Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, March 30, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated March 30, 1864 Page 2
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■a Buren,. 3rn Counties gave - it gave overwhelming .. * nion in 1800, when the slaveholu,.. u took the State out of the Union, but. in opposition to a majority of the legal voters of the entire State. Huntsville having been for some time under Union rule, a large and zealous Union meet ing was held there ou the 11th of March, at which Mr. Clemens spoke fully and fearlessly. Having been in the U. S. Senate with Jeff. Davis and bis fellow conspirators. Mr. Clemens understands Secession thoroughly, and knows that it was never deliberately indorsed by the people of the South, hut was imposed on them by fraud and force. iu the speech which lie made at the meeting referred to occurs this passage, which lets in new light on that most atrocious bombardment whereby the Rebel leaders commenced the War: “In 1801,said Mr. C., ‘‘shortly after the Confederate Government was put in operation, I was in the City of Montgomery. < hie day I stepped into tiie office of the Secretary of War, Gen. Walker, and found there, engaged in a very excited discussion, Mr. Jefferson Davis, Mr. Memminger, Mr. Benjamin, Mr. Gilchrist, a member of our Legislature from Lowndes County, and a number of other prominent gentlemen. They were discussing the propriety of immediately opening lire on Fort Sumter, to which (Jen. Walker, the Sec retary of War, appeared to lie opposed. Mr. Gilchrist said to nim: “.>ir, unless you spiinkle blood in the face of the people of Alabama, they will be back iu the old Union in less than ten days.” The next day, Geo. Beauregard opened bis batteries on Sumter, and Alabama was saveffto the Confederacy” ■ ---- - __ . f < - ..finl A t or*TA, March 29, li-KM. 19 the Editor of the Press; The following commissions have been re cently issued from the Adjutant General's Office, viz.: First Regiment It. C. Catetlry—George J. Northrup. Portland, Asst. Surgeon; Edward P. Merrill, Portland, 1st Lieut. Co. M; Henry D. Fuller, Corinth. 2d Lieut. Co. M. Second Regiment V. S. sharpshooters— Stephen C. Barker, Island Falls, 1st Lieut. Co. D; Edgar f roekett, Rockland, 2d Lieut. Co. D. Xinth Regiment Infantry—Lewis Cross, Solon, Capt. Co. B; .losiah C. Beal, Capt. Co. K; James L. Thompson, Augusta, 1st Lieut. Co. I; William I- Hughes, Charlotte, 1st Lieut. Co. I); Joshua G. Boss, Portland, 1st Lient. Co. K; William Cauipliell, Augusta, 2d Lieut. Co. E; Stephen C. II. Smith.Charlotte, j 2d Lieut. Co. n; Charles F. Weeks, Portland, Co. F; George Cony, Augusta, 2d Lient. Co. C; Alfred Mitchell, Yarmouth, Asst. Surgeon. Thirty-second Regiment Infantry — John M. Brown, Portland, Lieut. Colonel. The eighth and ninth regiments from the Bapartment oltheSonth, portions of which are now in the State on a furlough, have been transferred to the Army of the Potomac. The Augusta Hotel Association have pur chased the Augusta House, of Major Baker for $6000, and will enlarge and repair it so that it will be one of the best hotels in the State. Governor Cony has appointed Samuel F. Ferley, of Xaples, Joseph Eaton of Winslow and Wot. G. Crosby, of Belfast,commissioners to select a site, ifcc., for the Maine State Ag ricultural College. The legislature having adjourned Ftiday evening and the Executive Couueil yesterday morning, the State House appears forsaken as it would almost l* indeed, but tor tue crowds of soldiers continually thronging the offices of the Adjutant General and Treasurer for the arrangement of their bounties. Yours truly, Hf.i.ios. ‘•Bras Is « good Dog/’ Mn Editob: — The following from the lUcbmond Whig is capital. Perhaps it will remind your readers of some one between the age of 25 and 74, w ho does not resale far short of 5000 miles from Constantinople. It is exactly his style, if a copy of this paper should fall under his eye, could he fail to trace the resemblance ? In the hope that lie will see it in the ridiculous llgure he sometimes cats in print himself, 1 Tery cheerfully tran scribe: “For ourselves we. are free to say that we arc for peace. We want peace. We will have it. We must have it. On any terms ;• Ves, on any terms—which General Lee, standing in Faneuil Hall, may choose to dictate to the base born wretches who have sought to en slave us. The game is a very pretty one a- it now stands. Our enemies must be conquered by us or conquered by Lincoln. They must make terms with gentlemen, or they must make terms with a blackguard and a baboon. Take your choice, O Yankees!" A Liberal Donation for linst Tennessee. The following note, enclosing the amount stated, ha» been received by F. C. Moody, Esq., Treasurer in Portland to receive contri butions for the loyal sufferers in East Ten nessee : Sin:—By order of the committee of this town, I enclose to you $’2tJi.80,being the amount given by the citizens of Allred, for the suffering people of East Tennessee. You will please forward this through re sponsible agents and return me a receipt. Per Order, Natii'i. Con am . Treasurer. Wm. G. Con ant. j Brooks, v Commit tee. Nath’lCo.nax't, ) The Army ot the Potomac. It is generally conceded that the Army ol the Potomac, under the management ot (leu. Grant, will soon mote or at least change its huge, but be that a* it may we are sure that Per ham's Mirror of the Jlrbellion, grandly illustrating land aud naval battles, wit! move at City Hall on Thursday evening next and that a large number of civilian~ will witness its wonderful demonstrations inspired by the soul-stirring strains of the Camp Berry Band. Ticknt* for sale at the Bookstores, at Pana's store corner of Congress and Preble streets, at the United St«tes.Hotel, and at the Hall, anil we are glad to learn that the Soldier En terprise tickets are selling rapidly. Arrangements are being made the observance of the one hundredth anniversary of the settlement of Lancaster X. H., on tire 14th of July. •trnvagnnce. . must welcome the tends to promote the >my in individual aud a opposed to the flood which now inundates ns, joon cheeked, will lead to sands, while it tends to the of all. . not yet noticed, the Interest of i community, and that of the rest around ns, fully coincide—to i fact that it is alike to the injury ,nd without any offset to either, to i the hahit of purchasing from the the early produce of the land to sell a mouth or two before it can be raised table, either iti the hotbed or the field.— ,r year- the habit lias been increasing, both /itli the wealthy and with such as arc only hoping for a competency, of purchasing veg etables raised in more southerly States, at from two , to six times as high rates as the prices would be it they would wait for the natural season for raising them here; and of inferior quality, because not fresh from the ground. We cannot, now stop to cite but a single ar iele of the great variety. The article of cucumbers we begin to buy at 10 to 12 cents each; and by the time we can raise them here, even in hotbeds, they can be had for two or three cents, and, eventually, for one cent each; but by this time the eon sumers at the first prices arc glutted, and they want very few more. While we are thus enriching foreign markets with prices far above what they could com mand if they supplied only their own popula tion, we arc in still greater degree impover ishing our Portland community, and discour aging the gardening and farming interests around us. Shall we continue to be so unwise? Or shall we, now that this flooding of our market is soon to commt*pce, acl in conlormity with the dictates ol common sense, and refuse to do so, ami signify this in season to prevent large purchases abroad? G. Literary Go#tp.—Mr. Charles Dickens' nawserial, the 1st number of which will lie pub lished the 1st of May, will l>e a departure from his previous works in the matter of its illustrations, which are to consist of wood en gravings by a new band. Mr. Marcus Stone, instead of the usual steel engravings by Mr. Hablot K. Browne. A new Protestant version of the Scriptures is in course of publication in Paris, in num bers. A ghastly bibliographical curiosity is at tracting considerable attention in Paris. It is a copy of “ J. i Constitution do la Kepubliqite, imprimee a Dijon l'An II.,'” which is bound in leather resembling brown calf, but is in real ity til" skin ol a human being, prepared and tanned. A note in the hand waiting of a for mer possessor states the fact ol the kind of leather in which the I took is hound ; and this is placed beyond all doubt by a well attested anecdote on the fly leaf of the volume. The Bishop of Natal has had a subscription opened in his behalf by the friends of tree dis cussion in England, in view of the recent ac tion against him by the Bishop of Capetown. A thousand pound- were raised in a few days, barristers,Fellows of the Itoyal Society, cler gymen, and others contributing handsomely, not because they accept the Scriptural lielief or unbelief of Bishop Colen-o, but because they are in lavor of free inquiry. The Manuscript Department of tin; British Museum lias lately been enriched with a col lection of one hundred and fifty letters that formed part of the correspondence between Pope ami Warburton. They were for a long time in the possi ssionofa member of the fam ily ol the latter, and are said to be of an in teresting character. The parfgraphlsts of the Euglisli papers tell us that we may soon expect a new volume from Mr. Alfred Tennyson, and that Bobert Browning lias one already in the press. The tale of‘'Cousin Phillis,” in the Corn hill Magazine, is «aid to lie from the. pen of Mi— Anna Thackeray, the author of "The .Story of Elizabeth.” The fourteenth volume of the ‘‘Correspon dence of the Emperor Napoleon, I., published by order of Napoleon 111.,’' has just appeared in Parts. The fifteenth volume, which is in the pr< ss, v, ill shortly follow. Mr. J. Jle.ueage Je-se. will shortly publish, in three volumes, “The Life of George the Third." His materials are drawn from pub lished and unpublished letters and documents. Captain R. K. Burton, the well-known trav eler, will soou appear wit ha new and proba bly unique work—a collection of African Proverbs translated by himself. Bn ‘.-wick, March 28, 1864. To .Mi. Tenney, Editor yf the Hrvntuicl, Telegraph: It is not pleasing to my feelings to have any controversy with any one. But in ju-ticc to myself, 1 am compelled to notice a uiucKguam urn’ie in a uncKpuara meet, puo lished in Drum-wick by a blackguard by the name of A. fi. Tenney, in reference to an article in said sheet of March 11th, in relation to my son. in which you indulged in your acciutomed slang,ami to which my son replied; which reply you refused to publish. I w rote a note to the Frest, a-king the editor to publish it, and called it by its right name—“a lying communication.” To this you take exceptions, although in your filthy paper of the 18th March, you acknowl edge you quoted from memory and misstated the facts, which 1 call O' 1 by its proper name— lying. Aon say my sou inherited malice. 1 leave it to the community in which we resale, to judge between us as to malice, brains, &c. 1 will only remark in closing, that having come in contact with a defamer of his country and his betters, 1 take leave of him as l did of his vile copperhead sheet sometime since. P. R. Jackson. N ami s or Steamboats.—A bill has passed the House of Representatives at Washington which provides as follows: I. Every steam lion t of the United States shall, iu addition to having her name painted on the stern,also to have the same plareil in distinct, plain letters, of not less than six inches In length, on each outer side of the pilot house; and in case a boat hxs side wheels,also on the outer side of each wheel house. The penally for negleet of this is the same as under former law for failure to paint names on stern. J. The penalty of forfeiture of vessel is also affixed for changing the name of vessel by master, owner, or a£bnt, or by any device, advertisement, or contrivance to deceive, or attempt to deceive, the public or the Ooveru uvnt, A c. .‘I. to take effect sixty davs after pass age. The Si.asdkron theScuooi. Teachebs. —The following letter refuting the infamous slander for w hich Lieutenant Colonel Liberty published in the Anil Slarery standard: • liii ATTi.KBono, Vermont, Mareli 22. In the Editor of the Motional Anti slavery Standard: If you det in the article in Monday’s New York Herald, on ‘Sixty-four Miscegenators,’ worthy of notice, let. me merely say that 1 have never, as alleged,given any sanction to its statements, and pronounce it an atrocious calumny against the lady teachers at Port Royal who are, us 1 believe, noble and upright both in character and in the work in which they arc engaged. Truly yours, I, Biu-mis.” ( Vino's Cave.— V story of Rebel Despot ism and Union Patriotism, in Kast Tennessee; a new uovel try the author of “Neighbor Jack wood." This mu«t be an immensely popular j book, for 0000 copies were ordered before publication. The tenth thousand is now In press. J. K. Tilton A Co, Poston, are the publishers but no copy lias yet been received from them at this office. x-wick Tnwv Meeting.—'Tbs annual town meeting in Brunswick was held on Monday, and the follow mg officers were | elected: Charles J. Gilman, Moderator; Leo ; nard Townsend, Augustus F. Cox and Fran cis Owen,.Selectmen; Leonard Townsend and T. J. B. House. School Committee.* Ai Brooks Treasurer, <diaries Humphry, Municipal Judge, ORIGINAL A N O 8LI.EC TUB, Ou first page,—Armory Square Hospi tal. Hurrah foi the Sth Maine Boys. ;# * Ou fourth page—Corrected Markets. ’ p 'Gen. Grant intends to place our gene ral officer- ou duty at once. jy The Kepubiieans elected their ticket in Wiscasselon Monday last. y The Lewiston Journal has commenced the publication of a uoon edition. A Brooklyn minister has made #80,000 speculating la stocks. ry One thousand negroes,enlisted in Mary land, are to betiansferred from the artuy to the Navy. £yThe proposition to prohibit slavery by constitutional amendment, i-. being discussed in the U. S. Senate. jy Hereafter all advertisements of Auc tion sales will appear under their appropriate head, last column, third page. ;y The soph mores and freshmen of Vale. College had a fight, last week, caused by the freshmen appearing with new and shiny hats. Sy’The Bath Times refers to the Port land Democrat. That is a paper with which our citizens are unacquainted. tSjyGen. Santa Anna has been ordered by Gen. Bazaine, the French commander, to leave Mexico. He is now at Havana. £yThe government is issuing ten thou sand rations a day to indigent citizens of Last Tennessee. * 1 Onlinril atl nmS«nn» Tllinnis lawyer, is spoken of as tire probable successor of the deceased Owen Lovejay. The Maine Tem|ierance Society in New' York celebrated its 31st anniversary this week. It has 40,000 names upon its pledge. tV Four hundred bales ol cotton a week are required to keep the Lewiston Mill run ning, the Journal says. tV The bill placing ale, porter, and other malt liquor in the same catagory as rum gin and brandy, passed both brandies of the Legislature and has become a law. tV On Friday morning last, Walter, son of Mr. Elias Newbegin of Saco, a lad about 13 years of age, broke both bones of his leg while at play, says the Democrat. l#“31»ior-(ieneral Wasbburne lias been ordered to the temporary command of the troops of the ninth corps, now assembling at Annapolis. s.y“Gen. Neal Dow will address the stu dents of Westbrook Seminary, on the Subject of Temperance, on Friday afternoon, at three o'clock. tV The Augusta Hotel Company move ment has resulted in the purchase of the Au gusta House, which is to be enlarged and im proved. £ir“The loss of tile Mail steamer Bohemian will, it is understood,involve a loss of £80,000 on the underwriters in Liverpool und Lon don. The ship was but partially insured. tV The Lewiston Jourucl says an Irish woman named Driscoll was found drowned in the Cross Canal, Monday morning. She was floating on the surface when discovered) buoyed up by her dress. LsT—Lnst overboard from the schooner Rodman Price, between Point Judith and Watch Hill, March 11th, 1804, Charles Holt, aged 10 years, 6on of John Holt, Esq., of Winterpoit. Eyjohn M. Ilarvey, a laborer in the Kit tery Navy Yard, fell Irom the deck of the Agamenticus to the ground on Monday, inju ring him severely, as we learn by the Ports mouth Chronicle. tV Tlie shoe, manufactory of Robert Mathew-, at Milton Mills, N.IL, together with the store and house of James W. Nutter, and the store of E. H. Twombly, were destroyed by lire on Monday last. tV The Ohio House ol Representatives has passed resolutions instructing Ohio Con gressmen to favor the immediate abolition 0( slavery everywhere by congrsssional amend ment to the Constitution. -v young iiuy woo works on tne Bates Cope rat!on, Lewiston, attempted to* commit snieied on Monday last,, by throwing herself from the bridge. She was prevented by persons who were watching her move ments, as we learn from the Journal. E3F” The Maine State Press, to be issued tc-Jay, will contain Gen. Dow’s reefcut speech. We shall work a limited number of extra cop ies for the accommodation of those who failed to secure copies of the daily edition containing the same speech. Price five cents. nr*The editor of the Wttt-erviile Mail having become sorely vexed on account of a flood of poor poetry sent him. threatens to publish some of it to the eternal disgrace of writers thereof, as the surest way of abating the nuisance. The Saco Democrat says a lire set iu the pastures of Mr. Pillsbury and Mr. Tike, on the Ferry Road in that town on Monday, spread so fast on the dry grass that the build ings of Mr. Pike anil Mr. Joseph Scamman were with extreme dilficulty saved from burn ing. When the progress of the flames was stopped it had reached to within about thirty feet of Mr. Pike’s buildings. 2y°*In an article copied from the New Tork Evening Post in relation to the death of lion. Owen Lovejoy, it was stated that his brother, Rev. E. P. Lovejoy, was killed in Al ton, III., in 1< 17. It should have been 1*37. Tlie error was the Post’s and not ours. ~if”The Providence Post, which has here tofore been a rabid copperhead sheet, has changed hands, and will now, in the language of its new editor, “endeavor to the best of its ability to support and defend the measures of the great National Union party, that lias been born from the wants oftlie times, acting on the earnest patriotism of our people.” 0 rjr*A friend at Brunswick calls our atten tion to the fact that ou page 379 of vol. 39 of I Godey'a Lady's Book, published in 1*49, is a I hv 4,\V (’litter ’’ inirrmrtimr frSrn iho history of reasons lor christening the rock on which the Bohemian was recently wrecked, ‘ Alden’s Rock.” As we have not the volume referred to it is not in our power to repro duce that bit of history. KT-T ie editor of the Bath Times, who is a member of the Union State Committee, ex presses his dissatisfaction with the mode of choosing the delegates at large to the Nation al Convention. It was no assumption ou the part of the Union members oflhe Legislature that they were thus chosen: the State Com mittee tlrst voted for the Legislature to choose, but not till that l>ody had already given an al | most unanimous ..ion to its preference j for Lincoln gnd Hamlin. We don't see the j propriety of' dissatisfaction unloss dissatpfted with thi |fact that I.. A 11. are the llrst choice of the delegates elect, nniljwe are quite sure the Times does not object to this. To have cho sen the delegates at large In any otuer way woqld hare required the assembling of a.state Convention |m Hay—the busiest Reason for farmers in the year, and the strongest objec tions to calling the convention thus early came from the distant rural districts. B Y TELEGRAPH j -TO TitS— isvKwinr© PATERI. *— ---•••■ — o»r OnH Inter from Europe. New York, March 29. | The steamship City of Manchester, from Liverpool 16th. via Queenstown 17th, has ar rived. London, March 17.— The following tele i grams have been received ; Copenhagen, March 1<>.—All the superior officials and Mayors in that portion of Jutland occupied by the allies have been conveyed to headquarters to receive requisitions for sup plies intended to lie enforced on the inhabi tants. The enemy yesterday kept up a heavy tire. One battery was directed against our left and the ships before Sundcrberg. The result was unimportant. Christiana, Man U 15.—The Storthing op ened to-day. The King announced a hill for ttie extraordinary credit of 1,500,000 rig-dales to enable the government to give material aid to Denmark in certain emergencies. The Kiug also desired liberty of action for all eventualities, and an authorization to em ploy the regular army and navy in aid of Den mark, it tumid necessary. Home, March 1J.—The conflicts between the Papal and French troops continue, the populace siding with the former. The Pope's illuess continues. London, March 17.—The Times and Star advise the Danes to accept Elleuborough's ad vice ami to submit to terms proposed by Aus tria and Prussia. The Cork Herald of the 17th inst, contains the following news and dispatches: England.—Accounts from Sheffield state that 178 liodies have been recovered, but 258 persons are returned as dead or missing, con sequently there are eighty bodies which have lieeu washed down the stream aud will not be recovered for many days. Yesterday afternoon the pump at Spittwell Monstone Pits, near Chesterfield, broke, and before the men could be extricated atlea-t fourteen men were drowned. The water lias risen for a considerable bight up the shaft.— i ne loss oi me is believed to be greater than here stated. There were about seveuty-ono boys and tnen employed in the pit. Ilerlin, March lii.—It is said that the three Prussian incn-of-war which have been at an chor in the harbor at Brest since tire com mencement of hostilities, have been placed under command of the Austrian Admiral, in order to operate in coucert with the Prussian squadron. The Prussians completed the erection and ahuament of tlte batteries at Gammehark of Kenur>egbtird on Saturday nigh'. The Danes immediately opened lire from their intrench mcnla at Duppel. The Prussians replied in the course of the following day (Monday). Vienna, March 10.—The Do-teuiscleisclu Zoiluug of to-day publishes a telegram Irorn Berlin, said to lie derived from an authentic source, saying Denmark is disposed to accept an amnesty and conference, proposed in the, essential points, hut she is only disposed to accept part of the conditions attached to the amnesty. The Post’s Paris correspondent says it is ev idently the intention of the sovereigns of Aus tria and Prussia to occupy eventually Copen hagen, and there they will probably dictate peace. Heiligenhafeti, March lo.—The Island of Pemen was occupied by tire Prussians at 5 A. M. to-day. The whole Danish (orco of 100 tnen, together with a commander of a gun boat, were taken prisoners. Herne, March Hi.—The Swiss embassy at Yokohama has officially informed the Federal council that the Japanese government will send liesh embassadors to F.urope for the pur pose of inducing lire Powers to modify tho treaties. Jntrr»Mtinff from Jtiehmond. Advices from Richmond say rebel plans have tieen formed lor the reclamation of Ten nessee and Kentucky to the rebels. Jeff. Davis believes Richmond impregnable, and the great bulk of the rebel forces will be con centrated at the West, where they intend, by rceapturiug Chattanooga, to reach the Ohio and again dose the Mississinni. lie view of Hit* Market* For the week Hiding March 27. 1504, prepared ex pressly lor the Pejcks, by Mr. M. N. Rich. Naif.—We wish it to be understood Hint our quo talious represent prices of Urge lot - from first bauds, unless otherwise stated, aud that in lilliug small or ders, higher rates ha\ 0 to be cUirged. ASHES—steady moderate sale* continue to be made at 8}&9e for lYarl*. and for Potash. APPLES—Green Apples are in abundant supply, and priee* have somew hat r. ceded. We now quote $2 4f bb-. Dried apples are now held at 1* l it, 10} V lb lor sliced and cored. BREAD—There is a steady moderate demand lor Ship Bread at •*' 5<>3»J: Pilot Bread V>5► c^6 7', and Crackers #4 V bbl, or 40c 1> 100; prices firir. BI CARR SODA—We note au adtunco on *Bi Carbonate Soda, which we now* quote 7 y'JSc p H». BUI TER—There has bean a little lew stiingeccy iu the market for Butter, but receipts have not been sufEcieut to effect prices, wliich continue to rule firm 3$gp40c. Choice Butter has retailed during the week 41! '{.46c lb Country ball Butter we quote 33 a35c. and store Butter, which is still scare, at ;>),«.? 3c |> lb. BEANS—1The market is dull and prices entertain a heavy downward tendency, there is little or no demand for shipmeut, and consequently but few buyers iu market at any price. We now quote White Pea Beans and Marrows *2 ,50u 2 63, and Blue Pods 92 37 32 50 *> bushel. Bo.\ SllOOKS—The market remains -ttady with moderate sales at prices ranging from ?> for good Pine, rransactions have been limited aud h patents have been light as the continued dullness of Cuba markets has the effect to produce an active market here aud prices are nearly nominal. COOPERAGE—There has been but little or netb Ing doing in any class of Cooperage tor som.- tiru past Both city and country Shooks are dull aud nominal, although stocks are light. The same may also be said of lloops and Holdings, although the latter are are in fair supply. We contiuuc to quote at $2 423/2 50 for Molasses Hi d Shooks, and $226is) 260 for Sugar do and for Country do (without heads). CHEESE—We notice a further advance on Cheese and now quote New Yoik and Vermont dairies 17 •> 18c, aud Couutry made 16 al*ic |> lb. COFFEE—Although the demand has been moder ate and sales light, the increased demand in other markets has advanced prices and the market h ex tremely tirui at 4.*0,45c lor Java; 3P&38C for Rio; 35 p It* for Cape. COAL—There is a fair demand for Coal from the yard at $1160$) 12 for White Ash, Lehigh and Frank CORDAGE—We notice a recent advance on Ma nilla cordage, which we now quote at20’«.2lc: American do 16®l£h: Russia Hemp do 22/'/4hs; do Boltrope 22a23c, and Manilla dol&i a.23c It, We also note an advance on Cotton Bail Tviiue, and now quote £1 20a 1 25 lh. CEMENT—'Wc notice quite an advance for Ce ment during the past week, w hich wo now quote SI 15 t> cask, with a firm upward tendency from these price*. CREAM TARTAR—Pure Crystals remain steady and unchanged, with moderate sales at 05, and Pul verized 40c P lb. DRY QOOD8—The drooping tendency ofthe mar ket for Cotton Good* has been checked, in conse quence of the advance ou Cotton, and dealers are firm at steady prices although trade moderate at this season, a* the regular Spring business will not commence before the early part oi April, when it ia thought that present prices will be fully Mi-tained. DRUGS AND DYES—Trade co .tinues hii*k with a good demand f r all kinds Drug* aud Dyes, uud prices continue to fluctuate, and the market i. un steady. We now quote Camphor M 40@1 45 We notice quite an advauce on Khuhard, which is now quote<1 at S‘i 7‘ Balorol A I<h Iuvi eon j at 40c during tllo week, and Borax 3f a37«v. Alcohol continues unsettled and prices advancing; it was held yesterday at *1 5d2 00 f* gal. Opium remains flrtu at receut advances. DUCK—As previously noticed, prices an- firm aud steady at recent advances, and heav, contracts have beeumadeat figure* considerable above our quota tions. and lire eutire products of the Portland Duck C'0 U engaged for the next two mouths. Wo contin ue our Us* quotations as followsPortland No 1 C Duck M 21 \> yard; No 10, 70c; Navy superior, No 8, *1 11; No 10, 76c; Ravens Duck 62c. FRUIT - i.muons and Orauges remain steady at 44 75a 5 p box for le mons and #4 2£q5 box tor Orauges Peanut- are lower, which wo now* quote at 82 81 0,3 bushel. W< also note a decliui ou Almonds, mid we now quote boil Shelled 2t:fi'i'v\ aud Shelled 42&45C. Raisin* r- lagiu .-leqdy ai M 25 lor bunch and 4 50 p box for iavei FISH—The market continue* t<* rule quiet aud prices steady. The volum of business has not been large ha stocks arc considerably reduced. We notion some advance on Bav Mat fcerel, which we uo*r quote for No 1 8)5 500,16 2a; 2’s do Ml ,•»« 12 241*' bbl. Dry Fish remain- firm ut our previous quotations. FEATHERS—Prices remain firm and unchanged at 7<X$75c for Live Geese, and 4‘><c60c for Russia. FLOUR—The market continued to rule dull and depressed early in the week, but the subsequent ad vance in gold created a volley ia prices, amt the market closes more firm with a buoyant and hopeful fe?liug ou the part of holders, nua although t l»ei_* !• an ample tiock m market, there i. no disposition to concede from our presvtu quotations, ^ales have been coufiued to small lets various brands within our rauge of prices. GRAIN—Corn remains firm at f l 85^1 36 for Wes lorn mRted api #1 S' 1 -5 for Son hern yeRo'er. Stirs ure light, but holders firm os stocks are sihau, j aud much doubt is felt for the future. Oats continue ) iu active demand, especially for Government use, I and prices are firm aud steady at TF'g’SO for 80 lbs, . or 838w5c for 83 ft.t. Barley continues in fair de mand at *1 Rial 20. Rye is steady but quiet at *1 45 Ml 60 p bushel Short* are very scare* and prices 1 arc nominal. GUNPOWDER —Prices remain steady and quiet ami vre continue to quote Blasting Sb'&i&f, and Rtfio and Sporting ‘i^3. HIDES AND SKIN£—The matket remains quiet and firm with a good demand for Buenos Ayres* and Western hides, and quote B. A. 28@39c, Western 2li@22c, ijlaughtcr 7j®3c, Caii-skius remain firm and stead? at 16J(@17cfGrcen Baited #1 86@2, Sheep Peltj 91 50$2b9. HAY- There has teen an active demand lor pressed Hay fer Government uses, and price* have ruled firm #22 @23 ton for pressed. L ’O-e Hay is scarce, a* there is none rousing to market at this time, 'j here is quite an active demand for Straw at $2 ton. HOI'S—All grades continue in steady demand, and with light stocks prices are firm at our quotations. IRON —Prices for all kinds of Iron continue to en tertain an advancing tendency as fc reign c \change goes up, and *tock-> are light and much broken up. Common English we now quote 54 (@ 6’; Refined <; (R?djic: Norway 10!©: BwedfetgO*: tea-t hteel 29R8i: German do i8@20‘, and Spring Steel 12; @14c. 8br.*t Irons continue to rule firm at previous price*. LEATHER—continues quite firm with moderate de mand at the followingqtiotations:—Now York Light 30@32£c: do .Medium- •).?/»34 c; Hiavy 3t@34; do Slaughter ternf/te, and American Calf Bkul.* I OOfa) 1 1 o. ELM BLR Prices for all kinds long Lumber eon* tinuo to advance under the active demand for ship ment. Wo now quote No. l’s and IE* clear Pine 938 '&4n V M; No. 3 <28@30, and No 4 <20 «22; ami Ship* ping #23gfiZu : Spruce #I7»t20; Hemlock 91»>@12 M. Spruce Scantling and Timlx r are arco at #14 0O@ 16 0). Joist are also very scarce ami firm, llaokma" tack Timber «10.00@20.00 4* ton. Clapboard Heart Extra are selling at 933 00; Clear do #30 0O«#t no; No. 1, *13<tl5; Sap, Cigar 924@25; do 2ds #20a21, and Spruce Extra are worth 917 00 @ 20 00, and No. l #12al3. shingles, Extra Pine are quoted at $4 50,«f> 00. and C lear Pine 92 50@3 75. Extra shaved Cedar Shingles are worth #3 87@100s do 2d S 93 25@3 50 p if. Laths, l'ine arc selling at «1 60 @ 2 25, and Spruce at 91 37@1 50 M. Our quota tions for box uhooks ami cooperage will bo found elsewhere. LIME—The market remains quiet and unchanged at #1 10« 1 15 l> ca;*k and little doing at this .season. Li\KD—We uoto a recent arivaucc on Lard, and the market i- firm at l*j&14-*c for both bbl* and tub*, closing with a strong upward tendency from those price*, and stock? arc light aud the extreme scarcity of Butter creat e a much great demand for Lard. METALS-All kind* of Metals remain firm and steady. We continue to quote Bauca Tin 56(a6#c: Straits 52.og>4: Char I C 915/115 50; do 1 X *lHai 1* 50; Coke 914 5(^15 50; Sheet Mo**e!tnau /inc i* now hold at 13al3^c, aud some qualities are very scarce. Mol.ASSES—'The Molasses market has continued to entertain a strong upward tendency throughout the week, and sales of c uba clayed have been made at 62c to arrive, aud wo learu that the same price was subsequently offered for another cargo to arrive. Severa' small lofs have sold by jobber* during the week at 61 e ♦2c for clayed, 70@72c for Trinidad, and 66*i>6?c for Muscovado! The rapid advance in gold towards tbo dose of the week, together with the limited arrivals, ha? served to harden the firmness of the market, especially with grocers ami jobbers, and there is at present no di*pouit>on to yield from our present quotations NAILS—Cut Nalls aro very firm at the recent ad’ \Slices, and we continue to quote 96 26^650 cask NAVAL STOKES—Prices continue to ruie steady and unchanged, except for Spirit? Turpentine, which ha* again advanced to 98 fl0@3 76 f* gal. OAKUM—Wo notico a recent advance on both common and best Navy, which we now quote 11a, 13c P lb. with a continued upward tendency from these price*. ONIONS—The market for Onions remain very firm at recent advance?, and we continue to quote 96 75®725 V bbl. or 2 70 ft bush. OILS—Al’ kind* of Oil remain quiet aud steady at previous quotation*. The factory prices for Kero sene remain steady at recent advance*, which we continue a* follow*:—For 1000 gallon lot* 660; lor 5 bbl lot* 67 je. and In less quantity 70c |> gal—*ale* moderate. Linseed oil I* quiet and steady. Fish oils are quiet aud steady at >*^2z34 for Bay and 336(087 for (sank. Lard and w hale refined remain* firm at 31 25a 1 30: sperm winter has recently advanced to 2 12m2 20 O gal. PAINTS—We notice a general advance on Leads and Paints, amt now udju-t 0111- quotation* a* fol lows-.—For Portland Lead in oil K14 50&1&; Cum berland do 914 00^14 60; Lewi* Lead 916 O0al5 60: French /inc *11 75a 12 26, and American do 91* Tbg, 10 25. Pure Dry Lead 11; Litharge 15; and Red Lead 15c, and Rochelle ^ ellovv and Engliish Vene tian Ked 8J®4c p lb. PLASTER—Stocks are getting ruincep aud prices have an advancing tendency. We now quote Rock .*3 6‘'«'3 62 ton, and Ground 37®7 52 ft ton. PRODUCE—Thert ha* been considerable fluctua in prices for all kind* of Produce ami the temleucy continue* to a general advance for most every article iuthi*line. Ueef isqui'e scarce at l<)0l2c by the quarter. Veal and Mutton rule* at about &oylOc; thicken* 2u»22; Turkic? 2 m2!, and Geese 17!j$lHe. Eggs are more scarce and have again advanced to 23 m2tc l» doz. Potato * bav© been quite scarce during the v <vk and have advanced to 3100^2 26 bbl, or 70'o.75c p 1 ushcl. PROVISIONS—Pork i* very firm aud buoyant al higher prices. We aow quote Portland packed Ex tra t’lear $2G@26: do me**323 W1 a.24 '*0: prime $2o® 21 It bbl, and Round Hog* ll|&12c l> lb; City smoked Ham* 15y&i 10c; Western dol4l u,15c |> lb. Beef remains unchanged but firm. Butter, Cheese, Ac., wiil be .-ound noticed elsewhere. RUM—continue* to entertain a film upward ten dency, closiug jesterdsy at 91 25 gal. SUGARS—All grade* arc higher aud tbe market buoyant at our following quotations or feruahed, grahnulated aud powdered 20«2»be, New Orleans 14 n16c, choice do 17« »hc, Muscovado 14a 14 c. and Havana White 16ia b|c, ;»ud do Brewin 14al6c. There are a few bbl* of Portland Yellow offering at 11 !c. aud A A are nominal at lU<kirc P lb. SALT—-We notice ait advance on Salt, and now now quote Turks Island aud Cagliari 94 25/44 75, ■ iiu vj roiiiia n;uirr uo soc j-er i*o\ . STARCH A further advance has taken piece on Pearl Starch, which h* no* selling in tills mark'd at lft" 104c V IV». SEEDS—The market for gi n * feed of all descrip tion- is steady and price* firm. as there is some spec ulative demand, w e now quote Herd* Grass S3 25 «,3 37; Red l op 3 f»7§?3 75, aud Wester n i ’lov er 131M 14c. We notice an advauue ou Canarv Seed, which is h-hl at £<4 25^4 it) |> bash. SPICKS—All kinds o‘ Spies have undergone a very great advance during tl»e past ten days, the ap predu iou being 1* *205 on some description. Wo now quote Cassia 78oH5c; ( loves GO u/62; Race and Africau Ginger 40«42o; Nutmegs *125&| 45; Pi mento 32*342. aud Pepper 46<g5ftc |> lb. The mar ket clones excited aud everiah. SHOT—We noticed an advauco on Shot in our last, and new quote drop 16c and Buck 16c f> lb. TALLOW—ha* advanced, aud Aim rican rctined in now held at lift 12, and Rough !> lb. TEAS—'The market continues very active and buoyant, aud price* ol both Black and Green being at leant 5c higher aud sti 1 tending upward, aud the market closed buoyant at 96ca>»\ Of# for commou Oolong. Si 10 for choice do, SO&UOc for Sou chong, Auchoi and lower grades. TOBACCO—There has been no further movement in prices since the-date of our lt*t. but there is a g*-n e*al feeling prevalent, prices must needs advance very shortly under the strong upward tendency of all other kinds of commodity, a* we previously sta*ed. There is nothing now in the market lor less than 00c. from which prices tobacco ranges up to *1 26 |» It,. WoOL—1The d< maud is very light both for Do mestic aud Foreign, and quotations are nominal, as there is very little doing. Producers are holding for higher prices, and there Is but little coming for ward at this time. WOOD—continues scarce at Ligli prices, as there is but little if auy coming to market at present. FREIGHTS—Business has been limited the past week, iu consequence of the scarcity of Teasels in port. Rat s have boon well sustained, a* will be ob served by the fol owing engagements, which in cludes all that haw? conn* to ,»ui kuowlodgo during the week —Brig Chesicy Mathew-, for Cardenas ami back to Boston or Portland ?M»»2l lor Molastet; brig Enterprise, for Matan/as, with Box Shooks, at 30c; brig Baron do Cattine, lor Havana, with Box Shook- ‘Fie, and Lumber at *7 p M; Swedish brig Prince Oscar Frederick, to loud Box Shooks "for a wort North side Cuba at 20c. In coastwise freights we notice the ioPowing engagments; Sell H Curds, to load Plaster for Philadelphia, a* 9S15 i> ton; sch Isis, with Plaster to same port, at £2 |) ton; sell Trade Wind, with full llhds to New York, at *2 p hhd. DAILY PRESS STOCK LIST. For the week ending March 30, 1864. ( UKUKCTKD »Y VM. II. WOOD, Stock an J exchange broker, KxehangeSt ., Portland Description. par Value. Offered. Atkcd. Government 6s, 1881,. Ill 112 Gov • rumen: 6-20 . lo7 106 Government 76-10. Ill 112 State of Main*- bonds,. 1A3 lo5 Portland < it) bonds,... . Iu3 106 Hath City bond*. HnJ lo5 Bangor City bund.**. 3) years, ]o2 106 (alai- City bond-*. Hrl 1»«6 bunk of Cumberland,. +o 48 l/) Canal bank.100 lot) 11 j International bank, (new),. .. .Hu) 104 106 Cu.-hhi Bank. 1<«> llo 111 Merchant*’ bauk. .75 70 .81 Manufacture ra & Jrader*' bank, 50 51 6*’] Mechanic-'bank,. .lot) .*6 l*U Portland i ninpnny. ... l*a) 60 66 Portland Ga* Company,.. 5n 00 02 Ocean Insurance < onipany, Hi) pn 112 At. & St. Lawrence K. K.. mi) 82 do. do. do., bond#,. 100 •*> 93 And. A Kennebec K. K. Stock. H*» «l lo do. do do.. b.tml- p«) Hi t*7 Maine Centra! K K. bond . 85 88 Androscoggin II l»*. stin k. ,7) worthies.-*. do. 1-4 Mortgage bond*. 75 86 Ken *x Port kind I! II. Stock. 1QD worthless. do. do. do., bond*, b". !.«* 1V> Portland A rorext Avenue 1MC100 1"1 l-^ liprtlaud Gla*iif Compauy.HJ0 none for sale. Port land Shovel Manufac’jf Co.lilt) non© lor sale. Portland Steam Paeket Co . Id" none for sale. ISichardson'* Wharf t o.. 1 ** 3) H») Cap© KHz. Wharf and K. Co., C.J nominal. S> l* E t i ll NOTICES. Notice. 7'* //' i. Jii- >f> MelltllM, '/ 11/or i*/' P-irtlami KuIiftincnU of persons from foreign countries, broil*lit here under contract with pnrtk* re iding iu other States, ami being in tr&n-it through this State, will not be tolerated. All mustering o Sheer* .ire re quested not to permit th*» iuumi r of-*»cn person* into r« <r intent- f*eU ugjug tp the State of Main*. SAMUEL CONY, iuoh2h dflt Governor of Maine. HOWARD’S CANCER AN(i CANKER SYRUP cancer and canker syrup all known lirmtdie* SurjMfiits alt known llcnwdiet FOR THU cure op « aucers, Canker, Salt Khaim, old Soros. Cancer*, Canker, Salt Khaim, old Sores. Erysipelas. Bcrotula, Turn ora, Ulcer*. Sold by U. cl. HAY, Druggiit,A ‘ ~ •* and vicinity. THOMAS G. LORING, DRUGGIST, —-AND PRACTICAL TRUSS FITTER, Ctet>>!!gc ^ PHerBlSt,ii A perfect 8t gisrant?- J. The* poor iibsmlly con oMer^d moh2<) dtf The Patent Belle Monte Skirt*. A full Hj§ortm#*nt of these celebrated Skirt* in the new style at ANl>ERSON’S HOOP SKIRT AND CORSET DEPOT, mch23 dtf * Under Mechanic*’Hall. DR. II. L. DAVIS, ANALYTICAL PHYSICIAN. (<ucoe**or to the late Dr. J. Clawson Kelley,) At the long established Office, NO. Ml T R E MONT STREET. Opposite Hoi ID Street, Bo-ton. N. li - Dr. Da via will be in attendance daily, at the above otfW, J«»r the treatment of « > .-oases of the Lung*, Liver, Kidney*. Heart. Spleen, Ar., and all diseases of the Fluids and Solid*, chronic or acute. Letter* for ad > ice and order* for Dr. Kcdlcy’s medi cines should he addressed to hr. Da\ is, a* above, the only place iu Boston whore the genuine medicines can be obtained * Office advice free. The allticted are invited to call. mch28 eod2w* Sore Throat, Cough. Cold, and «tmiiar troubles, if suffered to progress, result in serious Pulmonary, Bronchial and Asthmatic af fections, oftentimes incurable. BROWN’S BRONCHIAL TROCHES, are compounded so as to n-ach directly the seat of the disease and give almost instant relief. tnchS dim Post Office, Portland. I March 18th, 1864. f From and after this date, and until further notice, the Western Mail will be close at this office at 2 o’clock, P. M., instead of 1), as heretofore mchUStved A. T. DOLE, P. M. SPRING DRESS GOODS WOW OPKM>9. O. K. II A Id 13, mchir. No. 2 Clapp’s Block. SozonoaT.—This i« a word that has bNi staring everybody in the face the last two weeks, and it is l'a«t getting into nearly everbody’s mouth. A mod desirable thing this Sozodont, for keeping the teeth clean and the mouth sweet.—Portland Dai In Presi. mchlT It HTThe Post Office is directly opposite Harris Hat and Cap Store. Ieb29 tl iHAitmtiU. In Topsham,21, by Rev L D Strout, Robert 1-xng ley and Mbs Rowcna II Douglas. both of Brunswick ; 24th, George L Corbett, Musician Co B, 9th Me Tola, and Mi*« Abby K York, of Brunswick. Ip Sidney, Marcella« Blaisdell and Mw Augusta Rdbinson. In Winslow, Deacon A II Palmer and Miss Lovina Brown. DIED. In Skowbegan, iWtli Inst, Mrs Maria E Estes, wife of W K G Elites, aged 26 years. In Newburgh, 15th, Otis I Bussey, aged 70 years 4 month* 1$ days. In Fainicld', Miss Sarah E Bates, aged 21 years. In Dauville, John W Jordan, aged ui. IMPORTS. GRAND MEN AN, KB— Br »ch Helen, 2Sf22 boxes Herring, 1 bbl pickled Ebb, order. MIN1ATURB ALMANAC. Wednesday.March 30. Sun rises.5.44 I High water.. 4 24 Sun sets.0.25 1 Length of days.12 41 M V HIjSTK 7STEW8. PORT or PORTLAND. Tuesday. March *». ARRIVED. steamer Locuit Point, Hoffman. New York. Steamer Montreal. Prince, Boston Steamer Locust Point, Hoffman, New York. ltrig Alnio. Steele, Machine for New York Iir acb l Wpray, Bearslr. from Ualilaa, NS. Hr ;ch lleleu. Snell, Grand Menan, Nil. Sell da, Tildm, Davis, Boston Sch Robert Foster, Blown, Millbridge for Boston. Sch Ma\ llowcr, Jordan. Trcuion for Boston. Sch Lady Kllcu, ltamariscutta, for Ik).toe Sch l.oiii.a. Weeks, Bath for Ik.,toe. CLEARED. Bark Waltham. Wheeler, New Oilcan,. S L Brown Brig Biirmah. Sherman, Waahington DC, bv S L Browu. Sch Arkansas, Thorndike, Rockland, maater. Sch Sarah Elisabeth, llaupt, >Vaid.'born, matter. disasters. Hark Scaudiuavian from New York for Tortuga. I adore reported asliorc oil' Rockaway, haa aince sunk, her lower topmast* just appearing above water. Af ter the mate lclt the lelael. the captain, iinding abe waa likely to become a total wreck, got out a Mat, and together with tho remainder or the craw (except ing one man who could not s» im and refused to leave the vt’s.-.l) got into her. Thar had no aaila, oara, he, and wore dnlting about tb> liay, and all would have no doubt been drowned, as there waa a vary heavy re. on at Ibo time. Kail not the steam tug Odd Fel low, Cap! Tom llill. w ho «aw them and Immediately put alter them, at the riak of hi- own lile and tboae of his erew. Capt Hill deserve# great credit, as bat few men would ,tin the risk that he did in rtacniag the above ram. Thev were bruut to Ibeclty Iaat eve- i niug. A steamboat »n sent to the reiki of the man I on 1)01 rd, but lie had I wen taken off hi a surf boat I from the shore. DOMESTIC PORTS. BOSTON—Ar 3*th, bark Kinetic, Soule, Liverpool Feb 0: «ehs K> ■ rgnlu, t'rnnn, Mncltiu-, Beni t rank tin, Futtcr*on, WlacasMt Cld shin Harriet, Dalton, New Orleans: brig Be lief, Buell, < umleune; eeh t tiea, Maloney, St An drew,. Ar»lh. ache Aruo, Knight. St John N B: Cyprus Katun, Calais; Catharine, Couary, Blu.liill; Kvelean ireat. Huger*. I rankn.rt: Pennsylvania,Seutt,Bath; J Baker, BarSarick, Portland: Antwerp. (Brl Snr otte. Argyle; steauer Ocean tjut-eu. Collins, Hath, tyship Staffurthhlro, from hennebunk for St John N B, remained this forenoon iu Prov i nee town harln>r. Cld Wth, Sw edish brig Prim Oscar Frederic, l. raff. Cuba via Portlaml. HOLMES'S HOLE—Ar 27th, -*ch Uonent Abo, Strang, Providence via tarpaulin Cove, where «he h«f* been ashore; i* leaky, and will probably mo on the marine railway for repairs. Sid ach Col Eddy. March 28. Wind X No arrival. In nort, Mbs Maracaibo, AilaHne. Sarah B Harris ami Horn st Abe. NEW YORK—Ar 27th. ship Escort. Flitner. Liver pool March o; bark George 8 Brown. O'Brien, New port. E, 83 days; echo Dolphin, Talbot, Machiaa; Wm 1 1 etcher, Bath for Philadelphia; Hardscrabble.Gre gory ; Josiah Acorn, Gregory, and Frolic, Kvnnedv. Rockland. BALTIMORE Cld 28th, schr U W Carpenter, Mann. Portlaml. PROVIDENCE-Sid 27th. selu J 8 Curtis, Crow ell. and Augoline, Ilix, New York. NEWPORT—Ar 26th, sob* Olivo Avery, Kennard, ol and from Rockland for New York; Charter Oak Studley, Providence for do. Orris Francis. Jackson’ Viualhavcn for Philadelphia: Ellen Merriman, Ham iton, of and from Portland for New York; Henrv Castoff. Albro, Providence for do. Returned in consequence of unfavorable weather, soli William H Maiiler, (of Portlaml) Randall, Boston for Washington DC. bid 27th. *ch* Van Buren. Wall, Portland for Wash ington DC; Lizzie Guptill, Guptill. of and from Rockland for Now York; Victory. Harris. Portland for Washington DC: Laconia, Proctor,^aco Ibr Phil adelphia: Delmont. Orr, of and from Portland for Alexandria; H Curtis, (of Deer Isle* Haskell, do for Philadelphia In port 28th, AM. wind N, fresh, bark Chilton, Sherwood, from Klixmbethport, of and for Portland; brig John Balcli, for Cuba, Idg. (eld 20th): ach Mae KacOu-etts. Hunt, ol and from Rockland tor N York. NEW BEDFORD—Ar2*Uh, *ch Harriet Samantha A rev. Vinalhnven. SALEM—Ar 26th. schs Cameo, Elwell, Now York for Pembroke; William Butman, Smart. Searsport for Philadelphia; Georgia, Allen. Boston for Ells worth; City Point, Matthews, ami Laura Jaoo. Rv an. do for Belfast: 27th, Neponsct. Miller Rockland. Sid 27th, brig Alison. Sawyer, trom Millbridge for Washington DC; scb> Forest, Strout. from Machiar for Providence: Kosannah Rose. Burgess, Belfast ior Washington Dl ; 8 P Parker. Fitzgerald, from Rock land for Now \ork; OH«ia Buxton. Poole, Bath for Philadelphia. FOREIGN PORTS* Ar at Liverpool 11th, Davlil 1'rookett, Burges*, Sau Francisco Deo 4; 14th, Francis 1* Sage, Stevens, N York. Olfthe |>ort 15th. White Son, Evans from X York. Sid Pith, llenry Warren. Jonee, Boxtop; F A palm er. Evans, and American I'nion, Hubbard, N York. Entered for loading 12th. Avameinuon, Johnson New York. * Ar at London Uth, Sarah A Staple*. Staples, Cal cutta. Ar at Deal loth, Co nm«s, Brink water for London, all well (ami proceed' d*. Sid from Bristol lath, C J Baker, toung. N York. Sid from Cardiff I dh, Marv fc Campbell. Morse. CalJ»o, hid 12th. Eastern Star. Neatly. Kio Janeiro. Ar at Singapore Jau »th, Dingo. Buckminster, Calcutta Ar at Messina 37th ult, Young Turk, Uardiu*. Gib raltar. Ar at Marseilles l«*th in*t, Martha, Cann. FhiladeL phia. At Melbourne Jau 21, bark Thomas Fletcher, Soule, for Auklaml with p&i-cngerx Ar at Aspinwuh Vjth, brig E Drummond,Conway, New York. Ar al Mui^iniila loth iut»t. brig Samuel Liudsav, I'Lik. ktO|ltOD, J, to loud tor Boston. At Matau/as 2Wth. brig William Maxon. Small, for Saguu, 22U to load for Cnited State.-. I For City of Ma«vhe»tcr at New York.] Unship Eilora ^ formerly American *hip S li Tal WjVo^k Uro ofl* Newport and and was scuttled on Mud Bank. She was from Newport for New York. -\r at Liverpool March 15, Don Quixotte, Johnson, Sau Francisco Oct 21. SPOKEX. Dec 16, lat 4S S, Ion 17 E, ship Volga, of and from Boston for New Zealand. Jan 2i. «hip Gem of »h** Ocean, Pritchard, from N Y*ork Jau U, for Calcutta. Feb 8, 130 miles $ of Sand Heads, ship Z-nohia, Bayes. from Liverpool for Calcutta NEW ADVERTISEMENT?. «H4LL «TOBFS *€ _ Natt Utmnur, , BDRSAC or PltCVISl'jtll fc ClOTIISS, / SEPARATE PROPOHALS^Jmkd^nd'erj#**^ O •' Proposes lor 8maJI ntoret. Ac," will be r». ccived at this offlc. until 12 oclccs M . on lb" 26th duv of April next, for furnishing nnd delivering ion receiving ten days' notice}»t lit. Luited Stntt-navy yards at Charlestown, Massachusetts, and Hrooklya, New Y ork, in-uch numbers and quintitie* and' at such times as may be specified by the Chist of'his bureau, or by the commandants of the -aid navy yard., respectively, during the remainder of tha fiscal year ending on the 3AM day of June. 1364, the numbers and quantities of the different articles, and at the places specified in the following list, vis: Charlestown. Brooklyn. Salt water soap, lbs.60,000 S6 0TO Thread, black aad white, !b» 2uo 1,000 Riband, hat, piece.. J.non 8 0 0 l aps, white, piece- . 4.600 4 000 Tape, black, pie-’t?,.. ... 3,000 1,(00 Spools cotton. 0,0in 12 000 Silk, wiving, lbs. . 200 iiO Pocket handkerchiefs. 8,6uo 21,600 Needles, sewing, papers. l.oou 14,000 Thimbles. 8.000 3.000 Jack-knives. .. 2 500 Scissor*.. 1,500 2,500 K**ors. 500 6.000 Ka»or strop* .15.000 2,000 Bbavingboae*. ; l.2no 133 »0 Bbaving brushes . 2.000 2 000 Bbaving soap cake*. 6.000 2,000 Scrub brashes. 2,000 2/^0 Blacking brashe* . l.OOv) 3 no© Whisk broom-. 1 000 2 000 F.agle coat button*, dozen. 5a0 -- Kagle medium button*, dozen. 500 -- Fnagle vest buttons, dozen.... 1 uno -- l>. l£. button*, dozen. ft,000 *>.000 Fine comb* . 4,000 18.0CO Coarse comb*. 4.000 *».000 Spoon- . 2.600 15 090 Fork*. 2.600 2,500 Blackiug, boxes. 6,00« 4o,0TVj Can openers . 600 - Stearin? candle*, lb* ....... 60,000 —-. Offers mar be made from one or more article*, at the option of the bidder, and in case more than one article i* contained in the offer the Chief of the Bureau will have the right to accept oae or more of the article* contained in such offer and reject (he re mainder. The price must be uniform, and offers must embrace all of any one or more articles deliv erable at all the stations. For the description of articles in the above list bidders are referred to the sample* at the -aid Navy Yards, and to the advertisement of this Burma dated August 16,1963, and for information as to the law-* and regulation* ( in pamphlet form) regarding contracts, to the office* of the several commandants of Navv Yards and Nary agent-. Blank forms of projmsals may he obtain'd on ap plication to the navy agents at Portsminth, AVir Hampshire . Boston, Hew Fork, Philadelphia, Bal timore, anti at this bureau. me U30 law 1 w Notice of Forerlosare. WHEREAS JEKEHIAH HACKER, of Weal brook, in the 1 ounty of Cumberland. tttutc of Main#, by hi* deed of Monaco, dated the tweutv sixth day of February, A. u., 1961, conveyed to Margaret Tobey, of said Westbrook, a certain lot of land, on the Martiu's Point road, ha sailed, in said Westbrook, being tbe same premises then occupied by said ftlacker, together with all the buildings thereon standing; notice is hereby gtv- n thnt the conditions in said mortgage have beta broken, by reason whereof I herebv claim a foreclosure of tbo same. MARGARET TOBEY. Portland, March 21.19*4 inch)' w3w 11 Farm for Male. IN Capo Elizabeth. 3) miles from Portland Bridge, about 100 acres of well proportioned mowing tillage Pasture, wood and timber. About (100 cords hard and soft wood. Cuts 40 tons bay, Barn most new, 3* by 60, Lumber for Story house-on the direct roud to Portland, extending GO rods back, well located to cut into ten acre lots, and will be if requested. Fence* stone wall mostly new. Price •76 ner acre, 26 per cent cash; balance can remain a number of years secured by mortgage. For par ticular' enquire of !*COTT DYF.fc. mchMdin n. c. W. a. The next meeting of the M. C. M. Associa tion for Lectures and Debates will be held at the Library Room, on Friday evening, April 1st, at 71 o'clock. ^ F QCKKTIOV ro« DiacUMlOU. A'lwlrel. That modern Spiritualism is a heresy that has failed to establish its claims to a Spiritual origin, has not been productive of good, and ought to be rejected by an enlightened community, mob)) <u;t F. M. CARS LEY, Secy. Mutnc Bank. TUE charter of this Bank having been 'iirrendtr «d. notice is bes’-by riven that the liability of said Bank to redeem its bills will expire ou the' fif teenth day of January, A. D. ' AI BROOKS, Jr.. Cashier. Brunswick, Feb. 27, 1*64. inch)) wlw Compressed Hay for Sale. "J HA TON'S food .|u«Jity Hav, Comprr.-cd, ToU ( without - totting. ') into Small Hair.,, repairing lea, than UK) cub.'r feet t» the ton. Deliv ered at wharl in Freeport, I'ortlanii or Bafh. En qaireof BI.AKE JONES k (W, 137 CoBgre*. St.. FBrilanti, where -ample Bile, may be tees. luebXO lwiaed Wanted. Agoou Smliamau la a Dry Hood Store. Good reference- required. AddrtatBox I Git p o. aehau A SPRING SUPPLY FASHIONABLE GOODS. -FOR COAT8, PAFTALOOHS AUD VESTS. obtained daring the last week in New York aud Boston, may be found at the (tore of WILLIM C/BECKETT, Merchant Tailor, N3, 1M7 Middle Street, Borne of these Goods, which have been recently imported, dilter much in color, texture and finish from the styles that have continues! iu rogue for a fear or two past, aud are considered very elegant. Besides these and oilier Goods,— comprising all the varieties for fashionable wear, at the same place mar 1* fouad a good supply of Siaw'larg Gt rasa, *.'.neb, aud English Brwadolwtha and Dot aklae, for genteel suit.-: together with styles or Vesting* selected with a liew to suit all tarter Alro. excellent goods for Spring Overcoats, Eng lish Walking Sacka. Paletots, and other Basin'?* Coats, w ith plate* of the latest styles of Cutting and Finishing. GT N«. 137 Middle Street. incbX) d6w fashiomablje^clothTngT A1I«. F. YORK, Merchant T«iloi% Hiving taken the elegiat and commodious store NO. 104 MIDDLE STREET ‘ oRwmit of rLrx, Invites the attention of Gentlemen to his rink in* vokx of Foreign and domestic Cloths for Spring nod Summer wear, nil of which hntejnrt been selected from the largest nod best stocks in New York and Bo ton, and will be made up to order and with despatch In the latest styles— FULL MATCHED Sl'lTS, COATS, P ASTS or VMST.S, as may be desired. FUHNI8HINO GOODS la great variety, and suited to the taste* or all. con stantly on baud. CRUSH HOODS RR) Jill Alt Cl CRY RCRK 101 MIDDLE STREET. Portland, March a, 1V4. eodtojuu 1 oprrng ana Sihnnier Hoods! P. B. FROSTj Merchant Tailor, 94Exchange St., Having returned from New Yotkand Bodeu with the bust aaeortincnt and mvvbst utyi*j> of Fnifliah, French, Uerntnu. Me-otrh Hud American t'leiha, I inbraoiug all the desirable STYLUS, Sll IDMS and FINISH to be found In the market, suitable for BUSINESS SUITS. KNULISH WALKING COATS. Burin* o\ t.liCOATS and DKKSS SUITS. Nioa Vesting, Arm; and Vary Clotha. Every pain* will be tnken to give entire satisfaction in FITTING, workmanship and prices. CLOT US VOR BOY’S \V KAR. l*artioular attention glreiAtg t utting A Mauultu turing doy’* Clothing mch 9eod3m FANCY GOODS HOUSE, W h o 1 • n 11 •, H. MERRILL, No. 131 Middle 8tre«t. (np stain.) Portland. Maine. Silk, Twist, Buttons, Bindings, Threads, Pins. Needles, Cutlery, Krtgiun Stationery, Lacings, Tap*, Elastic*, Beit*. Combs, Suspenders. Toys. Ac. DRSSS AM) TAILORS' TRIMMINGS, niohi*od3m

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