Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, April 28, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated April 28, 1864 Page 1
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PORTLAND DAILY PRESS. • i • » • # I , -f-*. * • i i ■ ■■■■■ I _ __1■.. 1 1 ..- -1-'-> ..1-J!-J..- I I VOLUME III. PORTLAND, ME., THURSDAY MORNING. APRIL 28, 18G4 WHOLE NO. 500. PORTLAND DAILY PRESS, JOHN T. GILMAN. Editor, Is poblishtd at No. 82* EXCHANGE bTHEET, by N. A. FOSTER & CO. Til a Portland Daily Psrbb is published at $7.00 per vearA if paid strictly In advance, a discount of • 1.00 will be made. (Jingle oopies throe cents. Tub HI ainkStatb PhkhkIs published every Thurs day morning,at $2.00 per annum, in advance; $,' 25 if paid within six months , and $, if payment be delayed beyond the year. Kates of Advertiaing! One inch of space in leugtb of column, constitutes a "syl'AKK." • 1.50 per square daily first week; 75 cents per week after: tare* insertions or less, 91.00; continuing eve ry other day after first we* k, 50 cents. Half square, three insertions or less 76 cents; one w«ek, 81.00; 5<) cents per week after. Lndur head of Amcssmsmts, $2.«X) per square per w«*.’k . three insertions or less, $1,60. 8pboial Notice, $1.76 per souare first week, •1.00 per square after; three insertions or less, $1.26; half a square, three insertions, $1.00; one week, • 1.26 Advertisements inserted in the Uaisi 8tatb Pan** t which lias a large circulation in every part of the State; for 60 cent# per souareiu addition to the above rates, for eaoh insertion. Lb**al Notic mb at usual rates. Transient adwrtisemeuts must be paid for la ad vanoe Bosimc** Noticbs, in reading columns, 12 cents p$r line for one insertion. No charge less than fitly oents for each insertion. COMMUNICATIONS. letter Irum the Blockading Squadron. Dobay Sockd, <Ja., U. S. S. Huron,) April 8, 1804. ) To the Editor of the frees Although our life is far from one of activi ty we feel that, in enduring a voluntary ex ile from the comforts of home, couiined with in the narrow limits of a gunboat for two years, with only a mail semi-occaaionally, we are entitled to some credit for patriotism.— The Huron has been in commission twenty seven months doing blockade duty in the South Atlantic Squadron, during which time kaan in,ve.. Ine(„n««a n„» rvtlx.r vessel on the coast, having captured alone six btockaders,—some ot them very valuable —ran ashore aud sunk live, and assisted -in the capture of seven iu which she shares; making as good a record for two years as any one can show. We are now stationed at the mouth of the Altaraaha river, in Dobay Sound, about Af leen miles from Darien. We came here five months ago, aud since that time have captur ed one steamer, the Chatham, bound out with cotton, and two schoouers, the Dely Nassau and Sophia, bound in with assorted cargoes, very valuable. We have also run on shore aud destroyed the sell. Syivauus, bound in with a cargo o( liquors and' merchandise. Hardly a day passes but oue or more refu gees escape Irom the main laud aud arrive safely on board. For tbe last two mouths we have received the Savannah papers quite reg ularly, as most of the refugees are deserters Irom the Georgia regiments stationed near there and doing picket duty on the coast. When the sight of the old flag and the thought of Uncle Sam’s rations are an incen tive to leave the Confederate sham aud star vation, they can't resist. Only the other day the Chaplain, a Captain and l.ieut. in the nth Georgia, deserted and came oil' to the “Lojlo . ua,” a few mileB above us. The Captain's company of about eighty men were on picket. The Chaplain came down to the shore to get some oysters, but thought he could get better North. Tbe same night these officers were de serting to the Lodona, three of their men were dadling a long “dug out” down Dobay Sound to tbe Huron, and imagine their surprise to ; learn that their officers had beat them several hours. One private from the same regiment came on hoard the Huron with his wife and child, very destitute, aud instead of being ■hot or hung and his wife insulted as they were told they would be treated, a room was parted off’ with canvass for them : they messed in the steerage on invitation of the steerage officers, aud were sent North rejoicing, with good clothes aud seventy-live dollars of Uncle Sam's currency in their pockets. The Huron’s officers are — F. H. llaker, Lieut. Commander, comd’g; Win. Mills, Mas ter and F.xecutive officer; W. U. Baldwin, do.; Chas. Stewart, Paymaster;('has. P. Roebuck, Chief Engineer; S. B. Kenuey, Asst. Surgeon; Messrs. Conuor and Henderson, eusigus. Each officer will receive a very handsome share of prize money. If you w ith you can hear from us again, for we shall have another prize soon. Yours, Pokti.asd. An Exciting Scene at Niagara Falls. ' The Niagara Falls Gazette has the follow ing account ol an extraordinary ice jam in the Niagara river a few days since, and the uarrow escape of several persons: “A change from the prevailing easterly wind to the opposite quarter brought down immense quantities of the ice from the lake last Wednesday night. For the Aret time, we believe, iu the recollection of the ‘oldest in habitant,’ the ice formed a complete dam across the rapids between tbe bridge and the upper end of Goat Island. With the excep tion of a few rods in width near the main shore, the rocks below the ice dam were bare. It was safe walking where usually Hows an impetuous flood. And yet it was not quite so safe, as was proved Thursday morning, when several young meu wandered over the barren rocks, and visited a boat that hail been lodged there for several weeks. While en joying a walk, which we of this generation may never again hear of, the ice dam gave w ay and the vast volume of water, probably from five to ten feet, came rushing through. The dam soon disappeared again, and the boat that had remained Axed against the or dinary torrent was swept away and over tbe cataract. Of course there was a hurrying toward the island shore and the paper mill pier. Some escaped with a little wetting, while others barely escaped with their lives. A young man named Barlow was obliged to leap from one to another of the floating cakes of ice, aud fully appreciating the necessity of making land before being carried too near Ibe cataract, lost no time in leaping from the last cake, and swimming several rods to shore. Those who witnessed the scene describe it as exceedingly exciting.” Civilization vs. Ilurbnrisni. With a magnanimous enemy the venom of war ceases at dcaUi. No true soldier has re venge to glut on a dying foe. After that last decieeof Heaven has fallen,to Heaven is left . the rest; and infamous is the animosity which pursues au honorable opponent into the pre cincts of the grave. A soldier should be, a true soldier is, a Christian and a gentleman, it is re lated of that brave Confederate General who will always he famous iu history as Stonewall Jackson, that, on hearing a citizen of Win chester inveigh against the Union forces in outrageous terms, he rebuked the offender thus: “You aud I have no right to our hates ; personal rancor is the lowest expression of patriotism, aud a sin besides. We must leave these things to God.” Our own record may not be entirely clear from unsoldierly actions, aud for the Southern part, the mutilated bodies of the slain at Bull Kun, the unutterable atrocities of East Ten nessee, are still too fresh iu remembrance.— Every instance of dishonorable warfare should be uoted for stern reprobation. We have been informed that Commander Kowau, in temporary command of the South Atlantic Squadron, learns definitely from a refugee who was until the 1st of March employed as nurse in the hospital at Charleston, of the death of First Lieutenant C. II. Bradford, of the U.S. Marine Corps, who was captured at the at tack on Fort Sumter in September last. Pre vious to his death, which occurred during the latter part of September last, he met a former friend, a I)r. Mackie, through whose influ ence a burial was secured for him in the Mag nolia Cemetary, but subsequently, at the in stance of the citizens of t'harhston, he was disinterred and re-buried in the Potter's Field. The malignity of the act needs from no comment.—[Army aud Navy Journal. MISCELLANEOUS. IS open Day and E\ ruing, fora Thorough Business Education. Located ItsSo. Hanson Block, middle M„ No. 161. Scholarships good in any part of the United States _fii: Principal has had 20 years experience; is always on the spot, and attends to his business; and prom ises, as during the past 12 years, no pains shall be snared in the future. Five hundred references of tne tire i class business men, with main others of this city, willtmUh to the practical utility, capacious ness and completeness of my systems and manner of teaching, and citizens of other cities have testified to the same. Diplomas will be awarded for thor ough courses. Able Assistants secured. Bartlett's Plan, the founder of Cotamercial Colleges, strictly adhered to as regards not copying. Certain times will be devoted to Commercial Law elucidations — Come all who have failed to be taught a business haud-writing and I w ill guarantee to you success. Applications solicited for Accountants. Separate in struction given. Students can enter any tiro*. Sep arate rooms lor Ladies. Tuition reasonable. Intri cate accouutsadjusted. Ladies and tieutlemeu that desire to take lessons, or a tall, or a separate course, in either Book-Keeping, Navigation, Commercial Law, Phonography, Higher Mathematics, Civil En gineering, Surveying, Native Busiuess Writing. Commercial Arithmetic. Correspondence, Card Marking, (and teaching from printed copies and Text Books will be avoided please call, or address the Principal. H. N.BROWN. Portland. Dot.2.1963 oo29 eodfceowl fashionablejclothingT AU«. F. YORK, Merchant Tailor, Having token the elegant and commodious store NO* 104 MIDDLE STKEET COBSKlt or PLUM, Invites the attention of Gentlemen to his rich in voice of Foreign and domestic Cloths for Spring and Summer w ear, all of which have just boon -elected from the largest and host stocks in New York and Bo ton. and will be made up to order and with despatch in the latest styles—FULL MAT CURD SUITS, COATS, PASTS or VESTS, a- may be desired. FURNISHING GOODS in great variety, and suited to the tastes of all. con stantly on hand. FRESH GOODS RECEIVED EVER Y WEEK. 104 MIDDLE STREET. Portland, March 8,1864. eodtojunl SPRING & SUMMER OPENING! A. D. REEVES, TAILOR & DRAPER, NO. 98 EXCHANGE STREET, Has just returned from Boston and New York with a HIGH AND FASHIONABLE AB&o&TMKXT ON Cloths, Cassimeres and Vestings, Of every variety and style, (including many of the most unique pa ft erne of the season.) which he pur chased for rank, and consequently can give au ele gant “nit out" at the LOWEST CASH PRICES I lie invites hi? old triends and customers, and the public generally, to call aud examine his stock. iiaviug enlarged his store by the removal of his work-room above, ho has accommodations more ex tensive for the display of bin goods. April 8, 1864. dtf BAILEY AND NOYES, DEALER* IN PAV1FAV HANGINGS, WK purchase our Stock of Boom Paper from the largest Manufacturing Kstahlishnir nts in the United States; carefully selecting from their large stocks, the sew pattxunb only,- anil such as are adapted to this market. This year the styles aud designs are very beautiful, and we have a hue assortment, appropriate for every style of roan*. We invite those in want of ROOM PAPER to examine our patterns, be'cre pdrchasing elsewhere. They are bought here for cash, aud we can afford to sell at a naih pujik. 11.41 LEV AMD MOVES, HooksellerM and Stationer*, 50 1 58 Exchange Street, Portland N B. Country dealers will find it to their advant age to give u» a call, if in want of Uoox Pairk. uicbw 2m Jk w JEWETT llKOTIlfcRS, Commission Merchant*. 23 South St., New York. ft. C. JKWKTr, I i. L Jtwrr r. j Particular attontion paid to purchasing Flour. Corn. Grass Seed, Provisions and Groceries. AUu to the sale qf Consignments of Pr**luce. — SEKKE TO — Hon. Hannibal Hainiin, I „ .. Meai't*. Flake 4 1»... J Bangor, Me. Messrs. Hersey, Fletcher k Co. I _, •' Jefferson Coolidge k Co., J lort.and. " Khen C. 8tanworth k Co , Boston, Mass X. <. AHbiiu Kni I iikiIi.i. U» Washington Long. lu«j., Eat. t port, Me. ap201meod JAMES EDMOND & CO." COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 13 LIBEKTV SQFARE, . . BOSTON Are prop.rfd to order xt favorable rate., COI.T NESS xndGLKNGAKNOCK PIG IRON, Ai-o, BAR, SHEET, If BOILER PLATE IRON, of English and Scotch Manufacture. W© shalleontiuue to receive, in addltiuo to our American Brick, a regular supply of ENGLISH, SCOTCH, A W ELCII FIRE BRICK inch 11 eodOm J. W. SYKES, Purchaser lor Eaatcra Account or LOUR,GRAIN, SEEDS, PROVISIONS, LARD, BUTTER aud WESTERN PRODUCE generally, Particular attention given to .hipping by onlckeft and oheape.t route*. No. 163 SOUTH WATER ST. r. o. Box 471. CliicuKo, Illinois. RxrxuiwrMe—Me*.r. Mavnard A Son*; n. ft W. Chickering; C. II. Cumming* ft Co.; 8 G.Bnwdlear ft Co.; C'harle* A. Stour: ilallett, l>avl* ft Co., ol Boston, Ma*.. Cashier Elliot Uauk, Burton. J. N. Bacon, K*q., Treridelit Newton Bank, .Tewton. C. U. Collin: Warren Kllia ft Son*. New York City )y# '63 dly JOHN F. ANDEKSON, Surveyor and Civil Engineer, OFFICE, COI1MAN BLOCK, rachi? d A wtf Tkmtli Stukkt. INolii*. I have this day given my con William K. S« all hia tiuip to act aud trade for luiuttell. I shall claim none of his earnings nor pay none of hi* debts after this date. AlaON/.o SMALL. Wittier S. A . DAKroiiTH. Raymond, April 21,1804. ap2odlw Notice. A LL persons a*e hereby cautioned against I ar /Y boring or trusting the crew of snip Keinzi, from Cardiff, as no debts ol thoir contracting will be paid, by the Master or Consignees. W M. MURPHY, Master. April 22d, 1*14. apr23dlw* Removal. DU LH U Wit* has removed to No. &0 High St., corner of Congress Portland, March 17, 1801, bcl? dt| WANTS, LOST, FOUND Board Wanted IN a private family, or where but fuw boarders are taken, for a gentleman, wile aud daughter. F air accommodations and moderate charges. Would furnish room if desirable. Inquire of C. D., at No. y.'., commercial Ft. apr23eodlw* Wauled limned lately. RARK opportunities for bu loess are offered at T£i, Congress St. If you waut and in«au bus* iuesa, don’t uegleet lor a ringle day to investigate. apra3dtf it. CHAPMAN, Ja. Wnnlrd. k Female Pastry Cook at Dartou'»Oyster Saloon. S3, Congress St. aplbtf WANTED! 1,000 WOMEN, To make Army Drawers. Also good Pant Pasters aud Finishers wanted iu the shop to make ARMY PASTS. None but good workmen wanted. Apply at the rooms iu FREE STREET BLOCK, over the store one door north of Tolford’s. No work given out or taken in Monday forenoons or Saturday afternoons. ffcb'29dtf 8. W. HUNTINGTON. $200 Reward. ARK W A It D of Two Hundred Dollars will be paid by the owners of the Ferry Boat H. U. Day, for the apprehension of the person or persons who maliciously damaged said Boat, ou Monday night last. Portland, April 6.1864. d8D* W anted.! Second-Hand Candle Boies, At No. 90 Portland Street, Portland. Ian7 dtf . Wanted. TO an experienced American Woman, desiring a good home, a situation is offered as housekeep er in a small family where she would be treated as one She would be required to take charge of and do the cooking and rhamberwork, see to the wash woman, and do the ironing. The work iu the whole would be light. Pay 1.60 per week. Jbn uuiro 8*> Kxehaoire St. BREED Al TUKEY, NO. 60 UNION STREET, Manufacturers and Wholesale Dealers in Boots, Shoes, Rubbers, Shoe Stock and Findings. importers of Srrges, LastiiiKS mid UiMMillnss And the ouly M tnnfacturers of KID AND GOAT STOCK in the State. Haring had large experience, and be ing importers and manufacturers, enables us to sell the same articles as low as they can be bought in Iloston. We have always takcu especial pains to give our customers URLIAHLR GOODS, aud be lieve none have given better satisiactiou. Country dealers are invited to examine oar stock before pur chasiug. Particular attention given to orders re ceived by mail. febl0d£w3m FEUCHTWANGER & ZUNDER, NO. 81 MIDDLE 8THEET, (FOX BLOCK), Are Again in the Field — WITH Divisions, Brigades & Regiments! _o,_ NEW AND FASH ION AII I.E DRY GOODS! FOK THE SPUING. Lad i«*s of Port laud and vicinity are respectfully invited to call aud see th** many btautiful style* ol Foreign and Domestic Drcsi Good* JEST RKt'KIV E l> I Also, the great variety Hoiixc FtirniHhing Good* ! Such as Brow'ii and Bleached Cotton Sheetings and Shirting*, Table Linens, Drillings, 1 ickings, Denim*, Stripes, Ac. Also, just receiving, the latest styles ol handsome Spring Balmoral Sit-Ins Aud the most fashionable S/’RIS'G SHAWLS. A complete stock of CLOTH* AS1> CASSIMERKfl, FOK BOVS* AND MBITS WKAK. CLOAKINGS! CLOAKINGS!! An elegant assortment. We are ju*t ready to manu facture to measure, at the shortcut notice, any of the new aud desirable Spring Cloaks. Warn-uted to suit. I'EUCUTWANUEH A KL'NDLK, (VOX BLOCK), NO. SI MIDDLE STKEET, PORTLAND, Mai an. P. S.—Ladie* need uot a*k for good* from the wrecked steamship Bohemian, as we have none but sound aud fresh goods, which we warraul as such, aprltt FOK SALE, Oh.oa,p for Cash! A URLAT VARIETY OF CMILDREN'S CARRIAGES, Uitd I'n.eii, Rot-king lIorM--, I.utlie* Work ttnd Traveliu^ Uuxkelf, Toys Marbles, l*0BT MON A n s. LADIES' RETICULES AND VIOUN STRING*, WHITING EESK8, WORK liOXEB, Ac. — BY — W. D. ROBINSON, 20 Exchange St. me h 14*8 TO MERCHANTS. TMK undersigned having greatly increased their facilities for manufacturing HOOTS AND SI lOKS, and having large experience in tnai uranch, would call the attention of the trade to the same. We shall in future he much tetter able to supply the de mands of the trade then heretofore, and are confi dent that in the quality, both of our stock aud work, we can give satisfaction, ah wemauufactureexprcss Iy for the retail trade. 1 hose buying for cash will find it to their advantage to look atour stock, which consists in part of RUBBERS, SOLE and WAX LEATHER, FRENCH and AMERICAN CALF, French Nip, Lemoine and Jodot Calf, Coat and Aid Stock, Serges and Webs, Boot and Shoe Machinery and Findings qf all kinds. Mr. Kdmcvd Likbv, late of the firm of Messrs, j Cha*. J. Walker A Co , has associated himself with us, aud relying on his many years experience in manufacturing, wc are confident in making the above statements. TYI.F.K k LAME. Portland, Feb. 1. 1864. febti d4m. SHERIDAN & GRIFFITHS, (Successors to Joseph Gray k Co.,) PliASTEREIlS, PLUM k URVAMBATAT STEM k MASTIC MORBUS ARK now prepared to ftirnish the public with Center Pieces and all kinds of Plaster Orna ments as cheap as any other establismeut in the State, and at the shortest notice. We*will also give prompt attention to repairing Plastering, Whitening, W hite Washing aud Color lug iy Please leave your orders at No. 6 South street opposite the Riding School. teb25 d8m NEW ORLEANS. S. D. MOODY Sr. CO.J OoinixiiHuiori Merohant, (17 Tchoupi toulas at.. Now Orleans. I.a. References: Baker k Morrill, lioston: Franklin Snow k Co., Benton. Wise k Mussel), li'ston; C. Nickerson A Co., N. 1 .; Rich A Co., St. Louis. tf" Particular attention given to Consignments qf vessels, Lumber, Hay , Oats, fc. inch23 nSm Notice. W ULRICAS 1-aac A Davis, a boy that has been living with me since he was an infauf, has left iny house the fifth day of this mouth, this is to notify all porsonhthat 1 shall pay nodeb’i of his cou tiactiug after this date. t ALVIN P. DAVIS. North Yarmouth, April 18,1864. ap!8 dSw* MISCELLANEOUS. A SPRING SUPPLY FASHIONABLE GOODS, -roR DOATS, PANTALOONS AND VESTS. obtained during the last week in New York . and Boston, may be found at the store of WILLIM C. BECKETT, illcrchnut Tailor, Nl, 137 Middle Street. 8«»me of these Good-, which have been recently imported, differ much iu color, texture and finish from tbe style* that have continued iu vogue tor a >car or two past, ami are considered very elegant. Beside* these ami other Good*,—comprising all the varieties for fashionable wear, at the same place may be found a good supply of Standard Geraina, French* and KnsILH Broadcloth* ai d Doc iu* lor genteel suits; together with style* of Vratiug* selected with a view to suit all ta*tes. Also, exceileut goods for Spriug Overcoats, Eng lish Walking Sacks. Paletot*, and other Busiuesa Coats, with plate* of the latest styles of Cutting and Finishing. No. 137 Middle Street. JU. mch29 d6w Mason & Hamlin’s CABINET ORGANS. THE subscriber, being impressed with the great excellence of these instruments, and their adap tation either for small churches, vestrys, or parlors, offers them for sale to the citizens of Portland and vicinity. The manufacturers have the irrtffew tetttmony of over a hundred of the best Organists and Musicians, both foreign and native, to the effect that they are superior to any Instruments of the kind that they have ever seen. Among she testimonials of such as rbalberg, Morgan and lundel, is the following from Gottschalk : "MatiPKfl. MAeon k Hamliu:-! oongratullte you on the introduction of a new Musical Instru ment, long wantod, and sure to find its way into every household of taste and refinement that can possibly afford Its moderate expense. Your (abmrt Organ is truly a charming instrument, worthy of the high praioe it has received, and far superior to everything of its class I have seen. I take pleasure In commeudiug it most heartily as everywhere wor thy a place beside the Plano Forte, to which it it a One complement, from its capacity for rendering much delightthl musm. sacred, secular, classio ana popular, to which the Piano is no^^adaj?t4»d/^ New York. Md Sept.,im These Instruments may be found at the Mesie the manufacturers' prices. H. S. EDWARDS, No. 849 1-3 Stewart’. Block. Consreu Bt dt»o5 dt* _ CHAPMAN. Jr., Patent and Hunincnn Ag» _j# ency, No. 229 Congress Street. CLOTHES WRINGERS at wholesale and retail. Agents wanted (in every town). Call at 229 Congress Strret. HAWSK’3 Pulley Elevating and Revolving Clot ken Dryer for; sale at 229 Congress Street. AN improved JFiaIcrwkeel, unsurpassed by auy yet invented. Models at 229 Congress Street. 1>AKTIF.S having capital to invest would do well to call at No. 229 Congress Street. MONEY is being made by those who hare invest ed at 229 Congress Street. A SPRING BED, which, for simplicity and dura i\ bility, is unsurpassed. Samples at229 Congress Street. N'OTHINO ventured nothing gained in thcmaxtm at 229 Congress Street. JC8T received a new lot of Amidon's Premium Wringers at 229 Congress Street. 1 FUND LET Repair's Wringers atui Lamps at .229 -IV Congress Street. inch24 dtf WILLIAM A. PEARCE, P I, I M B SB H ! MAKKU OB Force Pumps and Water Closets, NO. 1‘il EXCHANGE STREET, PORTLAND. MK. Warm, Cold and Shower llatha. Wash Howls, Brass At Silver Plated Cocks, L'VERY description of Water Fixtures for Dwsl 2 ling Houses. Hotels. Public Buildings, Shops, Ac., arranged and set up in the best manner, and all orders In town or country faithfully executed. All kinds of jobbing promptly attended to. Constantly on hand LEAP PIPER. SHEET LEAD and BEER Pi. MPS of all descriptions. ap9 dtf M. PEARSOnT Silver Plater, AND MAMUrACTUKKB OF SILVER WARE, 238 CongroxA Rt.,Opp. Court House Portland,Me. tN^All kinds of WAlUC, such as Knives. Forks, Spoons, Cake Baskets, Castors, Ac., p.ated in the i- bI naaasr. Also, REPAIRING and RE-FINISHING Old Silver Ware. Jau29 dtiin Neoteh Cnnvnw, -rot 0ALB BY JAMES T. PATTEN A CO., Hath, He. Ort/h BOLTS Superior Bleached ) eUYj\J 900 do All Long llax "Gov- | », eminent contract,- \ Ai“J*?Lk,» •00 do Extra All Long llax [ Afhroath. 900 do Navy Fine J De iveredtn Portland or Boston Hath. April9ft. 1W3 toll dtf OonT and Wood! -AT THB LOWEST PRICE8 FOR CASH, DELIVERED TO ANY PART OP THE CITY, A T SHOR T NO Tit 'E. Oar Coal is of the very BEST quality, and war ranted to giuMMlisfaction. -ALSO, FOR SALE All Kind* o! Hard and Holt Wood. The Public are invited to give us a call, as we are bound to give satisfaction to all who favor us with thoir custom. OFFICE NO. 49 COMMERCIAL STREET. RANDALL & UcALLISTER »««aoiy_ FARTICIPATION. Portland Mutual Fire Insurance Company. This Company will issue 1'olice* to bo free after th© payment ot six, eight or ten Premiums at tin* uptiou ot the insured and at rates as low as any other Company. The Issue ot Free Policies renders it at the least equal if not superior to the participalica companies Office Mo. 1(B Middle St. CHARLES HOLDEN, Pres. EDWARD SHAW, Sec. Feb 16 dkwtf. Dissolution. rp HE Copartnership of J. STEVENS k CO .is this JL day dissolved by mutual consent. All Persons indebted are requested to mate immediate payment to either partner. JOSHUA SI EVENS. April 2, 1884. C. 11. HASKELL. Copartnership. \ \ r E hav e this day farmed a Copartnership in the ▼ v name of 8JIUKTLEFK tt CO., and will car ry on the Wood and Coal business. Also Watering the Streets. JOSHUA STEVENS. April 12, 1864. SIMEON SHURTLEKF. . apr 12 9w Contusions Disease*. Chapter 14th, Sections 90 aud 32, of the Revised Statutes : Ski t. 30 When any disease dangerous to the public health exist# in a town, the municipal officers shall use all possible care to prevent its spread and to give public notice of infected places to travellers, by displaying red flags at proper distances, aud bv all orhet* means most effectual, in their jadgment, for the common safety. 8kct. 32 When a householder or physician knows that a person uuder his can* is taken sick of any such disease, he shall immediately giv© uotice there of to the municipal officers of the town where such person is, aud if be neglects it he shall forfeit not less than ten. nor more than thirty dollars. The above law will be strictly enforced JOHN 8 UKAI.U, t«bl2tmayl City Manhal aud Health Officer. BUSINESS CARDS. W. W. CARR"^COT Having taken the Fruit Store formerly ooenpicd by O. SAWYER. No. 9 Exchange Street, ▲re prepared to offer to the trade a large and well selected stock of Foreign and Domestic Fruit! Wholesale and Retail Oranges. Spruce* Gam, Lescnget Unens, Canary Seed, Candies* Limes, Leiuon Syrup, Henry, Prunes. Cocoa Nats, Figs* Citron, Nuts, nil kinds* Dates, Olives, Raisins, Tebacce, Sardines, Cigars* Fancy Candles of aM description, oote dtf F.M.CA RSLEY, CABINET MAKER AND UPHOLSTERER, Ho. 51 Union Street, IB prepared to do all kinds of CABINET JOB BING in a prompt and satisfactory manner. Book tnd Show Case* made to order. OTTuraitare Unde, Repaired and Tarnished nl SHORT NOTICE. Portland. May », lSSk. If IRA WINN, Agent, No. 11 Union St., It prepared to fnrniih STEAM KHGIEBS and BOILERS, of various sites and patterns, 8t«u Fife lit FiiUm, lilltarii^, Sbftik^, Palleya. ke. Liuht Hocea Won* of all and nil kind, of work reqaired In building FonririoATioxe. Iron Stair, and other Architectural Work. Honeoe. Stores, and other beildinge, Itted with Cte and Steam in the beet manner. In connection with the above la an Iron Foundry with n large u.ortment of Pattern., to which tb. attention of Mnchinieta, Millwright.,and fll.lp-BaUd art 1. invited—and all kinds ol Casting, furnished at ahort notice. VOrdcr. for Machine Jobbing, Pattern, and Forging., promptly ezeeated. oo2d|f SINGER’S SEWING MACHINES! WOOD2UAN. TRUE * CO., AGENTS, IWi. M ui Middle IIIMI Needle!end Trimming! nlwt ji on knad. mefeUtf A CARD. DR. S. C. FERNALD, DENTIST, No. 175 Middl Street. Karma bucks.Dr*. Baoov tad Baaaua Portland, May 96,1868. tf Dr. J. H. HGALD* HAVING disposed or his entire interest in hi Office to Dr. 8.C FKKNALD, would cbeerfrilt reocommend him to his former patients and the pub 1 io. Dr. Kbbha ld, from long experience, is prepar ed to insert Artificial Teeth on the" Vulcanite Base,1 and ail other methods known to the profeaeion. PartUad. May 96. IMS tf JOHN F. SHERRY, Hair Cutter and Wig maker No. 18 Market Square,Port1 Mid, (up stairs.) 0T*8eparate room for Ladies' and Children's iiai Cutting. A good stock of Wigs, Halt-Wig*, Bands, Braid* Curls, Frizetts, Pads, Bolls, Crimping Boards, Ac. he., constantly on hand. Istt'Udlf REM OVA L7 »K. lEWTO.l HAS removed his residence to No. 37 Middl Street, corner of Franklin street. Office as heretofore, *Vo. 115 Rjcchauge Street, li Noble's Block, up stairs. Office hours from 9 to 1 A. M., from 2 to 3, and from 8 to 9 o'clock 1*. M. Dr. N. will continue, in connection with genera practice, to five special attention to IUSRAXRS (L PRUaLRS ooSldtf WOOD AND COAT CHEAP FOR CASH ! $9.50. CHEAPJ10AL. $9.5( PRIMP LOT CHESTNUT COAL *11.50 B TOR SPRING MOUNTAIN. LEHIGH, HEZILTON SUGAR LOAF. OLD COMPANY LEHIGH. L«l OUST MOUNTAIN. JOHNS. DIAMOND. WKBi TER end Itl.ACh HEATH Tb<«, Coal. arenfth very bi'.t quality, well kcreened end picked, eb warranted to five satisfaction. Also for sale best of HARD AND SOFT WOOD, delivered to any part of the eity. Omen CoMMuaciAL 8t., head of Franklin Whar 8. ROUND* A HON. febl6 dly WAKKEN’S l.UPOliYED FIRE AND WATER PROOI FELT COMPOSITION, -AKD Gravel Roofing FOR FLAT ROOFS. E. 1 JERSEY. Agent, Jan28 dtf No. Id Union Street. ALBERT WEBB * CO, -tiuni » Corn, Flour and Grain HEAD OR MERRILL'S WUART, CBauretel, • - P.nlud, M a. laHtf i Colley, Burnham & Co. j Cabinet Makers and I'pholsterers, 308, Congress Street, AUK prepared to do all kinds of Cabinet and Uj bolster) work, at the shortest notice. A kinds of Furniture, Lounges & Itlnltresse —constantly on hand - N It. The public are invited to call and examine n» *h4 dtf HOOTS AMU SHOES ! W. W. LOTH HOP, 88 Biddle Street cAs Where can be found a largo assortment < §■1 I,adieu', trouts’. Missis', Hots' and Youth f MJ fapliiouaLI- HOOTS, SUOHS and HI’t ^^^HHHSot the best manufacture and at rei sonable prices. H«k>t* and KHOXa made to nieasur I from the best French aud American stock slid o the latest style lasts. WM. W. LOTiiKOl*. ntch22 d2m FERTILIZERS. 1 WPCA MHLsJ COB'S SUPER PUOS LIME, IOsJ\/100“ LLOYDS.. 900 “ LODI POUDBETTE. 150 ** LITTLEFIELD S l*OUDUETT! . For sale at manufacturer's pi ices by KEVDAU At WHITNEY. Portland Feb. 8, 1864. feb#di*3ro Stale el Malar* Kxecutivm Dkfa*tsik*t 1 Augusta, April 7, 1844. I An adjourned ae«fiou of the Executive Cotiacl will be held at the Council Chamber, iu Augusta, o Monday, the Second D*v of Mav next. Attt«t: KPHRAIM FLINT JR . apr9dtd Secretary of State. Bible Kociely of .Maine. FIM1E annual meeting of this Society will be he) 1 at the Rooms of the YouogMeu’sChristian A< •ooiation, in Temple street, on Thursday, the flit day of May. A D ,1864. ALLEN HAINES, apl6tf Record ip g Sec f, | HOTELS. Splendid Pleasure Resort! THE WHITE HOUSE, (FORMERLY WILBOM HOUBB.) J. P. MILLER, .PROPRIETOR. This popular Hotel has recently been pur ihsiod by Mr Miller (ot the Albion) and has been thoroughly re titled, renovated aud re paired, and nunx-rous excellent alterations _[made. It is located on the Saccaranpa road, about lour miles from Portland, affording a beautiful drive over a good road, and Just about far enough for pleasure. It has a tine large Dancing Hall and good Bowling Alleys. In close proximity to the boose is a warm an if roomy Stable, containing twenty nice stalls. There is also a well sheltered Shed, 106 feet long, tor hitching horses. The choicest Suppers will be got np for sleighing and dancing parties, who will find it greatly to their pleasure and advantage to reaort to the White House. No effort will be spared for the entertainment of guests. dtelv-dtf kALLOWELL HOUSE REOPENED! HEW FURNITURE & FIXTURES! S.O. DEXN1S, Proprietor. 17* The public are specially informed that the spacious, convenient and well known Uallowill Hockr, in the center of Uallowell, two miles from Angusta, and four miies from Togus Spring, has been refurnished, and is open for tfce reception ot company and permanent boarders. Every attention will be given to the Comfort of guests. STABLING, and all the usual conveniences of a popular hotel, are amply provided. ilallowel , Feb. 1 1864. mctdtt eodtf THE AMERICAN HOUSE, fijyfHapover Street .... Boaton, The Largest and Beit Arranged Hotel IN NEW ENGLAND. LEWIS RICE, Proprietor. Ml«lr J. £. FERNALD A SON., Meroluint Tailors, AND DBALSM0 IN Gents' Furnishing Goods, have just opened a pila af NBW GOODS, and can now show more than FOUR HUNDRED style* of Fancy Good* for Gentlemen’s and Boys’Garment*. I Elegant Fitting <2nvinent« CAN ALWAYS SB HAD AT THE TIME AGREED UPOV! i and at prirra aa lutr aa any other houte. U" 1 he people are invited to call at NO. 87 MIDDLE STREET. mchlll dOvr R3DMOVAL. I ! JOSIAH BURLEIGH HAS BBMOVBD TO NEW STORK, EVANS* BLOCK, Nos. 141 A 143 Middle Street. 1 JOSIAH BURLEIGHj Wholesale and Ketall Dealer in Clothing,Cloths, Tailors’ Trimmings, -AND GENTLEMENS FURNISHING GOODS, No.. 141 & 143 Middle Street. JOSIAH HI l( Lilt. II, Agent for Orover A Baker’» celebrated Sewing MaeliineN, Not. 141 & 143 Biddle Street. NATHAN GOOLD Will say to his friends that he may be tound at Bur leigh’s, No. 141 k 143 Middle street, where be will be pleaded to wait upon his former customer*. Portland. March 24.18G4. dtf NOTICE. THK Subscriber with plta*ure announces to hi* old Patron* and the Public, that a* he has se FRENCH COOK AND CONFECTIONER, who has hid thirty years experience in the beet and largest house* in NEW YOKE. BOSTON, aud other I cities, that he is prepared to furnish H’eddmy or Other Partie*, and Families with every description and variety of article* in his Line, via. Boned Turkeys, Birds, Meat of all kinds. Every Variety of Ice Cream, Jellies, Salads, Charlotte Ru»e, 1 Cake, Pastry, Or C'onfcctiouary, . either plain or fancy. Experienced AVaitern, who are competent to take charge ot Wedding or other Parties, will be tarnished on application. • All Orders from the Country will receive prompt j attention. N.B. P! rehear lnimimi|that UAHS'l M huysnnd - uses the best Material that the country afford* * Call and examine, e » I. Harm mi, Coelinan Block, Temple Street, Portland. Me. tnch‘23 dtf BOUNTIE 3 & PRIZE MONEY. %IOO Boanty for Soldiers wounded in Battle. WE are prepared to obtain a Bounty of #li)0 for soldiers discharged on account of wound rereired. Bounty of #100 for Noidicr* discharged on account of «r iMiti/r recrired in Aoir/e obtained (it paper* on Hie are correct) in fAree meet slime special attention given to the CM I lection of Prize Money, aud claims against lioverua eut. SWKAT A CLKAVKS, OouiiHpllorH ut I.hw, * mchd dtf Noll". Mid^eSt . Mussey’H Row . CAPISIC POND HOUSE NO W OHEIt, Tkrrr Vlilr* fvam Tortliia.I. 1 CEO. W. MI RTH •prlMtf -'11SCELLANEOO& ELEGANT CLOAKS —AT— POPULAR PRICES ! LEACH & ROBINSON, ftl MfDDl.K STREET, Wish to announce to their friends and the Ladies #f Fort land and vicinity, that they have opened the second sforv over their store for the exclusive manufacture and sale of CLOAKS, CAPES. -AID MANTILLAS! We have jest received Elegant Cloth Gaimenta, From the celebrated Hornsea of «n. mm, i t c. cut k Canal *t.f New York, which together with our own manufacture, wtii die* play the choicest congress of CLOAK MERCHANDISE ever offered iu Vwiut, which will he (Old wt the Lowest Possible Prices FOR CASH. Cuuutry Dewier* will hod * Choice ueortmeat of Lwilie*' UwrwieDt*, doth*, Silks, Tassels, Hullo aw, and ORNAMENTS, Constantly on hand. This department of oar business will be conducted^ with special reference to tb* wants of the CLngCSr DCYLKS ▲11 the popular styles will appear early and will ho exhibited in FIVE, MEDIUM — AMD— • Low Cost Fabrics. With superior facilities tor manufacturing, we hop* to merit the continued patronage of our friends. LEACH* ROBINSON. aprVtdlm. "new" store r Hoop Skirts! Hoop Skirts! Prem-li, Grrmtia & AinrrUmi Corsets. JUST OH1ID, AT 154 Middle, corner of Croea Street. WK wou>d inform Uie Ladies of Portland and vicinity that w« have tbs largest snd bast as sortment ever olfered in this efts. We do not intend to ret up any cnm|M>tition with oor neighbors, bnt being connected with oae of the largest manufac tories in the country, we feel fally asenred, should the ladies favor us with a call and are desirous of obdteni^g anything iu our line, wa can suit them, both in style and price. They will also And retired apartments*o mneh desired in fitting this clsss ef goods. mgrtt dlw L. B. FOLLETTE. HAVE now-been before the public for nearly a year. They are universally pronounced the neatest and best fltiiug collars extant. The upper edge presents a perfect carve, free from iha angle# noticed in ail other collars. The cravat cause# no packers on the inside of the tarn-down collar, - they are AN SMOOIU INSIDE AS OUTSIDE. —aud therefore perfectly free and easy to the neck 1 he Garotte Collar bys smooth and evaniy in iabed edge on both sidks. ThesmCollar* are not simply Mat pieces of paper cat in the form of a collar, bnt are molded amis SMArso to nr tmi mkck. They are made iu **Novelty ’ (or tarn-doom sty Is) in every hail size from 13 fll inches, and in Eureka/* lor tiaroite.i from 18 to’ 17 inches; and packed 1ft ‘ solid size" iu neat blue oar tons, containing each , also in smaller ones of 10 each,—the latter a very handy package for Travellers, Army and Mavy , Othoers tr EVERY COLLAR is stamped “GbaT*« Patmt Moloiu Col la a.’ Sold by all deatera in Men • Furnishing Goods. The Trade supplied by HATCH. JOHNSON ft CO. Importers aud W h«>lr*ale Dealers in Men's Furnish ing Good* aud Umbrellas 81 DevoMsaieB St., Boa* roz. Mass narhS sodSna JOHNS’ COAL. A RfV TONS SIOT* riu, »t IBS Comm.rci»l St. TrtPvJ (Richardson’s Wharf,) Portland The undersigned has sold the Johns* Coal for nine years last past. It has given general satlsfhctioa Where there is a fair draft, no ooal excels fOr oookiug use Other varieties, to wit: LEHIGH. Sugar Loaf, and ilazletoa. SCHl’YLh ILL, (W Ash.) Losust Mountain RED ANII, the genuine FRANKLIN COAL. Also, the Diamoud. CUMBERLAND COAL, a prime article for Smiths’ use. £7" All coal from this wharf, will be sent In good order, carefully picked and screened. mchaieeodtr JAMES II. BAKER. TO SHIP BUILDERS. P. S. A J. B. HIJOKINS, CM MISSION MERCHANTS, and wholaeale and retail dealers ia Ship Timbxb abdPlamk Have for,sale at their Wharf. Ckxteal Sajcabb, East S&0.0U0 Lx*as# aud Oak Trtenaais, 3.UU0 Hackmatack kn<*s, plaued. Also Wbitb Oak Plamk and I'mukRiChxstmct Boars* and Plasm Whitb Pink. Dk» k-Plamk. Stc Particmlar at tention paid to Furniabiug Oak Plank by the Cargo, rnch-’l d8m __ ■ V .TIMUUMtl tUICISt OIU|V ouiiwn*. ANO person* dr*iro«s of Real Estate Investments, the following property is offered at good bargain*. ’i) Houses at pric*-* from 91600 to 96000. 100 tiou^e Lots at price* from 93U0 to 93000 2000 Feet of water front suitable for wrhanree Ship yards. Manufacturing Sites, fronting deep water with fine spring of water adjacent thereto and a portion of it adjoining the Graud Trunk Rail Bead, from which freight may be deposited on She premises, rnchl? 3m MOSB8 Gut'LD. 74 Middle St Oi<t«»luilon of I'oparfnrrihlp, fllUE copartnership heretofore existing between X the subscriber,. under tbe name and stele ul Beadier k Webb, is this due dissolved be mutual couseut. KilIKKi BKADUil, M U. WEBB. rpiiv: copartne-sblp heretofore existing between X the uudereigurd is this day dissolved t» mutual coueent. U. M. MOL l.TON, A. G. ROGERS Copartnership Notice. Til K undersigned hav e this day formed a copart nership under the name unit style of HH40. LEY. MOULTON A ROtiKEB.lbr tbe purpose ot carrying on the Hour. Grain and Provision busi ness at id Omiuercial Street, Thomas Bloek ROBT. BRADLEY, U. M MOULTON, apjdtf A. G. ROGERS. THE BEST! K^-o pencil. riltiK. Photograph Galleries, No. 8l) Middle street,* Jl 1'ortland, having been thoroughly refitted ana supplied with all the latest improve menu, are now open for the accommodation of the public. The proprietor is prepared to supply hi* former on* turner* and all who may give him a call, with pic tures of every description, executed in the beat man* ner and at reasonable price*. Kf‘ Particular attention given to copying. A.5. DAVIS. Proprietor. Portland. July 30. ISM 411 Notice. IXKIU (’l.KKk WANTED. One that has badlono If or two years eapeneuce.prefarred. Apply at No U5 Congress it. ladtt

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