Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier, 25 Ağustos 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier dated 25 Ağustos 1864 Page 2
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ftj-g I THE OTTt'MWA COl'MSR" W. UIUUS, Editor. THURSDAY Ail* 25. 1864. National XJnion Ticket. MB PRKSIDFWT, ABRAHAM LINCOLN von ric« MIESIDETCT, ANDREAY JOHNSON. Union State Ticket. tLECTORS AT AKOE, O. BEN DARWIN, of D«* Moine* county. W. O. THOMPSON, of Linn county. Et-tcTfm—Focwn DISTRICT. Cot. DANIEL ANDERSON. To* COXORK9S— Fourth District* J. & GRINNELL. Tor Supreme JvJge, 0. 0. COLE, of Polk county. Tor Secretary of Stat*, JAKES WRIGHT, ofDelawtre county. For Auditor of Statt, JOttN A. ELLIOTT of Mhchell entity« For State Treaturer, WILLIAM H. HOLMF.S, of Jonez county. Tor Register of State Land JOSHUA A.HARVEY, of Eremont Co. For Attorney General, tSAACf/. ALLEN, of Tama county, Union C'tiiiily Tirkrt. JFor Cleric of the District Courtj 1L H. GODLEV, of Washingtotf Tp« For Recorder, H. B. JONES, ot Center Tp. For Surveyor, 0. D. HACK WORTH. Center T'p. Tilt! CliiciiS't ConvtMitiuii. This body, which was originally appoint ted to meet on the 4'h of July, meets in Ch 'Ago'on next Monday, the 29th mst., titt being the Uy to which it was ad jour ted by the National Committee. The day at first selected being the birth day of A nerican Independence, was deemed un §u Ub!e, as it truly was for such i uniting and the birth day of Benedict Arnold was selected as one in every respect fit and proper, for the work of destroying the American Union, which that oonvention has in view. The indications are that the convention will be largely attended. The Chicago pa pers Rtate that the larjre accomodation* ot their •tumerous Hotels have beeo enj^ed and that the arrival of delegates have al r.ady comrponced. Of courae it U not the possible to anticipate result of the convention. Numerous candidate*, among whom are McClellan. Vallandigham. Guthrie, Ex President Fill more, Go*. Seymour, Ex President Pierce, Judge Woodward and otheFg are Gen. Fremont spoken of. has not been mueb Talked of for some weeks. A lively and exciting contest in the oon vention is looked for, not only from the fact of there being so many rival candidates, but from a radical difference of views which will prevail. There are, it seems, ro well defined and genuine kinds of copperheads, the one known as peace democrats and the other war democrats. The war men are for Met'lellan first, last and all the time.— It is not so clear who the peace men are fo*, their discussions having been more con fine to their secret aooiefec but it is sup pisei that Valhndisham. the martyr, i* the man thev have in^vielrj that they will unite upon him and control the nomination and th jpiatftrin. They may, however, fail to agree and break up in a row* JP^rhaps the Jater is as likely a supposition as ai»y.\ The Chicago coovention, whatever its to* xi hi n.arj-- w—Uttftwer it may nominate and whatever sentimen's it nnj' i"—w,p Will Ve atfVtriouK ft conglomtri'e of elements a? the *»er saw, and although they wi'l undoubtedly unite in hatred to the Un ion cause an i the coverirpent of tl eir country, and be inspired in no small decree by a desire for the spoils of office, yrt in all else what a Motley crowd they will be. Their will be the original copperhead*, the out spoken sympathizers with the South, the men who believe in and chout lor J*-fF. Davis, the border Stale conservatives, rob ela in all sorts of di«£iiise.s. disappointed as. pirants for military distinction, disgraced and dishonest contractors, in short a repre sentation of all the and traitorous elements in the country exc -pt the leaders oi the rebel army and it js bard to tell how many of them will be there it) tjisguise.— •It is safe to infer, at all eT-mts. that they w ill be there in sympathy if not in person. But we shall sojn know all about it, and matters little, what they do and who thev laminate, except so fir as it will give the Union men of the country something tan l^ible to deal with, which is desirable Heretofore we have been fi hting wc knew not exactly wh't. After i cxt week we shall have something tangible to contend with, and than we are very much mistaken jf the Union-loving, patriotic, devoted friends of thu American Union do not rr^t %ny issue the Chicago convention will pre peat, with the same courage and fiucueft* tbatourbraye boys in the military servicj have met tho rebel* in arma. Tne Araeri j»n pjople have 4ccr«sed that the American JJnion shall be prcaerved, and it will be |*fc*erve^. 1 i ..i .i i General ftypour wiitea io the Times firing his *iew«, founded upon knowledge derived from being a prisoner in the South, feaytthat the South is failing from ex ^aniKtioD, and oouneela the North to use iu •trenpfc. Kew« of ihc Week The new* from the p'ains eortinuea of the ro^st cxciting ih-scription. The terri t«»ry south of the Platte to the Arkansas river, and between Colorado and RMPSHS seem* to be the inmicdinte scenc -f Indian utrage. The Blqp wh*re th?- trains were destroyed is south of fwrt Kearney. Mary* tille, only 9 miles west of St. Jo. j« repor^ sacked, hnt the report w di«.cre*lftpd. The oveiland n:ail from St Jnvph to Denver is mporarily discontinued, hut fmm Omnha it wa st:ll carried at !a*t accounts. n'l Curtis i« at Omnha organizing a for?e to op erate against the Indians The 7th Iowa Cavalrv i» ulreadv actively engHjed. Colonel Summe-s is at Fort K^irnev, wh re lie ha* hcAilquarters. A N«br»ska City p-ipcr of the 1 Sih repora that on the prvcedins dnv. Captain Murphy (fiom this *ity) with 65 of his men and SO citizens fought fiCO Indians on the Blue, killing te» and losing two of his men, nances not given. The In dians we^e repwNed. There is much indig nation feit at Denver on account of the re lent action of the Indian Bureau. This fVel ing is embodied in a published letter from G. W. Lane, of Denver, to General Jas. II. Lane. The news from Petersburg i« favorable. The Weldon (Southern) Railroad has been reached and a position on it is held hy out forces. The occupation of this road leaves to the rehe's the tv*enfo.nhr the Danvflle Road. The movement on th« North of James river i* get ircr along finely. The around we have ocnD'ed i* held. noHrith •tanding repeated efforts of the rebels to dislodge us. The canal is projrre«sins sat isfactoralv. The rebel force in Vtiginia is reported at 70,000. Sheridan on the 18th, encampefl Ivetween Clifton and Charleston. He is watching th" rebel column in the vallev, prepared to cive them a warm reception at anv point. Gen. Averill retired from Martinsburjs on Thurs day. and the rebel pickets advanced t'» Fall ing Waters, the nearest tnt to Ha-rprs'own they have rearhed. Avetill has all the f»rd from Shepherdstown to WiHiam«port in hi possession and is prepared to contest any attempt of the rebels to cross. The enemy's force in the Shenandoah valley is estimated at 40.000 Infantry and 15.000 cavalry. A mitake somewhere, if their whole force in Virginia is only 70,000. "Late advices from before Atlanta, vis Nashville, state that the rebe's have 85,000 troops at'Atlanta, including 40,000 Georgia militia. .Their works are high, with deep ditches, shuttis and wire traps. General Sherman felt their lines to the extent of twelve miles with the purpose of turning their position, hut »hus fur has been unable to effect his object, their lines proving equal ly strong at a'l points." General Can by makes official announce ment of the success of the Union forces Mobile upon the flth instant, in the onpturc of Forts Gaines and Powell, and the de struction of the ram Tennessee.• Casualities in the 15th Iowa Alt. Tots., since July 28ih—date of last report: KILLED.—Serjeant Alva C. Tannar, Co. C. (Mahaska Coby pharp shooter, Aug. 9, '04. WOUNDED—Sergeant Isaac Cooper, Co. F, in shoulder, slightly. Aun. 10,'f4. Private Joshua F. Loftk#, Co. E, in face, severely, Aug. 11, '84. Shall the American Union be preserved Have we a country are we one of the na tions of the earth, are the questions of the present canvas. A vote for Lincoln and Johnson's a-vote for the Union, for the in togrity of the nation, for the preservation and perpetuity of the limits, power and glorv of the Republ:c, free from slavery the cause of all our troubles. A vote for snv other candidate or party will be a »ote in favor of a disgraceful surrender to armed rebellion, a truce hollow and deli:s:ve, and ultimately the recognition of the Southern nfederacy, involving such terms including the assump tion of their debt^ as they may impose.— These are the precise results the copperheads have in view. A Prisoner*® Letter TTLER, Texas June 6th 1864 Deer Father and Mother: I avail myself of this opportunity of drop ping you a line. I was, as you have learned ere this, captured,at Mark's Mills. Aik. on the 25th of April. Iam in good health, al. so my company. 30 of whom are pt i-oners here. All our neighbor boys aro safe with the exception of Jerij' Padgett who I Icar is killed. Our camp is in a healthy loca tion with good water and health i-» excel lent. No mora at this time but lemain Your Sjfon, —j. M. TIJOMP»ON. Doubts having arisen as to the intention of Congress in regard to paragraph 49 of Section 79 of the Internal Revenue law, which has been constiucd as requiring all persons engaged in business or employment earning $1,000, and not specified in other parts of the law, to take out a 10 licence, the Commissioner of Internal Revenue has given instructions to all the assessors to de fer action iu refer«.nc! thereto until May, 16G5, thus giving Congress an opportunity to revise what is deemed an oppressive rc» quirement. ASTHMA AND CONSUMPTION —The proofs of cures of the most distressing cage* of Asth ma and Consumption by Dr. Strickland'^ Mellifluous Cough Balsam, speaks loudei1 than words to the meiits of thU incompara ble rem^Jy. A grateful patient writes "I am happy to bear my testimony to the won derfu. powers of your Cough Balsam in cur ing me of lbs most troublesome cough and shortness of breath after all other mean* had failed." Can any result he mpre g.atif» ing What a load of suffering was removed hv thu use of this noble Cou^h Balsam. bp all druggists —50 cents per bottle. No CHANCE roti DISSATISFACTION.—De1 Land & Co. authorize those who sc-li their goods to tell [uneh tsers to usa one half of a paper of their Chemical S'llerat'.u, and then il they are not entirely *aii»ticd with its su periority over Soda or any other brand of SaleraliM to return the balance and get the money lor the whole refunded. This Saler alus i« periect, therefore they are willing to let it ktandor fall upon its own merit, Any sensation dispatches as to propmu tions for an armistice emanating from the Adminibtrat'on, are the sheerest bosb and The Troubles in Missouri. StHlemeal Dr. X. W. Hood. Dr. J. W. Hood, who left this cify la*t apnnc low College Mound. Mtcnn county. Mwo-eiW!, where he has been living s'nee, is now here, and furnishes us the following statements In relation to the recent outra-.'«i of guerrillas in the section where he has been living: North Missouri it being ovep** with bushwhackers ant TBh 't "fbrWa, 'are spreading awful deMru^t'Ork hi most of the C'Hinties bordering on the north side ol the Missouri river. I ^i!l give a few instancas of toi-'r dreadful «••»', which took t»!ace in the immediate neighborhood wh -r" I reside. Ahnirt the 10th of July, Bill Anderson with thirty bn-hwhank»rs. ent red the coun ty-seat of Randolph county, (Hnntsville^ and robbed and carried away $80,000 mos'5 ly in gold and silver also from three to four thousand do'Krs worth of dry ods, and killed one man, belonging to St. Louis, and then left for th«Hr dens, in the Peroiar. hill's, where our troops can not reach them. One week afterwards they returned, and after driving all the Union men out of the place, they went to the houee of judge Dany, who is about C7 years old, and dragged him from his door to the brush and. told him that he ha* to he hurvgnr inform theiu whore hi,* son (the Colonel) was, for they had some important business with him. The Julge aaid he did not know where was, he was not at home. Th*y then hung him to a sapling for a short time, then let him down, and questioned him again concerning his son's whereabout'. He refined to give the Infor •nation, and said, I know you wish to kill him. and I cannot imbrue my hands io the blond of mv own son. They then hung him up the second tim°, and let h'tn hang until was almost extirct, and then cut him down and kicked and rolled him about until they got him aroused sufficiently to talk.— They then said, "you must tell us where your gin is or \ye will hinj V"U again, and you will have to cut yourself down In answer the Judge said "Men, tf I may call you so. you cannot, should you take mv life, cheat me out of many diys, for I am old and feeble. I shall not give you any tnf »rma tion concerning my son Whereup they hung him the thiid time and finished their work of murder. After loading their horses and mules with goods, oat of the stores, they left for their dens in the hills A few days later, there trie into Macon countv some thirty or forty, head ed by Capt. Pitn?y, a notorious rebel, and shot and scalped two Union men, and left them hy the road side. On Sunday, Aug. 3d, Bill Anderson with some thirty of his gang entered College Mound township, rode op in front of a meeting-house in which a protracted meet ing was b^ing he'd, and ordered every male, old and young, to i-otne out and form in lima in front of tho house. Tho order was obeyed He then ordered all those who favored the South to move two paces in front. This "be ing done it. was seen that only seven men wrre found to stand their ground for the North. The»e weie ordffed to s'ep three paoes \n fiont of the others, and to stand fast. Anderson then ordered the preacher and people to go hack into the chu ch and attend to their busine-s—V wanted no more of them. He then ordered his men to shave the head* of th -se Union men, which was done. They WM-e then stripped of their clothes to their shitts, tied together two and two and severely whipped, in full view of the whole congregation. They wer* then loosed and ordered to skedaddle, and never to he seen again on penalty of death. Thev then mounted their horses and with a yell put for the brush. Many more instances I could relate, but are too vulgar and barbarous to put in pub print. Oh. ye Copperheads of the north read these facts and ponder them well, and see if you are not upholding and strength ening tbes cut-throats who infect your «is ter State, and shedding Innocent l»lot»d ey ery day. If so, ynu areas guilty hefnrr G"d «8 though your hands Were crimsoned with their blood. J. W. JJ0CD. THE DEAFT. (low Wapello Comity Standi. HEADQUARTER PROVOST MARSHAL. FOURTH I!ITKICT. IOW^, GutNNEU,. Aug. 18, 1864, tit. J. Hmsey, Oitmnwa, Iowa. Sir—I herewith furnish you a statement of the Defic ts and Excesses of the several ownships "f Wapello county, in their ac cou it with tne United States for troops fur» nished under all cails, including that of July 18th, 1804. Give the information herein mtained speedy and wide circulation, and cause its putnt«.iitf**»» in the Courier, if it can be done without to the Govern ment I Columbia .. Polk ......17 Richland ,-*» Cass Center ....— Green... 9 Keokuk K y a» fi. 64 Adams .... 7 Highland... D.ih'oftega..-»* Agenry ..., Coinpetine., 8 Pleasant.... Washington. 15 23 2 63 1 The columns of Deficits show the number yet to be furnished that of Excess the num ber of men furnished in excess of ail calls, including that of July 18th, 1864. I •ni Respectfullv yours, JAMES MATHEW^' Capt. and Prov. Mar ,4th Dist. fowa. WA SQINGTON. August 20.—The prioe at which stamped envelope* are furnished the Post Oftice Department under the re: en» contract being largely in excess of those heretofore made, the Department ha« issued acirculir to th v irious ofti^es, a.inomicini porrespoding alvance rate at which they ire to be furnished to the public. The in creab :n ttje price of the letter sise is sboul 17 ppr cent. Rev. Dr. Jocvlyn of Mt. Pleasant, and late President of the lo«a \Ve*1yan Uni verity, has been elected President of Aibj on College, at Albion, Michigan, and en' iera upon the duties of his new potion shortly. Hon. Hiram Puce bis op.-iul tho cam paign in his District. Ue is published to speak in several places. Thj 20th Iiwa Infaatrf srtta front of Mobde. Aoinipeetian of the defenses ofWasb^ iogton show than to be exoeikp^ The War. Dispatches from thu Sc«» ttfry of War. ANOTRER GREAT BATTLE- SEIZURE OF ARMS. WfHA-p .XAPOLEON SA*S LATER FFOM ATUSHTA. rROl THE FROXTIfiB. WAR DEPARTMENT, V WASMVOTOJI.F Aug 20—8p, ra. Mijor Get.eral F)ix The operations of Gen. Ghaut's (brces srr detailed in the flowing official dispatches received to day by the department City Point. Aug. 18,8 p. --Gen. War ren moved with his corps this a. m. to and across the Wcldon road, about one ir.ile south of the head works, and he met nothing but the enemy's pickets. He advanced from this towards Petersburg, meeting the one my. He had considerable fighting during the day suffering soma loss, Inflicting loss on the enenjj. have no dispatches showing the extent of the damages. City Point, Aug. 19 8:30 p. —Our troops are firmly fixed across the Weldon road. There has been little or no ughting to dav, either south ol Petersburg or noi th of the James river. Warren reports that the enemy's dead in considerable numbers, were found in his front unburled. Gen Birney telegraphs to Gen. Butler as follows: Headquarters, 10th Army Corpv Atfg —The enemy attacked my hne in heavy force last night and were repuVd with great loss in front of mr colored regiments. Eighty two dead bodies of the enemy are counted. The Colored troops behaved hand somely and are in fine spirits. The assault was in columns a division strong. They could and would have carried the enemy's works had they n »t been so strongly defend ed. The enemy's Joss was one thousand. (Signed.) R. D. Birney, Ma". Gen. tN e hare a great de^l of raip ihi& week, and a Very grateful ohango in the tempera* ture. City Point, Aug. 19, 9 p. —Theenemy came out th:s evening on Warren's right, in the pickets connecting between him and the left of our old line, on Jejus* lem plank road, an^lsrcing them back. [Signed E. M. STANTOX, Secretary of WAIW Anoilior Severe BultlQ* HEADQUARTERS ARHV or THE POTOMAC, Aug. 21. Enly this tiiorning theenemy made a vigorous attack n i iho 5th corps on the left of Wcldon. Thay were partially successful Friday, hut to-day they met wi-h a different reception. Our line was farmed about th.* same time as it was on that day. tlie fir»l division being on the e* treme left conned ing with cavalrv which covered the Rai'road towards Reams Sta. tion. The 3d Division was next, Cutler's 4th division was across the Railroad and the 8d division, Crawfords, right joining with the 9ih eorp*f whioh connected the right wtth the left near Jerusalem plank road During Saturday our nvm had strengthened the breastworks which thev had tempo-arily erected, b. sides thro*vinjr up others. Early this rning very heavy cannonading was opened by the enemy from their works further diwn towards Pe tersburg, and our guns replied very briskly, neither party however doing particular damage. About 7 a. a force of the en emy were being moved as if to attack the 9th corps, but a lew we'l directed she'll* sent them out of ,ight Shortly af er a column of rebels emern from the woods on the left of the Railr tad and forming in lin\ charged on what they thought our left flank, but which proved to lie the left ofGer,. Avres fiont. The rebels advanced in fine sh 1 and with the utmost confidence, evidently thinking thi work before them easy, but what was their surprise on dis covering a second line behind and extend ing to the left of the first, from which a row of bavonets glmtenod, with a battery on th»ir left and one on the right pourir.g a fire into thiir ranks, every disobarge caus. ing large vacancies in their lines. As soon as they discovered the critical position in which they were placed, the en tire command made s:gns to indicate their willingness to surrender, and the order to cease firing pa^ed n|ons th* breastworks, but as soon :is they discovered this, a large' portion of them broke and started for the woods, the remainder coming in and sur rend. ring. Our hattqries sf-nt several mes sen iers after the remaining party, many of whom fell. The troops who i ade this charge con sifted of the rebel divisions of Hooke and Bushrod Johnson, of Qr»n. Hdl's corps, and w«re principally South Carolinians and i s s i s s i i a n a 1 Among tlie prisoners a*» Colon three Lieutenant Colonels, and thirty-seven Captains and Lieutenants. Our loss in killed and wounded is about 150, while nearly lf»0 were taken prisoners. The rebel loss is believed to b? at least 500 or 600 killed an 1 wounded. The number of rebel prisoners taken is about 37'5. ah ut 25 of whoss are wounded arnj fn the hospi tals. Gen. Hazard minanded the ^ssauling column, and wa^ shot by Capt Dal'y, of Gen Cuttlei's staff Gen. Hazard was seen to fall from his rse, and is la-Iieved to be killed. His body lies between the line a, and is cvered by sharpshooters from both sides, so that noithar can get posses sion of it. Prisoners also report him killed. We took 5 setis of colors, and some say ipore. The 3d Delaware took 2 and the 7«'nb New Yoik «ne three of the colors are entirely uew, while the others are muc i dilapidittd. In the tignt on Fndiy our loss in pri oners is believed to be larger than heiet fore reported. The 90th Pa. was more than halt taken, as was the case in (set with all the regiment* ol »e brigade. The 10-itb N. Y. lost every officer on ih« and mm louater bs^oompaiatiraly 'ew men for duty. Had these troops heid their position, or changed their front, and some di»l. they could nearly all have saved themselves and g'ven tha enemy a sound thrashing, hut being told they were flunked, they started for the tear atul fell info the aims ,f the rebels. Col. Wheel .ck with the 9d brigadaof the 3d division, changed his front towards the rear, and forming in line of battle, with skim i*hers thrown out, advanced to see where the enemy were, and reached our second line wUhout lising a man of those who remained by him, whilo all Who left and ran were captured). This brigade brought in with them over slfcty prisoners and a ^tand' of colors, be sides retaking m.anv of our own man who were being taken awav. August 22t morning —No further fight ing has taken place since yestWdav morn ing. Skirmishing has been very brisk, and during last a'ght s good d*al of artillery firing was heard. At this hour (6 o'clock in the morning.) all is quiet witliin the -ound of headq wters, but another engage ment may t»ke place at anv moment,-as 'he em-ny will nit give ur their hones nf regaining possession of the Railroad until they sec the itnpossibilitv of it. Our lines have been greatly strengt henek withirv the last 24 hours, and should the enemv attack u«, they will far© «oie than they did yesterday, Arre»t of Trnlton lit Vtl#Hflift. INDIANAPOLIS, Aug. 21.—Some days ago Gov. Morton received a letter staring that a large quantity of arms was being shipped by disloyal pafties in Indiana. On the 17th inst. four boxes were received, ad dressed to Parsons, of the firm cf II Dodd & Co.. printers in this city. Last nig'it twenty-two more boxes to the same address were received and drayed to idd's office. The military authorities immedi ately plae id a guard around the building and took possession of tho boxes Upon examination they were found to contain re. vojversof the st quality, and fixed amtnu mtion. J. J. Parsons and. iss P. Parsons. Grand Sec etiry of the Sons of Liberty, were arrested and placed under guard at the Soldier's Home. The two former were released on taking the oath of allegiance. This evening a book containing the list of the Sons of Liberty was found in Dodds' safe, including the Secretary and Auditor of State, Attorney General and J. J. Bing ham, editor of the Se ltinel, and tho n.itnes of frur hundred relel prisoners, as thiri da gree members. II II Dodd is Grand Com tusntor of the So-.s of f/' .r.v -f4nJiftna. Prom A ilu tii. NASHVILLE, Aug. 2-1 Dispatches dated Lick Creek, East Tennessee, from Gen. A. C. Gdlett to Gov. Johnson says, "a detach ment of my command, under the Lieutenant Colonel of the 13th Tennessee cavalry, at tacked Rodgersville on the morning of the 22, killing twenty three and capturing thirtv five rebels, among whom is Col. Walker and Reveral non commissioned officers The river is and a-half feet at tSa shoals, and falling rapidly. v Gen. Kilpatriok returned yesterday to Gen Sherman's lines, from an expedition to break up the Maow Riilroal, which he succeeded in doing near Jon»»sboro, destroy ing three miles of track and two trains nnd locomotives. He encountered the enemy, and hid a sharp cmlict, dispersing their cavalry and capturing many prisoners He destroyed all the guns except one. which he brought »n together with seventy priso ners. The maj »ritv of the latter was too tnuoh of an inoumhrance. Aside from this expedition things have be^n very quiet at Atlanta f»r a few days. What !H»pnle»n Says. NEW YOKE. Aug. 23—The London cor respondent of the flerall states that *he E'nperor of the French has just informed Slide!! that he never will reoognise the rel»el States, even should they achieve their in dependence dei facto, unless th»y determine to abolish slavery, and engage that all child ren lurn af slave parents shall be free, and that all slavery will he totally abolished and cease within ten years from tha date of re cognition. From fh? Frontier. FOKT KEARNEY, Aug 23.—Major General Curtis irrivel here to-day to straighten the Inlinn affairs. The Overland Stage Company have re* moved all t'-eir agents, stock and coaches to this post for protection. Not a whit of inhabitation is to be found between here and Denver, ev erybody having fled to the posts for protection. The country around Den ver is reported to swarm with hostile Indians. The road between here and Denver is almost deserted by tlie Whites, except at two fortified posts, —^Columbus and Fort Curtis. Gen. Curtis had a conference with tho Chiefs of the Pawnee tribe, who agreed to assist Liin in 6ghting tho liowtile Indians. There has been no exggcration in the telegraph news from the country about tho Indians. Gold*—Seizure of A rots. KEW YOSK, Aug. 23. Gold st $2,57 and gradually rose to $2,58^ on ru mors from Grant and Sherman. Closing price $2,57^. At 1:S0 p. m, 57* with a downward tendency. Marhal Murray, late yesterday, seized thirty-two cases containing from fifty to eighty revolvers each of the Savage Arms Company. Those revolvers were part of a lot purchased in .New York for the Sons ot I iberty in Indiana, and were shipped at 42 Walker street, wheie the seizure took place, awaiting hipment. Government ftecnrttlrs. WASHINGTON. Aug. 83.—The subscrip tions to t..o in 40 loan to the Treasury l)e partiiiiiit to-day, amount to $333,000, and the loan to $357,300. Ttal subscrip lion* ly latter loan are $22,307,600, £00,000 lioTTi.t- .SOLD ANNUALLY in a sin gle City in thu United States, where D. H. beelyw'K Liquid Catarrh Remedy hah ben lungebt, and con»equen:ly beet known. This fact speaks voiuuios in favor of ibis harm less, though powerful preparation. Patience is but lying to, and riding out the gala. Slate of Iowa. APJCTANT GENERAL'S Omei.( Davenport Aug. 16 lb4 i The.foljowin telezrvn has just been re ceivd by 'his department, and is published for the in£rin*tion and guidnnce of all concerned: W A«m?toTox, Aug. 9, 1864—4 p. in. To Lt. C«l, Wni. 2V. Orier: The reatrictipn preventing Mustering olfirera, including Prov»st Marshall* of en rollment districts, from tnos'ering in re cruits for organisitisns, is removed, and such recruits wdl la mistered in by Mas tering offi ors as provided, for recuits for old organizations, and will be sent to the same rendezvrm and goir fcjJ provi ded for in the same manner. The Raiment, or inlspsn lorat or^.tni zition, must be organized on the muster in Rolls, the four copies of which are disposed ot as usual, but the recruits will be org in l*ed into companies by tho commanding officer of the General Rendezvous at which the Regiment tn,ay assemble. As soon as organized into companies the commanding officer of the General Rendezvous wiU inaKe out muster in |ls b^y co nnani^s fthe Field and Stiff on a separate Rill) of the whole Regiment, which will be signed and certified by him, showing that all the men have been duly mustered in, and organ ize* as required by Orders and Regulations and giving amount ofbounty, advance pay. Ac. eich man has received. Tin rolls will be made in quadruplicate and disposed ol a«= provided for muster in rolls. These Rolls of the Regiment will contain the names of all men rejected. ed, discharged. Ac so as to be a comnlete and full record of the Regiment—they will be evidence of muster in and proper organization. Advance hounty wi'l not be paid bv the U aited Ity order of tho 9eoretarv of War, E. I). Towwiw, A. A. G, ?t%witt ha asmi t^t recruits for two new Regiments of Fnfnntrv, now authorized, can be forwardod to Provost Marshal of th" district, and bv him nv'steyod in. subsisted and transported to the Regimental rendt*z vous nt Davnpart.. Transnortation. in such case* to headquarters of Provost Mar shal will be furnished bv private in liv du ais or af expense ar loaility whioh secure the oredit. AH company ofBcers wi| be elected by th.? men when the companies are full and organized. Anv cftizmofthe State mn assist n re cniit'ng bv taking nv»ruiN to the Provost Marshal ofhis District. Ii. On account of the great difficulty in procuring cavalry arms and equiomems. no oavalry companies will be organised, with out special permission 'of this department, and if any are organized without such per mission, they will not he reoogniaed as a part of th»» milHia of this State. IFF. The Captains of companies which do organize will make out and re'urn this Department by Sept. 10th, 18t?4. a com plete list of all persons who neglect or re fuse tajoin any aompany Witin the town ship, ward or vicinity in which said com panies are raised, in order that Actions ma be commenced against such person MO neg lect infor refusing to do duty as conteinpl ted by the laws of the last General asseni bly. IV. No able bodied white malecit:zen of this State is exempted from militia serv ice hy reason of service heretofore performed in United States seryioe. V. By the Constitution, NEW ADVERTISEMENTS HOUSE Jhe Adjt.' Gen. of Iowa. Stsite of Iowa. ADJI'TAM* GRNI-IUL'- OfriCE I Davenport, Am. 18th, 188-1. General Order* tfo. 8ft, I. Commanders nf co'npanie* ai» par «ons authorized tn raise com ianii*s fr»m the enrolled oiiMtia ofihis .State, un ler th* taws of this State, for militia aervice. will forthwith de ignnte a tina and plac? for the complete nrganization of said companies The time will not be later than September 5th 186£ Mthe Militia the State shall bo composed of all able di ed white male cit z ms between the ages 18 and 43 years, except such as are or mat hereafter be exempted by the law* of th» United Str.tea or this State.*' Tbe following causes only uader th ruling of this Department! v{H ascsipl from militia service: 1. When exempted by State law. 9. Alienage, where declaration of inten tion to become citizens has not W*n Aiad, oi right of suffrage exercised. 3. Non-residence. 4. Under or over age. 5. Permanent physical disability «f such degree as to render the persOQ not a proper subject fr military duty, Vf. Until further orders, no exemption will be valid unless approved by the Adju tant General of the State. J)y order of Cotptpander in-Chief. N. B. BAKEll, Adjutant General ot Iowa. Foreign New*. FARTIIF.K POINT, Aug 20.—The steam ship Peruvian, from Liverpool, 11th, via Londonderry 13th, passed fear* at 5 p. m. to-day. i Three men had been tried in Liverpool for enlisting men for the confederate steam er Rappahannock. They wero found guilty and Hned ill 50, warned not tore peat the offense, and released on their own reco^i lizancv. 'I he little brig Vision, rnnd from New York to London, was spoken on Ju'y 20, in lat 45: lo, long, 33, west, and supplieb with provisions and water, when fthe continued on htr voyage. 1 be Dano German question continued to excite considerable discus-ion. Last Sunday, in a» Eastern village when the plates w:is beinjj: passed in a church, a newly appointed editor said to the collector: "Go on: I'm a i dead head-—I've got a pasa." 6Ci|.«Ml AND TWO LOTS FOK AI.K. The .bhtcrlher n(T«rii for I'ule ITIC HWTLLINY TToqm *nt I no lull", lljjiM.v dlliiMtert in the city of ottu» W». Kire »"om'»in Ih limi«»-. ifiioil will, cistern and,In Me, hmi ({iJipp virtu. Mi frull irt-eii. *hruiibery Ac. ill b- «olil «t ubm^ »ln. Knqnlrc »l I)IP t. Charles llotrl. of JOHN N. PIMUXg «r Of J. IIAH LKY 8cn.,*af store of llawlej Oltumwa, AUK. 2.1,1864 8w. pEDLER'S WAGON ESTKRN STAGE COOU^AN¥ A I I.I LINE OF FOUR HORSE COACHES. All pftosfhjrtr* will take notice that th« afcweald and relJi hie O^mpiinv will i un it dall/ line of (Mr to the following places mon orri'HWA: Bt*ke#hurs, I.eon, Memorf MorHvln, Decatur CltT Cljirlnda. Center vllle Cro««'« StHtlon, Fl.hi-r's MNu Johnsto#«, Mnnnt Ayr, Sidney, Corvdor, Plutlrille, Hollyvlil*. High To tat, Beriforit, NebrMkaOt|)f. frASSEXOKRS FOR AlhU, Lajrrsnpf, Phkr'ton, 0«taw«, Occol*, Qnlney, Aflon, anrt HII liitermerlinte points to PUtts Tiouth, on the Missouri river, will take roaches at Kridrvltle. Auj23, ISO* If W. F. OODKN, Ajftnt. THE UNITED STATES HOTEL IlKACll STREET, BOSTON', MASS. (DirecUy opposite tlie Ho!ton and roail Depot.) Stsites unMl these eimnaov R«\lls urn made i *xer,io"°" be want infe. render your C^InpTri\ IV1'IS are m»l I© Itiv af his ' both comfort- hi* *K1to aprc out so tliat paytn-mt can be entered on thetn. The attention ofaH istering offi cers Is invited to Paragranh Mistering R"guhtiona. Compnpv 'nfftiers tyi'l not be mustered in until the Regiment is oigtn ized as explained in that paragraph. The muster in of each man will be fro n his dale of enlistment, and he will be discharged at the expiration of the period for which he is mustered in. The subscriber most respectfully In forms his friend* an 1 the pnhlir, that after an ex peri nf orer nlns years as an A-sist^intnt theAmericari Itouse.iD this city, he has leesotl upon very favorable terms til* srATi s Hori.i,, wUlch ha* for a lotir period, under the able and Ms ular superintendence of Col. gpooner, recelv«4 a Very pnlronaee. The undersigned will endeavortok«M W the|Mi Qlarlty of the EitabPshinent as a First Cfiiitti Uctel. and he solicits your patronage, ansurlnjf you on 4 A HD, FOR SALE A two horse pedlerli wtjron fbr tali Cheap. oio. u. aiisrrBt. Ottumwa, Aug. 83,1384-tf WorceMtr Kail* that BO Aujr'iO "t4 16-y FUANK M. I'ttATT. pRf)R\TE NOTICE. -A List Will and Tetaaient cf K. M. Gebhart, iloc'd, tn tbe Coubtv Court nf Wapello county, Iowa—m Present T. Ilijrh tni. County Judge. Notic« is hereby given t'mt on the 1st da.VOfAa fll»t A I). I 8(54.a n instrument of rilinjr Turportlnj to be llie lust will and test unent nf K. Al. Oeii.iart, dece ised, w s proiluceil, onened and read in opts urt, the first Mond ty InOetnbet. 1S64, beinjc the 3d i\av of sxld month, is fixed bv the Court as tiie d:iv on which proof of ,lie ge 'iiitu ntss of said W111 will he heard, at which time and place all per- torn interested may be heard. T. BIOHaM, Coun'.v .Indira. Publish foar week* In the Ottumna We -k ly Oo«v* Hr- T. utOU.VM, Couuly Judge. Aug. 25,1884. ETTKRS REMAINING UN -1 ^claimed tn the ^oat jrfica at Oitumwa, Slate of Iowa, -i.-jtli day of Auif 1S6(. S*r"T» obtain .1 »y -.fth^.,. letters the applicant miMt call for 'a/vfrt serf /e'/#rn," give ll e thUli^t. »Uil ay one cent for adverllsiit? If not railed 'or within one month, Sato of they will he ient to the Dead Letter Oflioe. ittCK DKLIVKKV of letter* !»y rarritr* at tho resi'lerii-es of owners in "Itles and larire towus.SE C'L'ltKI) h\ «lHerviii(! the follnwinjr rules: "1. DlltECT letters plainly 10 the street and aaai- Ver. as will as lie pom office u!l Slate. "2. IIKA1» 1 ttert witli the writer'* {/out offtct and and si$n tliern plntnlv wilh full name, and request that answers be directed ahould he marked, the accord­ ingly. "ii. Letters to stranprrs or transient visitor* ia town o.r city, whose speclaladdresa may be unknown, in the lower left-hand corner, wllfc word 'Transient.' '•4. /'face ihe pm-ta^e stamp the upper right- kuiid corner .and I fit pe timet iet ween he *1 amp and directi-j) tarpoDt-murkuifi without interfering with the writinf. "X. B.—A HKQITEST for the RKTIT5N n letter to ,r, i ruin-i limeil within 3d daj s ten N BARER, |e s, writ­ or printed with the writer's Stat,, across the lift-liaii,1 end of the envelope. 01^ the r»ce oide.will be complied with at tlieu.ual pro* P.aid rite of poftajre, payable when the letter ia 4e«' livered to the writer.—Sec. 28, Law of 1S0-H." BOM-CII Daiiwl M.-Gee Maty Beech Mahssa .MirDonuld M. tihew Birchtield Catheri.te Mo v S.atrue' Booihe ^anuifl 1 McClelland W W Bmler James iVt itnwa Tows Colo Wui W Jr p|s L'Zibeth CI xife'.ter Porlay" F^hillips Ge.H^e Pi-rlev Mary Peed Cod mar Rachel Dug in El ib«th Darneille E 2 vol Helen Gi.odson GriggsW tse Samuel liariis Ei'Zabeth Jlatde-ty Mary •FeftVies t'harleji K Miss Kendall Fletcher Fiedeber Fr Rev 4 ley & 7# Person James K-'any Matiita A pummeroy Susan Robt-rf 4 Rosenf ldi-n Loopel^t Sanders Wm N Smith Jennie E Mrs Smith Martha Si ill w eli -John Tayler Klizabeth Tha ver N A Luelling Caroline Mrs Webber Isaac Lester Wiliiatns trvLBCiSS Munro Henry 2 Vicory Rachel PJ^EAL ESTATE FOR SALK 40 acres of good land, all fenced, 18 acres in culti vate n, two (tood rnhina, com crib, a rood well of *"'*r, situated near little So .|. CreeW. S miles south of Otlmnw.v The aburv property will l.e sold verj cheap. Knquire of jr. LUIIFOKTH. Oitumwa, Jul.r 2S, 1SG4-Dt TIIF OTTUMWA SEMINARY AND NORMAL INSTIT0T1, Rev J. M. Mefcl.RnY, I Mr. II. McGINlTlK. (Principal*. The next achnol year commences on Monday. Sth, lsftt. The uniform rate taltloV will he from $5 to $7 per term of n weolcs, payable in advance. No |II| il will be admitted wVo it n^t sufficiently advanced to study written arilhuetic, nor for lew time thi^n a half term. A new feature In the Ins'.ilution will he a Teach t-l*ss for ti.ose who desire to prepare for. Or pet feet themselvAsin.t'erfrtof teaching, the courao having special reference to th- req lirem nts of I bo Law for I'tfHchjr's Certifli.-\les. he nutnher pupils will he limited in no cas* exceeding sixty Ave. It is earneMl.y reque*fed that pupil* be pr»a ent at l|ie hcyiniiinnof tlie Jerin. '-To* Kor further i riform»tlon fee brifitcd Clreolafea SS* apply lo either of ihe Principals. v.r«s«».w AttK-4, ls64-lf CYRTLTMWA CARRIAGE FAC V-/ TOHV. The uni'ersijined would reipectfultv solicit tho af Uiuion of tlie t.uhiic to the fsciiltie* which he aev possesses for manufacturing CA RRIA GES A .VD WA OX3 PreiS the Bunt Euitera Timl^g^ ot every description, after the most improved styles, as good as can be obtained fcast, anil upon satisfac tory tet ms. 'I hose wishing to purchase will plemijcall acd ex amine in stock. C^iT"All kinds of repairing do it with neatness and dispatch, and all work warranted as recommend#*. OUum.., July 3S, ISM. •1MIE FAU-FAMEO 1)B. WEUt I Of Pennsylvania, announces lo the commuuit* that he is a practitioner or the German, French ul Bpaul.h mode of MEDICAL TREATMENT, So successfully practiced of late In rrance, Spate Mill America, lie has been engaged sereral ytara in travelll ng and successfully treating peooioa^A linger under old t'Huumc ciLtiPLAn rs, lie not only ascertains the nature of disease as for merly practised by physicians, but oaases 'on anS discovers the cauie, however intricate the diaenao may be. FEMALE COMPLAINTS, In all their forms treated carefully and con Morn, tlally. I will visit and consult patients while W malnlng in town free of hdi'Ke. Those living at a distance and uuableto visit hi* can be treated h.v sending him a clear vial fnli of their morning urine, from which the dlaeaae will bo ascertained. All letters nf inquiry araat ooatala one peet**e •tamp. He will be at Washington, Exchange, AugMtM CiumhuaClt/, .............» §e wapeiio ....: si Granville September 1 Motco Wilton Junction Jept irtS 11 Muscatine, Irving BouM,...ftept. If,IS, 14,1ft a 19 Orau I lie, fept. IT Wapello .' li Iiutliiigton, Sunderland House..Sept. M, 27,SS,tS lt Pleasant, ilr.tzelton House 8ept 80 falrtitld. Lewett liou»e ..October 1 0 ril'MW'i, Oitumwa Hous* October 8, S, k 4 Oskaloosa, Madltott House, OctoLir I a I «rcai| eari.v, foi he cannot delay. June S", 'DJ ra PR. D. K. W J»S. Seeideooo-ia Xefo|«,«ar «*atiNata 7N« SpR* •ounty, leva. 1

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