Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, April 11, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated April 11, 1864 Page 1
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PORTLAND DAILY _ _ ^VOLUME HI. PORTLAND, ME., MONDAY MORNING, APRIL 11, 1804. WHOLE NO. 552 rUKTLArliJ DALLX rttlSSS, JOHN T. OILMAN. Editor, it i ubIUhod at No. 82| EXCHANGE STEEL!, by N. A. FOSTER & CO. Tub Pobtlakd Daily PbbbhU published at §7.00 {er year; if paid strictly in advance, a discount of l.oo will be made. Single copied three oenta. ruB Maine Statb Prkbh is published every Thurs day morning,at #2.00 per annum, iu advance: #2.26 If paid within ttix months; and $2.60, if payment be delayed beyond the year. UF* All oommanioations Intended for the papor should be directed to the “Editor of the Pre$$/* and those of a business character to the Publuhers. sJP J°® l*ai«Ti*e ot every description exeouted with dispatch. Tracy, Traveling Agent. Registered and Enrolled Tonnage of Portland District. „ Following is a list of vessels owned wholly or in part, and registered and enrolled in this district together with their tonnage, age, &c., which w e have compiled with great care, with the assistance of Wm. E. Edwards, Esq., of the Custom House, and which we believe will be found correct. It is not improbable that some of these vessels, es pecially among the enrolled, long outstanding, are either lost or sold out of the District, ns the records of the office are somewhat imperfect, iu consequence of the loss of books and papers at the time the Cus tom House w'as bund. 'fhe whole amount of tonnage belonging to this District, it will l>e understood by those conversant with the shipping interests, does not appear by this list, as many of our larger vessels are under tempor ary papers, having changed their ownership, in part, during the absence from this port. R E GIST E K E D—plum a >• est. stirs. Name. j~‘i* z~ j J ~i Ship [Alice Vcruard... l>tio ”97 2^ llarpswell ** Cuuibfrland. 1S53 lUiki 61‘Portland *• U. L. Choate. ,Ih5h 219 M Portland *• j• ieutrge Turner. 1849 M8 4*‘>j Portland 1(1 race Sargent.I85y 948 83 Yarmouth ** J. O. Baker.1869 797 Ki Brunswick ** K ite Dyer..... .11865 1278 22 Portland .*• Kiltie Floyd. 1867 H17 54 Portland “ Kentuckian...11856. 1049 83 Portland “ {Lydia ScuAeld.1800 1084 69! Brunswick “ IP. 0. Blauchard...1*m1114 6a Yarmouth ** Keaolule. 18661 749 78lFr«*port “ Reaper. 1855 686 la. Yarmouth *• Kiaiug Sun.. 1866 1319 7. Btunawick ** Star. ivil 1093 30 Yarmouth “ v\ illiaui Woodbr.ry.IIH56 1091 UoiPurtlMld ** ;Klleu Hood....*1864 ti>46 of. 1’*.inland ** A. Blanchard. 1854 1123 17 Yarmouth ** ileloii..1854 694 41 Yarmouth _ _ J ir<h :*> BARKS. c - _• * _ Class Name. ~ ^ c -f 'c t ___J_ 1 -g £ H g- 1 ~_ Lark Amies. 1853 274 Bojllurpswcll •* Acacia.1858 316 <>* Harpswi II “ Arlington. 1**6.' 414 1*3' Portland 44 Anglo 543 72 Brunswick “ j Ada Carter.|l863 419 68 Portland “ Aid . lsi,3 412 01 Yarmouth “ iC. B. Hamilton. .1849 227 tX* Portland “ Canada. 1850} 286 68 Portland “ Chilton. 1S47! 277 62 Portland “ iCtias. Edwin.1856! 343 74 Portland 4* j Dorcas C. Yunion. 1 *54 4*u 66 j Portland 44 j Eureka ..... 1861, 495 06 Yarmouth 44 Ellen Stevens. 1855 353 73!Portland *• i tier trade. 1863 416 8s Portland 44 Hunter....1863 390 39 Portland 44 Ionic.1857'! 329 79.Portland “ l.a Ciguena... 1856: 329 55!Portland 44 Mary C. Fox. 1856 343* 00 Portland * 44 X. L. Frank. 1855 547 79|Portland 4* Ocean's Favorite... 1855 349 * 0 Portland “ Pilot Fish. 1864 347 51 Brunsw ick 44 Priscilla. ... 1856! 596 80 Yarmouth “ Phileua. 1*5*. 399 37 Portland 44 P.C. Alexander. 1*55 282 88 llarpaw^l 44 St. J ago..1! S-I v 2R9 65 Portland 41 S. W. Holbrook.1857 348 1*>.Portland - Sarah M. Hale.||849 225 So Portland 44 Willard.<1854 552 94 Yarmouth u Winslow.jlHnl 370 Ooi Portland 44 Draini. il364 6*4 42jFree|iojt 44 N. M. Haven....! 1863* 445 74 Portland 44 Adelaide.. 1863 416 Portland 44 Uufon. 1863 383 43 Brunswick ** it. Fountain. 11856 389 27 Portland ** Albion Lincoln .1*53 237 4" Harp'well 44 Delsirah Peiiiiell... 1*6*' 6(Xt Brunswick Klleu Dyer.. IlMS 37'.* Portland 44 Klhwi Stevens.1855 363 73: Portland 44 Norton Stover...* 1864 463 DHarpswell I__J_ 15258 65:_ itkict. itrig. Alfarata. lS55i 3t)3 M il si p* w ell - Union KoWcll. 1859 L81 «■*. Portland ** Abide Titcoinh. 1865 418 65 Yarmouth •* *' II Keuuedy. 1855 lpy 20 Portland 44 Charlena. 1869 21*) 61 i Portland •4 Fudorne. 1855 244 84 Portland 44 Klla Maria. ISCbj ‘2*7 82 Portland 44 Elmira... 1*4* 177 21 Portland 44 Essex. .1865 279 44, Portland 44 Fannie.... 1*5* 209 22 Portland “ Harriet. 1*49 190 74Portland *• Finery. l*i- .‘456 0*. Portland 44 I. D. LiuctMO. 1854j 250 02iBtuu*wlck *• ;Uan/ainlla,.._:1H51| 1*5 (*5 Portland 4‘ 'MaryC. Mariner.1861 512 48: Portland 4* Mechanic. 1852, 219 02'Portland 44 :Minna Trmub. I**.: 28*7 9*2 Portland ** M. A. Berry.4... 1863: 2*4 7* Portland 44 Nancy N. Locke.-1803; 312 4VPortland “ Orison Adams.«.....U854 227 5* Portland 44 Ortolan. 1857 340 M Portland ** P Lnrrala e. 1*54 28*4 25 Portland 44 p. R. Curtis. 1850 229 10 Portland 44 Proteus. ......1857 298 AM)'Portland 44 Hpftedaway. 1857 199 6* Portland “ iMU.-. 1863 3Wi t* ■ 44 Thomas Oweu. 180M 289 75 Portland 44 Thomas Conner. 1852 216 3* Portland 4 Win. II. Parks. 1851 195 4* Portland 44 Young lb-public. 1853 196 47 Portland 44 Caioliue K. Kelley. 1851 198 71 Portland •4 Wappuo. !s»^*. 242 72 Portland 4 C. C. Clay. 1855 241 MlPortlaml 44 Martha Washington. 1853 277 39;Portland 44 'Castilian. 1850 265 Oil Portland 44 (J7utillcs. 1804 388 0* 'Portland •4 Ma/'tllau . 1*8 31! Port land 44 OoeCu.. I80U 11*7 4m Portland 4* May Queen. 1*54 194 35 Portland 44 Weuonah. 1866 2*»6 14 Portland (__ ‘10332 84* BCHOOXEBH. fcchr Arno. 185n IJu 4* Portland *• C. I'. Young. 186*.* 195 41 Portland *• Hattie Rot*. 1858 183 84 Portland *' Nile.'1*56 *M 66| Port land ** Electric Light,. 1853 157 25{Portland 4‘ Starlight.11857 295 69 Portland 44 Abbie.1863 333 11 ’ Yarmouth 44 (leorgie Dewing.. I860 249 62j Harpswell l£4,i 2*| KN ROLLED—permanent. HAI'.KH. Class I Nam-. j § r —1-\*JL Bark. «Ua White...1141 54 111(108. Brig Trenton. 1«4 04 Portland. [Frontier.-. 1**9 »i9 Portland. ** Maltha Waihiugtou. 277 39 Portland. ** George lhiruham. . 394 92 Port land. ** :l>auiel Hooue. 175 31 Portland. j Minnie MllUr.;.I 283 34 . Portland. {Harriet. 159 64 Portland. ! 1044 rJ_ tiTEAMKtt.S. Stiu’r.i Forest Cfty. 1854 669 12 Portland •* II. 11. Day.1854 49 Portland •• Lewiston. Ikon 9tKI t> Portland “ Montreal.. 1857 945 22 Portland ** Tyro. 1*0,0 22 *1 Freeport - Tiger. 1852 5a 4* Portland ** Uncle Saiu. 1851 07 72 Portland j 12904 01 j 81.(9 >1*8. Pl.MJp George k Mary. 27 nO.Cumlarland' P-G. Patten. 41 11 ilar|».well. *• Franklin ..• 36 75!Cnmberluml. ** Jenny Lind. 63 92:Cnmberl*ml. *l .-'ally. 2S 64 ('umbertand. “ .Northern Light. so G < unit* i land. ** Nathan Nye. 44 M1 Cumberland. ** Maud Belie. 91 .'3 Variio-utli. •* Newcomb. 36 73»'uml*-rland. •• Sussex... 30 90 i’.Kliy.rbeth. ** Twilight. 53 33 Portland. “ , Enterprise.... 35 8t.»| Freeport. ** | Leader. 42 62!<'uniberland. “ Hero. 43 5l|<'unil>riaud. “ | Lion. J 37 51 [Cumberland.. “ jLonUa.j 40 17 Freeport. *• Ih lle Savage. 35 tm Cumberland. *i Liberator. 43 13] w Monitor.1 2rt 94 Freeport. “ Brilliant. 45 3/. Brunt wick. •* Hero.... 25 2* Cumberland. “ Susan Jane.i 31 86'Cumberland. »* Thomas Jefferson . 32 79 Cumberland. u Stephen Orr.j KS 07 [Cumberland. *' |Mary AllU .. 31 0S|Hruutwick. 41 jComtij4«,.r.I 4o 69Cumbeflaud. J '1142 29 SCHOONKKH. t-’lai**. Name. © ~’ * £ —-I Schr rtemevoleue'e., 33 80, Portland. '• ajaceola. 21 92iC. Elizabeth. Elmira. 26 81 Cumberland. “ Abigail.I 33 4zj Falmouth. “ header.I 46 44 Yarmouth. “ Young Tell.] 32 77[Portland. “ ! Sultana. 37 26 tiarpswell. •' Ann.j 53 49| Portland. ’• daly Daughter.j 33 87 Cumberland. Irlando. 46 45;Free|»rt. “ lludaon.[134 i! llarpawell. *• llareeat.: 143 00 Portland Storm King. t« 24 llarpawell. " deurge. 4a 49 Portland. “ dal land. 37 8tr llarpawell. - |hlly. 88 62 Portland. " header. 24 57 Portland. •• Delaware.. 21 59i|Iarpswell. “ haurel. 26 22 Portland. " I boa. II. Benton. 35 07l|arpawell. - Eleanor.\ 38 40 Portland. “ veata. 23 14 C. Elizabeth. Reindeer.: 24 42iHnnmrick. ,Clive Elizabeth. 127 61 Portland. “ Northern Engle. 78 81 llarpawell. - .Harrison. 33 62 llarpawell. “ t illage. 25 S« Falmouth. E U. Hillard. 139 tl portland. •• l.lla Dale. 511 4a Portland. *• Citizen.| 117 651 Portland. " Ctlca. 89 45 Portland. “ Camu. 57 58{Proeliort. •e Julia Newell.[128 82lp0rtlaud. “ Cinderella. 3(1 12 Klizaladh. •• ,s. B Btehhina. 90 02; Yarmouth. *• .Sea Queen. .j 33 G3!Portland. •e Amaranth.! 75 28 Portland. - Nile. 68 25j Portland. “ J. F. Chase.I 65 0C Portland. “ Anrona. 28 82 Portland. •• Specie. 32 40 llarpawell. « [Elizabeth Ann.. 58 88jPortland. e. ice-an. 73 45:Yarmouth. •e Inspector. 59 72.Portland. e. Ahalenu. 20 12 llarpawell. .. Ueorge II. Rogers. 88 35 Portland. ■ ■ Young Sultan. 90 4| Portland. White Sea.74 74 Portland. “ Cnrone... 121 85 Portland. Joseph Long. 210 25 Portland. •• Union.| 55 72 Portland. •• |Sm»u. 97 22,Portland. .. Hare Crest. 31 85 Portland. .. [H ater Witch. 22 82 Portland. .. Julia Ellen. 70 3. Portland. “ Everllne. 23 75 llarpawell. e. Compicst.j 33 36 Falmouth. “ Hunter..™. 30 92 Portland. .. Stars and Stripes. 66 09 Portland e. Star of I be West. 49 35 llarpawell. O [Leonidas. 54 09 Falmouth. o [Sparkle. 21 84 Portland. e. [Martha Washington.1 52 48 Harps well. *• Nettle. 20 Wi Portland. *. Delaware. 74 IBP.otland. .. Ellen Mcrryuran.1 129 or, Portland. e. Hood Intent.;.j 52 61 Falmouth. “ Nile. 24 44 Portland. . .Messenger. 122 02 Yarmouth. .• Blue Sea. 51 78 HnrpsweU. .. jChristina.1 159 jo e. E»wn.| 34 49, Yarmouth. .< Spray. 36 -^Portland. •• *>*••. 87 35 Portland. „ Harriet Fuller. 129 «i Portland. .. Kale Aubrey. 73 jr, Portland. .. a. F le wis. 182 88 Portland. a laiurel. 43 00 Free|mrt. i< Valiant. 29 ltillarpswell. ., .... 112 53 Portland. e Satellite. 48 07|Harpswrll. O Umslenrg. 174 09 Portland. .. hitcy Ann. 28 42 Itarpassell. ., Beauty. 49 34 llarpawell. i. nary (.iz/.ie.-. :Si 44 Portland. .. Fannie Mitchell. 115 51 Portland. U Ann... 1SI 44 Portland. u .lohn K Mi I hi r .. 1 ;,ii (a Heorge * Emily. 130 so Yarmouth. o Florida. 115 3: Portland. ,. Lookout. HI ,6 Portland. „ llanule It eat brook. 153 75 Portland. .. Klenal. 51 40 Portland. O Ueorge Brook*. 121 72 Portland. „ Mararnyho.* 133 52 Portland. .. Freeport. 47 51 Portland. ,. Myra. 55 «7 Portland .. II. W.Carpenlrr. 222 20 Portland. u Heart Belle. 35 31 Portland. Etta Caroline.—.-. 30 23 Portland. o Sachem.-. 41 72 Poitland. O EUr.a F.llen. loll 31 Portland. L. \V. Pierce. 80 60 Yarao.ulh „ t'am pled I. ISO 33 Portland. ., 'thy Not. 35 01 t'umherland. .. Maryland. 09 22 Yarmouth. lantha. 07 00 Portland ,. Harriet Balter. 140 70 Fneport. ,. H>'t>*. aei 03 Portlau.l, .. Liberator. 21 24 Portland „ Fire Brother. 23 In Falmouth. Vorth Star. 82 56 Portland. Lliz.a. 22 2n Yamoiuth. , Proa Went Wushingtou.. 54 24 llar|itwrll. , EramhaB.-. 179 ill Portland . Escort. 82 07 Itarp.nrll. . Patriot. 22 50 Freeport. , Sarah B. Hama. or, 34 Portland. J Moonlight.... 14 2B llatpawrll. Hlola’. 135 81 Portland. . L. tv Dyer. lift 32 Portland. ’ Eliialwth. 100 04 Portland. Banner...- 43 39 Portland. Jamea Uarccluu. S4 49 Yarinouth. Ilmnhird.~. 21 69 Portland. , Ikistuli ——-- 74 13 Yarmouth. Lio-. 199 39 Portland. mineral.. 44 77 Portland. Acadia. 73 n Yarmouth. Iila F. Wheeler.—... *55 89 Portland. " Sort It Battery.. cm 4: 0. Ellis belli. •• Ida I.. II* ward. 14M 91 Portland. (i. k U. Moree.—..— 31 75 Portland. I'eana.—......—--— 113 80t'ltiulierland. Mslanaa* . 144 la. Portland. Kuth II. Baker. 4171 64, Yarmouth. ‘ tt m. Arthur. 177 47 Portland. ‘ f. K. Morris. 24 83 Portland. I .(change. 109 59 Portland. ' Flora Temple. 5s 32 C. Elisabeth. C. II done-. 121 Oh Portland. flattie K. rsu»ip-*n. 93 Oy Purtlui “ Eureka. 121 33 Portland. • ranniacotU. 74* 23 Portland. " <ea Foam. 31 78 Harpawrll. “ H. Preacott. 143 04 Portland. “ llelmout. 198 37 Portland. “ Young Chief..1 39 SSI Falmouth. ** Francisco. 128 5k Portland. Valet la. 102 90 Portlau.l. Bear!. 31 57 Portland. Sarah Elisaheth. 39 78 Portland. “ Edwin . 82 04 *• Dorciut Hawes .. 59 77 Portland. “ Castle Bork. 32 20 Portland. “ Marcus Hunter. 230 OH Portland. “ Coral... 30 ill Portland 12098 14 UCEN8KU VESSELS I'NliER TWENTY TUNS BURTHEN. Boat. Viola. 13 20,Portland. •• IhMjuet,... 12 «0 llarpswell. Fctlr. M aaliinglou.1 |0 51 Portland. Boat. Mary Tracy.i 15 00 Palm,noli. “ July,. 11 4k tlarpawell. “ M a I pole,. 13 45 llaqiHWell. *' Hitt,. 7 22 Portland. I L. Berry,. 13 in- Portland. “ Kulsin,... s 09 Portland. Fchr. Pi«catai|ua,. 11 04 Portland. Boat. Kennebec...; 7 49 I'umla-rland. “ .—.j 12 17'Cumberland. ‘ .; 13 7* Portland. “ Trumpet,... U .’ft* IlHrpMWcll. Stea’r I (fitter. 16 U |>,»rtlaiul. Danuta. 12 2. Cortland. 8< ln. S tnline.| k; 3;. C.*etb. II—» ^Ileu Adaiu«. 15 60 Cumberland. •• Young America.. 11 17 Portland. 3,din How aid. lu Oi’j Portland. - lUshaw,. 12 83 Ha pBWtll. . 15 3t Cumtarlaud. “ Trio,. 13 St llarpkxrtll. 1 *J3 4.V KECAPITULATION. K.-gi.Uivd Mi ip*.18,497 50 Balks,.15,25S 63 “ H«igw.lo,332 S4 “ *^br*. 1,536 22 -45.624 24 Enrolled Iiatkx. 144 54 Brig*. 1.644 60 &*hrs,.12,008 14 SI«m>|mi. 1.142 20 “ Meanicr*. . 2,Oil! 61 -- 17,934 18 Tutu! registered and curdled, <]»nuau«ht), 63,568 42 Lict-iiueil w*m Is uudt-r 20 ton*.... 293 45 Permanent tonnage.. 53 ^61 87 ltalauce ont.-landing temporary registers, in-c .0,709 ,S BaUncce outstanding temporary enrollment* l>cc. 31, 1>63,..... -g Total tonnage, registered and •Jir<*ll»-d, perma nent and temporary, March 1st, 1864. 99,535 83 Dissolution. MM UK copartnership heretofore existing under the A style of KNIGIiT & I KoSI is this day dis solved bv mutual consent. The affairs of the late firm will be settled by 8. D. Knight, at No 2 Lime street 8. i>. KKlUlIT, Portlaud, March 1, 1864. II. A. FitOST. c:oK»urtn<>rslii|» Notice. ritllL undersigned have this day formed a copart A uership under the firm of J. M. KNIGHT * SON, commissioVmerchints, AN1> DKALKUU 1« COUNTRY PRODUCE, WO. 2 lime STREET, ILtwoen tore and Commercial Streets. J U K!I,UMT. ». 1>. K.MIUUT. Portland, March 1,1864. mohlO dtf MISCELLANEOUS. SPRING & SUMMER OPENING! A. D. REEVES, TAILOR & DRAPER, NO. 98 EXCHANGE STREET. Ha* just returned from Boston and New York with a HI OH AN1) FASHIONABLE ASSORTMENT OK Cloths, Cassimeres and Vestings, Of every variety and style, (including many of the most unique put terns of the season,) which he pur chased for cash, and consequently can give an ole gant“FiT out” at the LOWEST CASH 1’ltICES ! lie invites his old friends aud customer*, aud the public generally, to call and examine his stock. Having enlarged his store by the removal of his work-room above, ho has accommodations more ex tensive for the display of his goods. April 8, 1864. dtf N EW M ILXlNER YI -TO OPJSX ON HI ON DAY, APRIL till. A - The subscriber, having leased the new store, No. 2J Free street, 2d dour from Center Jit., has just received a tine assortmeut of the LATEST STYLES OF SPRING ANI) SUMMER GOODS. which she is prepared to manufacture to order aud sell at the lowest • ahh puickb. A good assortmeut of READY MADE BONNETS always on band. HI O IT K W I N G UOOnS in store and made to order Having had eight years experience in manufac turing millinery goods. 1 trust I shall be able to please all who may favor me with their custom. A share of patronage is most respectfully solicited. MARY A. SKILLINGS Portland, April 2,1804 apr2 dtf FEUCHTWINGER iZUNDER. NO, §1 HUDDLE STRUCT, (FOX BLOCK), Are Again in the Field -with Divisions, Brigades & Begiments! -OK NEW AND FASHIONABLE DRY GOODS! FOR THE St»RIN‘G. Ladies of Portland aud vicinity are respectfully invited to call aud see the many beautiful styles ol Foreign and Domestic Dress Goods Jl'ST RECEIVED! Also, the great variety House Furnishing Good* ! Such as Brown and Bleached Cotton Sheetings aud Shirtings, Table Linens, Drillings, 1 ickiugs, Denims, Stripes, &c. Also, just receiving, the latest styles ol handsome Spring Balmoral Sltlrts Aud the most fashionable SPRING 8HA WLS. A complete stock of CLOTHS AND CASSI.VERES, FOB BOVS' AND MEN'S WEAK. CLOAKINGS! CLOAKINGS!! Ad 1'li‘gtnt I'.orlment We are juft ready to null:u facture to measure, at the shortest notice, any ol the new and desirable Spring Cloaks. Warrented to suit. I'EICliT WAKCER A ZI'NIIEK, (FOX BLOCK), NO. SI MIDDLE STREET, POBTLAND, Mama. I*. 8.—Ladies need not ask for goods from the wrecked steamship Bohemian, as we have none but sound aud lresh goods, which we warrant as such, spr1 tf A SPRING SUPPLY -OF — FASHIONABLE GOODS, -FOE COATS, PANTALOONS AND VESTS. obtained during the last week in New York aud Boston, may be found at the store of WILLIM C. BECKETT, Here liant Tailor, NO, 1!17 Middle Street. Some of these Goods, which have boon recently imported, differ much in color, texture and finish from the sty les that have continued in vogue lor a year or two past, aud are considered very elegant. Besides these and other Goods,—comprising all the varieties for fsshiouabie wear, at the same place may be fouud a good supply of Siaudnrd Gtruiau, French, and Kiaglimh Ur •ndclot l»s ai d Doe HliiuM. lor genteel suits; together with styles of Veotiuga selected with a view to suit all tastes. Also, excellent goods lor Spring (»vercoats, Eug lish Walking Sacks Paletots, and other Business Coats, with plates of the latest styles of Cutting and Finishing. S3T No. 137 Middle Street. mch2t* d6w CHAPMAN. Jr., Patent ani Ruainess Ay A* envy, No. 229 Con green Street. CLOTHES WRINGERS at wholesale and retail. Ageuts wanted (iu every town). Call at 229 Congress Strret. HAWSE’S Pulley Elevating and Revolving Clothes iJryer forlsale at 229 Congress Street. AN improved Waterwheel, unsurpassed by auy yet invented Models at 229 Congress Street. PARTIES having capita! to invest would do well to call at No. 229 Cougrsss Street. MONEY is being vutdc by those who have invest ed at 229 Cougrcss Street. A SPRING BED, which, for simplicity and dura b lity, is unsurpassed. Samples at229 Congress Street. 1WTOT11ING ventured nothing gained is the maxi in 1* at 229 Congress Street. JUS 1 received a new lot of Amnion's Premium Wringers at 229 Congress Street. RUN DLET Repair’s Wringe s and Lamps at 229 Congress Street. mch24 dtf FOR SALE,' Cheap for Gash.! A liUKiT VAUI ItTY OF CMILDREK'S CARRIAGES, Bird Cage*, Hocking Hornes, I.adies Work and Traveling Basket*, Toy*, Marbles, r’OUI MON A IKS. LADIES' KKTICUI.E8 AND BAUS, DRUMS, V OLINS, GUITARS VIOLIN STRINGS, WKITINO EEBKS, WORK BOXES, 4c —BV— W. D. HOH 1 NSON, HO Exchange St. moliH-Sm STEPHEN H. NORTON & CO., Huem Painten, (nitieri, tlaiim, and Piper Hubert, Comer of l.ime and Federal .VO,, Portland, He. •T»enr» a. ■oBTon. jtHd.Tm* iua t. bhac'kxtt. MISCELLANEOUS. JAMES EDMOND & CO. COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 13 LIBERTV SQUARE, . . BOSTON Are prepared to order at favorable rates. COLT NES8 and GLKNGAUNOCK PIG IRON, Also, BAR, SHEET, if BOILER PLATE IRON, of English and Scotch Manufacture. We shalleoutiuue to receive, in addition to our American Brick, a regular supply of ENGLISH, SCOTCH, k WELCH FIRE BRICK mchli cod6m N OTICe" ill K SIMMONS, who haa had twenty-five years lil experience iu the 1'Ialdi‘ii Dye He use, and comes highly recommended by the Barretts, will take charge of the Dyeing department at the PORTLAND DYE HOUSE, corner of Preble and Portland Streets. JtyOffice, No yT Exchange street. feb<j eod2m* A. POSTER, Proprietro. HO EVERY ONE -WHO ARE Burning to Avenge their Country’s Wrong. Now is your time to strike our Nation’s foe. All wishing to do so are requested to call at JT. M. TODD’S, Corner of Midale & Exchange Streets. Exr it a it ex 74 Middle Sthskt. Who lias beon authorized to Enlist ior all the Regiments,ami Batter) s new and old iu the field, all wishing to enter the service will find it to their advantage to call on him before enlisting. Per Order. uichoeoUJw* JOSIVS’ COAL.. \ TONS Stove site, at 198 Commercial St. yV/ (Richardson’s Wharf.) l'ortlaud. The undersigned has sold the Johns’ Coal for nine years last past. It has given genera! satisfaction. Wiiere there is a fair draft, no eoal excels for cooking use. Other varieties, to wit: LEHIGH. Sugar Loaf, and Hazleton. SCHUYLKILL, (W. Ash,) Locust Mountain. KEI) ASH, the genuine P RANK LIN JOAL. Also, the Diamoud. CI'MHKKLAM) COAL* a prime article for Smiths' use. KT-All coal from this wharf, will he aeut in good order, carefully picked and screened. inch3 iseodtf J A M KS II. BAKER. BREED Sc TIJ KE Y, NO. 50 ONION STREET, Boots, Shoes, Rubbers, Shoe Stock and Findings. Importers of S«r*es, Laiilinys nml <>iissettiiigs, Aud tlie only M innfacturers of KID AND GOAT STOCK in the State. Having had large experience, aud be ing importers and manufacturers, enables u* to sell the same articles as low as they can be bought in Boston. We have always taken especial pains to give our customer* RELIABLE HOODS, aud be lieve uoue have given better satisfaction Country dealers are invited to examiue our stock before pur chasing. Particular attention given to orders re ceived by mail. feblO dAw3m J. W. SYkl'S, Purchaser lor Baxters Account ow LOUR. GRAIN, SEEDS, PROVISIONS, LARD, BUITER and WESTERN PRODUCE generally. Particular attention given to shipping by quickest and cheapest routes. No. 152 SOU TH WATER ST. r. O. Box 471. Cliiczigo, Illinois. Refer Kvcxa—Messrs. Mavuard A Sous; H A W Chickering; C. 11. Cuuimiug* A Co.; 8. G. Bowdlear A Co.; Charles A. Stone: Hallett, Davis A Go., of Boston, Mass. Cashier Elliot Bank, Boston. J.N. Bacon, Esq., President Ncwtou Bank, Jc-wtou. C. B. Coffin; Warren Ellis A Sons, New York City Jy9 ’63 dly. Contagious DNeaxes. 0 itpter 14th, Sections 30 and 32, of the Revised Statute*: Sect. 30 When any diseas*- dangerous to the public health exists in a town, the municipal officers shall use all possible care to prevent its spread and to givcpublic notice of infected places to traveller*, by displaying red flags at proper distance*, aud by allo'hcr mean* most effectual, in their judgment, for tho common safety. Sect 32. When a householder or physician knows that a person under hi* care is taken sick of any such disease, lie shall immediately give notice there of to the municipal officers of the town where such fierson is, and if he neglects it he shall forfeit not css than ten, nor more than thirty dollars. The above law will be strictly enforced JOUN 8. HEALD, febl2tmayl City Marshal and Health Officer. GRAFTS & WILLIAMS. StfCcBiaoits TO J. W. IICJNNRWKLL A Co., No. 0 d 7 A 8 Commercial Wharf, Boston. Importers ami Wholesale Dealer* in Drugs, Medi cine*, Painta, Oils, Dye Stuff*, Manufacturer*, ar ticles and Chemicals. Manufacturers of Cot al Fur nishes, Japan Ac. Agents for Forest Hirer /.end Mystic Lead Co. French ami Jmeri-an Zinc, Druggis*'*, Per turners and f.ii/uor lAtbel*. Geuerai Agcuts for J L. lluunt well’s Universal Cough Rem edy, Tolu Anodyne aud Electric* Pill*. mcli2)eod3in Navigation School, — AT— No. 12 Deer Street, Portland, Maine. ENTLKM KK ikoirou* of instruction in practi U ca! Navigation will tind au experienced teach er. lie is tho ouly experienced Ship Master iu tLe State, who teaehe* Nai igu-ion, iml is specially ap pointed to quallify Mas era aud Mutes lo the J. S. Navy. mc!i2l eod3m Straw (iioo<U, Flower*, &r, mat subscriber is bow opening ami daily roceiv A iug, tlte latent #t}le# ol btraw Goods, Plow era Ac., which will be Bold at the lowest prices, at wholesale only. I l l MIDDLK STREET. JOHN E. PALMER. Portland. March 15. 18G4 inohl6ood4w* FANCY GOODS HOUSE, Wholesale, H. MERRILL, No. 131 Middle Street. ( up sta*r8.) Portland, Maine bilk, Twist, Buttons. Binding#, Threads, Pin#, Needle#, Cutlery, Edgiugs Stationery, Lacings, Tape, Elastics, Belts, Combs, Suspcmier#, To;#, Ac. DRESS AND TAILORS' TRIMMINGS. me hi eo«t3iu NSW ORLEANS. S. D. MOODY &r. CO OommisMion Merehant, 07 Tchoupl touts# st.. New Orlesiu*. La. Kefureuc s: Baker A Morrill, Boston: Franklin Snow A Co., Boston: Wise A Russell. Boston; C. Nickerson A Co., N. 1 .; Rich A Co.,8t. Louis. Partial’ir attentiongivento Consignment* <f ve**< it, Lumlx r, Hay , Oat*, Ifc. inoii 2.3 u3m Notice. A FINAL Dividend of the first fund from the as* set#, set apart in reduction ol the Capital Stock of iho late Rank of Portland, w ill be paid, on and after this date, to the Stockholder# of .said Bank, at the time of the reduction of its capital, or to their legal rep recent at i>es. The dividend will be paid at the Canal Rank, Portland. Portland. March &, 1804. tncb‘29 dis«3w* Tor Sale. ONE Express Wagon, nearly new. can be used for one or two Horse#, it has Pole and Shaft# complete. For price Ac., call at No.4 Free Street, Portland. aprleodtf FVJC DOLLARS will bo givon for the detection and conviction of any person or personsdtealin* paper# from the door# of our subscribers. PUBLISHERS OP TUB PBBSt. INSURANCE. American Exchange FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY! OF NEW YOKE. Capital *300.000, In.urr lluilrijuiCM. MerrhnikIIb*. H.«.c* hold F'oruiturr. Ileal., l.rn«<-«. Vtu •el. .ii lb. SiurU., and oihrr P«r» ••ual Praperty at la* L*w a.i rrlea. SAMUEL B1C0WN, President. WILLfAM RAYNOR, Scoretar. EDWARD SHAW, A*cnt, IDS Middle Street. oet37 lyeod STATEMENT OF THE iKtna IiiNurancc Company, OF HARTFORD, CONN., Ob the 1st day of November, A. D. 1863, as required by the Laws of the State of Maine. The Capital Stock is.81.ft00.000 and with the surplus is invested as follows: Real estate, unincumbered, •87,963 18 Cash in hand, ou deposit, and in agents’ . bands, 216,960 66 United States Stocks, 612,8*7 60 State and City Stocks, and Town Bonds, 669.4fiO 00 Bank and f i u*t Company Stocks, 1,047,270 00 Mortgage Bonds, 331,060 00 Atlantic Mutual Ins. Co’s scrip, 1S62-3, 16,886 60 Total Assets, S3,026.879 74 Amount of Liabilities ior Losses not due or adjusted, 8176.41184 Amount at rick, estimated, 116,616,479 (f THUS. A. ALEXANDER, President. Lucius J. Hakdkk. Secretary. Hartford, Nov. 7, 1863. J. C. CHURCHILL, Agent, Mo. 4 Iron Block, Portland Pier. d*c6 dtf MAINE INSURANCE 00. Augusta, Maine. THE Maine Insurance Company insure against loss or damage by Fire, Buildings, Merchan dize and Furniture, ou terms as favorable as it can be done bv any solvent Company. Policies issued for One, Three, or Five years. J L. CUTLER, President. J. H. WILLIAMS,Secretary. TOWARD SUAW-Agent, No. 102 Kiddle Street. oolileodly 18 open Day anil Evening, lor a Thorough Business Education. Located I860. Hanson Block, Middle St., No. 161. Scholarships good in any part of the United States Principal has had 30 years experience; is always on the spot, and attend* to his business; and prom ises, a* during the past 12 years, no pains shall be spared iu the future. Five hundred relereuces of the first class business men, with many others of this city, will testily to the practical utility, capacious ness and completeness of my systems and manner of teaching, aud citizens of other cities have testified to the same. Diplomas will be awarded for thor ough courses. Able Assistants secured. Bartlett’s Plau, the founder of Commercial Colleges, strictly adhered to as regards not copying. Certain times will be devoted to Commercial Law elucidations.— Come all who have failed to be taught a business hand-writing aud I will guarantee to you success. Application* solicited for Accountants. Separate in struction given. Studeuts can enter any time. Sep arate rooms for Ladies. Tuition reasonable. Intri cate accounts adjusted. Ladies aud Ceutlcmen that desire to take lessons, or a full, or a separate course, iu either Book-Keeping, Navigation, Commercial Law. Phonography, Higher Mathematics, Civil En gineering. Survey fig, Native tafltMM Writing. Commercial Arithmetic. Correspondence, Card Marking, (and teaching (rom printed copies and Text Books will be avoided please call, or address the Principal. K. N BKOWN. Portland. Oct.3. 1863 oc‘29 eodAeo wl TO MERCHANTS.” THE undersigned having greatly increased their facilities for manufacturing BOOTS AND SHOP'S, and having large experience in tnai uranch, woo’d call the attention of the trade to the same. We shall in future be much better able to supply the de mand* of the trade thcu heretofore, anti an* confi dent that in the quality, both of our stock aud work, we cau give *aU*tactiou, a* we manufacture express ly for the retail trade. I hose buying lor cash will find it to their advantage tolook at our stock, which cou.*i*ts in part of RURRERS, SOLE ami WAX LEATHER. FRESLH and AMERICAS CALF, French Kip, Lcmoine and J>ulot Cal/, Uoat and Kid St<»ck, Serye* and Web*, Root and Shoe Machinery and Fimlinys all kind*. Mr. Kumi’nij Lihuy, late of the firm of Messrs, Cha*. J. Walker A Co . ha* associated himself with us, aud relying on his many years experience iu manufacturing, we arecoufident in making the above statements. TYLEK A LAMB. Portland. Feb. 1. 1864. febt> d4w. A**<h4*»oiV Notice. f|MIE Assessors of the city of Portland, hereby JL give notice to all persons liable to tax a tion iu said City, that they will be iu session from the find to the fourteenth day of April next, inclusive, Sunday* excepted, at their room*, in the New City t.overuineut Building, from ten to twelve o’clock iu the forenoon, aud from three to five iu the afternoon, to receive true and perfect lists ot all their poll*, and e*tates, both real aud personal, in cluding money ou hand or at interest, debts due to them more than they aie owing, as also all property held in txu*t a* tiuafdiau. Executor, Administrator, or otherwise, on the first day of April next, and they are requested to be prepared to certify the same on oath. Those per on* who neglect to comply with this nolice, and thus a**igu the Assessors the unp'easant duty of dooming them, will be deprived by law of the privilege of appealing from their decision* on application for abatemeuT, except iu case* of inabil ity to conform to the requirements of the law*. 8. B. BECKETT, ) Assessors W. H. FOYK. J of JEKK.YIIAli DOW, ) Portland. N. B Blank Schedules can be had at the Assessors' Hoorn*. I'nrllmiif Mart'll '21. mch2ti tapri!15 Dissolution. mn« copartnership heretofore existing under the J. tirm style of THINNEY k CO., i* this day dis solved by mutual consent. "The affairs of ho Into concern will ho settled at F. A. Howard s, under Lancaster Hall, by 11. M. Thinney ’* Having this da> sold to S'uart k Co. our etock in trade, we would cordially recommend them to our frieuds and former patrons as worthy their patrou age and couiideuce. THINNEY k CO. Copartnership. miiF undersigned have this day formed a copart Jl nership under the tirm elyle of BTUART k CO., and will contiuue the Stove aud Furnace business u all brauches at the old stand, No. 171 Middle street. CHARLES H. STUART, jan21 dtf 1>. tt. STEVENS. (irasniStTtl, C lie**sc* Ac. J UST received a choice lot of " Colebrook" HERDS GRASS, Vermont aud Michigan CLOVER and RED-TOT seed. Vermont CHEESE, ami various brands Extra and Family Fleur for sale at the lowest cash prices by TLUMMEK k COLE, Corner of Tortland aud Green St’s. iuch9 w'jw* To Mtiini file Hirers, Sliip Builders, AND persons do-drous of Real Estate Investments, iV tin* following property is ottered at good bargains. 20 Houses at prions fro.u *16l0 to f&iOO. loo House Lots at prices from *300 to *3000 2000 Feet of water front suitable for wharves Ship yards. Mailt!Picturing Site?, fronting deep water with tine spring of water id acent thereto and a portion of it adjoiniug the Gran t Trunk Rail Road, from which freight may be deposited on the premises, inch 17 8m MOSES GOULD, 74 Middle Kt. Woo«l, ralm Leal’ and Honey. QA { LOGS CEDAR. 0\f~l 101 LOGS MAHOGANY, 17 LOGS LANCE WOOD, 6896 BUNDLES TALM LEAF. 363 MATS. 7 TIERCES HONEY, Cargo Bark Albiou Lincoln For tale by HOPllNl EATON, teb9 No. 1 Central Wharf. Scotch Canvas*. BOLT! from the factory of David Cor ^■"1 sar k Sons, Leith-a sail cloth of euperior quality—Just received per ••Jura”, and for tale by UoGILVERY. RYAN k DAVIS, mcU26 dtf 161 Commercial Street. H O T E LS. HALLOWELL HOUSE REOPENED! NEW FURNITURE & FIXTURES! S.G. DENNIS, Proprietor. ir Tbe public ire lueciiily informed th»t the spacious, convenient aud well known Hallowmll lloirSK, in the center of Hallowell. two miles from Augusts, and four mi es from Togus Spring, has been refurnished, and is open for tto reception of company aud permanent boarders. Every attention will be given to the comfort of guests. STABLING, aud all the usual conveniences of a popular hotel, are amply provided. liallowel’, i'«A. 1 1864. mch2oeodtf Splendid Pleasure Resort! THE WHITE HOUSE. (FOUMMLY WILSON HOUSB.j J. P. HILLER,.PROPRIETOR. i This popular Hotel has recently been pur Hi nLa^ciiast 1 by Hr. Mfller(of the Albion) aud has been thoroughly retitted, renovated and re paired, and numerous excellent alterations J_puade. It is located ou the Sa-earappa road, about four mites from Portland, affording a beauti Ail drive over a good road, aud just about far enough for pleasure. It has a tine large Dancing Hall and good Bowling Alleys. In close proximity to the bouse is a warm and roomy Stable, contaiuing* twenty nioe stalls. There is also a well sheltered Shod, 106 feet long, for hitching horses. The choicest Suppers will be got np for sleighing aud dancing parties, who will find it greatly toTheir pleasure and advantage to resort to the White House. No effort will be spared for the entertainment of guests. decld-dtf THE AMEKICAY HOllE, Hanover Street .... Boatou, The Largest and Best Arranged Hotel IN NEW ENGLAND. LEWIS RICE, Proprietor. oc!61y Mason & Hamlin’s CABINET ORGANS. TIIE subscriber, being impressed with the great excellence of these I nstruments, and their adap tation either for small churches, vestry*, or parlors, offers them for sale to the citixena of Portland and vicinity. The manufacturers hare the written testimony of over a hundred of the best Organists aud Musicians, both foreign and native, to the effect that they are superior to any Instrument* of the kind that thoy have ever seen. Among the teetimonial* of such ae Thai berg. Morgan and Zundel, is the following from Uottsohalk: “Mbmus. Masov k Ham lib I congratulate you on the introduction of a new Musical Instru ment, long wanted, and sure to liud Mi way into every household of taste aud refinement that can possibly afford its moderate expense. Your Cabinet Organ is truly a charming instrument, worthy of the high praise it has received, and far superior to everything of its class I have seen. I take pleasure in commending it most heartily as everywhere wor thy a place beside the Piano Forte, to which it is a fine complement, from its capacity for rendonuc much delightful music, sacred, secular, classic and popular, to which the Ptano is not adapted.” UUTTdCHALK. New York. 2*Jd Sept., 1963. These Instruments may be found at the Masie Rooms of the subscriber, where they will be cold at the manufacturers’ prices. H. S. EDWARDS, No. 849 1-8 8t»*ut'l Block, Connill Bt d«a& dtt Scotch Cftnvaw, -FOB SALB BT JAMES T. PATTEN A CO., Bath, We. OAA BOLTS Superior Bleached 300 do All Long flax “Gov eminent contract.” * 800 do Extra All Long flax Arbroath. 800 do Navy Fine Delivered in Portland or Boetoa. Bath. April 10. IMS epMdtf THfi UOSTOV FIHE BUIIK Aud Clay Retort Manufacturing Co., Work*. 3P4 Federal street, Office and Wart house* Iff Liberty Square ar.d 7 Battery march St, manufacture Hie Brick, ad shapes and sixes, for furnaces require*! to stauu the most inteuso heat alsi Furnace Block* and Blabs, Locomotive Fire Blocks, Bakers’ Oven an.I Breen house Tiles, Clay Retort* and necessary Tiioato set them, Fire Cement, Fire Clay and Kaolin. The undersigned will give their *pecial attention that all orders tor the above manufacture are execu ted with promptness. JAMES EDMOND & CO. Kkllino Aubnts, 13 Liberty Square, Boston, moldl eodGrn Ooal n 11 cl Wood! -AT TUB LOWEST PRICES FOR CASK, DELIVERED TO ANY PART OP THE CITY, A T SHORT NOTICE. Our Coal is of the very BEST quality, and war ranted to give satisfaction. -ALSO, FOR SALE All Kind, of Hard aud Molt Wood. The Public are invited to give us a oall, as we are bound to give aatisiuction to all who lavor us with I their custom. OFFICE NO. 49 COMMERCIAL STREET. RANDALL A HcALLISTER mn 1* TO SHIP BlILUERS. F. S. X J. B. HUOKIN8, COMMISSION MEKCU ANTS, and wholesale and retail dealers iu Ship Tinhkr .uuI'la.u Have for sale it their Wharf, Central Sotakk, Ka^t Host N, 250,000 /.or:ti( uuJ Oak Treenails 2,000 Hackmatack: Kurts, planed. Also Wuitk Oak Plank and riMuuu.CuLSTNiT Boa&dr and Plank Win™ Pink, Duck-Plank, Ac. Particular at tention paid to Furnishing Oak Tlank by the Cargo. mc!2t d3m # SHERIDAN & GRIFFITHS,' (Successors to Joseph Cray k <.*b.,) plastbuehs, PLAIT i MMIMUI STUCCO A VASTIC VOXkIRS. ARK now p-eparod to furni-h the public with Center l’iect-. and all kind, of I’la.ter Orua meut, as cheap as any other establi.meut in the State, and at the .hortest notice We will also jive prompt attention to repairing Plasteriug. Whitening, White Washing and Color ing if Please leave your orders at No, 6 Southstreet opposite tue Riding School. It 026 d3ui Colley, Burnham & Co., C*bin<‘t Makers ami I pliolsterers, 368, Congress Street, VUE prepsrt-d to do all kinds of Cabinet and Up holstery work, at the shortest notice. All kinds of Fiirnilure, IsOiin^rs A iUullriSMb —constantly ou hand— N U The public are invited to call aiid examine. u*4*l»4 dtf To MitiiularliiiTis. milK subscriber being in correspondence with an 1 Emigration Agent in Birmingham. England, (who has been in the business for a long time will obtain through that Ageney Artixans or Workmen of all classes with promptness and dispatch. EDWARD SHAW, March 9.1864 tf 02 l.Middle street, Portland. Wanted limnudiulely, Aiecond baud steam Engine, of thirty to forty horse power. Enquire of HIGH 1 & DYER h bl9 dtf Union Wharf. Removal. DK. LUDWK. h»i removed to No. 50 High St., corner of Congre«s. Portland, March 17, 1364. rachlT dtf Slcikiii I’ottcr lit Kent. KOOM8 with attain power ohu b» h»d, by appli cation to J. L. WINSLOW, 6 Colon »t. apr2 3w BUSINESS CARDS. W. W. CARR UaTlof taken the Trait store formerly_r.t*g ,y O. SAWYER, " INo. 8 Exchange street, Are prepared to offer to the trade a large aad vail aelooted .took of Foreign and Domestio Fruit! Wholesale aad Be tall Ornngea. Spree. Gaa, Ueeagei Lewena, Canary Scad, Candles., l.emeu Syrup. Ueaey, Prunes, Ceeea Nnla Fig.. Clire*; Net., all kinds. Dalea. .. Tekeew, i"-'"”’ Cigars. Vmmej Candle. •fall descrluiUa oot» dtf F. M. CARSLEY, CABINET MAKER AND UPHOLSTERER, Mo. 51 Union Stroot, 1*J?«RV6d *° do 111 of CABINET JOB. BING m ft prompt aud satisfkotorj msaasr. Book and Show Cun made to order. iW~Tirmtur. Made, Repaired aad Vanished at _ SHORT NOTICE. Portland. May 29,18Ck. „ IRA WINN, Agent, No. 11 Union St., I. prepared to foraiae STEAM ENGINES and BOILERS, of Tftriofti sizes and potteros, Stem Pipe ui Yiiiim, Kill teingg HkaBi^, hftfxh, Liemr Houea Work of all deeoriptl.ina, and all kind, of vork required la bhiidiag k'oaTirioaTioaa. Iron Stair* and other Architectural Work. Howe., Store., and other building*. Sued vita Hw end Steam in the beet manner. In oonnectlon with the shore it as Iron Poaadry. vitha large awortment of Pattern., to vkleh the attention of Hachiauta, MillvrighU.aad Shlp-Betld ora i. invited—aad all kind, oi Cwtian faralahed at abort notice. 1 KF*Ordera for Uaohlne Jobbing, Pattaraa aad rorglaga, promptly ezeeated. sel SINGER’S ’ SEWING MACHINESI WOODMAN. TRUE * CO.. AGENTS, ** »*< M.Middle IHmi, Heedleaaad Trimmings always eahaad. ■ahlttf _ • ALBERT WEBB A CO„ Corn, Flour and Grain, ■BAD 07 KUKILL'I VdAIT, Caamalil Ssraec, - - FanlmaAMy. A CARD. DR. S. C. FERNALD. DENTIST, No. 176 Multll H treat. Kavaanioas.Dra. Bacon aad Butin. Portlaad, May It, DMA tf Dr. J. H. HEALD HAVING disposed qf his entire Internet la hie Office to Dr. 8. C K KHN ALD, wonld nhssrftll<# nccumintod him to hie former petit at* i*4 the pet* lie. Dr. Pbubald, from long experience, Is proper-* ed to Insert Artificial Teeth on the “ VulcnniteBeen,*' end nil other methods known to the premelea. Peril end. Mny SA. IMS U JOHN F. SHERRY, Hair Culler and Wig Maker, No. 18 Market Square, Fort' lad. (ap ataira.) 88“ Separate room for Lad tea' aad Chiidraa'a Half Calling. A good stock of Wira, Ualr-Wlgo, Baade, Braid,, Carla, rriaett*. Pads, Hulls, Crtmpiag hoards, fee., 4o . constantly oa head led’tltlT R EM^V AL. UR. NEWTON HAS removed hia resldonea to Wo. 87 MUMS Strrrl, corner of Franklin street. Office as heretofore, No. 116 SxchanM Stmt, la Nobie’a Block, ap ataira. Office hoars from II ta 18 A. M., from! to 3, and (Tom Sto 8o’clock F. M. Dr. N. will oontinne. In connection with (moral yeoUoso to j\n apaoial attention to DISMaAm 08 WOOD AND COAL CHEAF FOR CASH ! $9.50. CHEAPJ30AL. $9.50 MINE LOT CHESTNUT COAL 88.60 9 TON, SPRING MOUNTAIN, LEHIR.U, UEZILXON, SUGAR LOAF. OLD COMPANY LEHIGH. LO CUST mountain Johns, diamond, wbbb TER and RLA('k IIEA f II. These Coala arul tb« very beat quality, welt screened and plaited, and warranted to give satisfaction. HARD AND SOFT WOOD, delivered to any part of the city. Orru'i Cuumuucial 8t . bead of Fruhlia Wharf. 3. ROUNDS A SON. teblddly WARREN’S IMPORTED KIKE AND WATERPROOK FELT COMPOSITION, -AID Gravel H.oo£LnK FOR FLAT ROOFS. E. IIERSEY, Agent, JautM dtr < No.«Uaioa Street. fertilizers! * 1 U t HULS COE'S SCFEB PU08 LIRE, IfYfJUlOO" LLOYDS. 80ii“ l.ODI POUDRETTE, 10u" LITTLEFIELD'S POUDNKTTIA lor aale at manufacturer'• pi ice, by KENDALL A WHITNEY. Portland Feb. 9, 1964. feb8 Slate BOOTH AMD SHOES ! W. W. LOTIIROP, 33 Middle Sneer. ■ At " can bo found a large assortment oi Ladies', t>outs', Muses’. Boys’ aud Yoaths* f ml hiUsusMii HOOTS. SHOES and HUlM «1 the best manufacture sad at its* -unable prices. Boors and Sbokii made to meaaur# from the best Freucb aud Atuerfcau stock and o% the latest style lasts. WM W. LoTUBOP. mch22 (12m BOUNTIES A PRIZE MONEY. % I DO tieuu t y for Soldiers wounded In Battle. WE are prepared to obtain a Bounty of tlOO fug soldiers due barged on acoount of wound# rm'rireti. Bounty of §100 for Soldiers ilu charged oft account of »r und$ rtctirtd in butt* obtained ( if pa|>er« on flts arecorreet i in f Are* reh time Special aftvution given to the collection of Prise Money ml4 claims against (government. SWEAT A- CI.KAVBS. CounaellorH at Law, mohS dtf No 117, Mid tie 81.. Mussoy ’s Row. SEALED PROPOSALS W,LL ^ received by the Committee on Drain# vf and Sewers, until April 11th, ISOt. for coa st ructing a common sewer through Biamhali strei s. trom Congress to Brackett street. Plans and apet 4» Ncatioua may be found at the Civil Engineer's offlej. The Committee reserving the right to re'ect any of all bids uot deemed satisfactory. Per order < f Commiltee. WM. II. STEWART, (*1 airman. April 6. td Book Card A Fane v Printing NEATLY EXECUTED at TMK*OFFtOE OF THE PRES

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