Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, 7 Nisan 1864, Page 4

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated 7 Nisan 1864 Page 4
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MISCELLANY. A Hint lor the Firstol April. The following hoax is described in the London Court Journal: A good deal of amusement has been caused by a hoax, said to be got up by certain fast young ladies. They fabricated a love-letter, drawn up in very passionate terms, aud sent copies or it to sixty gentlemen, requesting each one te meet a certain admirer uuder the post-office clock at hall-past eight o'clock on Friday evening, each gentleman to wear a white rosette. Most of the receivers of the love-letter supposed that he alone was the happy man, to whom some forlorn damsel had never told her love till be had received the epistle, which ran as follows: “My Deab Silt:—1 have tried to control rnylove for you, but cannot eudure it any longer. 1 have never ceased to love you since the first hour 1 beheld you, and if you know what unrequited passion is, 1 am sure you will pity and forgive your devoted ad mirer. If you will have the kindness to favor me with an interview to-morrow evening (Friday) at half past eight, uuder the post oltlee clock, I shall lie able to ease my mind. Pray wear a white rosette in your buttonhole, that I may not mistake. 1 shall be dressed in black silk and pink bonnet. “A. C. J.” Several of the gentlemen who received the epistle suspected that it was a hoax, but most of the receivers repaired to the place of rendezvous at the appointed time, wearing rosettes. Watchers were on the lookout en joying the fun, while the gay Lotharios re cognized each other wearing the rosettes, and knew at once that somebody had been l'ooliug them. Wilhiu half an hour fifty-two gentle man wearing rosettes appeared under tin clock, chaffed each other, aud disappeared agaiu. Meantime, at some corners near the post-ofiioe, "Tits mirth and fun run fast and furious." The best of the joke was, the most of the party that met uuder the clock wearing rosettes were friends or acquaintances, and of course each one kuew that he had played the fool. A Romantic Stoky or a Female Sol i>ier.—The Washington Republican says: “Doctor Walker who is well known to many of our citizens, writes us from Chattanooga an account of a singular case of female mar tial spirit and patriotic devotion to the flag. ‘‘Frances Hook’s parents died when she was only three years old, aud left her, with a brother, in Chicago, Illinois. Soon alter the war commenced, she aud her brother en listed in the Sixty-Fifth ‘Home Guards,’ Frances assuming the name of Frank Miller. ! She served three mouths and was mustered out, without the slightest suspicion having arisen of her sex. She then enlisted in the Ninetieth Illinois, and was taken prisoner in a battle near Chattanooga. She attempted to escape and was shot through the leg aud cap tured. The rebels searched her person for papers, discovered her sex, respected her as a woman, aud gave her a separate room while in prison at Atlanta, Ga. “During her captivity she received a letter from Jeff Davis offering her a lieutenant's commission if she would enlist iu their army. ■She has no home and no relatives, but she said she preferred to fight as a private soldier for the Stars and Stripes rather than be honored with a commission from the rebels. The insurgents tried to extort from her a promise that she would go home aud I not enter the service again. ‘Go home !’ she said; ‘my only brother was killed at I’ittsburg Landing, aud I have no home—no friends!’ “Doctor Walker described Frank as of about medium height, with dark hazel eyes, dark brown hair, rounded features and lemi nine voice and appearance." A Friendly Recommendation.—A Quaker recently wrote to a member of the Ohio Senate that a young man, formely in hut employ, had so distinguished himself in the war as to merit promotion: and the letter ended quaintly thus: “Now thee knows, James, that it is against the Quaker discipliue for orthodox members to meddle in wars and lightings, therefore I turn this matter over to thee, and want thee ■Imply to tell Governor Brough that, as the service will he advantaged thereby, it is right that William should be llrst lieutenant. Re lying on thy suave presentation of the case to our friend John, as well as ou his correct judgment; I expect soon to be, thy again obliged friend. What lady lived iu Noah’s time ? Ann T. Diluviau. What lady is fond of debate ? Polly Tishun. What lady votes ? Della Gate. What lady paints portraits? Minnie A. Choor. What lady paints comic ones? Carrie K. Choor. What lady is fond of giving? Jeunie Kos sity. What lady is much talked of now ? Amelia Ratiou. What lady is used to war? Milly Tairy. What ladies are voracious ? Annie Condor and AUie Gaiter. _ __ _ Random Expressions.—"I am tired to death.” So you have said very often, and yet you are in very good health. “X had not a wink of sleep all night. And yet your bed fellow heard you snore several limes. “I would not do it for the world.” And yet you have done things equally as bad for a trifle. “We were up to our knees in mud.” You know very well the dirt was not over your ■hoes. Virtue may survive in the midst of splen dor—as the burning bush of Muses was un cousumed by the flame that surrounded it. TT uciicvcr tii" wriuj^ uciiion oi unink eoness flutis a ship adrift, he steps ou hoard, takes the helm, and steers straight for the Maelstrom. The world estimates men by their success la life, and, by general consent, success is ev idence ol superiority. “Just put that back where you took it from,' aa the Irish lass said when the youug Kory snatched a kiss. A very eulogistic obituary of u lady says, “she was married twenty-four years, and in ail that time never once banged the door.'' “Well, my boy, do you know what syntax means ?” said a schoolmaster to a child of a teetotaler. “Yes, sir; the duty upon spirits.” FASHIONABLE^ CLOTHING ! AUCJ. F. YORK, Merchant Tailor, Having taken the elegant and commodious More NO. 104 MIDDLE STREET CORVBR OK FLUX, lavites the attention of Gentlemen to hi* rich in voice of Foreign and domestic Cloths for Spring and Bummer wear, all of which have ju»t been selected Irom the largest and best stocks in New York and Bo ton, and will be made up to order and with despatch in the latest style*—FULL MATCHED SUITS, COATS, TAXI'S or VESTS, as may be deiired. FURNISHING GOODS in great variety, and suited to the tasteo of all. con stantly on hand FRESH HOODS RECEIVED i EVERY WEEK 104 MIDDLE STREET. Portland, March 8,18C4. eodtojun 1 THE BOSTON FIRE It KICK Aud Clay Kftort Manufacturing Co., Works, 394 Federal afreet, Office andWarehouse 13 Liberty Square aud 7 Battery inarch St, manufacture Lire Brick, all ebupea aud sires, for furnaces required to •tuna the mo»t intense bent also Furuace Blocks and Slabs, Looomotivc Fire Blocks, Baker*' Oven and iireeu house Tilee, Clay Usiorta and uece ssary Tile#to set them. Fire Cement, Fireclay aud Kaoliu. The undersigned will give their special attention that all orders for the above manufacture are execu ted with promptness. JAMES EDMOND A CO. Sbllinu Attain*, 13 Liberty Square, Boston, me It 11 eodtm 1 ———^ ————————— FOR SALE & TO LET. Desirable Farm for Sale. THE subscriber offers for sale a ?erv valuable real estate, situated in the pleasant village of Free port, containing about 28 acres of good land, with a two-story dwelling house, out-buildings, stable and barn, all in good repair. The above was the home stead of the late J. VV. Mitchell. It has a front en the country road from Portlaud to Brunswick, of about 50 rods, with rear line on Portland A Kenne bec Railroad. the buildings are finely located, and afford a de lightful prospect of scenery. It is within five min utes walk from station of said railroad, village stores, meeting-houses, schools, Ac. It has a large old orchard, containing varieties of apples, pears, Ac. Also abundance of garden fruits. Cuts about tea tOSfl of hay > early, is finely watered by an ever living brook springs, Ac. Has a flue row oj old shade elm trees on the county road; and, to gether, embraces such perior advantages lor the purchaser, that those wishing to buy are invited to call and examine for themselves. Will exchange lor good city or vessel property. Apply to J. A. MITCHELL, on the preui ses, or W. W. HARRIS, 145 Commercial Street, Portland. Frecpoat, March 16, 1*64. mchI8 eodlm VALUABLE REAL ESTATE FOB SALE. Good Location for a Hotel. 1a That valuable and centrally located House [S| *Ild Lot, No. 31 India street, for so many 111 years owned and occupied by General Bantu el Fessenden, is offered for hale. The Lot i- 70 feet on India street, extending back 171 feet—containing nearty 12,000feet of land. The House is three storied, is in good repair, and con tains fifteen rooms, besides many closets and other conveniences; has gas fixtures throughout;,it also has a large flow ol PURE AQUEDUCT WATER, which la very desirable; also a large Wood House and Barn. This a good piece of property upon which to make improvements. It may be fitted for a J*IRS'l CLASS HOARDING HOUSE, or a SECOND CLASS HOTEL. Its near proximity to the terminus of the Grand Trunk Railway and to the wharves of the Boston and other steamers, makes the location a desirable one for a Hotel. This lot might be improved with profit to any me chanic or other person having means, by the erec tion of Tenenieu's, its large depth affording ample •pace lor a block of eight or ten buildings. For further particulars enquire of WM. H. JK&RiB, Argus Office Portland. Doc.8, 1863. decll MWF ; FOR SALE. A PLEASANT Country Heat, at New Gloucester, Lower Corner. The stand formerly occupied by F. Yertou, as a Home School, is offered for sale. The house and ell, both two story, the latter new', contain fiteen finished rooms, a good cellar, and an abundance of pure, soft water, wood house and sta ble connected. The place !• adorned with shade and ornamental trees and shrubbery, commands a beau tiful prospect, is -ituated in a good community, and is but au hours ridefrom Portland on the Grand Trank Railroad. A large garden belongs to it, well stocked with young aud thrifty fruit trees in full bearing, (24 apple trees.) Price *1700. For further information apply to F. Ycaton, Frye burg Me., Heth Haskell, near the premises, or ALBION KEI1U, 139 Middle Btreet. feb25 3tawtf Portland. A Desirable Farm for Stale. - Pleasantly situated in Westbrook, six niiles from Portland,nrar Pride's Bridge, on the road leading from 1 aliuouth to Haccaratpa cf ntain —lEi/Tva'VIPp one hundred acres, suitably di vided into tillage, pasture and woodland. A plenty of young orcharding apple aud pear trees just come into bearing, of the l>cst varieties. The soil is most ly clay loam, well watered by a never-failing brook running through the farm. A new two story brick House, with a good cellar, barn and other out-build ings, and an abundant supply of excellent water. Terms easy. For further information Inquire of the subscriber on the premises. ▲BIJAII UAWKEH, mch26 d A w2w" Htevens Plains Post Office. ■ i_ _ a ui The Hotel known as the “ Union House.” ; Harpswell, Great Island, very finely situa-, ted tor a bummer Resort j | The house is nearly new, has twenty-two J_[rooms, a large hall, piazza above and below, and is iu good repair. Connected with the house is a good stable. This property will be sold low Apply to Robert Watson on the premises, or to Dana Co.. Commercial Street, Portland. mchlGeodSw* Farm Tor Salts IN Caj** Elizabeth, 9$ miles from Portland Bridge, about 100 acres ol‘ well proportioned mowing tillage Pasture, w'r.od and timber. About tiOO cords hard and soit wood. Cuts 40 tors bay, Barn most new, 88 by 00, Lumber lor 1$ Story house—on the direct road to Portland, extending 50 rods back, well located to cut into ten acre lots, and will be if requested. Fences stone wall mostly new. Price •75 per acre, 25 per cent cash; balance can remain a number of years secured by mortgage. For par ticulars enquire of SCOTT DYER. mch30 d4tu For Sale or to Let. A FINE Country Seaton Back Cove road, front leg the City and about two miles therefrom, w ith Garden aud Orchard,sixteen acres of laud, a large Brick House with twelve finished rooms, a large Barn aud Chaise House. 1 his property is as desir able a location for a genteel residence, or u public house as is to be found within tue vicinity of Port land. It will be Bold low on a loug tenn of credit for the greater part of the nurchase, or leased for a term of years. MobLS GOULD, 74 Middle bt. mchl7 Gw For Sale, M The three story dwelling-house No. 22 Brown Street, containing thirteen modern tiuished rooms including Bath room, Range, Furnace and <ias Fixtures, with pleuty of closet room. Terms easy. Unless previously disposed of at private sale, it will be sold at auction on the 27th day of April next. J. T. SMITH Inquire of J. E. FERNALD, or GEORGE WAT ERHOUSE. tnoh21 dtoap!27 For Sale. A SQUARE block of land, of about 73000 acres of wood land, on the south side of the river i St. Lawrauce, in Canada East It is interceeded by two considerable rivers with eligible Mill sits. Well wooded with every description of timber, such as pine and spruce in large quantities, and maple, berch, beech, tamarac and bass wind toauy amount. Enquire of II. T. MACH1N, Portland. Portland, Feb. 18G4. feb25eodtf House tor Sale. V three story dwelling house with brick basement, situated on the corner of Monument and War ren streets: has twelve finished rooms, aud is well calculated for one or two families. For terms .ap ply to Edward Shaw*, at the office of the Mutual Fire Insurance Company. 102 Middle Street, orto N. F. DEER1NG. mclil5 dtf No. 3 Exchange St. For Sale or to Let. CLIFF COTTAGE, containing over *0 rooms,large stable and sheds—situated two and one-half miles from Portland, and the finest situation in Cape Elizabeth for a va mkm teriug place, and summer boarders. For particulars enquire or GEO. OWEN. ap7 dtf 81 Winter Street, Portland. For Sale or to Let. THE three story store, on Widgerv’s wharf, next below P. F Varuum’s, thoroughly built, tuifa ble for corn aud flour. Terms of pa\ni“nt easy. If uot sold immediately will be leased on favorable terms. Apply to JOS. H. W1UTB, aprfidlw* Wharfcnger. Union Wharf. Real Estate for Sale. THE three Story Brick House and Lot, No. 64 Cumberland St. The bouse contains twelve well finished rooms. Bathing room, hot aud cold water, Furnace, Gass, aud all other conveniences of a first class house. Good Stable. Enquire of SOUTHARD A WOODBURY, mch'22dtf 78 Commercial Strict. For Sale. 4 ONE and a half story House, brick basement, Am. ou Washington street, now occupied by Mrs. Sarah Morse, lot 60 by lUO feet. For particulars, enquiro of Oliykk Gkuuibii, Chaui.kb Folks or JOHN PL KINGTON, No. 1*3 Fore St. mch28 4 w SI, 800! A small dwelling house, with land sufficient for a good garden, located in the upper part of the city, will be sold for the above amount. Apply to PRENTISS LOR1KG. Portland, March 7. dtf Daily Press Othce. Salt's Room to Let. A spacious and dotirable Sales Boom to let on the second floor in the new EVANS BUILDING, on Middle St., it applied for immediately. WARREN SPARROW, mch&dtf No. 74 Middle St., cor. Exchange. To Let. THE rooms over the store of the subscriber.oorner oi Fore aud Exchange streets, now occupied by Stephen Berry as a printing ollice. Possession given 1st of January. Apply to dec29 dtf BKNJ. FOGG. To Let. OTORE now oconpied by us. Possession given 4^ immediately. Also, a Front Office in Hanson Block. Jan8 dtf U. J. LIB BEY A CO. , For Sale at a Karitain. A ONE aud half Story House, ou Lay fay et to St., Lot 44 by it8. F »r particulars enquire of DRAKE & DAVIS, mchlH lm»*d 880 Congress Street. STORE TO LET. THE very eligible Store now occupied by Mr. E. E. Little, unde* Mechanics Hall, is to be leased for a term ot three or five years. Enquire of feb26 iseodtf G. L. BAILEY, 42 Exchange , St To bf* Let. STORES Nos. 129 aud 136 Commercial Street. Possession*? iv«*u immediately. For terms ap ply at No. 40 Park Street. inob21 dim RAILROADS. MAINE CENTRAL RAILROAD. WINTER ARRANGEMENT. gm] Trains leave Portland, Grand Trank .Station, tor Lewiston and Auburn, at 7.40 a. n. For Bangor and intermedlato stations at 1.10 PM. RETURNING—leave Lewiston at 6.20 A M., and arrive in Portland at 8.30 a. n. Leave Bangor at 7.26 A. a., and arrive in Portland at 2 00 P. a. Both these trains connect at Portland with trains for Boston. Freight train loaves Portland at 8 A. a., and re turning is due inPortland at 1 p. a. Stages connect with trains at principal stations, dally (or most of the towns North and East of this line. C. M. MORSE,Sup t. Watervllle, November, 1861. deol4 PORTLAND AND KKNNEBEC R. R. Portland, to Skowhegun. WINTER ARRANGEMENT. Oommenoing Nov. 9, 1881. r^mHraan Passenger Trains will leave daily, (Sundays excepted) as follows: Leave Portland for Bath, Augusta and Skowhegan at 1 00 P. M. Loave Skowhegan for Angnsta, Bath, Portland, Boston and Lowell at 8 36 A. M. Freight Trains, Portland and Skowhegan daily. B. H. CUSHMAN, Superintendent. Angnsta, Nov., 1863. Janl tf GRAND TRUNK RAILWAY Of Canada. WINTER ARRANGEMENT. On and after Monday, Nov. 8, 1863, trains will run daily, (Sundays exoept •dj until further notice, as follows: Up Train*. Leave Portland for South Paris at 7.40 a. n. For laland Pond at 1.10 f. m. Down Trains. Leave Island Pond for Portland, at 6 A. a. Leave South Paris for Portland at 6.46 a. a. The Company are not responsible for baggage any amount exceeding *60 in value, and tliat per sonal, unless notice is given, and paid for at the rata of one passenger for every *500 additional value. C. J. BRYDGES, Managing Director. H. BAILEY, Superintendent. Nov. 4,1668. nov6 PORTLAND, SAi'O A PORTSMOUTH RAILROAD. W INTER ARRANGEMENTS, Commencing Nov. 2d, 1863. Passenger Trains will leave the Sta W'ion, Canal street, daily, (Sundays ex. oepted) as lollows: Leave Portland for Boaton, at 8.46 A. a. and 2.30 Leave Boston for Portland at 7.30 A. w. and 2 30 r. x. Leave Portsmouth for Portland, at 10.00 A. v. and 6.00 p. M. These trains will take and leave passenger* at way stations. Freight trains leave^ortland and Boston dally. FRANCIS CHASE, Superintendent. Portland, Oct. 80,1868. oc31 edtf STEAMBOATS. International Steamship Company. East port, Calais & St .John. TWO TRIPS PER WEEK. On mud after Monday, March 28, m ji « owrgwuw ou'tmor ^toaggsi! I NEW B&UN8WICK, Capt. E. B. ■H9L—* Wiucheater, will leave Railroad Wharf, foot of State Street, every Monday at 6 o’clock P. M.. and the Steamer NEW ENGLAND, Capt. E. Field, every Thursday at 6 o'clock 1*. M for Eastport and St. John, N. B , connecting at »t John with *teani<>r Emperor lor Digby, Wiudaoraud JLialil'ax. and with the K. & N. A. Railroad lor She diac and all way atatious. Returning, will leave St John every Monday and Thursday ac 8 o’clock A. M., for Eaatport, Portland and Boston. Stare coaches connect with steamer at Eaatport lor Mach la*. Freight for Calais will be forw arded by sailing ves sel* for the present. Through tickets procured of the Agents aud Clerk on board Steamers. Freight received till 4 o’clock P. M . Monday* and Thursdays. incb2»; dtf C. C. EATON, Agent. Montreal Ocean Steamship Co. CARRYING THE CANADIAN k V 8 MAILS. Piaiengen Booked to Londonderry, Glasgow and Liverpool. RETURN TICKETS GRANTED AT REDUCED RATES. m t“‘. The steamship North American,Capt. d Jbm Wylie will .ail from thi. purUor Livcr S^^JETpoul on SATURDAY, April 2d, im t<JWafg?ga mediately niter the arrival of the Train ol the previous day from Montreal. Passage to Londonderry, Glasgow and Liverpool —Cabin {according to accommodation) #60to#8U; Steerage, #30. Tayahle in gold or its equivalent. For Freight or Passage apply to II. A A. ALLAN, No. 6 Grand Trnnk Railroad l’asseugei Depot To he suoceeled by the .teamubip Hibernian on the ifithot April. Portland and Boston Line. THE STEAMERS Forest City, Lewiston and Montreal jmm Will, until further notice, run a. follow.: Leave Atlanlie Whart, Portland, every Monday, Tuesday, Wedueaday, Thursday aud Friday, at 7 o'clock P. M , and India Wharf, 1! or ton, every Monday, Tuesday, Wedueaday, Thureday and Friday, at 5 o'clock P. M. Farcin ” on Deck. 1.26 Freight taken aa ueual. The Company are not rcepomdbla for baggage to any amount exceeding #60 in value, aud that person al, unleee notice ie given and paid for at the rate of one paaaeuger for every #600 additional value. Feu. 18,18*8. dtf L. BILLINGS, Agent. Portland and New York Steamers SEMI-WEEKLY LINE. « _jw The splendid and faat Steamehlpt .^fcjuiS "LOCUST POINT," Capt.. Willutt, and "POTOMAC," Captain Susa ■SSbbmwcod, will,until further notioe, run aa follows: I-eave Brown. Wharf, Portland, every WEDNES DAY, and SATURDAY, at 4 P.M., and leave Pier (North River, New York, every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, at 3 o’clock, P. M. These veaaela are fitted up with flue accommodations for passengers, making this the most speedy, safe and aomfortable route for travellers between New York ind Maine. Passage #7,00, Including Fare and State Rohm.. Good, forwarded by thi. line to and from Montreal, Quebec, Bangor, Bath, Augusta, Eastport and St. John. , Shippers are requested to send their freight to the ■teamen asearly as 3 P. M., on the day that thep leave Portland. For freight or passage apply to EMERY k FOX, Brown’s Wharf, Portland. H. B. CROMWELL k CO., No. 89 WsttStrvet, New York. Deo. (.1863. dtf HORTICiLTtIRAL, AT,I, ORDKRS FOR rails, SHRLBS, FLOWERS A HORTICILTIRAL WORK, iuch as laying out of ground*, building graperies, furnishing vines. 4c.. &c., can be left at the rEA STORE, 133 MIDDLE STREET WM. S. WAR1>, Elmwood Nursery, mch21 eod9w* Dissolution. THE copartnership heretofore existing under the firm style of l’liiNNEY k CO., is this day dis •olved by mutual consent. “The affairs of’he late concern will be settled at F. A. Howard's, under Lancaster llall. by II. M. rhinuey ’’ Having this day sold to S'uart k Co. our Btock in trade, we would cordially recommend them to our (’ricuds and former patrons as worthy their patron* age and confidence. PHINNEY k CO. Co|>nrtnerslii|». rilHK undersigned have this day formed a copart - JL nership under the linnslyle of STUART k CO., and will continue the Stove and Furnace bnsiness n all branches at the old stand, No. lTlMiddlo street. CHARLES H. STUART. Jan21 dtf D. K. STEVENS. Dtrtjfo Insurance Coni|tuny. riTHKuudendgned being five of the perron* named A in the Act of Incorporation of the Dirigo In surance Company, hereby notify a meeting of .aid Corporation at the Rooms of the Board of Trade, on Thursday, April 7th, at 4 o'clock. P. M„ to decide upon the acceptance of the Act of Incorporation, and for ttie purpose of organizing the paid Company. A. K. SltURTLETT. KBKN STEEL. JOSEt-li HOWARD. D W. CLARK. WM. CHASE. The aubreribera to tiie Stock of aaid Company, are requested to meet at tiie game time and place. Portland, March,28. nich28 dtd. Steam Power to Kent. ROOMS with Steam power can b» had. Ly appli cation to J. L. WiN'SLOW, 6 Union St. apr2 3w _ Butter. pr TUBS Butter, for Sale by J.M. Knight It Son, / No 2 Lime Street. Portland, March 2S, ISM. me Lai dU MEDICAL. A T W 0 0 D ’ S ATWOOD'S QUININE TONIC BITTERS QUININE TONIC BITTERS Is the best Aromatic TONIC AND 8TOMACHIC Ever brought before the public. — IT WILL— Improve the Appetite, Facilitate Digestion, Give tone to the Nervous System. Vigor to every Organ of the Body. Thereby imparting Health and strength There is no remedy so good in LANQUOR AND DEBILITY, whether general, or following acute disease. Con valescents from sickness will find it a most excel lent restorative and agreeable exhileraui. NO SOLDIER SHOULD BE IN THE FIELD WITHOUT IT. WHAT IS SAID OF IT: The report of the Sanitary Commission says : “ It is wise and prudent where ague aDd fivers are prevalent, that ever/man should take a doeo of Quinine Bitters at least once in tweniy-iour hours. This will surely serve as a safeguard against disease. It has beeu practiced in Florida and elsewhere with undoubted benefit." Mibb Dix, at the head of the Hospital Depart ment Washington, writes: “I would again, at this period, say that your Quinine Tonic is used, and that several Burgeons of Kigiments much approve of it." Capt. Walters. Sampbon, of t he V. S. Army, says: "The Bitters did an immense amount of good among the men under my commaud ; as, :or instauce, a uumber of sore throat, of diarrlua,, of dyseutary and chills and lever, were cured by it." Surgeon Gen. Wm. J. Dali says: "I esteem it an invaluable remedy iu various forms of debility," kc. Sold by all Druggists, AND CHAS. H. ATWOOD. 10 Central Street, Boston, PROPRIETOR. febl9 eoil 3m remaie STRENGTHENING COIAL. m .. This Medicine is of long tried efficacy for correct fug all disorden incidental to the feminine aex. That ihe Afflicted may feel roared that this Cordial is truly valuable and worthy their confidence,- not one of those secret compounds purposed to destroy healthy action, I add a few testimonials lrom l1i>«. iciani whom all tavoriugthe Elcctricaud Reformed 1 riiCMce ot Medicine, respect. VVlbLARD C. GEt iltliE, formerly Professor !?“!•, " “reeator Medical College, and Preaideut of the Electric Medical Society, Mae?., speaks ot it iu the following terms: •“»* ufd ,hl! Female Strengthening Cordial similar to that preparation by IIK Eeo \V SWEPT, 106 Hanover Street, and 1 regard it as one ol the best Medicines for Female Complaints that can bo found.” UK. J. KING, Author of" Woman: Her Dis eases and tin ir t reatment,” says: “ This Mediaine appears to exert a speciilc inrtu ence on the Uterus. It is a valuable agent iu all de rangemeuts of the i emaie Kcproaaictive Organs ” DU. SMITH, Preaideut of the New York Asso ciation of Botanic Physicians. s»ys. •• No Female, if in delicate health,ahoud omittlie timely use or this valuable Cordial. 1 owe much ot my success in midwifery to the use of this Medi cine. MOIIIEKS AND MAUUIED LADIES The following from Dr. FAY' is worthy your no tice : ” Asa general remedy for Female Complaints this ■ Cordial’is a very valuable one. but by the Profes sion It is esteemed more highly for its good result during Couhuement In relieving the great suffering attendant upon childbirth. I acknowledge with Dr. Smith that much of my success in midwifery is due to the use of tiiis medicine, it strengthens botli mother and child. In each cases I follow the di rections of Prof. King, by allowing my patients to use it a few weeks previous to coulinMueut, as ti the energy it imparts to the uterine nervous system the labor will be very mi.cli facilitated, and removes the scraps whioli mauv females are liable to No woman, if she knew the great value orthls Strength ening Cordial would tail to use it.” I have received numerous testimonials from diff erent parts or the country where used. Knowing tlio good it is capable of doing, I w II warrant every bottle of my "Cordial” to besatislaciory iu its re sult*. The following symptoms indicate those affection# in which the Female Strengthening Coraial has proved invaluable: Indisposition to Exertion, Wakefnluess, Uneasi ness, Depression of Spirits, Trembling, Loss of Power, Pain In the Mack, Alternate Chills, aud Flushing of Heart, Dragging Sensation at the Lower Part of the Body, Headache, Languor, Ach ing Along the thighs, of Light and Sound, Pale Countenance, Derangement ot ihe Stomach anil Bowels, Difficult Breathing, Hysteria, to., Ac. it is a specific remedy in all Uterine Diseases, Chlorosis oi Green Sickness, Irregularity, painful ness, Profuse or Suppression or Customary Dis charges, Leucorrha-u or Whites. Scirihus or Ulcer ate State ot the Uterus, Sterility, Ac No better Tonio can possibly he put up than this, aud none less likely to do harm, aud it is comi-sed wholly of vegetable agents, and such ns we have known to he valuable, and have nsed for mauv years. PRICE, One Dollar Per Bottle. Sold by Druggists generally. Be sure and get that prt pared at the New England Botauic Depot. 106 Hanover St. Boston. CEO. W. S WE I T, M. D., Proprietor. II. II. HAY, Agent, Portland. mchfi eodCm IMPORTANT NOTICE. Great Fire in West Meriden Ct. j VALENTINE & BUTLER’S Alum Patent Fire Proof Safe TRIUMPHANT . AT the great lire in West Meriden, Conti., on the 8th met.. Messrs. Valentine A Butler’s Alum Patent Fire aud Burglar Proof Safe wan subjected to one of the most severe tests on record. I he safe was subjected to a red hot heat for nearly fourteen hours, and delivered up its contents in perfect order, laving nearly TH/RTf THOU HAS D HOLLARS worth of property to the owners The contents of twoother Sales, of other makers, aud standing with in THREE FEET of the Alum Fateut, were km hil ly destroyed. Samples of tho money and papers taken troin the Safes destroyed, also those takeu from the Alum Patent, have been forwarded by mail, and can be seen at the Hardware store of II. Warren Lancey, k Co., on Lime Street. Valentine A Butler, Alum Patent Fire, and Bur glar Proof Safes have been tested in over TWO HUNDRED accidental (ires within the last thirteen years, aud in no instance have they kvlr failed to preserve their contents lrom the attacks of either tire or burglar. Parties in n* id of a reliable Fire and Burglar Proof Security, will do well to give this matter a careful investigation before purchasing. Messrs. Thomson A Co., of New liaveti, Conn., are the Agents for the sale of these Safes in the New Euglaud States aud refer by permission to the fol lowing partiesiu Portland who have recently pur chased the Alum Patent of them : Portland Gas Light Co ; C. C. Mitchell A Son; P. k F. A K. R. Co.; Cleveiaud k Osgood; Daniel Winslow A Sou; Rutus E. Wood, Esq ; Hobbs, Chase A Co.; E. Clara, M. D ; Josiah Burleigh, Esq.; W. W. Hilton, Esq.; 11. M. l’a) sou, Esq.; A. F. York, Esq ; aud mauy others. Certificates giving fui ther particulars in relation to the late lire, willbo published in a few davi. mchl&dim* T k Co. THE BEST! Ke-op»iU‘(l. THE Photograph Galleries, No. 80 Middle street, Portland, having been thoroughly refitted aud lupplied with all the latest improvements, are now open for the accommodation of the public. The proprietor is prepared to supply his former austomers aud all who may give him a call, with pic tures of every description, executed in the beet mau aor and at reasonable prices. UT* Particular attention given to copying. A. S. DAVIS, Proprietor. Portland. July 30,1863 dtf Notice. A meeting of the stockholders of the Island Pond Copper Mining Company will be he d at Island Pond, Vermont, a the office of J. W. Davis, Fgq., :m Friday, the 16th day of April. 1864, at 10 o'clock A. M., for the purpose of altering By-Laws, and :ousidering a proposition for the sale of the proper ty of the Company preparatory to some new orgin zation for working the mine, aud doing any other egal busin is. N. OlCKAM, uichSl oaw-’w President. MEDICAL. _ Lyon’s Periodical Drops! THE GREAT FEMALE REMEDY. Lyon’s Periodical Drops! ARK BKTTKR THAN ALL Pills, Powders & Quack Preparation*. Lyon’s Periodical Drops! -AUK Sure to do Goodand cannot do Harm. LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS! The Great Female Kcmedy LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS! ABB BKTTKK THAN ALL PILLS,POWDERS f QUACK PREPARATIONS LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS ! ARE SURE TO DO GOOD AND CANNOT DO HARM. Lyon’s Periodical Drops THE GREAT FEMALE REMEDY. Lyon’s Periodical Drops ARK BETTER PDAS ALL PILLS, POWDERS ASD QUACK MKDIC1SKS. Lyon’s Periodical Drops Are Sure to <to (rood unci cannot do Harm. LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS The Great Female Kcmedy. LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS ARK BKTTKR Ti^kM ALL Pills, Powders and Qnack Preparations. LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS -ARB 8UUK TO DO GOOD AND CANNOT DO liAKM I Lyon’s Periodical Drops THE OBEAT FEMALE BEMEDY Lyon’s Periodical Drops Are better than all Pills, Powders, And Quack Preparations. Lyon’s Periodical Drops, -abb Sure to do Good and cannot do Harm. Price, $1 per Uotllc. For siilo by all Druggiat*. At wholesale by W. F Phillip*. U. U. Bay a Co., Portland. aug22 eodly DK. J. V . HUGHES CAK M POUND AT HIS PRIVATE MEDICAL ROOMS, No. 3 Temple Street, TXTB KRE he can be con.olted privately, and with vT the utmost confidence by the afflicted, at all hours daily, from 8 a. m. to 9 p. m. Dr-Ji addresses those who arc suffering under the affliction of private disease, whether arising from impure connection or the terrible vice of sell-abuse. Devoting his entire time to that particular branch of the medical profession, he feels warranted in (jUAR antrkiho a Curb in all Cask*, whether of long standing or recently contracted, entirely removing the dregs of disease from the system, and making a perfect and PERM A SEX T CURE. tie would call the attention of the afflicted to the fact ot his long standing and well earned reputation, furnishing sufficient assurance of his skill and sue 00M. CAUTION TO THE PUBLIC. Every intelligent and thiuking peraou must know that remedies handed out from general nse should have their efficacy established by well-tested expe rience in the hands of a regularly educated physi cian, whose preparatory study fits him tor all the duties he must fulfill; yet the country is flooded with poor nostrums and cure-alls, purporting to be the best in the world, which are not only useless, but al ways injurious The unfortunate should be partic ular in selecting his physician, as it is a lamentable yet incoutrovertable iact that many syphilitic pa tients are made miserable with ruiued Constitution* by maltreatment Dorn inexperienced physicians in general practice: for it is a point generally conceded by the best syphilographers, that the study and man agement of these complaints should engross the whole time of those who would be competent and successful in their treatment and cure. The inex perienced general practitioner, having neither op portunity nor time to make himself acquainted with their pathology, commonly imsrues one system of treatment, in most cases maxing an indiscriminate use of that antiquated and dangerous w eapon, Mer cury. HAVE CONFIDENCE. All who have committed an excess of any kind,* whether it be the solitary vice of youth, or the sting- | lug rebuke of misplaced confidence in maturer y ears, SEEK FOR AN ANTIDOTE IN SEASON. The Pains and Aches, and Lassitude and Nervous Prostration that may follow Impure Coition, are the Barometer to the whole system. _ Do not wait for the consummation that is sure to ftnt low, do not wait for Unsightly Ulcers, for Disabled Limbs, for Loss of Beauty and Complexion. HOW MANY THOUSANDS CAN TESTIFY TO THIS BY UNHAPPY EXPERIENCE. Young Men troubled with emiesiors in sleep, a complaint generally the result of a bad habit in youth, treated scientifically, aud a perfect cure war ranted or no charge made. •> Hardly a day passes but we are consulted by one or more young men with the above disease, some of whom are as weak and emaciated as though they had the consumption, aud by their friends supposed to have it. All such c ises yield to the proper and only correct course of treatment, and in a short time are made to rejoice in perfect health. MIDDLE AGED MEN. There are many men at the age of 40 or 50 whoare troubled with too frequent evacuations from the bladder, ofteu accompanied by a slight smarting or burning sensation, and weakening the system in a manner the patieut cannot account for. On exam ining urinary depi -Its a ropy sediment will olteu be found, and sometimes small particles of semen or albumen will appear, or the color will be of a thin milkish hue, again changing to a dark and turbid appearance. 1 here are many men who die of this difficulty, ignorant of the cause, which is the SECOND STAGE OF SEMINAL WEAKNESS. I can warrant a perfect cure in sueh cases, and a full aud healthy restoration of the urinary organs. Persons whocanuot personally consult the Dr., can do so by writing in a plain manner a description of their disease, and the appropriate remedies will be forwarded immediately. All correspondence strictly confidential and will be returned if desired. Address. DR. J. B. HUGHES, No. 6 Temple 8t., (comer of Middle] Portland. HfSeud Stamp for circular. Eclectic medical Infirmary. TO THE LADIES. DK. HUUHE8 particularly invites all Ladles who need a medical adviser, to call at bis rooms, No. i Temple Street, which they will find arranged for their especial accommodation. Dr. H.’s Eclectic Renovating Medicines! re unrival ed in efficacy and superior virtue in regulating all Female Irregularities. Their action is specific and lartain of producing relief in a short time. ^ A DIES will find it invaluable In all cases of ob ■traotions after all other remedits have been tried in rain. It is purely vegetable, containing nothing in ;ho least injurious to the health, and may betaken irith perfeot safety at all times. Sent to any part oft he country with full directions >y addressing DR. HUGHES, No. I Temple Street, oorner of Middle, Portland. N. B.—LADIES desiring may eonsnlt one of their f >wn sex. A lady of experience In constant attend mo*- janl dfcwly I MEDICAL. «iood News lor the Unfortunate. THI 1.0KU SOUUBT roe discovered AT LAST. ©heroics© Remedy -AND CHEROKEE INJECTION. COMPOUNDED PROM MOOTS, BARKS AND L1AVMS CHEROKEK REMEDY, the great ndian Diu etic, cures all di eases of the Urinary «. fSnt, such as Incontinence of the Urine, Iuttamatiou of the I iKidneys, Stone in the Bladder, Stricture, Gravel ' Gleet, Gonorrhea, and is especially recommended in those cases of Fluor A!bun, (or Whites in Females) where all the old nauseous medicines have failed. It is prepared in a highly concentrated form, the dose only being from one to two teaspoonfuls three times per day. It is diuretic and alterative in its action; purifying and cleansing the blood, causing it to flow in all its original purity and vigor; thus removing from the system all pernicious causes which have iuduccd dis ease. CHEROKEE I EJECTION is intended as an ally or assistant to the CHEROKEE RE MED Y, an should be used iu conjunction with that medicine in all cases of Gonorrhea, Gleet, Fluor Albusor Whites. Its effects are healing, soothing aud demulcent; re moving all scalding, heat, ohoadee and pain, instead of the burning and almost unendurable pain that U experienced with nearly all the cheap quack injec tions. By the use of the CHEROKEE REMEDY and CHEROKEE INJECTION—the two medicines at the same time—all improper discharges are removed and the weakened organs are speedily restored to full vigor and strength. For full particulars get our pamphlet from any drug store in the country, or write us and we will mail free to any address, a full treatise. Price, CHEROKEE REM ED Y, #2 per bottle, or three bottles for $5. Price, CHEROKEE INJECTION, $2 per bo e or three bottles for $5. 8eut by Express to any address on receipt of the prioe. Sold by all druggists, everywhere. DR. W. R. MERWIN k Ce., ftOLM PROPRIETORS, No. 59 Liberty St., New York. Cherokee Cure ! THE GREAT INDIAN MEDICI V E. COMPOUNDED PROM ROOTS, BARKS AMD LKAVKH, An unfailing cure for Spermatorrhea, Seminal Weakness, Nocturnal Emissions, and all diseases caused by self polution; such as Loss of Memory, Universal Lassitude, Pains in the Back, Dimness ot Vision, Premature old Age, Weak Nerves. Difficulty of Breathing, Trembling, Wakefulness, Eruptions on the Face, Pale Countenance, Insanity, Consump tion, and all the direful complaints caused by de parting from the path of nature. This medicine is a simple vegetable extract, and one on which all can rely, as it has be* u used in our practice for many years, and, with thousands treated, it has not failed in a single instance. Its curative powers have been sufficient to gain victory over the most stubborn case. To those who have trifled with their constitution until they think themselves beyond the reach ot medical aid. we would say, Despair not: the CHER OKEE CURE will restore you to health and vigor, and after all quack doctors have failed. For ftill particular* get a circular from any Drug store iu the country, or write the Proprietors, who will mail free to any one desiring the same a Bill treatise in pamphlet form. Price, 82 per bottle, or three bottles for *6, and forwarded by express to all part* of the world. Sold by all respectable druggists everywhere. DR. W. R. MERWIN A Cw., SOLE PROPRIETORS, fob3 eodfcwly No. ofi Liberty 8t.. New York. B. P. H. R. Berry’s Batliolooical HAIR RENOVATOR IS a standard preparation that has been thoroughly tested; its composition is iu strict accordance with hygienic rules and scientific principles—is not the ephemeral production of a day, but the result ot long and patient stndy, experiment and research, BEING A TRUE Renovator and Restorer of Hair In a pathological or diseased state to THE NATURAL C O I. O R and condition of health, by working upon the roots and papiilseceou* secretions, supp])iug the hair with that nutritious element iu which the blood is deficient, and removing the accumulated excess of dandruff and humor, making a most Delightful Dressing, well and agreeably perfumed.thus afford ing a desirable article of intrinsic value for the Toi let. It will in ALL 0ASR8 (with the exception of very aged people, where the roots, germs and -heaths have all coire away, or, by reason of age, become disorgauued.) promote a New' and Healthy Cirowth ! Restore the grev to its natural color; stop and pre vent the hair falling off—causing it to become moist, sort aud glossy. It will groiiually darken light and flaxen hair without dyeing it or stuining the skin—being free from silver and other injurious chemicals, anu truly beneficial to the hair iu all its phases. TRY IT, and bo assured of its superiority over all other preparation *. PREPARED ONLY BY HENRY A. BERRY, Chemist, 229 1-2 Congress Street, Portland, Me. H. H. HAY, Junction Free and Middle streets, General Agent tor Maine. Price #1 per bottle. C^*8old by Druggists everywhere. Berry’s Preservative and Dressing For beautifying and preserving the hair, A SPLENDID COMPOUND, composed of vkoktable I* tract#, containing no oil or alcohol, chemically combined and highly per* fumed. Price 50 ceuts per bottle. jau23 dly F»r Coughs, ('oltls and ('•■■■Mptlea. TUE Vegetable Pulmonary balsam is the most highly approved medicine ever discovered. It has stoixl the best of all tests. Time, having had an unprecedented sale of nearly forty years. It is recommended by our best physicians, our most emi nent citizens, the l\ess, the Trade, in tact by all who know it. For certificates, which can be gives to almost auy extent, see wrappers to each bottle. The proprietors will cheerftillv refund the mouey it not eut rely satisfactory. Price 50 ceutsaud If: the large bottles much the cheapest. He careful to get the genuine, which is prepared only by REED. CUT TF.K Jk CO., Wholesale Druggists, fioetou. bold la Portland by dealers generally. H. 11. HAY, Druggist, corner Middle and Free streets. Wholesale Agent. deo8 isdfo» Made from the pure llalsums qf ferment. N. H. Downs's Vegetable Balsamio Elixir. TUIbhouest, standard old Cough Ukjiedt, made in Vermont, has been used with entire success for thirty-three years. It is warranted as usual for Coughs, Colds, Whooping Cough, i>roup. Asthma, and all diseases of the Throat, Chest and Lunas, and all diseases tending to Consumption. We have testimonials Dom many of the best physi cians and gentlemen of standing, among whom we mention the Hon. Paul Dillingham, Lieut. Gov. of Vermont; Hon. Bates Turner, late Judge of the bu* & rente Court of Vermont; Dr. J. B. Woodward rigade Surgecn U. 8. Army. ’ JOHN K. HENBY k CO.,Propr-Jt<,„ Suscawon to N. H Do,. ’ p-Prlo« 2u oentfJO mdU. Rad •T? IT H. Hay and J W. Perain, k i'o , Portland, He..wholesale agen sfor Maine. uovl9 d Aw3Dw* Physician <fc Surgeon, COURT STREET,corner of Howard, Boston t oT *8 con!4Ul^e<l dally from 10 until 2, and from 6 to 8 in the evening, on all diseases of the Urinary ind Genital Organs, Scrofulous Affections, Humors M all kiuds, Sores, Ulcers and Eruptions, Female Complaints, Ac. Au experience of over twenty rears’ exteusive practice enables Dr. M. to cure all ;he most difficult cases. Medicines entirely vegeta te. Ai>vick Fin. Mrs. M., who is thoroughly versed in the afflictive naiad it s of the aux, oau be consulted by ladies. Patients furnished with board and experienced l arses. Boston, April 28.1S88. eodly JOHN F. ANDERSON, Surveyor and Civil Engineer, OFFICE, fODIAN BLOCK, mchli dfcwtf Tkxplk Sthlst. H asans for Sals*. 11I1HKE Wagons for sale. Inquire of _ W. U. VINTON. njcUill dtwtl <H Uiddl* Simp Portland. € _ MEDICAL ■OMTOffjUOmiA! ■ MRS. MANCHESTER Is constantly receiving unsolicited testimonials ol the <utoniihing euru performed by her. Among many reoently received are the following, which are commended to the notion of the afflicted. Mrs. Man* 0heater may be consulted at No. 11 Clapp’s Block,Room No. #. A CASS OP SPINAL DISK ASP CURED This 1s to oertily that 1 went ts tee Mrs. Manches ter last March with a daughter of minetroubled with spinal disease, for which she had been doctored for live years, and by a number ol physicians of all hinds: and she has had twenty-one applications of electricity applied, but all to no effect I but aha con ttnualiy grew worse, loams to the conclusion, as the last resort, to go and see Mrs. Manchester, and did to; and to my great surprise she told me the lirst ause ol the disease, and how she had been fromtln • to time, whioh encouraged me to try her medioiaes. 1 did to. and now my daughter it able to be around the house all ol the time. She alto rides ten or df- I - teen miles without any trouble or inconveniesee.and Ejfp! I think in a short time the will be restored to perfect I ■ ' health. Since my daughter has been doctoring, 1 have heard of a great many cases that Mrs. Mane tit a ter has oured. 1 think if any person deserves pat. ronage, it is the one whotriee to preserve the health of the tick and suffering; and 1 know that she nsec every effort which lice in her power to beasdt ear patients. Sanaa L. Known, Kshoutc, | |l Annv li K shouts, Kssisn knetw. Bnmiwiet, Malm*, August lit. ONE OP THE GREATEST CURES on RECORD. Man. MauoaueTUu—Dtar Madam:—Thinking a statement ef my ease may be of service to others similarly afflicted, 1 hasten to give It to you. This is briefly my case—I was taken sick about iff months ago with the Liver Complaint la a very had I form. I applied to four different physicians, but re- [ solved no beneiit until 1 called on you. At that time > 1 had given up business, and was in a very bad vtats, j but after taking your medicine for a short time 1 be- j gan to recover, and in two months 1 was entirely I well, and had gained several pounds of flesh, and j can truly say that by your skill 1 am a perfectly heal* ^ hy naan. Josara Davis. Bottom t Maim* Dtpot, Portland, M*. - —v vj»» v*- am vflojj v# t/nu sr cured ar mrs. Manchester. This is to certify that I hare been cured of the Dropey of Afteen yean standing by Mrt. Mane bet ter I hare been to physicians in Bceton, New York and Philadelphia. They nil told me that they coaid do nothing for mo, unleoa they tapped me, and ss •ared me that by tapping I could lire bnt n short time. I had made np my mind to go home and Hto as loag aa I ooald with the disease, and then die. On my way homo I stayed over night in Portland with n Mend of mine, and told them what my mind was a regard to my disease. They Anally persuaded me to go and see Mrs. Manchester. Abe examined me and told me my case exactly. I waa so muoh astonished to think that she told ssa oorrectiy, that I told bar that I woald taka bar msdl dues, not haring the least faith that they woald me any good, or that I should get the slightest reilsl from nay course whatever; Anally I took the medi cine and went home. In one week from the time I commenced taking the medicine, I had ever three gallons of water pass me in seven hours; and my fel low sufferers may bo assured that it was a great relist to me. I had not been able to lie down in bed at night before this for two yean. Now I can lie dowa with perfect ease. I have taken her mediclae (hr eight mouths, and am aa well aa aay man could wish to be, and ao sign# of dropey. I would advise all that are sick to go end oonaalt Mrt. Mamchetier, tven if they have been given ap by other pby si clans. 1 have seat her a number of caeee of other dlewises, and she baa eared them also. Go and for yonrselrcs. 1 had no faith, hat now my faith cannot bo shgkad la her skill in telling and caring discs sc. Chaxlis 8. 11 sun on, Annan E. Hannon, Ha nr A. Hannon. ffsafor, Maim*, April U. Ovnou Hone-From I A. M.till I P. M. aasJT laAoatal si IMPORTANT TO ALL INVALIDS! IRON IN THE BLOOD !• we’l known to the Medf caJ Profession that THE VITAL PRINCIPLE k on LIVE ELEMENT OF THE PH. o O U IS IRON. This in derived chiefly from the food we eat; bit if the food is not properly digested or if. from any cause whatever, the necessary ijuatity of iron is not taken into the circnlatiou, of become reduced. the whole system suiters. The bad blood wll irritate the heart, will clog up the lunge, etupefv the bruin, will obstruct the liver, and will Mind its disease producing elements to all parts of th evstem, and every one will suiter in whatever organ may be pre disposed to disease. To take medicine to euro diseases occasioned by a deiicincy of IRON IN THE BLOOD. without restoring it to the system, is like try ing to repair a building wheu the foundation is gone ft is only since the discovery ot that valuable combination known us PICK l’ Vi AN SYHl'P. that the great power of this VITALIZING AGENT over disease has been brought to light. The Peruvian Syrup, The Peruvian Syrup i* a Protected Solution^ the PROTOXIDE Or IRO.\ a >>w Bisrevery in Medicine that Strike* nt tkc Kent of l)l«ra«r, by supplying the Bloodfeith Us ?ital Principle nr Life * Element I OX. This is the secret of {the wouderfnl success of fbi* remedy in curing DYSPEPSIA, LIVER Clift* PLAINT, DROPSY, CHRONIC DU’g. RHEA, BOILS, NERVOUS AFfcvf jQ. TIONS. CHILLS AND FEVR? s> HUMORS. LOSS OF CotfST j. TUTIONAL VlOOF, DPs KASKS of the Kl jjjjK'.S k BLADDER j»:. M A LE * ^ontplaiuf s. •r .4 all disease! originating in a BAD A T A T E OF TIE BLOOD, or accompanied bf DEBILITY ora LOW STATE UF TUB SYSTEM. Bring free from AT eohel in any form, i/s enerui effect* are not follo»>ted by cor responding reactsir*. but are p. riuauent, infusing strength. ykjou sad naw like into all parts of the system, ahd building up an IKON CONimTUTIOR! It is a u excellent substitute for lue or Brandy where a stimulant is needed. The following names are taken fkn our ramphUt of testimonials, which wiU be 'cat tree to any address. Ki v. John Hcrpont, Lewia John,, in, it U„ ltfv. Warren Burton, Roswell Kh jj«y, M. D., l!ov. Arthur B. Fuller, 8 H Kendi II, M. D., Roy. Gurdon Itobiu,, W. R. Cht.1 oliw, >i. Rey. Sylranua Cobb, Joae Antonio Beerhea. X. 0, Key. T. Starr King, Marcello A rania, M. D., Rov. Kphraim Nute, Jr„ A*A. Hay. *. jf. D.. W There can be but one ilrong pray/ tk.m Ik.' '■estimong rtf tuck men at Ikete, e tkat it a pk». ioWAL trial. It has cured tho usands where other ■emediet kace /ailed to yiet .etiie/, an* inraltdt ‘an not reasonably hesitate to pip* u a trial. ForDY.ran.iA andalle „ noetic dis.a**., ctar wteriacd by DanniTY, H.S. a Spec,/. Prepared aa heretofore, by N L CLA KK * CO. -FarStf* ay— IETH W. FOWLS lA CO,. 18 Tremontat.. Beaton; F. P. DINSMOKK,491 Broadway. New York; »’i8 by all Hmggiata. lablSdeodk <geo» 8m

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