Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier, July 14, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier dated July 14, 1864 Page 3
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A ife iiiii'iii'itfi»iii •w THE OTTUMWA COURIER. OTTUMWA, July 14,1864 Local and Miscellaneous Blank Dekdb and Mortgages. Jast pri^. fd and for sale at the Courier Office. Pensions Boubtjt a$d Back ly obtained by -B. H. STIPES, Office over C. Warden's 8tor«. Something New. I S u s a o n i z e i i The ladies of the Raptiat Church will give an Ice Cream entertainment at their House of Worship on Tuesday evening, July 19th, for the bene0t of the Society.— Doors open at 8 o'clock. Admittance free. The public are respectfully inyited to attend. JJy order of Com. Epiftcopal Church. The Rev. Mr. Peet, of Des MohkM will preach in the Episcopal Church, in this city, on Sunday the 17th, at 11 o'clock A. M» and 4 o'clock P. M. Public School House.—Work has fceen commenced on the Public School House, on College Hill, by the carpenters who have erected a temporary buikjing for ttytt pur pose. We have not seen a plan of the building, but good men have charge of it, and we doubt not it will be as perfect as the means at command will permit. Koasting Rabs. Our most grateful ac* Inowledgements are tendered to P. G. Bal lingall Esq., the popular and enterprising proprietor of the Depot House, for some roasting ears, the first of the seaoon. May Peter always wave. Try it Once.—The proprietors of Dr. D. flL Seelye's Liquid Catarrh Remedy have unbounded confidence in the merits of that lfedecine, as they guarantee to return the amount paid, where the directions have bpen followed for one n^onth without Dene ftcial results. Surely they could dooomore Sxtension or the BurlingtoijRoad.—A ru mor is current in town th^t the Burljngtpn Company are to commence work on the Railroad Bridge at this place in a short time, and that the construction of the road west to Albia is to be pushed forward with yigor, in view of completing it in 18 months. We pre the rumor as we get it. .MtcE—Mrs. Boulton will be happy 4*toupply this luxury to those favoring her with a call at rooms over the Bakery, oppo site the Bank, Front street. 16 16 tf i & Edobrly's Block.—Thisbuild which for size, arrangement and finish, has no superior in the Slate, is completed ^and its owners have taken ppaneaeiou, tfith tlMir large stock of Hard wart, Executionor McComb, Postponed—The •zecution pf B. A. McCorab, now confined In the jail of this county this city under conviction and sentence for the murder of Jjaura J. Harvey, which was to hive taken place on July 27th, haa been postponed in consequence of an appeal to tt)« Supreme Court, which cannot be heard until the Peceuiber Term. Sheriff Derby received /official notification of this fact frou) Judge Trimble on Saturday. |owa fttema. The clip of wool of the Hon. J. B. Or in nelt, our excellent and faithful represent tive in Congress will amount this year to /iome $10,000. The conclusion in regard to crop pros frtets in this State this year is for the most part very favorable. The larger portion of £he Stale has been favored with an abund ance of rain, which caran not as it some times does in storms of weeks duration but «easoably as it was wanted. The conse quence has been that farmers have been Able to get in their crops in season and have been able to cultivate them thorough Iy. The winter wheat was winter killed to a limited extent, and the chintz bug has done $owe injury to both that and spring •wheat but notwithstandihg these draw backs, there will be fron) two thirds to Ihree quarters of an average yield. ^he prospect of everything else, oorn, rye, oats, potatoes, Ac, was never better. Of all kinds of fruit, except peaches, the yield will be large. The hog crop may be late but wHI be an average one. Cattle are fat. We never saw better beef than the droves arriving here for shipment almost daily. On the whole, Iowa will rejoice this year in a great abundanoe of every thing. The only drawback is a scarcity of labor, to harvest the props. Stay of Humiliation and Prayer. I^roclanfatlon by the President. ," Washington, July 8. ^jrhe President, in accordance with the Joint resolution of Ocngress, has issued a proclamation appointing the first Thurs day of August as a day of humiliation and prayer for *be people of the United States, and commending them to confess and re pant of their manifold ains, implore the compassion and forgiveness of the Almighty, and to pray that, if consistent with His will, the existing rebellion tqay be speedily sup pressed, and the supremacy of the Consti tution and laws of the United States be es tablished throughout the States that the Rebels my lay down their arms and speedily return to their allegiance, that Jthey may not bp utterly destroyed that the ^{fusion of blood may be restrained, and peace established throughout our borders. PI ARRIKEA AND DYSENTERY.—We have examined a great number of letters from some of the most prominent citizens of Cincinnati and Uovingtojj, ctc., speaking in the highest terms of Dr. Strickland's Auti Cfyolera Mix tyre for the cure of diarrhoea and dysentery. The letters are too long to publish. Mr. Woods, of Covington( says he was pronounced Incurable by the best doc tors in Cincinnati, and one tytt|e of Dr. ^Strickland's Anti-Cholera Mixture effected a permanent cure after suffering for months with the worst form of diarrhoea ind dysen tery. 50 cente per bottle. For sale tw ^Aiwa^s th* Bust— Especially in patting Salcratus—as the best costs but a trifle for a year's supply, apd the good costs but a trifle more tban the poor. The best goes farther than the poor,and is ppuch more healthy. We can recommend tb* Cheqoical Salcratus to be the best. J. W. DIXON, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Oltumwa, Iowa. Office next door to Sax 4 Hill ain'i Clothing Store, Front Street. Will practice In Wapello and adjoining comities. Bounty, back pay, and Pensions procured. Mo charge unless successful. June '2, 1804. IOQAI NOTICES. fPw Pay, prompt­ HTOflei with M. J.W114.UM, Esq. a (he Muff, north of the Ooprt Homf. April 21,1804-5 10 ILAIM AGENCY. geldlers, and the widows apd belt* pf soldiers are notified that I am acting aa a licensed claim agent. for procuring Pensions, Bounties, Back Pay and ali other just claims against the Government. Charges moderate, and nothing unless claims are allowed. Ep.WA^D H. BTILS^. i e o s e O n w y o i e FOR 8ALE. A House and Lot In a One location at the corner pf College and Second street, and directly opposite College Square. Inquire at tttls ottce. 10-10 Feb. 4, ld04-tf Ottumwa, Iowa. SPECIAL NOTICES. OTRIGHT'S REJUVENATING KLIXIR—Let not despondency any longer be the ever prevailing bane of the fallen state of the human family. Bat, you ask, how is this to be pre vented? Despondency, low spirits, despair, a ten dency to look upon the gloomy side of everything, are all difficult ti drive away. Doctors an.I medi cine will not do it the ordinary stimulating drinks of the day will not do it but hefore you give up the case a« hopeless, try Wkight's gAVE YOUR LIFE.—Dyspepsia, Erysipelas, Kidney Complaint, Sick and Nervous Headache, Neuralgia, Gravel, Tetter, Barber's Itch and Baldness. A Treatise on the above Diseases with their speedy and permanent cure, sen* free to any address. Address S. C. UPHAM, No. 25 South light!) Street, Philadelphia, Fa, Feb. 25, '.304-0m-49'15 SIGEL MtUrn ILLI AM SON & THRALL (Hare resumed tin partnership formerly existing). onfte«a«tlstreet, b|t*ssn Po»rt, June 2,18M— J. C. HINSEY, M. D, I. O. O. F. The regular meeting* of Ottnmwa Lodge, No. 91.0.0 F.. are held on Tuesday evening, at 7 o'clock p. u. Visiting brothers are Invited to attend. Room on corner of Front and MarkM. streets M. McFablim, Sec'y. W. P. SHARP, N. G. Soldiers and ike WHmm and Hefn ef Soldier», are notified that I am acting as agent for procuring Pensions, Bountlee and other claims against the Go vernm«nt. Charges moderate—nothing unless claims allowed. If. J. WILLIAMS. R«j[ vis HALL—This institution has been closed In consequenca Of J«hn JSwlfler's removal to Burlington. Whoever now wishes to see John Zwisler will find him at the "PEOPLE'S GARDEN," opposite Hendrle's Foundry, near the Railroad De pot, Burlington. When you visit Burlington calland see John. He is pleasantly situated, has a Ten Pin Alley, a Beer (Harden, and Refreshment Saloon, £c. Call on him. Mar.l0,18M. MARBLE HAJLJj IHnins and Oyster Kaloos. The undersigned woult| inform the cW zens of Ottumwa and the pub)ic generally, that he has removed his Saloon into the second story of the Carroll House, (imme diately above his former room,) where h# is better prepared now than heretofore to ac commodate those who may favor him with a call. He has also fitted up rooms for dining, and is prepared to furnish Warm meaU at any hour in th* morning or evening. £5gP~Fre8h Oysters received daily by Ex press. Remember the piaae, Varble Hall. Carroll House building, second story. Dec. 3,1803 Wm. A. MOLL. UREVENUE. NITED STATBS INTERNAL •saasaoa's Office, PootTH Digraicr, Iowa, Uye «p»ce of fifteen days. Notiae is also hereby given that on July, 1S04, at 1 o'clock P. M. at U {fftattUMi-aar iliirinrtnilffiiifW m*wmm ATIKC ELIXIR. As Its name designates, it will put new life apd ani mation into the drooping energies yea, even young blood into your veins. Ye who pine iipon t!)e brink of the grave, who may nave tried in vain to raise yourself from the "slough of despair," t}e Induced, even though It may be at the eleventh hour, to try }ts soothing influence. Sold by all all respectably druggists throughout the United States and flanaria. See advertisement In another poloaa. 4ine98,18^4—Itfk "jl/jj" ATTIIMONIAL If.vnu wish to marry, addreeetheunderalgn ed, who will sendyou, "without monev and without price," valuable information that will enable you to marry happy and speedily, no matter how old, haw "RlyiOr how poor. This Is a reliable affair. The Information wl II cost you nothln and if you wish to marry, I will cheerfully sgslst you. All lettera strictly confidential. The detlred Information lent by return njall. anil no questions asked. Address 8ARAH B. LAMBERT, June 28'04-4w Orpenpolnt, Kings Co.. N. T. A GENTLEMAN, cared of Nervous Debllllty In competency, Premature Decay and Youthful Error actuated by a desire to benefit others, will be happy to Furnish to all who need It (free of charge) the re cipe and directions for making the simple ^enjedy used In his case. Those wishing to profit by his ex perience—and possess a Valuable Remedy—will receive the same, by return mall, (carefully sealed by addressing JOHN B. OGDEN, No 00 NAsaiugTBiBT. N«w-Toac, Vmy 19,1864-8m. rpHE FRENCH PREVENTIVE. JL Nightly Emissions effectually prevented with out the use of medicine by the use of "The French Preventive," the greatest inveation of the ags.— Price |1. bent post-paid to all parte of the country. Address Dr. 8- CURTIS, Box 2097, Poft Office, Sfella del|hla,Pa. Circulars sept free. Feb 25, 1S.84-4»15 6m r)YSPEP»IA CAN BE CURED. Dyspepsia, no matter how longstanding, yields at once to "Upham'6 Dysbspsia Feb Mi, 1804-49-1A 0m Ccas." The effects of this Remedy are truly magical. Try It apd be convinced. Price |1 a box. Sent post-paid to any address, by 8. C. Ufbam,' 25 SouUt JUghlbftt.tfftjia delphia. Pa Circular* sent free. a. VIA I Iowa City. Iowa, June 28,1804. The undersigned, Assessor of the 4th Dlstrtet of the Mate of Iowa, In pursuance of Section 15, of a Law entitled "An act to provide Internal Revenue, and to support the Government, and to pay interest on fte Publio p»bt," tjereby advertises uJpereoiMcen S«jro«d Hint the Ujtf, valuations enupieratlons made and taken by the Assistant Assessor within the county of Wapello In said 4th District, may be examined on the 80th day of Jnoe, 1864, at the offloe of J. T. Hackworth, In Ottnmwa, county aforesaid, and thatsaid^llsts wjll remain open at said ofllc* for the 96th day of .. e office of J. T. Hackworth, Ottumwa, within said county of Wapello and after the expiration ofsaldQfteeu days, appeals In writing will be received and determined relative lo any erroneous or excessive yaluatlons or enumer *tl?n# by the said AdUtaot Assessor. OBOROE H. JEROME, Assessor for the 4th District of Io*a, UNDERTAKER. The undersigned would Inform the cltlsensofOt tumwa and vicinity that he is now manufacturing and will keep constantly on hand OQfFINS of ail IMnds a#»d sljies, Having a good HEARSE ^e is prepared to attend to all caUs in hla Una. Shop on eoraer of Court and Sooond *tr««ta.l»o X'.'.ffKr'"""-* r, JZZ mm •^INWARE P4CTORY, ». WAIHBIIRH, jraoff OTTUMWA* IOWA If prepared to AM an lav COPPER, TIN AND tftON ®®OW, KE]|OUiI(E »fJ|T CANI AT FAOTOBT PUOSS, HT"trejpy article warranted. Lttumwa, June 8O,1804—1IV-10 0m rACCINE MATTER—Warrant^ fresh and pyre, kept constantly on hand and for •ale by WTU UTECHT, Druggist. M«rcb 34,1604 Front Strsit. ..J 1 11" AfrlTal aad Departure mi Mail^ OTTIiKIWA, IOWi. EASTKRN MAIL, via A x. a. a. a. AtVtVM Bally—Sundays excepted-^Wll$#»» and 7.85 p.m. Leaves at 9,15 a. m. and 4:15p.m. Time half an hourfaster than common. Mallclos** ope hour before the train leaves. SOUTHERN MAJL, (Iteokak). via x. rt. o. m. A W. a. a. Afrlves Dally—Sundays excepted—at 1MI Wt a%4^savsskt4:15 p. m. WE8TARK MAIL, TH* a. a. Arrives D*Hy—Sundays excepted—*! Ml and leases lt^0 p. m. NORTHERN MAIL, VIA D1HLOHSOA TOSIQOUaaSV. A^lTes tytxi Friday at 5 o'clock p. a.,ai4ISSTM very Thursday at 8 o'clock a.m. SQUtHERIf MAIL, mai|SL TO BLOOMP1BL*. Leaves dally Sunday excepted, at ltd® p. a., tai arrive at 8:00 a. m. WE8TBRN MAIL, (Blakesburg). OASaiSD SIX TIMB8 A *111. Arrlvas and leaves every day, at 1 o'clock, iw fB. J. W. NORRI8 P. *. TIME TABLE,B.&n.R.RAIK.|IOAD OBASGS~OF TIMK. tsave Ottamwa 9M 4. it.MIri Arrive at 11 JO a.b. *.«. TIME TABLE K.FC.D. M. 9V.R.R Express going last Tl V.SOa.m West 4.* r. Mlxedgolng Rast West CHICAGQ.^PBLIIIOTOII_4HD Arrive. .00 A. M. .0ft P.M. 4:10P. M. 8.15 P.M. tAIlR«Al. Express Train. Jb»"Te •JSO A. *45 F.m Ottumwa Price Current, ooaaaoras wibklt by o. H. 8HEFFER, GKOORB, DEALER IM PROVISIONS. Ac. OTTCMWA, July 14 WHEAT, V bush Spring 1,00 FSI1 tl,66 OATS, 41 ................«f@6d RYE, 1,00 FLOUR—Fall, hund $6,25 Spriog. i,... 5,75 Su^erfioe Spring... 5,00 BRAN'S ,«00@2,50 BUTTER, Frash floll, 80' JPirkin, 80 O S e 1 0 0 6 0 0 7 0 0 B^pON, sugar cured ............ 16@18 Hams, couatry.i 16 g^ou|ders...,..., ,T... 1£@1H Clear ^ides ,1|S@18 CATTLE, gross, 3@5 CANDLES, Mould 3Qcf Star 20@25 CRACKERS, brl $3,50^ J,75 CHEESE, 20@25 CUFFEE, Riq, f»ir tq priqie ,.50@55 Jtva, lb| ... 55 COAL,delivered 14 OORN, in ear CORN MEAL 1©1,20 EGGS, 1# doj| @20 FttjjJT—Apples, green,' 1@1,40 dried, ft...... 12@15 Peaches, dried 20 @25 Raisins, layers, box.... $5,50 FISH, Cod, $ tb 8@10 White, hlfbrl $10,00 Mackerel, hlfbrl, No. 2....10all FOWL8, Oiiickens, doz 2,50 Turkeys, each, i..50@55 HAY, tame, $20,00. Wild,. $15,00 HIDES, Pry, 20. Green 10 LEAD and SHOT, bar 9c. Shot lb 20 LAR.D in cans 15c. New brls 15 MOLASSES, Sorghum $1 OIL, Linseed $1.40 Coal, per gal 1.20 PAILS, pei dos $2,90 320 POTATOES, per txfsl) 2,00 POWDER, per keg.... 35,00 RICE, per lb ..Vli@18 SALT, per bfl, $4,75. Dairy, sack.. 35 SUGAR, Oornmon, 25. Powdered.. 85 SODA, per keg 10 WUI8KKT 110 Marsh A Ketcham ........ 65 ALE, per half bbl., Keteham's ............... .$5 00 TOf HE FAR-FAMED DR. WEIR Pennsylvania, announces to the commnnlty that he Is a practitioner ot the German, French and Spanish mode of MEDICAL TREATMENT, 80 ineeessfally practiced of late In France, Spain and America. He has been engaged sereral years in travelling and successfully treating people who iingsr under old CHRONIC COnPLAIKTS. He not only ascertains the nature merly way be. i i- of disease, as practised by physicians, but for­ passes on and discovers the cause, however Intricate the disease FEMALE COMPLAINTS, In all their forms, treated carefully and confiden tially. 1 will visit and consult patients while re maining In town free of charge. Those living at a distance and nnable to vis it him, can be treated by sending him a clear vial ftill of their morning urine, from which the disease will be ascertained. i All letters of inquiry mast contain ons postage i Stamp. He will be at Marengo, Iowa oounty July 10,1804. I Iowa Olty, (at Ornmmy House,)...July 19 West Liberty July 18 Wilton Junction July 14 Muscatine, (at Irving House). ..July 15 A lit nurlington,(si flm^tnsa house)..July 18 A 'J Mlddletown.. Danville .... New London. Mt. Pleasant. Olendals Fairfield .. .July 20. ...JnlySl. Ji»ly 88. ....July 18 A 14 July 25 July 26 A 47 s fi OTTUMWA, (at Ottamwa £foose,).Juiy 28 A Oskaloosa Jaly 31. Springfield Jtugust 2 A S Slgourney August 4 A ft •Wapello.... ... Augusts Davenport, (at Pennsylvania House) Augost8 A ». 07~Call early, for he cannot delay. June 80, '64 Dr. D. K. WMR. •ounty 'is wa,la aU jean, Tana JMPORTANT TO FARMER8. Save your labor by nsing M'CORMICK'S REAPER AND MOWER imprered by ths addition of the 'SBLF-RAKBR. a The Best Machine in Use. The subscriber begs leave to Inform the formers of Wapello and adjolnlns counties that the above celebrated Machine is FOB 8ALB AT OTTUMWA, IOWA. Of this tried apd valuable machine, little need be •aid. Over Forty Thousand sold in the United States alone, speak for themselves. I will say one word however of ths New Self-Raker •VERY McCORMICK SSLF-BAKKR •eed Instead ofthe Hand-Raker ssne tt?s werk«f TWO MEN AT LEAST at a time when labor is not only high priced but hard to be got at any price. The economy of using this Machine mi^st be appar ent to every Farmer, whan he takes into considera tion, THjsrapT tha» the undivided time, attention and capltalef this Brn l?as beep given to the manu facture and improTsmanl of tbU mjtehlns alone for the last twenty years. This experience has render ed the manufacturers able to bring their machine into market, knowing that In all its parts and oper ations, aftdgpfter all cTfcumsUpceit is pre-eipluently PRACTICAL, S1MPLK AND RELIABLE. Every part shall prove just as represented, and as an evidence of the faith I have In the |machlne, Jrl*al w*U) on Its unbounded saccees, I w}U p8*t it on Any other—rPurcluuer Imping and Paying for the one preferred. farmers wfll And it to their Interests to call an4 aee sample infchins now on exhlb)}|op free of charga J, F. STERRITT, Agent, At peyln k Pefep pornpr pf Front and Court Sts. pttgmfa, Jow». 4pH8J to^ly 1,1«H W. S. KEN WORTHY. JMdyviUe, QUNSMITO SHOP. Attention of Hunters and Target shootsasis called (o the firm of the undersigned who U prepared to manufacture and repair all kinds of rlflee, revolvers, Shotguns and pistols, etc. etc., lu the best style and jpanner and on short notice. AM work done by me will be wsrrauted. My shop on Front Street, one door east of Ottumwa House. 7-lt"Sm. LEWIS HUtiO MASUKK. Oyer's Ague Cure. BAKERY & CONFECTIONARY PATTIC Would announce to his old friends, and the pab*l* generally,thathe has returned t? bis old buslpesf again, HfSiB J* HAW LEY'S ST©1| ON FRONT STKEKT, In his new and rommodloo# house ereetfd sspaslally for the paspose of carrjri^&an a BAKERY ON A LAR&B SOALK! Where hs wonld be pleased to serve everybody with WHEAT OR RTB BBGAB, CRACKER8, PtES, CAKES, CANDIES, Ac., &o., 4o. Her wBl also And a large and select no Toys and Fancy Articles To please Tonng America, and SKATES FOR LADIES GENTS I am also Agent for I ^LILI/S CELEBRATED Premium Cream & Stock Ale Which I ean tarnish in any qaaatlty Isslred. P. C. DAUM. Ottnmwa, Nov. ith, 1868 n38-lMf GREAT WESTERN NURSERY! LOCATED ONE MIL* NORTII OF TBT1 IT "*17 HE Jtk. 9 ISTear 1 Cemeery. Tthe niS Nursery has been established here within last three years, and is designed to be a per manent and growing ln4titut1on. It embrace* a large araouat of ground, and oocuple* one of the mnst de sirable situations In Iowa, and I feel encouraged with the patronage and confidence that I have already received from the people of this vicinity, to persevere In my determined purpose to make this Nursery one of the largest and bestln the West. I have a "local habiatlon and name,"and hold myself responsible for the character and qua|lty of sales that go from my nursery, or one sold by myself or by my authorised agents. I am prepared to sup ply the people of this part of Southor.i Jowa with Most Desirable Varieties Of Summer, Pall and Winter Apples,expresslyselMt sd and best adapted to this section of Iowa. 8t%g4ftfd Md dwarf Pears, TCMhee, Nectarlneo, Plnmbs, Cherries, Currants, Gooseberries, Particular attention will be paid to STRICTLY PILLING THB 0IMERS Of those who do not come In person, and when dla* cretionary power is left with me, the VERlf BEST SELECTIONS will bt mftde. Apple tre«t, two ind tferee vftri old. best selection, $10 per hundred. ESPECIAL ATTENTION! Is called to my varletlss pf Orape Vin^a, and tfcclr rsspnative prices: Delaware, (one yearY fl.QO (two yearA 1.50 Concord, Diana, Mar tford Prol\fio^ JV&emi, 1,00 Clinton, Catawbt% CARRIAGE FACTORY' THE undersign would respectnlly solicit theat tentlon ofthe public to the facilities which he now possessfor manufacturing CARRIAGES A WAG ONS, ofevery description, arter the most improved styles,asgoodascan beobtalcedEapt,and uponsat |sfactoryterms. Thniewisbiog tapqfCh)Hfwillpiease call and ez anjlne my sto^lf. PIT"Ail kinds ofrepalrlngdone with neatness and dispatch. Particular attention paid to Horse-Shoe ,*ig, and all work warranted as recommended. r^ooiU Raspberries, Strawberries, CRAPE TINES, 1CHURARR, Ac, together with the best varieties of EVERGREENS DRCIM0U8, and ORNAMENTAL TREES and SHRUB8, ROSES and VINES, at pv'ces as low the Burlington or other reliable nurseries. A A W I N ,1861-4018-10w OKBAT BAKOAINS! AT J. A. SCHWORM ^^Remeqaber March 17,18*4-03-10, |S I»abellax 20 CABBAGK AW9 «OMAVO PLANTS In theli ea J.O.CttABf U W A '8, Itat door West of J. L. Taylor's prugSt^re OTTUMWA, IOWA. Where will he found one of the largaet stoefes aa» slsting of fhe following articles: BOOTS AND SHOES, HATS AND CAPS, 8BQ8ERIESANP QUEENSWAHE CONFECTIONERIES, Chewing and Smoking Tobacco^ fhe be#!In Qttumptr GLASS AND NAILS, WOtrtllflt & WILLOW WARE. W All of which wlllbesoldfor CASH CHEAPER THAN THE CHEAPEST IN OTTUMWA I or E¥CHANe|a FOR COUNTRY PRODUCE. My mAtto is, Quick. Sales and Small ProAts! WANTED"HIDES, OWi*W».QeUb|tr forwhlchwillbepaidthe •eryhlghest marketprlce In Cash. Call and examine goods^nd prices,so that ypu can satisfy yourselves that you can bay gQods cheaper of him than anywhere else In Ottumwa. JJEW TEAR I NEW STOBEJ PRICES AlfD FEW GOODS! MEEK & CO. R«V occupy their new brick, next to Ottawa Hoasa. We offer our present stock of DRV GOOBK« OROC^piEll. HATS, CAPS, BOOlU/ tH*Mb 1HO CLOTHlNfit flbr theaezt tea layt at Yiny IpOW FIGYHE3. Meek expects to go to New Yotk in fel-ruary 1st bran new stock, and ha offers aaaMbaigalaamg, ^rown Muslin for HO cents, f}allco 18 to SO eents, .^I^tftee Collars S cents, 9eats Collars 3c«aj|L t- Tea $1,00 perpi Coffee STjfj and all eth«r goods lower thu ean be elM where. We keep ooastantly fur sale EGQS, BUTT EH, POTATOES, ONIOFim H|PLA89ES« CHICKENS, OOA OJL, BEANS, Ac., atlow'^ieo* motte li Jan. T. I^M Our motte ls/ 4^tt£ 9* t*e mud Smali Projttr** III! I «II 1(1 to convince them that It Is the beit preparation ever used. It not only uures the above affections of the Throat and Lungs, but it cures Night Sweats and Spitting of blood, and Is an excellent gargle for any kind of Sore Throat. It Is plensant to take, and a safe medicine for infants. Price 50 cents bot tle. For sale by Dr. J. L. Taylor, W. Cowan and Peter UUoht, Ottumwa, ty ar«ggista gewp»U. lfay%lWH-10-16 Drug Store. The undersigned has opened a Drng8tore In the Curlew building^nd has a large and extensive stock of PURE DRUGS Physicians prescriptions flllo^ care, night or day. Idaho thrown in the Shade! QREAT RUSH OF MINERS TO THE NEW JJIGGIXUS. A S O N I S I N I S O V E I E S UNPARALELLED RICHNESS OF THE KEW MINES 1 Jtb usb or ooim TO A LARGE STOCK of Coal Oil Lnmpt, Chit* Hty*,rtcy, Tht Pat«nt Monitor Burner, without *i*okior odor,and not eatily mMa0«4«htd. Jv«t the thing for a nigM Lamp. PORE COAL OIL idaso e i a s o e a e e e i v i n a n o n i n u i n o e e i v e e a e s i-*' i *?-f Fancy TO QET Ottlfnri, lava, possesses as great advantages for bargains as the territory of IUha. HERMAN k LICHTEXSTADTER, GEJfTLEnEKS' rirR!VHHI90 GOODS, such as Cloths. Patlnetts, Kentucky Jeans, Farnieis Satins, Linen and Flannel Shirts, drawers, Bate, Ac. Our were purchased at the lowest Cash I'rMn and will be sold to suit the times. V COUGH ^MORE: TR Y STRICKLAND'S WVVVN^ VV ^VS JM STKICKLAND'B I i II^IPbUOCB COUGH BALSAM. Cnres Coughs, Colds, Sore Throat, Asthma, and Cousun\ptiort. It is »nly necessary for any me troubled with these cnuplaiuti» i. try one bottle of S i k a n s I i u o u s o u flb«nie»U. Pateit XediciM, f»cj Artidn, l«. n Pur« Wines and Liquors for Medical purpose with which prescriptions will be fille *•. Coifliis Epileptic Pills lor Sjilo. AWAYS ON HAND Hereturnnhls sincere thanks for theverj liberal patronage he hasrecelved the pastyear, and hopej by his attention tohis business to merit the confi dence of the public. Give we a call when you want anythlngln my line, either night or day. Ottumwa, Mar. 1». PETKR UTECHT. nlO-tf JJEW GROCERY STORE. The nrderstgned respectfully aunouncea to the cltiaens of Ottumwa that he has opened a Urncery store In the first building north of Lawrence Cham bers new brick block, where he will keep on haud the very beet Groceries to be found In the city, coesist ingof SUGAR, RICE TEAS, COFFEE, FLOUR, *c.» Ac. Ala* TOBACCO, PIPKS, A N I U O S of all klnda, which ha will sell at the lowest price for Oash. The highest market price paid In cash for all kinds of Country Produce. Give me a call and I will sasisfy you that what say Is true. CHRISTIAN AUWEBDA. Oftumwa, Maj A, 156JH} 16 PROF. O. J. WOOD'S A I E S O A I V E Theastonishing preparations turns the Hair black to its original colur,after having become gray, and reinstates it in all its original health, luster,softness and beauty—rtajoves allDandrutf from the scalp, and all unpleasant Itching. It will al#o «me Cutaneoug Eruptions, such as Scald-Head, Tetter, Ac., and heuca creates a perfectly healthy condition ofthe Scalp, bjf acting as aStimuiaut and Tonic to the organssupw thus preventing all tendency to become gray. It also preventkthe Hair froin becoming unhealthy and falling off, and aausej It to grow and thickens where It is gone, by re»^cltat/ng the organs uecessa^ ry ti supply nutriment and coloring matter. Thousands of Soldiers In the Army have testified to he above, who had become gray and lost their Hair by sickness, change of climate, and inattention while performing camp duty. A Restorative and Dressing, It has no eqnal. Por sale by Peter UUfbt, JJruggiat, pttumws, anf by Druggtsts generally. 10- ST O U I S O A A N LUNG INSTITUTE, ?boms Nob. 1, 2, 8, Marble Bulldlnff, No. It North Fourth street, opp. Court boose. PaMtffh, Asthma, lironohitis, Dislherla, Winisr Cough, Ulcerated Sore Throat, Goitre or enlargtd neck. Heat Disease. Luran gltls, Cancer, Diseases of Whj- men, Karly Stages of ponsuinpilon, And aU other compla|ntt that directly as ladlfeollj lead to Po*sr*PTiu»,M» treated upon siis and Im proved system ,of cure. There is no disease of the throat however slight that ult mutely does not involve the Lungs, hence the necessity of attending lo this class of diseases in their flr*t stages. The system involves Msnic*L I.miulatiok, ths. principle h.-ingto apply remedies wnerelhe diseassi exists, and auch Improved remedies a* seldom fail to effect the object In view, vis a FtiwilANtNlf Ct RE. Patients at a distance, by riving a full description of their cases, cau be treated with success, env one, The In­ stitute Is established as a perin» Address Ors. HTfH ft PKRCKV. Princ'lpala. 8t. Louis Throat and Lung Instil uts, ftp. 19 Worth fourth street. Mar. Mt-l|hK 8t. Louis, Miasotjii. DITTSBrRG, FOliT WAYXE & C11ICAQU PJj.ort Railway Line. On|y one change of cars between ChJcMo and New York, via A1ImIowiu Pittsburg, Cleveland, Wheeling. Philadelphia, trie, Waahlugtin, UarKsMrg IUDk|rM, Baltiinpre, New York, Buffalo And all poluts In the Kast. nyangb Tickets can be procured at all principal Ticket Offices In the West and soulh-west. Also, at the company's othce, north-east corner of Clark a'nd Randolph streets, and at I'nion Depot, cor. MadUon and t'aual streets, Thicago. Boston, Four Dally Trains leave Chicago. Mail 4 *0 a. tip. 6 SO a ui,,tOU p. m., lit fLFMND. 9fB'' W«»t. Pass, ^cjo. i rtcb! and staple dry goods «rer hreaght to UOatotrtM, eensVstlng In ywt of LADIES, FINE PRESS GOODS French Merino, Wool Delaines, Black Silks, Reps, Mohairs, Alpaceas, Poplins, Mo^amblques, Challles, Ginghams, Cambrics, Calicoes, Brown and Bleached Muxllns, I)enim*, Stripes, Tickings, Fiaiint-ls of all kinds. Swiss and Jaconet Muslins, Damasks. Linens, Edgings, Insertings,Table Covers, Towiings, Hu«tt,«aw A Most Attractive Variety of CTAitl, ffhawTg, Sutmnrillr, Hoop SiMfts, Gloves. Bandtel'eT.Tgf^, Tloslery, Telvet and Lace Dress Trim mings, Ribbons, Collars, Sleeves, Nets. A full line of YANKEE NOTIONS, and In fact every description of Goods to suit the most fastidious taste. We would call special attention to a select assortment of Ladies, Misses and Childrens Shoes, fs hare |)M toe assortment of NEW YOKE DRY GOODS EMPORIUM. v' ICurleW Block. «l I I7IWA, IOWA. Hitman licutenstadtek. W. BETTS. E. •iwli laiut tuMui CLOTHIER! OTTUMWA, IOWA. HI OLDBST CL«!III\« IM'SE IN 1118 CHUII. HAS now on hand the largest stock of Men and Boy's Wear, ever offered to Ills Customers and the citizens of Wapello County. Our Stock consists in part of OVERCOATS, UNDER COATS, PANTS. VESTS, ev prmlf nf tlie mos rietirahle styles. FINK STOCK OF XDKR CLOTHlNtt, FANCY SHIRTS, GLOVES and oient*s Furnishing Goods generally. NEW STYLES IIATS A CAPS IN ... GREAT VARIETY. AlaOfood assorted MEN'S and BOT'8 Boots fe Shoes A Splendid Assortment of ENGLISH FRENCH CLOTHS, DOE SA/XS, PLAIX A FAXrr CAXSIMXHS, I Max CAM. FIXE SA TJXETS which we are prepared to make up Into the lateat styles on short notice, warranting satisfaction in every casa. MR. I. tHAXTRV, who has charge of till? Department i« an EXPKRIEN'CKD CUTTKR, direct from one ofthe l»e.t ami we uow flatter °ur selves that o »vo placed l»* iore th« people one of the most thoroujeh and complete jStoyks of Men an 1 Boy's wear in the State. All tell you that they sell the cheapest- We will only sav, call and seethe K oods, hear the prices au.l jud«e lor your selves. Blue Cloth and Cassimere for officers uni form, always on hand. chiT-ltio E. W. BETTS. TnTEW DRUG STORE. STOUT St COWAN, |WholesaIaand Retail Dealers in Drugs, Medicines, Paints, Oils Y E -S U S WINDOW GLASS Jooks, Stationery, WALL PAPER, FANCY GOODS, M. CORNER OF FRONT & MARKET Sf^BETg OTTUMWA, IOWA. J7XTIENSIV* U|PROV?MSNT on account of the tarjre ItitTeaaed demrta apoa O.H.SHEFFEB, & CO. -FOE— DRY GOODS Groceries They have made Urge addition to theli Store for receiving their spring stock which is just arriving fromthe Head of Market. It U well known here they sell CHEAP! CHEAPER! CHEAPEST! FOR CISII. teHter the worth of vour rmn-'*•, (I. H.SHKF'fli*,lrC«., LfTORE. Opposite the National Bank, A»rl,TI4H. OTTUMWA, IOWA. NEW MILLINERY STORE On Court, h**eon Front and Second Stt. SMUue^P. A O. AUWEItffA Meg leave to aunr.pncs to the Ladle* of Oltumwa and vicinity that they are about opening a choice a general assortment of Millluery Goods potuistliig o« BQWtJETS, RI880N8, CAPS, HEAD-DRESSES, *•., Which they wtu be bappy wkMtto allV^a will favor theas with a call: OMaaawa, a/ &, 1SM-T 1 Ut »Ti:i'IIK T. ACMES, Rook-It i it «lt*r N PMper-ltulf "••J I. K-ltOtK Mi. inif.'ictui i I n •Mlhaurb Hl^• MhIji-itrsel. litpposltttlu WUiUTJUW HOCSf Iturllngtoi: I own Mi ulr.Ma l'eri«4 «ls. .v •., Ac.. boumi ii ue»it'« ""d l» at 1 tr I'-wrtleuiar «tte»»''V«»*aid to Baling and Hlnak Mit,lsier» *^I|«M. -i rnmrnkm-m MOBS Wm. C. an e ather and hard-wars MsnabitiM an Peelers Id Leather, are rnpn* fully notlllfed of the fact that there Is a first rflM stocV "f E A E noi kepti •fill klnM kept const lit Ty on hand in OMaaawa. II n\ ing the -ry beat fui ulties fur procuring large and well selected stotks, are confident this liousd* o:\niinthesurpa»re.: Inuality or cheapness of all articles in our line. IlH^ large (tgtk of LEST HARD WARE, AMD UDDL8S tf DBGAT VARIETY at Wholesale and tatatt. A larce aeaortmeut Whip» and Cottar*, Trace and Hatter Chain*, Curry Combs and Brvthet, £aJke Would also rail attention to At lb dealing extensively In BIDES, PELTS, 4HD WOOL. Those having such articles to sell in larste or smal^ lots can always depend on getting their vslnol^ cash. D. M.CHAPIN, AgV OttofTiwn, March,fs11®54. Wool Carding, SP NNING, FULLING, WEAVING* AND CLOTH DR1SSIH8, shall be prepared on orahonf Monday, May 18th, to do allkinds of work In my line in the very best manner, and upon the shortest notice. Ilavlnga largo arao nit 'if new and Improved machinery, I can give complete and prompt satisfaction to all who may fa* vor me with a call. Thnsewholive at a distance wlllnow h?savedthe trouble and loss of time in making two trips for their Roll", and if they wish them spun, they can have done by«trppin«r onenlght. Thankfulforthellheral patronage bestowedon Ottumwa,May lC.186t-tf. BIO for the past t.en years, at Agency City, I respectfully solicit a continns nceofthe same at Ottumwa, kno# in«r that I am better prepared to do work on shorte notice and better than heretofore. JOHN ZUI.AUV* WM. C. MOSS JR. & CO., WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALBBS IS oonsistlng of Dry Goods, BOOTS A SHOB5, CLOTHIXGf Hats and Caps, QUEENSWARE AND GROCERIES, CORNER FRQNT apd COURT Stnetfc Ottumwa, Iowa. A JOnriN'! STOCK OF BOOTS, SHOES, HATS, CAP* QUEENS WARE & GROCERIES. Constantly on hand at Chicago Prioa^. Jr., & Ce.\ Ott umwa, Iowa, Jan. 1U, 1S»3. A N O O U S And a Mammoth Stock of N E W O O S HAWLEY & SON BEG leiiveto snnsunce lotheircustomers andthe puol!c generally, that they are now opening and will bereccivlug the largest and bestselcctea stock of Y O O S Groceries*, A S A N A I BOOTS AND SHOeS. I I a w a e N A S A N A S S Glass and Crockery Ware, Ever brought to thi« market. Baaght ash at the present low rates, and will Sold Cheaper than Ever, FOR DASH, PRODUCE, Oil Approved Credit. DOWN GO IHE PRICES! C. O. WARDEN, HAS AGAIN BEEN CAST AND PURCHASED O A S Af oa«ATa«K.cno*ui raicss, a very ftllst«c^|f EKINQ AND SUMMER GOOip Compriseng all articles wsaally salted stock of merchandise. Ip for In ageaMfl? 1)R ESS GOODS, particularly,has an extensive ard varied assortsaert" to which he particularly would call the attention the Ladies. CALL AND EXAMINE, and we are sure we will sell you goods- Warden breceiving the largaet and mostcompleteeieekal Hoots aadd Sfitocs, Ever brought to Oitumvp% 611CAP ah diu r. ii: k $••• •B* CITY MEAT IARKF.T. II VMM) purch.iM-d 11 bunding and busliust f.u u.ei'.i oc.'upied an.l conduit «d l.y J. H'. Brown, I 4e*lre 1' 'uform tfee cllixens OHumwa ami vlelnlty, Uiat *aA» CMtlnue t. ki t-j n assortment of I V«B8H MKAT8. POULTRY,8Atl«AOI«, URD ««. In «hnri. every article kept In %n estsk|M|» I nent of) he ks nd, ami I4t to Mitt tha timet THE IU01IKST PUCKS paid Ibr 8TOCK, PouB^T IVbne. Huiier.Ac. M. McPARLlKk, dec lo Ayer's Sarsaparilla.

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