Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, April 18, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated April 18, 1864 Page 2
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... f ,niT»iit THE DAILY PRESS. POBTLA.NU rtAISJJ ■ — ————~ Monday Moruiug, April 18, 1861. The circulation of the Daily Pres* is larger than any other Daily paper in the State, and double that of any other in Portland. TaiMIS —17.00 per year: paid ttricfly in ad vance a discount <f £ 1.00 tciil be made. Jay Cooke A Co , nud the Five-Twenties. Jay Cooke A Co., Philadelphia, were the Government agents to uegoliate the five tweuty bonds. It is not long since the oppo sition started a report ttiat this firm were ma king vast wealth out of the Government, and we think we have seen the statement that their commissions amounted to three or four —one paper had it as high as eight—per cent, for doing the business of the Government. Complaints have also been made that Govern ment was charged, over and above commis sions, large sums far advertising and divers other expenses. So rife became these and similar allegations, that the House of Repre sentatives passed a resolution, calliug upon the Secretary of the Treasury to know “what “ have been the services of Jay Cooke A Co. “ to the Government in the sale of U. S. “ securities; and what have been the rate aud “ whole amount of compensation therefor; “ also whether said services might not have “ been as successfully performed by the Treas ury Department itself; also, what Bums of “ money, if any, have been paid out of the “ Treasury for advertisements ordered by “ Jay Cooke A Co.” To this call Mr. Secretary Chase made a full and specific reply. It is too long to be couveuieutly transferred to our columns, but the important points we will give. It seems the first services of these Rankers for the Government was iu negotiating the three years Treasury notes, popularly known as the seven - thirties. For their services iu this transaction they were allowed one-fifth of one per cent, on the first one hundred thousand dollars obtained by them, and one-eighth on all sums m excess, aud allowed for advertising oue hundred aud fifty dollars. When the five-lweuty bonds were author ized, the Secretary of the Treasury endeav ored to ascertain Ibe best terms on which the bonds could be negotiated by sales. Careful inquiry was made through the assistant treas urer at New York, aud other experienced persons, and it was ascertained that negotia tions could not be effected at higher rates tbau from 97 to 98 cents for a dollar, which would involve a loss on each hundred millions of the loan of from two to three millions of dollars. Mr. Chase prudently declined to submit to such a shave, aud hit upon the plan of ap poiulinga general agent, with authority to appoint suh-ageuls, for w hom the prifftipal ageut should be personally responsible, and through such a system to organize a direct appeal to the people. For general agent he selected Jay Cooke, whose iutegiity in pre vious transactions was a strong testimony in his favor. Wc now quote from Mr. Chase's response to the House of Keprescutstives: It wss agreed that his commissions, for ser vices aud to cover disbursements, should lie one-half of one percent, on the llrst ten mil lions, aud three eighths on subscriptions be yond that amount. Of these three-eighths, Mr. Cooke was bound to pay one-eighth to subscription sub-agents, aud another eighth to traveling agents aud for advertising, and other expenses of making the loan as widely aud favorably known as possible. He was allowed to retain the other eighth as compen sation lor his own labor aud risk, aud for ex penses chargeable to bis own proportion. His responsibility covered all acts of bis sub agents until | ayment into the Treasury of all moneys subscribed, and delivery tosub scribers of all bonds subscribed for. No lia bility aud uu duty, except that of furnishing the bauds, was assumed by the (Government, ■while to insure the faithful performance of the duty of the general agent, aud the full satis faction of all demands upon himself aud his sub ageuts, bonds were required and given in the aggregate sum of six hundred thousand dollars. Notwithstanding the magnitude of the task imposed upon him, the general agent had no mouopoly in the dis|>osal of the loan. 'The Treasurer, tlte assistant treasurers, and sev eral of tlie designated depositaries were also directed to use their best endeavors to obtain subscriptions, aud were authorized to allow cue eighth, and, in some cases, one-fourth of one per cent, to purchasers for resale. Mr. Chase gives an interesting account of the system organized by Mr. Cooke, says he appointed about &100 sub-agents, that their work extended into almost every county aud town of the loyal States, that the fruit of the system were subscriptions for live-twenty bonds amounting, in the aggregate, to the sum of ♦otil,9o2,i*DO; and that without these subscriptions neither the army nor the navy nor the general creditors of the (Government, could have been paid. Says Mr. Chase: The benefit of tbe work was not limited by its direct results. The interest in tlie loan, excited by the efforts of the agent and sub ageuls operated powerfully upon subscriptions with the assistant treasurers aud tlie designa ted depositaries. These subscriptions amounted in tlie aggregate to $I48,823,5U0, of which $112,178,300 were subscribed by pur chasers for resale aud $50,045,200 for direct investment. The whole compensation to the general agent and sub-agents for services and for all expenses incurred in ohtaiuing and paying over subscriptions, amounting to $.301,052,050 was $1,350,01:1 15, of which $135,700 31 was paid to the general agent as compensation for responsibility, lor services, and for expenses chargeable upon the oue-eiglilh allowed to him. To the cost of tlie agencies, in order to as certain the total expenses of tlie loan, must be added the commissions allowed to pur chasers for resale, by the assistant treasurers and other officers of the Government; these commissions amounted to $122,1!>0 311, making the entire cost of tlie whole loan $1,472,203 54. This cost is a little less than three-tenths of one per cent, (or eighteen days’ interest) on the whole amount, aud, as is believed, is less than the cost of any other great loan, either American or Knglisli, heretofore nego tiated. Had the bonds been sold at 07 1-2 per cent. —tlie largest offer made for them by capital ists and bankers—the negotiation of $50, 000,000 would have been nearly c<|ual to the entire expense of negotiating the whole $500, 000,000, aud the sale of the whole amount of bonds at the same rate would have cost the Government a loss in discount of $12,500,000, against $1,472,203 54—the actual cost of ne gotiation uudor tlie system adopted. Mr. Chase closes his reply to the House as fol lows: No sums of money have been paid out of the Treasury for advertising ordered by Jay Cooke A Co., and none fur advertising or dered by the general ageut, except as aliove stated. It only remains to add that the Secretary is clearly of opinion that the services rendered by the geueral agent and tlie sub agents could •not have been as successfully performed, nor iudeed, performed ut all, by file Treasury De partment. w- The new ten-forty loan is going off with more spirit, as capitalists become con vinced that tlie rate of interest will not he ad vanced. The continued rise in gold makes the loan still more popular, as tlie rate of interest promises to be really 8 or 0 per font. 1 Maine tonteremc K. Chit re hi BaTu, FrMay Morning, April i5. Tiie Conference u|ielieil with religious ser vices, conducted by A. .Sanderson. After the reading of tiie journal, the Bishop announced B- Lufkin, A. Hatch and I. Lord a committee on church building. A circular from the Wesleyan University, and a report from tiie Faculty and from the Treasurer of the Biblical Institute, were re ferred to the Committee on Education. W. W. Baldwin, B. II. Kimball, N\ Critchett, J. L. Morse, N. I). William, were admitted to full connection and elected to tic ordained as Deacons. Among the committees appointed to-day, was one on tiie United States Christian Com mission. The examination of superannuated preachers was resumed and IS of tliis class were continued. Tiie subject of lay representation is before us, and a committee lias been appointed on this subject, also a committee on class meet ing. .1. M. Caldwell, D. I). Spear, F. Grovenor, Geo. Wingate, Win. S. Jones and O. M. Cous ens were continued on trial. C. F, Allen, Geo. Weblicr, Jos. Colby, and H. M. Blake, were elected delegates to tiie General Conference, and A. Moore and C. Munger were elected as reserves. Tiie examination of the effective Klders in the Portland District was completed and the session adjourned. Friday Afternoon, 2 1-2 o'clock.—Tiie sub ject of education as connected with the Wes leyan Seminary and Female College, occupied the afternoon. Religious services were con ducted by Rev. C. W. Morse. A gratifying statement of the financial condition of this in stitution was presented by S. Allen, who has served as financial agent. C. F. Allen, the pastor of the Clsureh on Kent's Uill for the last two years, gave an in. teiesting nccouut of the religious condition of the students, and a statement of a gracious re vival that has been hi progress there. II. M. Blake, who had also been pastor of the same church, spoke of au interesting revival in pro gress when he was stationed there, lie also referred to tiie excellent moral influence that prevails in the vicinity of the institution. Dr. Torsey, President of the College, follow ed in a similar strain to that which had been adopted by the previous speakers and abun dantly substantiated their statements. At least one fifteenth part of the unconverted portion of the students have been converted during their connection with the Seminary— more than 30fj0 in all. lion. J. .1. Perry spoke in an able manner upon the relations existing lietweenthe Meth odist Church and education, sustaining fully his posiliou l rum the records of her past his tory and recent statistical tables, and show ing favorably for the interests of education in the M. E. Church. Dr. Cobleigh, editor of Zion's Herald, sus tained the assertions of lion. Mr. Perry, as to the prominent |iosition occupied by the M. E. Church iu the cause of education, it lieing far in advance of all others in the West, where Dr. C. has labored iu connection with our edu cational interests. Friday Ievening.—A very able Missionary sermon was preached from Dau. 2, :15, iu which the preacher spoke of the triumphs of the gospel and the agency by which these tri umphs are to lie accomplished. Satunlay Morning. — Religious services were conducted by C. W. Morse. The exhibit of the Methodist Hook concern presents the amount of total assets at ♦1C2,tl94 and liabilities at ♦34,899, leaving a net capital stock of ♦.127,795. S. Payne was admitted into full connection and elected to Deacon's orders, and Geo. lloit was elected to Elder's orders. Goring Moody, agent of the Freedtnen’s Educational Society, addressed the Confer ence. The examination of effective Elders was fin ished. The Tract cause was represented in a re port from the agent, which was read by the Secretary, aud addresses by the agent and by Capt. C. Sturdivant, of Portland. The friendly congratulations of the Congrc galionalist Churches were presented by Itev. Mr. Beard, of Bath, and those of the F. W. Baptist, by Itev. J. S. Swift. A. M. Horse Turning Kitruordiunry ! Cornish, April 1:5th, 1804. To the Editor of the Preaa: The modus operand! of Horse Taming, as illustrated by Magner and Harey, was exem plified iu this town and the adjoining one a day or two since, iu the most superior man ner. A gentleman iu Limington. one of Man ner's disciples, wishing to cure a balky horse of the habit, bad recourse to his education as imparted by Magner in his lectures. The rule hern laid down is, to seize the animal by the tongue aud hold on for dear life, and thus compel the horse to come aloug. This gen tleman, who is athletic aud powerful, grasped the tongue of his horse, which so exasperated the beast that he started back suddenly aud tore his tongue entirely out by the roots! The auimar was quickly dispatched with au ax. The other instance was in the case of a kicking auimal. The rule is, to fasten a rope of sufficient length, by the middle, around the neck ol the bea*t, passing the ends between the foie legs aud fastening each to the hiud legs, near the fetlock. To vary the treatment, this gentleman fastened his rope to the turn er jam of his horse, aud at the first attempt to kick, the jaw of the animal was broken so that it dropped down as if it had never boeu secured by a bone! These cases, sir, afford two of the most remarkable aud efficient meth ods of treatment I have ever known; yet 1 would uot advise inexperienced stock-breed ers to adopt them. O. !)<•'tills 111 lilt* \l it a ns* KstlKiilli Camp Seventh Maine Voi.p.nteerh, ( Brandy Station, Va., April loth. ) To the M'litor of the Treat Death visited us for the first time in this camp—where we have been since the first of Yoveuiberlast—on the Oth iuat. l'rivate Solo mon 11. Cargille, of Co. G, a recruit recently from Maine, died of the typhoid lever. lie was buried to-day (Sunday). While the cere monies were beiug held at the grave, an am bulance arrived from the picket liue with the body of Samuel Crabtree, private of Co. U, who had accidentally shot himself while in the act of hanging his gun in a true; the ball entered about three inches above the right gioiu and passed out of the thigh, just above tin' knee. He beiug a Mttson, the brothers of the i irder, consisting of nearly all the otllcers and a portion of the non-commissioned olh cers and privates, have made preparations to have his body embalmed and sent to Apple ton, Maine, of which town the deceased was a resident. The proper masonic ceremonies will be held to morrow. Yours respectfully, L. Iff ' We understand that the Theatrical company which advertised the “ Anchor of Hope" for Saturday evening, concluded be fore night to play the “ Ticket of Heave”— much to the disappointment of suudry per sons having smalt unsettled bills. ORIGINAL AND I1LIC|VD< ’On first page—Letter from the Nation al Capitol. On fourth page—Consolation for the Lonely Mother, poetry; Snooks on Bores; Items. By Senator Douglas’ widow writes that she is not a department clerk at Washington. By Hard coal is felling at $14 a ton at Augusta. tyAu establishment ior remodeling hoop skirts has been started in Vassal boro. By* Tlie boiler makers of Taunton, Mass., have struck for the teu hour system. By The Californians are experiencing a very severe drouth. By-The quota of Bangor for all the calls is full. By The Penobscot River steamers have commenced running between Oldtown and Mattawamkeag. jjyTlie Wiscasset and Kennebec Railroad corporation will hold an adjourned meeting at Wiscasset to-day. By The counting house of Mayo * Son, In Foxcroft, took lire on Friday, Pith inst, wltich was luckily extinguished without damage. By More snow fell in some parts o(*the State on Sunday and Monday, 10th and 11th inst, than at any one time during the wiuter. By Mr. Thomas, the radical anti-Frank Blair candidate for Mayor of St. was elected by over twenty-six hundred majority. By Nearly all the municipal elections this Bpring have gone in favor of sustaining the administration. ByMr. John A.Guptil of Wesley, recently killed the biggest wolf that has been seen iu that region for many years. By'The running of au increased number of trains between Augusta and Gardiner is to be commenced immediately. By-’l’lie steamer Queen will be put on the ropte lx-tween Calais and Kaslport to connect with the Portland and New Brunswick steamers, this week. ByCapt. Abner McAllister & Co., have recently launched a steam tug l>oat, which they intend to put on Calais river the comiug season. A t'arn connected with the parsonage of the Baptist Society in Shaplcigh, was des troyed by (ire recently, at mid-day, says the Biddiford Union. £#“ The ship Kliaa, of Boston, Capt. An drews, with her entire crew, except three men, was lost in the Bay of Bengal, about the 20th of January. a- There will ho three important crim inal trials at the approaching term of the S. J. Court in Franklin county,—those of Doyle, Richardson and Thompson. 5?T" The Boston Transcript says the first Penobscot river salmon, weighing twenty pounds, was received iu that city from Bucks port, on Friday last. sar*A young man was up before the Police Court iu Philadelphia on Tuesday, 12tli inst, for picking the pocket of a Mr. Salsbury, of this State. As Mr. S. had gone home, the prisoner was discharged. „ Kf”Rev. Messrs. Avery, of Fayette, and Smith of Wayne, have resigned their connec tion with their churches. Mr. Smith goes in to the army, as a delegate of the Christian Commission. $y An elderly friend in the country writes, “ The Press is highly spoken of by those who read it. May it pres* the copper heads out of Maine, at least, though they fall into “ the last ditch.” HT'An enterprising contemporary, Satur day, had three brief editorials, which, by a sin gular coincidence of ideas and of language had appeared iu the Press, in the same words’ about twelve hours previous. $ The Franklin Patriot says the house occupied by Mr. .J. M. Barker in New Vine yard, with the barn and out-buildings, was totally destroyed liy fire on Friday, 8th inst. No insurance. &y The churches and Sabbath schools in Massachusetts are contributing in aid of the Bast Tennessee sufferers. Auy amount of mouey caunot he appropriated to a more wor thy or deserving object. jy The patent granted to Mr. Henry T. Carter, of this city, was for improvement in the valve of a steam engine, and not tlie “ tube gear,” ( ?) as copied by us from a Bos ton paper. iy“The Kennebec Journal says the Port land Jt Kennebec Railroad Company have commenced the foundation of a building for a new machine simp, in rear of their principal office. £y“Hartford,” writes a correspondent, “one of the back towns iu Oxford, without a lawyer, physician or liquor agent within its borders, has not only filled all her quotas, hut has a surplus for another call.” ty Lieut. Col. Harris of the Sixth Maine, says the Machias Republican, arrived at bis home on Saturday last. He was confined to his room ten days iu this city, with fever and erysipelas, but gained strength on his way limns'— jyon tlie 7th inst, the dwelling house aud two barns, In Sangerville, belonging to Mr. Benj. Karnham, were entirely destroyed by lire, together with bis farming tools, aud the most of bis furniture aud grain. His loss is estimated at about $:200U. Insured at a “de funct” oflice. * fry*1 Rev. Mr. Stockton has become pastor of the Freewill Baptist Church at the Branch, Wells.-Rev. 1. M. Thomson has removed from Alfred to take the pastoral charge of the First Baptist Church in South Berwick. Rev. <». D. Ballantine has become pastor of the Baptist church in Acton. ejt-au otlicer in the army who has paid much attention to the matter, states il as a well ascertained fact, that three-fourths of all the dismissals of officers from tfie army were caused, directly or iudirectly, by the use of whiskey. Many of the resignations of officers have the same origin. y When lobsters are sold for six dollars per hundred from the vessels, large au<l small counted together, it is pretty steep to ask from fifteen to li/ly cents apiece for them, ac cording to size. There is a day of reckoning for extortion and extortiouers, aud we don’t care how soon it comes. WA Jacksonville correspondent of the Boston Traveler says, among the deserters from the rebel army are found men from Maine, Massachusetts, New York, New Jer sey and Pennsylvania. They report a large number of Northern men iirConfederate sei viee, many of whom are only wailing a favor able opportunity to take “Freuch leave.” jyThe Maryland State Fair opens to-day, (Monday, 18th inst) in Baltimore—a day ever memorable for the first assault and maltreat ment of the soldiers of the State of Pennsyl vania marching over the common highway ol the Republic, to the defence of the Capital of our common country; and the prelude to the atrocities committed in the streets against the patriot sous of Massachusetts on the l!Rb. i r~r::rr S3?“ A dispatch to the Boston Advertiser Says," Some months ago a negro servant was charged in New Orleans by Paymaster H. K. Lawrence, of Wisconsin, with robbing him of $:iO,(X)0. The negro was first unmercifully flogged, and subsequently sentenced to hard labor at the Dry Torlugas lor life. Facts have recently come to the knowledge of the War Department lixiug the guilt ou Law rence himself.” £y“Mr. A. A. Lovett, whose death from apoplexy has been announced, has held various important positions iu connection with the telegraph companies of the country, and was the successor of Mr. Eddy, as General Super intendant of the American Company's lines. For two years lie was the government censor of the press at Washington. He belonged iu Beverly, where his remains were brought for ietermeut. He was forty years of age. KIP' A regular correspondent of the Ad vertiser—one who enjoys a semi-editorial po sition—thus speaks oi Mr. Long’s disunion speech: “ This is one of the most manly, in dependent ami fearless speeches of the pres ent Congress. It’s puugent truth beards the lion in his den, and sets the whole aiiolitiou camp in a tempest of excitement. It is a no ble effort, and places Mr. Long iu an enviable position.” jy”C*pt. Otis lteinick, of the 11th Wiscon' sin regiment, a native of Coruish, iu this State, volunteered as a private at an early period in the war, ami lias, by a series of well merited promotions, risen to his present rank. A large portion of his regiment and every man of hi* company, have re-enlisted, the company thus receiving the prize of a silver medal, offered to the company showing the most patriotic spirit in this respect. Capt. R., with his company, was in the siege of Vicksburg and the long series of battles which preceded it. He has recently been on a visit to the scenes of his childhood. County Temperance Convention.—The arrangements for the Convention to be held at Falmouth on Thursday, 21st. are such as to give promise of large attendance and exceed ingly interesting exercises. The presence of (ien. Dow wil! be sullicient to draw a crowd of bis admirals among the warmest temperance people of tbe County, and beside, there will lie no lack of speakers wlio can entertain an audience anywhere on matters pertaining to Ibis vital reform. Ample preparations are made for the enter tainment of attendants, and a crowd is desir ed and expected. The Portland delegation will lie accom panied by the Camp Kerry Kaud, who have kludly volunteered their services, and whose enlivening music cannot fail to give zest to the entertainment of the occasion. It is hoped that this city will be largely and ably represented. Living on ins Life Insurance.—'Tlie Lewiston Journal says a gentleman in that city some time since got bis life insured for $2000. Not long alter be went into a decline, and his physicians gave him up. He wished to go to Caliloruia to die, and proposed to the company that insured his life, to discount $400 on his policy if they would advance. They agreed to the arrangement and paid over to the sick man $1000. The invalid left for California, the change proved beiicllcia), and if he is not living now, he lived long enough to enjoy the laments of his own life insurance. Jurors.—Seth C. Dyer and Benj. Under wood have been drawn as grand jurors, and Jotham G. Lewis and Horatio G. Gridin, as petit jurors for tbe U. S. Circuit Court, which commences its session in this city on Friday next. SPECIAL NOTICES. Portland Society of Natural History. A Public Meeting of the Society will be bti<i it its Hall, No. 25» Congn «s street, MONDAY EVE NING, April 18th, at 7J o’clock. Member* and their families are invited to attend. By order of the Council. GKO. L GOOD ALE, Kec. Secy. April 15. 1864. 2t The Pateiit Belle Monte Skirt**. A full assortment of these celebrated Skirts iu the new style at AN1) K U S O N * S HOOPSKIRT AND CORSET DEPOT, mch23 dtf Uuder Mechanics’ liall. THOMAS G. LURING, DRUGGIST, -AND PRACTICAL TRUSS FITTER, Csrucr of KirknuKr 1 KrdrrnlSt’,, A perfect flt guaranteed. The poor liberally con sidered. mch25 dtf SPRING DRESS GOODS MOW OPKN1NO. C. K. BABB, mchlo No. U Clapp’s Block. Caps Elizabeth, July 1, 1863. 8t«: — During my connection with the State lie form School, as a teacher, L F. Atwood’* BittflH were introduced there and used with marked success, particularly in Bilious aflection*. Yourit, 4c., A P. HILLMAN. Havovir, Mb , Oct 1,1861. Dear Sir .—I hare used L. K. Atwood’s Bitters lor some 10 or 15 years. I have tried a great number of mediciues for Dyspepsia.but without effect. These Bitters are the ouly remedy that have ever relieved me ot this distressing complaint. My neighbors have also been greatly benetitted by the use ot them. JOEL HOW, Reware qf Counterfeiti and base imitations, some of which aer signed "Si." F., instead of L. F. Atwotni. The genuine it signed L. F. Atwoo<h and as a safeguard against imposition bears an kxtua lauttL.countersigned II H HAY, lAruggist, Port land, Me , sole General Agent. For sals by respectable dealers in medicine gener ally. • fan 16 Guicodfcw 3 “Buy Me, and 1*11 do you Good.” Due Dr* Langley9** Root uud Herb Hitters For Jaundice, Costivenet*. Liver Complaint, Hu mors, Indigestion, Dyspepsia. Piles, Dizziness, Head ache, Drowsiu ss, and all d mases arising from dis ordered .stomach, torpid liver, and bad blood, to which all persons are subject in spring and summer. They cleause the system, regulate tlie bowels, re store the appetite, purify the blood, and give Sound ness of mind and strength of boiL-to all who use them. 8o d by all dealers iu Medicine everywhere, at 25, 50 and 75 cents per bottle GEO. C. GOOD WIN A CO., 87 Hanover Street. Boston, Proprie tors. ap2 d«m A TH t XI) OK Hum IS A IOV KJKHV Lit. -Tin* liviug breath of the loveliest Mower that blowout* in the garland of nature and wafts its sweet perfume on every breeze, has its exact counterpart in the breaths of all who use that unequalled and justly popular Dentifrice, Fragrant SO/ODONT. It puri ties and sweated* the breath, cleanse- beautifies and preserves the Teeth, hardens the Gums, aud gives to them that roseute < x<t so much coveted most de licious. copveu cat, vilicacious aud bcueiicia! prepar u ion for the toilet ever given to the public Sold by DruggitUeverv where at 75 oentsper bottle mclilTJ It ( ough* mi l ('old*. The sudden changes of our climate are source* cl Pulmokaey . Hu<>mi iii al and Ahthm am Ami • Tiosta. Kxperieuce having proved that simple rem edies often act speedily when taken in the early stages of the disease, recourse should »t once be had to ''Brown'* Bronchial Troche*,” or Lozenges, let the Told, Cough, or Irritation ot the Throat be ever so slight, as by this precaution a more -eriou*attack may be effectually warded oil. 1‘ublic Si-kali uh and Sinokkh will tind them i-Micptal for clearing aud strengthening the voice. Homier* should have them, a* they can be carried in the pocket, and ta keu as occasion requires. apr 8. d& wlm CURE FOR CATARRH.-Du. Wai.swohth's DHY UP is a certain remedy lor this loathsome disease. There is no mistake about this. The Dry Up has cured thousands of case* ol Catarrh, and the sales of the article is constantly increasing. A word to the wise is sufficient For sale by the proprietor, 11. 11. HU RKINGTON, Providence, R. I. Also by 11. H. HAY, Druggist, Agent for Portland. oot31 eod k w6iu |3P"If you arc going to the YY Mi, s..uili,orNorth West, prooure Througn Tickets at LlTTTB’l Union Ticket Office, No. 31 Exchange Street, where you may have a choice of routes at the lovfest rates ol fare, aud obtaiu all needful information. Nov. 3. 1S«J3. TuThHAwtf lyi'he Post Office >• directly op, osite Harris Rat and Cap Store. tebaa tl ■AILINC OF OCCAM STEAMSHIPS. rnnit ron **it» l'cn>i#.. .l.ivetl'OOl.New York. Mar 2*; Etna . Liverpool .. New York. ... Mar 3" Dama-cus.. Liverpool. . Portland... .Mar 31 i Borussia..Southampton New York .April 2 i A«ia .Liverpool.Boston.April 2 j Nova Scotian.Liverpool_Portland — April 7 : Australasian. Liverpool.New York.. April 9 j Arabia . . Liverpool.Boston.April 16 | Bavaria.Southampton. New York.. April 16 | (The steamers for Portland leave Londonderry one day alter icaviug Liverpool.] Hibernian.Portland .Liverpool.April 16 Teutonia. New York.. Southampton.April 16 City of London. .New York. . Liverpool.April 16 j Persia .New York. .Liverpool.April 2" J Etna.New York.. Liverpool.April 23 i Damascus.Portland . .Liverpool.... April 23 Asia . . New York.. Liverpool_April 27 • Borussia . New York. .Southampton.Apri(30 I Nova Scotian- Portland. Liverpool_April 30 Uauiinonia.New York. .Hamburg. ..April30 Australasian.New York. .Liverpool.May 4 Bremen.New York.. Bremen. May 7 Arabia.Boston.Liverpool .. May II Bavaria. .New York Hamburg-Mav 14 Morning Star. New York Havana.April 16 Corsica . New York Havana April 23 Illinois.New York . Aspinwall April 23 IM POETS. MATANZAu—Brig Prentiss Hobbs, 240 hhds 31 o 1 asset, 17 tres do. 72 hhds Huger, J S Millar, 3 bbls Molasses, 3 do Sugar, master. CAHDBNA8— Bark Alary C Fox, 329 hhds Molas ses, 34 tres do. J B Brown fc Sons: 2bbls do, master. ST J AGO—Han brig fclise, 238 hhds Sugar, 12" bbls do, Geo 11 Starr. CA ItDKN AS—Bark Canada. .‘192 lihds Molasses 28 tres do; 48 lihds Sugar. Chase Bios & Co; 8 bbls 3Io 1 asses, master. MATANZAS—Sell Jennie Morton. 292 hhds Sugar, J S Millar, .'{0 hhdt Molasses, 30 bbls do, J D Lord. (Of the obove 30 hbds molasses were lost etTdeck.) HEMKDlOS—--Bark Ionic, 408 hhds Sugar. 146 boxes do. J 8 Millar. EXPORTS. Per 11fbsrnten. for Liverpoo1.S78.4<01ba«vt Meats, 66,000 Ib-i Lard, 21 tres Beef, 3,676 bbls Flour, 803 do Ashes, 3,137 bush Peas. 300 lbs Bladders, 13 cases Furs, 1 cask Beeswax, 7 pkgs sundries. PASSENGERS. Pot itttOMfclp Hibernian. l »r Liverpool, Mrs Glas gow. and two children, Mrs Cusack, J B Hawkes, Win Tush, Miss Tush. Miss Tudor, 11 Turnhill. W „ Porteous, D Delaud, 31 r Huberts, Mr Farley and Airs Katun, and 11 others. In the Jennie Morton from Matan/as, Wm S Cross, K J D Cross, oi Baltimore. MINIATURE ALMANAC. Monday. A pril IS. Hun rise*.5 12 I High water,. 8 '.l Huu set*.6.48 | Length of day* . 13 34 Thermometer...3 o'clock A M .'W deg. MAKHIED. In Watcrville, Mr Jonas W Clark, of Gorham, and Miss Emily A Cogswell, of W; John Madiy and Miss Mary Yigue. In Itiuehill, Paris (. Merrill and Miss Adelaide D Darling. In Hast Trenton, Nason Crimmo and Hiss Eunice A Bra'don. both of hast brook lu Deer isle, John 11 Moroy and Mi** Margaret A G rose. DIED. In tbi* city, 16th, Mr* Martha D, wife of Charles M (. men, aged 43. uuerai thi*(Monday) afternoon, at 4 o’clock, from No X Gree i *t. Relative* and friend* are iu* vited to attend lu Westbrook, 16th, Miss Mary B. daughter of tho late Dr Solomon Allen, aged 36 year*. KV*Funeral Wednesday at 3 o’clock. PM. lu Westbrook, lVtli, Mr* Kauuy K wife of II F Mil liken, aged 36 years. In Kennebunkport. 11th inst, ( apt Jacob Merrili, aged 61: 3d iust, Ira D< aring. a.-ed 40. lu Brunswick. A A Record, aged 38 year* 10 mo*; Hattie J Dunlap, aged 13 year*. In Howdoiu, liuldab Small, aged .Vs year- G mo*. In Hkowhegau. Mr* Mary G, wife of William Ab bott, aged 4a. Iu Bangor. Nellie 11 Crowell,aged2Vyears; Jamo* Turner, aged 90. M^RIISTR NEWS. PUKT.OK POllTLAN 1). Saturday..A pril 15. ARRIVED. Bark Mary C Fox. Ross. Cardenas. Bark Canada. McDonald. Cardenas. Bark Ionic, liutcbin«oii. Kemedios. Bark Chilton, Pennell, Eli/abelhport. Brig Pn*ntis« Hobbs, Ellis, 27 duvs trora Matanza* Brig Kltze. (Danish) Svarrer, St Jago de Cuba .Sch Jennie Morton (of Baltimore) A\t rill, Matao za* via Holme*’ Hole. Sch I iiion. Soule, Boston. Sch Citizen, Upton. Boston. Sch Globe. Suownian. Boston. Bch Inspector. Cook, Boston. Hch Harriet Fuller, Hamilton, Knckport, Ms. Hch Cauover. Fullerton. Ellsworth. Sch Vesta. Haupt, Or land for Salem. Steamer Potomac, Hhorwrood, New York. Steamer Montreal. Prince. Boston. SAI LED—Steamship Hibernian for Liverpool. CLEARED. Br steamship Hibernian, Liverpool, 11 A A A Al len ShipJahn S Harris, llarnion, Havana, J L Lord. Sch Bramhall. Ricker. Boston, J B Brown A Sons. Sch Ociauca, Kewbcrt, Waldoboru, GauU-rt k Co. ^■Hay. .\ pril 17. ARRIVED. Bark Linda Stewart, (of New Y ork) Perkins, Gu* anteiiamo, via Holmes' Hole. Hch Saiah fish. Fountain. Bouton. Bch Eliza Ellen. Noye*. Boston. Hch Rio. Cliaudlcr, Boston. Steamer Lewiston, Knight, Boston. CLEARED. Steamer Put tibiae, Sherwood, New York, Emery k Fox. [BY TKL. TO R KltCHANTS* KXCB AkUK.) Boston, April 16 — Ar *hip* Mont Blanc, N Orleaut; llsiinpden do; Washington do . Art I niou, Calcutta, baik Acacia, < ieuftiegos; brigs Ftuak1, Alatanzua; Alberti, Cape de Vera*. DISASTERS. Sch J G DcnnU s'd far George's March *5, with ten uieu, as tollow?Andrew W Bartlett, mwtir, of Southport; Me; Joel W Bartlett; Wilbur F Dun ton, Southport; Franklin Fowlc, do. Amos Stinson Doeriug Island, Me. Stillman Hpiuc-y : lhomas Me Donald, Andrew Snyder; Daniel Holly, leave* a widow; James Kogers, leave* a widow and three children. The vi-nwl is probably lost. Insured Die diaster* among the ti«herm«n are -aid to be great. The Gloucester (Mae*) Advertiser -ays:— I he total loss of properly , at it* real valuatlou, u mounts not far from aid 000 This -ink* into signifi cance with the fearful loan of li e whieh is presented. Seventy-eight uieu, leaving behind thirty-ope wid ows aud tiity-eight fatherless children, Lave gone down beneath the wave*. Brig Webster Kelley (of Bucksport . at New Yc^k fr*m Ponce P R. bed heavy weather, lo*t and split sails, hr-.ko rudder stock, be. The brig Spnugbok, at New Yark from Arcibo, P K, bad very heavy weather, lost deck load of molas ses, split sails, be. Brig Fredouia, Lord, at New York, from Carde nas, March 14, is bound to Belfast, and put In iu d». distress. Mar oh *22. lat 32 3d, Ion 7 i S2, took a sharp gale from theS F. shipped several swia, which float ed dick, broke on* man's arm, aud broke whet-1;— 231, wind shafted ti N W, and blew a hurricane completely bnryiug the vessel iu the sea; hove ov erboard the deck load o! 62 hhd’s raolaasca; tho gale continuing until 26th, increasing in tioleuec. with a thiak storm; bail to sc id before It until mid night ot the 28tli when it uicdi rated. Barque Amelia, from Detnarara. (before reported a*hore near Harm gat Light) was built »u Maine and is It year* old. .She now *ail» under English colo s What little cargo *he had on board was being dis charg*. She will then be stirpped and sold when she now lays. Ship Zuloika, 1200 tons, built at Camden in is.r.‘», has been sold at Calcutta for 104 000 ru|>ees. DOMESTIC PORTS. B(i.STuN—Ar Pith, sclis Lvndon, Haskins, Deuuys ville: Flo etice, Crockett, llampden. ( Id brig .Scotland. McLellan. Matanzn*; *cha ilau Ribald, Greenlaw, Deer Isle; Gauges, Coombs, Bau gor. .Ship Vt asbiugtou, from New Orleans for Kennebec, was iu the Buy yesterday, ami proceeded this after noon. Ar 16th, Br hark Hollaed, White, Guantanamo. Cuba. March 13; Annie, Keunedy, Cieufu«*goa.Mch 26; brigs Alberti, (of Bucksport) Roberts. Buena Vis ta, Cape de Verds. F* b 2S* Left brig Meteor, for et Praya next day. bark Avola, Nickerson sld Feb 2S for Goree: brig Fanuie, (of Portland) Aubbard. Ma tan/as. Uth ult. Report* 22d, cl! Ilatteras, while ly ing to iu a gale, was struck by a sea. which split maiu staysail and jib aud washed away the boom; Br sch Robert Move. Jr. Dav, Grand furk. IT, 22d ult; schs Livonia, McKenzie, Calais; Erie, Bullock, do; lirfo g* ii, Hodgkins, Treutou; Cuioe, llaucock. Cranl»er rv Isles: Magnolia, Candace, Bluehill; Edward King, llallowell; Huntress, Clark, and Ranger,, Deunysville; Cynosure. Can dace. Camden; Mary Jane, Merrill. Garuiner; 8u*au Ross, Herrick. Wis c asset; Marie I. Kaler, Waldoboro: Messenger, Suow, Hath. Mary Heiuick, Youug, aud Clariuda, Baker, York. hi the Bay Barks Rebecca Goddard, fiom Paler mo ; Eastern Star, from-; also3 ships, 1 bark and 3o sc In, all inward bound. ( Id. sch 1 Irion, Kent, Sedgwick. KDGARToWN Ar 12th, ieba Minnie Cobh, In graham. New York for Salem . Orton and Angeline, Hix. New York for Portsmouth; Adrian, Liuery. do for Portland; John Adams. Hatch, do for do; Liz zie Guptill, Guptill. do for Belfast. llol.MES’S HOLE Ar I3tt», schs \ ankeo Blade, Coombs, aud Melbourne, Parsons, New York for Bos ton; L'niou. Poat, Baltimore for Belfast; Idafl. How ard, MelMillie, and 11 N Farnhain. Nicholson, Phila delphia for Salem ; Aid. Bunker, aud Benjaraiu, Pa ch. Now York for Eustport. Ar Uth, bark Linda Stewart, Perkins) Guantana mo, Cuba. Pith nil for Portland. Has experienced \ery heavy weather during the passage. 1 lav been 20 day* North of Ilatteras. with constaut easterly gales. Ar 15th. bark John A vile*, (of Boston t Bucknani, Hat ana Uth ult, for Portland Has exnei n need very lieav> weather; has been 2a days N of Uatteia* anil solit *ail-, Ac; brig Waocamaw, Hcaraport) Nich ole, Cardenas26th ult, fur Boston - sch F. J lalbot, (of Camden) Ami-abury, Havana loth ult lor St John NH Also ar. brig Harriet. Fredericks, Ilautauzas 25th j ult. eland fo» Fortitnd. Hr* exp-rimed Wj heavy gale* during par«agr $1 lb*t. lit a gale from N E, lost di ck load of molftsse*, and had several stanchion* hrok«n. split sails. 4c. hid hark* Linda Stewart, John Aviles; brig- Wac catuaw. Harriet. Trenton, and sch KJ Talbot, i. IMottE Ar ltih. xob* (' B Jones, Freeman, 1 ortlauu ; r, C7TOSSOII, I'mbitun, Fortress Monroe. NEW YORK Ar 14tb, hark Adelaide. * riuce. Ha vana. hrig Harriet, McKenzie, < ieutuegos; bark H Ay mar, Carver, Mutau/as; brig* Webster Kelley, (of Buck*port) Brown. Ponce PR; .Springbok, (llr) Are ciboPRi Fredonia, Lord, Cardenas, bound to Foi ia*t. put in In distress ; Rolling Wave. Collins, Cien fuego-: sch .Sami Eddy. Patten, Baltimore. Chi 14th, bark G W Hall. Godjrey, New Orleans; sch Samuel oilman, Crowell. Boston. Ar at head of Loug Island Sound lltb. sch G Kales, Nickerson, and Rescue, Kelley, from Philadelphia for Providence. Ar loth, ship Charles A FarweTl Araesbury, New Orleans; harks Lightfoot, Loud, Bnenoa Ayrca, Feb 6; Am Eagle, Harford, Aspinwall; sch Damon, Pitch er. Sagua. ChJ, ship J II Ryerson. Patterson. Liverpool; brigs Circassian, llarrimau Demerara; 8 B Crosby, Cros by, Eli/ahethport Ar 17th, brigs Merlin. Retuedios: A Richards. Car denas; Sarah do; Sarah, St Jago; Susai 11 Jelison, Cardenas. 1*111 LADELI’HIA—Ar 14th. sch* Open Sea, Rog ers. Cardenas; J II French. Crosby, Wiudsor. NEW ORLEANS—Ar tith, sebs E G Knight. Hughes. Havana; bark AlmiraCoomlNi, Drinkwaoer, Texas: 8th, bark Conquorer. Nickerson, Boston. ( Id 3th. bark* EUingwood. EHingwood, Cieufue g««st Iriuity, Nickerson, Cardenas; brig Caroline Eddy. Smith, do. NEW HAVEN—Sailed 13th, bark Evening Star, Mansfield Porto Rico. SALEM—Sld 14th, scha Ocean Wave, (of Port'and) Turner, for St John NB; aud about GO sail of coast ers, bound 8 and E, several of them having been wind bound 20 days KENSEBl XKPORT—Ar 15th. »chs Martha Cred iford. and Superior, Chard. Boston. Sailed schs Snow Squall, Hutchins, aud Webster, Grant. Grand Banks. It ATI!—Ar 15th, ship Pocahontas. Perry, New Or leans. Below, ship Mary Russell, Crocker, Liverpool. FOREIGN PORTS. Ar at Liverpool 31st ult, China, Skating, NYork ; Is* inst. Win M Lord. Baltimore. Slddlst, Win Rathbone, Pratt, NYork; Ponoma, Anderson, Bath; 1st, City of Limerick (*), Jones, do. i'ld 31st, Melbourne, Cameron, NYork; 1st, Sir Robert Feel, Larat»e, do. Dntcring for loading 81st, Albert Klamp, for Bal timore; l'u*carora. Dunlevy, Calcutta; 1st, Orieut Hill, NYork; Nonpareil, Smith, Philadelphia. Passed Portsmouth 81st, Daniel Webster, Spencer, (from London) for NYork. off Dartmouth 30!b, Enoch Talbot, fiom Antwerp for Cardiff. Ar at Falmouth 1st inst., Webfoot, Hedge, Callao for Dunkirk. At Shields l«t , Regent, Hamblin, for NYork, tak iug stores on board. Sld from Algo Bay, CGH, Jan 23, Jeddie, Reed, Havana, Cld at Havre 31st. Wmoa. I.unt, Cardiff. Ar at Calloa. 14th ult., ships Theobald, Theobald, Chinchas (aud sld for Spain); 21st, Grace Sargent, Mitchell, King George's Sound, (and sld 33 for Chin chas). In port 27th ult, ships Bethiah Thayer, Cartney, and Evening Star. Nickerson, from Chinchas, all three ar 2Stfi. geting ready for sea; Cumb *rland, Waite, from St Paul s de Loando. ar 28th, calking. At Para, 10th ult., brig Julia, Shack lord, lor NT., jdg At Vera Crux, 31st ult., brig Stella, Gooding troin Portland. Sld from Aspinwall. 30th ult , brig E Drummond, Conway. NYork. Ar at Nassau N P 28th tilt, brigs Monticello, Moon Boston, (and sld31st for Cardenas; 31st Date Car ver, Shute, -, and sld April 9, for Cardenas SPOKEN. Anril 9, lat 3d, Ion 74, brig ocean. Horn Baltimore for ltath, with mainmast sprung badly -untit to car ry *ai] on it. Alao short of provisions. Feb 6, lat 2b S Ion tkt 30, bark Astracan, 37 days fm New York for Melbourne April V, 4G miles N E of Hattega*. was passed a sch steering N, showing a red Sag with the letters II A R, with loss or gibbooui and toretopmast. April 14, 20 miles 8 by K of Highland Light, bark Aid. from Cardeua* for Boston. 27th nit, lat 33. lou 73, bark La Ciguena, from Ma tauzas for Boston. NEW ADVERTISEMENT^ Q ■»KONEYU>E £} -KOtTIIK HENtriTuF (VHP BERRY BAND, -AT New City Hall, -OJf Tuesday Evening, April 19th, ’64. TICKETS 25 CENTS. aplS Id no72i removal noT21 Biss H. E. VARNEY, having removed Irom 124 Middle Street to the new •torn NO. 27 FRBH BTltKfcT, solicit* the continued patronage of her friends and the public. t'oustantly on hand the newest and most fashion able varieties of MILLINERY GOODS! HAIR WORK.! Mis* V. will attend as formally to the manufacture of all kinds of llair Work, such as Pruetts, Hands, (Jreciau Braid-, kc. aplSdlw NEW BO\\ETS ! WE HAVE KKCftlVACI> EKi>M MEW YOKE OIK SPKISG k SI MMEK STILES ! -ASK OS Thursday, April 21st, 1864, shall display the best assortment we have ever of fered.4 We would say to our customers and the public generally that they will dud a much better selection and lower price# now iban they cun later In tbe sca*ou. TKOW A JOHNSON, NO. 10 3 MIDDLE STHEET. ap!8 , dlw B V T T EftT 75 T1TBS BITTER FOB HA t.U BY J. M. KNIGHT & SON, NO. 2 1.1 MK UTKKKT. I'uitUud. April 18. 1S*H dtf nerring : umnig : : r^iUUi BOXES SKA1.FI> HHIKING cow ! UUU" " laud log and for tale by HFIMSFIY F I.KfCHFR * CO . April 18 J3w» 1MM ouifuorcial Street. Notice ol* Insolvency. I fllllF FNtate of ln.«>n Jordan late of Koxbarr ■1 iu the county of Norfolk and Common* eal'h of Massac husetta, having been represented insolvent and ibhHlticiunt to pay all debts, tbe Judge ol j Probate for the County of Cumberland, and State ol Maiue, at a term of the Probate Court holden at i Portland, wvthiu aud for the » unty of Cuin | berland, ou tbe third Tuesday of March. A I> 1*64, n inflated and aypolaled as the utmicaet to be commissioner* to receiveaud examine all claim* of the J several creditor*in said >ata(e. All persons having ; any claim or demands agaiust said estate are hereby ! notioed. that said Commissioner* will be in *essiou | for tho purpose aforesaid, at the office of Irviug W. Parker, No. IKJ (Exchange 8tre.»t, Portland, Me, frona ‘2 to 6 o'clock in the afternoon of tho last Sat urday iu each of the following mouths, vis. Anri’, Mav, June, July, August September and October. 1864. lKVING W PA KK KM. MAN ASS Fill SMITH Portland April 16 1*64. w3wl6* CITY or I’OItTLAND. In Hoahu or Mayor a mo Alokruim, | April 16. 1*64 i On the jietition of M<**sr*. Winslow & Deten for , permission to erect and use a stationary steam en gine and boiler ou Mussey's Wharf, betw«« u Fere | and Cornmercial streets; Ordered, That Monday, tho 'id day of May next, at 7} o'clock P. M., at the Aldermen's Room, be j assigned a* the time and place lor the consideration ot said petition, and that said petitioner* give notice ■ thereof by publishing this order in one of the daily j paper* of this city four times, the first publication to be at least fourteen days beforehand, that all partiea interested may appear and be heard thereon. Attest J. M HKAI II. City Clerk. Copy Attest: aplHdtd J. M IIKA 1 11, City Clerk. Krai E«tai«> lor Suit. VLot ol Land and the building* thereon, situat ed ou the soul beast side ol Sumner near F'lank tin Street. If not told ou or be ore Saturday, Apr!' 30th. 1864, will theu be sold at public auctioii, at 11 AM, ou the prt iu’p*1- F or teiuis applv to H. C. HAND, If21 Coniuitoeial Street, aplM dtd or K M PA I I F.N, Pi KxthaugeSf. Su^ar untl Molii88ea. 1IHDS MUSCOVADO SUGAR, aud 3t*i illlUS I Prime Sweet Molucca, per bark “Can 28 I’RCS I ada. from Cardena*. now lauding and for sale by C11ASK ItROlULRS A CO. apl* dlw Notice. VITIIK.RKAS Isaac A. Davis, a boy that has been Tv living writh ns tinea MNry au iiMit, hat left toy lion. the fifth day of this mouth, this is to uotify all prisons that 1 shall pav no deb s ot his con tracting after this date. ( ALVIN P DAVIS. North \aimouth, April 13, 1864 tplsdgw* ms. ■. NJ5W ADVERTISEMENTS. I.ettiTM HriiiiiintiiK I mlaliiK-d I N the Post Office at Portland, State ol Maine, 18th 1 day oI April, 18*>4 IST"'-To cbta-u any ot these letters, the applicant must call for 'adeertised letters,’ give the uate of this list, aud pay one out for advertising. ty If not called for w ithin one month, they will be sent to the U al Letter Office • ‘free Delivery of letters by carriers, at the resi dence of owners, may be secured by observing Ihe full*wing Rules Direct letters plainly to the street and num ber, a* well as the Post (Jlh e and State. ‘•'2 Head letters with the w- iter's p*>$t office aud Stats, street aud number, sign them plainly with fall mat, aud request that answers be directed ac cordingly. "3. Letters to strangers or transient visit* ra in a town or city, whose special address may be un known, should be marked, iu the lower left hand corner, with the word ‘Transient.' 4 riace the postage stamp on the upper right hand corner, aud teace space between the stamp aud direction torpost marking without interfering with the writing. "N. H - A Request for the Return of a letter to tLe writer, if uuelaiined within 30 days or less, written or priutt-d with the wi iter’s ssmmrn, post office or State, ac 04 1 the left hand end of tlie envelope, on the face side, will ba complied with at the usual pre raid rate of postage, payable when the letter is de ivsrmi to tIts* wrilsr —Mu- ‘*S l iu <if ImiL'I " LADIES’ LIST. Adam* Anna Maria Kimbad Maria Abbot JohuMts Kiiktnv Mary A Arinkuechi Sarah Mrs 2 Kimball Willard S Mrs Bragdon Abby K Mrs Litt efleld Ella A Brown Ann I.ittletl Id Lizzie C Browu Charlotte E II MrsLord Nellie A Mr* Barry Elizabeth Jewell Julia A Mrs Bracket Emily Jfr* Lyons Margaret E mrs Burlingame Fannie 8 Lake Mary A Bacon Marv Leighton kb' da W mrs Braiusrd Mary J L uealn Sarah Bolton Manha II Libby Sarah I, mrs Burn* Mary Mrs Lyman Kate 14 9 Birt.ett sarah (GroveM gDer Auuu mrs Hall) McGrath Bridget Carter Abbie 8 McCarthy Ca*es Lottie C Mullen Ellen Clark Eurydtce K Mtoning Lena Clark Eurydioe M Cl Ian Luther mrs Co Mill* Kan iiie E Middleton Mary J Clark Henry T Mrs M^Doaougti Sarah < am ru Etta for Ma garetMcLeltan Sarah Be.) Manson Susie Coffin Hattie L 3 Morse Sophia D mrs Cutting Helen D Balmer Ann J mrs Crawford Jane BhilMps Betsey mrs Currie Jane U Beasley Nellie E mrs l onely Michael Mrs Bierce Jane T mrs Cobb Mary F Mrs Boole Nathaniel Mrs Churchill sarab L Kichards C A mrs Chase Susan Mrs Kainsdeil Jeunie mrs Dustao Esther Mrs Kobiusou Lydia G I><-nuiAou Higgis D Miss Kusseil Li lia G Dyer Josephine II 8a!mond D mrs smith st Delano Mary B Mist Shane Delphi La W Dauie s Matilda Sumiuerside Net te K -12 Edmond Abbie ganchiz r lorita M Elliott Georgia 2 Smith Hciirietf% A Floyd Anuie M Mrs Stewart Marianna I* mrs Flood Alora U Mrs Sweeney Margaret Farr Caroline Mrs Snow man Sn*in mrs 2 Foster Eliza Mrs Thom',son Annie A cape E Fellows Henrt M Mr* Taylor Anuie C Feeney Mary Agnes Tilton Arabiue J mrs Finley Nancy J I iltou A J mrs Fogg Rose L Mrs Thumbs Nellie Fen aid Susie J Mrs Tewksbury Helen Gilley Jane Mrs Tarbeil Jesse G mrs Gaiue* Laura B Thompson Mary L 2 Googius WiuC Mrs Vreeland Hannah mra Hoyt A ratal Mrs High street place lll!l Ann Wentworth Alonzo mrs Hasty Amy A Mrs Wellingtt 11 Nettie V Hcmmenway < larisra MrsWiggen* Anna Mrs Hastv Eunice Wivliington CharlesM mrt Hitchoock Elisha Mrs Winslow L ine D Hatch Harriet K Wilber G B mrs pboto* Ha ris Hannah M Mrs graph Uaanion Maria Ward J mrs Hatch Sarah A Ward Loui»a Herbert Sarah Salem Lane Woodbridgc Margaret mrs Jeffords C J Mrs Worinwo«»d Marv F mrs Johnson gbaric* Mr* Wal-h bimon mr* cent’rst Jones Hannah L Wallace Wm mrs brack Jenkins Barak ett-t Kotfe Mr/ Y oung K L mist GENTLEMEN’S LIST. Anderson E Kim st for 8 V owed Fred U B Whitcomb Leighton George M U—st Audersou EF 2 Lord J k D messrt 2 An ‘erson Edward Learned J K Angers Geo M Leavitt Joseph capt for Auers Mr ml** E J Leavitt Auner lioddy U7 Fade Lancet John for miss Ma ra 1 st ry McClane 41 spnug st Armkuchtllermaun UerrnLa'*cey John Ainslie Hubert Libby Latbrop Westbrook Bryant Aaron for mrs Jan* T Knigbt Bank of the Georgia Lum-I.ovejoy Michael ber Co Lufkiu Kusus E Barrett Chance/ Liutliecum Thomas Burns Charles Libby Win Burnside David A Libby Washington Baker G G rev Libby Washiugtou for Bailey Geo L mr* Marv Ann Libby Baker Geo F J.inehan William Bowker Gao K Lincoln W'illard capt Kerry Henry A Dt p t of the Gull Bu' knam Jos lor John ULaue/jnas Briuce McCafferty Barnard Bennett J*F McMenainiu Barnard Browu John F for Mrs.McCuvick Keuj’u F Barth Brown Moore Benj’n Brackett James Maxfleld Charles Bell John J G W B of theMcIntirr Daniel State of Maine Mooney Daniel Bullestrun John Maeomber Elmer Butler Kalph Jr Menus Freeman Bridgham S 8 Moses George Burnham T H No 90 Mid McIntosh «.• >rge E die st Mitchell H B Itik r Ik.t W m (' Minn.lnuhh Burnham Win W Madison J O llucknam Woodbury Murphy James Berry William Maxwe'l John Caubert A Francois MoBreeu Jobu Clay Alonzo Cumberland Mi-Corm ck Jno Chase Charles grocer cum*Mil *r James Totter berlandat Mink Orrin (. 3>th Keg Currier (. K capt 3 capt Clark's oo Currier Gilbert K capt MoCavitt Tatrick shoe Coburn George M maker Washington si Churchill lieary L S N Me Donald William acting master Neisou Alexander Creagiu Jeremiah green ttNelsou Joseph Carlton James Nichols W M Conley James A Ostrander A II No 9 gar Clemens Joel den st Crowell John U lieut V t%»Owen Joseph spruce at M 14th Ma. vo. vol. Oagood K T Canton Louis Tatteu Kustis Cummings Michael Parker U- race Curti* Seth Tike Hiraui Portland at Chamberlain Sylvester near Libby's corner Cud worth Thomas Pike James H Cullisoa W • Powers Tresoott capt care Coggins Wilford of ti Tarker Cog rins WTIford F Tatridge Solomon Cook Wesley Kaadall A Q Cobb Kichardson Adolphus Cogan W A Ktmwl'-ll A K T Davis Amos Richard* Charles D Drinkwater Frank K ibiusou Charles C Drew K M tnaj Roach Kdm *ud Uawe'l <i W i icbmoad Edwin Dofau Jamci No GO foie*t Rossign«»l Frederick moae i st Rand Fred Deegras* Joseph Rich I C capt Dunfee James tor Patrick Roche James oo G Kwoney Robin sou J U Dale v John R Richards John Dudley Lieut A A G Reardon John Dutch Marshall H Raudlett Samu. 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