Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier, July 7, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier dated July 7, 1864 Page 3
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•t 'I mt&mm Yh 4 THE OTTUMWA COURIER. QTIUMWA, •4 July 7,1864 jooaland Miscellaneous Blank Dkkds and Mortgages. Justpria. cd and for sale at the Courier rstand, Offlcc. Pensions Boumty asd Back Pay, prompt |y obta'ned by E. II. STILES. Oflice overC. Warden's Store. Celebration or rng Fourth.—The Fourth was observed, this city, in numerous ways, as best sui'ed the tastes of thn people. Although there were no genaral celebration, the public generally seemed to regard the day as one of National honor. Our mer chants and business men kept c'osed doors until the evening, in order that they and their employees might join with the rest in looking round. The only exercises on the part of the citizens here was the Catholic, PicNic. For the short tirtie they had in making preparations, it was creditable to tli»t portion of the community. They se cured the servicfes of the Keokuk Brass Uiinl and made other arrangements for the occasion. About noon a procession was formed ami marcJv to a prove north of own, where they had erected a speaker's and al,so tables to dispose of the del icacies and refreshments they had gathered, for the benefit of their churc'i. arriving the order of exercises were an nounced. E. L. Burton, E-cj, read the Declaration ot Independence, in a style that only himself was capable of doing, after which ljon. E. II Stiles delivered an Ora tion. He was li tenud to attentively by a large portion of the crowd, and his speech was able, interesting and patriotic, liying before his ht-arers the condition of our coun try, and exhorting them as good citiz-ns to? do their duty towards their Government,1 And to stand by it to the last. Everything, so far as we cimMi&Am, pifwetl off quietly and satisfactory. P,ido„r«i,y.v»it. wetks ago they propose.! to visit our city on the Fotnth, und his Honor Mayor McFar tin called a special meeting of the city coutv cil to see what arrangements could be made to receive them. The eotmcil concluded that they -jould not affotd at this time to assist in entertaining them, and a* tlie citi. jtens fcemed to take no interest in the ina'» ter, the Mayor was compelled to notify the '^"Firemen of the fact. Some one or tw» of citizens, one of which was Pttter Rallingall, Of the Rope. .lolermlnM tint if i our city omild iv»t entertain the Firemen of Keokuk, he himself could, and accordingly an invitation to them, which they ac n,.:i Ctptea. The city council did, however, at-! Ton much praise cannot !e l»estowed or r4,,W„Mr. Peter Ballinpall f»r 1.1k liberality on this oc .vfcntedl0 *asion. Iliv enterprise nnH tetierosiiy shoultl £'rt: JL. Spuiluck, L. Winder*. A. Irvin. to onade had on (hose Who drank too much. The "figlitinj propensities riz" to the high- a*t, the rwmlt of which enquire of those who Jane 33 '$4 4w bad a dry itivoitle, Ac., 4c.. n«**t inornir.e. mornil'g. I be {teneial optHton this feat-on. Wheat end corn looks very well. Kw Cool.—These h«t, noltry days a pood cool glass of Lemonade is refreshing, and the place to get one is at Or*njjer's, «nttk« smm( where Bob is alwayv reaify to "fixthenj iip" in I he right shape. trartuest day this numtiier LMt night we had another Una r»itj, which hag cooled the sir insiders blei H,«^ol«ilioiiN pa«»ed by Kfiftirf* aille Council No. 313. Retained, That the action of the Cleve land convention, seeking to divide thu Union party in this time of national trouble, to be pnwise and criminal, and its candidates are poi worthy of {h# support of 'oyal men. Mtnohed, ffftt we arc in favor of pros- ni^*i|t,A' Fairbanks' Scales.—About thirty-five' years ago, the- Messrs. Faifbarfks invented and begun making platform Scales, which effected a complete change in theTiianner of doing such business as requires weighing, and without which it would be impossible to do the present immense auMM»t of busi ness in the country. Since then they have given their constant personal attention to the business, making all such improvements •tnd adding such modifications as their ex* perience has shown to be desirable. During this time many other kinds of scales have een invented, and more or less tried by the uhlic, and mainly thrown aside, while |he usiness of*the Messrs. Fairbanks has st ad* y increased from year to year, their scales Ow standing higher in public estimation, and their gale* being very much larger than ever before. This shows very strongly the excellence aiw} durability of Fairbanks* Scales. P. T. Barmt and the America* Museum. For twenty-eight successive years P, T. B.vitsrm. has been a caterer for public amuse ment and instruction the last twenty-two years having been devoted to the manage ment of the American Museum. The daily expenses of the Museum during the first months of his management were only $40( being at the rate of $12, 520 per annum.— Its daily expenses as we are creditably io formed, are at the present time $576, ot Soon after $180,288 per annum. Notwithstanding this almost fabulous increase in its expense* of $535 each day, or $107,708 each year, the price of admission to the entire Museum and dramatic performances (except a small extra charge for front seats) has always been THE SAME, vis ONLY 25 CENTS Mr. Barncm attends personally to the management of his Museum, and beyond all question he is the most popular and success ful manager of the present ajje. J.W.DIXON, ATTORNEY AT LAV*r Ottumwa, Iowa. 1 Thk Kbokvk Firemen.—As announced hi our paper last week, two companies, the »", LOCAL NOTICES. Union Engine and Young America Homn V,"'V*.'A^V^'YiV Oflice next doqr to 8** 4 QUI* man's Clothing Store, Front Street. Will practice In Wapello and adjoining oountleo. Bounty, back pay, and Pensions procured. No charge unless successful. June il. 1841. S«»,w.|D» WIIAIAMSON A THRALL (Hare remnei the partnership formerly existing) Oflice on Second street, betfftoq Ifarkft ml Ceftrt. J. C. HINSEY, M. D. gVOffice with ftl. J. William*, Esq. On the Muff, north of thf Cpprt House. April \m agency. CL About 12 the train*-riv«d witb the above companies and iheir carriages, accompanied by a bras band. They fnimed in procession and matched thiougli the princijia] street-, after which they visited the pic nic, taking the Hose can iape with them. Returning ia the evening, they took their Engine to the river in nider to tive our citizens a chance to see the "rrersbeen" good sty'e Th»»y areflne, quiet and gen tlemanly fel!«»ws, and Keokuk can well be proud of her firemen. They remained over night returning home on the 9 o'clock train next morning, we hope wellp!eased with the \*7"KIGHT'S RKJlr VJCNATING •p|earan ce of our city. I V V KI.IXIK— Let not despondency any lonpr be I)« example hereafter to both our citvf tlii- day will not do it, hut before von give up the Soldiers, and the widows and heirs of soldiers are notified that 1 am noting aa a licensed claim agent. For procuring Pensions, Bounties, Back Pay and all •WML f.of Pftjje h, John S. Doimer, Local Editor of you«e}f irom the "slouch of desrair," be induced, even though It may he at the eleventh hour, totiy the Ket'kuk ConHtitvtion. Mr. I), ia an I Its soothing influence. Sold all all respectabla ., ,. drujigiits throughout the United Statca uusl *blewtiU*r, and we believe geUup«?gnnd local column f.»r his paper The following pera«ti« arc notified that ^TH) CLK.Mt THE IIOlrSK OF for tbwn .t theswre of C. C. WaMlen, which they »leaso call and i *TJuneJ|23,^ ery, e got: Mr. Valentine Shoarer, \fra. G. E. II Ward, Mrs. Louisa Smith, Mr. Stiueon, tf jyjATI?TMO!STIAT r'ou wi«h to marry, address the undersign^ ed, who will sendyoo, "without woosv an4 wKljout price," valuable 1 iiforiua^iwji that will enable you to how It waa AHinsinc on the ereninj of the 4th «n»«*y happy aud speedily, no matter how old, n y o o w o o i n s i s a e i a e s a aee Ihe effect the "apirits of lem information will cost you nothin i and If you KitwAKi) u. ariLKg. 0®ce opposite Ottawa Howe. FOR SALE. ,t:,i „r A House and Lot In a fine location at the corner 0fCollege ter this, appropriate* funds to p.ty a part of Square. Inquire at this oJlce, 10-115 lie expenses. ~.T~ Z~ I. O. O. F. The regular meetings of Ottumwa Mp, No. 9 1,0.0 and Second street, and directly opposite F.. are held on Tuesday evening, at o'clock r. *. Visiting brothers are invited toattpnd. Room ou corner of Front and Maik"t streets, F. W. gxirii, Sec'y. T. J. DOUOLAS8, N. G. »f, Soldier* ork which it Hid in I Oovemmout. Charges moderate—-nothing unless I Spanish Mode of «latma nlh.kf claims allowed. Feb. 4, is64-tf Hut, you n.«V,how is this to be pre- thej ver prevailing bane of the fall human family. 1 vncy look tho ell) alJ c»sf a" hopeless, try Wmiubt's Jind citizeriH. I As Us name designates, it will put new life and ani- their morning urine, from l,,j ,t._ ,, I blood intu your veins. Ye who pine .ipnn the brink had lite pleaaure of tnecltfipr, 01 tllO prav«,who may have tried in vain to raise druggists throughc See advertisement in aBOtfefr Jiine^U, ^,l'k!"^ e»«ry»har«, lao4 l*-3w b* retu"n m""-lu,d noTaTah" 6 A ORNTI.EMAN, all of farmerK Tiie beep h"lamberr'^" OreeopolM, Kings Co .'. SI. T. cured of Nervoo* FREXCII $1. beut at opce lo "Lha¥** Urns«Psi Ct of this Kemcd.v arc truly inagicaj. convinced. Price $1 a ho*. Stat post Warm.—Yesterday was, we think the i oddress, by m. c. JUsj»m, South ituh delphia, Pa Feb «S, liM-49-15 6m Tb,t Abraham Lincoln ta. by Xg3ti,K his ability and /tcvAtion io the cause of the ?«h. 85, ts4r6«-4Mjr Union, endeared himself to the American people. We, therefore endorse the nomina tions of Lincoln and Johnson by the Balti more convention on the 7th of Ju:ie, 1864, in reinovpl to John ?wlsler !00fin£ the war until the rebels are willing dining, and is prepared to fupvisb to own their allegiance t* the United State? at any hour in the morning government that we are in favor of fil! ii.K up our armies by draft fir that puru^te i^1 ^r*tor8 °0 Nf' Cowo«*, -It- Deblilltf fa I «MSpet«aey, Prenatavs Bevcay and Youthful Srror We had another line rain on Tliei'lay I actuated by a desire to benefit others, will be happy to furnish wVo need it (free Cipe anil "Hi pv»i cropti :i,h,lx.",rR?.v^.,Si receive the of charge) the directi«i|9 for making S»wa, by by addressing ro- the simple Remedy reUirn mail,(carefully sealed JOHN R, (K)Dm, No (0 MTaaer, Maw-Vo#*, »:»y 19. :8«t-Sii). preventivb. Vlgbtly baisaions effectually prevented with- medicine by the use of "The post-paid to Address Dr.g. CURTIS. French Preventive," the greatest inveation of the age.— Price Bos deiphla.Pa. Feb lS&J-49'lu Ice Cheam.^— Mra. BouHon wlHbetuippy to supply this luxury to those favofing her TWSPEPfelA CAN BE CURED. with a pall nt root^* oter the Bakery, oppo- Oyspepsla, oo matter how long standing, yUlde •It* the Bank, Front street, J6 16 tf 9«aT, Poet M|oa, »fclla- Circulars sent free, The effect* Try it and be it-pold to any th 8t^ Phila- Circulars leot frs«. gAVE YOUR LIFE.—l^tpsprta, Erysipelas, ^ldoay Complaint, filck and Nei Headache, Neuralgia, Oravel. Nerrna* 's Iteh eases Tetter.Rarhar'i and Baldness. 4 Treatlae on the above Dls with their speedy aid permanent cure, sen' free to C. I'Pli A SIGEL|osed If consequence of John ftrlaler's Wu WW aav He Wlshgs Di^rllngtop, will And him Retolv&l, That our obligations as roein ibera of the Union League, mjuircu" to rote for loyal men, w, .,11 auppvt tiocol, and offi'.'.\Kr»«• Johnson aa tlni mily lojal uunJiilst.ii Wefe— the people for the offices of President tlid Vice President ef the United S'ates. Qr to at the "PEOPLK'S OARDEK," opposite Hendrle's Foundry, near the Railroad De pot, Burlington. Wheo you visit see John. Burlington eall and is pleasantly situated, has a Ten Pin MARBLK MAJ-Jv Pinliif and Oyster Saloon, The undersigned would inform the citi* zen4 of Ottumwa and the public generally, thai he has removed his Saloon into the second Htory of the Carroll House, (imme diately above his Cornier room,) where he ia better prepared now than heretofore to ac commodate those who may favor hito with a call. IJe has also fitted up rooms for tlenin9- rece'Ted frres, !11 Remember the place, Marble H»i|. Carroll v.. Arrival and Doparlurs «f mail OTTIJnWAiiOVi. K AST SOUTHERN MAIL, (K«akek|, •u *. FT. D. *. m. a. a^ Arrtrfa DaHy—SmitUjr* —at IMt and ^16 p. WK8TCHK mau^ VU a. rr ».n. AwItm Dally—Sundays excepted—at ftU a. m: )4l«aT9«*t 11:80 p. m. NORTH BRN MAIL, aa VIA TOSIOOVMS1, Awttaaavery Friday at&a,elockp. a.^iiHTU vary TMrsday at 8 o'clock a. in. SOUTHERN MAIL, IAPTI94BKL TO BL.OOHPIKL0* Lea tree 4*11 y Sunday excepted, at 1:00|U aa4 arrive at S:wo a. ea. •r' WK3TERN MAIL, (Rlaltesbur^l K CARBiao bix rims a *UI| Anivea and leaves every day, at 1 o'clock, p. •. 44 RYE, ,4 Eooldenee •-.'vfel Turkeys, each, HAY, tame, |20,UQ. amt ^thg 'Wid&ai and HeirV ffoteHer*, are notified that I am acting as arent for prpcqrlnp Pensions, Rounties and oth^r cjalpis sgsliist the i that he is a praeHtjoj|er of the tterii)aq. Jrrenuhukd M. J. WILLIAM?. Ottuuina, vVi|t|, •«•{«•*. HIDRS, llry, 18. (ireen LEAD and SHOT. *»r 9c. Shot V LAHP in oans 15c. New brls...... MOLASSES, Sorghum.........,f 1 OIL, Linseed Coal, per g»l ,, PAIF-S, pet do» ,t,,. $2,(tO POTATOES, per bus!) POWUER, per keg .,., rpHE FAR-FAMED Iowa. SPICIAL NOTICES. Mate JMPORTANT TO FARMfiflq' 'SMWyaartakerhjaalac '*'r M'CORMICKSr REAPER AND MOWER 4atprovedbjr tfcead^Mo.ofiM iJriiS. SELF-RAKER. Hb aU teiprtry The Best Machine in Use, sabioriber b#gs )tave U Inforn) FOfft SALE AT OTTUMWA, IOWA. Of this tried and valnabte Machine, little need be said. Over Forty Thousand sold In the United States alone, speak for themaelvea. I however of the New Self-Raker EVERY McOORMJCK SRLF-RA1RR aood last#s4 of th# savaaiha »ark ef TWO MSN AT LEAST a* a{UM .vhen labor Is ta ...1 -No? 25South •nt notoalf be got at any price. The economy 10 every Farmer, when tion, HALL—Tills institutioq has this I i see ... ifiMtHrori »h| founded on experience edtha asnnhnwiri atloos,aadunder Ita Q.UNSMITU SHOP.* mmmm I KILN MAIL, vtA ». a m. a. a. a. Arrlres Daily—Sondays e*eeptet*-*t U:4C a. m. end 7.89 p.m. Leaves at t,lfta. a. and 4:16 p. n. Tiros halfan hourfaster than eoiainon. MaUpVwta •ne hew before the traiDlsaves. 4 J. W. NORRIB P. M. TI1HB TABLE,B.& n.R.RAILKOAO CPA SGK OF TIMK. Leave Ottamwa 9.30 i. «.4:10m Arrive at 11.66 a.m. 8:00 p.*. TlflE TABLE K.Ftr». n. A 1W.R.R Bxprea* ^m^Kart ».40 a.* Mixed going Rast. West CHICAGO.BITRI.INRTOIV AIT CY RAILROAD. Arrive. .00 a. M, Express Train. .Oftr.a. 4-'J0 r. *. 4:1SP. M. 8.76 P.M. Qt7IN Leave 6.SO A.M 6.46 f. Ottumwa Price Current. ooaaacTiD wsbxlt av o. H. SHEFFKK, GBOCKH. DEALER IV PROVISION*, *o. Ottumwa, June 30 WHEAT, $ bush Spring 1,00 Fall $1,10 OATS, 45@5Q ... |.., 11«|t«t 00 FLOUR—Pall, hund ........ $5.25 15*. Spring i,00 Sqperftne Spring........ 4,00 BEANS 200@2,50 BUTTER, Fresh Roll, Firkin, 20 HOGS per 100. ,.8,50@5,00 BACON, sugar cured ,,%, 15 Hams, country. \5 Shoulders.. ld^^lo nu.r i v Clear Sides CATTLE, grow, OANDLBS, Mould 2Q$, CHACKERS, tR brl CHEESE, COFFEE, Rio, fair to prim*.. lOiai 12@15 8@5 SUr 20@25 .... $8,60(7/ 1,75 »0^25 50 55 14 «0@80 lai,20 @12 1 1,40 12® 15 18@20 $5,50 8^10 $8,00 .. 8(^9 8,50 .QQ355 Java, y lb, COAL, delivered CORN, in ear CORN MEJAL EQGS, do? i»• t»i FRUIT—Apples, green, .^ dried, 'Peachcs, dried Raisins, layers, $ box... fistt, &>d, yi Ib White, hlf brl Mackerel, $ hlf brl, No. 2.. FOWLS, Chickens, $?dox. hasrendes able to hrlng their machine al) elyettowtapoe It is Into ft «rH#t, pre-cmiaentty knowing that |n »|l Its parta aad unbounded trial with 999 «A»pU 4t Deeln k Attention of Hanters and Target shooters jpanafr sod on dailf by Ex- opor? PRACTICAL, SIMPLE AND RELIABLE. Erery part shall prove just as represented, an evidence of the faith snccesa.I Peter .. JBAKBBI & CONFECTIONARY lanaifi^i i u. 8 iii'iii DR. MBM0AL TRB.VTMEXT, So s«ccessfilly practiced of late In Fraffe#, l*pMn and America. Me has been engaged several yean In travelling and successfully treating people who linger wudcrold CHHoJfC FOUPHINTS. He not only n*cert.iins ttie ri*«ni ,f disease, as Fos merly practised by pliyiciaiia. but oaases on and discovers the cause, however Intricate the disease 01 the may be. FEMALE COMPLAINT#, omy side of everything! In all their forms, treated eareAally at|d eonfldi» drive away. Doctors »u I jnedi- tlally. I will virit and consult patients while rc- feme »-iU not do it't||« ordinary stiniuUtiiig drinks mulning In town free of v-Uar»e. mulniug in tow n free of charge. 1 Tli»*elivinjr »t a distance and unable to visit him, Kkji.'vkn atinu Klisib. c^u be treated b.v sendiug hie? a clc^r y'al full of •nation into the droopiuj^ energies ye.i, even young ascertained," «»aaaa wUlfca ^^as good as can be obtained East, and uponsat il??!" sontaln one postage Thosewtshfpg topurchasewlilpleast call and ex amp. He wil) he *t »mine my stock. Marengo, Iowaco«Bty....J«ly 10, 18M, Iowa City, (at Crummy UottM,)., .Julf (9, West Liberty J*fr I®( Wilton Junction .July 14, Muscatine, ••aji*n The wish to uiarrv, I will cheerfully assist vou. A.I letters Strictly confidential. The desired information soot f*. C. DAtTM WeaUl an%mince to hta oM IrieMs. aad4he p«b*U (encraMy,tkat ke h* returned to nt »M busineiS fgala, NfiAR J. HAWLEfl 8T0!# OH PROMT STREET, ]a kM sad ia %bj an^n^t^y best se'ewtlon, |t0 par haadred. fO 15 _.n—— nr 1,25 1.40 90 880 1,50 15,00 RICE, per lb 14 SALT, per brl, $3,50. Dairy, wok., SUiAU, Oominoa, fQ, PavUered.» 80 SODA, perkoir.,, !0 WHISKEY ..*...*.110 lfarsh 4 Kelcham W ALE, per half Ulil. Ki'tcjiHin'a Q0gqp Delaware, (one year) $1.00 CHf* y«r#) 1.5.) ConoorJ, as Diana, ft. Hartford 60 OAABAQIC A*D WEIR I- iit Pennsylvania, announces to the communl|r TOMLATO CARRIAGE FACTORS THE HATS AND CAPI, 8B98ERIES AMD QUEENSWARE CONFECTIONERIES. 4 Chewing and Smoking Tobacco, *r, ABS AND NA It WOODEN t, WILLOW WARE,. All of which will he sold for the farmers of Wapello and adjoining counties that tho above celebrated Machine la THE CHEAPEST IN OTTUMftA |niek Sftlea and will say one word high Pficad hat hard of using thla Maohlne ricx that most be appar he the undivided and capital of th Is Inn has been faciure and 11 takes into consider*. time, attention (Iron to the manu- ImproromMt of tfcia'aiaofelno alone far T||la the last twenty yearf, ... hi* Now oeotspy their new Hotsso. Wo and aa I have In the Imachlne, onv fiwpn, w|l| offpr It oa other—Purchaser h**ping and Paying /or the one preferred. farmers will And It to their Interests to eall *aohiae now on *shlbltlon free pomgr of OUumwa, w. S. KEN Front and Court Iowa, 8te., gj u, WORTHY, EddyvilU, l« manufacture and repair all kinds of rifles, Shoiguns and pistols, etc.etc., rwoirers, in the best short notice. All work dnqe by me will be |l oo Fmnt Street, ana Ajefi Ague Cure. «... l« ti 1+h* v i. HATS, CAPS, SifOES, ANp aad of charga J, 9. STERRITT, Agent, C|OTVlJ««( for Me next ten lafp a^ ^EflY LOW FIGUD^#. Mpak aapeeta to goto Nov •fptp Vork *0 callpd to the Arm of the undersigned who la prepared ta cent#, inldalio *TT ill ooviMdinwa hoote er«cte4 especially fbr tke pnapoee of carry! oa Where a BAKERY on A lie LARGE SCALE waaU be pleased to serve everybody with WHEAT OK RTK BREABi CRACKERS, PtES, CAKE$f CANDIES, *«., ic., 4c. Vhey will also Had SKATES FOR LADIES A GENTS 1 aaale© Ageat t*r 'TT LTLl/S cki.b:BRATTO Premium Cream A 8tock Ale Which I can tarnlsk .. a lifffe and select -it: .i desired, nil—•« W.« |«M #. O. DAUI, w-m* 01EAT WESTERN NURSERY! LOCATED ONE MIL* NOBT11 OF J*. 9 Near l.e Cemeery, Tthe glS Nursery has keas establiahad kera *H||In last three years, anil li designed to be a per manent and growing I n4tltutlon. It embraces a large amouit of (frounil. and oacnpfe* one of the most de sirable situations In Iowa, and 1 feel encouraged with the patronage and confidence that I have already received from the people of this vicinity, to persevere In my determined purpose to make this Nursery one of the largest and best in the West. have a "local bahUtlon and name,"and hold myself responsible for tke character asd quality of sales that go from ray nursery, or one sold by myself or by my authorized agents. 1 art) prepared to sup ply the ppapl* Of tut* part of Soathera low* with Most Desirable Varieties Of Summer, Vail aad Winter Apples, expressly leiaet ed and heat ftd«pt«4to t^lsieptjon of lava. standard and dwarf mars, "''J Peaches. Nectarine*, Plnmbe,Cher«7i:(5flV/ Carrants, Ooonebernes, sach a* Has( berries, Strawberries, YIWE8, UHITH4UP, Aft* together with the best varieties ofJEVBRttRHEXS DKCimOUS, snd ORNAMENTAL TREES and SHRUBS, K08E8 and VINE8, at pr'ces aa low aa the Burlington or other reliable ourserieo. ici Particular attention will be paid to STRICTLY FILLING THE &RDERS Of those who do not come In person, aad whoa dla* cretiopary power Is left with me, the fERY BEST SELECTIONS $15,00 «r|ll ke aiade. Apple (r(if|,tvo and three years »M, .- Peter Utecht, Ottumwa, aud b/ Qruzffiste teueirally. ESPECIAL ATTENTION! May *, Is called to my varieties of Grape Tla«», and their v fpspectlve prices: 1 Rfbecett, •'*./.» 1,00 OUnton, •••..: 95 Catawba, ,v IS Imbtlla, 20 PLANTS ln thel» ,4 J.O.CHAPP i O U W A undersign would respectuliy ^oliolt thea tention of the public to the facilities which now possess for manufacturing A RR1 AGE£ A WAC- Vi»l full of ON?,of every description, after the most improve t9P~Allklnds ofrepalrinedone with neatness aa dlspntuh. Particular attentipn paid la Mor5e )8)i9f at, an all work was ranted as reeomaivoOed. Ottaawa, (at Irving House} ..July 13 Jt 14k-~JT' u i 4 a s i- i i i a a a o u s e u y I S 4 I V Uli'ldletowB July *0. Danville July 11. N. w London....,,.. .Juljr M. Mt. Pleasant. July 88 A 24 Olendale .. July U5 *alrflel4 July'.6 A'27 OttI'M WA, (a» Otujawra House,). July 2s a •.'» Oskaloosa, July gl. Springfield ..AqgHSt 2 *4 aigourr.ey A,Kult 4 |t«llo .Augusta. Paveuport,(at Penftsyiraala Ho«se) Augusts* ». ^•t'ali early, for 1m eaonot delay. June SO, '64 1 A.HALUW1N Vaa.l1,1Ml-4018-10w UttBAT A1U1A1N8! J. A. SCHWORM'S. door West of J. fc. Toyt^r's Itrng Whm Dr.D. Iowa K. WIN. Reside Toledo, tar the last six years, Tasta county,nce—,In 8QOTS AND SindsefThe Small WANXF.D—HIDES,priceIn satisfy yourselves cheaper of '•".A A IV TMB OHEAT or FOR COUNTRY PRODUCE. PNiti forwhioh will be paid th. •ery highest market price In OaSh. Call and examine cooila'ssd pri««,M that you. ery highest market Oath •an that you can buy goods him than anywhere else In OUumwa. Qtfamira, Optober feth, 1848. eh 27-K^-p im 1 MEW TSAR I NEW STORE! Beady Made Clothing, NSW PRICKS AND NEW GOODS! MEEK & CO.V niildraa'al hrtek, ae«| IcOttaawa offer oar present stoek of In bran new stock,aadhe offers Muslin for Pel-roary 1 pa»co 19\ .- etjrle aad and all othet warranted. My shop dopr east of Ottatsiwa Itooae. T-l«-ta. LEWIS HVOO NAMBK. goods "a V» A to *0 eenta, V**f**1 U»4|«» t'olUft 8 oeai^ t't'lr'7| 4NNa Collaee •^5*0 ScedUtt Tea $1.W per Coffee |nwer than where. OHIO**, su throvn .it steek sf t! Toys and. Fancy Articles To please Toaag Asoerlca, aad Clotha.latlnetts, O U v 0 E Y SITUCKIANDS NVLVVS^t VV ^ViS DRf-STRICliLANP'S MKLUFLUOIW COUGH BALSAM. Quitting or blood, and Is an excellent nsrsl for |tjy kind of Sp.'e T|iroat. It is plcmant to take, and 4 safe medicine (oj infants. Price &0 ccnts bot tle. For saleby D*. J. L.Taylor, W. Cowan and Drug Store jf|H)ean()«rs!{rned has opened a JL Curlew building Chemitab. Pkieoi Xediciies, Pucy Articles, i«. PURS COAL OU AWAYS ON HAND ••retarne N Store OTTUMWA, IOWA. will be found one of the largeel stocks elating of the following articles: cm 6 RE A RUSH Of MINERS TO THE NEW DIGGINGSi S O N I S I N O I S O V E UNPARALELLED RICHNESS OF THE NEW MINES) NO USE OF GOING TO IDAHO TOt SET RM8,* Itli^^l^p^see^.as^eitrfvania^forbarsmtoaa. tha territory of fMK HERMAN & LICHTENSTADTER, 1DAK TWtWOJ uSj haflac opeaei a nHI store, rgpsiTingand ©ontlntring to reseire the largest •tctttt'V ^FfkHCY AND STAPLE DRY GOODS ul* .'* W*? kr^nght to this market, consisting la part of fit« LADIES FINE DRESS GOODS Premch Kte»lno Wool DelatjflM, B)yck Silica, Reps, Mohairs, A1 Oinchams, Cambrics, Calicoes, Brown and Blei kltias. Swiss and Jaooaot MaeUas, Dtaatkt. Ba«kl, piapers. Cloaks, Shawls, Balmorals, Hoop Skirts, Gloves, Handkerchiefs, Hosiery, Velvet and Lace Dress Trim mings, Ribbons, Collars, Sleeves, Net*. A fullllne of YANKEE NOTIONS, and in fact every description ol taa|4, We woi^ldcal) special attention to a sekct sssort ladies, vhildrens We have also a floe assortment of Cures ConKtti, Colds, Sore Throat, Agthma, %nd Consumption. It Is only necessary for any ne troubled with these complaiota to try one bottle of I tj fJEIf lLEMEKIS' FURBISHING 600D%" Kentucky Jeans, Farmeis Satins, Linen and Ou* *|ood» were purphMecl aV»h»loweft QMh Pflde*! wlU be sold to suit the times. member the Place_^?3b —J- ln Ppfe Wjnes and Liquors for Medical porpose with which prescriptions willbe tille *. §Joill»8 EjMleptlp Pill* for H»lc. pbrsieiRfis preacriptMWB filled witb cure, night or d»y •JjkiJUUtOMMOCK 0/ Owl on tempi, CM0 ANDMQU()«« St all kinds, which he will sell at the lowest price for ash. highest mArket price paid in cash for all Country Produce. Give me a caii aqd 1 will saslsfy you that what I SayUtrue. CHRISTIAN AUWERDA. OUumwa, May A, IS#H 1C t. belding & co. OwT. BELDING ft 00.* Chicago Clothing House r. ... CASH CHEAPKR THAf: VlllCE^O V/IOttlin^ HOUSO EXCHANGE]! My motto Is, No*. 98, lOO, 1M BAHDOLPH 8T., 0HI0Agp£ Where nay halbaa "Vlui FfllAlt »th»t tuw.T^ xa v. nThA FjflMt StOBlf I ^aaacaa i?tUVat fromth And L&rgert Aaaortmait of And Largest Aaaortment K V ItaMljr Made Clothing, Xea's, Tonth'i and Boys' 8nlt% Ken's, Youth's and Boys' 8nlt% Suits, Officers' 8uits, 8uits, Offioers* Suits, Clothing Had^ to Xex Vos. jjfa bo bought etoe- Wo keep eoqstaQtiy ffr |fl« EGGS, BUTTER, POTATOES,' MDLAIWE8, COAL OIL, BEANS* 4c., Our at motte low' la, itgt S*kJata S#eM rnfitt 'Wt* Order* Clothing Hade to Ordir, ituraliUBg Goodi, Ac, NtfShhing «ood«, fte, REMEKBIt THE PLACE ft a *ouie bitrfaips |ipf,' EEMSWIEE THE VfJtCB 11 T. Belding & Co, 4. T. Beldiag & Co, WNOUMLI ANO RSTAIL. oa-ioo-ioa -r. Randolph Street, Chicago, 1 De 1S64-12 l«-y MrUfH*'" T, A H|:s, BokwBinrfer it. Pai»«r.Bui«r Vt.A'VR-nOflK M.inufs Block, Main Street, {Oppo Kt1K,'illurlliigtou Iowa. Mi.i ('|||(lliKNi, the Shade! l,art his sincere tt|arik» for th*Ttf]|lhera) patronage he has recel veil the pastyear, rnd hopes by his attention toliis business to merit the confi dence of the public. Glvemeacall whenyou want anvthingln mv line, either nlgnt or day. Uttuuwa.Mar.ll). PEThtt OT BOUT. •10-tf EW GROCERY STORE. The undersigned respectfully announces to the oltisens of Ottnmwa that he has opened a Grocery atore In the first building north of Lawrence A Cham bers new brick block, where he will keep on hand the very best Groceries to be found in the citv. copfl^- tojgof i of used. It not only cures the above affections of the 0\ ERCO.VT8, UNDER COATS, PANTS. VKST9, er Throat and b4l it cures Night Sweats and grade of the mrs desirable styles. FINE STOCK Drugstore la and dtork of the has a large and extensive PURE DRUGS W SUGAR, RICE TEAS* COFFEE, FLOUR. *e. AUtfr-" If TOB4WO, ix ca tin eni-f1! 5' I i ll* V 5 •i'. v1• f-n* 1 til*.• '1^1 i Reps, Mohairs, Alpacea*. Poplins, Mozamblqoes^Challfec, i i?. yfr 1 itiM.'V *Yti .i' fii »i.i 11 (li'i "t I r" FlanDel »V i 1 la^-i V' *'A Ji lw.i »».../: •*./ uH fi it *:•'»!. Shirts, drawara, HaMJ Act 1 MBIT YOMK DRY GOODS EMPORIUM. Oarlew Block. oi ri nivA, ioiv|| i ""v Kt W»B13TI«. v ,i J.<p></p>CLOTHIER! -'%aM a»At« mi aafta^, va -1.. OTTUMWA, IOWA. Til WJPT CWtm.VC IWSI u TBI AS n0|r on haH(, ,bf Strickland's lTIrl liflu*lte o U i I Hoy's Wear, ever offered to his Customers and BaUam the citizens of Wapello County. Our Ktock consists convinee them that It is the best preparation ever UrBeit st0ck OJf UNDERCLOTHING, KANCV SHIRTS, ULOVES and rtent's Furnishing Goods generally. NEW STYLES HATS & CAPS GREAT VARIETY. IN "Also food assorted MEN'!' and BOY'S Boots & Shoes A Splendid Assortment of EXGirSH FREXCII CLOTHS. DOE SKINS I'LAJX dt fAKCY CASSJMKB6, UA'JOX ASA. ti FIXE SA TltfKTS Fh?cf» we are prepared to make up into the latest styles qn short notice, warranting satisfaction every case. -|"t' F- fWttj fHAJiTllV, who has charpe of this Department is an EXPERIENCED CUTTEK, direct from one ofthe best houses East, and we nqw flutter our selves that we pave plotted Ijefore thf people one of the mqst thorough and complete Stooks of Men an I Boy's wear in the State. All tell vou that'!: they sell the cheapest- We will only sar, call and see the goods, hear the prices and judge for your selves. Blue Cloth and Cassimere for officers uni- always on hawd Ph SM# »l -st y .i'i |B. fWS :r\\% tiM '.,1s, i»l«K Thf Patent Monitor Burntr^ felt/tout mimic« or odor ,attd not ettiil y Ju*t tJit th-inp fur r.-- and a (WholMaia (Hf ItttS I Dealtnta |t i ft ''f s, Medicines, Paints. OllS ff'K* 1 r% i*s'T' WINDOW GLASS Books, Stationery, FAfifiY GOODS, &Q, CQRHpK OF PUONT '& MAttKRT STUltfeTB OTTUMWA, IOWA.' l-S.» f»- j^XTENSIVS I^i»jROVKMJ$NT iT .if 0. H. SHEFFER. & CO. i *"ou- .tlW'J. i ih'J DRYaGOOB^ t.lft- -il» I.l'!'' SJ "tiAWrrs tun Cir oceries Thsi n^the™ prl^rlt o^w MVh^r. 'he Head of Market. It liwtll ktuwo 'hsnt the they sell qH&4£k,fHEAPER ODEA PE&f ,..FOK CASH. Call fortha worth of vour mon. v. G. II. SHKFKKR, A NEW MILLINERY STORE [On Cit*t% hqltetm gmd and &coa<l Sl». V. f: 4 Which e y Al fxr?uri I n On^lhaiieh BftOVTILLfC, Oppoaltetho WlOHTIIAN Mi.sto.Moirasf ca ho«vi with neatnrst af^lA tr^tlciilarallrmlMi paid teRulin of every 4f script lra Glass I tt« and a f* mmmm KATHKli AND 11AKI) WAIilfi OHK. Manafutnresand Dealers in I.eethrr, srerrfpee fully notified of the fact that there is a first rate «t n E A E ft! Li'i of all kltMls constantly on hand ia Ottaijp *. Having lie very best faculties for irncui inn iui {and^etl ti-lt.ctrl are cuufiileBt this Immi-i: oaunot be surpassed i u HUiilUv or vkeup -11 articlfa U oar liuo. Il»e a large slock of 8A DDL ER Y If A tiD WA RE, AND1ADDI.CSl\«REATrARlfeT¥ -r a« 'WheMtalt an» Mift] A°tarta Whips and Collir*, Trace and Halter. Chains^ Garry Ovmhi and Rrntheg, tkr, da Wbnl» atio call atteiAfW to''t£a li«t UMtt'jr^ are dealing e^tejail^yr la .HIDES, PEWS. ANP WOOI,. Those y I Most Attractive Variety' «iKv-J.?iwthVTo©l Cc&rdizig', bay'airKuch articles to aril lots can alwass Ottumwa4-.aiaMh lt4««A/ in larroar ^maJI iepepd on rash. retnnr Ih^ir lalue In V. P. »f. CWAPl!f, Aft. SP NNINQ, FULLING, A i f I'I 1" JT urn WEAVING, Ottumwa,May It. 1 of Men aud J.f- ANl) O E S S I N shall be prepared on or about Monday, May I*''Jk to do alikinils of work In my line in the very beif manner, and ypon the shortest notice. Havings lar|e amount of he# And improved machinery, I can girfT complete und prompt gatisfaelion to all fho may fe^ vor nie *ith a osil. Tliose who live at a dfslnne'r willnow ?gared trouble an'I Iosb of time in making two trips forthen tone olLs.aoU it tbey wish thetH.ApujjTtJn y can liAve If hystopplnft ineni|rht. Thankfnlfortheliberal patronage bestoWedon nl# fortlie past en vears, at Agency City, I respectful^ solicit a nontinu nceoftfie si«m« atOttnmwa, fcrioS In that I am better prepared to do work qa short* Bollce and better than heretofore. lOII? /IMI F. WM. C. MOSS J3. & CO.. WftOLGMWAVD UfAttlCALmi^ •3- -iiiisiBtitig-of 7 i 1 Pry Goods, i it BOOTS & SHOES, 6LOTHINO, Hats and Caps. pUEENSWARE AhlD ^GROCERIW FRONT and COURT C* IETTS, i V U S O E STOUT A COWAN, LI, jOttumwa, Iowa. A JOBBING STOCK OF BOOTS. SHOES, HATS, CAPS QUEENS WARE & riROCERlSSt It- Constantly on h*nd at Chicago Pricet. Wm, C. Moss Jr., & Cc,,- Ottumwa, Iowa, Jan. If), 18t3. s^ Mm0k Haaiuialh Uij^iaiM^juiL_ A N O O U S E N JB W O O W HAWLEY & SO?* ft 1 pEGleaveto announce *tock. .unite, Y E -S U 9 k of lotlieircustomei: aniltfce e e e v n J*1-*®*1 n w i bereceiving ihe largest beet selected and best selecttu Y O O S Groceries^ 4 ». #Jii A S A 6 A S 1 (f 1 $ BOOTS AND SHOESi. II a 1 w a e N A I S A N A S S Crockery the Ladies. C. AlttYEtSP,V tijjt'i+xr*, tn aanowte#i4 ijrfWtn'ttiwa a'nif vicinity that they are about opentne a rholce a 1 K*ner*l asMrt^at of Mlllinerj (|«ods capal*t^g a* BONNETS, RIBBONS, CAPS, fc /t will hp happy to tvor them exhibit t» villi s pxII. Ottumwa, &|ay 6,1T IWf: aiI who wtH OS ilO IT S R—K. Hi BOOTH, ropri«4or. .... .« IOWA. »love nun Ware, Ef*r brought to Ihix market. ought ash at the present low rates, andvty) ..:t.5old Cheaper than E*er„ i»R ASH, PBODuqe, Appiov©40r©dit^ DOWN GO THE PRICES! C, C. WARDEN, 4 J|A^A.OAlXBRKS|LA6TA^PfUjRCUA||5» W FOU OAS H, IYM ttiLfcki auHrrrtiiriK ra^pu, a very faRalpjtft In Ilii:ss Co.4 particularly,ii-^s»n of SPRING AND. (iOOD.S Comprlseng all •tock articl«o«swl^xattafl^l|i|Mirprral of merchandise. GOODS, eatenvive arH to which he v»iifilasspflment particularly would call I lie attention of CALU AND EXAMINE and we are sure we willscU rpugpoOs April ti Warden Is receiving the largest and nost complete stock of Boots cmd Sfcues, Evoi'bronpht toOt tvimw.-i, ft MIS A AM IllU'r. CITV ilEATlfMtCET. IIAVJXU pnrrtmseit the biiiiiling and huMiu,. fnr-)^?jS^ merly ooenpled and conduct-££di~w .. xd by J. W. itrnwti, I 4 ml re I i i 1 I 5 ill n I Vafor^ therliU. n« ottumwa and vicinity, that .sit •*oitinur i ii kevp si| atiiii rtnient of PKCSH MEATS, POULTRY, SAI'MAttEst, t.ARU 4 In short, every article u»iially kept In «rtaUli ment of.he kind, and at prices to suit the THE IIIOHRST PUIC K.- ,i .! |. vr game, Butt decl8 rifl iftiii iiisBiil j^-rtitrsaparilla.

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