Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, April 21, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated April 21, 1864 Page 1
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PORTLAND DAILY PRESS. VOLUME III. PORTLAND, ME., THURSDAY MORNING. APRIL 21, 18G4. WHOLE NO. 500 PORTLAND DAILY PRESS, J JliN T.CilliM AN, Editor, I* published at No. 82* EXCHANGE STREET, by N. A. FOSTER & CO. Tun Poutlawd Daily Pauggis published at #7.00 8or year; if paid striotly in advanoe. a discount of 1.00 will be made. Hinglo oopiea three cents. I ll k M AIN k Statu Pkhsh ik published every Thurs day morning,at #2 00per annum, in advance; 92.26 II paid wit hi u six months; and 92.60, if payment be delayed beyond the year. It.'ttee of Advertising;: Ooe inch of apace in length of oolumu. constitutes a ,,BqUAKK." #1.60 per * quart* daily first wvek; 76 oent* per week ad«r: three insertions or loss, 91.00; coutiumug eve ry other day after first week, 60 cents, iialf square, three- insertions or loss, 76 oents; one 91.U0; 6o cunts per week alter. Under head of Amu&jimbmts, 92 00 por square per Week . throe insertions or less, 91.60. braoiAL Norn kh, #1.76 per square first week, tl.MO per square alter; three insertion.- or less, 91.26; , half a square, three insertions, 91.00; one week, 91.26. Advertisements inserted in the Maink Stats Phukh (which has a large circulation in every part of the State) for 60 cents per square in addition to Thu above rates, for each insertion. Lkoal N orient* at usual rates. Traasiout advertisements must be paid for in ad> 1 ▼auoe Blsibihh NonoKB, in reading columns, 12 cents ! p~*r line lor one iusertion. No oharge less than filly cents for each insertion. A#“A1I u..ramulocations intended for the paper Should be directed to th t “ JCditor of the /*r<*sk, *' aud UoiWOf a business character to the Publishers, ir-ioB t'uiHTiwu oi every description executed W*th dispatch. F. Tracy, Traveling Agent. SELECTIONS. liliiul Nut*, lor Peace Demwrats to Crack. Tiie New York World—supposed political ly to represent Gov. Seymour, Cox of Ohio, a id Democrats of that stripe as opposed to Messrs. Wood, Harris, Long & Co., thus shows up the absurdity of Mr.’ Long's propo sition to recognize the independence of tlie South : Kven if we should concede Mr. Long’s po sition that tlie Union once broken can never be recemented, it does by no means lollow, as he tries to maiutaiu, that the war should at ouce end by the recognition of Southern inde - peudence. If it Iw shown that this, his main inference, cannot be sustained, his views are of no immediate practical consequence one way or the other. .Suppose, then, it were to be conceded tiiat tlie scission is final; and suppose further that Mr. Fernando Wood, Mr. Vallandigham and Mr. Long were sent to Richmond as commis •iouers to negotiate a treaty of peace on the basis oi southern independence. If we could get over the slight obstacle of the unconquer able repugnance ol nine-tenths of the people of tlie North, the appointment, the journey, and the receptiou at the rebel capital, might be as merry as a marriage bell. Rut the mo ment the peace commissioners should descend from vague generalities to business-like pre cision, they would discover that they had gone on a fool’s errand. The South! Who can tell what the South is, that demands recognition? It is like a summer cloud, which changes its shape and dimensions with every puli' of wind, even while you are gaz ing at it. The question of boundaries would meet the commissioners at the threshold of Mi-- negotiation. A precise description of boundaries in terms borrowed from the vocab ulary of tlie laud surveyor, would form the main body of tlie first article of tlie treaty. Our commissioners, whatever their past sympathies, could not forget that they were negotiating ictllt a foreign government.— They could not without dishonor surrender an) fair or colorable claim of their own gov ernment without receiving therefor some equivalent advantage. In a war with any other foreign government to maintain a claim to disputed territory, we should insist on re taining all that we had conquered by our arms and bold iu secure military possession. Ia treating with the South ior iu indepen dence, our commissioners could not honora bly concede to it a larger territory than that hounded by its military lines. We should claim New Orleans and the greater part of Louisiana, a part ol Texas, tlie gieater part of Arkansas, the whole of Tennessee, half of Virginia, the forts that eounnaud the Chesa peske, the eastern portion of North Carolina, divers forts and military positions in Georgia, Florida, and South Carolina, and all the cities and strongholds on the Mississippi. Would tlie South negotiate on that basis? Only a fool can suppose it. But as the United States or ginally had unquestioned jurisdiction over the whole, what colorable claim could the South have to any more territory than it had wrested from us by its arms? Mr. Long’s is mere paper logic; it ignores tb.- more cogent logic of events. A war once begun, ceases to be within the control of cillicr of the par'Lie- to It, until they are mu tually exhausted, or sine of them lias gained such decisive military advantages that it can dictate terms to the other. Iu the present balance of advantages, neither the North nor tiie South could propose anything which the other would consent to accept, nay, which it would not resolutely reject at tiie cannon's mouth. The war can, at present, no more be stopped than could a skiff midway iu the cataract of the Niagara. If, then, we should adopt Mr. Long’s stand point, and regard the South as a foreign u a ti.m, every patriotic instinct, every impulse ol national pride, demands that our support be given to our own nation. If the southern profile hurt heroine foreigners, the logical in ference wouUlbc that they are no lunger en - till' d to our sympathies and consideration as fellow-countrymen. In that view, the nation al honor requires that we should wrest from them their territories with just as little com punction as England conquered the Canadas and all her North American possessions from France iu the seven years’ war. Mii.itaky Diiiu. in Schooi..—At a meet ing of the Massachusetts legislative committee ou military affairs ou Kaiday, the introduction ol'military drill into the public schools was strongly opposed by several persons, among them Uio Lewis, wlto said girls needed exe£ else more than boys, and for the latter only military drill was not the thing, as it made no provision for any exercise of the muscles of the upper part of the body. .1. A. Allen, su perintendent of tbe Westboro’ Itelorm School, also opposed the project, on the ground that nine leuths of ttie public school teachers are women, and therefore not good military com manders. William Lloyd Garrison made a “peace” speech to the same effect. The following extract of Henry Clay’s speech has been cut into the base of his hroti/.u Statue at New Orleans:—“If I could lie instru mental in eradicating this deepest stain, slave ry, from the character of our country, and re moving all cause of reproach on account of it, I would not exchange the proud satisfaction which I should enjoy, for the houor of all the triumphs ever decreed the most successful conqueror.” JAMES EDMOND & CO. commission mebchants, 13 LIBERTY SQUARE, .. BOSTON Are prepared to order at favorable rates, COI T* NESS and OI.KM.AKNOCK P I <i I H O IV , Aleo, // Hi, SHE XT, tf BOILER PLATE IRON, ' ol KnjflUh and Scotch Manufacture. We nhallcnntiuuo to receive, in addition to our American Brick, a regular supply of KNtiLlSU. SCUTCH, k WKLC’H FIRfi BKJCK mchll < odtim J OH lH I’. ANDEKMON, Surveyor and Civil Engineer, OFFICE, COUNAN BLOCJf, otchl* dfcwtf Ikhi-lk btbxkt. MISCELLANEOUS. J. E. FERNALD <fc SON., Men*lianl 'X'tt.ilors, AMD DKALKUH IN Hems’ Furnishing Hoods, have Just opened a pile of NHW GOODS, and can now show more than roiIK HDNDKED style, ol' fancy Uoodi Tot Gentlemen’s and Boys’Garments. _• Elegunt Fitting Cnrnienls CAN AI.WAVS IK HAD AT THE TIME AGREED UPON! nml nt prices as low as any other house, HT I lie people are Invited to call at NO. 87 MIDOI.E STREET. mcli21 d6w RBMOVAXi. JOSIAH BURLEIGH HAM UIMoVKD TO NEW STORE, EVANS’ It LOCK, Nos. 141 & 143 Middle Street. JOSIAH BURLEIGHj Wholesale and lietaJl Dealer in Clothing,Cloths, Tailors* Trimmings, -and GENTLEMEN’S FURNISHING GOODS, Nos. 141 A N» Middle Street. JOSIAH BURLEIGH, Agent for (iMover & Baker's celebrated Newing MaeliinoN, Noi. 141 & 143 Middle Street. NATHAN GOOLD Will say to his friends that he may be found at Bur leigh's, No. 141 Ac 143 Middle street, where he will be pleas'd to wait upon his former costumers. Portland. March 24. 1UG4. dtf NOTICE. rilHE Subscriber with pleasure announces to his M old Patrons and the Public, that as be has se cured the services of a FRENCH COOK AND CONFECTIONER, who lias had thirty years experience in the best and largest houses in NKW YOKE. BOSTON, and other cities, that he is prepared to tarnish Wedding or Other Part ire, and families with every description and variety of articles in his Line, viz. Boned Turkeys, Birdi.Meatofftll kind*. Ever Variety of Ice Cream, JellieH, Salad-, Charlotte Ku—e, Cake, Pa-try, Or Confectionary, cither plain or fancy. Experienced "Waiters, who are competent to take charge of Wedding or other Parties, will be furnished on application. All Orders from the Country will receive prompt attention. r N .B Please bear ln^nind|that llAHS l M buys and ttscm the best Mateual that the country affords Call and examine. I. Karnitm, 4’oilmail Block, Tcuiplr Street, Portland, Me. tnch23 dtf PORTLAND BIDING ACADEMY. Sow open Ijr ilic Spring nod Summer. Hoping a largo number of our citizens will avail tuomseh «>s of the great ad vantages now offered them for a tborough equestrian training, the .Subscriber will hold liiumelf in readiness witli his beautifully Irtiued Stud of Horses, to wait upon them at bis School on South Street. Saddle Horses for the road as usual. J.W. ROBINSON, Proprietor. ap9!m BAILEY AND NOYES? DKUEX8 IN PAPV'AV HAN GIN US, WE purchase our Stock of Room Taper fVora the largest Manufactui a ; Establishments in the United States; carefully s< letting from their large stocks, the new hati tithe oxly,—and such a* are adapted to this market. This year the styles aud designs are very beautiful, aud we hav** a fine assortim-nt, appropriate lor every style of rootr. We invite those in want of ROOM PARER to examine our patterns, before pdrchasing elsewhere. They are bought here for cash, aud w e can afford to sell at a kaiu i uu k. BAILEY AND NOYES, liookMollerM and Stationer**, 5<t A. 58 Exchange 8treet. l*«*rll»u«l N B Country dealers will find it to their advaut ag. to give u* a call, if in want of Room Takmk. iuch26 2md Jk w JOHNS’ COAL. 4?\(\ TgNS Stove size, at 198 Commercial St. (Richardson’* Wharf,) Tortlaud I lie undersigned has sold the Johns’ Coal for nine years last past. It has given geueral satisfaction. \\ here there is a lair draft, no coal excels lor oookiug use. Other varieties, to wit: LEIIICII, Sugar Loaf, and Hazleton. Ml HI k LK I UL, (W. Ash,) Lunixt Mountain. RED ASH, the genuine FRANKLIN JOAL. Also, the Diamond. Cl M HER LAM) COAL, a prime article for Smiths’ use. E^"*A1I coal from this w harf, will be sent In good order, carefully picked aud screened. meldJiseodtf JAMKS II. RAKKR. FANCY GOODS H0USe7_ Wholesale, H. MERRILL, No. 131 Middle Street, ( up stairs.) Tortland, Maine. Silk, Twist, Buttons. Binding*. Threads, Tins, Needles, Cutlery, Edgings Stationery, Lacings, Tape, Elastics, Belts, Combs, Susptnders, Toys, Ac. DRESS ASD TAILORS’ TRIM MINUS. mohl eodDiu OKAKTS .V WILLIAMS. Suo. ic.KCR, TO ,|. w. IICNN 1CWKLI. a Co., ixo. o o . k 8 Commercial Wharf, Boston, I mporters aud Wholesale Dealers in Drugs, Medi 0,1 *• Dyt stuff*, Manufacturer», ar ticles and (hem,cals. Manufacturers of Coral Far mi j. os, Japan &e. Agents for Forest River Lead Mystic Lead Co. trene\ and J merit an Zinc, Druggist s i erlumers and Liauor Labels. Geueral Ai 1 Hu une well’s Universal Cough Rem edy, lolu Anodyne aud Electric Tills. mch23eod3m MISCELLANEOUS. SPRING & SUMMER OPENING! A. D. REEVES, TAILOR & DRAPER, NO. 98 EXCHANGE STREET. Has just returned from Boston and New York with a HIGH AN1) FASHIONABLE ASSORTMENT OK Cloths, C&ssimeres and Vestings, Of every variety and style, (including many of the most unique patterns of the season.) which he pur chased for rank, aud cousequently can give uu ele gant “kit out" at the LOWEST (ASH PRICES! He invites his old triends and customer*, aud the public generally, to call and examine his stock. Having enlarged his store by the removal of hia work-r«>oui above, he has accommodation* more ex tensive for the display of his goods. April 8, 1864. dtf Spring and Summer Goods! P. B. FROST, Merchant Tailor, 94Exchange St., Having returned from New Y ork and Boston with the ukht assortment aud nkwkht nrvLxt* of English. I ron' ll. I.rniiiui, S<-oi<-h mid American Cloths Kmbraciug all the deairabla STYLES, SHADES aud FISISH to be louud in the market, xuitable tor BUS1NK8S SUITS, KM.I.18H WALKING COATS, Spring OYKUCOA1S aud DKKSS SUM S Nice Veiting, Army and Navy Cloths. Every pain* will be taken to give entire satisfaction in FITTING, workmanship aud prices. CLOTHS FOR BOVS WEAK, Particular attention given to Cutting At .Manufacturing Hoy’s Clothing inch 9eod3m FEUCHTWANGER & ZUNDER, NO, 81 .MIDDLE 8TKEET, (FOX BLOCK), Are Again in the Eieltl -with Divisions, Brigades & Regiments! -or NEW AND FASHIONABLE DRY GOODS! FOK THE SPKINiO. Ladies of Portland and vicinity are respectfully invited to call and see the many beautiful styles ol Foreign and Domestic Dress Goods JIST RECEIVED! Also, the great 'iriety House Furnishing Ciood* ! Such as Brown and Bleached Cotton Sheetings and Shirtiugs, Table Linens, Drillings, Tickings. Denims. Stripe*, Ac. Also, just receiving, the latest styles of handsome Spring Balmoral Skirts And the most fashionable SPRING 8IIA HTLS. A complete stock of CLOTHS AMI CASSIHEKES, FOR BOY*' AND MKN 3 WEAK. CLOAKINGS ! CLOAKINGS ! ! , An elegant assortment. Wc are Just ready to manu facture to measure, at the shortest notice, any of the new and desirable Spring Cloaks. \Var rented to suit. FEUCHTW ANGER * Z UNDER, (FOX BLOCK), NO. &1 MIDDLE STREET, PORTLAND, Maims. P. 8.—Ladies need uot ask for goods from the wrecked steamship Bohemian, as we have none but sound and fresh goods, which we warrant as such, aprlit A SPRING SUPPLY FASHIONABLE GOODS, -FOR COATS, PANTALOONS AND VESTS. obtained during the last week in New’ York and Boston, may be found at the store of WILLIM C. BECKETT, Merchant Tailor, NC , l.’I7 Middle Street. 8<*me of these Goods, which have been recently imported, differ much iu color, texture atui finish from the styles that have coutiuued iu vogue tor a year or two past, and an* considered very elegant. Besides these and other Goods.—coinprLiug all the varieties for fashiouabi* wear, at the same place may be found a good supply of Ntmifinril Gtrnmn. French, and Eagliah Hron<lcloih« ai d Doe Nl&iuM. for genteel suits; together with styles of Vesting* selected with a vlew to suit all taste-. Also, excellent good' for Npriug < ivercoats, Eng lish Walking .Sacks Paletots, and other Business ('oats, with plate* of the latest styles of Cutting and Finishing. ST No. 137 Middle Street.JQ mch29 dGw CHAPMAN, Jr., Patent and Iluatness Ay* J, eney, No. 229 Congress Street. CLOTHES WRINGERS at wholesale and retail. Ageuts wanted (iu every town). Call at 229 Congress Strrst. HAWSES Pulley Ktevmtiug and Revolving Clothes Ihryer for sale at 229 Congress Street. VN Improved Waterwheel, unsurpassed by auy yet luveuted. Models at 229 Congress Street. IkARTlES having envital to invest would do well to call at No. 229 Congress Street. \1 ONKY is being m-uh by those who have invest JJIjL ed at 229 Congress Street. A SPUING BED, which, for simplicity and dura bility, is unsurpassed. Samples at229 Congress Street. NOTHING ventured nothing gained is themartm at 229 Congress Street. JUST received a new lot of Amnion's Premium Wringers at 229 Congress Street UL'NDLET Repair's Wringe s and Lamps at 221* Congress Street. iuch24 dtf FOIC SALE, Cheap for Cash! A <* RE AT YARIKTY OF CHILDRIH’S CARRIAGES, Bird Cages, Hocking Horse*, Ladies Work and Traveling Buskets, Toys, Marble*, t*OKT MONAIKs, LADIES’ RETICULES AND BAGS, DRUMS, Viol,INS, GUITARS, VIOLIN STRINGS, WKITINU EE8KS, WOHK BOXES, «e — BY — W. 1). HOUINSON, 20 Kteliauge St. mobl4-3m Week Flank * 41 31, Sand 31 inch SEASONED WHIT E BINE DECK ft.INK for.alety B.C. DYER, apr4 dim* No. 3 Control Wharf. Book Card & Fanov Printing NEATLY EXECUTED AT THE OFFICE OF THE PRES WANTS, LOST,FOUND Wanted. AN apprentice, bv J. B. Hudson, Jr , Sign and ornamental Pain or. No. 27 Market Square. d3t Boy \\ allied. 4 BOUT sixteen yearsof age,—one that can write il a fair hand, not afraid of work, and with good references K. M PATTFN. aplddlw' 12 Exchange Street. Wanted. V Female Pastry Cook at Dartou’sOyster Saloon, 253, Congress St. apltitf WA TsTTK IJ ! 1,000 WOMEN, To make Army Drawers. Also good l*ant Baxters and Fiuishers wanted in the shop to make ARMY PAN TS. None but good workmen wanted. Apply at the rooms iu FREE STREET HLOCK, over the store oue doer north of Tolford’s. No work given out or taken in Monday forenoons or Saturday afternoons, febdtf S. W. HUNTINGTON. *200 Reward. 4 HF WAKD of Two Hundred Dollars will be paid 2m. by the owners of the Ferry boat 11. 1J. Day, lor the apprehension of the person or persous who maliciously damaged said Boat, on Monday night last. Portlakd, April G, 1304. d.ty* Wanted.! Second-Hand Candle Boies, At No. 90 Portland Street, Portland. Iau7 dtf Wanted. TO an experienced American Woman, desiring a good home, a situation is ottered as housekeep er in a small family where she would ho treated as one Klie would be required to take charge of and do thectHjkiug and i hauiberwork, see to the wash woman, and do the ironing The work in the whole would be light. Pay l.&O per week, (in quire Ni Hxchange St. ■I n ■«' M? IB Mr '** ■ t ms mr NO. 60 UNION STREET, Manufacturers and Wholesale Dealers in Boots, Shoes,'Rubbers, Shoe Stock and Findings. Importer* of Serges, Lasting* and Gussettlngs, And the only M mnfacturere of KID AND GOAT STOCK in the State. Having had large experience, and be ing importer* and manufacturer*, enable* us to sell the * a me article* a* low a* they can be bought in Bouton. We have always taken especial pain* to ffive our customer* RFLIAHI.E HOODS, and be lieve none have given belter Bat is fact ion Country dealer* are iuvit€*d to examine our *tock before pur* chawing. Particular attention given to order* re* Ceived by mail. feblO d A w-3m J. W. SYKES, Purchaser for Eantern Account ow LOUR. GRAIN, SEEDS, PROVISIONS. LARD, BUTTER and WESTERN PRODUCE generally. Particular attention given to shipping by quickest and cheapest routes. No. 152 SOUTH WATER ST. P.O.Box 471. Chicago, Illinois. RitrBKxm'B*—Messrs Maynard A Sons; HAW. Chickering; C. H Cummings A Co.; S.G.Bowdlear A Co.; Charle* A. Stone. Uallett, Davi*A0o.,of Bouton, Mbm. Cashier Elliot Hank, Boston. J.N. Bacon. Esq . Pr*-i«l* nt Newton Bank, .tewton. C. B. Coffin; Warren Ellia A Son*, New York City Jyk *63 dly. Contagious Diseases. 0'itpter 14th, Section* ».» and 33, or the K«vi*ed Statute*; , Sxt*T. 3u When any disease dangerous to the public health exist* in a town, the municipal officer* shall use all possible care to prevent it* spread and to give public notice of infected place* to travellers, by displaying red Hag* at proper distances, and by all other nn-ans most effectual, in their judgment, for the common safety. Sbct.32. When a householder or physician know* that a person under his care is taken sick of any •uch disease, he shall immediately give notice there* of to the municipal officer* of the tow u where such fur so u is, and if he neglect* it he shall forfeit not ess than ten, nor more than thirty dollars. The above law will be strictly enforced JOHN 8. HKALD, febl2tmayl City Marshal and Health Officer. TO MERCHANTS. mUK undersigned having greatly increased their A facilities for manufacturing HOOTS AND SHOES, and having large experience in tnat oranch, would i call the attention of the trade to the -ame. We *hall in future be much better able to supply the do* j mauds of the trade tltpn heretofore, and are coufl dent that iu the quality, both of ourstock and work , we can give satisfaction, as we manufacture express ly for the retail trade. 1 hose buying for cash will Hnd it to their advantage to look at our stoeff. which consist* in p*rt of HUHRKRS, SOLE and WAX LEATHER, FRENCH ami AMERICAN CALF, Freni'h Kip, Lemoinr and Jodot Cat/, Goat and Kid Slack, Serf/e$ and Webs, Hoot and Shot Machinery and Findings gf all kinds. Mr. Edmubd Liuhy. late of the firm of Messrs. I Cbw J. Walker A Co , ha* associated himself with us, and relying on his mauy year* experience in manufacturing, we areconfident in making the above statements. TYLER A LAMB. Portland, Feb. 1, 1864. febO d4m. SHERIDAN & GRIFFITHS, (Successors to Joseph Oray A Co.,) PliASTEIUDRS, pluj t vmiimT stucco i mvstic wukkibs AUK now prepared to tarnish the public with Center Piece* and ail kinds of Plaster Orna ments as cheap as any other establiMuent iu the State, and at the shortest notice. We will also give prompt attention to repairing Plastering, Whitening, Y\ bite Washing aud Color iug *y*Plea«e leave your orders at No. 6 South street opposite the Kidiug School. tcb2o d3iu NEW ORLEANS. S. D. MOODY &■. CO.j C«)miniM«ion Merchant, 07 Tchoupi toulas at . New Orleans. I.a Keferenc's- Baker k Morrill, Boston: Krankliu Snow A t’o., Boston; Wise h Kussell, Boston ; C. Nickerson k Co., N. Y.; Kieh k Co., St. Louis. T#'* Particular at tint lomyireuto Consignments of rest It, Iamber, Hay , Oats, fc. u»c1123 d3ra To .Tlaiiiifiu'turer«, Ship Builder*, AN Dimraons desirous ol Real Estate Investments, th- follow ing property is ottered at good bargaiu*. 2o lions, s at pric-s from #1600 to 96000. 100 Huuse Lots at prices from 9300 to 93000 2000 E« et of water front suitable for wharves Ship yards, Manui tcturiug Sites, fronting deep w ater with due spring of water sdlaceut thereto anti a portion of it atijoiaiug the Cran-I Trunk Kail Road, from which Height may be d« po-it.-d ou the premises', inch IT dm MOSES (ioC ED, 74 Middle St Stale of Maim-' Executive Dei'artmkkt i Augusta. April T, 1854. I An adjourned session of the Executive Council, will be held at the Council Chamber, iu Augusta, ou Moudav. the Second D*v of May next. AtUst: EPil K A I M FLINT JR. aprOdtd Secretary of State. Ki iiss Seed, Clieese Ac. JUST received a choice lot of “Colt-brook” IIEKDS tJKASS. Vermont aud Michigan CLOVER and RED-TOP seed. Vermont CHEESE, and various brands AV/ruaud Family Fleur for sale at the lowest cash prices by PLEM.UF.K k CoLE, Corner of Portland and (.roen St’*. raeh9 wCw • Removal. Dll I.UDWKi has removed to Ko.6011igh 8t., corner of Cougrvss. Portland, March 17,1364. mchlTdtlB Bible Society of HI nine. fPUE annual meeting of this Society wi 1 be held 1 at the Rooms of the Young Meu's E'hristiau As sociation, iu Temple street, on Thursday, the fifth day of May, A. D., 1804. ALLEN HAINES. a;>16tf Recording Sec'y. IjllVK DOLLARS will be given for the deteotioa and ounviotton of any person or persons stealing papers from the door* of our kabsoribers. i*M rU9Ll«liEK9 0FTUMrM99. INSURANCE^ American Exchange FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY! OF NEW TOKK. Capital faOO.OOO, laaure liaildiaKs. Morchn ndisr. House hold 1'arallarr. Krais, I.rnara, Ves sels oa the Storks, nad oihrr Her soaal Property al lie Lsw osl rrtes. SAMUEL BROWN, President. WILLIAM RAVNOR. Secretar. EDWARD SHAW, Agent, 103 Middle Street. 00t37 lyeod STATEMENT OF THE lltna liiMirauce Company, OF HARTFORD, CONN., On the 1st day of November, A. D. 1863. as required by the Laws of the State of Maine. The Capital Stock is.91.600.000 and with the surplus is inmsted as follows: Keal estate, unincumbered, 987,963 18 Cash in hand, on deposit, and in agents’ hands, 216,960 66 United Stales Stocks, 612,817 60 State and City Stocks, and Town Bonds, 609. 160 00 Bank and Trust Company Stocks, 1,047,270 u0 Mortgage Bonds. 881,990 00 Atlantic Mutual Ins. Co’s scrip, 1862 3, 16,886 60 Total Assets, 93,026.879 74 Amount of Liabilities ior Losses not due or adjusted, 9175.411 84 Amount at risk, estimated, 115,616,479 Of TilOS. A. ALEXANDER, President. Lucius J. li a humic. Secretary. Hartford, Nov. 7, 1863. J. C. CHURCHILL, Agent, Mo. 4 Iron Block, Portland Pier. dec6 dtf maine Tnsueange CO. Augusta, Maine. THE Maine Insurance Company insure against loss or damage by Fire, Buildings, Merchan dize and Furniture, ou terms as favorable as it can be done by any solvent Company. Policies issued for One, Three, or Five years. J. L. CUTLER, President. J. U. WILLIAMS,Secretary. EDWARD SHAW-Agent, No. 102 Middle Street. ool2eodlv CITY OF PORTLAND. Mavoi'i Oviri, April 6.1864. rpilK City of Fort and will advauce to person* en* JL listing iu the ( uitrd Sluice Navy uu the quota of this city, the following State bounties, to be paid to the per* jo enlisting, when mastered into Service on board tho Receiving ships, riz: $100 For On© Year’s Enlistment, 300 •' Two “ 300 " Three *' M Those having families dependent on them will rs* Ceive State aid. JACOB Ml LEIXAN, Mayor. ap6-eod3w City of Portland. WilKBKAS BOBKBT I. Boll ISON hu pell turned the City Couucil to lay out a new Street or Fublic Way in said city, -beginning at the terminus of Mayo Street, running across the flat* in Back Cove, and to be a continuation of Mayo Street, and whereas said petition w a* referred by the City Council Feb’v 16th, 1868. and taken from tha tiles March 21st, 1864, and referred to the under* signel. for them to consider and act upon, therefore Notice is hereby given to all parties interested, that the Joint (Pauding Committee of the City Council ou laying out new streets, will meet to hear the parties and view- the proposed way on the 23d day of April, 1864. at 3o’clock in th» afternoon, at the terminus of Mayo ©treet. and will then and there firoceed to determine and adjudge whether the pub ic convenience requires said street or way to be laid out. ^Gnreu^undcr our bauds on this 16th day of April, JACOB McLELLAN 1 STEVENS SMITH, WM H. STEWART, ! „ WM CL SOCLE, f Committee ou C. K. LADD. i “?* JNO D. SNOWMAN, Now Street.. April IU. Cily of Portland. WilKBKAS DANIEL I.Ol LD «nd petitioned the City Council to lay out a new Street or Fublic Way iu said city —begiuug at the *erminus of Fox Street, running across the flats in Back Cove, parallel with Lincoln Street, and to be a continuation of Fox street, and and whereas said petition was referred bv the City Found!. Dec 8th, 1862, taken from the flics March 21st 1864, and re ferred to the undersigned, for them to co9*ider and act u|K>n, therefore Notice is hereby given to all parties interested, that the Joint Standing Committee of the City Coun cil on laying out new streets, wilt meet to hear the parties and view the proposed way ou tho 23d day of April, 1844. at 4 o'clock iu the afternoon, at the teriniuufl o! to* Street, and will thun aud there pro* ceed to determine and adjudge whether the public couveuienco requires said street or way to bo laid out. Given under our bands on this 16th day of April, A. D. 1864. JACOB McLELLAN, STEVENS SMITH. WM. H. KTEWAHT, Commute on WM. O. SOULE, . U K. LADD, Now Street*. JNO D SNOWMAN. April I«. 1AM. dJw CITV OF POBTLAAD. OKA LED prop.«»l, will be mi t tee on liighwa>«£c , at the office of the Civ* il Engiueer. for grading Congress street from the Eastern Promenade to high water mark. All iu formation in relation thereto will be given by the Enginee r Proposals received until April 2*th lost. The committee reserve the right to rejeet any or alt proposals not deemed for the luterest of the City. Ft r order. J. E. DoNNELL, Chsinnan. A i . r i I 1U« i. IVi — i .1.1 City ol Portland, Wit LUKAS. in Order p»n*d Out City Council to lay out a new Street or Public Way iu said city, -beginning at IIutijoy Street and continuing through to Atlantic Street, aud now knowu as Wil iOB’s Lane, and whereas -aid order was referred by the City Council. April 4, 1864. to tike undenigued, tor them to ceu»id«r aud act upon, therefore Notice is hereby given to all parties interested, that the Joint Staudiug Committee of the City Coun cil on laying out new afreet*. will meet to hear the parties and view tin proposed way on the 27th day of April, 1864, at 3 3.) o’clock iu the afternoon, at the corner ot Atlantic Street and Wilson Laue, aud will then and ther* proceed to determine and adjudge w lietber the public convenience require* -aid street or way to be laid out. tiiven under our hands on this l‘Jth day of Anril A. D. 1864. 7 y ' JAt Oil McLKLLAX. ) STEVENS SMITII, W il STEW aim Committee om JON. D SNOWMAN. ; ( hl.ADD. i Strieta. W« U SOULE Portland, April 30, 1*64. dtd City of Portland. vyu LULAS >n Order |ii<M<t the City Council to f ▼ inquire into the expediency of sf aighteuing Fore Street. uear I ruumu s Court, iu sail City, aud whereas said Order w as referred by the City Coun cil, April 4. 1864. to the undersigned, tor them to consider and ant upon, therefore Notice is hereby given to all parties interested.that the Joint Stauoiug Committee of the City Council on laving out new stree’s, will meet t** hear the par ties and view the proposed way on the 27th dav of April, 1801, at 4 30 o’clock iu tbe aiternoon. at Fore Street, uear Trumans Court, and will then aud there proceed to determine and aaludge whether the pub lic convenience require* said street to be straight ened. Given under our hands ou this li*th day of April, A. D. 1864. JACOB M< LKLLAN, | SI EVENS SMI HI, | ., WM II STEWART. Committee on JNO I>. SNOWMAN, ! l-*>iug out CYUL8K. LADD, i Now Street*. Wm G SOULE. J Portland. April 30, 1864 dtd city of Portland. \\T IIEIIF.AS an Order passed the City Council to 4 > establish the hue of Poplar Street in said City, and w hereas suid Order was inferred bv the City Council, April 16, 1864. to the undersigued. for them to couxider aud act upou. therefore Notice is hereby given to all parties interested, t hat the Joint Standing Committee of the City iCoun cil on laying out new street*, will meet to hear the parties and view the proposed way ou the 27th day of April, 1864. at 2.30 o'clock iu (lid afternoon, at the corner of Cumberland and Poplar Stmts,and will then and there proceed to determine aud ad judge whether the public convenience rt quires said lines to be established Given under our hands ou this 19th day of April. A D. D64. JACOB M* LKLLAN, ) STEVENS SMITH. !,. WM II STEWART, < ommiitee on J. I>. SNOWMAN. .( 'a>“'K out ( VUES K. LADD, I A"v Wu U SOL'LL I J’ortlnnd, * i>rU 10,1H4, dtd _HOTELS. Splendid Pleasure Resort! THE WHITE HOUSE, (FORMHRLY WIL80M HOUBB.) J. P. MILLER,.PROPRIETOR. This popular Hotel has recently been pur [Cha.vd by Mr Mil!er(ot the Albion) aud has been thoroughly refitted, renovated aud re paired, and numerous excellent alterations J_jmade. It is located on the ^uccarappa road, about tour miles from Portland, affording a beautiful drive over a good road, and Just about far enough for ploasure. It has a tine large Danciug ilall and good Bowling Alleys, in close proximity to the house is a warm and roomy Stable, containing twenty nice stalls. There is also a well sheltered Shed, 106 feet long, for hitching horses. The ohoicest Suppers will be got up for sleighing and dancing parties, who will find it greatly to their pleasure and advantage to resort to the White House. No effort will he spared for the entertainment ol guests. decW-<ltf HALLOWELL HOUSE REOPENE DI HEW FURNITURE & FIXTURES! S.«. nrXNIS, Proprietor. The public are specially informed that the spacious, convenient and well known Hallowii.l UouBB, in the center of Hallo well, two miles from Augusta, and lour miles from logus spring, has been refurnished, aud is opeu for tbe reception ot company and permanent boarders. Every attention will be given to the comfort of guests. STABLING, and all tbe usual conveniences of a popular hotel, are amply provided. Hallow*!', Keb 1 1864. mch2£ eodtf THE AMERICA* HOUSE, Banover Street .... Boeton, The Largest and Best Arranged Hotel IN NEW KNULAND. LEWIS RICE, Proprietor, ooltly HAVE bow been before the public for nearly a year. They are universally pronounced the neatest aud best titling collar* extant. The upper edge pre*tut* a perfect curve, free from the angles noticed in all other collars. The cravat causes no pucker* on the inside of the turn-down collar.—they are AS SHOO 111 INSIDE AS OUl'SlDE.—and therefore perfectly free aud ea*y to the neck. 1 he Garotte Collar ha* a smooth and evenly fin ished edg** on both aides. These Collar* are not dimply fiat pieces of paper cut in the form of a collar, hut are molded and shaped to PIT T11M neck. They are made in “Novelty” (or turn-down stylejiu every halt sue from l'J to 17 inches, aud iu “Eureka.” (or Garottej from 13 to 17 inches; and packed in “solid size” in ueatblue oar ton*, coutaiuing 100 each: also in smaller one* of 10 each,—the latter a very handy package lor Traveller*. Army and Navy Officers. %M EVERY COLLAR is stamped “Gray'* Patent Molded Collar.” Sold by all dealers in Ueu's Furnishing Goode. The Trade supplied by HATCH. JOHNSON A CO. Importer* aud Wholesale Dealers in Men's Furnish ing Good* aud Umbrella* 81 Devonshire Rt ., IU*. TUN. II AN* mrh22 eod3m Mason & Hamlin’s CABINET OKS* AN*. THE subscriber, being impressed with the great excellence of these Instrument*, and their adap tation either for *mall churches, vestry *, or parlor*, offer* them for *ale to the citizens of Portlaud and vicinity. The manufacturers have ths written te$timonm ol over a hundred of the best Organist* and Musicians, both foreign and native, to the effi-ct that they are superior to any lustruuieuls of'the kind that they have ever seen. Among the testimonial* of such as Thalberg. Morgan aud Zundel, 1* the following from Gottschalk : MaasKa. Mason A Hamlin —I congratulate you on the introduction of a uew Musical Instru ment, long wanted, and sure to find its way every household of taste aud refinement that can possibly afford it* moderate expense. Your (trbinet Organ is truly a charming instrument, worthy of the high prai*e it ha* received, and far superior to everything of its c!a*s I have seen. I take pleasure in commeuding it most heartily as every where wor thy a place beside the Piano Forte, to which it is a fine complement, from its capacity for rcuderiug much delightftil music, sacred, secular. cla»«ic and popular, to whiohthe Piano is not adapted.” GOTIbCHALK. New York. Zid Sept.. 1863. These Instruments may be found at the Musie Room* of the subscriber, where they will be soid at the manufacturers' prices. H. H. EDWARDS, Ho. 849 1-8 BU wtrt'a Block, UoncrM* Bt dfloft dtf Ncotch CanviiN, -NOB • A LB BY JAMES T. PATTEN A CO., Math. Me. BOLTS Superior Bleached ) islv/v/ 300 do All Long flax "Gov erumeut contract,” ■iflf •00 do Extra AU Long flax Arbroath. 90o do Navy Fine Delivered in Portland or Rostoa. Rath. April 20. ltMM aoflfdtf Coal and Wood! -AT TUB LOWEST PRICES FOR CASH, ORLIVKKKD TO AS Y PART OP THR CITY AT SHOUT SOTICH Our Coal Is of the very iiE&r quality, and war* ranted to give satisfaction. -ALSO. FOR SALK All Kindt of Hurd uh.I Moll Wood. The Public are invited to give us a call, as we arr bouud to give satis laction to ail who lavur us with their custom. OFFICE NO. 49 COMMERCIAL STREET. RAHDALL A HcALLISTXR »««3Q ly_ TO SHIP HI II.IIKKS. P. S. .V a. H liCK I NS, COM MISSION MKKtllANT8.»udwl,oU«l» and rniaii dealor. iu Sun- Iiuhik ,,i. I’uh llam lur sale al tlioir WUarf. Oaa i »aL Svi‘.vnr, K*ht Boston, ‘26O,*i<)0 Ltn +si aud Oak Treenail*, 2.0LMI uackmatack knee*, planed. Also W h i it Oa k Pla wk and rmuKii.CMkSTM'T Boaudh and Pla nk "hit* Pine. Dkck-Plamk, Ac Particular at tention paid to Furnishing Oak Plank by the Cargo, me hi! I d3m BOUNTIES & PRIZE MONEY. tlOO liounty lor Soldiers wounded in Battle. WE are prepared to obtain a Bounty of fluO for soldiers discharged ou account of wound* received. Bounty of *100 tor Soldier* discharged on account of ic umls received is kittle obtained (it papers on tile are correct) in three tree k* time Sp« cia* attention given to the collection of Prize Money, and claims against Oovernnuut. 8WHAT & CLEAVES, O OuntmllorH lit l.iiw, mch8 dtf No 117, Mid *1« St , Mussey's Row Scolfli C'uiivnsM. V BOLTS from the factory of David Cor f sar A Sons. Leith a sail cloth of superior quality just received per‘•Jura”, and for sale bv MulilLVEK Y, KYAN A DAVIS, mclfio ‘W 181 Commercial Street I’A HTICII'ATIOV. Portland Mutual Piro Iusurance Company. This Company will issue Polices to be free after the payment ol six, eight or ten l*reuiiums at the option of the insured and at rates as low as any other Company. I'he issue ot Free Policies renders it at the least equal il not superior to the Participation companies Office No 10*3 Middle St CHAKLFS HOLDKN, Pres EDWARD SHAW, Sec. i cb 16 dk w tf. business cards. W. W. CARR & CO tUvln* taken the fruit Store formerly ooenpted by O. HAWYER. INo. .*5 £ (change Ml reel, Are prepared to offer to the trade a large aad wall •ciocttrd stock of Foreign and Domestic Fruit I Wholesale and KeUut Ornuff«. Mpruee Guns, LaiCBfM Cmwmry Seed. Candle., Liaar., L*m*m Syrap, lleaey. Prune*, Cor** \ou. Klg*. Citron, Mala, all klade, Dni.., Olive., Ral.lae, T.kae.e, S.rdl.e., < l.arfc ^"•woy 1 aadlee mf all deeerlpllea oct» dtr F. M. CABS LEY, CABINET MAKER AND UPHOLSTERER, Ho. 51 Union Street, IS prepared to do nil kinde of CABIN P.T JOB BlNU in * prompt and latislaotory masser. Book and Show Oases made to order. Vffnrnitnre Made, Kepalred and Varoleked at „ SHORT SOTIC1C. Portland. May fin. IHek. t, IRA WINN, Agent, NTo. 11 Union St., If prepared to fkirakli STEAK ENGINES and BOILERS. of varlone tire, and pattern., Steam Pip tod Puitret, liU htri^ Jkkftiw, Pilltp, it, Liubt lluuen Woan of all deecriptivaa, and all kiade of work required In building foariru ATtona. IroaSlair* aad other Architectural Work. Honece. Store., and other bnlldinga. fitted with tie. end btenm in the beet manner. In connection with the above la an Iron foundry, with a large aeeortinent of Patterne. to which the attention of MacliiniMu.Millwrighto.and Ship-Bnild er» ie invited—and all kinde of fueling, furnuhed at ifaort notion. BWOrdur.for Machine Jobbing, Pattorne and forging., promptly executed. oetd|t MIMVEK’M SEWING MACHINES! WOODMAN. TRI E * CO.. AGENTS, Nwa. (4 aad 46 - • . - . Middle Street. Needleeand Trlmmlagealwaye aahaad. mehlttr A CARD. DR. S. C. FERNALD, UENTIST, No. 170 Miiltll Street. linuaon.Dra. Baoob and BataLia. Portland, Hay K. IsM. t, Dr. 1. If. HEALD HAVING dlapoeed or hi* entire Internet la hi* Office to Hr S C I fcKN A LH. woakl cb*erfkllv reocommend him to hi* former patient* nnd the peb lle Hr. PnKNun, from long experience, in prepar ed to ineert Artidcial Teeth on the Vnlenaite Bnaa,“ and ail other method* known to the profoaeioa Portland. May U. ISC* t> JOHN F. SHERR Y, ~~ Hair Cutter and Wig Maker, No. IS Market Square, Port' tnd, (ap ntalrn.) FTSeparate room for Ladle*’ and Children'* Hair Catting. A good dock of Wig*. Unlr-WIg*, Band*. Braid*, Carl*, Krizett*. Pad*. Boll*. Crimping Board*, An., An . ooantantly on hand le**'Mdlp Ft E O^VAL7 DR. NEWTON HAS removed hi# reeidence to So. 37 Middle Street, corner of JFmnkUn itreet. Office am hereto fur •, So. 116 Exchange Street, li Noble’s Block, ap stair*. Office hoar* from » to 10 A. M , from 2 to 3. and from 8 to 9 o’clock 1*. M. Dr. N. will coatinae, in connection with general practice, to give special attention to DISEASES OE FEMALES_ ooSldtf WOOD AMI COAL, CHEAP FOR CASH ! $9.50. CHEAP COAL. $9.50 riu.vrt LOT CHKST.WT COAL •» 60 V TOS. Sl’KING Mol'NTAl.N. LKIIII.H, IILZILTUN, Sl’GAK I.OAK, oLI> COMPANY LKllloH, LO CUST MOUNTAIN. JOHNS. DIAMONH. WKB8 TEKncd BLACK UKAfll. 1 lieee Coal* araj>( the very text iiuaUty, well <creea#d and picked, and warranted to give Rati* Met ion A Uo for nale beat of 1IAKD AND SOFT WOOD, delivered to nay part of the city. Omen Commaclal St., bead or KrankUa Wharl. S. ItOI NUB A SON. fehlrt dly WAICKFVS I t| PORVED FI UK AND WATERPROOF FELT COMPOSITION, -AID Gravel Roofing KOR KLA T ROOFS. K. MERSEY, Agent, JanM dtf No.S Union Street. FERTILIZERS. 1 w'.n bbuj cok s .sunt knos Lint. |0»)W | «,n I.I.OkllS’ “ »Mi“ LUI)1 I'oLUKKITk. „ 1*0" LITri.kHki.U S kOliUgkTIK. ror talc at taxiiuta^urrr’a pi ice. by KKMUI.I, A HUITNEV. kortland K.b. X, lx«4. f«bx dieJia Al.HKKT WEBB A tO., -DaaLaaa ta Corn, Flour and Grain, UKAU Ok MKKKILL 8 WMAgP. ( •■■•ratal Xaraat.. - kartlaad, Ma. IdM Colley, Burnham & Co., Cabinet Makers ami I ithulsterers, 368, Cunjgross Street, VKk prep ared to do all kind, of I'al.iuet and Up i h.dalery work, at the ahortaat notice. AU Furniiurk, I.onngk* A muttrr«itr( —constantly on hand— !* B. The public are invited to call and examine U* *h 1 utf BOOTS AA D SHOES f H. W. Ii«THH«ir^8 Middle street. ■ A 1 . 'There can h« found a large aaoortmeat ot fll Lad ie. , tient. . Moaea*. buya' aud louth. TWJ li.liionabl. HOOTS. SHoKS and iff «. UAHS ot the beet mauatkctun and at rea a>.n«tal« price* Hoot* aud Xu„k» made to taea.uie fk-om the beet t rrnch and American atock aud u mcbil d'J.1. U W * * L'*T« Bok. Mutlgulloti ‘Fittight — *T — T. B. I'AIISONS, — AT — Ho. 12, Deer Street, Portland. ('KNTI.KMkX, u. of Inatruction In t'racti* * cal Matication will lind an experienced teach er lie fa the only experienced Ship Meter in the Slat.,, who teacher Nav'nation, aud ia ,-pecially ap pointed to qualify kn.iyua and Malta Tor the V. 5. etnc/' inchxteodkm

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