Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, 20 Nisan 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated 20 Nisan 1864 Page 3
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MATTERS ABOUT TOWN. Supreme Judicial Courti The April term of the Supreme Judicial Court, for this County, commenced its session yesterday, Judge Davis on the Bench. Divine blessing was invoked by Hev.Geo. L. Walker, of State Street Church. The docket of continued actions was then called and cases disposed of or put ou the trial docket. There are 823 cases on this docket. The traverse jurors will come to day, and trial of cases will be proceeded in. Muuicipul Court—April IU. Mabel Gardon, pleaded guilty to larceny of wood from the Kennebec depot. She was let off with a flue of one cent and costs, taxed at $4 04. J. O’Donnell for defense. James Murphy, complained of as being a habitual truant, was sentenced to the Reform School during his minority. Charles F. Reynolds for larceny of a veil, the property of Geo. S. Hayes, was llued five dollars and costs. J. O’Donnell for the de fense. James Smith, for assault and battery on Elizabeth Raise, wus lined live dollars and costs. Committed. Sweat «fc Cleaves for the State. Furloughed Prisoners ok War.—By the evening train, Monday, ten furloughed prisoners, recently from Hichmoml, belonging to Maine regiments, arrived in this city, hav ing received their furloughs at the request of Gov. Cony during his present visit to Wash ington. They were furnished with trans portation by the Government, but no arrange ments were made for their subsistence. They made their wants known to Mr. George U. Davis, who provided lor them during their ■top in this city, at the American Home.— Their names, regiment and residence are as follows: John H. Gardiner, 4th regiment, Co. F, Township No. fi. Albert P. Holman. 3d battery, Orland. Rufus P. Sidelinger, 4th regiment, Co. I, Troy. Henry Dracber, 3d regiment, Co. G, Watcr ville. John H. Sanders, 19th regiment, Co. I, Medway. Lyman Vose, 1st cavalry, Co. E, RobVins ton. John C. Decker, 1st cavalry, Co. E, Pitts field. Martin Conckley, 1st cavalry, Co. E, iloul ton. Peter Somers, 1st cavalry, Co. E, Houltou. John McCurdy, 1st cavalry, Co. E, Prince ton. Gen'hoat Aiiawau.—The following is a correct list of the officers of the U. S. gun boat Agawam, which arrived at this port ou Monday: A. C. Ithiml, Commander; George , Dewey, Lieut, and Executive officer; II. Mel ville Hanna, Asat. Paymaster; H. P. Babcock, Asst. Surgeon ; Clark Fisher, Engineer in Charge; Thomas Sytnmes, Acting Master; S. S. Bissell, C. Wiley, and A. M. Anthony, Acting Eusigua; A. T. E. Mullen, and Tru man Jones, Jd Asst.Engineers; C. S. Maurice, and G. C. Wilaou, 3d Asst. Engineers; H. F. Dunnelis, Acting Gunner: F. Lothrop, and liobert Anderson, Acting Master's Mates; Samuel Pollock, Paymaster's Clerk; W. W. Barrett, Paymaster’s Steward; T. P. Harvey, Surgeon’s Steward. Wreck op the Bohemian—We have up on our table a very life-like view of the wreck of the Bohemian, or rather of the wild seeth ing waters, as in their mad fury they dash upon the rocks at Broad Cove, throwing up the drift from the ill fated steamer, photo graphed by Messrs. B. F. Smith dr Son, from a painting by Mr. II. It. Brown. The picture is about six by nine inches, and will look well in a frame, as a sad memento of one of the most distressing calamities that ever occurred in this vicinity. ' jyintelligence has been received of Capt. Geo. L. Ulrick, ot this city, first officer of ship Asterion,which vessel was wrecked on Baker's Island in the Pacific, last December. After the vessel was wrecked, Capt. Ulrich and live men started in a whaleboat for Howland's Island to engage a vessel to take off the wrecked crew. As nothing had been beard from the boat for several mouths, it was feared it was lost. Capt. i'lrick telegraphs that he has arrived safely at Sau Francisco. Narrow Escape.—A crazy drunken fel low , named Gage, drew a revolver in Tobin’s shop, on Eore street, Monday evening and dis charged it among those assembled there. For tunately no one was hit and the crowd was more scarred than hurt. A crowd collect ed outside and Gage tired among them, hut did not succeed in hitting any one. Police* meu Floyd and Montgomery were soon at the spot and took Gage to the lock-up. sr The complimentary benefit to the Camp Berry Baud last evening, was a brilliant and successful affair. There were plenty of dancers ou the floor and many spectators in the proceuium and at the sides of the hall. The affair was happily conductod and all en joyed a pleasant time. The Band, we learn, is ordered to joiu the 7lh Maine regiment,and will leave immediately. 2y Harrington, the ventriloquist, mimic and prestidigitateur, will give iris first exhibi tion this eveuiug at Doeriug Hall. There will he fun enough to satisfy the crowd. Harring ton is au adept at the busiuess, having prac tised it for twenty-five years, and always draws crowded houses. The New Gymnastics.—It should not be forgotten that a class for juveniles will be formed at Mr. Bradford's gymnasium, this af ternoon, at d o’clock. All interested in the formation ol a class for adult*, are invited to be present this evening at 7 1-2 o'clock. By Ail advertisement relating to the om nibus running between Munjoy and the Post office, appeared iu our columus yesterday by mistake. The omnibus on that route was taken off a week since, and how the “ad" got into our copy drawer, is a mystery. jy The May uumber ol the I.ady's Friend has been received of A. Williams £ Co., Bos ton, through A. Robinson, No. 01 Kxcbauge street, wbo has it for sale. It is tilled with choice engravings and reading matter, and is oili-red at the low rate of $2 per year. Sanitauy Commission.—Geo. R. Davis, 1-sq., Agent for U. S. Sanitary Commission, lias received from the ladies of Biickllcld $142—the proceeds of a Levee—for the bene fit of tlie Commission. &y*A large and fashionable stock of milli nery goods will be offered for sale at Nos. 1 and 2, United States building, on Thursday of this week, by Mrs. M. J. Nichols. Call and examine. tyin tlie list of salaries of the subordi nate city officers, published yesterday, we iu advertcutly omitted that of tlie City Messen ger, w hich is $750. ty At the annual parish meeting of State Street Church, Monday eveuiug, it was voted to give the pastor, Rev. George L. Walker, $250t) salary the present year. Jfy Members ol the Board of Trade are reminded that their meeting stands adjourned to this evening, at 7 1-2 o’clock. ———————i original and srlbctbd* y First page—The Speculators’ Tele graph ; The Highlander's Prayer. y Last page—Corrected Market Re ports. Jjy The receipts of the Xew York Fair up to Saturday night were $895,000. y a vexed question—the location of the Town house in Wells. tS“ Senator Wade and Representative Gooch, have gone West to investigate the Fort Pillow massacre. A small school house was burnt on Sunday evening, 10th iust. It was probably the work of an incendiary in Iiangor. Ef"An augur found its way into six casks of liquor, in Lewiston, a few days since, and the liquor found its way out upon the ground. y A couple got married in Lewiston, a few days since, lived together about 24 hours, and then sued for a divorce. y-Mr. Geo. Allen, jr., the Principal of the Hancock school in Boston, lies danger ously ill at his residence in Chelsea. A petition is being circulated in Lew iston requesting the city authorities to close up the liquor shops. STAn lnsuccessfnl attempt was made to break into the safe of the Lewiston Steam Mill Company on Saturday night, says the Journal. y The Eastport Sentinel says that Maj. G. W. Sabine, of that town, was recently thrown from his horse and considerably though not dangerously injured. 5#“ Among the persons killed by the ex plosion of the gunltoatCheuangoinXew York harbor, was Johu White, acting 3d assistant engineer. He belonged in this State. y We learn that Major General C. C. Washburne has been appointed to command the district of West Tennessee, in place of Gen. Ilurlbut, relieved. y At the recent exhibition of the Senior and Junior Classes of Bowdoiu College, the first prise for English Composition was awar ded to Charles Curtis, of Garland. y We learn that John H. Converse, Esq., of 1 lamariscotta, has been appointed Judge of Probate of Lincoln County. An excellent appointment. jy* A man named Jefferds, under arrest in New York for murder, has presented a re volver to the New York Fair. The weapon was in no way connected with the alleged crime of the donor. Ey The Bangor Whig says, Frauk Ketch urn, who was arrested in that city for alleged defalcation in the Commercial Bank, of St. John, has been released from custody, matters having bceu satisfactorily adjusted with the Bank. jar Gen. Howard takes with him to his new command but a portion of his old staff, but among them are Colonel Hayes, Major Howard, and Captains Stiusoii and Gilbraith, of this State. Mr. Frauk B. Gilman, former ly of the Merchants’ Bank, Portland, is now a member of his staff. Ey Has the Argus lost prestige, or is the dog a little ahead of the fax ? The official notice of the Democratic Congressional Con vention for the 2d District, composed of Sag adahoc, Androscoggin, Franklin and Oxford, to meet in Auburn, May 11th, for the choice of Delegates to Chicago, appears in the Ad vertiser but not in the A rtjux. jy The editorial moralizing of the Argus yesterday, on the alleged request of a mur derer to have the proceeds of the sale of Ins revolver to swell the sword vote for Gen. Grant, was stolen from the New York World. If the story la true it proves nothing, except that a man though charged with murder, may still have some seusible notions remaining. jy "The New York World, said to lie the organ of the Wall atreet brokers and gold speculators, says: “If Mr. Lincoln would on ly get rid ol Chase and bis schemes, and Con gress put a competent tlnancier in Stevens’s place at the head of the Committee of Ways and Means, we might see daylight; but under the present management we are certain to go from bad to worse.’’ jy At a meeting of Co. A, State Guards, held last evening, the resignation of Capt. Beals was accepted. Subsequently, Lieut. Cyrus Latham was elected Captain, and Clias. 1). Thornes was elected First LieuLenaut and Frauk H. White,Second Lieutenant. We un derstand that about twenty of the members of this Company have enlisted for the war since its organization. Mew York Market. New Yoke. April 19 Cotton- shout lc lower; sale* 860 bales-at 79c for middiiug uplands aud 76c for low middlings. Flour—receipt* 9,847 bbls; sales 7UU0 bbls; State aud Western dull aud 20c lower; Super State 7 OOiaJ 7 15; Kxtra 7 2607 66; choice 7 0007 80. Round Hoop Ohio 7 7508 00; choice 8 0*09 26; Superfine Western 7 UIK®7 16; Kxtra do 7 40®7 90; Southern doll and lower; sales 3709 bbls; Mixed to good 7 90 W* 16; Fancy aud extra 8 20® 11 00; Canada dull and 20c lower; sales 450 bbls; common Kxtra 7 42v0 7 66; extra good to choice 7 6u09 26. Wheat—dull aud l§3c lower; Chicago spriug 1 70 (01 74; Milwaukie Club I 72a,l 74; Winter Red W*« tern 1 76»1 81; Amber Michigau 1 83a 1 86; Choice White Michigan. 2 00. Corn—dull and unchanged ; sale* 41.000 bushels; Mixed Western 1 304I 32 instore. Oats-dull aud lower; sales at 88&39ic for Can ada; 89 089JC for State; 890894c for Western. Beet—ouiet and lirm; bales 360 bbls. Pork—less active and a shade lower; sales I80O bbls ; mess 26 25a,26 60; old do 26 25026 25; new do 2(i UO026 26 ; prime 22 00023 26 for old and new, prime mess 20 "**020 26 Cut MeaU firmer; sales 260 pkgs; Shoulders Ills (012c; iiaius 16010c. Bacon—quiet; sales 5'0 boxes at 13c for Western Cumberland cut, 13c for do short ribbed. Card—dull, heavy aud lower; sales 1200 bbls at 13j0l4}c. Butter—lower; sales Ohio 28032c ; State 32035c. Whiskey—heavy and 2@8c lower; sale* 900 bbls at 1 1041 12 for state and Western. Rice—dull at 94(09Jc for Rangoon. Sugar—firm : sale* HoO hhds; New Orleans 184; Muscovado 15jftlC. Coffee— firm and quiet. Molasses—quiet; sale* by auction 380 this New Orleans at 70098$. Naval Stores—quiet. Spirits Turpeutiue—3 150320, crude do nominal. Resiu - 85043. Tar—20 00023 00. Petroleum—firm and quirt; crude at 36@3d$e; re fined iu bond 62$064; do tree atGGJo. Hides—quiet. Lead —dull; Spanish 114(0112. Tobacco—leas active; salts Kentucky |0|O. Freights to Liverpool —dull and heavy. Wool -lirm with a fair demand. Stock Market. New York, April 19. Second Board.—Stocks higher. Erie.H24 Erie preferred,.... Hudson.iau} Reading . 189 Toledo A Waimrii.14^ Chicago A Noith Western.. . . 571 Chicago A Rock Island.H41 Michigau Southern. 80 Michigan Southern guaranteed.130 Pittsburg, Fort Wayne & Chicago.10t;i Michigan Central. ]4tl Illinois Central scrip,.)2ttj Cleveland A Pittsburg.Ho] Galena A Chicago. ... p/9 I'mled States 6-2) coupons,.110 United States one year certificates new ......... 98* American Gold,. Ib7 St. /.oui« Market. St. Lodi*, April II. Cotton reefipts 7 0 bales. Flour drooping. Wheat buoyant. Corn aud oats lirm. Chieajo Market. Chicago, April 19 Flour dull and declined 26c. Wheat dull and de clined 404$c; sales at 1 21 lor No 1, and 1 1M lor No 2. Corn dull aud declint-d 2d ; sales at 94095c Oats dull aud dccliued 2c; sales at UkgC7c. Freights firm Memphta Colton Market. Mxxthi*. April 1C. Cotton market unusually active aud brm; itceipts 3wo bales from White river. BY TELF.GRAPfl TOTlft Portland Daily Press. -- from the red river expedi tion. Severe lie/mine at Orantl Encore. FEDERAL LOSS TWO THOUSAND. GEN. RAMSOM SEVERELY WOUNDED. OCR TROOPS FALLING RACK. Reported Destruction oI n I'. S. Gunboat. Chicago, III., April 19. The Evening Journal publishes letters from the Red River expedition, giving the details of a severe Union disaster at Pleasant Hill, I)e .Sota Parish, Ea. Our cavalry of the 3d and 4th divisions of the 13th Army Corps, after a hard fought battle, were put to rout by a largely superior rebel force. Gen. Stoneman was in command of the movement. The 19th Army corps Anally came up and checked the enemy. Our loss was over 2,000. The reb els also lost heavily. Gen. Ransom, who com manded the 3d and 4th division*, was wound ed in the earlier part of the light. The Chi cago Mercantile battery lost all its guns and officers and 20 men. The above is dated Grand Ecore on the 10th and lltli insts. Second Dispatch. — The Journal's letter from Grand Encore of the 10th inst. says: Our cavalry had been driving the enemy for two days, but on the forenoon of the 8th sent back word lor infantry supports. Gen. Ran som, in commaud of the 2d and 4th divisions of the 13th Corps, was ordered to send for ward a brigade, and he did so. At noon he followed with the fourth division. After ad vancing about Ave miles from whero the 3d division of his commaud and the 19th Corps were encamped, the rebels made a stand, and our line, consisting only of 2,400 infantry, formed in a belt of woods with an open Aeld in front of the enemy in the woods on the oth er side. Gen. Stone, of Ball’s Bluff' fame, chief of Gen. Banks’ staff, was ou the Held and took the direction of movements. Gen. nansuin was 111 iavor oi auvauciug only in force, but bis wish was disregarded. After a skirmish across the field for’about an hour, the enemy advanced on us in overwhelming num bers, estimated at 10,000. Gen. Ransom got all the available troops to tho front, and open ed on them. The enemy lost heavily, but ad vanced steadily; soon all the cavalry gave way and fell back. The panic of the cavalry so demoralized the army that the retreat be came a general rout. The General did all in his power to rally the men, but finding it im possible without reinforcements, he made every effort t<f save the artillery. While en deavoring to get the Chicago Mercantile Bat tery off, Gen. Ransom was wounded in the leg, and Capt. C. E. Dickey, his Adjutant,was instantly killed. The battery lost all its guns. Our loss was large, probably 2000. While the 4th Division was falling track in disorder, the ,3d Division, numbering only 1800 men. came up and was immediately routed. Finally, the 191b Army corps, with 7000 men, came up and checked the enemy and held the ground until we got off all the trains, except that of the cavalry. The whole army is falling back, where it must Wait to reorganize before proceeding further towards Shreveport. St. Lot ts, April 19. The Democrat lias several dispatches from Red River, containing nothing of special im portance. Little had occurred except skir mishing. Gen. Bank's army left Grand Kcore on the 6th and the lioats last out of Red River reported the fleet withiu 100 miles of Shreveport and expected to reach there on the 12lh. New York, April 19. Late Richmond papers contain the follow ing dispatches : To (Jen. S. Cooper:—The following report was received at Baton Rouge on the :Jd iuat., from the Surgeon General of Gen. Banks’ ar my: “ We met the enemy near Shreveport. The Union force was repulsed with great loss.— How many can you accommodate in the hos pital at Baton Rouge The steamer Essex or Benton has been des troyed by torpedoes in Red River, and a trans port was captured by the Confederates. Farragut is reported to be preparing to at tack Mobile, six monitors coining to him. The garrison of New Orleans aud Baton Rouge were very much reduced for the pur pose of increasing Banks’ lorce. (Signed) D. H. Maury, Major General Commanding. Variant llrmt. New York, April 19. Morse A Co., brokers, liavo made arrange ments to resume business. The money market Is less stringent to-day and few loans have been disturbed. Leading institutions had, however, called for larger margins on stocks. The stock market has partially recovered from the panic. No more failures are reported. Gold has beeu as low as $1 63 to-day, but went up again to $1 68 1-4 aud 1 09. Ex change was in active demand at $1 09 3 4 and 1 10 for gold. The noon mail brought remit tances fur the purchase of cash slock. The new Italian frigate, built in New York, arrived at Naples in eighteen days aud eigb teen hours from this port. St. Louis, April 19. A prominent Frenchman of New Orleans, predicts a treaty of friendship between the Confederates and Maxiuiillian, backed by Nu poleou. The French Coimnander-in-Chief has or dered the French Admiral to make an effec tive demonstration against Cortinas. Santa Anna has returned to St. Thomas. A Leavenworth dispatch says returns from all the Important Counties in Kanzas, show a triumph for Lincoln over Curry. Several hundred rebel prisoners had reach ed our Meet from New Orleans,to be exchang ed for a like number of federals. Hundreds were takiug the amnesty oath. Haihinyion Rrporlt. Nkw York, April 18. The Commercial's Washington dispatch has a rumor that Gen. Halleck has placed his re signation in the hands of the President aud will insist on its acceptance. The Post's Washington dispatch says Mr. Morrill's proposition to add twenty-tire per cent to custom duties until the tariff bill can be passed, will probably be agreed to. The rates of taxation under the new bill will be largely increased by the Senate. If Congress should hesitate in adjusting the taxation in such a manner as to afford immediate is said the President will send in a special message on the subject. The Commercial's dispatch says Senator Mclfaugal will make another effort to-day to iuduce the Senate Committee on Foreign Re lations to take some action on his Mexican resolution. front Huafilegion. V^asiiinoto.v, April 10. Secretary Chase was on the floor of the House to-day, listening to the argument of Messrs. Morrill and Stebbins in favor of the tax bill, and expressed himself in favor of making it even more productive to the treasu ry, with a corresponding increase in the tariff. The Naval Investigating Committee have nearly concluded their labors. The report of the majority will undoubtedly exonerate the dcpartuient*whilo Seuator Hale will probably make a minority report on the corruption in making contracts. Representatives declare that they intend to get through all business before the first of June. No further general debate will take place on the internal tax bill, but amendments will be discussed in five minute speeches. Mitl iti f| Hohv! Hrii/iflf. New York, April 10. Richmond papers report a riot in Gen.War ford’s Georgia brigade, recently, at Bristol, Tenn., the members being dissatisfied with the quality of tbeir rations. The store ol the Commissary was plundered and the Provost guard tired on them, killing one and wound ing five or six. The rest escaped with their pluuder. A number had siuce been arrested and would be sharply punished. The men were armed only with stoues. ———P———— I XXXVIII 00NQRE88—rim 8e8»ion. Washington, April 19. SENATE. On moliou of Mr. Anthony, it was resolved that the Committee on Printing be instructed to enquire into the expediency of printing a limited number of documents for sale. Mr. I.aue, of Indiana, called up the House bill raising the rank and pay of Provost Mar shal Generals and those of a Brig. General, which Was passed. A message was received from the House that they insisted upon the disagreement to the Montano bill, and asking a committee of conference. Mr. Wilkinson moved to adhere and agree to a committee of conference. The morning hour having passed, Mr. Fes senden insisted upon the regular order, the legislative, executive and judicial appropria tion bill being taken up, which was done. After a few important amendments the bill was passed and sent to the House. Mr. Sumner moved to take up the bill to repeal the fugitive slave law. Mr. Davis objected. On moliou of Mr. Trumbull, Mr. Sumner's motion was agreed to—25 to 10. The bill was then passed to a second read ing. Mr. Sherman moved to amend by excepting the act of Feb. 12th, 1793. Mr. Johnson regretted the proposed action. A long Colloquy ensued between Messrs. Sumner and Johnson, after which Mr. Sher man's amendment was adopted— 2-4 to 17. Mr. Conness moved to lay the bill on the table. Rejected—31 to 9. A motion to adjourn was lost—27 to 13. Subsequently, however, the Senate ad journed. HOUSE. The House concurred in the Senate amend ment to the House resolution, so as to read that the committee on the conduct of the war, inquire into the truth of the rumors attend ing the recent attack on Fort Pillow, and whether the fort could not have been suffi ciently reinforced, and report the facts as soon as possible. The House then went iuto a committee of the whole, Mr. Washburn, of III., in the chair, and proceeded to the consideration of the in ternal tax bill. Mr. Morriii, ot Vt., explained the provisions of the measures, ami advocated its passage. Mr. Stebbins, of X. V., also spoke in favor ot the bill. He said the National banks must take the place of till* State hanks, as they could co-exist, and expressed himself in favor of a tax on the tales of gold aud steriiug exchange as a source of revenue. Messrs. urooKs nml Fernando Wood, of N. Y„ spoke against the bill, and Mr. Kassou. of Iowa, iu favor of it. The committee rose, when Mr. Garfield, of Ohio, proceeded to make good his former as sertions by producing a letter of Judge Eckles, of Iud., which came iuto his possession, rec ommending a young inau to johu C. Breck inridge as desirious of catering the service of the South in some capacity, and safely recom mending him as a faithful man. The writer said tha bearer of the letter was formerly connected witli the Union army, hut became disgusted-with it. Mr. Garfield also produced a similar letter from John G. Davis, remarking that Mr. Davis was formerly a member of Congress from In diana, and the predecessor of Mr. Voorhies. Mr. Voorhies, of hid., replied that the let ters which Mr. Garfield had produced were not origiual, hut only what purported to he copies, lie would say to Mr. Garfield that Mr. Davis is one of the most distinguished wen iu Indiana, and perhaps is at this time dying on a bed of sickness. There was noth ing traitorous about him. He (Voorhies) might pronounce these letters false and spuri ous. • Mr. Garfield replied that he wished the gen tleman (Mr. Vooreies) would do so. Mr. Voorhies said in reply, that as it would not suit him to do so, he would not pursue that course. It being now half-past 4 o’clock, the House took a recess until 7 o’clock. KVKNIN'O SKSSKIN. The Raritan A Delaware Bay Railroad bill was taken up. Mr. W ilson, ol Iowa, offered a substitute therefor. On motion of Mr. Yearnan, of Kv., the con sideration of the bill was postponed for two weeks. The* House passed the hill authorizing the construction of a railroad bridge over the falls of the Ohio, near Louisville. Mr. Rice, of Me., reported a hill settiug apart the old Hall of Representatives as a na tional statuary hall, the several States to Ire invited to send their statues in tnarhie or bronze, not e xceeding two iu number of each of their most illustrious civic or military men. The hill appropriates $2.1,1X10 for the purpose. After, favorable remarks by Mr. Morrill, the hill passed. The House then resumed the consideration of the hill reported from theselaet committee, providing for the reconstruction of rebellious States. Mr. J. C. Allen, of III., made a long speech iu opposition to the measure. Alter another speech, explanatory of the hill, the House adjourned. Maaaehuiett! Criminal Matter!. Boston, April 19. In the Superior Court to-day, Edward I’. Jeffries was sentenced to two years hard labor iu the State Prison. The case will he remem bered as one of extensile swindling. Jeffries occupied a high social and busiuess position, and for a time was reputed very wealthy. The arraignment of EdwardJV. Greene, late postmaster of Malden, took place in Low ell to-day before Judge Hoar, of the Supreme Judicial Court. The iudietment charged the wilful murder of Krauk E. Converse, late tel ler of the Malden Bank, to which Greene pleaded guilty, lie was remanded fur sen tence. Muulrijfal election. Chicago, April 19. E. B. Brown, the Republican candidate for Police Commissioner, was elected to-day by JOo majority. The Republicans gain four al dermen, making the council a tie. Only a two thirds vote was thrown. WAvrr.D for Tiii: I. 8. STEAMER AGAWAM ! NOW IN PORT • 4.1 Good Seamen; IO Ordinary Seamen: S Coal Heaver.; 40 l.uudxuirn; Apply it fix'mI Jfvndexvuiu, foot ot Kxdjaugt" Htimt. j r. HfcATU M|>U* dtf V. $100. B. rflUK undersigned being Jicensod by the United X State-, are prepared to procure Peusiou* Bounties, Arrears of Pay and Prize Money lor Sol diers. Seaiueu or tbeir heirs. Bills lor Board and Transportation of Meet uits or l>rat.d Men collected All demands against the Stale or United Mate* at tended to. Having an agent both at Waibiugtou aud Augusta, and haviug had larce exp.rience. we reel safe in asserting that any bindue** entrusted to our care will he faithfully and nrctuptly executed \V< havo also an agent iu New * ork to attend to the payment of Prize mouty. Advice tree Approved l laims rashcd. MAN LEV & SAtviKR. HtticeH2J Kx hange, St., f ox Block Portland. Me J. It. MAN LU Y. w. 0. HA W Y Kit. Rrftrenctt ■ lion. Sam’. Cony, Governor ot Maine. Hon .1 I, Hod*don, Adjutunt (Sen. of Maino. Hon. Wiu Pitt Fessenden, U. S. Senator. Hou. Lot M. Morrill, U. S. Senator, ap l __dlkwtl NOTICE. City ok Portland. April 18,1804. IN pursuance of an order of the City Council. pa-s d Atiril is 1804. directing the Committee on Highways Ac., to establish tne grade ol Hramhall Street, notice is hereby given to all parties interest 'd that said committee will moot on said street, on Holiday, April 2f»th, at 3 o'clock I*. M , to view the >rcml*e* atd to give all said parties a hearing there in. Per order Committee. jij.I'J dtd J K DONKELL, Chairman. ]fliiM*.ovu«lo 8ii|jfir. HIIDS) Muscovado Sugar, of superior LfC7 I [ quality, now lauding from Bark JtoU BBLS ) "Liuda Stewart,” troiu Guantau itno, for sale by U I ROBINSON, apl9 dislm No. 1 Portland Pier. P. A l\ A. k7r. A < ar will leave Deeriug * Bridge (Westbrook) X mi ti 35 A M for G. T. R. Depot, and tor Post Rtice every halt hour from 7 15 A M til' 9.15 P M »P1W Mt J. J. OERR1SU, Supt. • ——i i m' iai»iM MILLINERY. HRS. H. J. NICHOI.S, Noi. 1 and 2 U. S. Hotel Building, Will open an assortment of Spring and Summer Millinery ft -ON THURSDAY, April 3M«t. spin dtd NO. 27. REMOVAL. NO. 21. Him H. E. VARNEY, having removed from 124 Middle Street to the new store NO. 27 FREE STREET, solicits the continued patronage of her friends and the public. < onstautly on hand the newest and most fashion able varieties of MILLINERY GOODS! HAIR. WORK.! Miss V. will atteud as formally to the manufacture of all kinds of Hair Work, such as Pruetts, Hands, (ireciau braids, &c. apis d4w liiTw Bomrsl \VK IIAVK KECtlVKU FROM NKYY YORK Ol'R SPRIMl & Si nUEIt STYLES ! -A AD OH Thursday, April 21st, 1864, shall display the best assortment we have ever of fered. We would say to our customers and the public generally that they will And a much better selection and low'er prices now than they can later in the season. TROW A JOHNSON, ISO. 10 3 MIDDLE STREET. »pl*_ dlw SILK HATS,- - - NEW STYLES, At HARRIS’, Opposite Post Oltire. FOB A JH RA/ILK HAT, TAKE The Broadway Hat, At HARRIS’. FOR A BEAUTIFUL, FINE HAT, BUY THE FRENCH HAT, FOB A LIGHT HAT, GET TH* Ventilated Gossimer Body. FOB A NOBBY. STYLISH AKTICLE, BUY AMI DON’S HAT, At HARRIS', - - • Opposite Post Office. IJF 1 he Con for mate r we bk gives ter Act Utx apl« dtf L.S. 1040 LOAM FIRST NATIONAL BANK -OF PORTLAND, designated repository -OF TH* UNITED STATES. Thin Bank i« prepared to receive] subscriptions for the new “TEN I’O^Tl LOAN,” whioh h dated March 1, If64, bearing Interest at five per cent, a year, PAYAIILK IN COIN. redeemable it tho pleasure of the Government alter ten year., and payable in lorty year, from date. lulere,t on Bond, not over one hundred dollar, payable aunually, and on all other Bond, aemi aunually. Bond, can be bad In lizee of *60, *100, *M0, *1000. WM, EDW. OOULD, dtf Cashier. WILLIAM A. PEARCE, 1* L TT M B E Tt ! MAKER OF Force Pumps and Water Closets, NO. I'il EXCHANGE STREET, l*OKTFAND, UK. Warm, ( old and Shower Hath*, Wash Howl*, liras* A Silver Plated Cock*, IjWKKT dearription of Water Fiatan,, for Dwal A liny Uouw«. Hotels, Fubllc Uuitdltt*, Shops *c , arranged and set up iu the best manner, and ali orders in town or country faithfully oaocuted All kiuds Of johbiUK promptly attended lo. Coaataatlr LKAU“^,: CAPIS 10 POND HOUSE NOW OPEN, Three Miles from Portland. GEO. W. Ml'KCll ■prisdir M. PEARSON, Silvor Plato r, AND MANUrACTUjlKB OF • SILVER WARE, 228 Congress St.,Opp. Court House,Portland,Mu. IT’AH kind* of W ARE, such a* Knives, Forks, Spoous, Cake Ha*kets, Castor*, Ac., p.ated iu the beat maimer. Also, RK l'AIRING aud UK-FIN I SUING Old Silver Ware. Jau2» dom tt V \ V V. tt ! 73 T1IIN II’TTKK FOR HALS BY J. M. KNIGHT & SON, NO. id I.IME STltEKT. Portlaud. April 13, 1864. dtf CITY OF PORTLAND. In Board op Mayor akuAldkkmkn, / April 16. 1364. I On the petition of Messrs Winslow A Hoten ifor permission to erect aud use a stationary Mteam on* giueaud boiler on Mus^ey’* Wharf, bet wee u Fore aud Commercial street*; Ordered, That Iflouday, the 2d day of May no* t, at 7J o'clock 1*. M., at the Aldernieu'* Itooiu. he assigned a* the time and place lor the consideration ol said |»ctition. and tbut said petitioner* give notice thereof by publishing this order in one of the daily paper* of this city lour time*, the first publication to be at least fourteen day* beforehand, that all parties interested may appear aud be heard thereon Attest: J. M. llKATU, City Clerk. Copy A t test : apl8 dtd J. M. HEATH, City Clerk. OO TO 1 )RESSER*S Jewelry Store Ami wf what you can buy loi $1. •diiwr m Notice. A FIN Al. Hividond of the first fund from the an* sets, set apart iu rtkluctiou jof the Capital 3tock of the late Rank of Fort land, will 1m* paiu, ou and ufter this date, to the Stockholders of said Bank, it the time of the reduction of its capital, or to their legal representative*. ihe dividend will be paid at tho Canal Bank, Portland Portlaud. Maroh 29, 1364 tnoh29 di- 4w* Sliyar ihllal Molasses. IIUDS MUSCOVADO SUUAK, and •Vf *IU1)8 I I'rime Sweet Molaraea, ,,er bark “Can rues I ada," from Cardenae, uuw Ian,lum and ror -ale by CUASK BKOTUFKs A CO. *fl« dlw ENTERTAINMENTS. Farewell Visit to Portland. tHHjW RINGTON, The New England Ventriloquist, Mliuie, Prestidigiateur, about retiring from a -»•**«*. ful profiKsional caret tul ou r thirty-live year*. announce positively hi« fareire/t ap pearance in Portland, at DKEBlNtl HALL, in a series of exhibitions, commenciugon WKDNES April 2* It ii, and continuing on THLK8DAi and KHlUAV Evenings, 21st and 22d ; appearing nightly in a brilliant programme of Ven triloquism and Legerdemain, in which for the past quarter ol a century he has gained a tame extending to both hemispheres, and one laeli'aceable by any iu bia profession See photographs and programmes. ADMISSION—Parquette, 25 cents; Oaliery. 15 Cents. To commence at 7J o'clock. W~Hi,rs u.1,, the popular Pianist, will preside at the Piano. apla Id Sew opera iioise 1 LANCASTER HALL. SPRAGUE & BLANCHARD’S MINSTKELS! OPEN EVERY EVENING. Adtniiwtou 26 ccuts; Refin ed Scat# 50 cent*. J. 8PRAUUE, | I* »pll 11. DLANCliAUD, S ELEGANT CLOAKS — AT— POPULAR PRICES! LEACH & ROBINSON, &t MIDDLE STREET, Wish to announce to their friends and the I.adie« of Portland and vicinity, that they have open* d the second story over their store for the exclusive manufacture and said of CLOAKS, CAPES -A ■ I> - MANTILLAS! \Va bate just rtctivcl Elegant Cloth Oaiments, Prom the celebrated Houses of 1.10. IMIII, A «. (. CART A CO, Canal «t., New York, which together with oar own manufacture, will din play the choicest congress of CLOAK nERCHAMDISE ever offered in Maiuc, which will be sold at the Lowest Possible Prices FOR CASH. Country Dealer.- will tint! a Choice aMortmcnt of LwImm' liirncuti, Cloths, Silks, Tassels, Duuona, anti ORNAMENTS, Constantly, on hand. This department of oar business will be conducted with special reference to the wants ot the CI.«*S1CM lit' V Mia. All the popular styles will appear early and will be exhibited iu FIRE, MEDIUM — AMP — Low Cost Fabrics. With «ui»crior facilities for manufacturing, we hope to merit the continued patronage ot our friend*. LEAC H A HOIII*SO*. aprltdlm. The Cabinet Organs MADE KXC1.LS1 Vkl. I BY MASON & HAMLIN Are the l»e*t instruments of their cla»s in theworld. Nearly all the luoit proiuiueu' artist* in the country hate given written testimony to this effect, and these instruments are iu coustaut u.-e iu the concerts of the most distinguished artists as <>ott*chalk and others—as well as in the o, eras iu the priucipal cit ies. whenever *ach inurnment- are required. Price f Ui to ItUO each 1'hese instruments may te found at the Music loom* of the subscriber, where they will be sold at the manufacturer*' prices. II. S. EDWARDS, No.349] Stewart's Block, Congress St. • apr 13 dtf Hoop Skirts! Hoop Skirts! French, fiermi & Amt-riotn Corsets. NEW STORE ! JOBT OFKKXD, AT 154 Kiddle, corner of Croat Street. WE would inform the Ladies of Portland and vicinity that we have the largest and best as sortment ever offered iu this cit*. We do not intend to get up any competition with our neighbors, but being coauected with one of the largest manufac tures in the country, we feel fully assured, should the ladies favor us with a call aud are desirious of obtaining anythiug iu our line, we can suit them, both in style and price. Tter will also hud retired apartment- so much desired iu tilting this class ef goods ap7dAw2w* L. B. FOULICTTE. Valuable Fur hi For Sale. THE subscriber (fen for sale, the farm now occupied by him iu Gorham, containing about 16o acres of good laud, wita convenient ___dwclliug-bouse, a very targe, com modious anu well built oaru aud outbuildings, all iu good repair. Said farm i«ou the new road f. 0111 Saccarappa to Gorham t urner, about eight miles from Portland, two from Saccarappa aud oue from Gorham It has a valuable wood lot containing about /or/y acres, is w*ll watered, and is altogeth er one of the best larms in Gorham. Apply to HoN. TOPPAN MOliJE. Gorham. II. H Dow. Portland, or to John Johnson, on thepremnes. api6d4w* FOR SALE. f IIII AT well-known and valuable Island (Called X Ma< ka> s Islaud) situated m Pasco bay. about one halt mile from the City of Portland, and about onc-siKteeuth of a mile from the main laud of West brook. It coutaius about Oue Hundred Acre* of excellent laud, a Dwelling-House aud Two bains is of moderate ascent—commaudiug a Hue view of the Bay aud Harbor. The Laud cau be made very i productive, as large <|uantities of sea-dressing cau at all times be obtained from the shores. One-half the purchase-mouey can remain on mortgage for a term of yearn, if required. If not sold h»tore Saturday. Hay 1st. 1864 at pri vate sale, it will then be soli at Public Auction For terms and particular*. ituuireof t\ M DAVIS A CO . 117, Commercial 8t. April ly, 1844 UM-d till May Dissolution. rpilE Copartnership of J. STEVENS A CO., is this 1 day dissolved by mutual consent. All l*er»ous indebted are revested to mate immediate pat meut to either uartuer. JOSHUA STEVENS April i2, 1864. C.U HASKELL. <o|Mirtii<>rs|iip. \V^E have this dav formed a Copartnership in the 1 v name of SlIUKTLKFF A CO., aud will car ry ou the Wood and Coal bu-iucss Also Watering the streets. JOHIIUA STEVENS April 12,1664. SIMEON SUUttTLKFF. , apr 13 3w For Bungor. A A The good Schooner KATE Al'BKKY, jferli Jacobs, master, willhav tmm*t/utle d»s patch. For frt ight. apply ’o the umster ^mi^uu board, at the head of Long Wharf, ■"^^^“"orto D. T. CHASE apll dtf For Niilt*. A Sloop Yacht, about 7 tons burthen, one year old, well touud iu sails, tacklmg. Ac Apply to Deguio A Dyer, head brown’s Wharf, Commercial street. Portland, April 19, 1861. aprl9d3w* Notice. I \I£U(J CLEKk \\ ANTED. One that has had one If or two years experience, preferred. Apply at Mo. 146 Congress it. Jsdu AUCTION SALES. tUW M J'Al-rEN, AL'CTIOB 1HI, 12 Exchange$t ■iuil<linK at Auction. 0|N WndnMdmy, April 20th, at 3 p. M on the, Commercial Street, it. remain, of tl£ onilding damaged by Bra, lately occupied by Johu Bwnene) . _ ap19 d d • «<•■«* IIoiim* ut Awctioti. V\MLL be sold at Auction on WIOSEDDi) April '.oth, ,1 11 o’clock A. 11 . on Monirtni atreel, the Cottage Mouse now occupied by t.eo B Gordon. It 1. n one nnd n half story wooden cot ta*e, new, hul.hed thruugbnut and in Hue order, vnre i.!!'?!?, 8“,’,,!fd room., an abundance of ihe lht.J| 1." Wat*fr» ***** * g°<*i buru on the pit niiat-M. in e nr": “ ?£•'* co,,*"i<;»‘’ o*er, «i*i? r ,s"lf ^.iii'eS1-,U' ” *’ *» ?* *•« ’ *•,n •««•«.« apl6-t.lUl bA1LEY fc CO , Auctioneer*. TIm* Fourth Ureat Sate of Du am*: «*d floods From the WBtCKEO STEAMKR lioilkwiav for the benefit 01 whom it may concern—will com mence on hriday next April 22d. at id oviVek s M, at No.S, Gall'. Block, Commercial .treat I’nrt l“d-^0H“l»?-fB"»dclolb.. t'awimcre.’ Hath nets, 1 wee i., 1'rinU, Bleached and i abisaefcedt ot tona. Urea Goodaol rariott, kind., latlcr . Trim mltigs. Ifoeeiry, Liner... Sj.ks. t arpei., tc Ac eomprlaing a general a..orlme,it of Dry Good.—' rheac Good, are a 1 Ire.h from the water, hating been rained by the Diver/, aud landed th e week * Goods open for examination at s o'clock on the morning of .nle, HENBY BA I LEI A Co nprSU did Auctioneer,. Valuable Kml Fwtatr* at Auction. ON Tssesday, April 26, at I2f o'clock M, on Ihe promises, the valuable lot of land with tbo nniidingi thereon .Hunted, on il.« corner of Gray and W inter Street. Ihe bouse is a !v ostory win .1 llartTant ,lu,'1'r'! 'hrutighout. and in tine* order. Ih *»,,r IB abundanto*. with and improvameala, and one of ihe most kc! o* pTe",°e p,nP<’rtr of its claa. in the mar J*.1' J’ plfr»"ant locality, and e». eel ent neighborhood. We therefore eapcaMIt ret- .. nmmend it for a residence. 1 he title is el«.. la.L. poaitive and tetm. ea.r. For p articular, innuire of . EAILET, fc CO.. AUCTlONkEB. ■P1* 1,1 kW1 Argun aud Courier copy. K M. PATTEN. AUCTIONEER. W E.cb.ogu St. Fruit aud Ornament*! Trees, Qiapes Koses. &e.. At Auction on Wedneaday, 27th April, at 10. DWARF *n,J Standard I'ears, Apple,. Pinm and I. berry. Maple., Lindens, Mountain Ash and W’illowa {leybird perpetual, lea. Mo-sand China haapberriea. lied. White ami Black Cnrranta. Slr.wbetrtes and improted Blackberries Concord. Delaware, Dianaa and Hartford proliBo urmpf'j, lie., Ac. AU in Snecondition, perfectly hardy, and will bo •OiU 10 lot* to *uit purchaser*. *piy K«*nl Estate for Malt*. AleOt of l.ind and the building-* thereon, nituat ©d on the southeast side of Sumner near J- .ank iiu Street. If not fold ou or bo'ore Saturday Anrit 30th, l"*H, will then be avid at public auction] at 11 A. M., on the preiu:m-«. For terms apply to S. C. HAND, l£3 lk>min»*rciaJ Street, apl9 dtd or K M PATTEN, 12 Exchanges!. EDWAHD n. PATTEN, Commission Mere hunt Sc Auctioneer, Haa romoved to the spacious store 12 ■Exchange Street, four doors below Merchant’s Exchange. Will receive consignments of Merchandise o! every description, for public or private sale. Sales of Meal Kiitate. Vessels, Cat goes, Stuck* and Mer chandise solicited. Cash advances made with prompt sales and returns. uchl2 dly Wholesale and Retail AUCTION ROOM! JEST OPENED Ho. 86 Fox Block, Exchange Street, PORTLAND, MR. 1 shall be in the constant receipt of, and will sell •very afternoon and evening by poblic auction the following lines of goods in quantities to salt: Woolen* ol all de.rnption*, II,r** fiootl* ia variety. Linen, t rn*h Towelling, Cover*, Am-,Table ('atlery. Plated Ware, Jewelry. Yankee No tion* aini Fancy t.ood-v. Commencing Toe* lay, February l«tb. GEO. L. PEIRCE, Auction und ('ommiMion Merchant. W P. Stiwaht. Auctioneer. febld dtt TO THE AFFLICTED I »K. W.lTDEMlIAti, Afedieal Electrician, No. 11 Clapp'* Block, CORNER OF CONGRESS AND ELM STREETS WOULD respectfully announce to the ciliren. at Portland and viciuity, that be ha. permanent ly located In tbi. city. During tbe eleten month, that »e have been in town we have cured aom* ot tbe worst form, of liteaw in parson, who bnva tried other lorm. of treat rant iu vain, and curiae oa tient. in eo.hort a time that tbe qae.tiou ia often naked, do they stay cured ’ To au.wer tbi. qunttion we will .ay that all that do not-ta> cu'ed, we will doctor tbe f-coud lime for nothing. Dr. D ha. bean a practical klectrtclaa for twenty, oneyearn, aud iaaleo a regular graduated pliy atoms Klactricity i. perfectly adapted to chronic dieeaere In the form or nervoue or nick lie mine be; neuralgia Id tbe bend. neck.or entremitiee; cou.umption.wben in the acute etagee or where the lunge are not’fully lavolted: acute or ebroaic rheumathitn. eerotuia. bip, while.welling., apinal direaw., curvature ol the .pine, contracted inueclee. diatortwl limba. paler or paraly.i., Ht. Vita.' Danoe. deaimw,. ,tam meringor beeitaacy of apeoeb. dv.pepaia, indigee. tgpa, conetipetioii and liver complaint, pile#— weoaro every oaee that can be promoted . aothma, broncbi tie, itrictoree of the obeet, and all forme of female complaint.. By EJlootrloity Thu Rheumatic the gouty, the lame unit the leu* ‘**P with Joy. ami move with the agility and elastic ity of yoath; the heated brain is cooled; the that bitteu limbs restored, the uncouth deformities re moved; teiutoeea converted to vigor, weuhaeee to •ireugth. the blind nude to ««. the deaf to hear and the pal-ied tormto move upright; the blemlahee of youth are obliterated; the ocddiufi of mature tile prevented; the calamities of old age obviated and aa aetlve circulation maintained. LADIES Who haveoold hand* and feet; weakma oat chs lame and weak bucks; nervous and sick beadachu; dlaunesa and swimming in the head, with indiges tion and conetipatiou or the bowels; pain iu the aid* and buck: leucorrhoa, (or whites); telling of the womb with internal saucers; tumors, polypus, and all that long train on dlaeus* s will dnd In Electric ity a sure means of cure, for painful menstruation too proruae menstruation, and ail of those long lino of troubles with young ladles. Electricity is a certain specidc. and will, la a short lima, restore the sufferer to the vigor of health. tW~ *' Errs aw Kltctro-Chemicnl Apparatu* for extracting Mineral Poison from the system, sach aa Mercury. Antimony, Arsenic. Ac. hundreds who are troubled with stir joints, weak backs, and vari ous other difficulties, the direct causa of which. Ia nine oases out of ten. te the effect of poison one drags, oan be restored to natural streugtb and vigor by tha use of from five to eight Bathe. Office hours from 8 o'clock a. ■. to 1 r. n.; 11 (; and? to S r a. * Consultation Frau. |yl« Dissolution of < opartut-rnlilp. fflllK copartnership heretofore existing between A the subscribers, under tlie name and style of Bradley A Webb, is this day dissolved by mutual consent KoBKUlBRADLEY. Ill G. WkBB. fPIIK copartnership heretofore existing between E 1 the undersigned is this day dissolved b< mutual it convent. <i M Mot LTON A. U. ROGERS. Copartnership Notice. flttlE underrigntd have this day formed a copart- I ■A. ■J.ruAlp under tli» mime an J slylu ol kit All LEI , MOL LION A KooEhS, for the purpose of I earn mg on the Flour. >.rain and Provision bast. I ness, at St Comui.rcUl Streat, Thomas Block. ROUT. I'.KAPLEY, ■ L M MOULTON. ■ apt dtf A. G. ROGERS. P M. 0. WEBB & CO.*, ” JJ Wholesale Dealers in Flour, I MI. 81 COJIlEKCIiL STREET, apu rORri.AND. ME. dtr Union Hoarding School lor Hoys. THE Summer Session of this School will com- B uit*net* tlie SecoH<l Momlay iu May. For I'artioulara, .\ddr<>« „ H. F. BATON. PrinciD&l Keutx • H ill.Ve., April 4th. 1*G4. D4w” Meant Tug Warrior. ~ .0> powerful Steam Tug A,!,:l"‘f' “I'* *’■*• Mill ion. wiltXk UK c III rcidiiit sy. ui all time** tt*oth davSfflt I uud night) to t xft iife orders for towing aud Tr!l7- I porting in tin* harbor and vicinity * I WUMror wIth‘h,h" t 0U b°*rd *' ■ ang |'» J 8. WINSI.OW, Agent, __ 4 Contra! Wharf Htrrinu: Herring 77 B ",l |i )i | BOXES SEALED UkKKIKG „n™ MxJVTYr lauding and for sale by now Rj Anril In „_.UK“'SKV J LEH'HkK A ro , pilX6 Vi3w lt>»i ommorcial Streat.

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