Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, 30 Mart 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated 30 Mart 1864 Page 3
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MATTERS \BOVT TOWS. Municipal Court.-^March 29. Two lads named Timothy Connors and _ Frederick Ball, were complaiued of by Truant * officer White, as being habitual truants. Tbcy were sentenced to the Reform School during their minority. .lu’VKStlLF Books.—“Elsie Bailey, or One that Loved everybody.” is the title of a beau tiful story, published by the Massachusetts Sabbath School Society. The American Tract Society, Boston, lias issued the fifth volume of Sargent's Temper ance Talcs—a book which should not only lie placed in the hands of the young, but which those of mature age should read, and profit by it. “Johny's Captain,” is the title of a pretty little story which will be read with avidity by the juveniles. It is published by Henry Holt, Boston. H. Packard, Exchange street, has added the above and many others, to his already large assortment of juvenile books. He is constant ly adding to his stock all the new works is sued from the press. Ha makes the same dis count for libraries as made by tire Tract Soci eties. A Noble Gift.—We learn that Capt. A. M. Benson's Co., H, 1st Dist. Columbia Cavalryi which was raised iu this city, have presented <iiiu wim a GCAUiiiui uiaui uuitc taiutu ai $-W0, which was purchased of Col. L. C. Ha ter. The company is composed of some of the first young men*bf this city. Aud their Captain having been schooled to active ser vice in the gallant 7th Me., we shall undoubt edly hear a good account from them. We also learn that that portion of the regiment raised in this State, are encamped on Capital Mill, about one half mile from the capitol. They have large and commodious barracks and a healthy location. Co. JI has only one man sick at hospital, and he is nearly convale scent. Widow's Wood Society.—It will be seen by advertisement that the Spiritual Associa tion hold a Levee at New City Uall this even ing for the benefit of the above named time honored charity, one of the most humane aud one which our cilizeus always take special pleasure,in aiding. on this occasion au oppor tunity is offered to not only spend an evening in a social and agreeable manner,"but to add something to the now empty treasury ol the “Widow's Wood Society,” made so by the draft upon it during the past winter. We trust this call will be handsomely met and respon ded to by all who love to combine charity with social recreation. Marchaxt's Excuanoe. — The auuual meeting of the subscribers to the Merchants’ Exchange, takes place to-day between 11 aud 12 o'clock. A full attendance of the mem bers is desirable, as business of importance will come before them. All new subscrip tions will commence to-day. The room has just been enlarged by remov ing the partition which separated the Ex change from the room of the Hoard of Trade, and uniting both of them. The Board of Trade will have a room up stairs. X>kpartihb OF T/tool's.— Steamer Geu. Lyon’, C'apt. Mix, has been ordered to Wash ington, and will probably leave this port to day. About 2O0 soldiers from Gump Berry, under command of Capt. J. A. l’cnncll, Ititb Me. Ileg., marched into the city last evening and embarked oil board. They belong to the 8th, nth aud 11th Maine regiments. A de tachment of recruits from Augusta is expect ed up to-day to embark on board the Gen. Lyon; also the 1st. Me. Uattcry. JjyThe lecture on Temperance before the Mercantile l.ihrnrv Association last eveniinr. by John B. Gough, Esq., attracted an immense audience. It was oue of tliose peculiar ef forts of Mr. Gough, which reach the head and. the heart. Now he would draw tear- from the eyes of his hearers, by his descriptions of scenes, and then he would convuLe them witli laughter by some of his humorous delinea tions. It was a lecture that will not he w ith out its good effect. have received lrom J. Gunnison, I Esq., the anuuil report of the town of Sear liornugli. The total debt of the town March 14th, after deducting resources, is $34,014 92, which include a war debt of $17,030 00. The town has furnished its quota of troops under all calls, except the last, and has a credit of four upon that call. Deep regret is express ed at losing a valuable portion of hrr territory, which, by the recent Legislature was set off to Gorham. The Ball.—The first annual ball of the Irish American Belief Association, at the new City Hall, Monday evening, was a grand af fair. The floor was crowded with dan cers and the proscenium and sides of the hail were filled with spectators. Every thing went off in a happy munuer and all seemed to enjoy themselves. The Association have in augurated their balls in a splendid manner. May they enjoy many such. Magic, Mystery amj Mirth.—Norwood the h'akir, will opeu his eutcrlainmeuts this evening at Deeriug Hall. Every purchaser of a ticket will stand a cluiuce to get a splendid watch or some other present, besides witness ing the entertainment of magical tricks, «kc. There will be 100 gifts of various kinds dis tributed to the holders of the lucky number. His stay here is limited to four nights. Cavalry.—A detachment of 140 of the Se&ond Maine Cavalry, will arrive here ty-day ii oiii Augusta and embark on board ship Lan caster. Auother detachment of about tbc -sine uuinner will come up to-monow to em bark on boara steamer De Molay, when the latter, with the Lancaster in tow. ail! pro ceed to New Orleans. W-The journeymen bricklayers of this city will remember that they arc to hold a meeting for imporlaut purposes tomorrow evening, at the Ward room iu new City build ing. A full aud punctual attendance is re EfT he steamer Eastern IJuceu, from Bath, Iu goiug up Boston harbor yesterday morning, ruu Into and sunk the tlsliing schooner Alice, ■of Gloucester. There were four persons on board, three of whom were sav ed and one was drowned. Ukios Lkaulk.—The meeting of Portland Council No. 1, U. L. A., will be held at the usual place this (Wednesday l evening. A lull attendance is requested, as the officers for the next quarter are to be nominated. Sty-The sale at auction yesterday, by E. M. Patten, of damaged goods Irom the Bohemian, attracted a great crowd and the articles brought good prices. jar- The London Free Press states that an Americau engaged iu recruitiug for the Uni ted States army in that city, was cheated of $5 by an Irishman, whom he believed he had persuaded to enlist, hut whom, he afterwards discovered, to his no small mortification, to have only three fingers on his right hand. BY TELEGRAPH TO TBS I Portland Daily Press. ---—— XXXVIII OONQBESS—First Session. Washington, March 29. SENATE. ] Mr. Cowaa introduced a bill to establish a i navy yard and naval depot on Delaware river, i it provides for the selection of the location by u commission of seven scientific men, none of whom shall own land within fifly miles of Delaware river, and the decision of a majori ty of whom, when approved by the Secretary oi the Navy and the President, ahail lie final. Keferred to the Committee on Naval Affairs. A message was received from the Iiouss announcing the death of Uon. Owen J.ove joy, of Illinois, a member of that body. Appropriate eulogies of the deceased were delivered by Messrs. Trumbull, Pomeroy and Sumner. The usual reeolutious of respect were passed, after which the Senate adjourned. ltOVSE. Mr. Washburue.of 111., reported a bill from the Committee on Commerce, providing for the collection of hospital dues of vessels sold or transferred in foreign ports. Mr. Stevens, of l’a., said as several geutle ineu desired to deliberately consider the pro posed amendment |to the Constitution intro duced by him yesterday, to prohibit slavsry in the States and Territories, he (Stevens) would move its postponement tor two weeks. Agreed to. Mr. liiee, of Mass., from Committee on Na val Affairs, rc|Hirted a bill that persons be tweerf ‘M and :i<Jyear. of age may be appoint ed Assistant Paymasters, provided the num ber is not thereby Increased; and that the ex amination of students for admission to the Naval Academy shall take place when they are belw een 14 and 18 years of age. Passed. M I* alkft loivArtoil a 1,511 mnnUitiwv soil changing in some particulars the method of making promotions in the navy, l’asied. Mr. Bice also reported a hill for classifica tion of paymaster's clerks in the navy, mak ing four classes at the following salaries:— *1200, *1000, *800 and $700 per annum. Mr. Bice also reported a bill fixing the date ot the loss of the brig Baiubridge at the 21st of Angust, 1803, in order to fix the pensions ol the deceased officers and sailors. Both tha above bills were passed. Mr. Iticc also reported a joint resolution au tliorixing the Secrctaay of the Nary to sell at public auction lot 13 in the tillage of jacketts Harbot, it not being required for the navy yatd. Passed. Mr. Pike, from the Naval Committee, re ported * bill, authorizing during the present war the appointment of Acting Lieut. Com manders and Commodores at the same rate* of pay as allowed to such grades in the regu lar army. Tasted. Mr. Pike also reported the Semite bill, reg ulating court martials, which was passed, after striking out the first section. The Mouse then went into committee on the bill amendatory of the national banking law. The amendment ofiicred by Mr. Hooper, of Washington, on Friday, was agreed to. This amendment provides that banks with a capital of not less than *50,000 may, with the approv al of the Senrctary of Treasury, be organized in any place, the population of which does not exceed 0000. Mr. Boutwell, of Mass., offered an amend ment, to strike out the authority proposed to l>e given to the banks to buy and sell gold, silver and bullion, and loan money on real and personal security. These bauks, with a cir culation of $300,000,000 capital, will be able to fix the standard of value, which was the very thing the House had been endeavoring to prevent. Mr. Stevens, of Pa., opposed the amend ment. The amendment of Mr. Boutwell was re jeeted. Mr. Brooks, of N. York, ofl'ered an amend ment, the object ol which was to prevent banking on real estate, which in New York had been found unsafe. Mr. Brooks said it was useless for him to protest against a wrong principle of banking, and he referred to the fact that on a bill of such vast importance they were acting without the presence of a quorum. ■The amendment of Mr. Brooks was re jected. An amendment was proposed, stroking out the requirement that every director of a bauk, during bis whole term of service, shall be a citizen of the United States. Kejectcd—28 against 08. The committee considered the bill up to the 231 section. On motion of Mr. Hanson, of N. Y., an amendment to the 22d section was adopted, authorizing the issue of one. two aud three dollar notes. Mr. Hooper, of Mass., moved that a proviso bo added to the section, to the efleot that no more titan one sixth of the circulation fur nished to any bank under this act aball lie of a less denomination than five dollars, and that after sjiecie payments shall have Ireen re sumed, no circulation of a less denomination rl..._ J . 11 , i _ • . i . a * ••**•'* w iUllllOlIVU IV AIIJ such associations, which was agreed to. The committee rose and the House ad journed. / 'com II ath imjton. Washington, March 2V. The following order has just been issued by the Navy Department: Ventral Order, Xu. 31. Ensigns 1{. S. Chen aud 11. J. Blake, having been reported to the Department for going below during their watch, without being regularly relieved,while ou duty ou board the U. S. Steam-frigate Niag ara,their appointment to the grade of Lieuten ants for which they were recently nominated to the Senate and continued, have been sus pended. For the same ofleucc, the appoint meut of Acting Ensigns W. S. Dana, E. T. Harrington, W. B. Hoff, and C. Uathboruc, have been revoked, and they have been order ed to return to their studies at the Naval Academy at Newpoit, li. I., as midshipmen. Acting Ensign U. C. Irvin, who was attached to the Niagara and was guilty of overstaying his leave, lias been ordered to the U. S. steam er (.• lane us, with directions that be shall not for six mouths, lie permitted to go out of the vessel. The 1'resident communicated to-day the report of C'has. II. Stuart, Consulting Engi neer ou the improvement to pass gunboats from tide waters to the western Lakes. The Engineer assumes that on the connection of these lakes with tide water, depends the juris diction of our government; aud also that the Mississippi river should likewise he connected with the lakes. He urges that the gnat food producing region uses this chain of lakes for tin- transit of exports and imports, which is a line of communication at present utte-ly de fenseless. leal iu2 the lake cities to destruc lion by English gunboats ou dec]station of war by Great Britain, inflicting damage to wbicb tbc cost of tlie proposed Improvement would be utterly iusiguilicaut. lie makes various recommendations and gives as Hie total estimate 1'or improved gunboat locks for the Erie, Oswego, Champlain, and the Boyuga and heneca canals, with seven Icet of water, at nut over #18,000,000 and with eight feet of water at not over *20,500,000, and the cost of a canal around Xiagaiu Falls at from *1O,OO0,o00 to 13,000,000. Mnremcnte »•/ ihr Ibb*! Ftmat- Arrival «*/ Colton* Canto, 111., Match 29. For test with a force estimated at 7,000 meu, was within eight miles of Columbus, Ky., lust night. They cut the telegraph line* between that place :md Cairo yesterday. About forty more of the prisoners captured at Union City arrived here last night. They report that only 2.70 prisoners were captured with Col. llawkius, and parties of them were escaping every day. The steamers bt. Cloud and l’erry, from Memphis 27th, have arrived. They bring no news of general interest. Tbc bt. Cloud has 470 bales of cotton, mostly lor Evansville. Ouc hundred and fourteen sick soldiers, iu charge of the banitary Commission, came up ou the steamer V. W. Thomas from New Or leans. Five died ou the passage. I arluua Items. New Yobk, March 29. The receipts of gold for duties at the Cus tom House to-day, were $252,000, of which $38,000 were in the new gold certificates. Gold closed this afternoon at $105. The Posts'* special Washington dispatch says the War Department to-day refuted to graut passports for visits to the Artnv of the Potomac. From Kentucky—Capture of an Fxpres. Train—From Chattanooga. LooiSVILlE, March 29. In pursuance of directions from Gen. Schol field, and in accordance with Gen. Grant1; orders, Kentucky has been divided iuto twt districts, comprising ail between the .Sasbvilit Railroad and the Cumberland River, undei Gen. Emery, with headquarters on the Rail road. The eastern district comprises all be ! tween the Xashville Railroad aud Sandy river under Gen. Hobson, with headquarters in th* field; the whole to be under command of Gen Burbrldge, with headquarters in this cily That part of Kentucky west of the Cumber ' land river, belongs to the Department of Ten nessee. The express train which left here on Mon day morning for Lebanon, was captured bj 100 gnerilas and two passenger cars of the train were burned. A guard of 17 federal soldiers on duty, surrendered without firing a shot. This squad has been ordered to Louis ville. Federal scouts have proceeded four mile# beyond Bull's Gap aud report no signs ol Longstreet's forces. Gen. Vaughan lias been appointed Provost Marshal of Louisville, vice Maj. Fritz, who re turns to his regiment. The Chattanooga Ga/.etteo says the rebels claim to have 50,000 men at Dalton and vi cinity, and they sav they will capture Chatta nooga and occupy Tennessee when Gen.Long street goes into Kentucky, which they say lit will do with 4(i,0(#l men. All the heavy artil lery is being rapidly removed from Kingston to Altouu. The rebel Gen. Johnston lias restricted hit o(Deers, from Maior-Generals down, to out horse. Attack on t niou So/ttiero at Char teuton. Mo, Sen-rat Pereune Shot—Arreat of Secretion iete. Sr. Louis, March 29. A special dispatch to the Democrat, from Charleston, Coles county, says the copper heads came into that town to attend court yes terday with guns concealed in their wagons and armed with pistols. Some soldiers in the Court House yard were, drawn into an afliay, ami a general fight occurred. The county sharin' sprang from the Judge’s stand and commenced firing a pistol at the Union men. Major York, Surgeon of the 54th Kegiment, was one of the 1st victims. The Union men being outnumbered at the Court House, ran to the hoHses and stores for arms. They were fired at from windows, and ten or twelve wounded. Col. Mitchell, of the 54th regi ment, and several soldiers of the 54th were severely wounded. The 54th regiment ar rived in the afternoon and formed on the square. Nelson Wells, the man who fired the first shot, was instantly killed. John Cooper, a prisoner, was shot, while trying to escape. Col. Brooks, with a squad of men, went In pursuit of the gang of copperheads, and Capt. Williams has some twenty prouiiucut seces sionists, who are implicated in the affair,under guard at the Court House. Col. Mitchell had a conference with Hon. D. B. Franklin and Judge Constable, who seemed very anxious that steps should be taken to prevent a further outbreak. Prom Pattern!, -Ijo.s t,y Plunder!iiy. Caibo, III., March 2s. Our forces under Cql. llioks, at I’adueah, comprised the 1st battalion of the loth Illi nois, numbering 900 raw recruits, three com panies of the 122d Illinois, 120 strong, and 250 of the 1st Kentucky heavy artillery, colored. The steamer I takatali, burned at the Mariue Hailway, was owned by Capt. Johnson, o( Paducah, ind was valued at $20,000. Wolfe A Bro. estimate their loss by plundering at 82o,000. The steamer Bell has arrived, bringing 200 bales of cotton for St. Louis. Prom the Army of the Potomnr. HUAIMjL AJtTMiS AlSMY Ol POTOMAC, I March 29. i Gen. Grant, accompanied by Gen. Meade, reviewed the 1st. corps (now a part of the 5th) this morning near Culpepper. While passing along the line, they were greeted with the most enthusiastic cheers. Gen. Merritt’s eav alry division was also reviewed, the whole presenting a fine appearance. The second corps was to have been reviewed this after noon, but a heavy rainstorm settiug in, which still continues, the review was postponed. 1'onaotl‘iatiott of Itritiah Prorinoea. IIai.ikax, N'. S.. March 2*.I. The measure to unite Xova Scotia, New lirunwick, ami l’rince Kihvartl's island, un der one government ami one Legislature, passed the House Assembly Is-t uight unani mously. Marine IHeanter. Fortress Monroe, March 29. Schooner Neptune, from Key West,has ar rived in distress, with her bowsprit and fore mast pone. Commercial, Per steam-hip City of Manchester at Kvw York. LIVERPOOL COTTON MARKET, .March 17th — The sales for two days were 22.000 bal », including 8.000 to speculators and exporters The market was buoyant with au advance ou all qualities, closing quiet bnt steady. Breadstuff*—quiet and steady. Provisions—steady. Prod uce—steady. ’ LONDON MONEY MARKET, March 17.—Console closed at 91}<&91^ for money. AMERICAN SECURITIES.—Illinois Central rail road 15;a 14J di*; Erie Railroad 07 a 6i Netc York Market, New York. March 29. Cotton—steady with more doing; sales 1860 bales at 76&76e tor middling upauds, and 7tka73c for low middlings. Flour—receipts 1.498 bbls; sales 7,800 bbls; State and Western dull and 5c lower; Super State 6 55(a 6 70: Extra 680^6 90: choice6 95^7 lo; Round lloop Ohio 7 20&7 30; choice do 7 ii-Y o, * 25 , Shimnine Wes tern 6 65u,6 70; Extra do 990ft7 10; Southern easier; ►ales 700 bbls; Mixed to good 7 10@7 60; Fan cy and extra 7 65o>iu 50: Canada 10c lower; sales450 bbls; common Extra 5 90®7 0T*; Extra good to choice 7 1<*&8 00. Wheat—dull and V&lc lower; sales 8,000 bushels; Chicago spring 1 05a l 06; Milwaukie Club 1 03«$1 65; Winter Red Western 167^176; Amber Milwaukee 167 0,1 68; Amber Michigan 173.3# 175; White do 1 87; Red Jersey 1 65. Corn—steady ; sales24,000 hush; Mixed Western Oats—easier; sales Canada 893,90!: State 89 VS *1 (MU .. <i1 /< Beef— stead) ; tales 1000 bbls. Pork—easier; sales 2060 bbls; mess22 87]'^32 0; old do 22 ltto22 87]; new do 23 75*£«3 87]; prime 18 25<£l0 60 for old'and new; prime mess 24 50® 23 00. Cut Moats lirinor; sales 725 pkg-; Shoulders 101; Hams 13(g) 14). Bacon—quiet; sales 100 box*** at 114(0,11*0 for Western short ribbed, and 14) o I4]c for do long cut liams. l ard—less firm; sales 1100 bbls at 13) u,13)c. Butter—firm; sales Ohio 3O*$40c: State 4&a50c. Whiskey—unsettled; sales at 1 01 «.l 03 for State, 1 03§100 for Western. Bice—steady. Sugar—steady ; sales 1100 hhds New Orleans 1 UJgJ 15’c; M unco \ ado 14a,104. Coffee—quiet and steady. Molasses—quiet; sales by auction 135 bbls New Orleans at 76&7*|. Natal 8tores—quiet. Petroleum—steady ; sales 300 bbls; crude at 82] ; refined in bond 52 vi*,63; do tree at 68c Freights to Liverpool—quiet; flour 1m 3d; grain 3}d for wheat iu bulk. Wool—quiet; domestic is heavy; foreign firm: ■ale* ‘>00 bales Cape on private terms. Block Market, Ntw Youk. March 2U Second Board.—Stocks better and active. , Chicago k Bock Island.1-5 Burlington & Quincy. .144] ! Milwaukie k Prairie DuCkien. M ! Toledo k Wabash. 07 ] Pittsburg. Fort Wayne and Chicago,.143j i Chicago A Notth Western. 67 i Cleveland A Toledo,...14* ! ua|ena k Chicago.120, i lludauu...,.167} 1 Harlem.12* i Beading..148 Michigan Central.H** Michigan Southern.116} Michigan Southern guaranteed.14' Illinois Central scrip.ISO Cleveland k Pittsburg.1*6, Brie preferred,. 1141 Krie.125 New York Central, .144 Pacific Mail..233) Quicksilver Mining Co. 77} Cumberland Coal Compauy preferred. S2 American Gold. 1664 J United states 6'* 1881 coupous,.lla j United States 5-20 coupons,.106) Memphis Cotton Market, M ear mi iu, March 28. The Memphis Bulletin of tlie 27th reports that Cotton has undergone considerable change since its la«t report. There has been some action in better goods, and rates went up rapidly during the day, closing at 4c above last quotations on ad qnalitte*. ft ceipls about 100 bales by wagen Shipped 70C bales to Cincinnati on the steamer Glendale. Mid dling to strict middling 67®68; good middling 60 « W; midd’ing 60^62; do fair 61<g68c. ty Fatai. Railboad AccmrxT.—On ' Wodnesday morning last, the passenger train ! on the Grand Trunk which left Shei brooko lot Montreal at one o’clock, when near the Wilcox place, about two miles and a half below this, Town, catnc in contact with a broken rail, throwing the sleeping car, in which were several passengers, mostly from this place, down the dump, killing one of the brakesmen named Duclos, and slightly injuring one of the lady passengers. The train proceeded some distance before it was checked, and backing up took on board the passengers lrom the sleeping car and again proceeded on its way. arriving at Montreal about one hour behind time. The same morning a freight train coming tliis way ran off the track a little below the Windsor Station. So one was hurt and not much damage done.—Sherbrooke Ga: cite. rTT"Tlie liostou papers contain an account of throe deaths from intemperance in that city ou Friday. < hie, a young man from Halifax, who arrived in the city ou Tuesday, named F.dward McCormick. While war slays its thousands, strong drink kills its tens ol thou sands. A man in Connecticut, with a tumor ou his back weighing about 100 pounds,-sold his body,previous to his death,to he delivered, of course, alter that event, for £1000. J. E. FERNALD & SON., Merchant Tailors, AND UKALKBH IN Gents’ Furnishing: Goods, have just opened a pile of NEW GOODS, and can now -how more than F O I R HUNDRED -tyleo of Fancy Goods for Gentlemen’s and Boys’Garments, uani FitlinK CiaimenK < A» ALWAYS BE HAD AT THE TIME AGREED UPON! and at prieen an hnr an any other /tonne. The people are invited to call at NO. «7 MIDDLE STREET. mch21 dCw REMOVAL. JOSIAH BURLEIGH HA* REMOVED TO j NEW STORE, EVANS’ BLOC K, Nos. 141 & 143 Middle Street. JOSIAH BURLEIGH, Wholesale and Kttail L’ea’or iu Clot kin?,Cloths, Tailors' Trimmings, -AND GENTLEMEN S FURNISHING GOODS, Nos. 141 & 111 Middle Street. JOSIAII BUKLEICill, Agent for Grover A Baker’s celebrated Se4viii}>- 3Iaoliines, 5Tos 141 & 143 Middle Street. NATHAN GOOLD Will say to his friends that he may be found at Bur leigh's, No. 1 tl A 143 Middle street, where lie will be pleated to wait upon his former customers. Forth.ud. March 24.1801. dtf THfi BOSTON FIRE BRICK Ami Clay Retort Manufacturing Co., Works, :;94 Federal street, Office and Warehouse 13 Liberty Square au«l 7 Battery march St, manufacture Fire Brick, ail shapes ami siaes, lor furnaces required to stauU the most interne heat also Furnace Blocks aud Slabs, Locomotive Fire Blocks, linkers’Oven and Green house'1 iles. Clay Retorts and nice ssary Tiles to set them, Fire Cement, Fire Clay and Kaolin. The uudersigned will give their speciul attention that all orders for tin* above manufacture are execu ted with promptness. JAMES EDMOND & CO. Bullish Auints, i:i Liberty Kqu»r«, Bouton, mi-lill eodtm JOHN F. ANDERSON, Surveyor and Civil Engineer, OFFICE, CODMAN III.OCK, mcbl7dAwrtf Temple Steekt. DirilfO Insurance Company. fllKIE undersigned, a majority of the persons X named in tne first soot ion of an Act entitled •' An Act to incorporate the Dirigo Insurance Co.,” approved April 4. 1S6G. hereby give notice that they have opened Books for subscription to the Capital Stock, of said Comiany. the Office of the Port land Mutual Tire Insurance Company, or at the Merchants' Exchange Boom. JOSEPH HOWARD. EBEN STEELE. A. K. SUI RTLEFF. J. h. CARROLL. WM, < tLASK */RA CARTER JR. J C. BROOKS. I). W. ( LARK. W. W. THOMAS. Portland. March 22. ISO*. inch24 dtvT.lw 1 “ foreign Emigrant Vtssot'iiiliou of naine." | V'llUE i- herebygivenlli»! a inertingul the ‘ In I migrant Aid A*aoeiati<m of Maine,'' will be | held at the United states Hotel, in Portland, on ; Monday, April the 4th, at 4 o’clock P. M., lor the | purposeol'efleeting an org&ni/atiou, for the election ! ot A-sociut— ami officers, and for general business. N.A FAR WELL, U. D. RICE. GEO. STETSON. Augusta, March 21, 1864. mch26 dtd To Contractors. SEALED PROPOSALS, endorsed. "Proposals lor Excavation- and Ston. Foundations’ for the New Unlvesalist Church Editice," proposed to be erected mar the head of High St , will be received by the undersigned until Saturday next, April 2d. 1*04. The right to reject any or all bids, i- hereby re served. Plan and Specifications may be examined at the Office of the Architect, GEO. \l. HARDING. Per. Order. HinMiixv Portland. March, 29th, 1804. mch29 d3t* U O It T KILTIRAL! AM, OKDKKS FOlt IKItS, SUM BS. iLOWERS A IIDRIICILTIRAL WORK, ditch ms laying out of grounds, building grapcrie-s furnishing vine . Ac.. Ac., can be loft at the TEA STOKE, 19.1 Ml DOLE STREET. VTM.S. WARD, Elmwood Nursery. iuoh2l codDw* House Hw lata I'UE Dwelling House, No. 20, Adams Si., lilii containing ten finished rooms ; is supplied B Mfcwith good spring water, and is in good repair, is well calculated for two families. Lot measure* loft by 75ft. Terms of sale easy. Apply on the pieiuise* to J. P. THORNDIKE. Pet!Uud, March 29. 1804 iuch‘i6d3w Heal Ktliilo tor Mule. 11 HE three Story Brick House and Lot, No. 54 C'mnboiland St. The bouse coutaius twelve I well finished rooms. Bathing room, hot and cold water. Furnace, Gas<. and all other conveniences of a first class house. Hood Stable. Eu^tiireof SOUTHAHD * WOOD B FRY, mcl>22dtf ^ 78 Commercial Street. Wax Floufr lUoddliiiir. rill!IS elegant accomplishment taught in six les J sous, enabling the pupil to copy the most beau tiful productions of the Flower Harden. Further particularly thi Artist, 19 India Straat Ladru* wishing to teach in the countiy and Gov ernesata Instructed. mchgOdlw* “WANTS,LOST;FOUND BOARD. PLEASANT room* and board at No 72 Daufbrtb •St., 2d door above Bracked St Call aoon. Also a good stable for rent on ihe premises. mcb28 d2w* Wanted. AN honest and intelligent Boy, about 14 y. ar» of age, to learn the Dry Goods i ujiness. bj J. G. TOLFOSD k CO. mch23 dtf No. 6, Free tit.. Block Found. 4 WATCH and Chain wai pivkedupin thestrec-G CA of Portland, by a Gentleman from ihe C.untry, last December. rhe owner can have tr.e - j -a pv’ proving property, and paving for this advertisement on calling at No. 25 Clark Streel. mcbZudln LOSt. ON Congres* Sturt, near Mechanics’ Hall a package containing two pairs I adiea’ Fur Culls and other lurs. The fin ler w ill confer a favor and be suitably rewarded by leaving them at G. A. SUSSKKACT’S. mch»Ulvv So. 12n MiddleStreet. RECRUITS WANTED" For the Regular Army. BOUNTY, $702. Period of Enlistment Three Years. TSIHE RECRUITS are wanted for the 17tli l'. 8. A Iteg't , Head yuarters at Fort Preble, Maine. The above bounty Is only ntlered until April let, alter which date comes the draft. Kecruitig Office corner of Kxchaoge and Fore Streets. ’ J. P. WALES. Cap’t.Kth, U.S. Reg’t. Recruiting Officer. mclilS d2w Want to Purchase A Dwelling House, suitable for a small family, 1c cated above Brown streot. Address, stating location and terms, BUILDER rachlOdtf Portland P O. Tenement Wanted, WANTED to hire four or five looms, suitable lor a small family, with good water privileges. Rent in advance If required. Address Tenant Box 346, F 'rtland Post Office, stating price and locality mcho dtf Wanted. BOARD in a family that has no other boarder*, for a gentleman and son. Address mcb2 tf MP," at the Pres* Office. WANTED! 1,000 WOMEN, To make Army Drtwers. Also good Pant Masters and Finishers wanted in the shop to make AHV F PASTS. None hut good workmen wanted. Apply at the rooms in FREE STREET RL<K'K over the -tor. one door north of Tolford's. No work given out or taken in Monday forenoons or Saturday* fell.® dtf S. IV. HUNTINGTON. BAILEY AND NOYES, DEALERS IX PAVER HANGINGS, WE purchase our Stock of Room Paper from the largest Manufacturing Ketablinhments in lb* United States; careiully selecting from their large stock*, th# sew pattervs o\LY,—and such aa are adapted To this market. This year the style* and designs are very beautiful, and we have a fine assortment, appropriate lor every style of room. We invite those in want of ROOM PAPER to examine our patterns, be'ore pdrehasing elsewhere. They are bought here for cash, and we can afford to sell at a pair price. BAILEY AND NOYES, lAooks*ellere and Stationsrn, 56 X 58 Exchange Street, Portlan,'. N B Country dealer* will tind it to their advant age to give us a call, if iu waut of Ro<»m Paper. mch25 2m dk w NOTICE. rilliK Subscriber with pleasure announces to his A old Patrons and the Public, that as he has se cured tuo service* of a FRENCH COOK AND CONFECTIONER, who has hid thirty year* experience in the beet and largest houses in NEW A oith, BOSTON, and other cities, that ho is prepared to fur nidi Wedding or Other Parties, and f amilies w 1th e> ery description aud variety of articles in his Line, viz. Boned Turkejs, Bird«,Meatof all kinds, livery Variety of I.-e Cream, Jellies, Salads, Charlotte Itnsse, Cake, Pastry. Or Confectionary, either plain or fancy. Experienced Waiters, who are competent to take charge of Wedding or other Parties, will be furnished on application. All Orders from the Country will recei e prompt attention. v N.B. Please bear in;mind|rhat BARN I'M buy* and use* the bt*Ft Mateiial that the country affords. Call and examine. I. Harnnni, Cotliiuin Block, Temple Street. Porilnml Mr# mch23 dtf man■ a vatu r u i m ■ ML of tho celebrated clolh. ML “#IM\ 'S." All color*, at H A H R IS ! Also the SILK DRESS HAT for Spring, at Harris’, opposite Post Office. mchlO dj« Colley, Burnham & Co., Cabinet Makers anil I'pliolsterers, 308, Congress Street, ARE prepared to do all kind* of Cabinet and Up holstery work, at the shortest notice. All kinds of Flint it ii re. Lounges ft .Mattresses —constantly on hand— N. B. The public are invited to call and examiue. i* *h4 dtf BUY YOUR JEWELRY —IT— DRESS E Tt ’ S » f>0 E^chanue Street, 99 Every person thit buy* ffeJ.OO worth of Jewelry at one time will receive a *1.00 Book,gratis. mchlT d2w* BOOTS ASD SHOES ! W. W. LOTHHOl*. M8 Middle Street. Where can be foand a large assortment of 111 Ladies', Cents’, Miaaea’, Bovs’ and Youths' f ml fashionable HOOTS. SHOES and 1H U BER8 ot the best manufacture and at rea sonable prices. Boors and huok'g made »o measure from the best Freuch and American stock and on the latest style last*. WM. W. LOTllKol*. iuch22 d2m I'lKLIIlSKKN Or (.(lUlh *ROJI Tan WRECK OP THE BOHEMIAN, can have them put in perfect order, either by Djeing or Kctiubdiiug, at the PORTLAND DIG HOUSE, CORN KK PKkULK AMD PORTLAND STS. Orders' may be lo.’t ut the office, 97 Exchange street, or at the Dyo House. luehlf d3w HAVANA SUGAR. 300 Boxes Havana Sugar, for Sale by 1101*11 \1 BATON, No. 1 C entral wharf. Portland. March 18,18C4, iuchl8 d8w Notice. A 1- INAL Diyideud of the flr-t fund from the as set-*, set apart in reduction of the t upital I Stock of the late Bank of Portland, will be paid, ou aud after this date, to the Stockholder.-* of said Hank, at the time of th<- ieduction of it* capital, or to their j legal representative*. the dividend will be paid at the Canal Bank, ! Portland. Portland, March 29,1804. raclt29 di*3w • Notice. THE Milkman of Portland and vicinity, have voted to rai*e the price of milk to 22cts. per gallon at Wholesale, and 7cts. per quart at Retail, ou aud after the lit day of April, 1864. moh29d3.' ENTERTAINMENTS. B U IV E F I T -or I BE Si< k vt i»<I Wounded Soldier ! the free STREET LADIES' NOLDiEitX \1|» SOIIETI WILL HOLD ▲ S SOCIAL ILL: \ KE ! for the bosefit of the S»£h and Wounded Soldiers in Ihe i irld, —,s— MELHAXICS’ HALL, Wednesday Evening, March 30tl>. Theocc»fci--n will be rendered attractive by Sing ing by Messrs. 8ha« and Uardner with .Mrs iinmi b rc) and Mrs. Allen, and a brief speech bv « E ft . ft E A I, DO W ! BtfrtKkmenti trill include an Anti,/aari'm Sttpptr. Tickets a-, cents to adults, IS cents to children. JCT-Conrier copy mob*»td BR \ i : p i t -OB THK WIDOW’S WOOD SOCIETY. » « c I A l ls E V E E ! Portland Spiritual Association. This Associa'ion will hold a SOCIAL LEVKK on Wednesday Evening next, March 30th, NEW CITY HALL ! -FOR TUB Benefit of tlie Widow s Wood Society. Music hj- ( handler. Ticket- SB cent-. If;*; FOSTEK. i Committee THOS. F. CUMMINGS.' of Portidid.Malchi^.11*611- 1 IV ew Ci t y II all. POSITIVELY FOR HJNE DAYS ONLY I Perham’s Invalid Soldier NATIONAL HOME EIVTE RPR ISE! THI 11 R11R OF HIS EIBILLI4I! Deeded to reusing Fundi fur a Na'ional Homo: THIS SUPERB AND 01(.ANTIC : Illustrated History of the War! Which ha* received a patronage iu Boston, New York am! other citie*. entirely unprec*»!rnt> •/ intheetnnah r<f pubUc entert<i,umeat*, , Will be exhibited .in furtherance of thi* patriotic movement. Cflamrnriik fbursisj Ivetii- March 31*1, lSdl. And continue until April 9th, itclniTO. D00U8 Oi'BK AT 7 O’CLOC K, .BKOIK AT 8 0*1 L<* K, 100,000 TICKETS AT $1.00 EACH ! A Dollar Ticket Admits Four. ft DONATION OF $34,720,00 IS VAL1T VBLE PROPERTY TO THE TICKET HOLDERS. TOSIAII TKK11AM, Agent for the proprietors has the honor to announce a plan lor the tonn »ling of a National Institution, to be a home tor invalid and Di-abltd Soldier* The original number cf Tickets i*>ued. to be sold wa» 100,000, oue third of which umber has air read y been sold in Boston, Maas., where the enter prise was fir* t projected. Each ONE DOLLAR TICKET i« good tor FOl’K ADMISSIONS to the Mirror of the Rebellion! which will be exhibited for this purpose a* abr.\*-. Three Grand Afternoon Entertainment* Saturday, April ad, Wedueoday, April ll, and Saturday. April 9. al 3 o’rtrk, to arcommojistte l.adi** -mi ( nil.! reu. Children admitted at lo cent* each NltWMl Hutu TICkXTS \I1ITLU F«*r $I.M h-h. A Dollar Ticket consisting of Five Coupon*, four of which are admii-ioua to the Mirror, g* od at any time, and tin-other a Certificate of du n uM. -t in the enterprise which the purchaser rctaiu* i Single A<liiii««iou 2.1 Cent*. National Il^me Ticket*, admittirg Fcnr $1 00 each, for sale at tr-c Bookstore*, aud at the l otted State- Hotel, and at the Hall. For full particulars see bill*. mch24td DKEKL\(j 11 A L 1*. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday Evening*. March 30,31, April 1 & 3. A NOVEL AND BEAUTIFUL EXHIBITION OF MAGIC, MYSTERY & MIRTH! In connection with the presentation ot 130 X^x-oo Gifts ! NORWOOD, Tlic Fakir ! WOXDRRFVL DEXTERITY, BEAVTIFCL ACUlE YEMtM S. STJKTLIAd FEATS. The Fakir will have t he honor of appearing in a Melange of /Prestidigitation, Xecrc wa>> Magic, Xe , ana will tnrther increase the iuterest oi the oc casion bf distributing among his au lienee, Jrte of charge, an Immense variety of costly ax.d* ut« Presents, among which will be tottud %\TLK\Dili WATCH. Every pvralia>tr of an Admiseiou ticket will be p esented with a Gift Ticket. 1 he Manager wishes u distinctly understood that no charge w ill he made for Gilts, but lor the performance only. gjr-<XMereeitvM—The variety ol llw Fakir's Won ders are eudiee*. Eaca evening will te d is ting u $Lt d by some new and thrilling eli'cct. Neither trouble or expense has been spared to give tlies.- entertainments ail the charms the Fakir iscapablv of There is noth ing connected with them to offend the mo-1 «a-o d ious. tcrupulon* or re igions ali the experiments being found .1 strictly upon scientific principle*. fc#* Admission 2?» cents; Re-efVcd beats »cent* Doors open at 7, entertainment to commence at 8 o'clock. inches dtapll Dei-riut; Hall—1Three Sirius Onl) ! Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. April I til. 5tl, nntl Oth. First appearance in Portland oi the World Re no wed Pres t id ig it ate nr and Traveller PROFESSOR ANDERSON, in his celebrated ontertaii inert the w o it 1.1> o r ti a u i c : Prof. Andc. -on vviil commence hit 8oii .es Fautai tiques on Monday* Apr ii 4th. ami continue for threv nights only, when he will introduce the whole of fcis startling, new. ptculiar and h gular novelties, per I'ormid entirety without the aid t./ any Mtc/utnical apparatus, all cftoc.s being produced by most extra ordinary nirchau cal skill. Ou Saiurday aftenoon at 3 o'closk, there will be a g(and day performance for the accommodation oi ladies and children. Children half price. Door* open in eveniog at 7. to e uimeuce quartt r before 3. < >n Saturday ufo-raoon at 2, commence a( 3. Adn»i«siou 25cents: Reserved Seats 50cent*. xneh23dlw rirs( ?Ioi raau<' Bondholder-.. <\f tho Kenmbec an«l Portland K; p «»., are " requested to forward to this oMiee their Bond* for Extension, before the 5th day of April next, and receive pairuien for over due interest eu tame in Bond* of tin.* Portland and Kennebec Railroad Co . agreeable to tlieir vote Nov. 21, 1868. Certificates of Stock in said Co., will bo ready f r Second Mort Bondholder* on application. J. S. CUSHING, Pres . Port. 4 Kon. R R. Co. Augu-ta, March 24. 18W. inch'.* td OAl'TION. 4 1.1. |km .on* arp prohibited from tr. .mi iu_> xV promises, or removing au v propeit; whatever from iny laud, uomi Broad Cove, w itbou tie-1 mission. BENJ. WATKKHOUSP. mch2dU3r Cap-K i/ubcih. Bricklayers, Adenlit'R 1 THE journeymen bricklayers of Portland and vi cinity are requested to'meetat the Ward Room in the new City Hnildiug. ou Thur dav evening, March 31at. at 7 j o’clock, to act on important busi no s. All are requested to attend. nub29 *3t Butter, my*? 11 BS Butter, tor Sale l»j J.M Knight 4 Son. / • # No 2 Lime Street Portland, March 28,1*64 moli29 dtf 1 y*8——111 —aw——— auction sales. Grtceriei at Auction. spiiEIJK will b. sold ai Auction. \V edre.Jav 1 March ao, »1 a ./clou*, at J Arnold i tv, 1 ‘“‘Hre- St . all llu, l.rocerl.s and U\tuit- m said >w*re Ait, it not di>pofeU of at private aie -n* Ho« v. on* «.*r>all. one wagon Actwo H.r (***?« Als.. I aniiture aiuo.Stove. E. M. Pa 11E.N'. m >h29 d'2r The Third Grand Sale, —or— ttWl UiYAA GOODS, From the Wreck of Steamer Bohemian, Bv ,Gan li t Hey \ Co., Auctioneers. \\rCOMMW i no Ibvrnla; nm Ifurrk It -lUt. at in o clock .t it ... v, c l .. B •€>.<’. ■mmccrlal street rile hi r»'J m..‘mo»Ur raised bv .livers taken np in .bole park.*,! . Till livcred in suod order excepting the wet i. s st. principally of silk, ftronfloloth. Jasalinw,'. rweed*. Linen Sc < *ttouGood?, Brut***!)* GiJdoih and other Carpets Ac., Ac.. principally in unbroken piects^ niched* d BY HENRY BAILEY, A CO., AUCTIONEERS. Houfte sif tuition. /^AN TLnr-tlav . March :M. at 3 o'clock, |\ M , on‘‘u^^wv F,‘‘ on9 aud a ha,r wooden 11oiimi with Brick ba*<ni*>nr, No. 2<i Myrtle ntrout ?•“*«»«• is nearly new whh HinTl’ed r«», abundant hard and -oit.ater. and even-thine neat and convenient iuaitd ab^ut the Iioum Title c ear ' 11 ■' l-'-iO'.. uewt ta ’ Genteel Fnrniiuie at Auction. /■hi Kainrday. April 2d. >1 lo o clock ,\ M „ V*,,. ou-c dacoi. p. shat tuck. near Tnkn !“ 'F"*kr®ok.1•** *• J'aruitare in .aid home,. on'. stating, lapsrt of B d.taada, Bed* and Bedding Brussel*, f number. Oil and Stair Carpeta, chain Kocker* Sola., ottoman. Ac , In hair, l ard Cent's Work, line and Dining Table., Chamber Seta’ Damask a d other Camion, Mirror. ( leek. Stoics’ TrKf4r?*^’,*'****: Vldna. Tin, Wo d and Iron Ware’ Table Cutlery, A a* *. StoAed Pdrdt, Ac.,Ac,with the entire Kitchen Furuiture. Aleo2 Horae*. Hay (utter*. 1 Express Wagon. 1 good four whtelt hape,, Il*ek Saddle*. Farming ntentil. in rarie *'„v. MABRY baujet A co.. naeliK dtd_ Auctioneer*. Genteel Furniture at A union 4 LL’K.sDA\. April .vh, at 10 o’cloek x w., at »be luta.0of B*v. Horatio -tebtiu.. on Hi.!. Street « e - hall continence the tale of ail the Kurni turc in sail home, consi-tlng in |art of Bed*, B«d nead* and M *1tr*-*r.; Carpel., kirroi- marble ton C. amber S„t*. painted ( him her Sett. BrutseU, Stair, Chamber and Oil cloth Carpeta Sofas, What Kol. Ec-e Chairs, in plush; Chain ib hair cloth, t enter Table. Marble top Work and 1 diet Tables: Mauile Ornaments. Picture* Crockery ( I'iitn and (.lass Ware, table Cillery, one tine in tension Table, Stove*. Book Canal. Map*. Ac . Be together with the entire kitchen furniture eom pn-tng all those uaeful artie'e, usually found in well appointed kitchens. SttJ “o£ limm stand:' " #S,*’r# Pi*"u’ 0Be Vitno niclelOdtd H BA,UET A CO- Aoc inncar*. Hal Iron tl at Auction. I fpvvo Bond* nl the Androscoggin It*11 road Coas 1 rally, IByMOn.OOesch. (Bos 341 and iM2) held j a* collateral seenrity will be -old at i nldic auction, | at the ,.f»e . of Josiab li. Drummond, in Portland, on the Sixth day ir April, A. D.. ISM, at ton (.’alack • id the for* noon. mcttiOdt.l IIKNRY BAILEY A CO. Valuable Ettute on Commercial ' •Slret*! at Auction. YlfILL be sold at the Uercluntf' Exchange, on ** April »"th next, at 12 o r oek M mi.- Aim part in common and undivided of the property known a* the Burnham wharf pn-perty The block on the Noitherly side of ( ommercial Strc-et, extends to, and has a front ou Kora Street, thi# block eontaii;^ }®,OGO fquare feet. The wharf and deck contain 22.:**) feet, and the coiitinna*ion to the t oinruij*ioner'' line, coatain*2f 000 W|Uare feet. A !*j»u of the property may be examined at the Merchants f Term* made knowu at rale. mch24 td H.BAILEY A CO . Auctioneer*. At Auction.—April llth.lSM. HEAD OF UNION WHARF ATIOO’CLOCK A M., IF not pre*ion»ly disposed of at Pilvata Sale, the r.atire Stock i.f *1. .Steven* & f'o. onsiatiufr of 5 jrood working Uorre*. 7 HarneABe#, 3 Dray*, 2 Cam. 3 Sled*, I fcxp’e«M\a;on, 1 Buggy Wagon, 2 Neifhi, Itches and Blanket*, 0 Wh oring *’arw, l*utnp* and fixture-1, I 1 Near Coal .Scale, 125 Ton* Cum tier.aud Coal, 75 Ton* Lehigh F./g, Stove and Broken Coal, C«al Shed and ti at ure* he . he. * * J 8TSTE5S h Co. nichdt) dtd Wholesale and Retail AUCTION ROOM! J1ST OPENED No. 8G Fox Blook, Exchange Street, PORTLAND. Mk. 1 shall be in the constant receipt of, and will sell every afternoon and evening by public auction, I the folio a ing line- of good* in quantities to <«uit Woolen* ol nil deactiption*, Dress Good a , variety, Linen, hr a ah Towelling, l over*. A. c,Table Cutlery, Plated Ware, Jewelry. Yankee No tions and Fancy Good*, Commencing Tuesday, February 10th. GKO. L. PEIRCE, Auction and Commtadon Merchant. W. P. Stkwart, Auctioneer- frbl« dft IDH AKD *1. PATTEN, Commission Jtmlmul \ Auctioneer, Has removed to the apacioua (.tore 12 Exchange Stre t, four do'ra below Merchants Exchange. Will receive consignin' nt* of Merchandieo ot every deNcriptiou, for public or private t-ale. gait a of heal l.«tat«\ Vo.-»el>>, Cargoes, Stock* and Mer chandise solicited. Cash advance* made, with prompt sale* and return*. mchl2 dly TU THE AFFLICTED ! DR. W.M. DE.HIX6, ^Medical Electrician, No. II CHipp's Blork, COJLXER OrCOyOKKSSAXD ELM STREETS WOULD respectful It unnounceto the citizens of Portland and vicinity, that he hat* permanent ly located iu this city. During the e!e\en mouth* that we have been in town we have cured some ot the wont form* of disease iu person* who have tried other form* of treatment in vain, and curing pa tients in **o short a time that the question is often asked, do they stay cured * To answer thi- question w< w ill say that all that do not -fay cu>ed, we will doctor the second time for nothing! Dr. D. has been a practical Electrician for twenty one years. aud is also a regular graduated ph* -iciuu Electricity is perfectly adapted to chronic disease* in the form or nervous or sick headache; neuralgia in the head, neck,or extremities; consumption,when iu the acute stages or where the lungs are not fully involved; acute or chronic rheumatism, scrofula, hip 1 diseases, white swellings, spinal diseases, curvature ■ of tho spine, contracted muscle*, distorted limbs, | palsy or paralysis, 8t. Vitas’ Dance, deafness, Ham ! me ring or hoitancy of speech, dyspepsia, n.diges ! t\,n. constipation aud liver c< molaint. piles -we cure i every oa«e that can be pr#ente«J; asthma, bronchi tis, strictures of the chest, aud ail forms of female complaint*. By Electricity The Rheumatic tho gouty, the lame nud the lazy leap with joy. aud move with the agility and elastic ity of youth; the heated brain is cooled; the froat i bitten limbs restored, the uncouth deformities re moved; faintness couverttd to vigor, weakness to strength; the blind made to see, the deaf to hear and the palrk-d hi in to move upright; the blemishes ot youth are oilit* rated; the acctdentt of mature lit# pro.onted; the calamities of old age obviated, and an active circulation maintained. LADIES Who have cold hands aud foot; weak rut o*t chs lame and weak backs; nervous and fick headache; dizzaie-* aud swimming in the ht ad. with indiges tion and ooustipation of the bowels; pain in the side aud back; leucorrhota, (or whites); hilling of the woiub with internal cancers; tumors, polypus, and all that long train os dises.-es will Hod iu EJectric , ity a sure means of core For painful menstruation. I too proftise mcn-truatlon and all of those long lint | of troubles with young ladles, Electricity is a certain | specific, and will, iu a -hurt time, restore the sufferer to the vigor of beam. HP- IT* kwe <** Klcctrc-Chemical Aiparat** lot extracting Miuoral 1‘uisou from the system, such aa M-reurv, Antimony. Ar-. uio, Ac. Hundreds who are troubled with stiff Joints, weak backs, and vari ous otherdiflicultiea, the direct cause of which. Ip nine cases out of ten, is the effect of f-oiionotii drugs, can be restored to u tural strength and vigor by the use of from ivc to eight Bathe. Office hoars from S o block a. n to 1 p. ai.; 11 4; aud 7 to H l*. ■ Cou'ilUUoi Free. fy 14 faedt iXEBCHmr EXCHANGES ANNUAL MEETING. THE. Anniversary of ihe opening of the Mer chant*’Exchange will occur March 50th. a lull attendant" of tin members is requested ou that day, at which time the subscription bills for the en suing > fir wilt t <> ready. All new «ub«rr options will commence at that da*e. Ihe terms «*t rubsoriptiou will b the same as last year, viz: *.j 00 tor smgV in dividual*. and gn.Go for firms. P* r order, luchtndtd M N. RICH, Sup’i.

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