Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, April 9, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated April 9, 1864 Page 3
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MATTERS ABOUT TOWft. lloligiou* Notices. S3f^3ttos Lizzii Doten, medium, will lecture in Mechanics’ Hall to morrow afternoon aud evening, at 3 and 7 o’clock. Subject—Afternoon, "Personality of good and evil, or God and the Devil." Lvening, "Second coming of Christ." Sunday School at 10], Conference at 1] o’clock. UT The Washiugtouiau Society hold meeting, every Sunday evening, at Sod, of Temperance Hail, 86S Congress street, commeuciug at 7 o'clock. The public are iuviled. tt 8^*Capt. Hutton, of the steamer Hibernian, will .peak at tbe Bethel Church to-morrow afternoon, l'rayer meeting in 'lit evening at the usual hour. rr-Hev. S. T. Uewes, of South Boston, will preach at Park .treet Church to-morrow morniug and atter noon. BS^West Congregational Church—Preaching to children to-morrow af eruoou at 3 o'clock, sub joot—The Bomelte. Jeflim. OP“Elder Peter Libby will preach at Second Ad vent Hall to-morrow The public are invited. Seat, free. Cyilev. Kli Kay, of Leominster, Mam., will p each st the first Parish Church lo-monuw. CS^Bishop Burge,, will preach, in St. Stephen’s Church to-morrow morning and afternoon, aud at St Luke's in tbe eveniug. Municipal Court—April H. Eliza Hounds, to a search ami seizure pro cess, pleaded not guilty. She was adjudged guilty and was obliged to pay $22,2ti line and costs. This is the third lime site lias paid fur til* same offense tins year. Abner Paine pleaded guilty to a search and seizure process and paid the fine of $20 and C08t8. A Levee.—-A Levee fur the benefit of the Widow Wood’s Society will be given by the Association of the Spiritualists at new City Hall next Wednesday evening. This gener ous association can’t bo driven from doing good by one stormy night. Although the elements were against them on a previous oc casion, yet they were not disheartened. The object is a noble one, aud no society knows better than this one that mercy is twice blessed—it blesses him who gives and him who receives. We hope the weather will lie pro pitious, and the hall be tilled with the noble hearted and generous. The members of this Association understand how to get up a good time. Full of life, spirit and generosity them selves, they never fail to infuse the same feel ings into others which moves their own hearts. Let the Hull be tilled to overflowing, and the Widow Wood’s Society receive a noble ond substantial benefit. J, AST chance.— I lie last opportunity of witnessing the Mirror of the Rebellion occurs to-day ami this evening. This afternoon there will lie a grand matinee, to which children will he admitted for 10 cents. An excursion party on the line of the York and Cumber land railroad will visit the exhibition at the same time. This evening will positively be the last exhibition in this city. Those who have not seen these illustrations of the war should not lose this chance. In one hour aud a half they will have unrolled before their eyes some vivid sketches of lhit most interest ing scenes of the war. By purchasing dollar tickets they will be assisting in raising the fund for the establishment of a National Home for the invalid soldier, and will stand a chance of getliug some one of the valuable prizes that are to lie distributed. The Second Maine Cavalry Band were present last evening and performed to the great satisfaction of the au dience. Lost and Found.—Late Thursday night a gentleman came into our office and adver tised a port monaic containing a sum of money as lost. He could not tell where he had lost it. He remembered taking it out in a shop to pay a small bill, and then getting into his wagon aud returning home. He found it was missing when lie arrived. Yesterday morning he traced Ilia steps from his house to the shop where he had taken out his port monaic, ex amining the ground very closely. To his greut satisfaction he discovered the port tnonaie in the middle of the street, with the contents (about $440,) all safe. It bad worked out ot bis pocket. Dikigo Insurance Company. — We are informed that this company, which is now or ganizing in this city, will for the present con fine their policies to fire risks, although their charter allows them to take marina risks. There D ample space for such a company in this place. Four-fifths of all the insurance on buildings aud property in this city is in offices ont of the State. The Dirigo Company will' be composed of some of the solid men of the city, aud there will be no necessity of goiug out of the State for insurance when we have a safe and sure office at home. Shaking Down.—A soldier, a member of Baker's Cavalry, said to belong in Bath, who Las been in the hospital at Augusta, yesterday applied to one of the policemen and stated that he had been robbed of a watch and fifty dollars at a bouse in the ‘‘Bite,” on Hancock street. He was so intoxicated that lie could not tell any of the circumstances, and was taken to the Police office to sleep off his in toxication. Robinson's Biding Academy.—The sea son is now approaching when ladies delight in equestrian exercise. In order to accomplish themselves on horseback, they cannot do bet ter than take a few lessons at ttie riding aca demy ol Mr. Robinson, on South street. He cau furnish good horses and give instructions both in the management of the horse and as to the most graceful way of riding. Silver Platinu.—Mr. M. Pearson, at Xo. 238 Congress street, opposite the city building, continues the business of plating all kinds of metalio ware in the best manner. We have seen specimens of ids work, which have an artistic and beautiful finish. lie also repairs aud rellnishes old silver ware. Call at his shop and he will show you specimens of his work. See his advertisement. Seizure. — Deputy Marshals Wentworth aud Merrill yesterday afleritpon visited the premises of John Sullivan in the “Bike,” aud seized a small quantity of intoxicating liquors. Mrs. Sullivan resented the seizure and became rather pugnacious; but sbe was soon cooled down aud the ollieors proceeded with their husiuess. jy"Tiekets for sale to hear Capt. Hussey, late from Libby Prison, at Crossinau A- C'o., 75 Middle St., aud at utmost any of the book stores aud principal hotels. Lecture takes place Monday evening, April 11th, at Me chauic’s Hall. ET-W e would call the attention of all in terested, to the auction sale of J. Stevens A Co , on Monday next at 10 o’clock, head of Union Wharf. E. M. Patleu, Auctioneer. Correction. The beautiful engraving of Gen. Grant is by J. C. Buttle, X. Y., and is for sale in this city by J. Itussell, and at the Picture stores. Price £1,00. i2L“ The sale of 10-40 government bonds, by the First National Bank of Portland, for the present week, amounts to over £115,000. Personal.—Ex-Govercor Hubbard, of 11a'. lowell, arrived iu the cars iast evening from Boston, aud is stopping at the United States. - t! Attention is called to the advertisement of Win. A. Pearce, who is engaged in the plumbing business. BY TELEGRAPH TOTH ft Portland Daily Press. -——-«• « --. XXXVIII OONGBESS—First Session. Washington, April 9. SENATE. Mr. Morrill introduced a till to promote the foreign and coasting trade. Referred to Committee on Commerce. Mr. Trumbull, from the Judiciary Com mittee, reported adversely on the joint reso lution to establish a new rule ol the (senate, requiring Executive nominations to lie consid ered ill open session. Mr. Sherman introduced a hill to provide for a national currency, secured by United States stocks, and to provide for the redemp tion thereof. Referred to the Committee on Finance. Mr. Harlan introduced a bill for the relief of certain friendly Iudians of the Sioux na tion. lieferred to the Committee on Indian Adairs. Mr. Morrill introduced a bill extending the jurisdiction of District Courts. Referred to Committee on Commerce. Mr. Howard introduced a joint resolution to extend the time for the reversion to the United States of lands granted to the Mar quette Railroad. Referred to Committee on Public Lands. On motion of Mr. Wilson, the Secretary of War was directed to communicate informa tion touching the recent arrest of Col. C. B. Ferguson, Quartermaster U. >. A., and Capt. William Stoddard, A. Q. M., lately in charge of the military depot at Alexandria. On motion of Mr. Anthony, it was resolved that the Committee on Naval Affairs he in structed to inquire into the expediency of placiug the professors ol Ethics, Spanish and of Drawing in the Naval Academy on the same footing with other professors. Mr. Howard introduced the House bill to secure the title to certain lands in Rock Island, III., which caused some debate, hut without action the subject went over at the expiration of the morning hour. M r. Hale called up the bill to repeal the first section of the joint resolution of Feb. 24,1S04, relative to the transler of persons from the military to the naval service, which was passed. The Senate took up the joint resolution amending the Constitution so as to prohitit slavery. Mr. Sumner addressed the Senate at length in favor of the total abolition of slavery, and w as followed by Mr. Powell iu opposition. Mr. Satilsbury proposed an amendment, se curing liberty of press, free speech and re establishing the principle of the Missouri Compromise. Rejected. Mr. Sumuer withdrew his amendment here loiore ouercu. After some remarks by Mr. McDowell, the amendments reported as a substitute for the original bill were adopted—JiS to 0. Adjourned till Monday. HOUSE. Mr. Ganson made a repo, t from the Com mittee on Elections, that neither Mr. Loan, the sitting member, nor Mr. Bruce, the con testant, from the 7th Congressional district of Missouri, are entitled to a seat. The House resumed the consideration of tlie bill to erect a Penitentiary Jail and House of Correction in the District of Columbia. Mr. Patterson, of N. H., replied to the charge made by Mr. Wasliburne, of Illinois, that be (Patterson) had voted tM;!5,000 for extending the Charlestown Navy Yard. An extravagant appropriation, reported to be a swindle, as it turned out to be. He said it was hardly courteous to make such a charge, and proceeded to justify his vote. He (Pat terson) made the general remark that if any man charged him with willully voting for a corrupt branch or swindle lie would (ling back the infamous charge with scorn and contempt into his teeth. Mr. Washburne said that the gentleman yesterday made insinuations against him, and he stood by what he said on that occasion, that the appropriation partook of the charac ter of a swindle. He did not accuse Mr. Pat terson of voting for a corrupt fraud, but for what turned out to be a swindle, not intend ing any reflection on any man iu the House. Mr. Patterson, iu view of this explanation, exonerated Mr. Washburne. Messrs. Morrill and Casson briefly showed that the appropriation was judicious. The bill was recommitted with instructions to inquire into the expediency of reporting an appropriation for a House of Correction. Private business was considered for some time, after which the bill extending the time for States to accept grants of land for agricul tural and mechanic college purposes was taken up. Mr. Holman offered au amendment, provid ing that any State or territory may appropri ate the revenue derived from lands donated to them for the education of orphans, soldiers and sailors. Mr. Morrill and others protested. Rejected. The bill passed with an amendment includ ing the State of Weet Virginia. The House then went into a committee on the-President's aunual message. Mr. Long made a speech of several hours duration. He denied that the opponents ot the Administration were giving aid and comfort to the enemy, and quoted from Ben ton, Seward, Quincy, Adams, Fillmore and others to show that coercion could not be suc cessful under republican system, aud that the last three years of war had proved the truth of the proposition. There were only two questions: 1st, the recoguition of the South ern Confederacy ; 2d, the continuation of the war for the subjugation of tbe South. Of the two he preferred the former. He believed the Democratic party were for peace, aud would he placed in a false position it they nominated a war candidate. Mr. Garfield said he honored hU colleague fur his bravery and liouesty, but was opposed to his sentiments. He spoke at some length, saying that when he was in the army a spy brought in two letters addressed to J. C. Breckinridge. They were commendations of the bearer, who desired to tight the abolition ists. One of them was writtcu by a man wbo lately held a seat ou this floor, and was from Indiana. M nccre I Tail > >. . ■< (' t. il » TIT l ‘a . ... .1 .at. .... ’ -*-1 ' ' ■“•v Uiuun called for the name of the writer. Mr. Garfield said lie had the letter, and would give the name at the proper time. Mr. Long replied to Mr. Garfield, saying lie spoke for himself. After a running debate, participated in by Messrs. Long, Garfield and Holman, the com mittee rose and the House adjourned. H'atthiiifjfyn Jtrporta. New Yokk, April 8. Special dispatches from Washington state that the indications are that the Senate will reject to-day all the substitutes for the anti slavery amendment to the Constitution, and pass the origiual amendment if possible. The Senate Finance Committee will soon take action ou the National Bank bill. Jay Cook writes that the 10-40 loan will prove as great a success as the loan last year. 4 he Chief Quartermaster of the Cavalry liurciiu advertises for 3000 more army horses, delivered here, at $1.50 each. Speaker Colfax gives his last reception this evening. 1 lie last Presidential reception will be next 1 hursday. Various Heme. New Youk, April 8. The prize steamer Cumberland was sold at auction to-day for $50,000. Mrs. Quarles, who concealed for nine days Col. Streight and Capt. Porter, on their escape from Libby Prison, lias arrived at the New Kuglaud Looms, a refugee from Kiclimond. Three small children accompanied her. They were sent outside the rebel lines. Her hus band has enlisted in the 14th N. Y. cavalry. The family is <| uite destitute. Morrmvnta of the Ftt-ltal Han, 1'orreat. Philadelphia, April 8. The Bulletin has the following dispatch:— Cincinnati, March 8.—Notwithstanding the rebel Gen. ltulord's assurance that he intends to remain in Western Kentucky, it Is reported that Forrest is manoeuvring to get out of the State by dividing his forces into small detach ments and slipping them off by byways. OpeillMf/ <»/ the Venaberot Hirer. Bangob, April 8. i he ice left the Penobscot to-night and the river is now open to navigation. from Washington. Washington. April 8. Tlie Committee oil Manulacturrs have made a report relative to duties ou wool. They say that the expectation that law grades of wool would not compete with domestic products, has not been realized. The entire duties ol' last year did not produce more than half a million dollars. The total amount of wool imported during the fiscal year was 71,882,123 pounds, costing $12,290,830. Inquiry was made some time ago in rela tion to the case of Maj. X. H. McLeon, to which the Secretary of War lias replied that that officer was ordered to Vancouver, lie cause it was deemed expedient to the service that he should go there, and that it has never been the practice of the Department to fur nish copies of charges affecting the capacity or fidelity of its officers, previous to taking action upon their cases. The Secretary says it is not deemed compatible witli the public interest to make further answer. 1*. appears from an official document of Adj. General Townsend that the number of nine months men under the act of .July, 18G2, was 18,449 volunteers and 83,300 militia. Tlie bounty paid was $25 each; the balance were all Irom Pennsylvania, having been raised by Gov. Curtin. Bounty has been paid to 3934 Vermont nine months men, without the au tboiity of the Department, owing to a mis take of the mustering officers and quarter masters. Senator Grimes' hill for reforming the abuses iu Xaval supplies, which are shown to ex st by tlie conviction of Stover and the arrest of Scofield, Raymond and Savage, lias beeu re ported against by Senator Hale, the Chair man of the Committee on Xaval Affairs. Therefore the old Naval agency system will not probably be changed at present. Tlie greater number of the engineers who have built engines are here, petitioning Con gress. Tlie committee has not yet reported on the claim. To grant the prayer will in crease tlie naval expenditures far beyond the amount already considered as the extreme. The report made by the committee ou Elec tions, iu the case of Mr. Bruce against Mr. Loan, of the 7lh Congressional District of Missouri, is signed by Representative Ganson, for himself, aud Dawes, Voorhes, Baxter and Brown, of Wisconsin. They say tlie evidence disclosed ample proof that a portion of the militia in certain locali ties disregard entirely the injunction given in certain orders, and in many instances iu vio lation of their duty as good citizens and th% commands promulgated prior to their elec tion, these soldiers assuming who should and who should not vote, and for whom votes should he cast, and by threats of violence aud various other modes of intimidation, they so far interl'erred with the election as, in the opinion of the committee, to render it a nulity. They therefore report that neither Mr. J.oan, tlie sitting member, nor Mr. Bruce, the con testant, is entitled to the seat. Representatives Smithers ami Scofield, of tlie minority, see no reason for invalidating the election, and hence Uiey join in a resolu tion that Loan is entitled to the place he now occupies. Chief Justice Taney resinned his seat on the bench in the Supreme Court to-day, having entirely recovered from his sickness of three or four months duration. I tirioUM I trine. New York, April S. The second male aud seven of the crew of the bark Garibaldi have been arrested in Del aware, charged with the murder of the first mate on the voyage from New Orleans to Matanzas. A report from Cincinnati states that there Is great excitement about the sudden disap pearance of the firm of llidwell * Co., Com mission merchants, who have cousuinated a mammoth scheme of swindling, by which a a number of merchants of Cincinnati, Cleve land, Pittsburg and New York, are sufferers. They are supposed to have fled to Canada. , Items from Southern Sources. New Yoke, April 8. The Richmond papers of the 28th ult. re port Gov. Vance, of N. C., addressing North Carolina brigades in Lee's army. The Examiner is indignant because two regiments recruited by John Morgan have Iteen taken from him ami given to Gen. Dings by, a pet of Jeff Davis, leaviug Morgan with only 50U0 men. A letter from Mobile reports eight Federal vessels still lying oil Fort Powell aud ten oil' Fort Morgan. There is no important news in the papers. Marine IHeaeter. Baltimore. April 8. Capt. Nelson, who was sent down with a steam tug to the assistance of the bark Hava na, has returned to this port. He says the bark lies three miles south of Capo Henry, in side of the breakers, Iter head on shore ami the sea breaking over her. The tug could not get near her on account of the heavy swell. No one was seen on board or on the shore. The vessel will doubtless prove a to tal loss. From Fortress Monroe. Fortress Monroe. April 7. Two steamers, the New York and the Ex press, left to-day under a flag of truce for City Point, to bring down all the Federal oflieers aud soldiers now prisoners of war at Rich mond, about a thousand in number. The underwriters’ boat Atlantic attempted to visit Cape Henry to-day to look alter the wrecks, but the weather was so rough that the boat returned. Financial, New York, April 8. The receipts at the Custom House to-day amounted to 8515,000, of which $479,000 were in gold certificates. The subscriptions to the 10-40 loan at the 1st National Bank to-day amounted to $213, 000. Partial lieetructlvn of tape l ookout Tight house. Fortress Monkok, April 8. The steamer S. R. Spaulding, just arrived from Newbern, reports that Cape Lookout lighthouse was partially destroyed by the reb els, and there will probably be no light there for a week. Xe<c York Market. K*w Youk. April 8 Cotton—firm but les* active; alien 1460 bak-* at 7{c for middling upauda, aud 73c tor low middling*. Flour—receipt* 7,*64 bbla; sales 18.600 bbl*; State aud Western bYtlOc better; Superfine State 6;w #80: Extra 72n.a7 70; choice7 rtGfa.7 60; Ituuud Hoop Ohio j 46a7 60; choice do 7 UVii* 76; Superiine Wes tern 6 HOniJOO; Extra do 7 73 o 7 45; Southern firmer; sales 23JO bbls: Mixed to good 7 35>i7i6: Fan cy aud extra 7 So.u/JO 75; Canada 10c belli r; sales 003 bbla; common Extra 7 26^7 40; Extra good to choice 7 45 q,8 70. Wheat—quiet arc! 1c better; sales 0/00 bushel*; Chicago spring 1 66ftlt-9: Milwaukie Club 1 b7v« l 70; WinterJied Western 171ft! 75; Amber Milwaukee 17l®172; Amber Michigan 170ft 1 81; White do 1 85: Ked Jersey 1 fa#. Corn—quiet; sales 2G 000 bush; Mixed Western shipping in store 1 31 0,138; Yellow Jersey 1 33^1 33$; do southern 1 2H&1 29. Oat*—quiet arm loss firmer; sale# at 90®91c.’ Beef—firm; sales 1550 bbls; Country mess 7 CO® »<J0; prime 60U&6 00; repacked Chicago 10 50® 10 00; prim* mew 25 &0a26 00. Pork—active; sales 4<:00 bbls; mess 23 C0&23 25: old do 23 00; new do 24 76®*$ 00; prime 19 50@22 00 for old and new; prime mess24 2f ®25 00. Cut Meats active; sales 976 pkgs; Shoulders 10® 11; Hants 13 •«. Bacon—scarce: sales 600 boxes at ll»ttl2c for Western short ribbed, aud 12 ft 12 ic for do long cut Western 89@&9c. I ard—easier: sales 2070 bbls at 13jftl4c. Butter—in lair demand; sales Ohio 2Sa37c; State 40,a 4 o. Whiskey—firmer; sa’cs 1800 brls at 1 09.2! 10 for State, and 1 lOftl 11 for Western. Kice—quiet at 8Ja9Jc for Kaugoon. Sugar—quiet: sales 280 hlids; New Orleans 18® l?o; Muscovado 16}. Coffee—steady. Molasses—dull Naval Stores—quit t Spirits Turi**utiue—3 25 ; crude do nominal. Petroleum—tinner: sales 3000 bbls; crude at36‘c; refined in bond 66; do tree at 06c Hides—quiet. Freights to Liverpool—dull and nominal. Wool—firm with a fair demand Stock Market. Seen rut J»cW._Stock. M„3yW YOR“- A,'r11 8 Michigan Southern guaranteed... 154 Illinois Central scrip,. .4.1 Erie preferred... .. Michigan Central. 1r«l', Michigan Southern. i.r* .i«i Hudson. {J* New York Central. UM Pacific Mail. !! 1!!228 Quicksilver Mining Co,. Cumberland Coal Company preferred.. . . . gg Canton Company. 74 American (iold.*. ’, \ ‘ ‘' 1091 Teuuessee 6’s. r.i* Missouri 6’s..734 Uuited States one year certificates new. 991 Treasury 7 3-lOtbs.Ulj United States 6-20 coupons. 112 Unitod States O’s 1881 registered,.1..njj MISCELLANEOUS. SPRING & SUMMER OPENING! A. D. REEVES, TAILOR & DRAPER, NO. 03 EXCHANGE STREET. Has just returned from Huston and New York with a HIGH AND FASHIONABLE ASSORTMENT OK Cloths, Cassimeres and Vestings, Of every variety and style, (including many of the moist unique pattern* of the treason,) which he pur chased for ccmh, aod consequently can give au ele gant “kit out” at the LOW£§T (ASH PHICES! He invite* hLs old Irlcadsaud customers, and the public generally, to call and examine his stock. Havin' enlarged his store by-the removal of his work-room above, ho has accommodations more ex tensive for the display of his goods. April 8,1804. dtf NEW MILLINERY1 -TO OPXN ON NO.VD.4Y, APRIL 4lli. & - The »ab'cribtr, having leased the nesr store, No. 2 > Free stree*, 2d door tiom Center St., has just received a tine assortment of the LATEST STYLES OF SPRING AM) SUMMER GOODS. which she is prepared to manufacture to order and sell at the lowest cash rmcKa. ▲ good assortment of READY MADE BONNETS always on hand. MOURNING GOODS in store and made to order Having had eight rears experience in manufac turing millinery goods. I trust I shall bo able to please all who may favor me with their custom. A share of patronage is most respectfully solicited. MAHY A. SHILLINGS Portland, April 2,18*54 apr2dtf FEUCHTWANGER & /UNDER, NO, Ml MIDDLE STREET, (POX BLOCK), Are Annin iii th^ E’ield -with Divisions, Brigades & Regiments! NEW AM) FASHIONABLE DRY GOODS! FOB THE S P R I NIG. Ladies of Portland and vicinity are respectfully invited to call aud see the many beautiful styles ot Foreign and Domestic Dress Goods just received: Also, the great variety Hoiimc Furnishing Goods ! Such as Brown aud Bleached Cotton Sheetings and Shirtings, Table Linens, Drillings, 1 ickings. Denims. Stripes, &c. Also, just receiving, the latest styles of handsome Spring Balmoral Slclrts And the moil fa*hionahlo SI'RIXQ SllA IYLS. A complete stock of CLOTHS AND CASSIMEBES, FOB BOVS' AND MEN'S WEAR. CLOAKINGS! CLOAKINGS!! An elegant a**ortim-ut. We are jttat roadv to inanu lai-iuro to meaiiire. at the .hortent notice, any oftbe new uml devitublc spring Cloaka. Warrcutt-d to suit. FElCHTW.ONiEK & Z UNDER, (FOX BLOCK), NO. 81 MIDDLE STREET, PORTLAND, Mania. P. 8.—Ladies need not aak for good* from the wrecked *teani*)iip Bohemian, a* we have none hut Bound and froeli good*, which we warrant a* such, aprltf A SPRING SUPPLY FASHIONABLE GOODS, -rou COATS, BANTALOONS AND VESTS. obtained during the last week in New York and Boston, may be found at the store of WILLIM C. BECKETT, Merchant Tailor, N- . 137 Middle Street. Some of these Goods, which have been recently imported, differ much iu color, texture and linish from the sty lea that have cont inued iu vogue lor a year or two past, and are considered very elegant. Beside* these aud o l»or Goods,—comprising all the rarieties for laabionabie wear, at the same place may be found a good supply of Sinudnrd Gtruma, French, uml ICiigliah Hr«mclcloih» and Doe skin*. lor genteel suits; together witu styles of Vesting* selected with a vicw to su.t all tastes. Also, excellent goods for Spring Overcoats, Eng* lDh Walking Sacks Paletots, and other Business Coats, w ith plates of the latest styles of Cutting and Finishing. gy No. 137 Middle Street.^ mch&* dGw NOTICE. milB Subscriber with pleasure announces to his X old Patron* aud the Public, that as he has se cured t; e services ot a FRENCH COOK AND CONFECTIONER, who ha* h id thirty years experience in the b« st and largest houses iu NklW YOKK, BDSl'UN. aud other cities, that he is prepared to furnish Weddtmj «-r Other Parties, and Families with every description aud variety of articles iu his Line, viz. uonea lurkeys, juirai, meatot all kinai, Every Variety ol lee Cream, JellieH, Ckurlotle Kuvse, Cake, Pawtry, Or Conleetiouary, either plain or fatcy. Exporionced "Waiters, who are competent to take charge of Wedding or other Parties, will be l'utuisl-.ed on application. All orders from the Country will iwcei o prompt attention. N.B. Please bear in|mind|that BARN UM buy* and uses the be*t Material that the country affords. Call aud examine. I. Hariitini, Codmaii Block, Teuaple Street, Portland, Me. mch23 dtt NOTICE. WE. tha undersigned Blacksmiths and Horse H hours ol ror'land, do agree to adopt aud hold ourselves bound by the following prices lor our work: For new shoes parrot, $2.iK) For toeing aud setting per ait, 1.00 For sharpening per set, ].U0 Kssettiug per sot, 75 Bar Shots per pair, coin, 1 50 Hea\ y M10. s per pair, upwards Snowball per pa r, 3(0 BKN.J. STEVENS, No 207 Congress Street. STAPLES A SPAN A'OOD, 17H Cimmercial St DAVID VOl’NO, No. 271 Commercial fetreet. COBB A NOVEi, No 19 Commercial Street. J.ti. HA It MON, No. 100 Fore Street. JOHN COLLINS, No. 31 1 ore Street. JAMKS L. SHAHS. No. 261 Commercial Strict J T. A C T. Mi INTIKE, Preb e otreet. J H. KEMP, No. 28 Prtb e Stroet. II. KICilaRDSON, No. 70 Federal Street. MJMNEK L111BV, cor lireeu A Port.and Streets. WM. liA rt’H, Portlauil Street. a;8 d2t* CiSardeuiiiff* rilllH Gentry of this City and vicinity, who may A wish to have tiieir private gardens taken cure of duriug the *eusi*n. <>raperiis. Crafting aud Fruit treei attended to, will be accomodated, by ap plying to Alukiu DikWANoun, corner of North and Montreal SC*, or drop a note at Box 1638, Post Olll«*e. apr4 eodtf Established IW.*. TUO’S. CLARKSON & SONS, . Commission Merchants for the purchase of Flour urain, Provisions, Seeds, Ac . Ac. Milwaukee, Wis April 6 1814. - lot AniiWd X Co. MAYT>I-fc uudat Nash A Co.’S, corner of Casco and Congress Streets, for the present. d8t* ENTERTAINMENTS. SPRAGUE AND MINST at lanoas Ope ii efery even „ ,, Monday, aprSdiw CHASID IY10Y BALL! The Dan; ng season will close with a Ball at Meehanies’ Hall. -ox Thursday, Fast Evening, April 14th. The nta oagers intend to niakelhirthe Ball of the season an-i the public may ie®t assured that all the objectionable w 1:1 be excluded from the Mall as a large number of Ladies and Gentlemen will be pres ent from other towns and cities. I he managers propose to present the Belle of the Mail with a t lot id ia Photco iapii Album, valued at Sj, and it is hoped that the Bello of our city will be on baud and not allow this pmo to be borne away by auv of our neighboring Beauties. A“e C'amp Berry Bras 4 Baud will be in attendance and play Promenade a> d Fancy Dance Music. Committee of Arrangement* -J. II. Bai Leriok, W. H. Phillips; C. A. Deering, Bid ietord : M. McCar thy, W . B. 81in-on : A D Hail I ewiston ; F Good ridge. Sac jarappa; E Uardrg Gorham; ,J. Coombs, Yarmouth; K P. l’oole. Buxton; R. Lace, Saco; A. N. Haines Brunswick: T. P. Beal, ». A. Hans n. Dancing Musi* by Chandlers quadrille Band, I/?!’ . VJ ,'r':>mPter Dane ing to commence at 8J o clock rirKET* SI 00. admitting Gentle man and Ladies, to be bad of the Committee of Ar rangements and at the door. No Ga-lery Tickets sold. Clothing checked free of expense. ap3td Deering Hall, Lessee and Manager—N. R. DeWaldren W The Oreat Sensation of the Day. ON MONDAY, APRIL 11th., and during the week, will be performed the startling Drama of P OMP CUD JO’S CAVE. from thb HOWARD ATHEN.KCM, BOSTON. Mr. DeWalden, The emiuent Actor and Dramatist. Mr. Henry Seymour, The renowned Actor and Pantomimest Mb. J. B. Sutton. Mb. Otis, Mu. Silvan, From the Boston anJ New York Theatres. Miss Annie Bauoii—Mbs. D. il. Allkx and Mias Annie Speer Will appear, supported by an excellent Company aud numerous Auxiliaries, to give due effect to the most effective DRAMA of Modern Times. dtd W. W. PRATT, Business Agent. Return of the New Favorites! MRS. EUGENE RAVEL’S Gymnastic and Pantomine TROUPE, i.y c tyxscTiox wi fh a BRASS BAND, Will Give Three Grand Entertainmenti -A_t Deering Hall, On Tharstlay, Friday A Saturday Bvenings, Ijiril, 7, Si, A Oth. Dour* op*n at i to 7 o'clock; Commencing at 8 o clock. C'liauge of Programme nightly. l'aniuette GO Cent*; Gallery 1G Cent*. LOOK OUT FOIt A GIIAND MATINEK, On SA TOKDA T Ah I KHSOOX, for Kamil let. Door* open at 2 o'clock ; commencing at 3 o'clock. Ticlceta for the Matinee, 2G Cent* to alf part* of the hou**. Mr*. Kugene Havel, Proprietor* * apt* td_ANDKKW S.XKWroN, Agent. G B. A N D PROMENADE CONCERT ! -FOB THE--s BENEFIT -OF tux CAMP BERRY RAND. The citizen*of Portland have tendered to the Camp Berry Baud a Complimentary Benefit. with the hope that they may be able to refund to them a sufficient sum to cover thiir recent loan by fire. The Baud is composed of euliflted men. who only receive *13 per month, aud out of this they are obliged to pur chase their own musie, 4c. It is hoped that our cit izens wilt show their aupre ciatiou 01 the many favors they have received from this organisation since they have been stationed amoug us. by giving them a crowded house. The aifiir will bo uuder charge of competent managers, aud will take place at New City Hall, Tuesday Evening, April 12,1884. CHANDLER'S QUADRILLE BAND will ftirni.h music lor 1 wily it D**cgs' Fancy Dance aud Promenade Music hy Camp Berry Baud. TICKETS 2 5 CENTS. lor sale at Paiue's Music Store, Cro.-man 4 Co ’a, J- J. Gilbert, aud at the door. Doors open at 7 o’clock, Dancing to commence at 8 o'clock. ap7 did nXiMOVAIi. JOSIAH BURLEIGH H&B RKtfUVKD TO NEW STORE, EVANS’ It LOCK, Nos. 141 & 143 Middle Street. JOSIAH BURLEIGHj Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Clothing,Cloths, Tailors’ Trimmings, -AMD GENTLEMEN’S FURNISHING GOODS, Nos. Ml & 143 Middle Street. .IOS I V II BURLEIGH, A gout for (Jrover A Baker's celebrated Nowing- Maeliines, Not 141 & 143 Middle Street. NATHAN GOOLD Will say to his iriends that he may be tunnd at Bur* leigh's, No. 141 A 143 Middle street, where he will be plca-ed to wait upou his former customer*. Portland. March 24. 1804. dtf BAILEY AND NOYES. DEALERS IN PAPER HANGINGS, WK purchase our Stock of Room Taper from the largest Manufacturing betablhlimcn'* in the United State*; careiully selecting from their large stocks, the new pattkuns only,—aud *uch a* are adapted to this market. This year the styles and design* are very beautiful, and wo have a tine a*Hurtmeut, appropriate forever/ •tyle of room. \Ve invite those in waut of ItOOjf PAPER to examine our patterns, before pdrehasing elsewhere. They are bought here lor cash, ai.d we can atlurd to sell at a faiu pkick. BAILEY AND NOYES, liooknellerH anti Stationer**, 50 A 3H Exchange If tree l, Portland N B.Couutry dealers will find it to their advant age to rive ua a call, if in waut of Room Tapkk. uioh25 2m3 A w Hoop Skirts! Hoop Skirts! French, German & American Corsets. NEW "STORE ! JUST OPKNKU, at 154 Middle, corner cf Cross Street, WE wou'd inform tiro I. .dies of Fortlahd atj vicinity that we have tho largest and best as sortment ever oflered iu this cit . We do not intend to g.t up any competition with our neighbors but being nosnected with one of the largest manufac tories in tile c untry. we feel felly assured, should the ladies favor ns with a ea I aud' ere dosirious of obtaining anything iu our line, we can suit them both in style aud price Trey will also dud retiied apartnv uts so much desired In Btting this of goods. ap7d&w2w* L. B. FOLLETTE entertainments. BLANCHARD'Sj ~~ RELS, TER ECARIaL, in* on and after April 11, lSe-1. New City liiilC, POSITIVELY FOR NINE DAYS ONLY! Perham’s Invalid Soldier NATIONAL HOME ENTE RPRISE! TBI MIRROR OF TUI R1I1LLI0T! Devoted to raising Funds for a National Home! THIS Slil’EKB AND GIGANTIC Illustrated History of the War! Which has received a patronage in Boston, New York and other citiea, entirely unprecedented in the annals of public enterta nments, will be exhibited .in furtherance of this patriotic movement. Commencing Thursday Iteoiig, larch 31it, 1W. And continue until April »tb, inclusive. Dooua Oran at 7 o'clock, . . Bkoik a* 8 o'clock, 100,000 TICKETS AT $1,00 EACH ! A Dollar Ticket Admits Four. ft DONATION OF $34,120,00 IN VALUABLE PROPERTY TO THE TICKET HOLDERS. J08IAI1 PKRHAM. Agent for the proprietors has the bouor to announo»a plan for the t'ouu ding of a National Ibbtitctiosi, to be a home tor Invalid aud Disabled Soldier* The original number of Tickets issued, to be sold was 100,000, one third of wbicii umber has air read y been told in Boston, Mass , where the enter prise was first projected. Kach ONE DOLLAR TICKET is good lor FOUR ADMISSIONS to the Mirror of the Rebellion! which will beeKhibited for thii purpose a* above. Three Grand Afternoon Entertainmenti Saturday, April 2d, Wednesday, April tt, and Saturduy, April ». at 3 o’rlt k, to accommodate Ladie* and Child* run Children admitted at 10 ceuta caeh. RUV.VU HU1K IltKKTS AMTIM loir $1,10 Kuh. A Dollar Ticket consisting of Five Coupons, four of which are admissions to the Mirror, good at auy time, and the other a Certificate of an interest in the euteprisc which the purchaser retains. Single Admission 29 Cents. National Home Tickets, admittirg Four 91,00 each, for sale at toe Bookstores, and at the United States Hotel, and at the Hall. For full particulars see bills. mch24td J. £. FERNALD & SON., Merchant Tailors, AND DEALBA0 IN Gents’ Furnishing Goods, have just opened a pilt of 2NTETW" GOODS, and can now show more than ForK KINDRED styles of Fancy Goods for Gentlemen’s and Boys’ Garments. Elegant Fitting Garments CAN ALWAYS BK HAD AT THE TIME AGREED UPON! and at prim as loir as any othrr houoe. %ST The people are invited to oali at NO. 87 MIDDLE STREET. mch‘21 d6w B. S. 10-40 LOAN FIRST NATIONAL RANK -OF PORTLAND, DESIGNATED KEPOSITOKV -OF THE UNITED STATES. This Bank is prepared to reccive| subscriptions for the new “TEN 1'OllTY 1,0 AN,” which is dated March 1, 1364. bearing interest at five per cent, a year, PAYABLE IN COIN, redeemable at the pleasure of the Government alter ten years, and payable in forty years from date. Interest on Bouds not over one hundred dollar* payable annually, and ou all other Bouds semi* annually. Bouds can be had in sizes of #oO, #100, #600, #1000. WM, EDW. GOULD, mch31 dtf Cashier. __ %_ _ Dissolution of Copuriufsrsliii*. TUK copartnership heretofore existing be'ween thn subscriber*, under the name and style of Bradley & Webb, is this day dissolved by mutual couseut. KoBEKl BRADLEY, M G. WEBB. TIIE copartnership heretofore existing between the undersigned is this day dissolved b mutual consent. G. M. MOULTON, A. G. ROGERS. Copartnership Notice. flTUE undersigned have this day formed a copa> t JL uership umber th * uame and style of HKAb LEV, MOULTON A ROGEkB, for the purpose of carrying on the Flour. Grain and Fro * isiou busi ness, at S3 (Joint; tercial Street, Thomas Block. KOBT. BRADLEY, G. M. MOULTON, dtl A. G. ROGERS M ll. A. A. ii ii u a 1 NI e e t i n g . fllUE members ol the Mercantile Library Associa* -l teon are hereby notified that the annual meet ing for the e'ection of officers for the ensuing year, and t 'ne transaction of any tther business w hich rosy legally come before them will be held at th«ir rooras Tuesday, April 12th. 1R*4. at 7* o'clock P. M. KL^ Folia oueu at R o'clock precisely. Per order. Upr6td GEO. H. SMAKOON. Rec Sec'y. ESTABLISHED 1859. THUS. CLARKSON A SONS, Commission M^rohnntfl for the purchase of Flour Grain, Provisions. Seeds, Ac.. As. Milwaukee, Wis. Ap; il 6,1864. 10t AUCTION SALES. t. M PAT1EX,AUC1I .NEE^ l2 ExchxnftBt. Heading nud fiox hii«.okt» at Auction. OVW* Aprii Uil ’ at 3 P* M • OB Uobson'a 10,000 pairs Heading, mostly Hard Tine 3»X>> Box .Shook*, l>auia&td by the ate Hr®, on said wharf. *pr0 did E. M PAITEN, AUCTIONEEK, 12 Kichange 8t. Schooner at Anclion. ()N fM.9NDAiY> APti* llth. at 3 P M . at the b*td poi., /» ;,,IVn "ban, where t»ht* new lit*, uili Le i. , •cboouer liumbord, 22 tou* Aluo >ju« .^-d.a •41 **• w',h oar.°' “* EDW M PAT1EN, Al CTIONEKK.12E*ch*n*ett«. House and Land at Auction. ON Monday, April llth. ,t half Da»t m on ih« pieiu.Ms, No 21 Smith St., will be «nirf thf OLD ami a half atoned wooden dwelling with brfek basement. home very cone,, 10 d'i.bed room, O.i the riar of ihe ot is a new two ,t..rh d build™ * that can be tim,lied lor a dwelling at a .mall co.t * Lotcoutain. iix thousand and twenty live leet. Plenty of excellent water on the premise., Kor %, call on the Auctioneer. aprb dtd At Auction.—April llth. I MM. BEAD OP UNION tV BA UP AT 10 O’CLOCK A If., ¥P notpreviou.iydifporedof at Private Rale, tha A Entire Stock of J. Steven, fc Co., con.istlng of 6 good working Uor,«a. • *• T 8 Dray,, 2 Carts, 3 Sleds, 1 Exp’ess Wagon, 1 Buggy Wagon, 2 Sleighs, Kobe* and Blankets, 6 Watering Carts, Bump* and flxturta, 1 New Coal Scale. ' 126 Ton® Curaberiaiid Coal, toOS^aMlre.'k,'*^ C“‘‘ me hit)dtd J STEVENS A CO. E. M. PATTEN, AUCTIONEER, 12 Ea change St. Fine Dry floods ut Auction. ON Tuesday. April 12 h, at »; A M . at Olfieu, an assortment oi cut Dry Goods, in pattern, for laiui.y u-e, iog of Alpine., Alpacca*. Meri nos., P.a-ag-s, Lawns, Plaid,,stripe,. Cot ton,, Linen*. Caaghncrt,. Dee .--kiu,, Uroau t loth,. Beaveiw Uannel... Lines Uadis . liolsery. Ribbon,. “*•*, Braid,, with a v triety of other good,. Ladle, ap* dVd'"*10 *’,0,ld ,1,h *•*». No pt atponement. E. M. PATTEN, AUCTIONEER. 12. Exchange St. Heal Estnto on Bray Street. AT Auctiou- on Monday. April 13ih. at 111 P. M ou the premise,, 14 Gray Street_th, wood#* itwebiny and Lauds, — lit use iu good repair, con venient, with ten well lloishcd rooms, ga, through out —locution desirable--neighborhood excellent. Rule positive. Por particular,, rail ou the Aue tioneer. apriMtd Wholesale and Retail AUCTION ROOM! JUST OPENED Ho. 86 Fox Block, Exchange 8treet, PORILAND, ME. 1 shall Ex.-in the constant receipt of, and will sail •very afternoon and evening by public auction, the following lines of goods in quantities to suit: Woolen* of nil descriptions, DrevsCioodt ia variety, Li.iea, era oh Towelliof, Covers, Ac,Table Cutlery, Plated Ware, Jeu-elrv. Yankee No tions nfltl Fancy Goods, Tacelsy, February lfieb. GKO. L. PKIRt’E, , Auction and Commisaion Merchant. W. P. bmwART, Auctioneer- febld dtt EDWARD n. PATTEN. Commission Merchant &. Auctioneer, Has removed to the eptcious store 13 Exchange Btrevt, four doors below Merchant’s Exchange. Will receive consignments of Merchandlm of •very description, for public or private sale. Males of Real Estate, Vessel*. Cargoes, Stocks and Mer chandise solicited, lash advances made, with prompt sales aud returns. iucbl2dly TO THE AFFLICTED I DK. W. vTvEMlNfi, Medical Electrician, No. 11 Clapp's Block, CO RUSH OFCOXORESS AXD ELM STREETS WOf LD respectfully announce to the citizens of Portland and wcu.ity. that he has permanent ly located in this city. During the eleven months that » e have been in town we have cured some of the worst form* of disease in persons who have trtod other turms of treatment in vain, and enring pa tients in so short a time that the quvstiou is often asked, do they stay cured * To answ er this question we will say that all that do not »tay eu»ed, we will doctor the second time tor nothing. Dr, D. has heeu a practical Flectricjan for twenty one yuan, anil is also a regular graduated physician Electricity is perfectly adapted to chronic diseases in the form or nervous or sick beadsrhe; neuralgia la the bead, neck,or extremities; consumption,when la the acute stages or where the lungs are not felly Involved; acute or chrouic rheumatism, scrofula, hip diseases, white swellings, spinal diseases, curvature of the spine, contracted muscles, di-to^md limbs, palsy or paralysis, St. Vitas' Dance, deafWl,stam mering or hesitancy of speech, dyspepsia, indiges tipn, constipation and livi-r complaint. plies—we ear* • very case that can be presented; asthma, bronchi tis, strictures of the chest, and all forms of fern alt complaints. By Elootrloity The Rheumatic, the goaty, the lame and the laxj leap with joy, and move with the agility and elastic ity of youth; the heated brain is cooled; the frost bitten limbs restored, the uncouth deformitiee re moved; faintuess converted to vigor, weakness to strength; the blind made to see, the deef to hear and the palsied iormto move upright; the blemishes ot youth are obliterated; the accidents of mature Ufa prevented; the calamities of old age obviated, and an active circulation maintair.t'd. LADIES Who have cold haais and feet: weakma ost chi lame and weak backs; nervous and sick headache; dizziness and in the head, with indiges tion and constipation of the bowels; pain in the side and baek; leecorrhrca, (or whites); felling of the worub with internal cancers; tumors, polypus, and a'l that long train os di*ea-»s will And in Fleet rio ity a sure means of cure. For painful menstruation, t>o profuse menstruation, and all of those long line of trouble» with young ladies. Llectricity Is a certain specific, and will, in a short tune, restore the eutferer to the vigor Of health. nt hare an Kieciro- Chemical Apparatus for extracting Mineral Poison from the system, such as Mercury, Antimony, Arsenic, kc. liundrods who are troubled with stiff jrinte, weak backs, and vari ous other difficult^ *, the direct cause of which, la nine oases out of ten, is the < Meet 01 poisonous dru -s, oar. be restored to n aural strength and vigor by the •so of from dve to eight Baths. Office hour*from S o'clock ▲. M. to 1 p. M.;l| 6; and 7 to 8 v. v. Consul tit Ion Free. fy 14 isodt v niiiiiuir ■ iiiiii ror naif* TIIH ruUcrilpr «th-is lor sal*, the firm now occnph <1 by him in Gorham, containing about 150 aura* of good land, witr* conveu»tnt 1_il-.v l!*t:g-houM\ :i vt ry Urge, com modious aud well built b«rn and outbuilding*. »U iu good repair. Said farm i* on them* road f> otu Saccarapi a to Gorlani 1 orner, about eight miles from Portland, two from Saccarappa and one from Gorbaut. It ht* a valuable wood lot containing about forty -acres, is w. li waterd, and is altogeth er one of the best farms in Cor! am. Apply to HON. tor PAN ROME. Gorham. H. U. Dow. Portland, or to John Johnson, ou the premise*. ap>5d4w* Steam Tux Warrior. +-i.. The now ard powerful Steam Tug ^.WAKKIUK. Capt.C.L Mi'l.keu. nil, .SUL-t e in rtadtne>- r.f a'l titties {both da}SEBL aud uight) to execute orders lor toning aud Uaua pjrtiog in this harbor aud vicinity. Orders left with the Captaiu ou hoard at Cant ml Wharf, or with J. S. WINSLOW. Agent. ajHi-fw 4 Ceutral Wharf. Sfaled Propotialf IT7ILL be received by the Committee on Dreiae y? aud Sewer*, until April llth . iNod for con structing a common hewer through Muujoy stre«t, from Kore Street to opposite Wilson’s Lane. Plan* aud Spcci.icatiou* may he seen at the Civil Engi neer's Office. The Committee reserving the ri*bt to reject any or all bids not div ined satisfactory. Per order of Com mi: tee. WILLIAM tl dlKWAKr, Chairman. OU TO DRESSER'S Jewelry Store Ami Wf \vj.\t you can buy lor $1. •J3w Deck Pis nk OXA M2,, 3*fc.l •neli8KA80NKD WI11IK &*fyj FINK DKCh FUNK toml* by d DYKB. tpH Jim' No. 8 Ceutr»l Wb»rf. Knlon Hoard iug School tor Hoy*. Till gammer Smtoa or this School will com mence »he Second Monday ic May. For r.rlioulari, AJJre.. 11. F. KAl'UN, Prinolpal. Kent. . Hill, M» , AjiriUth, 1»0*. IHw

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