Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier, July 14, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier dated July 14, 1864 Page 2
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THE OTTUMWA COURIER. W.XORlllR, Editor. THURSDAY #i July 14, 1864. -National Union Ticket. rox PRRS1DINT, ABRAHAM LINCOLN, FOB VICE PRESIDENT, ANDTIEW JOHNSON. TJnion State Ticket. ELECTORS AT LAROR, C. BEN DARWIN, of FV-s Bffnkte* county. W/#. "THOMPSON, of Linn ooantjr. -,1| For Suprems Judg#, 3.0. COLE, of Polk county. For Secretary of State y ^JtAMES WRIGHT, of Delaware coanty. For A alitor of State, JJffifHN A. ELLIOTT of Mitchell oountj- For State Treasurer, WILLIAM H. HOLMES, of Jonee oounty. For Register of State Land Office, 'JOSHUA A.HARVEY, ofEremontOo. For Attorney General, "ISAAC L. ALLEN, of Tama couat^ UNION CONGHKSSIONAIi CONVEN TION. The TTnicro electors of the Fourth Congrweioosl District will meet In delegate convention at O*kiloo»a, on Wednesday, Aug. 8d, 18*4, for the purpose of nominating a candidate for Con* (tress, and to transact such other business a may properly come before the convention. All who heartily sustain the Government In Its ef forts to suppress the rebellion, without regard to former political associations are cordially invited to participate in the selection of delegates. The ratio of representation will be one delegate for each county, and one additional delegate for ererjr huadred votes or fractional over fifty votes cast by the electors of the county at the last general elec tion for Wot. M. Atone, for Governor. J. H. SANDER8, JOHN R. NBEDHASt, 8. G. SMITH, I. J. TEAQARDEN, ELIJAH 8ELLS, Pofwwloaal Committee Fourth Dli ITNION COIHVTY CONVGNTIOIT. A Onion County Convention to nominate county •Beers to be supported at the ensuing election, will beheld at the Court House, in Ottum wa, on Satur day, July 80th, at 1 o'clock P.M. Cach township is requested to send Ave delegates. By order of last ooavention. S. B. MILL8, Chm'n County Central Comrafttw, Te Oes TOoinc* and Back—Tlie State Convention. "We attended the State Convention this year as we have done all similar conventions Rince the organization of the great Union Party at Iowa City in 1866, and we can say to the readers of tbe Courier, that in num bers, ability and devotion to the cause, the late meeting will compare favorably with its predecessors. We left home on Tuesday and found at the Depot large delegations frim all the counties on theBurlington anJKeokuk roads, enough to fill at Eddyville the five splendid coaches provided for their accomodation by that most efficient and very popular stage manager, Dick Loundsbury. In a very short time we were on board and moving away over the hills and prairies towards the capital of Iowa. The weather was sweltering, but the re cent rains had settled the dust, the roads were hard, the teams were good, the driver skilful and accomodating, the company were sociably inclined, so that everything being propitious, we had a pleasant ride and safe delivery at Des Moines about 8 o'clock on Wednesday morning. Being a day in advance of the convention we expected to find accomodations, and fel icitated ourself upon the advantage we should have over later arrivals, but found on inquiry that every bed in the city was al ready engaged. We did finally succeed in getting a very good room at fhe Savery House. But hundreds of others were less fortunate and had to camp on sofas, lounges, and some on the floor that same Wednesday right. If a vote of these respectable indiv iduals had then and there been taken, it would have been unanimous in favor of fin ishing off the upper story of the Savery House before another convention. It is a large building and will accomodate when finished a large number of guests. Tfce heat on Wednesday was intense, but was not sufficiently BO to melt the ardor of candidates and their friends, who thronged the corridors and parlors of the Savery House, busy all day in preparation for the grand fight on Thursday. A remark of, Dixon in the Register of that morning, that diligent enquiry had failed to find any can didates, should be taken as a "sarkastikal* observation of that eminently facetious and witty but withal able and judicious itemizer. With the mejeury at 100 or more, it was manifestly imprudent for corpulent persons to move out of the shade on the said Wed nesday, but we managed to ca!l on Palmer of the Register and State Printer.and Tees dale at tbe Post Office, and found both of those public functionaries discharging their onerous duties in a manner which will oom tnand the approval of the present and future generations. Gen. Wilson, the indefatiga ble secretary ol' the Agricultural College, was busy as usual gathering and imparting information relating to the great interest of th? age. John Carroll, '#te of Ottum wa is keeping the Carroll Hous«, formerly the Ulodgett, and is doing well Joseph Gump '8 with him. We had the pleasure of meet ing John Browne, formerly of this. city. He is still attending to the "Dos Moines Im provement Co ," and finds time to devote himself to '^architecture" besides. Son»c of the finest buildings in Des Moines were des igned hy him, atd we wire happy to learn tb«t a plan of the Agrn'nujtqral College drawn hy him, has been accopted as the bast of OMWUXtfotftt. W• saw a lithographed copy and it struck Bt Ui chaste and beautiful design. Of the convention it is unnecessary to say anything further bcve, as the proceeding* in full arv published elsewhere. The prosper for crops between here and Des Moiues is very good. The wheal har vest has commenced. General New* of the Week. The rebel mid in Maryland is the exci ting event of the week. They number *2u,000 it is now stated, and have created a gieat scare throughou: tbe region centering at Baltimore. Brecfcenridge and Early are 'he leaders of the force. The foimer crossed above Harpers Ferry, the latter, with the main bnrlvr at Elwnnfc Ferry.— They have taken Frederick, beat our forces at Monocacy, burnt several bridges and de stroyed miles of tbo track of the Northern Central Railread, captured a train on the Philadelphia, Sb Baltimore Railroad, cut the telegraph in numerous plaees, burnt the residence of Gov. Bradford of Maryland, made their appearance at Rockville. 16 miles from Washington, and stolen and ran off over the Potomac a large number of horses snd cattle. loss in the fight at Monocacy 1,000.— Loss of the Rebels about the same. Gunpowder bridge reported destroyed. Other accounts contradict th'i report Two trains on the P. W. & B. Railroad burned. Firemen of oue shot dead. Pas sengers robbed of money, watches and cloth ing. Mails on one train saved by passen gers. Express car not hatred from. Gen. Codwalader's residence at Magnolia was burned on the 11th. Maj. Gen. Franklin was taken prisoner on tbe train captured at Magnolia. The 19th Army corps arrived at Balti more from New Orleans on Monday. This is doubtless a last desperate effort to get supplies to keep the breath of life a lit tle longer in the bogus confederacy. There are no indications of alarm at Washington or Baltimore. Forces are rapidly concen trating from all quarters, and ere this reach es our readers, the whole thieving gang will either be captured, or skedadling (town Che Shenandoah valley. The Pirate Florfcto burned several vessels •ffCapc Henry and steered North east. A fire in New York on the 11th destroyed property amounting to $250,000. The Governor of New York issued orders on the 11th to the miliary authorities of the State to be ready fbr service, and urging volunteering in the National Guard. Secretary Fessenden was in New York on the 11th and it was said would negotiate a loan of $75,000,000 from the banks for im mediate use of the Treasury. The rectitude of the late Secretary of the Treasury is vindicated, as every fair-mind ed person anticipated. The special com mittee of the House of Representatives, ap pointed to make investigation of certain charges against the Treasury Department, have made their report They flrd nothing in tbe official conduct of Mr. Chase but what is deserving of approbation and ap plause, and nothing in the officious conduct of his enemies but what should move the astonishment and indignation of all good citizens. The President has issued a proclamation approving the plan of reconstruction of State governments adopted by the last Congress. This plan provides for the appointment of a Provisional Governor for each of the States In rebellion wbo shall oommence their ad ministration when the authority of the gov ernment has been re-established in said States. They bhall then enroll all the male inhabitants and require of them to take the oath of allegiance, subject to oertain provis ions and exemptions specified in the plan. If a majority of them shall take tbe oath, then they shall proceed to elect delegates to a Convention for the re-establishment of a State government and having adopted a Coa* siitution, shall certify it to the President and proceed to elect Senators, Representatives and Electors, who shall be recognised. This plan is approved by the President. Representative Recruits.—A movement has been inaugurated in New York, 8t. Louis and other cities, on the part of wealthy men not subject, in consequence of bodily infirmities and age, to be drafted, to procure substitutes to represent them in the military service. The idea is a good and patriotic one, and if generally acted upon must result in a yerv considerable addition to our ar mies. The plan is heartily approved by the Government, who will render all neces sary aid in carrying it into execution. We observe that recruits of this description ooet in New York $400. Hewvf-^Cannonading at Vfeten bnr«r. Near Petersburg, July 7. The enemy were discovered erecting a fort in front of our left centre. A battery of 32-pounders, recently placed in position, opened upon them from the line of the 5th oorps. This suspended all operations at that point all day. Our guns bellowed forth their thunder and were answered by rebel cannon. Most of their shots fell short. For a season this destioyed the harmony existing between the two opposing lines. Richmond and Petersburg papers of the 6th are jubilant over the excitement they imagine their raiders are creating in Mary, land. No intimation is given of the number of troops detached from Lee's army, or by whom commanded. The news front Sherman's Department continues encouraging. The repulse of the 27th seems not to have retarded his onward march in the least, and now being in the open, level countr) he will be likely to push Johnson steadily until Atlanta, his object ive point is reached and captured. The Danish war in Europe has broken out again, the Prussiai.s had re commenced an attack on the Alsen fortifications. Secretary Fessenden has accepted the Secretaryship of the Treasury, and has eo tered upon the duties of that office. i Sent to Baltimore. New York, July 12.—On Sunday night orders were received at the Navy Yard here to dispatch at once to Baltimore as large a force of sailors as could be mustered at this station to man the impromptu batteries in the neighborhood of that city. Admiral Paulding immediately answered the call by sending quite a number from the school ship North Carol ins, snd it is presumable a like dialt will be madu on other navy ysrds for gusuM. Republican State Convention. The Convention met at 10 o'clock yes terday morning. Convention was called to order by T. F. Yfithtow, Chairman of the State Central Committee. D. N. Cooley of Dubuque was appointed temporary Presi dent. IVayer by President Brush of the Upper Iowa University, Fayette County. C. S. Wilson, of Madison County, was sp painted Secretary. The following resolution was offered: Resolved, That the delegates from each Judicial District be requested to report to the Convention the name of one person to act upon eaoh of the following Committees to wit? Committee on Permanent Organization, Credentials. Resolutions. Alsoooe person from, eaoh District as a member of the State Central Committee for the ensuing year. Resolution was adopt ed. Mr. Rate of ICitta was appointed Assist ant Secretary. Committee on Credentials—From 1st District. E Roseman 2d, Senator Ship pen 3d, E Smith 4th. Charles Bsrgk 5th, II W Maxwell 6th, Charles S Clark 7th, Geo. W Parker of Clinton 9th, Traer, 9th, Melendy 10th, Swearengen 11th, John Porter -IS MaynaftdU By W Davis: Resolved, That the Committee on cre dentials be instructed to inquire whether any delegates are accredited to this Con vention from csunties whose conventions have pledged themselves not to abide the action of this convention, or to give its candidates a cordial support, and to report such counties and delegates. Referred to committee on credentials. Committee on permanent organisation: 1st District, Dr. O Walker 2d, Dr. A Olney 3d. Finley 4th W Wag ner 5th, Henry Temple 6th, Tho-J. Mc Millen 7th Edward Russell 8th, Stru bell 9th W Hart 10th, Wm. Btush lltb, W Bassett 12th, Brishie. Committee on Resolutions—1st District, Tracy |2d, Eugene Edwards 8d, Bloomer, 4th, Judge Brainard 5th, Withrow 6th, S A Russell 7th, Butler, 8th, Rothrock 9th, Stewart 10th, W I Gilchrist 11th, 0 Hixon 12th, I W CUT. afternoon. Convention called to order pimraant to adjournment. Mr. Morgan of Mahasks oounty, being introduced, spoke in behalf of the interests of the freed men, as general agent of the State of Iowa. General Crocker, 0 Ben Darwin, Esq., Hon. Qrinnell, Hon. S A Russell, Gen. Nourse, and others, were oalled en'for speeches. Your Committee report, ss instructed, thst they find that there are no delegates participating in the Convention but those who will support its aotion in all particulars and nominations. REPORT or THE COHIflTTH ON tVRVAmtirr ORGANIZATION. Mr. President—Gentlemen if fA« Con vention: Your Committee respectfully present the names of the following persons as perma nent officers of the Convention: For Pretident—Hon. Cooley, of Du buque. For Vice Presidents-** 1st Jud'l Diet, Wm A Wiaiifli'iLee. 1 u 2d 8d 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9 th 10th lltb 12th W O Shippen, Monroe. 1 W6 Crawford. Potta'mie. 14 41 w E Brainard, Harrison, it Seeley, Guthrie. Hon Hogan, Keokuk. 4 Nye, Clinton 1 Traer, Ben to ./•**• E Lyon, DubucpH. "W Gilchrist, Clayton. Dana, Story. Dr. Keeler, Worth. For Secretaries— S Wilson, of Madison. A Shaw, of Cedar. A Perkins, wf Blackhawk. Seward Smith, of Polk. Dr. 0 Walur, Ch'm. Hon. W I Gilchrist, of Clayton county, placed Hon. Cole in nomination for supreme Judge. The vote was taken by counties, and 882 votes, being all tbe votes csst in convention for the office, were giv en to Judge Cole. His nomination was, therefore declared unanimous. The following persons were put in nomi nation for the office of Secretary of State: Jas. Wright, o Delaware W Davis, of Muscatine and Palmer, of Butler. ItRST BALLOT. Mr. Wright. 683* Mr. Davis, 162* Mr. Pslmer, 29. On motion of W Davis the nomination of Mr. Wright was made unanimous. The following persons were placed in nomination for the office of Auditor of State: A Elliott, of Mitchell oounty W Cat tell, of Cedar, and A McCrary, of Van Buren. flRST BALLOT. Oatltflj t79 McCrary,, J|4 Elliott. 80S Noohoioe. The seoend ballot resulted in the unanimous nomination of A Elliott, of Mitchell county. W Holmes was nominated for the of fioe of State Treasurer hv acclamation. The following persons were placed in nomination for the office of Attorney Gm. eral Daniel Anderson, of Monroe oounty Isaac Allen, of Tama Chase, of Hamilton Lewis, of Washington Henderson, of Marshall Rash iiiark, of Johnson. rnurr BALLOT. 47 Lewis, 267^ 218+ Henderson, 57* 156+ Clark, S«i Anderson, Allen, Chase, Oo ehoioe. POUD BALLOT. 74 Lewis, AnJerson, Allen, Chase, *85 If 160+ 275+ Henderson, 188 Clark, No choiae. niBD BALLOT. Anderson 24 Allen J$8 Chase 164 Lewis S86 Clark 96 The names of Messrs. Olsvk and Ander son were withdrawn. rOCRTH BALLOT. Allei 458 Chase 178 Lewfc On motion, the nomination of Mr. Allan wss made unanimous. For Register of the State Lend Office, the following persoos were pieced in Qotgjna t*u A Harvey, of Fremont, snd Csse, of Bremer. tttST BALLOT* Hsrttsr 584 CasC 190 The nomination of Mr. Harvey wat de clared unanimous. For Presidential Electors the following gentlemen were placed in nomination O Shiras, of Dubuque, Gen. II Reed, of Leo Maj W Thomson, of Linn O Bt Darwin, of Burlington S A Russell, of Washington. Before Ihe result of the ballot was an nounced, Ben Darwin was declared the unanimous nominee of the Convention. For second Elector at Large, a ballot was taken en the following names: W Thomson, 514 S A Russet,' 8 O Shi ras, 258 The nomination of M^jor Thomieh was made ununiinous. The Committee on Resolutions made the annexed report whleh was unanimously adopted: 1. Retolved, Thst we hereby ratify the nomination of Abrahero Lincoln for Presi dent, and Andrew Johnson for Vice Presi dent of the United States for the next term, and we pledge for them the eleotoral vote of Iowa. 2. Resolved, That we oordially ap prove and adopt the p'.atforna of resolutions presented by the National Union Conven tion at its recent session in Baltimore and that we most heartily endorse the action of Congress in repealing all laws for the le turn of fugitive slaves, and abolishing the Inter-State and Coast-wise slave trade. 1. Reeolved, That to the brave sons of lows who have gone forth to defjnd the osuse of Liberty and Union on the battle fields of the South, and whose heroic achievements have shed imperishable glo ry on our State aud Nation, we offer our highest praise and our most fervent grati tude, and that our State government should continue to make libera] provision for the protection and support of their families.— 4. Resolved, That to the women of Iowa, whose patriotic labors have contribu ted so much moral and material aid and comfort to our sick and wounded soldiers, we tender our heartfelt thanks. Mr. Traoy, of Burli.igton, offered the fbl lowing, which was adopted with cheers: Resolved, That the ptopie of this State cordially approve the course of the Iowa delegation, and each and every one of them. in the Baltimore Convention, and recognize that by their efforts an.i fidelity the mar tyr-patriot, Johnson, wss associated with the tried and faithful Linoa]n-~a tioket which commands the approval of the entire country, and will doubtless receive the vote of every State in thtWUnion. Mr. Grinnell offered the following, which wss unanimously adopted: Whrkkas. This Convention has just learned of the decease of Brig. Gen. Sam'l A. Rice, at his home it Cskalooss, Iowa, from wounds received in the bsttle of Sa line River, therefore Resolved, That the private virtues which adorned the character of General Rice as a citizen, and his well earned legal reputation acquired while Attorney General of tbe State of Iowa for a series of years, and his eminent valor as a soldier, and ca pacity as a military commander which was displayed at Helena and in the Red River expidition, have won for him a place in the heart of every loyal citizen of the State, and for his comrades in arms, we sympathise in their loss, and to the widow and orphans of the deoeasxi we offer our sincere oondo lence. The following gentlemen were constituted the State Central Committee: 1st District, Valkenburg 2d, Wm. Hartshorn 3d, A Burrows 4th, A Harvey 5th, Hoxie 6th, A Young 7th, Hilsinger 8th, Daniel Lothian 9th. Stewart 10th W I Gilchrist 11th, James Williams 12th, John Palmer. Adjourned tine die. The Rebel Iftsld. Baltikorb, July 11.—The news from Washington is exciting. The Star says The skirmishing on the Rockville road that oommenced early this forenoon, was contin ued by the advanoe of the rebel force to a point about four miles west of Tarrytown, there their progress on that road stopped, and they disappeared in some other direc tion. Subsequently we hear of their skir mishing between 11 and 12 o'clock, on snd sround 7th street turupike, near Clagget's farm residence. Adair reports to-day that the rebels burn ed the residence of Blair. There were 800 encamped at Rockville last night Panic stricken refogees are arriving to day from the vicinity of Edward's Ferry, report the rebels crossing tbe river, north of that point yesterday and to day in large numbers, some say 12,000 strong, others 80,000. Breckenridge is believed to be in command of their advance in this direction and Imboden commands the cavalry now hanging around the fortifications. All was quiet in front of our pioket lines upon what is known as the river road up to noon to-day. The Star says: The numbers and par poses of the rebel invading force is confus iiut and conflicting we give elsewhere the opinion entertained by many around us.— Tbe rebel force is not of sufficient strength to undertake a serious attsck upon the for tifications of Washington, and that is not their purpose. Per contra, we have just received the following, from a source of great intelligenoe and reliability, one that lias on repeated occasions given tbe most accurate information of the rebel movements in Vir ginia. The information received from this quarter is as follows The rebel army of in vasion, marched down tbe valley 45,000 strong, including 8,000 cavalry, under com mand of Breckenridge, Ransom, Imboden and McCauseland and Longstreet was at Gordonsville on Tuesday last, with addition al forces to join the rebel anny in invasion, and propose that the army was to attempt the capture of Washington by surprise. The Virginia Central Railroad is repaired and running from Richmond to Stanton. Moseby has 242 men in his command and expects to have his force increased. In a fight at Aldie's Moseby csptured 81 cavalry men, killed 20, aud captured magazine and a 12 poynoer cannon. Latsb-—Up to quarter pest two o'oloek, the stata of affairs in the voinitVof Babbit's branch post office, continues about*tb* din the morning. New Yoru, July 1«.—-The World prints the following. extmot from a private letter, dated Lexington, Va., June 12—Yesterday we marched from Medway here, being quicken ed as we were advancing by the. sound of Crook's guns engsged with Gen. and who hold this place. They defended it with great acrimony, burning the bridge and, playing on the hills as we came up with shell, and bushwhacked us from behind ev ery tree. This was madness on their part, as we had beaten them before being joined by Gens. Crook and Aver ill, and are now of course able to whip them twice over.' This morning we destroyed the Virginia Military Institute. To-morrow we move before daylight, but I have no idea in what direction. Our situa tion is pressing and critical. If L«e is not fully employed by Grant, he can send troops enough via Lynchburg railroad, but if Grant will hold all his force in Richmond, this col umn oan make the rebel capital untennble within a tew days, by cutting off the last main artery of supplies. Philadelphia. July 12.—The Evening Tel egraph of this oity has the following: Fighting has been going on near Washing ton since morning. The rebels are approach ing the defences on the northern 6ide of the city ii strong force. A special dispatch to the Bulletin from Harnsburg says our forces are reported to be in possession of Frederick. It is rumored that the rebels are re-cro«s Ing the Potomac below Maryland Heights. The northern Central railroad is free from rebels now. LATER—4 p. a#.—^The rebels have again cut the wires between Baltimore and Wash ington. New York, July 12.—By ordor of Maj. Gen. Duryea the 28th and 56th regiments Brooklyn State Militia, are to be rccruited to the foil standard within ten days to answer the call for 100-day's men. New York, July 12.—The President of the Inland Telegraph Company telegraphs from Philadelphia, that the raiders have destroyed the lines of the Independent Tele graph Company, and such of the lines of the American Telegraph Company as were along the turnpike between Philadelphia and Baltimore. Philadelphia, July 12.—The Biltimwe American of last evening says Gen. Tyler escaped from the rebels, and had reached Ellicott's mills, The reports of the capture of Gen. Frank lin are conflicting. Havre d*j Grace, July 13!—A obstruc tion train left here this mornln-r to repair the raiiroad and the telegraph lines of the Amerioan Telegraph Company Cornrnu* nlcation with Baltimore will probtbly be re-established this evening. Semi-official intelligence has been re ceived here that ye«terday p. in a fight was progressing seven miles from Washington, on the Seventh street roai, near Christal Springs. Parties from Blair, sixteen miles from here, report 1,000 rebel cavalry there last, evening. There lino doubt ifa^M There has been no general engagement, but cavalry skirmishing is going on at in tervals. The enemy has not tnade his ap pearance anywhere within range of our guns, and so far shows no disposition to do so. Philadelphia, July 11, S p. m.—Only two Government wires sre how working south of here. Rumors prevail of an attack by 15,000 rebels on the northern fortifications of Wash ington, but cannot be traced to any definite source. Much excitement prevails here.— Business is nearly suspended. A public meeting is now being held in Independence Square. Recruiting is very brisk, snd before night a large number of men will be ready to leave for Washington and Baltimore. It seems, however, that they aro waiting for Breckinridge, who has been detached with his, division from Lee's army to drive us back or at least bait us between there and Richmond or Lynchburg, whichever we should strike for. It is supposed the plan is to put the broken brigade-* o| the Valley under Imboden, Jenkins, Mudwall Jackson, McCausland and Jones, and to get here a division of Lee's veterans, and then give us another try for the valley. of the Immediate ne­ cessity for heavy reinforcements to Wash ington Philadelphia, July 12.—Manager Wil son, of the American Telegraph Company, in Baltimore, went out last night and re built the lines destroyed by the rebels, thus re-opening telegraphic communication be tween there and Washington. Trains n^w run regularly from Baltimore to Washing, ton. Perryville, Md., July 18.—The reported capture of Gen. Franklin was Incorrect.— The mistake was made by the resemblance between the General and a passenger.— This statement is confirmed by one of Wal lace's staff. Baltimore, July 12,1 p. in.— Everything is quiet around the city. Last night a fbroe of rebels passed thro' Foureontown on their way to join the main force. The rebels had with them General Franklin and staff, captured on the Phila delphia road Monday. Only one bridgo over Gunpowder river en the Philadelphia road, was burned.— Business is at a stand-still. NeaHjr all out lets from the city are closed. War Bulletin. WASHINGTON, July 10. To General Dix: Official dispatches from Major General Wallace are received, and states that a battle took place between the forces under his command and the rebels at Monocacy to-day, commencing at 9 o'clock and continuing till 5 p. m. Our forces were overpowered by the superior number of the enemy and we were forced to retreat in disorder. He reports that Col. Seward of the Heavy New York Artillery, was wounded and taken prisoner that Brig. Gen'i Taylor was also taken prisoner. Tbe enjemy's foroes number at least 80.000. Our troops behsved well, but suffered se vere loss. He is retreating towards Baltimore. [Signed,] I?. M. STANTON*, Sec'y of War. Q-jerrilla bands are annoying the naviga tion of the Missouri river. Nearly every bo»t passing the yicimty of Lexington is Sew fired upeo* SOUTHERN IOWA SOL.DIEI8S' FUR dies'tfnlnri A1S5oelety of Burlington, cow-' Bienced Ihelr labors for our Soldiers at the outbreak of the Rebellion, when hey came together with busy hands and made clothing fbr companies and E, of the Iowa First. Prom that day to the present, they have given unintermitted attention to the care nd comfort of our sick and wounded, have sent forward hundreds of boxes of sanitary stores for their relief and disbursed many thousand dollars. They have' co-operated with the Western Sanitary Commission at St. Louis, with the I'nlted States Commission, with the Christian Commission, and with the Sani tary Agents of our own State, and will contlnus to employ the same channels for the disbursement of funds and stores. The Exhibition of the State Agricultural Society In this city in the month of September which will bring many thousands together, has suggested the duty of Improving that occasion for one grand and general effort by the people of Southern Iowa in the cause of patriotism and humanity. It is therefore proposed to hold a Fair for the relief of our soldiers, In the City of Burlington, during the week of the State Agricultural Exhibition. The Pair will he opened on Monday, September 26th, and will con tinue through the week until Saturday, the 1st of October. The Officers named below, with an execu tive committee, have been appointed to make all the neeessary arrangements. In carrying forward this enterprise, we appeal with confidence, to the people of Southern Iowa, and to our fello w-cltlsens throughout the United States, for their sealous and generous co-operation. Our Immediate field is the Southern half of Iowa.— But our Iowa 8oldlers are fighting the battles of the Nation, and y.e appeal to every part of Ibe Union for contributions ami elp. In behalf of Ladles' Union Aid Society. Mrs. C. B. DARWIN. Presldeit Mrs. J. L. BROWN, Secretary. feUHOffon, Iowa, June IT, •fficen of Sonttiern fm SaMfonf hrih Hon. .1. FOOTK, President. Rev. W. F. UAIltD, 1 Mrs. JAS. w. GKIM ES, V Vice President*. Mrs. H. M. IfAWI.KY. Mrs. J. L. BROWN, Secretary. Mr. J. UKOWN, Assistant Secretary. Mrs. H. 15. ItAN^OM, Corresponding Secretary. Mr. R. M. (JREEN, Assistant Corresponding Sec'y Mrs. E. E. GAY, Tri'iiMirer. Mr. i A N K T. PAKSONS, Cashier Burlington Branch of ^tute Bank, Assistant Treasurer, Rev. W. HALTKH, Mrs. J. F»TKR, Mr. JAMPS W. PUTMAK, Mrs. H. O. OH«T, Mrs.C. WACHSMIJTH, Mrs. K. M. DKSISK Miss V. I). ROKKK, Mls« I.I27.IK HosCIf, Mr. II TmiiLsoit, Mr. K. K. (i«T, Mr. HRAi'rui*afc Mrs. CLSA*,' Mrs. LYMAN COO*. 1-=-Contrlbutions of every kind and sort are solic ited. All produots of Industry, from farin, and gar den, and shop, and Souse, may be disposed of, and be male to oarry relief to the sick and wounded •oldUrs. 2—Let every connty In Bouthern Jowa, and every town and village and neighborhood be represented by one or more stands in thU Patriotic Festival. 8—Soldiers' Aid Socities, Loyal Leagues, Churches School*, Benevolent Associations and other organi sations, are Invited to furnish stands or tables, and will have every facility far exhibiting thelrcontri butions. Those desiring to accept this Invitation, aie requested to give early notice to the Correspon ding Secretary. 4—Donors are requested lo *Bk to ea«h article Its estimated value. Executive Oommltfie. B— Owners of articles forwarded to the Agricultur al Exhibition, are solicited to make donations of them to the Soldiers' Fair. Where practicable, such articles will be forwarded to oar soldier*. In other casas the proceeds will be appropriated for tbelr benefit. 6—Ne raflTing or lottery will be allowed. 7— All contributions will be suitably acknowledged A record and history of the Fair will be published. 8—All goods and packages should be distinctly marked with the name of the donor, aad the place front which sent, and directed to G. /iitote, sittriintfto)i, Jouxi, /or Sonttem Iowa SolJitrx' Frtir.n Notice of shipment should at the same time be sent by mall to the Corresponding Secretary. W—Donations of money are solicited, and should be sent by mail to the Treasurer. NEW ADVEltTISEMENT3. Wes fars. ANTED—The subscriber wish to engage in the Brewing business with a ierson having a cash capital offive thou-and dol Address Ottumwa, Iowa. July 14, 1864-lf i* gllERIKF'S SALE, By virtue of a special Kxicirtlen to Streets^, by he Clerk of the Dist rict Cunrt Of Wgpeflo coun ty, State nt Iowa, commanding Be |f sell the prop­ erly hereinafter described, as by a decree of eaid urt directed, I will expose to sale, at public auc tion to the highest anil bent bidder fur cash In hand, •t the front door of the Oourt House, in Wapello' county, Iowa, on the lttth day or August, 1i6t, he tween the hoars of U o'oloek A. M. anil 4 o'clock P. M., commencing at 10 o'clock A.M., or said dav, the foilowiag real estate to-wit Lot No. four hundred and ten, (4!), In the cltv of Ottumwn, W.tpeUo county, Iowa. Taken as bv special execution di rected, as the property of Thotn us cinnamon and Aurilla Sinnainon, to satisfy said execution in favor of Thoinas liighaui, anil against said Thomas and A uri Ha Sinnanion, for the sum of two bundled and *rty-one dollars*nd five «enls,(fMl oT) and later estandcosts, (1. A. DERBY, Cure warranted if Directions are followed. Hundreds of Citi/.ens of ('Iticago liave been ly Cured, by this iHedicine. I®-Call for a Circular describing all S/mptoRM. db. d. ii. ni:» lye & Ce., 8oi-k Pjtur uiKToaa, Office—JfiUonia Temple, Room Jfo, 11, OHIO AGO, ILLINOIS. SYMPTOMS—The symp'oms of Catarrh as they generally appear a e at first very slight. Persons find they have a cold, that they have frequent at tacks, aud are more sensitive to the changes of tem perature, In this oan ditlon, the nose may be dry, or a slight discharge, thin and acrid, afterward be coming thick and adhesive. A- the disease becomes ehronic, tb e discharges are Increased in quantity and changed in quality they are now thick anil heavy, and are hawked or coughed olf. The secre tions are eflfen five, causing a bad breath the voice is thlolc and nasal the eyes are weak h« senses or the smell is lessened or deitroyed deafness rre quently takes place. Another common ami linpor tant symptom or Catarrh Is, that the person is obliged to clear his thioat in the morning or a thick or slimy mucous, which has fallen down frou the head during the night.. When this takes place, the person may he sure that his disease is on its way to the luugs, and should lose no Mine in arresting it. The above aie but few of the mary Catarrhal ^y-uiptoins. A tSiftyiv Jiuttit id 11 lust a month—to finished, be used three' time* it day, 1 E S I i O N A S Prow Hon. Tbos. J. Turner, Ex-Member of Congress from Illinois, late Speaker of Illinois House of Representatives, and Grand Master of A., P. and A. M. of the State of Illlbols. FHKKiOitT, Oat. 2l,186t. Dr. D. 11. SSFLTB: —pear Sir—In reply to your no tice of the J5th lust. ,1 would say that I was severe ly afflicted with Catarrh fur years, when 1 became acquainted with you and bought twe bottles of your Liquid Catarrh Remedy. Before 1 had used one bot tle 1 was sensibly improved, and before the second bottle was was completely cured. I can recommend the medicine to all attlicted with Catarrh Respectfu ly Yours, TIIOS. J. TURNER. This Is to certiry that in the use or Dr. geelye's Catarrh Remedy, I expeilenced much relief, and have heard many speak of it as being invaluable for the cure of Catarrh. Yours, Ac., EDWARD ELY. Chicago, May 12th. IBM. Prow "PariuLy," the well-known Hatter, under the Tremont House, Chicago, HI. Dr. D. U. A Co: dents—Your Catarrh Remedy I have used, aud fully recommend It as the best remedy known. It has cured me, and I believe it is a certain cure in all cases. Chicago, May 6,1864. JOHN PARMLY. For sale by Dra. W. B. COW AX and J. L. TAYLOR Ot tumwa, Iowa. July 14, Is64 y rr»() CLEAR THE HOUSE OF i. FL1KS, use Dutcher's celebrated LUillTMNO PLV-K(LLKH,a neat, cheap article, easy to use.— ICverv sheet wil I kill a quirt. fcul vei where JletN, IMft UJHHr s E E S E A I N I N N J-^..l ilnit'cl In iiitf Post OHKaat Uttuwwa, Stale cf kw 18Hi dav or July, 1M14. r«r- 'To obtain any of the«e letters, the applicant must call fr 'nlrert'tf' give the date of thl« l!«t. sml rav o-:s cent for advertising. If not called for within one month, they will be sent to the Dead Letter Office. "FREE I»KLI\F.RY of letters by earritrt, at the residences of owners In 'itles and large towns, SK ClIKKIi by unserving the following rules "1. DIRECT letters plainly to the street and num ber, as well as t.he post oflice and State. "Si. HKAD 1 tiers with the writer's po*t olffft snd Aflit*,utreet and number, sign them plalul.v with full name, and request that answers be directed accord ingly. "8. Letters to strangers or transient visitors In a town or city, whose specie 1 address may be unknown, should be marked, In the lower left-hand corner, with the word 'Transient.' "4. Phrce the postage ttitmp on the upper right hand corner, ami leave apace between the stamp and direction for pant-marking without Interfering with the writing. "N. 11.—A RKQUKST for the RETURN ol a letter lo the w.It4r, 1 uii' i limed within ftO days or le s, writ ten or printed with the writer's nawc, pmtt-ajJU'e., ami State, across the left-hand end of the envelope, oa the face side, will be compiled with at the usaal pre i paid rote of postage, payable when the lettet Is de I iivered to the writer.—Sec. !i*, Law of lsti8." Brown Harriet Miss North Clarind4 Bakor Andrew Neill Daniil Higtrlal Peter Purdin Boore Nettie Mips Park Libl»ie II K.-i Boattie \V Prof Cnuch ElizaUrift Case Lewia .. Ed war-Is O Fiiedbeoger Henry Galiabcr John 11 (ii Mhcck Ilenrg Cinder George W Mairen Ilirkinan John Ib'ndticks Joseph Kt«ken Harriet Ledehur Re* 3 Mel calf MCCOY Mary E Phillip Pen veil Vf W Bobbins W 8 S Ra inbffd JaiiiPS Hos piifHd'.'r Leop Salr, Rebecca Shonp John Tyrivl Cela Towrpy James Thourn Nettie Thompson Jno Vai ner Joseph O Van Meter Jeniife Whitlov Or.uivilU*' Wells Levi Wiuelwearth Faftnl# rpiIE GREAT AMERICAN TEA JL COMPANY. At their organisation Intended to do a s'rlctly TEA business, but as tlicy had some customers who wlshtdto he supplied from first hands with Coffee, as well as Teas, and as their Tea Taster was possess ed of 1 Herniation relative to a Coffee which could be furnished at a moderate price aDd rlve univer sal satisfaction, they have added a large roasting apparatus to their establishment and given large orders for importation This coffee is called the "Fren Breakfast and Dinner Coffee." Coffee dealers will receive full particulars in a circular let ter bo pending their address to the GREAT AMERICAN TEA COMPANY, J«ne 28,1864 Nos 86 A 87 Vesey St., N. Y. rjiHE OLD STAND RENEWED Chicago Branch- Grocery and Prevision Store. M. HEINRICH & CS* Sncceuort to 0. trlU. We would respectfully announce to tho citlsens of Wapello and surrounding counties that having pur-, chased tee old stand, wu have opened a branch of our Chicago store where we.atv constantly receiving large supplies of UttOCGKlES, PROVISION*, WOOP* which, from Our facilities, we are enable* to tall o^ the most reasonable terms. We would therefore Mi Helta caH. M. HEINRICH A CO. FARMERS Will ptease noiice that we buy every description of Produce. Remember the place, O. KriU% Old ataad^ Ottumwa. towa, May 26, 1364-10 16 tf Glad News for the Unfortiinatet THX LONG SOUOHT I'UH DISCOVERED AT LAST. DAYS CHEROKEE REMEDY AND CHEROKEE INJECTION, Ceppoaudfd 1'rom Hoots, liar its and Leaves* CHEROKKK REMEDY, the great Indian Diuretic cures all diseases of the urinary organs, eucb as In confluence el the Urine, Inftan.uiation of the Bladder Iudam nation of the Kidneys, Stone In tbe Bladder Stricture. Gravel, Gonorrhea, Uhet, aud is espe clally rccoc mended la those c«ses of Fluor Albus. for Whites In temales,) where all the old nauaeouc Uiellclnci have tailed. fW it Sheriff jf Wapello county, Iowa. July 14, l(tl4-ew Is prepare In a highly concentrated form the dose only being from one to teaspoontals Urea times per dav. KV it 1s diuretic and alterative In Its action port tying and cleansing tte blood, causing It to How In all of Its original purity and vigor thus removing lrotn the system ail pernicious causes wbith have In duced dlhta-e. CtiEKOKKE INJECTION Is Intended as an ally or abs-lniant to tl e Cherokee Keuicdj, awt should bo used In conjunction with that medioine is all cases of Gleet, Gonorrhea, Finor Albus or Whites Its effects are healtng, Boothing and demulcent re moving all Residing, b«at and paic. Instead of the burning and almost un- Bdurahle pain that Is eip«rl enced with nearly all the cheap tjuack Injection*. tr By the use of the CHE ROKKK KfcMEDY and ClIKUoKKE lK Jfc 'l ION—the two medicines at the same time—all improper discharges are removed, and the weakened organs are speedily restored to tali vigor and stiength. IW Price. Cherokee Kenedy, $3 per bottle, oi three bottles for $6. $W~ Price, Cherokee InJecC|«n, per bottle, oi three bottles for $t. OT Bent by Express to any address on reeelpt Ol price. PT For full partlcelars get onr pamphlet froa aay drag store in the country. or write ns and we will free to any address, a full treatise. All sueli orders most be sent to C. A. COOK, Chlaa go. onr General Agent for the W"e*t. F. O. Box 6S*4. Bold In Cliicajto. by FULLER, FIN I'll &. FULLER, WhilesilwDrnxKists, and by all Druggists everywhere. C. A. COOK., CHIOASO. General Agent for States of Illinois. Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan aa&te* dlana. Br. W. E. MERWIN A CO., .* ... #oi.k PaoriLrroaa, ffeOB Liberty street. Maw Y»Ml. TtSt" TH-B: grea^ INDIAN MEDICINE, OflMPnrvnvn ranu OOMPOUMDKD nos GO A of o o a «A Cherokee Cure I An unfailing cure for Seminal Weakness, Nocturnal Emissions, and all diseases eaused by Self-Polctioo, Buch as Loss of Memory, Universal Lassitude, Pains In the Back, Dimness of Vision, Premature Old Age, Weak Nerves, Dlrtlculty of Breathing, Trembling, WaketWcess, Eruptions on the Face, Pale Conat^ nanee, lasanitj, Consumption, and all the direful cow plalnts cause bv departing from tbe path of nature. tW This medicine Is a simple vegetable extract, and one on which all can rely, as It hae beea need In oar practice for many years, and with thousands treated, it has not fslled in a single Instance. Ita cu rative powers have been sufficient to gain victory over the most stubborn case. |W To those who have trifled with their coastito Hon, until they think themselves beyond the reach 6f medical aid, we would say, Dkspaib *orI the CHEROKEE CURE will restore yon to health an4 vigor, and alter all quack doctors have failed! tW Price, (2 per pottle, or tbree bottles for M, forwarded by Express to all parti of the world. IWFor fall particulars, get a Circular froia any Drug Store I n the country, or write to the Ageat, who will mall free to any one desiring the same, a fu trea tise. In pamphlet form. All such orders must be sent to C. A. COOK, Chi cago, our General Agent for the West. P.O. Box 6W4. gold In Chicago, hy FULLER, TIN JH A FULl.Mt. Wholesale Druggists, and by all Dmgffistft everywhere, C. A. COOK., CBICAOO, General Agent for thf States of Illinois, Iowa, Wiaconsia, Mleblgau aad i» dlana, «A* W. E MEBWHI & CO.* fM4 SOLE PHQPBIVTOM. Bo. Liberty street. New Yp^ In Ottanwa by D*. W.M. tilitt'Afr Am»96.16U~vt6 «Ur 4

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