Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier, September 15, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier dated September 15, 1864 Page 3
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4 I K if #0 81 ft 16 41 ft t* i« tfit" 4 alt *r SJ.iJ tsl* SMT MW *»A DDStl i Ill n»«f' r* vv. Ifce *tf u ,ty* TflE OTTUMWA COURIER, OTIUMWA, Sept. 15, 1864. -Localand Miscellaneous Blank Deeds and Mortgages. Justprin. •d and for sale At the Courier Office. Pensions Bocmttamd Back Pat, prompt­ ly obtained by E. B. STILES. w co over 0. 0 YTaTdeo's Store. For Sale. One of Singer*' Family Sowing Machines. Enquire at this office. Also a Piano or Melodeon (Void thfuest»b» lighm^nt of J. Bauer A Co., Chicago. Enquire at this office. Union meeting In Keokuk Tp. The Union men of Keokuk township aie requested meet at Rupe's School House, on Wednesday evening next at 7 o'clock P. M. Let every Union man in the township bejrc-ient. By order of the Central Com tnUteo. T. B[GHAM. Vnton teniae. A meeting of the League will be held at pr. Hinaey'rt office, this, TUurtday evening, tit 8 o'clock. The attendance of every mem ber earnestly requested, aa buitnessof luportanco will bo transacted. Kuan'rb. Mm.lhr k Co.—We take pleas­ ure in saying to those in want of Stoves or Tinware, that tho enterprising firm at the h'ad of this notico have purchased the en tire stock of that well known and old dealer, Mr vVashburn, and have thereby greatly a l«l ti their facilities tor supplying this market with goods in their line. Wo refer tii-j new alvrtisement, iping the pub lip. T1" favor them with an early oall sad ^initiation of goodit and prices. Is his New Block.—Adan Schworm has move hi-* goods into his new blook, and tf any finer roerchantile quarters catf be fo'ind in the State, we haven't seen them Adam is mw "under his own vine and fig tree," and with a splendid stock of goods and 'a way with him' that "lakes'' he is bound to coin the greenbacks. We*rTH. Henrv & Hav, our new Hard ware merchants, have received their goods and are fairly "set up" in their elegant and comm )tlm dorh in Washburn's Block.— fyiey havj everything in tha line of Tro n Ail »r Jware, and giving we are told, Iji-eit bir^nins. Give them an early call. We are very happy to welcome home our •esteemed fellow citizen, S. W. Hays, who has bsen absent some time past in Arkansas. We are -orry to learn that his health is not food. {3ol. H**drick has been out and down town ^wo or three times the past week. He is plowly mending, b-it it will be a long time we incliiie to think before ho can headthc gallant !5th in a charge 1 "W« aoknowlerl^o our obligations to Mrs. W Rowell, of this city, for several clusters of grapes, raised by Mr. Rowell, the present (teas n in his garden in *his city. We are glad to learn that he has a large yield of grapes, mostly Isabella* and Catawbas, and that thev have matured finely. Grapes we thi'ik, are destined to be an important and valuab e product of this region, where, with te requisite care and cultivation tk»j in (scapedofbyMthatthe variably do well. E aj. Tub State Fair.—We It will also be recoileoted tbat a Soldier's J^a'r U to be held at B'jrnngton at the time, 01 the State Fair, commencing on Monday, the 20th, in which it is desired and expect ed thut Southern Iowa will participate. At ,this Fair a splendid military monument, worth $500, is to he awarded to the Town Ship out side of Burlington which contrib utes the largest amount. Is it ijot the de sign Qttumya to compete for the very de sirable and splendid prize? If so, there is n« tiiti.4 to lose. We appeal to our'(citizens, especially to our patriotic ladies, to bestir themselves in behalf of this great object. The drouth sti.l continues. The vfeath«r' is hot exceedingly, day and night. The ground is parched, trees *nJ shrubbery nre struggling for life, wells aro low. cisterns dry, Htnali streams are nowhere and the Dea Moines is reduced to the lowest extrem ities. Tribute of Respect. Resolutions adopted hy Ottumwa Encamp men No. 22, I. 0. O. P., in relation to the 'death of Lieut. T. K. Raush. The undersigned, committee, appointed by Ottumwa Encampment, No. 22, I. O. 0. P., to draft resolutions expressive of the sense of the Encampment in relation to the death of Brother T. K. Rausb, would respectfully report as follows: Whbbeas, The Almighty, in Qis wisdom, has neen tit to remove from these earthly tents of ours, to a tabernacle not made with hands, our worthy and much esteemed Bro ther, Lieut, T. K. Raush, of Co. K. 2d Regi ment Iowa Volunteers, who fell on the 201 of August, 1864, while bravely fighting the fee, before Atlanta, be it therefore Resolved. That this Encampment, in the defcth of Brother Rausb, has lost a worthy member, his Company and Regiment a brave and intrepid Officer and Soldier, his country a devoted defender, the community a gaod citizen, and his wife an affectionate bus band. jlesolved, That in respcct to the memory tfJJrother T. K. Raush, the Chairs pf this Mcampmsnt b* draptd to mourning, and the Officers and Brothers year the customary badpe for thirty days. Resolved, That we tender ferffio widow of Brother T. K. Raush, our warmest sympathy and condolence in her dark hour of affliction, and that we will do what oar Order, »sd humanity trrjoins, to cheer, comfort, and re Here her in her journey through life. Resolved, Tbat a copy of these Resolutions be forwarded by the Chief Patriarch of this Encampment, to Company K. 2d Iowa Vol unteers, and that be also present a oopy to our bereaved sister. Resolved, That these Resolutions be pub lished in the Ottumwa Democratic Mercury, and the Ottnmwa Weekly Courier. •. 1o i lfcl E. L. BURTON, ,) JOS WAOO, VOom. v*v"j i T.J.DOUGLAS. Hbicis in Dixie. —•Major Hamilton sent to Lieut. R. Warden, the following mar ket report, from Tvler, Ttoxas. Confederate money must be plenty if th$yjwve to pay such prices as are quoted: ,, Wheat Flour, per 100 lbs .*»fe*$250 00 Jtye 150 00 Corn meal, per bushel ^0 00 Bla.ok-eyed Peas. .. i*... V. i i Salt, per pound.»•» Soap S^lgar -,u4^.•••• Onions, each Butter, per poaad Eees per dozen •.. Honey, pej pound Tobacco, ". •Home twist, iL.»/1\ i A terrible riot Was prevailing in Belfast/ Ireland, wl.en the lait steamer saiM| j^l2 parsons bad been shot. Clinton, ^a. was captured by the Union recentlv*. Rebel toa 9.ri onptnred, 80 killed und 100 ffoun le I. Our lo«S smill. OCTOH C. W. DROMBOLONE removefl from the toaotvy te Ott.imwa, Br*Offloe »Hh Hon. J. W. three door* east of tfarkai. Board* at th« next man's Clolhinu: W i piactlc o In H' apello Hnd LOCAL NOTICES, Soloic-rs and tJu Widows and Heitt -tif' FteldUm, are notified that I am acting as agent for claims allowed. Feb.4, ISM-tf Ssldlers, (HaYe Hamilton.—There has buen great rejoicing past week in this 00 oinuuity over the report of the escape of our esteemed fellow citizen, Maj. A. ]familtnn, 30fh Iowa Infantry, from the Rebel Military Prison at Tyler, Texas, ac cop pan u two companions of Appa nnoMe county. No particulars have been reeeiv.-d except he was aided in his peiiloiH journey through 500 at He? ofwbel territory by the negroes. hope our citizens not forgotten the State Fair which «oumonces at Burlington September 27tb, one WiHtk from nest Tuesday. It will be expected of so rich, productive and popu lous a county as Wapello to be largely and conspiou usly represented on that occasion, and SJ'.*h we doubt not is the intention of, pur stock raisers, and farmers generally. We nicely intend by this notice to refresh £h"ir recollections as to the tiuie of holding the Fay-. and the widows and hetre of soldlen are notified that I '(--1'Office F.. Hoj-. M. Mc resumed th9 partnership formerly existing)' Office on Second vaoimtLa •»»*,.<p></p>CLOTHIER! i:T.* ^OTTUMWA, IQWA. TBI OLDEST CUTHfNfi R0088 Iff III WDNTT, HAS now on In part of OVERCOATS, UNDER COATS, PANTS. VK8T8, prsde of the mos' denirhlile and ^41|jp good aaaorted MEN'S and BOn Boots & Shoes A Splendid Assortment of ENGLISH TRENCH O TJ^S, DOE SJTIXS, PI A rx FA NO 7 CASSTMSRS, UN JON CASS, dt FJXK SA TIXKTS into the latest which we are prepared lo make up styles on notice, warranting satisfaction in every case.short /VIC. I'. C'HAXIIIT, Department Is a n from one of the best see the hear the prices and Judge my stock. All pEDLER'S OHunwft Price Correal. C0«B1CT1D WBBKLT »T a. sheffeh, okookb, ,^MWI I* »ROVI8IOMS. «o. WHEAT, bush Spring 1,60 all $1,75 OATS, 40@45 RYE, 80 FLOUR— Fall, $ hund f6,25 Time half door to M.J.WILLIAMS. cT. iiinsey, mTd] pynfflea with M. J. Willums, on the Huff, north Esq. Ex. Spring 6,00 V SupeiQle Sfiringf.t.Iit 4,75 E A N S 7 1 5 0 BUTTER, Fresh Roll, 80 Firkin, 30 HOGS per 100 6,00®7,00 BACON, sugar cured• .«#... 18@20 Hams, country... .•«}.» 20 Shoulders 16 Clear Sides 1S@20 CATTLE, CAN OIJSS, Mould 20c* St*r ..... 30®40 CdA-OKERS, $ tori... 1.. :. $5,25(5 5,50 fHERSR, 20@25 OFFEE, Rio, fair to prim* 55@A0 Ja*», B, 60 OAL, delivered ................ 16 )R\, in ear 80 ORN MEAL xMiMtien?? w* w• l^1-20 GGS, doz ... .\ ..... .. @1° FRUIT—Apples, to 00 50 8 00 ^50 1 00 7 60 15 00 20 on 60 00 4$ 00 whiskey .4 Ct. CharteS Hotel lo tfe* hi* Of­ fice. Aug.4,1n green, 1 dried, 12©15 Peaches, dried... .V. 20(?,25 Raisins, layers, box fft.'ftO FISH, Cod, lb 8@10 White, Ifi hlfbrl. $10,00 Mackerel, hlfbrl, No. 2....10all FOWLS, Chickens, doz 2,25 Turkeys, each HAY, tame, $10,00. Wild $8,00 HIDES, Dry, 20. Green LE AD and SHOT, bar 9c. *Jhot lb 80 LARI) in cans 20c. New brls 20 OL ASSES, •Sorghum $ 1,00 OIL, Linseed...... ,1^, Marsh 1364-3m J, W. DIXON, *, 2 ATTORNEY AT LAW. OUurowa, Iowa Office per half bbl., Ketch«m*« ALE, Otaeb, Main Street, UWffA, Arrive* »n Bay UIU» Store, Front Street. ailjotninj? coaat1e». Bounty, back pay, and Pensions prorured. No charge unless successful. June 2. 1864. Arrive am acting as a licensed claim agent, for piocurlng Pensions. Bounties, Back Pay and all Other just claims against the Government. Charges moderate,andnothingunless claims are allowed. opposite Ottumwa House. I. O. O. F. The regular meetings of Ottumwa Lodge,N«.91.0.0 are held on Tuesday evening, at 51. Vls'.ting u Pahlih, Seo'y.Krual street,betweeo Market and Ooort. June 2, lS6-i—}116 8m MAIIB1.K HAI.r, Dining and Oyster Saloon. The undersigned would inform the citi zen* of Ottumwa anJ the public generally, thai he has removed his Saloon into the set'ond story of the Carroll House, Jimrae diately aUovehis former room,) where he is better prepared now than heretofore to ac commodate those who may favor hira with a call. He has also fitted up rooms for dining, and i» prepared to furnish Warm meal* at any how in the -morning or evening. Fresh Oysters received daily by Ex- pre«H. Remember the place, Marble Hall. Carroll House building, Mcood story. Dec. 3,1863 Wm. A. MOLL. E. W. BETTSt hourfnster than common. Jiaiicioaf on.hour before the tral n leaves. SOUTHERN MAIL, (Keokuk). VIA a.FT. D.m. A u. a. a. Arrives Dally—Sundays excepted—at and leavesht 1 WESTiCRN MAIL, 7ii k. d. m. A x. Arrive* Dally—'Boiiday» aadleavTSiat l4:8( NORTHERV MAIL, VIA DAHLONIOA T08I00URMBT. Arrive*every rtry Tharsday at prooarlnir Pensions, Bouuiles and other claims against the Government. Ckvgw moderate—nothing unless Ottumwa, Iowa. KealdeafK of the Court April Ilouae. 21,1344-6 16 LAIM AGENOY. 8 4 o'clockoaclock m. SOUTHERN MAIL, i VIAPTIHABBl TO BLOOMFItLO. leaves dally Sunday excepted,at-t:eo arrive at 8:U0 OARItlBn aix TIMES A win. Arrive*and leaves every at'' 7 brothers are invited to attend, corner of and MarVSHARP, °t streets. W.l N. 0. J) as WILLIAMSON & THRALL 11.60 Express goingEatt. West.". EDWARD H. STILES. MlxedgolngKast LOCATED ONE call And selves Hlue Cloth and Cassimere for officers uni form,.goods,cheapest- always on band. •b ST-19 o B. W. BETTI. for your­ fYTTUMWA CARRIAGE FAO TORY. The undersigned would respectfully solicit e at tention oi the public to the of facilities which ho every description, after the most A two horse ptdler wagon for sale Cheap. i "i T. bow possesses for manufacturing CARRIAGES AND WAGONS o e e a Eastern Timber, JilLE amou I bead the largest stock of Men and Boy's Wear,ever offered to bis Customers and the citizens of Wapello County. Oar Stock consist* ev- stvU'n. Glut's PINE STOHK OF UNDERCLOTUINO. FANCY SHIUTS, GLOVES Furnishing Good* generally. NEW STYLES BATS Q4JS JW GREAT VARIETY. GflAPE PKClDlor*, STRICTLY who has charge of this EXPERIENCED CUTTER, direct houses East, and we now flatter our selves that we haVS placed before the people one of the most thorough and complete Stocks of Men an 1 boy'» wear In the State. All tell you that they sell the We will only day, NORTH 07 ISTear e Cemeery. Tthe HIS Kursery has been established here within last three years, and Is to be a per manent i n4t It Ion.designed It lit if em Jt .andgrowing jr GREAT vj 4 1 OttCHwa, Sept. IB a.m. West brares in ,i large ground,and oocupies one of the most de­ sirable situations Iowa,and I have a local hahlation and a name,1'and hold myself responsible for the character and quality ply the people of or •ales that go from my nursery, or one Bold h.v myself or by my authorised agents. I am prepared to sup­ tftls part of Sonthera Iowa with Most Iesirable Varieties Of IsKner, F*U and Winter Apples, expressly StlMt* ed and bost adapted to this seetion of Iowa. Standard and dwarf Pears, 9"L Peaches, Nectarines, Elniubs, Cherries, OurrAnts,4»eeebwr1wf Raspberries, Strawberries, UIIIBARB, Ac* TIKE8, together with the best varieties of and S1IROB8, ROSES EVERGREENS ORNAMENTAL TREES and Burlington or other reliable nurseries. Particular attention and VJNE8, rill be FILLING THE ORDERS Of those who do not eomo In person, and when dt cretlonary power Is left with me, tho VERY PEST ^ELECTIONS will be made. Apple trees,two and three years old, best selection,•U per hundred. ESPECI4X ATTENTION! Is called to my varieties of Or«e Fines, and thfilr respective prices: Delaware, (one year) {two year*) Concord, 11 s i Diana, Hartford Rebecca, Clinton, v Catawba, Imhella, CABBAGE ANA I I kinds of repairing doao with neatness and dispaloh, M»d *11 work warranted as recommended. A. BALDWIN. Ottumwa, July 38,1844. i awo- OttHfliwa, Aug. M, IMi-U .M'.'i TOMATO PLANTS wish o make the improved aa good as be obtained East, and upon satisfac tory teuns.oan Those Wishing to purchase will pleasocajl and ex amine services also wish to announce to the people, and" especr tally to ray old customers, thatl have dispensedtrlth •11 hands aad have resumed the A HK()T\ 1»K BUSINESS myself, and expect sail u qn me H, WAGQN Fob SAIJE NtlNAM Kit, um AKER'S JBWELRY STORE R1NSHAW HOUSB, fj oornor of tafayatte•arrtoea Street* •»*AtOOU, IOWA. BAKOAINS AT d.-A. 8CHWORM'8, door Wo*t of will THE CHEAPEST t. $2.20 Coal, per gal 1,3® PATLS, pei doz $2M 820 POTATOES, per bVl0 PDWt)ER, per keg.... 15.00 RICJ], per lb 18@20 SATiT, per Url, Dairy, sack.. 35 SUGAR, Common, 25. Powdered.. 35 SODA, per keg....4. ,%%& -2 o 1«50 .... ... und Daparture of .nulla. IOWA O —Sundays aid 7.8ft ti BASTKRN MAIL, VIA a. m. a. a. a. excepted—at p.DallyLeaves m. at U:4»a. 9,16 J. L. Tajlor'i Drmg Stor. otTnnwi, IOWA. b. foond ... of tfa. •mine idlico 18X 'o 49 lfcOC 8:00 r.». TinETABLEk.rt.D in. A HI.R.n 9.?0A.JI .t.... 4.S0 p. M. 4:10P.M. 8.16 P.M. OHICAGO.BI RLIXfiTOlV \!XDQUIN CY RAILROAD. A i v e Leave m. Express Train. 1.«0 A.m 8.0Ap.M. 4.46 p. SHERIFFS SALE. By virtue of a special Excvitlon to ioe directed, by the Clork oftho District Court of Wspe'lo county, State of Iowa, command inp: me to sell the property hereimfter de scribed. a* bv a decree of said Court direct edv I will expose to sale, at public auction to the highest and bast brdder for cash'in hnnd, at the front door of the Court House, in Wapello county, fowa, on the 4th dav of October, 1864. between the hours of 9 o'clock A. and 4 o'clock P. M. commencing at 10 o'cloqk M., of said day, tfae following Real E&tate to-wit: The south east half of Lot No. three hundred a1ff| thirty $yo in thd city of Ottumwa, Wapello county, Iowa. Taken as by special execution reeled as the property of Samuel Gossage and Lycinda Go^ace to satisfy said execu tion in fnyor of S B. Chittenden & Co.', and against Samuel Oosvage and Lucinda Gos sare, for ihi- sum of twenty-two hundred and seventy one dollar* and seventy-five cent* and interest and costs. A. DERBY, Sheriflf,. yVapelia po\intgr, Lowi, Sept. 8, 1864-2^ fi?FAT WESTERN NURSERY! itMkt —m- of th. follovtac artlclM:largwt BOOTS 3LKP SHOESf HATS AKD CAPS, 0U8EIHES AND QOEENSWABjE ""confectioneries, Chewing and Smoking Tobacco, m. ff. mi 1 it»*• the beattnOttamwa. iLAS8 AND NAIL.8, All of & WILLOW WARE. whlrh wlllbe soldfor CASII CHEAPER THAN JS OTTUMWA FOR OOtTNTRY or tftCHAKOCp PRODUC1. My motto 1», (^nick Sales and Small Profits I -w-wyjl !KTF'-0~H1PK8, rery highest forwhlehwlllb.paldthe market Call anil Caah. poo»t*"prlc*In anl prices,so that you examine oan satisfy yourselves that yon ean ottwf, ».f bor a»itm btiy rood* cheaper of htm than anvwhere else In Ottomva. J^EW TEABI 1JEW STORE!. NEW PRICES AND NEW OOOM/ JMEEK & CO. 1Vow their new brlek, next Htm.occupy We offer HiMfiftWt oar present stock v DBT GOODS* GROCERIES* 1IA IS, CAPS, BOOTf,, SHOES* AND CLOTHING, for the next ten laya at VERY LOW FIGURES. Meek expects to bran new a.m. fO X.w hJiiikinsno« stock,andto BroWn Muslin for he offars H0IB bargains now.'* icO cents, eents, Lidles t'olUrs*S i a.a. Friday nt5 p. m.,ai4l«aves cents, r«!IO Gents CollarsSceatt, Tea ,00 Onr Is, Jan.motte p. a. m. WESTERN MAIL, (Blakesburg^. day,atNOP.RIS,p. 1 o'cloek anii'wa-.M at. J. W. P. M. T1MEITABL1B 4 M.R.HA1 LROAO Off A NOS Of TIME. Leave Ottumwa 9.80 i 4:15 n per S, Coffee and all other 87Jf, goods lower than ean be bonghl where. We keep constantly for sale M. HEINRICH & CO. Vnooessors to O. Vrlts. We feel the patronage and confidence that encouraged with 1 have already received from the people of this vicinity,to persevere In my determined purpose to make this Nursery one Of the la.gest and best in the West. would respectfully announce to the cltisens of Wapello and surrounding counties that having pur chased tee old stand, we have opened a branch of our Chicago store where we are constantly receiving large supplies of GBOCKK1E9, PROVISIONS, TWOB* A2KW AB.C, which, froin oar facilities, we GROCERY STORE. J^EW The urderslgned respectfully announces to the cltltens of Ottumwa that be has opened a Grocery store in the first building northor Lawrence very best Groceries to at pr'cesas low as the iugof paifl to I LOI R, «c ottumwa, May $1.00 1.6') 85 75. BP J. v SOS. in thell it engaged OS r.e.oHAPP i. SO Off ff mrs. known tothe public that 6, 1S61-616 UNDERTAKER. The undersigned would inform the citisens of Ot (tumwa s laud and vicinity that he is now manufacturing will keep constantly on hand Jk I nils aii i niie». 1,00 25 15 20 DKD»YOU of accomplished eastern Photographer,who will t*anthe ke LATKSTSTU.ES or PHOTOGRAPHS. which areso much admired. styles, 1 all upon a those that wish to havr their Photographic Albums orna mented with line Photographs, to nlve us a call. Jaly21, l«h for pictures. Don'tail forget the place. Everybody Is cordially lavHo*to at a~small advance. Sept.1,1844-94164* «lfO EGQ3, BUTTER, POTATOE% ONIONS* MOLASSES, CHICKEIfS* COAL OIL, BEANS, Ac., at low'prices. Sat** HMt Smalj Prof»•" 7,1SM-4J 10 BAKERY k CONFECTIONARY DATTB^' WouIJ snnoonee to bis old frlewds, and the pnbMe generally,that he has returned to his old business ngaiu, WEAK J. HAW LEV'S STORE, ON FRONT STREET, Tn his new anil commodious honso erected especially for the pospose of carrying on a BAKERY ON A LARGE SCALE! Where he would be pleased to serve everybody w|tfc W1IFAT OR VtVF. IkRVMfft* CBACKEBS* PIE$t CAKESt CANDIES, &c., Ac., Ac. w!Q also find a large and seleet stock of Toys and Fancy Articles Vo please Young America, and SKATES FOR LAPIES GENTS am also Agent for T.TT-1.»R CELF.BHATED i Premium Cream & Stoc^ Ale Whloh I can furnish in any qaaalUy dealrei. P. C. DAUM. Ottnmwa,Nov. 4th, 1868 n88-10tf u itrp rpHE OLD STANI^ tiEMmtti Chicago Branch- Grocery and Prevision Store. COOK havlac are enabled to sell on the most reasonable terms. We would therefore so ltett a call. M. HUN RICH COFFINS a v i n Sf«S(da BOW A CO. FARMERS Will please notice that we buy description of Produce. Remember the place,every 1 C. Ottumwa. Iowa, May Frits's oldStaJUL 26, 1S64-10 16 tf A bers new brick block,wherehe will keep Cham­ on the be found in the eity,hand coeslst- SUGAR, RICE TEAS, COFFBtt, Ac. Also TOBACCO, PIPK^, A N I I U O K S of all kinds, whioh he will sell at Cask. Tho highest khids of Country Produce. Give me a call and the lowest price for market price paid in cash for I say is true. of ail a nood HEARSE be Is prepared to attend o all calls in his lino. Shop on corner June 9 of Court »nd second streets*be­ side the Congregational church. lbtoiitn P. HASLACH, O W ANT TO I?E CIT? DR. BUCflAX'9 Knftlish Cure, in less a n So Vousness, Premature I have Hpeetflc rills ilsjs, e worm cases of Ser- l»ecay, Seminal Weakness,Impotency,and Insanity, all Urinary, Sexual and Nervous Affections, no matter from what cause pro ilucnl. Price,t»ne Dollar ,ier bv mail, on box. gent post paid, receipt of atrorler. box *iil per­ fect tbe cure in must AIOne lress 'W-JAMEScases.421 S. BCTLKK, O.n'l Agent, 8ui liroa iway New ArubscrlptionWANTKD—To an to dojustice o who wish to Gei nisn. Also B*Ulr Pr Tork. GKNTS soil l,y an rxcellPbt. and lav. iriced'history of the Rebellion.illugtratedboth NEW HARDWARE AND IRON NEW FIRM .ANir-NW^fcQODS.' a -. v UENBY & HAW, Have just op»nad their Rplendid »SIfrtdi6Qt of goodi, lo WwuWl o*ff building They bare a full stock of IROW, STEEL, trails, Wagon Timber, SHELF 111KAVY 11ARDWAUE. "Ct'TI.EUY, ||ii ETerythluK Usually found fti I bare now on hantj a full'stock of the CELEBRATED QUINCY STOVES, USE )f0 and am prepared to OFFKR ©HEATER INDFCiiMENTT8 TO BUYERS than can be had elsewhere. My assortment of AND HEATING STOVES Both for "Wood and Coal i»4be best to be found anywhere. EVERY STOVE IS WARRANTED. I am prepared to put up uroph, or any fithef of the 6rgt-class Qook S'^vtis •ai of tho large lasreasod doiaad a|i^'' 8.H. they sell 'Tt In 'nR. krveial other beautifully Illustrated, Interesting and valuable family works. Also for Pedlers and Agents a great variety of Pic tures, enes, Portraits of eminent Generals and Civilians,i'ems for the Album, Ac., together with a Urjre assortment of Stationary Packages.— These goods sell well. tonaSi o e IM I S A S S A W A E S O E «alland ozaailp*««r|Mok aad prices. store, are receiving and continuing to receive tbe largeet steak of FANCY AND 8TAPLE SHEFFER, & CO. -FOU- pgy GOODS —AMP— Groceries, fftey lavs made lari* addlttea to thoti Store fsr rePelvIng their spring stock Which Is Just arriving from the Head of Market. It Is well known hero VMMdff CHEAPER! CHEAPEST! FOR C.4.811. Call forth* worth of vour inunpv. G. Apr'l.THW. address UENKY HOWB, Hi Main V'eet, Cinclnaatl. Vv' DRY We km aht a tea ^)Eirru:HESs such as Cloth*. Patinetts, Kentucky Jeans, Fartncis Satins, Our 'ioods Rememier March all w i sasisfy you that what I CHRISTIAN AUWERDA. Coontry Merchants supplied HKNKT A HAW. -Ottamwa, Iowa. ^Si^_ at short notice the Stepart tieek CsMatet, Tri TINWARB, OF THE BEST QUALITY. Castings of all kinds, Sheet-iron, Sad-irons, Brass Kettles, Enameled Kettle*, Ao. pWOM *mn taken Tn e.Trhanpe for goods. UlUUll'.VU, b(-[ i, lO'ii. Idaiio thrown in the Shade! GREAT RUSH OF MINERS TO THE NEW DIGGING^. i. 4 8 O N I 8 I N I S O V E I E S UKPARALELLED RICHNESS OF THE NEW MINES! or V,!* TIIEO. OMSTOCil. GOING TO IDAHO TO OJBT SlOB I OtUnswa,Iowa,possesses as great sdvantagsa for bargains as the territory of HaV" HERMAN & LICHTENSTADTER, QOOD8 •war fcroagbt te Ibis market, consisting la part of LADIES FINE DRESS GOODS French Merino, Wool Delaines, Black Silks, Reps, Mohairs, Alpaccas, Moiambiqjes, Chaliies, Ginfrhamo, Cambrics, Calicoes. Brown and Bleached Musiins, Denims,Poplins, kinds. Swiss and Jaconet Muslins, Damasks. Linens, Edgings, Insertings,Table Covers, Towlings, l.Hacks,Majors. A Most Attractive Variety of CWati, lliawls, Hoop Skirts,Oloves, HandkereMefc, Hosiery, Velvet and La mlngs. Ribbons,BstmoraTt, Collars,Sleeves, Nets. A ftall line of were purchased at the lowest Cash Prides, aud will be sold to suit the times. the Place^^^ JgXTENSIVK JMPBOVEMENTJ Stripes Tickings, Flannels of all YANKEE NOTIONS, of Goods to suit the most fastidious taste. We would call special attention to a select assortment of LadieSj Misses and Childrens Shoes, and in fact every descrlnUoa «ood|. I.lnen and Flannel Shirts, drawers, NEW YOUK DRY GOODS EMPOKICll. Curlew Block. 17,18M-a«-l| HIKMAN A LICHTENSTADTER. (MTI1IWA, undersigned has opened a Drugstore In the Curlew buildlngandhMa large and extensive stock of PURE DRUGS (hernials. ff telfiM Epileptic Pi|ls for Sale. PbjFsicians prescriptions filled with Oftre, night or day. A lARGESTOCK o/ Cool Oil Lamp*, C&iia nty«%eU\, The Patent Hvniter Burntr, icHhovt »moletr odor, ami nut *uily muting%i*hed. Jv*t th* a night Lamp.t/Ungfot V PURE SHKFKFR, A Co., If Opposite (he N itlnnal BMlk, OTTUMWA, VACCINE MATTER- IOWA. v fresh and purs, kept constaotlr on hand andf sale hy Much *4, 1W4 PETER CTECHT. He eturn. i s sincere thank s for the patronxc. mm Wool Cardial SPiNNINQ, FULLINQ, 1 WEAVINGai ANb »Uttll be prepared amouct of new and vor me with a oall. Those whr. live trouble andl so Rolls,mil for the past ten solicit a Ottnmwa May ffHOI.KSA.LE ZJ, a.: i O E S S I K a on or about Jo lo Monday .Mby l^tfc allklnds ofwoik li. my aaoij^r,and .ein ibf very l«# iii upon shortest notice. the II at rig a largo improved machinery.i I cau coniplrte^nd prompt satisfaction to all A N O O U S E And a. glvo who at may fa­ a Ustaoce Wlllnow bssavedOtO time In making twotrips if they fish flone hv 5toppInc onetilehl. a n k u for e liberal forthSW them spun,they can hav^fa .Tfatnmoth *n .. iii patronage bestowed ye:irs, at Agency City, at Ottnmwa,knfVrespectfu||yonI conttnu*iiceofthe same ing thatl am better prepared to do work on shone notice and better than heretofore. ta .IOUN ZtlAUFd 15.1Sfl9-tf.__ WM. C. MOSS JR. & CO* AND RETAIL DEALERS rW consisting of 1 !Dry Goods, i.« BOOTS Sa SHOES, CLOTHING iT Bat9 and Caps, QUEENSWARE ANDp GROCERIES, CORNER FRONT and COtIRT Street*, *r. Ottumwa* Iowa. -j .14' v A JOBBING STOCK CM* BOOTS, SHOES, HATS, CAPS QUEENSWARE & GROCERIES, Constantly on hand at Chicago Prices." Wm. C. Moss Jr., A C£.f: Ottumwa, Iowa, Jan. 19, 1663. vm.m Stock of NEW GOOD^., HAWLEY & SON BwlU^oreosiviitg EGleaveto announce tothelreuslomers public generally, that they are now ope:.In®thoan-: i the stock of largest and best selected DRY GOOD^, Groceries, HATS 5NB .1 P3, BOOTS AND SHOES. a w a e NAILS AND CLASS, Ea brought to this marlcet. Boagbt ash at the present low rates,aad i Sold Cheaper than Etrer, C. C-. WAHDK DRESS GOODS, particularly,hns a n extensive aed varied assortmaat to which he particularlr would call the attentioa alia Ladies. CALL A N and weare re w e lavaaal*la| the largest and mostconipiet••todtOf (Directly IOWA. Pru Store.' The opposite e 'Tonic Psteit ledicini, Fucj Articles, JL«. Pure Wines and Liquors for Medicalporpose 01 with which proscriptions will bo Alio&. Bitters," r. w %r I I: si 9 Glass and Crockery Ware, it tf** wll^* u FOR DASH, PRODUCE, OB A-PP^^ved Credit. DOWN SO THt PRICES! has Again been east and purchased O A S 4iA«MAfa»(emi«nia^f niy tains^k or SPRING AND SUMMER GOODjjf Comprlseng all Staak articles usually calledforln of merchandise. In agen^(4l Of fj"| EXAMINE. uill sell you goods- April 8, Uo- Warden Ever brovtgh to pttnm^va AHEAP AS DIRT. *$r r-?:: nHTIE rXTTET) ap statt:.- -L llEACil IIEACH STREtT, s IJOTKIf STREET. BOSTON MA! pOSTON-. MAfSS. l*o ton «ud The subscriber most he has Hale,**. Worcester Ball, road Depot.) respectfully Informs his frleada and the public,that after an experiecce of over tilno years as an Assistant ut the American House, in •city, terms theft*tJUg leased upon very favorable If.MTKD STATES llOTCl., which has for a long pei iod. un -r the ..hie and pap ular superintendfuce of Col. SpoOcee, receivtdja very libiral patronage. —f Thr ui ilt ii.'!)e i will endeavor to ularity of the KaiablUhmcnt as First Chins lintel, and solicits your patronage, assuring yon that exortlon on his part shall be wanting, to render y| stay at his house ible and agreeabte Aug36'W-«»18-botkoowfort y FRANK M, PKAT1 CAW TO THE SUFFER I N" •'Sarsn|*rril!.," dotes." A\., «fc., and after you art result, then try one ho\ of Ot.n t.Noi.tsH Spbcific Pili,.-—and aeliuir COAl OIL AUtMts ON HAND hasrecelved the pastyear,rerj[Iheral hs Warrante,] by his a e n i o n tohis business o merit e denci of the public. Give Druggist.**wi Front Ptint me a call as uStimulaut It al»o where it is when nutie,by ry you waul anythlngin my line, altfcaralgnt or day. Ottumwa. Mar. I». PETEKITECHT. nlO-tf by t- koop ap tho pa#, a "Nervous Aftil ttistled wi b|^» Doctor be restored to hu»ith and vigor In le«s thirty days. Th-jy purel* vegetable, pleasant to take, prompt »4r- aiutar» In. their effects -n the broken down ,j shattered con ^titutlor. Old and young can Uv, thtlu with vantage. Imported aud sold u ,hv I'nite 1 States JAS. S. BL TLKR, '*£1 Sroaduayi Ne* Vorkl a* A! .eu» frr the I'ui'e.l Stslts. A hoa of the Villa, securely packed, wilBhtt mailed t* any ad.,r(!l# 0u receipt of price, wUca is One peliar, p^id—money refunded by Agent if entir-j »»tis{actloft is not given, Jaly SI, S u PROF. O. J. WOOD'S IIA I K 1IKSTOK A I V iv The Astonishing preparations turns the Hair blaek and alluuoiea&autremove*original,health,.lustericalphenedandand,,softness,grayandCutaneous.,the4ccurebecomealsoTetterhavingwilllleadDatnlrutTfrom-Italtafter|f.,caIditshhi..ascolorallItin—such.%\itn:origleuulyItstoEruptionsreinstates creates a perfectly healthy condition of the s^-alp. prev.-utjthe Hair rrntn and fittlinR olf, and h» and Tonic t.- the thciu or^^ns s«|». plying the coloring matter to tne Hair, completely restoring to their ordinal vigor and tha* preventing all tendency to become— becoming unhealthy oausi* it to grow roloriug'essa-thicketiaundorgans resuscitating the Mip|ly nu riuient ai..l Thousauds of and hopes ennfi- Soldiers i n e Army have the above, who had sickness, teatlflrdta become gray and lost their Hair change of climate, and inattention while performing camp duty. A lT*»eht, hy Drti^g»sis g» ,*£ Restorative aud Dressing, It has ao equal. *2 For sale hy P*t«r Dragglst, Ottnmwa, nerallr CMT H'W i'- £.SV

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