Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier, June 30, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier dated June 30, 1864 Page 2
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THE OTTUMWA COURIER. .W.XamiUft. Editor. Thursday June SO, 1W4. Rational .Union Ticket. TO* TltAWlXT, Abraham Wa M.ft—. *r Governor. n* lincoln. fO» V1C5 riNDlIT, ANDREW JOHNSOU tHKlOX OOMGRRSmOHAL COJtVEJt* TIOKr The tJMon electors of th« fourth CmpmllMl Mstrlet *lllmeet la delegate convention at Otkaloiit, on Wednesday, Aug. 8dr196t, ifcr the purpose of nominating candidate for Con '4#eee, and to- transact such other business is may yrtperlj come before the convention. All who hoartllysmtain the Government lit HI tt- Ibrtsto suppress the rebellion, withoiit regardto farmer politics' uaoehtlomi are cordially iovited to participate in tbe selection of delegate*. The ratio of representation will be one delegate for Ijacfc county, and one additional delegate for every hgundred votes or fractional over fifty vote* cast by '«»e elactors of the county at the lMt general elec- pojnt#a U,e following delegations J. fheld H. 8ANDKT». JOHN R. NEEDVAIf, 0. G. PMITH, 1. TEAOAR»«K, ELIJAH SKLIJJ, OoafTMaWaal Committee cers to be supported at the ensulnf election, will at the Court House, in Ottum wa, on Satar "#*y, Jnly 80th, at 1 o'clock P. M. tagh tawnibp U. e s e o s e n 4 S v e i s a e e i iBy order of 1«H coorentioo. s County OentrarConunlttM, y A Rem«Hly for Hi|h Pric«». The best remedy for the high prJoes *hich now prevail is economy in expendi tures, and a substitute of dotoestic mattu M®t«tareh for foreign goods which can be had Jrtinly for gold. The present prices ol nn isfcterous leading articles of consumption are .n|o people of moderate means almost pro inhibitory. A yard of muslin which former ly cost 10 cents is now worth 70 cents Coffee is 50 eents per pound. Sugar, 25 and so on. It is hard to teli where or when a turning point will be foind. La bor it is true is high, bvt in the nature of tbir gs, not in proportion to the prices of £OO3S and the oost of living. If it was, it would stop enterprise and produce stagna tion in everything. No business could be carried on at thrae or four times the cost of a day's work in ordinary times. Farmers might to do it in harvest, but who would liuild a house, and what manufactory coold live? And yet, notwithstanding these stern re ahties it is questionable if there is not more extravagance in living now than heretofore. Our people wear as much snd as expensive broad cloth, snd silk of as fine a texture and of as rsluable a quality, as they have been accustomed to do. The societies and Associations which have been formed to check and control this evil, have had com paratively little effect, scarcely more than as 'a drop of water to th« oceon, probably have had no effect upon the quotations in the goods market. The good sense and patriotism of the great tnaa of the people can alone apply a remedy. Let them stop buying expensive goods, and all luxuries, let the domestic spinning wheel and the loom be put in requisition in the manufacture of flax and wool, and tha effect will soon be felt in a fall of gold and a gradual depreciation of (he pries of staples. War Wewi^ u,_• "The latest news from Grant's army reprt ^iJsents the movement to seize and break the ^Petersburg & WeWon Railroad, which forms the only connection between the Rebel cap ital and the Gulf States, was successful, 5 tuiles of track being torn up, the ties burned and the rails heated and bent. It is now held by the left of the army, Lee was mov ing around the left with bis principal army, ^pvliile Beauregard held Petersburg. The 18th *icorps spelled a rebel attack, while Hancock #fjexperier.ced a serious repulse. There was ^considerable hard fighting on Wednesday tdknd Thursday. Gen. Foster is engaged :n an effort to take #*aChafflo's Bluff, where, if be is successftii. j^jfoonier works will be erected to reduce Fort .ftjDarling, which will place Richmond at our ^fnercy. The gunboatB are assisting Foster. fH-1! Gen. Sherridsn was attacked at Wi'cox's "^Landing on Saturday, but a brigade of in fantry coming to his assistance the rebels were repulsed, and Sherridan escaped across James river with his train. On Saturday Baldy Smith, who occupies position within lesr than a mile of Peters burg, was attacked. A fight of two hours duration ensued and was in our flavor. 106 prisoners were taken. The railroad from City Point towards Petersburg has been finiKhed 5 miles. The maneuvers of Grant of the past week have not been to bring on a gei.eral engage rnent, neither have we fought any consider able battle. The main object was to give relief to Gen. Hunter, and our main endeav iors are to obtain full and permanent posses ion of the Petersburg and Weldon Road, ^%khich cuts the rebel Confederacy in twain. A rebel dispatch says that Sherman was ^epulsej by Johnson with a loss of 4500 ^jncn. Also claiming a victory at Peters jjurg after the severest fight of the war. The Medicel Director uf Sherman's army telegraphs that our entire loss in the recent assault will not cxceed 1500. A detiiclunent of Marmadukc's attacked •^Ihe 18th Iowa, at the mouth of White river on the 22d, emboldened by the removal ot the gunboat T»ler. The gunboat Lexing- Ion. however, arrivej during the action, and "^jonti ibnted to give u* the victcry. Our killed and 5 wounded. iiraut has toe by the tbroar. Ctold opened ifi New Toik ot wu (h» flNh, but Jeclisad to 2,30 by afternooi.. Connly I'nioii "oi»v«'Ulloii. The Convention met pursuant to call ol the Chairman of the central oouwuittee, at the Court House, in Oltumwa, Jtfflo lolh, 1B64. at 1 o'clock P: nr. OQ motion, Peter Knox wis appointed tJhainnan, and J. W. Norm, Secretary, The chairman stated the object Of the Convention to be to appitnt delegate* to the State and Congressional Conventions. On motion of J. W. Dixon, A. Jlelick, tr. A. C. Olney, and L. Z* Rupe were ap |ointed a committee on credentials! On motion of J«. W. Dixon delegate* ore* nt re authorized t» cast the rotes of their township. A resolution to nmt tenor was stib«e $ ityiently adopted on motion of S B" Mill*. The comniittve oti credential* reported* the following ^entteoMn entitled to aeftt*i(h the convention Columbia—A. Xfelick, S. (TiUvrell, ^eter Knox, 3, Cbaney and1 C. IT. flewitt. Keohuh—S A.Monroe, A C. Smock, t. Rupe, S. Buchanan and Thomas Hale. Richland— JT. Marshall, A. E. Warehanv j. Y. Siropeen, A. 0. Oloey, and J. MbGlat- S«n. Center--J. W. Noma, J. W.Dixon, T, Bighnm, E H. Stiles, and Joseph Hayne. Washington—A. N. Csia^. •). Pleasant— H. C. Humbert. PoUc—Z. Ilolcomb. Adams—J. J. Collins, Highland,—J. Buckner. Greene—D". H. NfichaeL Dahtonega—J. Johnj Ota* motion of J. W. Dixon, the chainwai/ was authorized to appoint tf*legttes to th^ Conven'ions, In pursuance of this resolu tion, the I?(, Cmvmw -R W Boyd 1 Joshua Marshal Jsmes Nosier James W Norris Thomas Foster.' /l.* Pou rlb'DiStrlel. ritriot COCItT* CONVE^TKW. A Onton Coanty Convention to nominate county Knicht Chai les Dudl^r S W SummetS Cspt Humbei'l I chairman of the convention ai "erricP **"inst Wilfi«p«. Dr Johnson W Hedrfek A Olney A A Stuart William McOavicr. Simeon Wright Michael Ttrili* W MrGlasson Myers On motion of E. H. Stiles, tbe following resolution was adopted: Retolved, That the delegates appointed by this convention to the Stale Convention be and they are heieby instructed to cast the vote of this county in the State Conven tion for Hon. 0. C. Cola for Judge of the Supreme Court. On motion of A. Melick, the following resolutions were unanimously adopted Resolved, That this convention heartily endorse the platform adopted by and nomin ations made at the Baltimore convention on the 7th day of June, 1804. Rttolted, That this convention hereby re affirm their faith in the justness of our cause, and tha- we are unanimously opposed to compromise with armed rebel* and that we bave unlimited faith in Abraham Lincoln and our armies in the field. On motion of S. T. Caldwell, it was Resolved, That the Constre«sion «1 dele gation are hereby instructed to cast the yote of this county for the Hon. W. Dixon, for Representative to Congress, as the first choice of Wapello county, and that the del egates are requested to use all honorable means to secure his nomination. Resolved, That a convention to nominate County Candidates be held on.the 4th Sat urday of July.. On motion it was resolved that the pro ceedines of the convention be published in the Eddyville Star, and Ottumwa Courier. Qa motion the convention adjourned,. PETER KNOX, Chop®. J', W. NORBIS, Sec'y. .. HSADQ'R*. 2d Dtv 16th ARMT CORP*,J In the Field, Kingston, Ga. May, 21,£ General Order, No. 14. Owing to the continued movement of the troops of this command since the engage mentat Tay's Ferry, the General Command ing has not been able to express his thanks to the officers and men of his Division in General Orders for their gallant behavior at Snake Creek Gap, and thence to Resaca. and at the crossing of Tay's Ferry on the 14th and 15th of May, 1864 he now avails him •If of the opportunity and takes pleasure in stating that the conduct of both officers an1 men of his command was all that he could desire and that they r.ever have ex hibited more coolness, bravery and determi natioo than when making the perilous cross ing of the Oo*tanaula river at Tay's Ferry on the above mentioned dates, which result ed in the immediate retreat of the en uny from Reseca. For this he most sincerely thanks them and and feels a proud satisfac tion in being their commander. In due time each regiment and individual officer and sol dier phall receive due credit for meritorious conduct, especially the pnrt borne by the 7th regiment Iowa infantiy, in its exposed pos ition at Tay's Ferry, the 8Ut Ohio Infantry on the evening of the 16th, the 66th Illinois Infantry at Snake Creek Gap, and the dar ing soldier of the 66th Indiana Infantry, who swam the Oostanaula river, snatched the Rebel Banner from the works and bore it triumphantly to our line in the very face of the enemy. For the gallant dead who sleep beneath the turf of the Battle-field, we may drop a tear and will ever hold them in most grateful remembrance as men who free ly offered up their iivea for the salvation of their beloved cauutry. By Order of T. W. SWEENY,. Prig. General ComVUtg. •T&ttJH. EVART8. L'apt. and A. A. G. Tftt SUA A QUIT CEUKTCRY.—The soa is the largest of cemeteries and its 3lum berers sleep without a monument. All other grave yard* in all lands, show some symbol of distinction between the great and 4the small, the rich and the poor but in i that ocean cemetery, the king and the clown, the prince «nd the pttauif, m* alike '^undistinguished. i. Iowa Items. The Northern Iowa Sanitary »ir at Du buque, was opened last week under favor* Me auspices, and bids fair to renliza a rtum for the Soldiors. f^0OO wero taken the first day. H»e a^endanco la large Numerous lfetters from diatinguwhod men are published m-tfce Timet, many of them inclosing oomributions. Senator Grime* sent $100, Repreaenative AlUnon $50, snd Gen. Curtis a Ubaral don*too, acsoant not staled. A Congressional Conxrntiorv for the (h District is called at Winte-^ett, July 5th. A. H. McOrary of Van Bure.t 0anty, is mentioned, lor the oflQtie of Audiioe of 9tite. SioavLMr Daatm^-lrttesB Houser, of Ca» dtir Rapids-, was nventfv gging op a which he fell de«d. So say a the Tim**. A CUBIOSITY.—The Davenport Gale tie says "we were shown yesterday a bead of wheat and a head of oats growing on the same stock, the grain of both being perfect in its growth." Gen. Tuttel arrived at Keostuq'is, on Friday last. It is rumored that he has re signed his commission. Col. B. Weaver, late .oT^he Iowa ftt Infantry, has consented to take temporary ci»argo of the (Bioomfield) Union Guard.. durine tfte absenco of tbe editors in the millitary service. The Col. wields' a vig orous and elegant pen, and wHl do efficient the 1 1 CONOKSSSIONAL CoNTEMTlSv ^Thos Bigham A MM'ck Joseph Haynlr*1.- Minor "KirtcpiitrrJlir E n Stiles ?",*•=• Judge O-iborn Hickenlo'* piir Martin Pickens A Stuart MOSPS Fairbum John Simpson W Htdrick jr1f 1 Peter Kno* 8 A MonrtS" Samuel Cald«sHi^ ir A motion and several amendments to the same in relation to supplvmg vacancies in the delegations to the conventions were made, but were all disposed of by the follow ing substitute offered by J. W. Dixon Raolvtd, That the delegates attend'ng the conventions shall be empowered to cast the vote of the county in each convention. common' *nem* in D"* vis. By the way, we have somewhere 1 seen the name of Col. Weaver su*?e*ted as S candidate for Elector at the coming Pres rc^ntiil electron. The tion is serving of a favorable consideration at the i, jhands of the State Convention. We have understood the B. ft M. R. R. fs to be extended to Albia, sometime be- Itween now and the 1st of Jan. The road is 'to cross the Des Moines below Ladd's pork 'house in Ottumwa, and follow the river up request made for publication •to Chillicothe. No doubt that is the in- tention now, "but the best laid plans This the meanest of all thieving, fc be coming wonderfully prevalent hereabouts lately, and will hardly be stopped while the market for l»orse»is so good, unless the in dignant populace make an exanrpfe of some of the hemp-deserving wretches.—Ibid. This viemity was visited by an extraon dinary fall of rain last Saturday morning. It was the greatest dash known here for five years. Tbe water rolled down irom the ridge in perfect waves.—Ibid Sf KM.—Monday evening 'ast, this town was visited by a severe storm of wind Stnd rain, interspersed with heavy thunder an"*i vivid lightninz, of over an urTs duration. Shade trees were blown down. The ne v Methodist "shu rch was badly wrecked— Messrs Manning A Caldwell in tin rear of their store leans about 11 inches towards the Southern Confederacy—although the proprietors lean heavily the other way.— Old sheds and stables got weak in the joints and tumbled dovru in inextricable confusion. The wind blew from the North Bast, and was mow severe an anv that has visited this place for rears, according to the testi mony of old residents. The damage, how ever, wag slight, except to the church, whichwas a large wv building, not yet completed. Since the above was in type, we learn the church has been brought back to its place ia good order.—Ibid Petenborf. Petersburg is a handsome city of from eighteen to twenty thousand resident popu lation, in Dinwiddie county, Virginia, on the right or south bank ot the Appomattox riv er, at the crossing of the Great Southern railroad, twenty-two miles south from Rich mond, and ten miles from the James river at Ci»y Point. It is the third town of Vir* ginia in respect to population, and POHKOSSOS extensive facilities for business. Vessels of one hundred tons ascend the river to the town, snd those of larger sfee to Waltham's landing, six miles beta?. The South Stde railroad has its eastern terminus at thi* place, and the Appomattox railroad connects it with Citv Point, at the mouth of the riyer. The falls of the Appomattox. »vhich arrest the ascent of the tide immediately above Peters burg, furnish extensive water power.— Around them falls a cans! has been con structed, by which means small boats as cend the river a distance of one hundred miles. The limits of the borough include the decayed village of Bland ford, in Prince George county, which was once superior to Petersburg in some res jects. The remains of its church are among the most interest ing and picturesque views of Virginia.— Petersburg is lighted with gas and abund antly supplied with water from a res ervoir. It is well built yid naturally drain eo, the ground descending gradually from the heights on the southern outskirts down to the river. The principal public buildings are the Custom House, Mechanic's Hall. Phoenix Hall and public library. There are fifty productive or manufacturing establish ments. The sales of cotton in 1861 amount ed to 35,000 bales. The receipts of tobacco in 1*59 were twenty-six million pounds, half of which was manufactured there in twenty factories. Petershure was incorporated in 1748. It was tw'oe occupied by the British, under PniLLtra. during the revolutionary war.— President MADISOR once styled Petersburg "the cockade of the South," referring to the gallantry of the volunteers from that place on the Canada frontier in the last war with England. TBE 10 40 BONDS—The subscription to the 10 40 bonds is still before the public, and over seyenty millions have been already taken. At the present rate of premidin on gold, they pay nearly ten per cent, interest in currency, and at the conclusion of that war. tliey wUf «ertamlf ^Si» worth par in r*w. .u tw:sted 11 or 12 inches out of shape, and"'Wde for the condensation of the postmas was nearly blown over. The wareroom of: ter in Tieu of commissions. Mr Conness explained that effect is to make postmasters salaried officers. Wool drawer1* Coarctation. At «n a^joarnad meeting of the wool grower* of southeastern law a, held at ftair fi.-M, May 26, l««i, ,1. B. Shaw, of tft Pleatiant, was chosen President, and Thomas McOiffln, of Jefferson county, Secretary. The ohjeot of tha meeting was abated tky the President to b« the formatfon- nf MV SRHO ciation for .mutual rmprovement in tlje man- ltfement of P#»rernove*tHe corpse when, as is supposed', adopted, with an amendment proposed by the deadly i fflnvia entered* his lungs, caits- Wi!der, of Washington county, allow ing almost instant dteath. Ua was able to i 'n^ changes k) bo made by tha itssooiation get out of the grave and Himfc a fence from! when Bh,ep disaeminatine n«»efu1 i formation in relation to the car* of she-p. i&ease*,.handling wooli,,mr.rketHg t^esame end alV'ethef mattats p«rt»iftihf to tht buti n«ss. Dr. O. W. Arm*, of H\« cmtnittes ap po:nted r«t the meetinr in Mt. Pleasant*, re ported a constitution for an "Aasnmttonof Wool Growers of Southeastern Tnwa.'*" On motion of C'apt. Rider, the same was toen»«l necessary. 1 The fallowing officers were then- elected President—Thomas McGifBn, of Jefferson ounty. Voe President^-Chat lea Dutfey, of Wsp peWo. Secretary-?* H. P. JSuchnna*, oTHftnry county. Treasurer—A. Graves, of Wanello. i\. K a Renrv S' fB.n.wii Glbnore, of Mihaska, Swan, of Henrv, Ider, of Washingt'n. On taottftn ofTh. Mc in, it wns res. olved that the proceedings of this meeting and the proceedings of the mating at M\. P1eas#nt, together with the constitution, be published in pampMet form, for the use of the members and tor general circulation. Dr. J. M. Shaffer wis then introduced and addressed the Association in a verv neat and elaborate manner, showing clearlv de- great importance of wool growing and its h»gh»r remonerative proftts, and the now weN established fact, that Iowa can and will be a great wool growing State. The Asso ciation would rhaterially assist in furthering its progress, and shooid b« encouraged by all wool erowers. 1 o'mice and men aft ^r-EUyvilU Star. I cutive committee are :o n,ake s.»ch arrange A hor«e thief by the name of Glenn, was ments with the State Fair Executive Com- arrested over the river one day this week, mittee as may be necessary to bring about ''and heisnow, as all other horse thieves joint action and discussion with the mem should be, playing checkers with his nose bersofthe State Agricultural Societr. through the grating covering the windows I On motion, That these proceedings be of a county jail. On motion tbe address was approved and The nert mPt{nR fijted %t Bnr!5n^n on the 2d day of the State Fair The exe- published in all newspapers of South-east ern low a, and t^e Homestead. On motion, adjourned. i J- SHAW 'Tkios. McGrrriw, Sec'y. Fniribli Ledger. .-V. '1!lThlrtf-Eiffhth ConvreW,' WxsnisoTow, June 25.—HODSE.—The House passtd the amendatory of the Pa cific Railroad bill by 70 to 37. It removes some restriction in the original statute to fa eflitate the construction of the road. The House resumed the consideration of the bill providing for the enrollment self f»g out of the national forces. SKVAT*. Mr. CoTIamer caTled up the bill to pro- Hale objected to making a return to box rents and other emoluments, especially in small towns, and offered an amendment in serting the words where rent of box shall exceed $200. The bill making appropriations for cer tain civic expenses of the Government came up in r»?uUr order of business. Messrs. Collamer and Sumner mado re marks on an amendment to repeul the in ter-slave trade. The amendment was lost—yeas 14, nays 20. Mr. Fessenden obtained leave to report from the Finance Committee a bill to pro. vide ways and mear.s for the support of the government and pay the interest en the public debt. He explained at the re quest of Senators the recommendations in relation to Incomes and whiskey, as fol lows: On incomes 5 per cent on all not exceeding $500 7$ per cent, on incomes of $500 and not exceeding $1,000. and o ie percent, on all exceeding 10.000. On whtskr $1 BO after July 1st, 1864. $2 00 after February 1st, 1865. On^nks the tax is essentially the same as the Senate's amendment. The other recommendations, of the Committee were not made, but the report of the 'remittee was concurred in The consideration of the ippropriation bill was continued. June 27.—Howi —The House took up the resoluti »n offered by Mr. Ingersoll, de claring, as their opinion, that all permits heretofore issued by the Treasury Depart ment, allowing persons to trade within the limits of any States heretofore or now in rebellion, should at once be revoked, and no more issued. Mr. Washburn, of Illinois, moved to postpone its consideration for ten days Agreed to—yeas 72 nays 6 This is equivalent to postponing the sub ject beyond the present session. Mr. Davis, of Maryland, from the Com mittee on foreign affairs, reported the fol lowing resolution, which lies over for fu ture consideration: Resolved, That Congress has the Con stitutional right to an authoritative vice in declaring and prescribing the foreign poli cy of the United State* as well in the re cognition of new powers as in other mutters, snd it is a constitutional duty of the Presi dent to respect that policy, not lefts in dip lomatic negotiations than in the use of the National force when authorized by l:w. and the propriety of any declaration of foreign policy by Congress, is sufficiently proved by the State whicn pronounces it, and suv:h proportion while pending and undetermined is not a fit topic of diplomatic explanation with any foreign powers. On motion of Mr. Holman of Tnd., it was Resolved, That the officers of the House having authority to make appointments, ought to give the preference to disabled soldiers permanently injured while in the line of duty. Mr. Stevens, frost the Committee on Ways and Mains, msde a report on the Senate's amendments to the tariff bill. It is a paradox that loose habits generally i stick tijhicr to a fellow than any other War Bulletin. WASm.toTON, June 28 —To ilajtr -Gen Dix:—A dispatch from. Grant dated yester day afternoon* reports no operations in front, esoept fram mr omngun.i, whick) Are at the bridge* at Petersbuig 2,000 yards distant. A Petersburg paper oflthe- 25th, states that Hunter aiming to- strike at Jhekson Depot, about 40 miles north of Salem, and says if he reaches Covington, which they suppose he will, with most of hiM fores, bat with the losaiof «oaitrial,. Ibi wity be safc. The same paper state* that Gen Wilson destroyed a car loaded wiih. cotton.and furnitor? found at the depot at Burksvillo and also the Railroad track, and was still pushing south. All tbe Railroads leading into Richmond are no# nboOd^. sotee of them badly. A despatch from Sherman, received this morning, reports that yestorday, he made an untuccessfnl attack on the enemy's position. 2,000 and 3.000 men. The loes was particularly heavy in officers. Gen. Harker is reported mortally wounded'.— Col. Danl McCook, commanding a brigade, and Colonel Rice, of the 57th Ohio, very seriously. Cols. Bunchell and Augustine, the former of tha 40th. and the hrtter of the 55th Illinois, killed. We ok a consider able number of prisoner*, but do not sup pose that we indicted heavy loss on the en emy as ho kepi vtilhia his parapets. 1 E. M. SrAWTOW. —4 r. v.—The following dispatch has just been received from Gen Hunter: I have the honor to report tnyn* that the expedition has been entirely successful in in flating great injury on the enemy end were victorious in every engagement Running short of ammunition, and finding it impos sible to collect supplies while in the pres ence of an enemy believed to be superior to ours in numbers and constantly receiving reinforcements from Richmond and other points, I deemed it best to withdraw, and have succeeded in doing so without serious loss, to this point, where we have met with abundant supplies of food. Detailed reports of our operations wilt be forwarded immediately. The command is in excellent heart and health, and readv, af ter a few days rest, for service in any direc tion. Nothing later than whst Is in my telegram of this morning, has been received from Grant or Sherman. Signed, E M. STANTON. ,VW ttftfitrc fo«itioi». NEW YORK, June 24—The Washington Star, of last evening, says Grant's army oc cupied a position in Pincy Wood* on the outskirts of Petersburg, lately occupied by rebels, including all the works on the south side of the Appomatox. These entirely com mand Petersburg—and the railroad thtough Petersburg—the only one between Rich mond and Weldon for all practical purposes. Our guns stop all continuous communica tion by rail between Richmond and points bouth. So long as Grant elects, he can thus hold the enemy by the throat at Petersburg. From his present position he can move south, with say, ten day's rations and coin pel Lee to iuttow him and risk a heavy en gageuient on unfortified ground. WORTB Const DERINO Good diet makes healthy children *rxl healthy adulU. Goou Saleratus helps to make nutritious, healthy diet. Hence use DeLand & (Jo's Chemical Saleratus, as it is perfectly par* And better than Soda for all purposes. The Kentucky side of tho Ohio river is iufcsteti by guerillas, who Are upon pasaiug boats aod commit various depradaiitins* Tbe New York directory for the present year contains I5i,053 naiue-t, au increaM of 1,000 over last year. Tbe Constitutional Convention of Mary land, in session at Annapolis, passed by a vote of 53 ayes against 27 noes, ihe fjllo r ing article of the Bill of Rights:* "Hereafter, in this State, there shall be neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except in punishment of crime whereof the party shal. have been duly convicted and all persons held to service or labor as slaves are hereby declared free." ASTHMA ANP Cosscifrnoat.—The proofs of cures of the most distressm? cases of Asthma and Consumption bv Dr. Strick land's Mellifluous Cough Balsam, speaks louder than words to the merit* of this in comparable remedy. A grateful patient writes: "I am happy to hear my testimony to the wonderf il powers of vour Cough Bal sam in curing m« of the most troublesome oough and shortness of breath after all other means had failed" Can any result be more gratifying! what a load of suffering was removed by the use of this noble Cough Balsam. Sold by all druggists—50 cents per bottle. The hat was passed around in a oertain oongregation for the purpose of taking up a collection. After it made the circuit of the church, it was handed to the minister, who. by the way, had "exchanged pulpits" with the regular preaeher, and he found not a penny in It. He inverted the hat over the pulpit cushion and shook it, that its emptiness might be known, thrn raising his eyes towards the ceiling, he exclaimed, wiih great fervor, "I thank God that I $ot back my bat from this congregation. A lady, on being asked to join the Daughters of Temperanoe, replied that she in ended to join one of (ho Sons in the courpe of the week. The grand jury in the case of the aetsnrs of the World and Journal of Conameroe by tbe Government, have refused to find a bill of indictment. The Copperhead National Convention, which was to have met at Chicago, July 4th, has been postponed to August 29th. Small talents are needed as well as large ones there are occasions where a can dle would be as useful as the sun. The Chicago papers have ajvano#d their subscription rates 90 per cent Tbeir dai lies are now $12 per year. Gold in New York had advanced to $2, 35 J)bs WILLIAMSON A THRALL (Bave resume* the partnership formally existing) OAce ooSMoad street, kotweea Market aad Covrt. June 9, W«4-11-16 NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. TOTWMW* O B03t*TI0LT)ERS ttallv h/l\nrv IN THE posv OrrtcR. [Extract from Reritcd Laws of tbe Poet OStee iter traent, 18f®. I Sao. 8. And b»tt further Tha* ao 'matter shall he SetlVetwS by th«- po»t-m«»t«r I pealnpr dur thtreou shall h*ve hpan paid and NO i BOX ft any PoH-Opf-S. se of nay prrsoa Me rent t\*r»for hat but Trtr at Umstan* ypmiiir. attfutlo* of p*rs*»n* receiving mail matter *nd uvlriK hokes uttlil. office, I* respntMly called to ih« above extract, -tnd will confer a (averbj |i»B|tii comply lag with its retirement*. jf. W. P. li*, •^INWARE FACTORT. STw A 88BVR!f.| Pftom OlTUMWAi IOWA Ur«Hw*t OH. all COPPER, Till AOft tfeOS OOOMr KBBOSKHB CBVIT-CANS AT PACTOET P&tCtS^ ST~lvery article warranted, ttumwa, Jane 80,1864^-16-18 §m TTNTTED STATES INTERNAL V-* It VENUS. AMSSSOK'S Ornrs, Potjtm Dtsrstot, low* OEORGK H. .mnOMR, AMa*Mrfertbe*fc|M»trl«tori*wa. June 80,18M-2w POTTR TTTOrSAND MORE 100 -a DAY MR\ WANTien. of 160 «t*y men heln« rx further orders, th-re l« yet a chance for Jr 4eslHr.* to serve their country for that time to Lfius"" V" ?r,l,l,"n»' «n Ottumwa where enlistments will be taken until ordered to *l°P- June 80 ,1864-lt. 'THE FAR-FAMED DR WEIR th.t £f Pennsylvania, announces lo the eonw«u*Uv S. nUll ».Pdr."l"°°" 0,~"- MEDIOAL TREATMENT ir-sr u^r RITNOVICCONPLAIXTS •irTr^eU.,.CHrlK'lMKthT "•tur« ot Can"e' Tu disease, as for- morly practised by physicians, hut oaseea on and mirbe." ho,re,re, 'oflcats the disease FEMA E COM PL A ixrs. tr# ted car*fu"r b.y sSeertaCd"8 •onflden .i and consn patient* while re maining In town free of ckarge. wnlle r# Those living at a distance aud nnahloto visit htm the"lr rn Mm clear vtat of whlch the dI,e"e "it™ Lnqn,r* •tamp. He will beat Marengo, Iowa county Julv Iff 1M1 lotra rity. (at Crummy IToua*,)...Jtsiy 12* wnt1 Ubrtr,i ju",s' lr' Milton Junction Ju!rl4 1* Muscatine, (at Irving House) July 15 New Unda# Hi P.,e.**,,t J^EGAL NOTICE. 'k ho LTvJl" 3 payment of hi sabject to Us o. der. till in 16**- IlurMnKton.t Srst-elaae bouse)..July A 1» Middle own July 2o. S"" ,leV July 91. S'T1"1*'* &-> Fftirncia Jttlr Ik OT I L*M iVA, (at Ottumwa Hoa»e, j.'july 2-i a OKkaloo** .... July 81. tSSXK?™.-. -v JL"1"11"-,-, .s«sru.v.v.»KS.V^ IMvenport, (at Pennsylvania IIou»«) Augusts ft I. fcST"CAll early, for he cannot delay. iutie 8, '64 j) u W1KR. ItcMdeoce in Toledo, for the laet six /ears, T*eaa Bas' .tnn.T'ir'Tik1" r#»*veniv-irth, Ran th! i7?h P. RIn this city, on 1«. My°f.u,*rCh notioo tnat un this n«t£ n.te.S d,tv'and''takeP'Wicatioo Rflu lhe of this notice to Kettle hi. hill pomes-i^ '"'•-(It-It at the Ju.'terson Uouie st tble on xatd his horn JSU ,of will h« sold at public MIC- *.nJ »°ney appropriated 1a --laid bill balance, if anv, will J0IIV STILL\VKMj, Proprietor Jeffersjn tiousoi Ottumwa, Juae SO, lSM-3w 'PriE GREAT AMERICAN TEA -l COMPANY. At their organisation Intended to do a frlctly wW they had some customers who wished ii he supplied from first hands with Coffee, aa well as TeiS. aud as th. Ir Tea Taster ww posaesa ed of ii.f.TmatioB relative to a Coffee which coul.l «1 Tu Ht a aild f)in,lor June 96, CIJKELi by observing the following rules: "I. DIKEOT letters plainly to the street and num ber, as well as the post office and State. "2. I1SAD I Iters with the writer's otute, itrttt and 1city, hand direction c, 0,, pott oMct number, and sign them plainly with Ml name, and request that answers be directed accord tofly. "3. Letters to stranger* or transient visitors ID a *?wn or whose specia. address may be unknown, should be marked, in the lower left-hand corner, with the word 'Transient.' "4. Place the postage etatnp on the oorner, and upper riffJU leavttpaee between the stamp and tar poet-marking without Interfering with the writing. "N\ —A RKQUEST forth.' RETURN of a letter to the w.ltsr. If unclaimed within 80 days or les writ ^n.or Prlnted Ute writer's name,pott-oMce, and tbe left-hand end of the envelope, on the face side, will be compiled with at the usual pre paid rate of postage, payable when the letter is de livered to the writer.—Sec. 28, Law of lj«8." Barker 3 Ledeber Rev Fr 8 Brickmaster Ruth A Miles S ixannah b» McCoy Thomas (col) McDowell Jos McMalnll James Parks Rubt-rt Powers EK 4' Paul W 4 Parrish Thomas Brow it Sarah Clancy Dennis Comb* W Copal I Sarah Carpenter Miss Conness O Clark Wm Des pain Marths Jane Randall Dr Farnsworth Rvker Th. max Gray Frank Grable Amos (locket William Harlan Manda Hiss Kelly Robert Keudrick Elizabeth Roberts Henry Sprague N Smiih Andrew Taylor O W William Philly UNDERTAKER Tha undersigned would Inform the citlseneofOt tumwa and vicinity tbat be Is aow manufacturing aad win keep constantly on hand COFFiNw or .ii Shop on corner of Court aad Second side the Congregational church. Juue 18M-8m P. RASLACll, J^ADIES' ICE CREAM SALOON The naJerslgned has fitted up an (co Cream Sa loon on 8econd street, opposite the 8t. Charles Ho tel. where they will be ready at all times to Walt on il'f ,avor ,hem wlth (JUNSMITH SHOP. Attention of Hunter* and Target ihooteaa lg eeflai to the flrm of the undersigned who It prepared to manufacture and repair all kinds ofrlflei. rVvolvers shotguns and pistols, etc. eto.. In the bast slyis and manner and on short notice. All work done by me wiU be warrauud. My shoo is on Front Street, one door east of 01 tumwa. House T-ia-Sm. LEWIS HUUO rjUIE OLD STAND RENEWED '^Jfocefj and Provision Store •e«i« m- 'ae' IS shall be ssniirned to the until S. V M. MEINRICH &. 00* llMswsn U 0. Mi Wuta.i«|i«cifetly aeaeense*«tli*elltsaws 6. Wapello and surrounding connllM- tfcat having war chased tee old stand, we have opaaeil a brane* oer Chicago store where we are cooetaatly receiving large supplies of SBOt^RIES, raOTWMf, ENWABKi which, frasn onr facilities, we are etiabled to mm the moat reasonable term#. We would Uerefieee#»r %v M. HhUiftlGtt *w*sr iv.f 1 FARMCItf V Will (ileus aotict ihit wa buy evafy descri»Uo» produce. Rem ember the place, U. rnta a oMah Ottuitiwa, luwa, May W, lbM-W16 tf I fcowfeClt.v,Inwa, June 28,18S4. The undersigned. Assessor of the 4th Htatrtct of the State o Iowa, in pursuance of fe- ction 15. of a Law entitUd "An act to provide Internal Rtre'nne. and to Mip|iMrt the Government, and to pay Intereat on the Public Itebt," hereby advert ines all persons corif cerned thnt the liM*, valuations and enumerations made and taken bj the AaslMant Assessor wltbta the cour.ty of WapeHo in said 4»lv IMMrlct. mav be examined oa the Srtth dav of June, 864, at the office or J. T. Hark*orth, In Ottiratwa, county aforesaid, and that s^id lijua will remain open at said office for the space of fifteen days. Notice l» aho hereby given that on the 26th day of July, 1864, at 1 o'clock P. M. at the office rf T. Hack worth, Ottumwa .within aid county of Wapello and after the expiration of said fifteen days, appeals in writing will be received and determined relative lo my erroneous or excessive valuation* or onuner aUons by the said Assistant Assessor. A I JMPORTANT TO FARMERS. -i—aferlafcorSyrtag M'COR MICKS REAPER AND MOWER ha^reve4 bjr the additloa of nRLF-RAKm. 1 tfie Best Machine in fek The suhsorlbor beps leave to infotm the farmers, ef Wapello and adjoining counties that tbe above celebrated Machine U FOR SALE AT OTTUitlWA,, IOWA. Of this tried and valuable machine, little need be said. Over Forty Thousand sold In the United Statea sAaoe, speak for themselves. I will say one worA, however of.the New Sel* Raker EVERT WeCOKMICK BRET-RAKR used Instead of the Hand-Raker saves the work oC* TWO«MBtf AT LEAST atatlaMwhen labor is notonly high prJced butlMkiMl to be got at any price. The economy of using this Machine mustbe appar* ent to artny Fanner, when he takes Into consideroe tion, Tiusr/CT w. at the undivided time, atteatlom and capitalof this firm has been given to the manu facture and improvement of this maohlne alone fbr the last twenty years. This experience has render ed the manufacturers able to bring their macMtgie Into ti arket, knowing that In all its parts and oper ations, and uadenaUcircunirttjince It is pre-cmin triHf PRACTICAL, 81MPLK AND RELIABLE. Evt-rj- partshall prove jest as represented, and aa. an ev.deuce of the faith I have ID the macblaet, fonndej on its unbounded suocese, I will offvr It oa. trial wiih Any»othet—P*trohimv keeping and Paying fer the one prtjerrtd. Farmers will ftnd it to their Interests to call aodl see swuyla machine now on exhibition free of cbargo- J. F. STKRKI'fT, Afffirit, At Devin A Peter cneaer of F-Wmfand Court Sta.k Ottamwa^ Iowa. 2t'to-|uly 1, tS64k W s. hrnrs WORTH Y will be B,1wl All contain one postage Glatf News far tha U&fbrtUMtrt X.ONO eoirosT *oft Discovzncp CURES Julv 23 A 24 tif~ Price ued give univer­ sal satisfaction, tl,ey have added a large routine apparatus to their -cd givt n •%rtu llr ,a, 0 rml0B rhU ct,ff Is cal led the coffac dealers will receive full particulars In a circular let ter by sending their address to the ORKAT AMKKiCAN TEA COMPANF, Koe«6A8T VeseySt., ».T. ETTERS REMAINING UN- it^Smhl^of Junt^sw*" 0U,,mw*' ^f""To obtain any of these letters the applicant mnst call for adrtrt*»d ie««r*/ give the data Of inlt^^t. anu pay one c*ni for advertising. fc*" "If not called for within on» month,they will be sent to the Dead letter Office. '•FKEE DELIVERY of letters Uy carrier* at the IS. of owneri I" rHle«and larire towns SE- A AT LAST, i n y CHEROKEE REMEDI AMP CHI'.KOKIiK IMCCTieil, icnpvnuded irvm Uoots, i»rki an4 leavfft- HKKOKfi. UKMKD\.tli« greit riidtso Muratla vures ali ills a^-ti tVe t,ri:s- urcar.s, nucb as 1» *oi!i1n«-nt col the Urire, Isfun anion of fit gladSW l:.-i icii-natjon of e KMijeyn, atone Ui tne BladSar Strict e. tiraTei. Gonorrhea. Gkt, aud is ose» claUy recor meuded In ibos: (-se* of Floor Aib«a. or Wi:te* in fenvol.H^ wbtro all the old aaaaooae mclic ri's have tailed. UT it is prepare' la a hlsibty coaeeatrated Mm Dm nose only ber from oae to t«aspoomUs l)IW times per dav. It la 1lur*ttc a'id alt rative iu Its action (fri lylup unil rk-aating tlv ooU, causing tt to flow I* of us or ( pni.ty aait tvfnr- tbua rsmovta® Crore t.U« system a i pt auioicua oaua a whUb ksvtla duced dlw ar«. CIIKIlllliKE INJECTION Is taWt.dod aa ally .iUirnt u ii.s Cheroktr KeneJl, as* aliould le u el lu mjuncMun wltU that modtosap fc» all caaea I Uloet. 4Snn,.r be», Klnor Albas oe VUtSt lis o3r« ts nr« liea:Vig, enrthmg and rliiualeeat re movliij al) scaldin:, hra'. and par.. Instead of the hiirnuic and almost u*i twuribie. pain that Is esparl i ncca Ith marly a.! ibt «-liea|p qnack iKiiCti&i a, ir t'i" ua- of the ritKROKFE KAMEOT Ut "UKItOKEK INJE TION—tbi two uetlclees at the satnc 11 UK— all improper Uscharges are removed, sad ihe weakened organs are apeedUy restored to Ml vigor a stiregtb. CW* Price. Oherekes Reswly, S3 per bottle»et throe bottles for |5. WPrii-i ,ciirroU« Injectios, S3 per bottle, et tkrrr bottli s lor $5. tr a. ut bv Bipci-ss toaay address oe resslgd o« price, tw F»r fan jurticuiirs get oar pamphlet ifrew aey drua st- re ia the oatry. or write as aad we VIBMU free lo aey adlit»s. a full troatlso. AU suefa onlers most be teat 10 C. A. 004HC, Chlea* go, onrOener tl Ag-Iit for the ve»t. P. 0 SoaltfJt. ».,ld in ChtesM by FUFIN' PULLS!, WhoieO'l -PrwggieSs.sml by a)1 Drarslat.everywhere, C. A. COOK, CUICAOO. Qeneral Ageet lor States or Illinois lowe, Wi-conaia, Mieoxaa an||Jfi dlaia. Br W. B. 1TERWI5 ft CO., •M.K PKwstrross, I«.f Ubetly street. Sew' T»K URUAT INDIAN MEDICINE. OJirOUaRKD TWQM ^Cherokee Ouri{ Aa nafkillng care for Grins' 1 OT kinds and slses. Having a good Hs»a. ant' HEARSE ho Is prepared to attend to all calls to hlahaa. Lemonade furnished on short notice. W. P. QERLACI1 Juue i, 1864-8w OTTO PBAUMBUM. MA8HSK. YACCINE MATTER-Warranted v freih AfldoilPA. ke*ni ^Analeitil« v A Hit wieVasis.Ifootarasl -mUsioos, sou all disoaaee oansed by SeU.pelakoa, ^*(h as jLuse of Memory, Universal taw It ede. fatae the Hack, Dimness of Vistoa, Promatare Old Age, Weak Nerves, Difficulty of B^eatbiag, TreosbHag, Wakefuiaeei, ampilons oo the Paoo, Pale Coaalo tianee, lusaa.ty. Consumption,aad silHnlltifcl eew* i*le*s oaoae bv Uapar lug from the ^ath et aMaa. (T This meoicme U a simple vegetaUe eMroot, aad one ou which all caa rely, aa It hao beoa ^asd k* Vur praaHoe for many yeara, and with tboasaoda brsaisd. It baa aot fcUod la a alngie lasuaoe. Itaea* rative powers have been saffleteat to gala viitorj over the moat stubborn case. o those who have trifled with their eeasMta. aatil tbey thlnic tk"0*cJTee beyond the if medical aid, we would asf, Dwug gort the 1CHEROK K H, CUBE will restore yo® to SeaMfe aad vigor, aad after all euaek doctorabave failed) tr Price, ga per pottle, or. throe bottlrsfor St, aad Itonrarded by Express to all pertsof tha world. For rull partteolara, get a Cteoular from aey One Store in the country, or vrtteto the Ageet. w*e will mail free to any oua deslrlag tha seme, a tr*e Oae, la pamphlet form. All suca orators miiitbs sent to C. A. COOK, Chi eego, oar General Agent for the Wast. P.O. BoeNSi. Sold In Chicago, by rUUJM, TM3S FULLML Wholesale Drucgtats, aad by all ttmsglrts itw we% C. A. COOK, Cneies. Qeaaral Ageet tar Ike Statea of llllu ta, Iowa, W Isooosia, IMebigaa eaSlS* fir. V.* KXEWIB 00., ,ik SM,B Pnoraxaioaa. *e. II Liberty street. Hew VelB. •oTJTa Ottomwa bypr. W.». COWAK, Juns IS, 18M—v!9 old •i STEPHEN T. AOREl, Book-Binder fc Npst-Bvlw aasfssSem la Oeetta- a •le*, Mala Street, (OayeStethe VfSlTIi^

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