Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, April 29, 1864, Page 4

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated April 29, 1864 Page 4
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HUMOROUS. “Thipt t»n It.*’ A good story has been told of a lisping of ficer in the army, having been victimized by a brother ulllcer (noted for his cold delibera tion and his strong nerves,) and his getting square with him in the following mauuer:— Tne cool joker, the Captaiu, was always quiz zing his lisping oillcer, a Lieutenant, for his nervousness. “Why,” said he one day in the presence of his compauy, “nervousness is ail nonsense: I tell you, Lieutenant, no brave man will be nervous.” “Well,” inquired his lisping friend, “how would you do, thpose a shell with an inch fu thee thould drop itohCll into a walled angle iu which you had taken thelter from a company of tharp thooters and where it was thertaiu, if you put out your nose, you'd gel peppered." “How,” said the Captain, winking at the circle “why, take it cool and spit on the fuse.” The party broke up and all retired, except the patrol. The next morning a number of soldiers were assembled on the parade talk ing in clusters, when along came the lisping Lieutenant. Lazily opeuing his eyes, he re marked : “I want to try an experiment thilh morn ing, and thee how extheediug cool you can be.” Saying this lie walked into the Captain's quarters, where a lire was burning on the hearth, and placing iu its hottest centre u powder canister, instantly retreated. There was but one mode of egress from the quarters, and that was upon the parade .ground, the road being built for defeuce. The occupaut took one look at the canister, comprehended the situation and in a moment dashed at the door, hut it was iastcued on the outside. "Charley, let me out if you love me,” shout ed the Captain. “Thipt on she cauither 1” shouted he in re turn. Not a moment was to bo lost, no at first caught up the blanket to cover bis egress, but now dropping it, he raised the window and out be bounded, sans culottes, sans every thing but a very short uuder garment, and thus, with hair almost on end, he dashed up on a full parade ground. The shout which hailed him called out the whole barracks to see what was the matter, aud the dignified Captain pulled a Sergeant in front of him to hide himself. "Why didn't you thipt on it?” inquired the Lieutenant. “Because there were no sharpshooters in front to stop a retieat," answered the Cap UIU. “All I got to say then, itti,” said the Lieu tenant, “that you inl&ht thafely have done it; for I’ll thware there was not a thinglu grain ol powder in it.” The Captain has never spoke of nervous ness since. A young exquisite, who was auxious to raise a ferocious crop of whiskers, and was told that bear’s oil would facilitate their growth, went to a druggist and procured a bottle of oil, which he put profusely on his face when going to bed. Next morning, on looking in the glass, he was horrified to find either side of his face covered with a thick coat of white feathers. The druggist had made a mistake, and given him yoom oil Instead of bear’s oil. A planter wished a negro to saw off the top of a tree, which seemed in danger of fal ling. “ ’l’ose, Massa, you hire Irishman to do dat’ere job?” “Why so, I’ete? Why should I hire an Irishman when you can do it?” “Why, massa, if dis nigger falls and breaks bis neck, you lose fifteen hundred dol lars ; bufyou give Irishman a dollar, and if he breaks his neck, 'taint nothing to nobody.” NOTICE. Tilt, following is a list of Nonresident Taxes re maining unpaid for the vsar 1363. in the I owa of Cape Elizabeth, published by vole or tbe town, passed at its annual meeting. March 14. 1861 Owners of tbe following described property are requested to settts the taxes on the same immediate ly and aave further cost. Build's I.ahd Taxes Alien Moses M. or unk' Use's S3 36 Baoon Bishop.two 20 SI 62 Brigham, Clemens A Warn u 2 A flats 24 62 Brmgdou Irene. 1 lot 1 24 Br.sdon Lucretia 1 “ 124 Barker Thomas*. three 2 •< 7 31 Blsncnsrdoruuk’u. two SUacr's 2n 34 Chase Charles W. 2 lots 66 Clark D W. one mill 2 68 Durglu O E. 1 acre 1 72 D,er Arthur..... . 12“ 8 37 Delaud Daniel J. g “ 2 86 Dyer A Barriow. 3 lots 3 76 Dyer Joshua. 4 acres 8 81 Davis Joseph. one b " 3 S7 (lorry Eldrtdge 10 “ 18 42 Gooding UO. 1 lot 74 Hasty Joseph. 12 acres 8 nl Johnson George. 12“ 4 80 Jordau James C 3“ 127 Johnson Kbcuezer. 1 “ 72 Libby Theodore.. 16“ 2 68 Larrabee John A 1 lot 1 27 Llnsey William. 1 •• 43 Landers 16 acres 6 VI Merrill Wm Y or auk s 2 “ 3 37 Norton Aaron or unk'n.... 1 lot 36 Noyes Ward .two 2 •• 18 19 Owen George. two 10 acroe 26 18 OweuKdwaidC. 1 lot 43 Parker Charles.. one CO acres 13 76 Parker William . 77 •• 129 Rideout Urial out 1 “ 6 79 ff weetser Retbuel. 34 " 3 Iu Sweat Charles. 1 “ I 24 Smith t O J.two 26 “ 42 00 Trickey Otis. 10 “ 3 44 Webb Gustavos heir. 1 lot 86 Walker Nathaniel . 6 ioU 14 32 Weeks Wm 11 2 “ « 04 Walker Benj. 1 . ...two 19 seres 641 F raster JohuL . 1 lot 43 Richardson Guo Mitr 1 “ 43 The following is a list of Non-resident Deeds now remaining in my eflicc. Aoerman A C Twitcheil Dio’s K Brown Nathaniel Thurston or uukuown Boynliu ii J ilall Geo E Butler Alfred Ususon {Great l’ond Co) Bennett Ueury 8 Jordau Geo H. Brigham,Clsmeus A War-Johnson Andrew J ren Jordan* Ezekiel Bowe Nathaniel Jones Nathaniel heir Cook HeiOaraii, Jones Daniel p Chaae Charles VY Kennebec R It Co Clark F' W Libby F ranklin Chaplin Moses Lunt J It Edwards Alexander MarrincrF W F’ariey Charles l'oor Charles F’isber George Palmer Asa Foster JidtouAor unk'n Rich Gardiner or unk'n Graffsm David Riclisrdeuu Amos Griffin Daniol or unk'n Richardson .lames Garland John Hand John W Griffith,Brown A CrockettRynas John Uerrisb E K hkilliu Simeon Urannall Charles Sweat LDM Haosous William Btaplea Jonathan HansonNichotai sawyei David A Uav Geo S Spear Charles limit George Snow Johu s Hall Ebon Smith Henry B Sawyer Sargent Winslow Nathan Sawyer J W Waite Edward Spear John H Weeks William Sargent Samuel Willard Daub 1 Tilton or unknown E. N. PKRltY, Treaiurrr of C.iys A'/iVt6**A office at Town Rouse, office hours 2d and last Saturdav ul each month, from 9 A. M. to 6 P M aprtldlw STATEMENT OP TH£ Jtitna insurance Company, OF UAKTFOHD, CONN., Ob the let day ef November, A. It. IMS, aa required by the Law* of the State of Maine. The Capital Stock ie.<1.600,000 and with the surplus is inrestsd as follows: Heal eatatc, unincumbered, *87,903 18 Cnah in baud, on depoait, and in agents’ . hand*. 216,850 M United State* Stock*, 612,847 60 State and City Stock*, and Town Konda, 608.160 00 Bank and Trust Company Stock*, 1,047,270 00 Mortgage Bond*, 831,800 00 Atlantio Mutual In*. Co’* acrip, 1862-3, 16,88* 60 Total Asset*, *8,026.878 74 Aaiount of Liabilities for 1 .oases not due or adjusted, *175.41184 Amount at risk, estimated, 116 616 478 H THOS. A. ALEXANDER, President. Lcoiue J. Uabdku, Secretary. Hartford, Km. 7, 1868. J. C. CHURCHILL, Agent, No. 4 Iron Block, Portland Pier. deo6 dtf MAINE INSURANCE CO.' Augusta, Mitiue. THE Maine Insurance Company Insure against less or damage by Fire, Building., Mercban disc and Furniture, on terms as favorable as It can bo done by any solvent Company. Policies Issued for Ona, Three, or Five years. J. I,. CUTLEK, President. J H WILLIAMS,Secretary. EDWARD SHAW-ABpi.I, Mo. 102 Middle 8treet •aUeodlv To Innholders and Vletuls rs. NOTICE is hereby given that the Licencing beard of the City of Portland, will meet at the Al dermens' Room on Monday the Second Day ol May next, at 3o'clock, P. M., for the purport* of grant ing Liceucea to Innholden* and victuiem, who pro pose to carry on oaid businea* in thia City, the ensu ing year. Per order. .1 M. HEATH, City Clerk. Portland, April 28,1H64. »pr?8edtd FOR SALE & TO LET. VALUABLE REAL ESTATE I'OH SALE. Good Location for a Hotel. M That valuable and centrally located Housa and Lot. No. 31 India street, for so many years owned and occupied by General Samu el Fessenden, is offered for sale. The Lot i* 70 feet on India street, extending back 171 feet—containing nearty 12,000feet of land. The House is three storied, is in good repair, aud con tains fifteen rooms, besides many closets aud other conveniences; ha*- gas fixtures throughout; it also has a large flow of PURE AQL’EDLCT WATER, which is very desirable; also a large Wood House and Barn. I hia a good piece of property upon wrhich to make improvements. It may be tilted for a tlRijl CLASS HOARDING HOUSE, or a SECOND CLASS HOTEL. Its near proximity to the terminus of the Grand Trank Railway and to the wharves of the Boston and other steamers, makes the location a desirable one tor a Hotel. This lot might be improved with profit to any me chanic or other person having means,by the erec tion of Tenements, its largo depth affording ample space lor a block of eight or ten buildings. For farther particulars enquire of WM. H. JERRIS, Argus Office Portland, Dec. 8. 1863. decll MWF . FOR SALE. A PLEASANT Country Seat, at New Gloucester. Lower Corner. The stand formerly occupied by F. teuton, us a Home School, is offered for sale. The hou*e and ell, both two story, the latter new, contain fifteen finished rooms, a good collar, and an abundauoe of pure, soft water, wood house and sta ble connected. The place is adorned with sbtdeand ornamental trees and shrubbery, c lumandsa beau tiful prospect, is situated in a good community, and is but an hours ride from Portland on the Gland Trunk Railroad. A large garden belongs to it, well stocked with young au«i thrifty fruit trees in full bearing, (24 apple trees.) Price F1700. For further information apply to F. Teuton, Frye burgMe.,8eth Haskell, near the premises, or ALBION KEITH, 189 Middle Street. feb25 3tawtf Portland. Valuable Farm For Sale. THE subscriber offers for sale, the farm now occupied by him in Gorham, containing about 150 acres of good laud, witu convenient _ _[dwelling-house, a very large, com mudiuUb ana well built btrn and outbuildings, all in good repair. Said farm is on the new road from Saccarappa to Gorham corner, about eight miles from Portland, two from Saccarappa and one from Gorham. It lies a valuable wood lot containing about forty acres, is well watered, and is altogeth er one of the best farms in Gorham. Apply to HON. TOPPAN KOB1E, Gorham, If. H. uuw, i orimiiu, uriu uum, «/ouuruu, uu liicpremues. a. i.', d4w* FOR SALK. FI11IAT well-known and valuable Island (called X Mark ay’s Island) situated in Cusco bay, about oue half mile from the Oily of Portland, and about one-sixteenth ol a mile from the main laud of West brook. It contain** about One Hundred Acres ot excellent land, a Dwelling-House and 1 wo Barns— is of moderate ascent- commanding a flue view of the Bay and Harbor. 1 he Land can be made very productive, as large quantities of sea-dressing can at all times be obtained from the shores. One-half the purchase-money can remain on mortgage for a term of years, if required. If not sold before Saturday, May 1st, l$t>4. at pri vate -ale, it will then be told at Public Auction. For terms an I particulars, inquire of C. M DAVIS A CO., 117, Commercial 8t. April 19, 1<*64 ited till May Fitnii for IN Cape Elizabeth, 2} miles from Portland Bridge, about 1*Hi acres of well proportioued mowing tillage Pasture, wood and timber. About bou cords hard and soft wood. Cuts 40 tons Lav, Barn most new, 88 by 80. Lumber for 1$ Story house—on the direct road to Portland, extending 60 rods back, well located to cut into ten acre lots, aud will be if requested. Fences stone wall mostly new. Price #76 per acre, 25 per cent cash ; balance can remain a number of years secured by mortgage. For par ticulsrs enquire of 8CoiT i)IKk, mcnSO d4m IIoiim; Cor Sale. A three story dwelling bouse with brick basement, situated on the corner of Monument and War ren street!■; hastwelveflnftsbed rooms, and is w.-u calculated for oue or two families. For terms ap ply to Edward Shaw, at tire otbee of the Mutual Fire Insurance Company, 102 Middle Street, orto N. F. DEEKING. mchlJSdtf No. 3 Exchange 8t. For ^aU' or to Let. CLIFF COTTAGE, containing over 20 rooms,large stable and shods—sitnated two and one-half miles from Portland, and the finest situation in Cape KJitabeth for a wa _ U ring place, and summer boarders. For particulars enquiro of GEO.OWLN, ap7dtf 81 Winter Street. Portland. For Ic. nOUSE and Lend on St. JolfBIrrrct. The House is one aud a half stories nigh, in good condition. The lot is 60 feet by 110. Soil pood lor a garden. Good well ot water on the promthou. For particulars inquire ou the premises of 8KTU MAR ITN.or of 81. JOHN SMITH, Commercial Street. ap25 dislw* House niftd Land for Sale. THE northerly boat# in the three-story Brick Block, (No. Ii») Myrtie street, recently occupi ed by Rev. Win R. Clark. Immediate possession five a Will be sold at a bargain If applied lor soon, or terms, Ac., inquire of JOHN C. PAUL’I EH, aprSO t f Lime Street. 8nl<*» Koom (o Let. Axpaclous and detirable Hales Room to let on the second floor in the new EVAN* BLILD1NG, on Middle St , it applied for immediately. W A It KEN SPARROW, mchCdtf No. 74 Middle 8t., cor. Exchange. To L« l. milfc pleasant and oommodious office (with ante X room) on second floor, over olfico of the Ocean Jtisurauce Compauy, corner of Exchange and Milk Streets. Possession given immediately Enquire at office of OCEAN INSURANCE CO. aplltf r<>r Salt*. THE TWO STORY HOUSE on Sumner Bliifti street, No. 13, containing lourtecn ttulshed JAmL. rooms aud Closet room, calculated for two lamiiie*. Terms easy. Inquire of 8. N. GOD1NU, No. 22 8t. Lawrence street. ap27-d2w* For Sale. \ small stock of Groceries in store corner Casco and Congress streets. Also the lease of the store. Possession given immediately. Enquire ou the premises. Portland, April 26,1461. d To 1.4*1. HOUSE No. is, Middle St. Fox particulars en quire at No. 3b, Adams St. Possession given 1st of May. J. F. BATEMAN. apr23 dtf To Let. TITHE rooms over tho store of the subscriber,corner X oi Fore and Exchange streets, now occupied by Stephen Berry as a printing office. Possession given 1st of January. Apply to <lec29 dt! BKNJ. FOGG. For Salt*. \ Sloop Yacht, about 7 tons burthen, one year old. well lound in sails, tackling, ft c. Apply to Deguio A Dyer, head Brow n s Wharf, Commercial street. Portland, April 19, 1801. apr!9d3w* t o i.oi. STOKE now oeonpied by u«. 1'tAeuioa given immed lately. Al.o, a Front office in Hanson Block. ianH dtf_ H. J. LIBBEY fc CO. To I.CL " /■\NE STOKE in Galt's Block. VpKidtf A,,P1,,° U T HACHIK, VontaslotK Diseases. ° Statntes'h' SecIlon, 30 “J of ‘-he Kevisod " h'.n *®y tliaoase danccroua to the public health ex jet* ia a town, the municipal officers shall use all possible care to prevent its spread and ttLgivc public notice of infected place* to travellers, by displaying red tla** at proper distances, and by allother means most effectual, in their lodgment for the common safety. * 8kct 32 -When a householder or physioian know* that a pernon under hi* care is taken sick of any such disease, he shall immediately git© uotice there* of to the municipal officers of the town where such person is, and it he neglect* it he shall forfeit not ' less than ten, nor more than thirty dollars. The above law will be strictly enforced JOHN S. JIKALD, febl2traayl Cit Marshal and Health Oificer. PJJKTiCflPAINHM, Portland Mutual Fire Insurance Company. This Company will i**ue I'oliccs to be free after tho payment ol fix, ri^ld or ten rreiuium* at the option of the insured and at rates as low as any other Company. The issue ol Free Policies renders it at the least equal ii not superior to the participation companies. Office No. 102 Middle St. CHARLES HOLDEN, Pres. .. . ^ EDWARD SHAW, See. Feb 16 dfcw tf. Dissolution. rnilECopartnenhip of J. STEVENS & CO.,iathia 1 day <1i.a«lvi d l,y lout.alooawnl All l'eraoto, indebted are requeated tomato immediate meut to either partner. JOSHUA STEVENS April .2, 1801 C. U. HASKELL Copartnership. UTE have tbie dav formed a Copartner, bln in the name ol SUTKILEi-E A CO , and will car ry on tho Wood and Coal buriuex. Al.o Wateriin; the Street.. JOSHUA STEVENS, b April 12,1861. SIMEON SHUKTLF.FF. apr 12 3 « Removal. DK LUDWIG ha. re mot ed to No, 50 High St„ corner of Cou^ress. Fort land, March 17,1801, Uol7 dtp RAILROADS._ FORTIiANO ANDKEMNKIIKC R. K. SPRING 4 SUMMER ARRANGEMENT, Commencing Monday, April 25, 1864 pSgaaSBn Passenger trains leave Skow began lor ***itiir1 *ort auu and Boston, at S.4'> A M , Au guHia, ii.ov A. M and Bath 12 10 MI Auvnata lor Portland aud Boston at 5.3u A, M.; Bath 0.80 A. M. Portland for Bath, Augusta, Waterville,Kendall’s Mills aud Skowhegan, at 1.10 p. M. Portland for Bath and Augusta 8 16 P. M. Passengers for stationson the Androscoggin Rail road will change car* at Brunswick. The 1 10 P. M. train f»om Portland connect* at Kendall • Mill* with Maiue Central Railroad for Bangor, Ac , arriving Name evening. Stages leave Ba h lor Rockland at 9A.M. and 3 P M Stages leave Augusta for Belfast at 4 P. M. Stages leave Skowhegan at 6 10 P. M. for Anson, Solon, Ac. Through Tickets for all the station* on this and the Androscoggin Railroad, tan he procurred in Boston at the Eastern or Bos’on and Maine stations. B. 11. CUSHMAN, Superintendent. April 18, 1864. ap23tf CU^Argu* copy Vork * Cuuilwrluurt ituilroad. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. Trff’i r^r On *nd ftfler MONDAY, April Dh., 1804, trains will leavo a* rj;y~ i"’;"follow, until further notice: r* Saco River for Portland at 6 45 -**( Freight Train with Passenger Cars) and 9 16 a.m., aud 3.80 p. m. Leave Portland for Saco River, 7.45 a. m. and 2.00 aud 6,20 v. u. The 2 00 P. n. train out, and 6 45 a. m . train into Portland, will be freight train* with passenger car* attached. stages connect at Saccarappa daily for South Winonain, Windham Center and Great Falls. At Gorham for West (iorhuin, Standish. Steep Falls, Baldwin. Sebago, Bridgton, Hiram, Limiug ton, Cornish, Denmark, Brownfield. Lovel, Frye burg, Con way. Bartlett, Albany, Jackson and Ea ton, fi. H. At Buxton Center for West Buxton, lionncy Ea gle. South Limington. Limington and Limerick At Saco Kiv«r tri-weekly, for Hollis, Limerick, Osslpee. Newfleld, Parsonsfield, Ethngtam, Free dom, Madison, * aton, Cornish, Porter, Ac Fare* 5 ceuts less when tickets are purchased in the Office, than when paid in the Cars. DAN. CARPENTER. Supt. Portland April 7,1864. dtp MAINE CENTUAL. liAIJLUOAD. WINTER ARRANGEMENT. rsgaMBKg Trains leave Portland. Grand Trunk F r "iBMStation, for Lewiston and Auburn, at 7.40 a. M. For Bangor and Intermediate stations at 1.10 f.m. RETURNING—leave Lewiston at 6.20 A m., and arrivo in Portland at 8 90 a m. Leave Bangor at 7.26 a. m.. and arrive In Portland at 2 00 p. m. Both these trains connect at Portland with trains lor Boston. Freight train leaves Portland at 8 a.m., and re turning is duo In Portland at 1 r. m. Stages eonncct with trains at principal stations, daily for most of the towns North and East of this lino. C. M MORSE,Snp’t. Waterville, November, 1861. dec 14 OB1JVD THINK RAILWAY Of Caauda. WINTER ARRANGEMENT. nHMHT On and after Monday, Nov. 9, 1863, trains will run daily, (suudajs except ed) until further notice, as follows; Up Train*. Leave Portland for Sonth Paris at 7.40 a. m. For Island Pond at 1.10 r. m. Down Train*. Leave Island Pond for Portland, at 6 a.m. Leave South Paris for Portland at 6.46 a.m. The Company arc not re«ponslble for baggage to any amount exceeding #60 in value, and that per sonal, unless notice i* given, and paid lor at the rate of one passenger for every #600 additional value. C. J. BRI DGES, Managing Director. 11. BAILEY, Superintendent. Nov. 4, 1«68. nov5 PORTLAND, SAC O Ar PORTSMOUTH RAILROAD. SUMMER ARRANGEMENTS, Commencing April 11th, 1864. rmHMBBn Passenger Trains will leave the Bta nHB Won, Canal street, daily, (Sundays ex cepted i as lollows: Leave Portland for Boston, at 8.45 a. m. and 8.C0 r. m. Leave Boston for Portland at 7.30 a.m. and 8.00 r. m. Leave Portsmouth for Portland, at 10.00 a. m. and 6.#o r. M. These trains will take and leave passenger* at way stations. Freight trains leave Portland and Boston daily. FRANCIS CHASE, Superintendent. Portland, Oct. 30.1863. oc31 edtf ~~STEAMBOATS. International Steamship Company. Eastport, Calais A St John. two tiupsTpeb week. On and after Monday, March 28, the superior tea-going steamer NEW BRUNSWICK, Capt. E. B __ 'Winchester, will leave Railroad Wharf, foot of State Street, every Monday at 6 o'clock 1*. M .and the Steamer NEW ENGLAND, Capt. E. Field, every Thursday at 5 o'clock p. M., for Eastport and St. John. N. B , connecting a tat John with steamer Emperor lor Dig by. Windsor and Halifax. and with the E. k N. A. Railroad lor She* diac and all way stations. Returning, will leave St. John every Monday and Thursday at 8 o’clock A.M. for Eastport, Portland and Boston. Stave coaches connect with steamer at Eastport for Mach las. Freight for Calais will be forwarded by tailing ves sel* for the present. through tickets procured of the Agents and Clerk on board Steamers. Freight received till 4 o’clock P. M., Mondays and Thursdays. mchaOdtf C. C. EATON, Agent. Montreal Ocean Steamship Co. CAKBYING TBK CANADIAN A D.8.MAILS. Passengers Booked to Londonderry, Glasgow and Liverpool. RETURN TICKETS URANTED AT REDUCED RA TES. m The steamship Nova Scotia. Capt. CJrm ham. will sail from this port for Liver on bATUKDA Y, April h. to be by the Dauta»cu*, on the 7th of May. immediately after the arrival of the Train of the previous day from Montreal. Passage to Londonderry, Glasgow and Liverpool —Cabin (according to accommodation) #66 to *80; Steerage, #30. Payable In gold or its equivalent. For Froi /ht or Passage apply to U. A A. ALLAN. No. 5 Grand Trunk Railroad l'asaengci Depot To be succeeded by the steamship Peruvian on the Kid of April. Portland and Boston Line. THE STEAMERS Fore»t City, Lewiston and Montreal Will, until further notice, run at t- •rdSfwimt- follow* Ix.a\e Atlantic Wharf, Portland, every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Thursday and Friday, at 7o'clock P. M.. aud India Wharf, Boston, every Monday, Tuesday. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, at 6 o’clock P. M. Fare in Cabin ...fl.60 on Deck. 1.25 Freight taken as usual. The Company are not responsible for baggage to any amount exceeding 960 in value, and that person* al, unless notioe is giveu aud paid for at the rate oi one passenger for every 9600 additional value. Feb. 18,1868. dtf L BILLINGS, Agent Portland and New York Steamer* SEMI-WEEKLY LINK. m The splendid and fast Steamships «, - “Locust point," capt.. willbtt, .Trr ^Silran<^ “POTOMAC," Captaiu Siibk* '•zi'XSa&SmiLi wood, will .until turther notioe run as follows: Leave Browns Wharf, Portland, every WEDNES DAY, and SATURDAY. at 4 P M., and leave Pier 9 North kiver, New York, every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY* at 3 o'clock. P. M . These vessels are fitted up with tine accommodations for passengers, making this the moat speedy, safe aud comfort able route for travellers between New York and Maine. Passage 97,00, inoludieg Fare and State Rooms Goods forwarded by this line to and from Montreal, Quebec, Bangor, Bath. Augusta, Eastport and St. John. Shippers are requested to send their freight to the •toamers asearly as 8 P. M , on the day that thep leave Portland. r For freight or passage apply to EMERY k FOX, Browu’s Wharf, Portland. H.ft. CROMWELL A CO., No. 86 West Street, New York. Deo. 6.1861. dtf iPhysician & Surgeon, U/» COURT STREET,corner of Howard, Boston OI > is consulted daily from 10 until ‘2. aud from 6 to 8 in the evening, on all diseases of the Uriuary and Genital Organs, Scrofulous Affections, Humors of all kinds, Sores, Ulcers and Eruptions, Female Complaints, Ac. An experience of over twenty fears’ extensive practice enables Dr. M to cure all he most difficult cAsea. Medicines entirely vegeta ble. Advice Kkkk Mrs. M., who is thoroughly versed in the afflictive maladies of the sex, can be consulted by ladies. Patient* furnished with board and experienced •nrses. Botton, April 28,1868. godly MEDICAL. -- -~--—— Female STRENGTHENING CORDIAL. This Medicine is of long tried efficacy for correct lug ail disorders incidental to the feminine sex. I hat the atilicted may feel assured that tLi* Cordial tmlv valuable and worthy their confidence, - not one of those secret compounds purposed to destroy healthy action. I add a few testimonials from ph>» lciauswhom all, lav oring the Electricand Kolormcd I racticeoi Medicine, respect. DK. VVILLAUd C. GEoRtiE,formerly Professor th.V, orceeter Medical College, and President of the Electric Medical Society, Aias*., speaks oi it in the following terms: ”1 have used the Female Strengtheniny Cordial similar to that preparation by DU. GEO. W SWETT, 106 tiauover Street, and I regard it as one of the best Medicines for Female Complaint* that can be found.” Dlt. J. KING, Author of” Woman: Her Dis ease* and tinir Treatment,” *a)*: ”lhis Medicine appear* to exert a specific influ ence on the Uterus, it is a valuable agent in all de rangements of the Female Reproductive Organs.” DK. SMI I'U. President of the New \ ork Asso ciation of Botanic Physicians, says . ” No female, if in uelicate health,shoud omitthe timely use of this valuable Cordial. 1 owe much ot my success in midwifery to the use of this Medi cine.” MOIIIEKS AND MARRIED LADIES. ^ fbe following from Dr. FAY is worthy your no ” Asa general remedy for Female Complaints this ‘ Cordial’is a very valuable one, but by the Profes sion it is esteemed more highly for i>s good result during Confinement in relieving the great suflering attendant upon childbirth. I acknowledge with Dr. Smith that much of ray sucees* in uiidwitt-ry Is due to the use of this medicine. It strengthens both mother and child, in each cases I follow the di rections ot Prof. King, by allowing my patients to use it a few weeks previous to confinement, as by the energy it imparts to th*> uterine nervous system the labor wnl be very much facilitated, and removes the scraps which many female^ are liuble to. No woman, if she knew the gr<. at valucof this Strength ening c ordial would taifto use it.” I have received numerous testimonials from diff erent parts of the conutry where used. Knowing tin* good it Is capable of doing, I w 11 warrant overy bottle of my *• Cordial” to be satisfactory in its re sults. The following symptoms indicate those affietiocs in which the Female Strtngtktui%y Coruial has proved iuvaluable: Indisposition to Exertion, Wakefulness, Uneasi ness, Depression of Spirits. Trembling, Loss of Power, Paiu in the Back. Alternate Chill-, and flushing of Heart, Dragging Sensation at the Lower Part of the Body, Ucadache. Laupuor, Ach ing Along the thighs, Intolerence of Light and Sound, Palo Countenance, Derangement ot the Stomach and Bowels, Difficult Breathing. Hysteria. Ac., Ac. It is a specific rdtaedy in all Uterine Diseases, Chlorosis of Green hickuess. Irregularity, Painful ness. Profuse or Suppression of ( udomarv Dis charges, Leucorrhara or Whites, Scirrhus or Ulcer ate State of the Uterus, E^rility, Ac No better Touic can p/ffsibly te put up than this and none less likely to do harm, and it is comj^ed wholly of vegetable agents, and such as we have known to b*» valuable, and have used for many years. PRICE, One Dollar Per Bottle, or six bottles for 96. .Should vour druggist not have it. send directly to us, and wlieu six bottles or more are ordered we will pay all expenses, and have it securely packed from observation, Be sore and get that prepared at the New England Botanic Depot, 109 Hanover 8t. Boston. GEO. W. 8WKTT, M D., Proprietor. II* II* HAY, Agent, Portland* mch8 eod6m B. P^H. R. Berry’s IPatliolonical IIAIK KEAOVATOK 16 a atandard preparation that hu been thoroughly tested; it, compoeition ia in atrict accordance with hygienic rulea and aclentitlc principlea—ia not the eplit moral production of a day, but the reault ol long and patient aludy, experiment and research, being a tkuk Renovator ami Restorer of Hair In a pathological or diseased state to T 11 E N A T U K A I. COL O K tnd condition of health, by working upon the roots snd papillMccoui secretions, supplying the hair with that nutritious Helm ut in which the blood is deficient, aud removing the accumulated excess of dandruff and humor, making a noil Delightful Dressing, well and agreeably perfumed,thu- afford ing a desirable article of intrinsic value lor the Toi let. It will in ALL CABKfl (with the exception of very aged people, where the roots, germs and sheaths have all come away, or, by reason of age, become disorganized » promote a ViH and Healthy Growth ! Restore the grey to its natural coiftr; stop and pre vent the hair falling off—causing it to become moist, soft and glossy. It will gradually darken light and flaxen hair without dyeinu it or staining the skin—beiDg free from silver and other injurious chemicals, and truly beneficial to the hair iu all its phases. TRY' 1T. and be assured of its superiority over all other preparations. PREPARED ONLY’ DY HENRY A. BERRY, Chemist, 220 1-2 Congrese Street, Portland, Me. H. H. HAY, junction Free and Middle ,treet«, General Agent lor Maine. 1‘rico $1 per bottle. BT-Sold by Druggieta everywhere. Berry’s Preservative and Dressing For beautifying and preserving the hair, A SPLEXD1D COMPOUND, composed of vkoktarlk kitract*. containing no oil or alcohol, chemically combined aud highly per fumed. Price 60 cents per bottle. Jan23 dly Mason & Hamlin’s CABINET ORGANS. fll 11E subscriber, being impressed with the great A excellence of these Instruments, and their adap tation either for small churches, vestrys, or parlors, offers them for saio to tho citizens of Portland aud vicinity. Tho mannfacturers have the tm'ffen testimony ol over a hundred of tho best organists and Musicians, both foroign aud uative, to the efluct that they are superior to any instruments of the kiud that they have ever seen. Among the testimonials ol such as Thai berg. Morgan and Zuudel, is the following from Gottschalk : “Mmsbk* Marok k Hamli*:—I congratulate you on the introduction of a new Musical Instru ment, long wanted, and sure to find its way it-to every household of taste and refinement that can possibly afford its moderate expense. Your ( ala net Organ is truly a charming tiffin Hit, worthy of the high praise it has received, aud far superior to every thing of its class I have seen. 1 take pleasure in commending it most heartily as everywhere wor thy a place beside the Piano Forte, to which it is a fine complement, from its capacity for rendering much delightful music, sacred, secular, classic and popular, to which the Piano is not adapted.” GOTlsCH JULJL. New Y’ork, 22d Sept., 1863. Those Instruments may be found at the Ml alo Rooms of the subscriber, where they will be sold at the manufacturers’ prices. H. S. EDWARDS, deo6 d»* BOUNTIES & PRIZE MONEY. % t OO llouniy for Soldiers wounded in Battle. WE are prepared to obtain a Bounty of flOO for soldier* discharged on account of wound* received. Bounty of glrtp for Soldiers discharged on account of tr >unds received in battle obtained (it paper* on file are correct) infAre/* weirs time Special attention given to the collection of Prize Money, and claims against Government. SWEAT & CLEAVES, Counsellors at Law* mchSdtf No 117, Middle St., Hussey's Row Dissolution of fo|>nrliiri>lif)». rpilE copartnership heretofore existing between X the subscriber*, under the r.amc and style ot Bradley It Webb, is this dnv dissolved by mutual consent. KoBEK I BRADLEY, M. U. WEBB. rnnK copartnership heretofore existing between X the uudertignod is this day dissolved b» mutual consent. G. M. MOl'lJDN, A. G. ROGERS. Lo|mrtiier*lii|> Notice, rilllE undersigned have this day formed a copart X uership uudtr tho name ami style of BRAD LEY, MOULTON ft ROGERS, for tho purpose ot carrying on the Flour. Grain and Provision busi ness, at 88 Commercial Street, Thomas Block KOBT. BRADLEY, G. M. MOULTON, ap‘2 dtf A. G. ROGERS. CITY OF PORTLAND. THE committeo on Highways Ac., will receive sealed proposals for furnishing ten thousand tons Sea Island paving stores during the month* of May J une and July -equal quantities each month, i The parti* - proposing will please tato w hat portion of said atones—if less than the whole amount—they will furnish a* above. Propoaal* will he received until June 3d, 1884 The committee reserve the right to reject any or all proposal* not deemed lor the in teract of the city. Per order. J. E. DONNELL, Chairman. April 19th. 1964. ap20dftwtd Notice. Ihavo this day givcu my son William K. S» all hi* time to act and trade for I ms df. I shall claim none of his earning* nor pay uue o' hi* debt* after this d*te. AUMIZQ SMALL. Witnes#—s. A. pAiroBTB, Raymond, April 21,1864, ap25dlw MEDICAL. Lyons Periodical Drops THE GREAT FEMALE REMEDY. Lyon’s Periodical Drops! ▲ RR BETTER THAN ALL PiIIm, Vowdem & Quack Trcparatiooft. Lyon’s Periodical Drops! -ARX Sure to do Goodand cannot do Harm. LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS! The (.rent reunite Kerned) LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS! AUK RRTTKU TUAN ALL PILLS, PO W OK US f QUACK PREPARATIONS LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS! AKESOItE TO DO GOOD AND CANNOT DO HAEM. Lyon’s Periodical I»ro|t» THE GREAT FEMALE REMEDY. Lyon’* Periodical l)ro|u ARKMRTTRR TUAN ALL PI Lis. POWDERS AXD QUACK AIRDIC/SJtS. Lyons Periodical Drops Aro Suro to do Good and cannot tlo 11 arm. LION’S PERIODICAL D*OPS Tiie Ureal Female Iteinedy. LION’S PERIODICAL DROPS AR2 BETTER THAR ALL Pills, Powders and Quack Preparations. LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS ■UftK TO DO GOOD AJJD CAB NOT DO 11A1SM ! ! Lyon’s Periodical Drops THKORfiATFEMALE REMEDY Lyon’s Periodical Drops Are better than all Pilli, Powder*. And Qnack Preparation*. Lyon’s Periodical Drops, -ARB Sure to do Good and cannot do Harm. Price, $1 per Rotlle. For sale by ail Druggist*. At wholesale by W. F Phillip*, H. 11. Ray A Co., Portland. aug?J eodly IMPORTANT TO ALL A INVALIDS! IRON IN THE BLOOD is well known to the Med| cal Profession that THE VITAL PRINCIPLE O R LIFE ELEMENT OF THE BLOOD IS 1 uo\. This is derived chiefly from the food vc eat; bat if the food is not properly digested or if, from any canae whatever, the necessary <|iiatity of iron is not takcu into the circulation, or become reduced, the whole system suffer*. The bad blood will irritate the heart, will clog up the luugs, stupefy the brain, will obstruct the liver, and will send* it* disease producing elements to all part* ofth* system, and every one will suiter in whatever organ may bo pre disposed to disease. To take medicine to euro disease* occasioned by a deticiucy of IRON IN THE BLOOD. without restoring it to the system. Is like trying to repair a building whim the foundation is gone. It is only siuce the discovery of that valuable combination known a.- PR III’ WAX S YRUP, that the great power of this VITALIZING AGLNT over disease has been brought to light. The Peruvian Syrup, The Peruvian Syrup it a Protected Solution!*)! the PROTOXIDE OF IRO.VlXrw hiicutrn iu Mrdirinr that Strike* nt the Iloot of l>i*ea*e, by supplying the Blood|with it* Vital ft'riiteipl* ot Life Ulrim-utl OX. m This Is the secret of the wonderful success of thii remedy in curing DYSPEPSIA, LIVER COM* PLAINT, DROPSY, CHRONIC DIAR RHEA, BOILS. NERVOUS AFFEC TIONS, CHILLS AND FEVERS, HUMORS, LOSS OF CONSII TUTIONAL VIGOR, DIS EASES ofthe KIDNEYS A BLADDER FK il A LK Complaints and all diseases originating in a BAD STATE OF TIE BLOOD or accompanied by DEBILITY or a LOW STATE OF THE SYSTEM. Being free from Alcohol in any form, its entry effects are not followed by corr'SpomUng reaction, but are p rinanent, Iufusing htukmotii, viooa and w*w life into all part* of the *y*t*m, ahd building up au I RON CONST! TUT 1 ON! It isau exee jam substitute for lue or Braudy where a Ktiiuulaut is needed. The follow ing name* are taken from our pamphlet of testimonial*, which will be sent tree to any address. Rev. John Pkrpoat, Lewi* Johnson, M. D., Rev. Warren Burton, Roswell Kinney, M. D., Rev. Arthur B. Fuller, S. 11. Kendall, M. D„ Rev. Gurdon Robins, W, R. Chkholm, M. D., Rev. Sylvanus Cobb, Jo&o Antonio Sanches. M. D. Rov. T. Starr King, Marccho Aranda, U. D., Rev. Ephraim Nuie, Jr., A. A Hayc*. M. D., 59“ There can be but one stronger proof than the testimony qf such m<u as these, and that iu a i*kb fioNAL tui al. It has cured thousands where tdher remedies hare failed to give relief, amt invalids cannot reasonably hesitate to give it a trial• For i»YsritP»!A and all chronic di*»a8Eh, char acterized by debility, it is a Syteijic. Prepared a* heretofore by N. L. CLARK St CO —For Sal© by— SETH W. FOWLE it CO., 18 Iremont st . Boston; J. P. D1NSMORK,491 Broadway. New York; and by all Druggists. iebl8 deod flt wcow 3m _MEDICAL. OK. J. it. hifuhes cah pm found at nit PRIVATE MEDICAL ROOMS, Mo. !i T<‘iiipl<* Street, WHERE he can bo consulted privately, and with the utmost confidence by the afflicted at ail hours daily, from K a. m to 9 r. m. Dr. H. addresses those who are sutTering under the affliction of private disease, whether arising trom impure connection or the terrible vice of self-abuse. Devoting his entire time to that particular branch of the medical profession, he feels warranto*! in <«uar aftmkino a Ct'ux in all Cask*, whether of long standing or recently contracted, entirely removing the dregs of disease from the system, and making a perfect and PERMANENT CURE. He would call the attention of the afflicted to tha fact of his long standing and well earned reputation, furnishingsotnoicut assurance of his skill and suo OCM. • —— CAUTION TO THE PUBLIC. Every intelligent and thinking person must know that remedies handed out frosn general use should have their elbcacy established by well-tested expe rience iu the hands of a regularly educated physi ciau, who** preparatory study fits him lor all the duties he must fulfill; yet the country is flooded with poor nostrums and cure-alls, purporting to to the Lest iu the world, which are not only useless, tut al ways injurious. The unfortunate should be partic ular in selecting his physician, as it is a lamentable yet iucoutrovoitable fact that many syphilitic pa tients are made miserable with ruiued constitutions by maltreatment from inexperienced physicians in ffenerai practice; for it is a poiut generally conceded by the Lest syphilographcrs, that tne study and man agement of these complaints should engross the whole time of those who would be competent and succe.-sful in thair treatment and cure. The inex perienced general practitioner, having neither op portunity nor time to make himself acquainted with their pathology, commonly pusrues one system of treatment, i most cases mating an indiscriminate use of that antiquated and dangerous weapon, Met oury. HAVE CONFIDENCE. All who have oominitted an excess of any kind, whether it be the solitary vice of youth, or the sting ing rebuke of misplaced confidence in maturer years, SEEK FOR AN ANTIDOTE IN SEASON. The Pains and Aches, and Lassitude and Nervous Prostration that may follow Impure Coition, are the Barometer to the w hole system. Do not wait for the consummation that is sure to fol low, do not wait for Unsightly Ulcers, for Disabled Limbs, for Loss of Beauty and Complexion. UOW MANY THOUSANDS CAN TESTIFY TO THIS B Y UNHAPP Y EXPERIENCE. Young Mod troubled with emissions in sleep, a oouinlaiut generally the result of a bad habit la youth, treated scientifically, and a perfect cure war ranted or no charge made. Hardly a day passes but we are consulted by one or more young men with the above disease, some of whom are aa weak ami emaciated as though they had the consumption. sud by their friends supposed to have it. All such c sees yield to the proper and only correct course of treatment, and in a short time are made to rejoice in perfect health. * MIDDLE AGED MEN. There arc many men at the age of 40 or DO whoare troubled with too frequent evacuations from the bladder, often accompanied by a slight smarting or burmug sensatiou, and weakening the system In a manner the patient cannot account for. On exam ining urinary dep< site a ropv sediment wiil often be found, and sometimes small particles of semen or albumen will appear, or the color will be of a thin milkieh hue, again changing to a dark and turbid appearance. There are many men who die of this difficulty, ignorant of the cause, which is the SEC ONI) STAGE OF SR MIS A L WEAKNESS. I can warrant a perfect cure In such eases, and a foil and healthy restoration ot the urinary organs. Persons who cannot personally consult the Dr., can do so by writing In a plain manner a description of their disease, anti the appropriate remedies will be forwarded immediately. All correspondence strictly confidential and will be returned if desired. Address. DR. J B HUGHES. No- h Temple St., foorner of Middle] Portland. HT*Send Stamp for circular. Eclectic Tltdical Infirmary. TO THE LADIES. DR. HUGHES particularly invites all Ladies who need a medical adviser, to call at his rooms, No. 6 Tempi* street, which they will find arranged tor their especial accommodation Dr. li.’s Eclectic Keuovatinu Medictnesareunrival led in efficacy and superior virtue In regulating all Female Irregularities. Their action Is specific and •ortain of producing relief in a short time. LADIES will find it invaluable in ail cases of oh* •tractions after all other remedies have boon tried la vain. It is purely vegetable, containing nothing in the least idjarioas to tne health, and may- betaken with perfect safety at nil Umos Sent to any part of the country with fall directions by addressing DR. HUGHES, No. I Temple Street, corner or Middle, Portland. N. H.—LADIES desiring may eonsait one of their own sen. A lady of experionoe In oonstant attend anoe. lanldfcwly (.ood News tor the Unfortunate. tub lovo Bought fob DISCOVERED AT LAST. Cherokee .Remedy -AID—— m CHEROKEE INJECTION. COMPOUNDED PttOM B<K>T8, BA RUB ABD LEAVES CHEROKEE RE ME I) Y, the great ndlan Diu etic, cures all dt eases of the Urinary (. gans, such as Incontinence of the Urine, luflamatiou of the j Kidneys, Stone in the Bladder, Stricture, Gravel, Gleet, Gonorrhea, and is especially recommended in those casos of Fluor Alius, ior Whites In Females) where all the oki nauseous medicines have Duied It is prepared in a highly concentrated form, the dose only being from one to two tca*poonfois three times per day. It is diim-'.ic and alterative in its action; purifying and cleansing the blood, causing it to flow in all its origiual purity and vigor; tbas removing from the system all pernicious causes which have induced dis ease. CHEROKEE IFJMCTION if intended as an ally or assistant to the CHEROKEE REMEDY, an should be used in conjunction with that medicine In all case* of Gonorrhea, Gleet, Ft nor Alius or Whites. list-fleets are hcaiiug, soothing and demulcent; re moving all scalding, heat, choadee and pain, instead of the burning and almost uucudurablc pain that is experienced with nearly all the cheap quack iiyeo tions. By the use of the CHEROKEE REMEDY and CHEROKEE INJECTION— the two medicines at the same time—all improper discharges are removed and the weakened organs are speedily restored to full vigor and streLgth. For full particulars get our pamphlet from any drug store in th* country, or write us and we will mail free to any address, a full treatise. Price, CHEROKEE REM ED Y, $2 per bottle, or three bottles lor So. Price, CHEROKEE INJECTION, *2 per bo t or three bottles lor 91. Bent by Express to auy address on receipt of the price. ^ Sold by all druggists, everywhere. DR. W. R. MERWIBT A Cw.t POLK PROPBIKTORK, No. 69 Liberty St.. New York. Cherokee Cure I THK <4 RE AT / .V /> / A X MEDICI X E, COMfOl’SDtD PIIOR ROOT*, BARKS AMO LEAVES. Au unfailing euro for Spermatorrhea, Seminal Weakucss, Nocturnal Emissions, and ail diseases caused by self polutiou; such as Loss of Memory, Uuiveraal Lassitude, 1’aius in tlio Pack, Dimness of Visiou, Premature old Age, Weak Nerves. Difficulty of llroathing. Trembling, Wakefulness. Eruptions on the Face. Palo Countenance. Insanity, Consump tion, and all the dircftil complaints caused by de parting from the path of nature. This medicine is a simple vegetable extract, and oue on which all can rely, as it has be n used iu our practice for many years, and, with thousands treated, it has not failed in a single instance. Its curative powers have been sullicieut to gain victory over the most stubborn case. To thou) who have trifled with their constitution until they thiuk themselves beyond the reach of medical aid, we would say. Despair not' the fHER OK EE CLUE will restore you to health aud vigor, and after all quack doctors have failed. For tall particulars get a circular from any Drag store iu the country, or write the Proprietors, who will mail free to any oue desiriug the same a full treatise in pamphlet form. Prioe, 82 per bottle, or three bottle# for 8ft, and forwarded by express to all parts of the world. Bold by all respectable drnggi»t* eveiywhere. DR. W. R. MEkWIN 1 Ce., SOLI PROPRIETORS, fcbS oodAwly No. 68 Liberty 8t., New York. MEDICAL. A T W OOD’S A TIVOO HJ s (tuixisr, to.vic bittekx QEININE TOXIC BITTEHS Is the best Aromatic TONIC AND STOMACHIC Ever brought before the public. —IT WILL— Improve the Appetite, Facilitate Dtgciiou, t.ive tone to the NervoUK System Vigor to every Organ of the Hody. Thtreby imparting lltallh and strength There is no remedy so good in LANQUOR AND DEBILITY, whether general, or following acu*. diver Cun vale,cent4 from .icknoa, will And it a inert avert- , lent reatoratlve and agreeable exhilerae,. NO SOLDIER SHOULD BE IN THE FIELD WITHOUT IT. WHAT IS SAID OF IT: The report of the Bauitary Commission flays: " It i« wise and prudent where ague and fiver* are prevalent, that every man should tak* a due* of gamine bitters at least otee in twenty four hours. This will surely serve §j a safeguard against disease, it has been practiced iu Florida and elsewhere with undoubted benuut.'* MiS!< Dii, at the head of the Hospital f>epart» ment Washing'.**, writes: “ I would again, at this period, cay that ye»ir guiuine Tonic is used, aud that sevei aJ i*urgoous of Regiments much approve of it." •4. _ Capt. W a LTica 8. 8 a if re am, of the V. 3. Army, «. •ay*: "The Bitters did an immense amour,t of good amongthemen under my coin maud ; as, ’or instance, a number of sor« throat, oi di&irhta.. of ilyseutary and chills aud lever, were cor«-d by it." Burgeon Gen. Wm J Dali saye: " I esteem it an invaluable remedy In variooe forms of debility/' Ac. Bold by all Druggist*, AND CHAS. H. ATWOOD. 19 Crntrul street, Homou, FlIOPKIKTOK. febl9eod 3m MORE TES'f IMO.\IAI»H ! " MRS. MANCHESTER la constantly receiving unsolicited testimonial* o I the astonishing ernes performed by her. Among many recently received are the following, which ai* commended to tho notice of the afflicted. Mrs. Man cheater may be ^cns^lted at No. 11 4'lapp'» Block, Room No. ft. A CASK OP SPINAL DISEASE CUBED This is to oertlfy that 1 went to sec If re. Mancha*, ter last March with a daughter oi rain- troubled with spinal disease, for which she had been doctored fbr five years, and by a number ol physicians of all kinds; and she has had twenty-one applications of electricity applied, bat all to no effect; but sh%con tinvally grew worse. 1 came to the conclusion, a* the last resort, to go and see Mrs. Manchester, and did so; and to my great surprise she told me the first ause oi the dieease, and how she had been from time to time, which encouraged mo to try her medicines. I did so. and now my dasghter is able to be around tho house all oi tho time. She also rides ten or fif teen miles without any trouble or incunvonience.aad 1 think in a short time she will bo restored to perfect health. Binco my daughter has beeu doctoring, 1 have heard of a great many cases that Mrs. Manchs* ter has cured. 1 think it any person deserves pat ronage, it is tho one who tries to preserve the healta of the siok and <affering; and 1 know that she use* every effort which lies in her power to bvnefit her patient*. qasah L. Knife are, Gkokob K: Auby K. K tMMA KntUJSTU. Bmnsnsck, Maine, Angust Uh. ONE OP TUX ORKATXSTCURES onRKCORD. Mae. MAWcauaTits—Dear Mol’nm:—Tainting a statement of my case may be of service to other* similarly afflicted, I hasten to give it to you. This is briefly my wue—1 was taken sick about 18 months ago with the Uver Complaint la a very bad : form. I applied to four different phy-iolaxs, tut re ceived no benefit until 1 called on you. At thst lima 1 had given up business, and was in a very bad state, but after taking your medicine f*r a short time 1 be gan to recover, and in two months 1 was entirely well, and had gained several pour :» of flesh, and can truly say that by your skill 1 am a perfectly fc«<al* by man. Jo*n*M Davt*. Boston f Maine Depot, Portland, Ms, A REMARKABLE CURE OP A CASE OP DKO S T CURED B Y MRS. MANCHESTER. This is to certify that I h»*e been cured of the Dropsy of fifteen years standing by Mrs. Mnnehee* ter. 1 have been to physicians in Boston, New York and Philadelphia. They all told mu that thay could do nothing for me. unless they tapped me, and as sured me that by tapping 1 could live but a short time. 1 had made up my mind to go home a ad live as long as 1 could with the disease, and then die. On my way home I stayed over night in Portland with a friend of mine, and told them wuat my mind was a regard to my disease. They finally persuaded me to go and see Mrs. Manchester, fib# examined s.« and told me my case exactly. 1 was so nuoh astoni bed to think that she told me oorreotly, that 1 told her that 1 wunid take her medi cine*, But having the least (kith that they would ra* any good, or that 1 should get the slightest relief from any coarse whatever; dually 1 took th» modt oiuo and went home. In or.* week from tho time 1 commenced taking the medicine, 1 had over throe gallons of water pars mo in seven hoars; and my fel low sufferers may be assured that it was a great relief to me. 1 had not been able to i;e down In bed at night before this for two years, howl can Uj does with perfect ease. 1 have takiu her medicine for eight months, and am as well m any man conltf wish to be, and no signs of dropsy. 1 would advise all that arc siok to go and consult Mrs. Manchester, even if they hare boon gr. % up by other phy sicians. 1 have sent her a number of cases of other diseases, and she has cured m also. Go an-1 for yourselves. 1 had nofe-th, tut now my fkith oannet be shake* ia her ski. in telling and oaring dispose. L MAULS* S Li A It MM, I.AJLAX t. tiARMOR, Mart A. Hinvoi. Bang-rr, M .tne, April Id. OrrtoR Hours—From 8 A. M.tiJi 6 F. M. »Uat 17 ID Aoatal ed For CouKho. unit <’oa'Uiii|>iiuN. mill: Vegetable Pafmonary balsam ta the moat X highly approved medicine ever discovered. It kas sto-><l the best •>/ nil tests, Time, having had an unprecedented aale of nearly forty years. It ta recommended by our beat physicians, our moat emi nent citizens, the I'rtss, the 7Vnit,m tact by ail who know it. For acrtific&te*. wuich can bo given to almoat any extent, aeo wrapper* to each bottle. The proprietors will cheerfully refund the money it not ent rely satisfactory. Fries 50 cent*and 1* the large bottles much the cheapest. He careful to get the genuine, which is prtpared only by KEaD, CUT- * TER A CO., Wholesale Druggist*. Boston, hold lu Portland bv Scalers generally. fl. li HAY, Liruggist. corner Middle and Fret streets, Whoieaale Agent. deobisdto tin or poiiTLim In Hoard or Mayor and Aldkrmrx, I April 16. 18*4. ) On the j>etition of Meetra. Winslow A Doten for permission to erect and u«s a stationary steam en gine and boiler on Hussey’S Wharf, bttwaeu Fore aiul Commercial streets t Ordered. That Monday, the 2d day of May next, at 7} o'clock P. M , at the Aldermen’s Room, be assigned a* the tim<-ami place tor the consideration of said petition, and that said petitioners give notice thereof by publishing this order in one of the daily paper* of this city four times, the tirat publication to be at least fourteen day* beforehand, that all partiea interested may appear and be heard thereon Attest J. M. HkiAf II, City Clerk. Copv Attest: apl$dtd _J1 M HEATH, City Clerk. For Sale. ONE Express Wagon, nearly new. can he n^ed for oua or two Horses, it has Pole and Shaft* complete. For price Ac., call at No.4 Free Street Portland. apr l eodtf

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