Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, April 4, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated April 4, 1864 Page 1
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* __• ,. V; :f . - •■■ ' " ' -• . >.|1yitrrlrf[|il| ii 11|^ r^i ijj i 'y*" . '/•-• '*4 '**•>,, .*, _ . _ -,, „ ,. , ' "' ""'" •’ '"*■*** ;-^a.w»iiBaaafafe«e»^w>«. ,%1 PORTLAND DAILY £ VOU M1- Ul- * PORTLAND, ME., MONDAY MORNING. APRIL 4. 1864. W..OI K NO -x,-^ •■"■■■ ——- i --.. -- - rioijL iiU. PORTLAND DAILY PRESS, JOHN T. GILMAN, Editor, It published at No. 82* EACllAN(,E STHEKT, by N. A. FOSTER \ CO. !«■ Pubtlakd Dailt Pbksbis publishedat *T 00 per year; if paid strictly in advance, a discount of $1.00 will bo made. dingle copies three cents. The Aa inb Statb Preps 1# published every Thurs any morning,at 92.00 per Annum, iu advance; 92.26 if paid within six months; and 92.60, if payment be delayed beyond the year. Hates of Advertising: One inch of space in length o 1 column, constitutes & “SQUARE." 91.L0 ner square daily first week ; 76 oent# per week after; three insertions or lees, 91.00; continuing eve* ry other day after first week, 60 cent#. Half square, three insertions or less, 76 cents; one week, 91.00; 60 cents per week alter. Under head of Amusements, *2.(hi per square per week; three insertions or less, 91,60. Special Notioks, 91.75 per square first week, 91, n) per square alter; three insertion* or le#s, 91.26; half a square, three insertions, 91.00; one week, 9126. Advertisements inserted in the Maim* Statb ****** (which ha# a large circulation iu e% ery part oi the State) for 60 cents per square in addition to the above rates, for eaoh insertion. Lbqal Notices at usual rates. Transient advertisements must be paid for in ad vance Business Notice#, in readiug columns, 12 cents per line for one insertion. No charge less than filly cents for each insertion. ‘B3r*All communications intended for the paper should be directed to the ‘‘Editor of the Press,” and those of a business oharaoter to the Publishers. Kjrjon Priktikw oi every description executed with dispatch. f. Tracy, Travel ins Agent. SELECTIONS. W Imt 'luiiia-n-Potu i«. One of the moBt terrible forms of insanity is caused by tlie u«e of intoxicating drinks.— It sometimes is exhibited by violent shrieking * and mental auguish,—the burning brain of the sufferer picturing horrible visions of liends and malignant objects seeking his in iary, grinning at him with hideous faces, and laughing at his torments. A more fearful punishment for violating the laws of health cannot be conceived. Here is another form of the diease, illustrated by an incident told by the Philadelphia Press: A pretty well dressed young man stepped into the Central Station, Monday alternoou, to enter a complaint. lie appeared to be per fectly sane, hut it was not long liefore we came to the conclusion that we stood in the pqpsence of a man who was laboring under an attack of mania-a-pot it. “Sir," said bo,“J am very much annoyed bv me Heading Kail road Company;" they nave caused a double track (W»oi the cellar of my house to the rool; one track goes up one side of my lied and down the other side. They run tlie cars all night. Just as I get into a doze a locomotive whixees by. Mowing the steam-whistle aud ringing the bell: last night, >ir, one of the locomotives flew off the track, leaped across my bed to the other track, and the engineer grinned at me like a devil. The passengers ail looked like devils, some with horns and some with no horns; each devil carried a canary bird, which seemed to sing ike a steam whistle." Here the informant paused. ‘‘Well, sir, your complaint is just; we have already taken measures to have the railroad racks removed from your house so that your em'sleep without being disturbed," was our lepU-. '1 lie man seemed to be grateful that such a course had liecn taken, and as he rose to de part, he said, “Sir, I wish you would remove that worm from my shoulder; only a little while ago 1 pulled one out of my forehead, and threw it on the pavement; just as 1 was about to pot my foot on it, nearly a hundred ran up my leg. and I suppose tbi- la one of, ““them,” We removed the imaginary worm; where upon lie exclaimed, “Why, there are more of them.” “Wall a moment,” said we; a brush was brought and properly used. The man, evir dentfy a gentleman, returned his thanks lo otiCkindness, and suddenly left the office.— He was a stranger. What became of him we Uuow not, but we thought the w hole scene a llrst class temperance lecture. Life in a Logging Camp.—A writer who lias stopped over night in a logging camp, writes the Lewiston Journal something about if Among other things, lie says: Life in a logging swamp is certainly simple and must lie conductive to health and morals, so far as plaiu diet and sufficient work or free dom from outside evil influences can be so productive. Life In a logging swamp is eminently eco nomical. The huts are built of hewn timber, log piled on log the height of about six feet and width in proportion. The sides are bat tened and all cracks completely chinked; the loof is made ol shaved cedar splits aud made tight, with exception of the smoke-hole or chimney, which i- four leet by six. On ;n tering, one is struck with the apparent simple style of life, no luxuries, we had about said, no conveniences. A large fire, covering a space of six leet by eight, crackles aud darts up through the gaping root. By this lire the cook prepares the men’s meals which consist principally of pork, potatoes, flour, beans and mrilaavnc . orrod * nil t ♦ cion lrnmi'n tlm Unary art. Hot biscuit, pork fat aud a liberal spread of molasses constitute a least, and manifest their nutritious principle in the ex re,; of tat, that soon shows ii-elf in the face of the choppers. Labor here is triumphant. From early light until quite dark, the woods are resonant witli the lull of the axe, the loud ngth of the teamsters and the hear y crash of the giant tree.-. The coarsest Tare meets a hearty appetite and a good night’s rest on spruce boughs follows a day’s work. A sort of army regulations arc necessarily in vogue, lor a double purpose; llrst. that the employers may reap full labor from tin men aud secondly (lint those employed may not fail in strength nr labor Lights in camp are extinguished at nine o'clock at night, when ail hands are ex- ! pneted to lie silent and so remain until the cook's call uext morning. The only disagree able mature to such hardy life that we can »ee, 1; the uncleanly habit of spending the entire logging months without a change of clothes. The meu mostly work and sleep in one suit, which rarely is removed from De cember to April. Little lolks sometimes get oil' pretty sharp things, and at the expense, too, ot the fond parents. For an instance: A while ago, iu a town not far away, there was a gathering of ministers from all the dill'ereut places round about, and, as the custom is, the good men, during their stay, were quartered among the parishioners. It chanced that at one liousei where the Iiev. Mr.-was lodged aud cared for, there wu- a precocious little fellow of some six years, who, one evening when lafl alone with the minister, was ^erhoard by the nursery-maid to exclaim! “i say, sir, my papa doesn't like to have strangers about the house, aud lie made an awful fuss when be heard you were coming!’’ Wasn't ‘ papa” placed in rather an awkward fix, it being out of his (lower,of course to mend the matter? and must not the Hev. Mr.-have had a delightfully jolly time of it duiiug the re mainder of his tarry beneath that roof? A Valuable I’etticoat.—In examining dresses of an elderly lady recently deceased in a neighboring town, bills of one of the Boston banks to the amount of three hundred and sixty dollars were found quilted into one of her petticoats. The money was aceident nlly discovered before her garments were dis tributed among the worthy poor, whose scanty wardrobes were considerably enlarged when the apparel of the deceased was parceled among them. By the discovery of the bills some of the poor lost a rich prize..—| Boston Transcript MISCELLANEOUS. THOMPSON & EDWARDS, Commission and Forwarding MERCHANTS, for the purchase and sale of Flour, (• rain, Provisions and Produce genenyiy. NO. « DOLE'S BUILDINO, Corner Clsrk and South Water Streets. Chicago, III. EASTERN ORDERS SOLICITED. W. N. THOMPSO*. t p „ h. ■>. edwIrdb, ) r. O. Box 418.. RBPKK BV PERMISSION TO Cragin L Co., Butter. Eudicolt & Co., Banker., John C. tiatill.and II. W. Hinsdale k Co.,Chicago.; E. P. tlerrish. Cashier Ca«eo Bank, K. Churchill k Co., Thomas Shaw, and Lyman * Marrett, Portland, mch. eod6tr FASHIONABLT CLOTHING ! Al)«. I . YORK, Merohanl Tailor, Having taken the elegant and commodious store MO. 104 RIDDLE STREET CORNIH OF PLUM, Invites the attention ot Gentlemen to his rich in voice of Foreign and domestic Cloths for .Spring and Summer wear, all of which have Just been “elected fr*»rn the largest and best stock? in New \ ork aud Bo ton. and will be marie up to order and with despatch in the latest styles— FULL MATCHED SCITS, COATS, PASTS or VESTS. as may be desired. FURNISHING GOODS in great variety, and suited to the tastes of all, con stantly on hand. FRESH HOODS RECEIVED EVERY WEEK 104 MIDDLE STREET. Portland, March 8,1844. eodtojun 1 Spring and Summer Goods ! P. B. FROSTj Merchant Tailor, 94Exchange St., Having returned from New York aud Boston with the bkrt assortment and newest ptyleb of Eiisllsli, French, Oerinun, Scotch mill Anierictiii Cloths. Embracing all the desirable STYLES, SHADES ami FINISH to be found in the market, suitable for BUSINESS SUITS, ENGLISH WALKING COATS, Spring OVERCOATS and DRESS SUITS. Nice Vesting, Army and Navy Cloths. Every pain* will be taken to give ent Ire tatisfact ion in FITTING, workinaushlp and price*. CLOTHS FOR BOV’S \\ EAR. Particular attention given to Cutting Ai Manufacturing Hoy’* Clothing nidi Oenduiu OLD BOOK STAND^j (rOKMERLY B. B. MUI8IY it CO.) *i!» COKNHILL, BOSTON, TAGGARD A THOMPSON, Hat e purchased of Fred’k A. Brown ^ Co., the entire bankrupt stock of BOOKS \ STATIONERY, AND LISTS OF PUBLICATIONS ISSUED, At llie Old Stand, ’ill Co until II. The New England Trade are invited to continue •ending their orders to NO. 29 C O II N II ILL, where they will meet with prompt attention. A very I large and complete stock ot School Books and Stationery of all kind* a! way- on hand and for salt- at the low est market rate*. Address all orders, TACsGARl) A* THOMPSON, (trCCKftftOBS TO BROWN A TAGOARD,) 29 C OR Nil IL.L# BOSTON. mch2I end2w FANCY GOODS HOUSE. Wholesale, H. MERRILL, No. 131 Middle Street, ( up ita*r*,) Portland, Maine. Silk, Twist, Button*, Binding*. Thread*, Bint, Needles, Cutlery, Edgings Stationery, Lacings, Tape, Elastic*, Belt*, Comb*, Su*ptnderx, Toy.*, Ac. DRESS AND TAILORS' TRIMMINGS. me hi eod3m HORTIC U la T l R A L ! ALL ORDERS FOR TK1I9, SHKI IS. IL<lHEKS k HOBTICI L11BAI. WORK. such a* laving out of ground*, building graperie*, ! furnishing vine*. Ac.. Ac., can be left at the TEA STORE, 135 MIDDLE STREET WM. 8. WARD, Elmwood Nursery. mch21 codin'4* -- BAILEY AND NOYES, 1> E A I, E RSI N 1»A1»EH HANGINGS. WK purchase our .Stock ol Room l'aper from the , largest Manufacturing hstablithment* iu the l''died Mates; caremlly selecting fioni their large Blocks, the fati j :kms on ly,—and such a# are j adapt* <1 to this mark't. This year the "tries and design* are very beautiful, and «u have a fine assortment, appropiiate for every rtvie of room. W invite those in want of ROOM PAPER to He omr patterns, baron pdrthafing They are bought here for cash, and wc can afford to sell Ht a FAIR FRICK. BAILEY AND NOYES, BookHeller* ami Stationers, .y<> X .iS Rxelinngr hirers, i'uriln 11,1. N B.Country di aler* will find it to their advant age t«» give u* a call, if in want of Room Pai*xk. mcli‘2-* ‘2ni i& vv BREED A TV KEY, NO. 50 UNION STREET, Manufacturers aud Wholesale Dealers in Boots, Shoes, Rubbers, Shoe Stock and Findings. Importer* of Lusting* ami Gussettiags, And the ouly M inafacturer* of * KID AND GOAT STOCK in the State. Having had large experience, and be ing importers aud manufacturers, enables u* to sell the same article* a* low a« they can be bought iu Boston. We have always taken especial pains to give our customers HKLIAltLK HOObS, and !*• lieve none have given better satislactiou. Country dealers are invited to examine our stock before pur chasing. Particular attention given to orders re ceived by mail. febio d A w3ui For Sale. ► A nice white Oak Copper fastened Yacht built Schooner, twenty tons bui . then, niueyearsold, well found with boat*, _/.y\^trowls. nets, he., kc. Price $800. -&gWST For further particulars call on mcb&2 eodl'hl* R. G. YORK k bON. Removal. DR. LUDWIG has removed to No. 00 High* St., corner of Congress. Portland, March IT, 18t>f. tuchlTdtf Far Sale. ONE Kxpre*. IV.,on, nearly new, can be used for one or two Horse., it lift. Pole and Sbufts complete. for price ftc., call at No.4 Free Street, Portland. apr l eodtf FIVE DOLLARS will be given tor the deteotioa aud oQBvlotion of any perron or perionnt.allai ,.i>er. from the door, of oar .aWarlbora. <e«ii pubi.iiu iu or THk rttSBI. MISCELLANEOUS. ■ A CHAPMAN. Ju., Patent and Ituninegs Ag MJg envy, No. 229 Congress Street. CLOTHES WRINGERS at wholesale and retail. Agents wanted (in overv town). Call at 229 Congress Strret. HAWSE'S Pulley K treating and Revolvinq Clothe* 'Dyed for. sale at 229 Congress Street. A N improved Waterwheel, un-urpaa-ed by auv a"\. yet invented. Models at 229 Congress Street. PARTIES having capital to invest would do well I to call at No. 229 Congress Street. I - M ONEY is being mad< by those who have invest ed at 229 Congress Street. ASPRING BED, Which, for simplicity and dura bility, is unsurpassed. Sample? at229 Congress Street. 8 V”OTHING ventured nothing gained in the maxim at 229 Congress Stiect. TI ST received a new lot of Amidon's Premium Wringer? at 229 Congress Street. RUKDLET Repairs Wringer and Lamp- at 229 ; Congress Street. mefi24 dtf * | FOB SALE, Cheap for Cash! A OIKAT VAB1KTY OF CHILDRES S CARRIAGES. Bird Cage., R »<'king florae., I.adie« Work mid Traveling Basket., Toy., Marble., (•OKI MON A IKS. I. ALIKS’ KKT1CI J.ES AND BAGS, OKI MS, VIOLINS. (II ITAKS, VIOLIN STRINGS. WRITING EESK8, WORK BOXES. Ac * -BV W. D. ROBINSON. 20 Exchange St. mchl4->m Dissolution. TIHE copartnership heretofore existing under the style of KNIGHT & I’RuST is this day dis solved by mutual consent. The affair- of the late firm will be settled bv S.D Knight, at No. 2 Lime street. S. V. KNIGHT, Portland, March 1,1864. H. A. FROST. Copartnership Notice. It HE undersigned have this day formed a copart nership under the Ann of .i. itjl. amurni <b aui\, COMMISSION MERCHANTS, AND DEAI.EUA IN COUNTRY PRODUCE, NiO. 2 LIME STREET, Between Fore and Commercial Streets. 4. x. knight. r. d. knight. Portland, March 1, 1864. moll 10 dtf I -----| United States Navy! Wanted One Hundred Seamen, Ordinary Seaiueu and f<an(J*nicn. Apply to Naval Rendezvous foot of Exchange St. ! I. blOdOw J. P. HEATH, Commanding. Colley, Burnham & Co., j Cabinet Milkers auii I pholsterers, j 308, Congress Street, ARE prepared to do all kinds of Cabinet and Up- ' bolster) aork, at the shortest notice. All } kind- of Furniture, Lounges A .Mattresses —constantly on hand— N. B. The public are iuvited to call and examine. m-h4dtf HO EVERY ONE * -WHO ARE Hurtling to Avenge their Country’s Wrong. Now is your time to strike our Nation's foe. All wishing to do so are requested to call at J. M. TODD’S, Corner of Middle ft Exchange Streets. Entrant* 74 Middle Sthfi.t. Who has been authorized to Enlist lor all the Regiments ami Batter) 8 new and old in the Held, all wishing to enter the service will find it to their advantage to call on him before enlisting. Per Order. inchfrod3w* BOOTS AND SHOES ! W. W. LOTH HOP, ftft Middle Street, j -A. Where can be found a largo assortment of Ml Ladies’, t .ents'. Misses’. Bovs’ and Youths’ f fashionable BOOTS, SHOES and IU B ^^^BEHS ot the best manufacture and at rea sonable prices. Boots and Bboeb made to measure from the best Trench and American stock, ami on the latest style lasts. WM. W. LOT1IROP. inc)i22 dim CITY or PORTLAND. Mayor * Opkicb, Ma*ch 81. 1*64. TJIK following circular has Wen received from the Governor, and as it is irapoitant that full infor mation of enliitmenU in'the Nmv from this cin. • should be obtained, the Assistant A-"»eor« in the various Wards have been directed to call at the house of each inhahituut to obtain tto desired infor mation. Citizens are reque-ted to answer fblly. tlge enquiries that may be made for this purpose, and in case they are not called upon, and can give informa tion of such enlistments, they are requested to com municate the same to this office. JACOB MoLELLAN, Mayor. STATE OF MAINE. Executive Department, t Augusta, March 23, 1804. I The returns from the Provost Marshal General's Office have given no credit, comparatively, under the recent act of Congress, for enlistment* iu the Navy. To lira end, th.i Hurt-. that .arh and all of our cities, tow ns and plantations, who have now in the naval service of the United Slates any of their residents or citizens liable in enrolment for military duty, may have lull credit upon their quotas under existing calls from the Government, the municipal authorities will immediately ascertain tho names of such persons serving in the Navy, date of enlist ment. name of vessel they arc now iu, or in which they commenced serrice. Nothing short of personal and persistent application forthwith to every ship ping office, lodging house, dwelling house, boardiug liou e, hotel and vessel in port or town, and to every mariucr or other person likely to possess knowledge ol’ the des red facts, will secure the important and valuable information now rendered so desirable. Blanks are herewith furnished lor making the re quired return of the names of persors thus serving, with proper columns for remarks and statements of dates, age. name of vessel, Ac., Ac., as near us can be ascertained. These will be returned as soon as eomp’eted, to the Adjutant General’s Office. Amnm* th. Me. SAMUEL CONY, upldlw Governor ot Maine. rir*t iHorlKuge Bondholders. OF the Kennebec and Portland Kuilroad Co., are requested to forward to this office their Bonds for Extension, before the 5th day of April next, and receive payuieu for over due interest on same in Bond-i of the Portland and Kennebec Kailroad Co., agreeable to their vote Nov. 23, I860. Certiticat»*s of Stock in said Co., will be ready f r Second Mort Bondholders on application. J. 8. CUSHING, Pres , Port. A Ken. K It. Co. Augn*ta, March 24. 1864. mchSStd Notice. A FINAL Dividend of the flr.«t fund from the as sets, set apart in reduction .of the Capital Stock of the late Bank of Portland, will 1m* paid, on and after this date, to the Stockholders of said Bank, at the time of the reduction of its capital, or to their legal representatives. The dividend will be paid at the Canal Bank, Portland. Portland, March 29,1864 mch29 dKlw* WANTS,LOST,FOUND Wanted. (ZJ IK 1. Coat Maker?. Steady work and good pav J tor superior work men. 4.1*. WARE & CO.. 168 k 170 Main* St., Worcester. Mass aprl d&wlw Wanted. TO an experienced American Woman, desiring a good home, a situation offered a* house keep er in a small family where she would he treated as one. She would be required to take charge cf and do the cooking and chamberwork, see to the wash* woman, and do the ironing. The work in the whole would be liglif. I'ay 1.60 per week. En quire 86 Ex change St. Wanted. AN induction* young man, 16 or 17 vears old, to work in a Ship Bread Bakery. R. KENT, No 107 Fore St. inch#I lw illil HI PLEASANT rooms and board, at No.72 Danforth St., 2d door above Brackett St Call soon. Also a good stable for r«ut on ihe premise. mch28 d2w W ant to Pim liRHc A Dwelling liou-e, auitable for a small family, lo cated above Brown street. Address, stating location and terms BUILDEfi, iuchlOdtf Portland P O. Tenement lVnnled. WANTED to hire four or live loom#, .uitahle for u .mall family, with good water privileges. Kent id advance if required. Addles# Tenant boa 846, Portland Post Office, stating price and locality mch6 dtf WANTED ! 1,000 WOMEN, To make Army Drawer.. Al.o good l’aut Hasten and Finisher, wanted in the shop to make ARM 1" PASTS. None tnt rood workmen wanted. Apply at the room, in FllFR STRKFT ttUH'K. over the store one doer north of Telford’s. No work ,lvrn ont or taken in Mondav forenoons or Saturday afternoon,. febQSdtf S. W. HUNTINGTON. 1. W. SVKE9, Purchaser lor Eastern Account er LOUR, GRAIN, SEEDS, PROVISIONS. LARD, BUTTER and WESTERN PRODUCK generally. Particular attention riven to shipping by qnlokeet and cheapest route*. No. 162 SOUTH WATER ST. r. o. Box «7i. Chicago, Illinois. RxrstiswcM—Mtwerp Maynard ft Sons; II. ft W Chickering; C. II. Cummlng* ft Co.; 8. G.Bowdlear ft Co.; Charles A. Stone; Uallett, Davis ft Uo., of Boston, Mass. Cashier Elliot Bank, Boston. J. N. Bacon, Esq., President Newton Bank, .fewton. C. B. Coffin; Warren Elite A Sons, New York City )y» ’63dly. AD. REEVES, Fashionable Military, Naval • and Civic Tailor, 98 Exchange Street. DUES8 COATS, PANTS and VESTS, and Basi nets Suits made to order, at the short notice of U hours, at A. D. REEVES, 98 Exchange St. Riding habits, zouave jackets, and Fancy Waist* for Ladies, cut and made to or der, at A. D. REEVES’, 9S Exchange St. EVERY DESCRIPTION of Garment* for Men and Bov* cut at short notice, at A. D. REEVES’, 98 Exchange Street. EVERYTHING iu theshafie of Clothing for Men and Boy* made to order with neatnees and die- I patch, at A. D. REEVES’, 98 Exchange 8t. VARIETY OF CLOTHS, Castdmeres and Veet- ! ing* always ou hand at A. D. REEVES ’. 98 Exchange St. EVERY' MILITARY' and Naval Officer can be fitted out at the Tailoring Establishment ot A. D. REEVES, 98 Exchange St. SPECIAL ATTENTION given In getting up Beyt Jacket*, Pant* and Overcoat* at novlOdtf A . D REEVES’. 98 Exchange 8t. Aid to Union Prisoners in Rich mond. THE United State* Christian Commission having received letter* of acknowledgement that sup plies forwarded through their agents, have been re ceived and distributed among the prisoners iu Rich mond, invite further contribution* to this humane object. “Many article* of Nourishment and Com fort for nick men are generally needed” beyond those usually included in government ra, j tiou*. Tour separate shipments by the Christian Commission have been already mad*”-, and other sup- | plies are about going forward to Richmond as last a* the necessary mean* are ooutributed. Money for this, seut to Cyrus Sturdivant, Treasur er of the Army Committee of Portland Y'oung Men’s Christian Association, No. 8o Comnercial street, or to the undersigned, will be promptly appropriated to the relief of the auileriug prisoner*. T. R. Hayes, Cyuub Sturdivawt, H. H Bcuttaee, Army com. ▲ J.Chabb, W. K. Jouneon, U. 8. Christian Commission, Portland, Mt. nov25tf GRAFTS *V WILLIAMS. Successor* to J. W. HCNNEWELL k Co., No. 6 6 7 ft 8 Commercial Wharf, Boston. Importers and Wholesale Dealers in Drugs, Medi cines, Paint.*, Offs, Dye Sturt's, Manufacturers, ar ticles and Chemicals. Manufacturers of Copal I Vir nishes, Japan &c. Agent# for Forest River Lead Mystic Lf*ad Co. French and Jmeruan Zinc, Druggist's, Perftamersand /.» , « *r Labels. General Agents for J. L. HunneweU’s Universal Cough Rem edy, Tolu A nodyneand Electric Pill.*. mch23eod3m iVivigulion School, —IT— No. 12. Deer Street. Portland, Maine. ("1 ENTLEMLX desirous ol instruction in practi* T cal Navigation will find an experienced tea<-h or. He Is the only experienced Ship Master in the State, who teaches Navigation, and is specially ap pointed toqnaliift Ma-‘er* and Mal<i to the J. S. Xa\ y. mchi'i eod3ui Slraw Wood*, I'lowcis. Ac. fTldK subscriber is now opening and daily rccelv I iiif, the latest stylos of Straw Good*, Flow ers Ac . which will be sold at the lowest prices, at wholesale only. 11 i MIDDLE STRKET. JOHN E. PALMER. Portland, March 15. IStM iuchl6eo<14w* Portland Dry Dock. rTMIK undersigned being five of rtie persons nam 1 ed in the Act of Incorporation of the Portland | Dry Dock Company, hereby uotiiv a meeting ol j said Corporation at the rooms of the Hoard ol j Trade, on Monday, S8tb 4 v. m., to decide upon the acceptance oi the Act of Incorporation, and for the purpose of organizing said Company. JACOB Mi L ELL AN. I . C. HKRSEY, < M. DA\ IS, WM. W. WOODBURY. O. M. MAItUKIT The subscribers to the Dry Dock ar** requested to i meet at same time and place, mclil -tm NEW ORLEANS. S . D. M O O D Y & .CO., Commission Merchant. 07 Tohoupl tom a* at.. New Orleans, La. Keloreuc-e: Baker k Morrill, Boston; Franklin Suow k Co., Boston; Wise k Russell, Boston ; C. Nickerson k Co., N. Y .; Rich A Co.,8t. Louis. ty* Particular attentiongivento Consignment.< of vessels, Lumber, Hay, Oats, Sfc. cnch23 d3m JOHNS’ COAL. TONS Stove siic, at 198 Commercial St. •J\J (Richardson's Wharf,) Portland. The undersigned has sold the Johns' Coal for nine rears last past. It has given general satisfaction. Where there is a fair draft, no coal excels for eooking use. Other varieties, to wit: LEHIGH, Sugar Loaf, and Hazleton. SCHUYLKILL. (W. Ash,) Loust Mountain. RED ASH. the genuine FRANKLIN COAL. Also, the Diamond. CUMBERLAND COAL, a prime article for Smiths' use. All coal from this wharf, will be sent in good order, carefully picked aud screened. meba Iseodtf JAM Eft (I. BAKER. INSURANCE. American Exchange FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY! OF NEW YORK. Capiial #300.000, Insure Buildings. Merrhnndlie. Ileuar- I held Furniture. Hrnli. Lenars. Ves arla en ihe Stack*. and ethrr Per aonnl Proyrriv nl me Iss. SAMCEL BROWN, President. WILLIAM RAYNOR, Seeretar. EDWARD SUAW, Agent, lOi Middle Street. eot27 lyood STATEMENT^ THE jKtna Insurance Company, | OF HARTFORD, CONN., 0« the let day of November, A. D. 1863, a* required by th» Law* of the State of Maine. The Capital Stock in.,.91,500,000 and with the surplus is invested as follows: Heal estate, unincumbered, S97 10 Cash in hand, on deposit, and in agante’ hand*, 91 a qpa ra United State* Stock*, tl2M: 50 State and City Stock*, and Town Bond*, 669A50 00 Bank and Trust Company Stock*, 1,'*47,270 00 “0irtWeBo“d«\ „ 331.960 00 Atlantic Mutual Id*. Co'* acrip, 1862-8, 15,886 60 Total Asset,, #3 1)35 gro Amount of Liabilities for Losses not ’ due or adjusted, #175 m #4 Amount at risk, estimated, 116 6id 479 or THOS. A. ALEXANDER. President. Lucius J. Babdee, Secretary. Hartford, Xor. ", 186S. J< C. CHURCHILL, Agent, Mo. 4 iron Block, Portlnud Pier. deofi dtf LIFE I\M KA\< fc NON-FORFEITING POLICIES, WITH 1 LABCiE ACCUiYIlLATIOINN, ox TEN ANNUAL PAYMENTS ! The Mutual Life Ins. (o„ OF NEW YORK, With the|large cash fund of TEN MILLION DOLLARS, has always granted Policies KftT 8 FT P.7 JP# ’T rn Wiilf mpp t'rrrn by the payment of TEN ANNUAL PREMIUMS, on more advantageous term? than any other Life Company in this Country Also issue? Policies payable at any given age dur* log the life, or at the uecea-e of the insured. These policies, as all others with this great Com pany, are continually increasing in hie and amount, and with its present large i »e tments, which are constantly accumulating, at the rate of more than a million dollars per annum, it may reasonably be ex pected that the sum insured will double itself within a few year?. Apply at office 31 Exchange street, W. D. LITTLE, General Agent. fellS ST AT A weow'Jw MAINE INSURANCE CO.’ AugunlH, Main.-. fllHE Maine Insurance Company Insure against A loss or damage by Fire, Buildings, Merchan dize and Furniture, on term? as favorable as it can be done by any solvent Company. Policies issued for One. Three, or Five years. J. L. CUTLER. President. J. U. WILLIAMS,Secretary. CDWAKD SHAW - - 1 Agaau, Ho. 102 Middle 8treet. ocljeodly Dili go Insurance Company. rpHK undersigned, a majority of the persons A named in the first section of an Act entitled “ An Act to incorporate the Dingo Insurance Co.," approved April 4,18W, hereby give notice that they have opened Books for subscription to the Capital Stock, of said Company, at the Office of the rort land Mutual lire lu-urance Company, or at the Merchants'Exchange Room. JOSEPH HOWARD. KEEN STEELE. A. K. SHURTLEFF. J. B. CARROLL. WM CHASE. EZRA CARTER JR. • J. C. BROOKS. D. W. ( LARK W W. THOMAS. Portland, March 22, 1804. mob24 dAw3w TO MERCHANTS. THE undersigned having greatly increased their facilities for manufacturing HOOTS AND, and having large experience in tnai (.ranch, would call the attention of the trade to the same. We shall in future be much better able to supply the de mand- of the trade then heretofore, and are confi dent that iu the quality, both of our stock and w'ork, we can give satisfaction, a? we manufacture express ly for the r* tail trade. Those buying for cash will find it to the ir advantage to look at otir stock, which consists in part of RUBBERS, SOLK and IF AX LEATHER, FRENCH and AMERICAN CALF, French Kip, Lemoine and Jodot Cal/, Goat and Kid Stock, Serges and fFebs, Boot and Shoe Machinery and Findings gf (f,l kinds. Mr.ED.MCHD Libby, late of the firm of Messrs. Chas. J. Walker A Co . has associated himself with us. and relying on his mauy years experience in manufacturing, we areconiident in making the above statements. TYLER A LAMB. Portland, Feb. 1,18C4. fsbfi d4n>. “ 1 I A*M»**OF* 10IHP. THE Assessors of the city of Portland, hereby give notice to all persons liable to tana tiou in said City, that they will b* in -easion from the first to the fourteenth day of April next, inclusive, Sundays excepted, at their room-, in the New City Government Building, from teu to twelve o’clock in the forenoon, aud from three to five in the atternoou, to reeeire true and perfect list* of all their polls, and estates, both real and p»rsonul, in cluding money on hand or at interest, debts due to them more than they are owiug, as al.-o all property h'*'d in trn-i as Uuardiaii. Executor, Admini-traf«»r, or otherwise, ou the lir-t da> of April next, and they are requested to be prepared to certify the •am- on oath. Those person* who neglect to comply with tbli notice, aud thus a-sign the Assessors th. unpleasant duty of dooming them, will be deprived by law of the nrh ilege ot appealing from their decisions on application for abatement, except in cases of iuabil- l ity to conform to the requirements of the laws. S. II. BECKETT, ) Assessors W. H. FOYE. { of .1KR1.M1AH HOW,) rortl.ud, N. B. Blank Schedules can be had at the A-sessors’ Rooms. Portland, March 25, 1*64 inch 26 taprillO Wood, Palm Lent and Honey. ; Qi \ 4 LOG3 CEDAR. OVU 101 LOGS MAHOGANY, 17 LOGS LANCE WOOD, 639* BUNDLES PALM LEAF, 368 MAlS. 7 TIERCES HONEY, Cargo Bark Albiou Lincoln. For sale by -BuPHNl EATON. ! feb'J No. 1 Central Wharf. BOUNTIES & PRIZE MONEY. • IOO Bounty for Soldiers wounded in Battle. WE are prepared to obtain a Bounty of $100 tor soldiers discharged on account of wounds received. Buunty of $luu lor Soidiefs discharged on accouut of ir ninds received in battle obtained (if paj>ers on tile are correct) in three tree/. s time Special attention given to the collection of Prize Money, and claims against Government. SWEAT A CLEAVES, Oounaellor* at Law, mchS dtf No 117, Mid Me St , Mussey’s Row. To Manufacturer*, Ship Builder*, AND persons desirous of Rea! Estate Investments, th-- folio wing property i* offered at good bargains. 20 Houses at prices from 81500 to $6000. 100 House Lots at prices from *300 to $3000 2000 Feet of water front suitable for wharves Ship yards, Manufacturing Sites, fronting deep water with fine spring of water adjacent thereto and a portion of it adjoining the Grand Truuk Rail Road, from which freight mav he deposited on t tie premises. wchi7 3m 31 USES GOULD, 74 3liddle St. FreedoiitNottce. THIS mav certify that I rntve this day, given my sou Samuel U. Weeman. his time to transact busine— for himself, and shall claim none of nis wages nor pay any debts of his contracting after this date. JOHN WEEMAN. Bebago, Feb 37. 1*64. mch28 dlw* no T E LS. HALLOWELL HOUSE * REOPENED! HEW FURHITlfhE & FIXTURES ! S.fl. DE\N|g, Proprietor. „,^~„rho P“bli.c arp specially informed that the spacious conrcnient and well known ll.uiowni lloosa, in the center nf H.lloWell. two milee from Augusta, and lour mi ps from Togu. Spring ha. °P*» f»r t»o ree, pfion of company and permanent boarder.. r will be given to the comfort of STABLING, and all the usual convenience of a popular hotel are amply provided. Hallowel., Feb. 1 1864. mch35 eodtf Splendid Pleasure Maaartl THE WHITE HOUSE, (rOKBKIlLY WILSON BOUAB.) J. P. ^ This popular Hotel has recently been pnr SftfflfilJhasedIby Mr. Miller(ot the Albion, and has IJJMAMbt'en thoroughly refitted, renos an d and rc fi|H|iMPairca, and numerous *-scHb r.t aitf-ratli n Mmade. It is located on the Saccaranna road aboat lour miles from Portlaud, affording a beautiful drive ov«r a good road, and just about far enouah for pleasure. * It has a line large Dancing Hall and good Bowling Alleys. In (dose proximity to the house is a warm ana roomy stable, containing twenty nice -tails. *• »‘*0 » well sheltered Shed. I V, feet ioug, lor hitching horses. 9 The choicest Suppers trill he got np for sleighing tnd dancing parties, who will Bud it greatly to their plMMreand advantage to reeort to the White>-. No efTort will he .pared for the entertainment ot ftteete. decl»dtf THE AN ERICA* HOL SE, _lHanover Street .... Boiton, The Largest and Best Arranged Hotel IN Stff KNOLAN V. LEWIS RICE, Proprietor. oel«ly Mason & Hamlin’s CABINET ORGAN*. THE subscriber, being impressed with the great excellence ol'them- Instruments, and their adap tation either for small churches, verirys, or parlors, oilers them for sale to the citizens of Portland and vicinity. The manufacturer* have the wittm tentimonp of over a hundred of the best organist" and Musician*, both foreign and native, to the effect that they are superior to any Instruments of the kind that they have ever seen. Among the testimonials of such as Thai berg. Morgan and /undel, is the following f rom UotUohalk: "Mbbbh*. Mason & Hamlin:—I congratulate you on the introduction of a new Murical Instru ment, long wanted, and sure to tind it* way into every household of taste and refinement that can poeeihly afford its moderate expense. Your ( obi net Organ is truly a charming instrument, worthy nf the high praise it has received, and far superior to everything of its class I have seen. I take pleasure in commending it most heartily as everywhere wor thy a place beside the Piano Forte, to which it is a fine complement, from its capacity for rendering much delightfixl music, sacred, secular, classic and popular, to which the Piano is not adapted." „ CrUTTSCHALK. New York, 2id Sept., 1863. These Instruments may be found at the Marie Rooms of the subscriber, where they will be sold at the manufacturers’ prices. **. e. nnwAisw.-s, Mo. 849 1-2 Stewart's Block. Congreaa St d«£> dtf. . . Scotch Canvas, -NOB BALB BY JAMES T. PATTEN & CO., Balk, Ve. f)AA BOLTS Saptrior Blaachad I 300 do All Lone lu "Lot- | . , „ ernmeni contract/’ 800 do Extra All Long dam | A 300 do Navy Mae j UellT.redla Portland or Ho«;oa. ■ath. April 10.1343 .ntddtf Office of Collector of Internal Revenue, Tint Collection Metrict of State of Staine, 44 Eichanne Blreei, roBTLABD, July 17th, 1333. Internal Revenue Stamps. THIS Office having been made a depository of Revenue Stamps, the public will be suppUsJ at the following rates: Less than #6u at par. 960 to 81000, 4 percent, discount. 81000 and upwards, 6 per cent, discount. N ATU’L J . MILLER. Collector Coal and Woo<1! -AT THB L0WE8T PRICES FOR CASS, TO ANT FART i tf TDK CITY, AT SHORT SO TICK. Our Coal Is of the very BEST quality, and war ranted to give satisfaction. -ALSO, FOB SALE ▲II Kindis of Hard anil Soft Wood. The Public are invited to give u* a call, as we are bound to give «atisAction te all who favor us with OFFICE NO. 49 COMMERCIAL STREET. RANDALL ft McALLISTER *1*10 ly TO Mill* III ILOKRS, P. S. iV J. B. lire KINS, COMMISSION MERCHANTS, and wholesale and retell dealer* In teir Tixui Aiifi Han* fur sale at their Wharf, Cutral 8(|L'ari, K4st Boston, 25*),000 Locast <*n<* IktJt Treenails, 2,CM) Hackmatack hurts, planed. Also White Oak Plank andTiMREH,Chi htm r Boa n»a ami Plan k Whit* Pink, Dk<k-Plank, Ac. Particular at tention paid to Furnishing OtK Plank by the Cargo. mch24 d3ni I* \KTI4 IIMTIOV Portland Mutual Fire Insurance Company. This Company will i««ue Polices to be free after the payment ol six, eight or ten Premiums at the option of the insured ami at rates a- low a- any other Company. The issue of Free l’ol ice * renders it at the least e^uali! not superior to th«. participation companies. t.inice No. 102 Middle St. CHARLES HOLDFN. Prfs. EDWARD SHAW. Sec. Feb Id dA w tf. SHERIDAlTi GRIFFITHS. (Successors to Joseph Gray A Co.,) PLASTBHBRS, NAU ,V IRYtUNTAI STUCCO .V N VSTIC UORklRS. ARE now prepared to furui«h the public with Center Pieces and all kiuds of Plaster Orna ments a* cheap as any other ertabli-meut in the State, and at the shortest notice We will also give prompt attention to repairing Plastering. Whitening, White Washing aud Color ing rWPlease leave your orders at No.ti South street opposite the Riding School. ieb—> d.’Jm To ^iHiiiila.mrm. THE subscriber being iu correspondence with an Emigration Agent in Birmingham, EnglanJ, (who has been in the business for a long time will obtain throngh that Ageney Arti/an* or Workmen of all classes with promptness and dispatch. EDWARD SH 4NT. March 9,18<>t tf *3 1 Middle street, Portland. STEPHEN H. NORTON & t’O., Hoik hiittrs, Sniitn, Sluiors, md tipi Hwen, Corner0^ Lime and Federal Sts., Pott land, Me. UTiPHtll NORTON. |*jM3lU* HA T. IIIAriITT WhiikmI . Atecosd baud .tpam Engine, of thirty ts forty : hor«pu«rr. •*>«•<” ,0^., #yM_ tbhlO art ft Union Whnrl 1 i ——_ i ^ BUSINESS CARDS. _ w. \V. CARR & CO K !*ke° "1* |f™K 3'ore formerly oosaple’d bp SAWYER. No. 3 Exchange Street, ; Ar. prepared to offer to th. trade a lire. ... .... •aimed stock of * aaa W4il Foreign and Domestic Fruit I Wholesale and Ketail Or.a«e. Sprare Oum. Uua|.i Lemon., Canary Seed. I'nadlo., Cline., Leman Syru*. Haney, Prunes, Cara. Nut., PI*,. Citron, Xma. nil kind*. Umra. Ollre., Hnl.lna, T.baeea. ' Sardine., y,_ Paary C.ndlr. af «|| | ootddtf F F. M, C A RSLEyj CABINET MAKER AND UPHOLSTERER, No 31 Union Street, *o <*•> *H kin da r.f CAbl.Nkrr ,u>B a nt.kt, la a prompt and .atUiaotory monnar. Book and Show Cue* made to ardor. KW ► trail are Made, Kepalred and V araUked u P.«...-.W.y'i?AS.*OT,C't „ IRA WINN, Agent, NTo. 11 Union St., H prepared t. furm.l, STEAM ENGINES and BOILKitS of rariona aiaee aad patterna, St^kii Pip ul Fiitiret, Xill Crviif, Sbkftiw, falldfk. Ad, Ltoar Hoc** Wo** of all deMrtptlina, and an kind* of work required In baiMli.r I OKTUrfOAVtONM. I run stair, and other Architectural Work. I Honwa store*, and other haildla**, with . Gif kud 8team iu the bet«t mson r. Ib connection wifh the above is an Irou Koondr? i wittt&lar/p h-ortm.nt of Pattern*, to «ki.>h tte i attention of MachininU, UillwrifbU.iBil * tup Build ZJ&rSLr* *" k‘"d* 01 L'**“0*’ •AaUhad MAChiOe JobblBM, flttsTli «sBl rorjiB*•, promptly extouft d 0i>| M I HI l' U 1st SEWING MACHINESI WOODHIAN, TKI'i: A CO.. AGENTS, *•». •« «■•!»«.Middle atreei. Nt.dltttid 1 rlami 1,1 tlwmja „|,1| ■ehMtf ALBERT WEBB A CO., - BULUI HI Corn, Flour and Grain, head or HKEU1I.VS W HA EE, ‘'•■■•'•••I Street,. . Perilled, Me. | __ _ ___I .Ml/ A CARD. DR. S. C. FERNALD, OElNT I S'l'e. .... - — mum hiroel. w.On. •a(m>* tad llillil. Portland, Hi, M, l$43. M Ur. J. H. HEAI.D HAVING disposed of his entire Interest la hi* Office to Dr S.C KK.KN ALD, would cheerfully 1 rcocoiutm od him to hi* former patent* and the pah* 1 lie. Dr. Fkrmald, from long experience, isprepar* od to insert Artificial Teeth onthe " Vn<. unit* Base/* and all other methods kuowu to the profession. Portland. Mar Sft. 1*3 tf JOHN F. 8HHMMT, " Hair ItiHer-and Wig Maker, No. 13 Market Square, Port1 'nd,<up stain.) W* Separate room for Ladies' and Children's Haig Cutting A good stock of Wigs. 11 air-Wig*. Bands, Braids. Curls, Priietti, Pads, Bolls, Crimping Boards. Ao , ko.. constantly on hand. f*31'68 dir REM cTv A. T_i. DR. NbWTOH HAS removed his residence to .Vo. 37 MUdls Strrrt, corner of Franklin street. Office a* heretofore, .Vo. 115 Xr, hinge Street, la j Noble's block, up stairs. Office hours from D to Id : A. It., from 2 to 3. and from 8 to 9 o'clock P. M. Dr. N. will continue, in connection with general practice, to give special attention to UISMa iMS 09 9 x Malms oo3idtf M PEARSON, Silver Plater, aXD M.A N'CSAf TPRKR OP SILVER WARE, 338 Congress St.,Opp. Court House.Portland,kls. All kind* of W’AKK. such a* knives, For£?, ' Spoon*. Cake Baskets, Castors, ke., pitted in the tK**t manner. Also, RKXAiRISG and RX-FIN1SHISG 01d I Silver Ware. * >an& dfim AViHlIV AMI COAL CIIKAI' (OK ( ASH ! $9.50. CHEAIM30AL. $9.50 rmvr rm <r\rr ro.u »>.## » TO&. .scrim: mointaiv. lkhicii. hkzilion, 81’l.AK LIIAK iiU> OIMCIVI L.F.lllt.H. LO CI 9T MIJl M Al V doll NS, I'lAMOXD, WIUS TEK and KI.AI Iv UF.A I U I be.* Con'- are...f tba very heel ,(nality, well -. r.incd and picked, and warranted to yive taiitiaetion. A lee for vale beat of IIAKIb IM) RAFT WOllD, delivered to any part of the city. Orrica CuMlltaciAL Si., head of Franklin Whart s. row ns a uo!(. fet.liidly _ WIKItrVS ITIPOKVED FIKK AN1) WA ri n ruoor FELT COMPOSITION, Oravcl Rootlui >■«*« rf IT BOOH K. i l KRSEY. Vsent, |a»2d dll Mo. A talon street FERTILIZERS. | W \ H«LS l ot s ITF.K PHu , UHE (< **)'I i i i i.\us ■••W" I.OIH Col'DRETlE, 1 *> • LITTLEFIELD'SCOUDBETTK. I or tale at aianatncturcr’a price* by KENDALL .V WHITNEY. Cortland Feb. 9,15.14. febk di-Sin Scotch 4'iiu\ a*s. BOLT1!—from th« factory of David Cor* •a' * sar k Sou*. L‘*irh—a sail'clc-cb of lupi-rior quality—Jurt r**ceiwd ih r “JwV*, and for aaU by MoGILYRBY. BY AH * DAVIS, mch26dtf 141 Comuarrial HtrMt Wanted ! Kn'miiMliiiiil Caiiille Hoiri, At No. 90 Portland Mrcot, Portland lanT .iff HAVANA SUGAR. 300 Boxes H&vaua Sugar, for Sale by HOP IIVI EATOV. No 1 Central wharf. Portland. March la, 1S04. mchls J3« Book Card & Fancy Printing MKAILT MXEC0TBD at THE offiok or thc rata • j

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