Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, April 30, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated April 30, 1864 Page 1
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PORTLAND DAILY I V()LUME m- , PORTLAND, ME., SATIR DAY MORNING, APRIL 30, 1864 WHOLE NO. 568. I PORTLAND DAILY PRESS, JOHN T. OILMAN. Editor, <• published at No. 8‘H EACHANUK blKF.H, by N. A. FOSTER Ai CO. ~“ The Portland Daily Prharis pnblinhedat #7.00 per year; it paid strictly in advance. a discount of 91.00 will bt* made. Siufle copies three cents. The M a i he.state Pberr is published every Thurs dEy morning.Et #2.00 per annum, in advance; #2.26 H paid within six months; and #2 payment be delayed beyond the year. KftteH of Advertising: One inch ol spaoe in length of colutnu, constitutes B “IHJUARK.” •I .60 per square daily ttr*t week ; 76 oouts per week etter; three lusertious or less, #1.00; continuing eve* rjr other day after first week, 60 cents. Half square, three insertions or less. 76 cents; one 91.00; 6o cents per woek after, under head of Amurumk*tk. *2 per square per week ; three lusertious or less, #1,60. *'lOTlcttl4. #1.76 per square first week, ■1,00 per sqi.are after; thrve fnoertlou* or less,#1.26; “f n square, three insertions, #1.00; one week, ■1.26. Advertisements inserted in the Maine State ■ I which has a large circulation in every part of the State) for 60 cents per square iu addition to the Above rates, fc r each insertion. Ueoal Noti. ibe at usual rates. Transient adt ^rtisements must be paid for In ad* Vance Bobiherr Novicer, In reading columns, 12 cents pAr line for one insertion. No charge less than fifty neats for each insertion. IF*All communication* Intended for the paper should be direct*-d to the “ Editor of the Press, and those of a business oharaoterto the Publishers. ttr*Job PaimiHs ot every description exeonted with dispatch. K. Tracy, Traveling Agent. COMMUNICATIONS. The Right* ol the Rebel South. Rath, April 2(5, IStU. t'.i the Editor of the Prtte. lu looking over the Portland Advertiser of Saturday last, 1 noticed a remark condemna tory of the course pursued against Mr. Loug on account ot his recent speech. As the posi tion of the Advertiser involves a principle, it is unite natural that it should to some ex tent be commented upon; but it is so common for editors to comment upon the remarks of each other, that sometimes something addi tional is necessary to give full expressiou to public sentiment. As one of the, people, if you will allow me, 1 will Ihrough your col llllina itvnpoafi mu sunlinuo.t. in • . the matter. 1 think in a government like ours little dan ger need be apprehended from any man giv ing expression to hid houest convictions, as there is doubtless sufficient intelligence iu the people to appreciate the seutimeuts advanced, and also the motives for giving expression to them, and sufficient patriotism to accord to each his just desert. ltebel sympathizers clamor loudly for the rights of the South under the Constitution; that is, for what belongs to tbein; that they should have their just dues. These were my sentiments when 1 voted for Judge Douglas, and upon this principle I go for supporting the present administration. The loyal people of N'orth Carolina—loyal Southerners—should hare their rights, and not be sulfered to be butchered by hundreds in cold blood simply lor the want of four or Jive thousand men, when millions of men are living comparative ly at ease in the loyal States. The rights of rebels are not the same as when they were loyal, for then we had no le gal right to interfere with the institution of slaver.” but in the act of rebellion they un witting!) threw the responsibility of the con tinuance of the system upon the government against which they have rebelled, and assum ed tlie responsibility of inaugurating a war that would inevitably prove theii destruction. Mr. I<ong says lie prclers separation to ex termination; so do the rebels. Extermination Is an idea that was unfortunately overlooked by ktiose who projected the rebellion, though it was nevertheless involved in the position they took. The government claims the right to add to their programme, xulijur/alion and reparti tion, and though extermination is a very un pleasant thing to contemplate, yet the South are courting such a state of things with the desperation of madmen, by the dreadful bar barity practiced toward their prisoners. I can think of no parallel to such madness except the madness of the Jews in failing down the veugeauce of Almighty God upon themselves and their children,so desperate were they in their purpose to crucify the Son of God. I know of notiiing that the South should so much dread as their just rights or deserts, and uisv (iod, for the sake of themselves and their children, graut that their eyes may be opened 11 their folly ere they bring down upon them the dreadful retribution that seemingly awaits them. They may as well attempt to change tlie course of the sun iu the heavens as to at tempt the subversion of the manifest decrees of Providence. SoirnKiix Kiuhts. The Aiiouot-g Akkonait.—A late French journal relates the lollowing which, it will lie seen, is French all over; While Mons. Goddard was tilling an iui jueuse balloon in the Champ de Mars, ho amused the spectators by sending up the small figure o! a mau, the perfect semblance ol M. Thiers without spectacles. The little man being filled with gas, rose majestically into the air, und was soon lost to view among the clouds. His adventures which became kuown next day, were curious. Thanks to a strong and favorable gale which impelled him on his course, the little balloon man arrived the same alternoou iu sight of a line country house iu the ueighborhood of lileyre. it was near the hour ol dinner, and the lady of the mansion, who naturally thought herself per fectly sate, was "occupied iu the mysteries of her toilet. ; it was a warm day and she had opened one ol Lhe windows whieli b.,,t mu., park, anil was sale from any prying eyes.— While tranquilly engaged, by the assistance of corset-lacing, in reducing her waist to a *i/e and shape that would reflect credit on her husbaud's taste, she was suddenly slaitlcd by a blast of wind, followed by a strange noise; and immediately the casement was thrown open, and our little balloon inan entered her chamber unauounced. The lady utters a cry of terror, and throws a shawl over her shoul ders. The little man, driven by the wind, throws himself u|m>ii the uuhappy woman, who, screaming louder than ever, pushes him off, and he conceals himself under the bed. Just as the wile, in a supplicating voice, says to this novel Don Juan, "Ah, Monsieur, go away or you will ruin me!” the husband furiously rushed in crying, "Ah, the wretch, I have him now!” and flies in search of his sword to run him through the body. The wile, more dead than alive, reiterated, in the midst of sobs,“Fly, fly, Monsieur, and save me the sight of a dreadful tragedy!” “The husband arrives,” armed to the teeth, followed by the whole household, who seek to rnolify his anger. While two of his friends hold the husband a third, stooping down, perceives our little friend, who, fur a good cause, utters not a word, and catching him by the leg, draws him forth from his couecalmeut—when lo' Mon sieur Balloon, no longer held down’ by the bedsted, swells out, raises himself to the ceil iug, to the immense amusement of the spec tators; while the poor, jealous liusbaud slinks away, sword and all, heartily ashamed of his causeless wrath. CUAltACTKK OF THU KmiuHaNTS CoMIXU. — The Cork (Ireland) Kxamiuer of a late date says that emigrants are Mill Icavlug that port in large numbers for the Uuitcd States. There are among them some old peop^ and young children, but the hulk are stalwart meu, full of health aud vigor, young women gaudily dressed, but their bad taste cannot conceal the lieauty, the activity, the bounding health for which the Irish peasant girl has been so remarkable. Among them all there is scarce ly one to be seen poorly attired. The -ooda of each party show that a small farmer’s house hold has been broken up. Their conduct is remarkably steady. Though hundreds have sometimes to wail a week at Queenstown for the steamer, there is very little drunkenness among them, and seldom a spree, though they »re noisy enough sometimes. The Kxamiuer thinks that few of the emigrants are recruits ; there is none of the sw agger which so com monly betrays the aspirant for glory ami for bounty. It is true the passage is paid iu many cases with American money, but it is with the money of their relatives to whom they are go lug. The Examiner denies that federal re cruiting is in any important degree the stim ulus to emigration, aml adds: "It arises out of the condition of the country, and the daz zling, if not perfectly trustworthy, prospect held out by the labor market of the northern States.” The ( uliloniin Wine luterest. California is to be a great wiue-producing region, ller wine-culture, now growing rap idly into a leading agricultural interest, dates only from the year 1854; but these ten years have produced ramarkable results, for her wine-growers send into the market excellent hocks, champagnes aud ports, amt the quality of tile red aud white wines already rivals that of the European varieties. The history of the vineyard enterprises iu California is brief: In 1854 Kohler <1 Frob llng, assisted by Charles Stern, commenced business iu Los Angeles, and shortly after wards opened a bouse iu San Francisco; in 18til the State sent Mr. Ilaraztby to Europe to procure the best varieties of vines cultiva ted there, ami the result of his expedition was the introduction into the State of fourteen hundred species, comprising one hundred thousand vines. This stimulated enterprise, aud large numbers of persons planted viue yards and cultivated improved varieties of vines, so tiiat the yield of the wine crop lias increased from .'ild.OOO gallons in 18&!, to an average annual product at the present time of :!,80ii,000 gallons. A large tract of land has been recently purchased by a Herman com pany, who have already planted three hun dred thousand vines. Other private enter prises, sustained by ample capital and direct ed by skillful persons, promise good results.— ]N. Y. Evening Post. Why Tint Dying never Wcki*.—The rea son the dying never weep is because the man ufactures of lite have stopped forever; every gland ot the system has ceased its functions. In almost all diseases the liver is the first man ufactory that stops work ; one by one the oth ers follow, and all the fountains of life are at length dried up; there is no secretions any where. So the eye in death weeps not; uot that all aflection is dead to the heart, but be cause there is not a tear drop in it, any more than there is moisture on the lip. t on my OI i iiiiiDcrland. TuKAHritKu'H OrriCK, April 1864. SI AILMENT of (oats of Criminal Prosecutions, a!lowe d by the Supreme Judicial Court, at the March Term, A. D. 1864, made in conformity with the requirement* of au act of the legislature of Maine, entitled “An Act relatiugto Fines and Cost* of < rim* iual Prosecution*," approved March 27th, 1868. B o « fi - “I i*s 5g ta * g Prosecutions. g^ *|x? < C « X General Bill #31 61 State e*. Alexander Foss 4 28 8. J. Court. S J.C. Nchetni&h C. Kice 4 40 *' " Kben Pendexter 4 28 ** ** George Hall 4 28 " •* James Nowlan 4 40 '* “ James Joue# A George Pike 4 28 Mun Court " Frederick M. Libby 4 40 S. J. Court. •• Certain intoxicating li- » quors claimed by J. S. Abbott 4 40 Mun. Court. " J a*. Bradley, Jr., appt. 4 40 •* •* Kicha'd It. Duddy, " 4 40 '* •* lssac Steven* 4 40 8. J. Court. “ Arthur Lane 4 40 •* *• Loriug Josslyn 4 28 Mun. Court. Same 4 28 •• *• Tbos. Cast let on, alia* CharlesSmith 1 10 S J. Court. 44 Almon L, Emery 4 40 " • Same 4 40 •* •• Henry Haskell It Sami. Loring 4 28 Mun. C ourt. «• Janies Devine 4 40 •• “ Ira W. Clark 4 40 •• Mme 4 40 •• 44 George H. Leavitt 4 28 44 44 Thomas Newcomb 16 9s 8 J. Court. 4i Karswill J. Carter and Greeuleaf Chute 1 10 Mun. Court. " Peabody K net laud 4 4o 8 J. Court. “ M illiam Henry 14 93 Mud. Court. 44 Same 6 44 •* «• Miq^ael Doran st als 29 22 •• “ Charie* E Neal et als 18 M •* " David Butman 22 64 *• 44 -Same 7 02 *• “ Lorenzo 8. Twombly 10 44 8. J. Court. " William Duddy * 2063 " 44 David Brown, A 44 81 “ •* Same, B 7 66 " •* Same, C 7 66 " •* James Hall 7 66 44 » Same# 47 44 44 “ William J Harmon 46 97 “ •* Same 7 66 •* “ Peabody Kneeland 7 66 ** ** Same 67 2o •• •• John Kentiison 17 14 Mun Couit. " Margaret Wsllace 67 24 *' Saiuuel 11. Doteu 12 98 8. J. Court. 44 Francis O. J . Smith 9 96 •• ** Da W. Clark 13 19 Kich'd K. Cummings, appt 8 4 0 44 " Geo W. St John, appt 6 66 Mun Court “ Columbus II. T. Beau 27 16 Trial Justice. •* Charie# 1 . Fowler, 7 73 Mun. Court 44 #680 89 THOMAS If. MEAD. County Treasurer. Portland. April 12. 1864. apl3 dlawA w3wl6 CHAPMAN, Jr., Patent and linemen Ay eney, No. 229 Congress Street. CLOTHKS WRINGERS at wholesale and retail. Agent# wanted tin every town). Cali at 229 Cougres* Strrvt. HAWSI'.’S Pulley Kleruting and Revolving Clot hi t hrytr for>ak at 229 Congress Street. A N improved Witter wheel, unsurpassed by auy I\. yet invented. Model* at 229 Congress street. 1 >AKI IKS having capital to invest would do well 1 to call at No. 229 Congress Street. MONEY is being made by those who have invest ed at 229 Congress Street. V8PK1NG BED, which, for simplicity and dura bility,!* unsurpassed. Samples at 229 Congroe* Street. TATOTHING ventured nothing gained it the mama at 229 Cnugres# Street. TL 8T received a new lot of Amidun's Premium Wringers at 229 Congress Street. RUNDLET Repair's Wriuge*# and Lamps at 229 Congress Street. mch24 dtf S. D. MOODY Sr. CO., Commission Merchant, 07 Tchoupl lODiii- at., New orlcuiH, U. Kuraretio'c: Baker k, Morrill, Boston; Franklin buow h Co., Boston; H ise * Russell. Boston ; C. Nickerson k Co., N. Y.; Rirli k Co., 8t. Louis. Particular atteni* .>« given to Consignments V resit Is, Lumber, Huy , Oats. ire. mch23 u3rn ON or 1‘OKTUND. TllK committer on Hl*hw,y, *c.. will reeefre »ea'.e«i proposal* for furnishing ten thousand ton« S« a Island paving stoi cs during the mouth* of May June and July -equal ituuntitin* each month. I he parties proposing w ill please Mate w hat portion l>I said stones—if leas titan the whole amount- they will furnish a* shove Proposal* will be received nutil Juuo lid, 1864. The committee reserve the right to reject any or all proposals not deemed for the in terest of the city. l'cr order. J. K. DONNELL. Chairman. April 19th, 1964. ap90 d& wtd To liiiilioldcr* and Virtiiler«. N'OTICK is hereby given that the Licensing Board of the City of l'ortlaud, will meet at the Al dermens’ Room on Monday the boooud Day of May next, at 3 o’clock, P M , for the purpose of grant tug Licences to iuuholde * ami vie tutors, who pro pose to carry on said buxiueis in this City, the ensu ing year. Par order. .1 M. HEATU,City Clerk. Portland, April k3, 1864. aprSSedtd Notice. Ihav e this day given my son 'r'Ilium K . b* ail bin tims to acf and trade ’or 1 ui df 1 shall claim | non© uf his earning* nor pay ni i • O' his debts after this dote. ‘ ALoA/O b.VIALL. it ness -S A Danimiith. Raymond, April 21,1864. ap26dlw IjtlVE DOLLAR!) will be given for the delritlee andoonviction of uu> person or person gaporsfrom the door* of our s*b*ortbers. , 4mM rCBUAJUUUO*TMEr*M»«, 1 W A N TS, LOST, FO U NI) Tennnnil WaitKil. SUITABLE for a small family. Apply at this Office. apr29 dl w Information Wanted. VBov named Henry Williams, about 11 years old, having on w hen he went awi\ dark pants, light greyish jacket, and a new dark cloth cap. and having dark hair and blue eyes, leit home with his books to go to school outlie morning o' the 19th, since which his parents have heard nothing from him. Aliy information concerning him will le t batik fully reoelved if left at the City Marshal’s Office, or at No. 34 Clark Street. ap*29 dtf WANTED FOR THE I. S. AGAWAM ! N O W I N P O R T • St.X liood Swunen : IO Ordinary Seamen: H Coal Hraven; 40 Laiulximm: Apply it Naval Vtntlczvoue, foot of Exchange Street. J. r. UEATil. apl9 dtf WuiikmI Imuu-iliatHy. RARE opportunltiea for burincar arc offeror! at 220, Congress St. If you want ami ni'-ai bus iness. don't uegleet for a single dav to investigate. apr*3dtf £ CHATMAN..Jr Wanted* A Female Pastry Cook at Dartou'sOyster Saloon. 233, Congress St. aplbtf WANTE l3! 1,000 WOMEN, To make Army Drawers. Also good Pant Masters aud Finishers wanted in the shop to make AtiMY PASTS. None but good workmen wanted. Apply at the rooms iu Fit KM STItKKT BLOCK, over the -tore one do°r north of Tolford's. No work given out or taken iu Monday forenoons or Saturday afternoons. feb29dtf 6 W HUNTINGTON. Upwind. A HI. WAKD of Two Hundred Dollars will be paid aV by the owners of the Ferry Boat II II. Dav, for the apprehension oft he person or persons who maliciously damaged said Boat, on Mouday night last. Portland, April b. 1864. d3»>* "W" anted ! Secoml-lland Candle Boxes, At No. 90 Portland Street, Portland. Ian7 dtf Wanted* TO an experienced American Woman, desiring a good home, a situation is offered as housekeep er in a small family where she v\ould be treated as one. She would be required to take charge of and do the cooking aud ' hamberwork. see to the wash woman, and do the ironing. The work in the whole would be light. Pay 1.60 per week En quire vi Exchange St. March 31 dtf BREED <fc TV KEY, NO. 80 UNION STREET, Manufacturer* aud Wholesale Dealer* in Boots, Shoes, Rubbers, Shoe Stock and Findings. Importer* of Sergos, Lasting), uml Gussettings, Aud the only M inufacturer* of KID AND GOAT STOCK in the State. Having had large experience, and be ing importer* and manufacturer*, enable* u- UP sell the same article* as low a* they can he bought in boston. We have always taken especial pain* to Aive our customer* HKL1 AIII.K f200DS, and be eve none have given better satisfaction Country dealer* are invited to exaimue our stock before pur chasing. Particular attention given to order* re ceived by mail. feblQdfcw3m FEUCHTWANGER &ZUNDER, NO, SI MIDDLE STREET, It 01 BLOCK ), Are Again in the Field -with Divisions, Brigades & Regiments! -or NEW AND FASHIONABLE DRY GOODS! FOB THE KPHI VG. I.ailie* of Portland audviciDity are respectfully tuvited to cell end sue the muuy Ix-autilul atyle* ot Foreign and Domestic Dress Goods Jl'ST RECEIVED] AUo, the great variety House Furnishing Good- ! Such u Brown and Bleached t'ottou Nlieetiug* aud Blurting*, Table Linen,, Drilling*. 1 Ickiugi. Denim*. Strip* *, Ac. AUo, just receiving, the latest style* oi handsome Spring Balmoral Slilrts And the mo*t fanhionabto SPHIXO 811A If / S'. A complete stock of CLOTHS ANII ( ASSIMUKKK, FOR BOVS' AND MEN'S WEAK. CLOAKINGS! CLOAKINGS!! An elegant a-Hortnnnt. We are just ready to manu facture to measure, at the shortest notice, any ol the uew and desirable Spring Cloak*. Warren ted to suit. FEICHTWANGEK A Zl'NDEK, (FOX BLOCK), NO. si MIDDI.K STHEKT, FOHTLAND, Maim*. 1*. 8 i.adies need not ask tor good* from the wrecked xte*iu«bip Uoheruiau, a* we hate none hut souud and fresh goods, which we wan ant a* such, aprltf l OK SALE, Cheap for Cash.! A (JURAT VARIETY OF • CHILDRES S CARRIAGES, llird Cain, Rucking Horae*, Ludie* Work itnd Traveling Banket*, Toy*, Marble*, FOKT MONA IKS, LADIKB' KKTICULK8 AND baus, drums, violins, GuirAKB, VIOLIN 8TUINU8, WHITING EE8K8, WOHK BOXES, it).' — BY — \V. D. ROBINSON. 20 Exthttngv St. mchU'3 TO MERCHANTS. FllilK undersigned having greatly increased their X facilities for mauilacturing HOOTS AND 8HOK8, and having large experience in tnai oranch, would call the attention of the trade to the same. We shall in future be much better able to supply the de mands of the trade then heretofore, anu are confi dent that iu the quality, both of our stock and work, we can give satisfaction, as woiuanufactureexpress ly for the retail trade. 1 hose buying tor cash will find it to their advantage tolook atourstock, which cousists in part of ECBURRS, SOLE and WAX LEATHER, FRENCH and AMERICAN CALF, French Kip, Lemoine and Jndot Calf, Coat and Kid Stock, Sergei and Webl, Root and Shoe Machinery and Fimiings of ait kinds. 9 Mr Edmund Libhy, late of the firm of Messrs. Chas. J Walker A Co . has associated himself with us. and reiving on his many years experience in manufacturing, we are confident iu makiug the above statements. TYLER % LAMli. Port laud. Feb. 1. 1864. febG d4tu. Administrator'* Male. Y virtue of a licence from Probate Court. I shall offer at Public Sale, on TUBS DA V , May 3d, at 10 o'clock, A M at the store of Morris, ti'eeue A Sawyer, No. 90. Commercial St., the Real Estate of the late John P Dame, being the Rouse and Lot No. 26, Waterville St. CATHARINE B DAI N E, Admiuistratix of the late Johu P. Daiuc. apr9tt0d3w* miscellaneous/ A SPRING SUPPLY -or FASHIONABLE GOODS, -r<»K COATS, PANTALOONS AND VESTS. obtained during the last week in Now York and Boston, may bo found at the store of WILLIM C. BECKETT, itl erchast Tailor, Nl , 1'17 Middle ®tre^t. Some of these Goods, wliich have been recently imported, differ much iu color, feature and finish from the style* that have continued in vogue tor a year or two past, and an- considered very elegant. Besides these and other Goods, —comprising all the varieties for fashionable wear, at the same place may be found a good supply ofSiMtidnrd Gemma, French, an-l Kngliah KirondcJollia ai d Doe *ltinn, lor genteel suits; logither with styles of Vralings selected with a view to suit al! tastes. Also, excellent goods for Spring Overcoats, Eng lish Walking Sacks l'aletots, and other Businos* Coats, with plates of the latest styles of Cutting aud Finishing. gjT No. 137 Middle Street, tl' mch^ dGw It L tl O V I I. ! PAINE’S MUSIC STORE lias beeu removed to No. 163 Middle Street, Store formerly occupied by J Burleigh, G doors be low former ttaud. Jhave now' cn hand a complete assortment oi MUSICAL MERCHANDIZE, P I A N <) V O U T K s . RAIN and SUN I’MBBELLAS, and PARASOLS ol everv descriptions. UM&ltEI.LAN and PAIlAS(tLS repaired as usual* DRUMS, all si/»s, made and repaired. MTT w*o aetta second hand braxs Instrument* for saje at a great bargain. WM PAINE. pa2o«>od3w 1G3 Middle Street. P. SUH>. tt. mUE undersigned being licensed by the Cuited A. State-, are prepared to procure Pension*, Bounties, Arrears of Par and Prize Money tor Sol diers, Seamen or their heirs, liills lor Hoard and Transportation of Recruit* or Drafted Men collected. All demand* ag*in«t the State or United States at tend'd to. liaviug an agaut both at Washington and Augu.-ta, and having had large experience, we feel safe in asserting that any busiue** entrusted to our care will be faithfully and promptly executed. We have also an agent in New York to attend to the payment of Prize money Advice tree. Approved Claims cashed. MANLEY k SAWYER. Office H2j Ex Range, St., F ox Block Portland, Me. J. If. MAX LBV. W. a. BAWVKI&. Reference*: ilou. SumL t ony.Governor of Maine. Hou. J. L. liodsdon. Adjutant Gen. of Maine. Hon. Win Pitt Kes*endeu, U. S Senator. Hon. Lot M. Morrill, U.S. Senator. _»p!3 dfcwtf PORTLAND BIDING ACADEMY. Now open for the Spring itn«l Summer. Hoping a large uumber of ourcitixens will a\ail themselves of the great ads ant age* now offered them for a thorough equestrian training, the Subscriber will hold bimselt iu readiuess with his beautifully Trained Stud of Horses, to wait upon them at las School on South Street. Saddle Hornes for the road as usual. J.W. ROBINSON, Proprietor. apOlm l. S. UMtO LOAN \ FIRST NATIONAL BANK -OF - PORTLAND, »E4I(JNATi:il KEPOMTOUV -OF TUB UNITED STATES. This Bank is prepared to receive’subscriptions for the new ,UTJK\ FORTY MlA.y,” which is dated March 1. PCI, bearing interest at live per cent, a year, PAYABLE IN COIN, redeemable at the pleasure of the Government alter ten year*, and payable iu forty years from date. Interest uu Bouds not over one hundred dollars payable annually, and on all other Bonds semi annually. Bouds can be Lad in sizes of $o0, $100, $600, $)0UO. WM, EDW. UOULD. mch31 dtf Cashier. ~ SHERIDAN & GRIFFITHS, (Successors to Joseph Gray k Co.,) FIjASTISHBRS, Mil i OKMVlWiT StlfCO t M18TIC WORkSES ARE now prepared to furnish the public with Center Pieces and all kinds of Plaster Orna m» tit* a* cheap a- any other establismeul in the State, and at the shortest notice. We will also give prompt attention to repairing Plasteriug, Whitening, White Washing uud Color ing trPIsMS leave vonr orders at No. 6 South street opposite the Riding School. l£b‘25 d3m iiiii i i II ta m ni*s nikt.inm n< rcnnu.1 I* I, XT M B I-: B ! M A K Kit OF Force Pumps and Water Closets, NO. 131 EXCHANGE STUEET, PORTLAND, ME Warm, C old and Shower Hath*, \Va*h Howl*, lira** At Silver Plated ( oi ks, EVERY description of Water Fixture* for Dwel* Hug Uounect, Hotels, Public Buildings. Shops. Ac , arranged and set up iu the best manner, and all orders in town or country faithfully executed. All kinds of jobbing promptly attended to. Constantly on hand LEAD PIPES. SHEET LEAD and BEER PC M PS of all description. apt* dtt M. PEARSON, Silver Plater, AMD M AXUFACTVRKtt OF SILVER WARE, 233 Congress St.,Opp.Court House.Portland.Me. I JPAll kinds of WAKE, such as Knives, Forks, Spoons. Cake Baskets, Castors, Ac , p.atcd iu the best manner. AUo. REPAIRING and RE-FINISHING Old Silver Ware. jau&* dr»m Neoteh Cihivhn, -roll BALM BY JAMES T. PATTEN & CO., Uutfa, Uc. QfV/X BOLTS Superior Bleached | AVJVJ 300 do All Long flax “Oof- | .. ... . eminent coutract," l 100 do Flxtra All Long flax | Arhroath. 300 do Navy Flue J De.iveredin Portland or Bostoa Hath. April*0.18*3 aeltdtf Kolite, HERF;AS I.«aac A. Davis, a toy that has been living with me since he was an iufauf, has lelt my house the fifth dav of this mouth, this is to notify all persons that i shall pav no debts ot hi* con tracting ali.rthis date CALVIN P DAVIS. North Yarmouth. April 1.1,1SG4. aplH d3w# lliiiruy lor Kul«. A Massachusetts built, ’urge, easy Top Buggy is im for sale at Dr. RIPLEY'S stable iu Tempi® troUv apUV JA wtf BUSINESS CARDS. W. W. CARR & CO.. Haring taken the Fruit Store formerly occupied by O. HAWYKR. No. X Exchange Street, Are prepared to offer to the trade a large and well •elected stock of Foreign and Domestic Fruit I Wholesale and Retail Orange*. Mpraee Guna, Ijozrnget IfCwena. Cnuary Srrd, Caudle., l-imes, l.euinu Syrup, Honey, Frnael, Coeon Nut., Flga. Cllrou, hi ul«, all blade, Uatee. Olive., Kal.lua, Tobnero, Sardine., Cl«are. faaey Caudle, of all dewrlpiloa. oct9 dtf F. M. CARSLEY, CABINET MAKER AND UPHOLSTERERt No. 51 Union Street, 18 prepared to do all kinds of CABINKT JOB BIND Id a prompt and natisfaotory wanner. Book and Show Cases made to order. W*Farnlture Made, Repaired and Varnished at SHORT NOriCB. Portland. Mny 99,188i. tf IRA WINN, Agent, ISTo. 11 Union St., If prepared to furnish STEAM ENGINES and BOILERS, of various siios and patterns, Stem Pipe sod Kutirn, lill Geariia, Skaftiic, Liobt Housb Work of all descriptions, and all kinds of work required in building k'OBTlttUATlOMS. Iron stairs and other Architectural Work. Houses. Stores, and other boildinge, fitted with Gas and dleam in the beet manner. In connection with the above Is an Iron Foundry, with a large assortment of Patterns, to which the attention of Machinists, Millwrights,and Ship-Batld ers is invited—and all kinds ol Castings furnished at ehort notioe. nr-< irders for Machine Jobbing, Patterns and Forgings, promptly executed. oc2dif SHUiE R>» SEWING MACHINESI WOODMAN, TKIIE * CO.. AGENTS, Non. *4 oid SB • Middle Street, Reedies sad Trimmings always en hand aaahIRtf A CARD. DR. S. C. FERNALD, DENTIST, No. 175 Middl Street. Ha r in am b*.Drt. Uacor and bmui Portland, May 26,1863. u Dr. J. II. HEALD HAVING disposed of his entire interest in hta Office to Dr. 8. C MHKNALD, would cheerfully reccoramend him to his former patients and the pub lic. Dr. Pbkvald, from long experience, is prepar ed to Insert Artificial Teeth on the “Vulcanite Base," and all other method# known to the profession Portland. May 26.1863 tf JOHN F. SHERR YJ Hair Cutter and Wig Maker, No. 18 Market Square,Port' \nd, (upstairs.) HT" Separate room for Ladies’ and Children'a Hair Cutting. A good stock of Wigs, Hair-Wigs. Banda, Braids, Curl#, Krixette, Pad#, Roll#, Crimping Boards, Ao., Ao . constantly on hand. Ie22’63dly ’ RE MOVAL. DK. NEWTON HAS removed hia residence to No. 37 Middle Street, corner of Franklin street. Office as heretofore, No. 116 Exchange Street, in Noble's Block, up stairs. Office hours from 9 to 10 A. M., from 2 to 3, and fYora 8 to 9 o'clock P. M. Dr. N. will continue, in connection with genera) practice, to give special attention to DISEASES OP FEMALES _ _ _oo31dtf WOOD AM) COAL CHEAP FOR CASH ! $9.50. CHEAP COAL. $9.50 PRIMP LOT CHESTNUT COAL 89 60 p TON, SPRING MOUNTAIN. I.KHIGU, HFZILTON, SUGAR LOAF. OLD COMPANY LFIllGH. LO | OUST MOUNTAIN. JOI1N8, DIAMOND. WI BS | TKK and BLACK HUAI 11. These Coals art* oi the very beet quality, well screened and picked, and warranted to give satisfaction. A Iso tor sale beet of 1IAIID AND SOFT WOOD, delivered to any part of the city. Omen Commercial St., head of Franklin Wbarl. 8. ROUNDS At SON. fob 16 dly WAItliE.VS INIPOKVED KI K K AN L> WATERPROOF FELT COMPOSITION, -AID Oravol Roofing FOR FLAT ROOFS. K. 11 HUSKY, Agent, Jen:* dtr No Id Uuiun Strwit. ALBERT WEBB & CO„ - DMALBRI IB - Corn, Flour and Grain, HEAD or MERRILL'S WHARF, (.'sHHSPeial Slr.ei. ■ - P.mI.mJ Ma. Utttf Colley, Burnllhm & Co., Cabiuet Makers aud I ithulsterers, 3<JS, Congress Street, A RE prepared to do all kinds of Cabinet and Up 1\. tiuMery work, at the shortest notice. All kinds of Furniture, Lounges ft Muttressrs - constantly on baud— N. B. The public are invited to call and examine. a»*h4 dtf hoots Ann shoes : W. W. LOTH KOI*. 88 Middle Street. Where can be ftrnud a large assort incut ol #■( Ladies’, lleut**, Misses'. Boys’ aud 1 ouths f EH fashionable HOOTS, SHOJtS and Hi H ^^^Hh'RSot the best manufacture aud at aonable prices. Boot* aud Huoks ruade to ueaslne from the best French aud American stock sod ou the latest stylo lasts. WM. W. LOTHRoP. mch22 t12tn FERTILIZERS. I RBLS COE’S SUPER FHOS LIME, lOrJVJlOO" LLOYDS’ " LODI FOUDRETTE. 160 " LITTLEFIELD'S FOUDRETTE For sale at manufacturer's piiccs by KENDALL At WHITNEY. Portland Feb. 8, 1861. fel>9disUra State of Maine* Exbcotiv* Dxpartmkwt ( Augusta. April 7, 1>*>4. 1 An adjourned session of the Executive Council, will be ht hi at the Couucil Chamber, in Augusta, ou Monday, the Second D*v of Mav next. Alt,;*: EPHRAIM FLINT JR. apr9dtd Secretary of State, Kihlr Society ol' Maine. rpUK annual meeting of this Society wi l be held 1 at the Rooms of the Youog Xen’r Christian As sociation. in Temple street, on Thursday, the filth day ofrMty, A. D., 1964. ALLEN HAINES, AplGtf Recording Sec y. HOTELS._ Splendid IMeusure Resort! THE WHITE HOUSE, (fOKXIBLY WJ LOOM HOUSE.) J. P. MILLER,.PROPRIETOR. This popular Hotel has recently been pur Ichased by Mr Milier(of the Albion) and has been thoroughly refitted, renovated and re paired, and numerous excellent alterations made. It is located on the Saccaranpa road about tour miles from Portlaud, affording a beautiful drive over a good road, and just about far enough for pleasure. It has a line large Dancing Hall and good Rowling Alleys. In close proximity to the house is a warm and roomy Stable, containing twenty nice stalls. There Is also a well sheltered Shed, 106 feet long, for hitching horses. „ The choicct Suppers will be got np for sleighing and dancing parties, who will find it greatly to their ploasure and advantage to resort to the White House. No effort will be spared for the entertainment ot fleets. declO-dtf THE AMERICAN HOUSE, _[lanover Street .... Boeton, The Lurgeal uml Beat Arranged Hotel IN NEW ENGLAND. LEWIS RICE, Proprietor. oaMly CAPISIC POND HOUSE HOW OHU, Three Mile, from Portland. LEO. W. XI'RCIf. •giriadtf HALLO WELL HOUSE REOPEN EDI NEW FURNITURE & FIXTURES! 8.C. DEXNIS, Proprietor. UP* The public are specially informed that the snacivius, convenient ana well known IIallowbll House, iu the center of Hallowell. two miles from Augusts, and four rui'es from Togus Spring, has been refurnished, and is npeu for tbe reception of company and permanent boarders. Every attention will be given to the ccmfort of guests. STABLING, and all the usual conveniences of a popular hotel, are amply provided. Hallowell, Feb. 1 1R64. mch26 eodtf J. E. FERNALD A SON., Merchant rX'<iailoi*M, AMD DEALMAM Ilf Gents’ Furnishing Goods, have just opened a pila •/ NEW GOODS, and can now show more than roiB HI1NDKED styles of Fancy Goods for Gentlemen’s and Boys’Garments. Elegant Filling Garment* CAM ALWAYS II HAD AT THE TIME AGREED UPON! and at prleea aa low ua any other houaa. \3T I he people are invited to call nt NO. 87 MIDDLE STREET. meh’il dOw REUOTAIi. JOSIAH BURLEIGH MAS BBMoVBD TO NEW STORE, EVANS* BLOC K, Nos. 141 A 143 Middle Street. JOSIAH BURLEIGH, Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Clothing,Cloth*, Tailor*' Trimming*, -AMD GENTLEMEN'S FURNISHING- GOODS, Now. 141 A I i:t tli.lcMc Street. JOSIAH II I' K LEIGH, Agent for Grover k Baker’s celebrated St‘Yving Matdiiut'N, No*. 141 & 143 Middle Street. NATHAN GfeGOLD Will say to his friends that he may be found nt Bur leigh's, No. 141 k 143 Middle street, where ho will be plen.ed to wait upon his former customers. Portland. March 24. 1964. dtf W -L JL JJu . milE Subscriber with pleasure announces to his A old Patrons and the Public, that as he has se cured tue services of a FRENCH COOK AND CONFECTIONER, who tun* had thirty year* experience in the best and largest house* iu NEW YOK&, BOSTON and other cities, that he is prepared to furnish »*>«/«/swy or other Partin*, and f amilies withe*t ry description and variety of articlo* in his Line. vis. BonedTurkeys, Birds, Meat of all kinds. Every Variety of Ice Cream, Jellies, Salads, Charlotte Itu—r, Cake, Pastry, Or Contectiouary, either plain or Taney. Experienced "Waiters, who are competent to take charge of Weddiug or other Parties, will be furnished on application. Ail Orders from the Country will receive prompt attention. N.B Please bear in{miiiii)( hat PAJIXI'M buys and uses the best Mateiial that the country affords. Call and examine. I. Karnuni, Corlman Block, Temple Street, 1‘urtlau.l Me. mch'ia iltf JOHN F. ANDEKSON. Surveyor and Civil Engineer, OFFICE, COOMAN BLOCK, mchlTJiwtr TlkrwSTHiT Book Card & Fancv Printing BBATTY MXKCU1 r.U AT the OFFICE OF TNI Fftll ———^_- -__ MIScku.axkol-.s. ELEGANT CL0AKS~ —at— POPULAR PRICES! LEACH & ROBINSON, 84 MIDDLE MTRI'ET, Wish to anucumce to their friend* and the Ladies of Portland aud vicinity, that they ham opened the second *!orjr over their store for ^the exclunive manufacture aud sale of CLOAKS, CAPES. - AMD MAN T I LLAS! Wo have just received Elegant Cloth Qaiments, from the celebrated Houses of ftiO. ISOM. t t. C. CAKV A CO., Cyuiiul nt., Now York, which together with our own manufacture, will dis play the choicest congress of CLOAK ?1I K4 IIV\1>|m|.; "« ult ra* iu Maiue, which will b« ,old at the Lowest Possible Prices FOR CASH. Cuuutry Dtalcr/will Ituil a Choice aiaortmast of l.adie«* oauu- ul. Cloths, Silks, Tahselu, Buttons, anS ORNAMENTS, Constantly ou hand. This department of our hua>mss will be conducted with special reference to th* wants of the U.«K*r..Sl lit VP. It a. ▲11 the popular styles will appear early aud will be exhibited iu FIXE, MEDIUM — ABU — X^ow Cost Fabrics. With superior facilities lor omnu factoring, we hope to merit the continued patronage of our mend*. LCKHft KOBINSON. aprltdlm. SPRING & SUMMER OPENINGl A. D. REEVES, TAILOR & DRAPER. NO. 98 EXCHANGE STREET. Ha* just returned from Boston and New York with a HIGH AND FASHIONABLE ASaoKTVRNT Of Cloths, C&ssimeres and Vestings, Of every \ artetjr and style, including many of Us most unique pattern* of the season.) which he pur chased for cask, and consequently can give an eie gant “rrr out” at the LOW EST CASH PRICES f He invites his old iriendi and customers, and the public generally, to call and exAraiae hi* stock. Having enlarged hi* store by the removal of bia work-room above, he ha* accommodations more ex tensive for the display of hi* goods. April 8, 1*04. dtf BAILEY AND N0YES7 dealer* in VAYEUUARGINGS, WE purchase oar Stock of Room Paper from the largest Manufacturing establishments in the United states; eareiully selecting from their large stock*, the nkw i’attiujh oxly, and such a* are adapted to this market. This year the style* and designs are very beautiful, and we have a due assortment, appropriate for every style of room. We invite those in want of ROOM PAPER to examine our patterns, before purchasing elsewhere. They are bought here for cash, and we can afford to * •ell at a ram puicx. BAILEY AND NOYES, lioolcetfllerw and Stationers, 50 A. 58 kichange fcirrrl, Portland N B < 'ouutry dealers will find it to their advant age to rive u» a call, if in waut of Room Parxn. uich26 'imdk w J. W. SI KES, Purchaser lor Enstm Accent or LOCK. UK AIN. 8KKD8. PROVISIONS. LARD, BUTTKK and WKalKKN PRODUCK generally. Particular attention given to shipping by qaiokeet and cheapevt route*. No lftt SOUTH WATJkK ST. r. o. Box «n. ( bienyo, IlliiioU. KBVEREsrvu* Messrs. Maynard A Sons; HAW. Ubickering; U. H Uuinming- A Co.; S. U Howdlcar A Co.; Chariee A. Stone; llaliett, Davis A Co., ef Boston, Mas*. Cashier Bank. Boeton J. N. Bacon. Esq.. Preeideut New ton Bank, .tew ton. 0. B Coffin: Warren Kill* n Hons, New York City Jyt'ttdly Coal aii(l Wood! -at Tun L0WE8T PRICES FOR CASX, DBLl YP.RKli TO A.\T PART UP TUB CITT, AT A HURT HOT1VB. Oar Coal U of th» very BK3T qaxllty, aad war* raaiad to |flv, sxtinlacLuu. -ALSO. FOB BALK ▲II Kiiul<« of Hard and Soft Wood. The Public are Invited to give as a call, as we are bound to give satistacUon to all who tavor as with their custom. OFFICE NO. 49 COMMERCIAL STREET. RANDALL & McALLISTER a«x*> ly TO sn IF 111'1 MUCUS. P. S. «& J. Ji. HUCKINS, pCM MISSION MERCHANTS, aud wholesale and \J retail dealers in Suir Timbkb aid Plank Have tor sale at their Wharf, Ckntbal Squabs, K**t li4*AT.»N. 2W.UUU 2.<v**f anti Oak Treenails. 2,000 Harkmalark Knees, planed. Also White Oak Plane and riMukb.Chenymut Boards and Plank Whits Pink, Deck-Blank. Ac. Particular at tention paid to Furnishing Ouk Plank by the Cargo. mch24 d3m To .lliinul'ncilircrs. Ship Builder*. AN O persons desirous of Real Estate Investment*, t ti4- following {Toperty an offered at good bargains. 2) Houses at g>ricr* from 9I6C0 to 98000. 100 Hou-e Lots at paicee from 9900 to 99000 2000 Feet of water front suitable for wharves Ship yards, Manufacturing Sites, fronting deep water with flue spring of water »djacent thereto and a portion 4>f it adjoining the iiraud Trunk Rail load, from which freight may tw»depo ited on the premise*, inch 17 3m MONKS OoL’LD. 74 Biddle St. THE BEST! Up-opened. rnHE Photograph Calleriee, No. 80 Middle street. .A Portland, having been thoroughly relit tod and supplied with all the latest improvements, are BOW ©pem for ttie accommodation of the public. The proprietor Is prepared to supply his former ou-tom.T'i and all who may gtve him a call, with pic tures of every description, executed In the beet man ner and at reasonable prices. Particular attention given to oog A a. DAVIS. Portland, July 90.1988 —. - -—- —.— — Notice.

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