Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, April 1, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated April 1, 1864 Page 1
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* t m PORTLAND DAILY PRESS, JOHN T. OILMAN, Editor, It published at No. 82* EXCHANGE STREET, by N. A. FOSTER A CO. 1 h> Portland Daily Prrbr is published at *7.00 per year ; if paid strictly in advance, a discount of •1.00 will be made. Single copies three cents. The M a ink .State PnRsei* published every Thurs day morning,at *2.00per annum, in advance; 4J.26 If paid within six months; and *2.60, if payment be delayed beyond the year. Kates of Advertising : One inch of apace in length of column, constitutes a “b^UARE.” •1X0 per square daily first week: 76 cents per week after; three insertions or less, £1.00; contiuuiug eve ry other day after first week, 6o cents. Half square, throe insertions or less, 75 cents; one week, *1.00; 60 cents per w eek after. Under head of Amithemekts, *2.00 per square per week ; three insertions or less, 41,60. Special Notices. £1.76 per square first week, •1.00 per square after; three insertions or less, *1.26; half a square, three insertions, *1.00; one week, •1.25. Advertisements inserted in the Maine State Press (which has a large circulation in every part of the State) for 60 cents per souareiu addition to the above rates, for each insertion. Leual Notices at usual rates. Transient advertisements must be paid for in ud vanoe Business Notices, in reading columns, 12 oouts per line for one insertion. No charge less than fifty cents for each insertion. SJP“All communications intended for the paper should be directed to the "Editor of the Press/’ and those of a business character to the Publishers. or Job PRINTIN'* of every description executed with dispatch. ^ F. Tracy, Traveling Agent COMMUNICATIONS. The Working-Women ul \nv York. There is no class of person*, sav^ perhaps the slave upon a southern plantation, who have more right to complain of the wrongs anil injuries they aieobliged to submit to, than the women in our large cities whose necc*i lies compel them to labor for their support. The high prices of provisions, the inerrase in rents, the uuheard of advance in every thing that a poor sewing woman lias lo purchase, have forced certain facts before the public, the knowledge of which we have no doubt will lesult in a favorable change. A large meeting of the workiug-women of Xcw York was held at the hall of the Coop er Institute in that oily, on Monday evening. Hon Charles T. Daly presided, ami on the platform were many prominent ladies and gentlemen, thus giving countenance to a good cause ami showing sympathy for an oppressed and suffering class in the commun ity. Ttie object of the meeting was decla red to lie, to aid SQyBOO wot king-women in their laudable attempts to obtain that which' is justly their due. Miss Tenet-a Esmond*, read a song written for t he occasion by Mrs. Stephens. One verse will serve a* a specimen of its style and senti ment: The war shout that rings up Item battle Thrill- Ihrutiyti the answertugcrowd, When you free tbe slave a- a chattel The Joy o« freedom is loud, tint tbe prayer that come- from wotuau When site asketb bread for toil, la met with a clamor inhuman, tttdeiye- rush for spoil, W ork: Work 1 Work : I bis is the answering cry. •'Our wives are fond of jewels, and widows • t- were mod to sigh.’’ A -tatcment mads, showing how poorly lalior was paid and the enormous profit* reul D-d by the manulaetoers. In making drawers a woman could ciifu or rather receive, ltll -l cents per day working 14 hour* and allow ing herself onlj time to make a cup of tea and eat a piece of bread. Some kind? of work paid a trifle more than Ibis aud some even : less. A fine white cotton shirt, with tine linen plat ed bosom,nicely Stic bed and well made through out, containing 11 ,500 sewing machine stitches six button holes, felled teem? Ac. Two of these shirts are finished each day by the operator, who employe* every moment of her time, Cuds her owu thread, and receives for the garments 1C cents each, or ii2 cents for inure than twelve hours’ labor. These shirts sell fur #3.5Q in retail stores. Their total cost to the j unployir may be summed upas follows: Tl ree yards of fine muslin, at 33-99 Ha f y ird fine linen.38 Lai or and thread.HJ Huttons... .6 Total cost.. #1,90 A more couimuu white shirt with muslin pla ced bosom,colar and wristbands containing 8000 afiches, six button holes Ac. The stiobing is done coarsely on a sewing-machine. These ‘•hirts are chiefly worn by working men They are well made and ser vie able articles.— Three are completed in one day by the operator, who buys the thread, und receives from her em ployer eight cents for each shirt. These gar ment- generally sell for #1/2*7, costing as fid low?: Three yard? of muslin at 24 cts* 72 f.abor and thread.f. ....8 Buttona..9 Total cost..8> . A Urge sued linen duster, beautifully urn le | on -i sew ing machine. Ten yards of seaui felled | and neatly sewed with 5,390 stitches, four but ton holes, three pockets Ac. These linen coats are manufactured in the l>cst manner for a lirst-eUes gentleman's clothing store. The operator receives 25 cent for her labor, which sum also pays for the thread and pressing. Two cannot be finished in one day. 1 They sell for #3,50, and probably cost the deal- i er le*? than *2. Ladies collars and cuffs, containing *1,700 fine ; •ewing-mmdiinc stitches, the outer edge being ornamented with insertion of various colored trimming*. These articles of ladies wearing apparel arc mode for twenty-one cents per dozen sets— I a -*»t consisting ol a collar and two cuffs. Three i dozen sets are made per day by a goo l operator working early and late. The thread is paid for by the woman who takes out the work. V dozen set? will cost as follows: Fourteen yard? of trimming? at 3cts per yard .5*2 One yard of linen.90 One yard of muslin.35 Labor and thread..21 Total cost.#1,98 Tim r.*fiiil iii'i...> in tli*. IIpii.i.Iu',. i’ <m.l Itiiu ni1!’ stores, is seventy-live cents. The wholesale pri ces are not less than live dollars per dozen sets. Tadies collars and cult-, with lace-work upon them, hut equally tine linen, upou which the operator can earn thirty-nine cents ]>er day, receiving ten cents per down -ets, and comple ting five seta in lour hours. The thread cost ing her eleven. An army blouse, well mole on the sewing machine with over o,tnjO stitches, lour button holes two pockets, &c. These blouses are short, jacket-like coat-, made of blue tiaunel, lined throughout, pressed and finished, for which the working women re ceive twenty-three cents, out of which she pays for tl.e thread.. A good ojierator can make two in one day. Nome can complete three with the assistance of a lender. Fancy tiaunel Zouave shirt, with vest front very beautifully made,containing I ,.r>00 machine stitches and eight button-holes Ac. The woman who made this shirt is the wile of a soldier in the army, who was never obliged to do auytWntr t“ her own or her childrens sup port until the last few months. She stated that her husband bad been a sea-captain for many year-, but hud enlisted in the army with the ex pectation of being transmitted to the navy where lie would receive better pay; Imt being disappointed iu this, she bud been compelled to seek employment, to assist to maintain her self and four children. 'The price she received for making this shirt was twelve cents. She stated that, with some assistance in basting she could complete three a day with a machine.= By hand she could not complete more than one. A ladies robe-skirt front, containing seventy two yards of machine stitched tucks, upwards of twenty-six thousand fine stitches evenly done. The working-woman stated that she received for this work one cent per yard, and that by constant application she was able to earn thirty five cents per day. The work is troublesome, requiring basting and marking of the tucks. The work was very neatly done. An army blouse for officers, und sacks coat made of blue flannel, on a machine. The seams all double, sleeves lined has three pockets, dou ble stitched, exceedingly well made, 7000 stitch es three buttonholes and nine buttons. Reoures double basting before being sowed. It fakes a woman ten hours to complete und press this garment,for which she receives 35 cts. Tlie woman who made it stated that she could not earn more than two dollars a week, on ac count ef ill health. She thought a healthy wo man might earn a dollar a week more. A fancy flannel shirt, well made on a machine 1,500 stitches, 6 button holes and 7 buttons, double stitched wristbands, bands and gussets. This garment was made for 8 cents and is sold in the gentleman’s furnishing stores for $9,50. The cost of material is: *2 1-2 yards of flannel at 40 cts.... 1,00 Labor and thread . . . . .8 Buttons, \e.. . . 9.4 Total cost . , .$1,12 The meeting was addressed by Her. Mr Milburn, and Mr. Jleach of the Vew York Sun. BAILEY AND NOYES, I> E A I, K R S IN P APER HANGINGS, WE ndrchaw our Stock of Room Paper from the largest Manufacturing Establishments in th< United States; carelully selecting from their large stocks, the new VATi'Kims only,- and such as are adapted to this market. This year the styles and designs are very beautiful, and we have a tine assortment, appropriate lor every stvie of root*. \Ve invite those in want of ROOM PAPER to examine our patterns, before pdrehasing elsewhere. They are bought here for cash, and we can afford to sell at a fair trick. BA1LEV AMO MOVES, Hooknellera and Stationer*, ■di k oH Kirkantfr hirer!, Pwrllun*’, N B. Country dealers will tiud it to their advant age to give us a call, if itf want of Room Paper. uich‘2T. 2m l& w JAMES EOMONO & CO COM 31188 ION MSBC HAN'T*, 13 LIBERTY SQUARE, . . BOSTON Are prepared to order at favorable rates, COLT NK88 and <JLKN«.A KNOCK PIG I R O N , Also, EAR. SHEET, If BOILER PLATE IRON, of English and 8eotoh Manufacture. We shalleontinue to receive, in addition to our American Brick, a rcgulaf supply of ENCi LI*II. SCOTCH, k WELCH FIRE BRICK mchll eodtttn VALUABLE REAL~ESTATE I'OK NAI.C. Good Location for a Hotel. That valuable and centrally l’>cated House Mfi;T and Lot, No. 31 India street, for so many year- owned and occupied by (icneral Sams el Fesseuden, is offered for sale. The Lot 1* 70 feet ou India street, extending back 171 feet—containing neartr 12,000feet of land. The j House is three stoned, is in good repair, and con tain* fifteen rooms, beside*many closets and other convenience-; has gas fixtures throughout; it also has a large ti,.« of PURE AQUEDUCT WATER, which is very desirable; also a large Wood House and Baru. This a g*K>d piece of property upon which to make j improv emeut*-. It may be fitted fbr a BJRS7 CLASS EOARDtNC HOUSE, or a SECOND i CLASS HOTEL. Its near proximity to the terminus of the i.rsnd ! Trunk Kail way audio the wharves of the Bo-ion and other steamers, make* the location a desirable one for a Hotel. This lot might be improved with protit to any me- ! ohauic or other person having means, by 1b© erec- ( tion of Tenements, its large depth affording ample J space tor a block of eight or ten buildings. For further particulars < nnuire of WM. U. JKUBI8, Argus Office Portland, Dec. 8. 1663. decll MWF IKK VM in DEPARTMENT, Office or the Comtroi.lkr *>y thk f i aux\ • v. i Wellington, January 2*, 1*>4. i WHK.KF.AS, tv fati.'faci rj evidence presented | v ▼ to the uudeoigued, it bar been made to anm »r that the ** Pin*! \alionul Bank of Portland, in the County of Cumberland and Stat# of Maine, ! ha* been duly organized under aud according to | the requirement* of the act of Cengre**, entitled “An act to provide a national currency seeurtd by a pledge of t. nited State* Stock*, and to provide for the circulation and redemption thereof/' approved February 25,1863,and ha* complied with all the pro vision* of said act required to be complied with be fore commencing the business of Banking :— >’OW THKKKKOUK J.UUUH McCULLOCH, Comp treller of the Currency, do hereby certify that the First National Bank of Portland, County of Cum- ; berland aud 8tat« of Maine, is authorized to com mence the business of Banking uuder the act afore said. 1.N testimhnv wimnuH, witness my hand and *!«• of office, this twenty-ninth day of Jauuarv. 1W4. • I I SKA I, os | HUGH M.CLLLOCH, j ofmk’k i Comptroller of the Currency. NO. 221 7 ST. JOHN SMITH. President WILLIAM TOWARD GOULD, Cnshier feb4 edlw luw2m * BltEED A TIKI ¥, NO. SO UNION STREET, M»t mi factur«-rs aud Wholesale Dealer* in Boots, Shoes, Rubbers, Shoe Stock and Findings. Importers of *crK«s, LuMingfc himI «ii»M>ltingii, And the only M innfmeturentof ■Kill AND GOAT STOCK in the State. Having had large experience, and be ing importers and manufacture!*, enable* u* to *cll the same article* a* low a* they can he bought in ! Bottom Wehaxe alwa\* taken especial pains to 1 give our customers RELIABLE GOODS, aud be lieve none have gi\**n better satislaction Country dealer* are invited to examine our stock before pur chasing. Particular atteutiou given to orders re ceived by mail. feblO dt w.Jm , 1IO K\' 1VKY (fnk -WHO AKK Muriiiog to Aveiuie their Countrv's Wrmur. Now if your tune to strike our Nation’s foe. All wi-hing to do eo arc requested to call at J. JVC. TODD’S, Corner of Middle ft Exchange Streets. EMrEAllCE 74 Ml DDLS SlIIKT, Who lias been authorised to Enlist lor all the Regiments and Battery* new and old in the Add, all wishing to enter the service will Audit to their advantage to cal) on him before enlisting. l^r Order. _ mch5 eod8w* NOTICE. MR. SIMMONS, who han had twenty-live years experience in the tlaldcu !>)■«* H<>nsii‘l and cornea highly recommended by the Barrette, Will take charge ol’ the Dyeing department at the PORTLAND DYE HOUSE. corner of Preble and Portland Streets, gyOffice. No 97 Exchange street. feb6 eod'jm* A. FOSTER, Proprietro. Removal. OK I.UDWKi has removed to No. 5" High Bt., corner of Congress. Cortland, March 17,1*11. mohlTdtf Book Card dt Fancv Printing M KAI L I KXKCBTKI) »T TMF OFFIOF OF TMF .RFI F1VK DOLLARS willbegiven fur tbe deteotloB and Conviction of any poruon orpernon..t«allW paper* from tbe door* of our anbaoriber* 1 J...< runf.ieD asu Dr i uu raue. MISCELLANEOUS. CHAPMAN. Ju., Patent and Hngine?* ig» , -J* encft, No. 229 Congress Street. CLOl'HES WRINGERS at wholesale and retail. ! Agents wanted (in every town). Call at 229 | Congre*» Strret. HAWSE'S J*ut/eu Elevating and Revolving . Clothe? ,Dged fort*ale at 229 Congrcaa Street. 4 N improved Waterwheel, nnsurpassed by any XV yet iuvented. Models at 229 Congress Street. 1>ARTILs having capita! to invest would do well to call it No. 22m < ongre-s Street. MONEY ip being made by those who have invert ed at 229 Congrep* Street. A SPRING BED, which, for simplicity and dura in. bilitv, i* unsurpassed. Sample? att29 CongreM St root. ^TOTHINO ventured nothing gained ig the ton rim ^ ? at 229 Congrete Street. J 1ST received a new lot of A mid on’* Premium Wringers at 229 Congrera Street. RUNDLF.T Repair s Wringe** and Lamps at 229 Con greta Street. mcii24 dtf ■ ! Ilan»oii Block, middle St., No. 161. Scholarship* good in any part of the Failed .States . o© Principal has ha<l 20 y»*ar» experience; is always on the spot, and attends to his business; and prom ise*, a* during the pa»t 12 year*. no jpain* shall be in tin' future. Five hundred rofer**nc**s of the first das* busiue-- men, with many other.- ofthir city, will testify to the practical utility, capacious ness and completeness 01 my systems and manner of teaching, and citizens of other cities ha\ e t* tilled toUM BUBO. Diphmaa will b- awarded lor thor ough courses. Able Assistants secured. Bartlett’s Plan, the founder of Commercial Colleges, strictly adhered to as regards not copying. Certain times will be devoted to Commercial Law elucidations.— Come all who have failed to be taught a business hand-writing and I will guarantee to you success. Applications solicited for Accountants. Separate in struction given. Student* can enter any time. Sej> •rate rooms for Ladies. Tuition reasonable. Intri cate account* adjusted. Ladies and i leu tie men that desire to tak** lessons, or a full, or a separate course, Id either Book-K< ping. Navigation, Commercial Law, Phonography . Higher Mathematics, Civil En gineering. Surveying, Native Business Writing, Commercial Arithm tic. Correspondence, Card Marking, (and teaching from printed copies and Teat Book■ will be avoided please call, or addrosi the Principal. K. N.BROWN. Portland.Oct.2.1863 oc2» eodfceowl fZPBPwriTPPfg HAVE now becn bsfert the public for nearly a ear. They are naivcr«allv proBonuoi'd the neatest aiol beat titiiug collar- extant. 1 b* upper edge pn -eut« a perfect cun **, free from tin* angle* noticed in all other collar*. the cravat cause* no puckers on the in-ide of the turn-don ncollar,—they arc AS NMn«MII INSIDE AS OUTSIDE.—and therefore j>erfo>ctly ir»*e and easy to the neck. 1 he Garotte Collar ha* a smooth and evenly fin ished edg- CU MOTH - 1 n J.rt. There Collar- an* not ‘imply Hat pieces of paper cut iu the form of a collar, but are muldu* am> Ml ABC o TO T JT Ti’K * *Ok. They are made in “Novelty” (or turn-down fdylejiu e*erv ball si/c irom 12 to 17 inched, and in (or Garotte,) from 13 to 17 inches; and packed in ” sqRd -ire” iu neat him- carton-, containing each: also iu smaller ones of V) ouch,—the latter a ver> handy package lor Trav Un*, krniv and Navy Officers tOT" EVERY COLLAR is -tamped •‘GbaT'p I'Atvm Moluii* Col law.’ Sold by all dealers in Men'i >• urni-I iug Goods. The 1'rade -uppLed by ilATCII. JOHNSON a CO. Importer* and Wholesale Dealers in Men's 1 urui-h iug Good- and Umbrellas bl Divosbbrt. St., Lou TO>-. M w. ill - li2S e< *d?in roll SALE, Cheap for Cash! A <1 It a AT VARIETY OR CBILDRER’S CARRIAGES. Hint Cage*, Kui’klu; llorw*. I.adie- Work and Traveling lla-ket-, Toys, Marble-, FORI MONAIKS, LAIJIL.V RKTICI LK8 AND IIAllff. l)l:l MS, VIOLINS, Gtll'AKS, VIOLIN STRINGS, WHITING KESK8, WORK BOXES, Ro. —by— W. 1). ROBINSON. 90 Evchange SI. mchl4-3m Dissolution. flHIK copartner,hip hrrttofnre existing under the X -tyleof KNIGHT A HtoST is tbi* dav di«. tolled by mutual conafut. Hie affair, of lire late llria will be nettled by S. D. Knight, at No. 3 Lime •treet. S. U. KNIGHT, Portland.March 1, lad4. H. A. FROST. Copartnership Notice. fITHK under,igutd hare thi. day formed a copart X iter, hip under the firm of .1. M. KNIGHT & SON, COMMISSION MERCHANTS, AND 1AKALKR* IS COUNTRY PRODUCE, NO. i LIME STKEET, Between Fore and Commercial Street*. .1. M. KNIORT. M. I». KS1UHT. Portland, March 1, ls*j4. mohlOdtf United States Navy! Wanted One Hundred Seamen, Ordiuury Ken men and I.Hielsimu. Apply to Naval Keudetvotu foot ofEj?hange St. fetid ddw J. P. HEATH, Commanding. Colley, Burnham & Co., Cabinet Makers and I pliolstcrers. •iBH, Congas.* Street, A HE prepared to do all kind* of Cabinet aBd Up IlL holatery work. at the phorte!»l notice. AH kinds of FiiiMilurt*, Koitttgtp* A Malirt kH * —constantly on hand— N. B. The public ar* invited to call and evince, n*'U4 dtf HOOT* AND SIMAi;** ! W. W. LOTHROP, MS Middle Street. mjba Where can l»e found r Jar^f Rrsurtnient of EndhV,«.ents’, Boys’ and Youths’ ¥ HW fe*hionabl* HOOTS, sHOES and lit B BE/lSotthe bent manufacture and at rea sonable price** Boo i* and bhoks made i<» measure from the bent I reneb and American Block end on the latest style last*. WM. \N . LOTHKOP. mch22 d-iu Eirst !MorlKBK<‘ Bwiitllioldrr*. OF the Kennebec and Portland Railroad Co., art* requested to forward to thin office their Bond* for Lxten«ion, before the Gth day of April next, and receive payiiieu for over due interest on same in Bond* of tin-Portland and lveuuebec Railroad l agreeable to their vote Nov. 28, 1*68. Ortificates of Stock in *aid Co., will bo ready i r Second Mort Bond bolder* on application. J. 8. CC8HlK(i, Pree .Port.* hen. K R. Co. Angu ta, March 24. 1>4«>4 inchS.S td fto{icp. A FINAL Dividend of the flr*t fund froiu the a*• Beti*, set apart irr reduction of the C apital Stock of the late Batik of Port‘amt. will be paid, on and after this date, to the Stockholder* of-aid Bank, at the time of the reduction of its capital, or to their legal representatives. The dividend will be paid at the Canal Batik, Portland. Portland, March 29,1661 asL29 distlw* MISCELLANEOUS. J. W. NVKES, t*nrcha«Pr tor Eastern Account OF LOUR. GRAIN. SEEDS, PROVISIONS, LARD, BUTTER tnd WESTERN PRODUCE generally. Particular attention given to "hipping by quickest and cheapest routes. No. 152 SOUTH WATER ST. r o. Box 4Ti. Chicago, Illinois. KxFBRBiri KP—Mesflr*. Maynard A 8on»: HAW. J Cbickerinir; C. H. Cummings A Co.: S.G.Bowdlear A Co.; Charles A. Stone; Hallett, Davi- A Co., of > Bomon, Man*. Cashier Elliot Bank,Bouton. J.N. i Bacon, Esq., Prenident Newton Bank, Newton. C. j B. Coffin; Warren EJH* A Sons, New York City lr»'<S3dly AD. REEVES, Fashionable Military, Naval • and Civic Tailor, 98 Exchange Street. DRESS COATS, PANTS and VESTS, and Buid* ue** Suit* made to order. aMlie short notice ot 12 hours, at A. D. REEVES, •.*$ Exchange St. Riding habits, zouave jackets, and Fancy Waist* for Ladies, cut and made to or der, at A. D. BEEVES', Exchange St. EVERY DESCRIPTION of Lament* for Men aud Boy* cut at short notice, at X. D. REEVES', 9* Exchange Street. EVERYTHING in the shape of Clothing lor Men and Boys made to order with nectnt-4* and dis patch, at A. D. REEVES’, 9® Exchange St. VARIETY OF CLOTHS. Caantmere- and Vest ing - always on baud at A. D. REEVES’. W Exchange St. .»*ii.i i An i ana i\ayui omoer can be i lilted out at the Tailoring Establishment ot A. D. K KEY KB, Pb Exchange Ht. | QPW 1AL ATTENTION gtT6B in gettingup Boy! O Jacket*, Pants and Overcoats at novlodtl ▲ l) REEVES’. »S ExchangeBt. Ai«l to Union Prisoner* in Kleli mond. rilllE Cliitcd State* Christian Commission having X received haters of acknowledgement that sup plios forwarded through tbeir agent-, have been re vived and distributed the prisoners in Rich mond, invite farther contribution? to ibis humane object “Many articles ol Nourishment and Com tort lor pick men are generally needed" beyond those usually includ'd in government ra. tious. Four -eparate shipmeni* by the Christian Coinmi—ion have been already made, and otherinp pliw are about going forward to Richmond a- test as the U'.-ceiiKitr} means are contributed Money tor tins, sent to Cj rus Sturdivant, Treasur er of the Army Committee of Portland Your.g Men's Christian A-sociatiou, No. Sfl C'ouineroial s;reet, or to the undersigned, will be promptly appropriated to the rsllsf of the suffering prisoners. T. R 11 A YAP. CYHUP STUaiMTAKT, H. H lit aoKpe, Army com. A. J. Chapa, W. K. Jorhpow, U. 8. Christian Commimon, Portland, Ms. UOYtttf CBAI TS A WILLIAMS. ScccBMoas TO.I. W. UUNNEWhU. 4 Co., No. 5 6 7 A 8 Commercial Wharf, Boston. Importer* and Wholesale Deader* tu hrxtgn, Mtdi cine*, Point*, Oi'a, hue Staffs, Manu f"s'hirers, ar- 1 tide- and Chemical*. Manufacturer-<>i Cooal I '«#• nish**, Japan Ae. Agents for Foes#/ River Lead Mystic Lead Co. French uu<l Ainr.rieun Zinc, Druggist’*, Perfumers and Liauor (iereral Agents for J. L. Hunncwell’* l uiversAl Cough Rem edy. Tola Anodyne and Electric liiN. mehlM codim j Yniurflion Srhool, — AT—* No. 12, Deer Street. Portland, Maine, j / ilfHrwi- ,«t: ii^-tructhMi m ; .recti vT cal Nn-ifr.tiuu will • ■iperieiiceit teach er. Hm is Mi. '>nly experienc'd Shf|> Muter ia the 8l«te, who tear he- Navigation. uni ie spaoUll. a,,, pointed t-i^u»llirt Harter- urn Meter lo the C. S. ’ •V*'T. Straw l.ootN, I ''lower-, Ar. f|TBE subscriber i? now ■•ireniu* and daily rctV'h* I X iiig, the latest style- ot Straw Cood*, Flow- I en Ac., which will be sold at the low Aft price*, at wholesale only. Ill MI DDL K ST R E ET. Portland. March I '.. lv« 4 mchl0eod4w* Portland Dry Dock. fPHK uu<1cr*igntd being five ol the person* mm* A ed in th** Act of Incorporation of the Portland Dry Dock (’ompany, hereby notify a meeting ol said C orporation at the room* of the board ol trade, on Monday, 28ta 41*. M.,to decide upon the acceptance ot the Act of Incorporation, and 1W the purpose of oryanDing >aid Company. JACOB McLELLAK, T. C. I! KRSEY . C M DAVIS, WM. W. WOODBURY, O M. MAHRETT l he subscribers to the Dry Dock are requested to ! meet at nine time and place, me hi -tin NEW ORLEANS. S. D. MOODY & CO., Coramlf.sion Mercliaiil, «;7 Tetioupl ton)a* ot.. New Orleans, La. K^ferenc**: Baker A Morrill, Bo-fon: Franklin Snow A Co., Bo-ton; Wise A Kit-sell. Boston ; (j. Nickerson A Co., N. Y.; Rich A Co., St. Louis. V#* Particular at tent ion girento Omilynmcutf qr rc*Mtl$, Lumber, Hay, Oats, kc. tn‘ h2;: d8m A Pot*cr. I^X FK ACTS from “along wind'd gam*’ Of SAW 'S *LL C. STROUT (lioWA KI> A STROlfT) to SMITH k Stratton, New York, the same bearing date April Pith, 1*21 “our County Record* show the whole matter, and about these there can be no qtie-tioii. I propone, therefore, that you send yoar claim to some Attor ney here. As Counsellor the Administratrix.] have no desire to couceal any matter connected with the administration. If you adopt this course, it would be convenient, perhaps, to notify jour attorney to oall upon me, and 1 will immediately put him in com munication with the Probate Record*, and with the Administratrix.” If it is requisite to employ “some attorney HKint” "TO call upon” Strout. so that he (Strout) oan “immediately p*t Aha” vthi* "Rome attorney HERB”) “in com mutt i< atum with the Probate Her. or da, and with th* Administratrix.'* in order to get 'The Dividend'’(on $&4.64>—‘*$10.80 ’ out of Strout, HOW MUl'H OVER 20 FEU < ENT OF THAT DIV1DXKU, $2.16, WILL 1 HE LIKELY TO RKAL1S.F * D. J . CILA8K, Assignee of Smith '^Stratton. N. II. "THr Prorate Km'okhs" speak in black and white. (»r report of Committee of .\ ink.) The Administratrix ha- already spoken as follows: This max certify that Sewell l\ Strout (llow Ari> A StroU'i ■ was retained a- i nuuH to adjust the affairs pertaining to my late bud.and » estate, as uiigm non wnu i»»r »u\ interest,aud that or the heir* at law. Ha was hut employed to but up thr CLAIM* A<iAlB*T THE kHYATEEOR */> PER cm. TOR HI* OWE bkbktit. H «l there been no assets, lie would have- • xpected pay, aud beenpaid, for all the •ervices which he rendered. Catherine H. Itoiwu#. Portland .July 11. 1863. oc20 TuThfcbtt Fanner Wanted* I 1NTKND to withdraw tkw carious irons 1 hare iu A thejire, and devote ni> whole attention to the mysteries qf the taw. To this end I desire a Part ner. ID mmt be a* oily as a mountain of blubber, as snpph in the bach a* an ©rl, h* bland as a sum mer'.' morning, and wear o.t hia treacherous phi/ a perpetual smirk. Ills name must be /Vbr /totf:. 1 propose to constitute th- t t/mjMiny, aud will be a# pious, a- dignhied, aud asponijtons as an old wood chuck, cocked up '.*»< his hind teg* hear his Itole in doet.r time. "Tuk < hike e*i* or mar” with Kune k Co. will be to hat her their neat, and skin all who Come in th* lr way. In anticipation ol having our shingle out at an early dan. 1 adv i*o all the crookeii old sticks about to “Aop the twig,” ibateau or PAT 1 BO ’i’ll KIR DEBT*, to #*11,09* pretend to sell, all they hav e, real estate and all, without security, on a credit qf six years—that the widows, in due time, be severally installed as ”lhe administratrix,” aud we tbeir legal adviser-. As last as the assets come iuto our bauds, *•#«// leaned •brother,” otherwise called ” Brother hunk,” will triad to tue right and left among the creditors, with the Minority of a snake, and w ith the scissors of Delilah, clip away SO percent of their respective claims, or iu other words ue must lie “tile the devil,*' “TULL the wool” over their eyes, and get all the claims assigned to himst/f for 20per cent. D. I, ( IIA8K. N. It. No one need auplv whose • pis I ideation - are uot up to the chalk, and vvfto cannot produce a piece of composition cijual to the fallowing: "pi»ari-and, July 2,1861. “Mr. D. T. Cuvaa—.S’ir> Mr. W. l\ ivilborn “holds a note for about glJOO against l>. Libby aud “endorsed b.\ Lewis Libby, which is uupaid. lie •’instructs us to commence suit against you under “C hap. 118, .’sec, 47 of Revised 8fatute«, to recover “double the amouut of the property fraudulently "conveyed to you by *aid L. Libby. If you de^irt “to settle the matter, you can do so immediately, “without further costa, otherwise we shall institute “legal proceeding#. Yours, &c.f “Howard k /trout.” Xote—Sec. 47 of 118 Chapter of Revised Statute#, wHl constitute me qf the chief spoles in the wheel of Punk * Co. deob luThfcbtf INSURANCE^ American Exchange FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY! OK NEW TORE. Capiiul #300.000, Insure BnlMiaga. Merchandise. H.uar* held Furniture. Rente, Leasee. Ves* tele en the Sleek*, and ether Per* ••■■I Pr.perty at laa Law eel me*. SAMUEL BROWN, President. WILLIAM RAYNOR, Secretar. EDWARD SHAW, Agent, 103 Middle Street, act2. lyeod STATEMENT OF TME iKtna In* ura me Company, OK HARTFORD, CONN., On the 1st day ot November, A. D. 1868, a* required by the La w, of the State of Maine. The Capital Stock is.•1.600.000 and irith the surplus ie invested as fotlovts: Real estate, unincumbered, *87,963 19 Cash in hand, on deport!, and iu agents’ b«”ds, 216,960 66 Lulled States Stocks, 612,847 80 State and City Stock*, and Town Bondi. 6691460 00 Bank and Trust Company Stocks, 1,047,27'i 00 Mortgage Bonds, 301,960 00 Atlantic Mutual lna. Co’s scrip, 1862-3, 16,886 60 Total Assets, #3,025,879 74 Amount of Liabilities for Lotties not due or adjusted, S176.41I 84 Amuunt at risk, estimated, 116,616 479 id THOs. A. ALEXANDER, President. Lucira J. Hakuek, Secretary. Hartford, Nor. 7, 1863. J. C. CHURCHILL, Agent, No. I Iron Block, Portland Pier, j drcGdtf LITTLE’S Fire A life Insurance Office, ! WO- :il EVl'HAKUE STREET. ESTABLISHED IN 1843. HAVING the agency of th*» following well known j reliable and prompt pavinjr Companies, I am I prepared to take Fire Rifeko at the Lo«e-r Hates of I other sound Companies to tht amount of (100.000 i If wanted. Pliopuix InMiraiiif Company, OF HARTFORD, CONN., Capital asd Srr.PLr»,.*1,000,000. W?*t?rii .Main*. insurant-? Coin'y, OF PITTSFIELD, MASS., Capital axd SvaPLBB,..«30,000. Oily I'iro ■■•kunim-p Company, OF HART KURD, conn. I A PIT AL AX1> gl-RPLIP,.*.',00,000. nmNarn't Insurant:? Coin puny, <>I HARTFORD, OOKN., Capital axi> Si-rplub.*000,000. Worth Am. Fir? Insiiraurp Co.. OF HARTFORD, COKH , Capital aito SrnpLta.MW,000. W?w Enulaud Fir? Insurant? Co. OF HAUrFORD, CONN., Capital am, f*rr.rLC9.#550,000. Manhattan Fir? I us. Company, OF HEW YORK. ' Capital axd Bi-kplcb.#160,000. 1'hanips Fire Insurunc? Com')’. OF NORWICH, CONN-. Capital ami Sluplcs.*100,000. 8TOBKA, MFhCHAXDlSF. UWhLLlXUS, UAHX<, HOVAKHOLO Fl'RSlTl'ltKBad othpr «ood propprty tAkin at tiiahly fa, orahif rat* for our, Ikrtt or Art titan. WM. It. I.ITTLE, Ayrut. f*MS MWAF AwcobSw LIFE IXSTRAMCE NON-FORFEITING POLICIES, WITH I*4HGK iCCI^K L.4TI04N, TEN ANNUAL PAYMENTS ! The Mutual life In*. Co.. OF NEW YORK, With thejlarg* cash fund of TEN' MILLION DOLLARS, hit- always granted Policies XOT SUBJECT TO FORFEITURE, by the payment of TEN ANNUAL PREMIUM*, on more advantageous terms than any other Life Company in this Country Also la«ues Policies payable at anv given age dur ing the life, or ut the deoea— of the insured. These policies, as all others with this great Com* , pany.are continually increasing in va'ueund amount, and with its present larg< investment«, which are constantly accumulating, ur the rate of more than a million dollars per annum, it may reasonably be ex pected that the sum insured will double it* If within a few years. Apply at office 31 Exchange street, W. D. LITTLE, General Agent. | feLlil ST AT k wcow' w MAINE INSURANCE CO. AtifiiMa, Maine. f|1IIE Maine Insurance Company insure against X loss or damage by Fire, Buildings, Merchan dise and Farnitur*-, on tnrins as favorable as it can be done bv any solvent Company. Policies issued for Oue, Three, or Five years. J. L. CL’TLKK. President. J. H. WILLIAMS,Secretary. COWARD §HAW-AtfPUf. Ho. 102 Middle Street. ocPieodly Dingo Insniaii,*- Company. fPIII. uut*r*igned, a majority of the perwoue -L named iu The tir*t *ection of au Act entitled “An Act to incorporate the Dingo Insurance Co.,*' ! approved April 4,1856, hereby give notice that they ha\« opened Book** for tub»cription to the Capital Stock, of raid Company, at the Office of the fort laud Mutual Fire Insurance Company, or at the Merchants'Exchange Room. JOSEPH HOWARD. KBEN STEELE. A. K.SHl RrLEEF. J. B. CAURQLL. AM ( HANK. t/UA CARTER JR J. C. BROOKS D. W. ( LARK W. W. THOMAS. Portland. March 22,1864. mch24 dfcwSvv TO MERCHANTS. riFHE undersigned having greatly jucre««ed their X facilities lor manufacturing JiOOTS, AND SUCKS, and having large experience iu tuai crauch, would cal) ihe att*-ution of the trad*- to th» fcituie. We shall iu future be much better aide to -upply'tbe de mand.* of the trade then heretofore, and are confi dent that iu the quality, both ol outstock and work, we can give satisfaction, a- w e manufactureexpr**t« ly for the retail trade. 1 ho-e buying for cash will lind It to their advantage to look at our stock, which consists lu part of RURRFRS, SOL/' and WAX I.R iTHRli, FRENCH and AMERICAN CALF, French Kip, Law tine and Jodot Cal/, (iont and Kid Stork, Serves and Webs, Root and Shoe Machinery and Findings of nl! kinds. Mr. Kdxuvd Linar, late of the firm of Me**rs. Cha*. J. Walker ft Co , ha« associated himself w ith us, aud relying on his many years experience in manufacturing, we are confident in making the above statements. TYLER ft LAMB Portland. Feb. 1, 1864. fob*; d4io. • To .Wuiiuliu-tiirerg, Ship Builders, AN Dp* r**ons desirous of Real Estate Investments, the following property b ottered at goo«l bargain*. 2d I loused at pricey from $1660 to 100 Mouse Lots at price*- from 8900 to s.‘ty00 2000 Feet of wmi*m front suits t»le for wharves Ship yards, Manufacturing Sites, lronting deep water with tiuo spring of water rdiacent thereto aud a portion of it adjoining the Grand Truuk Rail Boad, from which ir«-i»hl may be deposited on tin premises, rnohi: dor MOSES GOULD, 74 Middle St. Freedom Notice. THIS mey certify that 1 have thla day. given iny ton Samuel u. Weeraan, hi, time la transact butine,, for himself, and shall claim none of hi, wane, nor pay any dehta of hia contract!ri* after thiidate. JOHN WP.FMAN. Sebago, Feb. 27.1864. mch38 dlw* H O T ELS. HALLOWELL HOUSE REOPENED! HEW FURHITURE & FIXTURES! ! S.Ci. DEVV'IS, i'he public are •‘pecially informed that the spacious, convenient and well ku<#«vn HaliowIll the canter oi HalJotfell, two md** from August!, and tour mile# from Togm Spring, has been refurnished, and is open for the receptiou of company and permanent board* r Every attention will be given to the comfort of guests. STABLING, and all the usual conwnieuct- of a popular hotel, are amply provided. Ifallowel', Feb. 1 1*>1. mch26 eodtf Splendid (Measure Resort! THE WHITE HOUSE,' (»ORXBBLT’ WILSON HOtTBl.) J. P. MILLER,.PROPRIETOR ^ This popular Hotel ha- recently been pnr* BBai^^hased by Mr. Miller (ot the Albion) and bar JJJj^WU en thoroughly refitted, reiiot at»d and re I|EBl|Vpaired, and uum»*rou.-i excellent alteration* tCSSLJi'nade. It ia located on the Saccarappa road, about four miles from Portland, affording a beautiful drive over a good road, and just about far enough for pleasure. It hae a line large Dancing Hall and good Bowling | Alleys. In c!o«e proximity to the hooae is a wa-n j and roomy Stable, containing twenty nice stall*. 1 There is also a well sheltered Shed, 106 feet long, for hitching horse# The choicest Suppers will be got up for sleighing aud dancing parties, who will tiud it greatly t.» their pleasure and ad vantage to resort to the W hit* Hou*e. No effort will be spared for the entertainment of ffueate. d* lb-dtf ■ A , THE AMERICA* HOI ME, jjjjrlHanover Street • • • ■ Benton, The Largest and Be»l Arrau^ed Hotel IS SEW E5&LASD. LEWIS RICE, Proprietor. esKly Mason & Hamlin’s CABINET OKttAN*. FI1UK su^scrifcr, being impn--ed with the greet X excellence of these Instrument-, and their adap tation either for small church***, vestry*, or parlor*, offer# them for sale to the citizens ot i'ortland and vicinity. The manafocturer# have the written tcstiaumy of over ft hundred of the beet Organist- and Mu-idaes, both foreign and native, to the effect that thev are superior to any In*trum**ut# of the kind that they have ever seen. Among the testi monial* of such as Thai berg. Morgan and Zundel, is the following from Gottschalk : ••M*s*»r?. Ma*o> k IIawliw:—I congratulate you on the introduction of a new Musical lu.-tru ment, long wanted, and #urv to find it- «t) Into even household of taste and reduement that can poeelbly afford its moderate expense. Your ( alAnet Organ if truly a charming instrument, worthy of the high praise it has received, and far superior to everything of it# dm I have seen. I take pleasure in commending it most heartily as ever) where wor thy a place beside the Piaoo Forte, to which it is a tine complement, from its capacity for rendering much delightful music, sacred, secular, clatdo arid popular, to which the ibauo i« not adapted.” GOTTSCHALK. New York. 23d Sept., 1863. These Instruments may be found at the Muslo Room# of the subscriber, where they will be Mid it the manufacturer#' prices. H. 9. EDWARD*. No, 349 1-3 Stewart4# Block, Cor.great Bl dee6 dt Scotch Caiivna, -worn iui nr— JAMBS T. PATTEN A CO., Bath. Me. il/Ai| HOLTS S.pfrlo. I 50Udo All Luo. Id • r.ov .. ^ , enuaout ooetrui,' *D do Kzm All Let , tu Arhro»th. 8“' do N.vy Fine Delivered in FortUndor Boxton Bath. Aprilft). 1N82 un«i> Office of Collector ot Internal BeTenne, First Collection District of Stoic of JU Une, ti3 Exc hange *tr*>et, PonTUAMO, JaJy ]?th, ledd. Internal Ketenue Stamp*. THIN Office having been made a depositary «i Revenue .bump*, the pobho will U supplied at the following rate#: Lets than $U) at par. mi »ijw, » percent. <ntrcoasi. •lu>*0 and upwards, 6 per cent. discount. NATH'LJ Ml LLKK. Collector Coal and Wood! — AT THU LOWEST PRICES FOR CASE, DF.LIVP.RKD TO AST PART OF THK CITY AT SHORT XOTICM. Our Coal Is of the rery i^u.lity, »u J .*r mutedio give tAtiafactiou. -ALSO. FOB SALK All Kindt of llata und Soft Wood. rhe Public are invited to give us a call a- we are bound to give satisfaction to all who favor us with their custom. OFFICE NO. 49 COMMERCIAL STREET. RAEDALL A MoALLISTER »M*0 ly _ TO SIMP BIIL.DEKN. P. S. A .1. U. Ill CKINS, COMMISSION MF.BCUAMS. and w hoi. -al- «l,1 retail dealers iu Ship Iimbrh \*d Plank. 11a' • t->r sale kl iaril NVIn»r i « Boston, 350.000 LtH tut an»i Oat Tree, u.s, 2,6**.) Hackm ttark finest, placed Usol n Ga k Planli and Ti\UKK,Cii5 *f M r Boaiio* and l’LANK White Fink, Dtx fce Particular ai tention paid to Furnishing fj>. Plunk by they argo. mcb24 d;?iu 1*4 KTIUI* 4TIOV Portland Mutual Fire Insurance Company. I bis Company will issue Polices to he fr< - after the payment ol six, eight or ten Premium* at the option of the injured and at rates as low a* any other Company. rhei*«tteoi Free Policies render* it at the lea*t equa* if not superior to the participation companies. Office No. 102 Middled!. . CHARI.KH HOLDFN. Pws. KDW \HD aI1AW. •see. Feb 16 dfcw tf. SHERIDAN & GRIFFITHS, (Succeesor* to Joseph C»rmy 4 i'o. ) HAIX 4 IKMVEATil StCCtD 4 lASIH ««RhUv AKE now prepared to ftjrni-h tb<' public wi?h Outer l‘(coM tMt all kind* oj li*lf«t< r Oiua incuts a* cb« ap a* any oth* i **-t*bli-mcnt la tte State, aud at the shortest notice We u ill also give prompt att« ntino to repairing Plasieriug, Whitening, White Washing and c olor ing U^Pleage leave your orders at No. rt South etr**t opposite tno Riding school. teb2f» d3iu 1 To 11 antiliiriiii'frs. TUI'. subscriber being in correspondence with an Kmigratinn Agent in Birmingham, Kngland (wlm has been in the h.i-im - lor a inng tin. obtain through that Agency Artizac. or Workmen of <11 classes with promptness and dispatch. „ KDW\KI> SUt't. March?,1S64 tf hi IMiddli-street, l .mland STEPHEN H. BORTOV \ CO., I*«n“ fiiittn, liriiam, hluisn, na Paper Htum, Cbmer qf Lijne and federal St*., Portland, Me. 9TBPHBW B. HOBTOH. t»AT. HRACHm Wauled liHiilvdlntrly. A second hand tteatn Engine, of thirty to forty horsepower. Enquire of HlttkJT 4 DYEB fthia dtf if Uskc tTban BUSINESS CARDS." W. W. CARRTCC~ UaciBK taken tU» Fratt Store formerly ootupM ty O. SAWYER. J*«. * Eicliaiige Sireft, Ar« prepared to offer to th# trade a Jarre and wait aeieotcd stock of Foreign and Domestic Fruit I Wliotrrale and Retail Oraaat* Spruce lluiu, f.aiea|«l Leman.. ‘•“■rt Wd, Candle.. Ciiac.. Lemon <iyrup, H.iuy, »*run««. Uf.a \a„. p.^,. Cilrou. Naia, all kind.. Dale., Oll.c, Kalelua. I .bare. Sardine., a ' Fancy Caudle. .fall dr., rlpUm, octk dtr F, M, CARSLEY, CABINET MAKER AND UPHOLSTERER, So 01 Union Sueoi, P'?P*f*<l to do ail liitda of CABLSEX JoB iu & proiapi ftjiti t&iigijictorj meaner Book bud Show C&»os m&de to oidef. HT'karuiiaio Made, Repaired and Varnish, d at SUORl NOUCK. foil land. Mai IV, l-,jj;. ,, IBA WINN, Agent, No. 11 Union St., is prepared to fhralak STEAK ENGINES and BOUSES. ©i various si re* and patterns, #«■ Kf Hilary till 4e*rt«, Shaft it,;. Piilep, U, LitfBT Uotai Wori of ail deaoripti'ina, *r 1 m kimia of ni rk required ia bu.'.Jin. k'OBTincATiojra. lroaHlair. aailnih.r Anhtte.mrnl W*rh. Ho«<«*. Store*, and other building.. Utied with Uas a lid Steam in the best manner. In sonnectiou with tb« above i* an iron *oiA*ry, with a large assortment of Patterns, to which the attention of Machii. *t».Millwrights.hnd #hip-BaU4 ers is invited—and all kinds of Casting* fornlshe* at short notice. Orders for Machine Jobbing, Patterns an* Forgings, promptly exeoaied. SllffiER SEWING MACHINESI WOODMAN. TRt l: A Co.. AGENTS, Jfoa. 44 tad 4« * . . . . Middle tireei. Needi'ietd Trlaamiaaial.ay# •khaki aetlltl 4I.BKKT WEBB A CO., — Da. laaa >a — Corn, Flour and Grain, ae.aO or MEmtllL'S Wdlir CaMwralal Streaa. • -, .>i». ___UMtf A ('AMD. DR. S. C. FERNALD, ttV.XTISf, No. 1?5 Midiil Street. knruu^ti... . Drs BAi>ow ani Bniauw. Pur land, M«y 3b,l>«*:i. Cf Dr. I. M HEALIt Htvi.\t. >lL'po-* d of hi# ntire lawmst in hi* Otto© to Dr 8. C f EB3 A J.D would cbeertftiily him to hi- former patient* and the pub* lk. Dr. Fjih.v tld, from long experience. iapr©p*r~ ed to insert A»riflci*t teeth .»cti.c •• ViilsartteBa##,** and allot he. m< ; uud* known to the pr.ifeMion Portland llav 36. l*4<! If JOHN~F. SHERR Y, Hair Cutter anil Wig Maker, No. 13 Mitrkot Square, Port’ 'no. ;up stairs. i ttr*S'H*arate room for Ladies' anl Children'* Hair Catting. A good *t*vk f*l Wigs, Ualf-Wig* Band*, frraidi. Curls, Fri<. it*, r&d*, K->!!*, Crimping Board*. 4a., 4<v, oon*tant?< on hRRd l-V3«:fdly td iri r /r ’X’r a t A. w -A-d AV A V A. ^ ^ , I Mi. VFWlOt UA H remored his r sldenc; to Vo. 37 Middle Hire*it corner of Franklin streot. OtLcea* heretofore, V j. US St rest, in Noth I Block, up *ta.r s. Cthc* hours fro in d to 13 A. M from) to S, and from 9to 9 o'clock fr. M i>i N. wU! continue, in connection with genenu practice, to onespeoial atifutioa toItlSSASMS OP PRS/AUrr ocSldtl M. l-'KAKSOX, Silver Pla ter, A5D MA.srf A.Trata o» SILVER WARE, 238 Cougre-.B 3t.,Opp.C«»urt Qonac Portland. 2«. fcVAil kind* of WAKE, such *1* Klive*. For* a, Spoons. Cake Basket*. Castor*, Ac. p.atcd in the best (UftDC r. Also, R P I* A iRIXG and RR-FI \ I SHTS'C Old 811 v» r Ware. ian*^* dum \V«m* AMI C.WA1. CHEAP FOit CASH ! $9.50. CHEAP COAL. $9.50 rr.ntr lot vRrxTXt r co tr » to.v, SPRIM, MOLNTAIN. l.KHK.U. llK/JLTo.V 8l(. AK LOAF. OU> COM PAN 1 Lit! lull. LO CL’S l MOlMAl.N JOHNS. I'lAMoNr*, WFB^ TFK led BLACK ULAUI. Thc«i* Coal, very best quality, well reeled *ud jdrle.i, »od warranted to riv. saiielactiou. Alw tor ‘He Lett of IIA HD AND MOTT HOOD. delivered to any part of Ihe city. OrrinCouviat mi Si. head of Fraoklta Wharf. 8. Ron I>» .V SON. (beta at v W.4HKI: VM DIPUHVEII FI KE AM) W ATT H-PROOF FELT COMPOSITION, —.j^D Gravel Roollua for. FLAT Jttt'. K.Hi:RSKV, \ )«[i-A (lit so.ts rooft suam FERTILIZERS. 1N50 Ao- i.odi poudrette. UO- LITTLEFIELD'S POUDRETTE. 1 or tale at manufacturer’- p.icej* by KCNO.iLL & H HITNFY• Portland l>b. 8, l-*4. felb di-Uu For Hair. a SQFAPr Mock : Uul of ab at T8000 aero of wen t land, on t . 3 rmiih side ot the river 3t. Lawrai ©c. In Canada Kan It i* laurretdcd b* two conrid rab’e nvera will $ule .uul ?it3 Watt i • - r dr*crlption of tuntrr, eu;u aa §loe and -prucc in larvo ruamitics, and maple, *r«'b, boeeh. tains rac aua b~3* w*»*d toanv amount Lnqtiire of U.T 4ACdl2i, porUa&d Portland. I ,b lvH fr b?6 eodir Sf«lfl» t ailVdav 1*^1 I P°*-l S—;f.. l-jcf. rv of Pa.iCor *• Son-*, L-ith—a sail cloth of rup. rior 'iWlity—JuM rs-c^ivvd iK-r “Jura *, and for sale by M GfLV FRY. RYAN A 1>AT19, oich25 dl f Id Coroio^rolal Srreot Wanted ! Secoud-tlnn.l Caudle Bote*, LI So *'■ PorllABd SlrrM, Portl«"L l»r.T .Ilf ■■acutsoLP * Extract Brcar "—Tonic. DIs rrtio . Uloo.i-PurilvlnA »nd Inrigor«tln«. EsfWtU«4 uddoUcAtr p*ifoc,ot' tornkim mi So'.f by W F PKTI.Lfps. Dniiiit )«? toLBeUV

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