Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, April 18, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated April 18, 1864 Page 3
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MATT K IlN ABOUT TOWN. Municipal Court—April 1C. Timothy Corcoran anil I’atsey Fitzgerald, for stealing two padlocks from the Grand Trunk cars, were lined two dollars each, and coats, which they paid. The accused were lads of six and ten years of age. Tiie Hoad to Richmond and I’iii-ox Life.—Capt. Hussey's lecture, “The Road to ltichmoud aud Prison Life,” w hich was post poned last Monday evening on account of the storm, will take place at the new City Hall, this (Monday) evening. The Captain will give a lecture on prison life which no one yet has heard, as the circumstances iu his case were such, that he can give the details of more than a year’s experience. The Confed erates gave him the privilege of entering their Senate, and in tiie Senate Chamber endeavor ed to persuade him to take up arms on their side and try and inlluence the Uuiou prison ers to come with him. Having refused to do this, they put him in irons in a dark and loathsome dungeon, where he remained till the time of his release. Capt. H. will give a detailed account of his experience while a prisoner. The lecture will be free to ail. ReskiNATION OF REV. Dlt. DWIfiHT.—At tbe close oi the services at the Third Parish Church yesterday afternoon, Rev. Dr. dick ering, who had officiated, read a letter from Rev. Dr. Dwight, resigning his pastoral charge of the Society, in consequence of ill health, and requesting the Church to uuile in calling a mutual Council to dissolve tiie connection which had existed between bim and them for thirty-three years. The letter took most of the congregation by surprise, as they were not aware that such a tiling was in contemplation by their beloved pastor. The regret at the withdrawal of Dr. Dwight will unt be coullued to his parish, but will be shared in ail over the city. Gymnastics.—The exhibition of gymnas tics and Dr. Lewis’ lecture thereon, drew a very large spectators. The performances were very interesting aud drew forth great applause from tiie auJience. The little masters and misses were as precise in their movements as the t<est drilled soldiers, and the gymnastic performances of tiie young men evinced mus cular strength and skill. Dr. Lewis, in Ids lecture, spoke iu high terms of the teachings of Mr. liradlord, by whom Uiis class was got up. 1 t.. _ti., I...—,. ,,r l* n mi. attached to a Iniggy wagon, and hitched in the rear of the store of Messrs. Woodman, True A Co., took fright Saturday afternoon and dashed into Middle street, where lie run afoul of the carryall of Moses Gould, Esq., break ing the hiud axle off; tlien struck a milkman's wagon, duiug slight damage to it aud dually wouud up by upsetting the huggy to which he was attached, badly smashing the body of it. lie was stopped near the Canal Bank. ^"“Steamship Hibernian, Capt. Dutton, sailed from this port for Liverpool, at half past four o'clock Saturday afternoon. She takes out a full cargo and twenty-four pas sengers. The Damascus is the steamer due this week She will be followed by the Nova Scotian next week, which will lie the last trip of the line to this port this season. DiruooIxst'KANc* Comp any.—The Direc tors of tiiis corporation have organized liy the choice of A. K. Shurtiefl', Esq., as President and Jeremiah Dow, Ksq., as Secretary. Their office, for business, is to be in Neal's block, next above the Merchant's Excliauge, in the office lately occupied by Mr. Robinson, the broker, which is being titled up iu good style lor the Company. Dk. Dio Lewis, of Boston, gave an excel lent discourse on temperance at the new City Hall, last evening. It was a sound, candid, earnest appeal to tbo Christian women of 1‘ortlaud to exert their great influence in be half of this cause. He was followed briefly by Dr. Colby, ol this city. Sy~We are indebted to Hon. T. D. McGee, of Montreal, “Minister of Emigration,” for a copy of “ The Relations of the Industry of Canada, with the mother country aud the United States, Ac. By Isaac Buchanan,Esq., M. P., of Hamilton, C. W.” We shall exam ine and notice at our earliest convenience. May Flow Kits.—Mr. r. K. Jordan, of Cape Elizabeth, laid upon our table Saturday, a lieautiful boquet of flowers, gathered in that town, fragrant as the breath ol a Juue morn ing. It is seldom that such blossoms are found in lull bloom the middle of April. jy We understand the ollicers of the rev enue cutler “Dobbin,” Saturday night arrest ed quite a number of persons who were grap ling lor goods at the wreck of the Bohemian, and brought them up to the city and commit ted them to jail. KT1 'he members of the I’orllaud Society of Natural History are reminded that a public meeting will he held at their hall. No. 2.r»0 Congress street, this evening. An invitation to attend, is extended to the families of mem bers. Tuihtv-Fihht Rkliuk.nt.—This regiment is to leave Augusta early this morning and may be expected here between eight and nine o'clock, A. M. It will proceed immediately Boston. jyWe have received a lieautiful and touching sketch of the life and character of Rev. John H. Ingraham, of Augusta, from the pen of “W.” wbieh will appear tomorrow. Si'KorAt. Policemen.—Horace D. Dodge, Martin Cavanaugh, and Robert McClusky, have been appointed by the Mayor aud Alder men, special policemen, without pay. ThoHah Mayo, pressman iu the Advertiser otiice, had the misfortune last evening to have the end of one of his lingers taken oil' by be ing caught iu Mr. Thurston's steam engine. JtyThe American illustrated papers for this week have been received at tile hook and periodical store of A. Robinson, No. 51 Ex change street. jy Hall L. Davis, No. 53, and E. C. An drews, No. 07 Exchange street, have received Harper’s Magaziue for May—a capital num ber, which closes the 2Slh volume. jy Attention is invited to the advertise ment of Trow A Johnson, who have jost received their spring and summer styles of bonnets, Ac. Harper's Magazine lor May, has been received at the bookstore of A. Itobiuson, 51 Exchange street. *y Do not forget the complimentary hene flt to the Camp Berry Baud, at the City llal!, tomorrow evening. aryl 'he April term, (civil) of the Supreme Judicial Court,for this Coonty, will commence its session iu this city to-morrow. iy~The total amount of foreigu exports from this port last week was #102^081 15. BY TELEGRAPH TO THE Portland Daily Press. ——-—.-.— XXXVIII OONGBESS—Fir»t 8esaion. Washington, April 10. SENATE. Mr. Hendricks ottered a resolution,request ing tlie Secretary of tlie Treasury to commu nicate what regulations have been made for the issue of certificates to be received in pay ment of customs, whether they are payable in coin or currency, and if the fatter, what amounts have been issued. Mr. Howard introduced a resolution, which was adopted, as follows: Resolved, That the Committee on the C(tn duct of the War be instructed to inquire iuto the truth of the slaughter of troops at Fort Pillow, and whether Fort Pillow could have been reinforced or evacuated, said committee to report at as early a day as possible. Messrs. Howard, Wilson, Johnson, Conness and Crimes spoke in favor of retaliation, man for man or two for oue. The Senate then proceeded to consider the gold bill. Mr. Coliamer addressed the Senate, and moved to strike out the words “foreign ex change” from Its provisions. He did not think that Congress should say that inasmuch as a man agreed to pay money at a future day for gold it was his interest and inclination to depreciate currency before the day arrived when his contract was to bu performed. If we have a right to declare certain contracts in States unlawful, we have a natural rigut to declare contracts unlawful not so declared by the States. He did not believe the Constitu tion gaveTis either of these powers. Mr. Collamer's amendment was rejected. An amendment of Mr. Harris was adopted, making a uniform flue of $100(1. The bill was then passed.—Yeas 23, nays 13. Adjourned. HOCSE. Mr. Randall, of Ky., offered a resolution, instructing the Committee on Military Affairs to inquire into the expediency of constructing railroads for military purposes from Cincin nati to connect with Cumlierland (Jap, as rec ommended by the President in his auuual message of I>ec. 1861. Adopted. Mr. Rice, of Me., presented a resolution of the Legislature of that State, renewing her demands that measures be taken at once lor the protection of her northeastern frontier. Ho made aa unsuccessful motion that the res olution Is' referred to a special committee. Mr. Keruan, of X. Y., presented resolutions from the Legislature of that State, asking that (Jen. Robert Anderson be nlaced on (be re. tired list witli full pay. Referred to the Mili tary Committee. Mr. Washburne, of HI., submitted from tbe Select Committee on Emigration a report and bill, which were ordered to be printed. The sum ol jCi.000 is appropriated to carry Its provisions into cttect. Mr. Dawes, of Mass., called up the report of tbe Committee on Elections, declaring li. M. Kitchen not entitled to a scat in the llouse from the seventh district of Virginia. The House, after debate, adopted a resolu tion, declaring Mr. Kitcheu entitled to a seat. Mr. Wilson, of Iowa, introduced a resolu tion, which was unpuimously passed, that the joint committee on the conduct of the war, or such members thereof as tbe committee may desiguate, proceed at once to Fort Pillow and examine into the facts and cir .instances at tending tiie recent attack aud capture of the fort by rebels, and that they make as little delay as possible. Tbe bank bill was then taken up. Mr. Hooper,of Mass., said that this was tbe bill heretofore acted upon by tbe llouse, with an amendment allowing the States to tax tbe property of tbe individuals Interested in the banks, but not to tax tbe banks themselves. He moved the previous question on tbe bill. Disagreed to. Mr. Fenton, of N. Y., ottered the following amendment to the bill:—“Nothing in this act shall lie construed to prevent tbe taxation by tbe States of the capital stock ol the hanks under this act the same as property of other monied cor|>oratious for State or municipal uses; but no Slate shall impose nnv tax on the capital, circulation or dividends of said banks at a higher rale than the taxation im posed by such State on the same amount of monied capital in the hands ol individual citi zens, provided no State tax shall be imposed on auy part of the capital stock of such asso ciation invested In United States (Kinds de posited as security for circulation.” Agreed to by ten majority. Under the operation of the previous ques tion, the bill was then ordered to be engrossed ami read a third time. Without further action the llouse adjourned. Latr Hryulut iny thr Salt- of Hold. Washington, April 10. The following bill was passed in the Senate today :—lie it enacted that it shall be unlaw ful to make any contract lor purchase or sale, or delivery of any gold coin, or bulliou, or of any loreign exchange to be delivered at any time subsequent to tbe making of such con tract or for the payment ol auy sum, either lixed or contingent, in default of the delivery of any gold coin or bullion, or of auy foreign exchange, upon auy other terms tliau the immediate manual delivery of such gold coin or buiiion, or foreign exchange, aud the im mediate payment in full of the agreed price, thereof, by the manual delivery of United Stales, or national currency, aud not other wise, or to make auy contract whatever for the sale, or loan, or delivery of auy gold coin, or bullion or foreign exchange, of which the persou making such coutracl shall not at the lime of making it be tbe owner in actual pos session. Section 2d.—That it shall be further unlaw ful for any banker, broker or other persou to make any purchase or saie of any gold coin or bullion, or foreign exchange, or any contract for uny such purchase or saie, at any other place than the ordinary place of business of either the seller or purchaser, owned or hired or occupied by him individually or by a part nership of which he is a member. Section :>d.—All cootaacts made in viola liou of this act shall be absolutely void. Section 4th.—Any person who shall violate any provision ol this act shall lie held guilty ol a misdemeanor, and on conviction thereof lie lined ill the sum of $1000, and he impris oned for a period not less than three mouths, nor longer than one year, or both at the dis cretion of the court. Section bill.—The penalty imposed by the 4ill section of this act may be recovered in action at law, at any court of record in the United Stales, or any court of competent ju risdiction. which action may be brought in the name of the United States, by any person who will sue for said jienalty, one half for the use of the United Stales, ami the other half lor the persou bringiug such action. And the lecovery and satisfaction of a judgement in any such action shall be a bar to the imposi tion or auy line for the same offence in any prosecution instituted subsequent to the re covery of such judgement, but shall not be a bar to the Inlliction of punishment by impris onment as provided by the 4th section. Section dill.—All acts and parts of acts in consistent with the provisions of this act, are repealed. From the Army of the Votamae. Washington, April 10. Despatches from headquarters of the army of the l’otomac state that yesterday aliout noon a party of re led cavalry made au attack on our pickets ta llrislow Statiuu, but were diiven off after a brief skirmish. One man was killed and two wounded lielonging to the 1:1th Pa. Several of the rebels were wound ed, hut carried off by ibeir comrades. The mail train, with Ceil. Grant on board, had just passed a few minutes before the muck was made. It is supposed their iuleiitiou wus to capture him. The body ol C’apt. McKee, 2d Iufantry, was forwarded to Washington to-day. Thb man who shot linn, with three others, made ail at tack on the pickets near ('atlett’s Station on Wednesday, when lie was shot dead by a sol dier of tin- 2d Infantry. Articles taken from ('apt. McKee were found in his possession. Gen. Kilpatrick lias been relieved of the command of his division, and ordered to lake command of a brigade under Geu. Gregg. New Yoke, April 17. The Herald's army of the Potomac dispatch says a detachment of cavalry sent in the di rection of Castle Mountain in search ol guer rillas or enrolling officers of the enemy, have returned with three men and eight horses. The men they were In search ol had left some days previously. AoMtAsrn It'«»<». Fortress Monroe, April 17. The steamers New York anil Express have arrived with .Mi sick and Wounded soldiers. The remains of Gieut. (’. 1). Forsyth, who was accidentally shot in Libby prison, were brought down and left here. Capt. Shaw and iris men, captured on the tug Titian, also came down. . Tire sick were taken to Baltimore. A Fort Boyal paper rf the 14th reports the capture of the side-wheel blockade runner Alliance on the 12th, near Dal'uskie Island, in the Savannah River, where she ran aground. All but six of the crew were taken prisoners. She was from Nassau with a cargo of assorted stores for the rebel government valued at $85,000. She was built on the Clyde, and has three smoke stacks. The Savannah Republican of the 4th iust. states that the Yankee prisoners at Auderson vtUe, (ieo., are dying at tiie rate of from twen ty to twenty-five a day. Nassau papers of tiie 5th inst. state that Mobile, Savaunah, Charleston and Wilming ton are less rigidly blockaded than ever.— They also say that fast steamers are coming in with supplies to the rebels, which promise large prollts. • Jacksonville, Fla., dates to the 11th iust. give a list of :!4il of our wounded men in the hands of the rebels. l’ayinasters Herrick and Lockwood arrived at Fort Royal on the 8tli inst., witii one mil lion of dollars, to pay up all the troops in the department. A tire broke out on Folly Island, on the 8th inst., destroying a large amount of quarter master's stores. The government loss is $20, 000, Eight Bushwhackers were captured on Cobb’s Island, near the eastern shore, at two o'clock iu the morning, by Capt. Chambers,of the 1st loyal Virginia regiment. They were brought to the military prison at this place. Various It*-ms. New York, April Id. Tiie Herald’s special Washington dispatch says Alexander Myleski, a deserter from one of tiie Russian frigates, has been taken from the regiment in which he enlisted, aud re manded to the custody of the Russian Min ister. Six guerrillas were captured on Saturday by a force of cavalry sent out from Fairfax Court House. Some of them had combusti ble materials in their possession lor the des truction of bridges. The I'resident lias commuted tiie sentence of James Williams, sentenced to be hung at Kansas City for taking up arms as a guerrilla, after having taken the oath of allegiance, to hard labor for live years in a penitentiary. A naval court martial is in session at tiie Fhiladeiphia navy yard, for the trial of acting master diaries Dauendower, upon the charge of the murder of James Gray, mate of the British bark Saxon. Tiie charge is preferred by tiie Secretary of State, at the instance of Lord Lyons. The Saxon, it will he remem bered, was captured by the Vnr derhilt. aud Mr. Dauendower has once been ac quitted of the alleged crime by a court of enquiry. Richmond papers of the lltli contain ac counts of Forrest’s raid, but they add nothing uew to what has previously been received. The Examiner lias a rumor that Geu. Bum aide was landing at Newport News. The Examiner places tiie strength of Gen. Grant's army at 44,000 infantry, and says 20, 000 reinforcements will be the extent of his resources. From California. San Francisco, April 15. It i§ ascertained that the schooner Potter, which sailed in ballast for the Colorado river on Sunday, clandestinely took a cargo, after clearing at the Custom House, of ikasi kegs of blasting powder. It is believed that the cargo is destined for Northern Mexico for mining purposes. The authorities having prohibited such shipments, the mines of So nora must be closed unless means are devised to introduce powder clandestinely. San Francisco, April 10. A letter dated April 1st, from I.a Passe, on the Colorado river, says the ludiaus are kill ing tlie people, stealing stock and preventing miners from working in the Walker district. Uuless earnest measures are taken, but little work can be done this season. Gen. Wright is urged to send down 100 soldiers. Most of tlie Indians along the Colorado are peacefully disposed, and will remain so iT the disturb ances further east are quieted speedily. It is of the greatest importance to have lrataha speedily brought back troin the Atlantic States, as be exercises great influence over all the Indians in this part of the country. Arrival of Cotton—From Mrmphio. Cairo, III., April 16. The steamer Glendale, from New Orleans, has arrived. She passed Fort Pillow last eve ning, when there was no appearance of the enemy and the river was all clear. Nothing remains of the fort but ruins. The Glendale brought up 000 bales of cotton for Cincinnati, but no news or papers from below. A number of steamers are leaving here for the South. Memphis, April 17. There is not much said, but there is a gen eral gritting of teeth among officers here when tlie massacre of the brave garrison of Fort Pillow is alluded to. Several officers have been heard to say that miles the govern ment takes relative steps they will consider it their duty to shoot every mau of Forrest's command they meet aud take no prisoners. The privates threaten to shoot Forrest's men now iu prison, if they can get a chance. This is the general feeling. i'rom the Sational Ca/tifal. Washington, April 17. The history of the rebel rams bulling in France is contained iu the public diplomatic correspondence and more accurately than iu recent newspaper publications emanating Iroin Paris. Mince tlie President announced to Con gress in his annual message that these rams were not allowed to come out, nothing lias oc curred to induce the belief that the French government will permit them to go iuto the bauds of the rebels to war against the United Slates. The amount ot subscriptions to tlie ten-forty loan, as reported to the Treasury Depart ment ou Saturday, was $1,050,000. President Lincoln and Speaker Colfax will visit Baltimore to-morrow evening by invita tion. to assist at the opening of the Marylaud Sanitary Fair. from KnojrriUr, Knoxvii.i.k, Tenn., April 1(5. A large mass meeting was held to-day in front of the Court House, at which resolu tions were ottered by l’arsou Brownlow, favor ing emancipation, recommending a conven tion to effect,it ami requesting Governor John son to call the same at the earliest possible period, and endorsing the war policy and ad ministration of President Lincoln. The reso lutions were unanimously carried. Governor Johnson made a powerful and telling speech, rebuking in strong language the copperheads of the late convention. The celebrated guerilla lleinolds and his command was surprised yesterday by a force of our cavalry aud ten of them killed aud fif teen others captured, with lteinolds, and their equipments. tfumsvNfi of I'orrvat—Cm ill;/ of QuerlUao. Caiko, III., April 17. The main body of the rebels left Fort Pil low on Friday morning and their rear guard in the afternoon, destroying all the ammuni tion aud everything else destructible. Late udvices from Duvall's lllulf, report the country infested with guerillas, who are con stantly robbing the people and committing all manner of depredations. Mr. Xixon, State Kepreaentative from Franklin country, has been murdered, and the Ifepreseutative from Arkansas county kidnapped. On the 11th lust,400 Texas cavalry attempt ed to surprise a camp of g40 federals at Ross ville, on the Arkansas river, but were repulsed with a loss id twelve killed and a large num ber wounded. Our loss was live killed. Federal Haiti to Smilhjlrld. Fortress Monroe. April 10. An expedition under Gen. Graham, consist ing of several gunboats, Oth X'. J., and 25th Mass, and 118 N. Y. regiments, with two sections arlillery, left here Wednesday night last and landed at different points. They concentrated at Sinilktteld, Va., on Thursday evening, and succeeded in routing the enemy, capturing one commissioned officer, five men, all wounded, also several horses, carriages, some commissary stores, rebel mail, one piece of ailillery, aud tifty contrabands. Our lots was oue missing aud five slightly wounded. fitiH i.'hminHtof/«, Chattanooga, April 1(1. All Is quiet at this point, ami there is no Change In the selection of the rebel lines. ‘ A rebel Lieut, ami tlfty-two mm-uoinmiasion e«l otllcers ami privates came into our lines last night. They report that Hardee's corps is ordered away from Dalton, and that several trains had left before they came away. It was believed in the rebel camp that they were go ing to Virginia. A block of three buildings, adjoining the military prison here, was destroyed by tire this afternoon. The jail, tu which the rebel pris oners were confined, was saved with difficulty. None of the prisoners escaped. Loss about $30,(XXI. Financial. Nkw Yokk, April 1C. The sale of gold certiorates is stopped by order of the Secretary of the Treasury. The subscriptions to the 10-40 loau at the 1st National Bank to day amounted to $130, 000. The receipts at the Custom House to-day were $1,012,(XX), ot which OOS.OOO were in gold certificates. Capture of fUockmde Fanner. Washington, April 1(5. On the morning of the 20th ult., while lying off Elbow Eight, in lat. 2<» 33 X., Ion. 76 25 W., steamer Tioga captured sloop .Swallow, from South Carolina, hound to Nassau. She had 180 bales cotton, so barrel^ resin aud 25 boxes tobacco on board. Now York Market. Nkw Yokk, April 16 Aube* —quiet at 8 871 ,or l*ot* ami 11 00 for Pearl*. Cotton -heavy aud droopier. Haler life) bale* at 80c tor middling uplands and 75c lor low middling*. Floor—looeipt. 10.754 bbla; sales 0100 bbl*; state aud Western \t*iy dull, heavy ui.d3t>u4oc lower; Nu i» r State 7 30$7 40; Kxtra 7«Oft7S6; choice 7 10$ 8 10; Kouud Hoop Ohio 8 00ft 8 35*; choice 8 To® 10 00; Super lino Western 7 30$7 40, Kxtra do 7 66$8 10; Southern dull, heavy aud lower; sale* 650 bbla; Mixed to good 8 0<X$8 25; Fancy aud extra 6 30$ 1100; Canada heavy aud 33ft40c lower; sales C59 bbla; common Kxtra 7 7 ft 7 81; extra good to choice 7 0oa/0 76. Wheat—dull and l$8c lower; Chicago spring 173 Si 1 TO; Milwaukle Club I 73®1 76; Winter Ked Wes tern 1 77® 1 84; Amber Michigau 1 86® 1 87 ; Choice White Michigan, 2 00. Corn— very dull and 2c*lowc-r; salts 7 010 bush; Mixed Western 1 c2c instore. Oat*—dull and drooping; -ale* at SHa*-9c for Can ada; HsaS0|c for State; SkVaOOjo for Western. Beef— driuer; sales 751 bbl*; Country mess 9 00® 14 O-): prime 6 0O$7 00; repacked Chicago 10 00® 18 00; prime nie*a 26 0o$28 00. Pork—le** active and a shade easier; Kale* S500 bids ; mess 25 76ft*26U): old do V5 6o(a25 76; new do 26 76t«*47 00: prime 22 0l>®?3 50 for old aud uew, Kriiuo me*.* 26 75. Also 500 bb * new mem*, for April, uyers’ option, at 27 2* Cut Meat* Aimer; sale* 700pkga; Shoulders Ills ft 12c; Ham* 16a 16c. Bacon—active; -tales3 0 boxes at 13c for Western Cumberland cut, 13c lor do short ribbed. I ard—dull, heavy aud lower; sales l'JOO bbl* at 131® 15c. Batter—lower; sales Ohio 28®82c; State 36ft40c. Whiskey—heavy aud 3®8o lower; sa es 25Co this at 1 l;Va.i 20 for State aud Western. Kice—dull at Ojftttjc for Kaugoon. Sugar—firm: sales 686 hhds; New Orleans 1H; Muscovado If- $ 161. Coffee—firm . sales'NU ba^s hio at 45j. Molasses—dull. Naval Stores—quiet. Spirtts Turpeiitino—3 15®1 20; crude do nominal. Kesiu -35o.43 Tar—20 b >$23 00. Irou -quiet; sale* Scotch pig 54 00®65 00. leather—quiet. Fish—quiet. Oils—quiet and notnina'ly unchanged; Linseed 1 65; Petroleum quiet and firm at previous quota* tious; Lard 1 Ida 1 16; Sperm 1 65. Whale 1 10. Hides—quiet. Lead- dull; Spanish llj $11’. Tobacco less active; sales Kentucky 9ft30 Tallow--unchanged; sales 150,000 ft.* at* 13jftl4c for Fuistern am! Western Freights to Liverpool—dull aud heavy; flour Id. V\ ool—quiet without change. Mock Market. N*w York, April 16. aeoomd Heard - Stocks better. American Cold. 176 Canton Company. Cumberland Coal Company preferred. fell Quicksilver Mining Co. 77 Pacific Mail..'*126 New York Central. 138 ■We..11* Erie preferred. 1101 Hudson.. Harlem. 1*8 Reading .J6o* Treasury 7 8-10th*. 112 Gold closed this afternoon at 172f. SILK HITS,---NEWSTYLES, -A.t HARRIS’, Opposite Posl Office. FOR A VCRAHLB HAT, TAKE The Broadway Fla/t, At HARRIS’. FOR A 11EAI ITFl'L, FINE HAT, HUY THE FRENCH HAT, FOR A LIU HI' HAT, UF.T THE Ventilated Gossimer Body. FOR A NOBBY. STYLISH ARTICLE, BUY AY| | DOWS HAT, At HARRIS', - - - Opposite Post Office. If Hie Conform,Ur we use give, per.ect fit. a|.IS dtf PORTLAND AND KENNEBEC R. R. SPRING A SUMMER ARRANGEMENT, Commeucing Mond»y, April 18, 1864 "*^515554^ Train* Ie*re Skow began Tor Port.and Boston, at 900 A M . Augusta. 14.16 A M and Hath 12) P. M Leave Portland for Ba»h. Au«udi, Waterville, Kendall** Mills and Skowhcgau, at 1.10 F. M. Monday morning and Saturday eve ning TRAINS On Mondav -Leave Augusta at 6 30 A M. and Bath at «; 3" A. M. for Fortland and Boston. On Satukuay* -Leave Portland at H 16 P. M. or on arrival of traiu from Boston, for Bath and Augusta. Passenger* for stations on the Androscoggin Rail road will chauee car* at ltruus* irk. The I 10 F. M. train Tom Portland connects at Kendall** Mills with Maine Central Railroad for Bangor, fcc . arriving name e» euing. ^•S^jp-s leave Ba h for Kooklaud at * A M. and 3 Stages lease Augusta for lielfa*t at 4 P M. Stage* leave Skowhegan at 6 10 F. M for Anson, Solon, Ac. Through Tioktts for all the station* on this and the Androscoggin Railroad, cau I* procurred in Ho*tou at the Kasteru or Bos'ou and Maine stations. B. H. CUSHMAN, Superintendent April 16. 1661 tf City of Portland. WHEREAS ROBERT I. K0BI8ON h>. pvli. tioned the City Council to lay out a uew Struct or I’ublic Way in said city, beginning at the termini!-* of Mayo Street, running across the flats in Hack Cove, and to be a continuation of Mayo Street, and w In r< as said | etition was relem d by the City Council Feb'v Kith. 1*63. and taktu from the tiles March '21st. 1“64. and referred to the under sign* I. for them to consider and act upon, therefore Notice is hereby giveu to all parties interested, that the Joiut d'auding Committee of the City Counoil ou laying out uew streets, w ill meet to hear the parties and view the rreposed way on the tM day of April, 1864, at :io'clock iu th« atteruoon, at the terminus of Mayo Street, and will then and there firoceed to d. t«rminc and adjudge whether the | ub lc convenience requires said street or way to be laid out Given under our hands on this loth day of April. A. D 1S64 F JACOB MrLKLLAN | STEVENS SMI • II, WM 11 STEWART. • _... WM G. SOCLE, Committee ou C K.LADD, i uut JNO l) SNOWMAN, i °trecU* April If. City of* Portland. WilLBKAS DANIEL GOl LD and ethers have petitioned the City Council to lay out a in w Stieet or l'ublic Way iu said city — beginng «t the terminus of Fox Street, running acres.. the flats iu Hack Cove, parallel with I iueolu Street, and to be a continuation ot Fox 6tree!, and and wh roan said petition was referred by the City Council. Dec nth, 180*2, taken from the fifes Match 21st. 1SG4, and re ferred to the undersigned, for them to cog rider and act upon, the.efore Notice is hereby givtu to All parties interested, that the Joint Standing Committee of the City Coun cil ou laying out uew streets, will meet to hear the parties and view the proposed way on the ‘23d day of April, 1864, at 4 o'clock in the utti<rnooii. at the tnrminus ot rox Street, and will then and tl;.i»|ro ceed to d« termiue and adjudge whether the public convenience re juires said street or way to be laid out. Given uuder our hands on this lbth day of April, A. 1). 1864. JACOB Mi I.KLLAN, ) STKVKNS SMI I d, WM. II hTKWAKT, WM. G. SOCLK. C. K. LADD, JNO D SNOWMAN, ' Deck Plank H L) t h K »pr4 dim- Mo 3 Cu’trtl Wlitrf. gg'~_&ULsm igga MISCELLANEOUS. J. E. FERNALD A SON., Moi’chant Tailors, AND DMA LUMP IN Grills’ l urnisliinir Goods, have juut opened a pilg ®/ NEW GOODS, and can now show more than FOUR HUNDRED style* of Fancy Goods for Gentlemen's and Boys’Garments. Elegant Fitting Uarnienls CAM ALWAYS IK I1AD AT TME TIME AGREED UPOH1 amt at prim at loir at any other haute. W The people are invited to call at NO. ST MIDDLE STREET. mchlil d6w hbmoval. JOSIAH BURLEIGH HAS KKMuVKl* TO NEW STORE, EVANS’ IILOCK, Nos. 141 & 143 Middle Street. JOSIAH BURLEIGH, Wholesale and Detail Dealer in Clothing,Cloths, Tailors' Trimmings, -AND GENTLEMEN'S FURNISHING GOODS, Nos. 141 * 143 Middle Street. •f i ■■ I) ll n li r> I In VI ) Ago at for Grover k Baker's celebrated Sowing Maoliinom, No*. 141 & 143 Middle Street. NATHAN GOOLD Will say to his friends that he may be found at Bur leigh’s, No. 141 A 143 Middle street, where he will he ph*a-ed to wait upon his former customers. Portland. March 24. 18G4. dtf WILLIAM* A. PEARCE, P XT M B E R! MAKKR OF Force Pumps and Water Closets, NO. 1*44 EXCHANGE STREET, PORTLAND. MK. Warm, Cokl and Shower Baths Wash llowls, Brass At Silver Plated Cocks, ¥T*VKHY description of Water Fixtures for Dwal M.J ling Houses, Hotels, Public lluiidings. Mhop-. Ac , arranged and set up iu the best manner. and all orders iu town or country faithfully executed. All kinds or jobbing promptly attended to. Coustantlv on haud l.KAD PlPtirf, nllKFf DAD and BBfcR PL MP8 of all descriptions. apV dtf NOTICE.’ rPHE Subscriber with pleasure announces »o his J. old Pstroux and the Public, that ax he has se cured the services of a FRENCH COOK AND CONFECTIONER, who In.* had thirty roar* experience iu the beat and iarx-at bottat-a iu NKVtr limit, BOSTON and uthar title*, that he ia prepared to turulah Il'nMiay or Other Pariiea. and Kamiiiea with every deaerlptiou and variety of article* in hia Line, viz. Boned Turkey*. Bird*. Meat of nil kind*. Ever Variety of Ice Cream, Jellies, Salad*, Charlotte Itussr, Cake, Pastry, Or Confectionary, either plain or laxey. Experienced Waiters, who are competent to take charge of Wedding or other Parties, will be furnished on application. All orders from the Country will receive prompt attention. N .B. Please bear in^nind|lhat HARX l 3/ buys and uses the best Material that tho country affords* Call and examine. I. Harntiin, Coalman Block, Tewaplr Street, Portland, Me. mcUi'i dtf OAPISIC POND HOUSE NOW OPEN, Three Milrs from I'orllund. GEO. W. Ml Itt II. aprlSitf M. PEAR80N, Silver Plotor, AMO MANUrAiTL'RKKuV SILVER WARE, 238 Congross 8t.,Opp. Court Uoudo, Portland. Me AT*All kinds of WARE, such as Knives, Porks, Spoous, Cuke Baskets, Castors, Ac , plated iu the best manner. Also. UKI'AIHISU and lIK-riSJSIIIXU Old Silver Ware. Jau'A* dtfui PORTLAND RIDING ACADEMY. Now opeu I'jr the Spring ttutl Summer. Hoping a large number of ourcitixeus will avail themselves ot the great adv ant ages uow offered them for a thorough « «|Urstriau training the Subscriber will hold luui-elt iu readiuess with his beautifully Trained Stud of Horses, to wait up. u them at his School ou South Street Saddle Horses for the road as usual. J. W. KOlllNSON, Proprietor. apRlm To Coni rue tor*. SEALED 1‘KOpos a LS. endorsed '4 Proposals for building-above cellar—the Bear luivernJist Church edifice, proposed to be erect*d near head of High Street.” will be received by the uudcrsigmd until THURSDAY. 12 o'clock U.,21-tin»t The right to rcjeoi any or all “bids" is hereby reserved. Plans, specifications, Ac., may be examined at the ortioe of the Architect. LEO- M. llAKDiNd, Pur order Building Committee. Portland, April 14, 1804. d8t* * ton in Tug Warrior. +-v, 1 he new and powerful Stesiu Tug Jl**r WAKK,oU’ Capt.C. L Millikeu. wifi .Andi-be iu readme** at all times (both davj£EL aud night) to execute orders tor towing aud trans porting in this harbor and vicinity. Orders left with the Captain ou board at Central Wharf, or with J. S. WINSLOW. Agent, 4 Central Wharf. Hsiuliliklird 1850. TUG’S. CLARKSON & SONS, t'ommissioa Merchants for the purchase of Flour, Crain. Provision*, Seed- Ac . Ac Milwaukee, Wi- April 6. 18tf4. lot Kible 8oeiely of Maine. fpHE annual mwtln, of tt.ia Kociot y will be held I at the ltoomit of the Yoottg Men'.l’ltri.lian Ait aociatinu, in Temple ..treet, on Thurvday. tin- filth day of May, A. U., ISM. A I.LKN UAINK8, apltttt Recording Seu'y. Wanted. AKrm.le ra*«n book at iJaitou'.OjttirAaot n Itoa, C'oq*roea Bt. *aplti« gqpgBBBB—SSMSP*111 n I Mrnmmmmm ENTERTAINMENTS. **W OI*i:n v IHH .SE M LANCASTER II ALL. SPRAGUE & BLANCHARDS MINSTRELS! OPK!¥ EVERY EVENINfi. Admission 25 cents; Re-ervod Sea'• 50 cent#. J. 8l'JfA(,LE. ( M *i»n*f ii blancuaud, } ELEGANT CLOAKS — AT— POPULAR PRICES! LEACH & ROBINSON, trl MIDDLE STREET, Wiali to aiinGuucH to their friend* and the Ladie* of Portland and vicinity,that H ey have opened the He.olid story over their store for the exclusive mauuiactuic and sale ol CLOAKS, CAPES -AND MANTILLAS! We have just received Elegant Cloth Gaiments, fc’rom the celebrated 11 onset of (.in. hum, a c. e. cm i ci„ Canal wt., New' York, which together with our own manufacture, will dit play the choicest congress of CLOAK MERCHANDISE ever otfere I in Maine, which will be sold at the Lowest Possible Prices FOR CASH. Country Dealers will find a Choice assortment of Ladies’ Garments, Cleihs. Silks, Tassels, Bullous, and ORNAMENTS, Constantly on hand. This department of our business will be conducted with special reference to th« wants ol the C LOGICS T BUY hits All the popular styles wifi appear early and will be exhibited in FIXE, MEDIUM — AMD — Low Cost Fabrics. With -uperior facilities lor manufacturing, we hope to merit the continued patrouagu uf our friends. LEACH & HOB ARSON. aprUdlm. BAILEY AND NOYES, BKALEI8 IN P APER HANGINGS, WK purchase our Stock of Room Paper from the largest Manufacturing ketaLliehnirnts in the United States; carefully selecting from their large stocks, the nkw TATTKitH* orly,—aud such aa are adapted to this market. This year the styles and designs are very boautlful, and we have a Hue assortment, appropriate for every style of room. We invite those la want of ROOM PAPER to examiuc our patterns, before pdrchasing elsewhere. They are bought here for cash, and we can afford to sell at a raik rrick. BAILEY AND NOYEN, liookaellerM and Stationer*, ott L AS Eirkiingr Street, Pwrilasissl N B Country dealers will find it to their advant age to give u« a call, if in waul of Boom Pafkk. mch2o ‘ImJkw The Cabinet Organs MADE EXCLUSIVELY BY MASON & HAMLIN Are the beet instrument* of their cla*s in the world. Nearly all the most proiuiuen* arti*t» iu the couutrv have given written testimony to this effect, aud these instruments are in constant um* in the concerts of the most distinguished artists—as tiotUchatk and others—as well as in tne o, eras in the principal cit ies. whenever such instruments are required*. Price 9*0 to Sc(W each. I'he^e instruments may be found at the Mu*ic Room* of the subscriber, where the) will be sold at the manufacturer- p ices. II. S. EDWARDS, No.rv.ij Stewart'* Block, < ongrers St aprl3dtf Hoop Skirts! Hoop Skirts! French,German & American Corsets. NEW STORE ! JUST OMCKKD, AT 154 Middle, corner cf Cross Street. WE w.m'd lufurm the Ladiea of 1'ortlahd and vicinity that we have the largeat and beat aa aurtment ever uSered in tbia elti. We du nut iateud to get up any cum|>etitiou with uur neighbor*. but being coauected with one of the large.! luauufac turiee in the>. were, I rally aaaured. abuuld the ladiea lat or ua with a call aud are deairioue of obtaining anything iu our line, we eau auit them bulb in aiyla and price Tier will al-u llud retire.i aparlineuu au uiueb deaired in fitting tbia ef guoda. apidAw2w* L. B. FOLLKTTE V. $100. B. FflllK undersigned being licensed by the t'uitcd X Mate*, are prepared to procure Pension*. Bounties, Arrears ot Pay aod Prixa Money lor Sol dier*. Seaiueu or their lo ir* Bills fur Board and Transportation of Kvcruits or DraTed Men collected AU deiuauds against the State or United State* at* tended to. Having au agent both at Wasbingti n and Augusta, aud haviug had lar.e exp, glance, we feel safe iu asserting that any business entrusted to our care wrill be faithfully and promptly executed We have also au ageut iu New York to attend to the paynuiitot Prixa money. Adtwefiee Approved Claim* cashed. M AN I.KY 4 SA W V KM. Office s*2j Kx Image, St., Kox Block Portland. Me J. »«. MAXLXY. W. S. IAWVKA. Re/crmett Hon. Sam*. Cony, Governor ot Maine. Hon. .1 L. Ilod-dou, Adjutant f.en of Maine. Hon. fiu Pitt Fess« ndt a. U. S Senator. Hon Lot M. Morrill, U. S. Senator. _5^2____ d A wtf CSorlmni Bond* TUK officer* of theTowu of Gorham authorized to prepare and issue the bouds ot the tow u are ready to receive propoeal* from parties dcwiriug to purchase the name, aud will Ik* iu session lor tint purpose at the Selectmen's Office, ou Saturday, the 16th Inal., at Qo'eioc* P M I'he Bo nils will be iu * ,00. S30) aud S600 piece • payable in from five to twenty )*ai*, with it mi-an uutl interest coupons at ached. The right is reserved to reject any proposal* made not deemed satisfactory or tor the best adt milage ul . the town. Per order, J W. I'A Kh KK, Chairmau of Board ot Selectmen Gorham. April 11, 1MI. apli d I WF4S4 wit Valuable Farm For Sale. ^ TI1K antscriber • Her*' for salt. - "Y the farm now occupi. d by him in w a Gorham, cutainiug about loo aert*. of good laud, wit a <oiiteui*ut -__dwt iling house, a very large, com uiudiuux suu Well built barn and outbuildings »jl in good repair. Said rarui i* ou the m w read f-om Saccarappa to Gorbuui t orut r, about eight mill from Portland, two from Saccarappa aud one Rom Gorham It has a valuable wood lot contaiaiu* .l.uul Jurln w.ll »»!<■. ed, ), |Uto,llL er oue ot the best turm* iu Gorbuni Apply to IION Tol'l'AN HOIIIt t;„rl.,n. ,1 II L>ow. Portland, or to John Johnson, on theprt ium. a.»&d4w* r GO TO dresseips Jewelry Store And nee want von can buy lor $1. •<i8» Muller. UKt O Cl KKK » ANTtD. ta. |,»j or t«.., rup.riruce, |>r«Herr«-.l ki.niv ul Au. Ho C'ougrcu >t. Wil AUCTION SALES. KIW M FAriltM. AfCTlOlIKltK.UEiefcuBgtBt, Hons#? and Laud at Auction. ON Monday. April lltU, at half pant )2 on ti e prern,.©*. No. 21 Smith 8t.. will bo sold tb© one uini a halt morM wooden dwelling, with Liick DMniueat. house very couruiof, 10 liinLi d r©« n>». O »to© r« ar of the lot i* a Lew twoxtori'd luililtur that cau he finished lor a dwelling at a-tnmll lost I.ot contain* six thousand and twenty-fire »#ct. Plenty ot excellent water m the preink#*, l-or particular# call on the Auctioneer. a) ru dtd ' hr. »•"'" I*1* •<U®“H‘**(on acccui.t ot the •formi until Monday, April lHth, at 12} o'clock. * “ rAI"'N Al flU 12. l.ln.i,WoolrnUo«d«, A .«!*« f'«1 A>ri| »»"'■ »< »> * m . L»ry Good,, to i«?."to ^u^purch,*^ v""'r',u,1'M °r P*rt of 3,Ik-, Alp.uc. ACmri* M^juT'l' * I> Li..,, i •«>., Maid., 3 .it, . 1“ ■ l -cr• Liufim. 1'riut., viutlto, lot :oi,-. it,oi,i .,,„h1|“"rtr.' timer ox . Do© Skins, Shaw l#, tkirfi, Ijnm uu «> Glove., 11,,,torv, Mm.,, w tb . v„ “ty ,‘ih.’ er goo ts—rule wr II vomnieucc uithu lot ot r» —Ludie. are iuvited to attind uo<Ini»ent -A LAO Lidice' Clack! (1.11.1 style.). Kid and Wool Glove., Hosiery, I.sees. Collar,. Kdgmg*. Kibboos Triages, Nrrk Tit,. Y'arus, Mew lag Milk. Ac. ' -L1KIW.0K Hro» u and White Liueu, Dama*k lines .shirting. Table rover*. Liuen Bo#< in*. Crash, ( ambric Jiand kerehie «. kin© Doeiklv, with a variety of Kaiey '•op*9 _ apr]»dM i oin«b« IIoiim at AuciUn. \\rlLL be sold at Auction on WKDaNhbDAi Aprili *.oth. at II o'clock A M . „u Montreal atreet, the Cottage Hou»e now occupied by (.to li. tfordon. It m a one and a half story wooden cot tafe new, «,i throughout and in fine order. 1 here are xix fliinhed room*, an of the very best water, with a *«>od baru on the premia©*. The house i# neat, convenient, ami every wav d. sir aMe lor a residence The lot i, ul.out to bv 74 To* t ■ title clear Sa'e positive. 11 For particulars inquire at 111 Kxchanga street or on ths au tioueers. HK.NKY BA1LKY A CO., Auctiouetrs. apYA-td Vttlituble Keul K taints: >tt Aiirtioit. ON Tuesday, Arr 12*. at 12} o'clo«k M , ou the premise*, the valuable lot of land with the building* Ih» rt on situated. on the rt>rn©r of (Day and W inter Htr* c t* I he heu*© k a twortory wof «* cn non a© finished throughout, amt in tin© order. lu,l wit water in abundance, with hu and other modern ituprovament#. anil one 4.f tbe mo»t •leairabl* pie ©a o property of i># cla#* in tt© mar ket It i# a h althy and pleasant locality, ai d ex cel ©nt neighborhood W© therefor© e-t t©rally »#*© 4iuia©nd it for a residence. I lie title k clear, .*al© positive, and term* • ;i«v For particular# inquire of HKMBlf BAILKY. ft CO.. AlTCTIONMCK. *P‘° 5#*“ Ary us and Courier ct>py. TO THE AFFLICTED I DK. W.IvTbEHlIVtj, Medical Electrician, No. II Clapp'* Block, CORN EH UFCONdRESS AND ELM STREETS WOULD respectfully announce to the citizens ©I Portland and vicinity, that lie ha* permanent ly located in this city. During the eleven months that v e havo been in town w» have cored som© ol the worst forms of disease in persons who have tried other form* of treatment in vain, and curing pa tients in so short a time that the attest ion is oJlett asked, do they *vay cured 1 To answer this question we will say that all that do not »tay cu>©d, we will doctor the second time for nothing. Dr. D has been a practical Electrician for twenty one years, and is also a regular graduated ph)»a . ..n Electricity is perfectly adapted to chronic diseases in the form of nervous or sick headache; neuralgia In the head, neck.or extremities; consumption,when la the acutestag*** or where the lungs are not fully Involved; acute or chronic rheumatism, scrofula, hip diseases, white swellings, spinal dim**©*, curvature of the spine, contracted muscleu. di-torUgi limbs, palsy or paralysis, 8t Vitas* Dance, deafM*. stam mering or hesitancy of speech, dyspepsia, indigos t4>n constipation and liver complaint, pile*--we cure every case that can bo presented, asthma, bronchi tis, strietnree of the oheet, and all forms of female •ompluinte. By Blootriolty The Rheumatic, the gouty, the lam© and the laxy leap with joy, and move with the sgility and duetto** ity of youth; the healed bnun is cooled: the frost bitten limbs restored, the uncouth deformities re moved; faintness converted to vigor, weakness to strength; the blind mad© to see, the deaf to hear and the palsied term to move upright; the blemishes ot youth arc obliterated: the Accidmt* of mature lltu prevented ; the oalamitle* of old age obviated, and an active circulation maintained. LADIES Who have cold hands and feet; weakma ost chi lame and weak backs; nervous and »ick headache; dixxines* and swimming m the head, with indigee tion and constipatiou of the bowels, paiuia the Hide and back; leucorrhma, (or white#); failing of tha womb writh internal cancers; tumor*, polypus, and all that long train os disease« will And in Electric ity a sure means of cure. For painful nit ustruation, too profile© menstruation, and all ot thoee long line ef trouble# with yoaug ladies, Electricity is a certain specific, and will, in a short time, reetore the sufferer to the vigor of health. |f“)ff*as«fl» Kttctro-Chrmical Jpparaiut lor extracting Mineral Poison from the system, such as Mercury, Antimony, Arsenic, Ac. 11 u ml reds who are troubled with stiff Joints, weak backs, and vari ous olhur difficulties, the direct cause of which, in nine cases out of ten, Is the effect of poisonoas drags, oan be restored to natural strength and vigor by taa use of from five to eight Baths. Office hoars from 8 o'clock a. u. to 1 r. ■.; 11 f; aad T to 9 T. M. Consultation Free. |yl4 laedt AMI FIRST NATIONAL IIANR — 09 PORTLAND, DESIGNATED KEI'OSITOHY -OF TUX— UNITED STATES. This Bank is prepared to receive -ubrcnption* fof the new “TEN FORTY LOAN,” which it dnkd March 1. lt«H, txariBg Intarwt at hi • |ht Mat. a year, l’AYAIl!,!', IN COIN. ridi rmablr at the |i'.riiun of ib« liovarnmcnt attar tan yian. aad payable iu lorly year, data, lutarart ou Hood. not over one hundred duller, payable anunally. aud on nil otlicr. Honda aenii annually. Houds can be bad tu fixes of ftO, $100, $ubO, tlOuii. WM. EUW. OOUI.D, tach.1l dtf * Cashier. Diosoltitto,, »f ©«|,arlnrraliip. f|1UE copartnership heretofore existing bvtsna X the HulmrriU r*. under the name xml style ot Bradley ft Webb, is this d»v di-solved by mutual cottseut. KoKl KI hKAULEl, M. li. H EBB. f|tlIK copartnership heretofore t xi.-ting between A the undersigned is this day di--ol\ a»! b- mutual consent. li MMolLluN, A. li. itouKUb. ('opnrtncrwhip Noiice. f|TH E undrr-igmd have this day formed a c. part R uertlup under th • name and style ot HKAD* LE\ , MOL L I ON A R«M,Kr8. for the purpose off carrying ou the Kit-it r drain und l*ro»i-iou bu i uess, at hs Commercial 8tr©et, I human Block. Hull I'. HEADLEY, lif 1L k. MoULIoN, •P**4* A. u. ROUElta. M. G. WEBB & CO., Wholesale Dealers in Flour, AO. si COMMERCIAL STREET. apl4 lMlftuND, ME. till Dissolution. rPHE Copartner .hip of J. .«IK\ EES A Cl> . is tt.i* a .lay dnaolied by iniilual cotmtnl. All Pcrnoi.n iu I* bled arc ie.,ae-lt d to iua* *■ i in 111. diate pa. awiit partner. JuSIIL A srk.Va.Xs April i3. in. ) U HASKELL. 4't>parlnrrahi|t. U-K taiu dav lor in. d a 1 i | at luemhlp la th<* **»*'"• of Mil hi l> I* tlu, and will ear IV ou lln- Uood and LVal bu-iu. an. Alao Walanov lb.Slr.nla J«> till: A SI k VKN.M April IV, SIMEON SULKIIKFI apr 13 3» for linn go r. ±4 the go...! Schooner KATE Al UKV 1 .Hr M Jacob*. ata> ter. niJt knr< ohmo «/*.llc dir* AM\E\ jni'cA. tor l>. iald. applv -o the inanter SuMiafeoii hoard. a< <h< head of Long tt h irl i> i i it ase. ’ •I'” utr Ratou Hoarding School Idr Hoya. THE Summer ol thin Sr hoot will com. me nee the .Second t/.n./.fy |u Man For Particular#, A.ldn «» .. H. i. EAroN, Prinolnal heul* I u li.,He., April tth, lwt. IHw

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