Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, April 29, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated April 29, 1864 Page 3
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COltTLASD ASD VICIXJTY. Ecclesiastical. Council. A mutual Ecclesiastical Council called by Rev. Dr. Dwight and the Third Parish Church, convened at the Vestry of said Church, ou Tuesday afternoon, for the purpose of consid ering the expediency of dfcsolving the rela tion of Dr. Dwight, as pastor of that Church. Delegates were present from the following churches, via: Second Parish, High Street, State Street, and St. Lawrence Street, Port land ; Central, Yarmouth ; Church in Gorham; also, Rev. David Sbeplejr, of Yarmouth. Rev. Dr. Carruthers, of Portland, wu» chos en Moderator, and Itev. Mr. Strong, of Gor ham, Scribe. After prayer by the Moderator, the Council heard the statements from the Third Parish Church; also, from Itev. Dr. Dwight, who was present. . It was then unanimously voted by the Coun cil that the pastoral relation ot Dr. Dwight to the Church, should he dissolved, said connec tion to cease ou Monday, May 2d. Dr. Dwight gave notice that he should preach his farewell discourse next Sunday af ternoon. ITiited States Circuit Court. CLIFFORD AND WAKE, J., PRESIDING. The Grand Jury came in yesterday and re ported two bills of indictment—one against Nathaniel Dyer, John N. llrown and Lemuel Dyer, for stealing goods from the wreck of the steamship Bohemian, and the other against Daniel N. Cotton, for passing an altered U. S. Treasury note. The jury was then dis charged. The petit jurors will come in next Tuesday, when the trials will commence. (. J. Court—April Term. DAVIS, J., PRESIDING. Thursday. In the ease of Coles ct. a!s.,vs. Goddard, (reported yesterday) the jury re tiumed a verdict for plaintiff, for $547 13. Tlie jury was dismissed for the day, and tli e Court proceeded to call the new docket. .Ho. ”70. Phillip Torry vs. Paul Prince. As sumpait on a note signed by defendant. Tbo defence was the statute of limitations; also, that the note had been altered since it was signed, without consent of defendant. The case was submitted to the Judge without the hiterveution of a jury, who ordered judg ment to be entered for plaintiff. Vinton A Dennett. K, S. Hovcy. Municipal Court—April 2k, Abner Paine pleaded guilty to a search and •ei/ure process, and paid the line of twenty dollars and costs. In Meraoriam. The lady referred to in the article below, copied from the Laconia (X. II.) Gazette of April 23d, leaves many friends iu this city, who will cherish her memory to life’s latest hour, aud whose spiritual impulses will lie sjuickened by the remembrance of her virtues aud her Christian character > Something in addition to the brief an tio uncement of her death is due to the memo ry of Mrs. S. T. Thomas. We cannot for bea.r to say, that rarely has our community si tst. lined the loss of one endowed with so many womanly excellencies as appeared iu the character of our deceased frieud. Possessing a genial and benevolent dispo sktioiWcomhiued with a discriminating judge ment, her society was a pleasure and a bles sing iu every department ol social aud domes tic life. Although she never publicly pro fessed the Christum faith uutil a few days pre vious to her death, still, in all her deportment —iu her tastes and the geueral tenor of her life, she manifested the highest type of moral aud even religious excellence. Her eye turned with delight upon the good and beautiful everywhere. And iu the common ills of life, at which the wisest sometimes repiue, her cbeerlul aud buoyant nature would persis iteully seek out aud find a sunny side. Upon the charities of life she bestowed an .•rpe.’i aud liberal baud. The sick and suffer ing w ere objects of her uniform kindness and at tenth* Aud the poor—what tribute to departed worth so holy as the gratetul bcuc dicti ous of the poor ? Tills tribute our friend richly* received. if, as a friend and neighbor her loss is irre parable, it is eminently so to ber family. On ly those sorrowing hearts know how heavy the blow is that has falieu upon that once liappy home. They have our warmest sym pathies,—hut real consolation cau only come to them by looking above aud beyond the preseut life. Death caunot long divide. For, t> it nut as if my rose had climbed Ihe garden wall, aud blossomed on the other side * Com. tar*I)eeriug Hall was filled last evening with a very large and fashionable audience to witness the perfoimanee of the plays “Valerie” and “Married Life," by the Amateur Dramat ic Club, of this city. The plays were hand somely performed, though some of the actors were slightly imperfect in their parts. Each </ the actors was greeted with applause and Lwidets were showered upou the stage to the Indies. The plays will be repeated this eve ning, when the slight imperfections ol last a-veniug will be remedied. KksUsii Testaments.—Messrs. Bailey A Noyes have laid on our table a copy of the New Testament, printed at the University press, Oxford, for the British and Foreign Bible Society, instituted in I.ondon in 1»09. It is irorn lue cargo 01 uie Augio-reuci uioch aile runner Minim, captured Dec. 6, I so:*., off Wilmington, by the Government dispatch ship Circassian. For sale by W. 11. Fiper &, Co., Boston. ^T“We are gratified to learn that, upon the application of lion. John Bright, M. F., a pardon has been granted Mr. John W. Moody, of tills city, by Uer Majesty, Queen Victoria. It will be remembered that Mr. Moody was convicted severffl years since of manslaugh ter on board tbe vessel ot which he was theu mate. A Card.—The Treasurer of the Associa tion for the relief of aged indigent women, gratefully acknowledges a gift of one hun dred dollars from the Committee having in charge the fund raised for the relief of the passengers of the ill-fated Bohemian. East Tennessee Fund.—The undersign ed acknowledges the receipt of thirty-three dollars from the Congregational Society at Andover, Me., per hand of Win. V. Jordan, in aid of the fund for the relief of East Ten nessee. F. C. Moody, Treat. SEIZURE.—Deputy Marshal Merrill, yester day "isited the premises of l'atrick Finney on Centre street, and seized a small quantity of liquors. y Attention is invited to advertisement pf Northern Moulhly. y A card apjicars in the New York Eve ning l’oat, signed by men claiming to be friends of tbe Administration, appealing to the Natioual Committee to po«'|»oiie the Na tional Union Convention. W. C. Bryant, of the Evening Foat, is the first signer. It seems to us the Convention itself, when assembled, will lie perfectly competent to decide whether postponement of the nomination is desirable, Mid If so, can adjourn to a later day. We see no good object to be accomplished by so doing. jy The Freewill Baptist church at Farm ington Fall has engaged the pastoral labors pf liev. K. El*. TO Til * Portland Daily Press. --— XXXVIII 00NQEL8S—rim Session. Washington, April 28. SENATE. Mr. Hall called up the bill granting honora ble discharges to firemen and coal heavers in the navy, which was passed. The bill for the relief of the clerks at the Kittery and Philadelphia navy yards was also passed. The bill for the classification of the clerks of paymasters in the navy, and for the gradu ation of their pay, was also passed. Mr. Ten Eyck called up the Senate bill to change aud deflue the eastern aud western iHiuuilarles of the judicial district* ol Virginia and for other purposes. Passed. Mr. Fessendeu reported from the Finance Committee the House joint resolution, in creasing temporarily the duties on foreign im ports Ufty per cent., with an amendment, sub stituting Uiirty-three per cent, increas on the pre-cut duly and transit. Rejected. The amendment exempting goods already in bond aud transit from the temporary duty was rejected. The House hill was then passed without amendment by a vote of del to 8, aud the Sen ate adjourned at 5 12 o’clock. HOUSE. The House went into a committee of the whole on the tax bill. Mr. Kasson, of Iowa, ollered the following substitute for the 151st section, which was adopted, viz:—“It shall not be lawful to re cord any instrument, document or paper un less the proper stamp shall be affixed aud re corded ; when the proper stamp is not affixed it shall be ntterly void, and shall not be used as evidence.” The section stricken out pro posed a penalty of $60 for the failure to affix the stamp. Mr. Farnsworth, ot 111., offered a proposi tion, that every person, banking institution and a-bociatiou issuing notes, bills and other obligations as money, unless authorized by act of Congress, shall pay one-fourth of one per cent, each month ou the notes aud obligations so issued. Messrs. Kernan, of N. Y., Morrill, of Vt., Garson, of X. Y., and l’rice, of Ohio, opposed the amendment, and the New York llit<Milu>r« defended tbe banks of New York against Mr. Farnsworth's remarks. Mr. Uolinau, of lud., moved to strike out the words “unless such hanks are authorized by acts of Congress.” He said that if we favor National banks at the expense of State banks, much indignation will be provoked at tbe discrimination. Tbe amendment of Mr. Holuiau was adopt ed. Further debate ensued, during which Mr. Fenton, of N. Y., appealed to Mr. Farnsworth to withdraw his amendment, and he relused to do so. Mr. l'ike, of Mr., also expressed himself in favor ol an exclusive greenback currency. Mr. Hooper, of Mass., was iu favor of tax ing all bank circulation, as it would tend to give us an exclusive greenback currency. Mr. Farnsworth’s amendment was agreed to—yeas nays 51. On moliog of Mr. Holuiau, the section was further amended, so as to impose a tax on the average amount ol capital slock, omitting the words “beyond the amount invested in Uuited States bonds.” On motion of Mr. Yeaton, of Ky., it was or dered that the tax shall not be imposed on any bank in process of liquidation. Mr. Hooper, of Mass., offered an amend ment, making the tax on incomes ten per cent, after one year, ilejectecl. The committee then rose. All the amendments to the tax hill were acted on and reported to the House.. The Speaker laid before the House the fol lowing communication from the President: To the Honorable Senate and House of Kep rrsmlatires: I have the honor to transmit herewith an address to the President of the Uuited States, and through him to both Houses of Congress, on the condition of the people of East Tennes see, and asking their attention to the neces sity ol some action ou the part of the Gov ernment for their relief, and which address is presented by the committee of organization, called “Tbe East Tennessee lielief Associa tion.” Deeply commiserating the condition of these most loyal people, I am unprepared to make any speeilic recommendation for their relief. The military is doing, and will con tinue to do, the best lor them within its power. Their address represents that the construction of a direct railroad communication between Knoxville and Cincinnati, by way of Ceutral Kentucky, would lie of great importance iu tbe present emergency. It may be remem bered tHat in ay annual message of Decem ber, 1881, such railroad construction was rec ommended. I now add that, with the hearty concurrence of Congress, I would yet be pleased to construct the road, both for the re lief of these people and for its continuing military importance, (Signed) A. Liscoui. The address to the President recounts the sufferings of the people of East Tennessee since the rebellion, end c laims that from a voting population of 85,000 Union men, from 15,000 to 18,000 have stolen away from home and enlisted iu the Union army iu Kentucky; that the rebels iu 1 SO I took 00,000 hogs, and other stock in proportion; that liurnside’s, Sherman’s and IxmgsireeiV armies have ex hausted the remaining supplies, and that, per haps, not live per cent, of the accustomed breadth of wheat can lie sown this spring, the feneca- beiug destroyed and farms left desolate, and not even with a supply of seed for com mon farm produce. It auks first for prompt payment ol claims against the Government, and second, for railroad facilities for nlitain iug supplies for the destitution, which a single year of industry rannot remedy, and it states ui» rAjM ists 4DIJ joss which ore urn ci id 1851 would have saved at least 43,000,Ottg. The signers say In com lusion:—Allow us to congratulate you on the success which has been attained by the Union in breakiug the power of the rebellion, and to express the hope that with entire restoration or the na tional authority, our people may everywhere be blessed with the return of that peace and prosperity w hich can only he enjoyed under it. The Speaker also laid before the House the Message from the President in response to a resolution zsf inquiry as to whether Generals Sehenck and K. P. lilair held commissions in the military service. The Message was refer red to the Committee on Elections. Gen. Sehenck, of Ohio, made an explana tion, to the effect that his resignation having been accepted, he did not consider himself in the military service. Tile House thCu resumed the consideration of the amendments to the Internal Tax hill. Many of the amendments were agreed to en masse and others w ere received for a seperate vote. Mr. K. Wood, of New York, offered a new section to repeal the act of March, taxing foreign liquots on hand. Mr. Washbunie, of 111., presented a substi tute to tax domestic liquors on hand. The vote thereon was deferred. The House refused to concur in striking out the following: "All gas companies are hereby authorized to add to the duty or tax the price per 1000 cubic feet of gas sold.” The House refused to tax coal illuminating oil, Ac., 26 cents, and left it as originally re ported, viz: 20 cents per gallon. The House also refused to agree to the amendment taxing crude petroleum fcl 30 a barrel. The House voted on the amendment ol Mr. Farnsworth, of 111., taxiug banking circula tion one fourth ol one per centum on all amounts in circulation, which was adopted by a vote of 78 against 04. The House voted on the amendment to in crease the tax on rane brown sugar from one to two cents jier pound, and agreed to it 71 against 15(5. The House at 6 o'clock took a recess. RVKK1KO 8K88IOX. Mr. Sehenck,of Ohio,asked leave to offer a resolution calling on (he President to furnish copies of all letters, notes, telegrams, Ac., referred to in his message of to day, in con nection with his answer to the inquiry whether Francis P. lilair holds appointment or com mission in the military service of the United States. Objection was made. After an explanations by Mr, Sehenck, the House resumed the consideration of the amendment to the tax hill, and having dis posed of all ol them by concurring in the re commendation of the Committee of the Whole, the House proceeded to the dispose of the new section offered l>y Mr. F. Wood. Mr. Wasliburne, of 111 . offered a substitute, which was adopted, yeas 72, nays 02. The hill then passed 102 to 33. Adjourned. J-'rom U tts ft hifjton, It is said by members of the Executive Committee that there is no probability of postponing the time for the meeting of the Baltimore Convention. Xo passes to civilians are now given, and several who started for the army fronton old passes have been turned hack. This morning Stanhope Gawcekie and Mary Gaweckie, refugees from Augusta, Ga„ pre sented themselves at the Provost Marshal’s, and were released oil taking the oath of alle giance. Mr. G. states that on the 16th ult. the rebel authorities issued au order probitit in g citizens from riding on the railroads from «tiie various points in the South leading to Richmond, in order to facilitate the move ments of rebel tuoops, who were being hur ried up to Richmond in large numbers. At the time Mr. G. left Augusta, which was two weeks ago, there were no troops stationed at that point. Those that had been quartered there were withdrawn a lews days previous and seut forward to Richmond. When he was at Richmond lie saw large bodies of troops on their way to reinforce Gen. I,oe, and the ar rival of every train from the South at that place increased this number. Fronpet tire Movement* of the I 'll ion Army. Washisgtojt, April 28. Gen. llaldy Smith, upon whose judgment Gen. Grant places much reliance, will co operate with him by way of Fortress Monroe. Having gone over the ground with Gen. Mc Clellan, he is thoroughly acquainted with the region from Fortress Mouioe to Williamsburg and up to the Chickahominy. _ I am not permitted to state at what point Gen. Burnside and his now recuperated Uth army corps will operate. The country will know in due time. It is believed here by many that Gen. Pick ett’s division was transferred Immediately to Virginia after the capture of Plymouth, and will not attempt the seige of Little Washing ton or Xewbern. Geu. Graham's advance to Plymouth with out encountering auy opposition would seem to iudieate that Geu. Hake has sent most of his troops awav. T'rom the Southwest, St. Lot ip, April 28. Cairo wlates to the 2tilh by mail, say the steamers Liberty and Belle, from Memphis, have arrived, the former with 128 bales of cot ton for Evansville, and the latter with a num ber of men, horses, mules and wagons belong ing to the 10th army corps for Cairo, and 270' bales of cotton for .St. Louis. Memphis dates to the 20th state that the steamer Curlew, from Arkansas Iliver, while aground at Johnson’s Island was attacked by guerrillas, hut the soldiers on board drove them otf. killing their leader, Tmn Kcunan, the notorious guerrilla and boat burner, bet ter known as the “Wild Irishman.” Three steamers are reported lying at the mouth of the Arkansas river, from which the guerrillas are receiving large supplies of cloth ing. Ac. Maj. (Jen. Wasliburne had arrived at Mem phis and assumed command of the Depart ment of West Tennessee. . The hospital steamer .V XV. Thomas, from New Orleans, had arrived with 100 wounded soldiers, one third of whom were fr9m the late I ted Liver battle, on their way home. ^ Rebel prisoners coulirm former reports that Gen. Steele had takeu Shreveport. Gen. Prince arrived to day. The Memphis Cotton Market wai Grin and unchanged. Tnriou* Item*. New York, April 28. Six vessels of the M&ttahasset type, besides four or live propellers, ail lully manned and equipped, as well as some ten newly built steamers, arc on their way to join the south ern squadron. The splendid steam frigates Augusta, K. C. Cuyler and twelve others, are being pushed forward as fast as possible, and will be put in commission soon. • from the WV*t. St. Louis, April 28. Advices from Col. Philip’s, commanding at Fort Gibson, in the Indian country, say that Quantrcl was going to Kansas, lie having crossed Hie Berdigrc ami Arkansas rivers on the night of the 2tith. Adair, with 325 rebels, lias been driven across the Illinois river, above Tuilagual. Col. Phillip’s troops are in pursuit. The Pr.nid.ury of th. Vcir York Central Jtailro ad. Albany, April 28. At a meetiug of the directors of the New York Central Railroad, held here to day, Hon. Krasins Corning tendered his resignation as President of the road, which was accepted. Dean Richmond was then unanimously elect ed to till the place, and R. M. Blatchford was elected Vice President. The JieOd-l I*irate I'loritia. New York, April 28. The steamer America, which arrived to-day from New Orleans, reports that on the 20th iust., fifty miles south-west ol Tortugas, she spoke an English sdhooner which reported that the rebel pirate steamer Florida was cruising in the Gulf. Position of I.oni/st reefs forces. New York, April 28. A special dispatch to the Herald says that Longstreet is at Chariotteville, Va., as a re serve for Lee’s army. Pinanriat. Washington, April 28. . The subscription to the lil-lO loan, as re ported to the Treasury Denartmmt lo-dav. aiuouuted to *i4<*,000. York Market. New You*, April 78 Cotton—dull aud a shade easier; sales 110 bale* at 83online lor midddliug upland* aud hoc ter low mid dling*. Flour—receipt* 12 2V* bbl* . tale* 6,WO bbl*: State aud Western dull, Irregular, unsettled and la2c lower; Superfine State? SOg 7 60: Extra 706£g7*6; choice? 7Oft7 VO; Mound Hoop Ohio 7 76a h U>; choice 8 l&ft-fHJO; Superfiue Western 7 30®7 660; Extra do 7 tea^ 00; Southern dull and lower; nale* 660 bbls; Mixed to good 7 80®6 20; fancy and extra 8 25ft 11 00; Canada dull and In a. He lower; sales 460 tl 1*; common Extra 7 66«ft7 80; extra good to choice 7 ‘JO (S.9 00. Wheat—dull and nominally lower; Chicago spring 172^176; Milwaukee Club I 73ft 1 76; Amber Mil wauaee l,70ftl 80:1 Winter Ked Western 1 80ftl 84; Amber Michigan, lr6ftl 00. Corn—quiet and scarcely so firm as yesterday; sale* 21.000 bushe's ; Mixed Western old 1 3o« 1 40, closing h< h\ y al tbeiu-ide pries Oats dull; sales at 86ft 88 c Beef—quiet and him; -ah* 300 bbl*. Pork—quirt aud without material change; sales 1500 bbl*; moss 26 76ft2*> 00; old do 25 75; new do 27 60: prime 22 6O«,2010 for old and new. prime me s 20 75. I ard—Inactive; sales 1300 bbl* at 14/al5c. Butter—firmer; Ohio nominal; State 2" a.3'>c. Whiskey-—irregular and uiim-i led; aa-e* 24(4) bbls at 1 27ft 1 2d for State and I 28 « 1 31 lor Western. Kico—<|uiet at lljo for Rangoon. Sugar—dull: sale* 120 hint-: Bluscovado 17 alVc, the latter price for clarified , 210 bxa Havana 10c. Coffeo—quiet: sales COO bag* l.aguayr* at 41 a,46c. Molasses—dull; hale* 86 hud* Muscovado at 86c. Naval Stores—quiet and firm. Petroleum — firm . sales 800 bbl*: crude at 36c; re fined in bond 66ft68; do tree at 08c Freights to Liverpool—quiet; cotton per steamer id. Wool—firm w itb a moderato demand. JStock Market. N*w You, April 28 Second Board — Stock* better. Michigan Central.I41i Illinois Central scrip,.Vtol Cleveland A Pittsburg.1124 Chicago A Rock Island.1141 Pittoburg, Fort Wavne A Chicago.117 Chicago A North Western. 604 Michigan Southern,. W* Reading.*.*.’.*. .77...! 1871 Marlem..'.226* Hudson. 140 KHe(. New York Central.. United States one year certificates new . .7. .!*. .. V8* Missouri 0‘s... 70 American Gold. 77.7.1V04 Canton Company.7.7 46* Cumberland Coal Company preferred . 7f/ ouigbhilver Mining Co,. 704 Pacific Mail. 2274 Gold closed this afternoon at 1 83. Book Card & Fanov Printing ■KA1LY KXBCUTYU AT THE OFFICE OF THE Pi ES I MISCELLANEOUS. ~ | FASHIONABLE CLOTHING I AUK. F. YOltK, 3Iereliaiit Tailor, Haviug takeu the elegant and cctaiuodiou* store NO. 10-1 MIDDLE STUEET C OliaKU OF PLUM, Invites the attention of Gentlemen to his rich in voice of Foreign and domestic Cloths for Spring and bummer wear, all of which have Just been selected from the largest and best stocks in New York aud Bo ton. and will be made up to order and with despatch in tho latest styles—Ft’d-Z, M 4 TCIIK Ij SLITS, CO A IS, PANTS or VESTS, as may bo desired. FURNISHING GOODS in groat variety, and suited to the tastes of all. con stantly on hand. FREslI GOODS RECEIVED EVERY WEEK. 104 MI DDLK STREET. Portland, March H, 1861. end to jun 1 JEW ETT It It O l' || i. K S, CommiHHioii Me* reliant®, 23 Bouth 8t., New York. R. Jkwktt, I J. J. J*WK1T. | Particular attention paid to purchasiny Flour, Cora, Grass Seed, Provisions ami (.rocatts. Also to the salt of Const;/nmtnts of Produce. — BEFXa TO — Hod. Hannibal Iluimiu, I „ .. Messrs. liske & Dais, J Langor, Me. Messrs, Hersey, Fletcher A Co. I .. „ ‘ Jetlorson Coolidge k Co., f Portland. " K**en C. Stan worth k Co , Bos'on, Mass. b.G. Adams, Kmj .Camden, Me. W ashington Long, http, Lamport, Me. _ap'JOlmood JAMES EDMOND & COT COMMISSION MERCHANTS. 13 LIBERTY SQUARE, .. BOSTON Aro i»rej.»r«>(l to onlor ut f»vor»Mo r»le«, COLT NESS and ULENliARNOCK f PIG IRON, Abo, BAR, SHEET, * BOILER PLATE IRON, of English and Scotch Maqpfacture. W> shalleontinue to receive, m addition to our American Brick, a regular supply of ENGLISH. SCOTCH. & WELCH FIRE BRICK inch 11 eod6m ^ 1 q ,| Itac a nH VvAalaa <»> a Tl, J Education. Located 18&J. Hanson Block, Middle^., Wo. 161. Scholarships good in any part of the United State* .no Principal ha.* had 2U years experience; is a)way* on the spot, and attend* to his business; and prom ise*, a* during the past 12 year*. no pains shall be spared in the fhture. Five hundred references of the first class business men, with mauv others of this city, will testify to the practical utility, capacious ness and completeness of my systems and manuer of teaching, and citizens of other cities have testified to the same. Diplomas will be awarded for thor ough courses Able Assistants secured. Bartlett’s Plan, the founder of Commercial Colleges, strictly adhered k> a* regards not copying. Certain timer will be devoted to Commercial Law elucidations.— Come all who have failed to be taught a business hand-writing and 1 will guarantee to you success. Application*solicited for Accountants, Separate in structiou given. Student* can enter any tins*. Sep arate rooms for Ladies. Tuition reasonable. Intri cate accounts adjusted. I allies and (ientlemen that desire to take lessons, or a full, or a separate course, in cither Book-Keeping, Navigation. Commercial Law, Phonography, iiigher Mathematics, Civil En gineering, Surveying. Native Business Writing. Commercial Arithmetic. Correspondence, Card Marking, (and teaching iroin printed copies and Text Books will he* avoided please call, or address the Principal. K. N.BKOWN. Portland.Oot 2.1863. oc*i9 eodfceowl Wnviguiioift lau^lit —■ BY — T. 15. PARSONS, — IT — No. 12, Deer Street. Portland. (1KNTLFM RN desirous of inf ruction in Practi * cal Navigation will liud an experienced teach er. He is the only experienced Ship Master in the State, w ho teach* s Navigation, and is es|x*cial)v ap pointed to qualify Knrigiu and Mates lor the l'. S. Navy. mchSteodttui FANCY GOODS HOUSE, Wholeialo, H. MERRILL, No. 131 Middle Street, ( np stairs,) Portland, Maine. Bilk, Twist, Buttons, Bindings, Threads, Pins, Needles, Cutlery, Edgiugs Stationery, Lacings, Tape, Elastics, Belts, Combs, Suspenders, Toys, Ac. DRJiSS AND TAILORS' TRIM MIN OS. nichl eo<!3tn HOUSES AND LOTS FOR SALE. SITUATXD U, Franklin, Aldrn, VV a-binctoii. Vnnirral, Fox anil Sumner Sired,. FRICKS FROM Sl.uuu TO Sl,juo. Terms liberal to suit the purchaser Enquire of XL1JULDOE G£UBT, ap23 dlw tod if No. 5‘J High Street. the boston rmi: bum k And Clay HV-turt Manufacturing Co., Works. 304 Federal street, Office and Warth»u.«* 13 liberty Square and 7 Batter> march tit, manufacture lire Brick, ail shape* and suits, for furnace* to^uirnl to staua the most lutenre heat also Furnace Blocks and llatu, Locomotive Eire Blocks, Bakers' oven and iire«-u house Tile*.Clay K-tort* and ntcessary Tiiesto set them. Fire Coruent, Fire Clay and Kaolin. The undersigned will give their special attention that all orders lor the above wanufacturt-are execu ted with promptness. JAMES EDMOND «V< O. Sbllixq A 'I snip, 13 Liberty Square, Boston, mchll bodCtu GRAFTS & WILLIAMS. Sccoimobi TO J. W. 1IUNNEWKLL & Co., Ho. 6 6 7 k 8 Commercial Wharf, Uostoo. Importer, ami Wholesale Usalrr, in Orngi, Mr di et'.rt. Paintr, in-1, Dyt Stupa, MnnnJ'utur, r,, ,r tiole, anti Chemical, Manufacturer, ol Cot »1 I'.ir niahn, Japan kc. Agents for F„reit Hirer I rod Mystic Lead Co, b'reneh ,11(1 Fine, Druggist’,. lvrfuiutrauii! l.iuwnr Label*. General Agent, for J. L. Huuneuell', Universal tough Hem* edy, Tolu A uodyne and Lloctric rills, mcldii tinKItu Hou«< oil sprlMK SIM M for Sale. i pL K8l AN I* lu a Lict-Bfu from iloa. John A. Wa JL terraan, .ludgt* of Probate, I hereby offer for ', the Uuuic and Laud, belonging to tbe kstatc of Jedcdiah Jewett, late ol Portland, deceased, and if not disposed of at private m u previous to the firat day of Juno, »hall sell the same at public auctiou on that dav, at 3 P. M , on tho premises. The hoUM is a two story Pottage, built in the Gothic style, finished throughout; hard and soft I water iu abundance, with Gas Furnace the latter put in last Fall —Bath-Room and other modern conveniences, including a tine large Conservatory. Connected with the house is a garden in high state c! cultivation, containing Fruit Trees, some ofiar** species. Straw berry and Grape vines, together with an abundance of choice plants. The lot is 63 feet on Spring Street, running back 131 feet, ip‘>r« or lers, and in the rear is open to park Street by u pa-sage way, which with the passage way from Spring Street, are to be kept open for the benclit of the* abutters. There is a free Policy of Insurance on the House. For terms apply to FRANKLIN FOX. Administrator, ISiM ominercUl st. ^pril 26,1*51. apr26 eod A w3w. Notice. MR. Alonzo Putler has disposed of his iuterest in tbe lirm of Kiug, Butter k Tnurlovr. to Ly man A. Bachcllcr, and retires from said lirm this day. A 8. KING. A BUTLF.R. GYRUS THUBLOW The business of the late firm wi 1 be continued ut the old stand, under the name and style ot KING, lilt ULOW k CO. No. 166 Commercial St. A 8. KING. CYRUS THURLOW, LYMAN A.KACMkLDKR. a pi 2“ d A w lw* Kaloii Hoarding School for Hoy*. rflllK Summer Session of this School will com J nieuce the Second Momiay in May. For Particulars, Address It F. FATON, Principal. Kents’* II ill.Me., April 4th, 1861. L>4w Ifpinoval. fpilK New Gymnasium is removed to No. 44 Free I Street Block, where Mr. Bradford wi 1 meet ha classes next Wednesday the Juvenile Class at 3 o'clock, the Master and Misses Class at 4) o'clock, an J Adultb Class at 7i o'clock, P. M. Now is the timatojoiu. api26tf _millinery' NEW MILLINERY STORE. New (xoo<1m! MRS. A UOBERT80N ha* taken the New Store, No. 31 Fref Street, corner of Center, and has selected a Superior Assortment of MILLINERY, Which she will he ph ased to oflir to her friends and ilie public, on and after the Cth Inst. 1". S. A good assortment ot MOURNING Constantly on hand • t hree or four pood Milliners can receive steady employment by inquiring as above. up4 dcodtf NEW MILLINERYI 4K -TO OPEN ON MONDAY, APRIL 4tli. ip*'The suhscrlbei%*titying leased the new store, No. 2J > roe street, 2d door from Ceuter St., has just received a line assortment of the LATEST STYLES OF SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS. which she Is prepared to manufacture to order and soil at the lowest asu raican. A good assortment READY MADE BONNETS always on hand. MOUBWINGgoods in store and made to order Having had eight years experience in manufac turing millinery goods. I trust I .hall be able to please all who may favor ine with custom. A share of patronage is must respectfully solicited , MAKY A. SKII.LINilS Portland, Aprils, 1*4. apr2 d2ueod4w SPRING MILLINERY~! MRH. ^OLBY In now opening at her ipaciuu and attractive room*, JVo. .1 Free Street Block, m A rich aud fashionable stock of FRENCH MILLINERY GOODS. Portland, April 20,1S64, edlwcodtf M. li. WEBB & CO., Wholesale Dealers in Flour, XO.Sl COMMERCIAL STREET, apl4 rOKTI.AX'D, ME. dlf SAWVEKS NEW FRUIT STORE, No. 43, Exchangfl St Orauge*. Umnr», Fig*, Prune*, Citron, < nrrentj, Sardine*, Pickle*. I eppersauce, Ketchup, John Hull >auce,'lainurind*. Gauva Jelley. Cur rent Jelley. Has berry Jelley, Nuts of all kinds. Plain and Fancy Confection ery, of every description. Fancy Toilet Soaps, Plain and Fan cy Pipes, Smoking and Chewing Tobacco, Foreign and Do mestic Cigars. IN CANS—Pcaihes, Tomatoes, Strawber ries. Has berries, &o, The above goods will be sold an low as can be bought in the city. Wholsale or retail. G. Sawyer. apr213wd PICTURE FRAMES OF ALL K I N 1> S MANUVACTOBBD Bl it. J. 0. LARRA.BEE & CO, NO. CU EXCHANGE street. Old Oil Paintings Mounted on Sew Canvass, Ue touched aud V'aruhhwl by one who has had long experience in the business lu Kugland 03-D FKAIffES KEGILT. MATERIALS FOR WAX WORK. A large variety of choice l.n graving*, Pictnre* framed in all styles. Orders lor Wax work will receive prompt atten tion It. J. D. LAltkAHFF A CO. No. 09 Kxobauge Street. Portland, April 26. 41m A. & S, SHURTLEFF & CO., NOS. .VI A .VO MIDDLE STREET, l'OKUASD. Mmmfactorer, and Drtl.r- in Men's Boys’ and Youth’s Thick, Kip and Calf Boots, Women's Misses and Children’s Ooat. Kid and Calf Balmorals, Rubbers Shoe Stock, Findings, Ac. IlflTfl osr superior facilities for manufacturing, f ▼ and a large experience in the bu*ine»<, Hr we are able to sell as low as io Boston or el** w here. In-alers are respectfully invited to call aud ex* amine our stork before purchasing nr*Orders by mail promptly attended to. Portland, April 29, 1)44. 4&u American Exchange FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY! or NEW YOKE. Cuplikl SUOO.OOO, l».«" B.IMi,,.. Mrrrha.dlw, Huw hold Fsrsllare, Krwls. Uasrs. Vse •ela wn Ike Ntselis, wad ether Per •aaal Prsieriy at las Law* eat rrlra. SAMLKL URtnVN, President. WILLIAM RAYNOR, Seers tar. KDWAKD 8UAW, Agent. 103 Middle Street. oet'JT lyeod CITY or I‘ORTI,AND. WiiF.KKA.H M. F. Walker aud others, have pe tition*^ the City Council to lav out a uew Street or Public Way in said city,—beginning at Congress Street and ruuuing up to the back line of the Arseual Ground aud wLereas raid petitiou was referred by theiity i ouncll. Feb. Htli, |8»4. and ta ken from the file* March 21st. 18»M. and rcfein-d to the undersigned, for them to consider and act upon, therefore. Notice is hereby given to all parties interested.that tbc Joint Standing Committee of the City Couucil on lav mg out *tr.. t< will me. t to hear the par ties and view the nroposed way ou the 6th day o! May, lt>64. at 4 o’clock iu the afternoon, »t Congress Street, opposite the Araeual, and will then and there proceed t» determine and adjudge whether the pub !io ojQvenisnce rewuire* Maid street or way to be laid out. Given under our hands on this 27th day of April, .1 A COB McLKL! AN ) STEVENS SMITH. | rAfBmlMA_ WM II. STU ART. ; ( 'JO*™1*1** JNO. D SNOWMAN, j K LADD. I New Streets. WM. G. SOULE. 1 Ar,»i and L'ouri.r copy aptIT 3w City of Fort lam!, WUEKEAS. lienj. Hsley and others have peti tioned the City Council to lay out a new Street or Public Way iu said city .— beginning at the Wes tern terminus of Lincolu Street, running through to Treble Street, and to In? a continuation of Lincolu street, aud whereas said petition was re (erred by the City Council. Not. 6. 1803, aud taken from the tiles, Marco 21st, lstil, and referred to the undersigned, lor them to consider and act ut<en, therefore. Notice is hereby given to all parties interested, that the Joint Standing Committee of the City Coun cil on laying out new streets, will meet to hear the parties and view the proposed way on the 6th day of May, 1864. at 2.3d o’clock iu the afternoou. at the western teriuiuuv of Lincoln Street, aud will then and there proceed to determine and adjudge wheth er 8.i- public convenience require* said stm-t or way to be laid oat (liven under our hands on this 27th day of April, A D. 1** JACOB McI.ELLAN, ) STEVENS SMITH. I \V II STEWAltT. ! (oinmittM. uu ■I N O D SNuWMAN, ; Uv'uyoul l K.LADO, I Nu" Wa. U SOULE | Tort'aud, April 26. 1**4. Argus and Coarier)eopy. apr27 3w Information Wnnled. VBoy named Henry Williams, about 11 years old, having on when he went awav dark pants, light greyish jacket, aud a new dark doth cap. aud having dark hair and blue eyea,—let home with his hooka to go to school on the morning o» the 18th, itiuce which his pateuta have heard nothing from him Any information concerning him will le thankfully received if left at the City Marshal's Office, or at No. 31 Clark Street. »ap28 dtf THE IHTBBB1 mXXUY. fllHE May numl>er will bt- issued on Saturday, X April 30. Devoted to literary, civil and mili tary attain, it aims to supply a place among our periodicals, not before till. d. The atteuttou of soldiers and their friend* is especially called to this Magazine, as giving a monthly record of the position aud movements of our Maine troops, no where else found iu so oompact and convenient a form for present aud future use. The press through out New England has given it a generous welcome and coiiiiueudatiou. Will our friend* at home ex amiue lor theiuselies? Found at all the bookstores. Subscription* received a* the count! ngroetu of | April 28,1864. d3t B. TilLKsTON _ENTERTAIN aM EN TS. PIaOical i:\hibitioh ! THE MAY EXHIBITION -Oir tui PORTLAND HORTICULTURAL SOOI33T Y, Comprising ttoses, Fusrhias, Pelargoniums and other ureeii lloqsu Plhuts, and the Early Wild Flowers, will take place at MeolianieN" IXu.ll, -oir HEDXESDAV, MAY till. P^ded List* of the Premiums may be obtained cf Urer' Saraucl Koile. No. 159 Middle Street. Exhibitors are specially requested to have their specimens at the hall on Wui>Bh.PDA v Mo uni no, so that they may be properly arranged be I ore the hour of opening. .ior adults lorents, for children 10 cents. Exhibition to open at 2 o’clock P M ^ d'^r 0,lier. 8 ')• BI.CK1CTr, Secretary. HEW CITY HALL MAY DAY CORONATION! There will be a GftAND MAY DAY FESTIVAL At the NEW XTT\ HALL on the itteruoon aud evening of MONDAY, MAY 4d, Af 3 ASD 8 O'CLOCK. P. M The entertainment will commence with the en trance of rt.OK.4ASI> HKK TKAI.V. consisting of thirty voting ladies dressed in appropr.ate ros tume. After the coronation, the May foie will be II raided by the f/ueru and her Subjects. For further parttcalars see prorrainmoa. Tickets ot admission 35 cent, etch, to be had at Hailey A Noyes’, At Co.’s and at ibe door. In the afternoon children will be admitted for 10 cent#; Adults 2, cents. apio .ltd AMATEUR THEATRICALS. A DRAMATIC ENTERTAINMENT -run the Benefit of the Sanitary Commission, WILL BE Q1VEB AT Deering Hall, on Friday. April 29th. Performance* to oommeuce with Scribe's play of VALRH1 €, and lo close with Buckstous’s popular comedy of MAttJ:IK 1) LIFE. Tick* ts to all narts of the boose 60 cents; Reserved seats 76 cunts. Doors open at 6J, curtain wi'l rise at 8 o’clock. ap2odtd New City XXull. THREE NIGHTS ONL Yj Tuesday, Wednesday A Thusrday, May 8d, lib A 6th. CARTER Z01AYETR0I PE -AUD FEMALE BRASS BUD! Will giro three of their popular entertainment* a* above. The performance* of the al»ove named troupe are pronounced by both preaa and public to be the most novel, original and unique exhibition now travelling. Door* open at 7, to commence at 8 o'clock. TICK FITS 26 cent*; Reserved Seats 60 cents. ap28 dOt L M W. 8TKKRE. Agent NEW OPERA 1101SE M LANCASTER HALL. SPRAGUE & BLANCHARDS MINSTRELS! OPEN EVEK1 EVEN (NO. Ailmuston 25 cent.; Ke.f>rv*-0 Scat. 5<> cat*. J.SCRAUt K. I ,, »pll If II ULANCIIAKU. I __MERCHANDI8E. nanrovado aapir. . kl! IIDS Choice Muecotado Sugar t .n land " " mg ft"OUi bark ."**bra HorilM KAUQI. No It, ntva! Wharf Portland, April 26 1*64 apr*M2w Nugar aud .Holaatra. 1U1 HHDd / I*P"4 [ PRIME (iKHKIT MUAR. bt HolMl *vt> 64 kiII l>s prime Clayed Molmr» per brig "Model," from l* now landing and hr aa> by CII ASA. RRolttEKa A i o . apfr* dlw W idgery '• W barf C'luypel Rolnvarv. 4*7*1 HUDMi superior day-d Molaaw* per "T i *9 [brig "IteMtaew," now lauding 61 TKt A I and for ale by 4 MASK BROTHERS Idi, aplMdlw Wblgery** Wharf, ( iirdnm* RolAaara. Vi urge of prime Cardeua* ilalaNH, »uw land ing aud lur «a»f by MORRIS. OKEENE A SAWYER, ap26 dlw W Commercial Street. Yellow 4'orn. ,■?* WWA HUS HELM, carco rchoouer Wra. Car »)UUU roll, now landing and lor -ale by EDW II BcKOlN, ap26 d.w 12) Commercial Street. I Choir? 4Jror?ry Niigar*. | k)i | BAKKKLN Centrifugal or choice grocery 1 f Sugar, just received per Danish schooner “fiae," from St. Jago de Cuba, aod tor silo in bond or duty paid by LfcORLK 11 STARR, No. 10 Exchange Street. Portland. April 22, 1861. dlw R l TT V, U ! 7 3 TlIBN BITTER FOR HAIR BY J. M. KNIGHT & SON, NO. ^ LIME STREET. Portland, April 18. 1864 dtf HmlHK! Hrrrine'.! '/Uln I'.OXES SCALED 1U.RK1M1 Low OV/vA • landing ami lor sale by UERSEY FLETCHER A CO. April IS— <18w* loiM ouimerctal Street iHumcovado Mtiuiir. <kO"7 li 11 DS 1 Muscovado Sugar, of auperior t)0 ^ | quality, now lauding from Hark SUO T.HI.S ) "Linda Stewart,” from tiuautau atuo, for sale by U. 1. K0HIN8ON, aplii dldm No 1 Portland Pier. .IIihcuvuiIo .Tlolasscs. 1~i\ IlliDS ) Superior quality Mu-covndo 9J9P [ landing lr« m >eb 28 Tierce* ) *• rrcdunia," from C ardelta*, for 8 bbla. tale by II. |. IIobi 11 "on y apr21 1 media No 1, Portland Pier ^UM OViido Sugar. 41 | li II 1>S Muscovado Sugar, prime qRalilv • **■ now lauding lrom Itrig *'J. U. Dillingham, from Cardena*. tor tale by M. I • Kubiatea. apr2l linedi* No. 1. Portland Pier Deck IMitnk. r% M 2j. 3and 3* inch SEASONED WHIT E PINE DECK PLAN h for tale by S.C. DYER. apr4 dim* No 3 Central Wharf. Scotch Cbiivuan. BOLTS—from the factory of David Cor as' " *ar A Son*. Leith—a rail cloth of «uperior quality—Ju*t received per "Jura", aud for tale by MoOlLVKKY. RYAN A DAVIS. mch26 dtf 181 Commercial Street Dresner’s ! Dresser's ! OO EXCHANGE STREET, ABOVB THE POUT OPFU R. Is the Place to buy your Jewelry! ap2tt d2w* Steam Tim Warrior. +>. The new aud powerful Steam Fug Ait, WARRIOR. Capt.C L Millikeu. willii-, SSEte iu nadiner- at all time* (both dav^Sffii aud uight) to execute order* lor towing and Iran* porting in tbi* harbor and vicinity Order* left with the Captain on board at Central Whart, or with J.S. WINSLOW, A/ji nt, apG-4w i Cvotral Wharf. 1 AUCTION SALES. Hoii-o siikI L;intl at \iinivn. ULNKY 1IAI I KY A CO , AL'CTlOSKtHS. >~s, On SATCIiOA Y April *nth. at 3 o'clock p 111; M ,outli« promt..., will b« olfcr.d f, r ,nj« JBlkif* pltasauilv located two storied Dwelling Hou-e, with LastHunt, on the e*«t corner Jt lork aud Tyng Street. )* «.\itnit> to ti.e depot and the numuj-ou* nauuikctuniig estabi eb uieaUiu that iiumediati: vicinity, employing a largo number of hands, render* this house extremely de sirable a* a boarding house or lor private families lor either of which it it, capitally arranged. Jt con tains it, or Mfinished rooms, has a gut d* cellar with »»jr*#cUteiu of rain water in the -ame, aad a well to lunli.h*.1^ di!,,r !ri"' a KU*,’, I'u,nl'- “ever tailing T<-rm. w,n i *bull;l»u' supply of rxctl ,,t ..fw of .ale tevc')'lil*r»l*u. mid. kauri u it tiru. _;_ »p2l dtd \ulualtlc Iteul Estate tkt Auction. O^ fKlUAY, April'djjj o'clock, Jt., ou ,.***P**mm-*, |bc r^u.blc lor ot laud niili thu kuiidli c, thereon situated, on tte corner of (irur ■ hd Winter Street., Th. , U . two ”on wmte en bouie, ttnnhi-d tbioagbnul uod i. Hoc orUeT Maid aad toft water in abundance, with Gas and other modern improvemente, and «.nc of the mo-t desirable pieces ol property of itaVlaaa in the mar let. It is a health/ and pleasant locality, and ex cellent neighborhood. V%e there lore especially re commend it for a residence I be title ia dear, hale positive, aud terms easy For partJcuiar* iLuuire of MKNKf BAILEY 4 lu , Auctioneers Argus and CWlu copy. api27 t«l E. M. FATTEN AUCTION EKK, 12 Exchanged. Klurk ol Dry Cioodsat Auc tion. / \N KiidAT. April 29th. »t 9* A. 31 and »i P. M , • .'.V. V£'^V,0^'.,,“®n, 01 0,r «oc.d*. emulating la part of kilk. Alpiue. AI pace, TaJhtt a, ' a“‘«* PopUoi, Lie Lai net*. Ih n«gM, Gingham*. Priut*, White aud Brown Liacu f>auia*ka, I .hie f °'rte/,,'r^?P*,,um' Tawela, Tuwtliog, Linen Hand kerchief*. Xieylie*, tra,h. Linen Shirt,ur bhached aud brown Cotton*, stripe*, iicaiur* UeMn,, M?l*"kin,,’ya''"r“treij^'|rBtie,t*,Iw«,da* Iteil. White, tile* aud m.xed H*nnel„. blank, U omit*, Shawl*, Ulotea, Ilciery. Mitt., Tap®*, Lace.’, Mu* iu*. with iaaey Ootid*. kc Country dealer* and lam,lie* will And it to their advantage to attend thin -ale. K*ery lot will be aoid witboat reserve. No po*t. policin' at. *p9p Orrut bale ol TurtellMro-lk Saco, »t Auction. ON Monday, May 2d. at 10 o'cloek'A. M , we »hall comrar ucethe -a)* of Furniture m the York Hotel, b«co There are Bedsteads, lied*. Mattress ** and Bedding, Sola*. Louuges, t hair*, Hookers, Bureau-. Mirror* and Stoves. (:arp*'*, in gieat va riety, Flated and Silver Ware. < rockery, ( bina and Glass W%re, Table Cu’lery. Toilet. Card. Work Feuibroxe and Extension Iable*. Ac., Ac., with the entire Y uruiture of tli#- h« u«e from carret to ce lar aptodtd HENRY BAILEY A CO . Auction's. EDW M. FATTEN, AUCTIONEJHL12 Exchange hi Valuable* Iteul Altaic ut Auction. O.N MONDAY, May 2d. 12 o’clock, on the premis es. Witgery's Wharf, willbesolathethreeato ry store uext below F. F. Yarnum’s The «t< re is strong, thoroughly built, and well adapted for Corn and Hour, West India or Fish business. Store *> ieet wide, aud 70 teetlung. l*ot about 74 feet loag, and about 6.0 feet in width, la the me nd story is one of the best finished Counting Kooms in the city. Third story occupied aj a Bail Loft. This property is entitled to ail the wharfage. For particulars, terms ol sale, or key, call on the Auctioneer No. 12 Exchange St .i,a<r ,n. li^ul K«ute for bale. VLot of Land and the buildings thereon, situat ed on the southeast side of Sumuer near Fiank lin Street. If not sold on or before Saturday, April 3tith, 18»H, will then be sold at public auction, at 11 A. M., on the premise*. For terras apply to S. C. KAN D, U3 Commercial Street, apl8 dtd or E M. l’ATI EN, 12 Exchange St. E. M. FATTEN, AUCTION ELK, 12 Exchange St. Valuable Real Estate at Aaetioa. ON MONDAY, May 2d, at 12, o'clock, on tbe premises, Widgerv's Wharf, will be sold tbe three story store neat below P V Varnum’t. Tbe store is strong, thoroughly built, aud well adapted lor Corn and Flour. West India, or Fish bttaiurm. Store 30 feet wide, and 7*) feet long. Lot about 74 feet long and about tiO feet in width. In the second story is oue of the beat fiuished Counting Looms ia the city. Third story occupied s< a Sail Loft. This properly is entitled to all tbe wharfage. For par ticulars. terms of sale, or key, call ou tbe Auction, eer, No. 12 Kxchangr street. ap27 dU EDWARD SI. PATTRX Commission Merchant Si Auctisnrer, Uaa removed to the apacioua store U Auxoiutuft* 8trv« t, four doors below Merchant's Exchange. Will receive consignments of Merchandise ef •very description, for public or private sale. Saiee of Krai F-state. Vessels. Cargos*. Stocks and Mer chandise solicited, lash advances made, with prompt sale* sad returns. mebli dly Wholesale and Retail AUCTION ROO ! JIST OPENED Ms. 86 Fox Block, Ixckaago Btroot. rvnuiu. iil I shall bein the eonatant receipt nf. sad will sail •very afWri*«a»a sad sveatag by public tactloa I tbe bUuwUMt lines ef geads in ^uaatitiaa to saft slldrM'iiplin,, OtmKMOi *• »«,•♦!», Linen. t ra.h Towelling, I airn.Ar.Tnblr Cwtlery. I'lated W«r», Jtwrli, Y aakrr N*. I>M« and Fancy l.oad., Cam muring Inaaday. ftbraary loth. OKU. k FKIB< E. Auction and tomaumioa Merchant. * ST F driw.KT, Aictkiuar. tebld dtf ~* ^ TO THE AFFLICTED I 1>K. IV. V DEM1NU, Nledical Electrician, No. II Clapp'd Block, CURS XU OFCO.YUKXS3A.YD ELM STREETS WOULD respectfully announce to the eltlxena ol Portland and > iclnlty, that be hme permanent | ly located in thia city. During tbe eleven month* that »e have been in town we have cared some ol tbe wont forma of disease in peraona alio have tried other form, of treatment in vain, and curiae pa tients in ao ahort n time that tbe question ia often naked, do they at ay cored ? To answer this question we will say that all that do uot .lay cnied, we mili doctor the vecotid time for nothing. Dr. D has been n practical Klectrlcian tor twenty one years, and isnlao n regular graduated physician Electricity It Perfectly adapted to chronic ‘‘-tniri In the form Of nervous or sick lieadache; neuralgia in the head, neck,or extremities; eonstuaptina.whea In the acatestagee or whore the lung* are not* tally | Involved; acute or chronio rlienaaatwa, mrutnka, hip d|.enaea, white .welling, spinal "imrrv. carvature ot the spine, contracted uunin, dhdoriad limbs palav or parnlyaia. dt. Vitas' Daaoe. dealneoa, stam mering or hesitancy of speech, dy,pernio, indices. tVL, constipation and liver complaint,palne—weetire | every cave that ran he presented; nathain bronchi. ; tta, ttrictnrea of the cheat, and all forma of Mania : complaints. By Elootrioity The Rheumatic, the goaty, the lame aad the lan leap with joy, and move with the nullity aad eltttie itj of youth I the heated brain ia cooled. Urn beat bitten limbs restored. the aucoatli deft,unities re moved faintness converted to vifor,-ittntm to clrength. the blind made to see, the deaf to hear and the pa Mod tortu to move uprixbt: tha htemiahae at youth are obliterated: the orceleaij of matare Uta prevented: the calamiliee of oid ana obviated aad aa active oirealatioa malalainad. LADIES Who hava cold handa aad feat: weak at oat eba lame and weak lacks: nervoaa aad ssok Headache i dullness and swimming In the head, with indisse Uon and constipation of the howeia: paU la tha dda and bark, leacorrheea. tor whlteal. (HIline of tha womb with Internal aaacere: tumor-, polypus aad all that loan train oa dieses will tad ia Uaairic Ity a sure menus of cere Par paiafhi menstruation too profuse meu-iruatioa. audall of tboea Icac line of troubles with yuan* ladies, hisctrlctty la a eertuia •pecittc. aad will, la a short tuna, restore the sc Carer to the Tijror of health. tr * S km c on if 'evtro-1 Hemsoai Isssrslu tor sxtracliajr Mineral Poison from ike system seek as Mercury. Antimony. Arsenic, he. Hundreds who are troubled with stiff Jclnla. weak bucks, and earl, •is otherdllhcclties, the direct caaee of whlah la Bias eases out of tea. Is the effect of poisonous denes, caa be restored to a. tarsi strength aad viaur He the ase of from It. to eight Bath. 1 Office houniromtg’aloet A. M. to Ira.: 1| I; and Its I r. i. * Conaaltattoa ffraa. Ipl, |U<jt Cvertirfeti Ccmeiery. fllHK Superintendent of Lrergrcea Cemetery will -*■ „ ®» office, in New City Building. entrant-* on Myrtle Stru t, from 13 o'clock M. to 3 o’clock Y. M .every day,» xo. pt Sunday*, to attend to toy call* in connection with uid Cemetery. Order* may be left at the office at any time. ‘Itl H. C. BABB, Superintendent. KfilIiik Saloon for ftalr. HK aulHcritw-r offers for *ale the Fating Hone* No. It k 1<» Fxchauge Street, thoroughly fitted up throughout tor n rfref «7uj« Fating Uouae. with ouflicicut roilin'* in tin- second atory for a family. Thi* honaa, from it* favorable locality, ha* a largo patronage and a good run of regular custom. Tbo •ubucriU r i* com|K’l)ed by ill health to offer tbo stand, together with alt the feruiture, fixture*, etc , aa U now atari is, for sale on reasonable term*. O. L WKLANUKK. ap25dtf 14 k Id Exchange Street. Notice. A FINAL Dividend of the flrnt fend from the aa* •eta, set apart in reduction »of the Capital Stock of the late Hawk of Portland, will be paid on aud after thi* date, to the Stock bolder* of *aid Hank at the time of the reduction of it* capital, or to their legal representative*. The mind will be paid at the Canal Bank Portland UH4» Portland, March 3», 1864. mch* dM4w«

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