Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier, August 4, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier dated August 4, 1864 Page 2
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I THK OTTl'llWA COURIER. W.^ORRIR, Editor »-.»v THURSDAY $ i,« Aug 4, 1864. d±t—.—rs v-National Union Ticket* Mrf Vi is V. -**1 "K'"". ABRAHAM LINCOLN Hlt V1CR PB»«U'RNT, yiV ANDREW JOHNSON. pf -t +1 Union State Ticket. ""•'s1 ...» KLBCTOBS AT LAMI^ If. O. THOMPSON, of Linn countf. For Supreme Jvdfc €. COLE, of Polk oouaty. ,*{ tTflv .Sipcretary of State, WRIGHT, ®f*Delaware county. .'Ku por Auditor of StaU, A. ELLIOTT of Mitchell county. n For StaU Treasurer, .WILLIAll H. HOLMES, of Jones county. "For Register of State Land Offite, ifOSHVA A. HARVEY, ofEremontCo. ,n"v For Attorney General, TSAAO L. ALLEN, of Tama coafttjr. i V'nlou Comity Ticket. ,-«a Tn* LADY'S FRIEKD n F°r Clerk of the District Ctiirl, 3d. GODLEY, of Washington T'p. For Recorder, H. B. JONES, of Center T^*' Fr Surveyor, G. k HACIvWORTH. Center T^p. The County ConventOT The nominees are good mm, wry way worthy of a hearty support of the tJn urn voters of the county. M. L. Godley. our candidate for Clerk, resides at Ashland. He was a member of the gallant *22d Regiment, and lost a leg at the memorable siege of Vicksburg. He is a young man of excellent character, and un doubted qualification for tbo office. Hav ing in consequence of his wo-iod* received in the service of his country been disabled from pursuing the ordinary avocations of life, the people will Geo. D. Hackworth nominee for county Surveyor, is too well and favorably known Davis, F. M. Buckner, S. W. Taylor, and to the voters of this county to require an ex- Silaa Osborn. Our tickets, County, State and National are now before the people, and it behooves the Union mrn of Wapello to organize and prepare for the election. Let us go to work Let the documents be circulated. Let the people be inspired with the importance of sustaining the cause of the Union at the ballot box as^ well as in the army, for the sake of our brave aoldiers, our glorious Un ion^&nd the best interests of humanity. _Tbe Congressional Convention for this district met at Oskaloosa yesterday. The rtfeult is now well understood will be the nomination for re election of our present worthy Representative, lion. Grinnell, by acclamation. Such a result will be bailed by the Union voters of this District with enthusiasm. Mr. Giinnell has made record the past session, of which any memWr, especially a new one, might be proud, nis speeches have been timely, able and effective,—his votes have been all on the right side, while no member has ex erted himself more to benefit his constitu ents in the way of general business. It is fitting that his course should be endorsed by a nomination and election for a second term, and we rejoice that he is certain of the former, and no less certain of the latter. Ifpwa 'ol'Iht* Week. The rebels have i invade 1 Putins yl *anis, in numbers, s^me say, too consider hia to be regard*} as a raid. Th«y moved in three columns on* of 8,000 unmounted Infantry, on the Sftii took p-wseMinn of Chainbersburg, and burned the .ptfncinal pari of the city. The m^rchinU. hail pre vionsly remored ffto-t of thfcif gyd* and the Railroad Oo their rolling atock. Th^re arc various speculation* as to the plana of the rebel which mav or mav not he rplia ble What arrangements ar^ miking to meet the invaders, is not made public. Gov ernor Ourtm has mned a proclamitfnn.— Tbela'est f»v»rn ChamSertburg repr««ents the rebels on the retreat very mad be cause they didn't get more plunder. Prom the Army of the Pojonttd the news ise*Hting and imnortaot. TTift* hit! has opened before Petersburg. On the morning of Saturday, a mine exploded un dor one ol the rebel forts, whereupon im I mediately our troops charged the rebel® i driving them within their second entrench* ments The battTe progressed with great fury. S- Geo. Grant's IM#- tended notice at our hands. He has held Dahlonega.—C A. Lockwood, Levi Crist, the office by election and sppointment, so Wm Brim, A Bartlett and Mahlon Hoover. many times, and is so universally known as an able and experienced practical Pur veyor, that the people will be glad t. com plimcnt him with a large majority. FOB ACGOST.— A beautiful steel engraving, called "Harvest, Time opens the August number of The La dy's Friend. The steel Fashion Plate, a dou ble one, is also, as usual, of the first quality. The wood engravings are also excellent, en pecially. Hie Bridal Dress," and the fol lowing four paee*. The literary contents are varied and excellent, including "Sictlv Wayne,'by Virginia F. Townsend 'Love's Answer,' by Carrie Myer 'Unto the Dawn,' by Harris Ryrne 'To Mv Sister,' by Mattie lyer Hritts 'First and Last,' by Aureole,' by Charles Morris 'The Trans terj»«d Village 'Loving Twice and Twice Wedded.' hy Mrs James .The Mis- taken Kindness,' by Mrs Denison 'Signs i tion. J. E. Gillaspie's name wa* aod T»)k»*iis,' by Aunt Alice %c. &c Ac. |*riee #2 a year. Single number*. (poet •aid) cent*. Published by Deacon i &, Waltiut fitieet, IMtiladelphia. UAEHUBIKI (VKeraon, 119 Aug 1.—Positive informa- |iMii tias reached here thai tljo rebeis are re tdfning fi otu lie direction of Bedford Springs and going out t^lie State. (ici.cial (.'omh ia today in the weetern pait «f the State, making a reconnoiaeanct of the defend* of the Mommgahela. and flank movement h*S (entirely changed th« aspect of iffalrs.. Br it his right wa* thrown on the north side of James R'verwitWn 10 miles of Richmond, .J, (enabling him to switch hit entire force np- -C. BEN DARWIN, of Pes Moines county, jon either aide of the river in a very fe# h«nrs, andcomp-lting the enemy to cover Richmond with a large force as well as Pe tersburg, and the erterior line which they could not do and have to risk a general en gagement at the same time. Sheridan's armr was put in motion on the 28th to accomplish a movement looking to an early investment of Atlanta, every thing in that department represented as working well. -iV" A colored Regimetit/ '^i ^lWrtlon Of the 15th Illinois cavalry, and a section of a bat tery are reported to have had a fight wet of Helena. Our troops were compelled to fall back. They made another stand 9 mile* from Helena. Result of the l&st bat tle not yet known. NEW YORK, AtJg. on Saturday was the largest delegate convention ever held io this county, every township being rep resented by full delegations. The proceed rngs, though somewhat spirited on account of the competition fur the vaiious nomina tions, were characterized by such fairness as will command for the result the hearty approval of the party- reward liiiu by elect- on credentials. ing him to the office of clerk of the Dirtrict J. W. Morris on ontim was appointed Court. assistant secretary. H. B. Jones, our candidate for Recorder, The committee on credentials reported Is a resident of Ottunwa and justly enjoys the following delegates from all the town the esteem of all who know him. In the Recorder's office he wiTTbe decidedly the ti^bt^uan in the right place. He deserves good round majority and he will get it. 1.—The Po*€i Wash ington special detailing Saturday's ope-'a tions before Petersburg has been received here. They mav be summed up thus: After the m'ne exploded in front of the 9th corps a charge wa. ordered, and the rebels immediately opened a terrific fire from every part of their lines. It was im possible for our troops to withstand such a galling fire and they fell baek in very good order, bringing with them 3509 prisoners. A brigade of colored troops was then or dered to charge. Six pieces of artillery fell into our hands,"but it was impossible to ex tricate them from the ruins ot the explosion. The loss of the enemy was severe—one en tire South Carolina regiment was blown into the air, and a large number of meo were killed. Gen'ls Bartlett andfit fid were captured by the rebels. County^tonveiiiiou. The couuty Union Convention ®f Wa pello county, met in the Court House in Ot tumwa, July 30th 1864, at one o'clock p. m. J. W. Hedrick was appointed Chainaanund J. T. Hack worth Secretary. J. W. McGlassou, O. Dudley and R. H. Stiles were on motion appointed a oommittee ships, present and duly empowered to par ticipatein the proceedings of the convention. Adams. Maginnis We'.lman, John U. Bi ven, B. Bryant and John Lewis. Highland.—Minor Kirkpatrick, Henry Cenltr E Washburne, E. H. Stiles, J. G. Meek, J. C. Hinsey and F. J. Hunter. Kevkuk.— K. C. Smock, S. A. Monroe, T. Hale, L. Z. Rupe, S. Buchanan. Columbia.—P. Knox, A. Melictc, S. Che ney, T. Buck and S. T. Caldwell. Polk.—E. M. Terrill, T. Johnson, JT, C. Calvin, J. B. Hull and Canfield^•- Washington.—Thomas Foster, T. Searls, John Priest, John Aoton, and John Pray. Agency.~Charles Dudley, G. F. Knight, Geo Reynolds, Capt. B. Parks, and D. M. Parks. Green.— John Gephart, John N. Eyre, Hiram Bryce, D. R. Ellis, and Dr. W. H. a n e r- Pleasant.'^. W. Wilson, T.«J. Nelson, J. H. Hilton, John Carter, and R. B. Mc Lane. Competing —Peter Weaver, J. M. Cowger, Lemuel Howell, Henry Wil'iams, J. H. Alexander. COM.—Daniel Henshaw, John Blackman, A. J. Jenkins, George Butin, M. Roberts. I^ichla^d—D, Barrett, A. C. Oloev, J. P. Ha lloway, Isaac Millinack, and J. W. Mc Glassoh. On motku^of E H. Stiles, each delegation empowered ^o cast the full vote of their townships. On motion of O. Dudley it was resolwi that the townships be called and vote as they are called. On motion of J. C. Hinsey the report of the committee on credentials was adopted and the convention proceeded to vota for a candidate tor clerk of the District Cojrt. M. Godley, J. E. Gillespie. E L. Smith, and B. Bryant were put in nomination. An informal ballot was taken. On motion of B. H. Stiles a formal ballot wax taken. E. H. Stiles moved that L. M. Godley be nominated by acclamation. Motion lo«t. On the 8d formal ballot, L. M. Godley was unanimously nominated for clerk of the District Court. For Recorder, H. B. Jones, Thomas Big ham and J. R. Gillaspie were put noiuina ith drawn befure halloting Jones WHS PUa*ant\ i**. Hull, Potkj and Wtu. Brim, Dahhnega: JW Difot offered tie following resolu tion, which was adopted: Retained. That we take grant ptatsurj in endorsing the official conduct of our active and ablt» member of Congress, the Hon. B. (innnell and as S Ca'dwell ofTered the following: Rettoloei, That as all subsequent Con ventions, the ratio of representation shall be three votes as large to each Township and one for every fifty Union votes cast at the election n rxt preceeding. Motion lost. Ou motion the Convention adjourned. The firv of the enemy surpassed every thing I ever witnessed The division lost 500 to 600 men. The corps perhaps 1.000. Gen. Giles A. Smith is now our division commander, since Gresham was wounded, and he congratulated our brigade and di vision highly for tha gallantry of our op erations yesterday and day before. We are now iu the rear of Atlanta 1J miles dis taut ba®ir)g cut and now occupying their railroad running to Agusta. Thev only have one line of railroad communication left, (t is now one continuous engagement, fighting, entrenching, and advancing con st intly with an incessant roar of artillery and musketry around tber doomed city, re minding us of Vicksburg. We have now lost 100 men since the campaign commenc ed, from our regiment. This camoaign is rapidly drawing to a close, we have the place nearly surrounded and are constantly tightening our grip and closing the lines, and they must come out and fight us in one grand decisive engagement, evacuate or surrender soon. I am pretty well, Capt. Porter and Hedrick also. The enemy are at last evacuating the works in our front. Yours truly, J. Witn-J.After dUUnt hi nominated for Recorder on the first ballot. Ou motion it was made unanimous. On motion of J. C. binsey, Cl.'l). Hack worth was nominated by acclamation tfc Can didatefor County Surveyor. A Couut Central C»mmittee was ap pointed as follows: Joseph ilayriM Chair- A B«*vans Adttmi, Reuben Mvera, Wish- ces^ionists living within close proxirnitr to ington\ II Michaels, Green Peter E the railroad thee rebel sympathizer'* are Weaver, Compttint Thorn** Jefferson, furnished free transn irtation ov*r the rail- W Dixon, for whom the delegation fron this county to the Con gressional Convention is tnstnicied, 'S un willing tt have his namp ulejl in tha Con vention as a Candidate, but desires that Mr. Grinnell mav be unanimously nominated on the first ba'lot. that the delegation om Wapelle conntv to the Congressional Con vention be requested to cast the vote of this county lor Mr. Grinnell. W HEDRICK, President, HACKWORTH, Secretary. k Latter from Col. Hcdfick We are permitted to publish the following letter from Lieut. Col. Heduck to his wife.: ATLANTA. July 23,1864. M\ DEA,B .WIFB.—Since my last letten, we (the Army of the Tennessee under Gen. McPherson) have cominuud our flank move, ment by the left and to the rear until day before yesterday evening we encountered the enemy and his breast works, drove him steadily until night inside of a very strong line of fortifications. During the charge this day we lost our Division Commander, Gen. Gresham. Yesterday morning our division made a'desperate charge on very strong line of the enemy's fortsand rifle pits, we got. op nearly to the muzzles of their guns with our Regiment and Brigade, but not being properly supported on the ri^bt we failed to take heir works. We lost 49 men killed and wounded yesterday in the charge. Lieut. GeKhart was slightly wound ed in the leg. Orderly Wilson of Co. D. mortally in the bowels (since dead) No bet ter, braver, man ever lived. Capt. Porter had but one othor man wounded. Andrew McConnell slightly. Capt. Hedrick had Sergeant McDowell badlv but not mortally, Corporal Wood, tnortal'y Private Wm. H. Walker, mortally and some others slightly wounded. We had but three officers wou ided, one Lieut. McArther, veiv badlv. GO KICK 'iulv 23,1864. writing the. en- l8 tn} man S Caldwel., bia: Isaac Mali- ivulily answ rel, by iufouq ng auch in sack, Riehltia1\ G»o. Reynolds, Af'iey, A quirers toat General Sherman has ctuae-1 to |Tnl-»^Sihi«Osbom, frhhlnnd".' errewed «K»me of the »u»t proio'iieat *,*• closed letter yesterday mornitig the rebels civil war inaugurated in your midst, and a istased their entire force against our left, devastatinsj army to march the length and and came very near anniHIuin-x the Army of the Tennessee. Their movements were finally checked but with terribieloss to us in men and officers. It was without doubt the most bloody en^ig^nent of the Georgia campaign Orderly Stephen Gillespie, was shot through t!ie heart at my side fighting like a hero as he was Oapt. Hedrick had his arm broken near the shou'.der aod he is now lying at my side doing as well as could be expected—he will recover I hope. I was shot in the back near the spine com ing out at the point of the hip. making a bad but nat dangerous flesh wound of om? six inches. I wa-! also shot through the arm between the elbw aod hand. I am suffering much pain hut in no danger Lieut Gehhart was shot throu the h-sal* God pity his mother aod family. Our loss est in the 15th will go to 150 yesterday ao. oordiogto pr^ent figures General Me Phersoo and many other officers were killed. We f»oght the n all day and almost anni hilated Hirdee's corps. Dnt be uneasy about me or the Captain. We will,go home when able to travel No hody else from Ot tumwa as I can hear of injured. Yourtfte., J. M. HEDRICK. Fr«i (he 24 loira, in Georgia. DRCATOR, OaoaotA. i!v 2') 1364. EOITOH COOKJBR :—One of the most se vere rain s'orm* that I ever witnessed visi ted our army on the night of July 15th the vivid flashes of lightning came in tick suc cession, and the heavy io*r of thunder was intense, as the sound r^vb^-ated over the relM 4)Wn throu |he mountain girges. the spice of one hour the rain continued to pour down in torrents the small streams flowing from the moun tain sides, were soon filled to overflowing. Our army was bivouacked in the open woods, and as is most generally the case, the weary sol |er «eeks a place where he can best rest his weary limbs, which is be neath the shady b-xig'i* of a stately oak, a hemlock or a pine, aod this ctused an un timely end to the ndtnber of forty or fifty o( our brave comrades on the night of July 15. Throughout the encampment of our army quite a number of trees were struck with lightning, causing those that lay beneath them to be instantly killed or severely in jured. In the 2nd regular U. S. ar illery, o( G«i V each's command, three men were killed and a number of others were so road from Chattanooga to Marietta a distance ofiono bnndred an 1 thirty miles, by placing a Jjertain number of them in conspicuous places on each train thus preventing our irain fr xa being fired into by the rebel ma rauders. Previous to the execution of this order, we had two or three trains blown up and destroyed, by thefenemy placing torpedoes Oft the trick b»it of U^e rto mtenruptiofto' made, and a sufficient amount of provisions are now being forwarded to supply the. wants of the army. Perhaps some of our Northern rebel sym pathizers will think that this is a very bar barous way of treating thair Southern breth ren down iq "Dixie." Let me say to them the army says that General Sherman is jus iifl6d ja tlw tct #nd W0 woul(i fJeli?ht ln seeing a good number of them compelled to accompany their brother bridge burners (as a protection to our railroad engines and roll ing stock.) free of charge, and furnished with subaistance that would only be neces sary for existence. We think that SUCT treatment here in this sweltry climate, woqld soon put an end to their faultfinding and harp ag ngiinst the administration, the prosecution of the war, 4c., ,A Another^ mail has arrived, and ,* largo number o£ .he )ys assemble in a group around (he regimental postmaster, awaiting its attribution. But faw of the boys are made the glad recipients of letters from home and loved ones far way. What wou'd be the feelings of that parent if he could see his boy as he turns and walks leisurely back to his post of duty muttering to hinasell "no letters from home to day, father certain ly has forgotten me and mother too. has neg lected to write me that lengthy missive that I once received regularly every week." I think that some parents and even friends should be more promot in writ'ng to their friends and relations in the army, they should give men all theeocouragemsnt that they possibly can, as is needed iKsoch trying times as those, i The popular sentiment of the armv is strongly in favor of the re-election of "Old i Abe." We cl iim it to ba his jreat duty to veteran:7,e, the svne as did a large number of his soldiers, that it would b* doing him a great injustice to remove him fro o a pesi tion that he h-»« long filled with unequaled ability and u vviralleled success, and to place the reins of government in the hands of one who would be unqualified and unac quainted wi'h the du'ies with which his mind wou'd be (asked. The result of the coming convention at Chicago is looked for by the army with a great deal of interest. It is ilievel by many that the traitpr Vallandingham will be one of the .prominent candidates for nomination, as we learn already that he has been ap pointed a delegate to the convention. A letter from Johnston's army, published in the Atlanta Appeal of June S7th says: "Thel ite Northern news regarding Yalland ingham's return and his emhusiastic re ception is a subject of much discussion, and looked upon as favorable to our cause." I have conversed with a large number of reb^l deserters that are daily coming into our lines, and they a'l give proof of the fact, that in the rebel army and especially the reb I officers, there exists a great amount of sympathy for Vallandingham. They be lieve that he will eventually accomplish some traitorous act, that will result greatly in fa vor of the confederacy. Oh ye VaUand inghamers and peace men have you .contem plated in your own minds the fate that awaits you I Whv do you still persist in bidding defiance to the civil and military laws of the country Would you have a breadth of your State? Would you hare your.houses burned, your property destroy ed, aad your cultivated fields made a barren deseitf If so, go on In your hellish schemes by opposing eve vthing connected with the prosecution of the war. For three long wearisome years, hsre your homes and firesides been protected by a military power that you detes Th seat of war has been carried into the interior of the States that are in rebellion against the government and today you are found ma king both public and private demonstrations in almost direct opposition to those that in sure and give to you your only protection, your lives and your property. Oa the morning of July 17th, McPherson'* army numanc-'d moving fro n Rswell (on the Cnattahoochie) in the direction of Deca tur, a small town six miles east uf Atlanta on the Georgi-i railroad running to Au gusta We had prociedel but a short distance, when our advance became engaged with a cavalry an I artillery force of the enemy.— Our advance guard being the 9th III, mount ed Infantry, and partly armed with Whit ney's seven shooting carbines, and under command of Lieut Colonel Phillips, a brave and effl 'ient pfgicer, and said to be the best and aa.Mt su^ces-iful raider in Gen. Dodge's command. After a short encounter with the enemy Pfiillipa succeeded in forcing back the rebels, and our infantry columns were agtin pushed forward. BUir and L'gan on the left facing" in the direction of Stone Mountain, wh*re it was said the rebels were posted in ao advantageous position Dodgers corps wis formed in line on the right of Logan and connecting with Schofield's left, whilo Thomas' troops composed the extreme riiht and in the immediate front of the de fences of Atlanta. Johnson has moved all his valuable stores from Atlanta, which in dica'es another retreat, or, as captured pris oners say "falling back for a better position." We now occupy Oecatur, the rebels showed but little resistance as we entered the town The rebel army is now within the immediate vicinity of Atlanta our whole army is gradually approaching their works. Highly mporta nt events are looked for at an early date. Yours in baste, Ac. 8. K. A RKMBDT HO- vereiy shoski*! that their rec»v«ry is very doubtful. The question i* aslt*d by many why it is tiiat our long line of communica tions is kept open and unintarruptud by the roving bands of guenlU parties that are v ering in our rear. I think toe question can FOB TUB- PILBS.—It is a ble-J»iag to the suffering to know that we have an effectual cure far thif truly trouble some disease. Mr. Ha&trde, of 164 Second street, Cincinnati, O, takes great pleasure in intorming all who are »uttering wuh piles that be used a 'small quantity of Dr. Stricklaiti'a Pile Remedy, and it effect ed a permanent cure. This seems to be the case with ail irho make use of this splendid preparation. It is manufactured at No. 6 East Fourth street, Oinoinati, Q», *nd sold Hy all Drtigguta. St «te of Iowa. AiurtArtT iKNnmw.'s OFFICE, i Davenport, July 80th, 1864.) Genial Ord-cr Ko. &5. I. The Militia companios of thU State, duly'organized, armed and Equipped, in the three Southern tiers of counties will hold themselves in readiness for active swvice at a moment's notice. IV. If any guerilla* robber, or thief crosses from Missouri or from any other State into this State, fur the purposi of mur der, robbery or thieving, in armed bands, no report will be required by this DsDtrt ment of prisoners taken. And anv officer who takes as a prisoner any guerrilla, mur derer, thief or marauder of such armed band, will at onca ha dismissed from the State service. V. Blank cartridges will not be u«ed by anv soldier in the State service, wh"U or dered out for the protection of our citizen*, and any State officer allowing the use of blank cartridges for the preset v-tion of the public peace when cdered into vice, will at once be distressed from the S'a'e service. VI. Three hundred additional «tand of arms with accoutre ments and ammuniton, have this day been furnished to the South ero border. This will give our companies in tlie three lower tiers of counties about 6.000 stand of arms and ammunition, and if more are needed they will be furnished. N. B. BAKER,„ Adjutant General of lows* HEADQUARTBRS Anar or TH* NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. THF OTTFMWA ,SIiMUs4BY AND NORMAL INSTITOTR. Bev J.M.McELROY, I Mr. if. McOINITIE. Principal?. The next school year commences on Monday. September 6tb, 1HM. The uniform rata tnitlon will he nil dollars per term of 10 weeks, payable In advance. No puiil will be admitted who is not sufficiently advanced to study written arithmetic, nor for less time than a half term. A new feature ln the Institution will be a Teach er's Class for who desire to prepare for. or perfect themselves in, the art of teaching, the coarse having special reference to the requirements of the School Law for Teacher's Certiflc*te9. he number Of pupils will he limited In no i-a!» excee 'linp sixty five, it is earnestly requested that pupils be pres aut at the beginning of the term. For further information see prlstsdClrMlaraat apply to either of the Princlpala. Aug. 4, lt64-tf i JjjURST NATIONAL BANK ,w KEenu*, low*, or Municipal nuthortty. QltANI}. OPENING v II. The Aids-de Carifji of the Governor Will see that a proper supply of amtnuni tion is furnished to each soldier. |U. The Aids de Carpp of tfrMfyrernor will whenever 'tho exigencies of the case demand, order any company in their .res pective districts into active service in any county, but not outside the boundaries of the State. POTOMAC, July 31—The exact loss in thehattleof yesterday is not officially learne 1 hot is be• lieved to be 2,400 exclusive of missing.— L«r?e numbers of wounded are laving be tween the two lines that cannot be yet re moved. Gen. Butler sent a flae of truce to-day but It was refused by rebel officers, who also refused to exchange newspapers. Many believe that either their lines are very weak or they have some extensive move afoot ani are afraid its being known the The lines of both armies are about the g|une •s belbre the last battle. Xew YORK. Aur'ist 1.—Oapt Martirt of the steamer CUy of Hudson, who left Fort ress Monroe yesterday afrernoon, sayg that Lincoln and Grant were in cdfisultation at that place when he left. A special to the Cornwrciat from Wa«h there from before Ai&nta state that the rebels assaulted Sherman's line vigorously la«t \Vednesday and were repulsed disss trously. Sherman's killed and woundt number 600. He buried 660 of the rebels. Flood's loss is 4.000. Gentlemen who spent yesterday with Grant represent him as in good spirita asd confident of ultimate success. NA«HVILLB, August 1.—NO fighting since the 23th. Ali the army is in fine con dition and preparing for an advance upon Atlanta which will occur shortly. Authentic reports confirm the death of the rebel General W W»!k»r. It is rumored that Gen. Whaler is killed -"u"'v but the report lacks c^nfl rmntion. Three hundred and forty confederate I pr'-sonors arriyted trtre rtlis Aftlrnirttf'*i» routs north. 1 iH''' Vf W I EI»~Oti (Tie 2d Inst, at the resldanr* of the BrHe'« mother, hr Rev. Mr. Darrah, Capt. T. II. ORtl'PIV. l»t Vebrn«V* ravahr, Vet. Vol. t« Miss AMANDA HliOWN". of Agency City Ik Designated Depository and Fiaatfciol Agent of the United State*.' I S. 10-40 BONDS. T.) ti fKene Bond* are Exempt from Taxation by any State SuhsrriptioDb to these Bonds are received In Uni ted States notes or notes of the National Banka.— They are to aa RCOIIMCD IK COIN, at the pleasure of the Government, at any period not ItAi than ten nor more than forty year* from their date, and until their redemption riva ma CIST l.fTtsasT WILL aa run IK COIN on Bonds of fifty and a hundred dollar* annually on Bouds of five hauilred dollars and over semi-annually. The interest is payable on the first day of March and tieptembei In each year. As these bonds are exempt from municipal or State taxation, their value is Increased from one to three fevies er cent per annum, according to the rate of tax In various patts of the country. At the present premium on gold they pay better than any other investment that can be had at par. Subscribers will receive either Registered or Cou pon Bonds, as they may prefer. Registered Bonds are recorded on the books of the D. A. Treasurer, »nd cau be transferred only on the owner's order Cou pon Bonds are payable to bearer, and are more con venient for commercial uaes. These Bonds may be subscribed for In soma from 960 up to any magultude, on he same terms, and are thus made equally available to the smallest lender and the largest capitalist. They c»n be converted Into money at any moment, and the bolder will bavo the benefit of the interest. ted ritates notes, or the notes of the National Banks, adding fifty per cent for premium,) or receive them drawing interest fram the date of subscription and deposit. Drafts on 8t. Louis, Chicago, aad New York will be received I n payment of subscriptions to this loan. The usual commission allowed to Banka and Banker*. THE FIHST NATIONAL. BANK Oft KKUKtK Deals In all elaaaea of U. 8. Bonds. Intel est Ceupona of all kiuds of U. S Bonds bough or t:olU-ct eii Ui.» ernuieut Vouchers, Urders ou tiic U d. i'ay maslci /or Bounty or Hack Fay, caahe.i or collected. 4.XCHANUK oo ail the principal cltlaa, and Uold and Silver bought anu sold. INI'EKNAL REYKNDB STAMPS Of all denominations for sale. A discount of 8 par caal made on (ales ot $liH and upwards. H. X. LOVK, President. A. B. FOOTC, Caahler. Aug 4, lt64Sm EAL E.STATE FOR SALE. 4o »cr«a *4 land, all fenced, IS aaraa in hM vatio i, ivo K' ou (al)iuo, corn cub, a good well of wate i, tuualeu bear LlUe l-oap Creek, miles south ofUnumaa. Iheabuve property will SOfh Annual Campaign of YANKEE ROBIHSO^S tef»eu rtniifr* BTG SHOW! AT OTTUMWA, Wednesday, Aug. 17,1804 Thli nnlqui establishment haa, at great co»t, en larged and grearly improved for 1$(54. A complete new out-fit. Observe the leading feature* POONAH OBGJA'8 THAI NED ANIMALS, AfOVSTER P7THON8! Prom Barnum'g Museum. New feataraa In the ring and on the itage. BATTLE OK CHATTANOOGA, OR TITE STORMING OP LOOK-OUT MOUNTAIN, In which a corrert personation ofGeii. Grant, .. 1 yi HERR THORWALDSEtf. The Danish Oiant, will out pall any farmer*' te^ai. LADT JOSEPHINE BLONDIN, Wire Strofl add Glti-a Pvrainiil*. DON SANTIAGO OIRBINNOISE, the Bonelesi Man SIGNOR Kl NALIMNI, Great Lea per from the ea treme dome of the large pavtllton. MAGGIfi NICHOLS, Chord Metallic Rlait1qo«. DAN BU8HNELL, the unriralled Gymnast aa4 Jupgler. LOTTY HOWLAND, the pleasing Sobrlequet, Yankee Gal," and Danseuse. MISS KMMA LK0NI, the splendid Actress and Danncnss. MISS ANNJ! FORD, th* charming Actresa and lialtadMf. MRS. I). SHELBY, the unrivalled Danneute HARRY KVF.RITT, the great comic Vocalist froa Barnum's Museum. raid into Pennsylvania mav be the reason I MR. MCMILLAN, tka Balladlat, Irlah Ocmedlaa and EthlnpKn Performer, W. H. OTIS, Comedian, Weneh Comic Vocalists, Tragedian*, Ceraedlttns, Ethiopian Comedians, THE GREAT YANKEE R0BIN30N, The celebrated Rroadway Band, at 11 o'clock A M. will lead the Grand t'roeession of all the Cnrri ag's, V^ns. Cag'S, IJag^age Wagon:) and Yank-" 5m 11 f^ U «n 1,c,0»"y POuNAM OBfiJA. the great Lion Tamer, wl 11 ap pear conspicuously in the procession with his PET bEAR, a feat never attempted by anv other man. Performince at l::'.t»and 7:4t,rain orsliine. Notwithiitaiiiling the great rise in salaries, hotel bills, piintinjf, 4-., Ac., the price a* y et liaa not been raised. Seats for all. M- they become due, in trust, for the use an 1 lieneflt solely and absolutely of the said Mary Millard, her heirs, executors, administrators or assigns, and who shall upon the inaterity thereof proceed to collect I tors ir assigns, the following promissory notes, one of which l« Hecurwil liy mort^aee on real estate, to- I wit One note execuMd by Hiram Grepe to Tho'mas Millard or order for th sutu of MX hundred aod fifty- nine dollars and thirty seven cents, dated Januarv i Subscribers to this loan will hava the option cf tors, administrators and assigns to release'all and .*' be sold very cteap. t.uquire of LEUUtiJtril. 0ttua»w», Juij i», 1S4M-M .. .. FOR 8ALE. a Uonae aad Lot in a fine location at tha earner Of College and Second street, aud uireclly oppoaile Wnnae*. Irx)nir» a s*e. 1(M* having their Boudtt draw interest from irch 1st, every interest that h. has or uisy have by virtue of I ldi"cy. Read the advertisement. Call for by paying the accrued interest In coin—(or In I'nl the mai riage i elatlons in and to any property real or u v'.6* I*?? ID witness whrr of the said Thomaa Mllllrd and Mai v MnUrd have hereunto aet tbalr hands and aaal tbi* -lo tiay of March, A. I. 1 HS4. OF THE QTTTMWAJpAimiAGE KA-C- a rtnd of faoraif |t^ ladle* and will ap- I Ttif ander*lgn*d would respectfully solicit tha at tenti.m of the jMihllr to tbs fscllltlea which h* now posse**** for manufacturing CARRTA GES A&D. WAGOXS From the Beat Eastern Timber, ferery description, after the most Improred stylos, »s good MS can be obtained East, and upon satisfac­ tory teiaii. Tho*e wishing to purctlase will pleasfe call and avine stock. bt-aii kinds of repairing doae with neatness and dispatch, and all work war ran tad as recommended. Stote, «treet Alversoo S Arihrey ad ley S B-nton EL U Blakeny Bi ice John Beukrhenri Rritt Jehn Dancer, Ae. DAN SH LI!Y, the groat "Stump Orator"(con­ traband Coni-'dlan. Ac. GEO. MAUCEI.LU8, Tragedian. CHAS. MAYETT, the unrivalled Jig Dancer,KUU oplaa Oellnlator, Ac. A series of Magntfloaat A E A U V I V A K S Unlike soythln ever dene In other tent ezhibiUrrta. New pole. ,, BEAl Tirri, I.ADV BALLADISTI8, m?ton says that official dispatches received life K ke Scsaery. Splendid Flag for every comedians and Danseues OBa*DLER, Agent. H. SALISBURY, Advertifer. Aug4 *S»' -i ,,f 2w. *&« M0TTC1C—'Ttits fn«lentur m'aJf and'enieVed into "hs eh'h'h day of, h, A. D. 1*64, between ].Thoroas Mlllardand Marv Millard his wife,of the of Indiana, and john a Williamson, of tle same (.lace, who Is herely dele gate! with a tru»t s* hereinafter expressed, witness ed rhat, whereas, otithe'.'Tth da.v of .Inly, A. I). le'21, the said Thomas Millard and Mary Millard "w^rc. in 'he State of Ohio, dalv joined inniatriniooy as Jusl ,ud and wife. And whereas, it is this day «nut-jaly agreed hv and hetw.-en the said Thomas iMiilard and Mary Millard to separate, and at they shall h'-reaft-'i lire separate and apart from each other. The following stipulations and covenhcts are now hr*hy agreed upon, tu-wit: 1»'—II is apreed by and between the said Themaa Millard and rv Millar! that they shall henceforth »n i hereafter lira separate and apart fromeaeh other. 2d—The said Thomas Millard hereby agrees to as »i*n and convey to the said John S. VV illiarnson, a« trustee as aforesaid, who shall ho'd the sameontll county, Iowa, y THUMBS MILLARD, (seal.) MARt MILLARD, (seal) NOAH ML'LLIN. I, John t. Williamson, the truatee named k Tlrf,lel. e coun,Y 1 ^"reeD dars and t'ii.'y s, ven centa, 1 dr and flftv nine ifoiars and dated January 'Vttli, ltti, date with iu'-resl from is a credit of same lafc» of the execntion of the note of one huixireJ aod thirty-three and 4-t-luO dollars. Also one oth. not and mortgage executed by Jol.n Stoulferto John tVilllamsoo a trustee for the u-eof the heirs and legal representatives of Mary Millard for the sum of eighteen hundred dollars, payable one year after, .ke death of the said Mary Millard, bearing interest from d»te, and interest payable' annually to the said Mart Millard, and dated March 7th, A. 186t said nott Is seenred by a mortgage upon the following real estate to-wit, situated In Carroll county, Indiana: Being the west half of the aouth-west quarter of section four, township twenty five, noarh of rangf ne w .-st, iu the district ol Ui.da subject to sile at Crawfordsvlli iar ei'lUy seres, *hliU a-viigument and transferor w^ioh said notes and mtrti:fcge to said trustee is now at.coidinglv and don#, and t,aid trastee requir ed to hold the snirie for the sole us* of the said Mary MiUard,her hetrs, executors, administrators or as signs, or to transfel the same to whomsoever aha tuny sell the sa.i e aud direct said trustee to assign an.l transfer them, and if not sold then when the same become dut to proceed lo collect the same for the sole use aud bent'flt of the said Mary Willard, her heiis, executors, administrators or assigns. Also be gives to said Mary Millard direct all the household and other property now in ta posseaaion »ud be ongincto their old homestead. Now in cansideratlon of the trsnafer mada of the before ilescilbed note«, mort gage »nd household fur niture aud uther property to tha said Jofein f. Wll liamsan in trust as aforeaald, and for the use aud purpose* as by the pai ties agreed upon in this lo de ture, the said Maiy.Mlllird now hereby relin quishes all her right, title and interest accrued or Inchoate of in ana to any property'new owned by the said Thomas Millar 1 either pervonal, real or choses in action, or of any property real or personal that he may hereafter acquire, bi nd ng herself to him hia heirs, exeeutora, administrators or assigns she also agrees, at hla request, ia join wilh him lo any conveyance of re I property that he now has or may hervaCter acquire and specially release by deed otherwise any e vldences of claim le/al or «quital that she might appear lo have thereto by reason the mrrriiige relations vxlstinx lietwee n them she also agrees to leave th.- said Thomas Millard peacea bly and unmolested iu hia person aud property to hold and to do with the same as best suits bis own wishes and judgment except the choset in action aad property herein heretofore assi conveyed by said Thomas lo And the said Thomas binds himself, his heirs, ex ecu r.ectt June 30,1864 5iw le hi UM. fui egoiu£ indenture do accept the said trust for the use and purpose* therein named. Wiinee* my hand Hair and seal ihls tab day of March, 1^64. days JOHN 8. WILLIAMSON, (eeal) [U. 8. Inter. K*v. tilamp, ficania) State of Indiana, Carroll county-a* Personally appeared before the undar«lgpa4,eVf» tary I'ublic within and for said couuty the above naaed llioina Millard, Mary Millard and John S. V llltamsou, and each and severally acknowle dy.d the execution of the foregoing indenture lo he llmlr free aud voluntary act and aeed. Witness uiy hand aad oflicial saal tbis 8th day of' March, 164. DAVID B. OUA1UM. duced. Price, Aug. 4, IMM-lt Notary Pabllc. V\TAN^TED—Tbe subscriber wish- v v ea to engage In the Brewing bnaineaa with a person bavin l^rs. Atidrce-e Kb bKt JxO\ 14. 1664-tf capital of Bve tbouxand dol Ottoiusra.l' v«a, A. BALDWIN. Ottumwa, July 8S, 18«4. '. HPAX PAYERS OF U S INTER- I NAL REVENUE. Will takt notice tbat the annual asassnment for W.-ipello County ban l»e«n complelotl for 1864 and placed In my hand* for collection, and that I will he at the Court House in Ottumwa ou Tuesday and Wednesday, the and 3d days of Aufuct. to re cetre the same. All persons knowing themselves i n arrears either for License, Income or other Excise duties, will pltase call at the time appointed and settle the game without delay otherwise, a penalty of ten per cent will he added and collections mad* "b# distraint aoU aale." ft-lft~8w. SAM'L INGIL8, Def'v Col. 1st Dir., ith Ool. Dist,, Iowa. ETTERS REMAINING TJN- J_iclaimed In the P9*t Offlca at Ottumwa, State of Iowa, 4th day of Aug., yy*"*'To obtsiti any of these tetters the applicant i must call Tor 'u/letter*,' give the date of!j this list, and pay »n« eent for adrertlslng. t" "If not called for within vne monii, and thay willl beiientto the Dead Letter Office. "FREE DELIVERY of letters by carrier#,-*t 1h»~4|^H residences of owners In Utles and large town*, 81 Cl'IIEI) hv observing the following rules "1. Dl KRCT letters plainly to the street and num her, aa well as *he post office and Htnte. I "2. HE.VD 1 tiers with the writer's pout offlre number, and sign them plainly with full I, name, aud request that answers be directed accord ingly. hand corner, ami lenc* apart direction tor pout-marling without Interfering with the writing. "N. a—A State, fc "st. letters to strangers or transient visitor* Inn town or city, whose specla. addrrsa may be unknown, ,' V. should be marked, In the lower left-hand corner, wltb the word 'Transient.' "4. Phire the postage ttamp on the npper right- between the stamp and REQUEST for the RETURN ota letter ta the w. it»r, I unci timed within 30 days or le»s, writ ten or printed with the writer's n/ime, post-office, and across the left-hand end of the envelope, on the face side, will be complied with at the usual pre paid rate of postage, payable when the letter ll de livered to the WtlMr.—-Sec. 28, Law of 1S68." Hamiday Wm Kabrick & West[ McCrene Marga|«( Morrow tore John Mendrnhall Martin E S Mist Neville Genreje Neville Indiana ]frg Ottui»nU Isaac 3 Pea A Mm Parker JotiQ P»lg:«r Robhins W 55 Saurtdeis Wm S'ininonM A S'avens Henry Tierrell Eiizahet||^ Were V\ Whitmire Mary Ann ,J' w Brl n-rer Hiranr. Oamptwill & Co«J L'rjiitf I) Mrtt Coppok 2 Olark Nancy. Cutnminm JtAtt 8 Dolan Hiejan Lizza i eman W Fsirhurn Ialella Henderson Mary Hea«ikorn Juhn Holarly rpHB FAUr-FAMED DR WEIR Of Pennsylvania, announces to tha- commanlty tbat he is a practitioner of the German, Spanish mode of French and MEDICAL TREATMENT, 8o successfully practiced of late In France, ftpaiti and America. He has been enp'ijr^d several year* lu travelling and successfully treating people what linger under old COJIPLAIXT9, Private Chariot He not oni.v ascertains the nature of disease, afefcfar- photopraph \ausieles room for a mammoth merly practised bv phvslcians. but oasses asani practised by physicians, bat passes onatnd discovers the cause, however intricate the d'aeasa may be. FEMALE COMPLAINTS, 1 In all their forms, treated carefully, and confiden tially. I will visit and consult patients while re* maining in town free of ,-harge. Those living at a distance and unable to It him, can be treated by sending him a clear vial full of their morning urine, from whlcb the disease will b« ascertained. All letters of Inqalry mat aaMaln one poatag* stamp. lie will be at fprinp-fleld August 2 A S Bigourney August A Wapello .. .. August i. Davenport, (at Pennsylvania noa«e) Augiist8* ». Wilton Junction Aug. 10, Muscatine, (at Irving House). .. AngU A W BurlliiL'ton. Sunderland llouae..Aug 14 A 15 Danville, Marengo House Angle Mt. Pleasant, liraaelton llouae, Aug II 5°.ra? Aug ,l^k Fairfield, Legfett House, ...... Aug. W OTTl'M W Aj-J at Ottumwa Aug -»0. St A Oskaloosa, Tladlsoo House.... .....Aug t3 A 24 £Pri»*lald 2« Sipumey ... ...,Aug27 A88 Bw Call earlv, for ha cannot delay. JuneSO, '64 ra Dr n K RnMence^ln tol«4orf*r HE RIFF'S SALE. u of WIK». thrlaatllx Wraffkaa •I***'*' of lhe y t,ute tlie line *nd pa v over the proceeds thereof to the f,rly ilescribed. as by a decree of said salt! Mary Millard, h. lieirs, executors, a lnjinlstra- .,'.*',0*._e.'0 ertv !fc^1fcjlUta«l, District Court of Wspello coun- l°wa, commanding me to sell the prop- #al le Knth, lr»6l, payable two ears after d*te with interest real ealpte to-wit. I.ot No. four hundred from date also ona noie exerut- n Hiram (ireftr tnl«r for the k in of six hun-i to Thomas Millard or crder for the k im of six hun- i at pulilic auc- O'urt directed, tion to the highest and lest bidder for ca'sh inland. le do'or of the Court House, in Wapello' Io*en the 1 ith day of Aujrust, 1S64. he- hours of 9 o'clock A. M. and 4 o'clock P. c"Inniencing at lo o'clock A. M., of said dav, the u te"« lh 1 lo e of Ottumwa, Wape lo special execution di- Taken aa bv special execution di- ",,' ProI»^rt' of Thomas Cinnamon and ItVJ, payable three ye rs aner ,U-£. "II,narnon, t« satisfy said execution in favor i date, upon wttich'note ther. I !'P,11"1?, ,liP,ia"1 alll u July 14, to|»a. against said Thooiaa and tl^oamon, for the sum of two hundred ani forty-one dollaraand fivt cents,(t'Ml 05) and inter eat and costs, O. A. DERBY, TTNITED STATES INTERNAL V^pVENUK. 'Assasaoa'a Own, F«CBTH Diaraior, 1+wa I Iowa CUy. lawa, June 2g, 15«VF. The undersigned. Assessor of the 4th District oVtha State o Iowa, in pursuance of ction i.", of a Law Indiana, contain- entitled "An act to provide Interoal Revenue, and t0 gupport the (iovernment, and to pay Interest on the Hubllc Debt," hereby advertise* all persons con cerned thnt tin- lists, valuations and enumerations made and taken by the Assistant Assessor within thecouttvof Wapello in said 4tb District, may he examined oa the 3oth day of June, 1S64, at the office of J. T. Hackworth, In Ottumwa, conntv aforeaaid and that said Hats will remain open at said offlce for the space of fifteen days. oti f£. U alao her y that on th* 25th day of July, 1864, at 1 o'clock P. M. at the office of Hackworth, Ottumwa within aid county of Wapello and after the expiration of said fifteen day*, app«a:s In writiug wiU he faceitisU ao4 -i«le#mtae«l ratativa lo any erroneous or excessive v.-kloatlon* or enumer ations by the said AasUtaht Assessor. ). SPECIAL NOTICES.T PJllEROKEE CURE—"THAT'S TO a «ATTaa,"—"I cantwark." "i hata or ..V e n the an ry of I?I V.. ,U .L-viuu «BQ i ,n,"r^l4lfe. sai.l Mary Millard T. My eye sight is falltna."— J* Win*-" "I can't fix my mind on ,4Te -vou beeD u. -tp OEOKGE II. JKROME. 4th District of Iowa. opium "No Iheu take regular doses of the Cherokee Cura, and »T *lire«:t'ons that accompany It. )f these MIS have been ths result of your own aelf-lodulgence. in violation of uature's laws, and made you dread' or gned, transferred and I 5^r',?,0'"1 ,p,ith• It they are Trout over-lndnlgence iu na- ,.l"! ch,r °kee Cure will cure you re ,or,: vigor, stop those nightly emissions, uself. his heirs e«w» refit you for practical life, and onoe more make a lVe ^.ou or persoual of the said Mary Millard in the sauis man ner and to the same extent a* the said Mary Millard Is bound in this i ndenture. It being the true Intent and meaning of the parties tbat each shall hold and have a far aa may possibly be the absolute and un conditional control of the property of every kind set apart by them to each other without let or hin erance of one tu the other. frolu bli»dne». hav. tri.d thl. fc„i.i k. .n *nd, perhaps, J10 ".V"' antil yah have tried this. 8old by all druggists. gDITOR OF COURIER— Dasa 8ia.—With your peraal«akn I wish ta aay ta the readers afyaur paper that will sand, by return mail. to all who wish It (free), a Recipe, with full dl rections for making and using a simple Veg«tau.c Balm, that will ellectuaiiy remove, in ten dayi Pim ples, Blotches, Tan, frcckles, and alt Impurities of of the skin, leaving the same so It, clear, smooth and beautiful. I will also mall free ta those baring Bald Heads, or Bare fare*, simple directions and information tnst ill enabls them to start a full growth of laxarlant Whiskers, or a Moustache, In laaa than tkirt v All applications answered by retarn mail without charge. Respectfully yours, TH08. F. CHAPMAN, Chemist /uly 21, '64-9m Oil Broadway Mew York. DKD O YOU WANT TO BE CTR- UK. BL'CHAN'8 Koglleh Bpacifi* Til's curs, io less t1-- vousnesa, Imp Weakness, lm cur*, io less than 80 days, the werst cases of Ker vousnesa, Impotency, Premature Decay, Beminai Weakness, lnsauity, aud all L'riaarv, Sexual an* Nervuus Affections, ne matter from what cauae pre .i— e,Oue Dollar ,t«r box. dent poet oaU, eceiptof an order. One box will pei-» (act tba cara iu most cases. Address .. ®^TI.KR, O.e'l Agssst, i»iTll| ^Wa 4tT Bruadway, Tark. •Ayert Ague Cur«{

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