Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier, March 28, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier dated March 28, 1867 Page 3
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THE OTTl'MWA COURIER +TZ Our Tawn and Conttty the first installment of the article in Wapolto County, i s business rp eoarcca, etc., furnished the Register bf Rfl corresponding editor, Mr. Ca tej, lis# appoared in thai paper. Wo shall probably receive the bal ance of it irt time to publish it Incur tje^t week's'weekly., "This account efoflrmaKfriat rfesonr ces furnished by disinterested par ty, ^ill bean interesting and valiia ble document to send abroad, provi ding it docs os justice of which we have BO doubt. Wo therefore advise ouch one of our friends to order, say a dosen extra copies ot next week's paper, to send to their old neighbors and acquaintances, as it may be liko bread cast upon the water No prop erty holder 6r otWsr person interest ed ia our growth and welfare, could make a better investment. We shall tryi tomikd the p«per ht other respects attractive, and,a cred itable aflair to send abroad, and one that will-compareffavorably. w-Uh the ,weekly papers of any locality Qrders should be left between «pyw «tid Saturday evening. "v.- v SCHOOL EXHIBITION.—W© The manner of instruction and the Advancement of her scholars indicates the fact plainly that Miss Jones un derstands her profession. We regreted our inabilitj to atiend the exercises in Miss Taylor's de partment yesterday, bu.t, understand th&t they were highly satisfatory to visitants. To-morrow is to be devoted all day to Miss Coopers Department, and 9gftln ugo the public and especi ally parents and those taking an in terest in educational matters to call in and witness the interesting, and entertaining cxerejacs. —1 t'lt(.'/'* 1!'''' THE CHOLERA" It is the opinion of the nlost expe rienced and eminent medical men of this country, that we are to have another visitation of this terrible scourge during the coming summer Alftt in vie# of this probability it is h'ghly important that our city au tbentiM and the dtizetis'* generally should be moving jn. ,the matter ot prqwvration. 1 3"^' has become a wclj established fact, that this malady c-aa bo robbed jf its terrors to a great extent, by proper sanitary regulations. The Cholera prevailed in most of our large Pcities last summer but the statistics show that in Philadelphia, notwithstanding, the disease prevail ed there for serao time, the average mortality waa less than in any pre vious year of late Bhowin^ that the wise precautions in the way of clean lines*. ttdoptcd by the city, rendered the Cholera alnipsli impotent} and reduced the amount of ordinary sick ness, #nd the nsual n^ of.^pathp e a y w J- The same may #1 ,Ncw, York, whfere the Board of iltalth throttled the monster at the very threshold, and such was the control over the epidemic that it.was mainly confined to illy venfiliated pmrters, and notoriously fiFthy neighborhoods^ and people while the, oidinary busi ness of the city was carried on as usual and without panic. The idrainage of this city should bo attended to, as soon as the frost goes otrt of the ground, while old privies should be filled up and doodo rtxed iramed lately. The: piles of manure lying around barns and ii\ alleys should be hauled and thrown into the river during the high water, providedjoqr neighboring farmery have not enterprise to haul ty out andjspread iVovor their farms to be returned next fall in .potatoes at one dollar per bushel a vigorous campaign against all manners of filth: on persons and. premises should be inaugurated at once, then having put your houses in order, tabbood the vHlainious torch fight whisky of the corner groceries, subscribed and paid for the COCKIER, voted the Republican ticket and keptjyour bowels regular, and being therefor© at peaoe with all the world and thereat of mankind you may safely defy the Cholera. ^JPRKMONT WKKKLY TIMES.—This sterling Iiepublican paper published at Hamburg, Fremont County, comes to us enlarged to about the size of a bed blanket, and greatly improved in every respect in the make up.— No larger or better weekly paper is published in Iowa, and the liberal ity of the public that sustains it or the depth of tho pockets of the editors and publishers, Messrs. Eaton Broth ers must be marvelous. 3 EXCHANGE. Messrs. Speriy B4rker, of the Guthrie Vedette, and W. G. Cambridge, of the Knoxville Republican, have exchanged their es tablishments. iThese tw^soi^ndRepublican papers will of course continue to maintain th& true political gospel, in which we FR|#H then) abundant 6UCO!M^ '•v. -H. .. rp. .EXHIBITION.—we were highly entertained at the exhibition in Miss Jones' Department to day. Thf,recitations ih mental arithmetic wre particuhvrly well performed, while .the demonstrations on the black-board wero veiy crcditable. .^Qf i 4 VJl #?ryMir*, **u*k 90, '67." EDS. COURIER W e n o i o in your-paper. of tW&fe'd, an article sitrncd Bear Creek, calling for the organisation ofaConnty Agrioultur al Society, with the view of holding aft annual Fail*. We second the mo tion and desire to respond to Bear Creek, by inform^ig him, and all oth ers who feel an interest in the growth sand prosperity of our comity, thi& we have organized a society known hi "The Ottumwa Driving Park As sociation." That wo have bought 38 acres of l«Mid, and propose as soon as the weather will admit, to make »half, mifo driving track thereon, also to fe/ice the land and otherwise improve it, for upp as a Driving Park. We would gladly take part in the formation of ,a County Agricultural Society, and Would arrange with such society on Very 'iberal terms, for the ftse of thq .grounds to hold an ^ppual Faiiv Wo therefore invito all tvlfo live jrfortr tfbimty* and Joel an interest in the tfiatter, to meet us at the Qourt 2 o'clock p. m., on Saturd&y Ap&L &th, for the pur pose of organixfag 'tin Agricultural Society for "Wapfetlo county. EX^|ITIVI! COMMITTOT, the OttumMa sociation. Driving Park As­ —.w.: fitful DiamoDd Sicktsiis- Ticknor & Fields, the great Book House of Boston? are publishing a splendid new Diamond Kdition of the entire works ot Charles Dickens, in comparably ifcfcr greatest of Ihriug novel.sts.^.- The first volume, Pickwick Pa pers, has just., been received, w hich contains a finely^executed likeness of -Dickens, while throughout, tbework is illiistrated in the most humorous manner and in the best style of the art by that inimitable dilineator, S. Eytenge, Jr. i J. This is a beautiful and elegant book, distinctly printed on fine tiii^ ed paper and convenient size, white the prico $], 5d for illustrated, anid $1 25 for plain, placee it within the reach of all. It should 1 1 liable of everj* well regulated family that httri^S anj^" protetice to literary uaste, while the Dime Novel, trashy, wishy-washy, "yaller kivercd" stuff too often found there, should be im mediately cotHii'gned to, the tender mercies of Biddy, to be.appropriated to their proper^urposies, to wit: kin dling fires. 1 ^ont ^by t'i8 Jjybtishets. oostaire, paid, on receipt of the above price. REV. FBANK M.'IIV.VKFL of the M. E.,Churcli, now stationed at Albia, formerly MinistoVln chargohere, and late Chaplain to the 35th Iowa, and a Fire |nsurance Iteligionist from St. Louis named Maddern, of considera ble prominence among Univerbalists, are to chop logic or.,father theologic. at Drakeville, conimencing on April 1st (ominous day), and to continue therefore until further orders, and untikeaeh other become in the opin ion of their respective opponents pulverized into impalpable powder. Frank Evans is well known and highly respected ia this community. He was a faithful Chaplain in the army, where his actual contract with the "Sum of all Yillanies" and the minnie bullets he dodged while creep ing around under the noses of his late political associaltcs soon knocked his democracy out of him,, and left 'the M. E. Conference of Iowa, with out one single representative of that moribund institution. They arc to have two sessions per day*. Subject, TJfiiversal Salvation. General Judgment and Universal Missery,'' and tb$ discussion will without doubt baentertaining if not uselul. That Hacking: Cough must bo a .source of gre«t ti'owble, and will cer tainly prOduco fataflf results if not at tended to. Justc enough of Coe's Cough Balsam to.ifct the throat, ta cen once an hour,? will cure it in a v very short time and only costs 35 or 40 cents. V I S GAS—NOT BLO^SO.—-Th^' pore Nitrous Oxide Gas^administered by Johnson 4t Gibbs itr cases of Dental operations has proved to be a success unparalleled. Over fitty patients, thus far, have inhaled it, and been aharmed by its efficacious resalts. MAJIRIED.—-Ia this city, on the 25th inst., at the Depot Hotel, by J. S. Porter, County Judge, Ma. ANDREW XI. THOMPSON, of Idaho Ter ritory, and Miss. IIESTKR A. MCCUL LUM, of Vernon, Van Bureu County, Iowa. Accompanying the above notice camo a "Greenback," which at once convinced us that the lady bad made a good choice. We wish the happy pair a long and happy life. LADIK8.—Whon you buy Salera tus, please notice how much larger the Best Chemica* Saleratus papers are than others. They weigh more. List qf Jitters hefil for flotage at the Ottumwa Poat Office. The4e letters If i^neli\imed within one week, will beaant to the Dead Letter office. J»up4 Co.. Cincinnati, Ohio. & E Rush, Farley, Mo, 4uhn Blrls, Het^glaaa City, Trinity Co., Oal. Andrew Ballad, Mt. Pleasant, Iowa. Postmaster, Afton. Uulon Co., Iowa. PoetoMater, Oireola, Clark Co., Iowa. liles Kate Woroeeter, WhltehaU.IH J. M- KEDRICK, P. M, tMABRiiED.—On the 20th day of Mai^hy 1867, by theliev John Mason, Mr. WHliam II. Copelaud and Miss. Sallie J. Monroe, at Ashland Wapello county Iowa. LOCAL NOTICES. «. tyummw&n, o Wheeler A Wilson's Machine* are the ravorltet for beinjr dteecially a dHpteil that purpose, work more rapidly with lrictlon, anrf with great" er economy of thread t^tt* most, If not ail others.—New York Timex. In looking out for the fciRsT it would h» well to seo the Machines of Wheeler St Wilson, before purchasing elafewhere.— Examiner. S B. The undersigned is niiont to engfig® in the munofxplawotril ^inds of PLQWS. and informs tt^e this and other counties that he tfi'ntake sneh work as will f?!v© entire s«*l»fiwtk»n. He will warrant ev&ry Plow f?trtia, Mareh 6, 18fi7-w2w. -i-i— O a n e s e n Pr nnos, Pin® Nuts of all kinds*. '4'' At r, To loan to reliabl" Farmers on favorabi® terms bv N. Bakor. Ottumwa, Iowa, foc LYSTER, RUTIjEDOE Oil Mills, OKkuloosa, Iowa. March 4th, 1867.—wjtn. J. f-. wit^'ii' SIWIIW MACHINES. THKALTJ, Affenf, '67-dy Ottumwa, Iowa. IPeb20 MPORTASTTOFARMERS! Plows, and It it shoul^ not work a»recommended* h(e.wHl Wb»"«ys be ready to remedy the cxpviisu. rarmers who hav% iq Plows this spring will find it to tbqir fftlT vantage to call on me before purrhallng elsewhere. I nm also prepared to leftalr Plows In good style and on short not lee. PHILIP KEISTKR. OTDETR^ uuiiX—lU. I*ure article Ajiplr^l4er. Cocoa-nuts, Fresh CMfidles -. JelMesofatl kinda^ & RnsYns, Fresh Fi ,*CV -i-: •Si"/ '-•'i- .IN •V -V. 4". •'. i Tiv^ieeo. .-n Cipror», Ao., //..UNDKRWOOD A BRO. 2d St., next to the Post Office. .rift' DEViN'S STOCK MARK Meets the wants of every farmer!"' la within the reaeh of a'l! Will save nnn-h time find money? (Jive universal satisfaction Is easily attached to the ear! Should be adopted by all Will pay-a hig interest on the investaiieot. Ajiplies to Colts, Mules and Cattle as well taSt Sheep. v. tilvw the o*mer*a name and P. O. addrest. Saves advertising and appraisement. Saves the good will A CO'S- NEW AflVEfillSEMENIS,^ 5 Notice to Stockholders. On the 1st day of April, 1867, there will bad neon the subscription to the »toik of the St. Louis and Odar Rapids Railway Company, FIVE installments of 10 per cent eiicii, and it is absolutely necessary that the amount due should he promptly paid, in order to meet the estimates for work and all who do not pay said install ments bv rfnid time to tho Treasurer of xaid Company or the Collecting A pent for Wapello county, will b« prosecuted by the Attornevs of the Company immediate- Mareh H. a. ANGLE, s e i e s i e n 'RT'.I «T if IVotice to Huilders. Bids will l»e received at the office of the Cl^rkofthe District Court until Ar»ril 10th 18':7. for putting a new. rof on County Coal House for further information cail at Clerk's office at Court jljouse. ,, L. M. GODLEY 'lerk, D. March 23—dtd THOMAS K. SHEPHERD, Wholesale and Retail dealer In LIGHTNING RODS ADD PUMPS F- TI'** FFJ V OF ALL KIXDQ, A id I- -i it-.- of your neighbor.. Saves trouble in identifying your sheep when mixed with other &ocka Solon Robinson, AgHcnlfnra!correspon dent of the New York Tribune says: "It Is thn most simple, eaay, common sense method of tnarking ever devised. ^fjfrOrders soiicite1. For information and sample mark, address the undersign ed, enclosing stamp. T. J. DEVIN, lJ^lM.fJw4m ^"^wa. Iowa. TO PABMERS. rATItSMZR rovn BO we UA N UFA C7UR, E7ts FLAX SEED md SIZES. Pumps 4|f Inehfl*, bore and tubing two inches, tiiat will throw one barrel of water per minute. Pitcher Pumps with iron °r lead pipe, for weilanr nlMerna. I will v hiloHitlo riul» HQd USl'npS ap low f«r cash as Rastern Manufacturers^ with freight added. I will keep on hand the Very beet' Wild Cucumber Wood Pnmpni* Shop mi 2d street west of t'onrt, Big Pump. Residence on corner of 4th A Marlon streets, two blocks weat of Court House, Oitumwa, Iowa. maris,1807—dAwy [i5j TRAVELERS. INSURANCE COMPANY, OF CHICAGO. LIFE AND ACCIDENT Cask Capital (all paid in) $100,800 W. H. C. JAQUKS, Agent, Ofutnwa, Iowa. WILLIAMSON, M. H., EXAMINER. March 15, 1897-i*wSm. SKLLING OFF AT COSJ. From this daU to first of April next, the aubcriber will sell at the eorper of Main and Market streets, his present stock of groceries, provisions. Fixtures and alos one house to be moved off the ground. Stock consisting of general groceries, such, aa Sugar, Ooflee, Tea, Sploes,* Sods, Candles, Oil, Mackerel, White Fish, a great variety of puts, and candies, grain sacks, willow baskets, wash-boards, buck et*. tubs, Ac. Store ticturee, consisting of one large show case, store, four eounter scales, one platform, ballaooe, one forty gallon oil can Ac. ec. 3. W. TOWRR. F-.b Sth. !1T. 7W L'. MESSRS KEMP k GUTHRIE Are new at their workshop manufactur ing, among other tliinga, several hui^dtvd Ojfthe fttaseua Missouri Corn JHa&ert. Now fs the time for our Farmers to get their Com Planters repaired, ocrwwwacU |f deal red, fty the eoming season^ Egtate. Bonnifierd & White, Estate Aplst, say Real Estate for Sale, (No 1) A Farm of 110 seres, $ miles north of Ottumwa, all well fenced and good soil, atf25 per acre. (No 7) A Farm of 968 acres, 7 mites north of Ottninwa, 275 acres under Rood fenqp &nd ia (iiiltivstion. Good House and barn/ good orchavtl, well apd stock water, price f85 per acre. (No 8) Farm of 200 acres, lOmi'es south west of Ottumwa, HE acres in cultivation, balance? timber acl.loinirji 3 houses, also, stables. with orchard, small fruits, fec. Price fl3 per' acre. (No 12) Farm of 163 aerea near Martins burg Kookuk countv, 14^ acres of which is first quality of prairie under fenorand cul tivation 2:1 acres No one tiuibor frame honne, stables, Sc bearing orchard, Ac. Price $26 pe acre. (No 13) Farm of 120 near Blakea bnrg, 80 acres in cnltlvktmn, good frame house, and barn, smaliorihard, fct\ Price 12200. (No 15) Form of 100 awres If rtiil^s from Ottrmwa, on (sonth s^de ot the river.) 50 acres in cultivation, fr«ne house of four rooms, staltles, Ac. Price $45 per acre. (No.J7) A Farm of l4o acr««, 10 miles south west frorti Ottumwa, lO^Acrs under Once. andSOacerfl Jn cultivation, good hewed log house of three rooms, frame •tables aim cribs. Price $15 per acre. (No IS) A Farm of 12S acres one mile from Ottumwa, (on Ron^h fide ofMie river.) 7fiacres in cultivation, hnllnnce prairie bottom, timber, frame lionseoffour rooms, good cellar, well and cistern. Price #40 per acre. (No 20) A Farm of 315 acres, one mile from Ottumwa, 175 acres under fence and in a high state of cultivation, one good frame hou«eof si* rooms, two log «nd frame houses of two and three rooms each, stahlesi, orchard and Ac. Price^fSO per acre. (No 2') A very desirable Farm, one mil® from Albia, Iowa. containing200acresand 100a6rea, well fenced, good houst and barn, large orchard, Ac. (No Zi)' Farm of 410 acres, 8 miles inorth east from Ottumwa, 320 in good state ot cuU4vatimi,good timber, two miles from the fnrfti land, good house, burn, and out buildings, large hearine orchard, good fence, and water. 320 rods Hedjre fence, 120 acres blue grass pasture. Price 925 'per acre. WILD LAKTW in theoountlew of Wap pel low, I'ivi», Monroe, Rineold. Decatur. Union. Story, Grundy, and Benton, at from 93 to $0 per acre. CITY PROPERTY .. A good frame house of four rooms and cellar let |00X178 feet on 6th, and Cass strets. A new first, class two story brtek dwell ing house, fitted np with every desirable convenience, on Fourth Streetj two blocks from the Court House. A good two story brick dwelling house ot 7 rooms and cellar, good cistern and stable situated on Marion, street, will be aold cheap. A frame dwelling house containing fi rooms and a halt, also good cellar an cis ternituHted on Fifth and Jefferson Street. For fill! psrtinnlsrs apptv to BONNIFIFXD tr WHITE Reiil Estate A«rents. Office at the Bank of W. B. Bonnifield A Co., Mair, street Ottumwa Iowa. March 6, 1867-djtwtf WANTR!. A wim within 5 or 6 miles North-east ofOttnmwii. Enquire of EDWIN WHITE, Reil Estate Agent. •Jan. 31—diwiw. WANTED. A few grf»fl tenants for a lart»e farm 4i miles belowOtXumwa. on the River bottom. For pnriieulars address or enquire of. dAwlin. THOS. DEVIN. FOR Two dwelling houses in this city, price $1,000 and A Farm of 150 acres, about one taSle from this city. $^.5 per acre. A Farnt of 1(50 acres, seven miles from' this city, in KOOI1 March 9,187-d«w3an state of cultivation.— Price per acre. A Farm of 240 ucres, half miles east of

Drakeville, Davm county, with large two story frame dwellinsc houne 240 apple trees, 240 rods of heli^e fence, good burn, fiO grape vines. )Hrre quantities small fruits. Farm that is in excellent state of cultivation, and not excelled for soil in Davhtoaunty. Also, another Farm, near the latter, of 220 acres, well improved and unexcelled in soil. A larpe Brick, two story. House. 40 feet front with fotir lots, barn, carriage hourfe, wood shed, a pood office for physician or lawyer, enty of small frait, all in good order, in Drakesville, Davis, Co., Iow». Price ft2.^00. Also. 60 acres of land about one rail north of this city. Price f0 per acre. A. TI. HAMILTON. DU3FEE A POLLARD. ^jnewaSH* If, tlfiXVfAC ft/MEl IV-. Front street, near Hunter it Co.'/» Will, Otlumwa. |«wn. Mannfhctnres all kiil^S of Carriages, Buggies and Wagons «K OF THE BtST MATERIAL AND LATEST STYLE. 5t^-Rep«iiing done vvit^t neatness and dispatch. All orders thankfully received and promptly attended to. ps-Please give us a cati, and examine our work before purchasing elsewhere. 0RBANS AND litE10D EONS Persons intending to purchase any ot the above instruments, will tind it To their Advaatage To call 6n'4he undersigned before pur chasing elsewhere, as he has nutdo arrangements with Eas tern Hoases, enabling him to sell instru ments as cheap as they can be, bought in New York citv. Jt^r- Agent /or Prince it Co.'s celebrated Organs aud Melodeons. B. KRQEGER Court street, bet. Front and Second. Ottumwa, March 12, 1867-J*w3m [71 Actual Business Training. Young menl If you wish to invest in something that will render you quick re turns, attend Bryant, Stratton and Chris ty's Buaineaa College, where you can re ceive thorough instruction in Book-keep ing, Science of aeoounta. Laws of Trade, Commercial Correspondence, In fiw* ev erything requisite In business }iD», and where the ifyenceritin System Additas, BRYANT, STRATTON CHRISTY, febflj 1607-dSia, purllngtoD, Iowa. k Banks. REMOVED. THS FWST NATIONAL BANK Has removed to the Curlew Block, nearly opposite Cowan's Drug Store. Convention of 7-30 IVotc* v Maturing August 15th n&b, can be effected without ch.irge for trans portation or com nis^sion, on application at the Bank. J. B. FIELDS, Cash'r. Ottumwa, March 12, WC7-daw3m.» 75-^r BANKING. W. B. Bonnifield, Lfttr President of FirNational Jiank of Ottumwa, having formed a co-partnership With Beniainin KHndall snd Cary Iuskeep, is now prepared to do a general" Banking and Exchange Business Drafts for sale on all parts of Europe Money Loaned, and Collections made at all accessible points, an proceeds prompt ly remitted. Having.IJIIR experience In Banking, and every facility for rendering business plensnnt nml siiiisractory, we solicit a share of public-patronage. W. B. BONNIFIELD, March 4, 1867-dawtf President. OTTUMWA BANK v--., v or «TTVHWki H. G. ANGLE, Pife«!«tt, GEO. A. STONE, Cashier. Drafts fr.r sale on all the principal cities of the United States and Europe. Gold, Government Bonds, Compound Interest Notes bought and sold on the most favorable terms. Interest Paid on Deposits,1 Money leaned, and collections tnade all accessibin points. Feb 5, 1867-dAWtf SHERIFFS SALE. By vlrtueofan Execution tomedirected. issued by the Clerk of the District Court of Wapello county. State of Iowa, I have levied upon and will expose to pnblic sale at the front door of the Court House, in said county, the following described prop erty to wit situated in said county and State: Lots No. 11, }6, IS and 19. in Curts sub-division, of partof lots 12,13 in Gil more'g sub-divUion of the North-east quarter ot Section (24) twenty-four Town ship (72) seventy-two. Range (14) fourteen. Said sale will take place on the 27th day of Apiil, 1867, between the hours of 9 o' clock A. M., and 4 o'clock P. M., com mencing ai 10 o'clock A. M. The snid property having been taken at the suit of Hendershott A Burton, vs William Hobbs, to satisfy said Execution (t-Vi.OO) fifty-five dollars and interest and costs. Sheriff's Office, Ottumwa, Iowa, March 27tb, 1887. O. A. DERBY, Sheriff of Wapello do., Iowa, v I.KV IL NOl'ICE. To J.V.i P. Gardner— You are hereby notified that the petition of John Prosser is now UU X— «L. «R ««•«. civ itw IT llic trict Court of Wapello county, Iowa, in which petitioner askn a decree of specific performance of a contract dated Sept. 1st, 18F.7, by which the Des Moines Navigation and Ilallrottd Company agreed for a cer tain consideration, to deed to petitioner the following described real estate, situa ted in Wapello county. Iowa, to-wit: The south half ot' the north-east quarter, and the north-west quarter of the south-east quarter of section eleven fill, township seventy-one [71], range fourteen [14] west* And unle.-s you appear and make defense to said petition on or before noon of the second day of the next Term of said court, to be commenced on the 27th day of May, 1867, default will betaken and decree ren dered according to prayer of petitioner, and the titloto said real estate quieted in petitioner and for cost. Mourns .T. WlLT-IAMS, mnt20 '57-4w Att'y for petitioner. i„r:c:Af. aoTicR. State of Iow«*, Wapello county—as Estate of Jatnes Aclon, late of said eoon ty, deceased. To all whom it may Concern! Notice is hereby given that theund^r siftned, administrator of the said estate, in obedience to the order o' the Countv Court of said county will upon the lir*t Monday* in June, A. D. 18f7, "make a full settle! nient of said estate, and distribute the re* mainder of the money in his hands be longing to said estate to the wido-w and heirs of decedent, JOHN W. AOTON, Administrator of said estate* HACK J. T. WORTH, Att'y. March 14, }867-w4t LEGAL NOTIC® State of Iowa. Wapello County. 1 •:1 & 5 ,J Rstate of David Wilson late of sail) County deceased, To all whom it may concern* Notice is hereby given thattho undersitmed admin istrator of said estate in obedian^e to the order of the County Court of said Countv, will upon the 1st Monday in April, 1S67, make full settlement of^aid estate and distribute the remainder of the monev in his hands to the widow and heirs decedent, of which all persons interested will take notice. H. C. WILSON, Administrator. Feh$t-Wlw. t£OAL WOTlCBi State of Wapello County—M« £JstMp of Ann Newell, late of sai« conuty, deeeased: Notice is hereby given that the undersigned, administrator of said estate, will, by the first Monday in May, 1807, tile with the county court^afull r'ei^ port of the administration of said estate, and ask said oourt to make an order of distribution to the heirs of decedent the remainder of money in his hanrts belong ing to said ewate, ot' which all persons in terested will take notice. DSUOSTHRXKS a* virtue nf a Special Execution to *»e directed, hy the Clerk of the 01*trlct Court of Wnpello countv State of Iowa, conmaanrtlog me to rll the property hereinafter lf!»cr!beil, r» r.v a decree of »ald conrt directed, I will expoee to aale, at puM'.c auction to the highest anil te*t bidder for «ash In hand, at the front ilnor of the Court Houae, in Wapello county, Io«£. on the thirteenth da.v of A| rll 1SC7, be-" tween the housri of 9 LCCitt ^fOTlCS. Henry Marslmll, administrator ofthe estate of F. A. Marshall, sir The pttition ot" Will T. Maior is on tile in thenfhcc of the Clerk of the District court of Wapello county, Iowa, in which petitioner asks a decree declaring a certain judgment of said district court satisfied which \y«s ren dered December 9th, 1861, in favor ot F. A. Marshall and against said Will Ma jor, et H1. of Penman­ ship is taught in its purity. Send Dor College Paper, "follege "Green backs," and Specimens of Penmanship. And unless you appear and make defense to said petition on or before noon ofthe second day ofthe next term of said distrfat ceurt to be commenced on the 27th day of May, 1807, default will be ta ken and a decree rendered according to prayer of petitioner. MOJWIS 2.WILU4MB, Of all deicrlptloca, and void a* p^e»p I had in th.a piarket. Fiand l.Ot'W—Of the heat hranda atwaan I cllj. Also pets. NEWRLL, ,, Administrator. SHEBirFKSJILR. a'doelc A. M. and 4 o'clock, F. M., oaramenclng at 10 o'clock A. M. of «ald day, the folloirlng real caiate to wlt: Ijot thirty hve block six in the towa of Hlakeshurg. tiikea HS bv special exe cution directed as the parojterty of A. J. satiaf^' said execution in fltv«»r of A. B. Long, and aninst A. J. Weldy, or the sent of one humred and thirty £uue dollars and interest ainfeoi^L G. A. Iorl)v, Sheriff of Wapello Co., Iowa, by Or in A. Derby Deputy. Sherifra Office, Ottumwa, Iowa, March 5th 1867, SCHUTTLEB TUB Brown's New Improved Voncnte ithe I Corn Ha titers for 1867, CAVTOV CLIPPER Pl.OWS. REAPERS AND MOWERS, MAS' JLOM THRESHER' CULTIVATORS, IIAT-JiAKES FUtlB, SALT AKD CEMENT sale at 1^. BAKER'S ^S~The hisfhest market price paid ft» all kinds of Cmln. Seeds. Woel pt- Hides Pelts. Pirk, Rap, Beeswa* IB*- Snaker*ot, Ac. Near B. & M.Railroft Depot, Feb. 7, lB67-wtt I Ottumwa, Iowa. Lti: DR. L. V\. CLARK Ottu ntre nis for- March 19 '«7-tdt A 1STEW AT T8® |.V)WB8T |il€«81 «s iii •n A.SCHMOEM H«(jnftrtc«Wrd the larpeit AM imrnt 1 b#• elected anck tn Uili ctly, coa«l*tlv of tbellow Of artkUt: BOOTS and SH0B! of il! klad*, and beat qaalltjr la th« etr I sice vonM call your atteatloo to my *«kt od «tock of French Call aad Kip Boota, ore made and warranted Uw (enaiaa arUcia are aented. Of the very latett itylet and loweat prieeh Pt tbo et|y. Pleiae call aad IHto aatUftr yoaraelt eerie delivered free of charge to aajf tb« All th* abovtfGfaort* will be sold meh for dash. 3' Remember the place- Second door wetfffor. Blake a Oo*a Drag Store, Main street, wa, leva. M*.? ,'e AprU 10th, 18W—• K 11 f-S BEMOVAI W & A Gt. Hius Having Removed to their New, HO. 24, UNION BLC are now openinf* a large stoc' DRY GOO GROCERIES, BOOTS & SIIG, Hats and Capt Ladies Fill A GOOD STOCK OF Fancy Dress Goot .BUTTONS, GLOVES, llOSlEI'Y, i Bacifia y i', ?»K* tnr*«n. Will be at the Jefferv,, on Monday, April lst^wiU. mer patients can see i\w, tyt-well as all others who rnav need tieuojtor's assist ance. Dr. Clark has n»Mb the treatment of Chronic Diseases a life wly, and has also the advantage of his tlier'n practice of iorty yenrs. Poor folk^iust be cared as well as thu rich. Cousmtion frou 59flr-Rejnemler the day ti'i i w Of all kind*, honphf atnee the yreal loathe market, which trill be aold at the t#r cea. Call and aa« If fou waci to tate TT**haiutn un«l 0» ALL (ISM. WOCSES AWtUOW tE.| TRIMMINGS. 1 '3' orKxehangod. f| CLOAKING S,^RS (1 Single, Double, and Three-plyT.*»Kht We are the only pnrilca that keepl WE £ELL FOR GAS] and pay no rents, therefore can and will As Low as any House in th£ctiy[ OOOim ,4S MEPItM SEATED Ol HA rii ANOi' TELECRAPHlC tf..ST/UTE IS NOW OPE A' AT 1 Havtnp oompleted, equinped and pnt tk operation nearly One Hundred Miles® road, from Sxeramento ,/ ^lifornia. to within 12 rnilia* 3)f the snmmit of the Sierra'' V Nevada Mountains. eon-,nf ft «rj :Wy,"e tooflfreTor sale, '.!fi *l,ron8ht?s,thel^ Interest at the rate of Si* In the Oitv of New York. n o n e n est from est from January 1st and the Earnings of the portion already ninn,,.^ very heavy, and largely iT® cess ot the interest upon the Bonds. "»y'nSbeon ,untrv. J. W.4t. i. G. aUUKMT Nov, ?7, wly-dlui. Rnrt W commission French's Calf, Kip, and Heaw Roota,lf^V_ „»urvEN-THIRTY OTKH /K A/I(UI W/ 11^ A Z I I .V'FLLI'FI 1 S*T 4 I ir&Ef. made by hand and WARRANTED, If you wont work, call for sell by the ease or single pair. lieiitg tbatikful for past patronage, solicit a continuance of theaame. KfKVK, And conducted the sutne as t'ollege at Dubuque, winch ia the oldst,*11^ i" theHU.te. Full Commercial course* Teleirrapbing s Deductions made whe h°th together: also to Clubs, bled So idler*. A good boajrdinghouae tieue for Circular. OlAL OOLLEOK, Keoku 4k r. M0RT0A9E BONIS issned in conformity with the Acts ot Congress and the laws of the State of C»l!« forma, noon the division ot'theii Road lo» cate in the State of California, and ex* t?ndine one hundred and fifty-six miles from Socramenta City to the California' S'nfeline. 'i »ef. .1 Thht? Years to rua from July 1,1865, and are secured. Lyr FIRST MORTGAGE Constituting an abmhtt* prior lien on th&% portion of Road above named, with all the Rights, FrancMfp«, ICquipmetU*, die, mw taiqingthereto. rmrrl nf Frat Mortgaire' .®""» Iv P«r mUe Is limited by law to the amount of United States Bonds al.owed ami issued to aid the construction, ot the Roiid, nnd the Mortr»(re bv which they are,secured is DECLARED BY ACT OF CONORESS TO CONSTITUTE LIEN PRIOR AND SUPERIOR •THAT OF THE UNITED GOVERNMENT. mr Annum, payable Semi-AnnuHllv, on thT First dav« of Janimrv and July" Wriootpal and Interest payable la UNITED STATES GOLD COIN", o o w n a i a i e I i pPr oe"t* *n} ««*rued Company reserving the rieht to "dvaiie2 the price whenever it is their interest to da i 5 s^| f:, Of the f.r '.i' Great Vataonal Faoiiie Aailroftd^! authorized, adopted pod »ided bar 1 It runs through the heart of the rffltinnl populous section of the Utato of California, connecting the Extensive Mining Regions of with Sacramento and the Peciflc Coast. Ili?Hnt«rrhvnce ,heir inter­tha n Currencr Ho»J«»ro» j|^ p.n MAIJV TBtlKB i ?'Sih TV? Z i 8uPP,ies mu«t bo drawn Com ffr some time familiar with the onerntjons of the Central Paeilio ltailroad Company, we are satisfied that they are conducted with rare abilitvand prudence, and that the energetic and economical inanHgement of the Compa nv-s nfTi.irs enHtles them to the confidence of Camtalists and of the pub ic. We have carefully investigated the progress re sources, nnd prospects of the Ropd, 'and have the fullest confidence In it- mm and in the value and stability of the Cora* pany's securities. The attention of True tees of Estates, Institutions, and indl» tong, safe and r«ma« nerative investment, is especially inviteit, to these First Mortgage Bonds. U Oeders may be forwarded to us direct or through the principle Banks and BanlB%i ers in ail parts of the country. Remittan«-es mav be made in drafts rp New York, or in Legal lender Notes, Na tional Bank Notes, or other funds current in this city, and the Bonds will be foiw warded to any address by Express, free e# charge. Inquiries fbr further particu lars, by mail or otherwise, will reoeivtf punctual attentive. FISK & HATCH, BANKERS AND DEALERS U o vex u mentSf cwritiea!. No. 5 NASSAU STREET, N Y. N. B.—All kinds of Government Secii4 *4ties received at the full market price |fc-r exchange for the above Bonds. Also, '-1 All deseriptiop of Government Seon*!^ ties kept constantly on hand, and Bought u n o e e Deposits received on liberal for cash J-^special l' iop -ins. Wlth I#1 terntfv object to check at sight. ^-co«ecUona made throughout t|M»^ JEAI*« S.<p></p>£Y.^»^-rr,r=.-t attention given to toe Ex-- the New FIvE-TWEN- ortb American Steamship Go. Opposition Line to California, ia Nicaragua every Twenty H*yt passengers, Freight, and U.S. Mailt On the following first-class steamships Connect'0 o» Pacific 0^ Oh Atlantic Ocean- l*ANl|AOO 1K Ct'Bi SA* Fkam'ISCO, NV AltAOUA, Dakota, Passap and #40 i «y are taken and, dtsa- College luiHding id res* V'ONJMUkl Iowa. •W" A TO STATES v AMKBtOA. MOSiKS TayiAB^ NEBUASK^ N£VAUAi Freight Sralingdaysfron\New "Vork: March 2Wh, n!uy April 20th at Reduced Bate* v June'iOtli, And every twenty dayHthereager. on the Saturday previous ^hM* i sailing dav comes on Sunttay.. H'') For furthef intorination apply th® i,, NOUTH AMISBU'Al^STEAmillP CO?u March 18 1807-d3i# *I2) i i i I»EMIN« HOUSE,, J. H. ."Mr L»W4 J- WRL ... Jmk&mmi Si- vH