Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier, July 21, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier dated July 21, 1864 Page 2
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lilER. .%% IORKIR, Editor. »\/y%rw%4 THURSDAY July SI, 1864 National Union Ticket. FOB PRESIDENT, ABRAHAM LINCOLH, ,uj f, j. 'lr »»V' M, ,-i in- Tin vie* mIt e ANDREW JOHNSON. »«4». Union State Ticket. ELECTORS AT t.AROB, r. BEN PAR WIN. of Tea Moines county. V. G. THOMPSON, of Linn county. For Supreme JvJg0, GJC. COLE, of Polk counfv For Srcretiry of State, jgAMES WRIGHT, ofDelawanTiaifcty. For A't-iitor of State, JOHN v,tj A. ELLIOTT of Mitchell oouoty. Fur State Treaturtr, •».. WILLIAM H. HOLMES, of Jone*county. V Ii For Register of State land OjRci, "#08111? A A.HARVEY, of Eremont Co. For Attorney General, •*i(5AAC L. ALLRN. of Tama county. C0!« fcUMON OOXOBRSSIONAL OOKVBJV TION. n« Union ilMttn of th« fnrth Congressional District will mset In delegate convention at 4Oekalooea, Wednesday, Aug. Sd, 1M4, for the parpoit of nominating i candidate tor Con gress, and to truiact such other business a s aajr properly come before the convsntl»n. All who heartily metal n the Governments Its ef forts to suppress the rebellion, without regard to former politic*' associations ere cordially Invited to participate In the selection of delegate!. The ratio of representation will be one delefrate for each county, and one additional delegate for every hundred votes or fractional over fifty votei catt by th* electors of the county at the lait feoeral elec tion for Wo. M. Stone, for Governor. 8AKDKR*. v •j-V* JOflV R. KPEDlf MR, -f ELIJAH SELLS. 'fftl»|UMlsi*l Committee fourth District. ^'xion coi'XTV ro?ivF.Tio?f. A Union County Convention to nominate county ofReers to be supported at the ensuing election, wilt beheld at the Court Rouse, In Ottum wa, on Satur day, July 80th, at 1 o'clock P. M. Sacb towosh.p Is requested to send Are delegates. By order «f last convention. •Yf 8. B. MILLS, Chm'a Oonnty Central Committee, We publish the President's call for 500,000 men, to be raised within 50 d«ys or they will be raised by draft. .. It can hardly be necesrary in Iowa who has so promptly and fully honor ed all drafts npon her patriotism and loyalty, to nrge the importance and necessity ot this call, upon oar people. No arguments will be required here, at least by the mass of the citizens of Iowa, to prove that, owing to the un avoidable cnsualties of the service, the expiration of term* of enlistment and the incalculable importanoc of the movements now in progress, more men most be had, tor future needs.— Grant and Sherman may have force eoongh to-d »y but a few months hense, they will not have so many Some will have perished in battle, some will be in hopitals, while many others, having honorsbly served out their time, will be discharged- These contingencies mast be provided for in season. Iowa will fhrnlsh her share. Indeed, we doot think when the de fioits of some of the Eastern States are made up, the draft upott tn will be very large. **he deHcribed condition of our neighbor baring State of Missouri, is well calculated to suggest to those living along this border, the possibility of a raid into onr State, and it strikes us that som* measures to meet such a contingency, would be wise and pru dent. But we at the same time deem it al most useless to gay anything on the subject. Such is the temperament of the people of thia country, that we have no Idea anything short of a rebel army actually with in our borders would arouse t*ie public to the importance of organizing and arming in defense of our homes and property. Have we not a militia law? If so, it would be a good idea to put it in force. 4odit'ii Lady'6 Book.—Our lady readers will 3nd the number of this excellent maga zine for August one eminently worthy of their approval. A splendid engraving, "The Savoyard a magnificent fashion plate an e*pr«.'.sMve picture the same old story a piece of music "Heart of mine various dress and emb-oidery patterns, and reading matter adapted to all tastes are among the attractions. Godey's is the cheapest and best magazine for ladies. Address A Godry, Philadelphia, Pa. One of the strange events of the week, Waft the sudden fall of gold and provisions. It in regarded as a forerunner of a still larger decline at an early day. It shows at all events that the late extraordinary values have been created and kept up by stock gamblers and speculate™, most of tbem un doubtedly sympathizer* with the rebellion. The receipts at the office ol the Commw sioncr of Internal Revenue since the 1st of Jnlv, are nine million eight hundred and thirty thousand dollars, being several thous and more tliau wa estimated by the Com Missioner at the Wginning of the month. It will he remembered that the new Revenue Act in its sections relating to income*, goes into effect at tits rod of the present month, at which time all disbursing offloers will re tain five per cent instead of three on rim hinififwl Arlljff N««w» of the Week. was a rumor at ITarrKburg that the raiders I had Keen intercepted at Lee-burg, 80 w»gon r®«orered 100 priVoncrs taken. Rebel* ack nowledge 4000 killed and wounded at Man oearr. fihendan In tnjrageft In another Important «K|iedltion. force or destination not indicated. Heavy sUirmiVunir was going on in front of the Pth corps of Grant's armv on the 17th. An early assault aeon expected along the whole line. The Banks decline to loan the $50,000,000 asked bv Secretary Fe*senden. and the Int (•t has returned t*» Washington. The Richmond Examiner 9e*p*nt*, thinks Sherman it very likely to tafce At lanta The Baltimore fb Ohio Railroad I* repafr^f and a^ain in operation to Wheeling. The Steamer, Illinois, has arrired at New York from Aspinwall A fire at Pannma destroyed four hoti*,es. TjOss 200,000. The Indians attacked Bijou Ranche, SO mites east of Denver, on the night of the 17!h, killirifr three men and running off 17 mules. The following morning they run off all the stance stock at Junction, 100 miles east of Denver. Feats for the safety of settlers are expressed. More troops are wanted. Thornf*n'* Missouri' rt^e1s hare yeen broken up, and have scattered throughout the State. Col. Ford is U at Liberty, with A Utaion force. Reports reprtiaeM tJen. Canhy tiy^y enpiged in perfecting armngemeuts for mil itary operations. Mficranza, n position half way between Port Hudson and Red River is strongly fortified, and is held by Gen. U1 man with colored troops. ,It the key,** Red Rirer. A French paper reports Setnmes ^one-to a German watering place, leavincr his Lieu tenant to take his place in the new pirate •easel, soon to come out. It is reported that Hon. Salmon Chaoe has determined to vis Europe during this season, and report has it that he is now ?n .. Falls, to operate on the Chicago Con­ vention and secure the success of the Democratic party An expedition of a formidable char acter, has left New Orleans for some destination not made public. The latest advices from Sherman, represent the entire army over the Chattahoochee, and four miles from Atlanta, Rumors, doubtless prema- tore, report a great battle, t5,000 prisoners and Atlanta taken. There is a great panic in Atlanta. A man in Georgia lost four and a half bacon sides and two pieces of dried beef. He offered $100 for the thief, stating that the^ loss could not be made good for $800. The Qualifications The Washington Intelligencer says that Charles Sumner, of Massachusetts, wan on the train captured by the rebels at Gunpow der Bridge. He was not recognized, but per mitted to depart w:ih the other passengers, and is now in Washington, where he return ed. This is a narrow escape fro n the worst of fates, for over nothing would the labels gloat more fiercely than the capture of Charles Sumner. They would have vented upen hiiu tbe utmost refinements of th^ir barbaric cruelty. ,•: Reader, Stop «'amp 7°""^ "Uh feMKlM «t „rnin. p. o,,,. New Yftrk, rrf«e»» to Ih.cobfM of ne- Berlin announces that the Swedish squadron received orders to put to sea immediately. On Saturday, Forrest, with a reported force of 8,000 or 10,000 men, appeared be fore Hunt-ville, Ala, and drove in the Union packets. The garrison was being reinforced. The Loyal Leagues of Northwest ern Missouri arf organizing against the guerillas. Sec. Fes8enden. having failed to ,a^° 15th Th« rebel raiders. it has'been aacsrtainsd, escaped by wsy of Athhv's 0*p, and the Pursuit has been abandoned. They had a tffcin over a mile lonjr, of every kind of ve .. I* i i i i• month ago to iv and has been constantly hlcle, and ail sorts of plunder, including' horpe«, cattle. mules, bora and sheep. There Clay, of Alabama, Jacob jrjver We proceeded at onee to fortify in Thompson, of Mississippi, B. F. Tuck- our front, with a strong skirmish line thrown er and Geo. N. Sanders, as beautiful, forward right tip under their noses, and a set of rebels as could well be scared since then we ha*e been almost constanMy up, are in Canada, opposite Niagara P'*y,nc of SussTfrvrim.— Tbe uncertainty which the Provest Mar shal GenemPs office has thrown over the subject of the eligibility of substitutes for ser vice in the army is being gradually removed. A few days since we noticed ao order de- tt ii Iowa Vet. Vow to ths Field ne»r the OhattahoocluT rive"-, July 8, 1864. Editor Courier, Dear Sir: -Our army corps reached the "froril" at Ackworth, one engaged with tike enwmy, more or less— fighting, skirmishing, fortifying, digging, ditching, charging, Ac. I hand you a list of the casualties in our tegt. so lar during the Campaign. Co. A^Nordyke, slightly weoAded.June l(t. Fcrcunon |hlcXiece, Sever^y 23. Klump, slightly, 80. Gejthart. Severely, (thigh) July, 4. weeny, CO ft—!larncv,Sryef*^,'flead, June 17. Orderly Lumpkin, Thigh, Jtily 7. Cq,. C-rFallon, Rilled, ,J,une 19, uPon th®'r m0 a,iwit'on jj avo Think.—We suppose the most »f our readers buy and use D. Deland & Co.'s Chemical Saleratut, but if there are any of you who do not, just stop and think that impure Saleratus is very det rimental to the health of yourself and family, while the Chemical Saleratus is as pure as snow, and is therefore perfectly healthy.— it is manufactured at Fairport, Monroe Co., N. Y., and for sale by most merchants and grocers in the country. The best is the cheapest, and for this rea son persons afflicted with Catarrh or Cold in the Head, should buy Dr. D. H. Seelye't Liquid Catarrh Remedy. Retail prioe Two Dollars per bottle. A bottle will last one month, Urted three times a day. This Med- icine contains no jtyirious drug*. Mlrs if July 3. Laird, Severely, t'4 ijune 17. July 7. Co. p.—-Shrevo, Slightly, ,,r Severely, ml -Marsha II, SI igh tly Co. iS-rSellers. Killei 1. ft. Orin. ScvorelH? Davis, abdoulMi 4tfat «id Ttiigh severely July 5. ,j-H severely -July 4. I? s»), slightly^* mo*-' "j tlichmor.d, \op-i Raney, f, jtnlfft H^0,ins0^»d3*1 fiiJ Co^ mortally (dead) June 2kt IIcssmer, Killed, Reeves, both legs shot: off-July 4. L°e, neverely, s itiai r^ 'underst, mortally, aisco dea.1. jr^ilinnan, slightly, Co.ff •i-Allow iy, eyert4r, Ro oan from the banks, „r,„ ^v1 *orks, extending for some 7 miles along the Chattahoochie, in front of our entire ar^y with annarently but little damige. I presume the wotks in our front cannot be taken without great sacri fice of life, t»nd that General Sherman will, in due time.find some way to get around them by flank movements. Johnson evidently has an immense array and they are compar* ativelv well fed and clothed, n nd all the de y°« h««r co1,,mnR of ,hft of lhe *n,i1 daring that for persons not 1 able to draft,! foaght over from Chattanoo^'trthU^nt who desire to present representative substi tutes, any one, whether liable to the draft or not, would be accepted. A recent order defines the qualifications of substitutes for drafted men, or those who are furnished in advance of the draft. The latter must not be liable to military duty, and roust make idian the second, but this Georgia campai oath that they are exempt from the dratt by reason of alienage, or having served two years in the United States army or navy since April 15, 1881. In such cases certiii cates of exemption will be granted to the principal for three years by the Proyoat Marshal of the district in which he resides, on receipt of the oath, and enlistment papers of his substitute. incessant labor, hard marches, short rations and hardships generally, makes us look back at Shiloh, Corinth and Vicksburg as holiday affairs. We have very hot weather, good water, but nothing to eat in this country but blackberries and apples, just getting ripe in small quantities. The army is enjoying ex cellent health considering their fare and ex posure. Every one is confident of our ulti mate success. Excuse the construction and penmanship of this communication, as I have written it with our batteries playing overhead, while every few minutes a rebel Minie comes "ka zip" along after you, knocking the dirt up at your feet, whistling by your ears, cutting through your brush "shebang," while an occasional shot from a rebel gun comes screeching, screaming and hissing over your head uncomfortably near, while the boys yeil ont down the lines "to your holes." A. J. Roach of Ottumwa, Clark Marshall, and Shreves, from the south side of the river are the only wounded in our regiment from Wapello co., none very severely but Roach, and he not in much danger. "WAPELLO." The rebels shelled Gen. Foster's head quarters south of James river, on the 16th, while Gen. Grant was visiting that officer for consultation. A rebel battery also open ed fire upon the pontoon bridge and a gun boat in thj river. The gunboat returned the fire, speedily silencing the guns. A Richmond paper gives out that Sheri dan's cavalry raid, now in progress, is in Sure toj the direction of Portsmouth, Southeastern lvirgtais. iiU States. Now, Thbrbpohi. u 2k lArnold, sU^Utly, 11 ,i]Ji»ly 4 CouQrr^1hapin, serenely* nci ^jJune 27 Finn, |i« mortally since dead June 24. «to **«F*ul, severely, June 28. June 20 July 4r. Murphy, slightly, i-iji't tjlune 16. hf9 '\.Tulv n: t't« /June lrt. "r .?«•,' July 5. Irwl^l^hill, severely, Fleming, slightly,' ^JNftonar, Co. K—St. John, June, 27. Clearwatera, both legp shot off with shell July 5, (since dead) 5 A majority of the wounded i^'vtery"bad ly hurt. We had the extreme* aivanca of the army July 4th, and celebrated our na u tionnl hol dav by a very sharp fiirht from re! ,im,n, „ve Bri k 8tf gotiatirg a for ign loan. .. the morning until noon, when we found It looks as if Sweden wefe dttpomd t»j|-nMxl (.tronply fortified1. We "sa led in" take a hand in the fight between Denmark i w th I and the German Powers. A dispatch from ter» The next day fiur companies of the „,nv ,rmi a howl and out they went "heltcr ske!- lfith Towa, and four from the 15th again had the advance as skirmishers, and drove the same rcWl hrijrnde before them rapidly nto another line of very strong earthworks, and then made a charge, a^ain driving the cowards froin a position that they should have held aga'nst an entire division, instead of being driven out by 8 companies of skir mishers, supported only by our brigade.— We pursued them on the 5th inst. to the Chickagack creek (where wo now are) one m5|e a Ut going to th% people for a found theenemv in great force, very strong- from theChattahaoehie river .where we ly fortified to prevent tm from crossing the 1 through the PrM". eome from y°"n* h"i™'1 ,"ed P""0"'!'1"' vivid imaginatiors, who never get near the front and get their reliable information from stragilcrs. This country is strongly defen sive, with its mountains, pnsse* Ac making one defender equal to three invaders at lea«.t, hence the. public must not ret impatient with the "on to Atlanta" movement. We are in the extreme front of Sherman's right wing, under McPherson and are to day near er to the very heart of the Rebel Concern than any army ever penetrated before in plain view of Atlanta from hills in our rear which is only six miles distant. Thev have had an immense army of negro laborers at work in their rear, and the entire country v,lD tllvlllJ v is one continuons series of very strong tor tifications, hence we have fought them at great disadvantage and suff-red severely. A great po tion of this army like us went through the Shiloh and Corinth campaigns the first year Vicksburg, Jackson and Mer !rn. the third year of our soldiering, for bloody fighting every day, building forts at night, -1*1 ill hTi)|i(M(ii :tiiiTitifiVifi inniTf^iinrntii 'ti^fitif^itfiifliiniw President's Proclamation. 500,000 3Ioi«« neH Called Ont. Washington, July 14.—J)f the PrtsuUnt of the U. S. of America :—A Pkoci.amatios: Wiikrras, By the act approved July 4, 1804, entitled an act further to regulate and provide for the enrolling and calling out of the National forces and for other purposes, I it is provided that the President of the Uni Iti'd States may at his discretion at any time hereafter call for any number of men as vol unteers for the respective terras of I, T. Arrahav LtNCOl,*, President of the United States, do issu- this m)' call for five hundred thousand volunteers for the military service, provided, neverthe. iMa, that all credits which may be estab lished under section eight of the aforesaid act. on account of persons who have enlisted In the navnl service during the present re bellion, and by credits for men furnished to the military service in excess of calls here tofore made for volunteers, will be accepted under this call for one. two or three years as they may el«ct, and wil? be entitled to the bounty provided by the law for the period of service for which they enlist and I do hereby proclaim, order an-1 dir*ct that im diatelv after the fVth diy of September. eighteen hundred and s'xty-four, beinjj fifty days from the date of this ctll, a draft for troops to serve for one vear, shall be held in every township, ward of a city, precinct elec tion district o- a county not so subdivide 1, to fill the quota which shall be as-signed to i it under this call or anv part thereof, which may be unfilled by volunteers on the said fifth day of September, eighteen hundred land sixty-four. I To testimony whereof. I have hereunto set my hind and cnu«e the seal of the United States to be affix d. Done at the City of Washington, this i eighteenth day of July, in the year of our Lord eighteen hundred anl sixtv four, and of the Independence of the United States the eighty-ninth. (Signed) ftiiuftVft *Liwc?ni£ By the President: W. H. Seward, Secretary of ffroitl the 17til Iowa. Helena. Ark July 18. to the bovs, it will be optional with you whether they are notice I or not. As yet, we are a bloodless regiment, and have rm.t with no adventures that are not peculiar to new troops. Yet we claim to bs having a harder time than any regiment of 100-day men from Iowa or Illinois. We are further south, in the worst place, and under as strict discipline as any of the raw on?s. This is probably the worst hole in the universe for impure water, death dea'ing m'asrnas, and ever-croaking frogs, excepting Cairo, Ills., at least my exnerience, even though it be limited, urges me to make this assertion with no foar of successful contradiction.— The regiment has about one-half as many effective men now as when we left Towa the sick list showing 315 unfit for duty, and the number constantly upon the increase. Thirteen have died and have been buried with military honors probably realizing that it is a proud thing to die in the service of one's country. If we stay in this dam nable hole of corruption, I am fearful that many, many more will bo seized with this horrible faoination to perish upon the altar of a beloved country. As a company we are extremely healthy, not reporting over ten unwoll at any one time. Those in hosr pital, two with sore arms from vaccination, and four that we report unfit for dutv, when the truth is they do more mirc'iing than any men in camp. They always move up on the double-quick in leaving their tents, and as persistently come in upon slow time. In faot they are a forlorn looking set, and have acquired very "loose" habits. When they start upon the run you can hear the boys yell, "there goes a man with the Ar kansas quick-step." How to account for our health as a company, I do n«t know, unless it is that we confine our m»n to army rations, and prohibits the use of all green vegetables and fruit*. The boys complain when we confiscate a nice lot of green ap ples, but it is no use, we make them let the trash alone. I would rather hear a well man grumble than a sick one groan. Every one of tbe Ottumwa boys are well, and in good spirits Yours, Ac. J. Hawley, Jr. iu/ I '•iLow i St. Joseph, July 19. €W. Ford telegraphs to headquarters here that he has killed in all forty guerrillas, captured 200 stand of arms and much am munition and many horses. Our troops are still in pursuit of the guerrillas. Later.—It appears Col. Ford left two bands of guerrillas, numbering nearly 200, in the rear, who are committing til manner of depredations in southern counties. A large scouting party via* sent from here this morning, but has not yet been beard from. Every train from the west brings a large number of refugees from Platte, Clay and Ray counties, many of whom stop here, while others are eastward bound. It is said the entire militia of Andrew, Holt, Atchison, Nodaway and other coun ties to the east and west have been called into service. Guerney & Co of this city, have just received 65 pounds of gold dust from Vir ginia City. IhternhI 2, and j8 years for the military service, and that in i citse the quota or any part thereof of any town, township, ward of a city, precinct or election district, or of a county not so sub divided shall not be filled within the space tit 50 days aftei such call, the President dhall immediately order a draft for one year to fill such quota or any part thereof which may be unfilled, and, whereas, the now en rollment heretofore ordered is so far comple ted as that the afore-mentioned act of Con gress may now be put in operation for re jeruitfng and keeping up th3 strength of the armies in the field for garrison and such other military operations as may be required •for the purpose of thn suppression of the re bellion and restoring the authority of the tfnited States Government in the insurgent 1864k. I Editor Col-rieb—Dear Sir: I have been threatening to pen a communication fbr vour paper ever since our arrival at this place. but fully realizing thtt vou are constantly called upon to puMish dull and unintorest ing ar iclos, to ths exclusion of mVter of I importance, I have thu« ir hel I aloof, and I hope you will look upon this as a strictly confidential letter. Tf a few items of gen eral interest can be glea ied from It that refer It^veiiue. Wa copy the following frotu the internal revenue law. It refers to slaughtered cat tle, swine, and sheep Sec. 101. And bt it farther macttd, That there sball be paid by any person, Brm, company, or agent or employe thereof the following duties,or taxes, that is to say: On a'l cattle and calves exceeding three months old, slaughtered, except when slaughtered for the hides and tallow exclu sively, forty cents per head. On all cattle and calves under three tvn^ths o'd, slaughtered, five cents per head. On all swine slaughtered, ten centa par. heal. On all sheep and lambs ala ugh tared, Are c*nts per head. ST. Lotus, July 19.—The Democrat** St Joseph special says the city and country arc wild with rumors and excitement. PHI^IL'K'S ItKLODKSn Pltl!\CE^ Froviied, That cattb, not exceeding five Urered to the writer.—Sec. 88, Law of 1868.'* Omstead Osmond Isaac S |i number, and calves.'swlne, sheep, and Brown E la*nbs, not exceeding in all twenty in num .. .. Collins E ber, slaughtered by any person for his or i ||aher HI her own consumption, in any one year. riffin shall be exompt from duty and all sheep slaughtered for the pelts shall pay two£N)ta only per head. It is reported Col. Ford attacked Thorn ton's guerrillas at ArnoULsville on Sunday. The fighting was kept up all 4ay hut the ,e*ultis unknown. 1 Another body of guerrillas, from 300 t° 000 strong, arc encamped on Gordon's farm, Platte county. Official information states 200 more of the paw pnw militia of Platte and Clay coUnf'es havo joined Thornton's guerrillas. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS!- TNAL ax payers of it s inter­ REVKNITK. Will take notice that the annual assessment for Wapello County has b^en -orapleted for IS64 and placed in mv hand* for collection, and that I will lie at the Court House In Ottumwa on T.iesday and pvednfsdav, the and Sd days of Aujruct. to re ci'ivc thi' Hxme. All person* knowlug themselves in [••'rear* either for License, Income or other Kxclee duties, will pli ase call at the time appointed and settlf the mme without delay otherwiie, a penalty of ten per cent will be added and collections made "bv distraint and sale." IS-10-^w. SAM'L INORIjS, Dep'JrCol. 1st DIv., 4tb CoL. OUt., 1*M. i nELOCEOlS, Oka A .VW A Nb HA ft V OXHT.W*?1 O&GAXS AND HARMOXIUMS. Dealers In PIANO STOOLS, SPREADS, Ac. We hive the I »rge«t an 1 best assorted staek »f Pianos In the cltv, which for power and sweetnem of tone, easy and njrreeable touch, and beauty of flnish, have, by jud/c.-i, been pronounced L'&atva lkd. EV*Remember the pl^i-jg I JULIUS BAUER A CO. 99 South Clark and P9 Washington^!, Send for a Circular. [July 21, lSW-IS-iCy I vvq.U/£ Cure warranted if Directions are followed. Hundreds of ('ili/eiis of Cliicaffo liuvo been f•'rmuiionlly Cured bjr tit in iTlediclui Call for a Circular describing all Syatptema. D. ««. MKULVIi k C*m Viitf tioLK PRuraiCTOBS, —Jfa tonic Temple, Room No, 11, CHICAGO, ILLINOIS. SYMPTOMS—The lymptom* of Catarrh as they generally appear a-at Brst very slight. Persons And they have a cold, that they have frequent at lac ks, and are more sensitive to the changes of tem perature. In this condition, the nose may be dry, or a slight discharge, thin and acrid, afterward be coming thick and adhesive. A- the disease becomes chronic, the discharges are increased iu quantity and changed in quality they are now thick and heavy, and are ha*k«d or coughed off. The secre tions are offen si ve, causing a bad breath the rolce la thick and nasal th* eyes are weak the senses of the mtiell is Utsened or destroyed deafness fre quently takes place. Another common and lmpor tant symptom of Catarrh Is, that tbe person is obliged to clear his thi oat in the morning of a thick Or slimy mucous, which has fallen down from tbe bead during the night. When this takea place, the peracn may he sure that his disease Is on its way to the lungs, and ahould lose no time In arresting it. The above aie but few of tbe maty Catarrhal symptoms, A Single BottU tciUlart a montK—Ube ue*d Mtm Mmm day. E S I O N I A S From Hon. Thos. J. Turner, Ex-Member of Congress from Illinois, late Speaker of Illinois House of Represe itatlves, and Urand Master of A., P. and A. M. of the State of Illinois. FaiKroBT, Oat. 91, IMS. Dr. D. n. SaKiri —Dear Sir—In reply to your no tice of the 15th Inst., 1 would say thai I waj severe ly altlicted with Catarrh for years, whenibecame acquainted with you and boughttwo bottles ofyour Liquid Catarrh Remedy. Before I had used one bot tle 1 was sentdhly improved, and before the second bottle was finished, was completely cured. I can recommend the medicine all aiUicted with Catarrh Respectfully Yours, THOU. J. TLKNKK. This la to certify that In the use of Dr. 8eelye'« Catarrh Remedy, I expeilenced much relief, and have heard many speak of it as being invaluable for the cure of Catarrh. Yours, Ac., KDWARD KLV. Chicago, Hay 1:2th. ISM. From "Parmly," the weli-knswn Hatter, undsr tbe Treinonl Uoute, Chicago, IU. Dr. D. H. SacLva A Co: Gents'—Tonr Catarrh Remedy I have used, and fully reoommend U as the best remedy known. It has cured me, and 1 believe It is a certain cure in all cases- Chicago, May 6, 1884. JOHN PARMLY. |Kor aale by Drs. W. IS. COWAN and J. L. TAYLOR, Ot tuunva, Iowa. July 11, ls64-y ETTKRS REMAINING UN-I'T'HK FAR-V claimed In the Post Ofloaat Ottumwa, State of Of I'ennivh unit. Iowa, 40th day of JTaly, 18S4 IV "To obtain any of th«*e letter*, the applicant must call for ''Ufafti**d Ivtler*,' (five the date of thin list, and pay one cent for advertising ,. tv "If Dot called for within be tent to one the Dtad Letter OIBce. "FRKE DKLIVlRT gIIERIFPS SALE., '"iliiTUj' 1 TtfkltfS BAUER fc CO. «l urn JULIUS BAUER & CO. WAKKROOMft, 99' Clark aud SO Waihlaftea lW CHICAGO, ILL. Manufacturers and Importer* of r' MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS, TrniNi.s. VIOI.I-MS. DRi nS A(' ORDXaONS, cnrAiim stMJIASS ItfSTR UMEXTS, and other musical merchandise. Ilavlns connection with Manufacturing Houses In Berlin, Leipslc, Dresden, England and Paris, we are prepared to furnish Dealers, Bands and Individuals with every article in this lloe, at tbe lowest tfactnreifc' prices. WHOLESALE AOXNTS FOR I A N O O E S PIANO FORTE& WM, TCNABK A CO., Baltimore, KUAKDMAV A URAY, Albany. A. II. WALE & CO., New York, 11INK 4 SON, lly virtue »f a speelnl Execution to me directed, by the Clerk ..f the District Court of Wapello coun ty, State of Iowa, commanding me to setl the prop erty hereinafter described, as by s decree of said C"urt dlreiHed, I will expose to sale, at public auc tion to the highest and best bidder for caah In hand, at the fr..nt door of the Court House, in Wapello county, Iow«, on the 18th day of Aqgust, 1S64, he tween ihe hour* of 9 o'clock A. M. and 4 o'clock P. M., commencing al 10 o'clock A. M., of said dav, the following real estate to-wlt. Lot No. four hundred ami ten, (410), n the cltv of Ottumwa, Wapello county, Iowa Taken as hy special execution di rected, us tlie property of Thomas Cinnamon and Aurflla Slnnunion, to satisfy said execution In favof ot I hoinas ISIghaiu, and against said Thomas and A url 11a Mnnainou, for the sum of two hundred anJ Sxrty-ane dollars aud five cents,(fS'J41 06) and Inter est and costs, Q. A. DERBY, '[•ISWARE KACTORf^-"*^?- fJ1HE E. waaHRrnf,' """"t I si! PMtTnm*, *TT U I As to t!ie reUiive merits of our Pianos, we would I refer to the cei titlcates of Excellence In onr pjsses sion from Thallierif, Uottschalk, Strakos, H. O.Sat ter, II. Vieuxtemps, Louis St.iab, and E. Mniio, mu sic 11 director of the I ili an Opera, as also from some of the most distinguished professors and ama'.uers In the country. All instruments of our manufacture have I lie full Iron frame, aud are guaranteed for live years. ty Particular attention paid lo the selection of Insn-uiminu for distant orders, and a privilege of-t. ix-hAn^'e granted at any time within six months, if the Instrument should not prove entirely satisfacto ry. A liberal discount to Clergymen, Teachers and Schools. Terms liberal. ifW Persons in want of a really first class Piano, Wiildo well to call before purchasing elsewhere. month, they rUixAo sel3C**etally practiced of I of letters by carritrt, allfle residences of owaers In r.nles and larj(e towns, SE CURED by obeervlng tbe following rules "1. DIKICT letters plainly to the street and num ber, as wall as the post office and State. "t. HEAD letters with the writer's port office and Stat4, aad nignthem plainly with full name, and request that answers be directed accord ingly. "8. Letters to strangers or transient Ylsltors In a town or city, whose specia! address may be unknown, should be marked, In the lower left-hand corner, with the word 'Transient.' "4. Plac« the postage ttamm on the upper right hand corner,and Uavttpace between the stamp and direction tor port-marking without Interfering with the writing. "N. B. —A REQUEST for the RETfltN of a letter to the wrttsr, I unclaimed within SO rfnys or leu,writ ten or printed with the writer's tuirns, port-ojUcf, and Sttte, across the left-hand end of the envelope, on the face side,will he complied with at theu«n»l pre paid rate of postage, payable when the lettdfia 4 Rosenfield S Rush E (iriggs W Harris Rebecca llniris S E Hanson t) W Hendricks Anna •lanes Kiir.abeth Jones Rohcrt Kavnnagh Mr* Le.leber [,vnn Hli7jil»eth tiudale McCarlv Mills Eilen Rice A Shaner Samuel I Jl Smith A W Slooa Wi!ey Sprague N Townsend W Townsend William West Mary Whitton Gtanville Willson Widup W Watson John 3 Yates «'i Zeiplcr Ii YVANTED—The subscriber wish- es to engage In tbe Brewing bnslness with a person hiving cash capital of five thousand dol lars. A dilreM BNTKRPRISE, Ottumwa, Iowa. July it, lWi-tf S e i o W a e o e o a n y I o w a July 14, ISSI-to UXRVKNUR. XTTED STATES INTERNAL AsJCM.mii'* Offtcs, For am Notice Is alto hereby given that on the Sftth day of July, I SOI, at 1 o'clock P. M. at th e office of J. T. Ilackworth, Ottuinw i, wlllitn aid county of Wapello and after the ex iiratloii o said fifteen day*, appeals iu writing will be reoeived ami determined relative lo -m* errMieoun ar excessive vnjnvlons or enuiuer a^ioa* l»Jf tlwsaM Assistant Assessor. 14 District, Iowa, 1 Iowa t'ity. Iowa, Juiio23, 18M. The undersigned. Assessor of the 4th District of the State n Iowa, In pursuance of ctlon 15, of a Law I entitled "An act to provide Internal Revenue, and to support the government, and to pay interest on *i the Public Debt," hereby advertises all persons con cerned Uifit the Hats, valuations and enumerations made aud tntMea by the AMis4ant Assessor within the county of Wapvlln in said 4th District, may be examined on theSoth dar ft Jnne, 1SU, at the office of J. T. lUckwortlh, iu Ottumwa, county aforesaid, andtkhat said IVts will' remain open at said office for the spitce of fifteen days. UEOlttiK II. JKROME, Asmssot •"-tin r:*Vi Of the following manufacturers. Also Agents far Am-Um-4th JaneSO, 1S61Sw Di-trict of losra. UNDERTAKER^! The under«Jgried would inform the •iliaens of Ot tumw* and vicinity tuat he is now nrinufiduring and will keep constantly u IihoJ) Wllf¥IX£ kinds and suet.. Having a i iid IIKAItftK h« It prepared to attend to *11 ca ih. ijftt# ttw#. 'tK!J i o e side the Conieregationifcb .l«JL HU'1 Juue» l$*4-2ia 9. UASLAtfH MR iit »rden&r' COPPER-rt!« AND t&Ott. CiOOBS, KKUOSG^i^ -. jiVJlltJtiii tfff*' OLD STAND RENEWED* Cliionp'o Branch- Groceiy and Prcyisioo Store. I it ijii M. HEINRICH & oof. SaeewMra to C. Frits. «. ... A^ We would respectfully announce to tbe eltisen* of Wapello and surrounding counties that having pur chased tee old stand, ti liltYe opened a branch of I onr Chicago store where are constantly receiving largt supplies «f CBOCEKICS, PROVISION#, WOOD- EXWABE, AC., which, from onr facilities, we are enabled to sell on the most reasonable terms. We would therefore so licit a call. 41, IIEINU1CJ1 A CO. FARMERS Will please notice that we bay every de*erlBti«n of Product'. Remember the place, O. Frits old Stand. Ottumwa, Iowa, May M, 1b64-10 18 tf TMPOliTANT TO FAliMEUS, *rrTf,'t' x'ljJ "*1 •are your labor bj using irCORMICKS REAPER AND MOWER j1 t, «1 i -4''. W wnim i i i taffltve«hf OeaSSItloa !i tn»Pis Its lest Madtine I Use The subscriber begs leave to infeius tbe farmers of Wapello and adjoining counties that the above celebrated Machine is FOR MALE AT OTTmw.l, IOWA. Of this tried and valuable machine, little nerd le said. Over Forty Thousand sold in the UnltCI| Slates alone, speak for themselves. 1 wiU say ono-wocd however of the New Self Raker EVERY McCORMICK SELF-RARER (U4ft Injtcad of the Hand-Raker saves the work tot r* v TWO MEN AT LEAST when labor Is not only high prioed bnihard to lie got at any price. The economr of using this Machine must be appar ent to every Farmer, when he takes into conildrra tlon, TI|isr*( that the undivided time, attention and capltslof th is Arm has been given to the manu facture and iui[irovemvnt of this machine alone for the last twenty years. Thia experience has render ed the manufacturers able to bring their machine into u arket, knowing that in all Its parts aud oper ations,and underall circumstance It is pre-eminently PRACTICAL, SIMPLE AND RELIABLE. Every par|gball prove Just as represented, aad as founded ou .... ii„^ trial with Any other—Purchaser keeping ond paying for Mu one preferred. its unbonndsd success, Devln A Peter oornsr of 7/ Ayer's Ague Cure- FAR-FAMED DR. WETl*. announces to the comnimiitK that he is a pi n'UUaaer of the German, French auS Spanish mode of MEUlCAfc IRfcATMEJIT, fto seise**stally practiced of Irte In Vraact. MpSla •nil Am.'! lea. He nap been ng iK''d several yeara hi travelling .in! sueceaafully treating peoplswh# linger ui.derold ('UliO.Mir COTIfl IIXTS. He not only anceitalns the nature of dlsei«e, a* for merly practised by physicians, hut na»«cs »n aud discovers the cause, however intricate the disease may b» FEMALE COMPLAINTS, In all their forms, treated carefully and eenSSee tially. I will visit and consult patients while ra mainlng in town free of Usrge. TliPseliring at a distance and unable to vis It him, cau ls treated b.v senrtlnt him a clear vial full of their morning urine, from which the disease will be ascertained. All betters of Inquiry most contain one postage stamp. lie will be at Mafengo, Iowa Jwlv Iowa City, (at Crummy House,)..-July l'J, West Liberty i.. .July Wilton Junction Jnlyl-l, Muscatine, »t Irving Roaie). ..July 15 Burllngt. ti, (rt Brst-class house)..July IS 419 Mlddletown Jul.v jpaoviile .\,«... New London ., July 21.» r,...V...July 23. Mt. Pl*attm.~i...t'. July K8 k t# Glen dale ...««.•»....... i July Fairfield ..July A ST ottum wa,(A Ottnmtfa House,). July Attend as A W Eejuvenatin^ Elixir! Or, ES8BNCE OF LIFE. Prepared from Pare Vegetable Eztraeta, eon-., ffilifig sothlag injurious to the most delicate* MA4AI ..IHATyf As fti f'haBnix rises from the ashes of its Srek animated with new li'e"—«o doe3 this Elixitf reiuvenate the system and overcome disease. PT* The Rejuvenating Ellvtr Is the result of modern dls«ovaries In the vegetable kingdom being aa en tirely new and Of abstract method of core, irrespective All the. old and worn-ont systems. of all XT I Ids medtcine has b!en tested by the most nl-. oent medisal men of the day, and by them prononsced to be one of the greatest medical dlacoverleaof hn age. tW Oae bottle will oure general Debility. XW A few dosia cares tlynturics In female* -fJ^One bottle cores Palpitation of the Heart, try roin one to three bottles restores themanlk n«M and tnll rigor of youth. tJT" A few denes restores the appcllte. HfTlire© bottles euro the. worn case of ImyotMM?. |W A frw doses cares the low splrtted. y One bottle reetorrs mental power. pT A fo«t doaos bring the rot-e to the cheek. IVlblt luedlciiie restores to manly vieor and ro bust health the poor debilitated, ivoni-dowij ani de* s^khing. (7~Tbe ltstle»s, enervated youth, the over-tasked man of business, the victim of nervous depression, the Individual suffering from general debility, will all And lmnKdlatv and pernia .ent relief by the use of tills EDxIr or Ecaeuce of Life. or Price, per bottle, or three bottles for $5, and forwarded by Express, on receipt of money, to any add res*. All sicb orders most be sent to C. A. COOK. Chi cago, our-Oenetial Agent for the West. P.O. BoxtVM Sold In Chicago, by FULLER. FINt & FULLER, Wholesale Droggltts, and hy al! Dropglsts every whore. V. A. COOK, tniOAGO, v.ttm- I A tit VIT VAX* ?wnw'r? article warranted. ...i. ,, .. OKMnwa, Jan«»e,l9U--lSM i* General Agent tor the S*«tea of Illinois, towa, Wisconsin, Michigan aodla- BB. W« H. BTKRWIJf ft Sole PBoraiiTORS Ho. 99 Liberty street. New fork. CHEROKEE PILLS! COATED.. Esgultton. 41 tVVI Health\ri.'. Preserver. CURTAIN AND SATE. 'TtH the Bamoval of Obstructions, aad th* n sora&ce of Regularity iu tbe Becnzreace of the Monthly Periods. tuMusral Agent for the States of UllnMa, Iowa, SOMln, Wlchlgan and Indian i. an evidence of the faith 1 have In the machine, thai ult uiatel.v (imu 4wtjt^ ..Iv* the J.upK,, he nee I will offer U on Pannees will Sod it to their Interests to call and sse sample machine now on exhibition free ofeharg* J. F. STERRITT. Agent, At Front sod Court 8ts. Ottumwa, low a. April SI tojuly X, ISMr r. A ££3W££IZY. T'.J( a 2# Oaltaloosa, ....JiilySI. i Sprlngfii'lil .,... AiiKuat 2 A -t Sigourr.ry Auflusl 4 A -S Wapello Anpuat 6. Pateupurt, (at Pennsylvania House) Augimt8 A 9. (SfUall early, far ha cannot delav. June 80, 'W-m Dr. O. K. WIBR. Residence— la Toledo,,fpr the lastaix years, Tamai •euuty,lowa^ ., —i i .T£- Hunters and Tarjtct shooters is callrfe to the firm of the uaderslgn •d who Is prepared tS manufacture and rcjiair all kinds of rifles, revolverifc shotguns and pittolg, etc. etc., In the best style anl manner and on rhort notleei All work done hy me will he warranted. My shoj Is on Front Street, one door enst of Ottumwa House. 7-iMw. LEWIS UlUO MA^UgJK. ft'. i.A ToCf fjh 1 n II They cnie or obviate tho*e iiuiderous diseases that spring from Irregularity, by removing the ii reg ularity itself. 11" They enre Sappreased, Excessive and Palnfsl Menstruation. fW~ They cure Green Slckneae (Chlorosis). XW 'I hey cure Nervous and Spinal Affections,pains in the hack, and lower part* of tlie body. Heaviness, Fatigue on exertion, Palpitation of the Heart. Lou tess oi Spirits, Hysteria, Pick ileadaehi GlddU ness,etc., etc. In a word, by removlDt the Irregn* tartlj, tliry remove the canae.and with it all tiiu effecta s|»i my from It. XW :niTl|io«ed of simple vegetable extracts, tbe* cootatn nothing delete! ions to any consUtutlon. how. ever dedicate, their fnuctloo bring to sucstltuteu„ streDgtb ror weakness, which, when properly nssd' they ni'ver tail to io. XW They may be anfely nsod at any age, and at an] period, BXCAPT BOKIK» THB VISST THBBB MOSTIIB, daring which the unfnlllQg nature of their acflonj^ wonli Infallibly PBivr*T pregnancy, (VA11 letters seeking Information or ad tfO^MUT be promptly, in ely and dlacrcetly answered. tW Kull din ctloasaccompany each box. fW Price tl per box, or six box AS for (6. IV Sent by m«il, free of postage, on reooipt of price. All auch orders roust he sent to C. A. COOK, Chi cago, our General Agent for the West. P.O. Box 05^4. Sold in Chicago, by FI LLER, FINCH A FULLER, Wholesale Druvglkts.alid by all Drngglsts everywhere. O. A. o o o HICAGO, DB, W. B. 9IEBWM CO^ PaorurroRS. Sold In N otW •jW SELF-RAKER. i i A\ y-.i Ko. 58 Liberty aL, KewTStk. W. 1J. COWAN. Ottnniw.i by In June ie64—vMi nl4 y EW*" ROL'KLN" ^STORE i The ui'dersigned respectfully announces to th cltiseqs of Ottumwa that he has opened a Grocer st or® lathe £r*! build lag.north of Lawrsnoe A ChamT bers new brick block, where he will keep on hand the very best Groceries to he found iu the city, coesist Ing of SUGAR, RICE, TEAS, COFFSB% FLOUR, Ac., Sic. Also TOBACCO, V. I IZV& *. W *.».* A N L- I U S of all kiitdi, Which he will sell at the lowest p-!. a for«j Cash. The highest market prioe paid in cash foi allK. kind* of Coontrv Produce. J|* Olve me a call and I will saslsfy yon that what Iff say is true. CHRISTIAN AUWfcUDA. Ottumwn, May ^, l»8l-8 18 Consuiiipjtoo, Auil leSS( provrll iVslt-ni of cur fVitiP'SL eo-u,l)AV i^ Th«ni if bq diieM« I the necessit.v ofXt'.emHn^ to this class of W Rootuk Xon .1, &, 8, Marble Building, Ko. U Kortliallf Fourth street, epp. Ikmrt house. ~s^ A^lima, IlioiicMtis, DUthelrla, Wintsr' ibg«, Ptceratel Sore Tlirost, Goitre at ,i eulurgi neck. Heat Disease. Larati-*^ gills, Cancer, vf VV i»- .... mt'ri.V.arly Stages of 'I ULrcotiy nr,iudli.-tir, 0»auiMrio»^rj treated spun iwf.J iWi- throat however iliyl.t dis'eaaeein their first ulagee, "~l* The system im4lves MBIH »I. I*n*I,R10K the* principle being to apply remedies where the .li'seasei a* exlkU, and such improved remedies as seldom failifiti to effect the object iu view, vis: aPKUMvvKvr CURK. Patient* at a distance, by giving a full description of their oasss,' can bs treated with success. The In. vtKiil# At a permM( B( out Address Drs. KHC'H PKKCtV, Frinri,,*!.. St. Louts Throat aud Lung InsMtutij^ -v°

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