Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, April 13, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated April 13, 1864 Page 2
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THE DAILY PRESS. PORTLAND MAIN* Wednesday Moraine* April 13, 1804. _-^ The circulation of the Dally Press is larger than any other Daily paper in the State, and double that of any other in Portland. Taras—$7.00 per year: if paid strictly in ad stance n discount of $1.00 will be made. “ Peace at any Price. ” With such & caption as the above the Argu:* went oil' in a leader of nearly a column’s length on Saturday last, the principal object of the article being to ignore the idea that Democrats—any Democrats—are willing to secure peaco with the rebels on terms dishon orable to the national government. We copy an extract: It is a favorite charge with a portion of the abolition press that Democrats, or at least a class of them, are in tavor of "peace at auy price,”—that they would, if they possessed the power, at once stop hostilities; and then, if the rebels relused to return to the Union, they would assent to a disruption of the Union and recognize the independence of rebeldom on any terms that the rebel leaders might de mand. We quite agree that persons bolding such views might truly be charged with being tor “peace at any price”—even that iuvolving the deepest disgrace and the blackest dis honor—that they would justly merit the scorn, condemnation and contempt of every true patriot. Wc thank our neighbor for the expression contained in the coucludiug lines of this par agraph. It indicates that he, at least, is for no concession that shall sunder the hands of the Union, ibr no knuckling to rebellion so long as a slate represented by any of the stars on our national emblem remains outside of its legitimate orbit as a member of our national system. Doubtless when the editor of the Argus penned the foregoing paragraph he looked upon his party as the true conservator of the Union, and upon its leaders as true patriots, for he says: Rut. wrA tliArp anv hnlilin<7 fhosD views, as it is charged that there is? We have never seeu such au oue, nor, iu a some what extensive acquaintance with Democrats have we heard of one entertaining those views. That both democrats aud abolitionists have Individually, iu the excitement of personal de bate, advauced views which they did uot real ly eutertaiu and slated propositions for which they would not in calm momeuts, he at ail responsible, is probably true. * • * We have never, however, heard a Democrat utter views such as are charged upon “peace meu at any price,” nor have we heard of their utterance. Were there any iu favor of peace at any price, they would be bald disuuiomsts. That U the plain logic of such a position. They would not fight at all aud would give up the Union, unless the rebel leaders would agree to return in peace to its folds. Kvery oue knows—who knows auylhiug about it,—that the rebel leaders would do no such thiug, aud that while they are invested with the power which great armies give them, they will not permit the masses of the people of the South, to returu to the Uuiou. To advocate peace at any price is, therefore,to advocate disunion— a position which no Democrat occupies. Rut Democrats are for |>eaec—all for peace, — on the basis of a preserved Constitution and a restored Uuion, and upon no other condi tion. After writing such sentences as the above, embalming every Democrat as a patriot, and claiming that not a single member of the household had ever uttered a disloyal senti ment, or would under any consideration con sent to disunion, it must have been exceed ingly unpleasant for the editor of the Argus, turning to his telegraphic columns,to sec in the same paper which contained his pointed de nial of the disloyalty oi his frieuds, that while he was penning that denial one of the oracles of his party—Hon. Alexander J-oiig, of the Cincinnati District, Ohio—was niakiug enun ciations iu the House of Representatives so shocking to all true patriotism that his expul sion from the House was proposed ou the spot. From the Argus’ Congressional report of Saturday—in the same paper containing the editorial from which wc have quoted above — the following is clipped Irom the House proceedings of the precediug day: The House weut into Committee on the President's annual Message. Mr. Long made a speech of an hour's dura tion He denied that the oppoueuts oi the Administration were giving aid and comfort to the enemy; quoted from Renton, Seward, Qaiucy Adaius, Fillmore, aud others, to show that coercio i could not be successful under u Republican system, and tliat the last three years of war had proved the truth of the proposition. There were only two questions, first, the recognition of the Southern Confed eracy; second, the continuation of the war for the subjugation of the South. Of the two he preferred the former. He believed the Democratic party were for peace and would he placed in ufalte position if they nomina ted a war candidate. This must have been an unexpected holt from what our neighbor regarded as a clear democratic sky, aud lie frankly says in liis next issue: If there are men in Congress holding those views, we are glad to have them avow them, that the people may understand who they are. If Mr. Long was correctly reported he sub stantially foot ground for disunion—a posi tion which no right miiulrd patriot cun as sume. it may be, however, lliat bis remarks were not fairly reported. If it should turn out that Mr. Long was correctly reported, and is thus proved to be a disunionist and no patriot, we trust the editor of the Argus will betray no weakness by apologising for him, or by complaining of the effort promptly made by the majority of the House to eject him from the seat which he dis graced. But what will our neighbor say to the remarks of other members of the Demo cratic household, when the resolution for the expulsion of Mr. Long was pending? In the Congressional report as given in the columns of the Argus, we find that Mr. Harris, of Md., endorsed ecerg senti ment uttered by Mr. Long, lie would stand by him for weal or woe. If there was any honesty in the Democratic party they would rise like a hurricane and sweep away those who are preying upon the very vitals of the republic. He (Harris) was not in favor of recognizing tlm Southern Confederacy, hut of acquiescing in secession. This Mr. Harris, now misrepresenting a Union constituency as the vote of his Dis trict the other day plainly shows, is not only a Democrat, hat a leader of the Democratic party, and it is but a few months since the Argus exulted over his election as a victory of the Democracy over Radicalism; and yet he goes beyond those who would recognize the Southern Confederacy. That would not he enough for him; simple recognition might he wrung from us, Irom our sheer inability to subdue rebellion ami to restore the authority of the national government over the revolted states. This would not suit the purposes of democratic Mr. Harris. He would *‘acquiesce in secessionhe would admit the principle; acknowledge that South Carolina was right from the start, and thus endorse an idea 111 at would convert our national Union into a rope of sand, and leave wide open the door for any state to secede that may hereafter wisli to follow the examples of secession with which the civilized wot Id has been recently favored. But Mr. Long and Mr. Harris do not stand alone. Another illustrious representative Democrat has shown his hand,and become one of the trio iu infamy of which Ohio aud Mar} Mipyppft sinfinsgimp&T&sn&v*. ■ land Democracy furnish the other member*. We refer to Mr. Fernaudo Wood, a man not uukuown to the editor of the Argus; the man with whom our neighbor walked the streets, hob-nobbed, and dined last summer, when he was in this city on his way to the Provinces. The Congressional report proceeds: Fernando Wood said Mr. Long had declared in his speech thrs he would preler recognition rather than that the people of the South should be subjugated and exterminated, and be (Wood) endorsed this, and they could expel him for it. ♦ Such is the ground taken by at least three Democratic Congressmen — leading men iu the party ; and no observing person can doubt that it is such men who are to shape the poli cy of the party and to control its action. Far be it from us to charge disloyalty upon the ran^and tile of the Democratic party. We I relieve the masses of that party are honest, though strangely misled, and wickedly de ceived. We insist, however, that os a party, as an organization, ax an instrument of polit ical power, the Democratic party is arrayed on the side of disunion aud “peace at any price.’’ It is to be used against and not for the country. It is controlled by wicked bad men—dangerous men — who are no better than Jeff. Davis; who tu-day|would join hands with Jell. Davis if the rebel chief would soil Ids hands by so doing. They have got the con trol of the party, aad they will, so sure as effects follow causes, drag the present loyal men iu the party down to their traitorous level, or those men must refuse to follow their lead, which can be done only by abandoning the organization. We do not say that the editor of the Argus is responsible for the treasonable proclivities of iris party leaders; we do not hold him re sponsible for the utterances of Messrs. Long, Harris and Wood, but we do say that, unless he washes his hands of all sympathy for them; unless he not only refuses to co-operate with them in any and all political action, but ac tually denounces them as disuniouists and no true patriots, he will prove that he isuot only indefeusably inconsistent, but that his lan guage, quoted above, is deceptive and conveys no true idea either of the sentiments of his head or of the feelings of his heart. Now we would plead with our contempo rary, in the spirit of old friendship, to come out like a mau and abandon and abjure an or ganization that is dragging him down to political perdition. As an old friend and fel low-soldier, who has fought side-by-side with him on many a severely contested political batllc-fleld, we urge him to escape the toils in which a traitorous party would entwiue him. Let him, by works and by words, prove tbe honesty of tbe language quoted above from his pen, and not by adulation with disunlonists and traitors,compel his friends to believe that bis disease is of tbe heart and not simply an hallucination of the brain. We shall watch our quondam brother's course with a great deal of solicitude; not that his action can change the issue of eveuts by a single hair’s breadth, but because we would see him redeemed from destruction, and have him wield his graceful pen in defense of bis country and its honor, the Union and its integrity, leaving the Advertiser alone in onr city to work out the copjicrliead mission, to “die the death,” to rot and he forgotten. Come, brother, now is the accepted time. De lays arc daugerous. Procrastination may he death. To-day only has hope of salvation. Remember, and he encouraged by the reflec tion, that 11 While the tamp holds out to burn, Toe rankest rebel may return.” Letter from the State Capital. Augusta, April 12,1864. To the K'ht 'r the Trees: .Special orders from the War Department announce that Major James Johnson, 14th regiment Veteran Reserve Corps, is assigned to the command of the rendezvous for drafted forces at Camp Uerry, Portland, as the suc cessor of Brigadier General Rowley, and that companies II and D, 13th regiment Veteran Reserve Corps, arc to take post there and constitute the permanent garrison of the ren dezvous. The 31st and 32d regiments are hard at work on rolls, papers Ac., preparatory to their departure for Annapolis which has been ordered lor this week. They are both nearly full. The inemliers of the 8th regiment report here to-day from their furloughs, and will leave very soon for the seat of War. The 8th lias been transferred from the Department of the South to the Army of the Potomac, and will report to General Casey at Washington. Since the third of September last, this Stale had, so far as reported up to the Tth inst., been credited by the War Department with six enlistments in the regular army.— During the month of March we received cred it for 1404 volunteers fur three years service) not including veteran reenlistments. First Lieutenant Frank W. Haskell A.tiii. taut of the 19lh regiment, who wa9 tome time since honorably discharged the service lor disability, lias been restored to his old po sition. Olllcial notice from the War Depart ment also has been received of the resigna tion of Capt. George W. Burnham, Co. E, lith regiment, and the dismissal for absence without leave, of 1st Lieut. Charles A Water house, Co. C, 5th Begt. Considerable difficulty aud many questions having arisen as to the proper construction of the .State Aid Law passed by the last Legisla ture, Gov. Cony submitted the matter to At torney Geueral l’eters for bis explanation.— Mr. Peters has returned the following clear aud coucise reply:— STATE OK MAIKK. ATfOR.NXY UEKERAL’B OlYlOE, I „ , Aagosta, April 4, 1844. J lion. Samvel Cory, oorrmor, Ifc. Your not Icq calling my attention to a construc tion n! the act entitled '‘An act to provide support for the families of soldiers,” parsed by the Legisla ture of eighteen hundred aud sixty-four, has been received, mid I make ihe lolluwiue reply to the same: The construction K'ven heretofore by t lie different State depart me ut« to the several pre> ious act* upon the same *ubjoet haa been widely circulated and lreu erally understood. The act of 1884 reduce* iu num ber the different claentn of persons entitled to re ceive aid. It also make* more clear and certain than heretofore the amount to be received by thone who art* entitled to aid, aud leave* lea* to the dUcrimina tion of tow n officer*. Certain parties are entitled to aid at all event*. The classification may bo made of persons entitled to receive aid, provided they claim it and make application for the aaiue, a* follow*: 1. The wife of any aohlier. sailor or marine, Ac , i* entitled to receive seventy-five cent* per week. 2. leach ch id, under fifteen year» of aye, of any Holdier, Ac., i* entitled to receive titty cent* per week. A brother or sister of a aohlier, Ac., ii not now entitled to lecefce any kuiii whatever. 3. An a^ed, infirm, aud depondeut father or mother of any Milder, Ac , is entitled to receive seventy live cent* per week. 4. A dependent widowed mother of any soldier, Ac . is entitled to receive »event\-five cent* per week 6 Hut the suras *o paid shall not, in any case, exceed,two and a half dollar* per week for all the persons thus dependent upon one soldier, sailor or marine. 8 Ihe amount* above named are payable in uumry, unless the recipients elect to take it in some thin;: *!»e. 7. 1 he amounts, as stated above, cities, towns and plantations, are now eompfltrd to pay upon the cred it of the State lor roiuiburHuinout, and tow'll* Ac are subject to indictment for any failure on their part, to pay the same. H Tow .is, Ac., may, at their discretion, furnish aid to the amities of soldiers, Ac., iu addition to the foregoing, w ithout making such fainilie* pau per* iu auy sense, but any additional payments must be borue by the towns, and are not to be reimbursed by the State. * 9 Anv family of a soldier, Ac , must be asiisted where they are inhabitants; that is. where they are actually r Bid ng at the time the aid is called for, wdiether the legal settlement of the soldier is in such place or elsewhere. Very respectfully, John ▲. I'ktbkb, Attorney Gm. Brigadier Geueral Charlea pevens baa been relieved from the command of the depot for drafted men at Galloup's Island, lu Boston harbor, and will proceed at once on a tour of inspection through the Northern and Eastern States with a view to pushing forward recruits and volunteer regiments to their command in tiie Held, especially men on fuflough. The following commissions, not heretofore announced, have been issued: nineteenth Regiment Infantry.—Dr. Benj. F. Sturgis, of New Gloucester, Asst. Sur geon ; Dr. Wm. H. Randall, of Dixfleld, Asst. Surgeon. Thirty-First Regiment Infantry.—Edward A. Gctchell, of Bangor, Capt. Co. H. Yours truly, Hei.ios. ORIGINAL AND BBLBCTBD. jy Butter is coming down; speculators can’t stand the pressure. |jy It costs $2.«io to see the various depart ments of the N. Y. Fair. By The Androscoggin is nearly free from ice to Bethel. W“ Federal gunboats have been recon noitering within fifteen inilcs of Richmond. $y Extensive preparations are being made for the Sanitary Fair, in Philadelphia. jy Provisions generally have declined iu England. Breadstuff* are reported dull. jy Later reports from Rome say the health of the Pope is improving. fry Maj. Dill says the maple sugar makers have done a smart business, in Phillips and vicinity, this spring. By~Col. F. D. Sewall, of Bath, of the Inva lid Corps, is now in the city on official milita ry business. jy"Thc Lewiston Journal says Major Pul sifer of Auburn, a Paymaster iu the army, is stationed at Fortress Monroe. jyCol. McGilvery, of the Maine Artillery, has been ordered to report at the headquar ters of the army of the Potomac. gy““A Rainy Day In Camp,” poetical, will find a place in a lew days—probably Saturday morning. x lie fA|»uiw iiuiii mniuu iui tuc nci a closing Dili iustant, were $371,508 against $138,820 lor the same week in 1803. SyThe total export of specie from the port of New York, from Jau. 1, 1804, to the Oth instant, was $10,152,103. Eiy-Thc packet ship Harry Warren arrived at Boston on Wednesday, Oth instant, from Liverpool, having made the run in 18 days. JtyTlie net proceeds of the fancy dress party at Bangor, for the benefit of the Sanita ry Commission, were $1,501. tar Since the first of January last there have been 40 homicides in the city of New York. jy~The Washington Chronicle says the jail in that city is a disgrace to a civilized community. Congress should abate such a nuisance. fcyMaj. Fred, ltobie, U. S. Paymaster, was at Key West on the 4th iust., where he arrived in the steamer Admiral. The Admi ral was bound for New Orleans. £y*We learn from a correspondent that the 2d, 3d and 7th Maine batteries have been joined to the Oth army corps, and are ordered to report at Annapolis. iyit is said the New York Sanitary Fair was so crowded on Saturday last, that insi ders were willing to pay more to get out [than outsiders to get In. jyThe amount of private contributions since the commencement of the war, for the benefit of the soldiers, is said to be-over $212, 000,000. jyA member of Congress whoshould utter such sentiments as were uttered in the House of Representatives on Saturday last, ought not to bo allowed to remain there “Long.” *y it is said business was suspended in a Chicago Grand Jury room, a few days siuce, in consequence of one of the jurors having an attack of the delirium tremens. jy From accurate statistics it is stated that an the New and Old World there are 8258 lodges of Free Masons, with 500,000 active members. The number of non-active and those who have withdrawn is nearly 3,000,000. ay Gov. Hahn having been appointed bj the President Military Governor ol Louisiana, until the people shall adopt a State Constitu tion, Gen. Shepley will probably return to a command in the army. jy The Grand Lodge of Free Masons of Massachusetts, have determined on rebuild lug a large Hall, on the site of the late Win throp House, in Boston, to be occupied only by the (>rder. jy Every movement of Gen. Grant indi cate a determination to bring a power to bear upon the rebellion that will crush it out be fore the return of cold weather. "God speed the right” fiyThe earthuuake iu San Francisco, a short time since, was so severe that men in their fright, rushed from the barber’s shops half-shaved and from the bath-house half washed. jy The Price Current says the wholesalers of this city are lamentably neglectful of the first rules of successful business enterprise. They haven't advertised heretofore, but are beginning to learn the evil of their ways. 8y"ltev. Dr. Massie, who made an exten sive tour in this country in 180d, has published a book, in which he relates with the circum stances, the alleged story of the womeu-tlog ging by Gen. Lee. tr In I .oudon.a few years ago, the butch ers combined to put up the price of meat, and the people resisted it, resolving to consume the article Jjut three days in the week ; the re sult was a tumble in prices, that must happen here would people do the same thing. jyThc funeral of the late Mrs. Kirk land—the gifted authoress — took place at All Souls (Unitarian) Church, New Tork.ou Sunday last. An eloqueut funeral address was delivered by Kev. Dr. S. K. Lolhrop, of Boston. sr The new hotel being erected at Itye Beach, in place of the one destroyed by tire, it to be a magnillceut edifice, contaiuiug all the latest improvements, with spacious and elegaut rooms, and will accomodate two hun dred and fifty guests. 07" It appears that personalities have been pretty freely bandied iu the New Brunswick Legislature. The other day one of the mem bers denouuced another as “ ignorant and im pudent,” and charged him with having “ fed on potatoes the most of his life.” One of the local papers is very indignant at this depreci ation of what it calls a “valuable esculent,” and says the difliculty of getting these nour ishing tubers is greater thau the disgrace of eatiug them. jy The Boston Transcript says the butter ■peculators, with large stocks on hand are not a little uneasy at the resolve of people to leave off consuming butter, and fearful of warm weather, are round the country iu wagons of fering to sell at a much lower figure than asked in the market. We hope the people will adopt the same course in regard to every article of luxury, the prices of which specu lator* are controlling. BY TELEGRAPH -TO TVS EVENING PAPERS. --- During Attempt to Deetroy the Frigate Min~ nreotu. New York, April 12. The Herald’s Fortress Monroe letter reports a most daring attempt to destroy, on Satur day morning, the frigate Minnesota. An ap parautly floating spar approached her, and getting near was ascertained to be a boat with three men in it. The lookout warned them off, but they pushed boldly for the frigate. In a few moments an explosion occurred similar to that of twenty cannon. The vessel shook as if with paralysis, and the crew tumbled out of their berths. When the confusion subsid ed orders were given to pursue the daring re bels, but the Admiral’s dispatch tug, which was lying alongside, did not have steam up. The other tugs on picket were too far out to be of any use, and the marauders rapidly dis appeared in oue of the creeks abounding in the James river. The damage to the frigate was very trifling and has been repaired. The commander of the tug was put under arrest for not keeping steam up. Hehrl Steamer Itnrued. N'kw York, April 12. The Times has a letter from the U. S. steam er Arkansas, at New Orleans 2d inst, report ing the destruction of the rebel steamer Clif ton, formerly a U. S. gunboat, while attempt ing to run the blockade off Sabine l'ass, on the night of the 21st. ult. She got aground on the bar and the rebels had to burn her to prevent her falling into our hands. She had TOO bales of cotton on board. A large side wheel steamer, with a cargo for the rebel goverinent, lately run into the port of Valaseo. after having been driven off from Galvestou by our fleet. She ran ashore in the bay, but subsequently got off and run into port. Deserters report that she has been load ed wilh 1100 bales of cotton and Is now wait ing for a chance to run out. Death ok Wm. D. Ticknor.—The numer ous readers of the Atlantic Monthly will learn with deep regret of the death of William D. Ticknor, the senior member of the publishing house of Ticknor & Fields. His disease was congestion of the lungs. Mr. Ticknor left Boston a few days ago, in good health, for the purpose of accompanying his friend, Mr. Na thaniel Hawthorne, who was ill, ou a short tour, and the news of his death has struck his menus wuu surprise as wen as griei. Jir. Ticknor was widely known and esteemed as an energetic, enterprising, intelligent and in defatigable man of busiuess, of high honor and integrity, and his place in busiuess circles will be sadly missed. lie was S3 years of age and a native of Lebanon, N. II. A Fact.—In the warrant for town meet ing in a neighboring town, a few weeks since, one of the articles was to sec if the town would authorize the erection of a Hag-stall'. One old copperhead patriarch, on the day of the meeting, was heard to ask his friend what kind of a Hag it was proposed to display up on the staff. “The stars aud stripes, of course,” replied the friend. “1 thought so,” said the old shellback, “I knew it was some d—d Black Republican project !’’ aar-Thc Saco Democrat says Mr. Win. IIorrobiu, of Biddeford, died very suddenly on Saturday evening last. lie had been down town, and returning home, fell dead as he stepped into the entry of his house. His age was about fifty years. Review of the Market, For the week ending April IS, 18(34, prepared ex pressly lor the Pitaas, by Mr. M. N. Rich. >T«le.—We wish it to be understood that onr quo tation* represent prices of large lot* from brat bauds, uulos* otherwise stated, and that iu tilling small or dors, higher rate* have to be charged. A8UES—We notice au advance of on Pot Ashes since the dato of our last, aud now quote both Pots aud Pearls 8>(g9c $> btl. APPLES—1Green Apples are higher as soon * fruit Is less abundant, and «« uow quote *2 7.7&3 26 D bb). Dried apples area little easier and are uow held 9^10^ 4* lb lor sliced and cored. BREAD—There is a steady moderate demand for Ship Broad at 85 5*>a-*;: Pilot Bread $C5U%6 76. aud Crackers #4 bbl, or 40c |> 100; prices tin»>. HI CAUB SODA—We notice a further advance on Soda, and uow quote 8j^8*c |> lb. BUTTER—The market continues to rule firm aud steady at our termer quotations. Receipts are mod erate aud ttocks light, and we continue to quote at 8&m/40c. Choice Butter ha* retailed during the week at 42a45c p tb. Country hull Butter we quote 33«, 36c, aud store Butter, which is still soarce, at 30a.'8c V tb. BEANS—There has teen a little more inquby f«*r Bean* tor a wetk past, and with a better feeling prices are more stringent, though salt-* continue moderate, and we continue to quote White Pea and Marrow Bean* 82 5*>,a2 02, au Blue Pods 92 37 u2 60 V bushel. BOX 8HOOKS—The market remains steady with moderate sale* at prices j angiug from KkojO lor good pine. Transaction* are limited although shipuu-ut* have been larger for the past than for the previous week. COOPERAGE—Stocks of city made Cooperage of all kiuds are light, but the demand is limited aud price* are nominal at our quotation*. There i* noth ing doing of importance in country Cooperage Headings are dull at some decline, and Soft Pine a re held at ‘20&23, and Hard do 2.Y«,27, end stock* ample The stock of Hoops is light with some de mand. although shipment* have been very light for the past two or three week* and prices remain steady at former quotations. CHEESE—Is very scarce and price* are tlnn aud constantly advancing. We now quote New York and Vermont choice dairies 18^1'Jc, aud Country 16 &161c V tb. COFFKF—The market retain* it* firmne**, stock* of all kinds being light, and only offered at giadually improving price*. Our revise* quotations show a Ren oral and st< ady advance. Sales are limit'd and jere ha* been but little doing iu coustquence of the unsettled state of the market. COAL—There is a fair demand for Coal from the yard at 911 5oft 12 for White Ash,Lehigh and Frank lin, and 99 50® 10 tou for Cumberland. CORDAGE—The market for Cordage has ruled more steady the past week,and wecoutimic our quo tations without change, as lollows —Manila and Russia licmp 22«,23c; American do 18‘®19. Russia Bolt Rope 22) 0,24, and Manill a do 23-<i 24 Cotton bail Twine remains steady at 91 20® 1 25'V 16. CEMENT—We note a further advance on Cement the market closing firm at91 90®3 00 $> bbl. CREAM TARTAR—Pure Crystals remain Rteady and unchanged, with moderato sales at 65, and Pul verized 40c l> 16. DRY GOODS—The Dry Good* market early in tho week was somewhat depressed.but laterly recov ered more firmness aud activity, ana with a brisk spriug* and the high price of gold the mar ket closes buoyant at our present quotations. We notice New York auction sales of foreign Dress Goods duriug the week at higher prices than those of two or three weeks since. DRUGS AN1) DYfcS.—Tho market for Drug* re mains about the same as at the da«e ot our last re port, with but lew changes to note, o* will he ob served by our quotations elsewhere. Trade ci mimics active iu both Drugs aud Dyes. DUCK—As previously noticed, prices are firm and steady at recent advances, aud heavy contract* have been made at figure* considerable above our quota tions, and the entire product* of the Portland Duck Co is engaged for the next two mouths. We contin ue our last quotations as follows:—Portland No ] C Duck 91 24 k* yard; No 10, 70c; Navy superior, No 3, 21 11: No 10, 76c : Ravens Duck 62c. FRUITS—We notice an advance on Oranges, which are now quoted at 5 6b«6 75 per Box Ltn» ous are quite scarce aud have advanced to 5 L5®5 50 per Box. Pea Nut* are scarce and higher, and we now quote 9200®3 12 per bushel. We also uotc u decline on Almonds, and now quote suit shelled 26 (®28«\ and rhel'ed 42u45c. Rai-ius have advanced, as will he seen by our quotation* elsewhere. FI 9II—The demand has improved for all kind* of Kish, and prices are more firm a* the stock is small. We notice sale* of 100 drum* large ltvnk at 6 30, packed, to go out of marked a'so sales 7>Obbls No. 1 HavIMackarel at 15 75® 11 75. A cargo No 1 and Scaled lierrng, consisting of about 3U0 boxes, ha* bceu received and sold on private terms. FEATHERS—Price* remain firm and unchanged at 70.fa75c for Live Geese, aud 40®60c for Russia. FLOUR—The market has been characterized with considerable activity the past week, and towards the close wa* excited and feverish at as advance of 25*® 60c on previous prices. Large quantities hive ch mged hands during the week, much ot which has been on specu ative. Stocks have becu much re duced and there is 1 t le coming forward at present, aud holders are very firm at our present quotations. GRAIN—Corn continue* to have a stroug upward teudency at about 91 36<&1 36 for Western mixed and 91 85®1 45 for Sou hern yellow. Sales con tinue light, but holder* firm a* stock* me small. Oats continue in active deuiaud, especially for Gov ernment use, aud price* are firm and Hteady at 7Nfa 80 lor 30 lbs.-or 88®w5c tor 83 16*. Barley continues iu fair demand at *110 (fa 120. Rye is steady but quiet at 91 45 ®1 50 |> bushel. Shorts are very scarce aud prices are nominal. GUNPOWDER.—Prices remain steady aud quiet and we contiuue to quote Blastiug 963)64, and Rifle and Sporting 6$<g)8. HIDES AND SKINS—The market remain* quiet and firm with a good demaud for Buenos Ayres aud Western hides, aud quote B. A. 28® 29c, Western 21®22c, Slaughter 74@9c; Calf-skins remain firm aud steady at 16j<ttl7c; Green Salted 91.86®2; Sheep Pelti 9160(3)2 50. HAY—The unfavorable state of the weather and traveling ha* re*trloted arrival* and price* continue to rule dim at #22^23 |Y ton for pressed. L ose Hay is §i-area. a- there is none coving to market at this rime. There is quite an active demaud for Straw at »» v ton. HOPS—All grades continue in steady demand, and with light stocks prices are firm at our quotation*. HA RDWARE—The demand is fair for nearly all descriptions, aud many articles have advanced con* iderably. IRON—Prices for all kiDds of Iron coutinue to en tertain an advancing tendency, stocks being light and much broken, Common English we now quote 5J: Refined ; Norway ld$c: Sweden gj; Castfteel 2oa3l ; (.triean do lSjo.20, and Spring Ste**l Sheet Irons coutinue to rule firm at pruvious prices. LEATHER — continueaquite firm with moderate de maud at the followiugquotatioii9 New York Light 8Ug32)c; do Mediums 33^34l.c; Heavy 3 va34‘.; do Slaughter 45;a50c, and A meric a u Call Skins I Moj LUMBER Price* for all kind* long Lumber con tinue to udvunct* under the active d<maud lor ship ment. We now quote No. l's and 2 s clear Pine #;« & V M ; No. 3 #28.0,30, and No 4 rAK&ffi; and Ship ping «23 £26; Spruce •17@20; Hemlock $10-£12 V ^caulling aud I imber are arce at $14 OOa 15 00. ’Joist are also very scarce aud firm, llackina' tack limber 310.0020.00 k* ton. Clapboard lleartta Extra are selling at $33 00; Clear do $30 00<g3l 00; No. 1, $13®15; Sap, Clear *24<ft26; do 2ds $2«k«,21, aud Spruce Extra are worth $17 00 @ 20 00, aud No. 1 $12gl8. Shingles, Extra Pine are quoted at $4 50.0)5 00, and Clear Pine $2 50;«*3 75. Extra shaved Cedar Shingles are worth $3 87^,4 00; do 2d 8 M25(ft3 60 k* M. Lath-, Pine are selling at $1 50 fal 2 2.J. and Spruce at $1 87&1 60 |> M. Our quota tions for box shooks aud cooperage will be found elsewhere. LIME—The market remains quiet and unchanged at #1 lOojl 15 k* cask and little dotDg at this season. LAUD—Both iu bbls aud tubs remain* very firm at as stock* are light with considerable in quiry, aud prices have a strong tendeuev to a further advauce from our present quotations, a- there is a genera] seated in other markets. METALS—We notice a decided advance for both I ig aud Sheetlfu, and now quote Banca 58a»k>c: Straits 64<g)56 ; Char I C $10 50.jg,l"; do I X $'l» 50 sfljJO, and Coke $15'^15 50. MOLASSES—Business has been very light since our last, owing chiefly to the limited supply in mar ket. I he stock is now aoout all couliued to the grocer*, who are only offering sparingly and are ex* ceod:uglv firm at from 3&5-J advance over our quota tions of last week. Several cargoes hare been sold to arrive, and there is but little on the way Cuba clayed was firmly held ye«ie day at»fc.and Porto Rico ithbdU'tc- There is very littl* Trinidad offer ing for 75c and a small supply of Muscovado at 70(» 75c. We quote Tart nomiual at about 65c, as there is none at present in market. Portlaud Nyrup is held at the lactory at 63a*i,c in hhdsaud bbls. NAILS—We notice a further advance on cut nails •luce our last aud now quote *<> 50^; 75 per cask. N* A V AL 81 ORES—Turpentine remains firm and steady at recent advauce* and we continue to quote 3 OOu.3 85 per eal. Resin is also higher aud i* now held firm at $44 0O&48 00 per bbl. OAhl’M-We notice a recent advance on both common and best Navy, which we now quote 11^ 13c k* lb. with a continued upward tendency from these prices. ONIONS—The market for Onions remain very firinut recent advance*, and we continue to nuote $6 75@7 25 V bbl, or 2 70 bush. OILS—All kinds of Oil remain quiet and steadv at Previous (iliotatioiirt. I'lu* furtr.rv in lur sene are steady, lor 100J gallon lot* at 66c; for 6 bbl lots 674c. and iu has quantity 70c |> gal—sales moderate. Idnsccd oil I* quiet and steady. I> bli oils are uuiet and steady at #52 9.34 for Bay and *360,87 for Bank. Lard and w hale refined remain- firm at *1 26a 1 80; sperm winter has recently advauced to 2 12o2 2o p gal. Castor Oil has advanced since our last to 2 SOvo.2 .36 i> gal. PAINTS—Nearly all kin«Is Taints and Lead hare undergone a further adrancw Portland Lead iu oil we now quofo $15 60ctl6; Cumberland do *16 00iaf 16 50; French Zinc 912 25&12 76; American do *11 @11 60; Pure Dry Lead 14 6i'(&15; Litharge and Red 15c P lb. PLASTER—The reason may nowr be considered fairly open for p aster, aud it has been arriving quite freely for a week past, but has not as yet materially affected prices, and we continue our former quota tions. PRODUCE—The Produce market is without any important change to note. Trade has beeu moder ate and prices generally have ruled sttady, and the week closes at about t»e following prices:—Eggs 91 Oj20c in large lots, 21 a22jc by retail. Potatoes firm at $2 25 @2 ;j0 p r bl»l or 78f@SOc for Jacksous. T here is a continued scarcity of Betf, atd prices continue to rang*- at *10rai2c by the quarter. Veal 8@10c and flight supply. Poultry nominal at quotations. PROVISIONS—A strong feeling continues to be manifested in tliM market for Pork, and prices nave agaiu advanced 1 fi0@3 00 p bbl over oar last quota tions of last week. Portland packed Extra Clear we now quote *2&@29. the latter price being refused for a lot on Friday. Clear is held at 27 00@2S 00; do mean24 00@24 60; prime 21a22 p bbl Some'dealers euterta.i: a doubt of tbeie being any Clear Vork to be bad for two mouths hence. It will also be ob sorved that smoked Hams have advauced to l&<nl6l City do l«*sl7c *> lb, 1 RUM—The factory price for Portland distilled Rum remains firm at *1 25 p gal, with a strong up ward tendency, as it cannot be manufactured to soil even at present advance quotations. Thera has been but little doing ihe past week. SUGARS—All kiuds Sugars continue at a steady graiual advance daily, especially for refined, which have been so unsettled that it is difficult to give v»ry aeliable quotation* without taking iuawide range. Dealers were holdirg crashed, g.snulated and pow ered yesterday ail the way from 2.3; a24c; lta\ana White we now quote 2<»e : choice New Orleans 18<iu 20c; Havana Brown 1*’«19 Poitlaud A A 16;q,16c P lb. SALT—All kinds Salt is very firm with a heavy demand for fisl.iug purposes and an unusually light s*ock in market Liverpool has advanced to 4 6*@ 4 76 I> hhd. Turks Island and Cagliari remain steady and firm at *4 25a,4 75. SPICES—Tlie market has resumed its former quiet ness and prices are more steady. W o have only to notice some advauce on Nutmegs, which wo now quote at 1 4o@l 45. and a slight advance on Cioros, which wo now quote at 56c p tb STARCH—A forth »r advance lias taken place on Pearl Star vh, which is now sel inr iu this market at lQ@l0j p lb, and Portland 7@7jc. TEAS—The market has been quiet, and prices have ruled more steady but firm at 95ca*l 06 for Comma . Oooluug: 91 00@1 lo for choice do; P lb for Souchoug, Aukoi, aud lower grades. TOBACCO—The improvement recently reported has been sustained for loss of Tens, half puuuds and floe bright W dstern pounds aud half pounds which are scarce and in demand, sale-of such Tobaccos have beeu in New Vork at high prices. WOOL—The demand is very light both for Do mestic aud Foreign, and quotations are nominal, sis there is very little doing. Producer* are holding for higher prices, aud there is but little coming for ward at this time. FREIGHTS—-There lias been nothing doieg the past week in freights for want ot vessels. There are several freights offering, but the great scarcity of vessels in port has entirely restricted business aud we have not heard of one foreign engagement dur ing the week. I u coastwise freights we notice the following char ters Sch Ann, for New Vork, with Spruce Lum ber. at 94 l> M ; sch Israel L Snow, for New fork, with Barley, at 0c p bushel; sch Hudson, lor Bos ton. with Potatoss, at 6c p bushel. SPECIAL NOTICES. Tke Patent llelle Mnnle Skirt*. A full assortment of those celebrated Skirts iu the new style at AND E R S O N ’ S HOOP SKIRT AND CORSET DEPOT, moh23 dtf Under Mecbanies'llall. AT DANIEL LANES, KITCBKN FURNISHING STORK. NO. 40 FREE STREET. A Large Assortment of Children's Carriages, cueup Call and see them before you purchase. 1 now offer for sale my entire Stock of Toys and, Fancy floods as cheap is they can be bought of the Manufacturers, as I intend to put iu their place, tilassaud Crockery Ware. aprl J2w THOM VS G. LOIIING, DRUGGIST, -ANP — PRACTICAL TRUSS FITTER, Corner of Eaclinngc A Federal St'e. A perfect Ut guaranteed. Tho poor liberally con* sldered. mo hie dtf SPRING DRESS GOODS NOW oraNINO. O . K . BABB. inclil6 No.» Clapp's Block, Caps Kmzabbth, July 1, 1S03. 8ik : — During my connection with the'state Re form School, as a teacher, L. f Atwood’s Bittors wrere introduced there aud used witli marked success, particularly iu Bilious attentions. Voure.kc., A. P. UILLUAN. „ Uanovbb. Mi., Oct. 1,1861. Dear Sir:—I have used L. F. Atwood's Hitters lor some 10 or 16 veart. 1 have tried a great number of medicine* for Dyspepsia,but without eltuct. These Bitter* are the ouly remedy that have ever relieved me of this distressing complaint. My neighbors have alto beeu greatly beuelltted by the use ot them JOEL llUW. kw /»eicare of Counterfeits and base, imitations, tome of which acr signed F., instead if L. F. Atwooit. The genuine is signed L. F. Atwootl, and as a safegusird against imposition bears an ixtui LAUKL.countersigned II. II. IIA Y, Druggist, Fort• land, Me., sole General Agent. For sale by respectable dealers in medicine gener ally. lanlti tiweodJtw 3 t ough* Hud Cold*. 1 he sudieu cliauge* of our climate are source* of Pulmonary, Huoncuial aud Asthm vru A evict * Tioaa. Experience having proved that simple rem edies often act spnodiiy when taken iu the early stage* of the disease, recourse should at once be fad to ‘‘Brown's Bronchial Tr>h-hes," or Lozenges, let the Cold, Cough, or Irritati ti oi the Throat be ever si slight, a* by this preOiuition a more -erious ttiauk inav be effectually warded oti. Public Spsakekh and SiNOKua will hud them effectual for clearing and strengthening the voice. Soldiers should have them, m they can be carried iu the pocket, and ta ken as occasion requires. apr 8. d k wlm CURE FOR CATAKKli.—Dr. Wadsworth1* DR Y UP i* a certain remedy for this loathsome disease. There is uo mistake about this. The Dry Ud ha* cured thousauds of cases ot Catarrh, aud the sales of the article is constantly increasing. A word to the wise is sufficient. For sale by the proprietor H. «. BUKKIaNUTON. Providence, R. I. Also by II. U. HAY, Druggist, Agent for Portland. ootSleodfcwflnt m —————1—BWW———— "Bur X*. ud ru do rou Good.” Vac Dr. Langley’* Hoot aud Herb Bittern Kor .Jaundice, Co»ttveien, Lirer Complalut, Ha mors, Id digest ion, Dyspepsis, l’lles. Dizziness, Head* ache. Drowsin' s*. iml all d scascs aiisiog from dis ordcr«i stouiach, torpid liver, aud bad blood, lo which all persons are »ubje«.t in spring aud summer. rney cleanse tbe system, regulate the bowels, re store the appetite, purify the blood, and give sound ness of mind and streugth of bod-to all who use them So d by all dealers in Medicine everywhere at 25, 60 and 7G_cents per bottle GEO. C. GOOD WIN k CO., 37 Hauover Street, boston, Proprie *ors _ __ ap2 d4in Da. J. W. Kki.lky, Assuoiato Founder of the An alytical System of Medicine, and succeasor to his Father, tue late Dr. J. Clawson Kelley, will be In attendance at 214. Congress street' J’i*csrfa</ and Wednesday, the 12tl» and I3tli of April. The sick are invited to oall. Cilice advise free. April 7._ diw* 80ZODOXT.—W»* have tried the Fragrant “Kozo* clout.M aud cordially agree with hundreds of others iu t 1 is city who have used it, in pronouncing it one of the best aud most fragrant articles for the teeth aad gums that ba< ever been introduced to the pub lie.—Portland Argus. HTT* cure a cough, hoarseness, or any disease af the throat and iuugs use Howes’* Cough Pills. Sold by H. H. Hay, Portlaud.aud by druggists generally jau27 d.Vw3m* 1 tW ihe Post Office is directly opposite Harris Hat and Cap Store. teb29 tl DAILY PRESS STOCK LIST. For the week ending April 13, 1861. CORK1CCTKD »Y WM U. WOOD, Stock and Excbaugo broker. Exchange St., Portland Description. Par Value. Oftreil. Asked. Government Os, 1881,. 112 113 Government 6-20. lob 110 Government 7 3-10. Ill lij State of Maine Bouds. 103 lo® Portland City Bonds,. lo3 106 Bath Citv bonds,. Kjf 106 lUngor City Bonds, 20 years,... W2 I06 Calais Citv Bouds. 102 106 Bauk of Cumberland. 40 48 60 C’aual Bauk,.100 100 1 8 International Bank, (new).100 1031 1«*41 Casco Bank,. FJO lu7 low Merchants' bauk. 76 79 81 Manufacturers k Traders' Bank, 60 50 62 Mechanics'Bank,.100 85 90 Portland Company,.100 60 66 Portland Gas Company. 50 60 62 Ocean Insurance Company..100 106 108 At. & St. Lawreuce K. 1C. 8J H2 do. do. do., bonds,. 100 89 91 And. k Kennebec R. K. Stock, .100 6 10 do. do. do., Bonds,.. 100 96 97 Maine Central R. R. bouds. 86 88 Audroscoggin K. K. Stock.60 worthless. do. 1st Mortgage Bouds, 76 86 Ken. k Portland K R. Stock. WO worthless. do. do. do.. Bonds, luO 90 100 Portland k Forest Avenue K.K 100 103 105 Portland Glass Company.100 non* for sale. Portland Shovel Manufiic’g Co. 100 none for sale. Portland Steam Packet Co.. ... 100 none for sale. Kichardsou’s Wharf Co.,.100 90 100 Cape Elia. Wharf and K. Co. 50 .nomiual. SAILING Or OCEAN STEAMSHIPS. •TIAHH non row 1AIL3 Persia.Liverpool.New York. Mar 26 Bin*.Liverpool... .New Y'ork.... Mar81) Damascus.Liverpool.Portland_Mar 31 Borussia.Southampton.New Y'ork .April 1 Asia.Liverpool.Boston.April 2 Nova Scotian.... Liverpool.. Portland April 7 Australasian.Liverpool.New York...April 9 Arabia.Liverpool.Boston.April 16 Bavaria.Southampton. New York. . April 16 (The steamers for Portland leave Londonderry one day after leaving Liverpool.] North American...Portland....Liverpool_April 9 America.New Y'ork.. Bremen April 9 City of Manchcat'rNcw York Liverpool... April 9 Africa.v.....Boston. Liverpool.April 13 Hibernian.Portland Liverpool.April 16 Teutonia.New Yerk. Southampton.April 16 City of Loudon. ..New York Liverpool._April 16 Persia.New York. .Liverpool April 21) Etna.New York. .Liverpool April 73 Damascus.Portland . .Liverpool_April 23 Asia. New Y'ork Liverpool. ...April 27 Boru-ia.New York. Southampton.April 30 Novn Sootiau.Portland. Liverpool_April 80 Hammonia.New York Hamburg April*) Australasian.New York. .Liverpool.May 4 Bremen.New York.. Bremen. May 7 Arabia.Boston-Liverpool_May 11 Bavaria.New York Hamburg . May 14 Matanzas.New York Havana. .. April 11 MoruingStar,- New York. Havana. April 16 Corsica New York . tiavaua ....April 23 Ocean Queeu.New York. Aspluwall April 13 Illinois.New Y'ork. .Aspluwall.. April23 MINIATURE ALMANAC. \Vr4ar>4ay.April 19. Haee.5 3u | High water.. 4 31 San sets.6.411 Length of days.13 21 Thermomater.I o'clock A M 34 deg. MARRIED. In this city. 9th Inst, by Rev Dr Boaworth. Will iam A Steele and Miss Mary N Roach. In Windham, loth Inst, by P R Hall. Keq. Samuel H Legrow, of W, and Mias Sarah K Brooks, of Port land. InOidtown. ravld Knox and Mias AdaAMcClnre Hi YVinterport, Nathan E Delauj and Mite Edaah E Hand _DIED._ In Augusta. 11th lust. Miaa Susan M, daughter of the the late Nehemiah Cram, of thia oity. f uneral services at High Street Church, Wvdi.ea dav, at 4 o'clock. I'M. In thia city, 12th inat, Mra T Adlam, aged 33 yeara. ISfEunerai to-morrow (Thursday) afternoon, at 3 o'clock, from 86 Spring street. In this city, 11th, Miss Jerre Anna Kimball, aged 15 years 8 months. funeral this I Wednesday | afternoon, at 3 o’ek, from the residence of John W Neal, 14 Lafayette at. In Bangor, Thomas A White, aged 53 rears 3 moa 12days; Mra Louisa L Dennett, wife or Sathan Deu uett. agad 6t). In Auburn. Adelbert W Curtis, son or John Cnr tis. 2d, aged 19 years2 months. In Boston, 11th, Mra Lucy Maria Kimball, former, lv of Portland, aged 59 rears. ;y t uuerai to morrow i I'hursday) afternoon, at 2 o'clock, from the residence of Nathan t.oold. Nod, Appleton Block. in New York city, 9th lust, saddenly, Walter B Sheldon, aged 39 years 19 moa, sou of Rev N W oliel don, of this State. (Corrected.) 7 ST*Funeral this afternoon at 2] o'clock, from the Y'eatry of the High street Church. (Bangor papers please copy.) ^————»— MARINE NEWS. PORT OF PORTLAND. Tweeslay.April I 1 . ARRIVED. U.t. f'.lss twawt I _A_%r_ Sell Erie, Cook. Calais for Bostou. Sch Hu utres*. Clark. DcunvsviJIe for Boston 8ch Kdw King, Uallowell. beuuvsville for Boston. 8ch Ranger, liailowell, DouuyavfUe fur Bostou. 8cli Ocean Belle, Pearl, Maohias for Bostou Sch Elizabeth A Kebeca, Clark, Millbridge tor Bos ton. Sch Ligwassa. P-tten, Ellsworth for Boston. 8ch Edward. Mil liken. Ellsworth for Boston. Sch Johu t George, Smallago, Mt Desert for Bos ton. Sch Esther Jane. Tufts, Gouldsboro for New York. Sch Elizabeth ||ooper, Sedgwick for Bo*tun. Sch Snsan Ross. Herrick. Wiscasset for Boston. CLEARED. No clearances. Launched—From the yard of Giles Luring, Eaq, of Yarmouth, a tine double deck brig of 450 tou». call ed the Tubal Cain. She is owned by the master build er, his sou, Capt Charles Luring (who is to command her) aud others of Yaruouth together with JS Winslow and others of Portland. She arrived here yesterday iu tow of steam tug Warrior, to load for Cebl. v DOMESTIC PORTS. BOSTON—Ar 11th, sch Sarah E Baker, Tarltou, Portsmouth. Cld brig Lauri la, Bolton, Cape Uaytien ;sch Romp. Kel'ev, Joue-port. lloLUES'S HOLE—Ar 10th steara'r Locust Point, from New York for Portland : »cbsX A Paine. Jones, New York for Eastport; C W Dyer, 1’ieice, Bostou for Norfolk. In port, 11th, the above arrivals, and brig William Nickels; >ch» Alexandria, Adaliuc Maraicabo. Juno, Sarah B Harris, Francisco UoLest Abe, and Caroline Knight. SAN FRANCISCO—8ld 7th inst. ships Mary Rob inson, McCleuves, How laud's la Is ml; Galatea. Cook, Manilla. NEW ORLEANS—Ar 28th ult, brigs Caroline Ed dy, Smith, New York; Ida Mcl.eod. Cook, Philadel phia; Lizabel, Gavy. Bostou; 3>th. sch M S Hatha way. Hathaway, Philadelphia; 1st inst, bark Elliug wood, Klliugwood, Bazos Santiago; sch tlartstein. Hern, Sabine Pass. Ar 29th. ship Harrisburg, Wisweil, Boston; bark Trinity. Nickersou, do. Cld 28th. bark Enoch Benner, Benner, Havana; Florence, Howes. Button: EG Kowvstt, llerrimau, Cienfuegos; brig Fanny. Weeks, Philadelphia. PORT ROYAL, 8C—Ar 1st inst, brig Mystic Ber ry, Jacksonville: sell Nspoleou. Soper, New York. PHILADELPHIA—Cld 9th, Lark Fauuie. Carter, 8W t*asa; sch Col Eddy Coombs. Salem. Also cld 9lh, I V Wheeler, Kvdor. Portland. At Delaware Breakwater 8th, brig Frontier, from Philadelphia fir Portlaud ; Reindeer, do for do: Lac^ nard McKenzie, pi evidence for Rcckj ort; James Bliss, do for Bangor. NEW YORK—Ar 9th. bark Champion (of Eastport) Gerrish. Philadelphia via Delaware Breakwater Mch 23, for Boston (nut iu short of provisions). Ar 10th, sch W S Baker, Pearce, Nauaeuiond, Va, bound to Bostou. Ar Uth. brig Caroline. A spin* all. KEY WEST—Ar 28th. bark W H Wall, Caatucr, N York. NEW LONDON. April 9th — About InO hailed ves sels, bound to Eastern ports, are at anchor in the up per aud lower haibor, all detained by heavy head winds. NEWPORT-Ar 9th. schs Phenols, (ef Portland) Henley. Elizabethpoit for Boston; Exchange, Ran dall do (or Portsmouth Nil; Elmira Rogers. Long, Providouce for Portland and Gardiner. Sid 9th, sch Gentile, (of Rockland) Getohell. from New York for Portland, aud returned iu consequence of head winds. In port 11th, AM, wind NE. heavy, with rain, the above arrivals, aud sch Marietta Hand, Brooks, of and from Groenport far Bath. SALEM—In port 10th, 7 PM, 45 to $0 mil, bound tux anil South, many of tt.aro having boon dotali«4 14,?tV..h,r i\ronK Ka.torly wlnda. BATH—Cld llth, tcb Lodntka,Smith. Alexandria. FOREIGN ports. „ F*b 29 ■ hark Aaron I Harvey, for Philadelphia. 2 dav*. At Pornamhuco V et 27, kark Meaco, dloyt brlaa St Peter, Lnce, for Liverpool 2 days; Lapwing, Col umn. from Philadelphia for orders. Ar at Uavaua 24tb ult, sch Baltic. Grant. F rank fort; 29th, Br barks Julia, Morris, New York; Alon zo, Dann, Boston; brig Olive France*, Small, Macbi as; 31st, brig Koret. Elliot, do; 2d inst, Kate, Carl ton Bowden, New Orleans; 3d. bark L uion. Orr, do; brig Sea Lark Neil, Boston; 4th, bilg Danl Boone, Tucker. Portland. Sid 31st, brigs Monica, Phillip* Sagua: 1st. Bound ing Billow, Stevens, do; sch Christina. Drink water, Sierra Morena aud Cardenas; 4th. bark F'lorvuce Peteis, Hooper. Neuvitas aud New York ; brigs Hum boldt. Cobb, Cardenas; James A Brown. Collins, Kemedio*; Nebraska. Allen, and Koret Elliot. Sagua \ In pert 2d. bark.* .Sharpnburg. Kaudail, for N York ; Winslow, Davis; Con Berry. Hooper, aud Jane A Itishon, (Br) Downey, do; Harriet Strict s. Corbett, ,ln!i: Susan Duncan. Mitchell; Paragon. Hatch, and Hamden, Snow, do; J D Lincoln. Webber, lor Boatou: Bounding Billow, (lir) Stevens, forN York , Olive F runcis. Small, uuc: achs Jane Brown, Collins ; Fannie, Vance, and Gen Worth, Cop pel as. uuc; El len Forrester, Creighton, do: Amelia. Lowe, for sale; Nebraska. Sawyer; F B Bayles, Clark, aui Bal tic. Grant, unc. F'reights—Active iu view of the iarge list in port; chartered March 30. the Ain sch Cbrliina. 46o nhd* molasses, Sierra Morena aud Holmes’ Hole, at S3 6 8 Ear 110 galls g ere; March 31. Am brig Monica. 42o bds molasses, sagua and Philadelphia, at S3) per bhd, Ac: Am bark Harriet Steven*. Bagno and Port land. 650 hbds sugar at ST each; Ada Carter, at Key West. 000 bhde sugar, Saguaand New York, at *6 do. Ar at Matanzaa 29th. brig* E l win. Sheriuau. Port land; 1st. inst. Stockton, Hltcbman. New Orleans; 2d berk Martha Lockhart. < Hr) Lockhart. Now York. Sid 29th, bsr^Tkeodore Cushing. Ames. N York ; brigs Ortolan. Goodinr, Boston: 30th. Martha A Berry,; sch Windwaid. Partridge. Boston; 1st inst, brigs Fleet*ing. Davis, do; Torrent. Mont gomery, New York; 2oi Croton. Ingraham, Bristol; sch J B Beard, 1'eland. New York. Ar at Cardenas 28th ult. brigs Hattie Wheeler, Hutehinson. New Orleans; B Young. Ki’bourn. Cal ais; John Hathaway. Townsend, New York 30th, Laurel, Parker, Matanzaa; 2d inst. kark Albion Lin coln, Gav, New Orleans; brigs StJago. Wise, Ma tanza*; Eliza Ann, Avres, Kev West. Sid 29th ult. brig* W liuntor, Eldridge. Portland; N Stowers. Skute. Boston; 31st, bark Almoner, Lam Bher. New Yerk; brigs H F Larrabee. C arlisle, and Dillingham. Carrington, do; Brsch Adrien do. Ar at Sagua 27th ult, bark N M Caiver,-, Key M tst. * £ld 26th ult, tcb Lizzje Sturges, McLeod, do. SPOKEN. March 10. lat 10 18, Ion 09, brtf Geerrt Burnham steering SSE. Aprifo, lat 38), Ion 71), was see.i. bark Thomas Whitney, kellev, from Loudon Jan 8 for Bostou Mch 26th. lat a r,7. Ion 76 67, fcrlf Clara Picktmo. « dayi front Now York. N«W ADVERTISEMENTS. County ol Cumborlnud. Orriea AordS. 1864. TATKMKM ot Conte of I'riiuiiiftl rrotK»cutioiu. allowed by tbe Supreme Judicial < ourt, at tbe March Term, A. L>. 1804, made in conformity with tbe requiremeute of an act of the Legislature of Maine, entitled “An Act relating to Fine* and C'oata of Crim inal Prosecution*," approved March 27th, 186b. •. | i g II A l! Prosecutions. g — •d £» General Bill (31 61 State ra. Alexander Foss 4 18 8. J. Court. 8 J. C. Nehemiah C. Rice 4 40 •• «• A ben Pendexter 4 26 « •• George Hell 4 28 •< James Nowlan 4 40 •• •• Junes Jonea k George ^1'ke 4 23 Man Coart “ Frederick M. Jjbby 4 40 S J Court. •• Certain intoxienting li quors claimed by J. 8. Abbott 4 40 Man. Court. •• Jus. Bradley, Jr . appt. 4 40 " Hieba'd R. Duddy, *4 440 *» ■* leeac Stevens 4 40 8. J. Court. Arthur Lane 4 40 •• I-orlag Joasiya 4 28 Man. Coart. •• same 433 ,. Tboe. Castleton, alias . ,CWI!* *■*«* 1 1® 8. J. Coart. •• Aloion L, Emary 4 40 •• >1 Same 4 40 •• Henry Haskell k Sami. Loring 4 28 Mun. Court. •• Jamae Devine 4 40 •• •« Ira W. Clark 4 40 “ •• Same 4 40 Georgo H. Leavitt % 28 •• •• Thomas No—comb 15 Si 8. J. Court. “ Aura-ill J. Carter and Green leaf Chute 1 10 Mun. Court. “ Peabody Kncelaud 4 40 8 J. Court " * »'»"• Hcary 14 23 Mun Court. “ Same 6 44 •• Michael Doran at ale 22 23 •• •• Charles E Neal et ala 18 64 David Butman 22 64 •< •« Same 7 02 •• •• Loraaro S. Twombly 10 44 S. J. Court. William Duddy 20 63 •• <• David Broaro, A 44 31 " « Same. H 7 53 •• *• Bamu, C 7 56 •• •< James Hall 7 55 •• •• Santes 47 44 “ >• William J Harmon 46 27 “ •> Same 7 56 « •• Peabody A uaeiaad 7 56 " •• Same 67 20 •« « John Kcnnison 17 14 Maa. Coart. *• Margaret W, llace 67 24 •• “ Samuel U. Doteu 12 28 S. J. Court FrancisO.J. Smith 2 26 " >• Ira W. Clark 1312 Kick’d F. Camming*, appt 8 40 “ *• Geo W. 81. John, appt 6 65 Man Court. •• Cnlumbna II. T. Beau 27 16 Trial Justice. ” Charles F. Fowler, 7 73 Muu. Court. •• 2680 89 THOMAS 11 MEAD, County Treasurer. Portland, April 12, 1864 apis dlawAw3wl6 CA-UTIOlSr! MAM’FACTt’KF.KS OF AND DEALERS IN MC81CAL INSTHl MEN TS are respectfully caa* tlaucd against using tbe name CABINET ORGANS as applied to any instruuiVn’s but thoee of our maka. This name is our trade mark, legally sreurtd, and we shall feel compelled to reek legal redress for any infringement of our lights in regard to It. Pl’KCllASEMS of instruments are respectfully advi.ed that the CABINET ORt. AN, made eacla. sively by ns. is eaaeatially diHer. u trim harmeai ums and all other email organa, upon which lastru manta wa claim that it ia an important imptovemsat. The great reputation which the CAaiaaT Dm.a) a have obtained, and Hie widely increasing demand for them, have induced certain parties to advertise quite different instruments as CsHtavr Otti.Asa, ia aeme caaae, and in others, to rc|resent to purchas ers that harmoniums and other reed orgaus are the same thing. The superiority of the Cebi.nbt Ob UExe, which has given them their high refutation and elicited such strong commendation Horn tha moat eminent o-genista and artists orthe country, arises not in-rsly from the superiority ef their work manship, but it tits result in a large mearnre, of aereral patents whieh are exclusively ours, aad tba employment of processes peculiar to ourselves, whi h ara the reault of laug experience nnd extend ed experiment MASON <fc HAMLIN, 174 WaabiwtgtwM Street, - - • B*iloa, Ipl3 7 Mercer Street, New York. «ud4t V. $100. It. THE undersigned being licensed by tbe t cited States, are prepared to procure Pensions, Bounties, Arrears of 1 ay and Prize Money lor Sol diers, Seantru or their heiis. Bills tor Board and Transportation of Kecruits or Draf mJ Mon collected. All demands against tbe Sta'oer United Stales at tended to. Having an agent both at W'asbinguu and Aa*u«ta, aad naviug had larze experience, we feel safe in asserting that any busiuess entrusted to oar care will be aud promptly executed. We have also an agent in New ^ ork to attend to the pay in ut of Prize money. Approved Claims rashed. MANLEY A 8AWYEK. Office 82 * Ex hangs. St., Fox Block Portland. Me. J. M. MAX La Y. w. a. IAWTIB. Rr/crencta lion. Sam1. C ony, Governor ol Maine. Hon. J. L Uodsdou, Adjutant f.t n of Maine. Hon. Wm Pitt Ft-ssondtu, U. 8. Senator. Hon. Lot M. Morrill, U. 8. heuafor. •Pl3 d A wtf Commissioners’ Notice. lVUKltKAS the K*tale of Nancy Knight late of >> I'orllnlul, in the futility ol CuinL. rlai il. Ji. ceased, has beeu represented i *. so I \ent, and the uu* dersiguid have been appointed bv the Judge oi Pro bate, Couiinirsiotiers. with full powes to examiuo all the ola ms of the several creditors to said Estate. Notice is heieby-jiveu, that six months lrom the tilth dav ot April. l88ft. are allowed unto said credi tors for bringing iit their claims and proving their debts; and we will attend to that service on the drst Friday, iu tach of tbe months of Juue, July, and October next lioaa two to six o 'clock iu the after noon at the iffice of Jabez C. Woodman in Portland. J ABF/ C WOODM AN, I ALFKKDM DBE8&EK, I vommia«. Portland. April 9, ISM. aprll wJw For Su!e. THE Brick Hoiinc and Lot. No. 26. Sumner J£;;i Btccct,—*ta» of lut Mbjp Uiftut There at a JUL nine ttniubcd r >oma iu the hoaae. t ree full cy ot'SluuOin the Portland Mutual lire lu.uiaBce Co. Hard acd holt Water, Apple, Plum aud Cher* ry Tree, Curranta, Crape., Ac . Ac ALSO The Comfortable Two Stor WooJ.n Uou.o aad Lot No 161. Congrea- St . ,izo ol'Lut SO by ISO feet. Fur price aad terau, apply to J. H. BKAZIKP, »P»UM*w 87. Exchaago at,

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