Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, April 8, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated April 8, 1864 Page 3
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MATTERS AROtTT TOWN. Religious Notices. tSThe Bishop ol the Diocese still administer Iho rile of coolirraa! 10a in SI. Luke's Church on hiidsy oven log, st "j o'clock. Organization ol a New Insurance Co. The Corporators of the Dlrigo Insurance Company, met yesterday al'ternuoon at the room of the Board of Trade for the purpose of organizing. A. K. Shurtletf, Esq., presided, and T. C. Hersey acted as Secretary. The act of incorporation, on motion ol Mr. Eben Steele, was accepted. Ou motion of Mr. 1). W. Clark it was voted that the first subscribers to the stock, to au a mouut not exceeding $ 150.0O0, including the corporators, be admitted associates in the cor poration, on condition that the instalments on their subscriptions be paid in securities satis factory to the Directors, and of the descrip tion enunciated in the 2J article^pf the act of incorporation. Subsequently a meeting of the Subscribers to the Stock was held at the same place, Mr. Shurtlelf presiding, and Josiali l’ierce, Jr., Esq., acting as Secretary. After some discussionas to what should he the amount of the Capital Stock, in which Messrs. A. F. Deering, Manassah Smith, Ed ward Fox, S. E. Spring aud II. M. Payson par ticipated, it was voted to increase the Capital Stoi^c to $200,000. The Capital originally Contemplated was $150,000. The question as to whether subscribers should pay interest on the amount of their subscriptions, and how the payment of the subscription should be secured, was left to the Directors. Messrs. X. F. Daering, Charles llolden aud Edward Shaw were appointed a committee to draft a code of By-Laws. Messrs. Walker, Payson and Holden were appointed a committee to nominate a Board of Directors, and the meetiug adjourned to Mon day next at 4 o’clock P. M. Municipal Court—April 7. Meyer Waterman pleaded guilty to a search aud seizure process, and paid the fine of $20 and costs. Siuce January 1, 1863, Waterman has been before the Court six times for the same offense, paid $133 50 in fines and costs and had about 200 gallons of liquor seized and confiscated. M.C. M.Association.—The annual meeting of this association for choice of officers, Ac., was held in their Library room last evening. A portion of the yearly reports of ollieers and committees was received aud discussed, and it being found that the business of the year could not well he disposed of in one eve ning, it was thought best to adjourn the meet ing to Thursday evening, April 21st, when it is earnestly hoped that every member will be present, as it is proposed to then complete the unfinished busiuoas, select the officers for the coming year, Ac. 3IIZIUHS.—uepui; aiarsuai mcnui anu officer Smith, yesterday visited the shop of Abner Paine, Xo. 79 Green street, and seized ten or fifteen gallons of various kinds of liq uois. Deputy Marshal Wentworth and officer Irish paid another visit to the premises of Mrs. Rounds on Portland street and seized a small quantity of intoxicating liquors. This is the second seizure made at that place with in one week. Grand Union Bai.l.—A grand ball, the closing oue of the season, will lie given at Mechanic's llall, next Thursday evening, to carry out which, in a proper manner, an ex tensive Committee of Airaugcments lias been appointed, consisting of citizens of our city and the neighboring cities and towns. The Camp Berry Band will be there and play promenade music, and Chandler's Quadrille Baud will furnish the dancing music. Prof. Locke will act as prompter. House Carpenters.— At an adjourned meeting of the journeymen house carpenters, held ^ast even'mg, the following preamble and resolution was unanimously adopted: ll'Aecftf*, The present prices of labor are not in accordance with the prices of living, therefore lietolced. That on and after Monday, April lltb, first class joiners will demand $2.50 per day. Mr. John B. Chase was Chairman of the meeting, and Mr. Joseph Dow, Secretary. Departure ok Troops.—Steamer DeMo lay, with a portion of the 2d Me. Cavalry and Chandler's Band for the 20th Maine, sailed yesterday for New Orieaus. The remainder of the cavalry, and the re. emits intended for the Department of the Gulf, will come up from Augusta to-day and embark on board steamer Mcrriinac and ship Lancaster. They will sail on Sunday. £y~Gen. Thos. A. Rowley, who lias been in comuiaud of the conscript reudevous at Camp Berry, since last October, will leave litis morn ing for the Headquarters of the Army of the Potomac, w here he is ordered to report. He has won golden opinions during his brief stay here. The officers took leave of him and the Camp Berry Band serenaded him last evening •*»*» '“Wfe'UgO BO IUV. . u. lAUtbl. «yr lie Havel Troupe were greeted by a large audience last evening and tlie perform ances received much applause. The second performance will take place this evening at Deering Hall. The performances of the Ho man Gladiators, and the exhibition of ihe trained dogs,is well worth the price of admis sion. New Books Received.—Hints to Rifle men, by H. W. S. Cleveland. My Cave Life In Vicksburg, by a lady. Church Essays, by Geo. C. MeWhortom' Universal Progress, by Hubert Spencer. For sale by Hall L. Davis, Full notice hereaftef. an ‘crliam had another line house at the exhibition of the Mirror of the Rebellion last evening. Our people are beginning to appre ciate Hie merits of these paintings, and tbe noble object for which the exhibition is got ton up. Pictpbk or Gen. Ghant.—We have re ceived an elegant and life-like picture of Lieut. Geu. Grant, eugraved by J. C. Buttiu, New York. It is for sale in this city by John Rus sell and the book stores. jyMr. A. I). Reeves has improved his tailoring and furnishing establishment on Ex change street and has just added to hie stock a large assortment of cloths, cassimeres, vest lugs, Ac. Purchasers are invited to call. jyWe learn that Poppcuberg and his baud returned to this city yesterday, and will remain a short at Fort Preble. We hope Uiey w ill afford our citizens a taste of their music before again leaving us. jy Sprague A Blanchard’s Minstrel Troupe will open at Lancaster Hall on Monday eve ning next. £y The Howard Atkeueum Troupe will open at Deering Hall, on Monday evening, with the new play of Pomp of Cudjo’s Cave. Union Lbaoce.—Council No. -4 will meet At the usual place this evening. BY TELEGRAPH to mu Portland Daily Press. -• -- XXXVIII 00NGEE33—First 8ession. Washington, April 7. SENATE. Mr. lisle, from tne Naval Committee, re ported back the resolution introduced by Mr. Crimea yesterday, to repeal the joint resolu tion for the transfer of seamen from military to naval service, accompanied by a report, which was ordered to he printed. Mr. llale alao reported on the hill to amend the act relative to certain officers, and on the hill in relation to supplies; also reported ad versely on the bill relative to paymasters’ clerks with an amendment. Mr. Hale also reported in favor of passing tlie bill to amend the act to regulate the grade of liue officers of the navy; also in favor of the resolution of thanks to Admiral Porter, and the resolution to compensate the crew of the gunboat Huron de Kalb lor losses; also, adversely on the petition of warrant officers. Mr. Morrill offered a resolution for printing 1000 copies of the rsport of the engineers of the Washington acqueduct for the use of the Interior Department. Referred to Committee on Printing. On motion of Mr. Trumbull, the following was adopted: Resolved, That the Secretary of the Inte rior be directed to inform the Senate what amount of fees and emoluments of every kind and character were received by tlte Attorney and Marshal of the United Stales for the Dis trict of Columbia respectively, and by the clerks of the several corn ts for said' District during the year ending Dec. 31, 1803, and what amount was allowed to each of said officers, deputies, clerks, and for other inci dental expenses during the same period. Mr. Davis called up his resolution instruct ing llie Judiciary Committee to enquire Into and report whether or not Mr. Yocum, late of Cairo, is now confined in the .Albany peniten tiary under sentence of court martial, though having received a full pardon from the Presi dent. Mr. Grimes suggested an amendment, and that the committee report to the Senate the charges, Ac., on which Yocum was tried. Mr. Davis accepted the amendment, and ex plained the facts of the case, saying that Yo cum had charge of the contrabands at Cairo, and a loyal slaveholder of Kentucky having come there and taken steps in compliance with the fugitive slave act carried off his run away slave, lor which Yocum was tried, com mitted to the old Capitol here, but subsequent ly pardoned by the President the day after which he was sent to the Albany penitentiary. After further discussion the subject went over informally. Mr. Doolittle called up the House bill ap propriating $300,otto for the benefit of Indian refugees from the Southern and oilier reser vations affected by the rebellious position taken by some ol the tribes. Mr. D. said it was necessary that tbe Indians should get home at once in time to make crops this sea son. Some verbal amendments were made and the bill passed. Mr. Hendricks then proceeded to address the Senate at length in opposition to the joint resolutions to amend the Constitution to pro moil slavery m too umieu Stales,ami iu reply to the speech of Mr. Hale yesterday. He ivas followed by Mr. Ilendersou, who favored the proposed amendment. Mr. Saulsbury submitted the following: Unsolved, That the chaplain of the Senate he respectfully requested hereafter to pray and supplicate Almighty God in our behalf, and not to lecture him, informing him, under pretence of prayer, his said chaplain's opinion iu reference to Ids duty as the Almighty; aud that the said chaplain he further requested as aforesaid not uuder the Ibrm of prayer to lec ture the Senate in reference to his duty as the Almighty; and that the said chaplain he fur ther requested as aforesaid not under the form ol prayer to lecture the S?hate iu relation to questions before the body. Mr. Howard objected to the resolution. The Senate then went iuto executive session and adjourned. HOl'SE. Ou motion of Mr. Garlleld, of Ohio, the Secretary of War was directed to inform the House how many commissioned officers, with their names aud rank, have been dismissed from the military service by authority of the President without trial by court martial since the beginning of the present war, and liow many such dismissals have been revoked. Mr. Garlleld said the resolution was report ed at the instance of the Military Committee. A hill had been passed by the House, hut had been reported upon unfavorably in the Sen ate, taking away from the President the power of summary dismissal. As a communication ou this subject had beeu received from Advocate General Holt, it seemed only just that all the facts should be laid before the House. The resolution was passed. The House then resumed the consideration of the Uaritau A Delaware Uailroad bill. Mr. Woodbridge, ol Vt, argued in favor of the constitutionality and 'expediency of de claring the roads ot the company to be mili tary and post routes. The public should be protected against that legalized monopoly, the Camden A Amboy Uailroad Company, which not only imposed burdens on the people, but crippled the Government iu the performance of its duties. This company, lie says, inter feres witii the elections of that State, aud designates who shall he elected. Mr. Ungers, of Nr. C., remarked that the stalement was false from beginning to end. Mr. Woodbridge took the disclosures as true, according to the best information ol the gentleman; but lie (Woodbridge) has been informed that the Camdeu A A inboy Com pany puts ils foot on such nominations as may not best serve the interests of the great mo nopoly. The subject here went over. Tlie House then proceeded to the consider ation of the special order, mainly busiuess re lating to the District of Columbia. Several local bills were passed; and oue ap propriating $250,000 for the erection of a pen itentiary, jail and house of correction iu the District of Columbia was discussed, but pend ing the moliou to lay it on the table, the House, at a quarter to five, adjourned. The (>trat International TvlnjrnyU . Washington, April 7. Mr.Cullins has returned to Washington,alter nearly two years absence iu ltussia and Eng land, negotiating for a right of way and the construction ol a telegraph across Asiatic ltussia, ltussian America, and British Colum bia, so as to connect Europe with America by way of Bbering Straits,it having been brought to a satisfactory conclusion under favorable terms, and uow awaits the tiual action ol Con gress. We understand that Mr. Collins will soon present the plan to Congress. It is duo to (treat Britain and ltussia that their liberal grants ami concessions iu aid of a purely in ternational work of this nature, an enterprise fraught with incalculable advantages to the L uiled States and the world at large,should command promptly generous aid from the Lj uiled States. It certainly devolves upon our government to second this great enterprise, and more especially now since ltussia and Great Britain have met the question in a lib eral international spirit, and cleared it of all question as to right ol wuy, so as to connect London ami St. Petersburg with New York. There never was an enterprise presented to the consideration of government that pleads more eloquently. It is the last link in a tele graphic chain tliut is to biud not ouly Europe and America, hut Asia and Africa as well, in to one living and speaking unity. — Front WViehint/ton. Washington. April 7. Senator Hale, Chairman of the Naval Com mittee, has now under consideration the nu merous application* for the relief of the en giue and ship builders who have contracted w ith the Navy Department. Congress alone can aid them by direct appropriation. Eive thousand applications have already been mude by seamen to be transferred from the army to the navy. Applications should continue to be made to the Navy Depart ment. It is stated by Senators that a uatioual bank or currency bill, will be passed by the Senate ami sent to the House for its concurrence. ihe Senate, in executive session today, con tinned the nomination of Nicholas L. Humphrey, of Maine, as Cousul at the Island of Trinidad. • Vaihhifffon Report*. New York, April 7» A special dispatch to the Commercial Ad vertiser says: “It is understood that attempts will be made to engrail certain other proposi tions in the anti-slavery amendment to the Constitution, hut it is believed that the Sen ate will vote them all down and pass the ori ginal amendment as it was first drawn. It is said the compensation for reprinting and publishing the debates of Congress in the Globe is to he largely increased, Mr. Hives having given notice that lie cannot continue to report and print them at the prices now paid. It is understood that a number of General Hooker’s friends will give him a public dinner on his return from tiie West. The consolidation of the different corps in the Army of the l’otomac, creates, as might have been expected, much unpleasant feeling among the military. The Xcw Government Loan. New York, April 7. The Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, George Harrington, authorizes the publication of the following: The statement contained in a special dis patch to the New York World of the 7th inst., that the interest on the 10-40 loan will proba bly he raised to 0 per cent., is incorrect.— There is reason to believe that bonds iiear ing .I per cent., principal and interest payable in gold, will command all the money the treas urer will need to borrow. Instructions to the National Banks acting as loan agents who is sued March 20th, ami the subscriptions report ed to the United States Treasurer up to April Cth, amounted to 88.007,871. No doubt is en tertained that the subscriptions will rapidly increase as soon as the various agencies are organized and in operation throughout the country. Front Fortress Monroe. Fortress Monroe, April 5. The steamer New York has left for City Point under a flag of truce, taking up about 30 women and children. The storm continues with great severity. The Vorktown boat has not made iier usual trip to-day. Fortress Monroe, April 0. The schooner Wra.A. Ellis, from New York for Washington, lias put In here for assistance. She reports, on the 2d inst, 25 miles off Cape Henry, encountered a heavy gale, which car ried away the jibbooin. and three men were washed overboard. This morning another man was lost. Additional Foreign \eirn. Halifax, N. S.. April 7. The steamship Kedar,frorn Liverpool March 80th, arrived at six o’clock this evening. She brings the following additional news: London, March 28/A, Morning.—The Morn ing Post in a leader on Poland and Denmark, says: “ We shall be glad to discover that no holy alliance expect to crush the liberties of Europe,.iust as we should wish to learn that the hostility of Germany towards Denmark was prompted by sympathy with copatriots, and not by the abhorrence of libera! views on the one point or on the other. However, we lack the information to justify us in drawing the wished for inferences.” Berlin letters mention that Prince Hopen sollereins Sigmariaugen has left for the seat of war, to endeavor to effect a reconciliation be tween Frederick Charles and Marshal Mangel. M n ri/hi ml h'Hianci/Mliott f~ote, Baltimore, April 7. Talbot county gives 300 and Essex 250 lor the convention and unconditional emancipa tion. Worcester county is incomplete, but no doubt has gone for the convention. Dorset gives 300, Kent 200, Queen Anne C50 and Somerset -UK) against acouvention and for the Democratic ticket. Howard county has gone for the convention, but the delegation is un certain ; it is thought it will be one conserva tive and t wo radicals. Up to this evening the returns do not chaoge the general result as estimated last night. There will doubtless be a good working ma jority for unconditional emancipation. Xrtr Railroad Rout*; in Nrw York. Poughkeepsie, N. Y. April 7. A numerously attended meeting was held at Salt Point, Duches co., yesterday of the friends of the proposed U. Hoad from this city to Uo poke. The farmers along the route tire quite alive to the benefit* such a road would coufer on them, and mustered in strong (orce. A committee was appointed to obtain subscrip tions in tlie various towns. Addresses were made and the !s-st of feeling prevailed. A meeting will be held at Bangall ou the 20th. VuriouH Item*. New York, April 7. The regulations in relation to the price of gold at the Treasury will be 105 uulil the close of business April 10th. Subscriptions to the 10-40 loan at the first National Bank to-day was $205,400. The receipts at the Custom House to-day were *2sl),000, of which $250,000 was iu gold certificates. A'« York Market. New Yoag. April 7. Cotton—active; sales 26 VO bales at Tic lor middling upands, aud 73c for low middlings. Flour—receipts 9 363 bbla; sales 26.000 bbla; State and Western 6*ll)e better; .Superfine state 6 70* 6 90; Extra 7110* 7 26; choice7 80* 7 60; Hound Hoop Ohio 7 40*7 60; choice do 7 60*8 60; Superfine Wet teru 6 71*6 90; Extra do 7 27*7 40; Southern better; aalca 3300 bbls: Mixed to good 7 30*7 70; Fan cy and extra 7 76*10 GO; Canada 10c better; sales 860 bbla: common Extra 7 20*7 £6; Extra good to choice 7 40*8 f5. Wheat—eoarce and 2c better; sales 2.KO bushels; Chicago spring 102*1 TO: Milwaukle Club 16**106; Winter Ked Western 1 72*1 74; Amber Milwaukee 168*171: Amber Michigan 176*180; White do 1 86; Ked Jersey 1 69. Corn—better; sales 0 000 bush; Mixed Western shippiugin store l|tl*l 33; Yellow Jersey 1 33*133-; Co Southern 1 28*1 29. Oats—firmer; sales at 90*91;c. Beof— active: -ales 4500 bbls; Country mess 7 60* 9 00: prime 5 00*6 00; repacked Chicago 10 60* 10 00; prime mess 26 60 a 26 0.1. Fork—active; sales 4000 bbls; mess 23 00*24 72; old do 22 600,22 76; new do 24 26; printo 19 60*21 75; old aud new; prime mess 24 76*25 00. Cut Moats firm; sales 900 pkgs; Shoulders 10® 11: Hams 13;*16. Bacon—firm: sales 2720 boxes at llj*12o for Western short ribbed, aud 12* 121c for do long cut Western 89®99c. Lard—firmer; sales 2600 bbls at 13J*14c. Butter—a shade easier; sales Ohio 2s u, 87c: State 44*4 c. Whiskey—bight r; sa'es «0 brls at 108*109 for State, aud 1 08*110 for W'estern. Rico—active at 8* ®9jc for Rangoon. Sugar—quiet: sales 600 hlids; New Orleans 18® 19c; Muscovado 15J. ColToe—firm and quiet. Molasses—firm. OIUH3R-(JUlf. V. Fish—unchanged. Petroleum—firme r; sales 1000 this; crude at 36c; refined iu bond 51u-52; do free at 61o. 11 idea—quiet. Freights to Liverpool—quiet; Uour Is; grain 8d lor wheat iu bulk. Wool—firm with a fair demand Stock Market, New York, April 7. Second BtutrH.— Stocks irregular. Chicago It Hook Island.128$ Chicago & Noith Western. Pittsburg. Fort Wayne At Chicago.161l Toledo A Wabash. 72 Milwaukie A Prairie DuChieu.87$ Burlington A Quincy. 141$ Cleveland A Toledo, .166 Galena k Chicago.136 Cleveland A Pittsburg.1291 Illinois Central scrip.160$ Michigan Southern guaranteed.101 United States oue year certificates new. 99! Canton Company. 74'i Cumberland Coal Company preferred. 86 Quicksilver Mining Co,. 8 • New York Central..14? Erie.126: Erie preferred,..112$ Hudson..165$ Harlem.167$ Heading.log Michigan Southern.116 Michigan Central.166 NEW MILLINERY STORE. New Goodw! Mils. A. ROBF.H180X Im* taken the New Store, No. 31 Free Street, corner of Crater, aud has selected a Superior Asgortment of MILLINERY, Which she will bo pleased to offer to her friends and the publio, on aud after the 6th inst. P. S. A good assortment of MOURNING Constantly ou baud • ihreeorfour good Milliners can receive steady employment by inquiring as abjVe. apl-deodtf Wanted. A WOMAN capable of run uiur a Sewing Machine wauted immediately. 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Country dealers will find it to their advant age to rive u* a call, if in want of Room Paper. inch25 ‘2nnl& w OO TO DRESSERS Jewelry Store And see unit you can buy lor $1, •d3w THE DAILY ADVERTISER Th® pro »rietors of the BOSTON DAILY ADVER TISER have, at great expense, completed an ar rangement by which they receive daily, A Special Dispatch from Washington, in addition to the general dispatch published iu the other morning papers. This dispatch is sent to NOOTIIEK PAPER IV THE CITV, AND 1H PREPARED IN WASHINGTON! By parties who are IN A POSITION TO GIVE EARLY, ACUKATE AND INTERESTING IN FORM ATI ON. Terms £.8,00 per annum. Boston, March 26, 1*64. C. HALE & CO. api2 6t CITV OF PORTLAND. Mayor s Of vies. April 5 18C4. fllllE City of Port aid will advance to person* en X listing in the t'uiteri Sti«t<*« \nrj outlie quota of tlti* city, the following State bounties, to be paid to the per* *u eulistiug. when mustered into service on board tho Receiving ships, viz: $100 For One Year’s Enlistment, 200 •• Two “ 300 " *) hree “ •• Those having families dependent on them will re ceive State aid. JACOB McLKLLAN, Mayor. ip6-eodt«r Fuihut's and Mechanic's Mutual Fire Insurance Co. rPUK Director* of the Farmer’* and Mechanic’s 1 Mutual Fire Insurance Company have made their Fourteenth AssesHuout ou the Premium uoto* of the members, to meet the losses, interest and inci dental expenses ol the Company, from January 31st 1862, to January 31, 1864, which they are requested to pay to the Treasurer, or Collectn.'u Committee at Gorham, or to an authorized Agent of the Coinpauy within 40 day* from April iUth, 1864. HUGH McLKLLAN, I . JOS1AI1 PIERCE, J dsstssors. Gorham, April 1, 1861 ap6-d3t* CIMIAM a CO., 75 M r L) L) L K S T It K K T . HAS JUST RECEIVED A NOTHER SHALE LOT of those choice little Frenck W icker- covered Perfume Fla»k* A Do, a great variety of elegant Fancy Oood.. Portland, April 2,18M. dlw De ck Plunk M '-!• Sand si inch 8EASONKD WHITE PINK DECK PL.NK SC. DV EH, »pri dim* No. 8 Ceutral Wharf. Entertainments. SPRAGUE AND MINST AT LANOAS Open every even apr2 diw Monday, Beturn of the New Favorite*! MflS. EUGENE RAVEL’S Gymnastic and Pantomine T K O II 1* K . IS C1SSKCTIOS WICH A brass band, Will Give Three Grand Entertainment* At Oeeriug- Hall, On Thursday, FriliyL SitarJaj EieDi«ss, April, 7,U9tb. Door* open at i to 7 o’clock; Commencing at 8 of Programme nightlj. Farquette •jO Cents; Gallery i6 Cento. LOOK OUT FOR A UKAND MAITNFK, On SATVRUA ) AI /RRNOOS, for Families. x.Di.O'!r'.0p^ *1? °.’clock : commencing at 3 o’clock. Tickets tor the Matinee, 26 Cents to ail parts of the house. Mrs. Eugene haveO Proprietore-s. »Pr4 td ANDRKtV S.NKWTON, Agent. Deering Hall, Leasee anti Manages—N. B. DeWaldren The Great Sensation of the Day. ON MONDAY, APRIL Uth., aud during the week, will bt* pcriormcd the startling Drama of P O M P OF CUDJO’S CAVE. FROM TUB HOWARD ATIIEN.KUM, BOSTON. Mr. DeWalden, The eminent Actor and Dramatist, Mr. Henry Seymour, f he renowned Actor and Fftntoiuimcst Ma. J. B, Sutton. Mb. Ona, Mu. SlLVBR, From the Boston aud .New York Theatre*. Mias Avnib Bacon—Mbp. D. U. Ai.lkn aud Mibb Annjx Sfkkr Will appear, supported by an excellent Company and numerous Auxiliaries, to give due effect to the most effective DRAMA ol Modern Times. *^d W. W. FRATT, Business Agent. o r a nar x> PROMEVADE CONCERT ! -FOB Til K H ENEFIT -OF THB CAMP BERRY BAND. The aitudia of Portland have tendered to the { amp Berry Band a Complimentary Benefit, withtbe hope that they may be able to refund to them a sufficient Mi in to cover their recent low by Are. The Band is composed of enlisted men. who only receive £13 per month, and out of this they are obliged to pur chase their own music, Ac. It Is hoped that our cit izens tvil! show their appreciation 01 the many favor, they have received from this organization -iuee they have been stationed among us. by giving them a crowded house. Tbe aflsir will be under cliari.o* competent manager#, aud will take place at ^ew City Hall, -ox Tuesday Evening, April 12,1864. CHANDLER'S gL ADRILLE BANDwill furuinh mu«c forlwuvn Daxcxk' Fancy Dine* and Promenade Music by Camp Berry Band. TICKETS 2 5 CENTS. , F,or. f*1® *’ Music Store, Crosman k Co's, •I. J. Gilbert, aud at the door. Doors opeu at 7 o’clock, Dauciug to commence at 9oclock ap7dtd WANTS, LOST, FOUND Wanted to Purchase WITHIN a few miles of the city, a pleasantly situated House, with improved Garden, Ac. Also, to hire a small, genteel tenement in the eitv by a gentleman without any children. Kent not to exceed 1160. Address Post Office, Box 442 Portland, April 6, 1804. d3t* *200 He ward. A HEW AUD of Two Hundred Dollars will bo paid the owners of the Ferry Boat II. H. Day, lor the appreheusion of the person or persons who* maliciously damaged said Boat, on Monday night ,ast- Portland, Aprils, 1804, d3o Duelling House Wanted. A two-story Brick House, modern finish, j|l with gas, furnace, hard aud soft water on the ""pieoktaea, is wanted for purchase Would like it near the center of the city, or accessible to the burse railroad. A note addressed to “ W. P. *L," PrrssioHice, will receive prompt attention. apr2 lw Wanted. TO an experienced American Woman, desiring a good home, a situation is offered as housekeep er in a small family where she would bo treated as one. She would be required to take charge of and do the cooking and chamberwork. see to the wash womau, and do the ironiug. The work in the whole wAuld be light. Pay 1.60 per week. En quire 80 Exchange St. DOAKD. - PLEASANT rooms and board, at No. 72 Danforth St., 2d door above Brackett St Call soon. Also a good stable for rent on the premises. iuch28 d2w • Tenement Wauled, WAN TED to hire four or five rooms, suitable for a small family, with good water privileges. Kent in advance if required. Address Tenant Box 340,1* wtlaud Post Office, stating price aud locality rncho dtf 7 AVANTED! 1,000 WOMEIX, To make Army Drawers. Also good Pant Banters and Kiuishers wanted in the shop to make AHM ) PASTS. None but good workmen wanted. Apply at the rooms in FREE STREET It LOCK, over the store one doer north of Telford's. No work given out or takeu in Monday forenoons or Saturday afternoons, fefeffdtf S. >V. HUNTINGTON. JLv. Jil JVX OVAL. JOSIAH BURLEIGH HAP KKMoVBD TO NEW STOKE, EVANS’ BLOCK, Nos. 141 Sl 143 Middle Street. JOSIAH BURLEIGHj Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Clothing,Cloths, Tailors’ Trimmings, -AMD GENTLEMEN S FURNISHING GOODS, Nos. 141 A 143 Middle Street. .IOSIAII BURLEItiH, Agent for Grover A Baker's celebrated Sewing Maehines, Nos. 141 & 143 Middle Street. NATHAN GOOLD Will say to his friends that he may be found at Bur leigh's, No. 141 k 1-43 Middle street, where he will be pleaded to wait upon his former customers. Portland, March 24.1801. dtf NOT ICE. IN Cousideratiou of the increased price of labor and of provender, the I rucktneu of Portland, have agreed to a higher rate for Trucking. Schedules of prices will be circulated on Monday, April 4th. Per order. April 1, 1-04. apr2 edl w# ESTABLISHED 1859. TUOS. f LARKSON k 80NS, Commission M«rob*nta for the purchase of Kh ur. Grain Provisions, Seeds, Ao., fco. Milwaukee, Wls April 6, lfc04. lOt entertainmentsT BLANCHARD'S; RELS. ter HALLL, iiiK on and after April 11, 1664. IVew City Mull, POSITIVELY FOR NINE DAYS ONLY I Perham’s Invalid Soldier NATIONAL HOME ente rprisei THI IUKVK or THI K1B1LLI9N! Devoted to railing Fund, for a National Home! THIS SUPERB AND GIGANTIC Illustrated History of the War! Which hw received a patronage in Boston. New York and other cities, entirely unpr><-dmted in the annals of public entrrta.nment* will be exhibited .in furtherance oi this patriotic movement. Camnnriiig Thursday linin;. lard 31st, 1SSI. And continue until April »th, incluiiva. Dooua Op»k at 7 O'CLOCK, .Baum at S o’clock, 100,000 TICKETS AT SI,00 SACK ! ‘ A Dollar Ticket Admits Four. » DONATION OF $34,120,00 IN VALUABLE PROPERTY TO THE TICKET HOLDERS. The original uumberof Ticket, i-.ued, to he aold wa. 100,000, oue third of which umber hai air road y been told in Bolton, Hue , where the euter prliewai Or-1projected. Each ONE DOLLAR TICKET is good lor FOUR ADMISSIONS to the Mirror of the Rebellion! which vill be exhibited for this purpose as above. Three Grand Afternoon Entertainment! Saturday, April 2d, Wednesday, April «, Bad Saturday, April ». at 3 o’clrk, t# accommodate Ladle, >ud Child ren. Children admitted at lu cents eaeh UTIU.UL HOIK T1CKITS AIUTIK fear $1.M lath. A Dollar Ticket consisting of Five Coupons, four of which are admissious to the Mirror, good at auy time, and the other a Certificate of an interest in the enteprise which the purchaser retains. Single* Admission 93 Cunts. National Home Tickets, admitting Fonr $1,00 each, for sale at tee Bookstores, and at the United States Hotel, and at the Hall. For full particulars see bills. mch24td J. £. FERNALD & SON., Merchant Tailors, AND DEALER* IN Gents’ Furnishing Goods, have just opened a piU 9/ • and can now show more than FOUR HUNDRED styles of Fancy Goods for Gentlemen’s and Boys’ Garments. Elegant Fitting GaitnenlB CAM ALWAYS II HAD AT TEE TIME AGREES UPON! i and at prlrrt at loir at any other haute. HT* The people tre Invited to cell it NO. 87 MIDDLE STREET. mcli'Jl d6w L. S. LOAN FIRST YtTIONAL ltWk -OF- • PORTLAND, DESIGNATED KEPOSITOKV -OF TUI UNITED STATES. This Bank is prepared to receive] subscriptions for the new “TEN FORTY LOAN,” which is dated March 1,18*4, bearing interest at five per cent, a year, PAYABLE IN COIN. redeemable at the pleasure of the Government alter ten year*, and payable iu forty year* Irom date Interest on Bond* not over one hundred dollars payable annually, and on all other Bonds semi annually. Subscribers will be required to pay, in addition to the principal, the accrued interest from March 1 iu coin, or in currency with titty ptr cent, premium added. Bonds oan be had in size* of $60. $100, $6C0, f1000. WM, EDW. GOULD, mch.11 dtf Cashier. Dissolution of Copartnership. THE copartnership heretofore existiug between the subscribers, under the name and style of Bradley A Webb, is this dav dissolved by mutual consent. ROBERT BRADLEY, M. G. WEBB. THE copartnership heretofore existing between the undersigned us this day dissolved b mutual content. u. M. MOULTON, A. G. ROGER*. Copartnership Notice. rifUK undersigned have this day formed acopa.t* J. tiendnp under the uamaatu style of H|(Al‘ I.EV.MOULTON A ROUEM 8, for the purpose of earryiu; on the VTour (jrsun aid Pro* Uion busi ness, at 88 Commercial Street, Tholuas Block KOBT. HKADLEV, li. M MOUMON, «pMdtf A. U. KOUKK8 M. X^t. A. fA n n a 1 Me e 1 lit t * THE mere bet. oi the Mercantile Library Associa tion w e hereby notified that the annual meet in* for th, e ectitan of officers for the ensuing year, and the tr» jusaciiom of any other bu.iness which may legally .como before them will be held at their rooms T* jesdav, April IMIh. 181>4. at 7$ o'clock n. it OT" ' Polls upon at 8 o'clock precieely. Per order, apqjj CiEO. H. SMAHDON. He*. Sec'y. X AUCTION SALES.' E JI. r.U TEV, AUCIl 'NKER, 1». fcaelmo,,*, Dry BmjIs u( Auction. ( )N Friday, Apiil p;, A. M , will be sold V a.. ua.ortaKut 01 Black, Col d , and Plaid Al pacca*. DeUage., Mu*, ins, Lawcj, Kobe*. Del.aicea Cinvfu’ ??**• AI»P**«‘. Shawl., bcarl*. tolars! *io»«rj, hibloiu, aim a \ari,-i> uf Otter good.. No j ...ipc,, ment ap,7 utd! E. M. PATTEN, AUCTIONEE8, 12 Exchanged^ Heading and Boa Shook* at Auction. 0*v?blTtr‘ *pril ,,h ■ “a p M , on Hobson's moi"> lu,d * Damped by the a.e'a,P „n „id „ ,fl6 dtd E. M PATTKJt, a;., flOMKER, 12 K.change St. Schooner at Auction. On Monday, April 11th, at 3 p. m «* *w. K . of Union Whirl, where she new Jits Wfjj ^ »vni the schooner Hucubord, 22 tuns At 111 Reach Boat, 2, ,PPt kppl> SX’aSaTSJ ape-dtd EDW M PATTEN, AUCTIONEER. 12E«eb..r,^ House uud Lund at Auction. /AX Monday, April 11th. at half put 12 on tbe om 1,0 21 SfBb 8t., wifi be aold tbe one and a half storied wooden dwelling, with brick U«tii"m ofn,V"r convenient, 10 tmi.hed room*, that P?n £T “ * "«w ,K® storied building ir» n tled !"r » dwelling at a small cost. " Lot contain* *ix thou*and and twentv-tfve test 2“*>'»* excellent water on ll.e prVn,“« r« particulars call on the Auctioneer. aprb dtd At Auction.—April ltth.lMM. BEAD OF UNION WIIAK>‘ AT 10O'CLOCK A M , VXttr^'L*******'" Private Hale, tbe k 8l7k ?! J S,8VC“* a Co., consisting of 5 good working Horses, ® 7 Harnesses, 3 Drays, 2 Carts, 3 8ieds, 1 Express Wagon, 1 Buggy Wagon, 2 hh ighs, lSohex and Blsnkets, 6 V\ storing Carts, I'uiups and fixtures. 1 Wew Coal Seale, 125 Tons Cunitierland Coal, &2ftidSSftSftil7.*SBrok#* r°*J mcbSOdtd J. STEVENS A C. E. U. PATTEN, AUCTIONEER, 12 F'.xcbeageaL rin* Dry Goode at Auction. ON Tuesday. April 12 h, at ej A. M.. at Office, an assortment ol cut Dry Goods, iu patteras fer ..V’ coi*t* icK “I Alpine* Alpaccn*. Meri P»L.n>« Be-ng... Lawn., Plaid*, btripee. Cot tons, Linens, Ca.-tAtmcres, Doe .skins. Broad Cloths. Linen Uadi* . M„i«ry. Kibboue. B/®.1'1'' with a v iriety of olher gouds Ladles ar® *° »'<end this sale. No pertpontment apy dtd Wholesale and Retail AUCTION ROOM! JUST OPENED Ho. 86 Fox Block, Exchange Street, Portland, he Ittull beta th< coutul receipt of. and will Mil e*erj afternoon and ereuiua by public auction, the followlun line* of good* In qnantitfee to tuft: Woolen* of all description*, Ores* Good* ia variety. Linen, t taslt Towelling, Cover*, Ac,Table Cutlery, Plated Ware, Jewelry. Yankee No* tion* aud Fancy Goods, Commencing Tueaday, February loth. GKO. L. PKIRCE, Auction and Commuslon Merchant. W P Btbwabt, Anctioneer- ftbld dtt EDWARD ill. PATTER, Commission Merchant k Auetioaeer, Ha# removed to the spacious store 12 Exchange Street, four doors below Merchant's Exchange. Will receive consignments of Merchandise ot •very description, for public or private sale. Sales of Real F<*tate. Vessels, Cargoes, Stocks tud Mer chandise solicited. Cash advances made, with prompt sale# and returns. mcblff dly TO THE AFFLICTED / DR. W. If. DESIIVG, Medical Electrician, No. 11 Clapp’s Block, CORNER OFCONORESS AND ELM STREETS WOULD respectfully announce to the citixenv ot Portland and vicinity, that he ha* permanent ly located in thi* city. During the eleven months that «e have been in towu we have cared aoaae ot the worst form* or disease in person* a bo have tried other form* ot treatment iu vain, and caring pa tients in so short a tinu* that the question is often asked, do they stay cured * To answer this question we will say that all that do uot stay cm ed, we will doctor the second time for nothing. Dr. D. has been a practical Llecirtciaa for twenty one yean, and is also a regular graduated physician Electricity is perfectly adapted to chronic diseases in the form of nervous or sick headache; neuralgia lu the head, neck,or extremities; consumption,whea In the acute stage* or where the lungs are uot folly Involved; aente or chronic rheumatism, scrofula, hip dise ase#, white swellings, #pinal diseases, curvature ! ot the spine, contracted muscles, disto^d limbs, palsy or paralysis, St. Vitas' Dance, desMk. stam mering or hesitancy of speech, dyspepsia, tndiges t*n , constipation aud liver complaint, piles—we cure every case that can bo presented; asthma, broaebi tis, strictures of the ohest, and ail forms of ferns It oomplainU. By Blootrioity The Rheumatic, the gouty, the lame and the lasf leap with joy, and move with the agility and elastie ity of youth; the heated brain is cooled; the frost bitten limbs restored, the uncouth deformities re moved » faintnc** converted to vigor, weaknem to strength; the blind made to see, the deaf to hear and the palai«Mi form to move upright; the blemishes ot youth are obliterated; the accidents of mature life prevented; the calamity* of old age obviated, and an active circulation maintained. LADIES Who have oold hands and feet; weakma ost ch* lame and weak backs; nervous and sick headache; dixsines* and swimming in the head, with indiges tion aud coustipation of the bowels; pain in the aide and back; leuoorrhtxa, (or whites); foiling of the womb with Internal cancers: tumors, polypus, and all that long train o« disease* will dud In Eleotrio Ity a sure means of cure. For painful menstruation, too profhso menstruation, and all of those long line I of trouble# with young ladies, Electricity is a certain j rpeciric. and will.' in a short time, restore the sufferer to the vigor of health. EST Ire hare an Electro-Chemical Apparatus tot extracting Mineral Poison fr»-m the syptejn, such as Mercury. Antimony. Arsenic, he. Hundreds who are troubled with stiff joints, weak backs, and vari ous other difficulties, the direct cause of whioh. ia mne cam* out of ten, is the edict of poisonous drugs, oan be restored to natural strength aud vigor by the use of from Ave to eight Baths. * Office hour* from 8 o’elvok a.M. to 1 F. • ; and 7 to 8 F. M. Consultation Free. Jy 14 tsedt Dirigo Insurant'? Company. rpilK undersigned, a majority of the person* 1 uamcd in the first section of an Act entitled “ An Act to incorporate the Dirigo Insurance Co.,** approved April 4,1860, hereby give notice that they have opened Books lor subscription to the Capital Stock, of said Coni) any. at the Office of the fort land Mutual Fire Insurance Company, or at tL* Merchants’ Exchange Rov in. JOSEPH HOWARD. EBEN STEELE. A. K.SMIRU EFE. J. B. CARROLL. WM. ( MASK. EZRA CARTER JR. J. C BROOKS. D W. CLARK. W. W. THOMAS. Portland, March 22, 1464. me Ii24 d A w3w Notice. \LL person* not residents of this town, are here by forbidden to take clam* from the flats tor ! any put pose, either lor market or t>ait, after lhi# i da;e, except by p-rmia-kn of the sub*«rib*r*. JAMES GUNNISON. ) Selectmen RICHARD LEA VIIT,J of GEO W. CARTER. J 8earboro. S arboio, April 2. 1S64 apr4dlw SEALED I KOTOS.lbS VI7ILL be received by the Ccmmitte* on Drains tf ‘aud Sower*, uutii Auril llth, lw>4, for con structing a common sewer through Biumball street, from Congress to Brackett »tre«t. Flats and apeci fleatious may be U und at the Civil Engineer's oftoo. The committee riserving the right to re'ect any or nil bid* not doomed s*fi*Ikctory. Fer order el* CoramiD**. wm. U. STB VV A RT, Cimirman. I April 6. td Vaaltiuble Farm For Sale. THE subscriber rflfers for tale, the I rut now occupkd by him in ■HiaAlk Gorham, containing about 160 acre* fl 11jJm7JT ' 1 good laud, with convenient ^ ‘ dwelling-house, a very large, com modious auu well built barn and outbuildings, nil iu good repair. Said farm is on the new road from Saccarappa to t. or ham corner, about eight mile* from Portland, two from Saccarappa and one from Gorham. It has a valuable wood lot containing about forty acres, is will watered, and la altogeth er one of tii*» Wat farms in Gorham. Applv to HON TOFPAN ROB1E, Gorham. H. H. Dow. I*ortland, or to John Johnsou, on the premise*. n>i6d4w*_ Eaton Hoarding School for Boys. THE Summer Session of this School will com mence the Second Monday in May. For Particulars, Address H. F. BATON, Principal. Kents'* Bill, Me., April 4th, Xm. D4w

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