 \." p. m. THROUGH EX1*RES- Leaves Pittsburgh at 4 S5 arrives at Altoona for supper at 9 20 li1 reaclii-s Ilarrl.burg at 2 30 A m, and Philadelphia at 7 'it) A BALTIMORE PASSENGERS by this train leave Hart rlsburg at 2 50 A m, and arrives in Baltimore at 7 00 A M. NEW YORK PASSENGERS by this train leave Phil adelphia at s 01) A a, and arrive in New York at 11 oo m. FAST LINE—Leaves PHtsburgh at S45 pt, arrives at AltoAua at 1 15 A m, reaches Harrlsburg at 5 55 AM, and Lancaster for breakfast at 7 25 riving In PhiIH.I1 Iphla at 10 85 AM,ar­ A BALTIMORE PASSENGERS by this train leave Har rlsburg at 7 00 am, and arrive in Baltimore at 11 60 A M. NEW YORK PASSENGERS by this train have a choice of routes. A sle plngcar run* through from Kentucky, Tennessee, Cumberland, Illinois, Missis sippi, Wisconsin, Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas and bed Rivers and at Cleveland, Sandusky and Chica go with steamers to all ports on thn North-western FOR COUNTRY FRODUCE. Lakes. If erchants and shippers entrusting the transpor- tatlon of their frleght to this company, can rely wi'.h confidence on Its speedy transit. I The rates of freight to and from points in the West by the Pennsylvania Central Railroad are at all tim** a# favorable at art charged by other Bail- road CoMj'anieM. I can satisfy Co., Madison, ludiana, J. E. M(KIKI, Louisville, Keutucky. W. ENOCH LEWIS. Gen'1 Superintendent, Altoona. Pa. L. L. IIOl'PT, lien. Ticket Ag't, Philadelphia. H. H. HOUSTON, Qen'l Freight Agent, Pnlla. May 26,1864 FARWBLL dr COMMISSION MKIU'IIANTS, 189South Water Street, tilCACJOt Liberal cash advances on property in store. KarsasMCBs.—Couley,FarvallA Oa., Qtmw. /h*lp« A Co., U.t Cook AO*. (Oyer's Sarsapaxilla. ot Toys and. Fancy Articles To please Toaag America, and Gir ATVQ wnp ATtTlTQ Mr Utl J3 CELEBRATED Premium Cream & Stook Ale Which Turkeys, each, ..50@55 I can tarnish In any naotlty deelred, VER¥ BEST SELECTIONS will I best »f 1 am ako Agent for Haeka, Diapers. "•. i P. 0. DAUM. Ottumwa, Nor. 4th, 18#8 n83-l5tf GIFftT WESTERN NORSERYI LOCATED ONK MILK NORTH OF Near 1 Cemeery. Tthe HIS Nuraery has been established here within last three years, and Is designed to be a per manent and growing IN-ilitut lop. It EMBRACES large amount of ground, and o»cnpies one of the Ynost de i siralile situntions in Iowa, ami feel encouraged with the patronage and confidence that I have already received from the peuple of this vicinity, fo persevere In m.v determined purpose to make this Nursery ode of the largest and best In the West. I have a'• local habiatlon anil n name," and hold myself responsible for the character and r|uallt.v of sales that (ro from my nursery, or one gold hy myself or by my authorized agents. I am prepared to'sup thf of this part qf gouUjur^ iowa wUU Most Desirable Varieties Of Sumiqer, Vail and Winter Applet, expressly select ed and best adapted to this section of Io#a, Currants, Ooee«k«rrlM. Raspberries, Strawberries 8RAPE VINES, UIIf BAUB, Ac., together with the best varieties of EVERGREENS DECIDIOrs, and ORNAMENTAL TREES and SHRl US, ROSES and VIN'RS, at pr'ces as low as the Burlington or other reliable nurseries. Particular attention will be paid to STRICTLY PILLING THE ORDERS Of those who do not come in person, aad whsB Ma cretlonary power Is left with me, tha made. Apple trees .two and three years old, ection, $10 per hundred. ESPECIAI, ATTENTION! Is called to my varieties «t Grape V'iaea, and their respective prices: Delaware, (one year) u (two ytart) Concord, hhiwi, Ifirtfordr* Jirhficea, PKTKRUTECHT. alO-tf Qlinten, Cahneba, Isabella, eAfeBAOE AND $1.00 1.50 85 T5 60 1,00 25 15 20 TOMATO KJlltTS la theii «s S. G. CHAPP L. W W i FACTORYl ryiHK undersign would respectully solicit theat- tentlon ofthe public to the facilities which he now p^stessfgr manufacturing CARRIAGES A WAG ONS,of every description, after the most improved styles, as good as can b«obtainedKast,aad upon sat isfactory terms. Those wishing opurchasewillplease call and az« amine my stock. All k^uds of repairing done with n pat nee? and paid to llorse-Shoa* ecoinmended. arrive at Hew York at ^11 woVi wlrranted1.1.0?, A liALUU I Ottsnwa,DM.ll,lMl-«lH»# LV OKEAT BAKOAIN8! AT J. A. SCHWORM'S, Next door West of J. L. Taylor's Drug Store OTTI JIWA, IOWA. Where will he found one of the largest staeka can slsting of the following article^: I3QOTS AND SHOES, HATS AND CAPS, 6R00ERIES AND QUEENSWARE CONFECTIONERIES, Chewing and Smoking Tobaceo, The best In Ottnmva. OLA88 AND NAILRr^ WOODEN & WILLOW WARE* All of wUIch will be sold for CASH CHEAPER THAN THE CHEAPEST IN OTTUMWA I or EXCHANGED My motto Is, Quick Sales and Small Profits! "^^•ANTEO—HIDES, forwhlchwlllbepaldthe rery highest market price In Cash. I Call and xamine goods aud prices, so that yon yourselves that you can buy goods cheaper of him than anywhere else In Ottumwa. Ottumwa, October 8th, 1MB. ek37-lfr-a 15-11 J^EW YEAR! NEW STORK! JjfMW PRICES AND NEW GOODS! MEEK & CO. •ow ooeupy their n*w brlek, a«xt lo OUntnaa Boose. We offer our present stock o* DRY GOODS, GROCERIES* •ATS, CAPS, BOOTS. SHOSSf AND CLOTHINfi, for he next tea .laji at VERY LOW FIGURE^ Maek expeets to go to Now York la February hran new stock, and he offers s*nta bargains now. Brown Muslin for 'i0 cents, Calico lSJ^ to 20 eents, Collars S cents. Gents Collars 8eanta, Tea 11,00 per ft, Coffee 87X, andall other goods Invar than ean be boagfct *lse wher*. We keep oonstantiy for sale EGGS, BUTTER, POTATOES, OTITTSS MOLASSES, CHICKENS, COAL OIL, BIAN8, Ac., at low'prices. Iaa.notte or is, "Onick Saitt mnd Small Pr*4t* T, Lafi-ti lk n i s O N I S I N I S O V E I E S Xlwyt, Iowa, fiwtim as great advagtaf— H»r banalaa aa Its hiilisii of tm. (^p^Remember the Place_^^ O U O E TRY i- STRICIOiAND'S UH. ^TKICKLANU'fr MELLIFLUOUS COUGH BALSAM.! Cnres Coughs, Cnld*, Sore Throat, Asthma, and Consumption. It is only necessary for any ne troubled with these complaiuts to try one bottle of S i k u n a 1 1 e 1 1 i u o u o u ftaUnm J. L. Taylor, W. 11 Cowan and Peter Utecht. ottumwa, and by Druggists generally, May 26,1S64—10-16 JlND FLUX. STRICKLAND'S ANTI-CHOLERA MIXTURE. Is a composition of astringents, absorbents, stimu lants and carminatives, which every physieian ac knowledges Is the only preparation that will effect a permanent cure of Diarrluea and Dysentarv. This Anti-Cholera Mixture is now in use in several of our army hospitals where it gives the greatest satisfac tion. It has saved the lives of thousands of onr sol diers and ritixens, nd we will guarantee it to be the best remedy in the world for Diarrhoea and Dys entery. r. Woods, of Covicgton, Ky., will be most happy to satisfy any one as to the virtue of Strickland's Anti-Cholera Mixture in fact we have a great num ber of testimonials from patients, who have been cured aft IT bring nronounced incurable by their phTsic uns some after taking only one bottle of Strickland's Kntl-Cholera Mixture. If you suffer tNAh fiiarrhvea and Dysentery try ona bottle. S O I E 8 1 Ton ought not to be without such a valpabla saed icine. The Cincinnati National Union, of April 44. says: that thousands of our soldiers have been sav'd by the use of Strickland's Anti-Cholera Mixture.— For sale by Druggists af 50 cent9 per bottle. For sale by J. L. Taylor, W. B. Cowan and Peter Utechl, Ottumwa' Iowa. 10-16-y 4 SURE 703* Everybody Is belaff oarad «t Wi tkta 4lstranIng Ab­ late by the ase of Dr. Strickland** Pile Rentedg Bead what those say who have used it ., Mr. Charles W Landram, of Louis vi Ilev4kni Mr-[UDRNEB J. P. Hasardee, Cincinnati, O. both were cured af ter using one pot of Or. Strickland's Pile Remedy They say they have tried everything but could ob tain no relief, but one Pot of Strickland's Pile Rem edy affected a perfect cure after suffering for matfy years with the worst kind of Piles. They recommend every one who is suffering to try it Sold by all Druggists. 5) cents per pot. Manufac tured at No. 6 East rourth s»reet, Ci nc Innati, Ohio. Ask for DR. STRICKLAND'S PILE ItKMEOY. Bold by Dr. J. Taylor, W. B. Cowan, an Peter ptecht, Ottumwa. Iova. my24'64 18-16 MRestored. ANHOOD: HOW LOST, how new edition of Da. Just published, a CC I.VERWELL'S Celebrated B»*ay on the rcdlcal cure(without medicine) of S|rrmatorrh(ca, or Seminal Weak­ ness, Involuntary Seminal Losses, Impotency, Men tal and Pliys'cal Incapacity, Impediments to Mar riage, etc. also. Consumption, Epilepsy »nd Pits, induced bv self indulgence or sexual extravagauc*. EVP,fee, in a sealed enve op only cents. The celebrated author In this admirable essay clearly liruiuutti»ic», lium a thirty years successful practice, that the alarming consequences of self abuse may be radically cured without the dangeruos use of Internal medicine or the application of the knife—pointing out a mode of cure, at once simple, certain and effectual, by means of which every suf ferer, no matter what his condition may be, may cure himself cheaply, privately and radically J3P^Thls Lecture should be in the hands of every youth and every man in the I nd. Bent, under seal, In a plain envelop*, to any ad dress, post paid, on receipt of slxeenta, or two post stamps. Address the publishers, NCERY CHAS. C. KLINE A CO. 1ST Bowery, Ni w York, Post oflloe box 4U1 1st 49-15—3d ch 9-16 y EW DRY GOODS AND GRO STORE. SHEFFER A Hu opened M'CORMICK. A Dry Qoodi and Grocery 8tore on Front 8treet. tn the buildUi lately occupied by Meek A Co., where they will i«ep a good aaeortmeut Dry Goods, Groceries, BOOTS AMD SHOES alfklndsof produce. They will bepfeated to Bee all their old customers and as many new ones as choose to call. The highest market price will be pal din Cash for evervthingi he Farmery have to sell. (9f~Don't forget the place. /. a. SHEFFER A McCORMICK. susrraa. «.i. •'coamos. Ottumwa, Fab. 4, 1944-46-1* tf REWARD I Si rayed or stolen on the 15th of Way, TOBjflfie res idence of tllit-w O. Lawrence, six miles north of Falrfleld, JeVcrson Co., Iowa two torrr.-l tllK-ys, two years ol I this summer. One has a bald face both hind feet white almost ti the hock joints the left fore foot whl!e ajiuost to the knee i her right bip knocked down trim built. The other one is heav ier built a white stripe in the forehead tolerable large boned heavy with colt colsr marls on her aides and shoulders. Any ptrsnu fending them will 5efftnun lease address the sulwcriber at Walnut Post OSes, county, Iowa. MATTBBW «. fcAWRSifOa. ,1,,,,,!,^ ,-OTT„,f|lir, -Iiriirrrt^^^rfii'ifi'irii^- Idaho thrown in the Shade I GREAT RUSH OF MINEU3 TO TIIE NEW DIGGINGS. INPARALELLED RICHNESS OF THE NEW MINES! V V 1 2W USX OF GOTNQ TO IDAHO TO G$T ItlCB HERMAN k LICHTENSTADTEB, o^eatd a new store, are recelTing and continuing to receive tie largest stook of FANCY AND 8TAPLE DRY GOODS -4 broaikt to tM« warkft, mhUiiia »art LADIES FINE DRESS GOODS flTU'T'Cl I 'renrh Merino, Wool Delaines, Black Pllkg, Reps, Mohairs, llpaccas. Poplins, Mosamblqnes, Challles, V O n i a n s a i s a i o e s o w n a n i e a e u e i n s e n s S i e s i k i n s a n n e s o a kinds. Swiss and Jacooal Jdi)i\ln«. Pstnaiki. Unens. ErtalBas. ImsrUnii, Table Cotw*. Towliogs, If jAl "Siost Attractive Variety of Cloaks, Shawls, Balmorals, Hoop Skirts, Gloves, Handkerchiefs, Hosiery, Velvet and Lace Dress Trlm mlngs, Ribbons, Collars, Sleeves, Nets. A full line of YANKEE NOTIONS, and in fact every description of Goods to suit the most fastidious taste. We would call special attention to a seltct assortment of Ladie^jta and (Mens S|oe We have also a frne mortmeat of CEirLEMENr FVRIflSHING GOODS, such as Cloths. Satinetts, Kentucky Jeans, Farmeis Satins, Linen and Flannel Shirts, drawers, Ac. Our 'Joods were purchased at the lowest Cash Prides, and will be sold to suit the times. NSW ¥»BK DRY GOODS EMPORICM. Curlew Block. tnnnu.t, March 17, 1864-0H5 flERMAN k LICUTENSTADTKR. |Wholesal»and Ratail Dealers la Drugs, Medicines, Paints, Oils Y E S U S WINDOW GLASS Books, Stationerfi FANCY GOODS, &C. OF FRONT & MARKET LSTORE. i IOWA. IB, W. BETTS, WIIGLEFEALC AHO ABILIXS CLOTHIER! OTTUMWA, IOWA. rn HAS •IBEil CLOTUi.M, DULSE IN 1KB WUHTT, now on haud the largest stock ofMenand Boy rs Wear, ever offered to his Customeis and the cltUens of Wapello County. in part of to convince them that it* Is the be* e a a i o n e v e nsed. It not only cures the above affections of the 1 OVERCOATS, UNDER COATS, PANTS. VESTS, ev Throat and Lungs, but it cures Night Sweats and Spitting of blood, and is an excellent garble for any k I ml of Sore Throat. It is pita«ant to take, and a safe medicine tor Infants. Price 50 cents bot tle. For sale by Dr. Oar Stock coajlstrf grsile of the mos desirable styles. PINE STOCK PP UNDERCLOTHING, FANCY SHIRTS, GLOVES and dent's Kuruishiug Goods generally. NE W STYLES HA TH & CAPS 0REAT VARIETY. IN Alsv good assorted MEN'S and B(M»* Boots & Shoes A Splendid Assortment of ENGLISH FRENCH CLOTHS. DOE SKINS, PLA IS dk FAKCT CASSIMERS, CS'JOX CASS. FIXE SATl&'BTS Which we are prepared to make up Into the lateat •tyles on short notice, warranting satisfaction in every case. F. niA^'TR V, who has charge of this Department is an EXPERIENCED CUTTER, direct from one ofthe best houses East, and we now flatter our selves that we have placed before the people one of the most thorough and complete Stocks of Men an I Boy's wear in the State. All tell yon that they sell the cheapest- We will only .say, call and see the goods, hear the prlcet and judge for your selves. Blue Cloth and Cassimere for officers uni form, always on hand. ch 27-16 o E. IT. BLEXTS. NEW U S O E STOUT A COWAN, KTBXBTS OTTUMWA, IQW4. ]£XTKNiUV* IMPRQVEMENT on aoeoaat of th* large increased demand npoa 8. H. SHEFFER, A CO. —FOR— DRY GOODS Groceries They have made large addition to thelt Store for receiving their spring stock which Is just arriving from the Head or Market, It Is well known here they sell CHEAP! CHEAPER! CHEAPEST! roii ASH. Call far tk* w*rth of vonr manev. Q. H. SHEFFER, Opposite the Nntional Bank. April,TMS4. OTTUMWA, IOWA. TERRIBLE SKCHKTS DISCLOSURES— for TIIK MILLIONS A most valuable and wonderful pnh)toatloii. A work Of 4M pages, and St) culired engravings. Dr. Hfji- In P. O. Stamps. Address, post paid. OR. HUNTER, No. S Division street,New York. (11-1 ft-y A fIsh GENTS WANTED—To sell hy subscription an excellent, Illustrated and low- irK eii history of the Rebellion. It Is In both Kng an tier man. Also several other beautifully Illustrated, Interest lim and valuable family works. Also for I'e llers aud Ageuts a great variety of Pic tures, Battle Scenes, Portraits of eminent tienerals and Civilians, *.ems for the Album, Ac., together Willi a large assjrtmeut of Stationary Packara.— The** goods sell well. Vor Circulars, with terms, address HENRY UOWB, 111 Main Street, CliK'luLaal. Ayer's Afiue Cure. EATHER AND HARD WARE Manufactures and Dealers ID Leather, are respoe hilly notified of the fact that there Is a first rttt stock of "-'"u LEATHER. IrltNf* V^pt constantly on hand iit'^Wluftiea. Having the wry best ^acuities for procuring large and well selected stocks, are confident this house cannot he suipassed i t. quality or cheapness of all 9ett«fc*ein our line. Have a.large stock ui .. SADDLERY HARDWARE |ND FADOLBMM Those wholive at a distance willnow bssavedthe trouble and loss of time in maklngtwotrlps forthetr Bolls, and if they wish them spun, they can hav* It done v«trp|)i'ng onenl^hf. Thankful for the liber*! patronape bestowed on me for the past ten years, at Agency City, I respectfully solicit a cont inus nee of the same at Ottumwa, know lng thafl am better prepared to do wort on shorts notice and better than heretofore. A»d a .llamnioili Stock *f NEW GOODS. HAWLEY & SON BEG I eaveto announce tothelrcustomers and the public generally ..that they are now opening and will berecelving tpa largest aad bcstaateci*^ stock of 1 nDRY GOODS, Groceries, HATS AND CAPS, BOOTS AND SHOES. a w a e SAILS AND GLASS Glass and Crockery Ware, Ever brought to this market. Boigkt i OBEAV Wonld also call attentlaB ,|0 pealing extensively la 4 TABIBTV ft WlMleaale aad Reuil. A H«|e ataerl^ea* ftn,. •'•-4 Whips and Oof far*. Trace and Baiter Vhaine, Gurry Gfmht and Briuhee, Ac. Ac raDES, PELTS, AND WOO^ Those having such artlclesto sell in large or snail lota can always depend on getting their value In' cash. Ottumwa, March, Si ISM. D. M.CHAPlN.Aft. Wool Carding, fep.NNING, FULLING, WEAVING, AND CLOTH DRESSING. I shall be prepared on or about Monday,May 18th, to do allkinds of work 1n iny lln« Inthe very be*t, manner, andupon the shortest notice. Havlngalarger amount of new and Improved machinery, I ean give complete and prompt satisfaction to all who may fa vor me with a call. JOHN ZPLAUF*, Ottumwa,May lg,18$.t-tf. WM. C. MOSS JR. & CO* Mt MHIOLEaALE AID BKAIL DBALERS IV oonsUtiiig «#,' Dry Goods, BOOTS A SHOES, CLOTHINQ, Hats and Caps. QUEENSWARE AND( GROCERIES, CORNER FRONT and COURT Street*, Qttumwa, Iowa. 4 JOBBING STOCK OF BOOTS, SHOES, HATS, CAR QL'EEXS^ARE & GROCERIES, Constantly on hand at Chicago Prices. Wm. 0. Mosa Jr., & Cc. Ottumwa, Iowa, Jan. 19,1868. AN OLD HOUSE, ash at the present low rates, and Sold Cheaper than Ever, SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS TKk'S VAI.k orlgiiial and popular treatise on Man and Woman, thel Ph.vstolng.v, Functions, anil Sexual disorders of every kind, with Never Fall ing Remedies for their speedy cure. The practice of l)r. llunter hus long been, aud still is, qabounded, but St the earnest solicitation nt numerous persons, he has been induced to extend his medical usefulness through the medium of Ms '*\'ade Mecum." It Is a relume that should be In the hands of every hmlly 111 the land, as a preventive of secret vices, or as guide for tbe allesiatlon of oneof the most awful and destructive scourKes ever visited mankind. Our Lvei'DrOUglit tO OttUIIlWQ. cony, securely en. eloped will b« forwarded free of postage to any part or the United States for .M cents Compris*ng all article* usually called for in a general ^tock of merchandise. In DRESS GOODS, particularly,hus an extensive ard varied assortment to which he particularly would call the attention of Us Ladles. CALL ANP EXAMINE, and we are ure we wt!l sell you goods' Aprils, letiv:. Warden {•raaalyiag th* largest and mostcompleteatoAaf^ f.lIEAP AS uiur. apr* piTTSRFRG, FORT WAYNE fc A ClllCAOO Short Railway Line. Only on* change of cars between Chicago a nd V*w Tork, via Ailentowa. s Pittsburg, Cleveland, Wheeling. Philadelphia, Brie, Washington, Baltimore, Juukirk, Harrisourg Mew York, Buffal* Boston, Ar^d all points in tfc* Baat. Through Tickets ran be procured at all principal Ticket I'rtk t. ia the West and sooth Wilt. .Also, at the company's office, north-east corner of Clark and Randolph streets, ai.d at I'uion Depot, cor. Madison aud i'aual streets, Chicago. Pour Daily Trains leave Chicago. Mall 4 40 a Exp. ft SO a. in., 6 p. m., 10 It p. in. W. C. CLELANf*. #aaas,md, mmn w«t. Paaa. 3 i: I •••'''X FOR CASH, PRODUCE, OR Approved. Credit. DOWN fid THE PRICES! C. C. WARDEN, PA8 AGAIN BEEN EAST AND PURCHASED O A S at A spilt aanccTioa ui raicaa, a vary fellatock at

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