Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, April 14, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated April 14, 1864 Page 3
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gegiKim.uu!mu!^ .MATTERS ABOI’T TO-W|*. Religious Notice*. I8P*Gen. Niki Dow amt Kev. A. 0 McAulov, ol Philadelphia, will speak at the New City Hall this (Thursday) evening, in ai.i ol the Christ au Commi - sion. The public are invited. Seats free, A col lection in aid of thcCommission will be taken. £8The illness of the pastor prevents the Fast Day services this forenoon at Free titled Bantiit Church. (C7*At Casco Street Church, there will bo a prayer meeting at « A. M; preaching at 10) A M , anil 7) F M. There will he i reaching a so on Friday eve ning, at 7) P. U. Municipal Court.—April 13. Johu Sullivan pleaded guilty to a search aud seizure process, and paid the Hue ol $'J0 aud costs. The Giund Thus* Route West.—We leant from Mr. Flowers, the Bangor Agent for the Graud Trunk, that a daily Hue of Hrst class steamers will run this season, lrom Sar nia, at the foot of Lake Huron, iu connection with trains from Portland via Montreal and Toronto, leaving that port every day, passing up Lake Huron, through the Straits of Mack inaw, touching at Milwaukie and thence to Chicago. Steamers will leave Chicago and Milwaukie daily, returning t(P Sarnia, connecting with the Grand Trunk Railroad for the East. A line of steamers will run four times a week from Sarnia to Saginaw and Lake Huron Shore ports aud a weekly Hue from Sarnia for Green Bay, thus offering to the merchant pur chasing produce greater facilities than ever before known to purchase direct at Chicago or Milwaukie, and at much less rates than via Xew York or Boston. The steamers form ing this Hue are all sea going, and for speed, comfort or safety are not surpassed on the up per Lakes. Sauuath Scuool Exeiktses.—The anni versary exercises of the Chestnut Street Sab bath School will take place iu the Church this evening. The programme is an extended and interesting one, consisting of singing, dia logues and addresses by the children. Among the performances will be the Cantata of the “Three Christian graces — Faith, Hope and Charity,” in which forty young misses, dress ed iu white, will take part. The exhibitions of the school have always possessed great in terest, and this one bids fair to exceed all pre vious oues. The Piue Street Subbalh School will have their anniverary exercises this evening at Pine Street Church. Dialogues, speeches, singing, &c., will compose tlio exhibition, and a very interesting time may be expected. Tickets for admission may Ire purchased dur ing the day at places named in the advertise ment, and in the evening, at the door. Worth Seeing.—To those of our readers who fed disposed to take a walk to-day, we will volunteer a suggestion, that if they wish to view two handsome specimens of marine architecture, they extend their walk to the Grand Trunk wharves and visit the steamships Hibernian and Peruvian. Two handsomer vessels cannot be fouud. They are fitted up in flue style, and all their appointments are of the best order. It is well worth the walk down there to see two such noble ships. The Peruvian is a new steamer, and this is her first trip across the ocean. Gymnastics.—I)r. Dio Lewis will give a gymnastic exhibition at the new City Hall, Saturday evening, in which twenty-five per formers (male and female) in full gymnastic costume, will illustrate some ol the most beau tiful features of his gymnastic system. His exhibitions in Boston have given great satis faction to immense audiences. Tickets are for sale at Bailey <fc Noyes’, H* Packards, and Crossman A Co. Our readers will do well U> buy early. The entertainment will be well worth the price of admission. ^^“Steamer New Brunswick left Boston for this port on Tuesday evening, but was obliged to put back on account of the storm. She will not leave until her regular turn, next Monday. Steamer New England arrived here from Eastpori yesterday, discharged and will leave on her return trip at 5 o’clock this afternoon. Steamship Caledonia, Capt. Craig, from Glasgow 20th ult., via St. John, arrived at this poi yesterday afternoon. She brings a full cargo and 12 cablu and dot! steerage passengers. Of the latter 171 landed here; the others proceed to New York, whither the steamer will go as soon as she discharges her freight for this port and Cauada. MTK. M. Patten sold at auction yesterday the house and lot No. 14 Gray street. It was purchased by Capt. David Keazer for $2(175. Mr. Patten also sold, on Tuesday, a lot of laud on Central street, fifty by fifty-five feet, for $ 3»K*0. Messrs. John Lynch A Co., were the purchasers. Ham..—‘‘Pomp of Cud jo's Cave” will he performed this evening at the usual hour. There will also be a grand matinee at 2 1-2 o'clock this afternoon, for the accommo dation of people from the country, ladies and children, at which the play will be presented. EjT-The Grand Union Bali comes off this evening at Mechanics' Hall. A splendid phot ographic album is to be presented to the Belle of the Ball. The Camp Berry Band will per form promenade music, and Chandler's Quad rille Baud will furnish the dancing music. Seizure.—l)ep. Marshal Wentworth, with a couple of policemen, made a visit to the premises of Meyer Waterman on Canal street' yesterday and seized three barrels of intoxi cating liquors. It was only last Thursday that Waterman paid a line of $20 and costs. yffe learn that about 300 soldiers will arrive in this city, from Augusta, about 8 o’clock this morning, en route lor the seat oj war. They will proceed immediately to Bos ton. «ar*The request of the Secretary of “The Little Acorn Society,” was received through the post oliioe at too late an hour last night to be complied with this morniug. It shall he attended to on Saturday. Wait.—A male child, not over two or three hours old, was found on the dour-step of a house on Prospect street,last Friday night. The foundling was taken to the Alms house, where it was cared for and is now doing well. Lancaster Hai.l.—Sprague Jr Blanch ard’s Minstrels will give an afternoon per formance at 3 o’clock, and the usual evening performance at 8 o’clock this eveniug. By-The attention of contractors is invited to the advertisement of f}. M. Harding, Esq., for proposals for building the new Universalist Church edifice. Vast Day.—In consequence of the Annual Fast, no paper will be issued from this oflice to-morrow. Portland Council No. 4, U. L. A., will hold its regular meeting at the usual place, Friday evening, at 7 1-2 o’clock. sar-Dr. D.O.Perry, of this city,has received the appointment of Examining Surgeon in Pension cases. BY TELEGRAPH Toni Portland Daily Press. --. from Waahinyton, Washington, April 13. Lieut. <£en. Grant returned this evening from a brief visit to Annapolis. Austin Willey has betii appointed Superin tendent of Indian A flairs for the two Califor nia districts lately consolidated into oue dis trict. The report of Lieut. Gen. Grant and those of his subordinate oiHcers, in relation to the battle of Chattanooga, present no new points of interest to the general reader. Several Representatives, who had prepared speeches on the resolution to expel Mr. Long, will not have an opportunity to deliver them, as Mr. Colfax will to-morrow demand the previous question on its passage. Twenty-six speeches have already been made on the sub ject, which are equally divided between the two parties. The following is the bill reported by Repre sentative Stevens, from the Committee on Ways and Means,to prevents depreciation of the currency. 1st.—That every person or every bank, asso ciation or corporation issuing notes, bills, or other obligations, Calculated or intended to circulate as money, unless authorized by act of Congress, shall pay a duty of a quarter per centum each month on the amount of «uch notes, hills, or obligations, so issued by said person, hank, association, or corporation, and shall on the first Monday of each aud every month, make aud deliver to the Assessor of the district in which such bauk, association or corporation may be located, or in which such person may reside, a true and accurate return of the amount of estates, bills, or other obliga tions so issued, whether iu circulation or in its vaults or elsewhere in possession or on de posit, and shall annex to every such return a declaration, with the oath or atflrmathm of such person, or of the President or Cashiet of such hank, association or corporation, in such form or manner as may )>3 directed by the Commissioner of Internal Revenue, that the same contains a true and faithful statement of the amount of circulation a* aforesaid aud shall deliver a copy of said return to th6 Col lector of the district in which said bank, asso ciation or corporation is located, and shall, within ten days from the first Monday in each aud every month, pay to the said Collector said duty of quarter per centum on the amount so returned, and for any neglect to render or make such return or payment as aforesaid, every such person, bank, associa tion, or corporation, shall pay a penalty of one per centum on the amount of note-, bill., or other obligations issued as aforesaid, which amouut shall iu default of proper return, be estimated by the Assessor ou the best inform ation he can obtain and every such penalty may lie recovered for the use of the United States iu any Court of competent jurisdict'O ". 2.—That after one year from the passage of this act, it shall be unlawful for any person, bank, association or corporation to issue or circulate notes or other obligations designed or calculated to circulate as money, unless au thorized thereto by act of Congress. n UBhlnyton HvjtortB. New York, April 18. The Tribune's Washington dispatch says it is reported on good authority that Lee has or dered all his otlicers to send their baggage to Richmond before the tub iust. Alter that dale the road is to be used in bringing up re inforcements. Niue of Mosby's men were captured by a detachment of the 2d Mass, cavalry ou Sun day night near Middleburg. Col. Lowell of the 2d Mass, cavalry has resumed command of the cavalry brigade at Vienna. The guerrillas last night captured five or six men aud killed a captain of the Pennsyl vania Reserves between Union Mills and Mau assas. The House Committee on Territories decid ed to adopt a bill establishing the Territory of Montana with the Seuale amendment that all the inhabitants, black or white, can vote. The Times’ dispatch says stringent orders have been issued in regard to citizens allowed to remain w'ith the Army of the Potomac.— Correspondents are required to register their names before the 18th inst. After that date, when absent from their post more than 24 hours, they are to report to the Provost Mar shal on their return. The House Committee ou Ways and Means have adopted Mr Odell's proposition to impose a tax upon all brokers’ sales of stocks, bonds, merchandise, Ac. The tax ou spirits is $1 2b, on tobacco 20 cents per pound, with a gradu ating scale. The committee estimate that the bill will produce about three hundred millions revenue. It will be reported on Thursday.— A small tax is imposed on crude and 2b cents on manufactured petroleum. The Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs has decided it to be inexpedient to take any action on the House resolution In regard to Mexico at preseut. The Herald's dispatch says the Virginia . Convention for amending the Slate constitu tion adjourned yesterday, having adopted the resolutions abolishing slavery iu the State. From Havana. New York, April 18. Steamer Eagle, from Havana Dtb, arrived to-night. Tue Evening Star sailed on the 8th for New Orleans. The news is of local interest, there having been no later arrival from Mexico. The Government authorities at Havana have made a formal inspection of the caual at Ven to, and have expressed their approbation of the enterprise. Troops continue to arrive for the San Do mingo expedition. The quarrel between Juarez and Vidauri is much commented ou by the Havana press, and it is alleged that the recent vote taken iu the States of New Leon and Coohuilla proves the disposition of the people of those districts to the Government (instituted by the French invaders. An eflort is ou foot in Havana to establish a University, which, both from its architec tural appearauce aud the course of studies, will be worthy of the Cuban capital. A site has been selected in the immediate vicinity of the city, aud the Government will probably take an active interest iu the enterprise. Slate Convention in Kentucky. Louisville, Ky., April 13. The Journal lias a special dispatch from Knoxville, dated the 12th inst., which says: “ The Knoxville Greenville Convention met to-day, and 'ted Hon. T. A. K. Nelson as President, who declined the honor. General F. A. llesskel was then appointed Chairman. The entire session was consumed in the dis cussion of a resolution to expel any delegate who has aided or abetted the rebellion since the meeting of the Convention in 1S01. The resolution was laid on the table by a close vote. The Convention theu adjourned until to-mor row. Gov. Andy Johnson is addressing a large audience in the street. The train which ran otf the track at Athens has been replaced, and would arrive with a fresh accession of delegates last evening. A large number of delegates are already in at tendance. The Convention is not a packed one, and. the indications are against a new State being formed.” From Mrmphi*— For rout PrrjHirlny to At• tut l> Fuituruh ainl t'olnmlnm. Caiiio, 111., April 13. The steamer City of Alton has arrived here, bringing Memphis dates to the 11th inst. The rebel cavalry are scouring the coun'jy in the vicinity of Duvall's Bluffs. The steamer Lloyd was tired into while go ing up White river by guerrillas, and the pilot wounded. The whole force under Forrest are menac ing both Columbus and Paducah. The por tion of Forrest’s force advancing on Paducah passed Lovettsville at noon to-day, and it is reported they will make an attack. Our pickets at Columbus were driven in by the rebels to-day. Reinforcements have been sent from here to Columbus, and we have five guu boats to receive the rebels. The steamer Belle, for St. Louis, has passed up with 1500 bales of cotton. Launch of an Iron-Clad. Cincinnati, April 13. The ocean iron-clad steamer Catawba was successfully launched here at noon to-day. ,V#rfw» THtattrn. New York, April 18. Steamer Georgians, from Fortress Monroe, was run Into last night off North Point by the steamer Iroquois, ami had her guards cut through to the hull aud upper saloon badly stove. The Iroquo s had her bowsprit head carried away. The ship Harpswell, which arrived here to day, lost three seamen overboard on the pas sage. Suip Arcadia, for Boston, put in here to-day with rudder broken, bulwaiks stove, Ac. Bark Topeka arrived to-day with loss ol bul warks aud had cutwater stove, split sails aud sprung aleak. Hark John Henson arrived to day in distress, had sprunk aleak and threw overboard lllly birds, molasses to lighten her. Hark Chanticleer,which arrived lieru to day, sprung a leak and was kept alloat with great difficulty ; had thrown overboard 150 sacks of coffee aud 500 boxes soap. From Fortreaa Monroe. Fortress Monroe, April 12. The steamer Georgiaua, this morning, off' Point Comfort, picked up three deserters iu a small skiff' from Yorktown, making lor the eastern shore. They were hailed three limes, but they did not stop until the guard tired at them aud brought them back. Their names are ilenry Holt, Owen McDonough and Jas. Scott, all of the 2J N. H. regimeut. They were delivered up to the Provost Marshal at this place. Two steamers, the A. W.uaus aud S. O. Pierce, iu charge of Capt. Ainsworth, left early this morning iu search of the disabled steamer Thomas Scott, reported off' Cape Hat teras. Fortress Monroe, April Iff. The gunboat Iroquois, which ran into the steamer Georgiauna last night, has arrived, with the wheelman, steward aud thirty of the Georgiaua’s passengers. From the .trmy of the Potomac. Washington. April 13. Accounts from the army of the Potomac say that scouts report that I,ougstreet is iu lticbmoud with the greater part of his army, aud that many persons credit this statement. The squadron of the 1st regular cavalry acting as Gen. Meade’s escort have been or dered to the front, aud they will be replaced by a detachment ol the 1st Massachusetts. Geu. Torbett, formerly commaudiug a brig ade in the ffth corps, has been assigned to the command of the 1st division of cavalry. The regular troops on detached service are ordered to join their respective regiments. f urious Items. New York, April 13. Orestes Cleavel&m], Democrat, was chosen Mayor of Jersey City yesterday. Mr. A. A. Lovett, the Superintendent of the People's liue of Telegraph, died this evening of apoplexy at his office, No. 21 Wall street. Mr. Lovett has long becu connected with the telegraphic interests of the country, and dur ing his useful career has endeared himself to a large circle of freinds. His remains will he taken to Beverly, Mass., for interment. -Vrir Jersey Legislature. Trenton, N. J., April 13. The concurrent resolution, which was intro duced in the House to-day, proposiug amend ments to the Constitution that the Legislature shall not hereafter grant exclusive privileges to any incorporated company or deny to any persons or corporations franchises enjoyed by others, nor to extend any exclusive privileges now held by any incorporated company, was laid on the table. Financial. New York, April 13. The subscriptions to the 10 40 loan at tiro 1st National Bank to day amounted to $300, 500. The receipts at the Custom House to-day were $350,000, oi which 350,000 were iu gold certificates. Commercial. l*er steamship Peruvian at Portland. LIVERPOOL COTTON MARKET, April 1 — Sale# for the week were 88,000 bales, of which 4 600 were to speculator* and 0.500 to exporters. Tue market closed quiet at a decline of J'gjd for mid* dii ig aud inferior; American unchanged. The xale* on Friday were 6,000 bales, including 2000 to speculator* aud txporters. fLe market closed quiet aud unchanged —New Orleau* fair nominal; middling 26)d ; Mobile fair nominal; mid dling 20?; Uplands lair noiuifel; middling 2oj. The stock iu port is estimated at 206,000 tales, of which 28,000 are American. Breadstuff*—very dull Provision*—quiet and steady. LONDON MONEY MARKET, April 1.—Consols closed at OljtgOll for money. AMERICAN SECURITIES.—Illinois Central rail road I64&I0J dis; Erie Railroad 70&71 x/eut York Market. N*w York, April 13 Cotton—102c better; sales 3»j0 bales at 80c for middling upland* aud 70c lor low middlings. Flour—receipts 6 457 bbl*; sale* 18,000 bbls; State and We*teru 16025c better; superstate 7 3507 05; Extra 7 9008 56; choice8 25&R to; Round IIoop Ohio 81008 65; chotoc do 8 70 0 9 76; Superline Western 7 4>07 10; Extra do 8 0008 65; Southern 25c better; sale* 24.0 bbl*; Mixed to good 7 99a# 25; Fan* ov and extra 8 60011 26; Canada 15035c better; sales 959 bbl*; common Extra 7 9908 45; Extra good to choke 8 60010 00. Wheat—active and 305c better: sales (9,000 bush; Chicago spring 1 '301 80; Milwaukie Club 1 7Gu>l 79; Winter Red Western 1 8401 89; Amber Milwaukee 1790181; Amber Michigan 1990195. Corn—firmer; sales 63 000 bush; Mixed Western shipping in store 1 3201834; Yellow Jersey 1 3301 33; do southern 1 2801 29. Oats—firm and more active; sales Canada 88090; State 89089J; Western 893090. Beef—firmer: sales60 0 bbls; Country mess 7 600 9 00; prime 6 0006 00; repacked Chicago 13000 17 00; prime mess 25 0)027 50. Fork—higher; salts 3476 bbl*; mess 24 76026CO; old do 24 76; new 25 76026 81 j; prime 21 000*23 75 for old aud new; prime mess 25 40026 00; also 2250 bb> mess for April, buvera: option. atV42>; 1 00 at 24 25 ; 1000 do old do same time 21 12|; 1000 do mess, for June, sellers’ option, at 26 00. aud 6(0 do new do. tor Mav, buyers’ option, at 26 50. Cut Meats higher; salts 1009 pkgs; Shoulders 114c; llaius 14j0l6c. Bacon—active; sales 669 boxes at 12Jo for Western Cumberland cut, 12012 for do short ribbed, 13Jc for ko short clear, and He for do long cut Uains. l ard—active: sales 3700 bbls at 14016c. Butter—steady; sales Ohio 380?6c; State41046c. ’Whiskey—higher: sales 47CO brl* at 1 17 0120 for State, and 1150116for Western. Rice—dull at 9J09jo for Rangoon. Sugar—active: sales 600 hhds; New Orleans 10j® 21c; Muscovado 164-0174. Coffee—qukt and firm. Molasses—quiet Naval Stores—quiet Spirits Turpentine—3 15032o; crude do nominal. Petroleum—active; crude at 35036jc; refined in bond 52j@66; do tree at 60:0. Hides—quiet. Lead—Quiet and steady ; Spanish 1140112. Kosiu -34 042 Tar—22 00024 00 Iron—active aud higher; sales 3i)00 tons Scotch pig 51 00068 00. Leather—firm. Tobacco—firm with a fair demand; Kentucky 12 (028 c. Tallow—firmer; sales 159,000 lbs at 13J014 for Eastern and Western Wool—firm and advancing Freight* to Liverpool—dull and declining. Slock Market, N«w York, April 13. Second Board — Stocks higher but not active. Chicago k Rock Inland.134j Burlington k Quincy.148} Milwaukee k Prairie DuChicu.S« Cleveland k Toledo,.166} Galena k Chicago.1*4 Cleveland k Pittsburg.133 Illinois Central scrip.130} Michigan Southern guaranteed.167} Michigan Southern,.1164 Michigau Central.167* Reading.164* Harlem.174 Hudson.156 * United States 6-20 coupons.113} United States one year certificates new. 99 Missouri 6’s. 75 Canton Company. 74 Quicksilver Milling Co. 864 Cumberland Coal Company preferred. 864 Pacific Mail.23t New York Central,.143* Erie,.12H Erie preferred.113} Gold closed this afternoon at 179. Second Maine Cavalry.—We have been permitted to make the following extract from a letter from Maj. Charles A Miller, dated on the “Star of the South/’ near Key West, April 5,1864: “Two weeks ago to-day we left Portland, and are now about entering the harbor of Key West for coal. We left the Northampton the second day out, aud have experienced noth ing but a series of line gales since we lelt. We have lost only two horses. On Sunday we had to perform the sad duty ot burying one of our men at sea. He was a private in Co. D, from Calais. The pilot has come on board to take us into the harbor. He says nothing has been seen of any of our fleet here: we are the first Out of the fourteen days we have had but two aud a half days of fair weather. We wiil be about four or five days to New Orleans. ar Member? of the House who were not ! In thetr seats when the Joint resolution was adopted, protesting against the erection of a monarchical government on the ruins of any republican government iu America, tinder the auspices of any European power, have had permission to record their votes. We are glnd to see that Mr. Blaine, of the third dis trict iu this State, lias availed himself of the privilege, and records his vote in favor of the resolution. Mr. Sweat, the Democratic (.') representative of this district, does not see tit to commit himself against monarchy. J#"'Tlie numerous friends of 1st. Lieut Clias. B. Hall, of Co. 1, UOtli Me. Iteg , will he gratified to learn that he has been detailed as Acting Ordnauce Oilicer on the stall' of Col. Benedict, Act. Brig. General of tbe-3<i Brigade, 1st. Division, 19th Army Corps. ('apt. Jones, of Co. I, was in tine health and spirits, and Lieut. Motley was in the same condition. The general health of the regi ment was good. Mew Books.—Mr. H. Packard has added to his catalogue of books for children the fol lowing: “Our Kate”; “1 wish I was poor”; “ Friendly Counsels for tfreedmen”; “ Helen Maurice, or the Daughter at Home”; “ The weed with an ill name,” published by the American Tract Society. c^uticxnT MANUFACTURERS OF AND DEALERS IN MLBICAI. INS TKl MKNTS ire respectfully cau tioned against using the name CABINET ORGANS a* applied to any instrumt nts but those of our make This name i9 our trade mark, legally secured, and we shall feel compelled to seek legal redrew for any infringement of our lights in regard to it. ri’KClIASKKS of instrument* are respectfully adviced that tbe CABINET 050, AN, made exclu. aively by ns, is essentially dillerent from harmoni um* and all other small organs, upon which instru ments we claim that it is an important improvement. The great reputation which the Cahimxt Okhaib have obtained, and the widely increasing demand for them, have induced certain parties to advertise quite different instruments a* Cam net some cases, and in others, to represent to purchas ers that harmoniums and other reed organs are the same thing. The superiority of the Carixut Ok oanb, which has given them their high reputation and elicited such strong commendation Irom the most eminent organists and artists of the country, arises not merely from the superiority of their work manship, but is the result iu a large measure, of several patents which are exclusively ours, and the employment of procerses peculiar to ourselves, whi.h are the result of long experience and extend ed experiment. MASON & IIAMLIN, 27 4 \Vaihiai|toa3ir»t, ■ . . Haatau, ap!3 7 Mercer Street, Now York. eod4t DAILEY AND NOYES, DE ALE R 8 IN PAPER HANGINGS, WE purchase our Stock of Room Paper from the largest Manufacturing Establishments in the United States; carciully selecting from their large stocks, the mkw patterns only,—and such m are adapted to this market. This year the styles and designs are very beautiful, and we have a tine assortment, appropriate for every style of room. Wo invite those in want of ROOM PAPER to examine our patterns, berore pdrchasing elsewhere. The> are bought here for cash, and we can afford to •ell at a pair prick. BAILEY AND NOYES, Ho ok seller** anil Stationers, SB A 58 Exchange Street, Portland N B Country dealers will find It to their advant age to give us a call, if in waut of Room Paper. inch25 2mdh w V. SUH>. U. 11 HE undersigned belDg licensed by the United States, are prepared to procure Pensions, Bouuties, Arrears of Pay and Prize Money tor Sol diers, Seamen or their heirs. Bills for Board and Transportation of Recruits or Dial ed Men collected. All demands against the State or United States at tended to. Having an agent both at Washington aud Augusta, and having had larse exptrieuce, we feel safe in a-serting that any business entrusted to our care will be faithfully and promptly executed. We have also an ag<mt in New York to attend to the pavriKUt ot Prize money. Advice free. Approved Claims cashed. MANLEY k SAWYER. Office 82 j Exchange, St., Fox Block Portland, Me. J. II. MARLKY. W. S. SAWYER. Reference* lion. Sum’. Cony, Governor ot Maine. Hon. J. L. ilodsdon. Adjutant Gen of Maine, Hon. Wm Pitt Fessenden, U. S- Senator. Hon. Lot M. Morrill, U. S. Senator. apl3 dhwtf | -— Steam Tug Warrior. The new and powerful Steam Tug ,-»• WARRIOR, Capt.C. L. Mill.ken. will Jfij&Le in readmes* at all times (both o■>v VYYC aud night) to execute orders tor towing and trans porting in this harbor and vicinity. Orders left with the Captain on board at Central Wharf, or with J.S. WINSLOW, Agent, sp6-4w 4 Central Wharf. GO TO DRESSER’S Jewelry Store And see what you can buy tor *1. •d3w NOTICE. Cily ol' Porlluiid, * Treasurers OrricE, April 4, 1864. IjlROM and after this date the hours for the trans aotou of business at tliias office, will be from 8 A, SI., to 1 1\ Sf , fromto 4 P M. HENRY P 1 USD, tpr4 eod2w ('ity Treasurer. CITY OF PORTLAND. SI a YOB g Or. ICE, April 6,1864. TITHE City of Port a d will advance to persons en JL listing iu the luilrd Minis • \nvy outlie quota of this city, the lollowiug state bounties, to be paid to the p*rs n enlisting, when mustered into service ou board tho Receiving ships, via: $100 For One Year’e Enlistment, 200 •• Two " 300 “ Three “ •« Those having families dependent on them will re ceive State aid, *1A CO II SlcLKLLAN, Mayar ap6-eod3w At a Court or Probate held at Portland, within and for the County of Camberlaud, on tho first Tuesday of Apr-1, iu the year of our Lord eighteen hundred and sixty-four, HENRY B. BURNS and others, heirs at law of William Ca lagan, late of Portland, in said County, deceased, having presented their petition that special Administratis on the Estate of said de ceased. may be granted to Harris C. Harass of said Portland. It was Ordered, That the said Petitioners give notice to all persons interested, by causing notice to be published three weeks,successively, iu the Maine State Press, printed at Portland, that they may ap pear at a Probate Court to be held at said Portland ou the first Tuesday of May next, at ten of the clock in the forenoon, ami show cause, if any they have,why the same should not be granted JOHN A. WATERMAN, Judge. A true copy, Attest, # 15w3w* EUGENE HUMPHREY, Register. At a Court of Probate held at Portland, within and for the County of Cumberland, outhe first Tues. day of April, iu tho year of our Lord eighteen hundred andsixty-four, MARGARET A RUgG, Executrix of the last Will and Testament of Lemuel SI Itugg. late of Portland, iu sail County, deceased, having pre sented her account of Administration ol said Estate for probate: It was Onlerttt, That the said Executrix give notice to all persons interested, by causing notice to be published three weeks successively iu the Maine State Press, printed at Portland, that they may ap liear at a Probate Court to be held at said Portland, on the first Tuesday of May next, at ten of the clock in tile forenoon, and show cause, if any they have, why the same should not be'Yrauted JOHN A. WATERMAN, Judge. A true copy, attest, 16 »3w* ' EUGENE HUMPHREY, Register. Commissi oners* Notice. ^ITUKKKAS the Estate of Nancy Knight late of f f Portland, iu the Comity of Cumberland, de ceased, ha* been represented insolvent, and the uu d'-rsigned have been appointed by the Judge oi Pro bate, Commissioners, with full powe-g to examine ail the ola ms of the several creditors to said Estate. Notice is hereby given, that six mouths iroin the tilth day ot April, 1864, are allow td unto said credi tors for brin. ing iu their claims and proviug their debts; and we will attend to that service on the drat Friday, in each of the months of June, July, and October next, from two to six o'clock in the after noon at the office of Jabez C. Woodman in Portland JABEZ C. WOODMAN, { n ALFKKD M. DKEbfeEtt, » Commis s. Portland, April y, 1834. aprl2 w8w BLUUIUUWBMJJIWr?!' JUJJMgaB*8!l» MISCELLANEOUS, J. £. FERNALD * SON., Merchant rJTailoi*», AND DEALERS IV Gents’ Furnishing Goods, have just opened a pitt of N3E1W GOODS, and can now show more than FOUR HUNDRED ttylee of Fancy Good, for Gentlemen’s and Bojs’Garments. Elegant Fitting Garments can aLwanan Han AT TSE TIME AGREED UPON I and at pritet at tow at any other haute. OT The people are lari ted to call at NO. 87 MIDDLE STREET. mch21 d«w H. E! M OVAL. JOSIAH BURLEIGH Hal RKMuVHD TO NEtV STORE, EVANS’ BLOCK, Nos. 141 Si 143 Middle Street. JOSIAH B URLEIOHj Wholesale and Ketail Dealer in Clothing,Cloths, Tailors’ Trimmings, -AND GENTLEMEN’S FURNISHING GOODS, Nos. 141 & 143 Middle Street. JOSIAH BURLEISH, Agent for GrGver k Baker's celebrated Sewing Machines), Hoi. 141 ft 143 Kiddle Street. NATHAN 600LD Will say to his friends that h? may be found at Bur* leigh’s, No. 141 k 143 Middle street, where he will be pleaded to wait upon his former costumers. Portland, March 24. 1804. * dtf WILLIAM A. PEARCE, PLUMBER! MAKER or Force Pumps and Water Closets, NO. 124 EXCHANGE STREET, l'OUTLANO, ME. Warm, Co 14 an4 Shower Batha, Wash Bow ls, Brass dr Silver Plate 4 Cocks, iWtRT description of Water Fixtures for Dwel* A ling Houses, Hotels, Public Buildings, Shops, Ac., arranged and set up in the best manner, and all orders in town or country faithfully executed. All kinds of jobbing promptly attended to. Constantly on hand LEAD PIPES, SHEET LEAD and BEER PUMPS of ail descriptions. ap9 dtf NOTICE'.’ THE Subscriber with pleasure announoes to his old Patrons and the Public, that as he has se* cured the services of a FRENCH COOK AND CONFECTIONER, who lias had thirty years experience in the best and largest houses iu NEW YORE, BOSTON, and other cities, that he is prepared to furnish Wedding cr Other Parties, and Families with every description and variety of articles in his Liue, viz. BonedTnrkeji. Birdi.Keatof all kindi, Ever Variety of Ice Cream, Jellies, Salads, Charlotte Ruse, Cake, Pastry, Or Confectionary, either plain or fxscy. Experienced Waiters, who are competent to take charge of Wedding or other Parties will be furnlabed on application. All Order, from the Country will receive prompt nttention. N.B. rieaae bear tn|mipd|that BARXL M buys and uses the heat Material that the country alforda. Call and examine. I. narnuin, Codinan Block, Tenant* Sireel, Portland, Me. mch23 dtf JNiiW MILLINERY STORE. New Goods*! MRS. A ROBERTSON has taken the New 8tore, No. 31 Free Street, corner of Center, and has selected a Superior A»»ortment of MILLINERY, Which abe will he pleared to offer to her friend, and the publio, on aud after the 5th in.t. P. S. ▲ food ae.ortuu'ut of MOURNING Constantly on hand • t hree or four good Milliners can receive steady employment by luquiriug as above. ap4-deodtf Hoop Skirts! Hoop Skirts! Frem-li, German & American Corsets. NEW "STORE ! JUBT OPICKBU, AT 154 Middle, corner cf Crow Street. WK wou'd inform thd Ladies of Portlahd and vicinity that we have the largest and best as sortment ever offered iu this cit<. We do not intend to ff<t up any competition with our neighbors, but being connected with one of the largest manufac tures iu the Ccuutry. we feel fully assured, should the ladies favor us with a call aud are desiriou* of obtaining anytbiug in our line, we can suit them, both in style aud price. Tbey will also And retired apartments so much desired in fitting this cl»s* ef goods. ap7d&w2w* L. B. FOLLETTE. M. PEARSON, Silver Plater, AMD MANVPACTUUKB OF SILVER WARE, 238 Congress 8t., Opp. Court House, Port land, lie. XSTAll kinds of WARE, such as Knives, Forks, 8poons. Cake Baskets, Castors, Ac., plated in the best manner. Also, UK PAIRING and RR-FINISUING Old Silver Ware. jan29 d6m PORTLAND RIDING ACADEMY. Now open I\»r the Spring nnd Summer. Hoping a large number of ourcitizens will avail themselves of the great advantages now offered them for a thorough equestrian training the Subscriber will hold him veil in readiness with his beautifully Trained Stud of Horses, to wait upou them at bi« School ou South Street. Saddle Uerset* for the road as usual. J.W. ROBINSON, Proprietor. apHlu Established IMSO. TllO’S. CLARKSON & SONS, ComtnisOou Merchants for the purchase of Flour, Grain, Provisions, Seeds, Ac., Ac Milwaukee, YVi* April 6, 1834. lot Deck Plank Chin M 31. 3 And 31 inch SEASONED WHITE 1’INE DECK FLANK for.nleby a C. DYUt, nprt dim- Vo. i Central Wharf. EKTERTAINMENm" SPECIAL NOTICE. Pine Street Sabbath School ANNIVERSARY EXERCISES Will ri on Fast Evening, at 71-2 o’clock, Which will he composed of Dialogue*, Speeches. Singing, Ac. Ticks s of admission, 21) oeuta for atlulta, lo cm for children—which can be had at Brooka k Phln ney'a Bakery, oomcr of Pine and Brackett .Street* alao at Geo H. Cushman's Fruit Store, corner of Browa and Congress Streets. apl2dtd in ’ourier copy Chestnut Street Sabbath School ANNIVERSARY EXERCISES Will take place on Fas* Evening, AptII lllli, 1864. The tno.t interesting part of which will h« tho poriormancc of A CANTATA -OF THB CHRISTIAN GRACES, Faith,’’ “Hope," and “Charity." * Thu Solos, Semi-Choraaaea, fee., will te sung by FORTY YOUNG MISSES, in their several charactera. Tickets 2o ceuta; Children under twelve, lfi cents. To commence at 7 o'clock, apll td GRAND UNION BALL! The Dancing aeaaon will close with a Ball at Mechanic^’ Hall. -ON Thursday, Past Evening, April 14th. The managers Intend to make this the Ball of the season, ana the public may rest assured that all the objectionable will be excluded from the Ball as a large number of Ladies and Gentlemen will be pres ent from other town, and cities. I he mansgers propose to present the Belle of the Ball with a spleudia Photoobafu album valued at Sr, audit is hoped thatthe Belle of our city will be on baud and not allow this prize to be Mrae away by any of our neighboring Beau'ies. The Camp Berry Brass Band will be in attendance and play Promeuadeacd Fancy Dance Music. Committee of Arrangement!—J. II. Baiberick, W. II. Phillips; C. A. Deering, BidJeiord; M. McCar thy, W. B. Stinson ; A. D Hail. Lewiston*; F Good ridge,Siczarappa: K. [larding Gorbam; J. Coombs, Yarmouth; K. F. Poole, Buxton; U. Lane, Saco; A h. Haines Brunswick: T. P. Beal. G. A. Hans u Dancing Musis by Chandler’s (juadrille Band, Prof. A. J. Locke. Prompter Dancing to commence at 8j o'clock, gy Tit Kant SI Ot). admitting Gentle man and Ladies, to be had ot the Committee of Ar rangement* and at the door. Mo Ga.lory Tickets sold. Clothing checked free of expense. apjtd NEW OPERA HOISE ! ! LANCASTER HALL. SPRAGUE & BLANCHARD'S MINSTRELS! OPEN EVERY EVENING. Atlmiuion 25 cont*-, Baser. **<1 SeataSucente. J. SI'KAi.l’K, I „ apll If II. BLANCHARD, I “•*>•««•■ Deering Hall, Leasee and Manager—N.R. lieWaldren The Great Sensation of the Day. ON MONDAY. ABRIL 11th.. and daring the week, will be performed the startling Drama of POMP CUDeTO’S CAYE. PROM TUB HOWARD AT HEN.ELM. BOSTON. Mr. DeWaldren, , The eminent Actor and Dramatist. Mr. Henry Seymour, Tha renowned Actor and Pantomimes! If. J. P. Suiton, W. II. Otis Mr.Reaver, From the Boston and New York Theatre*. MRS. MARSHALL, MRS D. R ALLEN, and MISS ANNIE SPEAK Will appear, supported by an excellent Company and numerous Auxiliaries, to give due effect to tbe most effective DRAMA oi Modern Times. gW Reserved Seats can be procered at tbe Hall during the day without extra charge ap7 dtd W. W. PRATT, tfusiuesf Agent. GRAND EXHIBITION m LECTURE! -AT New City Ilall, Saturday Evening, April 16th. 2d PERFORMERS (Male and Female,) In full Gymnastic costume, will give an exhibition of tbe most beautiful features of tbe NEW GYMNASTICS! -ALSO DU. DIO LEWIS, Author of tbe system, aud Phy*ician-in-Chief of the "boston Movement-Cure forConeuuiptiveInvalids," will deliver one of his popular and very iuteresliug lecture*. "Dr. Lewis’ lecture aud gymnastics at Tremont Temple gave great satisfhctiou to au immense audi ence.**— Boston Courier. Admission 25 cents, Children lf> cents. Tickeis at Bailey ft Noyes. II. Packard * and Crosmau A Co * Doors open at 6 o’c.oek, exercises to loramenee at 7f o’clock. eplldlw Gorbam Bonds THE officer* of the Town of Gorham authorized to prepara and issue tlie bond* ot the town un ready to recatre proposals from parties desiring to purchase the save, aud will be iu session for that ’ purpose at the Selectmen's Office, on Saturday, the 16th iust., at lo'ciocs l* M The Bonds w iil be iu fiOO, 9300 aud 9500 pieces, payable in from five to twenty years, with e< mi-an nual iuterest coupon* at ached. The right is reserved to reject any proposals made not deemed satisfactory or for the best advantage of the towu. l*er order, J W. PARK EH. Chairman of Board of Sefectmen. Gorham, April 11, 1861. apl'J dl'WFASA w it Valuable Farm For Sulr. THE subscriber < Hers for sale, the farm now occupied by him in Gorham, containing about 150 acre* BadKyl of good land, witj touv»u>«iit ImBBSMEB dwelling-hourc, a very large, com modious auu well built burn and outbuildings, all in good repair. Said farm i* on the new road f ont Saccarappa to Gorbam i oruer, about eight miles from Portland, two from Saccarappa aud one from Gorham. It has a valuable wood lot containing about forty acres, is w. li watered, and is altogeth er one of the best tarms iu Gorham. Apply to HON.TOPPAN ROB1E, Gorbam. H. II. Dow, Portlaud, orto John Johnson, on tbepremUes. a^i6d4w* For Sale. TOE Brick House and Lot. No. 26, Sumner |lj 8treat,—size of lot 42 by 115 feet There ate IL nine tiutshsd r^oms iu the house. Free Poli cy ot 91000iu the Portland Mutual Fire Imuiarce Co. Hard and Soft Water. Apple, Plum aud t her* ry Trees, Currauts, Grapes. Ac , Ao. aiho The Comfortable Two St or Wooden llou.-e and Lot No 151, Congres* St . size of Lot 30 by 130 feet Fvr price and terms, apply to J. R. BRAZIER, aprl2d3* 27, Exchauge St. House aud Lot for Joule. MThe lluuee No. 163 Congreaa street, silo of lot about t>r leet on Cougre,, by 130 foot d. op; *ize ot bou,e 40x46 foot for p'Hco and term, apply to J. K UKA/.IEK. apllddw 27 Exchange Street. To Let. Tilt plea»ant and o-miraodion, office initb ante room) on at-oond floor, over oflioo of the Oce.n Inaurance Company, corner of Exchange and Milk Street,. Toeecuiou given immediately Enquire at office of OCEAN INSURANCE CO. aplltf Notice. DBUO CLERK \\ ANTED, f roe that bn, bad one or two yean experience, preferred. Apply at No. 146 Cougre,, »t. Wtf Butter. WP TUBS Hotter, for Sale by J. M. Knight k Son, / (J No. 2 Lima Street. Tortlaud, March 33,13#4. mcb28 dtf AUCTION SALES. EDW M PATTEN, AUCTIONEER, 12 Eichangt 81 Hou*« and Land at Auction. ON Monday, April lllh, .1 half p,„ ,2 on ... prenuiu, No 21 Smith St., will b„ „ ,, oue and a half storied wooden dwelling, with? r£? ba«meot, house very convenient, lo Hii,b.d ro- m, Ou the rear of the lot is a new two store d bui ,i”u« that can be tint,bed tor a dwelling ui a until cost * Lot contains six thousand and Iwenti-Uie Vet Plenty of excellent w.ter on the p.emise. >o, particular, call on the Auctioneer. V aprli atd .^f’T*le .,k2v®;»'e adjourned (on account ot tbe uluriui until Moud.y, April lHtb, at 12J o'clock. Sale ol Umuujii'ii Goods. A edVl'i'VK' ,VldV- 161,1 10 In** At firin' * l ^ * * *01 GOO«ill W«»||f *1 Up by tt’tt ec ,":.'^ fron. the onl ob! Diver.' liood. ' f *.",,e fur ,h* n»«P‘to» of the si.t of pile, of “1 iu T»*‘- “»'e will cor Uroidcloth., I-u,“ug? Ar,'..“eUc,..Gbrl'ek ' ton Cloth, A Ac * ’ *!C' broke“ pteet. Cot »pHdid HENRY BAILEY A Co.. Aucfra. E. M. PATTEN. AUCTION EEuTu 8t. Iron and Steel at Aucilon. AT Office, on Saturday lath, at 11 A M to c'ose an account case of Steamer Bohemian 1 .,t of new Iron aud Steel work, consisting of Screw u„i.. Plater, Hatch Hook., Wedge., Cold Cbl cbi Chlwi Barr. Puuche., Ac., Carpenter.’ Tool., lot No 1 Cotton Duck. Spikes, Nai!., Ac. 1 After the above, at Orand Trunk Depot Wharf 4 Haleb Case., 1 Hard Wood Ciamp, 4 inch l umber *c' apl4 did ’ E. M PATTEN, AUCTIONEER, 12, Exchange St. Liaen, Cotton and Woolen Goods. AT Anc iou. on Tuesday, April loth, at 91 A M , ami 2j P. SI., a large and good assortment of iJJ Jn *?!» ^ *«»r purchaser*—con*i*tibg in part ot Silk*, Alp-ne*. Aipaccaa, M» riu< *, Ltcijvm, Lane* Lawn*, Plaid*. S iipe«,licking*, Flanne.*. Linen*. I nut*, guilt*. Cotton*, Bread C’oth#, Caa rimere*. Doe akin*, Shawl*. Scarf*, Linen hdkl'*, Glove*, Hoaiery. Mitr*, Braid*, with a variety of oth er gooj*—*ate w 11 commence with a lot ot remnants —Ladies are invited to attend—no po*tpou. ment aprl4 dtd Wholesale and Retail AUCTION ROOM! Jl'ST OPENED No. 88 Fox Block, Exchange Street, PORTLAND, ME. Iahall be in tbe constant receipt of, and will roll •very afternoon and evening by public auction, the following line* of good* in quantised to suit: Woo 11* nr ol all description*, I>re»« floods in variety, Linen, t.ra-h Towelling, Cover*, dr c,Table Cutlery, Plated Ware, Jewelry. Yankee No tion* aud Fancy Goode, Commencing Toesday, February l«tb. GKO. L. PEIRCE, Auction and Commission Merchant. W. P. 8t«wabt, Auctioneer- • febl« dtl EDWAUD m. PATTEN, Commission Merchant & Auctioneer, Hm removed to the spacious store 12 Exchange Street, four doors below Merchant's Exchange. Will receive consignment* of Merchandise of every description, for public or private tale. Sales of Real Estate, Vessels, Cargoes, blocks and Mer chandise solicited. Cash advances made, with prompt sales and returns. mchl2 dly TO THE AFFLICTED I DR. W. .VDOIAti, ALedical Electrician, No. II Clapp’s Block, conymr orcoyoMMss a.vd mlm stmmmtm WOULD ri'.poctfully »nnounc« to the citizen, of Porllaiid end vlciiiltjr, that lie hu permanent ly located In thi, city. During the eleven month, thnt »e bnve been in town we heve curtd tone of • the worat form, of diaeeM in pereon, who have tried other form, of treatment in vain, and curing pa tienti iu ,o abort a time that the qneetiou ie often naked, do they stay cured • To auewer thiequeetion we will,ay that all that do not .tay, we will doctor the aecond time for nothing. Dr. D. hae been a practical Ueotrieian for twenty, one year,, and Ualao a regular graduated phyaieiaa Electricity ia pertuctly adapted to ehrouic ■•‘ "-TTTT in the form of nereouaor .ick headache: neuralgia In the head, neck.or enireialtie,; consumption when in the acute ,tagea or where the Inng, are not tally Involved ; acute or chronic rheumm&m, acrotala, hip iUmum. white .welling,, apinal uiacarwe, curvature of the •pine, contracted muaclM, Uivtotaal limb,, palay or paralyaU, St. Vita,’ Dance, dearwh. Ham mering or heaitaacy of ,peech. dyapepein, inch zee tapn, oonattpation and liver complaint, price—we on re every eaae that can be preeeuted; eathma, bronchi tie. arrlotarea of the uheet, and nil tarn, of female eom plaint,. By Blootrioity The Rheumatic, the goaty, the lame and the lazy leap with joy, and move with the agility and elastic* ity of youth; the heated brain is cooled; the ffoet bitten limbs restored, the uncouth deformities re moved; faintness converted to vigor, weakne* to strength; the blind made to see, the deaf to hear and the palsied form to move upright; the blemishes ot youth are obliterated; the accidentg of mature liie prevented; the calamities of old age obviated, o*4 an aotive circulation maintained. LADIES Who have oold hands and . feet; wcakma ost ehs lame and weak backs; nervous and tick headache; dizziness and swimming in the head, with indigee tion and constipation or the bowels; pain in the side and baek; leuoorrhwa. (or white#;; failing of the womb with internal saucers; tumors, polypus, and all that long train os diseases will find in Electric ity a sure mean* of cure. For painfal menstruation, too profits# menstruation, and all of those long line of troubles with young iadies, Electricity is a certain specific, and will, in a short time, restore the sufferer to the vigor of health. tJT Wt have an Electro-Chemical Jpparatmt tor extracting Mineral Poison fJvm the system, such as Mercury, Antimony. Arsenic, Ac. llundrede who ore troubled with stiff joints, weak backs, and vari ous other difficulties, the direct cause of which, in nine oases oat of ten, is the effect of poisonous drugs, cun be restored to natural strength and vigor by the use of from live to eight Baths. Ofioe hours from 8 odook A. M. to 1 r. v.; 11 • ; and 7 to 8 r. w. f Consultation Free. |y!4 laodt Dissolution of Coparliicreiiip, THE copartnership heretofore existing between the subecriber*. under the name and style of Bradley A Webb, is this d»v dissolved by mutual cuusent. ROBERL BRADLEY, M. G. WEBB. THE copartnership heretofore existing between the uudertigued is this day dissolved b mutual consent. G. M. MOULTON. A. G. ROGERS. Copartnership Notice. THE undersigned have this day formed a copart nership under tin name and style of HKAl» LEY , MOULTON A ROGEh8,for the purpose of carrying on the Flour Grain and Pro v is ion busi ness. at 88 Commercial Street, Thomas Block. ROUT. BRADLEY. G. M. MOULTON. ap2dtf A. G. ROGERS. CAPISIC POND HOUSE MOW OPEN. Tbrrr* from Portland. «EO. W. M(rHCII. »I»rl2« tf ▲diuinistiator's Sale. HY virtue of it licence from Probate Court. J shall offer at Public Sale, ou TUESDAY. Ma\ 3d, at lo o'clock. A M. at the store oi Moiris, H>eeue A Sawyer, No. W. Commercial St., the Real Estate of the late John P. Dame, beiug the Roust ami Lot No. 28, Waterville St. CATHARINE It DAIXE, Administratix of the late John P. Daine. aprtoodSw* HE Copartnership of J. STEVENS k CO., ia this day dissolved by mutual consent All Persons inlebted are re<4Ue*1eU to uia*e immediate pavmeut to either partner. JOSHUA 81'h.VENS. April *2, 1864. C. M HASKELL. Copartner* hip. \\rE have this day formed a Copartnership in the ▼ 1 name of sIlUBTl.K FF * CO., and will car ry ou the Wood and Coal business. Also Watering the Streets. JoHHl’A STEVENS. April 12. 1884. SIMEON SUIKIIKFF apr 12 Sw KE.HOVAL. MISS E. N. TRUE would inform her former patrons and the public generally that she has removed to No. 324 Congress Street, opposite Me chanic-*' Hall, w here she still coutinms to keep a large and choice assortment of Millinery. Fancy Hoods and Toys. aplldlw* For Knniror. The gooU Schooner K ATE Al'IlKt U Jacobs, ma.-ter. wit I have immediate dtT* patch, for freight, apply »othe master on board, at the head of Long Wharf, or to D. T. CHAsE. M>n dtr Eaton Boarding School for Hoyt. THE Summer Session of this School will com mence tho Second Monday In May. For Particulars, Address U. F. EATON, Principal. Kenu s Mill, Mo., AprU 4th, 1*64. D4w

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