Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, April 4, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated April 4, 1864 Page 2
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the daily press. S0kiLA.HU kAlkk -- ■ --“ Monday Morning, April 4, 181U. ... The circulation of the Daily Press is lanjer than any other Daily paper in the Stale, and double that of any other in Portland. *7.00 per year if paid strictly in ad cnace a discount of *1.00 will be made. Gen. Dow nt Westbrook Seminary. We learn that Gen. Xeal Dow, iu tultllmeut of an engagement, addressed the students of Westbrook Seminary, last Friday afternoon, on the subject of Temperance. There was quite a gathering of the. friends of the school; aud the number would have been larger but for a supposition that visitors were not ex pected. Mr. McCollister, the Principal, very happi ly introduced the General, who addressed the school for about the space of au hour iu a manner which not only deeply interested the pupils, and others present, but which must have left an impression for good not easily effaced. Indeed it were. ditUcult to conceive of an intelligent, candid person, whatever his views as to tho method of conducting this cause; who could seriously object to the mat ter or manner of lien. Dow’s address. We doubt not that the young men and the young woman of this institution, in after days, will look hack witli great satisfaction that they were permitted to listen to an address at once so kind, so genial, so Instructive, so simple and pointed, and so completely adapted to their condition. It was exceedingly grati fying to witness lire evident appreciation on the part of tho teachers aud the scholars, oi these timely, well-directed and appropriate remarks. D is alike honorable to the principal and the pupils—a glorious fact, perhaps without a parallel in the history of seiniuaries of learn ing — that every member of the school is pledged against the use of all intoxicating liquors and tobacco. If there be rigid ad herence to this pledge, Hie abundant success of the Seminary is placed beyond aperadven ture; and a debt of gratitude will be; due the teachers which it may never be in the power of the community fully to repay. In this view it is our earnest desire that parents, anxious for the moral training, as well as the inenul culture of their children, will not overlook the claims of Westbrook Seminary. Protestantism in Paris. , The most popular of the Protestaut divines in France, the eloquent M. Vlhanase Coquer ei, has been interdicted by tlie presbytery of the reformed church, in Paris, and the an nouncement of the fact has crealed no litlie excitement among the 1'rote-slant population of that capital. The reasons for this eclesias tical bull have not been made public, but the supposition is that M. Coquerel lias become too liberal for the presbytery, and some of the papers bint Dial the English “ Essays and - Reviews” controversy has thus spread to the I continent. M. Coquerel speaks Euglisli as well as French, and as the French government, while recognizing certain sects, allows no freedom __outside of their pale, it is suggested that lie ™ HI lull. The Presse speaks onus car an winnra. “ M. Coquerel is now a llrst-ratu preacher who rivals in eloquence the coteinporaneous illustrations of the catholic pulpit, and he shares with his father, the ex-member of the Constituent Assembly, the sympathies of the protestant community in Paris. When lie preaches at Ponteinont oral the ttratoire, the building is to small to contain all that flock to hear him; the very steps of the pulpit are filled, the aisles crowded, and the doors arc besieged. When M. Coquerel, juu., preached a charity sermon, and when he dismissed his auditory with those simple words, “ Remem ber, on leaving the church, to do good to your poor brethren,” the boxes at the doors were never wide enough or deep enough; !- gold, silver wrapped up iu bank notes, and ar ‘ tides of jewelry bad soon filled them. The Sunday in the year of distress when he '' preached for the benefit of the poor cotton weavers of Rouen, lie so excited tlie charita ble feelings of bis congregation, that the col » lection amounted to no less than lS,000fir.— § The private life of the reverend gentlemau, in continual contact w ith ids numerous flock, , is a model of virtue and dignity. Why, there fore, has the Protestant Consistory interdict ed the pulpit to so worthy and eloquent a man ?” I The Pirates’ Hell. It seeurs from the following communication, cut irom the Halifax Morning Times of Mar. 21st, that tbe Chesapeake had on board as a part ofber cargo, a church bell for a religious society in this State, ami that the godly mind ed pirates made an offering of that part of their cargo to the J.ord(!) by presenting it to a church iu Nova Scotia." Here is the com munication, headed “The Pirates, Bell To the Editor of the Sun Sm:—The church bell which the pirates of the Chesapeake stole out of that vessel, and presented to . tire deacons of a Protestant church in the County of Lunenburg, is still held, by the plow, deacons qf that church;— and' notwithstanding a demand for its resti tution hy the congregation in Maine, to which it rightfully lielongs, the holy men of Lunen burg kirk still cling to it, aud Lave it jingling up in the steeple of their sanctuary every Lord’s Day, to call the sinners of the district to prayers aud preaching! Now that the ('henaptake is given up to her lawful owners, let the kirk bell be given up also. It is "ntolen year;" and no man can have the fear of God before his eyes who can sit quietly in that kirk white the pirates' bell is sounding its murderous ding, dong, ding, over hU head. Send back tbe bell. Siotiis. Old Linen mid Cotton lor the Army. R. S. Salterlee, Surgeon aud Medical Pur veyor, V. S. Army, New York City, ia reply to a note in the livening Post of that city, I will inform “ A Lady" that lUuuel as well as cotton shirts are furnished for the use of the sick soldiers. The packages contain Isoth, so that whichever are preferred can lie used. 1 have now a quantity of llaunel shirts on hand, which it will give me pleasure to send wherever they are needed. “ A Lady” asks, “ Does the government furnish old linen and cotton?” 1 answer em phatically it does. 1 have sevetal tons of old linen and cotton in my depot, carefully clean ed and put up in papers for use as compress es or pledgets, from which issues are made whenever it is needed. Death ok Mb. Ckomweli..—The agents of the New York and Portland line of steam ers, received a dispatch .Saturday night, stat ing that Mr Henry B. Cromwell, the owner of the line, died in New York on Saturday af ternoon. Mr. Cromwell wa a man of untiring ener He established the line of steamers be tween this port and New "York, aud hy his perseverance has done much in enlarging the trade between the two places to the amount it has now risen to. JT.fw Books.—Messrs. P.ailey & Noyes have i'receivetl the following work-'. “Gen. Grant and his Campaign.” Whip, Hoe aud Sword,” s and “Satan--- Devices aud the Believer’s Vic I fory.” Full notices hereafter. ■ J. i>IlrOINAL and SEIEfTEI). jT“On first pagt—What M&ma-aPotU is; ( Life in a Logging Camp, ltcmo, sr-c >n fourth page—Matrimonial ; Uilin’ Water vs. Coals; Had a hand in it; Miscella neous Items. CT’liev. I- II. Chapin will lecture in Lew iston to-morrow (Tuesday) evening. syi 'lie Slate election in Connecticut takes place to-day. CT^'Tlie St. Croix Herald says the rowdy element is increasing in Calais. Sory to hear it. jyTresident Lincoln denies that Secre retary Chase wrote the concluding paragraph of ids emancipation proclamation. - (4ov. Cony leaves home by the train to-day for a brief visit to the Army of the Potomac. The attention of gentlemen owning hardens and draperies, is called to the ad vertisement of A. Dirwanger, in another col umn. IT" lev. J. S. C. Abbott, who is writting a history of the Rebellion, has gone to visit the military posts on the Atlantic coast, so as to be correct in descriptions. £y A new secret order has been organized in Illinois, whose object is the election of a Copperhead President,and failing in that, civil war in the North. £ ft Rev. Mr. Smith, episcopal Clergyman, of Calais, preached his larewell sermon on Sunday,27th till. He expects to locate in the State of Xew York. jy Remarkable! The Argus used Fred erick Douglas'name in its Saturdays’ issue, without coupling with it the word “ miscege nation.” fy The Hath Times says that Mr. Cyrus Leninau. a former resident of that city, was killed in a tight with Apache Indians on the 24th of January. jyT.ieut. Col. Hyde, of Bath, the Times says, lias been appoiuted Provost Marshal and additional Aid-de-Camp in the staff of the bill corps. £jp“Tlie ladies of Calais have] withdrawn their oiler to the City Council of $2000, and are negotiating witli the monied men of the city, to have a hall built by joiut stock. They are not willing to give it up so. £J^l!arnum in liis lecture on “Money-mak ing, or tlie art of getting rich,” names adver tising as the first step in business. He knows, as does everybody else who has tried it, the value of judicious advertisiug. rebel army, recently appeared at the ollice of the Provost-Marshal in St. Louis, and took the oath of allegiance to the United States government, giving bond of $5,000 for its faith ful observance. ^^-“Counterfeit lives on the Bank of Cape Ann, are iu circulation, altered from ones. A little caution will easily detect them, as the word “live" iu large letters at the bottom oi the bill, is printed green in the counterfeit, while the genuine is red. JQP"The Gloucester Telegraph says Ira Stinson, about twenty-five years old, aud be longing iu Deer Island, this State, was drown ed by the capsizing of the sehooner Klla Fran ces, of Gloucester, on Georges Bank, in a storm, on the add ult. Iff" It is slatifd in the New York Evening Post, on the authority of Mr. Lincoln himself, tnat no wrote ini’ I'ruonmation or Emancipa tion with his own hand, including the closing sentence w hich by some has iieen attributed to Mr. Chase, and by others to Mr. Seward. tr The town of Lebanon, N. 1L, elected two clergymen to the legislature, Kev. Chas. A. Downs, pastor of the Congregational so ciety, and Kev. George W. Bailey, pastor ot the Uuivenalist society. Does not this show an intensified Union leeiing ? Zff- The Courier is understood to style the Union members of the Legislature political hucksters.'' How sadly that body deteriorat ed iu the estimation of our neighbor after it made choice of the State ofiicers. early in the session! Perhaps it was because the Legisla tive grapes proved slightly sour. Zff‘ In 185(5 Theodore Parker wrote to .loliu P. Hale concerning the Presidential campaign of that year, and in the course of the letter says: “ If Buchanan is President, 1 think the Union doe- not hold out his four years. It must end in civil war.” How true those words! Cy“Tbe Bangor Times says a young ludy threw herself into the Kenduskeag.near Mor ris's Mills, a few days since. She sunk once, but on coining up gave an involuntary scream, which called the attention ol persons near by, who rescued her with some difficulty. Disap pointed affection is the alleged cause. fry A lady pianist lias appeared in Hol land who enjoys the peculiar advantage of having six lingers on each hand, all of which are brought into requisition in striking the keys. She has also six toes upon each foot, but whether the supplemental toes add to her advantages over the pedals of the instrument, we are not informed. fy The Providence Press says that a large, number ol the people there have pledged themselves to alts tain entirely from the use of butter so long as it is held above iiO eeuts a pound. A general movement of this sort throughout the country would bring the spec ulators to terms and the price of butter to a reasonable figure. :y A Scotch traveler in Africa drank a liottle of brandy and then laid down in the jungle to sleep off the effects. A swarm of drivers—a kind of ant—fell in with him, and in twenty-four hours left nothing hut a clean picked skeleton and a lew bool, nails! They devoured even his boots and clothing. Bran dy suckers will take notice and govern them selves accordingly. •yOu Tuesday last, says the liaiigor Whig, Willie (’., a little child of Elijah A. and Mary A. Tuttle, of Levant, aged ;! years and It months, was drowned a few rods from his father's house, in a hole about three and a half leet deep, which had been dug by a neighbor. The child was accidentally found before it had been missed by its mother, but life was ex tinct. ;y A democratic convention in Butler county, Ohio, lias kicked at “ Little Mac" in one of its resolutions, declariug that “our del egates to the convention he instructed to vote for no candidate wtm is not op|H>sed to the further prosecution of the war, and to support Seymour, of Connecticut, or Vailandigham of Ohio, as the democratic candidate for Presi dent !” ‘ The Copperhead papers, echoing the words of the Louisville Journal, are frequent ly enquiring why, if slavery is dead, the ubo lifionists are continually shootiug at the corpse The Cincinnati Oa/.ette answers this question. —“ It is not the corpse they are shooting at,” says that paper, “ hut resurrectionists who persist in dragging out the rotten carcass to the annoyance and disgust of the public.”— Let them get away from the grave and the “shots' will be discontinued.” ry~The government Is leasing the aban doned farms in Arkansas, and there is every prospect of the growth of large crops. Satiug is a babit, like smoking, oi tak ing snufl", or like extravagance. If you begin it and go on with it for a little time, you come to have a sort ot passion for it. [ryThe 10 40 loan i« being taken up very rapidly, in all the large cities. The First Na tional Bank of Portland is prepared to receive subscriptions. See advertisement. jyitev. W. R. Clarke, of this city, ad dressed on Thursday :i!st uB., the educatioual meeting of the N. E. Conference now being held at Chelsea, Mass. P7”It is very pleasant, in these times of high prices, for a man to look confidingly up on Ills wife and say lie docs not want any hut her. SJT -•The Agricultural papers recommend a pint of rum for a maternal swine, to make her amiable so that she will own her pigs and not eat tlie,m up. The ruin is apt to produce an opposite effect upon human swine mothers. jy Col. N. G. Taylor addressed a meeting at the rooms of the Chamber of Commerce, New York, on Thursday, iu behalf of the suf ferers of East Tenuessee. A committee of :!0 was appointed to receive contributions. jy The selection iu the Argus of Thurs day, from the. Chicago Times, must have been intended for Sunday reading; at any rate no decent family would allow it in the house on a week day. jy’Parton's Life of (Jen. Butler is elabo rately reviewed in the London Spectator. The writer acknowledges that the book has en tirely changed his opinion oi Gen. Butler, and compares him, in versatility and energy, to Fredetick the Great. jy“John G. Whittier, the poet, says that while William Lloyd Garrison was iu prison at Baltimore, iu IS.'tO, Henry Clay wrote from Lexington, Kentucky, to a friend in Balti more, “directing him to pay the tine and costs and liberate Mr. Garrison."’ The fact has not been publicly known until very recently. jyA bitter controversy is uow being car ried on between the Providence Journal and the Daily Evening Press of that city, each, as near as we can judge, claiming to be the or gan of the Union parly. Such quarrels ought not to be indulged in until the rebellion is put nown and the country restored to peace and security. uanuudj i uov a recipe for a good, wholesome and cheap soup: “ Take three buckets of water, the more the better, four onions, two long-legged eollard leaves, a small beef lione, put them in a large kettle and smlbke till the water boils; then stir with a tallow candle and add one pint of salt that has been used in pickling pork.” gy We are glad to hear of the success of the Boston Advertiser. It is one of the most reliable papers in the country, and as a com mercial journal takes front rank. With ship owners, Insurance offices and those having to do with navigation, it long since became a text-book and could no more be dispensed with than could the lievised Statutes in a lawyer’s office. See advertisement. jyThe Gospel Banner scrupulously gives credit for items of from three to a dozen lines but copies two columns of Gen. Dow's speech] which was reported expressly for our columns, and lor which service we paid cash, without the slightest recognition of the source from which it was obtained. Pigs may be allowed to feast upon acorns beneath the oak without looking up to the source from which they came, but clerical editors should set better examples. We would remind Bro. Ballou that if clergymen and religious teachers prac tice such larcenies, they should not upbraid lay sinners for their misdemeanors. y The copperhead Times, of Chicago, recently said, “Gen. Seymour at Oulstee was defeated by the cowardice of the negro troops.” The'reporter of the copperhead New York Herald, who was an eye-witness of the same fight said, “The 1st North Caro lina uud the 04th Massachusetts, the colored troops, did admirably. The 1st North Caro lina held the positions it was placed in with the greatest tenacity, and inflicted heavy loss on the enemy. It was cool and steady, and never flinched for a moment. The .'>4ih sus the reputation they had gained at Wagner, and bore themselves like soldiers throughout the battle.” New Publication*. Cl* i> jo’s Cavk. By .J. T. Trowbridge, Au thor of “Neighbor .Jack wood,” “Tlie Drum mer Bov,” etc. Boston; J. E. Tilton dr Co., 1864. The publisher* Lave our thank* for an elegant copy of tin* ne w, exciting, popular and intensely in teresting “War Novel." Jt contain* over oOOpages, i* neatly printed, handsomely bound, and make* a beautiful volume. It reached it* nineteenth thous and in Its? than six day* after publication, and since the day* of “Uncle Tom'* Cabin" it ie probable no work of a similar character ha* been received with euch general favor lu a letter to the author, Mr. Secretary Chase thus writes: "The inflamed condition of my right eye ha* pre ‘‘vented my reading or writing much lately. 'Cudjo’a “Cave' I could not help reading, however. It inter ested and impressed me profoundly." lu a letter giving permission to the publisher* to use the above. "Mr. Chase adds: "The l»ook merit* higher praise, "andj have heard it more highly spokeu of by dis cerning judges." VVa cannot do a better service than to quote a few expression* from the press of the country. The Springfield Republican, good authority, says it ha* "a plot of thrilling interest, a lofty aud beueiiccnt purpose." The Independent calls "Neighbor Jack wood a powerful story, second only to "Uncle Tom’s Cabin, 'and says, "Cndjo’n Cave" has the •amc masterly humor and felicity of description. Co!. Forney's paper says, "as a tale It is preferable to ‘Uncle Tom." The New York Observe r style* it "a thrilling romance," while the Christian Register say* "the attention is riveted from the opening to the closing page." The price of the book is *1.50. If our bookseller* have it not upon the counter, we advise them to place it there at once. The Principles of Percent A«k,explained and illustrated. By J. II. Partridge, A. M., Principal of Ward School No. 4S, New York city. Published by John H/Tingley, New York: 12 mo. pp. 0i>. For sale by A. Williams & Co., Bostou. This work is desigued for the use or High School, and Ac*denyes Mr. Ureeuleaf, the author of the National Arittimetie, after having examined a copy of the work .ay.: “A work of this kind ha. been much needed iu our High Schools aud Academies. Pupils, when theyfieave our best cchools are often very deficient iu a knowledge of this most useful rule. Your work is executed with a master's hand. 1 have seen nothing of the kind which will tnar any comparUau witn it. The whole subject is well aud thoroughly explained, so that the pupil will find no difficulty in understanding it, I hope it will have a geueral introduction into all oursehoola." M ainstones Housekeeper. By Miss Eliza Meteyard (“Silverpen”). Boston: Boring publisher: 12 mo. pp. 15;!. For sale iu this city by Bailey & Noyes. This is an English Novel, uniform with Pique. An able critic says it “is a work of great power and vigor. The characters are all good, the Interest of the story never Hag., nor its made wearisome by petty detail, or unmeaning phrases: there i. life iu every page, and withal, a fresh, delicate, hearty s.-utitneut jjerv ariing the l*ook, that exhilarates aud charms indescribably. *• 1 be heroine is one of the finest characters ever drawn, aud merit, unqualified commendation. "As a whole, far beauty of stylo and dietion, pas sionate earnestness, effective contrasts, distinctness of plot, unity aud completeness, we tbiuk this Novel us rivalled i fr-nrmranmt+mimmmMm\mmmiwninmm Ti Y T TilT , ICO RA F H ] -iors&~ EVDNLIU PAl'i:KM. -••*«* tine tiny Letter from Europe?. N i;\v V< irk, April 2. Tin* steamship City of Cork, from Liver pool 19th via Queenstown 21st, arrived at 8 o'clock tins morning. The Cork Herald of the morning of the 21st has the following: Copenhagen, March 19—1.30 P. M, Yes terday three Prussian,men-of- war attacked the Danish biockoding squadron oft' Griefwohl, Pomerania. Alter an engagement of two hours the Prussian vassels returned to the harbor. Artillery tiring was renewed today at I tup pel. Berlin. Marcii 20. The Commander-in Chief of tlie Prussian Navy has received a re port stating that yesterday the Areona, with three gunboats, were again put to sea in searcli of hostile shipping. The cruise had no result known, all the Danish ships having left the Prussian waters. The report con cludes: “ Therefore there can be no question of an existing blockade of the Prussian coast. Hanover, March 19. The Danish Govern ment has decreed to release the Hanoverian shins under embargo in Danish ports. Londestburgh, March 17—9 A. M. On Thursday there was heavy cannonading and fighting all along the line of Duppel village, and the Tonjeberg position was taken by the Prussians after a heroic resistance by the Danes. The position of Duppel is still unharmed. The numbers of the Prussians are always four to one. Their artillery have ranged three miles. A Danish colonel was killed to day, and seventy wounded were brought in. The enemy's loss is severe. The Danish army is undaunted. I.ATK-. r. Hamburg, March 19.—Advices from .Stock holm to the loth state that fresh disturbances had taken place. The police office, was at tacked, and the windows in the residence of the Chief of Police were smashed. The mili tary were called out to quell the riot and elev en persons were arrested. The “Dagblad” iusists upon more energetic measures being taken by the Government. The French Ambassador has left Christiana. Fleunburg, March 19th.—The bombardment at the intrenchuients of Duppcll was resumed to-day. A terrific cannonade is heard here. Turin, March 17th.—News from a reliable source at Home states that the illness of the Pope lias become more alarming. from f'hattauooya. Ringgold, Tenn., April 1. Tlie cavalry force of the enemy has been augmenting within the past few dajs, and now amounts to about 5000. They are en camped in the valley from Tunnel Hdl to Varness Station ami Red Clay, which They hold. They have also a considerable force at Xichafach Gap, six milt s from this place. The reltel picket lines are within a mile of ours, but no disposition is shown on either side to crowd the other. There is a very small rebel force of infantry north of Dalton. There is no reason to believe that. Johnston has been largely reinforced from East Ten nessee or Alabama, and there are no indica tions that he intends to resume the offensive. The estimate of the strength of Johnston’s forces is 35,000. Over 000 rebel deserters came into Chatta nooga during the month. T/if Kerrnuc, New York, April g. The Tribune’s Washington dispateli says it is understood that Mr. Stebbins, the Demo cratic me miter of the Committee on Ways and Means, has pronounced himself in favor of large duties on foreign imports, even to al most prohibition, ami an internal revenue tax e<iual to all the demands of the Treasury, for civil expenses of the government and lor Interest on the public debt. ty-The Portland Price Current came out Saturday much enlarged and improved. Mr. Rich, the editor, is indefatigable in bis efforts to present a commercial paper that shall be a credit to the city, and it is but justice to him to say that he has succeeded. We wisli him the most abundant success in his publication, and have not the slightest doubt it will be sustained in tlie most liberal inanuer by our mercantile community. Blackwood.—We have received from the American republication office of L. Scott & Co„ New York, the March number ot this able Scotch magazine. Tlie contents are, The Fleet of the Future, Tony Butler—Part VI., The Economy of Capital, Louis Napoleon as a General, Chronicles of Carliugford, Corne lius O’ Dowd upon Men and Women, and other Things in General, a Letter from Schleswig-Holstein. Crossman A Co., have received a lot of delicious maple candy, made from pure inapie sugar. SPECIAL. NOTICES. NEW MILLINERY. On ami after Monday , April 4th. the subscriber will be prepared to exhibit to her friends and the publio generally, (at 26 Free Street, next deer above Miss Griffith’s,) an assortment of the latest styles of Millinery d rect from New York. Mourning Goods made to order. A share of patronage is most respectfully solicited. ap*dlw K. J. DODGK. “Buy Me, and I’il do you Good.’* IJae Dr. Langley’* Hoot and Hrtb Hitter* For Jaundice, ('ustiveneos. Liver Complaint. Hu mors, indigestiou, Dyxpt pGt. Files, Dizztno* Hoad* achc, DrowsintKrf, and ail d "cases arising from dis- j ordered stomach, torpid liver, and Lad blood, to | which all persons are subject in *prL g and summer. They cleanse the system, regulate the bowels, re store the appetite, purify the blood, and give sound* ness of mind and strength of bodv to all who use them. !*o d by all dealers iu Medicine everywhere, at 26, 60 and 75 cents per bottle. GEO. C. (iOUD* IN k t’O., 37 Hanover Street, Boston, l’roprle t°r». _ ap2 dim AT DANIEL LANES, KIT( HRN FURNISHING STORK NO. 40 FREE STREET. A Large Assortment of Children'* Carriages, cheap. Call aud see them before you purchase. 1 now oiler for Hale my entire .Stock of Toy* ami. Fancy Good, as cheap as they can be bought ..f the Manufacturer,, as I iutemi to put In their place, Class aud Crockery Ware. aprl d2w THOM AS G. LORING. DRUGGIST, -AM) PHAOTICA1, TRUSS FITTER, ! Carner .f Exchange A Federal Si’.. A perfect St guaranteed. The poor liberally ton- j sldered. M*! dtf The Puteut llelle Monte Skirts. A full assortment of these celebrated .Skirts in the I new style at AN DERSO N 'S HOOP SKIRT AN D CORSET DEPOT, | mchSS dtf Under Mechanics' Hall. Sore Throat, Cough, Cold, and similar trouble,, if sullered to progress, result in serious Pulmonary. Bronchial aud Asthmatic af- i lections, oftentimes iucurahle. BROWN’S BRONCHI A I, TROCHES, are compounded so as to reach directly tie- seat of the disease and give almost instant relief. moh&dlm wlinlt Rost Oskuk, I'outlamd, | March 18th, IBID. i y rmu aud after this date, anduutil further notice, the Western Mail will be close at this office at 2 o'clock, P, M,, instead of 1', as heretofore inchlu 3wed A | DOLE, r. M. SPRING DRESS GOODS sow opuninq. O . K . B A B B. mehl.l No t)Clapp's Block. DR. II. I,. DA> IS, ANALYTICAL PHYSICIAN. (Successor to the late Dr. J. ( lawsou Kelley.) At the long established Office, No. 21 I T It E M O X T STHEE T . Opposite Hollie Street, Hestyu N, B —Dr. Darts will be in attendance dally, at the above office, lor the treatment of « iseaae* ot the Lungii, Liver, Kidneys, Heart, Spleen, &c , and all diseases of the Fluid* and Solid*, chronic or acute. Letter* for advioe and order* for Dr. Kelley'* medi* Oines should be addressed to Dr. Davi*. a* above, the ouly place iu Boston where the genuine medicine* oau be obtained office advice trie I he afflicted »re invited to call mcL*^ ecd‘L\ • 8PV3CUI. NOTICES. CA?i Elizabeth, July 1, I860. £}!*». Du Ting ray connection with the .'state Re form School, ms a teacher, L. F. Atwood’# Billers were introduced tlieieand used with marked success, particularly iu Bilious affections. Tours, fce., A P. HILLMAN. Hawoveb. Me., Oct 1,1861. Dear Sir:—I have used L. F. Atwood’s Bitters lor some 10 or 10 years. 1 have tried a great number of medicines for Dyspepsia,but without effect. These Bitter* are the on 1> remedy that have ever relieved to.- of this distrr sing complaint. My neighbors have also been greatly beiiclitteu by the use of them. JOEL HOW. jy He ware of Counterfeits and base imitations, some of which aer signed ••.!/.” instead of L. F. Atwood. The. gen nine is signed L. F. Atwood, and as a safeguard against imposition hears an extra label,countersigned H. If. I/A Y, Druggist, Port• land, Me., sole Central Agent. For sale by respectable dealers in medicine gener• ally. jaulfi 6meod&w 3 1IO WARD'S CANCKK AND CANKKU SYRUP CANCKK AND ( SYLl P Surpasses all known Remedies Surpasses all known Remedies roll THE CUKE OK ( ancera, Canker, Salt Rheum, old Sores. Cancer.*, Canker, Salt Rheum, old Sores. Erysipelas, Scrofula, Tumors, Ulcers. Sold by H. il. ilAY, Druggist, Agent for Portland and vicinity. deeSl eod&w3in A THING OK B IAUTT If* A .IOV KOK KVEft.—The living breath of the loveliest flower that blossom* in the garland of nature and wafts its sweet perfume on * very breeze, has il* exact counterpart in the breaths of all w ho use that unt-<|ua)ltd aud justly popular Dentif.iue, F ragrant bOZODONT. It pu 11 tie** and sweatens thebreath, cleanse*. beautifies and preserves the Teeth, hardens the Gums, and gives to them that roseate east mo much coveted : most de licious, court* :i ent, efficacious and beneficial prepar a iou for the toilet ever given to the public Sold by Druggists every where at To cents per bottle me 112*2 It CURK FOR CATARRH.—Dr. Wadsworth'! DRY UP is a certain remedy for this loathsome disease. There is uo mistake about this. The Dry Up has cured thousands of cases of Catarrh, and the sales of the article is constantly increasing. A word to the wise is sufficient. F'or sale by the proprietor, 11. II. BUURINGTON, Providence, It. 1. Also by U. H.IIAY, Druggist, Agent for Portland. oohil ood Aw Gin fcJ^I f you are goingto the West,South, or North We*t, procure Through Tickets at Litttb’b Union Ticket Office, No. 31 Exchange Street, where you may have a choice of routes at the lowest rates of fare, aud obtain all needful information. Nov. 2.1863. TuThSJkwtf ty*To cure a cough, hoarsem-ss, or any disease of the throat and luug*,u-e Howes's Cough Pills. Sold by II. II. Hay. Portland, aud by druggists generally. jau27 d&w3m* UTho Post Office in directly opposite Harris Hat and Cap Store. Ieb2ff tl MT"’ CARDS and BILL HEADS neatly print# at this office. tf 8”F“If you areiu want of any kind ol PRINTING j oall at the Daily Press Office. tf SAILING or OCEAN STEAMSHIPS. STB V M m paou FOR SAILS Germania.Southampton.New York. Mar 8 China.Liverpool.New York.. Mar 12 Peruviau.Liverpool Portland. ... Mar 17 City Manchester Liverpool... .Ww York. Mar Id leutoum.Liverpool. .New York.... Mar Id Hibernian.Liverpool.Portland ...Mar21 Persia.Liverpool.New York. .Mar 26 Damascus.Liverpool.Portland . Mar 31 Borusxia.Southampton New York April 2 Aria.Liverpool.Boston April 2 Nova Scotian.Liverpool.. . Portland April 7 Australasian.Liverpool.New York.. April 9 [The steamers for Portland leavo Londonderry one day alter leaving Liverpool.] Germania.New York.. Liverpool_April 2 City of Washing’u. New York Liverpool.April 2 America Portland Liverpool. April 2 Chiu i .. New York. .Liverpool . April 6 Peruvian .. Portland Liverpool... April 9 North American Portland. Liverpool.. April 9 America New York Bremen. .. .April 9 City of Manchest’rNcw York Liverpool.. April 9 Africa.Bo-ton Liverpool.April 13 Hibernian. Portland .Liverpool,. .. .April 16 Teutonia. New York Liverpool... .April 16 Persia .New lurk Liverpool.\pril 2o Damascus.Portland.. .Liverpool. .. April 23 Asia New York Liverpool.... April 27 Borussia.New York . .Southampton.Aprij 3i> Nova Scotian Portland. Liverpool. April 30 Australasian.New York . Liverpool.May 4 Evening Slur..New York Havana..April 2 . MINIATURE ALMANAC. Monday .April 4. Son rises.6 35 I High water,.. 941 Sou *«u.6 311 Length of days.12 56 EXPORTS. Per steamship America for Liverpool. 1742 bb s Flour. 1647 bush Wheat, 620 do Peas, 5110 lbs Hops. 3J718 lbs Tobacco. PASSENGERS. Per steamship America for Liverpool, Dr Allen. Mr Weymouth, ( apt lloratio. Messrs Stevens and Me Keurie Cant Smith, Mrs Smith. Geo and Mrs White aud 3 daughters, Mrs Dewati. 3 daughters and son, F .1 Stone, Magt Willson. Julia McDonald, aud 12 others. • _MA»anm> In Falmouth, 30th ult, by Kev U Stebbina.MrSam- • uel P Butchel .or, of Falmouth, and Miss Auu Melti tire, of York, Me. lu Sandusky City, Ohio, March 5, Lieut Bradley Smith. < o A, 9tl» Me Keg. aud Miss Soprouim Shaw. In Pittston, Kuol M Heath aud Euuice J Small. lu Hiddcford, G W Kaud and Miss Georgia < ous ina. lu Calais, Cam James Wooster, of East port and Miss Flora M Hinds, of Calais. In Machtas, Harrison N Elliot, 6th Me Keg Vols, and Miss Pri^iila A Falkuer. II ■- I- r MMMM DIED. lu this city, 1st. Henry Franklin, son of Henry 8 and Mary A Humphrey, aged 2 years 5 months. In this city, 3d, Widow liauuah Walleee, of Ken* nebunk, aged 80. Drowned, on the 9th of March iu the Mi-.-i-sippi river, near the mouth of Red River, Dr It F Peirce, sou of Dr .1 H Pierce, of Wuterboro, Assistant Sur geon iu the r S Naval service, aged 29 years. In Danville prison, nrivate Charles Hammond, of Co F, 21st Wisconsin Regiment, aged 4o years 1 mo. 8 days. He w as a good soldier, fought in three well contested battles, but had the misfortune to be made a prisoner at the battle of Chattanooga. He haves a wife and three children. [As tire above uotice was sent from the array with a request for other paper- to fcupy, we iuter that the deceased has friend-iu this State.—Ed. Pribs ] lu liardincr. John Johnson, aged 52. !h Litchfield. Samuel Mitchell, aged hi. lu Augusta, Mrs Hannah W Folsom, aged80; Mrs Hannah Wingate, aged 79; Lemuel Woodward, aged *7 years. MARINE NEWS. I* o It T OF POHTLANU. Saturday April ARRIVED. Stvaiuer Potomac, Sherwood, New York. Hr bark T R t’attillo, Inniss, from Kingston. Jam, for Liverpool NS. with 27 of the crew of ship Johu Laud, foundered at sea [See local column ) Seh Pains. Muon, Kullitau. for Hostou. •Sch L E Deliver. Jordan, Trenton lt»r Hostou. S VI LED—at 6 PM steamers America for Liverpool and Britannia tor New York. CLEARED. Hr steamship America. Ilarri.-on, Liverpool, II A A AHen. steamer DoMolay, .Sampson, New Orleans, H ln mau. Hark Sarah H Hale. Crowther. Cardenas, Yea ton A Hale. Brig C Mathews. Mathews, Cardenas, I Finery. Brig Almou Rowell. Boyd, t ardeuas, Phiuev A Jackson. Brig L i Kuight, Parks, < ardeuas. John D Lord. Sell Wm Arthur, Haskell, Philadelphia, R (. York A Son. Sch Campbell, Soule, Philadelphia. R (i York A Son. Sch Florida, Thompson. Bo-ton. R «. \ork Jk Sou. Steamer Potomac, Sherwood, New York, Emery A Fox. Sunday April 3. ARRIVED. Hr sch Walrus, Pettis, Windsor, 115 tons paster, to order. SAI LED—Steamer Potomac for New York. NOTICE TO MARINERS. Notice is hereby given that tin* Nun Buoy on Jor dun’s Reef, or Hell Rook, entrance to portlaud har bor, ha- broken Don its moorings and gone adrift. It will be replaced a- soon as possible. Uv order of the Light House Hoard. II. K. II INK LEY. L. II. Clerk. 1st District. Portland. April 2. * err ho following American shins ware recently sold in London :—Lizzie Lout hard. Io41 tons, bull* at Richmond, in 1857. for X»;20Q(by gnetioa): Medallion, •548 to ns, built in Maine m 1817, t'2250: Burlington. 458 tons, built iu M aiue iu 1851. wig repairs, for U4I 50; Dumbarton. 910 toil-, built in Maiuc iu lsti3 not coppered, for L9J00. disasters. Chatham, April 2. The vessel before reported at anchor off here, dismasted, proves to be the British bark Uarraoouta, from Portland for Mafanzas. 4*he was oqvb down t IT Cape Cod. Tuc-day night, during the gale, lost all her spars and deck load. The captain and crew have been taken off by a sch and landed at Moutomov. Several wrecking sohrs took the bark in tow. and attempted tp bring her iu here, but they were obliged to let her go, and she is now adrift iu the Sound The underwriters’ steam-tug, which left Huston Friday evening, has arrived off here, aud gone iu pur t>U|t Of her. r DOMESTIC PORTS# BOSTON—Ar 1st. #ch Ta*su, rontoa. Woolwich. Lid brig A llcrta, Ltlaud, tit Jago Ar id. Br-hip Fanny Fori' Robbins, ArdfOfjin T eb 0, via Crookbav «.u If oh 8. Lid sclia Ino. Speight, St John N L», Solon, Board mail. Camden. NORFOLK—Ar 28th, *cb* ('Nickerson, Mender •on, and Trident. Snow, Now York; Hannie West brook, Bartol, Baltimore. Sid 28th, sch M M F oeman. Mower. Providence. NFAV YORK— Ar l*t, ach* Trade Wind, 4.ill. Port land ^Adrian. Emery, Koundont. for Portland: ship Augustus, Brad bum. Shield*. (Jan 25>. Cld 1st, brig J W Woodruff. Eaton, Boston. April 2, bark X Boynton, of Ro-tou. hence for Val paraiso. is returning; ship Guardian, Borland, which sld hence March 19. for Sail Francisco, in returning in distress, run .ashore on Outer Middle, striking heavily, und is leaky. She has three feet ol water in hold. NEWPORT—Ar Slat, wind NE. heavy,»ch Cali-ta, (of Catndeu) Araosburv, from Bristol for Philadel phia (having been n-hore in t oddington's Cove— will balla-t and proceed). in port 1st, AM. wind NE, with rain, theabove, and bark Chilton. Sherwood, from Elizabethport, of and for Portland; schs Caroline Knight. Fanning, New York for Calais; Delaware, Crockett, do for Boston: Cinline,| Fanny Fern, ami President, on the marine railway; C B Jones. Freeman, and Alary Willie, Freeman, eland from Portland for Baltimore. P. S. A portion of the above are going out. with a change of wind to N. -p FOREIGN PORTS. Arat Acapulco March IS, ship Portsmouth, Tarlton, New York At Montevideo Jan 28, ships Harps well. |Kogera, for New York ]<>davs: Nevada, Bartlett, from Bangor, disg: Canova, Kairdon, from Portland; Australia. Hopkins, from Troon, just ar: harks Flor dtl Mar, Wfawell. for N^w York, Idg: Lillian, Cummins, from Ellsworth for New York, in 10 days; Imaum, Marsh shall, from Boston. At Surinam. March 6, hark F' Dwight, Herrick, unc. Sld Match 1, bark Wyman, Ramsay, Boston. Arat Liverpool 17th ult, Neptune. Peabody: I P Sage. Stevens, and New World, Knight, New York. Sld 15th, Ne Plus Ultra, Coombs. New York. Cld 17th, Conquest, Senrs. for Boston; Ironside*, Oliver, Now Yerk; 18th, Neptune, Peabody, do. Ai London 19th ult. ship Great Republic. Lime burner, for New York, Jdg: Congress. Drinkwater; Southampton, Whitnev; Sabiua, Woodward: Susa i Howland; Rote Standish, Hutchings; Cbis H Lord, Smith; Gen Berry. Watt*; Minnehaha, Burnley, and bark Sarah A Staples, Staples, not At Montevideo 28th -hip Conova, Kairdon, fora Portland; Australia. Hopkins, | from Troou: hark “Ionian." from Portland (or luiuum, Marshall, Bos ton. Cld at Hali.'ax,2Dt, sch Gspray. Beasley, Portland ; Vermont, Bouns, do. Sld from Wallaroo Jan 25, Mary Bradford. Wilson, Adelaide. Ar at Maulmaiu Jan 13, Sparkling Wave, Emery, Botnbrv. Sld Jan 20,T J Roger. Day, Great Britain. Gallo—In th«- Roads Feb 17, Norwegian. Mu*au*. for Akyab; Valent ia, Bos worth, aud J Baker, Stev ens, tor do. Ar at i ulcutta Feb 20. ship Armada, Jeffrey, Liver poo Oct 20. Sld from Marseille* Feb 28, bark Elba, Pettcngill, Messina, to load for Philadelphia. Ar at Liverpool 1 St It ult, ahip* Excelaior. Pendle ton. and James L Bogart. Modgdon, New York; Su liote. Small. Philadelphia. Arat Greeuock 19th ult, bark Glen Avon, Watt*, New York. Ar at Messina 8th ult, Ella, Fettengill. Marseille*. Arat Hamburg. 15th ult, 1 # van ter. Clifford, Callao. SPOKEN. Feb 3. Iat3118S, Ion T) (11. ship Cumberland, of Portland. N’EW ADVERTISEMENTS. F>e«M*iiit»- Hull. FOR THREE NIGHTS ONLY! I'OIUIHOIX.. UN iYlomln), ,k|tril I, anil Wrdnrulay afternoon, at :i oVloi k. PROF. ANDERSON, -THE Celebrated Pre*tidigitatenr ATraveler, HAVING suitic:entlf recovered from the wounds received by stepping into a deep culvert 0n the railroad track at J \ nn, Ma*s ha* the honor ot an* Bouncing to the citron of Portland and vie nity, that he will positive y commence hi* -tries of three SOIREES FANTASTIQUES, At HERRING HALL, on HONDA 1 Rl USING. April 4. when he will present hi' Marcelou*. Sin gular, Peculiar, and Original Muteriainwent, The World of Magic! The principal feature being that be excludes the aid of all mechanical apparatus; all effects being produced by most gjjf Extiaordinary Leger.e-de-Xain. On Wednesihifi Afternoon. April btb, there will be a grand day eutertaiumeut for the special accom modation ot Ladies and Children and Schools. Door?* open at 2 o'clock ; to commeuce at 8. Evening—Door* open at 7 o'clock; to commence at 1 before $. ADMISSION—25 c<uts: reserved seats, oOc -nts. BENEFIT ASSEMBLYI Til KUK WILL BK AS ASSEMBLY -AT McehaniFN' Hall. -os TUESDAY EVENIltG, APRIL 5th, For the beuetit of MIL D. H. MMuNU. on which occasion there will be 15 dance Music b* DitueuPs Uiandrillr Itn ud. M A N A *j Bile. Cuss U. Ki II. W.K Knocks, .1 11. BlitaKttK K, KlOV. UoliiiKIRS K 1> Paok. Flook Ti. rkt* admitting I.eut and Ladies 75ct* Gallkky •* j-j .. tF* Dancing to Comiueuct at 8 o'clock. apr4 td Return of the New Favorites! MRS. EUGENE RAVELS Gymnastic and Pantomine TROI'PE. /.V CONNECTION WITH .4 BRASS B AIV D , Will Give Three Grand Entertainment) Al DeeringUall, ttiThuwlav, I'riJu 1 Saiirii) Ktenia:>. April, 7, S, AOtb. Doors open at f to 7 o’clock; Commencing at 8 o c!oca. Chauge of Programme nightly. Parnuette 50 Cent* ; Gallery 15 Cent*. LOOK OUT FOR A GRAND MAJ1NIK, On SATVROA\ A FT K RSOON, for Family* Dt>ora open at 2 o'clock : commencing at 3 o’c’ock. tickets for the Matinee. 25 Out* to all parts of the house. Mrs. Eu/em- Hut el. Proprietor*-* «p« 1 td ANDREW S. N E WTON. A gent. NEW MILLINERY STORE. New GoocIm! MRS. A. KoliKR I SON ha* takeu the New Store, No 31 Free Street, comrr of Center, and )ta* ^elected a Superior Asiortment of M1EL1NERY, Which *he will ha p!ca*ed to offer to her friends and the puhlio, on ami after tin 5th lust. I*. S. A good assortment of * MOURNING Constantly ou hand • Three or tour good Milliner* cau receive steady e*aj lTt,nt Ut ^ 10 luiriu« al>OVt' apl-deodtf Uiinltdiing. FBIIIK <»entry of this City and vicinity, who ioav -A Wish to have Aheir private gardens takeu care ot during the season, Grapery's. Grafting and r ruit treet attended to, will he accomedated. r»y ap* plying lo Albi itT Dikwa\<itu, corner of North amt Moutfcal St'*, or drop a not* at B«>\ 1648, Past om. e. j.pr4 ^otnf _ 0*»*llina l(oilMt) >| aniril. A two-ilqr/ Hriuk Houm>, modem fim.h, l;iit 1,1111 K*«. furnaae, hard and roll u Her no ih* ^•premise*, is 'rante d for pu^cha-e. Would like it near the center of the city, or acceptable to the horse railroad. A u«te addressed to ' W. F C/ Press <Utics, will receive piuiupt aiU-nt:*;’;. apr2 Iw Dissolution. I1HK copartnership herttofore existing under the style of Jon*s»on \ Cii£nkry is this day dis solved by mutual cou cut. The affairs of the lale firm will be *-*Ultd tv either patty, at the old staud. JOSEPH JOHNSON Apr-* d3t EDWARD CHFNFRY. Deck Plunk* D~f| M 3and 3* iuoh SEASONED WHITE iS»lU PINE DECK PUNK for*aleby 3 C DYER, upt-tdlm* S Central Wh»r| 9 ——hu—mmrj——i——a—a— NKW ADY1SRTTBEMKNTP. LIST or LLTTERS I > LMAIMNo <yhc Portland Pod Oficc April Xi 4thuncalled for. Cr*lf any of these letters are called for,please sap tliat they are advertised. jyA 11 letter* advertised are subject to an extr charge of one cent. LADIES’ LIST. Adam* Bella • Lowe Kii/a Ann mr* Ait ju Julia k l.oney llauora Austin Susan A mr* Libby Julia Byrou Anna Lenviu Maty 1 B ank Ann D Lord Maria—for Robert Bouev Betsey inrs Wescott Brackett Caroline B n»ra Laugh in Margaret—2 Boanc Catharine Ling Miriam il mr* Blake Ell I* mrs Libby S A mrs Hell * tta J Logan Sarah—care mn Bum pus Harriet F mr- Cooper Fore «t Bataou Johu H mr* May Carrie Bradbury Lydia A mrs Martin Almira Bli-s Maria .Mitchell Almira Lt mrs Ba*e* Mary K MKu-ick Kate mr* Blake Miry Morton Czifie W Blake Wlltard mr* M;Gliucby Ellen i* Coriiiicau Bridge. Marve Edna Colllfls Betsey Mullin linor* Connely Barbara Mariner Ida A Clifton Kmmb- M M.Gown Jane Cu lor * ama mr- M lleugb Mary E .urs Coo* Elizabeth Merrill mary Chase r anuy (' mrs Middiitou M iry J Chamberlaiu H M mrs McBride Michael mis Church Henry mrs Ma>o Martha mrs Cuiumings H S mrs McLaughlin Mary J Carney Lucia nr* Meader Rachel J mr* Car! Mary K mr» McGliuchv Sarah Coady Mar/ J McNuety Sarah Conner Mary E mrs Xehou August* E mrs Craze Robert mrs Nutter August* E Crocker Ruth Y mr* Nutter Emma C Chandler Sophia mrs Nichols Lizzie T m.» Conley Sarah J in-a Nelson M <rgaret J mrs Churchill Sarah Nutting Mary Jane Douglas* Caroline mr* Udell Richard Mrs D.nsmore Charlei mm Pennell Carrie L Divnng Grenville H mrs Parker Dorcas l> Dunning Johu mrs Pickering Josephine .1 Downes Jauet e Phiuney Lucy A Dodson nMargret mrs l’lumm r Martha Dunava Mary E Pratt Mary A Davis Rosa < power* I noma* mr* Douglass Stephen l* mr- Pomrop Wesley mrs Doughty Victoria li Roberts Eld or a cape k. ► it* germ’d Ellen Roach El leu mra Frcmaine Nellie M Raud Jauuie A Furbish Hannah G mrs Kuston J P • Fogg Jacob mrs Roh rts Mary J ► remont Mary J Riley Mary mrs hancuck st Fulton Margaret inrs Rip ry Mattie M Fro*t Nancy Sylvester Abner mrs Franklin Nancy Stackpole Alfred mrs Fogg Rosa mrs Squire Clara B mrs Green Ellen lawyer Christina mr#-2 Graham Anna Sawyer EMen E Gray Einilj J somm^r-ide Nellie K 11 Gould Emily S mrs—2 htdee Freda Goold Louisa mrs Sa troff Frances mrs t.ardn r Maria F mrs Skill!* gs Hannah mrs Greeuwood Mattie Stone Johu mrs, cape E Hiskell A P mr- Summon- Lucy Hicks Anna g one Lucy A Hartnett E.iz* Sira^niou Merrill mi Hanaou Lydia A mrs—2 Sturtirant If at tin J Howard Mar« Small Melvill mrs lia'denbrook Maria mrs Strout Mary mr* Banking* Margaret mrs Tucker Alio. H Haley Mary Tuksy Carr'e Johns Emma mr- I r< main Net ie M Jordan Lizzie TibbetU Harriet Jewett Eleanor B Tracy Isabe’la Mar.* Jones Mattie L Town-end Martha A mi Johnson Samuel W mra Thompson Matilda Jordan VV K inrs Tauneu Marv Kimball Annie T.iom-sgsrah I. mr Kelley George W mr- Woodman A E K night J K mrs YV»f>-riiinn Ann k Kuowltou .1 C mrt Wiggle Al.bie U mit Kerren*mrs cape E Kno- Nancy II mrs Worth Annie Ku.e'and O ■! mrs Weseott David nut Kingsbury Samuel J mrs Wil -on Lottie A Knight Sa-ah T. springs! Wa ker Martha L- ‘J LihSy Adriisoo mrs Wyndbam r.|.~ B Lufkin Betvev M mrs Ware Sarah M mr Lyman Kite U—T White Stephen mr. * Ladd Lizzie CF.VTLEhEX'B LIST. Arnese C cap't * Libby John T Arey William 0 Lord J A I) ru. I r Britge A Libby Richard, t.n. Bradbury Charles A I.ewis IliebarJ Brown C P counsellor at Low WHdim l.a»f Mauabncy Andrew, sum* Blanch < harles tier st Blacliiugtou E K, black- McQuarrie Angus sm th Martin yjn izo A Bi a/.lev E for Andrew Mu Ige a co A I: Currie LcLeod Alexander Blaksiee Frederick A boot Moultoa t harle. Brown Freemtn C cap.- F Mitchell D L Britt Ueorgu B McLaughlin Hugh Bartlett UeO A ror mist Mr Coy James C .argent Hattie Hart'ett Madison James Ohuu Barrows UeorgeB Mitcld I Joseph h Blake ti I for miss Al>bie Mckeunev Jodii I Bennett Moody J ti careofndauis Brvnnt H W D A co Bailey Joseph C Jr—2 Miller James Beidcn tur Maloney John for Peter Ba'sdeil Samuel Pond *il- Toole ao O’jrmd ley’s lane rer st cor of vorV -t Butler Timi'.hy Matthews Me II ufN V 2 Harbour Virgil It Millikrn A Farter Conner Arthur Murry Michael washing Creamer At. in tonal Cobh Brad McCarthy Mirhnet India st Cook firms McPhe Paul- 2 Clark Frederick W Maloney p F. westbrook McKatlu Kotert Chase Free U Meserce a Cobb Urorge It M«looa Sam i K < ribby Uencnpe eli/ahothMcMahon I betnas Corliss lieu I. McDermott I hyn .a Cram tieo moulder Chase Howard B Miller Wm for amis a.e. Corn Israel B op t Miller Carl Johu Morse Wm Childs Marcus Nats iu Chart jj Caruy Micuarl Noble FdrJlin,i ( Carey Patrick tPBriae ’Michael H <> Doai ,1 Seal, salem lane t reasey 8 Bradford. 121 O'Connell Patrick spring st Poland Alain J tarter Samuel Pickard A J lieu't irteraa Cochran Thomas calvary Davis Andrew Pennell Charles Dyer Frank Park, r Dwight t. Dowuen Ueorgu Penney Enoch L cape £ Danforth lsaae N Page tie irge W Dutch Marshall Pierce Porter cap t Doleu Owen Parker RE Dunen Ptarick Robert Albert 11 Dyer Robert A Rollins diaries H Kastmani Joseph W Kickrr r A Elw. II Morris Kolbs, on Ho Emery Wm Itandall H W Fie d Ansel Row Janie. Fostor C Rice Johu Fates Frederick A Looney John Feeney Francis for mreHinoa stover Jr Julia Morrissey Ringor King Thoma\ Field Caorge w Saw. cr Cha s o Frita Henry 11 Stevens Elmer I FairUeUI Jason W- 2 Sise Edward H Frost lames L. 7 haucockSise Edward Smith Freeman can't Finney James Smith Fred M mond »t Marbird 1 tor liwn W r ol -om Win Sailh 6^ tschun it Holder Charles H Salvadure .Iom oh (.ibbou* Kdwar.l SniaL Joseph (.rant Joseph Mahl sila* Goodalc Low II Sugerma* Salem.* Greenhalgh M H Sawyer Wm b Ga-daar Moses Stewarl W L tiros er Johosou or '.oo Sul'lvan Wm LBuftoa fail lag,Walter cape t ! Harding Charles x-ihlmAvm A If-il1 ^ 8®oit \\mmachi nt. t - Hillman It Thr&therlea'i Harding lieo tl l uompion rhrUtonbrr Cl llUQtmf liirdm-r Tunm^aon F.beu “•tchlFi Twitch*! F&jtmau Holbrook Israel !>«•>«, W can t Hovey John for mr» Loui-TiNon Barry A It*Ii H jvey. i lnxnp-ou .lanici I. Heudf r-onTtohn C Ta.lor Jsutes N Hall J<mpd)i Teague Rul'u* II co d *. Hardy John waWrvillc st sharp -hooters Hanes J—2 Vloey Heney or King llawkes Joseph (. Heraey ft co * ilall James K serg't Woodman llisr ,e. p Hill Palmer Wasgait D C Harm* Syl. anus Willey Davi tT.USICU Johnson J li Wiliams franklin brack Kingsbury Abner K ett st Kenney t M Watt, GeorgeG Keanuey Michael "I.oar Jason hello'll Warreo It '.ye’seott John Leavitt Daniel— 2 Wi-well Johu A Lowell Granville Woo side -lames H Libby Henry Wel i-ton Lincoln 8®’ Waioiought It. William L ttleHeld I A oap i ,on mr 13silser st Ltdbarlc John A Woods M chart Little J. Mussed asst sur-Whtleu Tbomas f geon l S N Wood Thomas ship umu. J Cap t George F Erisbc. sch Arrabeita Kulus 8 Page, camol eap't < roiten bark Bari m-unia Capt A H Wyman, Brig Chesapeake Francis Dupera, ilkneriVsnDilr* rapt llenry D>-m Soli Klleu Hnrtw*rt cant Sii . Fdmund n Willaid, *ch Fmily Fowler Capt Brwther* bark Flo. nor of ( arditl Capt tieorgvit Il*itt. Brig Frontier Frank M I’orrey, U 8 in*h Frank a ""‘"nett0 Ar'’ry- '“Jh Jul “* -aartba capl .* Ben J B Chambcrlaiu. brig N I.o«*k Wm Drown, -hip North Ham pton" | Mosei Drink water, Vark 8 W Holbrook Francie Jame«, «*** flu tin .’arc ot B«u? u l apt u P Wheeler, bark W.lthaiu ‘ A. I DOLjR. Po-imaater. NOTICE. ol Porlluml, Tnaa«i BKas Oyricr., April 4. IMs. I?8oM andaner this date the hours for the trails r m“8'.0s".“». ,hi* ortlc> will be from* A, M . to l r M , from 2 to 4 I*. M. . ... lltCNKri* LORD. apr* eosUw City treasure Noll**,?, V1-1- *>»'“Oils not ie.iJ.-nl? eg this loan are here by rorbidduu to take clam- ft-om the uat tor an) puipose, either lor market or tail af.or mi* dai.-, except by p- rinis-iuu of the subscribers JA-VlES GlJNNlsON. i Selectmen RICHARD LKAVliT.' ol GEO W. CARTER. ) fetrboiw Bcorboro, April 2 t8C4 apr*41 Co|mrtu«*i-?lil|> Notir**. fPHh uudersigne 1 have this dev. formed a cupail A uersbip, under the lirui uf ( hihkv A Raan. and will ooutiuue the Provisi* n and Grocery busi ness at the old araud ot Johnson and t heneiv, No 281 Congress St. EDWARD t Ilf.NEKA JOHN H HEAD Portland, Apill 1. 1811. apr* d'lt Wauled. \ WOMAN capable of run nine a Sewing Machine wanted uamisliatelv Apply at 3 Er e -Street Block, up slain li f N A8H apr* eodttt

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