Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, April 1, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated April 1, 1864 Page 2
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THE DAILY PRESS~ PORTLAND MAtSR —■ ■ —- » -— I'ridaj Morning. April f, lRtt4. -—- - . The circulation of the Daily Press is larger than any other Daily paper in the State, and double that of any other in Portland. I'saMfl- 47.01 per year . i/ paid strictly in ad vance a discount of HI.09 will be made, A Keg nest and its Answer. The Advertiser of yesterday contained the following item, no donbt from the pen of the gentleman to whose alleged -tatement it refers: Information Wanted.—The Press says Mr. Smith compared “Abraham Lincoln to a good Samaritan sent by Almighty God to heal up the wounds ol the nation." Will that paper confirm its statement by telling when and Icheve Mr. Smith made sucli a compari son? We think the Press is only in its usual mood in such a representation. Nothing is easier than to comply with this request; nothing can afford us more pleasure than to do so. It was on Monday evening, August 2o, 1802, on the platform of tire New City Hall, in this city, at a War meeting over which the Mayor (Thomas) piesided. If Mr. Smith will look into his own paper of the next morning, he will find riot only his own name but that of Ids senior editor dt that time — Mr. Case, now deceased — mentioned among the speakers. We think we cau recall a sullieieut number of circumstances to re fresh the gentleuiau's memory; at all events, we have no doubt the circumstances will ire fresh in tire recollection of from one to two thousand of tire vast, audience present, who will bear testimony to the essential truth of what follows. It was the same evening that the editor of the Advertiser—Mr. Case—said he was willing to be crucified for the salvation of the country as the .Savior was for the sal vation of the world! After several gentlemen had spoken—I!ev. Robert, f'oilver. of Chlrawo. and Hon. Horatio King, of Washington, among the rest — Mr. Smith was called to the stand. In one of the city papers ol the next morning lie was re ported a» follows—a report to which no one took exceptions arid which his own paper fully bore out: Amid cries from the audience for various gentlemen, the name of ‘'Smith'’ appeared most prominent, ami Hon. K. O. J. Smith was invited to take the stand. Mr. S. spoke at length in his usual forcible manner. He had been for conciliation and compromise, but the day for such things was long since ended. Ho referred to woman and her patriotism. He had heard of traitor men, but had yet to learn of the first traitor heart in a female breast in Xew Kngland. Where the traitor man had been found, there had lieen a quarrel in that man s family. Hi- eulogized the Pres ident as the fittest mail to heal the wounds of the nation. His remarks were often inter rupted by the most enthusiastic applause. Mr. Smith will doubtless remember — if he don't hundreds of those who were present will—that during his speech he drew from his pocket a slip containing the letter of Mr. Lin coln, then only three days old, dated August 22d, addressed to Horace Greeley, and read from it that memorable passage: My paramount object in tills struggle is to save the Union, and is not to save or destroy slavery. If I could save the Union without freeing any slaves, 1 would do it: and if I could save it by freeing all slaves, 1 would do it. If I could save it by treeing some and leaving olheis, I would also do that. What 1 do about slavery and the colored race, I do liecause I believe it will help me save the Union ; and wiiat 1 forbear, because 1 do not believe it would help to save the Union. Mr. Smith will doubtless rememlier that he read this language, as he stated emphatically in aubstance if not in exact terms, to show Mr. Lincoln's impregnable position; that he would subordinate all other considerations to the single purpose of saving the Union, and that all institutions—slavery included—must atand or fall only as the necessities of this one great purpose should demand. And then it was, in precisely such a connection as this, and apparently as the outgrowth of his pro found admiration of Mr. Lincoln as exhibited In r,.ew _ at.. . tl. 4* .. !.L soared into that eloquent though extravagant eulogy, using, if not exactly at least essen tially and very nearly this language: It seems to me if God Almighty, iu the ex ercise of bisintiuite compassion, had designed to send au angel of mercy in the form of a Good Samaritan, to hind up the wounds of this nation and to pour Into them the balm of healing, he coulu not have been more success ful thau 1ip was iu sending us Abraham colu. Has Mr. 8. forgotten the wild and prolonged shouts of applause with which this sentence was greeted; how men shouted and ladies waved their handkerchiefs, and that he was obliged to suspend his remark* till the de monstration subsided'.’ it he. has forgotten others have not. We doubt if ever remark fell from his lips that elicited more generous applause. It is to he regretted that lie did not continue to hold the same rank iu the es timation of Union-loving, patriotic men and women, that such applause indicated; that by any subsequent defection he should have be gotten the suspicion in any mind that lie was one of the “traitor meu” to whom he referred in the same speech—a “traitor man” in whose family, to use hi- own language, there must be a “quarrel” because of the unexceptionable patriotism and loyally of the ladles of New England. Since the foregoing was written our eye has lailci: upon a report iu the Argus, of a speech made in the same place by Mr. Smith on the 2Kth of August—three days alter the one re ferred to above,—in which we flud the follow ing passages upon whicli we do not feel called upon to comment: i am among those who at. the outset im plored most earnestly that this hitter cup might pass from us. I believed that thi* war is a war that should lmvejbeeu avoided in its earliest stages. But whether it could have been avoided or not. we are in it. ami the man Hat, is agaiu-t it Is not only a traitor to his country but a traitor to liis own American heart. I am for pulling the war through in accordance with the power and grandeur of these I'nited Stales. We are to make the grave of the Republic in the world or to plant its banner iu victory throughout the world. To-day we say to the. South, in peace we ate your friends, but iu war your enemies,—it need be your deadly enemies. Compromise is out of the question: there are Lut two courses to pursue, to submit or to conquer the south by superiority of our laud and naval forces. Although I agree " HI, the administration in most things, yet I would leave it with the healthy patriotism of the people to deal with those here at home whose feelings are against the war, or who would put trammels of whatever nature upon those who would conquer a peace. As to the management of the war-the ab olitionists are simply fools bteause anybody can see wherever the I nian arm y goes there Tin: BROAD SWATH or FREEDOM Follows. I am perfectly willing that in the rear of our armies, but not in trout,, lh- a',,,lit ion ids should do as they wish. Jt was in the face of such enunciations as these that the Union-loving men of West, brook rallied upon Mr. Smith and elected him to the Legislature over a man of outspoken secession sympathies.who was opposed to the war, and therefore, according to Mr. S's own rule of judgment, “not only a traitor to his country, but a traitor to his own American heart.” It wa« not till after the election that Mr. S. changed his tone, and in one year we m ———a—i——————— loiter Item the Federal Capital. Washington. D. C.,5far. 25th, l&D To the E'Utorqf the /Yei It seem* n pity that good people Alien fail ly started on their best tack are still quite lia ble to l>e overtaken hy those little faults and foibles so incident to this imperfect state. No cause seems so good and worthy as to cer tainly insure harmony of views or concert of action among those who seek to promote it. TUe«e edifying reflections were suggested by the fair projected early last winter in this city. Early in the proceedings, a difference of opinion appeared, which so widened and deepened as to give us two fairs instead of one. The first, held in the interest of the Sanitary and Christian Commissions, suc ceeded but indifferently, while the other for the beneilt of the Christian Commission and the families of the District volunteers, has been much more successful. Fairs, 1 have observed, are not perfect institutions here, any more than elsewhere. That most civil of impertinences and entertaining of bores, the “ post office;'' was active. The rattle, wheel of fortune, and various other Ingenious con trivances for so doing evil that good shall come of it, thus neatly outwitting the Evil One and stealing his contraband of war, to be turneil against himself—devices sharp enough to have originated in Yankee land, have certainly found a wide sphere of useful ness hereabout. By little and little the country is coming to do justice to those whom, in her time of pros perity, site treated as possessed of uo rights which a white man was bound to respect, hut whom in her great extremity she has called to her defence. The bill to equalize the pay ol Soldiers without regard to color, which will doubtless become a law during the present session, is a step in this direction. The issu ing of a commission to 2d Lieutenant Snell, the first commission yet given to a colored soldier except those to Surgeons and Chap tains. is an initiative that deserves to be fol lowed. Mr. Harlan’s bill giving to colored inhabitants of the District the same right of suffrage as to the whites, though it has caused no little sensation, will lie approved by those who think men who are good enough to fight bravely by teus of thousands for the country, are good enough to share the rights thus de fended and secured. The speech of Senator Howard, of Michi gan, upon the interference of the military in elections, with his report on the same sub ject, lias left the opposition but a moderate share of its favorite grievance to mourn over. It seems, however, to be reluctant to part with these supposed grounds of complaint, and to be as much attached to its wrongs, as to her pains and aches was the old lady who “ enjoyed poor health constantly.” Mr. Sauls bury very naturally followed Mr. Howard in oue of bis most impassioned harangues upon “ military despotism,” “ northern Bastiles” and kindred topics. The Blair—MeClurg affair in the House was one of those occurrences difficult to par allel in the legislative proceedings of other countries, long the disgrace of our own. from which we were hoping the secession of south ern lire-eatera and bullies had delivered us.— If the House would make an example or two, expelling without pity whoever shall dose to defy its authority, and insult its decency by the utterance of such epithets as “liar,” “scoundrel" and the like, we might hope to be in future free from such humiliations. A duel was at first thought to be imminent, but hos tilities are not considered probable at the time of tikis writing. On Friday, J udge Spaulding of Ohio saw tit to produce another sensation by refusing to pay the fine of 12 1-2 cts. required by the rule- of thc^tlouse for absence without leave at roll-call, and resisting the attempt of the Sergeant-at-arms to arrest him. After mak ing considerable trouble he concluded to sub mit to the rules and so the matter ended.— Such transactions seem to me somewhat more than breaches of good inauner.- or good order. Although participated in by but very few aud offiirrinvprv cpIHuhi thi.v a»;i; «««.! -a ly lower the dignity of the House and to im pair if not ties troy that respect which should he felt by the people for all branches of the government, and which all brauches of the government should study to deserve. 'Hie rapid advance of gold, checked indeed by occasional downward fluctuations, but with a genera! trend quite too certain aud di rect,- the failure of the gold bill yet to pro duce any very beneficial effect, and another httgr loan impending, may well cause the country to look anxiously for some legislation upon the all important subject of national revenue, that shall replenish the public treas ury and fortify the public credit. The com mittee ol ways and means have had the mat ter under consideration lor some time past.— A sub-committee of three, consisting of Messrs. Hooper, Morrill and Pendleton, tak ing the report ol the commission of internal revenue as a guide—and no guide in such a case can be better tliau experience—have nearly completed the draft of a bill to lie ma tured in full committee and then reported to the House. Mr. Hooker's currency bill is likely to pass the House with important a mendmenU. Winter,as it regretting past leniency, re turned upon us last week witli five or six iuehes of snow. A bright situ, however, soon changed the wintry aspect of things. The dally freshening green of the Capitol park speedily reappeared, the yellow croons buds, tassels and catkins decked the branches and gave out a faint aroma, aud robins hopped and chirped, all seeming pleasantly to say, ' 1 kc winds of March arc humming I lu'lr parting song, their parting song : Ana Hammer sklcf are coming, And day* grow long, and days grow long.’’ _t. s. p. Another Benevolent Plan. 1 he charitable ladies of our city are never weary in well-doiug; and without settling dow n upon the good they have done, they are constantly devising new plans ol kindness to aid our brave soldiers. The last effort we have heard of, is one just “originated for the care of sick, disabled or needy soldiers arri ving in our city. Mrs. W. II. Shailer is Pres ident, and Mrs. 1). M. Uca, Secretary. Their arrangements are now completed; and sick, disabled or needy soldiers arriving in Portland will be received at the |City Hotel, kept by I-ewis How aid. corner of Congress and Green Streets. Cards ol admission arc deposited at the Soldiers" Home in Boston, and the weary soldier is there comforted aud then forwarded along with an assurance in hand, that he will be kindly received and cared for here. The friends of the soldier will please notice these tacts and help the good work along by giving the necessary information to all concerned.— Some permanent arrangement of this kind has long been needed in this city, although it has been in partial operation by-means of the city authorities heretofore. We rejoice that while Newr fork, Bostou, and other large cities are dolug this noble work so well' this Society lias also taken it in hand. These iadies arc doing much good for the cause, in their con stant laliors at their rooms; and have been do ing so lor a long time; but nothing heretofore done will redound more to their credit, or he more blessed than the benevolent scheme we announce in thU paragraph. "11 IT"HIIHI!■>!B|■ 1.1- _ I * ' " ' ■*** ; flrul him taken up by the vary men who had before opposed him; taken up for his hostility to the wav; but whether he became thereby a traitor to hi* country we leave for the reader to judge. Aid to the Soldiers. So. Waterford. March 25,18C4. To the Editor of the Press: Sir:—Inclosed I send a copy of a letter re ceived from Mrs. Mayhew, an agent of the “Me. Camp Hospital Association,’ written, as will be seen, on the receipt of a box of articles lorwarded horn this place by the friends of the soldier; a list of which articles is also inclosed. Those who undertake to solicit contribu tions for the benefit of our brave soldiers are often met with this: “The soldiers will never get what you send; the oncers will keep all the things and the soldiers will get nothing; We would give the soldiers something if we knew they would get it, but we don’t believe they will,” Ac. This letter will show that what we sent was received where we designed it to lie, and has aided in some small degree to administer to the comfort of onr sick and suffering sol diers. Very respectfully, Tours, A-c., .J. M. S, I.ETTEB FROM MBS. MAVHKW. Brandy Station, Feb. 0,1864. Dear Friends:—The inclosed list of articles reached me day before yesterday. I hastily glanced at the paper, then put it iu my pock et till I had unpacked and put away the goods. On looking at it a second time, I saw it was designed for the “Sanitary Commission,” in stead of “Maine Camp Hospital Association.” X would not approbate an article that was not meant for us, though X am very glad of AMVtllinir cont fnr tlm naa «1.a . - Your donation i9 a very valuable one, and if you design them for us, I will see that they are faithfully distributed. It they are not for me to distribute, if you will write me before I U9e them, 1 will pass them over to the “San. Com.'’ Still I eaunot help hoping you will allow me to keep them, as I can use tliura to such good advantage. Our brave soldiers need all the comforts that can be furnished them from the friends at home, and it is my privilege and pleasure, to visit them from regiment to regiment, and battery to battery, tlndiug those sick in hospital; and those still more needy, sick in quarters, and carry to them the luxuries furnished me by the friends in Maine. Hut our labors are not confined to camp. This week,on Monday and Tues day, Mis. l’aiiuer. the New Jersey agent, and myself, with the assistance of a few men, fur nished food at the cars to all the sick that were sent from the army to Washington, num bering, I believe, about live huudred. Many a sick, travel-worn soldier has halted at our door, and been furnished with a dry, warm pair of socks, and a comfortable meal that Otherwise would have gone on without either. Such have always left blessing us, and the dear friends in Maine who sent such blessings. Do not feel that your work is unappreciated. <»od bless our noble defenders, and cover their heads in the hour of danger. Pray for the soldier and write often and cheerfully to them. Allow me to thank you for your gifts whether they arc intended for me or not. Yours for the good cause, Mbs. K. S. Mavhew, Agent Me. Camp Hospital Ass. List of forwarded to the Nani itary Commission by the friends of the sol diers, from South Waterford: Twelve lbs. dried apples, at pillows,30 pil low slips, 4 pairs slippers, 5 pull's, 4 pairs foot ings, 2 pairs mittens. 4 handkerchiefs,4 sheet*, 4 undershirt*—cotton flannel, 5 calico shirts, 4 towels, lot of bandages, linen thread and but ton*, stationery, one volume Guide to Holi uess, on$ bouud volume Tract Journal, two testament*. Letter from the State Capital. Augusta, March 31,1804. To the Editor of the Pretsr The following commissions have just been issued, viz.: First Regiment Vatalry—John P. Carson, of Mount Vernon, Captain Co. L; Charles C. Gordon, of Phillips, 1st Lieutenant Co. L;— Levi H. Daggett, of Farmington,2d Lieuten ant Co. L. Thirteenth Regiment Infantry—John D. Felton, of Paris, CapL Co. K; Simon T. An drews, of Biddeford, 1st Lieut. Co. K; Bob bins B. Ufovcr, of Bethel, 1st Lieut. Co. II. Thirty-First Regiment Infantry—Charles O. Brown, ofBockabema Plantation. 2d Lieut, and Mustering officer. Those members of the ninth and eleventh regiments and the 1st battery have been or dered to the Army of the Potomac, and left here by special train this morning at nine o’clock. They were regaled with a bounti ful repast in the rotunda of the State House yesterday afternoon, by the ladies of j Augusta and appeared to enjoy it hugely. Gov. Cony has been presented by Col. Porter of the 14th Begiment, with a neat walk ing slick cut upon Gen. Jackson’s old battle ground, at Shelbyville. La. It is of orange wood aud is a very convenient keepsake for preservation in remembrance of the hero of New Orleans. Official notice has l>eeu received of the dis charge for promotion of 1st Lt. Stephen C. Talbot, Co. K, 1st Heavy Artillery, and the discharge for disability trotn wounds received in action, of 2d Lieut. Henry II. Chaml»erlain, Co. 1.6th regiment. Yours, truly, Helios. Slahiikk of the Female Teachers.— The copperhead papers which recently gave currency to the infamous libel upon the fe male teachers at Hilton Head, are now mean ly trying to escape responsibility for the slan der without uttering an indignant word a gaiu«t its author. The Argus attempts to get off by saying it copied from ihe Ohio crisis—a vile sliee-. edited by Sam Mcdary. so infamous that apology should be made to all 1 decent people for copying anything Irotn its j columns. The Advertiser, alter stealing the j : slander and adopting it as its owu by editori- | ; al endorsement, tries to escape under the plea ! that it was not the first to publish it! Rut nei- ! tlier of these papers has offered a particle of atonement for the damning sin against female innocence and virtue in the shape of denunci ation cither of the slander or the slanderer, ] while both contain almost daily flings about j practical “ miscegenation.” When Satan makes up his jewels we may expect to find such papers studding his murky diadem. Armyai, of Troops.—The members ol j the bth Me. Regiment, who have re-enlisted, j and have been at home a short time on a fut*- ! lough, came up from Augusta yesterday and embarked ou board steamer < ten. Gyon. They ! numbered about 400 men. As they inarched through the mud and splosh, from the Kciinu- | bee depot to Galt’s wharf, (lie air resounded with their cheers and joke-. They will pro ceed to Washington. The steamer not being ready to sail, the troops were marched to the old City Hall, where they were quartered last night. A Goon Hit. At a fancy dress ball in Paris, I France, recently a lady was seen in a very low necked dress, wide-floating and waving an abundance of green gauze. She was politely asked by a gentleman what she personated._ “ The sea, Monsieur.” - “ At low tide then, Madame.” The lady blushed and the gentle man smiled. Plumbing.—Our neighbor, Wiu. A. Pearce, No. 124 Exchange street, who was one of the first to volunteer in the war, has since his re turn, continued to carry on the plumbing bu siness, in all its branches. ! ' — _. ORIGINAL AND SELECTED. tron first page, The Working Wotm-ti j of New Vork. 2#““ Ou lourlh page,—Battle Hymn, poe try ; To the Daughter# of the United States; A Horror Struck Divine; Big and Little. 2l?”The Richmond Whig advises the burn ing of northern cities by hired incendiaries. JT^There seems to be a hitch in the movement to build a City Hall in Calais. jyApples are sold in the army of the Po tomac by the suttlers, at *10 a barrel. J3f”Mr. Samuel Vork, of Farmington,died suddenly on Tuesday, as we learn from the Chronicle. J3P“Tlie Vork Baptist Association will hold its next session at Wells, commencing the 13th inst., at 10 o’clock A. M. A movement has been started in New T ork in behalf of the East Tennessee sutier ers. Better late than never. 2y*Hon. Noah Wood, has been chosen Treasurer and Clerk of the European and North American Railway Company. Someboby complains bitterly of the want of depot accommodations at Brunswick, says the I.ewiston Journal. B#”C.overnor Coney will leave Augusta oti Monday for a visit to the army of the Poto mac. lie will lie accompanied by Col. fiarn sey, of Bangor, one of his Aids. 2jr“It is stated that Oeorge M. Weston is soon to start a Fremont paper in Washington. The Republican, his former paper, goes for Lincoln. Miss Kmma Webb thinks it won’t pay to •ttomnf ♦ n ■uf.. a. ■ . ... ‘ -- ‘UV ai^uiucilU Ul miss Anna Dickinson, ami has returned to her more appropriate sphere, stage-acting. Jjf“Tcn ladies have died in Phillips Village and immediate vicinity within the past three, months, their respective ages ranging from 50 to 9o years. Attention is called to the advertise ment of Messrs. Fenchtwanger * /under, who have just received a line assortment of dry goods. fiy~The house of John Hopkins, Esip, of| Ellsworth, situated on Main street, was cou-J sumed by tire on .Saturday afternoon last,with nearly all the furniture. I.oss about *5000. Insured. SyThe Gardiner Journal says the dwell ing house, shed aud barn, of Thomas Gray, of Whitelleld, was consumed by fire at about 2 o’clock, A. M., on the 27th inst. Entire loss probably about *1000. Insured tor *1100. !ry~Kev.A.G.C »aines, who has been preach ing in Augusta during the winter, has accept ed an invitation to settle over the Universal ist Society, at Mechanic Falls, and will enter upon his labors immediately. EyThe Anson Advocate says Jacob S. Healey, eldest son of Nathan and I’arthenia Healey, of Concord, was instantly killed by the lalliug ot a tree, on Indian Stream, on Friday, the 11th inst. His age was 2(1. A writer in the New York Evening Post, predicts the following result neat No vember : Union electoral votes, 238;» < ipposi tion, 18; Doubtful (Missouri), 11: not voting (eight rebel States), 58. movement is on foot among the New York speculators to buy up all the tea aud coffee. Our lathers aud mothers abstained from tea rather than submit to a wrong aud we can do the same |y“Once more we give our monthly state ment of the progress of t])e Press. During me ot March the net increase of daily subscribers, was 81 j of iceeJ[dy subscriber* 125. ES~Mr. Gilman .Smith, of Sanbornton, a highly respectable farmer, Cl years of age, who lived about a mile lrom the village of Sanbornton Bridge, committed suicide by cut ting his throat with a razor, early on Sunday morniug. tr It is now stated that Hon. Leonard Swell cannot lie Mr. Lovejoy's successor, be cause lie does not live in the same district.— Mr. E. C. Ingersoll, candidate at large at the last Congressional electiou, is mentioned as the probable man for the place. ar-(Jen. Dow received a dispatch lrom the War Department, on Wednesday, extending his furlough thirty day*. At the expiration of that time he expects to re-euter the Depart ment of the Gulf, unless ordered to some oth er point. The New York Independent says, that a rough estimate from tabular statistics in their possession makes the average wages of the .'JO,000 working women of New York less than flfty cents a day. Not enough to buy a pound of butter. We are under obligations to Geo. W. Woodman, Esq., for a copy of the liules and : Orders of thela*t House of Kepreseulalives— [ a book convenient for the large amount of ' statistical and other information which it con tains. Mr. W. F. Abbott, of Saco, one ol whose horses recently died at Lewistou, de nies the statement which has been published that he thought the horse had been poisoned or overdriven. He says a veterinary surgeon pronounced the death of the horse to be the effect of a violent and sudden cold. The horse was carefully driven, and he attaches blame to no one. _ .» s»uuo Mono IKUJI URN. JSI IIXSIIIJJ mi; Grant.—Gen. Burnside made a speech at Chicago, a iew"Vtenings siuce, iu which lie spoke thus handsomely of Geu. Grant: 1 have known him lor years. Gen. Grant posesses qualities which pre-eminently III him lor the position he now holds. He is distin guished lor inagnamnity: he is one of the most magnanimous men I ever knew ; lie is entirely unambitious and unselfish; he is a capital judge ol men, and he posesses iu a remarkable degree the quality of good com mon sense. (Loud cheering. I These qualities I think, will make a pretty good general, par ticularly, when he has a good general to Ileal with, because il he is magnanimous he will give orhers credit for w hat thev have done, j ami not seek to rob them of the fame which ! they have honestly earned. If he is unuuibi- i will not seek to uudermiueiuuoccnt persous, who may seeui in his way, and if he has good common some, and good judgement, j he will keep each mau to that spccillc duty j for which he is beat lilted: so that General Grant, who combines all ties,, qualification*, j is very apt to succeed. Aud General Grant j lias thus far beeu successful, aud the chances are that he will be successliii i.i tbo future. (Thunder* of applause.) He will leave tlie. West for the present, and take temporary command of the eastern army—(cheers)—and without saying anything to the disgrace ot the generals who have heretofore commanded the eastern army, I think he will infuse into ahat army a degree of coutidenee w hich it has not felt for some time, because success always carries with it confidence, aud that is what they want. Court Martial.—Lieut. Folsom, who it was alleged a short time since, kicked a sol dier at Camp Berry so violently in the bow els that he died, is now on trial before a Court Martial, iu session in tills city. The Court is composed of Lieut. Col. Cunningham of the Maine 19th, as President, and Captains Small, Wiswell, ITohson, Lincoln,and Lieut.Cnlman. Adjutant Boothbv of the Maine 1 Ttb. is Judge Advocate. RY TELEGRAPH I -~TOI»* - KVBMMfU PAPBktK. Jtisn.stxr to the id Maine Cavalri/ Homs. New York. March 31. _Tlie -teainship Fullon, from Port Royal the — ‘ th inst., has arrived. The -learner edition of the Palmetto Her ald contains the following: fhe steamer Continental, from Portland, with a portion of the 2d Maine cavalry and horses on hoard, put into Port Roval on the 2<ith inst., with the lots of fifty hor-es and the remainder badly used up. i he Continental was obliged to cut loose from the ship Fiank Boult, which vessel she was towing to New Orleans. The Continent al is short of coal. Private M. Stuart, Co. A, 2d Maine cavalry, died on board and was buried at sea. The ship Frank Boult was considered safe and able to lake care of itself. The Continental reports passing offHatter as large quantities of wreck stuff, supposed to be from the wreck of some steamer. ho,a t'loritla—Siirrrti/M .\aral Expedition. New York, March 31. the steamer Cosmopolitan, which arrived at Hilton Head ori the 27th, from Florida, re ports that a naval expedition up the St. John River captured the rebel steamer Hattie Brock with one hundred bales of cotton, rice, tobacco, Ac. It is stated that large amounts of these articles are secreted in creeks along the coast. Brig. (ten. Hatch has gone to Jacksonville to relieve (Jen. Seymour, who returns to Hil ton Head. Tlie rebels are reported to have withdrawn a portion ol their forces from before Jackson vine ana rnaiKa. One J. A. McCrea has been sentenced to jail and lined 3500 for selling liquor to a sol diers. After the expiration of the sentence he Is to be expelled from the department. II nmlllllffton th jnu tk. New York. March 31. The World’s Washington dispatch states that an unanticipated report is prevalent that Secretary Stanton ha> been superceded by Mr. Holt. The friends of the President state that he is aversc'to giviug (Jen. Fremont or Gen. Mc Clellan any command. The Herald's dispatch says Secretary Chase lias decided not to visit New York at present. The policy of keeping for a long time con scripts aud recruits iu Northern camps is working badly for projected army movements. It is alleged that this is done to enable the re cruits to spend their bounties in those locali ties. J. C. McKibben has been appointed Gover nor of the new Territory of Montano. The Liquor Law.—The following is the amendment to the Liquor I,aw, passed at tho recent session of the Legislature, aud which takes effect on the 25tli of April, inst: “Ale, porter, strong beer, lager beer, and all other malt liquors, shall be considered intoxi cating liquors witbiu the meaning of this act, as well as all other distilled spirits; but this enumeration shall not prevent any other pure or mixed liquors from living regarded intox icating. Arrival ok the North American.—The (teamship North American, Capu Wylie, from Liverpool l"th and Londonderry 18th ult, ar rived at this i>ort at 2 o'clock P. M., Thursday. She has a valuable cargo, being full up to the hatchways, aud 25 cabin and 184 steerage pas sengers. Her news has been anticipated by the Africa at Halifax. SS55i S I* E (UL NOTICES. AT DANIEL LANES, KIT' HKX /•' V R SIS HI S (1 S TOKK . NO. 40 FREE STHEET. A l.irge A *-t> rt inent of f'liililrpu’, Ctrriuge,, cheap. Call auil m-o them beion* you purchaee. 1 non ofler for ra'.c inv enliro Stock of Toy, and. Fancy flood, a, cheap a- they can be bought of the Manufacturer,, a, 1 intend to put tu tkeir place, t.laa, and Crockery Ware. aprl i!2w THOM IS G. LOSING, 1)RI GKIST, -ASD PRACTICAL TRUSS FITTER, ('•Her »T Exchange A Federal St'». A perfect at guaranteed- The poor liberally con sidered. ^ _ mell25 dtf The Patent Belle Monte-Skirt,. A full assortment of thee celebrated Skirt, in the aew style at A N L> 1: K S O N ’ S IIOOP SKI RT AND CORSET DEPOT, iuch23 dtf Under Mechanics' Hail. Son* Throat, Cough, 1 old, and similar troubles, il‘ suffered to projrret».«, result in aerions Pulmonary, Bronchial and Asthmatic af factious, oftentimes iucurabla. BROWN’S BRONCHIAL TROCHES, are compounded *o as to reach directIv the scat of the dLeu<e and give a I mo ft instant relief. mct>5 dim Post Okfk k. Portland, i March 10th, liv’d. 1 From and after thi* date, and until further notice, the W»-*tern Mail will bo close at this office at *2 o'clock, P. M., instead of 1\, as heretofore. incbW3wed A. T. DOLE. P. M. SPRINC; DRESS OOODS HOW OrKHIHO. C.K.BABB, moliir. No. Clapp's Block. DR. 11. L. DAVIS, ANALYTICAL PHYSICIAN. iSttCCWJor to the late Dr. .1. Clawson Kelley,) At the long established Office, NO. ? 1 1 T R EM O X T STREET, Opposite Hollis Street. Boston. N. B —Dr. Davis will he in attendance daily, at the above office, lor the treatment of • imiasea of the Lung.-*, I.iver, Kidueys, Heart. Spleen, Ac , and all di*ea«e* of the Fluid* and Solids, chronic or actrtc. Letters for ad\ice and orders l< r Dr. Keller's medi cine* nhould be addressed to Dr. Davis, a* above, the only place in Boston where the genuine medicines can be obtained, office ad* ice tree, the afflicted are invited to call. iiicli’i* eod’iw * Capk Klizahkth, July 1, 1S«J3. Sir : —During my connection with the state Re form School, a* a teacher. L. F. Atwood** Hitters were introduced there and used with marked success, particularly in Biliou* affection*. lours, Ac., A I'. HILLMAN. Hanover Ms., Oct. 1,1«61. Dear Sir:—I have used L. F. Atwood's Hitters tor some 10 or 15 years. 1 have tried a great number ot medicine* for Dyspepsia,but without ettcct. t hese Bitters are the only remedy that have ever relieved me ot this distressing complaint. My neighbors have also be$n greatly beuctitted by the use ol them. JOEL HOW. rr Rewire of Counterfeits and b*i*e initiations, Some of which aer signed "M.” instead of L. F. Atwood. The genuine is signed L. F. Attciml, and as a safeguard against imposition bears an hxtua la ity.i.,eountervigrud II. It. HA Y, Druggist, Tort land, Me., sole Central Agent. For sale by respect able dealers in medicine gener* ally. janId dineodAw J I* flit I. Biikatu Among all tin disagreeable consequences that follow lust the decay of the teeth, au impure hroath must be the Bus unpleasant and mortifying to its possessor, uud it is the most inex cusable ami ofleusivB in society. How often it# pos sessor experience# a distant Voldnes* shown even from the best of friends, or perhaps the one most fondly u^pri'hed, Lorn this source. 1 ou are ignor ant of the eau#j yourself, tin- >ubjesti# so delicate— your moat intimate frisnd will not mention it. Why not remove this on*- grra' barrier to your /«»•«//», b.'tvTy andhappito >• nt oucc, by using that Justly popular IH-ntilV.e, Fragrant SO/ODO a I\ the most cousunient, ph a-aut »nd t tticaciou* gem for the t si lot tin- world has ever produced. Sold by l»ruL.i-ti everywhere nt 75 cents per bottle mchl9 It CURE FDR I'AI'AKIUI.-Du. WaDBWORTH S Dll) UP is a certain remedy lor thi# loathsome disease. There is uo mistake about thi*. The Dry Ui* ha- cured thousand# of cases ot Catarrh, aud the sale# of the article is constantly increasing. A word to the wise is -uflicieut. For sale by the proprietor, H. li. BURllINtiTON, Providence, R. I. Also by 11. ii.llAY, Druggist, Agent for Portland. ootJleodAwdm MF*if you are going to the West, South, or North West, proeun-Through ticket* at Litttk'8 Luton Ticket Office, No. dl Exchange Street, where you may have a choice ofroute# at the lowest rates oi fare, and obtain all need All information. Nov. 2.18dd. TuThSAwtf ar To cure a cough, hoarseness, or any di-eass sf the throat aud lungs use Howe*'# Cough Pills. Sold by II. II. Uuy. Portland, uud by druggists generally. jau27 dJfcwSin* The Post Olliee in directly opposite Hnrri. Hat aud Cap Store. Ieb2h tl dTCAKUS aud BILL H LA US ue.tly print* ttthltofflc* ti HOWARD'S CASCEB AND CANKER 8TRUP CANCER AND CANKER 8VEI p Sarpaaae all knovn Remedir* Hurpatfta all knovn 10 ni—'i-: fORVHK t CKK or Cancprs, Canker, Salt Rheum, old Sort* Cancera, Canker, Salt Rheum, old Sorea „ ,, Krynipolaa, Scrofula, 1 umora, Ulcer, Sold by H. U HAT, Drurxi.t, Ar. m for Portland and ncimty. JeeM eodfcwfim lliigliion rattle Market. Wednesday, March ,10, 18C4 At market 920 beef cattle, 110 <tore«, 3001 sheep.- 1 325 shoats. Prices—Beef Cattle—Jn consequence of the limit ed^ umber otTered. higher prices were asked, but -ales were slow, and the high prices were with some difti culty obtained. We quote Kxtra *12 00 <g ^12 60; first quality, ill 25 •• II 75; second 10 26 a 10 75; third 9 25 % 10. Working Orw—Very few -ales were made, the storm probably prevented the attendance ot purchas ers. Court and Calvert—Salsa 932, 37, 88, 44. 50 and f»2. Shoatt—A few -mail lots to peddle 7f and 7l for sows and 8i and S’ for barrows for Western, 3J and I01 for York. At retail from 8 to 11. Fat Uogt—’Sone. SAILING Or OCKAN STEAMSHIPS. BTIAXIB FROM pom BAILS Germania.Southampton.New York.. Mar S China.Liverpool.New York.. Mar 12 Peruvian.Liverpool.. Portland_Mar 17 City .Manchester Liverpool.New York. Mar 16 leutouia.Liverpool ,. .New Y'erk... Marl9 Hibernian.Liverpool.Portland ... Mar 24 I'er-ia.Liverpool.New York. Mar 26 Damascus.Liverpool.Portland . Mar II < ltnrusioa.Southampton. New York.. April 2 Asia.Liverpool.Boston.April 2 Nova Scotian.Liverpool. Portland.. April 7 Australasian.Liverpool.New York. April 9 [The steamers for Portland loave Londonderry one day after leav ing Liverpool. J Germania.New York.. Liverpool. ...April 2 City of YV asking's.New York Liverpool.April 2 America Portland Liverpool. April 2 Chin i . New York.. Liverpool April 6 Peruv ian Portland .. Liverpool . April 9 North American Portlaud. . Liverpool. April 9 America.New York.. Bremen.April 9 City or Manobcet r New York .Liverpool April 9 Africa.Boston Liverpool.April 1:1 Hibernian.Portland .Liverpool.April 16 leutouia. New York Liverpool_April 16 Persia.New Y'ork. .Liverpool.April 2U Damascus .Portland.. .Liverpool_i^iril 23 Asia. New Y ork Liverpool_April 27 Boruseia.New York..Southampton.Aprir <10 Nova Scotian. ... Portland. Liverpool April 39 Australasian.New York Liverpool.Slav 4 Kvening Star,.New York Havana. April 2 MINIATURE ALMANAC. Friday April I. Son rise*.5.40 | High water. G 3b Son ««t«.0.27 | Length of days.12 47 IMPORTS. LIN KKl'OOL—Per Br steamship North American. 3 292 bars Iron. 4.40 bdl* do. A E 8te«en* A Co: .77 cases mdse, 21 pkgs do.Thos Paddock : 110 bdl* Iron. 141 bdl* hoop do, Ellis, Newell A Co, 3ol bars do, or der. 2 pkg* mdse, Alex Whi ideu. 1 case mdse, Davis, Baxter A Co. 1 do do. Gayrnn, NVatson A Co, 3 pkg«* do, Agt G T U K Co, 4 cases do, HO bdls atrel, Alfred Brown, 5 bbls mdse*. IIow A French, 1 trunk, care ot It A A Express Co. NVlNDSoK,NS—Br sch Adaline, 100 tons paster, order WALTON, N8 -Br seh Debounaire, 150 tons plan ter, order. PAOTIWm. Per steamship North American from Liverpool. Lt Col Wolseier, Capt llare. Mrs Here and infant, Mary Pennwick. George Job-on, Lt Bagot, John Goodfel low, Mr Mitekett. Mr and Mrs John Ko*«, Geo Max well. Walter I.iud-ay, Tboa Brown. Mr NTilliam*. Henry May. Capt Hautayne. Thus and Mrs Waite*, Mr Aikeu, Mr Herndon. Mr Lewin. Mr Ansell, II G McKinney, Miss Boyd, and 184 in the steerage. IHAKItlED. In Machia.*, Sewall P Stone, of M, and Miss Mary Emily Foster, of Centre* illc. In Machiasport. George Demmons and Miss Louisa .1 Bryant, both of East Machia.*. In Pembroke, John F Stoddard, of 6th Maine Keg Vo!*, and Miss Elizabeth E Tuell ot No 14. In Jonesboro, Sergt Warreu T Noyes, ofCo H, f»th Me Keg, and Mrs Sarah E Hatch, of J. DIED. In this city, Cist, Mr Benjamin Curtis, aged 69 y rs 4 month*. ’’■•■y Funeral this (Friday) morning, at U o’clock, from his lato residence, Franklin street. Relatives and irieuds are invited to at end. In this city, 30th, Fred I>. son of Albert W and Martha A Porter, aged 10 months. “y Fuuerul this i Frida. ) aft* moon,fat 3 o'clock. In this city, 31st, Freeman Yates, aged 46 years. UrServiooiit Windham Centre Meeting House, Saturday. 10 o'elok, AM. In tape Eli/abet h,30th. Mrs Eunice L, wife of Ames P Pickett, aged »t years 4 months. ty Funeral this (Friday), afternoon, at 3 o'clock, from the F B Church. Relatives and friends are in Tited attend. In Franklin, I .a.’March 5th, of pneumonia. Thomas F Stover, of Co 1. 39th Me Regt, as»ed 29 year*. De ceased was a native of Sebago. lie was highly re spected and iKdored by hi* officers aud comrades, by whom every thiug possible was done to alleviate his sufferings. In Olatown, Mr* Maria Louise, wife of Grandvillc Snow, aged 23 years 7 months. lu Howdoinham, Mr Samuel Douglass, late Depot Master. In Northtield, Caroline M Davis, daughter of K P aud Deborah Stuart, aged 24 years 10 month*. lu Pembroke, Sergt Josiah Sears, Co F. 6th Maine Reg. aged 244 years. MARINE NEWEL PORT OP PORTLAND. Thursday. . March 31. ARRIVED. Steamship North American, i Ifr) Wylie, Liverpool 17th, I<eudouderrv 18th. Hr sch Adalino. Petti*. Windsor, NS. Hr seh Deboiinaire, Hilt*. Walton, NS. Sch Harbiuger, Ryder, Belfast for Washington. CLEARED. No elearanee*. NOTICE TO MARINERS. Notice is hereby given"that the Hankerchief Shoal Light Vessel that parted her moorings on the 23d inst wa* replaced upon her *tation on the 2Hth iu*t. Dy order ot the Lighthou*e Hoard. JOHN MARS TON, Commodore U. S. N., L. II. Inspector2d. Diet Hostou, March 60, 1*14. DOMESTIC PORTS. BOSTON-Ar 89th, Br bark Witch of the M are. Blake Buenos Ayres Jan 2*;. No arrivals or departures on the forenoon of the 31st. PORT ROYAL 8 C—Cld *chs Samuel Caatner, Robinson. Jacksonville: Electric Spark, Meiidall. N Bedford: 22d, Calvin 8 Edwards. Garwood, Philadel phia; 23d. John Ramsay, Crauuier, New York. BALTIMORE—-Ar 28th, brig Tangent. Matthew*. Portland , schs L‘*zie W Dyer, Sumner, Newport 111. Clara Nortou, McGee. Washington, Cld 28th. sch Sami Eddy, Patten, New Y*ork. PHILADELPHIA—Ar 28th, -eha Pauline. Free man, Well fleet; 8 L Steven*, Whittemore and .Man Fletcher. Tracey, Boston. Cld 29th. schs J Newell, Troft. Portland; Pauline, Freeman. Well fleet. NEW YORK—Ar29th.sch L’uiou. Post, Baltimore for Belfast; Dolphin, fuibot, Mac bias; Henrietta,—, Hath. Ar^ith, schs Empress, Rock laud ; Ellen Merriman, : Hamilton. Portland NEWPORT—-Ar 29th. irlix C O .lun<»t Kminx n and Mary Wilier, Freeman, Portland for llaltimor* Sid SHb, sch Donna Auna, Chase, for Sugua. lu port; 30th. the above arrivals, aud bark Chiltou, Sherwood, from Klizabethport, of ami for Portland; sch* Caroline li night. Fanning, New York for Calais; Delaware Crockett, do for Boston; President, Faith ful. I inline, Fanny Fern. Ar at Townsend! 2'‘*tli, sch Ontario, Podge, Calais for Providence (and aid 28th ) ULOlTKSTKIl Ar 26th. sehs City Point, Mat thews. Boston for Belfast; l.aura Jane, Kyan, do tor do (came in contact at the mouth of the harbor with sch * bean Gem, and lost anchor and stove bulwarks). Georgia. Allyu. Boston for Fllaworth; J M Freeman Ryder, Plymouth; Hattie Lewis, Cunningham, New \ ork. SALF.M- Ar30th, brigs Waterloo. Pickering, Cal ais, for Philadelphia; Hampton, Hart, Calais; Mich igan, Saunders, do for Philadelphia: Amelia. Saw yer, Mae*Idas for Providence; Charleston. Holbrook, Frankfort; Juliet, Pliilbrook, do for Fort Delaware; Kliza Otis, Ryder, Belfast; Red Rover, West, do for New York; Nile, Hall, Rockland for Fall River: Lo rana. Spinney, Boston for Bticksporl; Willie Lee, M Carthv. Rye B'-ach, for Belfast. RO< kl.ANP—26th, Nautilus, Pill-bury, Viualha ven for Fortress Monroe; Ouativ a. Jamcsou, from do j for Philadelphia; 26th, Yeudova. Itray. Sab-m; 28lh. j Lucy Ame>, Pickering. Iliugham; l uclo Saru, Spear, Boston; Harriet. Post, and Albatro-. An y, Uo;Ctou, Bowden, Trenton; bark K II 4*-k, Belfast for New Orleans. .sailed 25th, sc Us D II Baldwin, know Ron. spruce Head to loud for New York; Nile, Hall. Fall River; Albion. McLeou, New York: Fugle. Hall,do; Mari etta, liray, Swansea; 36tli, Chariot;e Ann, Andrew*. Bo-ton; Mary Hall, Poland, do; Fred Eugene, Crock ett, Spruce Head, to load for New Y'ork ; 27th, Yen dovi, Bray, Yiualhaveu; 28th, Onatavia. Jameson. Philadelphia: Nautilv*. l Uhbtiry, Fortress Monroe; Trader,-, New \ork. FOREIGN FORTS. Cld at Smyrua 4th inst, bark Starlight, Reynolds, Palermo, in ballast. At Bordeaux 12th inst, ship Ocean Traveller Stone, for New York 15th. At Havre 13th inst. Hr bark Arabian, Warren, tor New York uucj Ar at Liverpool 16th, ships Excelsior, Pendleton; I'illah, Mausou; Cutwater, Kmscll. and Underwriter, B&iusou, New York. At Mav aguez 8th in-t, brigs Robert Howe, for New York. At Ponce Sth inst, brig Florence, for New Y'ork 8 lays; «ch C A Farnsworth, for do 4. SPOKEN. Feb 22. lat 12 N, Ion 36 W. ship Ocean Pearl, Crow 'll. from Mazatiau. Nov 20 for Queenstown March 25, lat 40 id, Ion 70*. wa* ptn*ed «hip Motor* ia, from NtW York for Naples NEW ADVERTisEMENTP. FEUCHTWINGER &ZUNDER, NO, Ml NIDDI.D STREET, . (FOX BLOCK), Aro Astain in the Fielil _ with Divisions, Brigades & Regimental NEW AND FASHIONABLE DRY GOODS! E O K THE S P It I \ U . Ladies oi Portland and vicinity are respectfully , invited to call and see the many beautiful sty !e« oi Foreign and Domestic Dress Goods J « S T RECEIVED! Also, the great variety House Flint is hi iik Goods * Such as Brown and Bleached< otton*. sheeting* and Shirting*, Table Linen*. Twilliug*., lickfag*. Denim*. Stripe*, 4c. A No just receiving, the latent «ttle« ot hand none Spring Balmoral SlElrts And the most fashionable SPRING 8HAIPLS A complete stack of CLOTHS AND C ASSI.MK R ES. FOK BOVS' AND MIN’S WEAK. CLOAKINGS ! CLOAKINGS !! An elegant aaAortnunt. We are ju*t ready to manu facture to mea.sur*'. at the aborteot notice, any of the new and desirable Spring Cloak*. Warreuted to suit. I'EI'CHTWANCER * /INIIEH, (FOX BLOCK), NO. SI MIDDLE STREET, PORTLAND, Maim. r. 8.— Ladies need not ask for good* from the wrecked steamship Bohemian, a* we have none hut soend and fre*li goods, which we warraut a »neh aprl tf UULKjLASS, Will Deliver Ilix (treat Denture, •-OX the races, AT NEW CTTY HALL, Sunday Evening, Apiil 3d. » " One half of tin net proceed* for the benefit of the Maine Camp Hospital Association. Tickets lor sale at trie Book-tores, Motel* ami at the door. Admi-du* 2i Cents. aprl td CITV OF PORTLAND^ TiIt, , „ <>****•, Mi di 31. 1864. HE following circular lias beeu received from th« Governor, aud as it is impoiUnt that full infor mation of culistments iu the Navy from this eitv should be obtained, the Assistant Asssssora in the various Wards have Wen directed to call at the house of each inhabitant to obtain tbe desired infor matiou. Citizens are requested to answer fuUv. the enquiries that may be made for this purpose, and in ease they are not called upon, and cau give informa tion of such enlist me at*. thev are request'd to com municate the rime to this ofHce. JACOB MjLEf.LAV Major STATE OF MAINE. * ’ ExectnnvK Department. t .\HffH4ta, Marc it 26. 1364. I The returns from tbe Provost Marshal General’ office have given no credit, comparatively, ninWr the recent act of Congress, for enlistments in the Navy. To the end. therefore, that each and all of oar cities, towns aud plantations, who have now in the naval service of the I’niteri States any of their residents or citizens liable to enrolment /or military dH.'g, may have full credit upou their quota- under existing calls from the Government, the municipal authorities wiJl imme<liate/y ascertain tho name* of such persons serving iu the Navy, date of enlist ment. name of vessel they are now in. or in which they commenced s«rvte*‘. Nothin? shortof personal and persist*, nt application forthwith to every ship Kin? office, lodging boas -, dwelling hou»e boarding ou e, hotel and vessel la port or town, and to every manner or other persou likely to poss«•#* know ledge of the desired facts, will secure the important and valuable information now rendered to desirable. Blanks ar»- herewith tarnished for waking the re quired return of the name- of persors thus serving, with proper columns for remarks aud statements of date-, age, name of vessel. Be., Bo., a* near as can be ascertained. These will be returned a* soon as completed, to the Adjutant General's Office Augu-* t* Me. SAMUEL CONY, apldlw Governor of Maice. Flour ! Flour ! \ THE following favorite Brand* are for sale bv SOUTH A HU A WOODBURY, T8 < om mercial Street: CASTLE MILLS. PALO ALTO MILLS ITUICA MILLS. BEiaSGBV » BEST MILLS. MOORE'S BEST MILLS, if KEAN Wood 1IAEP MILLS, together with msny oth. r Family Brands. apl dlw »» min 11 ■ / 11HL Cout Maker*. Steady work and gowd pay \Jf for superior workmen. 4 P. WARE 4 TO . 16K 4 170 Maine St.. Worceat^r, Ma< aprl d4 wlw For Sale. ONK Kxpr< it Wagon. ut arlv new. ran be u*«4 for one or tw«> ||or*«'*t it lia« Pole and Shaft complete. For price 4c., cal! at No.4 Free Street, Portland. apr l eodtf OLD BOOK STAND, (PORXKRLT B. B. MUBEY ft CO.) *i» t'OUNIULL, BOSTON, TABARD ft TII09IPS0V Have purchased of Fqkd'k A. Brown & Co., the entire bankrupt stock of BOOKS ft STATION Htt • ’ AND LISTS UF ITBLIt ATlONS ISM H), At tli«* 01*1 MiiikI, ‘ill t'omhill. The New F.mrlaud Trade are invited to continue sendiug thair orders to NO. ‘i U (ORNI1II. L, where they will uiect with prompt attention A very large and complete stock ot School Books and Stationery "f ill kind* alwaya on liaml ami 'or aalr al Ik* l.« - rat market rale., Addre*. aflordtra, TAGGARU A THO.RPSOX, ll'WWOll TO ftuOWH ft UlUlilD ill COKMIII.L. BOSTON. mehJl roUSw THOMPSON ft EDWARDS, Commission and Forwarding KERCH A A T S, for the purchase anti sale of Hour. t-Rifii, Provisions and Product* generally, NO. S DOLE’S BUILDING, Corner Clark anil South Waler Street,.Chicago, III. EAS1EHN ORDERS SOLICITED. w. a. THi', I „ „ u. eiMVAHna, i * ■ C. Bov IP.. norm nr rnaisrinv r<* Cragin *c Co.. Uuttor. Kudkott & Co.. Banker?. John ' .Gault. and It W. Ilioeduh A Co..Chicago.. K.T. Gcrrbh. Caahlar t a co Bank. K. Churchill A Co.. 1 hyma- Shan, and L\ man A Barrett, Portland mchT eodtite JOHAS’ COAL. TON’S Stove sine, at 1&S ComHeretal St.. •*v/ ( Kichmritsun,« Wharf.) Portland rh»* unter.-igued ha- -ul>l the John- Coal lor bib* years last past. It ha* given nrral satisfaction Where there is a lair draft, no coal excel* f«t too king use Other varieties, to wit l« 1C III fa 11. Sugar Loaf, and Hazleton. St lirVIaKILU(W Ash,) Lo ad KKI) ASH, the genuine IKANKI.1N . OAL. Also, the Piamoud. CL MULRLAXU COAL.* a prime article for Smiths’ use. i-y-All coal from this wharf, will he Mat in good order, carefully picked and soreeued. nict.S i.oodtf JAMES H. BAKER. Wanted. AN ia lu. fiou, young man. Id or 17 \eari old. to work in a Ship Brtad Bakery. .... R. K KNT No 107 Fore «r mchal lw

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