Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier, July 7, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier dated July 7, 1864 Page 2
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(.,i THE OTTUMWA COlffllEB. THURSDAY 7i 18(Vi. I s-s-l ft -n National TTnion Ticket. 't7' rOB PKKSiritST, SSRAHAW LINCO^it,. rOR VICB ^BRslDlSSt, JOHNSON. fBN 10!V CONOII KSSION AIj n TIO^. an CONVEN- The TJnUn aloctorf of the Poitrt-h Oon4r««xtonat will meet In deletrate convention at 0*kalon*a. Wednvxlay, A ii{t. 3d, 1S6J, tot the pnrpn*? nt nnmlnntlnir a ran H.tate f«r 0»n-, «nd tn tran»*ct mieh other basiaeM ttiay |Mh|erly com® before the convention. All who heartily iust«lri the Government In its ef forts to snnpreu the rebellion, without ret'ani to •krmtr politic** a«ncl »tion are cordially Invited participate in the selection of delegate*. fib ot representation will be one delegate for MrS connty, and one a'Untional delegate for every tMmdred rotes or fractional over fifty rotei cast by file elector* of the county at the last general elec «Aa far Win. M. Stoae, for Oovernfcr. J. IT. SAVNPRP. T&hiihkni nkewbam, mit wbmvT .C RA -T, TEAOAR.NTW, TCL1JAH «»Kt.LS, Oongrewional 0 ramitt«e fourth Dittriet. »'iTl**®* COI'lVTY rOSVKXTIO*. A Colon Countv Convention to nominate county ~*fcicer» to be supported at the ensuing election, will trieheld at the Court House, in Ottnm **, oft Satur '4ay, July 80th, at I o'clo«k P. M.'1 Kach townsh is requested to send five delegates. fttrwAetof convention. ». B. M1M*. Ohro'n County Central Committee, R«»ii{ualf«u off Sec. Chitae. The resignation of Se. Chaw, or the Vjreasury crisis. a«« ii is called is the most $pporti.nt event of the past week. That .f jtfllfch an event should call forth comment tajEid create more or Ies excitement through ,^t the country, can no1 be a niatter of sur when it is considered how intimately «©nnectcd are our finances with the inter -v eits of the country. Indeed, the financial it fj^bierp is the one open, the solution of u which depend in a^Feat nea8ure. our hopes ....-of suppressing the rebellion and saving the c-onntry. v Sec. |«pfi enjoye^ tfeerc »tlfidwco of ,t the country, through all there dark times to an extent seldom vouchsafed to any pub lie man occupying a position so delicate and responsible and yet it i«« prob ible that the public have praised and deferred to him wlihout any very clear conception or un derstanding of the merits or demerits of the Astern of finanoe which he has inaugura or stopping to enquire whether any Other might not have been b.'tter, or more .. .'•eocctshisful. It was enough for the people i»!fif»know what appeared on the surfac \, to ki .ow the fact that vast sums of money were Inquired to carry on the most expensive war known to mankind, an that the mon «r was forthcoming when needed. Indeed. ,, whether it shall ever be demonstrated or not that Sec, Chase's system is perfect, the success of his various devices to com .DMml capital, will always command the i'£§£tn'rat°n and gratitude of his countrymen. «,[)} vln what cause or causes the resignation, *r it is settled that it was a resignation, not a removal) is to be attributed, it is diffi cult to determine from anything vet made public. The papers have been full of spec ulations oud surmises, most of which con taadict themselves, and cannot be true. Whether t! e truth of the matter will ever ,1WinKpire, reinain« to Se seen. It seems to v ua that a careful examination of the debates ^»f'Congress may throw some Itglu on the \i wbject. In both brattches of Congress it will be observed that the policy of Mr. Chase, lias been openly assniled by the I J• o^lesr members in those bodies, such men, ito» Pes«end«n in the Senate, and S» evens in the House. Two of the principal points of difference seem to be in regard to taxation :'»«Od the other the sale of government bonds, the Secretary urging and insisting upon taxation to an amount sufficient to meet the **timBtes, and upon requiring bonds to be i told nt not leas than ptr. Upon the first propos:tion, it will be observed, that a di voct issue was found between the Secretary and Congress, and thi.4 would seem to us, i poor judges aa we may be, to have been the immediate cnu«cof tho retirement of the ^Ooretary, although minor oaases oaorating i: io: intensify this main one.' illoweyer all this rn-iy di. Secretary •i Okas'? has. resigned and Senator Win. Pitt Pe^Rii len, of Main !, Chairman of the Sen t-. ate finance Committee, has been appointed if In his ace. He is one of Ihe ablest finan to in the country. C.J r: lealh of Cien. 1 4, .Brig. Geo. Samuel A. Rice, of O^kaloosn, on yesterday of wounds received while gallantly fighting the enemy of his country. He will be buried to-morrow, at Oskaloosa. ..t^j^ebel At"il into Peniiftjrlvu»i» aud Jlarylaiid. v„.. The daily papers of yesterday contain long •. u'ikAfccounis of a supposed rebel raid into Penn sylvania and Maryland. After reading over aH the reports, we cannot find thit it con sluts of any large lumber of rebels. They are estimated at from 1,000 to 2,600, under t.O'i command of Eatly, Ransom or Mosby. They may do a good deal of robbery, but we don't heliove they will venture far into the cou«»- (try. .,«?» Our troops are moving forward to ar 'r«fct their progreKS. fjt Coruiis, COLDS, FCOUK TUBOAT, U/lu.'. .Sold by all druggists. (jtancrut o( llic Week* Secretory Chase lias resigned, and of Maine has1 Eu. & on. \Y. 1*. Pi-ssemlcn beeo appointed in his place. The caus« of this step see ins to have been the refusal of Con cress to levy an ih'Milioual tax ot $82,000,000, recom mended by Mr. O. and deemed by lo the Hon. David Tod of Ohio, but declined by him. on ti.c Imrg, on the II. and O. Railroad was rebels under Kwell. The place was defended by Gen. Siegel for a time, but the rebel force being greatly su» jjerior, it Mrns finally evacuated. A fight niso took place at Leetown, ten miles from Harpers Ferry, resulting 111 the repulse of the enemy at that fboint. Warned in time by leleerraph, the Railroad Co. succeeded in re moving their cars and. other property o a e s o s a e On the morning of the Sd, the Lo etist Point and the Matanzas the for tner bound for and the latter from New Orleans, collided. The Locust Point, ssnnk. Twenty three crew and passengers were saved by Matanzas, but some 18 were lost. The accident happened between Barregute and Ab ercom lights. Sherman, bv the aiioce^s of his reoent bold flanking movements, hns occupied Marietta, on the Atlanta and Western Railway, just twenty miley from toe oity of Atlanta. Ma rietta ip an old place, containing in peace ful time*.several thousand inhabitants. It has comparatively recently been ascertained to he a groat depot of stores for the rebel army, and this had can^p^sonie to suppose that Joe Johnson wa* merely a temporary defense in front of it for the p'irp«e of get ting time to remove these storo4 Be that Sis it may, ho had taken up a position nlrongly defensible, and which has seemed to puz&le our officers a little more than any* thing previously encountered in Qeorgia. It has, however, been safelv passed, and now Atlanta is in far more peril than was Marietta a week ago, being far less defensi ble. The amended Conscription bill passed both Houses of Congress on Saturday. It abolishes the $300 commutation clause, but gives fifty da3rs for volunteering before drafting. The drafted man, if abled bodied, must serve one year or find his own sub stitute. Each county township or ward is to be credited with all soldiers heretofore furnished, and charged with their respec tive quotas. Blacks count on the draft the same as whites, and may be taken for sub stitutes. The bill allows recruiting in the bounty at $100 for one year's service. $200 jiini, necessarj to meet the wants of ^aving been engaged in an active field cam the government during the fiscal I attacked by a considerable force of through each of the above cities, looldngat rebel States, with the exception of Tennes-1 "ntil the massacre of Ft. Pillow is see. Arkansas and Louisiana and fixes the •Ten«eA* fortwovears, and $800 for three years/el A call for 300,000 men under thU hill may i be looked for very ^on. They are greatlv needed to reinf.,rce Grant and Sherman, and 'IWlt I to replace the 100 day men. whose ter.n of service will expire in August and Septem- ™-v ber. Illinois is so tar ahead of her quota that comparatively few men will be required »n "dvrtcate from this State. But the Eastern States, jthe and especially Pennsylvania, are still large- I lly behind former calls. It will ooine and it is well to have aisettlement day. The Tt.e gold market Saturday,,both hare and at New York, wHa creature of circum- stance, with a very ambigious statas. The New York brokers telegraphed to their cor -j respondents here pretty early in the day that there was no market in that city for the article, and that they had better sell in heie at 220, went up 230, and dropped to the low figures named above. It is easily understood that the change in the Minister of Finanoe haf much to do with these fluctuations, with what advantage to the financial condition of our country, tuaej Capt. Ruttledge eaptarsd ASTHMA CosspMprion•—It is only necessary for 4fiy one ttoubied with these complaints to |yy one bottle of Dr. Strickland's Mellifluous £jpugh Balsam to convince them that this is i, th,e best pj'epur?tto) ever used It not onlv Mires the above aljections of the throat and ^fngs, but it cures night sweats and spitting blood, and is an excelleut gargle for any |gitid of-sore throat, it is pleasant to take, and 0 safe medccine for infants. 50 cents |er From Che 9 I Iowa Infantry. Biu SNAVTT, flnd b* Uin-we pret. ty hard on them. We have no tears to believers is recorded in both the old and new shed if they are now oblige 1 to hoe up their testaments. rows. They hove been behind long enough, 1 (JKOROIA, June 22 18M. GOITRIKR.—You eVer year. The appointment was tendered prospects are, that the present campaign will Brownlow MVR that 1 Chicago "any balance they «ay have on, hand." The brokers here tried it on, but could make very little headway at quite low figures. The sellers greatly outnum-: bered the buyers, and the market closed at I 210@ 220 with no buyers at the inside figures. The market in New York opened at 245, and closed weak at 233. It opened can only demonstrate. Chicago Trib. nK(nan who said "Let the traitor cherish such Slate News. Mrs. Ho!endall, a German woman, and two of her children, one six and the other about two years of age, were drowned by the upsetting of a skiff at Burlington, on Sunday last. i, three rebel prisoners in Henry county, last week and sent them to Rock Island. Donohue & McCook, Marble Dealers of Burlington, propose to present to any town ship in the State that contributes the larg est amount to the Southern Iowa Sanitary Fair, to be held in Burlington in September, a military monument worth $500 Front Den Itloluc*. Dlayatoh to the Chicago Tribane. ., I)KS MOINES. July 2. A veteran soldier of the 10th Infantry at home ot. furlough, last evening shot a color ed man through the head, as he was walk ing the street, and the man Jied instantly. The shot was fired without provocation.— The causo of the act was bad whiskey. The Mayor advertises that he will close up all whiskey shops on and after the fourth. The Supreme Court adjourned to-day after a term ol twenty-throe days. About seven ty.five opinions vers filed during the term, and sixty caMS remain on the docket undis posed of. The Judges bars left for their homes. The cars on the Chicago and Galena Union railroad commenced running to Nevada to day, this brings the trains on that road °Ur miles nearer Des Moines than any other road. YOBK, that Mr. Fessenden has accepted the secre* tart-ship of the treasury ami assumed its, dooUtl««s will think the tint somewhat prolonged in recaivinfr ft communication fiom a member of the "sec ond Iowa veterans," but as you must know, that since my return to the regiment, the facilities for writing communications form newspaper of any kind has been very poor, since my arrival, *nd present continue a length of time that I atn not now the many inventions and improvements of modern times. But the next interesting spectacle that I witnessed during my jour ney was at the "Soldier's Rest" in Chicago^ "Soldier's Rest*' is situated on the margin of Lake Michigan, ne^r the Union railroad! depot, was built by funds contributed by thej U. S. SanitAry commission, for the benefit and accommodation of all soldiers going or returning from their regiments. The provisions furnished are of the first quality, and are cooked and placed upon the table hy some of the richest and most res pectable ladies residing in Chicago. Prece ding our arrival it was announced that a regiment of coloted troops would come I took occasion to converse with quite a number of them and they all seemed to un derstand perfectly well the principal cause of the rebellion, and the cause in which they were about to engage, and they alt express ed a determined resolution and a Axed de termination, to neither take or be taken prisoners of war. Soon after their arrival Col. Brass, commanding' the regiment, ar. old Western Pioneer and a man of experi enced military talent, was presented with a splendid horse and saddle equipments by the citizens of Chicago, t'ol. Eastman, a man of undoubted loyaltv, made the presen tation speech, in which he n«ed the follow* ing appropriate language, "Col. Bross, these men must b»» eared for and protected. They their race from bondage they are made like unto ourselves by the uniform they wear. For every life sacrificed hy them to rebel cruelty, the life of a rebel shall be the for feit. an act of torture for an act of torture that should be the policy of our Government. i But we must first get even with the brutal foe, these colored troops should take no mora At the able to state. My journey to the regiment, At the hour of midnight the_reb- __ p^rt, Chicago, Ijooisville and NashvilliJ, McPnerson s command, but were sufficient length of time to take a stroll HI ©T» the first train from Quincyv Dense crowds of spectators assembled near the depot to witness their arrival. The regiment commanded by Col. Bros*, was marched from the depot to tho break fast table, where they partook of a hearty meal. The "blue boys" were apparently en joying themselves finely, they did not seem to be daunted or discouraged in the least, with the intelligence of the sad disaster that had so lately befallen their eomradea at the massacre of Ft PHlow. ™lusit.n m(in 8 rera»rV*' Co1 vluent mnd t0 the Ft •our eomm«nlty *rPat of fauU ^i,h of thft »bo™. tht the writer a b*,ierer ne*ro and ^ua!5^ 5 but ,uch U there is one thing quite oer-, W a large number of such be­ Hevers here in the army. The fate of un And friendfl. L~ ,- equality, or negro voting, far from it, but we 'Government wants men, not commutation f, .. do claim that they should at least be allowed money.— Chicago Tribune. would further say to- itl sveh nice that we do nok be,ieTe in ne^° l4 I the same privilege as traitors and rebels.— utrait()rR nights Qne to han^d, anr] damned -, dem.gog,loll brief bllt pasging notice. If there yet remains (and I doubt not but there does) any person that yet indulges in the vain hope of still opposing a further prosecution of the war, I would address (hem jn the langllase of a departed states. I^entiments in the solitude of his breast, or breathe it only in confidence of friendship, or let him banish from his lips the hypoc risy of the demagogue, equally deceitful and degraded. With smooth AlMimwlatlon drilled In grace. A davll'a purpose with as angel's face-" As for news concerning the movements rf this army, it will be needless for me at this date to attempt to give you a history of the many maneuvers and movements of the ar my since the advance was commenced from Chattanooga. Your readers are accquainted with the history of the movements of Sher man and his irrepressible army up to tho present date, as well as I am, and I oan as* I Jure them, that they need not have any fear whatever as to the results of the future. Forty days and forty nights did a descend* fn« dduSe of rain continue to pour upon Noah and his family, but a longer period of time than that has Sherman beeo pouring a rain of shot and shell into the ranks of Jo# Johnston's rebel army causing him to evacu ate a number of strong positions, pronounced by military men very formidable and almost impregnable. Sherman's army numbers while that of Johnaton nearly an'eqaa! #r# ,on 1 bo*" 10 entrenched, and by tank movements caused the rebel forces to n*\e the attack, and in every single rhwge hey were repulsed and sometimes drive# btfond their own. en trenchments wfth itntnenae si a tighter on their part, and inflicting but slight losses on our army. Our casualties tip to this wri ting in killed and wounded will not exceed ten thou«.ind men, while that of the rebels has been more than double that of our*. Several night attacks haro been made, one kicPh ,' T" hi which the "Qlff Second'1 participated^ apd Johusorv for ^Presidents.this com The scene was on* of fnt4, Arnage and'ex- falL eitement. At the hour of midnight the reb els massed their forces and attempted to RVR" h.nd«oo.ely report .long ,he'who!, I *'W The enemy 6«4 in confusion, P,rt ard the bursting of the shells from the inon- sbr Hold guns, at time& iltamined tho whole dred an^ ten miles south of ChattaiviOgi The gfnera) health of the amy is very good, anp the tro^vs Itave the utmost .eon: ftdence o»r comimndins Generaf*. There is no diversion of opinion among the men, but a unanimity of feeling exists that will not admit of even the thoughts of are enabled by their aspirations to liberate} defeat, the country over which we have ""j" ^st- Br(™ reP,ied in "br fee!in^ ef *d'lrefiS- Shortly af- Uhl»ck hlue boys" march- W*?n* dePot' of w»r Perh*?n head for the 8om# of frUnd* rwMln* ,n been fighting is a hilly, mountainous one, and is almost destitute of vegetation of aM kinds. The traveller would say. from pres ent appearances, that the Usunnv Our troops are. araduilly advancing and the rebels are slowly falling back though Grant, whose invincible columns seem to be menacing the rebel capital, which will soon have to yield to the dictates of an "Uncon ditional Surrender." We have as yet received but tittle news CAMP Now we do not propoS6 to exercise such authority over a race of peo ple that have never rebelled, but will con* d*ict our energies for the freedom, emanci pation and best interests of the negro race, the 8U|,preg,5on 0f rebellion, the punish- of tf, enem{es t# the tf0verniIHmtt and the restoration of the Union, based upon the principles of Freedom and Liberty. In speaking of the political issues, that seem to divide an almost demoralized and distracted people, I cannot possibly fail to give that old defunct party faction of politi* 7th onlv have two the oth^r to I TIam­ ber, but the superior generalship of General Sherman, and the unparalleled aots of bravery of hs men, over that of Johnston tnd his rebellious army, has eaused him to abandon a space of territory over sixty mBss in width. n°W U at?5°rd mOHt tj,e to *ou —..., from the North concerning the nomination of 'ovrard REG. IOWA INFANTRY,") In the Field near Bio SHANTY, 6a., June 22, '64F ji EDITOR COURIER: Perhaps it would Interest some of the many readers of your colniftris to hear of the whereabonts of the 7th once more. Since we left Keokuk February 27th we have realized some of the realities of the soldiers lite.— We came to Prospect. Tenn., where we tarried on duty until the t7th of April, when we started on this grand campaign through the Southern Con. federacy. Now if I could give full details of this campaign it would be too tedious for the reader, as well as the writer. I think it doubtful if ev­ er the pen can give it justice. The regiment has been in one engage ment and several skirmishes, in which she has sustained a loss ot seventy five killed and wounded. The loss of Company F. is as follows. Cyrus S Buckner, killed in action May 15th, Win. Litsey, died cf wounds May Sid, Thomas N Long died of wounds June 3d Daniel Stocker, slightly wounded. There is but very little Atokness in the regiment when we oonsid^r the exposure we have en. dured. The boys are all in fine spirits and confident of success. We are getting ohecriag news from Gen, Grant, and there may be something good looked for from this Department soon. am sitting under the thund eriog sound of the cannou that is car rying death in the Rebel ranks. The Rebel Lieut. Gen. Polk was instant ly killed by a shot from one of our cannon while riding along their lines. Johnson has been completely ouU generaled by Sherman. Thev are making a stand along the Chata hooche River on a range of moun tains about 25 miles from Atlanta.— They are very stubborn and fight Kke h—4. But they have found the Yanks too much for them and have to fall back. I At1anta' mnd lhe aPit' ulation of this rebel stronghold, which is of Iflr. Veaseuduu Apecpli. vital importaws *.o the eoemy, it being tha N*W July 5.—The Tribune say« imprUnt railroad aowwuniwt.on fu confederacy. u a dutias. iMii'a past opvratkxia ha baa advancM aad remarkable feet, that duringSher- was diverted the other day as we were on the march at an old lady who had been standing in her dooryard for some time watching the Yanks paps, when she exclaimed, The general lay ot line of forage. The get this country fi liigh ainfc rolling and very rocky ntld ns usuifcl the more 1[ see of tbft South, the worse U*te it^_ It ii tery Well #atered, having raiiMHl almost day and night for the liut ten day*. ITjie wWthof is prettyJjjrarm. but not hot. mT OW" of these night attacks was made on our right, heavy, sombre efemd» were gathered in the skv, and as night closed around the strug gling foem n, a storm broke equal in fury to that which raged in the forest, and though the pelting rain drenched the combatants, thi angry howl and roll of musketry did not su)side, the fightinsj continued far into the Dear'Father and Mother: i nijbt the blaze of the rattling musketry, 1 The hoys of the 7th and I think of the whole army are united on Abe I saw Governor Johnston wintej. jfl |h^ Houge ftt i»«*»!«•, and I think he is a man 1,eirt Tlwre is ono ,he killed and wounied In ow possession. It forward to the 24th of'July when certainly was one of the wilijest scenes that they will be called tip to Settle ac I ever witnessed, the whistling of bullets, the conntA With Tfnole Sam and depart whizzing of solid shot, the screaming of in peace to their native homes and shells and the veiling of the combatants al'' friends. combined forn»d of »ight, ™Wi,h tK« .bov. Md oWigt sounds that is impossible for me to describe, I. w. but row night* Rince, th.t .nnthe, '«*.Ca,R Repmeilt tilSt l'« looking P* Uif tXvit I PrHB the Prisoners ol the 36th The following letter was received last I week by the parents of the writers, ft will I be interest**? those who have fNec)* and relations iif the 34th lows.: TVLSH, e r**0i- n®nth. lite. I of April between Camdon and Pine Bluff.— Sherman's army is divided into 'hreede- jlThe rebels treat us very well. Wm. and part'nepts, viz:—"Department of the Ohio," 1 Tjesley, G. Hale, Hale, If: Hale, commaadcd by Sichoftald, "Department of Themas and Jesse B. Skirner, W. W. and* thi Cumberland." by Thomas, Department R- Jackson, KTd Carson, J. II. Thompson,, of the Tenne^ee,*4 by McPlierson. Other An mack, F. W. R«wchke, R. O. I/per s»hordinate (Jonerals of the anny are, Hook i Fred Campbell, Jos. Bevin, Ike Matthews et, Hojrard, Logan, iPabner, Do'd»e and "n^ llenry Slasjlo: If you write dieeot te others McPherson aiwt Hooker re great Military prirfort Tyler, Texas. ftvoritea of the nrmv, firm and inflexible of will, amid dangers brave and. fearles-i, they prssess that char in their impetuous tnan' n thai thrills and imbues others with the srme ardent confidence that inspires Them selves, and will not admit defeat eteaamoag its contingencies. W. and J. LESr*ETVT Hfrilp rrii :uif fme t! tvv ®f .WTAST GSNMAL'S OFFri^r At present we are encamped near "Big service will report to thisnffiee with of four yairfs in length unde^ her water Shanty.'* Georgia, a Mnall town situated on *heir 4etkrflttiehts O*1'!or before July 8th, works, whert she tngan to *ink rapidly, the Chattanooga «fc Atlanta R. R. one hun- 1®®*- n,4t one hundred days service will report in per-'!* son at this office .Tulj^ Rth, 1864. ^°n ITT. All persons who tiavd ihfistefl'for J°' (l*yR he aiTestcd South, the Imperial South, the aristocratic South, the land of fair women and brave men," is gt*t» ting to b« ir. a dilapidated and demoralized condition. 19 stubbornly contesting every inch of ground i ^T7^T1, they lose. |tb'* evening from Gen. Sherman, giving the We are' in receipt of cheerin news from "R 'l«serters. I V. Persons regularly enlisted and need ing transporh»tintv will apply at onee*tothis office, st a tine route to be travelled. Byomfor-tff Commander-V.^hi'f. N. BAKER,hn# i Adj"utant GcnenMof lo^iw ia. ,.? i:-- ".'iiWsr Bulletins WXN DRPAUTMKNT, WASHIXOTO*. JULY 3," in-—^ resuIt of the 0*n. Z*ar-The (blowing- tcfr- date'^ to day. Marietta, was re wived flankinS 1 re8s 8ome Thomas is moving down the mtin road l'10 Alraham Linooln for re election to the next i toward the »uth of Nicka^ack, on the ou h.-ink» and i^nws Y,t Presidency. "Old Abe" is a favorite of the Sandtown army, and we are all going to support him! treme flanks. at the ballot box, and if necessary fhe ear- Whether the' enemy will halt tbi^ al lM tridge box, with the assurance of his re-elec- (he tion and whom I trust we may hail as the leno'wn. next President of the United States. Mar.etta is aim »st entYreTy' 'abandoned of I will now close by affixing S.'lfc* inhabitants From Ihe 7th Iowa Infantry. ChattahooehlS |Sr will soon be Mnro than a mile of railroad hron has been removed between town and the foot: Expense aceowit. of Kenessw. J. B. PIKII», Cash. A dispatch from G^n. Grant's hea dquar ters, dated 9 o'clock in the tnornintr, gives, the following results of Gen. Wilson.s opr. rations: Sixty miles of lUiili-oad were thor oughly destroyed. The Dinvillc road. Gen. Wil«on reports, could not be repaired in less than 40 days. ev#n if all the tr.nUrin were on hand. He destroyed all black smith shops where rails might be Straitened, and ail mills wher? seJMHJin2l jfo «de«per» could be aawed. Gen. Wilson brought in about four hun dred negroes, and many h:»rs^s and mules gathered by his force. He reports the reb- eis slaughtered Without mercy all the ne- groes they took. Wilson's loss of property is a small wag on train, used to carry amunition. His ambulance train, artillery, horses and wag ons were generally brought off. Of the cannon, two were removed from the carria ges, the wheels of which being broken, and thrown into water. An other gun had been disabled by a rebel shot, breaking it s. truncions, before it was abandoned. He estimates his total loss at fr 700 to 1000 men, including those loit frjiu K»utzV division, The rebel forces made, their appearance uear Martinsburg this morning and were at last accounts destroying the rail road and retreating to Martinxburg. The reports received as yet are too eon fused and couilictiog to determine the mag nitude of the force or the extent of its op eration. (Signed.). PHII.AJ»*LPHIA, UMOK.—Unite I do wouder it you uns all have mamas. The citizens have nearly all fled for safety before the army. Our army hat swept every Uiing before it iu the K. M- STANTOS, e». j|ecreUry of War, Fire Enyine to the Army of the Potomac. July your good floor with I). B. DeliSnd k Co.'s Chetnimil Saleratut if you want extra bread, btscutl and pastry of aU kinds. United they rise, divided they fall, There were 70,000 letters re eel red, stamped air! mailed at tbe !fahyilie puAt tfficeoe Vtida/ iH^nt LATER FROM KUROTE. Petfi-ral' in«hAat Kill lei the Pirn to Alnbliilll* *w YOWL u .No one Texas, May 89,'ISM. ir® we" *od have our health first arrived here on the 15th of this' We were taken prisoner* the 25»lv twas JtiW^d and HS opetatiOhs In prog d*-v* haOk. The movement on our righf rau^cH the enemy to evacuate. We occnpii Ivenesaw at daylight, and Mirlett-% at 8:S0 A. M. lost nine •«p Jui$*5. —The steamer Baltimore wrived ihte morning. Tfa|jiiralevV!ub«nttn left ChprKmirtr on tl^J' 1 JWth'iilt, ^.ctijjagtv the K»nrsHge, and at tacked lnV\en inWfs from Cherbourg. We engagement lasTwd-en hour and forty min ute*. Both vessel* mad* fev-n complete LATBST ThefHwoT^rWnKrfSmft'ieTtctf yesterday accomplished notMrtff. Tllc^phip ositloiV fcr nrWtration was ^oted. 'Ftie Conferen«) vras recanlwd 'rt-i in frtilur^. ft is Siipfjosefl that hostilities will recom mence on the 2Tth of Juno. It is stated thtft the Kitarsig* captitted ^d ef the officers and crew of tho Alabama. Scmmcs (iHblifrtits a stst^nvont fai :which IWA 1 'rAirrE1iT.Y STATEMv3t of the Plfst Xattonal itHii'lt' Ottamw^,' JulyUl, TWRHIT|X8. Chattohoochie, an 1 McPherson Capital stock paWMn ... .V. .#ja*'^ fa Cli-OuUtlnu Exfrluujys.atitl interest .. *i?0 II ,'H it road, and our cavalry on the cx- 5«co«utio„... .... .owi-no 1 -j 8. 1 ,. Refore leaving Cherbourg, he left sitty *fL*?v and Staff Rcroas tl nnlv .three seamen^ Ayre \V'IT slightly wounded on the Koarsaget She landed th» woun^ed at Cherbourg, The fe««el sustaiived hut little injwy,t. Amines declined a ptibiic dinner a.t §v|ith« ampton. and went to Patys to repwt to, the Confeder^'Cominissionpr. .. Three «f Ihe Alabama's offtcors and six of her crew Inn ted at Cht-rbourg from a French boat also sceval'from the' British ship Acton. Willed antf tircntv wounded. He also^es that the Kear. sige continued firing after .'the "Alabama «tfWrk her flag. 1 Mare about Hie AlaftnnsaJ/, NEW YORK, .hriv 5 —The Paris 6nrrcs pomlent of tho London Ghhs says trie Ala lvm\H matVe two attacks to b»ard the Keai^i Kage, t»UC h^r commanJK-^ tMitmanedvered m+8 i» Kemmes. and finnily senP a*projectile "fight thmi fl0 AlahamaM»»Her Df.venpoit, June 29th, 1804i. i ." „.. what ocetinod. he brdmjht rtll his guos to flewtal Orders No. 19. ^tr 0n tlre in I. All recruiting oflflirers for one hundred sidt? from the stsrb^Srd. and made a hi^tch then, seeinaj hriwd —,1 ~T~~ZC.' .T. ZT*" II. Allper.««,hnh,e.-.nli,.^ror th(j" jr-E.«N WASHINGTON, July 2.—Mr. rel»orl«d. fir service and do not* obey these or- tho Sonate Uill provid 1,16 «lleotiiijr-^nd the one hundrdtfiiys service, atid who have jur*d und abandoned' property iiltli 30H3 ,ST.p joined some reg?m«.nt fo» the one hun-! it»snrrectii»nnry districts. nnl prevent: n il« of clpf. iiif? and punishing of frauds. The bill passed. "1 '*vS Hbm. ^clliiyler" Colfav" Hiis^ 'fit»en nominated for re-election, t/ Con^e^.s from the 0th District, Indiana. July 4 —N«» scenes of i iftsroputab'e ch.v» scter,. ^n .-{is. tho,^. la loiwr t?o.»grt»»w»,rt|scI, Jasi, .ayjjlit'i preceding*, I(t woiild saoqi (troip CAn ,p-ess liaw. edjiMwrwd. 1f i(1j HI 111 I ''H—.InlV reh, hv Rev. II. A Inr, Mr. U M. It. COUYTISS and MM MXHTIIA JL, BUA.VDKN'H^il'fi, ltli ofOtUimwa. R.Hoksii'IK^XI, PfeK HOX -HOI.DKU8 IK THE i OTTUMWA POST OPMCK. i [Extract from Hevised Laws of the Post OHice le panment. HSS.] i Sac. 5. A id It fu '-tfiff enartn!, Th.V n« tnsil matter chall he delivered the pora-masler antit postsfre due thereon shnll have heen paid: »nd fiij* .tK-mut.i,,rn tii. i w e i v BOODS, KEROSEHi 4c IttlXT i njUiw -,J, .. L-Jwif,** At1 rArttmf tWKver? miMe warranWri: hr rtutfi' Ottuiuwa, J«ne iO,18W-lW* «S»fiaR') UUKVKNUE. NITED STATMSS-'-ItKTTKHWAL AsiKSnoa'S OKKICK, PoraTii OUuinwa, June 80, H64-i!w DISTKIOT, IOWA, KTTF.RS REMAINING U!t- l" ,i,e UlUii) by ''^OiR^aat ottuuiwa, Stat«et Iuwn. *I.v isfrf. f*: To obtaiH an? r( th 'se letters the applicant miw ll'fir r%',n JvUem,' (rive the dale ef tlilq li-'ard uy orin qent fcr advertising. "If not ciJInl ft»r witW'i one month, to the D«a,l LetterOne. I'SDEMVEliV of letwt.* htf v# JS fi te circles in maneuvering at a distance of from should i.e murked, in the lower lett-hand corner, wHil a quarter tohalf a mile. Tho Alabama W'R 1lfft-)iii chronometers, his spicic anJ tansom bonds ths-tio« win .yjjiipUeii wuiiat thejunuai i P»td rate of posture, pavahl-? when the letter l» tqers. t,,•/ A»tfee 5'hoenix ri -eR JfW 07 1 fy«nn« and tlisconnta •fS.Tii? IS **i% Due from other lianks I7,I:I7 '. Remittances A other cash ItcrrtVs 1?,704 0T U. ft. b--nds wi'li Trcaa. U.S. »0 ..JL, I*. S. Ixinds on hand ta.JWl 10 i Other U, securities,... SO.Oim ih) Specie «,4rt| -jo Ooverntnent. NationailMxi^State- '*«. \4tl l.n HI i l»«iL sytts: Bank Note*.,. i vn BOX nt anii flirt, nhnll he askifmed to the ae »t au.v person titfU thereat t/tt re /or Ufttl/otti nil! for at tfnxtnne qHnrter. The attention of person-! recuivinfr »»*U waiter 1 and using hoxes at this ottlre, Is re.|.f "tfully called to the above extract, ind will oonfrr a .favor by tUirir JIJIU •piXWAUE •FACTORS ft tic iv? i ». WASUBliRK* '.*if I te ". Vaoat Vrafev, -Q'i'TU A .• o-'! ii-. y prepawd le AM all or dor* C*f f, COfPER, Tt« AND fRltt I lowa Oity. Iowa, June i^St file wnderaifoeil, Aaaea*or ef the 4th District of the State o Iowa, In pursuance nf St utluii l.", a l.nw entitled "An act to provide Internal Revenue, HIU! to support the (lovernmeni, and to pay interest. f»n the Puhllc I»eb1," hereby adver Hes all permui-i ro*. cerned thnt the iiaU, valit.ttlofMt and *i|iui)ern«ini,s made and tulten bv th^ Aasi-«ta:it Asaessur witliin tlie county of Wapello iq aaid 4tt) District, may he examined on the With lav nf June, 1-fU, a* the offlre ofj. T. Hirlcworth, In Ottumwa, eeuntv aforeKHiii, aud Unit said ll^ts will rainain open at aaid otflcc for the space of fifteen days. Notice l.-taUo hereby ||ven tl«iU un the 36Ui ilay of July, l^ftl, al i o'clouk P. M. at lit e o Ifice of J. T. Hackworth, Ottunnva,within aid coaoty of Wapello an i after the eajiiration of said fifteen d*.\s, iipptfnJ* In writing will be received an«i determined relative La IQJT 2.—With the oonsent of Gen. Ursnt, tbe Christian Commission has sent to City Point, from Baltimore, steam fire engine No. *, for tbe .purpose of forcing w«lpr from tho James River to the hospital, a distance of one mile from tbe river. Some of the haapitais are located at such a distance from the river as to cause great difficulty in obtaining water for the pa tieots. Several thmfand fe- of hose were also sent frith the engine. Wesley Shaw, assistant e*gine«r of the Baltimore Fire Department, Mike Dunn, the engineer, and James Hsll. the assistant engineer of Vo, 4, accompanied the engine, erroneous orexeesalve v iluatiom or eauiuer ations by Ihe said AssUiant Asxe^sor. OKOUQK II. JKUOM K, Assessor for tli* 111* DUtrict uf lujia. June Srt, lBSt-SSw .• •¥t tr*' rB'V,a J^EGAL NOTICE. Mr. O. Prang, er C. Pnany, of Marenworth, Kan •as, slopped at the Jefferson House, in tfci* eitjr, aa the ITth day of Warfh last. wTTJ tate iiotTce t^at leas h»«»ns within tun days after the palillcailoii ot this notice, to settle hii bill and take possession o hJa horse (left at Uie JeifersKii lty i»» stable on said 17tl) of March) said horse will lie sold at public anc tlou in Uila city, and the tnnaey appropriated ia payment of his said bl)li balance, if any. will b( •abject to bis order. JOHN 8T! l,I,W»XL, I'roiirictuj-Jotfar» ji J4«ase. UNDERTAKER. Tfce undrrsitfni would Inform the eitistoa of Ot tl|inwa ajjil that lie is now manufacturing, aiul wtti kat-p ccoatactly on hand CV*'*'iH6. *4*1$ kipds ao4 a good A lUMNKt:/ he is prepared to attend to all calU Shop en rerner of 4»rt and Second etreeta»i,e side Uje ConereKational ch-rcb. i JoneV Iw-Siil F. HASLAHJII, yACl-TXE m'aTTEU- VTarrsnteil freeli ao^ptire, kept r»n«txntlv an hand aaSfor ^jlsrshMsllH. the* WtH carrier*, 0iliyrrinif 'r DlftF'c it tft# ow»itri|fi ili*«.-,ni Urffe tovftli, St Q], rules l"tl.-rs r»i i »he treut and D14SK well fts ""i 'Mllde «rif| 3t«te. ,*!? ''RA'i 1 '"HJ* with th n iii' v's ]nnt, oJHct •^'Wi nt/ tti siitl nitft»*#»•, *igt» them |»liilulv"with Ml and request tliai ansyerg be directed accord* ingly. "8. Letter* to strangers or transient visitor* ins town or city, trhote special address may bennltnoteii, ^"Tr*h»iip»'t-'' o ... i, fv ,th« riifkt sunk. oeinmes nnn part orb'S crew were corner, Xwl Uart spare betWeeri the stump wn4 •wMr M».a*UK»Mk* "I™" s t«^ly W(Mindn2 in t|icihand "Si. —A ^FtjL'EST for tlm RE tht«rr, i l| iiltini within KTl'KN of n]ett»*i*t« SP Hn\s or le-s, rtt- "'*A —1 ml t-inl ttf l)i« eiM lope. Itvered to lue #rtttfr.^»ek. .'i, ta# o I !««•.** 2 OB pre* de- Jtifol) Butler E \ABlton-Johw V\'i V. Coffey u tba -«j j(H"'iiw:ot| .|nhn 2 Colby. 1} li4 ltiehardson. John Chambers 4$t«TeoV fthrtfd.x W Djile^J i \t yt Fuirehild W. J....... j$«ii«flVr T. J. W 3 1 Ql^nn»Wto• Vnn.-ickel Rfhetca tfcCoeo WesTe^**'"* Ynu 0' iliur W«i ifm-TAVilsoti Lucy A Mr* Millif ^•^Viiliams Hattu T"15'f i k'k AT A MWI Si E HI CAN TEl At tli. ir (HKani*»IJon tnt»uJil to do a ctrii-i|r TJv\ hut aw tlii'v KnV aom# «cu*lni»-r* Wished lo he supplied from tu.-.t liauit» villi C'oflee, as wHT Ait Pa'rS.iwil i liel pwa Timt pos^i ia ?d of i i:J. rjiiaUuii relative lo n Coiree v. iiicli c-oilld be fnrnishcil at »i mrtd^i'Mte price ami isl ve irni^tsr sal e they !wive aiMed a, n xe roaxtiBf appuiftli -i t" tiirii i^tHbli-ihineuk aud Kivea lnige orders, for Importation Tt,i« coffee, ia eat led I lie "IJfi*aKb. B*c.Akfiist »nd' nbiuer rolTv.'.'" Coffee dealers w111re^t-! ve fail purliculMrx in a circular let* ter tiy sm,din/t ttjeU'«ddn to the Gl!F.\T AMLI'.IC.W TEA COMPANY, O W I I V fine ttu sTAKi) i E\E\tEEi Cllicag') T3i'iinoh.v Gririii'fy and Prcifision Stare, M. HEINRICH & CO., trtld •. •.'/ v I r?i Successor* to 0:H-Ttt.-"1 We wr.nld rrtp^rtfiiti.r arjvmnce to tlie citlsews WapelluHixi »uirounding•:Qupties Uiat having pur chased fd nd, we Jvate* opened a branch of our Chicago stove wUera we »re caa»tinti receiving, largt Kupplt^ Of i vuocUKI, RIRO\ ISIONM, a tvoom KINWAUK, wfck K, ftow-aMt farilitlfa, me are i-nalded l«»ol| .ia U» laosfertNuioaiible U:r(H». We W4old tlifrer«re so il. M. lll.lMtK'll & Ct^. RS .3TAH WIN please jvoJlicje^hat we lny ivory. flkSOttlltlM »f Produce. Iteiiieui|er"ttie pt lce, C. Knti s old itsBilj Chlutrfwf, hlwh', Miy 2ti, 1SM-.1U K tr IK. ^RIGHT'S J), 1TTA Rejuvenating Elixir! Or, ESSENCE OF LIFE. ^ttpared from Pare Vegetable £xtraets,.eesu nir-'-g aothing injurious to the most delicate# Si 1 K.KW AD^EUTISEAIK^T^. W from he ashes ofitS fire,", animated wilb new life"—so does this Elixir (eiuvenate the system and overcome disease. nVTliu rejuvenating Eli\lr in tti«' rettilt of modora discoveries In the vegetable kingdom being aneo- Ureljr new HUCIalmtract medioS of rare, Irrespective of all tbe old and worn-uut nVKtem?. IW lit« tnodiolne lia» boen te."tei by the most enl- oent men of tbe day, and ty tliam pronounced' to t)e one of the greatest medic il discoveries of tho* age. i.iift-4 OT Oue bottle will euro irenenl Debility. %M~ A lew dosea cares !!ys.t(-rtcs lti femalej^ Pf" Ono bottle enrea PH4( Itatlon of tbe Heasik PIT 1 Mni ore 10 three boittcs restbrea tha maall nc»K «nd full vipor of voulb. w A few di »ef reton *the appetite. fiir'Three bottles cure the worst cane Of ImpetUSC?. A few ilosee cures Ihe low spirited. Of Oue bottle reslor am 'ntal power. pf" A lew doBim bnoe tlie ro=e to the cheek. fcWIhl- u»wti lua restores to m*nly rwor and ro« bjft bculiU M« poor debilitated, worn-down and de,» i^Ulrirg. %3f~ The lUtk»a, enervattd yonth, the over-t»ske4 of tiuxa-wie, the victim of nervon* dcpresnloni, the tndKhhml nutri'rint (him (rnerul debility, will al) 1liri ito&udlutc and- pormai ent relief by the use of Ud« KTxir of EsgcJice of Llfe^ t3f 1'Hce. tt per bottle or three bottlea for $5, and forwarded by Kvprees.on receipt of money, to any adi'reff. •II »Meh or '.i ea must be sent to V. A. COOK. Chlw C»F° onr Oeneral Agent for tho Weet. P.O. Box H524. Sold In Chicajio. by Pl'l.I.l-R. TINCH A F0LLEII, .Whple»H)e Drurglhte.aiul by all Drn?gltiisevei y.vhere, O. A. COOK, tii in A oo, Qtaeral Aeent tor th* S'nteg of llliDol* Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan a^} T'u I State. A*»|r fn DR. w. r. mcitw&i* «*me, tuu Pl» WTpae jpo'o^O'Se-tfhrrtv etreet, Now TorJc. CHEROKEE ILLS I 8UOA& Feeiale COATED. KegnUter. H«aitl1^.-PrfiserTer. CEBTAIH AJTD SAFE. tm the Bemoval of Obstructions, and the la* surface of Regularity in tbe Becnmaee of the Moutiily Period*. they care or obviate tfea6 avmroua diseaaaa that spring from irregularity, by removing the lrres Ularlty iiscif. Ir They care 8upprts»ed. KXC«S«1T« and fainfsi Mfpttrnatiop. '. fir- They core firm Slcknesa(Chtoroftes' W 1 hey enre Nervous aud Spinal Alfections. pnlilS in the back, and lower purts of (lie body, HeavinesS| FaWKis on sllfbt evirilon, Palpitation of thr Heart, Low Less oi Spirits, Hysteria, Sick UaadaOtie, GldtS Dees etc., etc. in a word, b/ removing the Irregu larity, tbey remove the caoae, and with It ALL tha efects that spnoK iVoip it. WT* Composed of ainjpie vegetable extracts, t:iey cositrtn nothing delete] ions to any congtitullon, bow •T*r delicate, their faix'lun being to substitute st^engtii lor v, wUlcli, when properly u»edL ttsfy never l»il tode. |V Ttiey imiy be nately used at any ags, ^ad at aoW period, KxotrT nuaiMt. Tua yigm thbm MOVTB£ Sarlug which tbe unfailing nature of their acfioa would infallibly raivxMT prrjiuancy. IWAII Utters seektne liiloruiatlon or advice wll) be promptly, ireely aud discreetly answered. CW Viiil dlrtcUoDsaeoompany each box. CT Price $1 per boi, or hit boxes for SC. W* Sent by mail, free of pottage, on rvectpt o| An A. cago, our Oeneral Agent for the Weat. P.O. Box VS2-| Sold in Chloago, by FULLER. VIRCH A rt LUdgi. W|iuleaal«PruKgUta,aiMlhy all IirrnxglstaeTeeyvtiera. C. A ooo UHCAGO, *1 '»«. W. «. KESWIS U CO., •, ious'PW}Pwarots. Ko. 58 Ubiety gt, H|p^t«gkf Sold In Olmaiwn by Dr. W. B. COWAN. June SS», W jitS y ,UJl^63 lLCiil't iri, from totetr ICi CHKAil bALOO^ •J_i: 'J .« /, •*. TTie tinlersipneif lfai fttfed up an lM Cre.ini iooti on Second street, eppoaite the St. I'liarles Hg, tel. where they will he ready at all time# to wait ho«e who ni iv favnr them with raS l/emnnaila tamiahednn short uotlce. W. V. (1KRI.ACII, Jane i, l«#l Sir OTTO FttAINBfKG.

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