Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier, August 25, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier dated August 25, 1864 Page 3
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THE ()TTlTMWX COURIER. OTTUMWA, Aug. 25,1864 Loonl unci Miscellaneous Hunk DEEDS and Morigngt 8. Justprtn. ed and for *ale at the ^Pensions Bocxty ak» Back ond street, for $3,500. Cheap enough 63 ,OTkr.—Center Township, it will he eeeti Is cleir of th^ draft anVhas 69 over. Thw is o*'n» ti ho inties paid or tjtif oiti tens. some $2,500 hiving been rained hen* fnl- that purpose. Other Townships misjh have done the «*me if thiv had been so di* posed. The official *t*tcm«nt«f the exeef* e* and deficiencies of the several townships in thia, fou« y will be found in anather place. ., No Cavalry publUh"d it will be seen that Cavalry com panies will nit be received un4*r ths militia laws of the State. We are pleaded to gee once aj*nin Mr. William Carroll, a member of Co. 7tli Iowa Infantry, wlio returnod on Friday last, hav inn nerved three yearn. Mr. C. was taken prmonw at the battle of Belmont and lay iri rebel prisons for nearly a year, and when exchanged returned to his regiment and served the balance of his time. He left At Itnta on the 2d of this mon'h. and says that at place must purely fall before loop. The city could b* seen plainly with the naked ®y*- The new daily line of coache* through the southern tier of counties. *ia Centreville i nieeting with good success and giving satis faction to the travelling public.. The travel via this route ptomises to be large Coaches arrive every nmrnmj* in time to connect with the trains, and leave on the arrival of Extern train!} at nonn* W. P. Ojrden is agent pf this line, and it* the rihht man in the right phce. He hf$ labored indefatifrsbly in behalf of the inter* e ts of the S-»'lern Tier, and i-. justly pop« ular along the whole Una. V fl will gratify evervbnvfr fwtn that Colonel tIolrick's wounds arc slowly bit* gurtly healing. He i« yet conHned to his room, as he will be for some time yet. Cap tain Hcdrick is expected home in a few days Jj^a-U'wd of Enrollment of this District are tiere to day for the purpose of totimlnlt those elt'minp exemption from Ihe Dil"'. T-'»e ar«l consist* of Cap*. .laa. Mathew.x, U N. dates and Dr. N S flumlin. n.tHLONE3\ Mh.ttia Co- A military com pany numbering 50 \r.ts Drjun zed or» the 13th ult. •!. M. Latmne i* Captain, N. M. Davis 1st Lieutenant, and J. F. Johnson 2d ,du. John Simons desires to sell ni$ dwellinp hfjttse. and the two lots on which it is situ ated The situation is a plcasunt one on the bUitf. There is well, cistern, ffrap^ vines, fruit trees, shrubbery,' Rtablo Ac. A go »d rhance to get a pleasant home. Apply t« J. Hawlej Sen. refer to adtret tisen^tnt. BROKE Jail B. A. McComb and Jonathan Taylor, the ftrmer confined under conviction for the innrder of Laura J. Harvey, and tfcelatUr under indictment fr grand larceny, bruk' out of the jiil in thU city and m*dr th«ir Pcdlkr's WAGON—A two horse Pedler's wagtn is for sale hy Geo. II. ShefTer. A good chance fir an/ one in want of aueh a vehicle. We bad a very grateful rain on Tuesday morning, which eett!"d the dust and puri fied the atmosphero in a very agreeable man nor. It tha first rain for «»even we,?ks. PlAWoa..—From the ntimb«jr of P,*no* and Kifideons shipped to this place and points further west, from tha tQit^ic store of llawley A VanMeter, Burlington, we judge they are doing a driving bu^inca^. Among late ar -rivals! we note Piano* for Mr. Hunnemaker at'd Mr. Wagg, alM others to Otkaloosa, Ai bia and Indianola. The Pianos sold by Messnt A V. have no superioi jn thia country or E irape acc irding to the testitnn nlals of—Oottschalk.Ttialhera and other ar» tisU. Md^srg. H. & V. place th?se Pianos in the ptrlor-i of the purchaser at Eastern Manuf^ctururs prices, charging nothing for freight wa.rants them for five years, and keeps them in tune for one year. Wo would say to our friends eeivJ to Hawlsy 4 Van Meters for a eirpu'ar and give thetu a call before purchasing elsewhere. jUf -16—8 w. ,r? ,J^:e CREAM —Mtk. Uoulton will be happjr tQ supply this lux try those fiv.»ri he with a call at rooms over the Bakery, oppor aite the Bank, Frunt btreet. 16-lti if The bricklayers have commenced work on the new school hone on College Squire. is UNDERTAKER. e undersigned would ii-farai b# I I f*ts¥*Tihir Courier three door* Office. Pav. Sal® of Propertt—C. V. Mr. James —Last night about 8 o'clock, ea*t of prompt­ ly obtained by ,t E. H. STILES. OlScc over C. Warden's Store. ForSnle. One of Singer*' Fntuily Sewing Machine*. Enquire at tlm office. Also P.iano or Mclodpot\ frrtn the «db» lishroent of J. Bauer A Co., Chicago. Enquire at this office. very good brick cottage, and the lot feet squire,aituited min'i Mtse Ladii his hmne and lot, the house (^L^IM AGENCf*. Suldler*, the kthan |jon I Ire mn I tjon •uMna Fffiirta ar« making to recaDtUre the large-t capitali-t. They c.n i.e convertfi escape. mora are mttKing to rccnp(ur^. nto mol|ey ltt them but without fttteeif, At the time we* the beneiu »t the interest. V to tiiltf lo*n the r* andviciioiy tnat he a good HEAIi!»i: la prepared to attend to all also call* iah to tally my AMBK)T\ aiyaeif, •all u ion lo his lino. Shop o n correr of Court and fcecond street*,bo aide the Congregational th-ich. 4aae lWi 'ita F. IIASLACII, e o o N E W S wish to make I known to •ngaged tbe public that I all upon all those that wuh to h»v» their Photographic Albums orua Bieuled with flue Photograph*, to give u*a call. annoaoce to e people, and old custoTser*, VrtfrtT i^ji.jxjjJlDiiilih^ J)OCTOR C. W. DROMBOLONH Hai temored flrom the conctry to Ott IW Office with ITnn. imiri, J. W. Dixon, Main afreet, Ma Act lioaj, U* *t th«it. Charles Ilotcl Bet. to In 1)1* Of*» A 4^1364-8fn J. W. DIXON, ~T~ ATTORNEY AT LAW. OWtimwn, low* Office next floor to Saa „nv ,n,linetltf tO^Te^S. haviott their tt-iods ilraw interest from \l rch lrt, by paying the accrued interest til coin—(or In L'ni ted Sl'atea notee, or t'ie note* of the National lUiilta. addineflfiy percent forpremnm or receive them drawing inlcrett from the date of subscription and A It III- Clothing Htore, Kront 8tre»t. Will practlee In Wapello a n a lJolnlng counties. Bounty, back. pay, nnd Pensions procured. No charge unless successful. June) lS0t. LOCAL NOTICE*. RS WILLIAMSON & TIIRALL (nave Office on i«4 tht partnership forniertjr existing) Second street,between Market Juuei,1^64-fl 16 aid 8m J. to on Court. C. I1IX&EY, M. D. UTOIIlci w i i he I at tne lower end of S' M. J. C»q. ReaMeaee luff, north of the Court liouse. Jl, 1MS4 MO A i i|! and the widow* ami belra tilieil thnt I f'+ piorurlnn -10- —By order No $0 eNewtiffp a«* i(t n« llceiut-dofeol'llert a«" icr }u»tcla nm »({••»iml claim *(rt-n. l'en»ltln». Hnuntlei, Hack I'ayariil «H the 'inv^rnincnt. h»r^e* modera e, and lowed. notliins unl^M KDW.a Rl» tf Office It.rlntm* .°TIt.K8. opFosIt Uttumwa House. I. O. O. F» The rotrtilni inoetin(r» of Otlumw* T^o'l^?, X«. 9 1.0.0 fcfW*0 F.. are held n Tuesday rvenlnn, at 7 o'cto/lc Vi*'ling brother* are Invited t»i and the Wittowi and Ueirt of Soldier*. are notified that lam acting at Penaiona. Bouutlea {iovrrnn enl. moderatr—nothinir nnlef cliiinn allowed.Charge* Feb. 4, laM -tf irrlval wnd O^irtar* MatU. OTT|j3tW A, IOlWU$|p!' (A»TDRN MAIL, via a. A m. Arrive* *nd 1.3ft a. a. a. Pnndajrs traltitearea. BOUTHKKN MA1I-, B«t|«k). tii i.rr.r. *. i n. a.a. Arrive* Daily—Sunday* and leave*kt4:15 p. m. (icejiWfc'llf n WESTERN MAIL, via [. rr d. a.1a.•.I. Arrive* Dally—8nDd*j* excepted—at tn4leave*at l'J:S0p. f,lSa. m. NORTIIEItN MAIL, VIA DAHLOHKOA TOalGOVBUBT. Anlvcrevfty Rrj^ay at o'clock verf thnr*iay at p.m.,aKlt«aVer 8 o'clock\. S U i E N MAIL, V|« PTiisBk.1 n RLOOMrlBL*. Lenreadtillv Suinlay e^repted.ot 1:9# R. arrive at S:tiU a. m. Ltare Ottnmna k rr and WESTERN MAIL, (Blakeabarg). etaattn at* Ttva* a wnrw. Arrivesaad leaveievery day, nt 1 o'clorlt,p. J. V. NUUHXS y, iniaiiiia I ilia mi aan rimiWNIRI.IMI II.RAILROAD CCA SGE OF TJMK. .............. t.!)0 «.4:l Arrlveat" ItJH* a.m. 8:CH» r. Expre| poiCK Rast W^*t MlxedgolnifKa*t.., West v r.x. 'ravtr.r K.rt.D. At. a w.n if ...... v. v ........ 4:I«»P. .. .S.'fiP.M ... CHlCACO.«rni.lHfiTO\ tSDQt lS CV It A II.ROAD. I'rkf, TeaTr 9.'W \. m. 9.0ft ExnressTraln. r.M. piRST NATIONAL BANK OF KEOUl'H, I01VA, Designated fhpwit rij and Financinl Agtnt of the United States. U. S. 10-40 BONDS. Tht't Bond'art K-rnt)it frot* Taxation fry ati/ St«t* or Municipal iiutAorttff. Pul!«c'ipllon- ted Stalt* notea or not'a of the National llitnky.— They are to hb rkukcmkp is cm* at the t!-a*uri- of the Giv-rnu)cnt. a any period rtyore thn forty yet* p»ll an(, Uraft* on St. Lout*, rh'eaeo. and New York will bo received in pavment ofsuhscriplions lo thi loan. The usual commission allowed to itstiks and Bankers. Tl|£ I'lttSV JVATIO.MIL RANK Ot KEOKIK Deslsl.i at! r|a«*e« of I' S Dond*. ofallkinl* FAIX A.1B WllfTIK IBADli IMi. TVe are now readv to offer to the Traie from alt S e i o n* o e W e s a larae and very a a i v stock of llata. Cap., Purs, Robes, and Milieu*, Umbrellas, £mdi»*\ Misses* and C\ildrtmyt r. HAW, SKATING CAPS, FURS, 4c Special Wo beg to state a our itock sons a very ^INWARE FACTORY. have the services of accomplished fbOtographer, who will t«an ke 'be LA IEUT8TlLt S Ut PUOTOGRA PUS. which are *0 much admired. I UwptniH eaatara etpsc* I i a all bands and have dispensed with bave resumed e FE liUSINKSS and expect to 40 justice ttf me lor who wish plcuftt Don'tall {orittlliultii. •. WDMAM AKUtt JSWXUlT UTOU July ,htf .uj-r will i,uve will of U. S Kond* hnupht or collected *iov ernment Voucners, Order* on th.' IT.ft. Payuiasler for Bonntv or Hack Pay. cashed or collected. EXCHANGE on all the principal cill«», and Silver bought and *nli. INTERNAL RKVKVUCPTAMP8 Of alt denominations for tale. cent made on sales of R, B. FOOTE, A dicroont Prifc Correal. coaaacTio wriklt by ». H. SlIliFFKll, CiHOCKU, SEALER IV WHEAT, $ bush Spring 1,8U Fall $1,50 (LY'l'S, 'Afc 40@4-r HVR, .........V. 8i FLOUR— Frtll,^ hunt $5 00 Ex. Spring. ..........., 4,75 Supertinp tiprin^...*. f,5o BEAMS. 4,75 BUTTER, Fresh R.»il, 0 Firkin, 25. HOdS per 100 •...ft00@7.00 BACON, stijiar cured 18@'2'i Hitns, country.... i.... 2U Shoulders ....... 1« C'leur Sides ..18^20 CATTLT!. Kmss, 5?©5 CANULES, Mould 20c. Star 203i^»» CTtAOKERS, brl $5,25 5,"H» CHEESE, ....ft..... 20v®25 COFFEE, Rio, fair to pripw.l ... .55@fiO .lava, ............ CO A L. delivered Oll\, in car CORN MEAL .*.^. ..v EG(iS. doz @12 FRUIT—Apples, green, $1 1,25 dried. !h..... 12@I5 Peache«, dried...... ,. 20@25 RaUins, layers, box..,. $-v0 PISH, Cod. $ Ih .". are Coal, agent for prp.cnrln* and otl er rU'irn »pnin*t M. J- «'tl.l.tAMS. Ottuiuwa, Iowa per gal th SODA, per keg WIIISKET —at 11:45 p.Dallr—eave* m. I. Mar«h 4 a. excepted at #,li rime half an a. W. at»d 4:10p. hoarfaster lhan rouiiaon. Mallcloae •Mkotar V«Art 21,'6l-3in 427 A Coii- lloml* are pavai.lf to liearer, and are ire cou VSenient fijr eomnn i ^ial use* These itniids may be mh*crlbed for in sqms from i.*f» up to any magnitude, ii the same term*, and are Ihui made equally avail.ilile to f»e *malle«» lender only by malied Juiy eftper $!U0 and upward*. II. K. LOVE, Prealdent. Cashier. Aug Y^EBER, WILLIAMS & FITCH, M#«. tO» It aai ti bake IliNli CHICAGO, HATS, CAPS, FURS, is.,t«4 flw reaiovai Uvckskln Glores IVollca. I* extent, variety. any to he fo nd Large than Manufacturer*' ciiisenspfOl U now uauufaclurlng keep constai.ily on aod will ^lods and lisaj COFFINtt of sisci. llaviug all not surpassed .tIvies, Ka*t 8tork I'r do lulti^ our 8@1 White, "pf hlfhrl $10,'»0 Mackerel, hlfbrl, No. 2....1»all FOWLS, Chit-kens, doz HAY. tame, $l'»,00. ultend Itoom oil urn^r of Kront ami iik~t Mr^etn M. McVaaUa. Boc'y. W. 1. 8UABP, *. O. Soldier* v 8,25 Turkeys, each *. Wild $8,00 HIOKS, Dry. 20. Green J1. 11 LEAD \nd SHOT, bar 9c. Shot fll 80 fiARI) in enns 2i"»c. Ne^f br^ 2f» \IOLASSES, Sorg\m»n fl-0" OIL, Tiinseed $2.2" 1.8n PATLS, peidoz $3,ft0 820 POTATOES, per bush 8.00 POWDER, pei keg 15 00 RICE, per lb ia@2' SAT,T, per brl, $4,75. Dairy, sack.. 85 SUfiAR, Common, 25. Ketcham ALE, per half U11., K e i im'» MAHBI.E UAI.L Dining npd Oyalcr Saloon. The uinler^i^nt-d would inform th^cftf zensof Ottuiuwa and tSe p»»llic jrenerally, that he has removed his Saloon into the econd story of Ihe Carroll House, (unme diately above his former room.) where he is better prepared now than heretofore lo ac* comnuMlate those who may favor him with call. lie has also fitted up rooms for dining, and ia prepared to furnish Warm meals at any hour in the morning or evening. |5gF"Fresh Qyqtcru received daily by Ex pre«s. Remember the place, Marble Hall. Carroll Hnii*e bqildins, second story. Dec. 3,1868 Win. A. MOLL. CUUE.— CwmmV IIEUOKKE OU UK.—•"T 11 A TV tiik *tter —''I can't man of you, nn' lei* Ifiun tfn s ive ultimate id'ioov. fP't*.* Cherokee r.4?p.»i no»- from their date, and until their redemption' rtva pi'n ckst iSTaaKtT wili. n* is okjn on pond* of fifty and a hundred dollar* annually or Hondu Qt Ave hundred di^llars and over serai-in ri tiiilly. The Intereft I» pa\«bleon the flrs' day of March and Ceptemhi-i In each vp:ir. A* t(:c.c hoti'l#ire exempt from inniiicipal or State taxation, their value is increased from one to three per cent per annum, aceordlqg to the rate of tax jevlef lu various part# of the country. At the present premliim on gold they pay better than an v other I ri vent in nt that can he h*d it par. hx-riher* will receive either Iteglitered or C'ou itoii'U. as they mav prefer. It«-|{iiler« Uuiid? e recorded ou tlje hook* of the U. S. Treasurer, and lie iran-fi'rred only on the owner', order hate ri«e in the morning." Mv "Mf memory Is eoine." "I jnyihin^" Have ,v»u heen u?ln(( opium "No I'lien take refill tr dose, of the Cherokee Cur*, *n't my fix muni on no I to ihrsc Bonds *re received in ^'nl- Broadway, New York. CARD TO TIIE SUFFERING Swallow two or three hogsheads of "T-iiiic dote«."tc.. Knui.isii pecific Pij i .—and l»e uid kinoSr,ln less "XervouBuchu," Itittem." sapirrilla." ,in I aft^r you satisfied result, then trv one box of l''»ii their effects in the In® optional Burliiictoii. Wi to John Zwialer opposite Hendrie's Callonliira. 'I'O I I tr Every sheet will In qualities or Ciik«pkk*8 by Wts'. or arid having at all sea­ of We are Staple Gomls on foififted aj{ai 11*1 hand. sudden arid whereby we ^rext aie ndvancis. enabled lo offer many prod* at le.s Price*, wbicb .nlock we before burlng. will throughout the.eason.itul e i a n w i pronx their Interest*hy exam- W^UfcK, WILLIAMS Asguat IS, 1864. FiTCtt. i i £. WAIHBUn*, Faen fiaaM* OTTUMWA* IOWA COPPER, TIN Mt IBOfll coops, KEHOtl£9K Ik I'M KIT CANS AT FACTORY FUQn, 0TB*«r artlela AUaawa,Justl,warranted. 1 i «a» Du iisn's re»i«r«.l lo Nealtn thnty days. v e e a 1 liev pKasjuiS are purely to prompt and salutary In hr«lakedown ken and stitutloi Old vantage. *h ittered eon- and young can take them Imported and Prire $1. kent post paid to a If 'be Address lr. S. CCIITIS, delphia. Pa. and Gold Circulai* seut address,e by ?h ail lu sold the I'nitedi tjtatea i AS. S. to 21, lSt'4-lb-IG I.KIt, liUI No. 42T lir.iailw.'vi New l« A pent any addrrsg on is One .Went York. for P. 9—A the Uni te 8l ate* boxo the Pills, securely icked, will be -.ecelpt D»IUr, if sntire satlsf of price which post paid—money refunded by u 3m TIIE Nightly Intel eft Oupon* Emissions out the use nf the tioq la pot given. medicine hy the use country. llox 2S'.part*ofOffice, nYSPEFolA CAN^liE CUIiED. l»v i.s-a, no 4, 18G4 Sm matter how at once to oever wishes to |oe w}IIQud him at the "PEOPLE'S GAKDEN," oje^sapily situated, Alley, a Reeir his a (Jarileu, leu Pin and Kefrakhnient Saloon, Ae. Mar. H»,1S.'4. CLE\H TIIE HOUSE FI.IF.S, i' Dutcher's celebrated FI.Y-KII.I.Kit,Sea ktlla quirt, bold June 28, 1S64-14 !•'8w Chicago Branch. Gfoce11 and Prcvisioo Store. M. MEINRICH & CO. ••ceaaaove te O. MM.- We wr.old rerpectfully announce Wapello and tee old »tmd, me have oar large ttiU«rdiff^ whfefe, from our farllltles, the most WHEAT BAKOAIN8I far. A. PROVISIONS. Ac. OTTCMWA, Auj. 25. Nasi schworm'S, door W'e*t of J. L. Taylor'*Drug Store u ri nwjit IOWA. Where will he found one of the •lltlng mill «M* of the following article*:largeat BOOTS ANEX ISHO^S, HATS AKfl Ar%. 6R0GFRIES AND QUXMSWARE COXFECT(()XKKIES, Ghflying and Smoking Tobacco, The beat In Ottnmwa. OI.ASS AND NAILS, WOCOcN WILLOW WARE. AMofwhl'-hwillhe «old for PA«n CHEAPER TITAN THE rilK\PK"T IN OTTUMWA or eORCQCNTKY FRCXDUCB. My motto la, Quick Sales and Small Profits} M^rA^Trn-innw. fo»Thi»hwmt)epaidthe WW yry h'fjhput inarVrt nrir^ tr Pa*h Cnll nml ejumln" iroo-l. andprlr.«,.o that rntt can ^ntlpfv toiv'pIvps 1b?it r..n fjn hny rood* cheaper of blm than anvwh»re etae In Otinm**. Ottumwa, Octoher8th, 1*G8. ch27-15—0 15-11 ArA'W MEEK & CO. Wav omapy PowdejvL ffi.r v 3 i (i their new liouse. hriek, next We the next ten a vnu [mm blindness, :ipi|, perhaps, Itead Itie advertisement. Call Core. Take for other have tried medicine until j^DlTOIi OF COURIER- .VOU this. Sold by all druggists. (JulySS-oi w i also mail free to thnae having Bald Heads,or Bare face*, rimple directions All applications answered hy return .day*. without charge. I(e»pectft|lly N'eivom Aff'.'ctions, duced. Dollar oi| feet lite cure in Data Sia.—With your permlwlon I wish lo aay to ii'inn' OV A ARfiP SH \T the readers of your paperlhat I wil^ return 1»AKB.K1 UiN A LAUllE, &UAI.H.. mall. i all who v iih it (free), a Ue'ipe, vvi tli lull di reciion* tor making and uninir a simple Vegetable WhOTO ItfiriNlId be ploaaed to Stwe everybody *Mb Btlm, lhat will t-tlectuaily remove, In ten da* s, l!Im-l pie*, lil.iti-hea. Tan. freckle*, and all Impurities of ^VIrT'%T OH TITT! BH1^ AT*. of the skin, leaving the saute so it, clear, smooth and i ami informal Ion tnat will enable them to start a foil of luxuriant llalr, WhUkers, or a Moust ache,mowth in les* than thirty malt youn, TllOd. F. CII^IMIAN. Cheaiift. Inly 21,'61 3ra $]l Broadway New YQ't« O YOU WANT TO HE CUR ED 1 DK. MTCIIAN'S KnglUh cure. I n leu:* than Speeiflp 811 rillf d»y*. e *o N'er- i ease of vousoni, Preinalnre ^eakne»*.Impotency,ami Decay, Seminal Insanity, a L'rinarv, texnal and no matter from what cause pro? .le.' hy mail,Price,t'ne box. Sent post paid, receipt of at order. One box will most case*. Addres* JAMES 8. BCTI.KII, Gen'l Agent, taya at VERY LOW Week FIGURE8. e*peet» to po to N.*w Brown York In bran new stock,and he offers ftfu*lin for iO cents, Ca lico o 2'' eents, Lttfet foil irs S cents. Gents Collar*Scents, lea $1.00 |».«r•, Coffee 87^, and all other good*lower than ean be b««fbt else where. We ««t»p coantntiy fji sue and follow th,e dire' tions that accompany it.. If these ill* have beer, the r.-sult of ymir own self-indulgence, in violation of nature'* laws, and made you dread mairiage, or ifth-v are from over-indnljence in ua- own path, the herok— ~.n ture'aown path, the Cherokee Cure wiil cure you It will restore vipor, «t"p those niirhtly emission*, reflt you for practieal life, and once inure make EGGS, BUTTER, POTATOES, ONIONS, noi.AMRS, CHICKENS, COAL OIL, P.EANS, Ac., at low Our motte Is,"Quick r*«s. f, tMt-141? work." "I /rice*. and Small Pro/It*'" BAKERY & CONFECTIONARY w A U ,nnounre to his old frleyds, and the frencrftltyilbaihe Ii»s returned to hi» old bustneas NEAR J. IIAWLEV'S STORE* OS FKONT STRIXT, Tn t. n«w an.1 commnitlon* hmne erected especfaltr |Tor the puspo.e of carryincon a CRACKERS, PIES, CAKES, CANPTRS, Ac. They will also find a large and select stock of Toys find Fnncv Articles* Toptea*{ Young America,and SKATES FOR LADIES & GENTS «Qu aas also per* Agwt-HSb- LIL1 .'S CKI.P.JiKATED- Premium Cream & Stock Ale Which I can ftirnlshIn any quantity Ottnmwa,Npv.4th,1S6^ Antl it vr lithe Ol.treIocrQ4 n T? FiCENCiTPRRVENTT^\rE. In mv free. Feb •£., lsf.4 49-15 Cut I ply longstanding, "UrHjtM'a UraitKi sn yields Ci'bk." 'I he effects of this ICemedy are truly Try it and be o n v i n i e #t a box.magicalp heni o s a i o any 3. C. L'ril'X, 2.*i Southjlljhl^ ^.^i'hlla- •lelphia, Pa C'lrt ulars sent free. Feb *•', lS04 4l»-i.r Cm V ), gAVE YOUR LIFE.—Pyspepaia, Erysipelas, Kidney Complaint, Pick w i e i speedy a n e a n e n u any address SIGEL eNo.e depen\rw, tred. pV'IMf GTAT WESTERN NURSERY! LOCATED ONE MILK NORTH OF mm been la*t Ihe manent and prowlnsr 1 sirable sltuatines effectually prevented with ot "Tlie Preventive," the greatest inversion of the French a?e.— r&1 Near e Oemeer»y. TlfsXurserv ha. estati||«hed wttMn ihree year*, and Is de«lirn»dhere to he a n In Iowa,and the recel |ier- llitutlon It emhraef. tarre of ground, and o.icnpie. one of the m««» de- I paironnre *nd vrd (mm f^elenrourac'dwlth confd»nre that Ih-ve "Ireadv the peonle of this vlrlnlf del ermined nurpo Post Phila- i have a local and mv self Of Summer. Fall and Winter Handard and s n e e o Address f. C. CPU AM, 25 Eighth Street. Philadelphia, Pa. Feb. »,:364-tfm-4#-li South HALL—Thji* inatitwtion has been closed In to ne'se^-ere v *e ot 'he Inreest and he.tin to make this Nursery one the W'e|t. rame.,'annalltr for n hold resp. n.ihle-ihlatloneharaeter ti e gal** that iro a»d of from my nur«ery. oe orhv mr anthqrlged one «»td hv mrself agent*. I am prepared to*np- the people of this part of Souther..Iowa with Most Desirable Varieties' Aonlea, Minreasly od and best adapted to this Beetle*ef dwarf Peachc *. and Nervous Headache, Neuralgia, Gravel, Tetter, Rarbn-'. Itch and Baldness. A Treatise on ihe above Diseases select- lew.' IVar», Nectarine*. jnaash*. Cherrlea, Oftrrant*. ItHI FllltrilS, ROSES Bnrllnrton STRICTLY FILLING TUB ORDERS Of those who do not corn* •rellonary Foundry, near the Railroad De pot, Burlington. When you viah Burlineton call and see John, lit* Is best se LIGHTNING neat, cheap article, easy to use.— everywhere. ^|UiE OLD STAND RENEW'UP N to the tyrrouiidiiij Chased eltiaena of countie* that having pur- opeut Chicago Hove supplies of a branch of whery we are constantly receiving OUi»tJLiUJ£S, PROVISIONS, HOOD* ptl'ABlii «kc.« we art eoablMl toaoll oa reatoaahla teria*. We would ihefeforaa*. JleUacail. ||. HilNJUCU 4 CO. FARMERS Will plcut thst we buy cwpy duerlpUoo of ffOducc. &«D9B\ber tht ul tec, C. OiiaawaTleva, Friu Majr i eld uaad. H, lMA-lt-l* tf inS)«r*nn, and when power is left w i me, the TERY REST SEI.FXTIOflrf w i e Apple tree*, w and three years 'made.,|I0 ection per huudreJ.o old, ESPECIAL ATTENTION! I? cnllrrl o my varleilci of Ompt retpet^i v*« pric^.*: Vlnei, jMlatsare, (one year) G*ncort, and Iheir $1.00 (two years) 1.5« 35 Dfont. 73 Hertford Proltfa 6ft Rehee™, 1.00 Clint on, Cat'tirba, Itnbella, CABBAGE AN® aon. JEW GROCERY STOKE. The uvderslgr.ed reipeeifully annopneeB t* the •-IllsiDsof Ottuniva that he u« peueil Grocery -I i re in the tlitl building ninth of I...WI eltct- ft Chnni i'H» i ew brick hlot k, brrt. lie W'H keep ou liainl Ihe v o est Ufjjcci li» to bt fouud IU the Cili i.Quiet ing of SUGAR, RICE, TEAS, COFPEB% From, *«. Alto TOBACCO, FIPJOS. AND lalQTJOHS of alt kl" wVeh he witl *efl at the lowest pr|e« for Cath. The M-l e»t market price paid In cash foi all kinds nf Country Pro.l»ce. Olve me a cull aud I will *a*t*fv von that what I I* true. ClfKISTIAV AUWBBPI* gay I* true. owoaiwa. May ft, lilfi 1* ^gjyyjy^^| Frenrh Verlno. Wool Dliitham-. rmnhrica, FXCIIANGED kln toOttuawa offer our presi nt |««o SPECIAL NOTICES. itock .-f DRY GOODS* OKOtEltlES, BATS, CAPS, BOOTS. |BfO£S, AND CfiOTfllKG, (or Drug Stores' The undersigned ha* WI10LESALK AG NTS I OB I A N O I A N O v. Aonaeherrle*. (lasj CRAPE VIRES, berries, Str»wborr'ee, BAKB, topelher w i the best varieties of PWIMOf", an/1 or other rell 1 cnsequence of John Zwlsler's Particular attention will be paid o Ac,, THIS Idaho thrown in the Shade! OREA BfSII OP HIKERS TO TBS SEW D100IS6S, AST ONIS^INrte DISCO VEKIESl UNPARALELLED RICH-NESS OF THE NEW MINES'.^ KO VSE OF GOING TO IDAHO TO GET SICB ^Itwpva, |awa,peMme« a* great advantagef fbrfcargatni a* tha territory of Msto.' GERMAN & LICDTEXSTADTER, ksvtaf t|KMlit»»ystore, arf reeelrlngand contlnnlngto receive the largeat*to4tttf FANCY AND STAPLE DRY QOOD8 9 «Vrr brought to this markat, eonalstlns In part of LADIES FINE DRESS GOODS pe'ainr*. F.tack Slik*. Rep*. Mohairs. f'allroea. I .ls. .e*i«f (MaiiWiftawlB, man and lea hed Jaconet Muslin*, Uucka,Diapersand Bait—rals, mlnn, YEAK! NtW STOTffi! PRICES AKD KEW GCQDSJ Rlhhons. Collar*,SirepVes, of Goods to suit the most fastidious taste. i-s.ri- i* aueh as Cloths. Patlnetts, (^^"Hemember the MuhH'i«. Damaak*. Linen*, opened a Drug Store Id the Curlew building and Fei-roary fut a t-omo bargains now. Stock o has a large and eztsBsive PURE DRUGS Chmiqls. fetnt getlieiip. Fwcy Arljelfi, n Pure Wlnef and Liquor* for Jtedicalpurpofe with which prescrlptlona will ba nil*a". cVifina Epileptic Pills for Sale. ar Physicians prescriptions filled will care, night or day. 4 tAfQXlilOCX Coal Oil Laupt. CMw Iity»,rtc„ The Patent .Vowitc- Burner, Ui't/tovl *mokr or odor,and not eatiiy tjetinguiihed. Jmt tht thing /or a iiiyt»t La hij/. PURE COAL an tie return*his sincere pubMc AtVAYS ON HAND liberal |ia*forth*V01!3 a n k patronage tre has ecei ved iii- vear. and hopes hv his attejitini) t'-hl* hiir|ne»s to merit the confi dence of I he pqhlic. Givemeacall whenyouwant anythiiuiii in Irtie, either nlgnt nrday. 1'j. alMf BAUER & 66. JULIUS BAUER & CQ, WAKE ROOMS, 00 I." Clark and 89 Waihlavte^ CHICAGO, ILL. Manufacturers and Impoiters MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS, yiti v Jlavlnr Viol tS. UUI .vis, AtlOIIDllONS. I.IRI\ET8, SI AMS. BliASS IXSTR UMEXTS, and other musical merchandise. eon nection w i prepareil lo initf n-t-r lnjr Berlin, Leip«a. Ore.den,h furnish O E S FORTES! OVihe following rainuf icturers. WM. RVMiK A 00 IJaltlinore, IHMIIDM.W A (KtAY. Alhatur. A ll.trA 1.K A CO.,lfew Yo^P, 111NE k SUN, Also Agent* Tor PRI*n~.*« MKLOOFONI, FitntE«^ ni:i.»ci oN», ORG A ys A \Tb HA MOyifJ I fS, ORGAXS AXD HARMOXIUMS. Dealers In PIANO STOOLS, *PilIVDS, Ae. Ve-lkave the I irgest an 1 bast assorted attok of Piano* in the city, wlifch power and aweefness of lone, easy and agreeable to ieh, ami heantv of finish, have, hv jud^e*. been onuincd I'vaivtLKD. A* to t'ie relative merits »f our Pianos, we would! refer to the certificate* "f Kxcclletice il our **e(- i «ion from thallierjj, Oi'ttschalk Strakns. II tr.Sat-j ti r, It. Vleuxtem •«. t.oui* Staab, *nd E. lu«!o. inu sic il director of the It illan Oper i, a also from some of the most fistinguWhcd professors and amatuers in the country. All Instruments of our manutacture have the full Iron frame, antf are guaranteed for Ave year*. [W- Parllculir attention paid to the .•l--*»«n 0r Itisirumei-t* f»r dlsf.:«" and a priviloee exchange grante'l at any nine within six month*. If n.trjinenl should not prove entirely s^tisfactn A libel al di»c»ut to Clergymen, Teacher* and IJchool*. Terms liberal. (9 Persons in want ot i a iWSepi EYFt?fr"EKXJt oitNAMKNTAI. TKEEa and and VINvS. at pt 'eeaaa «a the hie nnr *ertes. really tr*( cl««^ Pianfl, aW^ftgrel) call before |.nrcjia*iffgelsvwliefa. (V Remember the p|a--e,4ji3 JCI.118 ItALKtt ft no. 99 South CI,ait mU a*hicat"nllt. for aCt'rc^|4t,' [July 31, lSM-l^-lCy WIZARD OIL! •v i -,: SPLENDID REMEDY O TOOTIUCIIK t-s In Three Minute*. SO TOMATO PLAKTF In tbeh oi 4. O CHAPP f. fir tew Hour* LA CURES 0 N KI HA 1.01A 'llEAt'At IIK lu Mve Minute*. 1* In Ten Minutes. KAKACIIK ln 11 Miiint... It A I' COI.10 I11 Ten Minutes. DIPTII KKIA In a bOltK TllltOAT III a I'ew Hours. RI1ECMATISM. In a Few Days. MK II U K. SPRAINS. CLTP AND mtl'IM.S. HI U\S COHNS. A nml UCAl-DS CHILULAlNa. e a i Thl* invaluable prt p.t al inn only net d* a trial to rici'iuiiti ad Us. If lo 1 *1 rv liouMhtdii in the land. L"#«- one bottle tuu »ill al»aj» keip it on tunJ SgaiuM tkc tiuie of liird. fnce« and ft cent* per bottle. The largo bottlis contain neaily three times as much as the small on--. Manufactured by J. A. HAMIIN A BUO. Wavhiii»:tii etred, Chicago, and for aato by druvgi*'. geuerally. •fholaaalaAg'««|^Uj^2|^*ulkr} Ohiaaflk For sale In Oltiinio* by i/j. W. VACC'INE B. Coaan, ami bjr DruggisM evwrvwh.ra. Aag, is, lS*t-y MATTER-Warranted fr«*h aud pure, kept |sale by con.tao lv 00 hand and ft fWHk \itttMt. Drugctai. March M.1M4 treat iMteot. A Alpaccua, *. Edjjliig*, InaertiDna,Table Cavtrs, A Most Attractive Variety of ITaop Skirts, Olores, nanrllterchlffc, Ho»iery, VrlretaodLace trjm Krtt. A Ml line nf VAXKKK NOTIONS, We would oall apeclal fKEBMXEMENS' FIJRNISI11XO GOODS, Kentucky Jeans. Farmei. uur 'io'i'l. were purcnased at thelowest Cash I'riiit-*, and will be sold to auit the time*. NEW YOUK DRV GOOD? EMPORIUM. M*r?h IT, 1844-W-lft HERMAN A Towling*, and ib fact every attentioa detcriuUon to Ladies, Misses end Childrens Shoe?, f« have alee a Aae awnaiit of a seKct asaottiacot ml Satins, Linen and Flannel Phlrts.drawers, Hata,A«. Curlew tf"'? Ulock. O s TIMWA, IOWA. LICUTENSTADTElt. 13. W. BETTS. vntiuU as» amA CLOTHIER! QTTUMWA, IOWA. THI OiDiiT ClXTil!\C I101SE IN 1D8 C»CMT. nAS now on bavd the largest stock of Men and Hoy'» U", ever offered to bis Cnstome.s and the citisens of Wapello County. Ourt(iocl: couiists iu pari of Ot KirC'OAT?. UNDER COAT?, PANTS. VF^T?. ev pr: le of Ihe no* desirable «tvie*. FIXCSTO'K OK L'.Nl»EBCI,QTHIN'0, FANCY SH(RT9, GLOYCh audcient s Furuishing tiocd* generally. SEW STYLES HATS A CAPS IS GREAT VARIHTY. Also food assorted MLN'£ aod BpYV Boots & Shoes A I'ETEJtUTECUT. of Houses I n Kiwltml I'arls. ari Ue factureis' price*. we are ilvrs,IIm is with every article aud Individuals lu th s line, at the lowott maoB- Splendid Assortment of EXGr.rst/ i-:xrn t.-/.orn.«?. SH'/y, PLAIX jt cy./x LA&S. aie prepared DOE FA yr r.ASS/VERS, rixe S.T T.SETS f- which a~e to styles on every case. make up Into the latest short notice, warranting satisfaction in!«T»Y,wh» ha* charge of thl* Department I. an EXPEIMKVCKI) CUTTEIt, d'rect from one of the best houses East, and we no flatter our selves that we have placed before the people one of the most thorough and compute Sinrks r,f Men an I Boy's wear in the Slate. All t. ll vouthnt they sell the cheapest- e will only .-ay, call and «ee the goods, hear the prices and jud^e for your selve*. Blue Ci'ith and Cussiinere for officers uui fcrp, always oa hand. 1NTEW U S O E OR. W. B. COWAN, |IVholesalaand Retail Dealert in Drugs, Medicines, Paints, Oils Y E S U S WINDOW GLASS Books, Stationery, WALL PAPER, FAitev coons, sc. cqrnei: op frost Jk uakket stuk®ti OTTUMWA, IOWA. J^XTKNSIVli WPROVKMKNT •unt of the targe tncessed deaanj upoa G.U. SHEFFER, —A*®- Groceries They have made larg« addition to theit Store for I receiving! th-lr sp.ln »t.ock whl ih is Just arrlvli fc front ih--Head of Market, it U we I Irnowa htrie they soil CHEAP I CHEAPER CJ/EAPES7 FOH Ci«ll. P«I) fort 1m worth of tour U. U SliKFF**,* Co., ...... 0«|«MltO the National Rank. A*r 1.Tlttft. OTrb'MWA, IOWA. NEW MILLINERY STORE On Cituri, beiteeem front and Second Sts MImm P. & C. AUWERD4 RetTeave to announce toth*T,*djea of Olfnmwa and viclti'tv that they ate about opeulng a choice a general asjortuieut of Milliiiery Goods coiulstlng o* BONNETS, RIBBONS, CAPS,' BEAD-MESSES, Which thry will be hsppy to «xhlbi*te a|I *|M «tU Uvor ibera with *o«l!. OUaoiWA, A, 1*64 7 I6-tf Ayer's Sarsaparilla. AMD KAT11EU SI ORB. stock of and ft, CO, -FOR— DRY GOODS ^4^ Jk Manufactures and Tealst* I* 11 alt tr. rcfj«c fall/ notita«d oftbo fihr* Is «1!tit rats E A E of alVfclnd* kept and oj hind In Ilirvmg vtie vciyconstantly wkll -aHecteil *iock», raiiiiot tic lea Ottnaiwa. I ulli for proCUihig large art conUdei.1 he *utpa*ie«l in lu our'itu*. njs hou*« quality or chtapi^aa »f llava alt a large atock ut SADDLER Y HARD WA RE, A^SD 5ADDI.BS It CHEAT VAf.tnTV at Wbolagle ar.d Ij^euij. A large WonlA. at»n dealing ettpslvely Mo*amhlqnes.Chnlllca, Denln.*,Popl'n*.Ticking*, Hripe Haunrl*of all assortment rati attentioa of Whips «nd Coflnnt, fnt«i ond /falter Chaint, Curry Combt and kp. t» Ua f)ict l^al it\ we hides, PEt^s. A!W) ar*. Wool. Tliaae h*v'ng»o«?h ar»lclrB»n*HMi»lar»^«ta?»»11 lot* can always depend on retMntr vntneln rash. D. M.CIIAPIN, Aft. Ottumwa, March,5119$4. rr Wool Car dm SP NNINQ, FULLING, WEAVING, CLOTH DHS&SIK6. shall be prepared on or about Monday. May 15thg to do allkindsofwork In myilr.elntlie verges! maniier.andtponthe.Tiorte*tnotice. Itavinpalsrp® amount of new and Imprhved machinery .7 rar j* v complete and prompt satisfaction to vor me with a call. all who inn WM, C. MOSS JR. & CD* fa. Those who live at a listanrr wllTr.ow *«avedthe trouble and loss oMIme i n maklnj twotrlps fortheir Rolls, and if thev wish them spun, they can have It done hvstoppuifronfnlpht. Thankfu!fortheliberal natronavr bestowedon wo forthe past ten years.nt Agency City. 1 respect fully .ollelt a eontlnofnceoftbe.ame atOttntn-va.Vrow Inir thatl am better prepared to work on shorta notice and better than heretofore. roiix *ri,uf. rtttnmwa May^T 1cfifl tr WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IS oc n«isting of Dry Goods, ROOTS .SHOES, CLOTHING, Hats and Caps. QUEENSWARE AND GROCERIES, CORNER FRONT and COURT Streets, Ottuinwa, Iowa. .1 joniaxo i Cb 27-16 o E. OT. BLTTS. STOCK OF BOOTS, SHOES, HATS, CAFS QUEESSWARE k GROCERIES^,' Constantly on hand at Chicago Price*. Wm. C. Moss Jr., & Cc. Ouuuitt^ lasia, Jim. 11', IStJu. jf v, A N O O U S E Ab Samaaelk lleck of N E W O O S UAWLEY & SON BK 1 eaveto inn«»unce tothelrcustomers ant,:''e public generally, that they are nowopenirg will bereceivtng the largest aod bestsolectad itock of Y O O S Groceries, A S A N A S BOOTS AND SHOES, I I a w a e N A I S A N A S S (Ma§s and OmcEery Ware, Eter brought to thi» market. Bought ash at the present low rates. an4 »IIl Sold Cheaper than Ever, fOR PKODUCf^ i" OR Appi'^ved Credit. DQ'NN CD THt PRICES! C. 0. WARDKN, HAS AGAIN BEEN EAfT ANT Pt RCI"A6ED O I A S i*Aaa»4T|tU'rcT]oau raiCM, vety full Stack ot SPRING AND SUMMEK GOODS Comprlsengalt articles usuallf tailed Jo* a goatral Itovk of merchandise. In URESSGOOnS, particularly,h»s in extensive a-d varied asrotim^iA to wbieh he partlcuUrl fouW call the attention the Ladies. CALL AND EXAMINE, aa4 we are sure we will sell jo goods' Ap»ltl,lfr Wrrden la ro«Blvlpg the largeat aad most eoasplete atoek Boats aad Slioes, Ever brought tp Ottum^vi| AHEAP AH Dill C. the eii apr CIT¥ MKAT M.ARKIX gm frJA It AVINCi purcfiascd thi Hiding and business fot e-'.v occupied a'.id conduct 1 by J. W. Brown, I t«»ire 't^ari* l*en* ol 0:tutnwa aod vicinity, that .all continue t. keep an asst rtinent of FRESH MEATS, POULTRY, SAl'SAOtt, I.ARD 4*. In short, every article usually Veft in an estab^alt. •aont ofthe kl ud, ana at prices to suit the times. 1 TIIK UIGIIEST fftlCES paltifcr STOCK. Poultry Btttu*,|n.' H. MaFABLIV. AoolB mm "V

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