Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, April 27, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated April 27, 1864 Page 2
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THE DAILY PRESS. POBTt.AHD MAIN* . -- Wednesday Morning, April JI, IHC4. ,__—# *—-■ The circulation of the Daily Pre»» is larger than any other Daily paper in the State, and double that of any other in Portland. Him -*7 00 per year: if paid etrictly »» ail •ones a diiouioo qf *1.00 will be made. The Pioneer ol the Aroostook Country. Oneot the pleasantest towns in Maino is the frontier town of Houlton. We know of no more beautiful rural landscape than is to be seen from the “barracks” in that town. To the North directly on the state line, is “Mars Hill”—not the spot on which an apostle stood to admonish the Idolatrous Athenians, and to preach the “Unknown Hod” whom they had worshipped only in their ignorance, but the Mars Hill which Kuglish diplomat**, prior to the compromise settlement of the “Northeas tern Boundary,” iusisted was the “Highlands” referred to in the treaty of ’8U, marking the northern termination of the line separating Maine from the "Bluenose” country. Mars Hill is verdaut to its very summit, and wheat fields yield their golden grains high up its sides, la all directions from the poiut of ob servation in Uoultou above referred to, is to be seen, in the distance, unbroken forests, snd yet there is a large tract of couutry of which Houlton is the centre, having all theusual ev idences of being an old country, so far as its freedom from stumps, its substantial fences, its level, well-tilled fields and its comfortable buildings are concerned; aud the stranger finds it difficult to reconcile the panorowa spread out around him with the fact that all this work of improvement, all this conversion ol the wilderness into a fruitful field, has been the work of the present century; and yet such is the fact. Indeed, not only was the first opening in the wilderness made within the r,*.>snnt onntnrv lint tin* ii'ft11 14 now living in Houlton who felled the first tree. This was in 180S—fifty-eight years ago. The Bangor Whig publishes an interesting communication, giving some reminiscences of this man and his early efforts In behalf of the settlement aud civilization of our eastern country. His name is James Houlton, which seems to have been transmitted to the town which he and his father founded. He is now eighty years of age, but retains the appearance and vigor of a man of middle life. He was born In New Salem,“Mass., in 17*1, educated at the Academy lu that town, labored on bis father’s farm till he was tweuty-one years of age, and then started for the New Salem Academy Grant, now Houlton, iu the then District of Maine. His route from Boston was by a sailing vessel—steamers were a thing unknown at that time—to St. Andrews, N. B., in 1800. He left the vessel at Kast|>ort. and with another man paid eighteen dollars to a fisherman for a passage in his boat across the bay to St. John. He worked his way in a row-boat up tire river St. John to Oromocto, and walked from there to Frederickton, the scattered inhabitants along the road—a mere bridle path—refusing all pay for their hospi talities, glad, undoubtedly, to see a person from the outside world, and feeliug that they, —rather than, he,—were the obliged party. From Frederickton be made his way, on foot and in boats, to Woodstock, some dozen mites from the place of bis ultimate destination, and there taught school iu the winters of 1805-0 and 0-7. During the latter winter be went through the woods by a “spotted line,’’ or by “blazed trees,” as the phrase is out west, to Houlton. The military road was built from Bangor to Houlton in 1828. Previous to that time, the only mode of communication was by the streams and through the woods. Mr. Uoul ton states that in J unc, 1800, he started for New Salem, with Mr. Win. Grant and Mrs. Cook, in a birch canoe, up Kel river. He says, “we carried our canoe three or four miles, on “our shoulders, and then put It into Kel J,oke. “and crossed overSchoodic Lake, aud through “that into Penobscot waters. In three days “we made our tour from St. John waters to “Sunkhaze, about twelve miles above Ban “gor.” Mr. Houltou's father, who appears to have removed to Houlton, built the first log house iu the town. In 1810 the first grist-mill was built aud a small saw mill. The vigorous and hearty oelogeuariau lias been one of the “institutions” of the frontier. He was, before the present fine roads were opened, the'only “magistrate,” or Justice of the Peace in his bailiwick, aud clergymen be ing uncountable, be enjoyed a monopoly of the marrying business. A good anecdote is told of him by the Whig correspondent, it it on this wise: a couple called upou him to be “made one flesh.” To their great disap pointment they were informed by the magis trate that his commission had expired. This was a most unfortunate dilcmna.for the couple were on their way to Baugor, through the al most unbroken wilderness, aud would find it sufficiently difficult and perplexing to secure tvu^iii^a nu u avwiuiuuuauuuh aillUU^ yUO ■parse population when a single room and a single bed would suffice; what then was to be done when a single gentleman and a single lady were travelling in company? Mr.Houl tou saw and comprehended the difficulty, and bis tact w^s equal to the emergency. He said, though his commission had expired, be thought he could marry them long enough to get tiirouylt the woods, when they could have the union made perpetual. He did so, and they got through the woods without unrea sonable inconvenience. Bohemian Relict Subscription. The Committee of citizens appointed the day after the wreck of the ill fated Bohemian, to distribute funds raised lor the relief ot the sufferers by that terrible calamity, consisting ofMessrs. W. S. Dana, Andbkw Si-kino and Hknbv Wii.lih, made a report of their doings at a meeting of the- subscribers to the fund, at the Board of Trade rooms, on Mon day forenoon. Wc should have given their report in full yeaterday morning, but it was unavoidably crowded out. The report says: The whole amouut of funds received by your committee has been $1,087.20, of which they paid for the relief of one hundred and twenty-five passengers the sum of $700.44.— Of the amount received. $128 was generously raised by the Irish American Belief Society. As the principal object of this Society is to relieve the wants o! their own destitute cuuu trymen, your committee deemed it no more lhaQ right to say, that if all the funds were not disposed of they would, iu consideration of the charitable object of their association, return to them their proportion of Iheamouut not expended. We have accordingly, handed them $00, which leaves an amount iu our bauds unexpended of $4:10.70, the disposal of which is now subject to the vote of the sub scribers. The Committee, having conversed freely with subscribers in relation to the disposition ot the surplus fund, recommended iu disty butiou as follows: Widows’ Wood Society, $200,'70 Portland Provident Association, 100.00 Association for the Belief of Aged In digent Women, 100.00 Total, $436.70 la addition to money the committee re ceived. in response to their appeal, large quan tities of second-hand clothing, which was dis tributed among the prssengers, “supplying a much needed want, as not one of them had a change of garments." tin motion of Hon. W. W. Thomas a vote was unanimously adopted directing the distri bution of the surplus funds in the bauds of the committee in accordance w ilh the suggestions of their report. The I.ale Untiles on Kfd River. Nkw Oki.ka.N9, April 15, lBtH. To thr Editor or thr Press. We have had a severe battle in western Louisiana, in which the Maine 13th, -’bth aud ;SUth regiments were engaged. The rebel lorces attacked tbe advance column of our army on tbe 7th, in which the cavalry were engaged, und not being sufficiently supported by iufautry, they were obliged to fall hack with considerable loss. The next day tbe 13tli aud lbth army corps were engaged, and the fighting was terrific and desperate on both sides. Our army was obliged to fall back witli a heavy loss. On the 9th the battle was renewed under more favorable circumstances and the tide of battle was turned in our fa vor. The bravery of the Maine regiments was fully tested, and to. the lbth army corps, of whicli they form a part, is awarded the honor of preventing one of the greatest disasters of the war. Col. Fessenden, of the 30th Maine, with his regiment, was in the thickest of the fight, and was engaged both days; he is highly compli mented for his coolness aud bravery, and was fortunate to escape unhurt. After the battle he was put in command of a brigade. Major Royal C. Whitman was severely wounded; a ball passed through his hip, making four open wounds; he was also hit in the baud aud side. He is comfortable as can be expected at St. James hospital, in this city, aud will leave for Portland in a few days.— Capt Geo. Randall, of Co. L, was wounded in the shoulder,—doing well. Lieut. Strout was killed. There were about 70 privates in the 30tli Regt. killed and wounded. The stand ard of the regiment was struck twice, but was bravely defended bv Sereemnt Sliaw anti was borne in triumph from the field. Captain J. S. B. Ham, of Co. C, 14tb Maine, was wounded iu the hip, and is doing well. Lieut. Win. F. Freeman, of Portland, Co. F, wound ed in the thigh, also doing well. I lyjve seen these officers, and understand that Col. Beals' regimeut lost no officers but did good ser vice. The army was advancing at the time of at tack oa a narrow road, the column reaching along some fifteen miles. The rebels massed their forces at the outset, aDd met our scatter ed divisions as they advanced, and it was not until the third day that we met them with equal numbers, when the tide of battle turned in our favor. The rebels fought desperately, and lost largely. I have just come from the hospital and am unable to obtain any further information of the names of the wounded. The list is com plete as far as relates to the officers of the 20th and 30th. General Banks lias been rein forced, and it is expected he will give battle with entire success. R. _ •• The 13th Maine Regiment. This regiment was recruited under the aus pices of Col. Shepley and was mustered into the service in No"ember, 1861. It went to Ship Island where it remained until May, 186^, when it proceeded to New Orleans, and was the third regiment of Union troops that landed in that city'. In September following it proceeded to Carrolton, and thence to Col lege Point, about seventy miles up the Missis sippi river. It next moved to Baton Uouge and Port Hudson, and thence to New Orleans again. After remaining in that city a short time, it proceeded to Doualdsville, and was in the Teclie campaign and participated in the battle of Irish Bend. In the charge on Port Hudson it was one of the first regiments that led the assault, and afterwards it rendered uselul service in the erection of earthworks at Madisonville. It was then sent to Camp Parapet, in Carrolton, where it remained un til Its departure for home. Col. Shepley having been appointed Briga dier General, Lieut. Col. Kimball was appoint ed to the command. In addition to the com mand of this regiment, Col. K. has been de tailed to perform other service, in command ing detachments which have been sent out to perforin certain operations, and lie has gamed credit to himself by his proceedings. Major Hastings resigned his situation and Adjutant Edwin llsley, of Lewiston, was appointed to the Lient. Colonelcy. The following are the officers who have re turned with the regiment: Colonel—Win. K. Kimball. Lieut. Colonel—Edwin llsley. Surgeon—E. A. Thompson. Adjutant—Lagrange Severance. Acl’g Quartermaster—C. H. Boswell. Captains—Winter,Thompson, Packard,God dard, Sewell. First Lieutenants —Wiggin, Kimball, and Skillin. Second Lieutenants — Richardson, Bean, Ayer, and Bray. Col. Kimball had not arrived in the city yes terday, having stopped in Boston on import ant business. We hope when he does arrive a welcome will be extended to him and his gallant command, either by our City Authori ties or our citizens. Dry Dock Meeting.—A meeting of the Stockholders of the Portlaud Dry Dock Co. was held yesterday afternoon at the Mer chant’s Exchange — Jacob McLellan, Esq., presiding. The President informed the stockholders that the Directors were not ready to report upon a location for the dock, as Engineers were still engaged in boring. On motion of Mr. O. M. Marrett, it was voted to proceed to ballot for a Secretary and Treasurer, and that the two offices be com bined in one. Messas. Marrett and Donnell were appointed to collect the ballots. Having attended to that duly they reported the whole number of votes to bo 555 Necessary to a choice 278 Capt. Charles M. Davis had 545 and was elected. Ou motion of Hon. J. U. Brown, it was voted that when the meeting adjourn it ad journ without day ; and that the President call a meeting as soon as the Directors are ready to report upou a location for the dock. The meeting then adjourned. -starring Affray.—An Irish soldier be longing to a Connecticut regimeut, named Richard Lilly, while in the New York train last Sunday morning, before reaching Spring field, charged one of a lot of marines from the Brooklyn Navy Yard, with stealing his purse. An altercation followed, when Lilly drew a dirk and cut and stabbed somewhat promis cuously. The only one seriously injured was Charles Bean, of this city, who received a se vere gash across three of his ribs, and a smaller but more daugerous one in the abdo men. He was also cut ou the legs aud knuckles. Beau is quite low but likely to recover. All the parties were intoxicated.— Lilly is in jail, ORIGINAL AND 8KLKCTRD XP~’First page—Gen. McClellan’s Report, showing how he helped “Pope out of his scrape.” Let no one tail to read this. X^'I-a»t page—Corrected Prices Current. ar-An extensive Tannery establishment I has been erected in Wiuu. 53T*The attention of John E. Cam. is call ed to an item in our Special Notice column. X#” Robert Purrington, Esq., at Rowdoin ham, is building a ship of about 1000 tons burden. ET* l'at Sullivan, one of the fellows who I have been engaged in house-breaking in BaL gor, was arrested on Monday, says the Whig. ET-A car loud of hay, consigned to Col' £. K. Harding, Bath, was partially burnt in that city on Monday last. Rev. E. Rand, who has been preach ing at the Congregational Church in Saco for a few weeks past, was presented on Sunday, by the young people, with a purse of $82. X#” Judge Dickinson presides at the S. J. Court for Androscoggin county, which com menced its session at Lewiston on Tuesday, 2tith inst. EP“ Lieuteuant.Strout of the doth Maine, reported killed in the light of the 8th on Red River, was the son of Nelsou Strout, Esip, of Durham. Uo was a due ollleer, and his un timely fate will cast a shadow over a large circle.—[Lewistou Journal. EP“ Henry Walton, a deserter from the Second Minnesota Cavalry, was arrested in Oldtown, on Wednesday. He made his es cape aud was taken again on Mouday at Bncksport. jy~We are indebted to Mayor Ham for the First Annual Report of the Receipts and Ex pen ill tu res of the City of Lewistou.for the Fis cal year ending Feb. 29th, 1864. It is got up very neatly. 2£F“(J. L. Bailey, Exchange street, has re ceived a large assortment of tlshing tackle, *c. Sporting men will find whatever they may require,either for the river or the forest, at his establishment. EF“The Governor has ordered the Lewis ton Light Infantry to proceed forthwith to Fort McClary, Kittcry, for garrison duty, to relieve the Compauy now there. They are to be mustered into the United States service for sixty days, aud every man is required to go or procure a substitute. KF-The St. Andrew Standard says, a young man named Joseph Harday, aged 21 years, was killed on Tuesday, the 12th inst., at Cram berry Brook, while loading ship timber, on the Railway Cars. It is reported that one of the slicks fell off the cars killing him instantly. Ilia remains were brought to St. Andrew, where his friends reside, and interred on Fri day last. EF-We learn from the Lewiston Journal 1 that J. I\ Packard, the student brutally as saulted at Norway on Saturday evening 17th lost., is quite comfortable and the chances for his recovery are improving. Yeaton the fath er and George the son, committed to jail for assault on Packard, have been discharged on bail. Joshua who dealt the moat murderous blows is still at large. 2F“Capt. James Hussey, of the 09th New York, late from Libby prison, In Richmond, will lecture at Yarmouth this evening, May 27tli, aud at l,ewiston on Monday evening, May 2d. Capt. H. drew crowded houses in Boston aud other places, lie lectured in this city, at the new City Hall, on the 18th inst, and entertained ail audience of more than twenty-five hundred people for an hour aud a half. The platform was well represented by prominent citizens, the military and naval officers. Hon. L. D. M. .Sweat is at home on a brief visit. He shows the effects of hard work in his thin flash and care-worn countenance. As Mr. S. remarked to us, though the life of a new member at Washington has its pleasant side, yet the constant excitmeut, the labor consum ed in becoming well posted, the time occupi ed lu writing and answeiing letters, and the care uecesary to do justice to constituents in forwarding doccumeuls, render such a life any thing but a sinecure. We dare say the peo ple of the 1st District will be considerate and merciful to their Representative, and not re quire him to endure such labors and hard ships—to say nothing of the exposure to the corrupting atmosphere of the Federal Capi tal-more than a single term. Doubtless there are those in the District who will consent to make the neediul sacrifice in order that he may not be overtaxed. Meeting ok tuk School Committee.—A meeting of the Superintending School Com mittee was held at their room on Monday eve ning, 25th inst. It was voted that the High aud Willis Schools should hold their session from 8 1-2 o’clock to 1 o’clock, from May 1st. to June 1st., aud from 8 o’clock to 1 o’clock, from June 1st., to the end of the term. Voled, to discontinue singing in the High School. A proposition was introduced to dispense with the services of a music teacher in all the Schools, which was laid on the table uutil the next meeting. The subject of salaries of teachers was ful ly- discussed and referred to the Committee of Estimates, who will report at the next regu lar meeting. It was agreed to hold the regular monthly meeting on the fourth Monday of each month. The Corrupting Power o( Greenbacks. The Argus, after an exultant paragraph on Gen. McClellan’s prospects of winning the great Sanitary Fair sword, is compelled to add a “P. S.," and then says in the most lach rymose tone: Since the above was in type we have re ceived the result by telegraph. It was as we hiuled some days since—the greenbacks of eboddyaudthe unremitting of the loyal lea £uer» proved too much for the friends of Gen. IcClcllac, foi though they are legiou they are not of the class drawing thousands of dollars from our poor country by rich salaries and contracts. The above ding at greenbacks, shoddy and contractors, is the finale to an article in which it is recorded with exultant spirit, that “Mrs. James Gordou liennetl subscribed $500 and a like number of votes for “Little Mac, "and that “Mayor Gunther registered twenty-six votes for Gen. McClellan.” The Liability ot Stockholders. The Boston Advertiser, in an artiicle on the National Banking law, regards the omission to forbid the paymeut of interest on deposites as a very serious defect. In allusion to this H says: The act forbids the issue of post-notes, but an equally mischievous practice, which is re jected by the soundest bankers of the coun try, is allowed. To permit this practice is to permit banks to become borrowers instead of lenders, and borrowers without limit,and pla ces the liability of the stockholders beyond all possible calculation. Hah.koad Accidest.—We learn that the freight train on the Grand Trunk railrood run olf the track near Island Pond, yesterday morning, at quarter past 5 o’clock, detaining the down passeuger train seven hours. The engine was badly injured. No one injured. BY TKLEGHABH -TO T*K KVKNINli PAPtlKM. —. t roin the Southirent. . Sr. Louis, April 25. < airo dates of yesterday, by mail, say the steamer \ on Paul, from New Orleans lttili. bad arrived. It seemed to be generally conceded that the battles in Louisiana had been against General Banks, for while the rebels remained on the ground after Saturday’s light, General Bauks retreated. Our army wa9 at Grand Ecore fortifying ou both sides of the river. Admiral Porter reported only tlvo feet of water at Grand Ecore. The gunboat E&stport was aground there. All the large boats were below, but the light draught ones were up the river. Prisoners state that Kirby Smith and Sibley were killed in the recent battles. The New Orleans cotton market had* de clined, prices ranging from Go to 70c; sugar active at 18 a 23 l-2e; molasses scarce at 85 a 89c. Galveston dates of the 4th say the schooner Mary Sarley, with 250 bales of cotton, was I captured on the night of the 3d, while at tempting to run the blockade. I he Harriet Lane, the English steamer Isa bella, and a hark were lying behind the fort waiting for an opportunity to run out. The Rebel* loili/ying on the Veninnuln. New Yoke, April 20. The Herald’s letter from Williamsburg, Va , 23d, says contrabands are again coming into our lines. Tka S-aluiL SWA _.1_I various points on the Peninsula, to provide against au attack in that quarter. Gen. Fit/. Hugh Lee is in the neighborhood of Charles City Court House, with a cavalry force variously estimated at from 3,500 to 6, 000. That place is garrisoned bv Pickett's old Jinfantry division, under Gen. EBay, and a regiment of heavy artillery is at Bromley's Station, on \ork River, and is throwing up earthworks. Troops are concentrating on all the inter mediate points between the York and James Rivers. Contrabands state that great excitement prevails among the scattered inhabitants, a 1 ankee advance being momentarily expected. From A rhailing. St. Louis, April 2*5. - Late Little Rock dates say Mr. Allis, of Jef ferson County, has been elected Speaker of the Arkansas Legislature. Mr. Carson, a member of the House recent ly captured by guerrillas, eseaped and arriv ed at Little Rock. The Legislature would immediately provide for the organization or the State militia, the raising of a revenue, and adopt measures to render it impossible for the rebels or Copper heads to grasp the reins of government. I.ongMlrerft Army Ur ported in the Shtnan doah Valley—Tho I'nion Army. Naw York, April 20. The Times Washington dispatch says ru mors are afloat that the whole of Longstreet's army is marching down the valley toward the Maryland line. The World's dispatch says Gen. Grant has taken measures to add numbers enough to the regular armies in the Held to make them irresistible. The Uuiou armies, when the shock of battle comes, wili be found in stiong er force than ever before. Prom Port Koyal. New York, April 20. The Palmetto Herald, dated Port Royal, S. C., 23d inst., says that Henry Schurr.aker and Henry Clark were shot at Port Royal on the 20th, for desertion. Eight deserters arrived at Fort Pulaski on the 20th inst., from Savannah. The captured steamer Alliance has liecu got off and arrived at Hilton Head with most of her cargo. Gniu and Loss in the Louisiana Campaign. A correspondent of the New York Herald, who accompanied the army of Gan. Banks lu its movement up the Red River, sums up the Federal gain and loss as follows : Our glius thus far are the capture ol Fort Do Russy, Alexandria, Grand Ecore and Natchitoches, the opening of lied River, the capture by the gunboats of 3000 bales of prize cotton, one half of which goes to the govern ment, and tile bringing of other considerable quantities of cotton to our markets. Besides this we have raptured, at Fort l)e ltu«sy, Henderson's Hill, Pleasant Hill, Mansfield and elsewhere, 2300 prisoners, including Mirce lieutenant colonels, six majors, and 30 line officers at Pleasant Hill, 25 pieces of artillery, any quantity ofsmall arms there ami at other points, 400 bushels of meal, 30 barrels of Itoef, aud a depot commissariat at PleasaDt Hill.— The material for at least two full colored reg iments has thus far been garnered in, ami the rebels have been deprived of the service of 5000 able-bodied uegroes, male and female, who have abandoned their happy homes and cast their fortunes with the Yankees. For age nearly enough to supply the immediate needs of the army, and beef cattle and horses have fallen iuto the hands of our advancing army. The losses are thus stated: Twenty pieces of artillery; fifteen hundred men in Gen. Hansom's corps; six hundred men in Gen. Emery’s division ; five hundred men Gen. Smith's Kith army corps; four hun dred men in the cavalry divisiou; one hun dred and thirty cavalry, divisiou and brigade wagons; twelve hundred horses and mules, including the great number that died on the march across the Tcche from disease. Review ol the Market, For the week routine April 27. 18*5*. prepared ex pressly tor the Pause, by Mr M. N Rich. N*te.—-We wish it to be understood that our quo tation, represent prices of large lots from first bauds, unless otherwise stated, and that in tillitig suiail or ders, higher rates hare to be charged ASHE®—We notice quite an advance on l'earis Aflhss. which we now quote llwlljc, and Pots 9II, 9jo p tb—sales moderate. APPLES—Green Apples are getting scarce, and there Is quite au active demand for sound fruit. Choice lots of picked Ru.setts hare sold during the week M t> bbl We quote 93 T.'.jj&oi \< bbl,accord ing to conditions. Dried a miles are a lilfli. are now he’d 9j ttloj lb tor sliced and cored. BREAD—There is a steady moderate demand for Ship Bread at #5 6(Kftti; Pilot Bread 9660(3(6 76, and Crackers #4 t> bbl, or 40e 100; prices Arm. BI CA RB 80DA— We notice a recent advance on Soda, and now quote « 8]c lb. HU TIER— Country Butter has been coming in quite freely for a week past, and prices have a down ward tendeucy. it «iit be observed that a decline t>f :ia,tc has taken place since tho dato our last. We now quote choice table 36u38c. and Country ball 30u.36c. There is no great stock of low priced Store Butter, and yrjces continue to hold nrmly up to about 38&?6c 4Mb. BEANS—There is a better inquiry and prices are gradually increasing in Armnets. al’tlu Ukh tales arc moderate. We now quote White Pea and Marrow Beans #2 6(kft2 02, and Blue Pods #2 37 a 2 60 1* bush. BOX SU<30KS-are dull oi sale, there being no demand at this time. We doubt if*a sale could •carcely be effected at 00c, although shippers are holding from 60 to 66c tor good Piue Boats. We quite o5@8£c. These prices are aomiual as there is little doing just now. Stocks are not large and shipment! have been limited for the past two or three Weeks. COOPERAGE—We notice a continued dullness m l inactivity in nearly every clais of Cooperage stock There is very little demand and transactions have been unimportant. Ucading* are dull at some decline. Soft Fine art held at 20@22, ami Hard do 26®27, and stocks ample. The stock of Hoops is light, with some demand, although shipments are light and prices remain stesdy at former quotations. CUER8I. -remains scarce- and prices are Ann and constantly advancing We now quote Now York and Vermont choice dairies l&a 19c, and Country 16 @lGjc V *b COKFEV—The market is very buoyant at the ad vances noticed in our isst, although transaction are very limited. We quote Java 60®#2c; Rio 465,48c, and Cape 4<\o,42c. COAL—There is a lair demaud for Coal from the yard at #11 60.O/12 lor White Ash, Lehigh and Frank lin, and #9 60(a 10 |> ton lor Cumberland. CORDAGE—The market for Cordage continue to rule steady, and wo continue our quotations w ithout change, a* tallowsManilla and Russia Hemp 22<4 23c; Americau do 184® 19: Russia Bolt Rope 22j«i,23, and Maudlin do 23ba24 . Cotton SaiiTwiue remains steady at #1 90® 1 25 lb CEMENT—We note a recant advanoe on Cement the market ruling Arm attl 90®2 00 l> bbl. CREAM TARTAR—Pure Crystals remain steady aud unchanged, with moderate sales at 70c, and Pul verized 40c lb. DRY GOODS—Trade has boeu aetivq far the past week, and Biles have been quite heavy. Dealers are firm at extreme prices. We noticed au advance ou the heaviar grades of Sbeetiugv and uyw quote heavy 3'-inch Brown- 40@4J; 36-inch do 27®33. aud 40 inch Hue 30®36. Heavy Cottouades and D. uinm are also higher. I here is not at present any pros pect of lower prices. DRUGS ANDDYUS The market has boon active with a brisk demand lor all »he leading articles, and prices for the most part hevn ruled regular. Indigo, Manilla flue has advanced to $1600.2 10; Maddox 18®19c; Him hard is firm at $3 Sabs of Saltpetre and Vitrol have been sold at an advance. Opium remains lirm at $1200 b* lb. In Dyewoods we note an advance ou Hypernic. Red Wood and Red ban ders. Other Dyewoods are without any change. DUCK—The Portland Duck Co are still engaged ou contracts to the full capacity of their mill*, anil prices are nominally unchanged, and we continue our last quotations as follows:—Portland N'ol Cotton Q Sfi* 11 ™ *1 >_art*; No 10, 70c; Navy superior, N o •1, ?1 11; No 10, «6c. Ravens Duck 62c. FRUrTS—Rabins are quiet hut steady and firm at previous rates. Currants are in demand at harden mg priets Orarges and Lemons have again ad vanced, and the market is buoyant at to 50u|t5 50 p«*r Box P< auuts are lirrn at our quotations, although there is a more ample stock iu market. 4 IS If -1 fere is a continued nctite irquiry for good dry Fish, hut the extreme scarcity and limited stock prohibits any considerable amount of business. 1 rices are nominal}* unchanged, except for Mack erel, which have again advance 26®50c 8> bbl. We now quote No l’s $1G®17, and No 2 s $1^12 50 bbl. I he fleet are now actively engaged iu fitting out for the Bay. 6 FLOUR.—Karly in the week there was some reac tion in the market, and the extrema buoyanc no ticed at the close of our last report receive*! a check consequent upon the decline iu gold, but the activity of the market thioughout the week having so much reduced stocks that extreme prices have been fully recovered, and the market was very firm and buoy ant towards the close of the week at our quotations. Stocks a ^considerably broken up. Purchasers take up readily, and theie is tut little solicitude to sell on the part of holders. Receipts have been moderate for the week. 11KRS Prices remain linn and unchanged at d>a76c for Live Geese, and 4<>s60c for Russia. GRAIN— Corn has further advanced since our last a* stocks are light and there is no prospect of any immediate receipt* ot consequence. Dialers are now holding old Western mixed 91 46®l 48. Sev eral thousand bushels have been *old"within our range at of quotations during the week; Southern yo!*)* is firm at *1 4‘2a| 46 \> bushel Rye is firm at an advance and weuow quote $1 56® 1 60 Oats are quiet b .t firm. The stock in this city yesterday waf esfimat*U at 260,0 0 bushels. Barley is quiet 0. and Fine Feed $4b(d42 p ton. GUNPOWDER—Prices remain steady and uniat and we continue to quote Blasting $6964, and kifle and Sporting 65.98. GLASS—The tendency of Window is upward. HIDES AND SKINS—The demand from the trade continue- moderate, and, owing to tlie rise in Gold and Exchange, prices have an upward tendency. II AY—prices continue to rule steady at #23 p ton for pressed. L>ose Hay has been selling moderately at quotations There is quite an active demand for Straw at #9 p ton HOPS—continue in steady demand for consump tion, with no change iu prices. IRON Prices for all kinds of Iron continue to en tertain an upward tendency, stocks being light and much broken. Common English we now quote Refined t>i^6Jc: Norway loic: Sweden §1 • <ierm*n do '»S». »nd Spring Steel 12/o,14c. Sheet Irons continue to rular firm at previous prices. LKATHFK—There lia> leen no irapoitant change m the Feather market during the put week but a continued ileumnd lor mod deaertptiona of ,lock Sole baa been in good re.|ueat, and priced contiuuo nnn with an upward tendency lor lighter grade* TheN 1. Commercial Shipping FiatHemlock Sole ha, beeu in good demand ulnoe ourlut and price, liave advanced le It,. The reerfptaTrum the tannerie, are very .mall, and dealer, are unable te lill th»ir order,. Oak Sole i, alto In good demand at about previou, price,. The dock i, llcht. The inquiry fur French and Americiu Calf Skin, i, mod erate, and. iu cou,cqu-oce of the ri«c in gold Dricc have slightly advanced. LUMBER—is iu active demand, both for building purposes a* well as shipping, especially for Spruce Boards. Wo now quote No. Uganda's clear Pine #3>a40 p M ; No. 8 $26@30, and No 4 #KXiM aud Shipping 923926; Spruce #17 fe20; Hemlocji #10(aI2 U M Spruce scantling and Timber arc* scarce at #14 «lI _ar® very scarce and tirm. Hackma tack Timber #10920 p ton. Clapboard Heart Extra are selling at #33; Clear do #30981; No. 1. #13916 Sap ( Icar 1.1 a2o; do 2d> ; 8pnic> Extra are worth #17 00 <£20 00, and No. 1 #12al3. Shingle* Extra Pine are quoted at #4 <>>«/, go, and Clear Pine #8 60tt3 75. Extra shaved Cedar Shingles are worth $3 87 94 00; do US #32&*3 50 p M. Laths Hue are #lo<>92 26. ami Spruce at $137a,l 60 P M Our quotations for box shook# and cooper age will be found elsewhere. LI ME—remains quiet at previous prices, as the demand is very limited at this season, and sales are light. LARD—The stock o( Lard in this market is light and prices are very tirm at some further advance We now quote both bbls and tub* at H;916J. METALS \Ve notice a decided advance for both t ig and Sheet Tiu, aud now quote Banca 6-8. oAT© Straits 54960; Char I c #16 50*917; do I X #10 60 £20, »ud Coke #15« 15 50, MOLASSES—Arrivals have been quit* large dur ing the past week, amounting in the aggregate to •i939 hhds, 430 ?cs and 142 bbH, of which some 2000 trhd» were for this market, the balance was on Cana dian account, except one cargo for the Sugar House A por ion bad been sold, to arrive, up to the close of the week price# had not been siifficienily effective to d/oluc# any decline, although there was less buoy ancy to the market towards the close. Salve have been quite large and confined within the range of our quotations elsewhere. The barreness of other market*, together wiiti a desire on the part of job bers to pur* base has e Co ted to sustain prices. NAILS—We notice n recent advance on cut nails and now quote 5ot«td 76 per cask NAVAL STORKS—Turpentine remains firm and steady at recent advance* and we oontinae to quote 3 60(38 75 per gal Resin is also higher and is now held firm at #44 00&48 00 per bbl. OAKUM—Beet Navr, which we now quote Ufca 13c |> lh. wi*h a continued upward tendeucy from these prices. ONIONS—The market for Onions remain very firm at recent advance*, and we continue to quote #G 7537 25 P bbl, or 2 62@2 70 p bush. OILS—Kerosene oil remain* quiet and steadv at 70c fbrnuOO gal lots. 72*c for 6 bbl lots, and 75c for small lot*. Linseed ha* again advances], the market closing tirm at #1 6&9I 67 for raw. an* $1 70t«l 72 for boiled. Fish oil# are quiet and steady at $32 a 34 for Bay and #85937 for Bank. Lard and Whale re fined is very linn at #1 8O.9I 36; sperm winter has recently advanced to $2 12 u2 20 p gal. Castor Oil remain steady and firm at 2 WX&2 36 4/ ga! PAINTS—Nearly all kiuds Paints and Lead have undergone a further advance. Portland Lead iu oil we now quote 915 50916: Cumberland do $150001 15 50: French Zinc #1225*12 75; American do #U @11 50: Pure Dry Lead II 50g!5; Litharge aud Red 15c p lb PLASTER—continues to come forward freely and prices are yielding gradually. We now quote Haid #2 50. and Soil Windsor #3 p ton. Ground Plaster remains steady at $7*37 60. PRODUCE—The Produce market has been active with a good demand for all kiuds, exceeding the supply r°v many articles, which has had a tendency to advance prices. Potatoes are quick at au advance and we low quote $2 75@8 00 per bbl. or %ca#l 06 V bush. Egg4 remain quiet aud steady at the de cline noticed in our last, and we continue to quote i 18@80e p down. Bn<ter is not as firm, and ha* a drooping tendency. Beef has advanced, and we now , quote fr**h p carcass 12 13c. PROVISIONS—'The#pecu!stive demand for Pork, hisei upon short supplies, continues, and the market 1- M 0Q(&1 25 higher, with a heavy business both for immediate and future delivery Wo now quote Extra Clear #2*9*30, Clear #2-«92y. moss #2txA27. and prime #22(923.p bbl Round Hogs are nominal ot 129124c, as there are few if any in market. City smoked flams are now held firm 179174. and Wes tern 16917c |> lb. Beef has advanced SI 50@2 00 |> bbl. and we now quote Portland Mess #18.,L jg 50. and Fxtta liens #2&ft20 *7) p bbl. RICE—is very scarce and prices have advanced. We now quote India 10@lftjc f> tb. RUM price* continue to advance from day to day Portland dlstUlel Is firm at #1 60 p gal. and in com mon wit 1 all kinds of spirits is unsettled aud buoy ant peudiug the action of Congress iu increasing taxes, Ac. SUGARS—The market has ruled more regular for the po*t week and with le-s buoyauce, though there ha* been no retrogade movement in prices and dealers are unyielding iu their views (.rushed, granulated and powder* d continued to be held ye**^ terday at 23,924c. Muscovado iG^lKjc; Havana Brown ldJ^aOc; Port laud A A lfiic and‘yellow It so 1Mb. The N. Commercial List, of'his week, says:—Owing to the *u.ldeu|tall in gold, and the simultaneous arrival of about 15.000 hhds* the mar ket became quiet aud much subdued iu tone, prices being irregular aud unsettled, favoring buyers, a portion of the previous advance was lost. The large arrivals, however, come to a bare market, aud are not looked upon as likely to depress it, inasmuch a* k ha, a I ronil v n <nM l.« >l<in'. i and affording k fuller assortment, a better inquiry it is believed will envue. Ueflnod has beeu sold at 24c for crushed. SALT—All kinds Salt is very linn with a heavy demand for Ilshiug purpose- and an unusually light slock in market Livurpccl aud Cagliari has ad vanced to #4 5*va<5 00. lurks Island remain steady at M 2'».a,4 75 V hhd SOAP Wo notice an advance on Soap of all kinds Leathe A Core advanced their prices this naomina as foliowi —Extra No 11 lie: Family 10c: Oleine llj; Soda 11], and Cranes 11c. SPICES—With a better demand, there is more toe© to the market, and lor tee most part prices tend upward. We notice a rec*-ut adv ance on Nut megs. which we now quote at 1 4<>a 1 45. and a slight advance on Cloves, which we now ouotc ut 55c tb. Pepper has undergone some decline, and we now quote 42 $48c !> tb STAKCH—A recent alvance lias taken place on Pearl Starch, which is now selling iu thi.- market at 10®!0j |> tb, and Portlaud 7&-7|c. TEAS—The market has been quiet, aud prices have ruled more steady tut firm at tioe^^l 05 tor Commo • Oolong; *1 00@1 10 for choice do, Nyg)90 p tb for Souchong, Ankoi. ami lower grades TOBACCO—The market is very firm and prices buoyant at our present quotations'. We notice that in New York the market for manufactured has been active, with iu av y sales from stocks on hand, as well as large contracts being given out to manufacture for future delivery. WOOL—The demand is very light both for Do mestic aud Foreign, but the market is buoyant aud prices strong under the preva’eut belief that Con gress will impose a considerably higher scale of duties before the close of the session. FREIGHTS—The recent numerous arrivals have had a tendency to reduce rates. togeth* r with the dullness of all kinds of Cooperage igCuba markets. But few vessels have, however, been taken up during the week liit- ff&tlowii M all the en. incuts that have come to our knowledge:—Hr bark Old Dominion, for Havana, with Shook-*, »t 17c, aud Lumber at 9i 50 DM; brig Prentiss Hobbs, hence for Triuidad aud back to Portlaud, at 90 to hhd for Molasses, or £5c p 11 lor Sugar, foreigu aud do mestic charges paid. Sch Jennie Morton has chartered lor Port Royal, S C., to tgke liny at 910 p tou aud Oats at loo 9* Nsfcrt • DAILY PRESS STOCK LIST. For the week ending April 2T?1864. ... . wwamriD nr wm. h. wood, block and Fxchange Brok. r, Kxcf.sngcSt., Portland Description Par I'a/iic. Ofcred. Atkrd. Gov« rnmentos, 1881,. ■'112 Government 5-2n. j(lg jo7 Government 73-10. l,iy jjq Stale of Maine Bonds,. 103 iu Portland City Bonds. ion i.w Haiti (Jitr liunda, l<u nig Bangor C ity Bouds, 20 years, KrJ 105 Calais City Bonds, 1./2 105 Bank of Cumberland. 40 48 BO Canal Bank. loo lug I08 International Bank. (new),. 100 l04j l'*5i Casco Hank.lort Kf? 109 Merchants' Bank,. 75 79 SI Manufacturers ft Traders' Bank. 60 5*) 52 Mechanics'Bank,.UK) s5 90 Portland Company, 100 60 tif* Portland Gas Company,. 60 00 66 Ocean Insurance Comjiany.100 106 106 At. ft St. Lawreucc K. R.. .. Hf> «2 do. do. do.. Bonds..100 90 92 And. ft Kennebec It. R. Stock, 100 6 10 do. do. do., Bonds.. 100 9« 98 Maine Ccutral R. H. Bonds. 86 88 Androscoggin K. R. Stock,. 60 worthless. do. 1st Mortgage Bonds,. 76 86 Ken. ft Portland K. It. Stock,. 100 worthless. do. do. do., Bonds. 100 90 100 Portland A Forest Avenue K.K 100 1U2 104 Portland Glass Company. 100 none for sale. Portland Shovel Manulac'g Co. 100 none for sale. Portland Steam Packet Co., 100 none for sale. Richardson's Wharf Co. loo 90 100 Cape fcliz. Wharf and K. Co.,. fs> nominal. SPECIAL NOTICKS. Notice. The journeyman House Carpenters of Portland are requested to meet at the Ward room iu new C*ty Building, Thursday evening, April 28th. at-7} o'clock. per order of the Committee Portland, April 26. 1864. ap28 d2t Notice. JOHN K. CARL, recently of Syracuse, N. Y., by oalliug at the Freeman House will learn something to hi-t advantage. Portland, April 26. 1864, ap28 dtl Look ! Look 11 SEND mo SI by mail, and I will nend in return Twelve Gold Plated Dgllara, making a i eat veat ohaiu Addreaa UKES8EU S One Hollar Jewelry Store, tv Exchange Street, Bo* 132, Portland Me. apr21 d3w The Patent Belle Monte Skirt-. A full .Mortmeot of the*, celebrated SbirU m tbe new.tyle it ANDERSON’S. HOOP SKIRT AND CORSET DEPOT, mch23dtf Under Mechanic*’ Bill. THOMAS G. CORING, DRUGGIST, -AND PRACTICAL TRUSS FITTER, Ceruer of Kirhnuxrl FcdrralSlV A perfect fit guaranteed. Tbe poor liberally con sidered. mch26dtf SPRING DRESS GOODS KOW OPENING. C. K. BABB, mchlo No. 9 Clapp's Block. "Bay Me, and I*U do you Good.” Use Dr* LangleyN Root and Herb Bitters For Jaundice, Costivene-*. Liver Complaint. Hu mors, Indigestiou, Dyspepsia, Files. Dizziness,Head ache, Drow»in<*s, an«l all diseases arising from dis ordered stomach, torpid liver, and bad blood, to which all persons are subject in spring and gumiuer. They cleanse tlie system, regulate the bowels, re store the appetite, purify the blood, aud give sound ness of mind aud strength of bodv to all who use them. 8o'd by all dealers iu Medicine everywhere, at 26,60 and 76 cents per bottle. (»KO C. GOOD WIN k 00., 37 Hanover 8treet, Button, Proprie tors. ap2 dim Cough* »tn*l Colds* • 1 he sudden changes of our climate are sources cf PULMOX4UY. Bku»< HIAL and AfcT!IM4TK A rrxr* Tioxe. Experience having proved that simple rem edies oilen act speedily when taken in the early stages of the disease. r« course should stonee be bad to “Brown'* Bronchial Troche*." or Lozenges, let the Cold, Congli, or Irritation oi the Thioat be ever so alight, as by this precaution a more serious attack may be effectually warded oil. Public and Sixosus will tin<1 them effectual for clearing and strengthening the voice. Soldiers shculd have them, a§ they can be carried in tbe pocket, and ta ken as occasion requires. apr8. dfcwlm Waxtkd, by a young man from New York. (20 rears old,; thoroughly trained to business—writes ati excellent hand, quick and accurate at acooun**, a situation as assistant book-keeper or general clerk, in a respectable bus!oe** establishment. Best of re commendations from former employers. Salary not so much an object as bu«iu<s*. Enquire of W H. Hadley, Street Commissioner's Hoorn, New City Ilall. apr20dlw DRUNKENNESS CURED. Aud all Desire tor intoxicating liquors can be sure ly, speedily and permanently conquered I bt med icine can he given without the knowledge of the erson, aud is a never-failing remedy Scud stamp r circular. L. D CKFSWKLL. apr20dlru Box 18U6, Boston. 8oxo do XT.—Ws have tried the Fragrant *4 8o*o dont," and cordially agree with huadred* of others in this city who have used it, in pronouncing It one of the best and most fragrant articles for tne teeth and gums that has ever been introduced to the pub lic.— For tland Ary a*. HP" To cure a cough, hoarseness, or any disease ef the throat and lungs, use Ho wee’s Cough rills. Bold by U. H. Hay, Portland, aud by druggist* generally jan27 dA w3m* ITThe Pont Office is directly opposite Harris Hat and Cap 8tore. * feb29 tl BAILING OF OCEAN STEAMSHIPS. STB A W EB FUOM FOB SAIL* Borussia..Southampton New York April 2 Asia.Liverpool.Boston.April 2 Hammonia....Southampton New York Aptil 2 kangaroo IJrerpool New York April 6 Australasian. Liverpool.New York.. April 9 fcklinburg.Liverpool-NewYork. Aprilli Damascus.Liverpool. ... Portland . April 14 Arabia. ..Liverpool.Boston..... April 16 Bavaria. . Southampton NewYork. Apri!16 Scotia..Liverpool.New York April 23 Africa .Liverpool ... Boston.April 30 Germania ..Southampton.New York. A|ril 36 [The steamers for Portland leave Londonderry one day alter leaving Liverpool.) Borusaia.New York Southampton April %) Nova Scotian.Portland. Liverpool.... April 30 Hammonia .NewYork . liam burg.... April 30 City of New York New York. Liverpool... April 30 Hammonia .NewYork Hamburg April 30 Australasian.New York Liverpool.May 4 Brunei New York Braun May 7 Arabia...Boston.Liverpool . May 11 Bavaria.New York.. Hamburg . May 14 Scotia.. .New York Liverpool_May 18 Hau-a .New York . Bremen May 21 Gerraama .........New York Hamburg.May 28 Corsica ... New York Havana April *23 Illinois.New York Astdnwall Anril23 Ariel.>*w York Aspinwall . April 23 Havana New York Havana... April 25 Evening Star— New York.. Havana April 30 IMPORTS. B \ BRIHGTOH, NS-Br sch M McKenzie. 10 bbls Tongue* and Sound*. 5 qtls Pollock Fish. 2 bales Hag*. 2 boats Lgg*. master; 17passenger*. PAttKBHoftO, NS-Br sch Mary Fia*er, 46 cord* wood, order. MINIATURE ALMANAC. \ <7. Bnnriaai............4 69 | High water,. 3 15 Sun sets...6 65 | Length of day*..1367 Thermometer...3 o'clock A. M 45 dig _■A—TO,_ In t!il« city, 24*h, by Kev Henry D Moore. Mr Win P Skilling*, of Portland, and Mis* Julia G Bean, ot Bethel lu this city, 25th. by Uev Dr Bosworth. Mr Edward Bradbury, ot Bo*tou.and Mi** I*Hen 1' Roberta, ot P. In Lyudon, James Hart and Miss I.oui-a Everett, both of Forest villa. DIED. lu th s city, 26th, Mrs Anna, wife of Abner How ard. aged 06 years 8 months. vB^" Funeral to morrow (Thursday) afternoon, at 3 from NoHOafordst. Relatives and friend* are In Tiled to attend. lu this city. 24th, Mi*e Julia A Tucker, aged 43 In Cape r.liz abet h, 25th, Kuftis Dyer, aged 67 years 8 month* tBr*Funeral to-morrowi Wednesday (afternoon. at 2 o’clock, from his late resideucc. Relatives and friends are invited to attend. In thi* city, 24th, Mrs Mary J Ward, aged33 years 3 mouths. t IT"Funeral thi* afternoon at 2 o'clock, from the Congress *t Methodist Church. lu Westbrook. 23d, Warr»n Sparrow, h Bl ' Warren and Auu W sparrow, aged 7 year* 18 da>* | In IJuoolnville, Oliver Maiming, aged 73 years 4 month* 15 davs. lu Bath. 23<1, Mr Robert S Clarke, aged 33years 9 mouths. jn B'ookline. Mas*. 23d. Mrs Catharine Reod, wife ot Win B Hardline, aud daughter of John It Swau ton, E*<|. cf Bath, aged 34 years 4 months. MARINE NEWa PORT OK PORTLAND. Tur«lur . April 20. ARRIVED. Steamer Montrewl. Prince, Boston. Steamer New England, Field, St Johu NB for Boston. Sch Dashing Wave, Canary, Providence. Br sch Mary MeKeuzi*, Crowell, Barrington, NS. Brseh Mary Fraser. Petti*. Varrsboru. NS. Sch G W Cummings. Boult, Bostou Sch Planter, Cook, Friendship Sch Oriole, Bunker, kft Divert. Sch J S Carver, KutnrM. Salem Sf”1’ *r»“kf rt for Boston. Son Sun, Gray, Bangor for Salem Sfc.TO'L^' Bangor for Boston. Seh Splendid, Farahara l>amari*cotm Sell Prudent, I 'erkms, Bangor for Boxton. * cPhcebe Ann. 1'aruLtni, Bangor tor Boatou. Sch /one, Nickerson, Bangor for Bo-ton Sch iiedry Clav, Mercer. Hancock fur New York Sch Imogene, Hopkius, Boston lor Trenton CLEARED. Sch E G Willard, Parsons, Philadelphia E u Wil lard. Sch Ke von Uappuch, Kelley, Boston, A U Leon ard Sloop Hector, Morse, Halit, J N Winslow. (by txl. to mkk< harts’ kxchangh.) Baltimore. 25th, ar brig W Nickel*. Portland. . **“[lladelphia, 25th. ar sob* Waterloo, Calais. Har rtft Blake, E F Lewis, and Lady Suffolk, Portland . Micnigsn, Calais notice to mariners. XOVA8COTIA-CAPB BKETON ISLAND. WAht'tcY.i^f c‘,"’u 1 "bwrf-TIm Board of *r*m h" *1"“" that <>u or about the 20ih day ofNoi.mber, l»«i.a will ha s,. hibited from a light-houae recently ertcli d ..a < i boux or Bird I aland, at the entrant to bt Aon. a Bajr. on the east coast of Cape Brot« n 1-land The light is a revolving light, show lag alternate ly red and white fashes at interval- of oae minute It k plaaed at an Hevatioo of77 feet above the levei ol high water, and should bo se ;n iu clear weather from a distance of 14 mile*. The tower stand* about one-thir! ofa mile from the north end of Cibonx Bland, in lat 46 deg 2d inio. 10 sec , B, !on 60 deg f2 mlu. i*» sec. W of Greenwich. TLSKKT RIVER The light-honse on Fish Island, at the entrance to Tu*ket River, on the SW cca*t of Nova Scotia is not in the courts of con»trvcticn. By order: W. B. Sill BRICK, Chairman. DOMESTIC PORTS. «.K<i-nT0JLlSldn'rith- brilt Alt>«r*i. l>«w. Bangor; sch k.Uzabeth B. Burge**. Portland. EDGARToWN—Ar IStb. *cha Albion, McCloau, 5k.T \°,rkJor, R"ckl»nd: J*«ph V Arne., Bennett, Philadelphia for Saco. Elisabeth, of Bangor, boond E. . » ,Ant®Bie. Thestnip, Matanzas 12th: •chs Hilliam. r Icteher. Macbia*; Light Boat. Clark, v ii5rt* Hersey, Pembroke: Occanico, w»«i Henry A Wade, Waidoboro; J Baker, Barbarick, Portland Cld sohs Roan, Perry, Harrington; Ophir. Snow Penobscot. Ar 26th, schrs Maria Lunl, from New York for Sa lem; Georgia, Gilchrist, Potomac River, for 1 hom astou. irswiCU—8IU 23d. ecb* Boxer. Sutton, and Gen Richer. Grant. Bangor. IIOLKES’S HOLE—Ar 23d, PM. aeh* Kate, fro fctben. New York far Bo,t..u: Marls l.nnl. Tr»cv do for I'orilsod: Funny Krstlng. “hilad.-lphis for do; Col May, Coombs, do for .Salem; Leader. Chas ter Knar, lla. for St f.eoraa: Lu/ie t.lover, sad Covmua. Stolaoo. Kocklaad) L A Kempt. Portland fbr Baltimore. Ari4th. aeh C B Jones. Freeman, from Tangier Va, for Portland. • * 8Id sobs Maria Lunt, Nil DMiieramlutn, Ada Her bert, 8 B Wheel* r. Li/ze. and I. A Swett. 8 AM. wind 8K— In port, *cti« Honest Abe; Aid • Fanny Keating. Col Eddy, C B Jones, a«d I M Hor ton. BALIJMORE—Ar23d. brig t aroline, North, Mw tanzas: saha Czar, llamiuoud and States man, Nick erson. New York ; Minnehaha. Leach. do PHILADELPHIA—Cld 23d. aeh Campbell. Soule Portland. aAr?'l *chs C Fantauzzi. Wooater, Kastpcrt; Har riet, Baker, Webber. Portland NF.W HAVKN—Ar 34th, tab Lochfel. Fuller, Cal ais. PKOY IDENCE—Ar 26th, sah Martha Maria. Nor wood, Calais. 81d 23d. Mb' Dashing Ware, Ct nery, Rockland via Portland: ‘Jith. Carrol). C rockett: l.ucy .1 Warren (of Deer Islet Warren. Philadelphia. FA Mi TUCKET—Ar 23d, seh Counsellor, Whitmore Calais. 8Id33d, seh Elizabeth. Tornor. Calais (or New York according to wind). NEWPORT—Ar 2*d. achs Flias Dudley, (of ( am den) Nye. Ehzab* thport for Boaton; Grape Shot, (of Bock sport) Snow. New York for Boston Ar 24th. sob Ontario, Dodge, Eluabethr.ort tor Cal ais. 8Id 25th. *rh Ottoman, (of Bangor) Billings, Bccks K>rt for Philadelphia. " BANCiOR— Ar 24th, brir Abner Taylor, Gulliver Cardenas; schs Kannibai. Went worth.'Flizabcthrort' A Hamlin. Lanail: Eliza <'rowel), Smith. and « oria thian.Tapley. Boston ; Highlander. Williams Salem Ida May, Arey, Newburyport. Cld achs James. Wluchcnpaw, aid Sarah Hail Pierce* Boston: Fred Hahn Salem BATH—Ar 2frtb. sah Elisabeth, Choptaak Hirer. Md; Henrietta, do. FOREIGN PORTS. Ar at Trinidad lib inat.. sch iviward Kidder Harknen. Cienfnegos. 14th. barques Harmon. Buck ley and Ibis. Hatch do. brig Elizabeth, Berry. Gu antanamo. Ar at 8t Jago 6th. Br brig Argylc, Smith, Naw 1 ork. Sid from Havana 18th, bar Harriet Stevens. Cor bett. Memediofl: brigs Hampden. Snow. Magna. C»o ens, Lozier, Philad* Iphia. 14th. do Paragon. Hatch. Cardenas and Bangor; lHh.brig J L> Lincoln, Web ber, do. In port 19th inst.. barque D C Yeaton, Pole, one Gea Berry, Hooper, sud F.noch Benner, Benner, tor do. Aloozo, ( Bn Gunn, lor do; I’ochahontar (Br* Morrell, for New York ; I n on. Orr, nn< brigs us rail E Kennad), Hooper, for New lork: olive Fraoces. Small, for Boston . Daniel Before, Tucker, and James Davis.(Staples, unc: Needless. Hr Mitch ell. for Port laid Geo Burn bam, Thornton, for Port land ; Charlena Means, for Gea Wort*. Cop pel as unc; Amelia. Lowe, for sal*. raftsman, Connor, for New Orfea )»: Ellen, Creighton, Goaza lei; Kata Carlton, Bowden, tfor Boston. Baltic. Grant, for Prank fort. Freights—Charters for New York direct -Ameri can-hip Eno^h Benner, 4000 t «*»•«*. hbri**t«g, and boxes *1]; do Kitty Simp on. do do ; Br bat quo Alonzo, dodo; d> Ariadn*. 1VW do do for Portland American brig Geo Burnham. 6ti0 hhds molasrr^. 33f per 110 gallons each: brig Charlena. to load at Sierra Mor^-na, 84 do do; for Philadelphia, Am brig Hampden, 880 hhd* rnolssse*. Xagua 431 per 110 gl ; Br barque Fannie Liutoln. 600 hhd* «uaar. Sagua •t 88) per hhd: for Boston, do barque Jane Rosa, 500 hhd* aukar; 86; per hhd . North of llattara*. do *10 aar»n*e j r .spencer, to load at Sagua at fsj per hhcL Aw at Matania* 12th inst, brig Moonlight, KinaJf, Key Waal; 13 h.schr J B Litchfield. t rackett. sier ra Horen* and sld 16th for Port laud.) Also ar 13tb, brig Wap poo, Dolan. Portland; rchr Quickstep, K'chardson. <lo Sld 12th. sohrs Starlight. York. N 1 ork . ldth.Loch Lomond, shute. N \ ork; J W DrUko. Buck man. Philadelphia. aid 12th, brig P R Curtis, Lucker. Portland. schr Mary AW-idv Delaney. (Quebec; Udh. brig Auu&u dale. done*. Portland. Ar at Cardenas 12th. bri^ Young Rt public, Libby. Portland. * Sld 12th. srh F A Heath. Wil'dam*. fbr B< <*?ou : 12th. brig* John Ua’hawav. Townsend. New York. 14tb, tlojrge Amo*, C*omU. do: II Connor, York. B*«ton. schr Busily. Curtis, N Orleans; 16th. barque Sulio e Pauno. Philadelphia; brigs Manlius Martin, do. H K W hitler, tltitohin*o*i. Bouton Sld 12th. brig* B Yoaog. tilth*. Boston: 14th. Sineoe. i Hr) Hammond. Portland : A Lincoln. Bib ber, do. SPOKEN. April 11. 3d miles N W of Tortuga*, am* pt«^| ship Westmoreland, from Portland for Hear Orleans April Id. lnt 23/. len 7S 16. brig b A Heath, from Cardenas for Boston A|d 23. lat 3d 4», lou 72 50. brig J W Treat Balti more for Arecibo. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. GUNS, RIFLES, REVOLVERS, And all the Accompaniment*. FISHING TACKLE! The ft*it Assortment iu the City. 0. L. BAILEY, 42 Exchange St. April r vodtr Hour on Sprlnc *fr«-«-t lor lair. PI RSf ANT to a License from Hon. John A. Wa terman, Judgo ot Probate. 1 hereby oiler lor •ale the House and Land, belonging to the Estate of Jedediab Jewett, late of Portland, deceased, and it not disposed of at private »a a previous to the first day of June, shjGl sell the *ame at pubho auction oj that day, at 3 l^M., on tbe premises The houet* is a two story Cottage, built in the Gothic style, finished throughout hard and soil water in abnndauc* . with Ga* Furnace- the latter put in last Fall. —Bath-Room aid ottui modern convenience-*, iucludiug a fine large Coax-rvalary. Connected with the hous; is a garden in high state cf cultivation, eontainiug b ruit l rees, iome of rare species. Strawberry and brape vine*, together with an abundance of choice plant*. The lot is 52 feet on Spring Street, running back 132 feet, more or less, and in the rear is open to Park Street bv a passage way. which with the passage way Irotn Spring street, are to b* kepi open for tue benefit of the abutter*. There is a free Policy of Insurance on th* House. For term* apply to FRANKLIN FOX. Administrator, 169 Coramerciai St. April 26.1 '*64. apr2t> eodkw3w. Ktiutovatlo Sugar. * *i Kllll DS Choice Muscovado Sugar row land III r iugf -orti Bark Sebra Crooker, suit fbrstie by HO CUM * A1 ON, Mo. 1 Central W harf. Portland. April 26. 1*64 aprl>42w For NikU% l HE TWO STORY HOUSE on Sumner nlia ^rwl* No 13, containing ourt- *n finished room* and Closet room, ca'cultttd tor two famiiiv*. terms ea«y. Inquire ot o. N (.UldMj, No 22 St. Laaraacc street. ap27-d2w* Waokd liiiinetlinlrly. A Young Lady to attend a Fancy (.cod* Store. aL'\ None but an exp rletccd h*no uif*1 apply •p27 dtf HERMAN GKUUTAL. TIUK subacrlbur hereby give* nubile notice to ail . concerned, I hat be bar been duly appointed and takeu upou himself the tru«t of Aunuistrutor de bonis with the will atm* xed of the estate of WILLIAM Sir.YENS. late of Westbrook, in the County of Cumberland de c-a*ed. by giving boud a* the law direct*, he there fore request* all person* who are indebted to the said deceased *eslate, to make immediate payment; xud those who have any demands thereon, to exhibit the tame foe settlement to FREDERICK FOX, of Portland. Westbrook, March 1, 1364. w8w*-J/

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