Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier, September 8, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier dated September 8, 1864 Page 3
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THE OTTUMWA COURIER* OTTUMWA, Sept. a, 1864. Local and Miscellaneous Blank Deeds and Mortgages. Justprin. ed and for sale at the Courier Office. Pensions Bountyakd Back Pat, prompt­ ly obtained hy E. H. STILES. Office over 0. 0 Warden's Store. For Sale. One of Singer*' Family Sewing Machines. Enquire at this office. Also a Piano or Meiodeon from the estab lishment of i. Bauer & Co., Chicago. Enquire at thin office. The Union men of the city of Ottamwa, are requested to meet for consultation at Dr. Hinsev'a office on Monday evening at eight o'clock. Stovks.—As the season for stoves has come round again, our readers will doubtless desire to know where they can be found in the greatest variety and of the most aoprov ed patterns. We have Irefore ua the Illus trated catalogue of 1864, issued hf Collins, Comstock fc Co., manufacturers of stoves at Quincy, III., in which we find every variety and size or' cooking, Parlor and Heating stove for both wood and coal. These stoves are for sale by Theo. Comstock, of this city, and we recommend all in want of stoves to call on him and examine patterns and prices, fie has a great variety and is prepared to sell upon terms that cannot fail to be satisfac tory. See Mr. Comstock's advertisment in this paper. We very much regret to learn that unfa vorable reports have been received from Capi Thomas H. Iledrick, who has been for several weeks confine under treatment of a wounded arm in hospital at Louisville. It aeems that amputating his arm has become necessary, and fears are expressed that he cannot survive the operation. Tbe Merchants' Expbbhs.—An adver­ tisement of the Merchants' Express, the American Express Co., proprietors, will be found in another place. The principie up on which thin branch of the business of this company is conducted is such as to com mend it to all merchants who wish to get their goods with expidition, cheapness and safety. Th« speed is nearly equal to the regular express, the care aud responsibility the same, the tim* bu* a trifle in excess, and the tariff no higher th^n other freight lines. Tom. C. Hark ins is Agent at this place and will be happy to furnish all in format ion, touching thi* co npany, to those having freighting to do. Marsh Sk Ketdiam, for a year or man en gaged in the wholesale liquor business in this city, have sold out most of their 8took and removed the balance to Henry Co., discon tinuing business in this place. Frank Ketch §nj, who has had charge of the business hem, has made many friends who are sorry tft part with him. Robinson A Strang will re move th i'r liquor store to che room var»ted by M. ft K. The above does not apr'y to Ketcham ft Walker who continue in the Brewing business, ih*t being separate business from Marsfi ft Ketchaiq. mThk Star The Board of county Supervisor* are In iaisiop this week. We bad a nvee rain on Saturday night.— The effaet on the atmosphere has been aalu- The 100 day men havo served out their time, and our ys of the 47th are expected home in a tew days. Capt. John H. Harmony, of the 21st Pa. fJa^nalry, formarly a citizen of Ottuinwa, was severely wounded before Petersburg in the Action of July 30th. He afriyed at hit hone fitChambersburg a few days ago. doftl Coal We take this method of saying to oar ^Id customers and the public in general that we have opened a new drift in our ba.ik. We find that the veil* not only retains its former th^kneas—five and fire and a half feet— but is also underlaid with a superior quality of Blacksmith coal. We are fully prepared to meet all demands. CLn»e on, and lay in yur supply before the oold weather and high prices overtake you. Mykick & Was?. Coal part, Cass Tp., Wapello Couuty. P/Asos.—From the number of Pianos and Melodeons shipped to thig place and points further west, from the music store of Hawley & FarAfeter, Borlington, we judge they are doing ft driving business. Among late *f rivals we note Pianos for Mr. Nunnemaker and Mr. Wagg, also others to Oskaloosa, Al* bia and Indianola, The Pianos sold by Messrs. H. ft V. have no superior in this country or Europe acpording to the testimo nials of—Qottsohalk, Thalberg and other ar tiats. Messrs. H. ft V. place these Pianos in the parlors of the purchaser at Eastern Manufacturers prices, pharging nothing for freight wairants them for five years, and Keeps them in tune for one year. We would say to our friends send to Hawley ft VanMeters for a circular and give them a call before purohasing elsewhere. 23*16—3 w. ti CatA*.—Mrsr Boulton win be happy pply this luxury to those favoring he vith a call at rooms over the Bakery, oppo-r Site the Bank, Front street 10-16 tf Taxis arh High.—Taxes are high on Saleratus as well as on eyery other article that a family consumes, but they ajre not as high on the Chemical Saleratut, as the Sal eratus will rise your biscuit, etc. If you don't believe us try it. It is put up in bright red papers, called "Obeisica! Salera to#, or Housewife's Favorite. John Morgan, the rebel guerrilla, wee killed at Greenville, Tean., 4 Lb. Ilatby on Confederate Victories. Church u^thkNoo Dispenseshkn,) May the 4|h, 1864. To ths faithful—The recent wiotrys achieved by our friends in the sowth,"is wurthy uv speshel thanksgivin. I ther4 direct that the follerin Sam shell be chantid in every Ohnrch on the last Sunday in May. a sam pbaze! ev Iwuz cast down and trodded underfoot. Becoz the wickid wuz exalt id, and the saints wui umbled. Becoz the people worshipt Ltakhl and spat npon Valiandygura, becoz they trustid Chais and woodent her nutin to do with Fernandy wud at no price. Becoz the hosts uv Linkin pervaled over the hosts uv Jeff. There4 my mind was trubbled sad my sole wuz constipatid. And I cast ashes upon my hed sod be walid. sayin: Wo is me! Linkin will agin ait in high plasla—him and his servanoe—and #s shel bant oar holes. There shel be tfr eplntmentg and plasis uv profit a thowsand and ten skore, but fer us nary wun. Our enemies shel hate post orfises and shel be clothed in goodly raiment, while we shel hev to dig er beg. Our food shel be sorter, and oar whiskey shel be lid week with oar own teSHU Thus weptid *^. But our sorrea wuz turned to|9?, tnd our wailins to gladnis. For Forrest hath smotid the nijjgers at Fort Pillow, and spared not one. [Hunkey.] And Dbk taler hez whipt Baraks at Rei River. [Hunkey.] And Hoke hex tooken Plymuth'tnd stayed the defenders thereof. [Hunky. And Lee, him who aforetime spiled Mick Letlan, and Burnside, and Hooker, shel chaw up Grant yea ho will bimt hitq. And he shel taik Washington and Link in and Chase, and Seward shel he hang up on a gallus forty cubits. Then shel the ft |thfu' her tbw rewards, and be happy for keeps. Fer niggers shel be plenty, aid every wun shel have uv them men servance and made servance, and home made servanoe, and oonkebines. And the rivers shel be whisky, and the banks thereof sugar, and the fathelul shel drink their Q11. And I shel borrer no more, for 1o|shel revel upon the spoils of the Ablish. And my noze shel shine ez the fire, and my face shel glisten with fatniss. Sing a new song, o my people, fer uv lait did ye sing sn^all. Maik a joyful noise, fer yer enimiashe! be put under yer feet, and yoo sbel hev Post Orflsis. Note to the Pastors.—Ef Grant whips Lee, maik a fast uv the day, and "rait the last haff ur the Sam. ''. New of ."—The discontinuenoa the •Eddyville Star is announced in the last week's paper. We regret to see it. The Star has done good services in the cause of the Union, and its loss will be felt. We are not Informed what disposition Mr. Melick proposes to make of himself, but he has our hest wishes for his future health and bap pwieas. The office of the Star is for sale. The Union men of this city cetebrated the taking of Atlanta on Saturday evening by the firing of cannon, a bonfire and speeches by Hon. E. H. Stiles, Judge Bigham and others. i Petroleum V. Na«Wv Paster uv sed Church in chapgf. Gold. York, Sept. 6.—Gold dqll and pri­ ces attained with difficulty. Opened at $2 42. At noon it was $2 40}, and at 2 p. m. $2 41. Coughs,Colds, Throat, Asthma Consumption.—ItSore is only necessary for any one troubled with these complaints to try one bottle of Dr. Strickland's Mellifluous Cough Balsam to convince the-n that this is the best preparation ever used. It not on ly cures the above affections of the throat and lungs, but it cures night sweats and spitting of blood, and arj excellent gargle for any kind of sore throat, it is pleasant to take and a safe medicine for infants. 50 cents per bottle. Sold by all druggists. DEATHS. Pied—Sept. cer, Mrs. Maky6th, younpet chill from the effects of can­ wife of John W. Bedrick, aged 54 years. At sunset on Saturday evening, Sept. 3d. of inflamation of the bowels, little Salmi. of Dr. Win. L. and Ruth D. Orr, agfcd nearly two years. JJOCTOR C. W. DROMBOLONE Has removed from the country to Ottumwa. |y Office with Hon. J. W. Dl^on, Main (treat, three doors east of Market. Board* ^e Bt. Cfiarle* Hotel lodge* In his Of fice. Aug. 4, 1864-3ra J. W. DIXON, ATTORNEY AT. law* •i3i Ottamwa, Iowa. Office next door to 8ax A Hill man's Clothing Store, Fr°ot Street. Will practice in Wapello and adjoining counties. Bounty, back pay, and Pensions procured. No charge unless successfii), June 2, 1S64. 10041 NOTICES. Soldlors and ths Widotet and ffeirt of Soldiert, ars notified that I am acting agent for pro caring geqslops, BouoljM ap4 Pthsr claim* against the it. Cbargas moderate—nothing unli Government claims allowed. r«b.«,i8M-tr ^^OSci M. J. WILLIAMS. Ottumw*, U»a, J. C. HINSEY, M. D. M. with Cm. Beetdanoe i. Wiixtiiia, Hmii OA the Huff, north of thi Court April ^JLAIM AGENCY* t\ Seldleri, and the wldowj and heiri of auldieri are notified that I am acting at a licensed claim agent, for procuring Pension*, Bounties, Back Pay and all other just claims ugalnit the Government. Charge* moderate, and nothing unleae claims are allowed. EDWARD If. 8TILBS. T-16~tf Q0ce oppoelte Ottumwa House. I- O. O. F. The regular meeting! of Ottamwa Lodge, Ne. 91.0.0 F.. are held on Tueeday evening, at 7 o'clock r. *. Visiting brothers are Invited to attend. Koom on corner or front and Market streeU M. tfcfiyuy, geo'jr. W. p. J)HS WILLIAMSON SttASP, N. tf. A THRALL ..(Have recamed th« partnorahlp formerly e^Utln^] Offlce on S«cond street, between Market and Codri. June S, 1844—ll-16tfui MAKBLE HAI^Li Pining and Oyster Saloon. The undersigned would inform the citi aens of Ottumwa and the public generally, that he baa removed his Saloon into the second story of the Carroll House, (imme diately above his former room,) where he is better prepared now than heretofore to ac commodate those who may favor him with a call. He has also fitted up rooms for dining, and is prepared to furnish Warm meal* at any hour in the morning or evening. Fresh Oysters received daily bjr Ex­ press. Remember the place, Marble Hall. Carroty House building, seoond story. Wjw. Ottnawa Price Carreat. COemiCTID WIIILT IT a. H. 8HEFFER, GKOCEB, DSALBB IV PBOVISIONS. Ottomwa,A«. Turkeys, each, Marsh k Ketcham Sepf. 8 WHEAT, $ bash Spring 1,30 Fall $1,50 OATS, 40@45 RYE, 80 FLOUR—Fall, $ bund ...»,« ... $5,25 Ez. Spring 5,00 Saperfine Spring...* .|#\! 4,75 BRAfTS 1,50 BITTTER, Fresh Roll, JO Firktn, 25 HOGS per 100 6,00@7,00 BACON, sugar cured 18@20 "Hams, country.. 20 Shoulders- .#..«•*.» Clear Sides li3lS}G CATTLE, gross, S@5 CANDLES, Mould 20o. Star 30 CRACKERS, brl... $5,25f 5,50 CHEESE, ....f0@25 COFFEE, Rio, fair to prime 55@60 Java, Ihj COAL, deliverod CORN, in ear CORN MEAL EGGS, doz FRUIT—Apples, green, dried, $ ft.... 60 16 80 »•«. •. i 1^1,20 @12 $1 1,25 12@15 20(^25 $5,50 .. 0@1O $10,00 Peaches, dried....... Raisins, layers, box. FISH, cod, $ ft): White, $ hlfbrl.,,. .... Mackerel, hlf brl, No. $....10all FOWLS, Chickens, doz 2,25 HAY, tame, $10m Wild $8,0fi HIDES, Dry, 2ft. Green 11 LEAD and SHOT, bar 9c. Shot lb 30 LARD in cans 20c. Ne^ brls.... 20 MOLASSES, Sorgbutn, $1,00 OIL, Linsaed $?.20 Coal, per gai 1,30, PAILS, pei do* $8.90 320 POTATOES, perbosl^ 2,00 POWDER, per keg.... }5,00 RICE, per lb .'i .. .»!•*»,. 16J®20 SALT, per brl, $4,75. bairy, sack.. 35 SUGAR, Common, 25. Powdered.. 35 SODA, per keg 12 WHISKEY l,»d[ ALB, per half bbl., Ketcham'* #4 00 Arrival nnd Departure of Mail*. EASTKRN MAIL, Via b. A m. a. a. a. Arrives DaTTy—Sondays excepted—at 11:46 a. pa and 7.8A p.m. Leaves at 9,15 a.m. and 4:16 p. ra Tim* half an hoar faster than common. Mallclosf one hour before the train leaves. SOUTHERN MAIL, (Keokuk). TIA K. FT. •. M. 1 M. B. B. Arrival Dally—Sundays excepted—at lfcSC andleavMkt 4:14 p. m. /, WKSTKBN MAXfc, via d.*. m.a.a. x. rr a Arrive* Dally—Sunday* excepted—at- lllS a. ai: aadleave*at 12:84 p. ra. NORTHERN MAIL, VIA DAB LO KG A TO 3IOOtT«»*T. Arrive* every Friday at5 o'clock p. m.,aidlaaVM very Thursday at So'clock a.m. SOUTHERN MAIL, T(A RTI- A«*[ to BLOOUmi-P. teavee dally Sunday excepted, at 1:00 a ltd arrif a at 8:00 a. m. WESTERN MAIL, (Blakesbur^. CARRIID 8IX TI1IIS i flllt' Arrive* and leaveseverv day, at 1 o'ct»#,pr tn. J. \V. NORRIS P. M. ri9IE|TABLF.B.ft IT1 It. RAILROAD Off A NOS OF TIMS. Leave Ottamwa 9.9Q t. Arrireat" .11.60 A.w.8:00 r.», TPIETABLE K.Ft.D. Id. 9T.R.R Expres« going East. West 14 and ».«« A. 4. p. m. Mixed going Bast 4:H»P. M, West S.16 P.M. OHlCAUO.RI BLIBir.TOIH A!(DQI IN OY RAILROAD. Arrive. Leave 9.00 A. M. Express Trala. t.tOi.u 9.0ft p.M. 6.45 p. SHERIFF'S SALE. By virtue of a special Exe^ition tome ilirbcted, by the CK-rk of the District ^3our| of Wape'lo c-Minty, State of Iowa, cimmand insr me to sell the property hereinafter de scribed. as by a decree of said Court direct ed. I will expose to sale, at public auction to the highest and best bidder for cash in hind, at the front of the 0«urt House, in Wapello county, Iowa, on the 4th dav of October, 1864, between the hours of 9 o'clock A. M., and 4 o'clock P. M. commencing at 10 o'clock A. M., of said day, the following Real Estate to-wit The southeast half of Lot No. three hundred and thirty five (335') in the city of Ottumwa, Wapello county, Iowa. Taken as by special execution di reoted as the property of SarnuJ Gossage and Lucinda Gossaee to satisfy said execu tion in favor of S. B. Chittenden & Co., and against Samuel Gossage and Lucinda Gos sage, for the sum of twenty-two hundred and seventy-one dollars* and 6ev£i)ty-flre ceuta aud intsjrest and costs. O. A. DERBY, Sheriff, GHEAT WESTERN NURSERY! LOCATED ONE MILK NOllTH 0» Near h. e Cemeery. Tthe HIS Nursery has been established here within last three years, and Is designed to be a per manent and growing in4litution. It embraces a large amount of ground, and oocupies one of the most de alrable situations In Iowa, andl feel encouraged with the patronage and confidence that I have already received from the people of thin vicinity, to persevere In my determined purpose to make this Nursery one of the largest and best In the West. I have a local habiation and a name," and hold myself responsible for the character aad quality of •ale* that go from my nursery, or one sold by myself or by my authorised agents. I am prepared to rap ply the people of tbl* part of Southern Jofra with Most Desirable Varieties Of Summer, Fall and Winter Apple*,expreatlj select ed and beat adapted t« thl**ectlof| at- Standard and dwarf Pear*, Nectarines, Plnmb*, Cherrle*, i Pvrants, Qoo*eb«rrle*, "S Kaspberrles, Strawberrta*, GRAPE VINES, UHUBARB, together with the best varletle* of EVERGREENS DECIDinrs, anl ORNAMENTAL TBEES and 8HKUBS, UOSES and VINE8, at pr'ces a* low a* the Burlington or other reliable nurseries. Particular attention will be paid to STRICTLY FILLING THE ORDERS Of tliosewtio 9o not come In person, and when dt* oretlonary power Is left with me, the VERY BEST SELECTIONS will be made. Apple tree*,two and three year* old, beat selection, 10 per hnndreJ. E SPECIAL ATTENTION! I* called to my varieties of Grape Tinea, and tMRr respective prices Delaware, (one year) Coneord, OABBAOB 4NP TOMATO $1,00i (two yeart) 1.60' 85 Diana, 75 Hartford Prolific fit* at I 50 .a Eebecea, :-t••*»*» a 1,00 w Clinton, u S 13 leabella, SO tlkST* Intheli a*. J.Q.CHAPP J,. O O N E W S I wish to make it known to the public that I have ••Saged the services of an accomplished eaatern Photographer, who will t*ke the LATEST STILES 01 PHOTOORArftS. which arero much admired. I iall upon all thee* that wish to have their Photographic Albums orna rented with fine Photographs, to give us a call. I also wish to announce to the people and eepee (ally to my old customers, that I have 'ilspsnsurt with all hands aad have resumed the AMBKDTV PE BUSINESS mjseif, and expect to dojustlce to all who wish to eall a ion m« for pictures. Don't forget the Dlaee. H, NUNAMAKBK'S JEWELKY 8TOKK RSNSHAW EOUSE, Comsr of "Lafayette aud Hirlir Street* 13AKCAINB! A C^U,„ I. E K J. A. SCHWORM'S, Ifezt door West «f J. L. Taylor's Drug Store OTTt nWA, IOWA. Where will be found one of the largest stoeltl slating of the fnliovlug article*: BOOTS AND &HOE&, HATS AND CAP* 0ROQERIES AND QUEENSWARE CONFECTIONERIES, Chewing and Smoking Tobad^1 JVIEEK & CO. No* occupy their new brick, next Hmh. Meek expect* to go to Now York In Fel'ruaryHai bran nVw stock, and he offer* e«m Mixatn*alv.' Brown Muslin for 20 cents, Calico 1SX to 80 eento, Irtfle* Collars 8 cent*, ®ent* Collar*8cents, Which I can furnish in any quantity desired. B. C. DAUtt. Ottamwa, Nov. 4th, IMfc. n»-l$tf J- OTTUMWA SH)RV. I vniArKR TriAn rrenro Merino, Quick Sales and Small Profits I WAIfTF.O—HIDB8, fnrwhiehwUlbepaldtk* eryhljfhest market price in Cash. fall and examine poods^and prices,so that yon can satisfy yourselves that yoa can boy good* cheaper of him than anywhere else In Ottamwa. Ottamwa, October 8th, 19S8. ch97-l(V— o 1M1 J^-EW YEAR^ NEW STORE! NEW PRICES AND NEW GOODS! of^(.taOttyuava We offer enr present *tock v DRY GOODS, GROCERIES ,-lfATSSv C^PS, ROOTft SHOCI^ JjiD CLOTHUe, ./^.jpj^ntasa** Ma .lajaat !,'£ VERY LOW FIQURE8. Tea |1,00 per lb, Coffee 87*, and all other good* lower than ean be boaght •here. We keep constantly for sale EGGS, BUTTER, POTATOES, tlYlOm, 1IIOLA8SES, Jan. 7,1864-41 IS BAKERY CONFECTIONARY P. O. DATJM W*aM*n*oonH to hi* old friend*, and the pablie generally,thatpe haa returned to hi* old boaine** again, HfiAB J. HAWLEV8 8T»ftf!t ON FRONT 8TREET, In his new and comraodioue house erected especially for the puspose of carryl ng on a BAKERY ON A LARGE SCALE! Where he wonld be pleaaed to serve everybody with WHEAT OR RYE BREAD, CRACKERS, PIES, CAKES, CANDIES, Ac., *c., Ac. They will aleo And a large and aelect stoek of TO^RS and. Fancy Articles To please Young America, and SKATES FOR LADIES Q4WAQE FAC- The undersltfne i would respectfully solicit the at tention of the nhUc to the facilities which he nfw |ossesses for manufacturing CARRIAGES A ND WAG ONS Fr«m the Beat Eastern Tin|ber, of every description, after the most Improved styles, as good as can be obtained East, and upon satisfac tory teims. Those wishing to purchase will pleas* call and ex amine my stock. C# All kinds of repairing doae with neatness and dispatch, and all work warranted as recommended. Ottamwa, July 93tl£fi4, A. BALDWIN. RPHE OLD STAND RENEWED Chicago Branch- Grouty and Provision M.HEINRICH &, jCO_ »0 5 JSAVaf* We would respectfully annoance to the citisens of Wapello and surrounding counties that having pur chased tee old stand, we have opened a branch of our Chicago where wemts constantly receiving large supplier of UHOi'EHlflS, PROVISIONS, VMHH E WARE, Ac., which, from onr facilities, we are enabled to sell on the most reasonable terms. We would therefore so licit a call. M. HK1NK1CU A CO. FARMER8 Will please notice that we buy every description of Produce. Remember the place, C. Frits's old stand. Ottumwa, Iowa, May 26, lttti-10-lti tf GROCERY STORB. The undersigned retpectfally announces to tt)^ fltliens of Ottumwa that he has opened a Grocery i atore in the tirat building north of Lawrenoe k Cham­ bers new brick block, where he will keep on band tbe Jiery best Qrocertesto befoand In tl|e city, oosslst- SUGAR, RICE, TEAS, COFFEIf, HOI R, Arc.* Ac. Give me a call and I will saslsfyr say Utrue. CHRISTIAN AUWKRDA. Ottuuiwa, May A, 1SM-6 IS UNDERTAKER. Tha aaderslgned w..uld Inform the citisens of Ot tumwa and vicinity that be la now mannfa« t|irlng and will keep constantly on hand COFFINS of all kinds and sises. Having a good HEAR83 be Is prepared to attend to all calls in his line. 8hop on corner of Court and Seoond streets* be* Idaho thrown SttSS I VS VI Xht WmIId Othimffte i AND NAll.H,' WOODEN A WILLOW WARE. itooi Thennder*ignel iIh- CHVCKEIVS, COAL OIL, BEANS, Ac., at low'price*. Onr motte is, "Quick Sale* and Small Proltte*t» So GENTS I am also Agent for LJLI,»S CELEBRATED PTEFFLIUM Cream & Stock Ale WHOLESALE AGENTS FOR I A N O O E S I A N O O E S Of the following manufacturers WM. KWliE ft CO., Baltimore BOARD.MAN A GRAY, Albany A. H. GALE CO., A New Yort IHNE A SON', AUq Agents for PRICE'S MELODEONS, PMI.XE'M nKI.OCEOSS, .0RGANS AND HARMMNIUMS, ORGANS AND HARMONIUMS. Dealers In w. ,j. piANO STOOLS, SPREADS, A*. W4 l»» anj 11. ter 'rr'JlflO p'mnbi uDi ll'J in ORE AT RUSH OF MINERS TO THE NEW DIGGINGS* ABTONISHINO DIBOOVJJBIES! UNPARALELLED RICHNESS OF THE NEW MINES! 1fQ USE or OOISQ TO IDAHO TO QET KICBI 9MWM, lava, teeseo*e*a« great a^vaeUgca tor bargain* as the territory el lialtt. HERMAN K LTCHTEXSTADTER. a few store, are rcceUlog and continuing to receive the largest stNMkeC FANCY AND 8TAPLE DRY QOOD$ LADIES FINE DRESS GOODS uibck ciikb, Allofwhlch wlllbesoldfor OA8H CHEAPER THAN French Merino, Wool Delaines, Black Silks, Reps, Mohairs, Alpaceas, Poplins, Mo«ambiques, Challles, THE CHKAPE8T IV OTTCMWA POR COUNTRY PRODUCE. My ueiaines, "or EXCHANOEB Oinchani^, Cambrics, Calicoes, Brown and fllearheil Musi Ins, Denims, Stripes, Tlcklnps, Flannels of an kloilf, SwUs and Jaconet Muslins. Damasks. Linens. Edgings, Inserting*. Table Covers, Towlings, motto 1*, Hieki.UuM.' VJ Hacks, PlapMlk Drug Store. has opened a Drug8tare t^e Curlew buildingandha* a large anJ*xtens!fe ist oc k of PURE DRUGS ftaaieah. Patest VedieiMs, fncj Artielet,4«. Pure Wines and Liquors for Medical parpose with wliicb prescriptions will be fUle^. t'offim Epileptic Pills f*r Bale. fg* Physicians prescriptions filled with c»re, night or day. .£E1 Ana* STOCK of Coal Oil Lamnt. Mm A LARGE ST OCA qr voat ut* without of oitor, untt not tj)tinQu**ht. the thing for a night Lump. PURE DOAL on ON HAND MHwwa, Mar. 1#. PfiSfiKUfBOUT. aie-tr JULIUS BAUER CO, JULIUS BAUER & CO. WARER00M8, •, Clark aad .89' Waihlnftaa II CHICAGO, ILL. jMfaufa^turer8 Importers af MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS, STRnt S VIOLIk. DKI^IS, ACC4IHDF.OKS, rnimETS, JUL I SiS IXSTX UMEX T-S, and other musical merchandise Having connection with Manufacturing House tn Berlin,Leipsic,Dresden,England and Paris we are prepared to furnish Dealers Bands and Individuals with every article iu this line at the lowest manu facturer prices afsrtrtM ve the largest best Pianos i n the city which for power and sweetness of tone easy ami asreeable touch and beniity of finis ^, have by judire !), pnhivalbd. been pronounced As to the relative merits of our Pianos we would refer to the certificates of Excellence in our posses 11. O. sion from Thalberg Gottschalk Strakos Bat­ alaab, 1ST Part A Store, wBI4a well 6 CC W l# ,rlU ^c.H-v.. K. Vieuxtemns Louis anil to call |^*Send Mu o mu sical director of tbe Italian Opera as also from some ofthi most distiuguisbed professors and amatuers in tbe couutry Ail Instruments of our manufacture have the full iron frame and are ifuaranteed for five years o icular attentlqn paid tq the selection Instruments for distant orders and a priviiage of exchange granted at any time within six months If the Instrument should not prove entirely satisfheto ry liberal discount to Clergymen Teacher and Schools Terms liberal |W wh«*»» before purchasing else PP"Remember the nlace Jl'LITS RAI KR A 00. South Clark and Washington St 21, ls «4-18-|4y for a Circular July 'T*ITE FAR-FAMED I)R. WEIR -1- Of Pennsylvania, announces to the community that he is a practitiouer of the German, Preach and Spanish mode of MEDICAL TREATMENT, 8o successfully practiced of late tn France, Spate and America. He has been engaged several years In travelling aud success^illy treating people who linger under old CHKUXIC (OHPLAIKTS. He not only ascertains the nature of disoase, as for merly practised by physicians, but nasseii on aud discovers the cause, however intricate the disease nay be. FEMALE COMPLAINTS, In all their forms, treated c*retal!y and coaMaa. Mally. I will vifit and consult patients while re maining in town free of barge. Those living at a distance and unable to vis it him, can be treated by sending him a clear vial tall of their morning urine, from wh|ch the disease will be ascertained. All betters of inquiry must contain Qne postage stamp, lie will be at Washington, Exchange, ..... Columbus City, Wapello fm Granville, Mpscu Wilton Junction Sept 10 Granville, Als« V TOJjAOCJO, i* gj AND ClQUOiiS of all kinds, which he will sell at the lowest price for Cash. The highest Backet price paid in cash foi all kinds of Country Prodnce. couuty, Iowa. you that what I 16 IT Wapello Burlington, aunderiand Hoo«e..8«pk M.M, W tit. Pleasant, Braxelton House, Hept Kairflrld, Leggett House '.October 1 OTTUMWA, Ottumwa House, October 8, k (Iskalonsa, Malismi House, October 5 4 k 6 ITCa 11 early, for he cauuot delay. June W, "M ia Dr. D. K. WIfR. Residence—lg Toleda, tor the last six years.Tama yACCLVE MATTER- Warranted V fresh and pure, kept constantly on hand andfi sale by Mar ch 24,1S64 DED PETER UTECHT. Uruggist. I I V I A I E O YOI WANT TO HE CUR DR. BUCUAN*8 EnglUh Specittc Pllto cure. In less than SO days, the worst cases of Xer yousnens, linpotrncy, Premature Decay, Seminal Weakness, Insanity, and all Urinary, Se*n*| and keryous Affection!, no matter from whal caose pro ducud. Price, On« Dollar .ter bos. Sent post-nald, by mail, on recel pt of *n order. One box will per I feet the cure In tno«t Address I V. the Shade! 1 neps, Nonnin, AipaccnB, r»|»nu», muBaiuunjurB, i/namey, [OTIV^ Variety cloak*, Shawls, Balmoral*, Hoop Skirts, Gloves, ITandkercHefs, Hosiery, Velvet and Lace Dress Trim mings, Ribbons, Collars, Sleeves, Nets. A full tine of YANKEE NOTIONS, and in fact every description of Goods to suit the most fastidious taste. We would call special attention to a select assortment of ladies, Misses and We fcwre eH» #ee «e»ertaMet ol OElfTLEWEMS' FURNI8HIIO GOODS, such as Oloths. Satlnetts, Kentucky Jeans, armeis Satins, Linen and Flannel Shirts, drawers, Hcti| It. Oar floods were purchased at the lowest Cash'Prldes, and will be sold to suit the tlm$s. Remember the Place March 17, 1S64-5S-15 pf ...Children Shoes, NEW YOBK DRY GOODS EMPORIUM. Curlew Block. OTTimWA, IOWA. HERMAN L1C1ITK.NSTADTEK. E. W. BETTS. WHOLSSALB AS9 JJAS now I Tkt Patent Monitcv Burner^ AWAYS ••ratarnshis sincere thaukj for the very liberal patronapehe hrtereceived thepastyear, and hopes' hy his attention tohls business to merit the confi dence ofthe public. Give me a call whenyouwant an vthinirin 111 v line, either night or day. BKT41L CLOTHIER! OTTUMWA, IOWA. OUET CUllai.\t AODSB IX III WTTTT. on hand the largest stock of Men and B^y's Wear, ever offered to his Customers ^and Our Stock conllsta the citizens of Wapello County In part of OVRRCOATS, UNDER COATS, PANTS. VE8TS, ev- gradeof the mosr desirable style*. FINE STOTK OK I'NDERCLOTHING, KANCY SHIRTS, GLOVES Ana Oent4s FurfilsblDg Goods generallv. NEW STYLES HATS fe CAPS GREAT VARIETY. & A Splendid Assortment of ENGLISH FRENCH CLOTHS, DOE SKI -VN, PLA IK dt FA NOT CASSIMER8. i'KJriK CASS, dk FISTS 5.1 TJKETS which we are prepared to make up Into the latest styles on short notice, warranting satisfaction in every case. HR.F. CHAIVTHY, vho has charge of this Department Is an EXPEUIKNCED CUTTER, direct from one ofthe best houses Kast, and we now fiatter pur selves that we have placed before the people one ofthe most thorough and complete Stocks of Men an I Boy's wear In the |Wholesalsand Retail Dealers In Drugs, Medicines,' Painls, Lbtore.LIEU State. All tell you that they sell the cheapest- We will onlvsay, call and See the goods, hear the prices #n to^iiwaJXh^ir4 .^r for your ,or °*cerion*- ch 47-16 o E. W. BETTS. NEW ITRUG STORE. PR. W. B. COWAN, Oils Y E S U -F S WINDOW CHLASS Books, Stationery, WALL PAEEIL FANCY GOODS, «C. OORllKU OIT FRONT & MARKET RT(S|H8 OTTUMWA, IOWA, AH Piano,. Persons in want of a really first class J^X'TENfelVE IMPROVEMENT awount qf the large Incensed demand 0. H. SHEFFER, K CO. KOR— DRY GOODS Groceries They have made larg* addition to tbeh Store for ",hioh Oall fwtlt H0 81 .. reptember I k Muscatine, Irving Raaaa,. ..Sept. 12, id, 14.15 11 k ta worth of your menev. O. H. fliKPFRR, A Co.. Opposite the National Bank A»rt», 1904, OTTUMWA, IOWA. MEW MILLINERY STORE Court, bettooom and SfeonJ Ste. Misses P, AO, AL'WERDA Beg leave to announce to tbe Ladles at K AT AND HARD-WARE v Manufacture* and Dealer* In leather, are respe* fully notified of the fact that there is a first rat* stock of E A E of all kinds kept constantly on hand In Ottaawa. Ullvftigthe very best faculties for procuring lnrga and well seltjctcd stocks, are confident this huuac* annot he surpassed in quality or cheapness tides in our line. Have a large stock of 0/alt SADDLER HA SD WARE AlfD «I* GREAT ARIET^ at Wholesale and lietatl. A large assortment of Whipt and Collars, Trace and Hatter Chaim, Curry Combe and Brvehet, ke. Wonld also call attention fM ^td are dealing extensively la HIDES, PELTS, AND WOOL. Those having sucb articles to sell tn larpe or small lots can always depend on getting their vatuelir cash. D. CUAPIN, Agt«. Ottumwa, March, 51 1^64. Wool Carding, SPNNING, FULLiNQi, AND CLOTH DHBS3INQ. I shall be prepared on or about Monday, May 13th to do all kinds of work in my line in the very best manner, and upon the shortest notice, llavingalarfs amount of new and improved machinery, 1 can gilt complete and prompt satisfaction to all who may fa vor oic wi^b a call- Those wfin live at a distance will now saved ths trouble andloss oftlme In making two trips for their Roils, and if they wish them spun, they can have If done by stopping one night. Thankful for the liberal patronage bestowed on as for the past:ten years, at Agency City, Ottnmwa May I respectful!# solicit a contiuiu n e '.ftbe same at Ottumwa, knaw Ing thatl am belter prepared to do work on short* notice and better than heretofore. 1I7LACF. IC.lMH-tf.iOHH WM, C. MOSS JR. A CO.. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IN aonguftiiig of Dry Groods, BOOTS SHOES, CLOTHING, Hats and IN Also food assorted MEN'S and BOT'9 Boots Shoes Caps, QUEENSWARE AND GROCERIES, CORNER FRONT *p4 COURT Street8f Ottumwa, Iowa, A JOBBING STOCK OF BOOTS, SHOES, HATS, CAPS QUEENSWARE 4 GROCERIES, Constantly on hand at Chicago Priaaa. Wm. C. Moss Jr., & Cow. Ottumwa, Iowa, Jan. 19, 1863. ^YESTERN STAGE COMPANY Bill.* I.INE OF FOUR HORSE COACHES. All passehgers will take notice that the above old and retlsble Coin]»any will run a dally lUMaffoar hone coaches to the following places FRpiff OTTIMWAS Blakeshurg, Leon, Memory Moravia, Decatur City Clarlnda, Center Title Cross's Station, Fisher's Grove. Johnstown, Mount Ayr, Sidney, Corydon, IPlattviilo, HoUyvllle, High Point, Itedf'ird, Hebr^yka City. 'i#8ENGKB8 fOK Albla, Lagrange, Charlton, Ottawa, Oceola, Quinsy, Afton, and all intermediate points to PlattsmoutB, on the isfourl river, will t.tke Ooaches at Kddy vi)|#. Aug X, l64-tf W. K. OCJDKN, Agent, A N O O U S Aad a namasDi Stock af N E W O O S HAWLEY & SON EGIeavetc announce tothelrcustomers anil the public generally, that they are now opening I and will berscelvlng ths largest aad bestaelscB# stopkor O O S Groceries, A S A N Sold Cheaper J- arriving from the Head of Market. It la well known here they itlt CHEAP! CHEAPER! CHEAPEST! POR CASH. Ottumwa and vicinity that they ate about opening a choice aid general assortment of Millinery Good* consisting o' BONNET#, RIBBONS, CAPS, $PAD-PBVaSB3, 4A, whleb they will be bappy to axklbia«a aH tlM vlU Tavor them with a call. Ottnmwa, May 5,1S«4.7 le-tf AY EFT Sarsaparilla. A S BOOTS AND SHOES. are I a w N A U S A N A S S Glass and Crockery Ware, Eter brought to thie market. Bag^t ash at tbe present low rates, ajrt will than Ever, fOR CASH, PRO DICE, 4U Approved Credit. DOWK GO THE PRICES! c. C. WARDEN, HAS AGAIN B^KN EAST AND PL'RCUASKD O O A S aiicaasrasKtcrioa ia raiccs, a very fullstnck of SPRING AND 8UMMKR GOO»8 Comprlseng all articles asaally c^Uedf*riaagnara) stock of merchandise. In H1RESH particularly,bta OOOUH, anextenaive ard varied assortm#M to which he particularly wonld call the attention af the Ladles. CALL AND EXAMI and we are sure we will sell yougoods* ^firU isfit. i Warden Iaracelving the largest and mostcompletestock i mitr.

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