Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier, April 4, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The Weekly Ottumwa Courier dated April 4, 1867 Page 3
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•5. •i'\ JlW y m, *»•.r «r r|l -v 5- A WA COITRIEB. n: V'. i-«. Omr laUiro. We shall publish In this week's Weekly s%i»r N|Il ncooont ef ?«Wn»y« Its IIAwn*, •gtk'Ulh£r«l, (filAMttl Ifid ithw1 rw s'ouro**, railroad and other Improvement* ~f* furnished the /Slate PegiMer by its cor ert#m»naiig4itM', u flying visit through the county and, be sides, W« tiaie no righr tu e*p®' a ntrnifi aS?*.r 9l'e "i «'b money in our corner tho»e of U9 who are uere to stav. —had "not .taken definite shape but now, .w ... i. *£."JRhrtu«a»id doFlaiH aarpltH, beside.} pa.viay tli«« Htorkboldfrn Home twenty per c«nt «.i*^l*Uids per umnnh, ar^d liila amoujit fcrty jfcriphw to put in liailding for bank |itrpw»ea, wliicli th«v ara bo build (fae ,if.tt3.vnt «pAtiaction with MMtii. fiiylor, ftlakB.tCrt. Mr. Kaijjht, l»tai of ^ttlnuf. Jfc La* tna. lt' all tho preliiliiw^ry. grange is ittw «twt poruitaniug the nee «M»ary uiacirinwry to put up a pttp^r mil!. *'a (that tiiis niucli needed iiistitutit^may be regarded a« a fixed fact. fiar ft-jtsml 0. F. liluke, q., l»l«« the 4iti'k on tbt' grotind, and the excavation b-'iseaient, fir oneofthMlnertt '•iniil ih'wt iihposing private reRileni wt in ^thia C4ty,or in the .IVa .Moigj*a valley.-r every Irtnd we lietir »f buildings j'mproveiiK'nw L-onteuiplated that as eur^H ua that ibis is to be one ol" the moat "*«giroaperoti^ yeara in our uiulerlal growth we have ever h**d. NVttownor county in the State oflfera greater miuc^uienl« the tHitigrant^han •ohtsJ We already have the junetinn of Budingtoo & Missouri River Railroad with tlie Dea Moines Vallt-y Railroad liere, tlie forioer being vapidly tf»mpleted ta the ,i«iaaouri river at PlattMmonth, where it 'oonnwta with ii road being built up the *Platte river to tap the Pattific railroad, giv ing ua a through route to the ^acifia ottaan ibis way }it an early day. Then we have .the D. V. railroad completed to Des Moneiv which is to be built at oncc to Jefferson, Greene county, to intersect the Iow:i A N'ebranku Road, already com pi e ,.t«"l from the Mississipyi to .the Miastmri, whicli wiilj iindottbteilly be the most im portant ftWa trunk of the Paci fln rail road. MOur North Missouri and Cedar Rapid• R. ia beinti vigomnsly prosecuted, and its completion to tM* point and Sigtiorncy is placed beyond a contingency by the libe ral .amoiint of atoek aubscribad on the route, and the oharaotar of Its manu^rs and the oontraetors engaged in building1 it. So It will be seen that we haveaupt.* rior railroad facilities to most any other •lo^Hty in the State, and that Iwt'ore many uiontiw 4hall el»p.«t our farmera will havff thochoico of two routas«*»•»* an well lit a southern hnevia the X, Mo.A C. R. K. and y. M. Road tiiattbe inexbaustabla quantities or' coal found almost every where in the countv and our other plus products, can be shipped diwrt ,tberai1r.Hds Dut fAtheMhsouri k.ul aWy on to tlie plaiiiM. or Lm» ftent nirth via Sie i i i v«: otts i»o* it would Min fa. b4 reasonable to u.m. i-! fe»^aM out Uit* ninny otlt*r tsdvMHagas vfwr 1" wilty iu tbia issue. Driving Park ihe ha ^»gciatjok. hope our frionds will bear in the meeting.-at the.Court llousc Sattmlaj livXt, to.organtae*-ntl A^jri- ^|lox,i,^ cultunil ocit!\ ott tho prising citizens, and tyejiuvengdoubt but an arrangement coufd be made with them mutually advantageous. Shall we hare a good meeting, an immediate organi«ulio*t,'and a Coun y a i i s a Ilis jpartner^Capt Hutchinson wull at tend to hu office business in jihsence fW O sympathy expressed must be gratify ing to him aud assures lura of pleuty or juonmears at bia funeral. ^2- Mctfntime wo can assure our co tempo rarie s that the hat is doin^ as well tti could be expected. This Chan coble Weather is vyy trying to h^nlrti, particularly for suoh as are troubled with any nulmonary weakness. Even a little noarseness may so irritate the lungs as to pro duce tho most tiireful consequences. Coe's Cough Balsam cures hoarse lie^ every time. -J .' '1 "I y. f, *I^hbly Fauk\v«i.l.—Farewell ht sound and itH Voho a sad heart but'none has caused many would K. CWy, Esq.! day to pay our respects to them, and 14 1| of oOursetnujiy nfiuor #r- of OOUrae we shall WCJWet-. rfljpoet in rora, as migbt J* expected In cue making return. -if rk I^ aiid, fcavaetiv gilt-edged notions of fbia houae ia an old and well established ur„pie*errt nt»d pi-ospeotito importance as oue. p1ea«iure Mr. Carey estimates the value orachool! Country merchants will find this h&uso up hou'swMti thfs Mtinty at $5. ,m, while Ute to the mark In lowest figtmu. «ctuarcoatj»ndpr^nt value can- Mos*jh A«*^!wl«*ale and retail dry floods, groceries, boots, .dm At the time he tfns hero the improve- ,ar(^.wll te.KS in tha oily, liLth* way ot building, & oft propitiation tor CjliMtiig an«l(intpmveniout t,infH,rs goaWay pleaaed with (hem. in hoard on every U^d. Ti»o N»- 1 liotial H-uiJt. uHiltr the alctlllul tnnnnge- .. m» .t ol J.-I5. FVM, i^hWf.^nd it+c.ther »trfrtci^u» afld nunnxcrs, li«? .. x-iiuiulaicii ti»e ftiuidhont&a.uiu of or or ten T. It. Wali.ack I). ZojlLars ot( *M)\sl»tln4 Thi* a«s«Citfli6i» liaSi somtf »4*it tv thcidtluuiwa J»viin' Puerli .\|^0cia .« n tionl *'•1 1^0. Prt' Ooods, Ac., hns j^ust r«celved a p«rtloh of hisSpring Roods, and we are prepared to say that lie can Of HIUu fical* City lirtlftil well I find Will aait Ws oustotnors in ev^rythfnsr calculated 6»r the jmrj^osc Of holding! in his line. George is a whole-souled foi a Cnvnty. Fair tho nun connected i ... -vw and integrity. Hon. JE. H. Stiles repres«n- PkWSOXAL.—Out rellow WflieB, t4d this county in the lower legislature lor Hon. Ed 11. Stiles is in Dnvenpcrt IWo years and in the senate for one year, attending the session of the Supreme' *h«n Wwi# .eJeng vho street, nndl JT loo) obsorgations, a nitra, of i«ouie of onr bnelne^ttnen housos. The trade ofOitumwa is reviving up fast, ftti») those bmptfctedin on were op to ibeir feyei^Yh work. Our time being limited t^e wer? pot permitted to vigil »tf, but hope nt some future r-'§ These aire tfioy: ,, T. iSkvim it Son—15*ela*tvely whole­ sale dry frond*, groceries and notion*. £rlend Wealey Garner bikes great tu showing customer* "round." „llf,,tlo!4„. lt js (ne pf bllsjH^K h(Mti6ft A |lltheState. Messrs. Mosa are good man. wi^h and cits- w &, t^i-r-Waoleaal* and fUrniahing goods. Have (heir new room flt(*J4 tip iti gooh «lyle and ate jvceiyiuga large st ck. Tiiia otut -readers wilt remember, bouglitout ^o9#toek tfcCte.'— rr yon w.Mtit u Litkt,t '«J t^KWi*. -Tli?S is rt En. A Co—Annotvnoe in an ad­ vertisement in our paper that they are in -•W C,| business, and a look through their estab mind i lishment Is evblence of its veracity. They have an extensive stock of hirtninv imple ments of everv beet variety. Farmers co no farther than Ottumwa for ot iHrmiug utenans/inilgi^e 2Soliara AOo. a fiiiM w« HIV fjrt'jmmi iv !"w. w« lik«loaeehlm w iih it are, some of our most cuter-j HoMvwticr.n A W»rris-Tte»i Kstnto i agents, have a list of attractive lauds and townproperty f«»r sale. Xo better or more responsible men are engaged In this busi ness. Mr. White is Wide awake on prop erty. wtt" ... (Court which poaitkm he no-v holds. They Court there in his official capacity. are {his! & as i exchanges J. Ro« In our notice of the Railroad acct- nuy othec a«c«nt. H« Is dent that occurred here recently, in gentleman of ability and energy and nn the list of casualites we reported him derstands his business thoroughly. receiving a slight contusion of ^^'Hy w^mmend hia agency t« ail desirous of insurance. a jumping at tho conclusion that our eerier, loota, shoes, Ac. Well known firm types make us say hat instead of this K and always sell goods head through mistake have oil notic- Their gootls are alwavs V o w s u a v a n e i o k o n ed the accident and tho amount ofj pW^ feel sad­ dened but ratherod bo greatly cheer ed and benejltij! hm pacing fai*ewell to all kinlpi of and Saleratuss except D. B. De X^fnd & Co s 3$& Chemjcrl SqlereUitt. wbieh will seat ter fays of of •dtisnfne and happiness in every household w-heo properly used, being alwayf ttoifoM&fqtf fef |«et. f'ZXt'W S- «. '•xT: V rc. prosper. Htilrs A Hovontatw -Attorneys at lixw. The reputation which thes* gentle llien hear luwt ix»«*n won by their, ability elected Reporter Supreine young men and promptln busi- BUS-! nsuranea agent. Joe. *"as among the flr»t In this busineaa in.our r» i I ®itvi and now repraaentsmofeandlh^best i OauBB A DombaoH—Pealora in flrroee-the T, 9toin aM, ZiATMT wtwki Hm ,ho lltr. retail di-ulors in atovea.tinwarehiiHiou*(» theoutaide a dutiful rreaiu breakfast vreli uooked go to Wali!*e**» for|he prypor. uUttMUa* jthapiCopls.-r^Wbalfisftle and retail debtors io leHttert.aadJl»r'yAardware Hud:ii^. Since tlie consoiidiation of tlie two tVvms it is the largest frod** in Iowa. MamUaelnre aj^i thair own leather and, ke^p a"i4p]ei)d id assortment of goods. The? men comprising this firm ar# clever and accommodating. Tlie only bouse of the •klndtn the etty. and 1 C.jC. Blake.—'Tbisyounj^gentleman ia among the first lawyers of tbe city, ljfe aervfd his eognf^y faithfully as a private" soldier, receiving several nasty wounds .which would lrtye sent many an one out of existeuce, bat he still lives to shine in the legal profession. Has been appointed Justice' of the Peaee,. OfUoe on Court street. •. fivpjjf cor­ ner aiid goods are lying atound in "ioo-ts" nbundanee. and Tobn Is an exjert net lor. It does your very aotil good to get in with Qucli boys and see how they handle their beautiful stock of dry goods, Ac. These gentlemen have built np a g^od trade and a good reputation, Johnso* A Oibbs,—Ry the use of Ni trous Oxide Oa render dental operations more of a pleasure than hurtful. Their rooms are fitted up and furnished neatly, We are pleased to see that they are enjoy inga very liberal patronage and that their opemtions«Vwnya prove saecesHful. Give them a visit and pet your teeth repaired. Mortahty—TTnving ptir-based is now fitting tip the Tnilding next door to Merchant's tTnion Express, will put in a stock of groceries in a few days. Ed. is one of those stirring grt-shead fellows, who make everything count, and will do a good business at his new stand. W.B. f-Co., Bankers, have deserved and are receiving the rewards of mprit. Their bank is one of the sound in stitution# of the city, Mr, B. is a finan cier "of the first water," and with his gen tlemen Dartners will succeed. Arnold but- and A Co., riothiers. Ar^ r*'ceiving their new stock of Spring gooda, a large and-c»reftilly selected stock. Arnokl's is known, far and near, aa the "cheap cloth ing house" of this eity. Yon can't go in t)(it4 housp C(}mp ont guotls at)d |rices wU mityou ourn^v. Cottar ami ui into Min-', iwK i i j.bootn, *hoe«, halM, caps, 4^. Thoy navo *l W-itii aifthie advantagMt in, our favor r,,ot,ived tJ,e «{eau erw o» u#ai*ual prosper,ityfb«*firt'||SW','S• Of course all will go where they t'^an find the latest styles, where they are Oa'r Wlf h'rtt pt rtnit u tmpoint treated «o courteously, and where they Jsell so cheap. See their advertisement. The ^iHhatisfle(li i n y o o a s «belr spring stock andareamong bouses in low prices and quick Wc» ,4away plete. readers and everybo*iy else. Hinmky, Lbwu A Co.—Wboleaale ootl retail Druggists. This bouse has gained an envious reputation and their already vast trade is oouatantiy increasing. The gentlemen ootnposing this firm are first class physicians and surgeons, and their business qualifications unsurpassed. In their heavy stock just arriving t#e notice tons of every conceivable pattern of Wall paper—a v*ry necessary piece of house hold furniture, law. Practices in all the courts of the county, civil, olianoery, and erimlnai ae cures ahd %llects claims of every kind( remittances promptly made hi *11 ca-es contracts, deeds, niortgagea and all other If gal instruments made in the latest and most approved forms. All business en trusted to bitn willfioelve prompt attan* Uon. B. J. Bou^tw A Bao^Bkkers and Con fectlooers, wholesale and retail. They nre now utatMfiMtoring, extensively, candy and craofcora.. BoultoneatabtlMied his ba le cry here in early times. wfeeb even a baker would almost starve to death, but by psraeverenoe and tact has built up a fine trade. Send ta your orders." down Tl.ey are worthy ^f.c^Il from our Httnmay and eotwisefler st mmm mm M'r ot Wagr»i«t Th la on'a df the largaat tt«i ftbitei To noe the lar^e iiuui\er of yab(el«a Ad "turna out" and aella.daily, i»a liifitffnt guarantee that bis work stands A, No. 1.' He also does repairing in aatlafaotory manner'— If you d«^re anything in this'line call on blin. Sttxes.—Those of ottr readers who wieh aomothing nice in til* way of jl iaahionable hat or cap, had better call at the hat houso of H. S. Phillips & Co., on Main street, where thoy will find all the latest styles of hats, caps, and Gents, fur nishing goods* Messrs. 1*. &. Co. keop a large stock oflhe above goods, and are always on hand to sell to their friends and customers at th" lotfeilt figures. Country merchants van btfsupplied in their wholesale department at Eastern prices. [Ap. 2, dwlw Thf.Ottcmwa IJouau—In addition to the many improvements made in tltia houn* last- spring, Messrs Eichelberger Sons are now engaged fn rd-fitt:ng lt in tirst olans Ktyle» /Tlw building Is being color, while on the inside the paper-ltang etk and painters nre busy In decorating the walls and 'givinga "hew cOat of paint w he rev it is needful, fn cofnnet:tit»n With )ie ample stAb.le, Which is now contr- lied by thfe-house. Farmers •uai^aiMvni«aa reatnssutWthaf their stock will be well cared for, and at reason able prices. Messrs E, A Sons "I now how to keep a hotel," as has been demon strated during t'.ie last year by the popu htr resort they HktVe'nytdo of the Ottutawa. T. W. ItAiiAYl)^ A 0o^.—Wtvcall tVe at t^ntion of those who want to buy Boots and Shoe? to the well known house of T. W. BitrhytU A C. They are now receiv ing largealdititHis to their heretofore ex tensive atock, consisting of Ladies' Mmsfs (^bildten and Geo?i Babnorals and Gait ers, Ac. Give them a call and be convinc ed that they are selling Boots and Shoes cheap. \m- A. If. HAMir.To*.—Having completed the circuit, we '"drapped" in on the Jovial Major, Attorney at Law, and Senator elect from this county. He was surrounded by legal MSS.and documents, and though he may be pressed with business he dispath es quickly, and relishes a good Joke, giv ing response in such a hearty, home-made laugh that one fee!a comfortable even if iu the s'.ern legal atmosphere. Our Trip. On Monday, 25th ult., at 11 o'clock a. m. we bade adieu to our friends, and started for the village of Chica go, via Burlington. As wc had noth ing elae to amuse we counted the fence posts between our stock-vards and Burlington, on the north-east side the Toad—just 100,768, making above Middletown: A man while driving a load of hay along the hill above his house upset it just in the niche of time, which upset his house and rolled it down the hill hogaryn nin^, snorting, tumbling chickens perched on the fence, feathers ruffled up, looking astonished and laughing. We managed to crowd into theeleep tnw-tar at East .Burlington, on tuat favorite western road—O. B. & Q., —and at 7 o'clock, Tuesday morning, woke up on the lake, moving slowly through a pitiless storm of snow and wind, the lake rolling majestically, billow on billow, and the sea birds sporting in the spiay or skimming along the dark l.orizon which lower ed close in tdiorc. On stopping ia the great Union Depot, we were as nailed by a batallion of newsboys shouting find shnkingthe fresh niOrn ii.g news under our probocis, while as many u boot-blacks" squirmed at our heels and clung to our nuderpin ings. But it was no uso wo clutch ed our pocket-book the tighter aud sang a short ditty, "no, no! The first thing, after getting break fast, was to look around "he city.— This was satisfactorily accomplished in this wif*e: Went to corner Stato and Lake, taking car for tho cele brated Union stock yards. We verv fortunately met John Start, Esq., well known to stock men over the Country, who furnishetl horses and accompanied, coiidtKjtiiig ^tid teach ing us the modus operandi of running the vast mart. The yards are situ- house,north ward, taking street-car on i$tate street, running to 36th, where a dummy is attached running to the yards. There are three hundred acres in the whole, some 150 under fence,partitioned intodivisionsjyards and pens, ihe wholo laid with three inch plank which are kept clean and neat, the pens for sheep and hogs be ing ctfvered. Three Vast tanks are Bituaied in the center of the grounds which supply water through pipes to every peu. Three sides aro fiilod with unloading achates, one for each railroad. The C. B. & Q. road run more-stock in than either of tne oth ers, and tho greater proportion goes from lows. A large hotel is situated at the yurds, for the accommodation of drovers, buyers, or visitors be sides an opposition house close by.— The stock-yards bank is situated at entrance. Hero are large recep tion rooms, in one of which are a number of desks of the consignees, each having a salesman. In another room is the bank, where, no doubt, more monoy changes hands in one day than on Wall street in two. In another room is a saloon, and anoth er a systematic restaurant. On the second floor ie the telegraph and oth er offices. The yards are controlled by a stock company, with a capital of one million and a half. The yards are so admirably systematized that it is only *e$*sary to let your con signee knigv# that yqor stock is com ing and it will be taWi care of aiid disponed in short order, for an ar»y of buyers are constantly on handf*-r Very small lots Were iir wiien were there. OPERA.* Ristori was the rage. Wo were infected, and went to see. Paid $1,50 and had to ntand op. Elizabeth was tbe programme for Ristori, and opera glasses and stylo for the audience.-" She came out amid a storm of ap plause, and as we saw it was fashion able, we paid another $1,00 for the rent of a pair of spectacles, ha\ ing to pawn our overooat for its return The rote 1 ated about five miles from the Court Spaulding in yesterday's "paper, we vwe waa beautiful, being a mag- nificent landscape which tliey rolledj ^^0fr**n sp and dow» every oaae-in-a-while. e appointments were euperb,being printed, HOtifikt yiu could not mis take.:when »he operaed sgain. 'The orchestra—^oh, indescribable Ihey tried to play Yankee Doodle, but got so much Italy doodle in that Yankee skedaddled—and ire applauscd, just as the nine-tenths present, who knew all nbont it—of course! We weti Italianized that night. Howare vou, "oncc fat pocket-book?" Home. XU.NNEl, BftlDG®. TWerivorat Washington street is to be crowed by a l«nneV bridge der the shjppiiig.! "Worlc is progres sing rapidly. WATER-WORKS. 'f Chicago is justly proud of the tun^ ncl feat. They now have pare, clearf sweet water, dipped up by mermai|af and filtered through coral reeft. *"1 .FBtKMPS. VTkf fotind D. Cliap'in, KM}., o|n Lake, 109, house of Grant, Burke & Co., where he is putting in a stock ofig, T, allowance for some we missed while irftlplged in—counting fence posts on gazing at a scene of destruction just the other side the road. That Bur uKnrn Widillntrturn A ir«n wnilfl i ,i.„_ ifllirton a (not Ike s brother,) has to keep his TON. In returning, from Burlington to thi» place, the same amusement was lington road «s in the ground. The family in their affliction have the sympathy and condolence of the

entire community. _. We tailed on Root & Caay, where wo lound Mr. Raymond, who kindly showed us "rouitdj" played for OS.f^^^vert^ngand'.ppraTsemeT and treated us courteonaly in every way. They gave us some fifteen new piecos of music, among which are "Valley of tlie \V est." "Hallie Lee,' roftd ID "hefty" OO the run— DIED At the residence of J. W. TCdrris, Esq.. in this city, Sunday liiorning, 31st ult., after a long and painful ill ness, of Consumpt'oiv-the Rev. Ben jamir A tflnma fir, years, 2 months and 10 days. Another one of our oldest and most respected citizens has been gath ered to his Father's. Mr. Spaulding came to'Ottumwa with its first settlors, some twenty odd years ago, and from that time until quite recently, without inter* ruption, and with great acceptance has preached to the Congregational ists at their church in this city. He was a thorough scholar, having grad uated at Yale a preacher of much more than ordinary fervor and abili ty a christian in whom thero was no guile, and a neighbor and citizen universally rttepected for character and integrity. At the time of his death aud for several years ho wps the able and faithful Superintendent of common schools for this eouoty. tb« -MjW,? "T«w* Mt lli«| -i, ,v. fair cup, though it Sparkles, 4Urenm sense method of marking e%'er devised." on my 8ou! -'Yes, ^re "will be true ^"Orders solicited. For information to each other," etc. These are their and aitniple marie, address the underslgn own publications, besides thousands *d» enclosing stamp. of others. v, rAaillONS. i w,f s Chignons-, notwithstanding gre^a riiios, »re flourished jSrofiisely. Bou nots, excruciatingly indescribable.-— ]fC6ses, elegant n wps are in smal ler compass, and skirts shorter. like the htyie. un* 1 In noticing tho death of Rw» Bi Av were in error In saying he was grad uated at Yale. We are npw inform ed that he was one year at Yale and three years at Harvard, where he graduated, afterwards graduating at Afidover, (Mass.) Theological Semi nary, He was born Jan. 20,1815, consequently, at the time of hie death he was 52 yoare, 2 months and 11 day* old, some ten yoar woe statod yesterday. /j, 1 Denver City, April 1. Mankipal elections in Denver and Central City to-day, was a tpiritod contest between the candi dates, and negroes voted without disturbance or molestation. Jacksonville April 2L The Republicans of Jacksonville elected their entire ticket for city officers yesterday, as also did Free port. Dubuque Iowa, has been carried by the Republicans, after one oftbe most exciting Contests. It has beep the the stronghold of Democracy heretofoie, and was carried by them by 250 majority last year this year by the Repubtieans by 200. wwMsssMMwsMMspawtBaa Ottumwa, Market. Corrected by N. Bator, Prod oes and Com iniaaton Merchant. Fr.orn 8,75(^6,75 ^VllE^ Winter 2,25(^2,40 Spring l,ee#2^00 Oats—per bush Beeswax OMions 19 R«K« 8* Old Iro^fMKritd 75 Hay, timothy (t(5}10 25 HakLET— 00 Ktk COR."* 3oa40 Flaxseed 2,00 Cloveraeed 9 00 TimoCby 2,0® Blue grass 1,50 Potatoe* WilW Beans Z,6*a2,50 Butter lb K0@25 Eggs dox 10 Lard $ 10 Tallow lb 9 Molasses, Brl45@7& per gal 3Q$36 Hides, dryfilnt 15 do dry salted IS 7@9 Prairie Coal Der ba 15 Wood peroord 4,06 TIo rs, gross, per hand |3,00$g,M Cattle, do R®5 Salt per Brl 3,60 Apples, green 1,60(^2,2o Dry per lb 86 @45 DEWS, STOCK MAttK 'kjteet# the wadta of every i^artner 1 Is Witbia the reach ofa'l 11 Will save much time and money I Oif»universal satisfaction! & easily attached to the eart WlU pay a big interest on the investment. Appllen to Colts, Mulea and Cattle as well as Sheep. GIvbt the Qvntr't Home and P. 0. address. Saves advertising and appraisement, Saves the good will of your neighbor. Saves trouble in Identifying your sheep when mixed with other flocka. PjiniJ, boots, shoes, leather, finding*, ct3.,'. ^VWObushela of Wheat, Rye, Oate, becoming a partner in the establish ment. While talking with him, our townsman Geo. Sheffer, on his way homo from N.. Y., carae in, and we both accepted C's invitation to tea. Found his family very pleasantly sit uated on West side. To meet such Wheeler A Wilson's Machines are the kind friends in a hurly-burly, drive 5,Vf!rlJ® fo' away borough wheree\ery one seems rapidly with iess friction, and with agreat to be getting somewhere first, and er economy of thread than moat, if not all where a "fellow from the country" others.—New York Times. u„.. v.- In looking out for the weji eyes peeletl to keep from being madA Wilaon, before purchasing elsewhere.— a mud-sill, is a treat- scarcely suffi- Examiner. ciently appreciated. After a whole day "trotting round" through a mis erable storm, to settle down quietly in the pleasant family circle is «lux ury. Fcb» '87-dy .* 4 •—r-*=Jl" &c., at highest cash price by 2t O.TOWi®. WHEELER 4c WILSOlV'fl SEWING MACHINES. families, being especially a- daptetl to that purpose. They work more bkbt T«*. 'At. 39C. 1) W V 11 c?d is po .«,*» i'U •J'ig.X-.i i!8T .fvtawa .ft to) „~5. s»- \tn" .At'kMi- i'.*% terms try N. Baker. 15 Peaches ft Soda %t Sugar, ColTee A 18 Cem brown 15 Cotfce 80(^35 Rioe 15 Tea 1,80@2,00 Nails, fencing 81 ly. J' aaaort'd i|®101 March 2&-d*w 1 w. mam .iiSi'-' Shonl be adopted by all I 'Jt t-i* it,. -rr 7 "'tt J. DEVIN, .r. It would be |q the Machinea of W bee ler A S B. THRALL, Agent, Ottumwa, Iowa. SELLING OFF AT COST. From this date to first of April next, the subrriber will sell at the Corner of Main and Market streets, bis preseut stock of groceries, provisions, Fixtures and alos one house to be moved off the ground. Stock consisting df general groceries, such, as Sugar, Coffee, Tea. Spices, Soda, Candles, Oil, Mackerel, White Fish, a great variety of nuts* and candies, grain sacks, willow baskets, wash-boards, buck eta, tubs, Ac. Store ficturea, consisting of one large show case, stove, foor oounter scales, one platform, ballanCe, one forty gallon oil can Ac. *c. !. TOWER. OQ -4 Ari hdw receivihg tlieir fall stock to the ciliicns of Guam ~1: 'II •A1-: SKfiSME? '71. 6t cji{. .j. ,4. 1,1 ••A !Ht-r» :00 '•-•J i. iki.* 1 fj of .J. %. aU' at it,a. ••y-Atf TO J'AfiMERS. tA TMXX1ZS YOVR HOME MAHtfJ C7UMSMB FLAX SEED To loan to reliable Farmers on favorable Ottumwa, Iowa, LYSTER, liUTLEDGB AXT» Oil Mills, Oskaloosit, Iowa. March 4tl»,lM7.-Avlu. Notice to Stockholders. Orr the 1st day of April, 1A67, tbere will be dae on the subscription to the stock of tlie St. Louis and Cedar Rapids Railway Company, F|Vfc installments of P) per cetn each, and Is absolutely necessary that the trmount dOtt should oe promptly paid, inorder tQjneot, the estimates for work and all who do not pay snid install menu by twtid tims to xfte Titwarar of said Company or tlie Collecting Agent for Wapello countv, will be proaeouted by the Attorneys of the Company immediate- Sat H.O.AKOLE, ftesideaU .tM r»:. S-i- BrOi n GROCERIES, BOOTS, SHOES, Il/il'Sl Beady-Made ARNOLD & CO.. w We gwxromUt HO decgrtion. ARNOL DAtJO. lp tue "State. .. Sept. 2D, lS8*-d*w-tf "ittfKU iS- -a-^^ LEOAI, NOTICE* OtntO'*! 9.1 Instate of Jatoes Acton, late of aald COati- ty, deceased. 1 o all whom it may Concern: Notice is hereby given' tha( tha undar sitntxl, administrator of the said estate, in obedience the order o' tlie County Court of said county will upon tlie first Monday in June, A. D. 8*57, make a full settle ment of said estate, and distribute the re mainder of the money in his hands be longing to said estate to tbe wido-v and heirs of decedent, John W.Acton, Sir: The petition ofN. M. Tindal is on file in the ortice of the C8erk of the District court, t*f Wapello Ownrijr, tuwn, it» ..k. a decree of partition of the following de scribed real estate, to-wit: The north west quarter of the north-cast qr. of aec. thirty-four (34), and the north-east qr. of the north-west qr. of sec. thirty-four (34), and tlie West half of tlie south-west qr ot he south-west qr.ofsec. thirty-one, town ship s«vent.v-three (7S, ranee lourteen (14). The west half of the south-east qr. of the softth-W^Si dr. of sec. thirteen J13) township seveutv-twof?lS), rnnge Iburteen (14), and lot seventy (70) «iil stvenfy six (76). and lot twelve (12), of E. W. Betts' sub-division of out lwt twenty-one (21). Ot tumwa Iowa. And unhas you appear and lunke defence to said petition on or be i fore noob. the 2nd day of the next term of said pistrtct Cottrl to le commenced on the 27th day of May 1867, dcfhnlt will be tkken, and decree rendered according to payer of petitioner. fMORRIS J. WILLIAMS, Att'y. for Petitioner. KHEBII|'S.SU,F. Tlrto# •SprcU) Exeeution kf Ut«Clerk of tb« to Dlvtrlct Stata of tows, commanding mc to *cll hereinafter d««erlbed, directed, I *111 Mpoif the highest and front door nf th« Court tvvca the heufj of 9 o'clock Lot thirty live ie« illrtcM Court of W»pcllae«ant th* NEW FIRM! leil Goodi1! and lot Prices property by a !erre« af (aid conn tn sale, at pobl'c auction beft hililer biot-k & Lively W Would respectfnllv infot.n the citiaens ol, Wapello .aiid atljoirting cotintiea, tha' they have just received tiit-ir Fall stock o Dry Goods, Groceries I1ATS* C?Al*S, BOOTS, ^llOES. READY MADE CLOTUINW, Notions, which they am doturminw' to sell at prices that will BEFV COMPETITION To make a long story abort, we will only add Costs and Skk and Examine Goods and tfJtememlMir the plat* Corner ot Front a&d.MwkstJstNetS, S. flkw^age's old stafnd. Obt 5.1888—dAWSm ott C. I. FtLToHf tc for cash In hand, at the tlnu»«t Iowa, an the (1ltH in Wapello county ihliietiUi .fs^of A|ril hi and 1 o'clock. P. M., comniaaclnf at 10 o'alnclr A. U. of laid day, the following real eitate to-wit: *ix in the town of Blxkesborg, tak«-»t as by special exe cution directed as tlie property of A. J. sa'.iefy saKD execution in fitvor of A. K. Look, and uyrainst A^ J.. Weldy. or the sum of one huiulre-i and thirty four dollara and interest and costs. G. A. D'rl»y, Siwriff of Wapello Co.. Iowa, by Orm A. Derby Deputy. riffs Office, Ottumwa, lowO, Marol 5tb 1867. ATTORNEY AT LAW. «KBM on Market Street between, Front MMMM9 andXaWPriuoa. of tievr a fine variety of LADIES FURS,CLOAKS & CLOl We invite all to come and examine our goods and prices^ Ottumwa, Sept 29, 186ti—d&wtf S. CIIANEY- and oftbe larFet.t.ux1 best stock^rf MADE CUmil.W tvvr brought to this oity. *». VER-C0AT8 OF ALL .lso, a fall line.,rOVEIt AND UMiEBSIlIIlTS, DRaW EIIS, KNaT JACKKlJf Jloves, Scarfs, Hats, Caps, Boots, Trank* L«SURPASSED t,Y AHf OTHER HOUSL O- fe REMOVAL OF THE OLDEST CLOTHING HOUSES IN THK GLLF E. W. BETTS Qaa removed bis I^rge Slockof 016thihg (6 the he# ahd beautifully fiUe I a| BHIOK STORE, No. 20 UNION BLOCK, Where we woUld be pleased to see all our old customers, end hope to M* Maw* nOuT^or'aatl09i^ MEOJ AND BOYS CLOTHLLFCI, FURNISHING GOODS, ia aa thorough b« flund iu the Wfcst. Our Prance With oar estsbllahed principles of offering food gooSrS complete. Our'aasortinantofPtcie~GoodsemteaJSr^J'Srtht^St^grades^%*** CASSIMERES ANT DOE SKINS, which we pmpoSe to make up in the most approved style son abort ••*•.» ,r satisfaction in everr ca^ Pesiring to redu^Tur^rAS^lT^ib^^^n* the next two months we have made such oonaedsions ia prices that ^hi fi,vo? ?a a lib a caU, m*y be satisfied that prices are lower that, elsewhere. Ta ererv 1 odv «'m wants a Bargain go seeE. W. BtTTS,in the new room No. 28 Union Bl^i Administrator of said estate. J. T. Hackwortm, Att'y. March 14, i867-w4t LEGAL NOTICE^' TO SAMUEL II. TINDAL, iV ,' ii ^oJ?® rnmmon ng •a* i goods, l,rr.«L Moiitfi. US Ujii A Eu""! lie iuii: Main stnetj w««tt of Matk^* OttUHJ«H. I0W4 HATS AND CA) S,.A?V and Bomestic Cloths, y Pfl'iT KOTIOXJ. y Tb John W. Smith— Sir: You are hereby notified that the pel tition of Thomas Cooper ia on file in tb# office of the Cltrk of the District Court of Wapello county, lows, in Which aaif. Coop«r cluims there is due him from yoil the sum of one hundred and nine dollArs^ for money loaned, and unless you nppeap* arid make delense to said petition on of before noon ol the second day of he ne*F Term ot the District Court of said onntyg ,l,? 271Mny2 1867, default will be taken and fudgmeng rendered sgainst you for tbe amount clainflk ed and inters, and cost. MOaKIS J. WILLIAMS. apM07-4w. Att'y for pet'nr. To J. V. P. Gardner— You nre hereby notil -»of John Prosser la mvijp on tile in theofTW-e of the Clerk of the Disfef trict Court t»f Wapello county, Towa, ijp which petitioner asks a decree of speci'j^t performance of a contract dated Sept. 1«C 1857, by whioh tho Ies Moines Naviifs*loi^' and Itnilroafl Conipany sgreed for a «*r»^ tain consideration, to deed to petitioner^ the foMowintr Ascribed real eatnte, sitna^ t»d in Wnp^llo oonnty, Iowa, to-wit: Tbjfet -O'tth hslf of^the north-east fjunrtpr, an®" th»» north -west quarter of the aouth-eafl quarter of seotlon eleven fill, tiwnshla seventy-one f7i], rsnt»e fourteen [141 wesfW And ttnlpss you appear and make dcfenag( to said petition on or tofore noon of th#' second dt»y of the next Term of said conr%'^ to he commenced on the 27th day of Ma%4 1887. default will betaken and decree rprfS* derfnl aooording to prayer of petitionet|pt and the title to said real estate quisled iKo petitioner and for cost. Morhis J. Wilt.iaks. mar20 '#7-4w Att'y for peiitioner^,, l.EOAL NOTICE. State of Iowa. Wape'lo County eat Estate of Ann Newell, lite- Of Mlif county, dcccaaed: Notiw is hereby givefe that tbe undersigned. admini'-fTntor of4Ni' estate, will, by the first Monday in May. 1867, file with the iviuntv c^urt^s full r* port of tbe administration of said estatfi and ask ssidcohrtfo outke an order listribution to tho heiry of dacedeiit tU(fr imainder of monev in his lianris to said w»tt, of which all persons i» terested will take notice. v J, on district court v. V:- h. i t. ?.. I' I /. a s lelon||iTj Uekoothotks Nkwru. ',5 Administrator/ ,1 i"vi. ,• a iiEAili. NOTICE. i' Heaty F* Marshall, administrator oiUk •state of F, A. Mursball, sir The pt tituirt »f Will T. Major is tile in the office ef: ne Clerk of t&e District ootirt of Wapellt* •ounty, Iowa, in which petitioner asks a lecret* de«'lariiig a certain jnitgnient t»f •aid satisfied which was reft lered December 9tb, 1861, in fsvor ot Ii V. Marshall and againsi said Will T. Ma or, et al. And unless yon appear and •nake tlefenae U suid petition ott or bel'ov# toon of the'sw'ond dav of the next term of «nid district court to be commenced on the »7th day of May. i?k7. default will be Ut ti«n and a decree rendered according omyer ofJnAitiopari mar 14 '87. Mounis J. Wii,t4At», »4 Atl'y foi Pei'i rices, J&OUOHTO^, Howard AiSotlnUo«v Phl» uelplua, Pa. .... I Jab. iSu.oa chO .5*. UUTZ 4. KJELKOW4I,Y Dealers in AND QUE Hv-'i i U: -ft' MER6f, rrW: *. W XXIE IIOUSH- OP Fort rRoDtOAf. liONS^ •toward Awwiation. Phi'itdelpbla# tti'A •stitblisbcd on tin principles of Chri«tinw Clmrity for th^ eelfi-fiiri.t nfMISfJUj JDED YOIT N EX. who hare diHtroyetf Ibeir mitnlv powers 1 y Errors, Abusessmt Discuses incident t^ Pupcrt v and early life. Essays and P.eports, With phut of new trestinent, sent in sealed i envelfri*. •'-A" of •LMUrXl.W V Boots, Shoes, SioceiievMci ENS WARE. Main Street, opposite Merrill A 0|t evfiiaiwAt IOWA. -V* .r,- pvi.