Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier, August 4, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier dated August 4, 1864 Page 3
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tHE OTTUMWA COURIER. ojtumwa, July 28, 1864 Hiooal and "Miscellaneous Blank Deed* ""Missions BOOWTTAND BACK PAT, McComb. The repairs which the jai will require, and the trial of the rioters will prove a saving a good ways over the left. *, J)y Proclamation of the Hay or, the busi men of this city are requested and en joined to close their places of business and the citizens to assemble in their places of Worship, to-day in response to the Procla nation of the President of the United States and the resolution of Congress. We trust the request of the Mayor will be universally lipuplied with. First Xatiokal Ba*e u^Tna Ottumwa Sbmihakt if A ami Mortgages. Just prin, •d and for sale at the Courier Office. or KEOBSS-*We take pleasure in presenting to our readers an advertisement of this Institution, one of the most reliable and responsible in the West Being a D^ository and Financial Agent of iji/f,Government, th«y posses? every facility to do n only a general banking, collecting and exchange business but also to furnish on the mo*t favorable terms, the various bonds of the government, 10-40s and the new 7-20 loan Ac. Read the advertisement for full particulars. The painful intelligence of the death of Lieut. M. L. Gephart, of Co. D. and Ste phen Gillespie, of Co K. 15th lojva Infant ry and that Col. Hedrick, and Capt. T. H. Hedrick of Co K same regiment, were severely wounded, has been received. This Dews comes from a source and no direct as to leave little room to doubt its authentici ty. Stilt we shall hope that the later and ottoal report may modify it in some par tiealars. Gephart and Gillespie were among our most worthy and promising young men, and their untimely fate will carry sorrow to many a loving heart. •.• -'These casualities occurred in the terrible t^ht with Hardee's corps on the 2*2d, and toe i5th, it seenas, as often beiore, «u at the point of greatest danger, and when the battle rag®d the fiercest. Again has this gtorioiM Regiment vindicated its claims to theappetletioe of "bravest of the brave." What a glorious record they have made. Shiloh, Captivity, Corinth, luka, Vicks burg, Shermans' Raid, and now in the foremost of the march on Atlanta, the grea' aat military achievement of any war. Militia —The work of organizing ityjttfilitia i«* this city under the law of the •last session of the Legislature, and in ac cordance with the recent order of the A d jutant General, of this State, has been com menced and is prosecuted with considerable activity and vigor. The "Pe ple's Guards" an organization dating roroetime last sea aon, we believe, ofwhieh Stiias is Cap tain, is being used as the basis of one com pany,{and is being rapidiy filled up by the -accession of new members. Meeting* have beeu held almost every night for the reception of members and drill. We hear talk of organizing company in each of the upper and lower wards of the city. We ttope the iod work will go on until everv citizen, subject to military duty, is duly en foiled, armed, and disciplined for military dllty. The day may not be distant when their services will be required to defend oor own homes and State. It will be well lo be "fltpared. and Tsachers Department r. 5We COPFSRCTTCAD prompt- ^jyobtained bj S. H. STIi.ES. Office over C. 0 Warden's Store, For Sale. One of Singer*' Family Sewtng Machines, at a discount. Enquire at this office. Also a Piano or Melodeon from the estab lilfcmeot of J. Bauer*'^Co., Chtoago, at a di|cuunt. Enquire at this office. Baiu—Eleven persona tn air ri*Ve been arrested for being concerned in the riot here on Wednesday of last week. Ssi* only of the number hare been bound $»er to answer for the offenoe. They are E. T. Veacb, George Ewing and Wm Harris of Pleasant Township, W. German of Com fMtine, John Harris of Dahlonejra and C. Myern of Agency. The examination was held before A. A. Douglas. Veach was ex amined first on a charge of an assault with intent to commit murd«r. He was recog nized in the aum of 300 to answer for that charge and gave the requisite bonds. The 4fe othent named then waived an examina tion and gave bonds for their appearance to aaswer a charge of obstructing an officer irr the discharge of his duty. The amount fix ..•d'in their case being $200. The rest were discharged. And so has turned out this at teuipt to save the county expenae by hang in connection with the Seminary strikes us favorably. It it something greatly needed, aud under the aapervision of Mr. McElroy, a ho is also County Superintendent of schools, must be MgM/ beneficial. The employees of the Courier office fee OBder obligations to the street sprinkler for damping the dust before the offloe on Tues day and yeMerdav. direct the attention of oor readers to tfca card ©f Dr. C. W. Droiu belone in another column. We are having a dry time in this locality ent, not having bad any rain to •jjpak of for mom six BROUGHT TO GRIBV —Wednesday last week was a day of excitement in oar usually decorous and orderly town. A gigantic mob played ugly pranksv with the jail as well as with he prisoner McComb. But this was not all. This eventful "Wedues- day was destined to be distinguished by other excitements besides the great oiob. Mr. O'lteefe, whose sir-name we believe is- John, became excited fcy the prevailing "noise and oontu •ion''or something else, and essayed a little performance on his own indi vidual hook. The scene was at Al man'B saloon. Jehu commenced the performance with the declaration that he was a copperhead, and he didn't care a continental copper who knew it, indeed particularly desired the fact to speedily get into general circulation. And not only was John a copperhead but he had a revolver then and there to vindicate his claim to the distin­ guished appellation And sure enough a revotverhe had, as was demonstra ted by his drawing it forth and flour­ ishing it around tn a manner quite miscellaneously an4 belllgerantly,— There chanced to-be present on this occasion ot^e of those patriotic young! tial to th# siiaie clasa«n the north.— The u*me of &e soldier was Chadd, of Chillfoothe of that vicinity. The demonstration of Mr. O'Keefe with his revolver was not particularly grat ifying to Mr. Chadd, and he proceed­ ed to storm his defenses, aqd speedily deprive him of his pistol, and with it aimed snch a blow at his head as to causc that beligerant copperhead to skedaddle out of the back door of the saloon, apparently a good deal demor alized. He rallied, however, and re newed the attack, armed with a for midable rock in each fist, with which the little soldier would have been sum­ marily disposed ot had he not antici pated the attack and charged upon the enemy with his fists, (the pistol had been taken from him) striking him full in the face such force aa sent him, rocks and all well nigh to the middle of the street. This settled the case of the copperhead. He retired as the shade of the evening settled over the scene, aad wa» saea so .s-v u FTT night *•.-: Yankee Robinson's Bio Show.—This Tub WW- IWVSbrfKvH ttT"?ov^r"of the if properly apprc ill save millions frum Bronchial Affection#, Consumption, and the Grave, is the Liquid Catarrh Remedy di» cov^red by Dr. A Seelye. Consumption canoot be cared, bet a timely Ice Cream.—Mrs. FW~Office with Hon. J. W. Dixon, Main street, the doors east of Market Heard* at Ike fit. Chariee Hotel lo tgea In his Of fice. Aug. 4, 13W-8m J. W. DIXON, ATTORNEY AT LAW. OttaTBws, Iowa. Office next door to Sax k Hill man's Clothing Store, Kront Street. Will practice in Wapello and adjoining counties. Bounty, back pay, and Pensions procured. Ho ofcarge unless successful. Jnae 3. 1864. LOCAL NOTICES. n WILLIAMSON 4 £JLA1M AGENCY. Nomai. Ik- •TtTCTB.—By advertisement in another col umn it will be eeen that this well known Institution resumes its sessions on the first Monday in September. Let all who propose availing themselves of its advantages be pre •int on that day. Mr. McGinitie who con tinues the chief teacher in the school is a highly educated and worthy young man, and has shown himself to be skilful and effi cient In his profession. Mr. McElroy in forms us that the Primary Department will be discontinued, and that, with a view to greater thoroughness Jin instruction, the number of students will be limited—in no «*ae allowed to exceed sixty-five. The idea A weeks. ^Latkk. It rained Tuesday nightk 14 eery Mfe-eliower. 1 £»:cbssjoii.—8eeede frwn every name and St|»d of Saleratus axeept the Chemical Sal- ormtu*. This is the kind to u*e on every '.angrterc 81 1THRALL (Have rsue4 ths partnership formerly existing) flfflce on Second street, betweea Market aad Ceart. Jane 1,1864-111 Mm J. C. HIN8ET, M. D. 0f"Offlcs with M. J. WiLusm, Ksq. Bealdaaee on the Muff, north ef tbe Court House. April 81,1SU4-51# Beldiers, and the wl4ewa and heirs of soldiers ere notified that I in acting as a lieensvd claim aseni. for pi ocurlng Pensions, Boueiles, Back Payand all other Just clams against tbe Qovernment. Charges moderate, an4 nothing unless claims aTe allowed. KOWAKOU. 8TILCS. 7~lft--tf Office opposite Ottuuiwa House. I. O. O. F» The regular meetings of Ottumwa Lodge, Ne. 1.0.0 V.. are held on Tuesday evening, at e'cloek r. M. ViV.ting brothers are invited to attend. Room on corner of Front aud Mark*t streets M. McFaslis, Bec'y. W. P. SHARP, N. O. Soldiers" and the Widows and Heirs of fMdtrrt, are notified that I am acting ae agent for procuring Pensions, Bounties and other claims sgainst the Government. ObargU moderate—nothing unless elsints allowed. M. J. WILLIAMS. Peb. 4,1364 4f Ottumwa, Iowa. CARD TO THE SUFFERING Swallow two or three hogsheads of Buchu ," •'Tonic Bitter*,'' •'8»r**|,»rri||s "Nervous Ant I dotes." Ac., dkc., and after you are sat iafted with the remit, then try one t..s of Oi.u Smclisb Doctoh Bt *V Sraoinc Pill»—and be restored to health and vigor In les« tl-sn thirty days. They are purely vegetable, pleasant to take, prompt and salutary in their effects Jn the breWen down anil shattered con stitutor. Old snd youngcan take them with ad vantage. Imported and sold in the Cuited oaljrbjr jas. s. nc July il, 1964-1S-1# 8m i LKK,States ^^^!fo. 42T Brnadwsyi New York. Agent for the Uuited St ates. P. S— A baa Of the Pills, securely packed, w 111 be mailed to any address en receipt of price, wlilcb le One Psllar, post paid—money refunded by tbe Agent If entire satisfaction la not given. PITTSBURG, FOItT WAYNE A CHICAGO Short Hallway Line. Only one ckaageof cars between Chicago and Hew fork, via Allentowa. Pittsburg, Cleveland, Wheeling. Philadelphia, Krle, Wanhington, Baltimore, Pwnkirk, UarrUourg New York, Buffalo Boston, And ell points In th^'ttfcr." Through Tickets can be procured at all principal TlcketOttctfi in tbe Weil aud vuuiti the company's office, north-east corner of Clark and Randolph streets, and at Union Depot, cor. Maitknn and Canal sUeets, Chicago. Four Daily Trains leave Chicago.- Mall 4 40 a. m. Kxp. SS0 a. 4 (K m., 10 10 p.m. W. V- OLJILA!#i ftaMf.lUllr «ee'IWesr rass Ottnmwa Price Cnrjrent. OOSSSCTBD WBBKLY »T O. H. 8HEFFEK, GKOCKH, saAUUti* raovisioNg. ac. $ 1 OTTUMWA, Aug.»4. WfTfc AT, bush Spring 1,30 Fall $1,W OATS, 41 EGGS, «oltter» ^who tor the past three years OIL Linseed $2,20 haye been ftg^tjrig traitors in the^outh j' Coalvpei-H?1.*?*T•'*s: -1.2' and whoare not particularly par-: ,l!iz BAKZX-c,* 56@fi0 RYE, 7« FLOUR—FaH, 1? hund $5.00 jf a A Super Hue Spring,.,. 4,50 BRANS .« /',»A^«..".,fiOOa2,50 BUTTER, Fresh Roll, 80 Firkin, HOGS per 100 6.00@7,0v BACON, sugar curod 16®1* Huns, country lt Shoulders 11?1 (1 Clear Sides. .. ». K CATTLE, gross.... .....r, 3&"> CANDLES, Mould $0c. 8tar 20(®.*i CRACKERS, brU., 4~.. $5,«5 r»,r" CHEESE i 20 COFFEE, Rio, fair to prime.. Java, ty lb, ............ 55 COAL, delivered 14 CORN, in ear CORN MEAIj 1 .-20 @*20 FRUIT—Apples, green, dried, .' 1#@15 Peaches, dried.... 20@-5 Raisins, layers, b6x. ?.. $5,50 FISH, Cod, lb «@1i White, hlf brl $10,00 MacH^rel, hlf brl, No. 2..,.10«U FOWLS, Chiokcns, doz.. .. .... 2,00 Turkeys, each, .......... HAY. tame, $30,00. W ild». ,vV.... $15,00 HIDES, Dry, 1!). (Jreena^-.,.*.8 LF.AD and SHOT, Bar 8c. "*hot lb 20 LAUD in '-ans 15c. New brls 15 MOLASSES, Sorghum........ $1 1.25 v«$2,90 82'» fPOTATOKS, .per Iiiti4| ^2/'° POWDER, per keg V.. it."" RK-E, per lb 18@2,i SALT, per brl, $6,00. Dairy, sack.. 35 SUGAR, Common, 25. Powdered.. 85 SODA, per keg !0 WHISK et .i,«Htt2.26 Marsh A Ketcham: ........ ALE, per half bbl., Keteham'a $5 00 Cure warranted If Directions are followed. ige, and one which, if properly appreciated »t*"1 symptom of Catarrh u, that the person is i obliged to clear his thioat in the morning of a thick by the people, will save millions from or slimy mucous, which has fallen down from the head dur ng the night. When this takes place, the persci: may be «ure that his disease is on its way to tbe luugs, and should lose no time in arresting it. uro of thin Remedy will save many a person who is now rashing blindly into its merciless grasp. Boulton will be happy to supply this luxury to those favoring ber with a can at room'* over th» Bukery' oppo site ih« Bank, Front street, 16-16 tf J)OCTOR C. W. DROMBOLONE Has temoved from the country to Ottjnswa. Hundred** of Citiasen* of ('liicafO have beeu Permanently Cured, by this Medicine. |9P~CaU for a Circular describing ail Symptom. JMK. O. H. SRKLYKS A Ce., SOLK PKOrBKTOBS, OJkcti—Manonic Temple, Room Or famed institution will positively visit this city on the 17th inet. Read the advertis-f ment in another column and prepare tor 4 rich treat. It is confessedly the most unique and attractive performance now hibitin^ ju tiiia, country. j(i lau$t} an£fet-t a 11, CHICAGO, ILLINOIS. 8YMPTOMB—Tlko sjokytoms of Catarrh u they generally appear e ilHrjt very slight. Persons And they have a fold, that th«y have frequent at tack*, and are more sensitive to the changes of tem perature. Iti this cin dltlon, th" nose may he dry, or 8 slight di.icl.arge, thin and acriil, afterward be comlnp thick and a lheSlre. A the disea«ebecomes chronic, discharges are Increased in quantity and changed in quality they are now thick and heavy,and are ha-*ked or coughejl off. The secre tions are offensive, causing a bad lreath the voice is thick ai.d nasal the eyes are weak the senses of tfa e smell is lessened or destroyed deafness fre quently takes plnc*. Another common and iinpor The above aie but few of the mar v Catarrhal symptom*. A Single Settle trill last a month• tobe meet three tlmf a dap. E S I O N I A S From Hon. Thos. J. Turner, Ex-Member of Congresa from Illinois, late Speaker of Illinois House of Representatives, and Grand Master of A., F. and A, M. of the State of Illinois. fiiirott, Oat. SI, 1368, Or. D. H. Sskltb:—DearSir—In reply to your oo tlce of the lfith inat. ,1 would guy that I was severe ly atUicted with Catarrh for years, when I became Acquainted with you and hought two bottles of you Liquid Catarrh Kemedy. Before I had used one bot tle I was sensibly improved, and before the second bottle was finish--.1, was completely cured. I can recommend the medicine to all afflicted with Catarrh Ite^pectfu ly Vours, THOU. J. TtiCXKft. This Is to certify thnt In the use of Dr. 9eelye'B Catarrh Keniedy, I expeilenced much relief, and have hea i many speak of it a* being Invaluable for the cure of Catarrh. Yours, Ac., EDWARD ELY. Chicago, Hay 12th 1S64. frow "Parmlj," the well-knoim Batter, under tke Trenioiu. House, Chicago, III. lr. H. Skklvi A Co: Oents—Your Catarrh Remedy I have used, and fully recommend It as the I best remedy known. It has cured Die, and 1 believe It is a certain cure In alleaaes. Chicago,.May 6,1864. JOHN PARMLY Uor sale by Drs. W. B. COWAN and J. L. TAYLOR, Ot tows, Iowa. facturers' prices. July 14, JULIUS BAUER A CO. JULIUS BAUER & CO. 3. 5 WARE ROOMS, 0» •. Clark aa« ,89 Waahiaftaa flit CHICAGO, ILL. Manufacturers and Importers of MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS, tTRINf *, TIOLIKS. DBLMS, AC(ORDEO!fS, CLARNETS, ITAitS, MR ASS I2TS TR UMENTSt and other musical merchandise, Waving connection with Manufactarlng Houses As to the rslMiive merits of our Pianos, we refer to th- ry. A liberal discount to Schools. Terms liberal. |W Pereo us In will do well W Tn Berlin, Leipsic, Dresden, EogUnd anil Paris, we are prepared to furnish Dealers Bands and Individuals with every article in this line, at the lowest manu­ WHOUHALB AGENTS POH I A N O O E S I A N O O E S Of the following manufacture^:^ WM, KN'ABE A CO., Baltimore, BOARDMAN A ORAV. Albany, A. H. (1ALI A CO., New York, rp\ 1HNK A SON, i v:: Also Agents for PRIKCRfl ITII".l.ODEOPM* JPglNCE'S flELOCKOHS, ORGANS AND HARMONIUM^ ORGANS AND HARMONIUME Dealers In PIANO STOOLS, .SPREADS, ktt. We have the I irgest and best assorted stoek of Pianos in the c'tv, whichf -r power hikI sweetness of toue, easy and aK' euabie touch,and beauty of Snub have, by Ju-lsres. been onounced cmrivalsd. woeld ertiflcates of Excellence In our posses­ sion from Thalberg, Gottachalk, Strakos, H. G. ter, H. Vleuxteinps, Louis e*taab, aud E. Musio, listingulshed South Clark and ^y»end MATRIMONIAL, If you with to Bat­ mu- slc:il director of the Italian Opera, as also from some of the most Particular attention paid to the selection of Instruments for distant orders, and a privilege of exchange granted at any time within six months. If the Instrument should not prove entirely sstisfketo Clergymen, Teachers aud want of a really first clase Pta«o, to call before purcliaslffg elsewhere. JjW Remember tbe nlaca ff* Jl'LICB BACKR A CO. S9 W-i^hirytr-nSt. for aClrculai. [July 1, IvH-IS-i6y marry addreesthennderelgn. ed, who will sendyou, "without monev strictly confldentlal. The deflred by return mall, and JaneSS Ami and without price," vocable Information that will enable vou to marry ha v and speedily, no matter how olj how ngly.or :,.»wpoor. This is a reliable affair. The Information wlIIcost you nothin and i( you wish to aiarry, 1 will cheerfully suist you. A 1 letters information sent no question* a«ked. Aildrsee PA RAH LAMBEKT, 44-4w Green point. Kings Co .. M. Y. Aysrt SanapaiUkts P. C. ATTM WeaMjKna*unM tn hto Cftil frtaait*, »nd tk* Kenrrall/, that be hMNMrneil W lili old buttto NEAR i Ex. Spring. .... .'.'1 4,75 in his new n hli" ctfmraSflioeihoTW® »rfccl«d for the iu«r»"*e of csrryluir #n a I J. HAWXEY'S STOR Oil Mtoirr sTRin^ MpM»Ttr BAKERY ON A LARGE SCALE! VMI WMii ki plwiiil Win vrtrjb*4f vtUi !»*'t"1" «vf i»nrVi», CRACKERS, PtES, CflKE?, They will alio And a Targp and telect itock of Tovi=« and "Fancy Artiolef Taplrve Vomiit Aairrtea, and TfiS FOR LADIES & GENTS .. I aa alto A rest for 3i LIL1/S CELEBRATED Premium Cream Stock Ale'p 4 Which I can fnmlih In anj quantity d««lre1, P. C. IAt7M. oita*w»,)f«T. 4A, mm 0"cAT WESTERN NURSERY! rx»CATin ovr vnRrn OP TP TT HT TWi w NRar Jif OeTrieo^y. r*^TII? Tirrsefy has hean established her* sHthla the la*' thre#1 years, and Is deslgnpd to be a per manent and (frowing I n4tltutlon. It embraces a large iranuit of iround, and oacupled one of tbe most de sirable situations In Iowa, snd I feel encouraged with the pstronsire snd confidence that I have already received from the people of this vicinity, to persevere In my determined purpose to make this Nursery one of the largest and best In the West. I have a'• local hablatton and name,"and hold mvself responsible for the character a»d quality of sales that go from mv nursery, or one sold by myself or by my aathorized agents. I am prepared to sup ply the people of this part of 8pntb«ru Iowa with Most Desirable Varieties Of Summer, Pall and Winter Annies, expressly select •d and best adapted to this section of Iowa. *'i-'-Trt Standard and dwarf Pears, Peaches, Nectarine*, .j 'Plonb*, ObefMMM*-• Currants. Gooseberries, •. Raspberries, Strawberries, VIUBS, ItHI'BARR, Ac, together with the best varieties of EVKRCKENS n KOI mors, snfl ORNAMENTAL TRKEa and PlIRPRg, ROSES and VINISS, at pr'ces ft MV al tbe Burlington or other rell ibln nurseries. Particular attention will be paid to STRICTLY FILLING THE ORDERS Of those who do not oorae In person, and when dls" cretlonary power is left with me, the VERY BEST SELECTIONS will be made. Apple trees, two and three years old, test se'ectlon, (10 per hundred. ESPECIAL ATTENTION! Is called to my varieties of Orape 'Tines, and tholr Respective prices: fielaware, (one year) (two peart) 0oneord, Ha rtforil Proljfc Rehecca, Olinton, leu »!U, 1.51 36 75 50 1,00 l» sa OABBAOI AND t^MATO PLANTS inthelt sa oa. T- J. O.CliAPP L. (iiiEAT BAHOAIN8 a* J. A. SCHWORM'S, Neat door West of J. L. Taylor's Drug Store OTTI'TIWA, IOWA. Where will be found one of the largest ateeka ws slating of the foilowiug artiolea .. BOOTS AISTD SI%QES, HATS AID CAP®, CON]* JiC i lUN bitirj^, \X9mting and Smoking Tobacoatj The best In Ottaaiwa. (ILA88 AND NAll*, WOODEN & WILLOW WARE. All of which will be sold for CASH CHEAPER THAN THE CHEAPEST IN OTTI'MWA or EXCHANGED FOR COUNTRY PRODUCE. My motto Is, Quick Sales and Small Profits I WAery NTF,B~HIDES, forwhich wll 1 be paldthe highest market price In Cash. Call and examine pooil* anil prices,so that you tan satisfy yourselves that you can buy gaoda cheaper of him than anvwhere else In Ottumwa. Ottumwa, October 8th, 1868. cb87-15— o 1&-11 J^EW YEAR! NEW STORE! NEW PRIQE8 ANDNEW GOODS! MEEK & CO. Now oeoopy their new brl ok, De*t te Oftamwa House. We offer our present stock of »K* CMK»DV, 6BOCEBlE8« HATS, CAPS, BOOlft •rm. 1 •HOEIi AN* CLOTHING) -v'-* for the next tea days at i -»1 ta VERY LOW FIGURE8. Meek expects to go to Now York In Vebruary foi a bran new stock, and be offers seme bargains now. Scmra Muslin for *0 cents, Qalico 18V to 20 eente, e-iVii Ltdies Collars« cMjk^ J ,., NrtiS Collars Sc4nta, .c lea $1.00 per EGGS, BUTTER, POTATOES, ON IONft* MOLASSES, CHICKENS, GOAL OIL, BEANS. Ac., at lew rices. motte li Oar motte le, "Qviak Safee «m4 Smtalt ProjlU t-Wfft Jan. T. professors and amatuers in the country. All instruments of our manufacture have the full Iron frame, and are guaranteed for Ave years. MARBLE HALL Kj ing and Ojriler ikalwo#, The utidenogned woald inform the citi-! zena of Ottuntwa and the public generally, Roinember the piae*, Marhfsi Hal!. Carroll ilotixe building, second »tory Dec. 3. 1868 Wm. A. MOLL. TPL] O CLEAR THE HOUSE OF PLIE8, use Duteher's celebrated LIGHTNING rI.Y-KILLER, Idaho thrown in Lad m. j? OREA MUSS Of MINEH3 £Q.TEE NEW IjIGGISQB. 'I S 92V A S O N I S I N O U o O E rpiIE OLD STAND RENEWED) Chicago Branch. Grocery fa«n ftsMt, that he has removed his Saloon into the I Ottumwa, Juue x, I86t--K-16 6m second story of the Carroll House, (imme diately alKitrehis former room,) where he w betler prepared now than heretofore lo ac commodate thoMt- who may favor hiiu with a call. He has alw fitt- i up i.iomg for dining, and is prepared to tnrnuh Warm weal* at any hur in, thi mo ruing or evening. £grFre*h Orst r* recvired daily by E* press. neat, slMegsdkls, easy te 1 tverysheet will kills »eFdeverywhera. Josefs, lW4 14 l*lw NO USE OF GOING TO IDAHO TO BET RICH! ftltiaaMrA* Iowa, peeeessee ae great advantage* lor bargain* ae the territory el Idafco. E A N & I E K S A E haviaf *|»eatM a tiew dare, an r—elviBf afr# N»atl«Wttg *a raeetve targeetsCMk af j?J|PANCy AND STAPLE DRY QOOD9 a it* f'r ever breoght to this market, eoDiistlng in part of LADIES FINE DRESS GOODS Preaeb MerlWool Delalaee, Black Slllrs, Reps, Mohairs, Alpaccas, Pop 11 as, Mosambiqwea, Challtes, Ginghams, Cambrics, Calicoes, Brown and Bleached llaftllne, peaip*, Stripes. Tickiegs, KUnnrlsef all kinds. Pwiss and Jaoonet Moalloe, Damasks. Linens, Edglns", Insertings, Table Covert, Towllngs, Hacks, Dispera. i A Most Attractive Variety 6^ Cloaks, Shawls, Balmorals, Hoop Bkirta, Gloves, Handkerchiefs, Hosiery, Velvet and Lace Drees Trim mings, Ribbons, Oollars, Sleeves, Nets. A full line of YANKEE NOTIONS, a«d io fact every description ef aalt me awt fceUdioae taaNh, We woaW call special ataenUo* to a sele*MMsrta»M«f es, Misse and Y STRICKLAND'S NVW VW W ^VS DR. STHICKLANU'S )t ELLIfL (70(78 COUGH BALSAM. Cures Coughs, Colds, Sore Throat, Asthma, and Consumption. It is only necessary for any ne troubled with these complaints to try one bottle of Strlckland'a .viol Mfluotts Catifb BaKam to conviece them that It Is the best preparation erev u«ed. it not only cures the above affections of tlie Throat and Lungs, but It cures Nifrlit fweHts and (•"pitting or blood, and is sn exrellrnt gargle for any kind of Core Throat It is ple*«snt lo take, and s safe medicine for Infanta. Price 60 cents bot tle. Por nale by Dr..1. L. Taylor. W. Cowan and Peter Ctecht, Ottumwa, aud by Druggists generally. jtajr^S, lbjyt—10-18 The uaderslgned haa opened a Drag "ttore in the Curlew building and has a large and extensive stock of fuhe GROCERIES AND OUCENSWARtCOAL OIL A WAYS UGS d^ ||eBuetU. Patent Medicines, Faicj \fticlet,fcc. -Pure Wines and Liquors for Medical purpose with which prescriptions will be flUe». Coffins Epileptic Pilla lor Sale, fjjy* Phyaicians prescriptions filled witb- care, night or day. 4 JJLRGESTOCK of Coal Oil Lamp*, Chtm nev» ftc,, The Patent Monitor Burner, without vrnoke or odor, and not ri*ily tatinguUhed. Ju*t tht thing for ifct »it night Lamp. ON HAND lie returns bi.- sincere thanks for the verj liberal, patronasi-ne ii»~"icelveil the past vear. snii hopeSi by his attention lohls liuttlness to merit the runfl denct of the public, (iivemeacall whenyouifant anythingiu my line,eithernlgnt or day. Ottumwa, Mar.19. PETER CTEIJB*. •10-tf Provision and M. HEINRICH & CO. Buooeesers to C. Prita. We woald respectfully annoance to the citlsens ef Wapello and surrounding counties that basing pur* chaseil tee old stand, we hare opened a branch of our Chicago store where we are oo nets ally receiving large supplies of OBOCEItlES, PROVISIONS, WOOI ENWARE, *€., which, from our facilities, we are enabled to sell on the moat reasonable teraa. We would therefereso lleitaeaU. M. UtlNRlCU A CO. VUkRMERt Will please notice tlit re buy every descrtptTOB of Produce. Remember the place, C. Frlta's old stand, Ottumwa, Iowa, May 26, ls64-10 16tf UNDERTAKER. andersigned would Inform the cliissila-eifct tumwa and vicinity tbat he is now mauufaeturlngf and will keep constantly on band COPflN of all kinds and sisee. Having a good fillAKNR s he is prepared to attend to ill calls in his Una. ttbop en corner of Ctui 'J'lNW Coflbe 8TX, aoffatl other goditst^%sr than eao be bought else where. We e--| constantly f«r aale "fbjyrepared *a *B an erdan tk COPPER, TIN AND tROltt «OOM, KEB08ENE IVllT CANS AT FACTORY PfcJOll, article warranted, N EVV GliOCEKY STOKE. The undersigned respectfully announces to ths citisens of Ottuuiwa th*l be bus opened tirocery store In the tirst building north of rence A Cham bers uew brick blvck, abese he will beep »a band tbe eery b«*t ftrecerie* to be feaad latbeeiijr, coesiu iug of SUGAR, RICE, TEAS, COFFEE. Mfc--. FLOUR, *e.« 4ec. Ala* TOBACCO, PIPK8. A of all kinds, which he will sell at the lowest prior for I Caah. Ths highest market price paid In cash for all kinds of Country Produce. the Shade I S O V E U 1 E 0 N A A E E I N E S S O E N E W I N E S Children^. We have also a ftoe assortment ef, CWrtlBMEHS' FIRNISHIire such as ctotba. iatinetta, Kentucky Jeans, Farm en Patlni, Linen and Plsnnel mrtrte: draiNWs, Htla.Ao. Our lood# were purchased at tbe lowest Cash Prides, and will br sold to suit the times. ^3§F*Uenaember the Place Mareb 11 Shoes, -J.V NEW YOKK DRY GOODi' EMPOKHJ»l. Curlew Block: E. w. Biri TvS. vsoieittAts imp CLOTHIER! OTTUMWA, IOWA. Til OLDEST CUT1ISC INK TU CtCKTt, Has now on head the largeet stock of Men and Boy s W ear, aver offered to his Customets and the citizens of Wapello Couuty. OiirlKock Boots Ij O Y E S U Store. 11 Give me a call Mid I win saslsfy yea that wNbsii say Is true CHRISTIAN *CW'KKPA. leeleky i»ituaiws,May *ar*h 94, l«W WINDOW GLASS 4 ud cecuad Streete, be- side tbe Oengregatioaa^tiW June f-, ltM «at «. HA&LAO*, ARE ^A^ORY. WA8IIRIUX, A -QfTTUMWA» IOWA Books, Stationery, WALL-PAPER. "I f" FANCY GOODS, fcC. CORNER op FRONT & MARKET STKKBTd OTTUMWA, IOWA, EXTENSIVE IMPROVEMENT 0. H. SHEFFER, & CO. -FOR- MX GQOOa -AV1&9 o e i e s tlay ktrs atle !h|saMtlM tettdi (Mnftr recefrlng their spring stock which U Just arriving from the Head of Market. It fi well known here they eell Call forlts Vsrlkof your man»v. O. SHKfKltR, k Co., Opposite the National Bank, orruiitVA, Apr I, IS«4. NEW MILLINERY STORE On Court, bftMt* Front and Second Ste MIMWP. & C. AUWERDA Beg leave to announce to the Ladle* of Ottumws and vicinity that they ate about opening a choice a general assortment of lllliihery Good, consisting a HEAD-DRESSES, KA I tii^K il^b 1 ManofHi-lurwand Dealt"* !«P fu'.ljr uxiibed «rilM fact u.«\ 1 ufT ui n .ru A, HK&MAN U CUTE rat ADTXk. codjUUi tn part of OVEKrOATS.rVDER rOAT.«, PANTS. VPSTS, ev grtole »t the mr leirab!f «tvleo. KINESTO'H OP L'NDKR CLOTHING. PANX'V SHIRT?, ULOVE. and (Sent s Furnishing Go- d» generally. NEW STYLES BATS A CAPS IN GREAT VARIETY. Ataapeod aawrted MjtNi aod BgT'3 & A Splendid Assortment of ENGLISH FRENCH CLOTHS. DOS &K1XS, PL A f.V (tr FA NOT CA SS/iffK8, IA JON CAtM. 4k *JNE SATINETS which we are prepared to make up into the lateat etyles on short notice, warranting satisfaction ia every case. Tilt. F. fHAIiTKV, who has charge of this Department Is an EXPERIENCED CUTTER, direct I from one of the best house* JCast, and ire now flatter oor selves that we have pfjiced before the people one of the raost thorough and complete Stocks of Men ari I Boy's wear In the State. All tell vou that they sell the cheapest We will oniv aav, call and see the goods, hear the prlcee and judge for your selves. Blue Cloth and Cassioiere for officers uni form, always on hand. cu 2116 0 e. ''4' w, or.Tja, «!^fi K i: 1 U S O E 5 w DR. W. B. OOWAN, -v. i r, fWtoleaalamd letaUPaalyalii Drugs, Medicines, JL* CHEAPERf CHEAPEST! FOR CASH. 0 B0J8KETS, RIBBONS, CAPS, which they Will He happy va aaklbUt* aUwIta vln favor tbtm with a call. Ottumwa, S,l$64 7 l^tf "yACCTNE MATTER- Warrant* 1 I e fre»h and pare, kept constanilv on hand andfi rKTBE UTCOBT, Drngglst. 'omTrie «t. E A E v I of all kinds Wept constantly oil hand In Ottumwa. liaviugthc very best faculties for procuring tail lead well selsuUid stockn, are confident this houl eaanut be eutpassed in quality ur cbeap»«ese^ artteles In our line, iiave a lar^e steck of SADDLERY HA RD WARE, AlDMOOIXUI UBfiiT VABIU'I'Y fr, V A,( at Wbelstale ia RsWrfl. A large tnsttawl| sf Whipe and Cellar*, Trace mud Halter, Chaint, Curry Cembt jg^ntl JprutAet, ,• Would atso eall sttenilea Ika faet thal 'wa ara dealing extensively In HIDES, PELTS. AND WOOi, Those fcaw'niraach articles to sell in larne or smstt lata can alwaya depend on retting their value la rash. D. H.CHAPIN, Agt. Ottnmwa, March, 911864. Wo Carding, 3l SPNNING, FULLINQ, WEAVIXOM AND CLOTH DR1SSINQ, I shall be prspared onpr about Mondsy, May lSth, to do allVinds of work In my line in the very beef manner, and upon the shortest notice. Having alarge amount of new and improved machinery. I can i^lve complete and prompt satisfaction to all wfeo may fa vor me with a call. Those who live at a distance wlllnow ?sared the trouble andloss of time In making twotrips for their Rolls, and if they wish them spun, they can hav* II done hvmopplngonenlght. I Thankful for the liberal patronage bestowed on Bia for the past ten yearn, at Agency City, I respectfully solicit a ront inut nc--of the same at Ottumwa,know ing thai I am better prepared to do work on eborta I notice and better than heretofore. roii^r zi LAt r. Ottnmwa Msyl." HM-tf WM. C. MOSS JR. & CO., WHOLUaLB Jk.W Itmtli MALM# .01 3) BOOTS A SHOES, CLOTHING, Hats and .* Shoes Caps. QUEENSWARE AND GROCERIES, 4 CORNER FRONT and COURT StreeU, Ottumwa, Iowa. ^^JOBBWG STOCK OF BOOTS, SHOES, HATS, CAPI QUEEXSWARE A GROCERIES, Constantly on hand at Chicago PrlCM. Wm. C. Moss Jr., & C?. Ottumwa, Iowa, Jan. 19, 1868. A N O O U S E a IQapaaaeib Stock N E W O O S HAWLEY & BKOleaveto Paints, Oils SON announce tothelrcustomers and the public generally, that they are rowopeniag »nii will bereceivlng the largest and bestselectaa stock of Y O O S Groceries, »»v A S A N A S BOOTS AND SHOES. a w a e N A I S A A S S V1 1 V' v-* Glass and Crockery Ware, Ever brought lo this market. Baafht ash at the present low rates, aad will Sold Cheaper than Ever, FOR 2A8H, PRODUCE, OK Approved Credit, i •Mth- in SO THE PRICE! C. C. WARDEN, HAS AttUN BBfcV BAST AMD FCKCHAMO O A S a*AM«A9M»een«ai)irM««t,M«*3r ftOiau^ii ef SPRING AND SUMMER GOOD(| Ceaiprtseng sill articles asnally called for la ageaeiat stock uf merchandise. ID DRESS GOODS, ealsrly.h-s in extensive ard varied as*ortmgpA te which he ttarlicularU would caii thv Use Ladles. CALL AND EXAMINE. e will eelt yea fa*** and weare sur AprllS, 1862 Wrrden la raaain lataakH tteots aai Sfto©?, Everbrough tto Ottumwa aH£AP A8 »IH r. apt CITY MEAT MARKET. HAVING purchsveil sI.• •liidisiK sol Miall.cSS r..r rrly occupied snd conduct sd J. VV. Brown, 1 4enir- jtbefliir V- Ottumwa eaaliinK i «u a«s rtment of I VRSSH Sliite, I'OL l.TKY. SAlTKAOE ffi fftfa sn.l vicinity, Hi tifnm •1 l.AKO In short, every article uuall\ kept in an establWks eat ofihe kind, and »t prices to suit the tiuin THE HM.HWT PUCMpaldfor PTOf K. Poultry kase ««.trH,,*c. M.McpAKLlW declS s'

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